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Spiritual Insights from Korea; Election Reflections; and Answers to Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 2, 2016 4:20 pm

Spiritual Insights from Korea; Election Reflections; and Answers to Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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World is in turmoil. America is shaking and I'm back from Korea with some insights for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. It is an absolute joy back in my studio back from a wonderful trip in Korea this is Michael Brown I'm absolutely delighted to be with you is the recall 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and I'd love to hear from you if you heard my interview yesterday with German pastor Walter Haydn right as he talked about what our attitude should be with the refugees as a godsend, as that we should have an attitude of faith, not fear that God is giving us an opportunity to reach Muslims with the gospel people would not normally be able to reach talk about the great things God is doing in Germany that you don't hear about on the news. I love to get your response.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 okay, a bunch of things to talk to about with the presidential elections. Some very interesting meetings I have with key leaders in Korea talk about key secular leaders, Christian men and women but key leaders in high places in Korea that will give you some perspective of the pressure that they are under in Korea and other nations from America to conformance and some social and moral issues.

I want to bring that perspective to some interesting challenges faced by the Korean church today that parallel challenges that the American church faces here in America again is as we weigh in on what's happening in presidential politics will talk about that and and some some very interesting developments in terms of messages that we have gotten out on the issue of abortion. I wrote an article when I was let's see I was in Korea I got up one morning and I thought let me write this. This is all my heart to do and it it's since gone viral.

In particular, if you go to.

It was good Esther to my article.

Since God hates the shedding of innocent blood, can the Christian vote for Hillary's got a lot of attention online and then some pro-life graphics of pro-life means that we posted of there's just one picture of a little baby. It's as if abortion is murder. Why is it a double homicide.

When a pregnant woman is killed. In some states that's that's the statute thus far, it's been shared on our Facebook page, almost 155,000 times, but it's reached at this point, almost 11 million people in our Facebook page, something very, very interesting, very interesting in terms of God kind of breathing on these messages as we been getting them out on pro-life but before I get into all that just a personal update so travel back from Korea twentysomething hours got home last night about 1130 in the evening. I hadn't slept that much on the flights, but that part of that was by design because my got home what it wanted to be absolutely wide-awake and wanted to be a little tired so at least I could go to sleep at a reasonable hour.

So NASA I caught up on a bunch of things at a bunch of things to share with her about the trip that we had caught up on yet and then she had a bunch of things to catch me up on developments at home. All good stuff out. My mom though, had gone to the emergency room for Psalms 94. It's actually a minor condition. Everything's fine, but she had had to go in by ambulance. When I was away. She was about 10 minutes away from us. So last night just getting settled into bed time to go to sleep. Long trip in both rated cell phone rings.

My mom's not feeling well so we went over to her place about 132 in the morning and ended up getting sleep all probably about seven in the morning if you like emergency but good news is that everything is fine and possibly good and feeling good.

I'm thrilled to be back home so welcome back to the line of fire her. It's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is all right things continuing to heat up with the presidential elections here in the United States. Michael Brown thrilled to be back from Korea I hope you appreciate the updates from Korea. I hope you enjoyed the special interviews. In particular, if you got to hear my interview with pastor Walter Haydn right from Germany.

A man who's been on the front lines for over 40+ years ministering to the poor ministry to drug addicts ministry to the hurting the great world missions emphasis and working with churches throughout Germany, Europe, Asia, or even other countries.

So, even worse, they been doing in Austin, Texas, and always praying always looking for gospel opportunities I had written about the Syrian refugee crisis months back in one of the points that I made was that the government should take care of the security issues in the church should focus on the ministry issues and I think if we do that we have a healthy marriage. We have a healthy mindset. It's not up to us to strategize what's best for American security. We pray for wisdom for government leaders that we look at everything is an opportunity for the gospel that was pastor Haydn Rice sought that we should look to the eyes of faith, not fear, and that he feels there's no reason for fear in Germany with the refugees.

It's an opportunity for the gospel and that thousands of Muslim refugees are genuinely getting safe 866-34-TRUTH what are your thoughts on that and anything that you'd like to ask me about or weigh in on I'm going to open the phones wide today. Get your calls in a little while. All right, from Korea.

Let me give you a perspective on I'm back in the states. We give you perspective on the presidential elections become at this from another angle, wrote an article last week.

As I mentioned a few minutes ago is getting a lot of attention circulating very well online since God hates the shedding of innocent blood, can a Christian vote for Hillary Clinton. And my answer to that question is obviously whatever you do is between you and God. But my urging to you is under no circumstances vote for Hillary Clinton. Again, if that means you, you sit out the presidential party elections and you vote for all the other candidates. If that means you vote for third party candidate of sink for those who feel they can vote for Donald Trump so be it. So be it.

But in conscience before God. I cannot cast my vote for someone who stands for the shedding of innocent blood.

Remember Hillary Clinton's on record for saying that that if it's merited right up to the end of the ninth month you can abort a baby baby to be viable on the on the other side of that of that womb that you can still abort that DBC is a radical pro-abortion president and the whole language that was used in the past sit with her. Her husband was running for president that that abortion should be safe, but it should be rare that the people were shouting out there abortion and this is not to condemn those who had abortions.

Jesus forgives that sin like every other sent that is to say, this is the climate has changed dramatically for women to be shouting out there abortions today that not all, of course, but some that was that was not the climate years back right but all that's to say and and and if if you say look this matter who we have elected things continue as they are. That's because we haven't had consisted pro-life presence of red consistent pro-life presidents one after another after another.

A since Reagan on and we would've had different justices of the Supreme Court and other things would've been different. I believe review we could've easily been overturned by the easily right but that's not the angle I want to mention that's at the annual limit will come back to that little later in the show but you must understand that the United States is putting severe pressure, severe pressure on other nations what my say severe II mean telling them listen if you want our economic cooperation you can have to do this if if you want to be out on the cutting edge of what's happening in the world and on the front lines of progress and things like that prosperity for your country you going to have to get on board with us in terms of gay activists I have heard directly from leaders in Singapore when I was there two years ago I had significant meetings with key leaders in Singapore. I heard from business leaders I heard from people who who are working with others in the government heard from other angles there pressure coming university level that if you're going to be cutting edge if you want our support. If you are a corporation or partnership, whatever it is Singapore. Of course, amazingly prosperous nation and so much cutting edge technology taking place from there.

So it's a different than say a developing nation where it's more money is being poured in, but I heard from friends working with leaders in Africa, heads of state in Africa getting personal phone calls to the president or vice president you need to change your policies on gay activists here in Korea I had some significant meetings with key leaders. This was not on my schedule.

I did knows can happen so I got there some key government leaders.

A key professor working on the front lines of these issues in Korea and now internationally I I'm done on a high level meetings with people. I was not expecting this, God arranged it for me while I was there and they were discussing the pressure that Korea is under in Korea again. One of the, the leading one of the leading nations in the world in terms of a developing economy in terms of technology and things like that. The Korean work ethic second to none.

There may be others that were just as hard but but second to none your time at that the kids in school senior high school.

Maybe your day starts at eight in the morning. Maybe you finish with your homework and things like that.

1011 at night. I mean they are pushing and pushing and pushing and getting via unlimited amounts of sleep so that they can do their best and get to the best universities and then get the best jobs and work and work and work incredible hours and in many still devoted to the church in the midst of all of this. This is an active, growing nation and and and of course there's there's so many products like what Samsung that's that's Korea.

There me there other major companies that come out of Korea and yet they are under pressure from the United States government that they have to get on board they have to get on board if they want to continue to be a leading nation.

