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Misinterpreting the Hebrew Bible (with a Focus on Preterism)

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 26, 2017 4:20 pm

Misinterpreting the Hebrew Bible (with a Focus on Preterism)

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 26, 2017 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/26/17.

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Well tell you some missed interpretation of the Bible has really hurt the Jewish people over the years will talk about it today stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. We are, it is thoroughly Jewish Thursday Michael Brown delighted to be with you.

I've got a lot of stuff to talk to about today I want to take your calls any Jewish related because you have usually questions 866-34-TRUTH it's 866-34-TRUTH for 87884 okay out where why start let me start here. It's not a thoroughly Jewish emphasis so much. But let me start here when I was in Singapore I met with Pastor Joseph Prince for two and half hours. It was a private meeting. It was scheduled before I went over there.

It was planned but I could not announce it because it was a private meeting and once we came to agreement about the meeting and what we could say publicly.

Now I could talk about it. Pastor Prince known for his strong emphasis on grace I've rejoiced in so much of his message, but taken issue with other parts of his message. I quoted him often in my book.

Hyper grace and we met for two and half hours and as a result of that meeting. I then wrote an article saying here. Here are points of disagreement we have that remain. But here are points of agreement we have and we both want to exalt God's true grace and expose counterfeit grace so you can read about that my article is up my meeting with Pastor Joseph Prince you can read about a charisma but if you connect with us on Facebook or twitter.

We have sent out word about that. So I believe that you will be edified to read this encouraged to read it. The article was written by me than he gave edits on his and we went back and forth to me were 100% in harmony. So this article is released with his full blessing and approval. I encourage you to read it and share it with others, but if you didn't hear the news. One of the last things that happened one of the last things that happened in the administration of Pres. Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry is that they stealthily released $221 million to the Palestinian Authority that mention this in the order in the week ready but I want to say it again because thoroughly Jewish Thursday. I'm all for helping the Palestinians but it is well known that the leadership is very corrupt, loss. Even more so than Palestinian Authority that when money goes to Hamas for support of Palestinians, a lot of it actually goes to build weapons what weapons manufacturing and building tunnels to go under Israel to try to perpetrate terrorist attacks and very little goes to the people for rebuilding the cities and things like that in building up the infrastructure with Palestinian Authority.

A lot goes into the propaganda this other parts to go to aid the bed. Terrorism and other parts go into the the pockets of the leadership.

Same with Thomas this the last thing that we should've been doing well, we've now heard that Donald Trump froze that money when he came into office and heard about. He froze that money good for him. Also read that his staff White House staff on how many there would be marching in the pro-life March this week, the, the memorial of Roe V Wade that again is positive and Nikki Haley, who is now sworn in as ambassador to the UN for governor of South Carolina has said yes.

She supports moving the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. So while it hasn't happened yet and would be too quick for it to happen.

I have every reason to believe that it will happen. I will talk about Bible Church dictation with the podcast as yesterday's real differences I have interviewer bunch of other things will talk about today is some connection with Islam in the March protest against Donald Trump all come your way to get on the phone now give us a call 866-34-TRUTH here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is my I know the number to call before I go to your calls me. Talk about a podcast interview I did yesterday. There lots and lots of podcast growing numbers of podcast. I wish I could take every request to do them, but I was asked to do one particular podcast and the host and I couldn't mention the name of the host holds to a predator's view which says that the prophecies about the return of the Lord, the coming of the Lord the end of the age. In the New Testament that the referring to the destruction of Jerusalem in the year 70 and when it pertains to Israel that that's when God forever finished dealing with Israel as a nation, nor dealing with Israel as a nation. Individual Jews can be saved but no more. Dealing with Israel as a nation, so the return of the Jewish people to the land today would not be considered prophetic in any way and the idea that there be a future turning of the Jewish people would not be believed, but by many in the credit risk Because those would be national promises. And while there. There is some positive aspects of printer is an namely the recognition of the significance of the destruction of the Temple in the year 70 and the idea of a post-millennial view that sees the triumph of the kingdom of God there so it has a positive outlook in terms of the spread of the gospel.

I find there to be very severe errors with which I categorically differ in those that are the most extreme apprentice position will even say the resurrection of the dead is a spiritual saying that there is on a future physical resurrection, or that we are ready in the new heaven certainly worth her extreme views like that. Well I have no problem being on a show or some schema differ with me, that's no problem whatsoever of a problem when Bassar interpretations are put forth that then undermine hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of other verses right and a simple principle that if if something comes later. It can't undo the plain meaning of that which came before and you can claim that they are than in harmony or the same voice will I mean that if if Jesus claims to be the Messiah and then undoes everything that came before him, and abolishes the law or the prophets and and says he's done with this and ignore exists or he renounces the God of the Old Testament. Some of that will that he is obviously not the fulfillment of those promises. Hence, Deuteronomy 13 tells if someone comes working miracles to be prophecies, or dreams and they come to pass, but their messages follow other gods. The no follow them the same way Jesus was in the New Testament about counterfeit messiahs and false prophets and things like that false Christ, false prophets, he warns so if someone comes to the answers, I am Jesus, don't believe them.

Doesn't matter their fire coming out of their mouth, don't believe them. Doesn't matter if they pointed the wall and the wall explodes. Don't believe them right so he's warned us in advance so I have a real problem friends with any system of interpretation that systematically undoes what comes before so you have. For example, the promises about the Jewish people in the land use, it will Nono the land that's just point to Jesus.

It's a spiritual truth know it. It's not just the spiritual truth. It has to do with where people live has to do with the place from which they were exiled in the place to which the return and an awning on it goes. So I did have a very strict schedule 1/2 hours is a lot of time for me to do on a podcast I told Gemma do the half hour and I literally had to go exactly at that minute I had to get up and go to another appointment so when we got to half-hour said hey done. I've got ago and he wanted to press interpretation and I was real firm with them I miss himself is a bit contentious. I was real firm with him. He one of the press that Zechariah 12 which speaks about all nations coming against Jerusalem and explicitly speaks of the inhabitants of Jerusalem and inhabitants of Judah and the attack of the nations in Zechariah 14 speaks about and then God delivering the people of Judah and Jerusalem at the time as they look to him whom they pierced and in Zechariah 14 talk about what God establishes, out of that and in his reign on the earth, and this is what the Messiah returns it in his feet come down on the Mount of olives at it as as prophesied in acts one that the same Jesus the way he left till return so he's trying to argue based on the secure interpretation that it's refilled the book of Esther that Zechariah 12 and 14 filled the book of Esther is complete nonsense when he wanted to argue the point is that I have to go to half-hour time is up of got to get to appointment and he want to argue. Plus it were done were done.

I've got got no place for that and for someone to argue well the reasons that most readers of the Bible, the vast, vast, vast, vast, vast majority of readers of the Bible history and fast fast fast fast fast fast vast majority of Bible scholars, Bible teachers throughout the centuries have never seen so let's connect between Zechariah 12 zero 14 and the book of Esther is because were using the wrong system interpretative. That's bogus. That's bogus. So here real simple.

If God says something over and over hundreds of times and now we see how it is lived out, you will be exiled from the land.

You will return to the land made a covenant with you for thousand generations about the land you're not coming back is your righteousness, but because my names being blaspheme God says I can bring you back to the land. Your unbelief is frequently moronic when you have it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. And then Jesus tells us Luke's gospel that Jewish people Jerusalem would be scattered in the nations until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled through the scattering until was amazed if the regathering are you will be sick until that medicine takes effect, meaning you will be sick until the medicine takes effect and you are better you will be paying off your debt for 10 years until you've eliminated it after which is not there, you will be scattered in the nations and tell the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled, at which point you know I'll be scattered in the nation's self evident, meaning there and then Paul reiterating that even though the Jewish people are now enemies because of the gospel.

