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REShow: Desmond Howard - Hour 1

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November 30, 2022 3:20 pm

REShow: Desmond Howard - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 30, 2022 3:20 pm

Rich reacts to the latest College Football Playoff rankings that saw USC move up to the 4th spot with Ohio State lurking at #5, and ponders if Jets QB Mike White should channel his inner Joe Namath and show up to a game wearing a fur coat a la Broadway Joe.

ESPN ‘College GameDay’ analyst Desmond Howard tells Rich his reaction to the latest CFP rankings and if the OSU Buckeyes could move up if either Southern Cal or TCU loses in their conference title games, why people love to hate Jim Harbaugh and Michigan, why USC QB Caleb Williams isn’t getting his Heisman Trophy vote, and his reaction to the Wolverines’ latest blowout win over arch-rival Ohio State.

Rich recaps his night hosting a panel discussion of HBO’s ‘Winning Time’ and Brockman recaps taking his 2-year-old son Cage to visit Santa last night.   

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This is The Rich Eisen Show. Hey everybody, welcome to this edition of The Rich Eisen Show. I'm wearing a zip up sweatshirt. That's how we start this program, top story.

That's what I'm wearing for those who might be watching on Roku. You know it, you see it, you admire it. For those who are listening, you now have a word picture painted for you here on this program on Coast to Coast, on the Roku channel, and then of course around the world if you are listening to us on terrestrial radio or Sirius XM or Odyssey or our podcast. We love hearing from those who listen to our podcast. Our show account just retweeted an individual who we greatly appreciate because he says we get him through his overnights. We love it. We love people listening to our podcast. Please subscribe and you listen to all three hours.

Whenever you're done, well please, it's your right. Good to have anybody out there watching listening to call in. 844-204-rich being the number dial here on The Rich Eisen Show. Good to see you over there, Christopher.

How are you? Hey Rich, it's the last day of Movember. Yes it is. There you go. Get a good look. Get a good look of all the glory. Before we pour one out.

Before we pour one out. Rich Eisen Show stoppage time expert Mike Del Tufo is here. Good to see you Mike. It was eight minutes in the last match on the... Good description. Good description.

It was eight minutes of stoppage time on Tunisia just beating France, but unfortunately Tunisia did not get the results elsewhere in Group D and Australia moves on for those who are tuning into our show for your World Cup up to the minute update. Good to see you over there, TJ Jefferson. Light the candle, brother. It's lit and it's good to be seen, you know what I'm saying?

Yes, I do know that. Good to have everybody here on this program. Desmond Howard, one of my favorite human beings on the planet. There have been a handful of people who have made my life so enjoyable. Outside of us in this room? Oh no, I'm talking about people who I root for and watch. No, who I root for and they make me so happy based on the result of their either collegiate or professional football games being played. Okay, so I guess my intramural... My gosh, you really want me to drill down, TJ?

I had the point park intramural flag football record for two-point conversions. I had no idea you were so needy. You know, just saying. So Desmond Howard from Soup to Nuts has just made me so thrilled.

I mean, other people have made me thrilled. Charles Woodson, Derek Jeter I would say are up on that list. Aaron Judge. Aaron Judge is on that list, thank you. Yeah, I mean, if I had to name a top five people who have made my... Reggie Jackson. Top five real quick. Top five people who have made my life so enjoyable from their sporting exploits? Yes.

Top five, I'd go Jeter. What's the matter with you people? I'm asking a little... Can I talk for crying out loud? I'm sorry, Rich. All you needy people. Don't look at me.

I know. Chris Brockman. So top five, I've got Reggie Jackson. I would go Woodson. I would go Jeter.

I would go Judge and maybe Desmond Howard. Could be number one. I see, Rich. At any rate, Desmond's on this program. Lots to talk about with him.

Lots to talk about with him. We will revisit his prediction prior to the season. It was not great. Except he did predict Michigan to win it all, and that's still alive. Everything else has taken seven bullets like the Don.

Everything else has taken bullets. Texas A&M, Pitt, and Baylor. Whereas other choices. I mean, they're having decent seasons. But let's talk about an actual current four from the college football playoff committee. They have spoken.

They have spoken. And the college football playoff committee going into championship, conference championship weekend. Say Georgia won, Michigan two, TCU three, USC four. And then the all-important fifth position. Because one would think that's the first team in. If there's one that trips up and merits being kicked out of the top four, that would be the Ohio State University. And they just went straight up. It looks like win-loss record.