They must get on board with LGBT activists and we we have the United States out openly gay ambassador saying Obama trade will export LGBT agenda quote.

After all, export is more than just an item were shipped overseas. It's also a product of the values of the people created which represents one. The United States is made important progress in promoting and protecting the rights of all of its residents.

We are constantly reminded of the challenges LGBT eye persons continue to face in countries around the world and therefore therefore what that means is you're gonna be under even more pressure in the coming years. Now please hear me this is a major issue. This is something is going to affect children's education. This is something that is going to affect the meaning of marriage. This is something that is going to affect millions and millions and millions of Christians tens of millions of Christians in hundreds of millions of people and other nations. If Hillary Clinton is elected barring of Saul of Tarsus experience on the Damascus Road.

She's gonna push this even harder than Pres. Obama.

She did a Secretary of State there was an outrage in nations across Africa. How dare you try to push your agenda on us.

Okay, how did you try to push your morals on us so this is the way it will go with a Hillary Clinton presidency that the there is no doubt about it, barring divine intervention. And you cannot count on divine intervention. It was like say okay were regular plan on our team winning but the way teams can win is not by preparation and hard work and having the best team, but hoping that lightning will strike the field before we get there and the other team will be able play. I mean that's that's the type of stuff you don't plan for right so I'm just telling you I've heard this from several different nations from government leaders from people in high places and from other nations with friends, connected to people in high places directly to heads of state.

I'm telling you there is heavy pressure. It's not just a matter of don't put homosexual minimum to death that's that's not with the government saying the government say change your school policies change the meaning of marriage in society change the philosophy of how you deal with this morally, culturally that's the kind of pressure that's coming if you vote for Hillary Clinton. You're voting for an ungodly pressure for an ungodly agenda to be put on the nations. You want that on your head. Go ahead and have it on your it's like a BMI.

The problem, of course, problem of course is that the Republican candidate Donald Trump scares many people for other reasons. Now I can almost guarantee that he would not be pushing that regardless of how friendly he wants to be the LGBT people. I believe that's been his history of having many gay friends and colleagues of just imagine that's the case the business world is been in and is a lifelong liberal, perhaps getting more conservative nouns overage but there there other problems understandable to Trump candidacy. It would be the last half hour of our two hour broadcast on the speak with James Robison and ask him okay if you're whispering in the year, probably saying to him. Please understand the stakes are higher than you realize them anyway. File the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. That was the voice of ceramic bride Sir McBride was a speaker at the DNC convention and the DNC convention see is convention there, so she was a speaker, she, he, depending on your point of view, the first openly transgender speaker at one of these presidential conventions and that again leads us back to the subject of what agenda America's pushing on the rest of the world. 866-348-7884 is the number to call and again if you believe that you have a justifiable reason as a follower of Jesus to vote for Hillary Clinton. Give me a call. I'd love to interact with every Facebook comment in tweet but as you can understand that's not feasible with the amount of of the comments that Commandant tweets and emails etc. I can only interact selectively on understandably. But if you call I'll get a better chance of interacting with you know some of you are unable to listen during work and somehow you're able to do that that you can communicate back release my podcast after the broadcast I appreciate that. I understand that.

However, it's best if you want interact with me and expect to hear back from me, you will have your say and hear what I have to say then calling is always the best way I will not bite.

I will not jump on you. I will not insult you, I will not belittle you but if you was a follower of Jesus, feel there's a legitimate reason. You can vote for Hillary Clinton.

Please give me a call now. I do want to say that I had a an excellent conversation some weeks back with a gentleman who said listen, abortion is not going to be affected by who's in office Regulus office eight years. We still had it. George W. Bush, after that still have it. No real changes in the laws George Bush another eight years.

Still have it so that is has to change for the reason so see his point was on voting for other issues over to every vote for abortion to continue the same until the changes on the grassroots level and in it was it was a fine conversation. The gentleman had a head on his shoulders and make points that were were not obscurantist points or ridiculous points in any way, so it was it was a good fair conversation and it was food for thought for sure I I have differences. I've strong differences, but I believe that many of you listening to me did vote for. But let me say this in terms of percentage of my listening audience. Some of you some of you voted for Barack Obama. So if you voted the first time and had regrets and did not the second time I heard from many such people.

Four years ago but others for eight years, voted for him and it could be because historically voted Democrat because you believe that the Democrats have better social policies in other areas so here's a question. One group theoretically, theoretically, since is accurate.

One group stands for protecting the baby in the womb. The group stands for protecting the baby outside the will who you vote for, let's say one party is really helping preserve the sanctity of life babies in the womb, and helping mothers not to have abortions, etc. all right. On the flipside, you have another group saying hey were helping their babies are starving and babies that are sick were treating them so who you both. I understand that tension.

I just don't see it like that. I'm on of see it like that and I don't see that the Democrats who are so strongly pro-abortion. And increasingly, militantly in the last eight years of of party policies and actions from the Clinton era to the Obama era now potentially to the Hillary Clinton era not only self but I don't see effective policies that are really enabling and empowering the poor in America are the Republicans doing something adequately. There no, absolutely not. Are they reaching out adequately. No, absolutely not. But I say it once more if we had consistently put pro-life presidents in office. If we had consistently put them in office. Then we would have different justices on the Supreme Court, and we would have different results. Though not every justice is going to go on the right direction but more would and that would therefore have an impact.

So if you plan to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Tell me why write it but only here for your particular if you see or follow Jesus that would be my biggest point of interest.

Now here's what here's what Rachel held Evans has to say is she's becoming increasingly liberal former left-wing evangelical and perhaps even less evangelical different with her on on a number of issues over the years but generally provided on the air a few times and never gotten a response or a positive response so this is she's she's written of just today so you think you voting for a pro-choice candidate set on pro-life. Put another way, I believe the sacred personhood of an individual begins before birth and continues throughout life. I believe that sacred personhood is worth protecting. Whether it's tucked inside the womb with the on death row freeing Syria in search of a home or play beneath the shadow of an American drone.

I've also voted for bubbles pro-life and pro-choice candidates for political office, including Barack Obama in 2012 and 2008 George W. Bush in 2004 and 2000. So again voted for Barack Obama.

I couldn't of done that 2012, 2008 so she said I speak to someone who struggled with in some cases, regretted her decisions at the ballot box and recognizes no single political party boasts a consistent pro-life ethic. This is no single political party embodies the teachings of Jesus with the values of his kingdom. I respect that I absolutely respect that and I agree with her that we cannot put all of our hopes and aspirations expectations intro political party can't do it. We dare not do it. It's a big mistake if we do it for sure, and she says by focusing exclusively on the legal components of abortion while simultaneously imposing family-friendly social policy. She's making reference to Democratic policies. Republican parties managed to hold pro-life Otis hostage for the promise of outlawing abortion, which is yet to happen under any Republican administration since Roe V Wade will actively working against the very policies that would lead to significant reduction in unwanted pregnancies.

These are fair points. These are fair points that need to be discussed, but I would say this if we all joined together and voted for those that focused on life beginning in the womb. I'm quite sure I'm quite sure that that the the so-called policies that would help babies outside the womb that we could get Republicans and conservatives to embrace those as well, but I don't believe we get the majority of Democrats to embrace the pro-life policy so significant differences and look right now with the candidates is not even a matter of who's winning. It's a matter for self-destructing less. That's where things are at lot more to talk about continuous length of any form you camera on for another hour and 1/2 whatever you're unable to catch on the radio. Just go to ask Dr. Brown ask a DR Keep listening on yourself on your tablet computer catch the entire podcast later and check out our special free book offer.

