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REShow: Eric Stonestreet - Hour 3 (10-7-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 7, 2022 3:17 pm

REShow: Eric Stonestreet - Hour 3 (10-7-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 7, 2022 3:17 pm

Chiefs super fan Eric Stonestreet surprises Rich with an unscheduled visit to the studio to discuss Rich’s controversial pick of the Raiders to win the AFC West, plays a round of ‘What’s More Likely’ where he weighs in on the Eagles, Texans, Bengals, Ravens, Falcons, Cars, Rams vs Cowboys, Dolphins, Saints, Jets, Chargers vs Browns, the Patriots’ Bailey Zappe, and who wins the World Series, and shares his favorite Ed O’Neill stories from their time on ‘Modern Family’ together. 

TJ preaches his NFL Week 5 Fantasy Football advice and Brockman says how you should bet the Seahawks vs Saints, Dolphins vs Jets, Cowboys vs Rams, and 49ers vs Panther in ‘Sneaky Good Games.’

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. Let's ride. Let's ride Rich.

Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Just add Russ. That's it.

That's the ingredient for the cooking. Just add Russ. Throws the ball and it is deflected.

Because the loser of this game is in a world of hurt. Earlier on the show, NFL on Fox analyst Mark Schleren. Two-time Super Bowl champion LaShawn McCoy. Plus, owner and CEO of WOW, Women of Wrestling, Jeannie Buss, and David McClain. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Our number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air here on this Friday. In October, we got ourselves a huge sports weekend coming up. As Albert Pujols is high-fiving the St. Louis Cardinals teammates of his to kick off a playoff game for one of the all-time greats in his final season.

In his farewell season. We've got four baseball playoff games today. There's already one that is ongoing in Cleveland right now. It looks like a very cold slate gray Midwest sky for an October game in which Shane Bieber is taking care of business against the Tampa Bay Rays who scored first in this game. Until Jose Ramirez did what MVP players are supposed to do in money games like this one in October. A two-run shot. It is 2-1.

And Shane Bieber is making it stand up at present. That's how we are getting things going on this, as I said, busy sports weekend. The rest of week five of the NFL college football this weekend. It is that Texas A&M Alabama game that we had circled on the calendar when Nick Saban said what he said to Tuscaloosa folk at an event where I guess he knew he was being recorded.

But he had no idea how viral it was going to go. And he said that the entirety of the Texas A&M recruiting class had been bought. And then the next day Jimbo Fisher went say hello to my little friend at a press conference and went full Scarface without the mound of white stuff in front of him on Nick Saban.

And Greg Sankey had to step in and that was a very intense moment. Wow, that game is finally here. And Texas A&M is what, 20-point underdogs in that game? Going to Alabama where they think, you know, I mean if there's any game where Nick wants to lay it on somebody one would think he's going to lay it on thick here.

So that's this weekend. Yeah, 24-point underdogs. Right, that's the second game on the college football marquee underneath the big fox Saturday game Michigan at Indiana. Otherwise why would they send their number one crew and their entire pregame show to follow Michigan around? Like they're, you know, I mean honestly it's getting creepy that Urban keeps following Michigan around. I know you want to keep proving what you used to be, but I mean, you know, and then next week it's Michigan-Penn State on big fox. I mean, good lord.

Get a room, you know. Boy, they love Michigan so much. I hate pointing that out. What is that again? Ohio State's on ABC this week. I've heard of that network. Heard of that network. Fair and balanced.

So that's this weekend. Thursday Night Football, we led the show with it. Mark Schlereth was on in hour number one and three-time Super Bowl champ talking about how brutal a loss that was for Denver. And if there's any proof that you need about the difference between winning and losing in the NFL and how winners and losers are viewed differently, look no further than week five 2022 season Thursday Night Football kickoff on Amazon Prime Video, which you can see right here on Roku and the Roku Channel.

And we're thrilled that the Roku Channel is part of the Roku world. So look no further than that game, because both teams, what's the words for it? I wrote it down here. Stunk on ice. They both stunk on ice. And right now, who's talking about how terrible Matt Ryan looked and how brutal the offensive line for the Colts looked and how Naheem Hines went out right away. And they're on their third string running back, even though it was Phillip Lindsay back in Denver and how terrible the offense looked and how Matt Ryan was was holding on to it too long and then couldn't escape the rush. Looked totally ugly, was throwing it directly to the Broncos. Like it was terrible.

It was brutal. And nobody's talking about it today. Nobody because thank you, Tom Brady, because of what we saw out of out of Denver last night and how they made the Colts a winner because they couldn't get it done themselves. And I told you how bad it looked at the top of our program. Seven field goals, 12 punts, 25 third down stops combined. The defense has got off on third down 25 times last night. Now, obviously, some teams went for it on fourth down afterwards and field goals were kicked, but 12 punts, four interceptions, six fumbles, no recoveries, a double catch by the Broncos. Two receivers went for it.