That's it. Except for the fact that one would think they'd have put Tennessee above Alabama since Tennessee actually has beaten Alabama. We do recall that was Alabama's first loss, and I think that is part and parcel. One would say just in case there's a total complete meltdown and they decide to swap out for some reason three teams out of the top four. I also think Hendon Hooker being out.

That's the one, I guess. But it shouldn't matter. I mean, it's win-loss, win-loss. Unless you think this is a situation where you want to have a team in.

That is, gives you the best level of competition. And in that regard, the college football playoff committee believes, I guess, that the Ohio State will give a better game to anybody else than Alabama. Now, I'll just say this. Georgia loses to LSU. They're still in. Maybe not one. Maybe not one, but they're still in. Michigan loses to Purdue. They're still in. Maybe not two. TCU loses to Kansas State. Are they out? I think by putting them three, they're probably still in.

Now, that's where I would have the issue. And you could say the same thing to us about USC as well. And this has nothing to do with Ohio State being five. Pardon me.

Let me rephrase that. This has nothing to do with the Ohio State being five. I want to be respectful of a team that might be coming back from the dead. Because if USC trips up against Utah and loses for the second time this season against the Utes for two losses, but against just one team, it looks like that's where the Ohio State just sitting on its couch, licking its wounds from a 22-point home thumping in the game, they'll just come right in. And we're assuming they'll get their players who are hurt against Michigan back. And they'll be better in the college football semifinal than the team that just got thumped at home.

They'll be healthier. And they'll be better in the college football semifinal. And if TCU loses to Kansas State, maybe Ohio State takes that spot too. If both of them lose, does Ohio State and Alabama both pop up and take three and four? And the question I have for the committee, and anyone else out there, please call 844-204-RICH number to dial, why should TCU and USC get punished for playing in their conference championship game? Something that Ohio State, pardon me, the Ohio State and Alabama did not reach.

Just a question to be asked. And I would still be asking it if Michigan was the one on the outside looking in. But I would proffer to say Michigan wouldn't be sitting there at five if Michigan was the one who lost by 22 in that game. Let's just be blatantly honest here.

This college football playoff committee would have punished Michigan much harder than they punished Ohio State. Because for some- You don't know that. That's a fact. That is a fact.

Come on, Rich. You don't know that. I do know that. You don't know that. I do know that. You're ADs on the committee. I do.

It doesn't matter. Now, come on now. That's unfair. I do feel that way. Talk about your feelings. It is my feelings.

I have a question for you real quick. I mean, again, the disrespect. I mean, Michigan was the what? One touchdown underdog despite being defending Big Ten champs going into that game? Do I need to explain to you why you were a touchdown underdog? No, I do understand that because Michigan's not as good as Ohio State. Is there a chance these two could meet again? Now, here's the deal.

Yes, there is a big time chance that these two teams meet again. Because if Kansas State wins and Utah wins and the college football playoff committee decides to swap out half of its current four, you'd see Ohio State three, wouldn't you? Yeah, three though? Yeah, probably three. Above Alabama.

They currently are. Or you just put TCU down to four and put Ohio State three. And run it back in the college football center? I mean, Ohio State, by putting them five, like we said, they're in position if one of these teams falter to get in there.

So why don't you answer the question that I asked them of the original one? Why should a team be penalized for playing in their conference championship game and losing in it? Because you lost. I know. All three teams would have been coming off of a loss. But the thing with USC though is, Rich, is that that would be the second loss to Utah.

Right. Whereas Ohio State still only has one loss. Okay, so then put TCU in that mix then. TCU loses to Kansas State. Should it be supplanted by Ohio State? Uh, probably not. TCU top to bottom has been a really good team this year, really strong.

Big 12, not as strong, but... What do you think? You got to take a stand, TJ. I don't know.

That's not an acceptable answer. One thing is, I don't... You're on the college football committee, congratulations. I just made you a college football player. That's what we got to do here.

That's what you got to do. I think the pressure is all on USC to stay number four. Friday night, Las Vegas, Nevada. So they have to win, they're in, and then that's your four. I think it's locked in. Who is favorite in that game, Chris?

Who's favorite in the game? I think USC is a two and a half point favorite. Even though they've already taken an L to them already, right? On the last play of the game on a two-point conversion. When did they play? Like a month ago, right? No, they played mid-season.