When you get out last in the gay revolution.

Check out our free book offer and that you will be blessed as you do 866-34-TRUTH if you'd like to way and for the latest articles and videos and again our special resource offer go to aspect around the hey friends, this is Michael Brown I would encourage you to join our support team today become a torchbearer.

One of our regular monthly support that enables us to broadcast the line of fire in America and around the world and all. Every month we sold back into any many different ways join our team become a torture asked Brown a SK Click on donate. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author internationals and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you so much for joining us on 7884. My hope is not a political party. My hope is not in a presidential candidate if we put as much time and effort and energy into seeking God for revival, educating the church on what revivalists calling for a gospel based moral and cultural revolution calling for God's people to live different laws calling for us to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. If we put as much emphasis on that as we do on the political campaigns, and here all I'll raise my hand on that policy count count me in on someone that could make that change. I believe America would be shaken but I mean this is the cycle. If not, every four years. Certainly every eight years, but normally every four years of going. We spent a good year and wouldn't you say 20 to 25% of of of our overall time as Americans that we spend getting all worked up over who's going to be the next president and back and forth in the billions of dollars spent for ads and if you're going to advertise more and are running against you not gotta advertise more and and then it gets more and more vicious, and so on and so forth and things get more and more intense and and what we end up with whether we end up with. I'm not saying that we disengage.

I'm not saying I'm saying heart emphasis attention, energy, focus look at it like this. Let's say you were a professional baseball team and 25% of your time you spent campaigning for playing in one stadium versus another stadium as opposed to being the best baseball team. You could be what what would happen. What happened if that was the case you end up losing a whole Lotta games that you could win because you're not at your very best. I want to say this, regardless of who our next president. This obviously, the overwhelming likelihood Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

Barring some absolutely bizarre thing some tragic thing happening to either one of them's or some other candidate emerging out of the dark and rising up.

Barring that, whoever is in is our next president.

You better believe gotta be pray hard to be pray hard and offended if it'd been for me a more ideal candidate a consistent Christian conservative for years so be pray hard is that person can only go so far in terms of what they can do so. Find they get in place. Let's let's look at it as you get a great new picture on your baseball team.

That picture could could take you from not quite make it into the playoffs to being a World Series contender, but unless the rest of the team is playing well, you're not going anywhere. Not going anywhere, and in this particular case it really Clinton selected, yet it could be awakening time for the church, but awakening time because things get really dark, morally and culturally. Otherwise could be disaster in many many ways and therefore we have to actually be waking up and praying and crying out to God and say okay we can really have a gospel based moral and cultural revolution Donald Trump is elected. There are so many wildcard factors in so many major concerns better believe we better be pray. Either way, the emphasis still comes back to the church has to be the church we come back. I want to talk about that in terms of some fascinating conversations I had with key leaders in Korea about the church in Korea being the church and some of the parallel failures there that they are seeing will be right back by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown you so much for Brown got in from 30 last night and then had to make an unexpected trip. Nancy and I taken my almost 94-year-old mom over to the emergency room some discomfort but it turns out, everything is just fine. So instead of going to sleep. Oh, at like 130 in the morning which would've been 230 in the afternoon Korea time instead turned in about seven in the morning so I haven't had a fun little of fun little unexpected night out with Nancy and my dear mom, of that all is well, thankfully all is well and I'm great Korea time it's it's a 330 in the morning but I'm doing well pump strong and thrilled to be on the air with you. 866-34-TRUTH 784 want talked about some interesting insights spiritually from Korea in a moment, but funny fun start with, okay, she was present discomfort as as it turns out every everything's fine to some very minor issues, but they wanted to to give her some relief from pain and the doctor since a nurse and vinegar for little morphine mama little morphine well for thing morphine pains not that bad. Anyway, there can give a little morphine and since she's this very frail out of probably with over 90 pounds. Some like that so my mom's the Stella and her mom Susan.

Nancy molesters telling the nurse hate it just picture you cohesively on the seas is not a lot love a person there it out so clearly water it down a little bit whatever saline solution reported and pretty quickly paint dissipates and stuff and she's this, half in and out of sleep on the bed there this and I sit in chairs talking to her.

She's resting in the wakes up a little bit so we say how you feel that as the paces of pain Scott Payne Scott and I said your mom was this white boy people are drug addicts zero because she conjunction with my story from shooting her when I was a teenager before God save me. And of course that the deep trauma that I put my parents through in my drug days so she says, that is, but I hope you like as if this is morphine of this post and so, hi about really experiencing a high suite is that it is so funny it's like for the morning Newberry Miller 330 the morning there. The hospitals he still got that since viewers settled good so my dear mom, okay, so how may Korea and woman on her daughter approached me and they are heavily involved. The mother is with the international prayer network as well as working with key government leaders keep government leaders in Korea to stand for moral and cultural issues and could I meet drive any window to meet with key government leaders.

While there can say who can I meet with certain leaders just to discuss perspective from America and interact with them there in Korea. So ended up having that meeting Saturday early evening and then met with the leading professor similarly involved on the frontlines that was Monday morning, before flying home.

So there was also a very very influential national pastor their gentleman that I did not know before this but very very influential. That's I mean tens of thousands of pastors looking to him in Korea and he said what I particularly want to know is what the church did wrong in America. How did you get to this point in America where gay activism has has had such an impact such an influence. So I began to go through the perfect storm here in America and in the list some of the elements again for you here doesn't mean that were to hate anyone. It doesn't mean that we oppose individuals means that we don't want to redefine marriage. It means we believe kid should have a mom and dad.

A reboot means that we believe the certain things that are not to be celebrated that these are rather human weaknesses that God helps us to deal with and overcome as opposed to ideals or wonderful things to celebrate. Means love for every individual in preaching the gospel to every individual means not turning the world upside down to accommodate the desires and attractions in and perceived needs of the tiny percentage of the population. Okay, so I explained a bunch of things in the aftermath of the counterculture revolution, so the 1960s course, we have the the sexual revolution and the rise of radical feminism and lots of other things some positive things like the civil rights movement, but overall a very negative time in terms of generation gap in terms of immorality in terms of attack on the family. What was the church doing during this point many evangelicals were thinking were out of here any minute. These are the signs of the times. Everything is falling into place.

Jesus is coming any minute. Israel's back in the land truces back into his hands.

Surely this must be the end of the world was the end of the world, but while others gay activists for them.

This was a matter of liberty and equality and justice. They were not planning on going anywhere. Their plan was things going to change things can change for the next generation and others. The radical feminists. The pro-abortionist whatever different elements there were in society fighting for what they felt was best. They were thick around here any minute. Their thinking in a multigenerational way, where's much of the church was not thinking in a multigenerational way and then listen. It is true that we are not ultimate citizens of this planet. We are citizens in heaven. That's where ultimate citizenship is we are exiles here on earth and therefore whatever country were exiled in the Jeremiah 29 principle we pray for the well-being of the country and is it does what we do well and this is where we live. Do you have a job if not you seek a job yet what, because you gotta pay bills related to read/write get education. What will because you lose world will be literate you planning on getting married or having a family or career with Watkins.