Reason why they were uncovered to be able to just grab the ball is because a referee knocked out one of the Colts defenders. Russell Wilson, four touchdowns through five games. That is the worst such five game touchdown number of his career. Terrible. Two interceptions for Russell Wilson.

15 penalties in the game. Awful, awful, awful, awful. So is that it?

It is not it. Because I forgot to mention, how bad was it? It was so bad.

How bad was it? Ben DiNucci is throwing shade. Not shades of DiNucci.

Shade of DiNucci. Ben DiNucci, your cowboy quarterback tweeted out there is a good chance this is the worst football game I have ever watched in my entire life. I am assuming this is Ben DiNucci. Just because even if it is somebody creating a fake account.

That is awesome. I do not imagine Ben DiNucci has a blue check mark. Oh no, he does. Does he? He does have a blue check mark.

Okay. Please tell me this is Ben DiNucci. Shade of DiNucci. Wait, what was it again? I think there was another one. He kept going. Here we go.

If the people want some more Ben DiNucci, I can give them some more Ben DiNucci. Please tell me. It is a blue check mark. It is him.

The first one was a fake one I think. But it is awesome. Here we go. I love it. If the people want more DiNucci, I can give it to them.

We want more. A fake account smoked out Ben DiNucci last night. That is how bad the game was. That is awesome.

You should do that. Fake Ben DiNucci account smoked out the real one. Just for you TJ.

Shades of DiNucci. That is how bad last night was. Let us turn the page. You have no choice. Let us ride into the rest of week five and the rest of this weekend.

It is a Friday favorite here on the Rich Eisen Show. What is more likely? Give it. What is more likely?

Never say never but never. Christopher, what do you have over there? What is up guys? How is it going? Great. We are good. I want to start with Monday Night Football just because it is going to be awesome. What is more likely here Rich?

What is more likely? The Raiders actually make you look good. Or Eric Stonestreet literally throws you all weekend and then into Monday and then for like the rest of the season including right now. Oh no. Oh yes. Surprise guest. Surprise guest.

Surprise guest. Yeah. Come on. Alright. Two years.

Right now. Please sit down. Thank you. God bless it. We pulled it off. You did it. You did it.

Surprise guest. Oh my gosh. Yes. Look at this. Oh.

Oh my God. Let's talk about your Raiders Rich. Hello Eric Stonestreet. How's it going buddy?

We haven't seen each other in person in first. Things I went to to surprise you right now? I told you I'd come on Monday before the game. That was the okie doke. Traveling out of town.

I never heard that. Ok. Man I love you. Look at you. How's it going? Oh the power.

Got my Andy Air Force 1's on baby. We've been cultivating this caper since Sunday. Are you serious? Yeah. Fantastic. Yeah.

Surprise guest galore. Alright. Well thanks for coming on. I don't know what we're going to talk about.

We can talk about anything. We'll be fine. But let's talk about your Raiders winning the AFC West. The Raiders.

The Raiders. Oh my gosh. I've been on you so hard.

I'm regretting the choice. You have been literally on. Last night I tweeted out the standings of the AFC South now to point out how the Colts are 2-1 and the Jaguars and the Titans are 2-2. And I said this league man. And you responded now do the AFC West. Relentless.

Relentless. Oh man I just. Okay. Monday night I'm not rooting against your interests but. It doesn't matter.

Unless you're telling me you're playing defensive back or something then I'm not worried about it. I just. You kept telling me. I didn't listen.

I'm not going to lie. Well you know what I said. We're just four games in though. You know what I said to you and you rightfully corrected me on that which is the hot take isn't always a right take.

And I do agree you don't take the hot takes. But so many people just wanted to move on from the Chiefs just because right. And we experienced that not to bring it back to my world but we experienced it with Modern Family too. It's like we're tired of that. That old great thing.

That old good quality thing. We want something new. And I feel like that's what a lot of people wanted to do with Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. And I think we're still going to be the Kansas City Chiefs. As long as we've got Andy and Patrick and the team around him we're not going anywhere.

That's my feeling. Well my concern again was you know Tyreek Hill wasn't there. And I took that cheese and I took the cheese that McDaniel's in Vegas with Davante Adams would come out of the gate fast and they have not. They've been terrible man. That offensive line. A couple of people in the business were like seeing me put it out there for the Raiders are like that line's going to let you down. And so far they have.

Although they did get you know Josh Jacobs running this past week you know. I love a lot of what they have. I think Crosby's is frickin' amazing. I love watching him play football. I mean there's a lot of pieces there but you know the old I in team that we learn as kids still exists. Like Tyreek is one person on the Kansas City Chiefs. Davante is one person on the Vegas Raiders right? So I just again like really relied on the fact that Coach is the team. And Tyreek is an impactful player. There's no doubt about it. Loved having him as a Kansas City Chief.