Okay, well that would be a month ago. I kind of, at this point, I think just for the storyline purposes, I'm down for anything that gets Ohio State, Michigan. So maybe we could see a run back one more time. Well, if that's the case, then I want Alabama back in just so it's Georgia, Alabama, USC, Michigan.

Let's have some fun. But I think USC deserves to be in the playoff with the season they've had. They have the Heisman Trophy winner. They got a new coach. The luster, the celebration, it's back. USC, West Coast football. It'd be really cool to see them in the final four.

That's true. I'm willing to take phone calls on this very subject. 844-204-RICH being the number to dial here on the program. And Desmond Howard will get his opinion on this. You know, what does he have to say? Mina Conz is in studio in the middle of our program. We'll talk National Football League with the NFL Live co-host and analyst and podcaster from the Worldwide Leader in Sports.

She was here in September, I believe, so it's good to have a return visit. I wonder how she's feeling about her Hawks. Patrick Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings taking on Mike White and the New York Jets. QB won.

Mike White, the only jet quarterback in the last 30 years, had three touchdowns and 300-yard games in multiple contests. Man, only somebody would have predicted that. How about that? How about that? Mike White needs the next Jets home game. Let's just say the Jets beat the Vikings.

OK, you know what? I like where you're going with this. Let's just say the Jets. Where's my schedule?

It could happen. Are they? Mike Hoskins, can you throw up the Jets schedule? Are they home? Are they home in week 14? What is the Jets schedule, Rich? Because I need Mike White, if they beat the Vikings, to show up at home. Yeah. Oh, they're at Buffalo.

Go ahead. It's good because it's going to be cold there. Show up at Buffalo. Get off the bus wearing the Namath fur coat.

That's what I need. Oh, I need Mike White, who just dominated the Bears, had a 30-point fantasy day, three hundy, three tuddies. He's going to beat the Vikings. He's going to put on the chains on the flight home.

That video is going to go so viral. And then we go into Buffalo. Mike White shows up in the Namath fur coat.

Let's go. That's what I need. I'm here for that.

Mike White taking on the Minnesota Vikings in the dome. And then showing up to Buffalo to sweep the Bills, putting on a fur coat. That's what I'm saying, Rich. I need that for you. If I'm going to do a 180 on wanting you to not be sad and be happy now, then I need to go all in on this. And I need you to be peak chesty-ness with your Jets fandom. Peak chesty-ness is a great band, by the way. And we just need to roll right in with Mike White in the fur coat.

Peak chesty-ness is a great band. Jets then have home games against Detroit, Thursday night against Jacksonville, at Seattle, at Miami to wrap things up. I mean, seriously, you can be on like a five-game winning streak going into the last week of the year. Holy smokes. Holy cow.

Mike White, baby. OK, I like it. I like the cut of your jib, sir.

I do like it. It's the last day of November. Here's the deal, though. Mike White will not rock a mink coat, right? He won't rock a fur. So we got to do like an all white sweatsuit.

That seems like something that's probably more. I think I think there it is. I would love to see this and the pants. Mike White showing up in that outfit. If he shows up off the plane in Buffalo wearing that. I really think, though, that would be great. You got to go to a playoff game to pull this off, though.

He does this regular season that could backfire. By the way, take that photograph back up one more time. That's Shea Stadium, isn't it? Yes. That the old Shea? Because of the big scoreboard in the background. Isn't that the old Shea scoreboard right there?

Yes, that's the big Shea Stadium. But why would why would Joe be not playing? Post. It might have been after he. I don't know. Is that the old Shea? It's was he.

I mean, the old Shea Stadium. I don't know. Could have been like is like the Joe Whitty. Mike White, baby.

You can do that. Goals. Mike White game. Mike White.

Life goals. I do love it. Go, go, go. Let's go. Let's take a break right here on the Rich Eisen show.

844-204. Rich is the number to dial here on the program. Let's talk about what the college football playoff committee did. Do you agree with it?

Do you think it needs to be tweaked? Desmond Howard, everybody. Heisman Trophy winner.

Super Bowl MVP. That's quite the double dip, don't you think? Coming up. Let's talk sleep number people. My sleep number setting is 60.

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Elizabeth the First. The podcast. Wherever you listen. And we're free now to turn to our phone line and find one of my favorite people on the planet. The Super Bowl MVP and Heisman Trophy winner and he is a delight to watch on the worldwide leader in sports, talking college, football and more.

