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REShow: Shaquille O’Neal - Hour 2 (12-7-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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December 7, 2022 3:24 pm

REShow: Shaquille O’Neal - Hour 2 (12-7-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 7, 2022 3:24 pm

Shaquille O’Neal and Rich revisit Kenny Smith’s hip check that resulted in him getting tossed into a Christmas tree on the set of ‘insider the NBA’ last night, says how he has reacted to the HBO documentary series ‘Shaq,’ explains why the perceived beef between him and Kobe Bryant during their playing days was more fiction than fact, and weighs in on LeBron James closing in on the NBA’s all-time scoring record. 

Rich reacts to the 5-7 Lions being favored over the 10-2 Vikings with a VERY hot take on Detroit WR Amon-Ra St. Brown, and says why Baker Mayfield 100% landed on his feet after being released by the Carolina Panthers by being scooped up by Sean McVay and the Los Angeles Rams.

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The Rich Eisen Show. Our number two The Rich Eisen Show is up on the air.

We just had a nice chat with Ryan Chazier in studio. He looked good and he was talking a little smack about how Ohio State took care of Michigan for a while and I said, you know, hey, one was an awe, it could be a one-off, two's a trend. He goes, two's not a trend. He said, nine's a trend. He had a point. Nine's a trend. That's a pretty good piece. I guess three's a crowd.

It was a fun conversation. Shaquille O'Neal's calling in any moment right here on The Rich Eisen Show in advance of his documentary tonight, having episode three of the Shaq documentary on HBO and HBO Max airing tonight. 844-204 Rich is the number to dial here on this show. Kelly O'Coin, the actor who plays Dollar Bill from Billions is here. He's playing a former Clippers president in the Sterling Chronicles that's being shot right now here in Los Angeles.

It's crazy. Winning Time and the Sterling Chronicles are being shot at the same time here in LA. Ed O'Neal plays Sterling in the same way, I guess, that John C. plays Jerry Buss. And so... Are those buttons unbuttoned, I'm guessing, in Ed's wardrobe? I don't know if we should even go there. You have to imagine. I wonder if Jerry Buss will appear in this because apparently they had a friendship. Oh, I'm sure. I don't know how far the Chronicles go.

I don't know. Also, didn't the... Well, that's sort of Kelly when he's here an hour or three. ... blown down, throwing the money to buy the Clippers?

Apparently so. And the Trail Blazers, who Kelly O'Coin adores, are 13 and 11 in conference, which is what the Mavericks are after their one point win over the Nuggets last night. That was a fun game to watch on TNT. And, well, they're all looking up at your Celtics, Chris. When are the Celtics going to remove the interim tag on Joe Mazzola?

Winning 20 of your first 25 is not enough? That's been a little topic in New England about that. I mean, it took one week of winning for Jacques Vaughn to get his interim tag removed in Brooklyn. I think Joe's doing a fantastic job.

Clearly, the guys have bought him in. Also, just the J's have taken it to another level this year when you thought, you know, maybe they weren't going to. I thought they're the C's. The J's. J's. J Brown.

Got it. It's been a rough go for the break up the J's crowd. That's all I'm saying. Well, as you know, the whole business of somebody leaked the Kevin Durant to the Celtics for Jalen Brown stuff when Durant was on the market back in the summer. And I said that, took that to mean like just lobbing a grenade into the Celtics locker room, like, you know, chew on that one.

And, you know, nothing was knocked off of the rails there. They're 20 and 5. They look really good. Four of those losses, two each to the Cavs and Bulls. Right, taking on the Suns tonight.

Yeah, it's so weird. It's gonna be great. They're out here next week looking forward to seeing them play the Clippers and Lakers. Probably going to both games. Oh, you are? Yeah, gonna be awesome.

Fantastic. Okay, you're going to go to the Clipper game with TJ? No. Why not? I don't understand.

It's never come up. Would you go to, would you watch a game together? We have watched the game together. You have? You've seen the Celtics and the Clippers play against each other? We watched a 20 hour World Series or 20 inning World Series game. We did go to a Rams game together.

That is true. Your team and his team. Well, he's probably going to go against each other.