Gave me a lot of amazing memories. But bigger than one guy. Organization's bigger than one guy. Brad Veach and his draft choices. Look how young we are on the defense. And that's a surprise. That's what I wanted to tell you from the beginning is people are talking about how our offense is going to be.

But our defense is going to be phenomenal with the draft choices and with the youth in the backfield. Replacing Tarin. Loved Tarin Mathew. Loved that he was a Chief as well.

But let's man up. You were telling me about Pacheco too. And it looked like again this is a kid from Rutgers, seventh round draft choice. And it seems like he has moved up the depth chart. It seemed like this past week he was used a hell of a lot more. He was second. Like he was their second option out of the backfield.

I have no idea how any of that works. My theory, and it's just me being a fan and loving this team, is that we drafted them because we believe in them and know they're great players. But we also don't want anything catastrophic to happen to them too soon in their career.

Like the Skymoor fumble. They put him right back out there. Get him right back out there. Because they know that these guys that they draft aren't bigger than the moment.

But they also want to ease them in when we've got depth, right? And Isaiah's going to be the one-two punch. I mean the dude runs so hard and such a sweet human being. I met him at training camp and introduced him to Lindsey's boys, Reed and Everett. And he told them that every time you see me just know we're family. We're family now.

That's what he said to them. Yeah, great kid. Great kid. Amazing story if you haven't done a dive on his story. Very tragic but great story.

I will look into that. They gave him Tyreek's number too. Or did he ask for it? I don't know the story.

I don't really know the story. I love it though. I mean I think it's great. It's like, again, moving on, right?

What happens? I'm a fan of the uniform and whoever straps it on. And when they leave, I wish them well. I texted you the other day.

I told you, right? I texted him the other day after that Mahomes play. I'm like, what is it like to root for this guy?

And I've been waiting for that for 50 years myself. I was too. I told these guys the other day that the Chiefs were just like the Jets for a very long time where you had an all-time great Hall of Fame quarterback right at the top. I had Favre. You had Montana. I would have taken Montana over the Favre, you know, let's get our future Hall of Famer in here to try and win some games. He didn't do what Montana did.

Sanchez did. Took him to an AFC Championship game twice. Other than that, I mean, I've been waiting for my Mahomes. It'll happen. You just need to get you an Andy Reid and a Brett Veach. We'll see. We got ourselves a Sala.

We got ourselves a Joe Douglas. Yeah. I mean, they're in the move. You're in the direction. Okay.

Love the running back. Look at this guy showing up like this. Yeah, I know. I planned the time out of my business schedule. You planned it? Yeah. You did it? Yeah.

We made it happen. Okay. I went direct. Slid into his TMs. Not creepy at all.

What's your digital hand? And then we were texting yesterday about another issue and I was like, had to check each text I sent you to make sure I wasn't, before I hit send, that it wasn't anything giving away today. Okay. Are you really flying out though today? Yeah. Flying out today. So you're going to the game Monday? You'll be there?

Duh. I don't miss a home game. I was just here working, first time being back on a TV set since Modern Family ended. And the prerequisite for the job was that I would be done today. Well, I was supposed to work today, but the schedule changed and I finished yesterday. So I booked my flight for tonight, but I was always going home for Monday Night Football. That was, you made that part of your deal with?

100%. I'm not, we have the suite there. I'm not missing home games.

I spent 20 whatever years out here, loving my life out here, but missing Arrowhead. And now I, it's just my happy place. It's just, I get there early, I focus, I stretch with the guys, I'm up in the suite, they're down on the field. We have our routines. So you're stretching in the suite with the guys? Yeah. I'm doing deep knee bends up there, calisthenics.

The Randy Reid thing, doing the Randy Reid thing? I'm getting into it. I mean, I feel like they require my focus. I require their focus. I want them to know that I'm also as focused.

Yes. Oh, I love it. I wish I didn't care so much. That's honest to God, the truth, because I'm so stressed.

I am so stressed. I was a nervous wreck before that, uh, Sandy, uh, LA Chargers game. Right. And it was, it was a tough, it was a tough one. It was until, you know, obviously the pick six changed the whole tenor of everything. Draft choice.

Another draft choice. Yeah. I know. So how do I ask you? How long do we, do we have the whole... I don't have anywhere to go. Okay. Let's, why don't we take a break? Let's do, let's do what's more likely? Let's do what? Do you have a what's more likely?

Do you have a what's more likely? Yeah, absolutely. Okay.

Do you want to do this with Eric? I don't have anywhere to be till four 30. Fantastic. And we got lots of time.

Okay. For the rest of the show. We have somewhere to be at 12. Where do we have to be at 12?

I don't have anywhere to be at 12. But you can stay. Eric Stonestreet is here. Fantastic. Okay.

This is a great way to kick off our ninth year. Hold on. Oh, Brett Veitch is texting me. Okay. Oh, he's got an answer for Pacheco if you want the answer.

What's the answer? Yes. Okay. Hold on.

The general manager. Wait, is this real? Yeah. A hundred percent.

