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The man, the myth, the legend, and the forever GOAT of the men’s basketball team for Duke University; Mike Krzyzewski joins the Adam Gold show.

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November 10, 2022 5:21 pm

The man, the myth, the legend, and the forever GOAT of the men’s basketball team for Duke University; Mike Krzyzewski joins the Adam Gold show.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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November 10, 2022 5:21 pm

The man, the myth, the legend, and the forever GOAT of the men’s basketball team for Duke University; Mike Krzyzewski joins the Adam Gold show. What was it like watching the first men’s basketball game of the season, without being the head coach? What’s keeping him busy and does he miss it yet? You might be surprised at some of Coach K’s latest projects and the reason he said he helped Adam when Adam was first starting out.


You know who is not in the spotlight anymore? Mike Krzyzewski, the former head basketball coach at Duke and for the first time since, what, 1980? He is not at Duke coaching?

It is remarkable. Anyway, Mike Krzyzewski, the head coach, we're going to find out where he watched the first game and it's been a while, but here's the coach. I do feel like I haven't seen you, Mike Krzyzewski, in such a long time. How have you been? Actually, I'm great. Very happy, busy.

You know, good. And doing a lot more with my grandkids and no, very happy. So is that what you've been up to, like you've had your first free September in a long time? Is that what you've been doing mostly? No, you know, I've been doing a lot.

I speak for the Washington Speakersboro. So since August, I bet I've had like 15 engagements in different parts of the country. And so I've been on the road a lot. But I like that in that I've learned, you know, I've really enjoyed the study of leadership and teamwork and I've learned a lot doing that. And I'm also a professor at our Fuqua School of Business, so I don't have a class, but I'll do some lectures. And then we just started our Sirius XM show, our 18th year. And so I've actually been pretty busy, but doing everything that I like and continuing to learn.

You did all those, you did most of these things while you were still coaching. By the way, Basketball and Beyond is an award winner. How come you didn't, you should have thrown that in at the front of your Sirius XM show? Yeah, well, the, you know, actually our guests this week are Joe Iguagano and Dusty Baker. Nice.

We get the best people. And, you know, to be quite frank with that, I didn't do the speaking. I never did a speaking engagement during the season or the summers that I coached the US team. So that's been different in the amount that I've done.

And I'll find a good place there as to how much I want to do with that. Mike Krzyzewski is joining us here on the Adam Gold Show. So I'm just curious, Monday night, I'm sure you watched the game. Where were you when you watched the game?

Were you at home? Yeah, my wife and I watched it at home and worked out great, you know, after the, I sent John a short text after the game and then we talked a little bit the next day. You know, if I see a couple things, obviously he's coaching his team. He's doing a great job. But what I try to do is just be there when he wants to talk. And I'll pop in a practice once a week, or if he wanted me to be if they're scrimmaging or whatever, now that they're in games, you know, to watch a game and, you know, I might ask him a question and but, you know, we have a great, great relationship. And I don't want to I just want to be there but not be in the way.

Mike Krzyzewski is joining us here. Is it hard to remove yourself from it? I mean, you obviously you're busy and doing so many other things. But this has been your life and Duke basketball has been your life for such a long time now. Is it hard to remove yourself?

You know, it has, Adam, it hasn't been. And I think, you know, really, like when John coached his first game this week, that was he's been like a head coach and waiting or a head coach since April for 17 months. And so there was a great one runway for recruiting a couple classes, but also a runway for me to move on, you know, and I think if you stay with it, it's because of the, you know, a lot of the kids are the same, you know, they're only two guys from last year's team on on our squad, there are 11 new guys, I think that's helped, you know, when you know that, and I think you have a harder time moving on, like, say you returned eight guys. And you know, the relationships that you have, and my relationships really are with the coaching staff. And, and I've gotten to know Jay Lucas really well.