Also, I'm going to actually buy really good seats, which TJ'd. Oh my goodness gracious. That's a shot fired. Is he accusing you of not being open to that Velcro wallet of yours? He knows that I have a tendency to get free Clippers tickets, so therefore... Also, he won't go. His favorite team in the world was playing eight minutes from his house and he didn't go. Oh, that's right. The Dallas Cowboys. Right.

There's a big difference in getting in and out of SoFi than getting out of crypto, though. Episode three of the four-part HBO sports documentary, Shaq, airs tonight at 9 Eastern on HBO and is available to stream on HBO Max. The one and the only Shaquille O'Neal here on the Mercedes-Benz fans phone line to talk about it. How you doing Shaq?

How you been? I'm so upset with your assistant there, buddy. Why? What happened? He had me on hold for 30 seconds. That is not acceptable.

Shaq, I'm going to... Shaquille, I'm going to talk to my people. How dare they? Yes. How dare they?

30 seconds? Are you kidding me? I apologize, Mr. O'Neal.

On behalf of the entire Rich Eisen Show community, I apologize. I'm great. How are you? I saw you got hip checked into a Christmas tree last night.

Are you okay? Yeah, it was cool. We like to have fun up there. Ernie was so concerned.

He's like, oh, you heard. I was like, Ernie, this is what I do. Believe it or not, when I was young, before I wanted to be a basketball player, I wanted to be a stunt man. So I would always have trials and tribulations and teach myself how to fall. And I would like jump off buildings and climb monkey bars and fall off on purpose just to see. So, you know, the key is to, when you get launched, try to land on the middle of your back. So if you go back to the video and slow it down, you just see that as soon as he pushed me, I had to turn to the back because I'm on my back to hit the Christmas tree. Oh.

And a bunch of pines and, you know, a bunch of pines and pine cones in the back. I ain't never heard nobody. Well, I guess, you know, it's a contact sport now, officially, when Kenny's going to the big screen. It's officially a contact sport. So I think he's set the tone now, Shaq. Don't you think?

That's a tone setter moment. Kenny is 2-0 around Christmas time. He did that a long time ago and he got me last night. But look, Kenny's so small and we'd like to have fun, I wouldn't return it. If Charles would have did that, they would have had to go to that... We're having technical difficulties. There's been some furniture moving and some cameras flying. And Charles would have pushed me into that tree. Okay.

So I guess it's only fitting that it was Kenny, it was only the jet who did that. Very good. Okay.

Let's jump in your doc here, Shaq. What do you think of as you watch a documentary on your life? We had the director, Robert Alexander, in studio a couple weeks ago. He was fascinating in his perspective about putting this together. What are your thoughts on it? You know, Robert did a good job. I'm programmed to, once something happens, you put it in the file and you move on. So he did a great job of asking me certain questions and bringing certain things out and helping me remember certain stories.

I think he did a great job. I don't really get to show my vulnerability a lot. So a couple of times I show how vulnerable I am. I always like to show my thought process and how I thought. Like I would have some people come to me and say, is it true after you lose a game, you tear your house up?

That's absolutely true. I wish I had the window contract in Beverly Hills number. Cause you know, me and him was on speed dial.

He'd be like Shaq already know you miss, you know, 12 out of 29, three goals. Which window is it? It's the same kitchen window. All right. I'm more like, you know, come on. That was my, come on.

I would like, cause I would like to go crazy. Cause I don't like to let people down. I don't like to let my family down. I don't like to let the fans down.

I don't like to let the city down. And you know how there's an NBA, like that's those one games you can end up playing Utah, which we did in those years. And we got swept, or you can end up playing San Antonio, Sacramento, where I rather play. You know, it was interesting that during our championship years, we kind of stayed away from Utah.

But when I first got there, Utah was the only team that was like sweepers. So we kind of wanted to stay away from them. But so I didn't like letting people down. So I felt like I let people down and had to release that energy. So did you, what footage have you seen from the doc where it's like, Oh yeah, I forgot that happened. Did that, anything like that?