Come on. He wore ten his first two years at Rutgers. He changed to one. McKinnon had one. So ten made sense. Brett Veitch.

And it was available. Thank you, Brett Veitch. Okay. Let's go. So what's more likely in the next segment and also more questions for Brett Veitch through Eric Stonestreet's phone?

Yeah. Why not? We can call him. He's not in practice. FaceTime him. FaceTime him. FaceTime Brett Veitch.

He's clearly watching the Roku channel. Fantastic. He knew this was a surprise too. Oh, this is fantastic. Everyone but you, Richard. I love it. Eric Stonestreet, everybody. What a blast.

Thank you, man. This is the greatest. What's the fastest ball sport in the world? Not baseball. Not tennis. It is, in fact, the sport of high lie, spelled J-A-I-A-L-A-I. Originating in the Basque region of Spain and played professionally in the U.S., most notably in the 1980s, high lies making an unprecedented comeback.

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Each set is played up to six points. It's a sport you need to check out., Monday and Tuesday at 5 p.m., Friday at 7 p.m. Eric Stonestreet here on the Rich Eisen Show. Our terrestrial audience just returned here on the program. Okay, so let's just do our Friday stuff. Eric Stonestreet is here and you're just part of the program.

Last time this happened, Eric surprised me with his presence. So now here we go. We'll try again. What's more likely here on a Friday? Go for it. What's more likely? Never say never, but never. All right, Eric Stonestreet is here.

NFL Films Music. What's more likely? And you can give your opinions as well, Eric. Go for it. What's more likely?

Let's get it going. NFL Week 5. What's more likely? Eagles get their first loss, Texans get their first win. Okay, so Philadelphia is at Arizona and the Texans are at Jacksonville. I think Jacksonville is sneaky good. I think Jacksonville is going to win that game. So I would say if there's anything more likely that the Arizona Cardinals win that game. But my problem about the Cardinals offense, it's for about 80% of the game. It's run around until you get a first down, Kyler, because, you know, and occasionally find Hollywood Brown, occasionally find Zach Ertz. The running game is non-existent. But if you're asking me what's more likely, I'd take the Eagles first loss, wouldn't you? Do you think you'd go with Houston beating Jackson at all?

Yeah, I'd go Eagles first loss. We're split. We're split. Oh no, actually we agree. We agree.

Okay, we agree. What else? Hey, another actual huge game. Cincinnati, Baltimore this weekend. Two very fun quarterbacks. Did you know in his last two games against the Ravens, Joe Burrow has 47,000 yards passing. You're close to it. Yeah. It's over. It's close to 1,000 yards, right?

It is. Joe Burrow has 470 yards in his last two games against Baltimore. What's more likely? Joe Burrow, 400 yards passing in this game, or Lamar, 400 total yards? I'm going Lamar, 400 total yards. And I'll go the other way. I'm going to go the other way. I think the Bengals are done with the hangover. I think that they are back.

I'm in on the Bengals. You're shaking your head. Well, you're getting into what annoyed me at the end of last season.

Which is what? Well, they beat us, obviously, but I didn't then like the rush for everyone to- Anoint? The anointing? Oh, yeah. The anointing oil?

The anointing. I was very annoyed by it. Not Joe Burrow's fault. I think he's fantastic. I love his coolness and all that stuff.

But again, it's like the new, we just want the new thing and it's like, whatever. Well, then you really- And I had a bad interaction with some Cincinnati fans that are over there. Oh, no. They were very nice. What happened? Why?

I welcome everyone. They never won. They haven't won in a while. Yeah, that's true. That's true. I'm going to still take, despite that dreadful piece of news you just passed along- Yeah, they were kind of mean.

They hurt my feelings. I'm still going to take Burrow. I don't- I'm going Lamar. I think Lamar is slinging it. I love that he bet on himself and that he's just pushing it and pushing it and pushing it. And I can't wait to see what happens for him and I want him to win all of his games except when we play in the playoffs. Next up, what's more likely with Eric Stonestreet? Go for it. Next up, Division Road Dog to score an upset.

Okay. Division game on the road, underdog, upset. Falcons, Bears, or Texans? Division Road Dog to score an upset. The Bears are in Minnesota. The Falcons are home for the Bucks and Houston is at Jacksonville.

Okay. I think- No, no, Atlanta Falcons are at Tampa, right. All these are road teams. I think Brady's in the- No, there's no way Brady loses to Atlanta. Julio Jones is going to get 15 footballs in about two seconds. Brady 10 and 0 against Atlanta Lifetime. Where were those footballs against us?

I know, I hear you, but Julio didn't play for the Chiefs. I'm going to take the Bears. I'll take the Bears.

That's my second choice. I'll take the- I'll take the Bears with Kirk Cousins and the Vikings are just, man, they double-doinked their way out of London and then the Lions made a silly choice at the end of that game that handed the opportunity for the Vikings to do what they did. I'll take the Bears in that one. I guess I'll take the Falcons because I hope I'm a big trap. Okay, very good.