That was a great addition to the staff. Mike Krzyzewski is with us here on the Adam Gold show. I do want to ask you about coaching because I've had conversations with Lavelle Moten and Rod Brindamore very recently. And we just talked more broadly about coaching and your name came up really in both conversations. So I was just I'm curious what what you view as the most important part of coaching? Well, the individual relationship that you have with each player is paramount, because it builds to the relationship you have with the entire team. And if you only have developed a relationship with a team, I don't think it gets as deep as it does, when you're trying to do both. And but you use as the foundation, the individual relationships that you have. And, you know, that's tough for a football coach. But it's, and maybe even hockey, because you have more, but for basketball, you should be able to do that, you know, they're going to be 12, 11, 12, 13 guys.

And you should know them, they should know you. And there should be individual motivation and collective motivation. And, but the deeper you can get with the individual, I think it really helps getting deep with with the unit. And this might be harder today in the in the way the college game works now with transfers and players coming in and not staying very long. But in the in the case of Rod, and I've gotten to know Rod very well, I've always felt that he has been able to get his players to care as much about the cause as he cares about the cause and he cares about them. And that that dynamic is that's very hard to develop in a short period of time.

No, no, it is. And I'll say this about him. I really like him a lot. He may say they get to his level that they don't. His level is really good, man.

He, but if they come close to that, then they're going to be better people and better players. Because, you know, no one he, you know, he's right there as far as competitiveness and passion and, and commitment, you know, at the highest level. And that's why he's had the success that he's had. Yeah, he has a knack for making you feel like you're a part of it, even if you're not. He actually said that to me once, which is bizarre, but he makes you feel like you are part of the team as well. Who's been your favorite type of person?

Not your, you've had so many people on it, it's going to be hard to beat just the World Series Managerial Champion Dusty Baker tonight, but who's been your favorite type of people to have on Basketball and Beyond? Oh, you know, I, to me, see, I think people open up on our show. So, like, they, they're not doing an interview. You know, they're, we're there, we're having a conversation.

So I like the fact that they let me in, you know, and they're comfortable. And I take notes all the time during the show, but there's not one, you know, actually Dusty was on the one time before and he's brilliant. Yeah. I mean, he's not smart.

He's brilliant. I got to get a toothpick though, cause if we do it on a show, you know, the, the thing for him is, you know, advertising or doing commercials, there aren't toothpick commercials, right? Otherwise he would hammer that mark. There may be now there might be like a boutique type of type of toothpicks. Can't Nike make a toothpick? Nike can do anything, man, but I'm not sure they want to make a toothpick.

You can't, you couldn't put the swoosh on a toothpick. They could figure out how to do that. Don't, I wouldn't say that. I just, I would say that they're probably making a hell of a lot more money doing it on shoes and apparel. Yeah.

You can mass produce a toothpick though, pretty quickly. Mike Krzyzewski is with us. Here's another question. This is sort of about coaching, I guess. Did you ever self scout yourself? Not as a, not as a coach, but just let, for instance, I listened to, sometimes I will listen to the show after I've done it or an interview after I've done it and said, man, I should have asked this, or I should have asked it a different way. Did you ever self scout yourself in certain ways? Yeah.

Yeah. You do that. Well, one, you do it as a coach because you critique your performance and what your decision making was, but, uh, yeah, especially public speaking, especially when I started, I would watch and say, I used this term too much, or I need to have better body movements here, or how could I have forgotten? I don't use notes when I speak publicly, but I should never have forgotten that. Uh, I usually don't do anything with an interview because you do too many of them is not enough time, but, uh, you know, if we put out something, uh, like they, uh, they just put out that documentary on the redeem team, you know, before it went out, we were able to watch it and critique it and, uh, added or deleted stuff. And, uh, uh, yeah, you, you know, in order to get better, you have to be honest with your, yourself, just like you're honest with a player or, you know, with, uh, uh, with a team or, you know, a unit that you, you're leading.