Right here on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line, Desmond Howard. How you doing, Des? Rich, I tell you what, I'm doing fantastic, my friend, and thanks for having me, man. I've been looking forward to speaking with you all week, so this is a great pleasure for me. That is music to my ears, right back at you. So what do you think of the college football playoff committee's decision last night, one through six?

What do you think? Well, I don't think there are, I guess, many surprises. Everyone wanted to see where the Buckeyes will fall after they get soundly beaten by Michigan Saturday afternoon in Columbus, so everyone wanted to see where would they fall. And they put them at five, so there's an outside chance that they can get in, but if everyone holds serve this weekend, then there's no chance of how they get into the top four. As a matter of fact, what's really interesting is if they don't get into the top four, would the Rose Bowl pick them again for their game, or would they pick Penn State, who's in the top ten, too? Well, I mean, one would think if the results come in on this weekend, Friday night in Vegas, and then TCU versus Kansas State on Saturday, if USC and TCU win, that would mean Ohio State and Utah would be, once again, ready to be matched up in the Rose Bowl. That was last year, and it was a highly entertaining game, but I don't know if that would be something that people would want to see in the Rose Bowl. But we're talking college football semifinal here. The question is, I would have for you, if TCU does in fact slip up to Kansas State, do you think it would be a viable option and something that the college football playoff committee would do, take a team in Ohio State that would be sitting on its couch off a 22-point beat-down loss at home and supplant a team that performed so well in the regular season, it earned the right to play for its conference championship? What do you think?

You know, I tell you what, Rich, I'm going to take you back. About three or four weeks ago, I've been asking on our show, College Game Day, and I've asked on other shows, too, and I brought it up in the meeting. I said, because the whole conversation was, well, you know, if Michigan loses to Ohio State in a couple of weeks and three weeks or whatever end of the season, then Michigan's going to be out because they don't like Michigan's non-conference schedule. I'm like, okay, we all get that. We're fine with that.

Whatever. But how about the other side, the reverse, if Ohio State loses this game? Is this an elimination game for both teams? And no one ever wanted to answer that question. There, Reece Davis, a week ago, presented that same scenario to Boo Corrigan, the selection committee chairperson, and he avoided it. So it just seems like there's this hesitancy to say that Ohio State's out.

Like, if there's a back door way for them to get in, it seems like they would try to get them in. That's just the feeling I get, because no one ever wanted to address the flip side of the Michigan-Ohio State game. They're all fine with Michigan losing because, hey, hey, they had such a weak non-conference schedule, there's no way they're going to get in. Okay, we get that. But how about Ohio State loses at home?

We're talking now, let's put it in context, Rich. The Heisman front-runner running back was gone. Blake didn't play. The other running back played with one hand. The edge rusher, Mike Morris, he was banged up, maybe gave them ten snaps. You know, the tight end, he was banged up. I mean, if you listen to Pete Thammer before the game, it was like a CVS receipt length of injuries for Michigan.

And the flip side was, hey, it's sunny, it's 50 degrees, there's no wind, it's perfect weather for C.J. Strong in this passing game. This is, I'm hearing, this is the game, everyone's talking about Jim Knowles, the new defense coordinator from Oklahoma State.

This is the game that he was brought here for. The defense is so much different than they were a year ago. They're going to show you the day and night, it was like everything seemed like it was an Ohio State's favorite to go out on that field and smash Michigan.

And the reverse happened. So if you're in that committee, you know, college football selection committee role and you're trying to weigh everything out, it's hard not to look at those other factors, too, when you're splitting hairs about who's going to be in that fourth spot. So the way, the manner in which Ohio State lost, you think is a significant subtractor. And even if Kansas State knocks off TCU, that TCU should still be in, is what you're saying? It's a close game, a close competitive game, I do believe that TCU should be in. Now, what would the selection committee do? I'm of the belief that they may try to get Ohio State in just because of the fact that they were never ever willing to say that the Michigan-Ohio State game was an elimination game for both teams. And then, you know, we know the factors involved, everything that was going into it, and they still end up losing by 20 plus points on their own field. I wonder, Desmond Howard, if you want to take a bite at this one, I'll give it to you.

It's what we call a spinning curve in the zone. Why do you think everyone was so ready to bury Michigan and you think everybody is looking for an excuse to resuscitate Ohio State? What do you make of that, Desmond? Why? That's a really good question.