Well, mostly, you know, mostly all of it, you know, especially, you know, stories going on as a child, who again, you know, my father was a geosargent. So when you do something, you get it done and then you move on. That's why every time I won a championship, I would have to come home the next day. Like we celebrate and do that. But I had to come home the next day.

It was ritual. I had a little MVP football trophy and I had to give it to him and get back on the plane. He said, okay, have fun for the summer.

Get ready, see if you can get another one. And that was it. Shaquille O'Neal here on The Rich Eisen Show. There's an interesting part in tonight's episode Shaq that I saw where, you know, you're winning with Kobe and you're winning with the Lakers and you're, you know, you're, you've got multiple rings now and three MVP awards from the NBA finals in a row. And then they cut to Penny Hardaway, your former Magic teammate, saying essentially he was jealous. Saying then when he was watching you after leaving Orlando, going to LA and do that, he said, that should have been me. What did you think of when you hear, when you hear that Shaq?

And I believe that. Penny was Kobe before Kobe. A lot of people, as great as Kobe was, Kobe first two years, he had to get adjusted. Penny came in great. You know, when Penny came, I think we made it to the finals. There's not that first year, the second year, then he was great. I kind of felt his pain and the business of basketball is a tricky thing.

You got the business of basketball, you got egos. I felt we could have definitely got one or two. I was telling the guys last night, cause they asked me, I said, I said, uh, us winning three in a row in Orlando.

I don't know, because it's a system thing. The triangle is a intricate system and not a lot of people understand. So as good as we were, I think the system made us even better in Orlando, when you're running the traditional offensive floppy and the pick and roll and all that, a lot of things can go wrong when you run those types of options, but the triangle, when you do something so consistent, it's kind of hard to stop.

So, uh, again, I think Kenny and I could have got one or two, but three in a row, I don't know about that. And I mean, just seeing you, I mean, we have a photograph on the screen. I mean, just you, you're a baby man, back in Orlando.

I mean, it's you, you guys could have grown old together pretty much. But listen, when you, I've always tried to take advantage of opportunities and I knew I was, you know, emerging as one of the best centers in the league and the game was changing, the money was changing. No, I always think Juwan Howard and Alonzo morning. Cause I don't, I really didn't like to get to the money game. Always rely on what my agent said I could get, never really got into it, but once you want to sign for one 10 or one 15 and then Alonzo sound, I was like, well, I am a little bit better.

No disrespect to those guys. My numbers are higher than those guys. I am a little bit better. So you're going to have to pay me more. So we went to the Orlando and they weren't interested in it. Mr. Jerry West came to the hotel that day and showed me a piece of paper that had so many zeros on it. Rich, my face is going to fall off.

All I saw was one 20 zero comma zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero. I was like, I'll sign, I'll sign, I'll sign. And I was comfortable signing because whenever we lost in Orlando, I was in LA the next day, you know, working on movies, working on albums, just hanging out. I didn't want to be in Orlando versus being in, you know, sunny California. So all we had a house out there, new people out there, new spots. There was a spot called sports club LA, which is now equal not so support, but I used to work out.

I used to go to all my restaurants, Jerry's deli on sunset, used to hang out on Manhattan beach, go to the courts and play with the kids. I was already familiar with Los Angeles. So when I signed it, I was like, you know, I'm just going to my, I'm just going to make my summer home into my permanent home and turn my permanent home into my summer home. And it worked out very well. You know, when you grow up with a drill Sergeant, my father would always say, don't make a choice, make a decision. And you live with that decision.

You don't have choices. Stay with Orlando or go to LA. I made the decision to go to LA and it was the right decision. It had to be the right decision because Nevada went there and me and Kobe wouldn't have won any. It was, you know, guys would really be talking about the so-called beef Kobe. That's why I always laugh at people. Oh, you and Kobe, you didn't get along. Well, we've gotten along enough to win three out of four.

I'm not the smartest guy in the world, but that's 75%. Well, we had the director, Robert Alexander of your documentary. I got Shaquille O'Neal here, Shaq part three of the four part HBO documentary called Shaq airing tonight, 9 Eastern on HBO, available to stream on HBO max. Robert Alexander said that Kobe's family called up and said, can you not make this as Kobe, you know, less Kobe centric than it might be or is in the edit bay.