We live in this world so we need to think in a multigenerational way and in many ways the church in America failed to do that or much of the church and in the 60s and early 70s into this day. In many cases is still not thinking in a multigenerational way big big massive mistake that this one issue. Another issue is that we embraced and increasingly soft gospel message, and increasingly nonconfrontational gospel message, a message that increasingly said that increasingly said the gospel is about making you feel better. The gospel is about you having a better happy life gospel is about empowering you to be a bigger and better you as oppose the gospel is about you getting right with God. So your sins can be forgiven. She can live for God and please him and in doing so, you discover the real destiny and purpose and meaning of your life. But please show me anywhere in the New Testament actually anywhere in the New Testament this message that says follow Jesus and fulfill your destiny civil that's what it means if you save your life, you lose it. If you lose you find what that's not how the New Testament puts in terms of discover your destiny. It's lose your life for the gospel and then you really find II live with a sense of destiny and purpose day and night. I live with a sense of of my life can make a difference day and night. I wake up with it in the morning. Once my head is clear the cobwebs out and I go to sleep for the night and I carried all the time and there's an excitement every day of my life with a sense of purpose and destiny. And God made me for this very hour, and I love the calling I love what he's asked me to do.

Yes yes yes of course. Of course, however however following Jesus is not the path to personal success following Jesus may be the path to persecution and rejection and martyrdom and hatred in this world, and lose your life in this world to preserve it forever. That may be how you find your life by finding it in the world to come, even literally losing it in this world for the gospel and and I've written about it in the past. Referring to is the gospel of martyrdom versus the gospel of success, having settled, having settlement. I explained that with more and more churches embracing a prosperity what's in it for me gospel that also meant that less and less willing to confront sin.

Now that this happens now that this happens in America if when I confronting sin in general how we now going to deal with this activist issue, which is very uncomfortable very controversial and very difficult. Therefore, something you don't even want to touch another another issue the scandals of the church with rampant no-fault divorce in the church with high levels of pornography use in the church with sex scandal and money scandals with some of the leaders across America we we law. Absent perceived hypocrisy with foster moral authority in so many ways. We've lost that prophetic authority or prophetic zeal is Dr. King spoke of. And because of that we have very little moral authority, very little is people with a street credit were not known enough for good works on the streets and thank God for all the churches that are doing much good. And we continue to lead the way in terms of doing good for the hurting and the poor. If you want to know the group that's doing that more than any help in attics and the need is the church and it's still the scandals have have been much louder. They have been much louder than our moral voice.

What about the Korean side what's happened there Italian blend.

We are back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663.

Here Jim is Dr. Michael Brown thank you for joining us on one fire Michael Brown 8664 truth okay. I spent the last segment talk about some of the perfect storm in America in terms of the church and how we got where we are with LGBT activists. Now it's interesting you have these co-Christian voices slamming me because I am" soft on the issues because I'm not rejoicing when there's a massacre in a in a gay bar as I'm speaking out against some of these things because I'm speaking out against the vigilante mentality that wants to take things in their own hands, even violent ways, or that would be advocating for the government to have a death penalty for homosexual practice and things like that. Or because I interviewed a conservative activists is openly gay on the radio. Listen we interview all kinds of folks this mean that we agree with with lifestyle choices doesn't mean that we agree with ideologies or philosophies relatives. We had plenty of guests on where they know coming armor and blatant disagreement that we have a conversation about areas of commonality I could I could discuss it with a Muslim or a Rabbi Saul depends on the purpose of the entry that the selfish of gay activists probably look Amelia Dr. Michael Brown, the infamous hater. The man worse than Hitler. The one of the worst homophobes entrance folds in the world is soft to know that the they just look at that you write this on the China prove anything to anybody.

I'm not trying to impress a human being. I'm not trying to prove anything to the gay side the Christian side and try to honor the Lord and speak the truth in love, and trust me, the flood of hatred comes in 24 seven and it's a badge of honor that I wear because it's for the gospel. So there are other factors in the society that got us where we are obviously the medias overwhelmingly pro-LGBT mentality has pushed things heavily here in America very heavily. That alone without strong healthy church, vibrant stand strong. That alone would turn the tide.

Of course the big businesses that have got behind this is the civil rights cause and then of course the the political machine that embraces this in particular on the Democratic side phenomenon that we will exams and then just more more people knowing Oser gay lesbian I diced prewash and they be able marry and have kids, you know thinking of kids in natural way that the adoption or other means real, why can't.

So I understand all these factors but in Korea they wanted to talk to me in particular about what the church did wrong soldiers was interested in career you have the same thing that the secular media is very strongly dominated by liberals and perhaps I'm so lonely here is America, but the influence of American Hollywood comes in the influence of America as hey America is the lead nation. Look at what America's doings of America's doing together patting yourself after that. Which means gay activists but even within the Korean media just increasingly hostile attitude towards church increase the pro-LGBT environment so you have that you have the same thing on that university campuses, although not as much in America where it's it's even more aggressive. But remember the Koreans or as a set early in the show among the hardest working people in the world. I was talking to Pastor of the Methodist Church that hosted meetings that were held Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and he wanted me to know that for 40 days leading up to this event that we had that they had a thousand people every morning from Fort praying beginning at 445 so probably an hour to to longer prayer meeting a thousand people every morning and these are people virtually every one of them is going to go from there to a job okay I'm a hard-working people's of the just get a few hours of sleep at Bilby working through the night is busy with family and other things. So a 445 in the morning. A thousand people and he said that they had feelings of cancer that humans have Alzheimer's, amazing things.

The two places they were praying right, so on the one hand, on the one hand you have this this hard-working push thrust by the these Koreans now many of them are coming over to the states. If they don't live here the coming over there going to the schools. With these radical leftist ideas and then coming back to Korea with them but not only this, that the rank-and-file but many of the pastors and leaders. That's what they have done as well. They have come over to the states they have learned our success gospel and they've also studied in some of the liberal seminaries and they have gone back and for different reasons.

Some similar reasons of some different reasons. They too are not confronting sin so aggressive, especially some of the more prosperous larger churches, like many of her mega churches in America.

They don't seem as willing to confront issues that thankfully when they dislike the sensitive used it when my friend Pastor Steve Riggle, the pastor Ed Young. Two of the most significant correlations in the in America. They stood up for social justice. They stood up for what was right in the society. What happened the tide turned in the city of Houston.

Of course at a coalition of hundreds of churches and hundreds of thousands of Christians.

But that turned the tide in the city and end I'm speaking at one of the most significant mega churches in an American the world in the sink. That's were in August had to skip my dates write us a later next month later. September was a nice service about moral and cultural issues, and equipping the church so thankfully there are those that are setting up of so many are not so many are not an that's what this major pastors Tony and Korea that they have been soft on sin in general. So now they're not willing to address the controversial issue. So from a different angle and in a different culture you're having the same perfect storm you're having the same perfect storm.

Yes, exactly, exactly the case. So Korea is at a tipping point.

The good news is that people are waking up and recognizing we have to stand in and they're looking at this holistic spiritually and culturally. But it's a tipping point is just shameful to be an American. Say learn from our mistakes.

I wish I could say learn from our successes in many ways we been able to say that for decades around the world in so many ways and yet so many other ways have to say learn from our mistakes. All right friends want to encourage you if you do not receive my emails if you do not receive my emails so normally twice a week we send an email, sometimes three times a week will keep you up-to-date on what's happening tell you about significant resource offers were prices dropped 3040, sometimes 50, 60% on key resources each week give you an update on here my latest articles, latest videos, in case you missed any as I can be 567 different items in a week. Be sure to sign up to see how I do it, take it literally 30 seconds to do it now.