Their love because the father sick because of the patriarchs for the gifts and calling of God are revocable, so the promises God made he's going to keep use of every promise of God is fulfilled in Jesus. All in terms of God bringing to pass. What is promised through the cross.

Yes but but that doesn't mean that if God spoke of exiling regathering is no longer regathering. One debate I did a friendly debate that good scholarly brother Gary to more you can you can watch it just by going or listen to the debate by going to the line of and just type Jamar DE MAR I think you're finally made some excellent points with excellent dialogue and its friendly and good spirit.

I think you learn from it. But one point to which I took strong exception was the idea that God scattered the Jewish people physically and will regather them spiritually only guy I do not see Scripture saying that the one conclusion I came to a right in my doctoral dissertation on the Hebrew word for healing in its ancient recent context was that the liberality of the healing had to equal the literal reality of the smiting. For example, if God's smite and destroy the people so that their their economy is broken there buildings are destroyed.

The people are in exile. Their sickness and disease, and poverty as a result of. As a result of of the sin of the people and goddesses all restore you. Let me is the opposite of all that happen, mean the people return the buildings built up again health and prosperity would be the opposite. So it in the midst of a debate which I think you find to be excellent and it wasn't a formal debate is much as a back-and-forth but I think you find to be helpful, edifying, I think you learn a lot from Dr. tomorrow and for me in terms of our interaction. But again, a point which I took strong exception was this idea that when God says I will scatter you and I will regather you that the scattering was physical and the regathering is spiritual in Jesus. Yes, there will be a spiritual regathering as well. You better believe there's a physical regathering out and put this out then to go to your calls up with a set over and over public debate setting, social media, radio, so to millions of people would put this out and I've yet heard one solid answer when God blesses no one can curse when he curses no one can bless when he opens the door. No one can shut it when he shuts the door. No one can open it when he smite so we can heal and heals no one can smite when he scatters knowledge regather when he regather's. No one can scatter if in fact God scattered the Jewish people in his wrath and judgment as partial prayer is in full predators and others would say it is. I would say as he scattered our people in judgment. We don't have the power to regather ourselves, how then the more than 6 million living in Israel today reconstituted modern state of Israel, against all odds, the ashes of the Holocaust. God didn't do it, how it happened. Somebody tell me I still haven't gotten an answer. I do believe there is one. I believe it simply thought that with your call for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael on Thursday through Thursday Michael Brown 866-34-TRUTH so my article my meeting with Pastor Joseph Prince is going viral. This been up for a few hours and shared over 8500 times ready just on one website, but that ties in with our special offer a special resource offer of this week just so happens that it does about grace, about liberty about walking in the freedom of the Lord about dangers of counterfeit grace, hyper grace, so I check that out on the line of to find out more and if you don't get my emails if you don't get my emails. Please sign up to receive my emails. The beginning of every week will let you know about a greatly discounted resource offer that will be a real blessing to you. Sometimes we share some testimonies of the things midweek and then the end of the week. Every article I've written every video we put out through the week, which can be six, eight, 10 different resources. Maybe you missed some of them we give you a synopsis of each of them and this we just click on it share with others. We can be a blessing to you and ministry should look at my emails up by all means go the line of and sign up for our email list right.

Let's up. Let's go to the phones will start our friend in Washington DC. Charlie welcome back to the line of fire by Dr. Brown. Welcome back to the clinic to pick up the much gone and I want to start one. Could you please clarify. Particularly, why you know it in the map and instead of fighting battles in heaven instead of Eric and even know sitting at my right hand. Why, that doesn't mean just ruling advocating leveling as represented instead of a literal Ascension. Considering the fact that maybe were all dated and under injections and by the time he died yet will the first question is when else does God ever ask anyone to sit at his right hand never never was the best image that you would have is is the Lord being by our right hand backing us would be an extraordinary image which you have.

For example, in Psalm 16 of the Lord is my right hand, but this is exceptional language, its unusual language and and when you look is it's going on it's it's crushing Kings judging nations, crushing leaders over the entire world that never happened in David's reign, no matter how much hyperbole you have. He did not have an empire like Egypt at its biggest or Babylon or its biggest or Syrian's biggest TE subdued some of the neighboring states, which are all in a relatively small soul.

There is there is no application that that fits in, in his day again it's it's speaking of something far beyond anything that happened during his reign, and therefore the word sit at my right hand being quite unique. God saying sit at his right hand and it's a worldwide dominion. He's to have its it's quite logical and natural to understand in terms of a heavily Ascension now when it was originally spoken. How was it understood that could be debated was their full insight into remember a Peter tells us that the prophets when they prophesied didn't understand everything initially in and ask God what were they say because things expected to happen didn't happen. So what are we actually saying God children that fits in with their saying was not for them for the future generations. When the Messiah came, but the language of the Psalm as a whole is far, far beyond anything in the reign of David meter time of the nation's retirement envy or talk about China you talk about the rest of the inhabited world that never happened. So right, but I guess like for example you know when you look at the power that surrounded David being successful in the light of the word of the world have to be understood as worldwide, because there are other world but don't include everyone. What the question would be how else you can say it again. Start here.

Show me anywhere where someone is invited to sit at God's right hand. God is always pictured his ruling and reigning in a heavenly place the most natural interpretation is a heavily Ascension. That's the first thing otherwise, God could be at your right hand backing you on the earth, but the sit at God's right hand is extraordinary language. We don't want to downplay it just because you may be familiar with it. We don't want to downplay it.

That's one thing of the. The other the other question is, how else could. Could God have have said this anymore. Clearly right it's it's over nations and it's over much much land so I'm just looking at different translations across the end of verse six, crushing heads far and wide who showerheads threaten extensive territory of showerheads over the whole earth that the Hebrew is unique expression there just a vast amount of land. So how was Goggins say it you keep one of the downplay and narrow it.

But you're violating the language here which is extreme right right well thank you I really have one more quick question, yes, go for very what you are currently with the exalted language in Alton one compartment look at but chronicled 29 verse 20 at the cross reference for you and maybe something that you kind of equivocate that even maybe found 25 V life and possibly look at the work of Elohim is it possible to not think of the highest level I get if you could just expand on Elohim of an acceptable term also contacted what you are saying yeah when using Elohim would with actually make one wonder was the king being considered divine on any level. It would it would raise a question. Psalm 45 case to follow him along the injured throne of God is forever and ever your starlings forever and ever note immediately then says your Elohim your God so so it's making clear okay there is a God over this Elohim and yet HJ Krause one of the top Psalms. Commentators of of the last generation German scholar, he translated and then into English oh divine one soul you know it. It is very highly exalted language and it could only be fulfilled in the Messiah. As for passages that speak of parallel obeisance for the king and and the Lord is as you mentioned first Chronicles 2920 and and I detail a lot of these in volume 2 of of answering Jewish objections to Jesus. It's it's to do obeisance to so they bow down before the Lord and before the king. But that again points to the fact that the even more highly exalted king.

The Davidic king to come would be all the more worthy of that worship and exultation. So again I understand how highly exalted the King was with the language is only fulfilled in the coming of the Messiah, so all for your probing questions there fair and their good thing if you go through carefully, volume 2, of answering Jewish objections first four objectives that will help further sort this out friends. I'm still around for another 90 minutes listing a lot of on your radio I'm going right back to the following comebacks. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown show out my delight to be with you.