Does that surprise you Shaq? I don't know. We're all missing.

We all wish he was here. I'm not familiar with that story. I'm not sure, but I wouldn't do that anyway. Our story is well documented. So it doesn't pay anybody any good to keep going over it. The basic of the story is the respect was there. That's all that matter.

You know, everybody wants you guys to us guys in the locker room. We travel all the time. It ain't going to be rosy cheeks all the time. Tell me you're going to have bumps in the road. But I always tell people, you think we had beef and go back.

That first championship that first championship after a Reggie misses a shot, somebody get the rebound. You see me go in the middle of floor and put both hands up. It's 30,000 people in the arena, about a thousand people to rush the floor to see who's the first guy to jump on my arms. Look it up. Look it up. So if we don't like each other, I think everybody got fooled and you should be fooled because I knew what I was doing when it comes to marketing. I want you to talk about me and go with a little beef.

And you know, we have some problems. You shoot, I shoot, I shoot, but that's on every team. You don't think I was a problem with, you know, guys taking all the extra shots. Listen, I'm the big guy.

I'm saying I want it first. Kobe's is always saying, no, I got it. And you have those things, but when you got two of the best guys competing with each other, trying to outscore each other, you know what you got? You got Shaq 40 points and you got Kobe 38, 78 points.

And all I need is a big shot, Bob, to hit a three and then, you know, Rob and Rick and do all that. So that's why, like most of the time when we got to the finals, you couldn't stop us. I know he was trying to get the finals MVP and so was I, but you know, I miss him. I haven't had much communication with his family, but I watch him from afar.

His daughters are beautiful and his wife's beautiful. So I wish him well, but it wasn't going to be no bashing because again, our story is already well documented. You know, people think they know the insight.

I know the insight. The only thing you need to know and understand is we definitely have respect for each other because if we didn't, we wouldn't have been able to win three out of four. Hall of Famers Shaquille and here on the Rich Eisen Show. Again, Shaq is airing tonight. You just mentioned moments ago that, you know, you made your summer home your permanent home because you were out in Los Angeles as much as you were after, you know, games in Orlando.

And so you just decided, well, I'll just go to Los Angeles and I'll do it all at the same time. Do you think that that decision, to use the phrase that your father said, make decisions, not choices, is why LeBron's still here? Do you think Shaq?

Well, I would say yes. Listen, everybody loves California. Everybody loves the Lego organization. LeBron did what he was supposed to do. He got done there one to one. But look, we're all competitors. I know LeBron is saying, hey, the Korean record is near. I'm going to get that. Let me get another championship soccer, tie magic.

Let me, you know, hopefully many are coming out here one day. I said, LeBron, when you're down, we're going to put your jersey in the Raptor. He's a competitor and all athletes should be competitors. You know, people ask me, should this season be about him breaking a record if they don't want a championship? The answer is hell yes.

I'm actually jealous. I wish I could be the guy to pass the claim of dude. You bought up, you know, to be the, you know, the greatest score in NBA history. A kid from African Ohio who never gets in trouble always does the right thing, plays the game the right way. You know, people always say LeBron is the past first guy. Well, if he's a past first guy, how's he about to pass him up in points? So I'm happy for LeBron. And when he gets the record, I'll be the first one to tweet and the first one to congratulate.

And then another story will start. Who's going to pass him up? How long is his thing going to stand? Because Kareem's record stood for how long Rich? 30 something years?

Yep, that long. Yeah, so, so LeBron, and then knowing LeBron, he says he just, he may play another year, take that thing to 41, 42,000, which means nobody will ever break it again. Yeah, I know the question is the other championship part of it that you just threw in there, you know, clearly it doesn't look like that's going to happen this year and they'll have to be some building towards it. His book is, his book is still a bestseller. And when you add five championships, it will just stay, stay on the charts a little longer. You got four, you got four championship wins.

His book is a solidified as a bestseller. If you get five, now you start to add another chapter. Who's really the greatest point guard from the Lake of History? Is it Magic with five? Is it Kobe with four? Or is it LeBron with five?