What else you got? All right, here we go. Let's come out to Los Angeles, big game, Cowboys, Rams. Same record, I have multiple sacks in this game, Micah Parsons, Aaron Donald. Parsons. I'm taking Parsons.

Parsons is the- I mean, I'm the most jealous of that player. Of anybody else? Of anybody else.

You got Fomo? You got- Oh, 100%. Okay.

Yeah. He's amazing to watch. Although, I like Karlofftus a lot. I love George. I know what you're saying.

I would trade him. I know what you're saying. I know that, but he's one Micah Parsons.

Yes. That's a maneuver by me. I have a feeling Aaron Donald is just going to show up in a way that's just, let's screw it. Cooper Rush, let me just show you what- You got 99 problems and I'm it. I'm the one. I just feel that that's going to be the case.

You know? Although, I am genuinely concerned that this Rams offensive line is just going to see number 11 and it's going to crumble. I'll just take Donald because I'm not giving up on the Rams. I'm just not going to do it.

I think that Donald is going to make Cooper Rush wish for Central Michigan again. Number 92. Yeah. What else?

Okay. How about this one? A backup quarterback is going to get a start. More likely to cook up a win.

Teddy Two Gloves or the Red Rifle? Bridgewater or Andy Dalton? Andy Dalton is home against Seattle. Geno Smith. The Geno Smith train comes in and- I'm going Teddy.

I'll go with a Teddy Two. Although Dolphins, Jets, bro, I'm looking forward to that. That's going to be great. Big time. Sneaky fun game. Sneaky fun game for sure.

Yeah, I think so. Teddy Bridgewater, former Jet coming in. The Jets are taking care of business after.

Let's see if they can actually get a lead and hold onto it maybe. Tyreek Hill says the reason why he's not in New York is because of state taxes. I appreciate that.

I appreciate the honesty. I would go with Teddy Bridgewater as well. What else you got over there, Chris?

Oh, wow. Saints are favored in that game. Hey, man, Michael Thomas, is Kamara going to play? Seattle's playing better than not.

Yeah, I'll do that. Another sneaky fun game, Chargers at Browns. How about duoed for the most combined yards over the weekend? Chubb or Kareem Hunt or Mike Williams and Austin Eckler? I'll go Chubb and Hunt. I'm going Chubb and Hunt. Me too. Yeah.

I'll go Chubb and Hunt. Oh, really? I'm going to go right there. Oh, yeah.

I think so. Can you imagine having to tackle them? Just like put you out there on the field as you are right now and then say, Rich, tackle those guys. Wouldn't have thought of too is that dude who was running on the field and then got smoked by Bobby Wagner. Did he really sue Bobby Wagner? He found a police report for assault.

Here's where I am on that. Yes, Bobby Wagner's at his place of work and maybe the players are told not to engage, but at what line is Bobby not able to protect his personal safety? Because the guy decides to jump on the field with something smoking. You have no idea. I'm sorry. I don't know what that is and I have a chance to defend myself. I'm going to defend myself and others. I was about to ask, is there, because I'm not a legal expert, can you respond to the judge who was looking at this case saying, is it possible that I could have hit him harder? Yeah, 100%. Is that my defense?

I wish I had hit him harder. This is the classic example of play stupid games, win stupid prizes, and then there's that meme going around right now. It's like F around, find out, F around, find out. Where are you on the chart?

Where are you on the chart? It's like, that's the message we need to be sending everyone in this world. It's like there are consequences to actions, some of which may be getting your head knocked off by Bobby Wagner. By the way, fully padded, this dude had nothing on and he just got absolutely hammered. Too bad. All right. What else you got over there, Chris? This is fun.

What's more likely? This is great. How about this? Quarterback to throw the most touchdowns in the game on Sunday, Bailey, Zappi, or the field. Oh my God. Look at this Patriot guy. How about this guy? Zappi against the Lions.

What do you mean? Who just gave up 48th? The field. The field. So you're saying Bailey, Zappi. Zappi. Zappi. Or the field.

Or the field. This man's quarterback who appeared on this program on Tuesday, going against the Raiders, and everyone else. Zappi. Tom Brady against the Falcons. Tom Brady, Derek, anybody. Bailey Zappi leads the- Herbert.

So it's either Bailey Zappi or one of the other 31 quarterbacks. Anyone else. Anyone else.

I'm going to go with anyone else. That was just for me. Okay. All right. Are you full in on the Zapps?

I just did that one for me. He's full in on it, not being Brian Hoyer. I'm full in on not Brian Hoyer. Yeah.

I mean- How about that guard that Belichick took in the first round? He's a stud. He's really good.

He's throwing people out of the club. And he's really good. Yeah. See, he is a stud.

I was like, of course. Yeah. There he is. Strange, right? Cole Strange. Strange. Yeah. Yeah. Anything else?