May I just mention something about Donald Trump not Jewish related, but I want to mention this, everyone I know that is met with him privately and then in Singapore I spoke with a friend of a close friend of his and they all say the same thing about one-on-one how focused he is, how attentive he is, how humble he is, how gracious he is and that he seems to be a different person. Some of his public campaigning and things like that seem to be very different person. Why was that. And obviously that public person can be more of a divisive figure and obviously it was strategic in terms of how we act with you like it or not, but what's happening now is he's doing a lot of behind the scenes meeting with congressional leaders with CEOs with executives, some referred to as a charm offense so it's interesting that perhaps behind the scenes as much is going to hold two strong views. He'll be all right friend, this is Michael Brown I am sitting here in the pitch black. Our power has gone out through our entire building and so in the middle of my sentences there. Suddenly everything went dead. But the beauty of live radio as I can call in and continue the broadcast. So my apologies for that dead air time but JJ if we have a guest. I can't see anything but I can certainly here that's all I need do for radio right now if you could bring on our next guest you pick the line and bring them on. Welcome to the line of fire's file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael yet about it. I got a call into my own radio show this is Michael Brown I'm glad to be with you on the early Jewish Thursday the power is out our building. We have a laptop that I'm using that is 16% battery audit regularly see the screen and see who's calling, so we are right back on top of it with you here a lot of fire and thoroughly Jewish Thursday and I'm going to go back to the phone and start with pastor Eric again in Chicopee, Massachusetts.

Welcome back to the line of fire and a dark brown great talk you glad. Sure was thoughtful. Praying for you while you were gone. Language, thank you so yeah not. My question is not something came up in church was deleted and it's something that I encountered pretty frequently.

I think mostly in current college level in book and was talking about faith in a list of charter specifically, the term is being taught at one time the worship leader have been the source of his Dick in heaven and in a pretty elaborate discourse about know that when we worship that we caused them pain and you don't really detail and no course and myself your car on monopoly past my brother is discussing this and install come of the concept of constant income from Ezekiel where Ezekiel 28 the king of Tyre and described them as having been even of God covered many precious stones and then part I want to ask you about his first 13 actually working in the King James extends the workmanship of your temples and cut out pipes work prepared for you on the day you were created for the UK to changing the molar and that one passage that most attachments I get done that taking one. The worship leader have now. I and thank you. I only cultural background study Bible from and thinks there but I think is important also that this passage of the Cherokee which which would be distinct from an angel, could you comment on the art sure thing. I appreciate it appreciate question 28 is an extraordinary passage because it it does speak of the other king of Tyre being judged.

And then it seemed to go beyond that to speak of some heavenly being that was cast down. That was in the garden of God that was cast out.

And II believe that that is a a white interpretation terms of saying that that is Lucifer, Satan, Isaiah 14 speak of the fall of Babylon then speak of the The Fall of this exalted being shining on some of the dawn and shining one in Latin is looking for a light bearer, hence testing its name Lucifer but I do believe these passages take us behind the scenes and I do believe then that this is speaking about Satan. However, your hundred percent right to say that we are going way beyond of the evidence city was the worship leader in heaven. Somehow there was an extraordinary Association of music with him the fact that he spoken of as a cherub guardian cherub supposed just an angel.

As I understand it, that's just one type of Angel just like a Sarah is another type of angelic being that that part wouldn't trouble me, but I do believe that we go way too far for him, saying that that Satan was quote the worship leader of heaven is it possible he was.

Yes. Is he associated with music definitely could that be why Satan uses music so powerfully as a tool could be or could just be that he observes the power of music and use it but could well be that he knew the power of music for human beings ever created. All of that is is very very possible. But what you're saying that you'll worship God.

It hurts and if it hurts… Because Jesus is being exhausted and that against him and and if there is something to it. So one of the spiritual insight may be, but can you deduce it from this text certainly not going way too far with that type of teaching and emphasis. You could follow yeah go ahead okay and Now given the changing of the new King James both again at the end of verse 13). The workmanship of Templeton pipe. However, in in the modern translation of that theme verse you after leaving the Army that the general learned that in crafted gold when you're in your inquiry so motherly you couldn't get into the work that it is there because you don't study engraving person temples and tight back that have gone pipe that makes the music of modern translation into very different pack on it, driving it up and engraving, light and and sometimes there are terms that are a little ambiguous, and that that the different interpreters will the different interpreters will will look for the near the best understand they have are based on ancient manuscripts, things like that you mentioned the cultural study Bible, and so for example a good specific first reviewer pointed to here in Ezekiel 28 was when you're just referencing of verse 13 right so NIV you and even the garden of God. Every precious stone adorned carnelian crystalline emerald topaz onyx just lapis lazuli, turquoise and barrel your settings and mountings were made of gold on the day you were created. They were prepared yet. So of course that that reading of the text would absolutely disassociate any reference to music. There whatsoever and thing again. It's just it's just a matter of the King James having one understanding of the Hebrew text and what will do as our powers coming back on in the building now and I'll have the Hebrew text in front of the out. I have lots of passages memorized and and some not so I just got look at this refresh if you keep listing of little bit later in the shower. All I'll review the text again in Hebron explain why the King James had that understanding of verses of the text. But when you see a bunch of modern translations consistently going in different direction and when they come from your little different traditions and backgrounds that can tell you that something then is is a myth in the earlier translation hey, I appreciate the call and again for sure were going way beyond the text and in making some of these statements, 8663 or truth you don't when I was first saved. I would hear these interpretations or some creature say something I thought wow I didn't know that was in the Bible. I guess I just have to keep studying and learning. I didn't know that was there and then that I kept the study learned on really not there.

It is really something that people are reading into the text or just some traditional interpretation that they had. Let's go to Jason and Charlotte, North Carolina. Welcome to light a fire. Thank you Dr. Brown's oncologist area to get your stay should not too long ago appreciate all you did it. The grounds were piloted about several drove to the creek will be tougher to put up wonderful. It work so what I was gonna be in the Jewish Jewish question about Jews related to Christianity is, he draws us for Israel.

It bothers me when our government pressures them to give up land have a shofar is really quiet but I do thought the Lord, stop me from going too far into it.

I went to a culprit was conference and you had people that were there. Give me these, you know, most of the tracks about why did you go to church on Saturday will have you ever felt the Lord, put a check on me. Go to court and what work the way I feel. You know because you said there's ALL the Scriptures over and over and over and over again. What will the same way that Christ is the cornerstone of the builder have rejected and in my opinion still are rejecting the New Testament that all things all the things that were done were like shadows price is real and no shadow can only mimic the real real mimic the shadow. My point is being to get to specific questions Scriptures do you have the biggest bursa people have in my study list of the new covenant was when I said you that think not that I come to destroy global billet and you know Paul says in Romans 10 for that specifically says Christ is the end of the law, those that believe amateur it can also be true is that is that is the goal is. This is the end goal of law and great if you could just sharpen question you want to ask you the inside of race right fact that I thank you for your call for cleansing by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown our powers back on in our building. Got everything rebooted my screens off. I've got the Bible in front of me in multiple languages.

We are rolling 866-34-TRUTH. I was thoroughly Jewish Thursday right so Jason and Charlotte your specific question that you were building to Sir. So my question would be based on the first daughter on out, like not not like the record what what advantage are we saying that a Jewish one person would have now posted across all be in that cross. But everyone on equal playing field. What you but within the insanities that they have a bailout life and it's not to be discriminatory.

Know the phones lit.

What one out what one up with a B will you there would be more accountability. It's not a one office on the one down Romans two says that that God's favor and blessing will come to everyone who does good, the Jew first and also the Gentile and his judgment will, and everyone who does evil, to the Jew first and also the Gentile. In ancient days when only the Jewish people have the Scriptures and knew about the God of Israel. They had that advantage and Paul speaks of it in Romans three that the oracles of God were committed to them. But since the cross and the national rejection of the Messiah hardness in part has happened to Israel. So there's a remnant saved in every generation. But there's a hardness on the the people as a whole when it comes to the gospel so we are 100% equals the foot of the cross. Romans 10 says the same God is richly answers all who call on him. Jew and Gentile in faith in the Lord.