Esther Gibran, a SKGR ask Dr. just go there and just sign up. You see the email icon sign up to get our E glass and effect of sending something out option to go out tomorrow morning about that. The biggest difference between Rush Limbaugh and Lee all right friends, here's my bottom line is the same in Korea. It's the same in America direction of the nation will the world is in turmoil. America is shaking and I'm back from Korea with some insights. Stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is a joy to be back and my home studio getting back from Korea. 20+ hours travel getting about 1130 last night and just as Nancy and I were just about to, relax the mind catching up for quite a while my trip and what's been going on at home and once in the morning and go to sleep go to cough my dear mom is about 10 minutes away. She was not feeling well. We had to get it checked out bring over the hostile terms at all is well, but instead a ghostly one sums about seven in the morning. So right now it is four in the morning Korea time but I'm pumped blessed all is well. Michael Brown your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity. So glad to be with you. I do hope you enjoy the Korea broadcasts as we updated you every day from Korea as we did some broadcast completely from Korea and others mixed in with interviews I had recorded right before leaving 866-34-TRUTH a bunch of things I want to discuss with you, Donald Trump, Donald Trump has called Hillary Clinton. The devil sees the devil and Pres. Obama has said. Donald Trump is on fit for the presidency of the rhetoric is heightening and we are still a few months out, and this is still up for grabs you not know what the current campaign feels like to me. Have you ever watched a game ever watched a sports event and it it's a matter not of of which team is going to win, but which team is not going to lose. Have you ever be receiving something like that where it's you keep fumbling the way the lead that that's what's happening right now you say will house Hillary Clinton doing that Hillary Clinton is doing that because she has a tremendous amount of baggage because there are so many things against her. That should completely disqualify her that if she were another candidate that she would've been out of the picture. A long time ago via the scandal with Ben Ghazi, the at the scandal with the emails the questionable policy decisions in the past we had heard the degree that she's here… Take LGBT issues. She's not a champion of these issues was the champion that long ago and then the writer Callie on the other side of this erratic holiday for for pro-abortion physicians that their silly things that should disqualify an my expectation is a lot more that's released in terms of other emails of things like this that could really sink her ship if if you had a candidate that was just kind of going steadily along and avoiding controversy and incident.

The challenges Donald Trump's candidacy is so absolutely volatile that rather than act in a presidential way and not send this to to oppose Donald Trump.

I am opposing Hillary Clinton. I pray for her, but I am opposing her is what she stands for and the direction it would mean for American.

As I said in the last hour just come from Korea I'm talking to international leaders. I spoke to leaders representing several countries on the trip. They were talk about the pressure. Those countries are under from America to buy into America's views and LGBT values which are going to mean absolute discrimination against Christian views in these different nations and opposing views.

In some cases of the vast majority of the population of these countries and a Hillary Clinton presidency within an increase in that. Not to mention a radical pro-abortion policies and other issues that would concern however I I I keep hoping that candidate Trump will step higher and I presidentially that continues to not happen.

Which reminds me of the wildcard nature of if he was elected what that could mean with it. In other words, is he going to act presidential if he was the president.

What is not actually presidential as the candidate. So what's gonna happen. God knows but I'll repeat what I said at the end of the last hour direction of the nation determine the direction of the church.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I plan to send out a email next dated to get a kick out of call. The biggest difference between Rush Limbaugh and me biggest difference between Rush Limbaugh and Mia I think you will enjoy that. 866342. Let me speak to everyone listening to me are great stations in Charlotte on the Truth Network 960 a.m. world 5.7 FM if you live in greater Charlotte and everyone listening in North Carolina and the nation of America.

Once you hear this Charlotte Mecklenburg schools have pushed through a policy announced it after school let out and will now institute with the new semester starting which says that quote reading from the Charlotte Observer from last month and goes into effect. Now first of August 2 of August Charlotte Mecklenburg schools, transgender students can choose identity and bathroom so they say their following of a federal court ruling. They're not in defiance of North Carolina's house bill to but here just highlights the Charlotte Observer which is very favorable on this students choose their own name and gender superintendent and Clark says this is about courage, understanding and compassion. It effectively renders all the bathrooms and locker rooms. Charlotte Mecklenburg County gender neutral.

That's what it effectively does K-12. It effectively renders all bathrooms and locker rooms, gender neutral and add if Joey comes into school and says I am now Jane and Joey and I want to be referred to as they that say you have to refer to Jane/Joey or Joey/Jane, and if if Joey/Jane said I want to be referred to as Faye, then say or do whatever the pronoun of choices just looking at one website was looking at it while in Korea actually one article that was laying out basically 60 different pronoun 60 different pronoun changes.

Yes, so how you pronounce so let's we have to learn. And if you don't comply was ready happen to faculty in one school out west. Was it in Seattle area where of women who identifies as a man, but prefers to be referred to as they were man identifies is one. Whatever the case may be, wants to be referred to as they serve you referring to this person you would see what he said, as she said that some enough that that's the gender that they tell you but this person was referred to as they will other faculty wouldn't do it, will they were fined $60,000. This first receive $60,000 unless it's been paid yet. That was the fine. So I want to urge I want to urge every parent, every parent with a kid in the public schools assist public schools and Mecklenburg County. I want to urge every parent to call your school speak to the principal whatever administrator tell them you are not happy with this and tell them if what that you are going to work against it. However, you possibly can and if they will not change the policy. Again, this has to be your words, your conscious not modest what I'm urge you to do. Tell them you cannot do your best for your kids out.

This is this is an assault on privacy and decency and common sense and you hear leave our children out of the culture wars please leave our children out of the culture wars. This is this is not the place for social experiments. All right this is this is not the place you disable it.

This runs up the flagpole and see what happens.

And again when we talk about maybe one, out of a thousand, 2/1000 kids who are struggling in these particular ways and if the numbers are higher. It's not because this is some genetic thing. It's all been discovered it's because of the confusion of the culture that more more struggling with his this and we got a call some weeks ago from a worker with New York City transit and he said they have tens of thousands of employees that are being specially trained there being specially trained as to as to how what pronouns to use the city taken us away from work because of someone's in the transition. We need to know so here's an article June 26 New York Post city workers being trained on correct transgender pronouns, firefighters, medics will take their first trans 101 course on Tuesday when the correct way to interact with transgender people to begin the lesson what LGBT QI actually stands for. Certainly, of course, you want all Seattle sarcasm here. You want all transit workers to take time off from other things they're doing to make sure they understand that that they are going to be special pronouns and things to use for the one person out of a thousand or 10,000 actually transition employees of city pools employees. If city pools have also begun training in time for Wednesday's opening of the summer swim session were gender sensitivity issues more likely to arise in lockers and others, and have arisen and have arisen and and parents have complained, but to no avail, to no avail. Women who are saying why is there a man in our changing room because he identifies as above. What is my daughter have to be subject to the will, because person identifies his woman and how we keep the heterosexual predator out no answer that never an answer for that friends. I want an article that came out yesterday for a fact I finished it on the plane and sent it out and it's about some new trends you say will come on them while you bring this up on Rena because I get back from Korea and in Korea there are major government leaders that want to sit with me and discuss these issues because what their face because of what's coming their way.

In Korea okay then I run into a collie from Singapore providential. I was in the place. I was supposed to be ousted, been another part of the hotel he was in a position of engagement in his room ready. They got the lay checking in. The room wasn't ready. Friends got arrived late so place through the meet was close. I end up sitting in a place and with the been in the lobby otherwise and here we are sitting next to each other QB from Singapore and we begin to talk about what he wants to bring out to be what's happening in Singapore and Asia with with a gay activist issues that their face. I didn't bring up what happened in trouble. Ekberg Kathy it happened. It happened in the schools frenzies your kids, your kids zero don't care about Triscuit yesterday.

Don't turn the world upside down for the kid nor do descendents of the world of non-reality.