That just creates more stories and more barbershop though. So I'm happy for LeBron and listen, A.D. is playing lights out. He got hurt last night.

He only played a covenant last night, but he's playing lights out at one, eight out of 10, eight out of 11. And they're still in the 13 spot. However, they're only one, two spots out of the eight spot. So I'm sure they're going to get it going. Russ is starting to slow down a little bit and, you know, get it all. So I think they can move up to that number seven, number six spot, but they can get some sort of consistency. They would play really hard last night, but down the middle, he just came out of nowhere last night.

He's really, and they, you know, they, they are playing really well, Cleveland. And in the few minutes I have left with you, there are two 13 and 12 teams, the Warriors and the Nets. If you had to place your Shaquille O'Neal, you know, check mark against one of them that you think that they have a chance to go from 13 and 12 to the championship, what do you think?

Who do you think? Well, I'm going with the Warriors. They have the blueprint. Steph Curry's best player in the game. And Draymond does what he does. And Clay's been low up and down, but they have the blueprint. You know, they, they've done it the right way. They also have four.

They also looking to climb into that number five spot so they could talk a little bit more trash. So, you know, it's just, when you win championships, you know what you have to do. You know, the other team is going to be playing way above their head, but by all-star game, they should start to tighten it up a little bit. Clay should start to get his legs back and they should really start to get it cracking because when you're a championship team, you don't need home court advantage. And I wouldn't want to play Steph Curry in the first round. I don't care if they're at home or who are at home. I don't want to see Mr. Steph Curry in the first round.

And then tonight's game between the Celtics and the Suns, if I said that you could take that as the preview for the NBA finals or the rest of the field, what would you take right now here, top of December? I would say you are correct. You've been a visionary of the game for a long time. I respect your word. Thank you, sir. You know, I respect you.

I respect your wife. Thank you for the work you have done. So I believe what you say because this is what you do. You've been doing it for a long time. A lot of people can see that.

I can also see that too. Okay. Well, you know what? We can talk about it when there's a documentary called Rich, you know, a four-part documentary. Oh, Susie, that's probably more possible. Susie, you'll be part of that documentary as well. Let me know because I produce this documentary, Jersey Legends, baby. I love it. I'm producing movies and films now. Let me know.

We'll do that. One of my favorite stories Susie told me when she was covering the Lakers when you were playing Shaq, you know, the Shaq Kobe Lakers that she was covering is we got engaged that she calls me up. She goes Shaquille was very impressed with the ring that you got me. And, you know, that made me as I was sitting on the set of Sports Center puffing my chest out Shaquille.

So I appreciate your support. No, because she came in with the ring. I was like, damn, who are your boyfriends? She's like, rich eyes. I was like, my rich, my rich, channel 206, maybe 207. That's me. That was me back in the day.

Channel 206. That's right. I really thought I was like, okay, I did. I did a good job.

I thought I had, I really felt that I had. But then when she calls me up, she goes Shaquille O'Neal said, you know, good job. I'm like, okay, he's a little proof.

I knew I got like, you knew about, you know, about rings that I know. So, you know, I said, Oh, I said, why don't you marry Rich? I said, don't let that suit fool you. When he takes his clothes off. He looks like Fabio.

Fabio. I was like, okay, thank you. Okay. I knew you've been supportive. You've been, you've been in my corner for a long time.

Shaquille O'Neal. Thanks. Thanks again.

Congrats on the doc. Right back at you. There you go. Shaquille O'Neal, everybody. Right here on the show.

These are true stories, by the way. I'm just going to say this. I love Shaq, man.

I love everything that dude does, bro. Well, he also, you know, he used to do too. And when Sue sits in here, you've got to have her tell the story. But I'll give you the. Let me write this down because I'm still trying to get her to tell me. Ask her what she told Shaquille O'Neal. Okay.

When she first started covering the team and saw that Shaquille would have a habit of strolling behind reporters. Oh. Who were doing their job standing on camera and he would be, he'd do like dance moves behind him.