We are there's no caste system or class system so as I'm a junior Gentile. We are equally sons of God equally priest to God equally branches of the vine equally members of the body. However, there are distinct callings that God gives to Jewish people and to the people of the nations just like a man is different than a woman. Even the were equal in the Messiah. So I believe there's a certain spiritual responsibility that Jewish people have and that there is a certain role that we have in the earth to fulfill and it can be for better or for worse. But that being said, there is there is no specific advantage in that respect of the Jewish people have the Hebrew Scriptures. But they would specially be studying Jewish tradition and the things that surrounded in the tradition would would not point them to the Messiah so I would say rather than advantage or a one up. I would just say greater accountability for better or worse in the gospel is to the Jew first and also to the Gentile Jason I think you did well to keep your love for Israel, have a heart for the Jewish people without getting pulled in to this idea that you have to be Jewish or Lib Jewish leak to be more spiritual. I think that was that was right.

Pulling back on your answer. Hey, I appreciate the call 866-34-TRUTH and welcome to Charlotte, North Carolina hey back to pass Pastor Eric's question about Ezekiel 23 2013. The workmanship of thy tablets and my pipes was prepared in the in the day that was created.

The new King James is the workmanship of your timber roles and pipes HCS be your mountings and settings by ESV your settings and endure engravings NIV your settings and mountings and NET your settings and mounts NLT, all beautifully crafted few and set in the finest gold complete Jewish Bible. Let's see your pendants and jewels of the new Jewish publication Society version gold beautifully wrought for you of the Septuagint.

Also understands it, as is is not related to music. So where did the King James get this from his I'm looking at the text yeah okay so the the word Toth is temporal or tambourine and you have two paths which they understood is your tambourines and then that the word that follows the neck have has to do with may be sockets something like that. So do the Jews work.

They took it as something hollowed out and end based on the previous word took it to be musical.

Is it possible it's possible but it's unlikely let's just say that the certainty of connecting this guardian cherub spoken of in Ezekiel 28 connecting him with music that it is questionable at best art drive time for another call, I think. So let's go to Edison in Chesterfield County, Virginia. Welcome to the line of our time is short so dive right in okay doctrine of extortion. Every alerted Robin to go straight to Jack's chapter. This would be a 17 button 11 to talk about in the brother immediately so the way Paul solid by might of been to Berea, they would have a problem with the sub synagogues, you will note in the cities were more noble than those in Thessalonian they received word already is of minor search the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so epic which are doing well because it is researching scripts specific things so but also believe that God was able to write the word delivered work at work written. As you know, he wrote the first bit bit about unique brigade commanders learned about America got an upgrade he's able to put man) placed to substantiate is working to keep it solid and and and and and exposed you to be a blotch later graphed into the euro into the body of Christ which the user yeah yeah absolutely.

I mean God is God has a plan and even though we sin and we grieve him as human beings. The fact is, it says in Ephesians 1 that works everything according to the counsel of his will. So he has a plan.

Things are going somewhere and he ultimately will have a people of the fullness of the nations in the fullness of Israel turning to him and serving him as is the one true God and enjoying him in his presence forever. One interesting thing about the Berea ends debris and Jews more noble in spirit than the Thessalonian Jews. When Paul came and said I've got news about the Messiah, their first reaction was not that stupid. You're crazy no way their first reaction was wow that would be wonderful. We would love it to be true.

We would love it to be true that the Messiah scum. But let's examine. Let's see with the Scripture say so in my mind, sir. Just to add one comment to to where you started us a brilliant spirit. When you come and say hey God is moving in the city. There's a great outpouring people being wonderfully touched your first reaction is not all yet right sure all you happily approved proven to be going to prove it to me, your first reaction is manna be wonderful. We are praying for that very thing. But let's see if it's really God. Let's see if it's genuinely the Lord that if it Scripture lies being touched so it's that attitude with which we go to the word that distinguishes a Berea attitude from a non-Korean attitude. May we all be written that is a friend.bunch of new videos new artist, modify website check it out.

Check out our special great blessing to you. My bottom line today word liberates word sets free live well tell you some missed interpretation of the Bible has really hurt the Jewish people over the years will talk about it today.

It's time for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, the I it is thoroughly Jewish Thursday, this is Michael Brown. As always, my joy to be with you extra joy today of the reason being I'm just glad to be on the air. We had a power outage earlier we were meeting with our entire staff and team, and we don't really all get together in this waste we pray together and sharing vision with them is restored in the year and also the power went out, and Matt my produces severe he noticed the Duke energy, which is the power company in our area. Notice Duke energy truck on the street and then we found out power would be out till 230 our time.

Run the East Coast so try to figure out how you do the broadcast without power so is this going to call in on my cell phone because or even our regular phones are connected to a whole power system and would work otherwise so rusted to do that. The power went back on.

So were great.

They got the work done early. Removing along everything is great and what was it like this is just a half-hour ago Boehm I'm sitting here in the dark. No computer, no nothing. No power no connection to to the studio as I broadcast in one place. Our engineering and fan phone answering in another place and that that's how it's all that even it was all in here all the all the power went out. So I quickly called into my own show those only reconnect and then the in the midst of that power back on.

So I'm glad to be looking at my computer screen, got my Bible in multiple languages up there can look at all of you that are calling and so on and go to your call shortly.

Any Jewish related question of any kind you have phone lines are open 8664 true so what you think of this right. Let's say you're the Smith family right Smith family and I make a promise to you.

I own the property in which you live, and I say hey I am giving this to the Smith family for all generations. You now own this property from here on, and whether we are in good relationship or bad relationship.

It doesn't matter. This is your property. For good and I'm giving it to you and then something happens you do something that upsets me and you go away for a few days and you come home and there are other people living on the property. In fact, they even have their name up in an they sit in the Smith family and you recognize Vanessa Jones family and you come to me say you made a promise to me that Amanda was, that's my property, even if we do have good relationship that I do. One thing that upsets you and you give it to someone else and I say no no no, the Jones family is now the Smith family. Would you consider that the process would you consider that the sauce would you consider that deceptive would you consider that wrong, unethical yes yes yes yes of course you would, that's all. People say God did that. He said the church is now is really I made promises to Israel and I made promises that no matter what on and keep these promises and yet there's a Sinai covenant with blessing curses.

But before that, there's the promise that God made to Abraham.

Paul writes in Galatians that the law which is 430 years after the promise cannot nullify the promise God made these promises and then through the prophets. He reiterated that no matter what Israel did, he would preserve Israel as a nation to preserve his people, ability, scatter them to the engineers he would bring them back because of his faithfulness, not his faithless, not their faithfulness in all people say it now. Actually, the church is Israel and the promises that remain for the nation of Israel including land of Israel. That's bogus's only bogus is destructive and through history, and open the door for what we call replacement theology or supersession is church thus placed Israel does economy God's plan of salvation and open the flood of anti-Semitism in the church people. Some of it still exist to this day will be right back with your usually calls on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, C. Joy don't even on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday or any day of the week. 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 78841 more point about interpretation, and in a minute take some calls. Okay if you have a description of the building with walls and ceilings carpets and floors and windows and all of this and and you're looking at a blueprint laying that out.

Would it be more logical to think that that's an actual blueprint of a building or to think that that's a picture of a NFL football team. Obviously it's a building okay so when the Old Testament speaks about specific literal things in specific literal ways goes into detail is more logical to take. It is meaning what it says.

Then to put a spiritual interpretation on it. It's not to say that you can't make a spiritual application but this do not want to spiritualize away the literal sale when Jesus comes. All changes will not know if they can't be everything he did is built on the foundation of what came before and even says in Romans three that faith establishes the law doesn't do away with it. It puts us in a proper place and establishes it so another building question. When you build a house later foundation than states two-story build the first floor then you build the second floor. Once you been up till the second floor do not lock the first floor out no the second floor is built on the first the same way the old saying that the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed in the Old Testament and New Testament concealed. These are these are truths one builds on the other.

It does not tear down, abolish, or make gate. Sindona were just having a spiritual insight.