And, uh, you know, you can always get better, you know, you can, you can always learn more. And, and so, uh, self analysis or, uh, you know, really when I, when I spoke to a team, I would always ask John Shire or Jeff cable or whoa, Joe, or whoever it was, what do you think? Was that okay? Um, coach, that was great. They didn't, they don't know who that guy was that you were, uh, talking about, you know, like, and if that had, no, that's happened. And when that does happen, I start laughing.

Then I'd get the team together. Okay. You knuckleheads, you don't know who I said, and that's like the greatest guy from the seventies and, uh, uh, you know, your damn history.

Uh, all right. Here's a guy Peloton. Let's go this holiday with the right music and the right motivation from world-class instructors. We're going to pick it up a notch.

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That's who I should have said. So let's go. Let's start practice.

Final thing for you. Cause I know you have a busy day and I have, uh, so we can't monopolize it. I appreciate always you've been, uh, I've told this to people all the time. I've been doing this now for 25 years and, uh, nobody was better to me who had no business being better to me at the beginning than you were.

So I always want, I've always wanted to tell you that, uh, I haven't had that many opportunities lately. Well, you know, I looked at you and I bought, you know, I give to charity and, uh, in my religion, they call it offering up. And, uh, but anyway, I used you just so you, you know, that's fine. I'm happy to be used.

I am curious. My son is, has become an enormous basketball fan. And every day we have about a 30 minute ride to school and every day he goes through NBA box scores and just reads me box scores like half the league played for you. How do you, how do you keep up with, with all of these guys? Do you, uh, do you stay in touch with them?

Do you, have you gotten a chance to go to games much? How do you, how do you do that? Well, I should drive your son to school because we do the same thing every morning. I will get all the box scores and see where our guys, you know, cause, uh, and if he's not in a box score by Paolo was hurt, I didn't know that he was hurt. So then I'll text, how the heck are you? And, uh, I haven't done that yet. And, uh, no, I keep track. And then some of the guys want you to keep track more than other guys and, and, uh, and same thing with the, the guys on the U S teams. Uh, you know, like the, after I watched Mickey and I watched my wife and I watched the redeemed team, uh, the first night it was on, uh, the next morning I text Wayne and LeBron, Dwayne Wade and LeBron and, and, uh, just told them what a great job they did and how unselfish they were in honoring Kobe.

And, uh, they got back right away. And yeah, you want to maintain relationships if, if they can be retained. But again, some people, you know, they don't want to do that.

That's not, not, not that's okay too. You know, you have family, you have, you have a whole bunch of other things, but for the most part, we, we maintain pretty good relationships. Have you ever sent a text to LeBron that he doesn't get back to you? LeBron gets back quicker than anybody.

Uh, he will, he, no, he does. And I love him and he, uh, you know, he was so critical for us winning those, uh, two of the three gold medals. Yeah. I've always said about LeBron that no league has ever had a better front facing player than LeBron James and the NBA. Well, not only that one last thing about him, you know, he has shown how to develop other things as a result of being a basketball player. He is amazingly successful. And he, you know, with his friends that he grew up with, they are all doing great things, but while they, they did that, not because he gave them, he gave them a little bit of an opportunity, but they went to school, they went to work, they, they worked together.

Really. His story is a, is a heck of a story. That's tremendous.

And he's super smart and very intuitive as well. I appreciate your time, Mike. Uh, best of luck with basketball and beyond in year 18. I appreciate it. Well, remind your son though, tomorrow, when you're going through scores, you know, I know one other person that's doing that exactly at this time here.

So I'll say who coach K there you go. He's, he's doing it. Thank you so much. All right.

Talk to you soon. Bye Peloton. Let's go this holiday with the right music and the right motivation from world-class instructors. We're going to pick it up a notch.

It's the holiday season. You might just surprise yourself with what you're capable of. Work out to thousands of live and on-demand classes from running to cycling to yoga, try Peloton risk-free with a 30 day home trial. New members only not available in remote locations. See additional terms at one slash home dash trial. Peloton motivation that moves you.
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