If you're if you're a human being you are not. They if you have multiple personality disorder. So-called amount of psychologist or psychiatrist to know the truth or untruth of that diagnosis, but is if you have it's called multiple multiple personality so that's a disorder why I'm not gonna say all how you doing Sam on that sound of Jill all okay Joe how you doing I'm not Jill on Jane or Jim. What's going on on not jam Sam not belittling that a friend of mine to collect his wife suffered flat for years and the he explained to me what they were dealing with, and it is unfathomable to not belittling him saying it is a disorder you do not turn the world upside down for a disorder. So what's the latest I wrote this article on the plane and it went live yesterday. Monday the latest entrance sanity more male mothers in the end of the male body.

Yes, so there is an article from England that under the financial support of the national health service. Just as a transgender man are having their eggs frozen at the NHS clinics exit Suisse, a transgender man have eggs knows a woman now identifies as a man, but she still has her eggs and still has her female body parts.

There an internal related organs so dozens of quote transgender man having their eggs frozen eggs are first before surgery or chemotherapy to switch sex treatment means that abridges British trans man could soon become apparent in rare circumstances, a man could become pregnant give Brazil know a man could never become pregnant and give birth a man could never become pregnant and gave birth. However, however, identifies as a woman to become pregnant and give birth daily mail and England reports that critics said cash-strapped health authorities should not be spending up to 34,000 pounds per patient to help them change sex and have children when they are rationing basic services such as cataract operations hip replacement and even hearing aids. Tory MP Peter both said, I'm not sure why the taxpayer should be fun. Dennis, I do sometimes ask if the NHS is getting his priorities right, I said it's quite an understatement is only for hearing aids and hip replacement surgeries but here is there is money to help a woman try to become a man and have a child is a quote male mother and what he what he told the kid all sorry I'm your mommy relaxing your daddy becoming daddy. Nevertheless, your mommy conceived you carried your mom won't pass out. Work has not assisted the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown makes much for joining us on the line of fire walls in Korea. One other issue that came up and at the center of a relevant link. A moment ago that reminded me the UN UN continues to aggressively aggressively push for LGBT activists causes and the UN has officially declassified transgender is him is any type of a mellow they may. They may finally declassify transgender as a mental illness. Obviously, the DMS, the diagnostic DSM skews the diagnostic and statistical manual of the American psychiatric Association which is kind of the Bible of psychiatry and psychology in terms of what is and is not a disorder, and how it's how it is classified they have declassify transgender is him as a disorder.

Now it's gender dysphoria, which is not that it's a problem to thinker man in a woman's body. It's a problem if you're uncomfortable with that so they can deal with the discomfort, not with the non-reality of it. That being said, that being said, the issue that we face is how do you deal with the tide turning different nations or the pressure from America to turn the tide and the answer is the church stands for what is right, the answer is, the church makes a difference.

The answer is, the church stands for the cause of the gospel and starts living like the church. When I checked into a hotel. Sometimes it's not self evident where the light switches or in other words, some some you have seen Korea a couple of the rooms. There's one button to press the turn on all the lights in the room and then other buttons for individual lights or you just would go to those individual lights.

If you want them on or off and then come to room in the states.

Okay, here's this is the is the little entryway that the commander leaves the bathroom right off to the side or small room.

Could the weights configured whatever but okay try to figure out where lights are in the room may be dark, and maybe checking in at night in the room is dark, what's the problem was darkness and dark it wasn't dark. I'll call the front desk and I'll put my flashlight on my cell phone and find the phone call the front desk was Reimer dark something's the matter know it's nighttime and then the lights on.

Therefore, it's only natural that the room is dark, what then is the issue. The issue is find the light turn on the light. Okay, I would go one step further. I want to turn on the light next to the bed right the nightstand like I turn it on. It doesn't go on, what's the problem the lightbulb is out does happen a lot but happen sometimes what you do call the front desk to say hey got a lightbulb out here and they sent somebody up with a lightbulb and replace it, you fix the light the way you deal with the darkness issue fixed the light I complain about the darkness, not flail at the darkness, but fix the light. So yes, when you turn the light on the light exposes the darkness, so that is always one of the roles of the light as you expose the darkness in them. You turn the light on. You can see what's really going on.

Maybe the room seemed fairly neat before, but when you turn the light on.

Suddenly the room is not so neat and clean. Yikes the crumbs on the floor.

I did see that yikes this this is bad. That's what could you turn the lights on so the light will expose the darkness as part of the prophetic role of the church. What's the biggest issue first, not the darkness, but the lack of life. That's why I've said for years now. My greatest concern is not so much the presence of darkness is the absence of light and when David Jason Benton view talks awfully often a David will kick off and Jason will join in on a discrete tandem stuff off and that's that's one of David's opening lines taken from my lips with my blessing that he's concerned more about that the absence of darkness, that the absence of light. That is the presence of darkness.

So what am I saying we have to fix the light which is get the church shining brightly this.

It doesn't Paul say this and Paul say in Philippians the second chapter that that's how we have to live did he say that we need to shine as Jesus said to the light of the world in Matthew five in this repeated John VIII chapter as long as he's in the world. He's the light of the world and we, as his disciples carry out his mission. We are the light of the world, but just start, just check this out.

Philippians the second chapter. This this is how he counsels them to live as believers and notice how he characterizes the generation daily event because it is the same for any generation since the fall, he says. Therefore, after saying we have the mind that was the same items in Messiah Jesus humbling himself going to death on the cross and then be highly exalted and say that ultimately every knee will bow to him every tongue confess that Jesus the Messiah is Lord, to the glory of God the father therefore first called my blood is you have always obeyed, so now not only as in my presence was much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling for this God who works in you both to will and to work for his good pleasure. Do all things without grumbling or disputing that you may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world, holding fast to the word of life than the day of Christ. I may be proud that I did not run her labor in vain. So look at this picture Paul's painting this picture was 2000 years ago. You live in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation. We live in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation that's the same from generation to generation. Some more extreme than others, but every generation since the fall has been crooked and twisted, crooked and perverted as a whole. The generation how we live. We do all things without grumbling or disputing that we may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish. So how we supposed to live blameless innocent children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world. Lights in the world. If by God's grace we could live as children of light every day you wake up, look at this as an opportunity look at this is a divine invitation you wake up every morning and you say you say how can a shot. How?

Your mom at home, homeschooling your kids you are elderly in bed you are a college campus you're working two jobs, your street preacher, whoever you are more how can I shine today. How can I be lights.

That's what Paul writes in Ephesians 5 be like we were darkness now be light in the Lord shine like lights you want to fix the darkness fix the light if we concentrate on that friends will see change come around us.

We come back. I want to talk to my friend and colleague James Robison and ask him. James Robison was Mr. Vanessa, if even if it's because of the ear of Donald Trump tell it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown I can say this if I will lose the words of Republican candidate Donald Trump this is Michael Brown fresh back from Korea got in last night. If you haven't heard living 30 in the evening. It was getting settled in. After catching up with Nancy to turn in and relax.