You know that that that John John the Baptist Johnny Mercer. He was really Elijah, but Jesus said he was well it's the spirit and power of Elijah in which he came, he was not Elijah incarnate him in spirit and power of Elijah and it could be as though be a literal Elijah beef before the ages done. We all know that but did the Messiah was the Messiah. Born in Bethlehem was prophesied to be born. Beth and yes was he one of the supernatural birth.

Yes, that he literally died yesterday literally rise yes. So all the fundamental things he literally did. Let's not spiritualize away the clear teachings of the Hebrew Scriptures. I let's go to Mark in North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire… Mark Bernard wanted to speak to you again.

I got my fiancée you're doing it. Grow diet enjoyment going public prayer for you and you saying that shall live with a single global literature back and look forward to you get back on a lot of bars that will be real quick. My question hopefully you can understand.

Welcome, thoroughly Jewish Thursday.

I know how much I go through on a daily basis. Love the Lord enough to walk with the local wildlife standards is inevitable. So when I look at the Mosaic. I see when Moses led his people out of captivity from Egypt that God had a low-budget offering support to sacrifice this trespassing and that that would be individually built with Israel awkwardly built with the pre-on many different they so I'm saving myself that I had to be a whole bunch of blood being shared now to be a whole bunch of livestock is gonna want you to connect their gonna give me your respectable yes. So in terms of how pervasive the sacrificial system was at that time.

There is no question that lots of sacrifices were offered when you have the dedication of the temple. For example, Solomon. It's his gala event for thousands and thousands and thousands of animals were sacrificed and for sure the Temple in Jerusalem the time of Jesus, there were sacrifices happening there continually running 24 seven necessary but constant sacrifices being offered, and then at certain times of the year when the Jewish people required to come to Jerusalem three times a year all the Jewish males. So this that there be a great increase in sacrifices and obviously there was a message that was being shouted out to some of our tuition substitution that some of the sacrifices were for dedicatory purposes like you are dedicating yourself or someone or something to the Lord, there were sacrifices that were offered for ritual cleansing. There were sacrifices that were offered for certain transgressions, but generally speaking, let's say someone murdered another person they couldn't come and offer sacrifice because there was no sacrifice for bloodshed and then on the day of atonement, there would be things that would be covered then in the sacrifices that would not be addressed. The rest of the year. So that's why that was the annual day of atonement, so obviously personal repentance was important, and in the sacrifices played a certain role, but it would be wrong to think that every time somebody committed any sin they had to go offer sacrifice because then there'd be there be noble livestock in a matter of months. There'll be no more life to me this picture you go to the temple off your sacrifice because you lied to somebody and then as you're walking back, you get a bad attitude like man I thought I just send again with a bad attitude have read so there were certain purposes for the sacrifices it was tied in with repentance the day of atonement was very important for national cleansing and atonement of transgressions and then ultimately there could not be that same settled sense of assurance of forgiveness that that we have an ancient Israelite could not of had that rather the sacrifices were were pointing to something greater.

And of course that's fulfilled in the coming of the Messiah. Thank you so much for your very you're very welcome and thank you for the prayers, a much, much appreciated as the two of you stood together praying. I do appreciate that very much. 866-348-7884. Let's go over to Joseph in Dallas, Texas. Welcome to the line of fire picture Dr. Brown.

I can't cure long ago about a related topic John Correll blocked a couple broadcast on Sheila Galinsky recently titled Israel the Kabbalah and antichrist and to summarize key, in my opinion, repeated many middle ages slander about the Jewish people to be just a couple examples of managing the protocols of the Elders of Zion were not forged.

The Jewish people throughout the ages. The Peculiar. You Actually Naming the Disease Itself. I and I You Know He Is Easily.

This Is Again Is a John Terrel John Terrel If You Heard It from Our I's Is Not Ringing a Bell and What Was the Name of His Talk the Kabbalah. It Was Titled Israel, the Kabbalah, and Antichrist Due To Broadcast Last Week on the Sheila Galinsky Radio Show I and the Antichrist and She Loses the I'm Not Familiar with Either.

I Am Just Looking out John Trussell TORELL Not Not Heard of It, but That That Is Classic Anti-Semitism That Is Classic Anti-Semitic Lies That Sees the Founder and President of European-American Evangelistic Crusades Mission Organization Dedicated to Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Ministry for 50 Years, so Perhaps He's He's Done A Lot Of Good and in Other Ways. But If You're Assuming You're Quoting As Accurately As She's Got Part Two Is of His Talk Is on the Zionist Movement, It Would Seem That He Has Bought into Some of the Standard Anti-Semitic Libel so the Protocols of the Elders of Zion Are a Well-Known Forgery. Russian Secret Police behind It Based on an Earlier French Account That Alleges That There Is People in the Cemetery. They Overheard the Secret Cabal of Jewish Leaders of Plotting World Domination and That in It. It Basically There Is 300 of These Jewish Leaders That Are Waiting to Take over the Entire World and F Course Because Jews Have Had in Certain Countries. A Disproportionate Influence in the Media or and in Banking and Things like That Sick All the Jews Control the Media, the Jews of All the Money Is a Shame That We End up Being so Persecuted and Butchered through All of That and If If You're Not Aware, the Protocols, the Other Side Actually Say That the Whole World Will Be Brought to Subjection to the Hindu God Vishnu.

Yeah, the Hindu God Vishnu. So Joseph That's Dangerous Stuff. I Appreciate You Bringing It to Our Attention and If You Take What We Are Break Stay Right There. If You Have a Further Question That I Can Help Whole Eyes Lit up As Many Calls As I Can Get More to Share with You As Well Today, Modify the Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown Voice Aboard Cultural and Spiritual Revolution.

Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown on This Is Michael Brown Were Turned into the Right Station, the Right Broadcast Right Now, Back to Joseph in Dallas Texas so I Clicked on Another Link Joseph on the John Terrel's Site TORELL and It's Called the Kabbalah Series 7 Books Have You Ever Wondered What Motivates the People Who Make up the World Government Religion Today Embrace in the Series of Booklets You Will Learn How the Diabolical Kabbalah so This Is the the Foundational Document or Documents of Jewish Mysticism. The Diabolical Kabbalah Was Started in the Days of Moses Nonsense Bogus More Than 5000 Years Ago by Men Rebelled against God, Complete 100% Bogus Nonsense. The Secret Religion among the 12 Tribes of Israel Bread like a Smoldering Fire under the Surface. It Was King Solomon Found the Fire Cemented Years before Christ Made into the Refined System Receives a Complete 100% Made up Bogus Nonsense Knowledge You Will Gain about This Evil Religion Will Help You Resist the Market Abuse and Depression That Is Coming to This Earth. May God Have Mercy on This Man for Disseminating Such Serious Error.

I'm Sure Lauren You Hello Make a Point or Two. That's Accurate. It's Basically This Idea and That This… What Part Part of What Led to the Attempted Extermination of of the European Jews That They Are the Evil Pariahs That They Are the Ones Destroying the World. They Are the Parasites That Are Seeking to Take over the World Are Destroyed and They Must Be Eliminated. It's Ugly. It's Despicable and It's a Shame It's Associated with Amana Christian Ministry. I Completely Agree Dr. Brown or Maybe My Final Comment. Maybe When Your Schedule Permits Someone of Your Academic Credentials Could Refute Picnic on Facebook Are Part of Characteristic like… Be Excellent Yeah the Thing Is Joseph of Thank You Sir.