Anything. We need one more. All right. We'll get one more.

All right. Just because the playoffs have started today, okay, let's do a Major League Baseball one real quick. What's more likely to win the World Series? Anyone from the AL or NL East or the field? So this is- I'll take the field. This is Yankees, Rays, Blue Jays, Braves, Mets, Phillies, basically against Dodgers or Astros. I got to take the field on that one.

I think the Dodgers and Astros are going to face each other in the World Series. You do? I do. Yeah.

I do. And I have a feeling, again, with all due offense to Ms. Tiana, I have a feeling Freddie Freeman's going to be the one to personally bounce them too. You're Braves. He's got an awesome season. He's unreal. I met Freddie Freeman. Oh, how's that? Sweetheart. Time for Eric Stonestreet time?

Story time? Yeah, absolutely. So the Dodgers come to the Kansas City Royals to play. Yeah. And- You own a piece of the Royals, right? Yes. Okay. Part of the ownership group there.

Yes. And having my previous relationship and current relationship with the Dodgers, I texted Dave Roberts and said, would love to bring you some good old Kansas City barbecue if you're up for it. And he's taking you up on that offer, 100% Stonestreet, good to see you. So I go down to the clubhouse with my barbecue, my bag, and out walks Freddie Freeman. He's like, dude, I heard you were here.

I had to come meet you. I'm like, Freddie Freeman. Hey. That's so cool. That's awesome. Awesome. I love Freddie Freeman. I hated you when I was going to every Dodgers game, but I love you now. Great guy. Amazing guy. Right. And how about that storyline this year that he was missing the Braves so much it was going to be a problem for him in Los Angeles? Yeah. It worked out sick. How'd that storyline- They're going to have to deal with that.

How'd that age? So I told him, I said, when I'm out in LA in October or late September, I'll come to a game. And so we go. We're at Dodger Stadium.

We're sitting in my friend's, who is the owner of the Dodgers seats right on the front row. Very nice. Yes. Sorry.

It sounds really dirty. Let me pick up that name. I just dropped it.

And I said, I look at Freddie and he looks and he's like, hey, you're a man of your word. Like, here I am, buddy. Now do something good. Single.

Stroked it. RBI. There you go.

Knocking and runs for Eric Stonestreet. Awesome. You're kind of like Glenn Close in the natural. I live in my sports dreams.

You stood up in the stands and he noticed you. Wow. Point of all that is. Have you ever been compared to Glenn Close before? In the natural? Yes. Many times.

Many times. All right. While we're on the subject of story time, and I know that you've got your fantasy advice coming up, TJ Jefferson, Susie was sitting in this chair. Marshall Falk was sitting in that chair. About two weeks ago, Ed O'Neill called into this program.

Okay. And he told a story about a Super Bowl party at John Lovitz's house years and years and years and years ago where Chris Farley was eating a whole bunch of food at the buffet and Lovitz made fun of him. And he comes out of the kitchen and he had Lovitz's beloved cat in a sandwich.

And he came out and he was eating the sandwich and Lovitz even tweeted out a photograph of it. And I texted you that segment and I said, this must've been like every day on the set with Ed O'Neill. Every day. Do you have a good... Like what do you got for me right here on the... Well, I've known that story for 11 years, I mean, at least. And I told you at some point when Ed O'Neill decides to come on to this show, he will be an all time favorite of yours. And he has been.

He has been. He is a beautiful storyteller and the unfortunate thing with all of us, all of our stories about Ed are all stories Ed tells about other people. So it's kind of like I'm adjacent to all these great stories, but Ed is such a great storyteller.

He's so funny. We just were at, during the course of the show when Ed would always tap his watch, which would mean, let's wrap this up, let's get going. Just anything about anything or what? Well, yeah. Like if we'd done four or five takes or seven takes or whatever, we never did a tremendous amount. Ed would look around, look over at me and go, and that meant like, what's going on? Which we all had our thing. Ed's was tapping his watch. Mine was, you know, that meant I was done. You know, everybody knew that noise.

It's on a gag reel if you watch it. So that was Ed's thing. That too, we haven't seen each other in two and a half years. We're all together. Most of us are together at Steve Levitan's wedding just two and a half weeks ago. Literally the ceremony starts. The bride is walking down the aisle and we're all standing around. Steve's up at the area, you know, the, what do you call it?

The hopper or something like that. And in front of everyone, Ed O'Neill there disheveled with his hair. He goes, Steve, he's like, let's hurry it up.

I have a pot roast in. I mean, I have told Ed, I told Ed that he would blow all podcast records and show records if he would do when he's ready a podcast called Burning It Down with Ed O'Neill and just roast Hollywood. Oh, when he's ready to be, when he's ready to be done, just do an Ed O'Neill podcast that Ed is unfiltered because, you know, here, here's a great Ed O'Neill story. Please.