And I really can't, I mean, it's hard for me to place my finger on it. You know, I think that some people, they're turned off or they've been turned off by the behavior of Jim Harbaugh at times. I think, you know, so when you don't like the coach and you don't like his team. I mean, outside of that, I mean, we got like a great group of guys when you just listen to them in postgame interviews, the way they conduct themselves, the way they handle themselves, the way they attack, you know, their opponents on the field. It's like you have nothing negative to say about those guys. So, I mean, really outside of that, I don't know. What's your theory?

What's your philosophy on this? Because I have no idea why people are so willing to, you know, attack Michigan, but they're unwilling to criticize Ohio State. Well, I mean, before you came on, I said that if Michigan had lost the game by 22, there wouldn't even be a backdoor available for Michigan.

They might have even put up Alabama above Michigan. My colleague, Chris Brockman, across the way called that unfair, right? You said that was an unfair supposition, Chris?

Everything you say with Michigan and Ohio State is just like it's slanted. So just be objective. Now, I am being objective about it.

A million percent am being objective about it. As I said, going in, I said if it was a close game, I think that both teams should have been in. That's what I said. I said that going into the game and, you know, I would have said the same thing coming out of it.

Now that I'm bringing this up, though, you asked me the question. I just think that, again, when Ohio State played Notre Dame, because Notre Dame, I guess, felt it was okay to play Ohio State when Michigan asked that schedule got bounced. They took Michigan off their schedule. But long story short, that, yes, the non-conference schedule was weak. But I also think the way that Michigan had played football all year long, it was centered around Blake Coromant, and nobody saw coming that J.J. McCarthy could pull off what he did against Ohio State. And I think that they thought that Ohio State was a much more versatile team and that last year was a one-off.

That's the other one, too. I think I thought a lot of people thought last year was a one-off. But I guess, you know, placing all this aside for the moment. Are we just rearranging chairs in it's Georgia's world, anyone? What do you think, Desmond?

Well, I'll tell you what. I do agree with you that I think that people believe that last year was a one-off. You know, hey, well, they just had the great edge rushers and Adabo and Hutchinson. And, of course, they had that Swiss Army knife and Dax Hill. But they lost all that now.

And the coordinator, he's gone. There's no way they're going to be able to repeat that. And now you're talking about them going to the shoe?

Oh, hell no. There's no way they're going to be able to repeat. So they dialed the one-off. Now I think they're believers, though. Now I think they believe in the culture that Jim Harbaugh, his assistant coaches, don't forget, he's on a new set of coordinators because he lost his off of the coordinator and his defensive coordinator from a year ago. And so, but it's the culture there.

So now people start to say, wow, we get it. Uh, yeah, Georgia Strong, man. Georgia's a team that, you know, when they decide to, like, get serious and turn it on, you know, they're very, very talented. And, uh, so we've seen them play down to their opponents, um, I guess, talent level. And we've seen them grab to the occasion of big game, but now that the Tennessee game and the score is really no indication of, of, of the beat down that they were really issuing to the volunteers that afternoon in between the hedges.

So very talented. Um, they can rise to the occasion like no other. Really curious to see what happens in this LSU SEC championship game because LSU, they come in there now limping, embarrassed. They just dropped the game. They should have won the Texas A&M, which is a really, really, you know, team that struggled this season. So I want to, we know what, what their mentality is going to be like. And, um, I think it's going to be a better game that people anticipate.

I really do. Yeah. I mean, if LSU had not tripped up to Texas A&M, it's possible. I mean, the college football playoff committee could have had LSU sitting there at five, um, with the right to play in, in the SEC championship game that, that, that could have been, uh, feasible. They might've even popped them in above, uh, uh, USC to basically say, if you win, you're in too.

Um, that would have been interesting, but unfortunately for, for LSU and Brian Kelly, that did not happen. I've got Desmond Howard here, uh, on the Rich Eisen show. Uh, who's your Heisman vote going to right now?

Des? Who we, uh, to me, um, it's really still open. Um, I need to see these games this weekend, these championship games. And, um, yeah, it's, it's, it's because of the injuries, it's almost like, you know, I don't want to say it's Heisman by default, but you're starting to look for other candidates because on the ballot, you have a first place, second place and third place. And, you know, even if you felt as though, okay, well now, because this guy's injured, this guy's injured, I guess I'll put this guy in the first place spot, but you still got second and third place. You got to feel two, which almost becomes by default. So it's a very interesting, um, probably one of the more uneventful Heisman races this season, you know, because if you, our show, we have yet to talk about the Heisman race, which is crazy.