A Lot Of This Junk Has Been Refuted but People Don't Believe Fax They Believe Myths They Believe Internet Conspiracies You Know of the I Went to Assailant or Traditional University in Their Suppressing All the Studies, Bible Translators Are Pressing All the Stuff so Sometimes the More Facts You Bring, the Less People Believe It, but That of Course Is the Nature of Deception of the Thing Is You Maybe We Can Get against Him on the Air in the Layout. His Theories for Us to Demolish Then Give Me the Benefit of a Radio Audience. Maybe Do That but There Lots of Things Are We Constantly Asked to Address Things If They Have Very Little Circulation. Generally It's Not Worth the Time to Do It in All We Do Is Expose Error to People Hadn't Even Heard about It but If It Gets More Circulation and Some of This Is Common Junk and Messy. It's Worth Refuting His Thank You for the Call and the Suggestion 866-34-TRUTH We Go to Christie in Richmond, Virginia. Welcome to Light a Fire Ground You Will Barely Ferret out Trying to Catch a Last Night. I Believe Our Current Can 20 When You Sacrifice and Taken Many Sacrifice Adults That You're Worth Thinking and He Went on to Complain That Alligator Painting It in Days. There Were Sitting for Payment and on Morning Worship and Kicking at an Painting the Jewish People. There Are Shipping Again or Something Either Anarchic Blanket Explained That the Name Had a Hard Time with and Knowing How Much I Love the Jewish People That They Would Be Worshiping and Naming Kick Explained That Yeah Will Paul Never Said That Jewish People Worshiping Demons. He Says They Have a Zeal for God, but Not According to Knowledge, so Person Is Praying to to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. When Their Praying and I Praying to Satan If There under Satan's Power. It's Because They're Deceived Just like a Traditional Catholic That Didn't Really Know the Lord or Traditional Protestant. The Didn't Really Know the Lord Would Be This so People Can Be under Demonic Power Demonic Influence and If They Claim to Have All Types of Mystical's Experiences You Know If If a Jewish Person Had a Mystical Experience in Which They Heard.

You Know the Spirit Renouncing Jesus As a False Christ Will That Would Be Demonic Right Right but Otherwise a Jewish Person Praying Look All That Everyone Pray to Us Is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. In Other Words, When God Says to the Jewish People. In Deuteronomy 429 in Jeremiah 2913 Scattered around the World and from There You Seek Me You Find When You Seek Me with All Your Heart, with All Your Soul, Willing to Do the Crowd to God. And When When They Rightly Understand Who Jesus Is, As the Messiah. Then Though Be Rightly Connected to God about As I Wrote Years Ago. It's a Matter Being so near and yet so Far for Religious Jew, Praying, Look at the Jewish Prayer Book. It's Filled with Psalms. It's Filled with Quotations of Scripture. It's It's Filled with Petitions. Some of the Petitions Reflect the Lord's Prayer That That That the Lord's Prayer in Matthew Six Takes on the Language of Some Traditional Jewish Prayers and Modifies and and and and Adapted Accordingly. So If You Talk about Someone Who's an Idol Worshiper Right Who Might Lose Bowing down before a Statue of a Monkey God and Air or If You Talk about, Say Muslims Who Are Gathering Together during Ramadan for Some Special Impartation of Divine Power in an One of My Former Students Who Administered in Morocco Talked about What It Was like Living There and Seeing This and How Demonic It Was, You Know This Reception of Some Kind of Power That's That's a Whole Other Thing Joseph Smith Getting His False Revelation. You Know from Allegedly from an Angel, Well If He Did Encounter an Angel. It Was Not That Was That a Holy Angel. It Was Demonic That We Understand, but I Would Certainly Not Say That of the Jewish People. So Again John MacArthur's X Explicit Statement about Demons. How Far Did He Take That As Far As Israel and the Jewish People Act.

Eric Remember Hearing Last Night and Again Our Current Planning Time and Read It. I Was Understanding Right If You're Making Back. I Am Not Keeping Any Hearing, Sacrifice, Beginning and out for the Jewish People. They Recognize the Yearly Snakelike I Do Not Have My Test Because I Just Wanted to Be Clear for Listeners past MacArthur Didn't Say the Jewish Persons Praying to God Directly Praying to a Demon He Did.

He Didn't Make That Statement Correct Correct Got It Right yet so so so Again It's in the Context of Worshiping Other Deities. False Guidance. What's the Power behind Them Want Why There Are People Drawn to Them or Their Some Types of Experiences They Have Well Could Be. It's by Demonic Power and That That's Another Reason for the Prohibition of Idols That It Brings People under a Power Other Than the Power of God. A Deceptive Power the Destructive Power and Worship Must Be Directed Towards the One True God, and to Him Alone. He, Christie, I Appreciate the Question, My Friends, Stay Right There. We've Got 30 Minutes to Go and I Will Try to Get to Everyone You Align Right Now False As Possible. Stay Right There like the It's the Light a Fire with Your Host Activist, Author, International Speaker and Theologian Dr. Michael Brown Voice of More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution Get into the Line of Fire Now by Calling 86643 Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown Looking for the Lighted Be with You.

I Want to Take As Many Calls in the Next Half Hour. As I Possibly Can but Make A Few Comments. First, While in Singapore I Had a Private Meeting with Joseph Prince That Was This past Friday, so Six Days Ago We Spent Two and Half Hours Together. We Agree That the Meeting Would Be Private Not Announced, but We Also Agreed That, Should We Feel There Is a Statement We Can Issue We Can Talk about Our Agreements in the Midst of Our Differences That We Would Do That.

I Subsequently Wrote an Article Joseph Prince and Send It Back with His Edits. I Consider Back with My We Came to Full Agreement of Every Line in the Article and You Can Read It. Now It's Gone Viral on the Committee's Charisma Website in the Last Four Hours Associated 11,000+ Times. One Interesting Thing with Pastor Prince That I Knew We Had Look for Israel, but He Has a Tremendous Desire and Burden to See Jewish People Saved. Of Course, As I Do and Our Areas of Agreement Far Far Far Outweigh and Outshine Our Areas of Disagreement.

That's We Talk about in This Article so Read It, Share It with Others, but on This Thoroughly Jewish Thursday I Thought I'd Mention It. It Was Relevant. One Other Thing I Want to Say Is This the Women's Marts That Took Place This past Weekend Approach to Smarts against Donald Trump and More Protests Being Planned. People Every Right to Protest Peaceful Protests As Part of Our National History and Part of First Amendment Rights. People Can Express Their Differences. That's Part of Our Nation and Its Fine and You Might Think That Similar People Are Saying Is Stupid or Idiotic. That's Fine.

They May Think What I'm Saying Stupid Idiotic That We're Allowed to Do That.

What Will I Differ with the Spirit and Tone of Some of What's Said This, the Ugliness of Some of the Speeches, the Violence of Some of the Speeches, the Radical Feminism Unit Are Pro-Life People There If They Wanted. Even If They Had Issues with Donald Trump at Those Misogynist Whatever Vacuum Has Therefore Been Welcome Pro-Life People Would Not Have Been Welcome, but When Other Issues Is Muslim Feminist. Some of the Alleged Ties Groups like Hamas Were They Doing@@@@Argument Because of a Muslim Feminist with Ties to Radical Islam and from What I Read in Berlin Women's Protest March against Trump in Berlin. There Women Chanting a Long Walk for That Work Has at Work Isn't Isn't There Much Oppression of Women in Islamic Countries, Honor Killings, Things like That under the Caliban and Afghanistan Women Could Get Education Can't Drive a Car for Women in Saudi Arabia All Types of Restrictions. I'm Sure Some of the Women You Feel Covered and Protected. In in Love Islamic Religion. I Understand That in Their Varieties of His of the Islamic Faith and Resource Expression Understand All That but When You Have Some of These People Involved with These Islamic Connections in Their Protesting Consulates Misogyny. I Have an Issue with That. So I'm Looking at This Story on the Daily Caller from January 21 Women's March Organize Recently Met X Hamas Operative Has Family Ties to Terror Group Not Want to Go to Which Frontier but I Think There Is Validity to This Legs Are Sore When the Organizers behind Saturday's Women's March Beheld Washington DC Was Recently Spotted a Large Muslim Convention in Chicago, Posing for Pictures with Accused Financier for Hamas a Terrorist Group Sore Sore Head of the Arab American Association of York in an Obama White House Champion of Change Speak at Last Month's 15th Annual Convention of the Muslim American Society Islamic Circle of North America and While They Are Supposed for Pictures with Sauces Sore, a Member of the Islamic Society of Milwaukee for Hamas Operative Scale How Closely Connected with Them. I Don't I Just Say This Hypocritical Bit of Critical Single for Protesting Donald Trump's Alleged Sake Error on the Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown Voice of More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution.

Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown Is.

Thanks for Joining Us on Those Passionate Cries Passionate Voices from Traditional Jews Were Not Believers in Jesus the Messiah. Pray That the God Who Loves Them Dearly Would Reveal Himself in Full to Them. Certainly They Say That One of the God They Live to Know God and God Alone. Pray That He Would Make Himself Known and That They Would Understand the Truth about Jesus the Messiah. 866-34-TRUTH Hey Our Book, Breaking the Stronghold of Food by God's Grace Is Doing Better Than Any Book Ever Written. Of Course It's Because Nancy Said on This One. It's about Food but Were Getting Great Great Reports. If You Haven't yet Posted Review on Amazon. Please Do It. If the Book Is Blessed You.

If You Post a Review That May Help 510 1500 Other People Will See It and Say Wow. I'm Encouraged by That and Get the Book and They Will Be Helped As Well. So Remember to Post a Review on Amazon.Com. If You Have an Order yet.

Of Course You Can Order Right There, or from Our Own Website, 866-34-TRUTH We Go to Bryant in Ohio.

Welcome to the Land of Fire Modifier I'm Looking at Land Thinking Land One Saliva Fire That the Land of Fire. Go Ahead. I Read You UN and regarding and Not Our Code. In All Likelihood What's Your Opinion of His Annexing Both Marriott and yet Just Google Point.

If Nothing Else, Well Right Now.

Judea, Samaria, the So-Called West Bank with Locals Occupied Territory That Is That Is Part of Israel Right Now That Is Part of Israel As As Is East Jerusalem That That UN Resolution in Part Part of That Resolution against Building More Settlements Also Said by Default Really Explicitly That That All the Circle Occupied Territories Are Not Actually Belong to Israel Will of Course They Are so That That's the Issue. Israel Has Control over Those Areas. The Palestinian Authority Is Allowed to Govern Judea, Samaria, So-Called West Bank in the West Bank of the Jordan River and Hamas Governs Gaza Strip. I Put That Israel Owns and Controls All That and Has Annexed It with the with the Six-Day War, and in 1967 Israel and Took That Territory and and Is That Territory but It's Largely Inhabited by Palestinians out through the Settlements, the Number of Jews Living There, Has Grown and Grown People so Yeah That's You're Making a Two State Solution Possible. We Could Have It If the Jews Were Happy to Live under Palestinian Leadership Hamas There No Jews There There There out so Hamas Just Controls the Gaza Strip. That's Just by Itself, and in That Regard, but yet It's It's Been Annexed in Terms of Its in the Six-Day War That Happened Now What You're Saying Is Just Say, Hey, Forget the Two State Solution Is Just All One State Were Ruling over That Is Part of the Discussion, and As Long As Jews Were Convinced That They Would Have a Majority Population Than They Can Continue to Have the Majority Government in the Nation to Continue to Be a Jewish State by Majority, but How That Would Work out There Many Many Questions with Pay.

Thank You Sir for the Call of All.

By the Way, for Sure, Israel Is Gotten Even More Aggressive with Building Settlements at or That Would Be the Plan to Do That As a Result of Kind of Pushback against the UN Resolution in America's Betrayal of Israel in the Midst of That. Thankfully Donald Trump Is Been on the Opposite Side of That on Pro-Israel Position. I Appreciate the Call. Thank You, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's Go to Bellini and Greensboro.

Welcome Back to the Line of Fire. Hello Jan, There Is Not There. I Did Remember the Name 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's Go to Michael and San Antonio, Texas. Welcome to the Line of Fire.

I Got My Doctor. I Can Hear User.

Talk to Ron Accardi Report of the Critic Anywhere Talk about Your Picturesque Army or Other Portraits but This Myth That Nobody Saying Even My Sister. Unfortunately, in the Religion That the Truth Is like True Jurors or Black and and Today Those People in Israel. The Jewish People Should Be Going There. It Is Real. The Black Living in Thailand and I'm Thinking It Raises Questions. So What W. Hitler Took the Wrong People Exhibit a Listen When I Debated Some Black Hebrew Israelites, the Streets of New York City in the Early 1990s, I Failed to Realize That I Was the Only White Person in the Crowd along with a Colleague of Mine Are Ron Cantor, You Can See along with Me on God TV a Regular Basis.

He Broadcast from Israel but of When I When I Challenge These Guys and Their Theology in and Yelled out a Warning That We Need Each Other That These Men to Preach a Religion of Hate. Jesus Preach Religion of Love. I Forgot That I Was the Only White Person with My Colleague in the Crowd There so Suddenly. The Crowd Began to Chant Death to America Just a White Man so I but I Mean That's Just a Fringe Group You Got Whites Who Hate Blacks or Blacks Who Hate White so You Got These Ugly Fringes Everywhere but There Is I That's One Question I Asked Them so Hitler Killed the Wrong People Is Known Hitler New Blurs the Blacks That Were Jews, Nonsensical. Here's the Deal. Historically, We Can Trace Movements of People That Were in the Land of Israel That within Scattered Indications That Jews Can Trace Their Lineages Okay This Is Been over through the Centuries We Have Archaeological Data We Have Linguistic Data We Have Literature That the Books That Were Written the Things That Were Left behind All of This so We Know Okay People Lived in This Country Than They Moved over This Country. They Been Scattered Here Now Brought Back Here so It's It's Not like This Is Hidden Somewhere You Know You Gotta Find Some Time Capsule. We Have This Historically, We May Never Know They Were Not Negro Preacher Right Date They Would've Been Middle Eastern.

They Would Have Been More Brown Than Bladder and I Got a Comment on the Front of Solomon Are Not Shared by the Reviewers Are Black. Therefore, You Will Be in July. I Tried Right That's That's the It Is That the Origin of Ethiopian Jews That's Their Tradition and of Course Haile Selassie, These Others Will Claim to Be in the Dissenting from Solomon and Shiva and Things like That. The Queen of Sheba, but You Can See, for Example in in Egyptian Iconography so These Ancient Inscriptions with Your with the Full Pictures and Things like That. You Can See the Egyptians and Their Nubian Slaves and the Nubians Were Were Africans. Okay, so Egypt Is North Africa That the Nubians Were a Darker Skinned People with Negroid Features As Opposed to the Egyptians.

Studies Have Been Done Because of the Various Remains on Skull Size and You Could See a Difference in Skull Size of from the Egyptians from the, the Nubians and Others so They the, the Israelites Would've Been a Darker Skinned People like Middle Eastern People Today Are Right That Not Black and Not Caucasian.

Whatever Colors I Could Care Less Bridges, Reality. Now Here's Another Thing Jews Then Scattered around the World to Be A Lot Of Intermarriage in the Only Intermarriage That Would Last Would Be If Someone Married into the Jewish People. When You Marry Out Of the Jewish People You Assimilate in Your Lost to the Nation. So When You Have People Continuing to Live As Jews That Are in Different Nations Now Take on the Characteristics of the Stations. That Means the Intermarriage Is Coming in.

People Are Marrying a Woman Jewish Gentlewoman Is Marrying a Jewish Man and Becoming Part Jewish Family. So Henschel Have Some of These Mixtures, but If You Trace DNA Back of, for Example, Descendents of of Levi. They May Have a Last Name of: Which Is Keohane Priester or Levi.

Many of Them Do, but There's a Common DNA That Goes Back to the Middle East and and Is Extensively Traceable Back to Aron and Then You Have.