Okay. This, this, and you know, Ed was known for putting his foot in his mouth, like major mouth putter of footer in, legendary stories I cannot tell you here that I will tell you offline of him putting his foot in his mouth. But this one is classic because it's so, it comes from such a sweet Ed O'Neill place. Every year when we'd be nominated for the Emmy, we would go and do this symposium where Emmy voters and people, you know, for your consideration, yes, they would come and we'd fill an auditorium with people and we'd all sit up on the stage and answer questions led by a moderator, Steve would answer questions, Eric would answer, whatever. And we're all sitting out there and we're in a room full of, I mean, for lack of a better way to say it, people that are voting for us and also a lot of people that aspire to be us.

That's just the way it is. Actors that get a chance to come listen to other actors talk. So we're all sitting up there and I look down and I'm not even kidding you, Ed is on stage in front of like 3,000 people counting money. Like going through a stack of bills, he's like putting out this, and I look down and I'm like, Ed, what are you doing, he's like, puts it back in his pocket, realizes probably not the best time to be counting money.

So we go off stage and I'm, what are you doing? He goes, well, I was checking to see if I had a 20 for the driver. I was going through my, I mean, so it comes from this really right then is when he decided to check his cash situation in front of a bunch of people. But again, it's not like, he wasn't being a jerk, he was literally cared that he had a 20. He's like, well, I didn't, I needed to know if I needed to borrow one from somebody else and I needed to make sure. I said, well, you realize you just, it just looked like you were counting your money in front of people. Right? He's like paying off the voters.

I didn't even try to grease people. But he, we were truly, truly blessed to have, you know, they have a saying in the business that you can't be a bigger jerk than the jerk. That's the number one on the call sheet, right? So that the guy on the number one sets the tone and Ed was always just 100% the best. I love it. Burning it down with Ed O'Neill is a great idea. Burning it down with Ed O'Neill where he just, you know, the other thing with Ed is this, this, you have to know him to really know, but just trust me when I say that this is Ed.

So we'd go out on Friday and Saturday nights when we were the talk of the town, right? We'd have to go to these parties and Ed would go to a few things, you know, but this would, this is what a Monday conversation with Ed O'Neill was like in the, in the, in the lock area, in the makeup trailer, Eric, I saw, um, what's his name? Um, the comedian, oh, you know, the, the guy, Jerry Seinfeld, Jerry Seinfeld. I saw Jerry and, uh, we talked and we were talking about, oh, uh, his, um, the co-star, the short chubby guy, uh, Jason Alexander, Jason Alexander. You never knew anyone's name and you were on this journey with him all the time of his like hints.

Oh, I ran into, um, oh, you know, runs, um, lives in the house, uh, in, in, uh, Washington, uh, Barack Obama, Barack Obama, I ran into, uh, It's like charades with words, you got to guess, sounds like, what is it? And then I have so many, I have so many videos and pictures that I took over the years that every once in a while, I'll just text him out of the blue, uh, and he's just always so delighted. I have this great video of him getting lotion rubbed on his legs and he's just sitting back with his sunglasses on.

He always looks so cool rolling in, you know, he just, he is great. He is truly a special guy and, uh, I love him so much. We, he texts me what he's cooking. I told you, I sent you the picture the other day when he just sent me a picture out of the blue, my roast chicken, and it was just a roast chicken in a cast iron pan. That's it. That's it.

My roast chicken. It's the greatest. Yeah. After he told that story and you guys were just like, you know, I know and Sue and Susie's list, do you keep going? You know, and then it's, it's a new drop on the show or is that it? That's what he said.

Is that it? I love how he describes Chris Farley, like he may be the only person who's ever heard of him. Right. You know, you've got to Google this, he explained to us, he was like, you guys got to look this up. He's a motivational speaker. Like, yeah, we've heard of it. Eric.

I have a Matt Foley sticker on my laptop. Right. Okay, here's your next Ed O'Neill challenge. You guys got to Google that. Here's your next Ed O'Neill challenge.

Yes. You have to get him to tell the story of when he got, he got negotiated the highest contract in TV when he was married with children. The Bernie Brillstein story of how Bernie Brillstein negotiated for him.

I think he says for a couple of weeks he was the highest paid and then Roseanne negotiated her contract and then surpassed him. But the story of him and the contract and Bernie Brillstein, the great legendary manager Bernie Brillstein, his story of Bernie getting him that deal, again, I don't want to steal Ed's story. I want you to tell him to tell that story. Done. We'll get him back on to do that.

I'm wearing it down right now. Here's a photograph that John Lovitz tweeted out of that. That's news to me. Like that's amazing that that exists. That's the cat.

Even though cats were harmed in the, in the making of that photograph of Chris Farley. All right, we'll take a break and we'll come back and finish up this show. TJ, you want to give some fantasy advice when we come back? I'd love to. Okay, let's do that. Eric Stonestreet is hanging with us a little bit right here on The Rich Eisen Show. Don't go anywhere. We're back with more in a moment. That's great.