We're about to go out to the last show on Saturday and we have yet to talk about it. So that lets you know, just like, I guess how, uh, Money Bimbo has been now, if Coram didn't get injured in the Illinois game and if Hendon Hooker didn't get injured in the South Carolina game, then we're talking about a completely different race up to this point. But I mean, those are guys who are front runners on several ballots going into those games. So you don't think Caleb Williams is, um, is the man is the guy. I mean, seeing what you've seen out of him and USC clearly could make the college football playoff. I mean, that run that he'd be, he, he just, um, pulled off against Notre Dame where he gained 40 yards, but he really ran 80 yards and doing it was, was eye popping. Is he, or he's not the, the, the default guy right now. You don't think I, I, there are people who are putting them in the slap in the number one pole position, but I think that people just don't really respect TCU enough to look, um, critically at Max Duggan.

I think Max Douglas is having a magical season. I think that people aren't really paying much attention to them. It's almost like, you know, like the console bar selection committee, right? The playoff selection committee, when initial rankings came out, I believe they had like TCU like seven or something like that. And they had Clemson in four. Now from a football judgment standpoint, there's no way in hell you would ever put Clemson over TCU this season based on how they've, they've looked on the football field. So I say that because you give a lot of people the benefit of the doubt.

And then some people, they just have to really do much more to prove it to you than others. So Taylor Williams is the guy who came into USC with a tremendous amount of hype because of what he did in Oklahoma. And now he's following Lincoln Riley to Southern California. So people are kind of familiar with the name. They're familiar with the style. Lincoln Riley has already had a couple of Heisman gets.

When they're so, you know, you don't really have to do as much to impress people. Duggan, he's starting from a different spot in people's mind. So he has to do more, you know, when he dies at TCU, they have to do more. Like they really had to, you know, go out there, prove it week in and week out for them to be where they are as far as in the console ball rankings at number three.

And for Max Duggan to be, I guess, considered the highest men's finalist too. But Max Duggan, when you look at what he's done, what he means to that team and what he's taken that team and Rich, he wasn't even the starter at the beginning of the season. Like he has like the fascinating story, but when he didn't win the starting job, he was like, listen, I'm going to be the best teammate and the best backup I can be.

I'm not going to sit here and bitch and moan and complain and talk about, I want to go to the transfer portal. I'm going to be that guy that's going to help my team in the position that I am, whether it's a backup or not. And then he got the nod to be the starter after the starter got injured and the rest is history. So if he has a good performance against Kansas State, he might get you a vote is what you're saying for Heisman.

He's definitely one of the, he's a strong candidate for the first place vote. Absolutely. Okay. Before I let you go, Desmond, a moment for us, I don't care. 22 point win for Michigan this past week, 25 the year before. Neither of them, however, touched the last biggest victory that Michigan's had over Ohio State, a 28 point margin of victory in your famous Heisman pose game back in 1991.

How much crap do you get when you're setting that? What was, what was Saturday like for you before and throughout? Walk me through your Saturday being in Columbus, Ohio, Desmond. Well, well, Rich is, um, it's a very strange energy when I'm there and I just try to, you know, cause it's like no other place where I go and I just try to, well, you're from Ohio, you were from Ohio, Desmond, you're, you're, you're from Ohio, you know, that's correct, right, Desmond? Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. There you go. I didn't, didn't leave the main streets of Cleveland, Ohio, so I went to Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Okay. And, um, yeah, so yeah, I'm a, I'm an Ohio native and I just tell you, I started the morning by popping up on the game day desk and staring down the crowd as the booze rained down upon me, that's how I started my Saturday morning and, um, and that was me just embracing and just using all of that negativity and, and telling, telling my, um, my, uh, my, my, my Wolverine ancestors that helped me through this three hours I'm about to have to go through with these people just, you know, brewing every time they see me on the screen and every time I opened my mouth and, um, I was able to power through it, so to speak, with the help of, um, you know, the Wolverine faithful. So that, that, that pretty much sums up the television part. And then the rest, I was on the sideline with you guys, I saw you have Bruce Feldman on the show too, and I was on the sideline talking to Bruce and, um, you know, we, we pretty much saw the same thing. And one more thing, at halftime, I spoke to David Pollock on the bus and I said, David, as, as a Michigan alum, I'm really comfortable with us being down three points or Michigan being down three points, um, knowing that we, that they just, they just, to me, they had just taken Ohio State's best shot in that first half. Like, cause to me, Ohio State clearly outplayed Michigan in the first half and they were only up by three points. I said, so going into the second half, our guys, you know, the, the coaches at Michigan, they make really good adjustments at halftime. I said, so as a Michigan alum, down three points in the shoe, based on what I've seen so far in the first half, I'm comfortable with this. Well, we would have signed for it, uh, prior to the game, or certainly after Jim made the decision to kick the ball to them first, um, put the defense, Michigan's defense on first, and then Ohio State just, I mean, knife through hot butter, their wade right in the right down the field. Um, and until Cornelius Johnson made that catch and run on a third down, by the way, that, uh, a catch that, that, that existed cause JJ, uh, made a great throw with a rush right in his face and the game turn right then and there, uh, Marvin Harrison Jr. is amazing, right?