For Example in in in Song of Solomon Song of Songs the Woman Saying I'm I'm Black and Beautiful. I'm Darkly She Says Don't Don't Look down at Me Because the Sun Has Burned Me so She's Not Say That My Normal Skin Color but I I'm Darkened by the Sancerre of a Middle Eastern Person Darkened by the Sun That's Dark Your Set of References to the Limitations That That the Princes of Israel Were or Why This Snow Suit Is If You Try Make These Silly Arguments You Even Revelation Oneness of All Is His Hair Was like an Old like Wall.

It Doesn't Say It Look like It. It Is That the Image There Is White like Wool Is the Biggest Thing and Then Face like Burnished Bronze.

Bronze in the Fire Bronze in the Fire Glows Very White Yourself If They Are Directly Works against so There Was 0000 Evidence That the Ancient Israelites Were Black Zero with a Darker Skinned Than Me As so As a White Man. Yes, with a Lighter Skin Than, Say, Nigerian African Yes and That's the Whole Anti-Semitic Line like This Is the Heart of People Living in Israel Don't Deserve.

That's What It Comes down to. Another Way to Personhood the Promises God Made. Thank You for Cleansing and Expo Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown Get into the Line of Fire Now by Calling 866-34-TRUTH Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown on the Line of Their yet Former UN Ambassador and One Point Secretary Of State Candidate John Bolton Was on Sirius XM with Alex Marlowe Yesterday and He Said It's Is Easy. It's Easy to Move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Just Move the Sign from One Building to Another Scissor Embassy Then You Can Build It up You Can Build a Bigger Embassy the Full Scope Embassy Odyssey over Longer Period of Time, but You Could Make the Dramatic Move Quickly. I Read an Article Where Palestinian Leaders Stated That the Trump Administration Assure Them That That I Could Remove the Embassy. The Art Leave Is Completely Bogus and John Bolton Is Concerned That You're Just Dull.

Trump Is Doing so Much. Amazingly, so Quickly and yet He's Not Doing This yet. What from Everything I Heard Scabby Months down the Line before This Move Is Made. I Don't Think It's in Jeopardy at All. Personally I Think This Is One of the Things He Said Is Going to Do That. He Is Going to Do. I Let Us Go to Shane in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Welcome to the Line of Fire by Dr. Brown, a Questionnaire up to Go. I Would Tell McKay the Car off Family Are Called the and Invited Me to the Funeral of Others so They Are Jewish and I Was Just Wondering Because There Is Apparently like a Three Day Pumping out Pocket Never Got Awake, but I Could Look at Your Equipment Away.

I Wanted Take Her to Beaumont Though I'm Not Exactly Sure. Is There Something That I Could Give Them the Kind of Productive.

Pray That Baby Talk to You to to Know to Show Him You Know so I Don't Want to Go with like Ball.

Down at Night I Presented This Remarkable Is That You Are Invited You Wichita Documents Was Called Sitting Shiva. Shiva Is Is the She Father Hebrew Number Seven and in Jewish Tradition When Someone Has Died. When They Die. You Bury Them within 24 Hours… The Sabbath You Bury Them within 24 Hours so It's It's It's Intense It's Traumatic, but Then for a Week Afterwards. People Come to Your Home, Friends, Relatives Just to Spend Time Together to Offer Condolences, Share Memories and Things like That and to Just Try to Keep You Busy Keep You with People around You Don't Have To Cook or Think of Anything like That so You Don't Want to Bring a Gift Which You Want to Bring Is Is Some Some Foods May Be Cold Cuts May Be Some Pastries Things like That.

If It's Cold Cuts. Just Make Sure It's Not Bacon or Something like That.

Are Our Let You Know If It Is Cold Cuts on Both the Religious Family, but You Could Just Make Sure They're There Kosher Ask about That but Otherwise Just Some Pastries Something like That Would Be Fine and Then You're Just There to Be a Gracious Person. It's Not the Time to Be Witnessing.

It's That Argue That That Would Be an Intrusion Adjusted to It to Be Yourself and and It's Again It's Extorting That Human Advice You Want to Bring a Gift. But You Want to You. I Go Yourself and You Want to Just Seek to to Bring Some Level of of Joy Your Something Popular Depends on the Atmosphere That's There When You Get There and Then like a Suggestive People Are Bringing Food. The Reason Is That the That the Mourners Don't Have To Think about Cooking for Week That Everything They Need Is Been Brought to Them and It's It's Just Fellowship and That the Kind of Distraction. So That's What You Want to Do Okay Okay You're Very Welcome Sir, 86634 Let's Go to Patrick and San Francisco. Welcome to the Line of Fire.

Hello, Thank You. Question Relating to Deuteronomy 27 and 28 Where It Licked Him Be Accursed. Dividing Line Where We Can Say That These Apply to the Nation of Israel.

Covenant Is a Applet of the Lord, and These Apply to Everyone Else and Also How to Rosary Relate Directly to Galatians 313 on the Connector), a Clear Definition of What Is the Curse of the Law Yes or Right so on the One Hand, There Are Blessings That Are Reiterated through Scripture That Come through Obedience and Faith Right so There Is a Reward for Generosity. We Reap What We so We so in Love Towards Others, God Blesses That up. But Then There Were Specific Promises under the Law Were Not under That Were Not under the Blessings and Curses of the Sinai Covenant. In Fact, Every Blessing Has Been Secured for Us in Jesus the Messiah. In Particular, Every Heavenly Blessing and of the Penalty for Rejecting the Messiah Is Worse Than the Penalty for Rejecting the Law of Moses, As Is Reiterated in in in the Book of Hebrews, Especially Chapters to 10 and 12 and He Was Tensing of People Died without Mercy of the Testimony of Two or Three Witnesses to the Law of Moses, How Much Worse Punishment for the One That Knew the Son of God Was Sanctified by His Blood and Rejected Him, or He Was 12, Don't Refuse the Woman Speaks from Heaven If They If They Didn't Escape Who Who Refuse One Spoke on Earth, Much Less If If They Refuse the One Who Speaks from Heaven, so the Curse of the Law Is the Curse of Judgment for Disobedience. It Is That If I Fall Short Than the Judgments of God Will Come on the so the Curse of Law Is Not That the Law Is a Curse. The Law Itself Is Wholly Just and Good. The Law Is Beautiful and Reflects Truths about God and His Character, but the Curse of the Law Is the Curses for Disobedience Summed up As the Curse of the Law and Curse.

It Is Everyone Who Disobeys That's the Curse of the Law and That We Have Been Freed from Because Otherwise We All Fall Short. Otherwise Will All Be Judged Otherwise Will All Be Damned.

The Reason That Israel's Been Scattered around the World for Centuries Is Because We Kept Disobeying God's Jewish People, and We Been Brought Back Not Because of Our Obedience but Because of God's Gracious Purposes to Restore of Fort for His His End Time a Plan to Unfold.

So the Messiah Has Redeemed Us from the Curse of the Law and of Course He Quotes Directly from Deuteronomy 27 and and to to Sum It up When You Get to the End of of Deuteronomy 27. Anyone Who Does Not Put the Words of This Law into Practice Is Cursed. That's the Curse of the Law.

The Summary Is Right There and That's What Paul Says We Have Been Redeemed from so We Receive Mercy to Matter What We've Done about How Fall for Far We Have Fallen Short, We Receive Mercy in the Messiah and Now by His Grace We Are Empowered to Live a Holy Life and Where We Fall Short Returning Repentance and Asked for Cleansing and Continue to Move Forward in the Lord and God Forbid We Entertained the Notion of Rejecting the One Who Purchased or Mercy.

The Penalty for That Is Far Greater the Penalty of the Law of Moses, That Reminds Me, You May Want to Read the Article on My Meeting with Pastor Joseph Prince Chicken Out Of the Line of Fire.Org and While You're There, You'll See Grace Related Resource Offer Just Works out like That. I Think You'll Be Blessed, and Helped by My Friends at a Time Exact Questions Tomorrow, My Bottom Line Today. Thank God Grace Was Extended to Judge the Law, and All Fall

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