So once in the morning we had a take her mom over to the emergency room. Everything turns out that softly find effective is good that we got more info but ended up gossip about seven in the morning, fresh back from Korea, but delighted to be on the air with you blessed and thriving in the Lord and friends as I was overseas. As I've mentioned the last hour and 1/2 hearing about American influence on the world as I was in Korea meeting with key government leaders and create unexpected meetings that I hadn't and the talking with some who are actively involved with leaders from other nations there watching the presidential elections, but they have been under tremendous pressure from America, African nations others. In Asia they been a tremendous pressure to to embrace LGBT activism if they want American trade if they want American financial support, etc. and obviously that would only increase with Hillary Clinton presidency recently. Not happen barring something unexpected with Donald Trump presidency and yet there are many things happening with the Trump presidency that continue to to raise concerns if he were elected, what would it mean this and that. Well, thankfully, my guess James Robinson, James Robison has had has had the input is been able to speak into your Donald Trump speaking to the year of of others in the Trump family and he's had that ability since of the Ronald Reagan days to speaking to the ears of many political leaders George H. W. Bush.

So I want to ask my dear colleague, if you have the opportunity right now to be speaking into their J of Donald Trump when you be telling of James welcome back to life are always a delight to talk with you, and you also welcome back. Pray for you and all your concerns and join you with concerns you rightly help our nation. Yes, that we've got just a two minutes before this first break, but let me just ask you this. You have had influences political leaders in America and other nations. Can you just tell our listeners how influential America is on the world sink is living here I will think people can realize the clout America has worldwide oversteer of the greatest expression of the powerful effect of the blessing freedom offers. And that's not to be interpreted by license but with the standards as our boundaries, not walls become a prison because there's no gate, no bridge in and out, but we have standards that are not to be torn down, and we understand history, biblical truth, we understand that the truth of God the Word of God. Nitrous blog nitric God as those when those boundaries are most standards are in place and when they are recognized as is important, valuable, and consequences of violating the most significant is scientific violation of the law of gravity and other laws when you defined them you were broke by that the files you suffer the consequences.

And right now we are going down the standard showing to improve tear down the boundaries relating to age and we are becoming infested with all manner of pestilence and predatory assault on marriages and families. Morality lies like just terrible traffic.

So when this collapses I hear from people all of the world as our television program areas worldwide, and we are praying for America freedom that we have displayed that has blessed us and enlighten us what they're concerned that it's not only eroding but it's about to collapse and bidding freedom is really under assault worldwide. They feel like their opportunity to see previous blessings of Spanish, what was said by the way James has two books tremendously relevant on the subject boneless… Indivisible and the newest on the screen to get the latest cutting edge Christian commentary and conservative commentary was happening in America go to you can read my most recent recent articles.

There is wealth to come back. James will say what are you saying Donald Trump for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

This is something going on in its it's bad so it's really bad. I think this country In the same position as Francine. You look at what's going on in France. It's insane and wouldn't want to be the same position as France and Germany, which is now crime-ridden. You take a look at what's going on in Germany with all of the you know the migrants. It came in and we can do that, John. We have to get back to rebuilding our country that was Donald Trump speaking with Sean Hannity again about issues that are pressing issues here in America had a fabulous guest on Friday season.

Yesterday Walter high-growth wheat we did the interview together in Korea German leader. He was so thankful for America's role helping liberate his country from the Nazis appointed to America's world role the importance of America's role, then saying and in in Germany right now. They have an unbelievable opportunity to reach Muslims. It never had before is the flooding from serious trauma thousands getting saved say we should have attitude and face, not fear. And yet we need wisdom security. What's what's the approach will get my colleague James Robison by God's grace had an open door to speak to many of the candidates presidential candidates and presidents highlighted officials over the years.

So James, obviously there are things you sank in private they can that are to be left in private, but for our listening audience. If you were there is a Christian leader speaking wisdom to Donald Trump that you can share publicly what you saying to him at this critical time in history will not talk to candidates always pray for them and with that I let them know that I love best in the best for our nation if they follow freedom's principal and the basic standards upon which freedom stands and rests secured, then we have a future that is hopeful and purposeful, meaningful, so I not only pray with I speak principal student and I have had privilege and opportunity speak visionary.

All the candidates this year. That would be considered at least more conservative side for certain, always. She spoke going through Dominic's door. What would Donald Trump are how do have the opportunity speak doing so no one needs to wonder James Robison proclaiming the gospel is to proclaim the trees of God unwaveringly uncompromisingly forcefully and I can be extremely forceful, sometimes almost a look very good so I know when the buyer now, but I do with compassion and so I could talk to her morning as they were taking off going down the runway ANSWERED met with James and you call me a whole week ago my phone Donald Trump. I was 40 forceful and get a strong under control and quit being a reactionary plan to respond with the slow to speak and slow or rapid social and so I was actually going over some of that with her this morning with the golf America so you know we appreciate so much dollars. Last summer, Bill join you speak to speak great report.

Thank you so I hope you know I love you urologist at Mallory to memo book regimen or okay here's what I sent Eric and Matt and all medical and since this for Mr. Propp in the last room import. This is the key to victory and success for your dad and all of us. Please read the first chapter in the book of James, and asked dad to please read also. James chapter wanted your that allows this truth to grip his heart and mind, you will win and change the course of history in the most positive way. Every person is powerful but underlying meditate on lease purchase by a 1219 while in brackets 22 and 26 would take a couple of good art out highlighted here to tell you if you lack wisdom asked God that's prescribed, and God will grant it generously and your double manager on site or site and then in verse 12 Blessed is a man who perseveres under trial, persevere in passion and patience and every good and perfect gift comes from above simply would not listen to this.

In 19 this, you know, my beloved brethren, let everyone be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger, and a truck with a big wow I think that's critical for all.

Certainly any candidate. Candidates that have not responded in harmony with that that great command from God. I have a Google himself to be very foolish. Verse 20 to prove yourselves to be doers of the Lord, and not merely hearers who delude themselves in the last if anyone thinks himself to be religious but does not bridle his top. He deceives his own heart this man's religion is worthless.

So you think this is the download I never even said to Eric. Subsequent communication. I said this is not some man's eyes.

This is God speaking to all of us in speaking to the head and leveling us up at all medical indicate my back with you should. You're absolutely right.

Your objective] shall not see I am able to speak to people that others might not be respected, and I only do it for one reason I want to redeem the time, I want to proclaim the transforming truth of God's love you and how, but also in the power of love and compassion and that's why we I have lived there 55 years in sharing Christ proclaiming the gospel to people around the world. And yes, he swished in my sewing thankfully good seed absolutely.

What kind of ground is it going into the fact that I can continue to be what gives me hope that there's monogram great appreciation so Eric over there to give a small usage.

Such appreciation don't stop. Keep praying keep sure okay I'm going to do now we have to pray for God to give the increase. It takes water like water before the light of God's presence and power.

Psalm praying put to where we needed the nation needs to bear.

And we don't need much religious for strike delivers combat moves into relationship with God and one another in the most beautiful way like family, which I knows what's in your heart, your yeah and I was in a meeting with you where you spoke very publicly very graciously and in the in the most positive way to Sen. Ted Cruz urging him to emanate the compassion of the Lord and to be a bridge builder think so. So again on that level you not endorsing a candidate, but speaking as as you have heard that for any of the candidates it would listen to speak what you felt was most important for them. So again, let me just push this will over a little further in terms of the, the nature of the soil that's their eye in terms of my emotion.

Sometimes you watch a sports event you don't know which team you are rooting for them in the game starts a saga somebody for the sting. That's where your emotions are. I'm rooting for Donald Trump.

In other words, I want to be able to vote for him. I won't be able to support him out.

I want to see him step into a very powerful destiny. Obviously it means a lot of divine upheaval in his life. But like you say he's listening that he hasn't. He has no nothing to gain from listening to you because if you stop listening and I can get up and start blasting him on your TV show or anything like that.