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Unlock your potential inside a Mercedes Benz Sprinter. Eric Stonestreet surprised all of us here or not all of us? Hold on, I have to tell you something funny.

What do you got? Well, I just saw that your show tweeted that our buddy Eric Stonestreet with the help of Chris Bachman surprised the studio today and chop it up with the cheese and blah, blah, blah. The first and only comment on it is somebody that says his shtick is getting old. Who's that? Mine?

No, mine. Me. Don't read the comments, Eric. Well, I'm not saying his name, but it's like that's what somebody wakes up and thinks that they need to incorporate into the world. Isn't it crazy? It is crazy.

I mean, I'm not affected by it at all. I just think he's... Sometimes I'm glad I got banned from Twitter. Wait, was that you over there? No, he's off of Twitter. He got banned like he's an insurrectionist. He got suspended. Really?

Yeah. I'm banned. I'm banned from Twitter.

What'd you do? I saw all the propaganda I tweet out there. Like he's an insurrectionist. Wow.

No, the insurrectionists have longer strings on Twitter than I do. All right, let's get to it. And you've got a master comedic thespian here, sir. So you've got the floor, TJ Jefferson's fantasy advice. Hit it, please. Hit it.

Hit it. You got the music. Yes, my brother. The fantasy gospel according to brother Jefferson.

I feel good because I know there's a God somewhere. Oh wow. You got the drop and everything. All right, TJ. Here we go. Yes, brothers and sisters. I love fantasy football. And I want to see you. I want to see you take your team and rise them to glory. So I'm here to help you. I'm here to help you a quarter of the week into the season. I'm going to tell you how to lift your teams and send them to glory.

All right. Now, now what we're going to do now, now we've got the sermon going. I'm going to tell everybody out there to see him know these are the players I want you to sit. OK, these are the guys that I don't believe are going to take you down the path of glory this week. So they are not him. And let's look at the players who used to resist Najee Harris of the Steelers at the bills. So if you remove all his scores, right, his PPR totals this season have been for 13, eight and seven.

That's not very good. He's very touchdown dependent. Brother Jefferson Rashad Penny just torched Detroit.

Yeah, I get there. So I can't brother can you pick his first start against Buffalo? I don't like brother Harris.

We're going to see him. Rashad Penny. Now, look, he did great last week, but the Saints have allowed just one rushing touchdown and two rushing touchdowns to running backs combined all year. Now he did ball out last week. I don't like his chances against the Saints.

If you got a better option, I say sit, dig and penny and DJ Moore against the 49ers look heading into week five more as one touchdown on the season and no games with more than 50 receiving yards in the 49ers have only allowed four wide receivers to score fantasy football points this year. So I'm going to tell you to take brother DJ Moore and have him sit next to you on the pew this week because he will not lead you down the path of glory. Yes, indeed. Now we're going to talk about him. These are the players I want.

I want you to sit and start, OK? These are the players that he is him. These players are the resurrection and they are the light. Yes.

Two gloves. Brother Teddy Bridgewater against the Jets now are averaging twenty point five fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks. Can they stop Tyreek? Can they stop?

I don't know. So I'm going to say take Teddy two gloves and insert him into your lineup. Now, Logan Thomas at tight end, Johan Dotson is out.

Curtis Samuel was sick. The Titans have allowed four touchdowns to tight ends this year. So brother Thomas looks like a good start. And Damien Harris, you know, I normally I tell you to stay away from Bill Belichick and his running backs because he shows no loyalty. But Detroit leads the NFL and rushing touchdowns allowed to running backs with eight. So start brother Harris and ride with him to glory.

Yes, indeed. I just want to tell you now, sometimes you got to think with your head or your gut, right? Sometimes you got to listen to your head or you got to reach deep down into your gut and you say, this is what I'm going to do and what I want you to do is take a look at brother Ryan Tannehill against the Washington football team. This defense is allowing twenty four and a half points per game to opposing quarterbacks.

The Washington football team has allowed 10 passing touchdowns and just one interception this year. I want you to rise up. I want you to feel the glory.

And I want you to start brother Tannehill against the Washington team this year to the land of milk and honey. And now everyone let us play. Amen. All right. All right.

You can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on the Odyssey app on Westwood one sports dot com via Westwood one station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood one sports sponsored by AutoZone. That wraps it up for this show. We're going to come back on the Roku channel to take us to the to the weekend. Eric Stonestreet, you are the man. Thanks. Oh my gosh. First of all, I'm glad to see right back. Ross Matthews talks to celebrities, friends and people with interesting stories to tell. Who's saying hello, Ross.

This week, Chelsea Handler. I'm not home enough to have a third dog. My housekeeper basically is their parent. I am not going to get another dog so that she has to take care of another dog until one of these dogs exits. It's a good move. I have three rescue dogs and only two hands.

And when you're one person, that's too hard to do. I recommend to Max. OK. Here's your foot, Ross. Hello, Ross. You can follow us on Google, on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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