I mean, like he is as good as they come from what you've seen. And, uh, uh, other than that catch, he was pretty much removed from the game. And now, uh, fans kind of want Ryan Day removed. Didn't you sort of say that on game day, prior to the game, that if that happened and did Kirk give you a little bit of grief for that, Des? Well, I mean, hey, you know, I 100% predicted that on game day.

I don't know if it's running on any loops around, you know, around here, but, uh, yeah, that's exactly what I said. And I said, you know, um, they, they, we and everyone else need to understand that Ryan Day has been talking about the revenge factor and, you know, they gonna, they were scarred last year and all of this stuff. And I said, well, if I would be hesitant to, I would say, for lack of a better, um, phrase, put all the eggs in this one basket because you've had a great season. And once you start to sell to your fans, to your alumni, to your team, that this is everything.

And if you happen to stumble, then everybody's gonna look at you like your season was a complete failure. And I said, if he loses a second time in a row to Michigan, I said, they're going to want to get Urban Meyer off of that Fox set and have him coach. That's exactly what happened.

And that's exactly, exactly what happened. However, um, now the college football playoff committee has spoken, um, this, these two teams could face each other again. I mean, that's entirely feasible right now, Des. Yeah, it's an option. Yeah, you're right.

Exactly. Um, I think that the likelihood of them going, being put in a position where they would face Michigan first is, I don't think that's going to happen. I think they'll go to four. They'd have to play in.

Georgia at one. Got it. Uh huh. Okay. Yeah.

And then they will have to tussle with Georgia, which would be interesting. It would be interesting. Desmond, always interesting chatting with you. Uh, you the best. Take care of yourself and your family and let's chat down the road and certainly, uh, maybe potentially see each other in Los Angeles.

Who knows? Right. Rich, it's always an honor and a pleasure doing your show and, um, go blue. Attaboy. Go blue.

Right back at you. Desmond Howard, right here on the Rich Eisen show from the worldwide leader in sports. You guys surprised that, uh, Des isn't just, um, saying it's Caleb Williams statue. I am a little surprised at that actually. Don't sleep on Duggan. Don't sleep on this kid. Hell of a story at TCU. Hell of a story. I think my just favorite thing is the giddiness that you two, you while being professional and doing your job, but it's just, you can still feel like the giddiness.

And that's the kind of thing that I just like in, in fun. I'm, I'm trying to temper myself certainly since I can sense, uh, uh, Chris's, uh, displeasure with each passing, uh, syllable that we said to one another. I would say Desmond's probably just doing the thing. Like Caleb Williams is minus 3000 on some sports books. So, well, he's got the vote. He has a vote. That guy is part of Heisman house that we've seen 2000 other people.

I'm just saying crazy. How many people vote for that? A lot, a lot. How many unqualified people were voting for this? Uh, probably not as many as you think.

Who knows, man? I don't have that vote. Will anybody give me a vote? I don't get a vote on my own house. You just want a vote for anything. I guess this is, is this the only place I get a vote? Yeah, but then you got to deal with us. Yeah.

Sometimes we outvote you. I'll take a break. Power rankings. Those are yours.

Those are his power rankings. Yes, but this one is mine. And I'm going to give that one. I'm going to give that to you later, everybody. Very good.

844-204-rich number to dial. Mina Kimes making her way here on the Rich Eisen show. And we're going to also be talking about the, uh, US men's national team. What a game. Yes. And what we saw yesterday when we went off the air and everything else.