I submit each time he makes what seems to be a misstep to me or he doesn't act presidentially or gets engaged in a gutter fight with. He should be standing higher and thinking okay boy seems the same old same old and and I want some say this is someone that's rooting for him to get it right. Not not rooting against him. I'm openly opposing Hillary Clinton is as loudly as I can for many reasons, but as as you continue to speak. Is it all a matter of faith that your sowing seed in the door still open, or do you see signs his communication with you or his family any signs that say he's easing getting it a little bit. This massage can everyone see Paul is his closest friends and Ben Carson says we we talked several times a week talk yesterday uses James it it it is hard to change about shaping of the heart. It's what we do as Christians, we don't see what we expect we would just pray more fervently and frankly, because this is a work of God I am disgusted and supernatural work. Mr. Trump's came out and started talking religious language like the rhetoric of the religious people. I think the measurement base return against it is being manipulated and not trustworthy when he said were going to tear out all of these to be torn out and they put a lot of Christians president who bitten senators and congressmen who been in leadership and Megan change anything.

The need to change things. Continue to Colorado law and in the same old same old political correctness and envy establishment mentality and nothing got better so it it looks like we got out here comes another religious person because he is not how rich or how relationship because religion can be so damaged, you change the traditions of men rather than the commands of God longing with your lips rechargeable front. If you get to target what I said about that you want talk that the changes stop. Don't get up and start talking religious. I mean, don't do that. You look like a real political scheme don't do it so I'm actually cautioning him not to appear to be something that is life indicate it will begin to see a soft answer person I'm sending to David Cruz. If you take if you do not forgive Jesus repeated the model prayer.

You will not be forgiven and you forgive 70×7. The unit is in one day and when you been forgiven if you do not forgive your turn over the commoners strike is a working chair. Ted light is down drop right is now. We don't need this protection. I said to Ted Cruz, you had something to offer you Ryan you so you have something to offer but don't wait for your stalker offer all the great things that you bring to the table today. Welcome to the American people say all is is is is hightailing if you hang on one more minute you signature. What does the church in America need to hear right now like that I file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us on a lot of I mentioned earlier in the broadcast conversation I had with a leading Korean pastor very influential man. There was and what the church is done wrong in America that allowed us to be in the social moral crisis written today in many parallels with the church in Korea from different angles, but parallels and I tweeted this out earlier sitting on the air that the South Korea in America.

The direction of the nation will be determined by the direction of the church. So speaking with James Robison to get the latest articles key cutting edge commentary on what's happening in the news today go to every week I'm writing an exclusive article just for the stream and the my of the latest articles there as well.

James obviously the biggest issue beyond who's the next president, beyond which parties and the ascendancy is the state of the church in America and that is in our hands. We can only vote and pray for candidates, but how we behave is the church that's in our hands seem spoken key messages to the different candidates right up until this day. What would you say to the church of God was speaking through you as you understand it to the church.

What do we most need to hear in America.

We were electoral divine assignment is to adopt fully the kingdom is to lose our life for your site. The sake of the kingdom is stored. We have no effect on the kingdom to go. There's no enemy, no opposition, there is not pain, things are passed away. It is in this world divine assignment that we have a kingdom impacted like a kingdom imprint on predator. We are the stewards of the garden of God, begins with our cultivated field of our own lives as temples of God is as living stones built up together to a holy habitation which data That first gift.but as a individual witness. We have been left here as ambassadors for Christ, as witnesses, beginning right now with the last words of Jesus.

You shall be witnesses unto me started out being a witness in the kingdom of your own home use of the king and in your community and in your city and then your strike and then your nation and to the ends of the earth. We are like a kingdom impact we have not been left here to break When I hear the great estate we are here to allow the one who frees us to leave interest when Paul was rejoicing in prison and stopped preaching the gospel. He praised God out is that God's will for us to live in stock in a prison singing card is, and we say what were like the Coptic Christians. We loved the car. It's all politically sure. But is that the will of God first called whoever it got all know it's for us to so rectify Christ is to look after the garden of God that we all become as witnesses and we bear great beautiful and promised land living, we would be in the left ear of the divine assignment as ambassadors of Christ, we do not get planet Earth.

We do not get the dog and he left for us to stored over to the powers of darkness of deception and defeat and destruction. We do not be a witness for Christ in our witness.

We pray for the will of God to be done. We yield to it. Paul and Silas were praising God imprint if God wanted him to stay in prison want Ebola doors of the person wanted the garden so terrified about the killings Suddenly find the celebration that Paul and Silas shared with it.

Why did he walk down my street in front of everybody to his house. The whole house of the bird by the power of the gospel. Paul and Silas demonstrated an act, not just at work and busy this man was no longer right he was going to kill himself because he thought could be targeted differently and all of a sudden the organic converted by the same power that transforms all of Tarsus and Paul the apostle. This is what the gospel to inmates ordinary God denying people the message of Christ to live.

They don't just become part of a religious group awesome account of spiritual club downtown. They become the living body of Christ connected to one another, submitted for the benefit of the other and all committed to the leadership of Jesus Christ that that's why we're here and I have been after this but 55 years of the board never talk about father God, I will not be silent.

I will not get back I will not get down.

I will not announce to by the government powers start. That's my world research Michael that he left this year. He didn't leave us here so we could have a caliphate encourage things to get worse. Want to get most certainly honest… Hogwash… It's political minefield that you waited to push the right button there.

Your brother in a mentor. Every word is that I was explaining to the Korean government leaders in this major pastor.

Some of the perfect storm terms of how we got where we got. I went back to the 60s that we we thought right here any minute.

The prophecies all fall into place, the world falling apart result rather here. We had no long-term multigenerational vision and those on the other side of all the issues have a great multigenerational vision and their living there is out over still thinking right here any minute so much needed word and look the delight is not afraid of the darkness the darkness is afraid of the light, so let's keep igniting these fires look forward to speaking with you. Seeing you again soon. Thanks so much for your voice stated want to hear me preach like this every day you going to get spring straight. The book on Amazon get your home and you're going to find messages like the one I just in every chapter local chapters of no more than four pages long, but I took every nerve right now but every knee needs to be addressed in the miraculous thing we got there to get so sprinkled book stream on Amazon, go to bookstores and get him.

Five years I poured my heart out. Despite this, including a plant that I'm telling my heart a passion for what God and love all the people of their lives with us right now.

Thank you Michael I love you Dick you are. You're very welcome and as I have the book I endorse the book.

It is a life giving book friend so stream by James Robson godless look for talks again cuddling next week. Thanks Michael Douglas all right well that is a joy to hear from my brother and the fibers and him with that fire burn in each of us here, here, this looking in the flesh to take you child you hold them a look right in the eye or friend or colleague and you just want to get maybe your coach your player on the field. Maybe a family member they're about to embark on a different different challenging journey. Just take him look them right in the eyes, the right nice looking right in your eyes okay look right mind left your light shine. Let's your light shine on that one video right now but I'm looking straight into our camera in my studio here, let your light shine. If you know Jesus, if you know the Lord, you have light to shine the helping or hurting person being in ministering to the downtrodden being in setting a godly example in your home, be it in sharing the gospel with someone who doesn't know Jesus, be it a secret act of kindness behind the scenes be at sowing seed to help the gospel ministry around the world. Giving yourself to secret prayer that will make a difference left your light shine and to the extent it shines out meaning it touches others in a tangible way. You are functioning as salt and light in this world don't be ashamed of the gospel.

Let your light shine. May Jesus be glorified.

Checking on the website* for the latest resources, articles, and videos cannot sign up for my email list. Do it a bottom line once more. Let your light shine. Darkness cannot

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