Yeah. He'd do like this move behind him. He loved doing that. Please ask Susie to tell you the story of what she told him after she saw he did it to others.

And thus Shaquille never did it to her. Oh, I got to hear this. All right. I'm still trying to get her to tell us about. I got to hear this one. I'm still trying to get her to tell us about the ultimatum, but she would.

My ultimatum to her. Yeah, but she immediately went to commercial last hour. You got to ask at the top of an hour.

Right. Now I know. Got to know your break times, man. Got to know your break time.

And I think she went to commercial early. I understand. Let's take a break here on the program.

Baker Mayfield is now a Los Angeles resident. What is happening? This league, man, this league. We'll discuss that.

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Terms and conditions apply. Man oh man when Baker Mayfield was scratching the belly of the dog. Not a metaphor for anything he was literally scratching the belly of the dog. Wasn't it he wouldn't pet the dog that was the thing?

Oh was he? Oh that's right he was just sitting there and the dog was just like please scratch my stomach and that's what I said. That was a red flag that he wouldn't scratch a belly of a dog saying please scratch my belly. That's all I would do. I would stop the podcast and go hold on a second and scratch the belly. Good pet.

Can I pet that dog? So when he was doing that and he was just like we were all wondering what's happening with him? What's going on? When's he what when's he going to get out of from Cleveland? When are they going to make this move? Who's coming to get Baker Mayfield?

If I told you he might be the week 14 starter for the Los Angeles Rams at that point in time you would have been like what are you talking about? What? Do you need your belly scratched? The answer is yes but you knew that.