844-204-rich number to dial here on the Rich Eisen show. There it is. 31-3 final. The world tournament of soccer happening in Qatar is finally here. And with all the weird kickoff times and all the other sports happening simultaneously, it can be kind of hard to keep up. So to make sure you're up to speed, be sure to listen to Qatar kick around for the daily wrap-up of all the action from the tournament. From the group stage all the way to the final, Andy, Lars, and Peter are here for you with recaps and opinions of what happened that day in Qatar.

Everything can be found at the, the Cumulus podcast channel on YouTube, or wherever you listen. Last night, uh, Chris Brockman was busy being father of the year, um, missed out a shot, uh, that TJ Jefferson took, took a full advantage of. Yes, indeed. Last night, I was, uh, honored to be asked to lead a panel, a four-year consideration panel for the Screen Actors Guilds Awards that are going to be, uh, the nominations are going to be announced soon. The voting is going on right now for the TV show Winning Time on HBO, which you know, uh, we all love. We love that show.

We all love. Rodney Barnes, who's an executive producer and writer of the show. The showrunner Max Borenstein was there as well. Yep, Quincy Isaiah, who plays Magic Johnson. Nice.

Finally got you two to link up. That was, and John C. Riley. Yes. Was there.

And my favorite question I asked the, the, the two actors came at the end, Chris, where I asked Quincy Isaiah what it was like to put on the Laker uniform and be Magic Johnson for the first time. Okay. And TJ, he spoke like a kid who opened up a Christmas present underneath the tree, right? Right.

Yeah. Now, did he, did he say he has some game? He said he has his own game, right? He said he's been working out at LA fitness. So, you know, he's got a little bit of game. So he's getting some run in LA.

Could you imagine you're in LA fitness here in Los Angeles and Quincy Isaiah shows up. Is that magic? That's hilarious. And his, his, his, his smile is a million watts in person as well. He's the same guy. Is he playing himself kind of? Is he? Don't you think he is?

Yeah. You know, here's the funny thing he said. Brockman though, he grew up a big Shaq fan, right? So Quincy during the panel said that his goal was always to play Shaq in a biopic. Oh, so he was like, so I, but he goes, I got magic and that's, you know, that's cool too. Almost like Magic Johnson's a distant second to Shaq's story.

And then John C. Followed that up. He goes, well, maybe when we get to Shaq in our story, you can switch from playing magic to playing Shaq. And he was like, eh, I don't know about that. That's pretty funny.

Very funny. And then I asked John C. Riley the same question about putting like looking like Jerry Buss for the first time. You know, putting on a Jerry Buss gear for the first time. Remember the whole scene where it's the comb over scene where what it takes to get him ready each day?

Oh my God. I think he said that the shirt, the shirt, it's three buttons open. Two buttons for business.

For business, right? Three buttons for family and then all six if it's just hanging out. He also that there's a button system depending on the scene. I like that.

And he also we should adopt that here. John C. also told a story about how he met Jeannie Buss at a Laker game and he was like, you know, and she and she complimented him. He's like, did you know my dad? And he was like, no, I never met him. He said she said that he said that she told him that the real Dr. Jerry Buss was a big fan of musicals and loved him personally in the movie Chicago. He got nominated for an Oscar. And he said he got all misty about it. She said because Dr. Buss said that guy, he goes, he's someone who can make you laugh and can make you cry.

And that's a sign of a good actor. And he was like, he got all and he and he said he got all that, especially since he thought when he showed up at Staples, he was going to get ejected. Right. By the way, that's when it was Staples. Yeah, way back back. Yeah.

I think this is probably the pre crypto years. He did say that Jeannie said, look, you know, the Lakers aren't taking part in this, but I do want you to know. Yes. And and was free and let them know that it was a fun night. And they ordered, I don't know, two hundred, three hundred, three hundred prime pizzas last night. Special made grandmas made winning time. Wow.

Yeah. You guys bring any leftovers today? He brought it's it's in my fridge. It's on the ping pong table. I forgot it in the fridge. Wait, we like pizza. Pay no mindless. I ran tomorrow.

That's because we're anti rich with Michigan. It was great. True.

It was great. And it's entirely possible you could see me in a wig and a leisure suit. Oh, yes. It's possible. So anyway, go to our Instagram if you want to check it out. All of it's on our Instagram. Might might might bring some more winning to winning time. You know, Mina Khan's in studio hour number two.
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