Everybody knew that. It was an awkward pause so I just figured I'd fill it. Well done. I mean holy cow. So the panthers come and get him. How about how about this being the actual story between the the belly the the dog wanting a belly scratch and him potentially starting for the Los Angeles Rams tomorrow night to kick off week 14 on Amazon Prime. The panthers go and get him for Matt Ruhl and there's a competition between Mayfield and Darnold that I said there won't be really competition. You might you might you might call it that but if you're giving up draft capital for the guy you clearly don't believe in Sam Darnold enough that you need to create a competition. You need to kick a tire here and sure enough you know there is a competition but Baker's the guy. It didn't help that Sam Darnold got hurt significantly with an ankle injury towards the end of the preseason but it was Baker's gig by that point anyway and then the panthers I won't use the words you know involving the pooch but they did and and sure enough Matt Ruhl's now the head coach of Nebraska football and Baker Mayfield's quarterback of the Los Angeles Rams because after getting his job back from PJ Walker because he got benched by the interim head coach and Sam Darnold comes off of IR and they basically tell him hey you're the new Zach Wilson you're number three number one overall pick formerly you're number three now on our depth chart and he's like I want out of here and they're like we will oblige and they oblige on the very next day after Jimmy G supposedly hurts his foot in such a manner it requires surgery and he's out for the season the old Liz Frank and so now we find out when Baker's on waivers not only do the Niners not claim him and part of that might be that they got a a sense that Garoppolo might not be done for the season might not need surgery and that has now been reported out of Santa Clara that he doesn't and it's possible he could be back for a playoff run which would be fascinating if Kyle Shanahan is placed in the position that Belichick was placed in the position that Belichick was placed in all those years ago did he go with the young kid that was your last day draft pick that you thought had no shot of blossoming into what is blossoming because if if the Niners have a deep playoff run in them Brock Purdy's leading them there remember that you're gonna go back to Bledsoe you're gonna stick with the hot hand and Brady and that was even the question after Bledsoe had to come out from the bench off the bench to win an AFC Championship game because Brady got hurt we forget about that part of the story in Brady's first year there was even a question for Belichick will you go back to Brady for the Super Bowl spoiler alert he did but that might be a reason why the Niners didn't place a claim for Baker Mayfield it didn't matter it would have been a moot point if they had placed a claim in for Baker Mayfield because as we found out yesterday in the waiver wire process the Rams got them first and here we go here we go talk about landing on your feet because I don't know what's going on with Matthew Stafford when you hear spinal cord contusion and you've got a trophy in the case and you have proven all you need to prove already in just one year of Los Angeles California football and you got four little kids yeah I think I'd hang on I mean I will let my voice trail off because you understand the conversation and you you've always heard for you know there's a couple quarterbacks that might fit the system things like they could really look at and say that's a guy that's my guy I can I can do stuff with that guy Baker Mayfield has been a name you've heard every now and then well now he's here and not only is he here they apparently sent him the playbook for him to look out on the plane so he could get up to speed well enough to have enough knowledge of the system to start against the Raiders tomorrow night and if you think well that's just gonna be chumming the waters for the silver and black may I present to you a team that lost to a another team that was fresh off of hiring an interim head coach from his high school team and a guy who had never heard of parks and recreation whatever put calm plays they lost that team I know it's parks Frazier right no you said it right the first thing parks and recreation sure they lost that guy mount ryan's still running on a third down the game on the line wow and I know they've run three in a row but crazier things have happened that Baker Mayfield could be cut on a Monday and win a football game for the defending super bowl champion rams who by the way are about to be right front and center on the country in a big way certainly that a three-win team normally isn't they got this Thursday night game this I mean please start Baker Mayfield because I mean I want to see it and and I'd love to see you know McVeigh just dialed in on him and he starts winging it around to receivers that you've never heard of and are absolutely available on your waiver wire right now for your fantasy team with the Los Angeles Rams have got this Thursday night game against Vegas and they're on Monday night football at Green Bay next week and then the centerpiece of Christmas day can Baker Mayfield come in to Los Angeles and show Russ how it's done as they're challenged to try and even put up a touchdown the next three Rams games are nationally televised only game in town just in time for Baker Mayfield to plan his flag in Los Angeles oh baby I heard that I'm like way to go you less need and we we talked about it Jim we mentioned it on Monday like why wouldn't the Rams put in a claim just to make sure hey San Francisco you beat us on the McCaffrey trade our defending Super Bowl champion quarterback has the dreaded spinal cord contusion I mean that sounds way way worse than a pelvic contusion okay right I mean this is serious this sounds really serious here and so Baker becomes available and the Rams like we'll pick up his last million and change Kroenke can find out in his uh in his ashtray we got it we'll do it and see what's going on against the Raiders at Green Bay where by the way he had an outstanding game for Cleveland last year remember that wasn't that a Christmas we went to Green Bay on a Christmas through an interception at the end of the game where as a Browns fans were screaming for pass interference on Donovan Peoples Jones got picked off at the end but Baker was balling out there I think it was a Christmas game last year if I'm not mistaken man oh man and then Baker Mayfield on Christmas day pull up a chair have your puppy on the couch looking for a belly scratch pet it watching the defending Super Bowl champions go for their third straight win with Baker Mayfield in front of a national television audience it was Christmas day last year look at that number 17 look at him Baker had four picks in that game that was quick damn straight he's smiling look at that I'm not in Cleveland I'm not in Carolina I am in Los Angeles California SoFi stadium Rams quarterback for rest of the year got to say that absolutely he's your guy rest of the year Sean McVay sprinkles some of the McVay dust on this thing let's go to work I will be hammering the Raiders tomorrow just like you did against the Colts a couple weeks ago or the last two weeks when I won you know how I'm pounding the table for the Raiders but if the Raiders don't win this game it's a pretty big big opportunity against Jeff Saturday and the Colts who surprised everybody by starting Matt Ryan who's still running the iron deer in the front like you know what that looked like you know what he looked like when he was running for that first down Matt Ryan he looked like one of those electric football players on the table that vibrated and kept kept going and you're wondering and and all the defense is now in the other corner of the table as this one piece is just still buzzing down that's what it looked like to me that's still in my head right now to anybody who thinks this is a piece of cake Raider nation let's ride Raider nation okay do something hey man you know how I feel about that four wins in a row and then they take on your pats and that game that got flexed out of sunday night football for their fifth straight win before I see them on Christmas eve on NFL network and the 50th anniversary game of the immaculate reception oh let's see it Steelers and Raiders both seven and seven on seven on that night oh baby count me in that said here comes Baker Mayfield as a fly in the ointment this league man you can never predict it
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