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REShow: Mo Amer - Hour 3 (10-5-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 5, 2022 3:09 pm

REShow: Mo Amer - Hour 3 (10-5-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 5, 2022 3:09 pm

Rich and the guys marvel over the G League debut of 7’5” Frenchman Victor Wembanyama and workshop a nickname for the future NBA lottery pick. 

Actor/comedian Mo Amer joins Rich in-studio to discuss his new Netflix show, reveals how he discovered stand-up comedy at the age of 10…in the Houston Astrodome??, compares his Astros’ history of cheating to Rich’s Yankees, and reveals what Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson told him in the first day of shooting ‘Black Adam’ and what it’s like to play golf with former 007 James Bond Pierce Brosnan.

Rich and the guys react to the latest Bill Belichick Press Conference moment where the Patriots head coach was asked which QB will start this Sunday. 

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

This is The Rich Eisen Show. Live from The Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles. Is he able to grip the football now? No, not well enough to play. I'm not saying Dak loses his bit.

I'm saying, what is the rush? Here on the show, from CBS's East New York, actor Jimmy Smits, ESPN MLB insider Jeff Passan. Still to come, comedian and actor Mo Ammar. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Hour number three of The Rich Eisen Show, live on the air on the Roku channel, as well as this Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius Channel, 218 XM 202 992 on the Sirius XM app, on the Odyssey app. Anybody who wants to listen to us whenever they darn well please, there's the podcast version of this show, all three hours of it. Check it out, where all podcasts can be acquired thanks to the Cumulus Podcast Network.

We're free on all Roku devices and Samsung Smart TVs and Amazon Fire TVs, and we're free on the Roku app and the For those who want to watch us on desktop or laptop on the internet, that's there for you. Jimmy Smits was on in hour number one, Jeff Passan talking about Aaron Judge and whether or not he's the all-time home run king for a single season, I think he is.

Jeff Passan most decidedly does not. What a terrific debate we had on the program. If you missed any of it, guess what? We are live on the Roku Channel 210 right now for hour number three, but as soon as that's over, we re-air. So if you missed any of the first two hours, you could stay tuned for that. There's also our YouTube page, it's a nice little backstop, slash rich eyes and show.

Do give us a subscribe there, we would always greatly appreciate that. The comedian Mo Ammer is in studio in about 20 minutes time, streaming available right now only on Netflix, is the new show Mo. So he will be here to talk about his program.

And he's also in the new movie Black Adam. I think a lot of folks have heard about that one. Looking forward to that one. Mo Ammer's favorite Dwayne Johnson story coming up on the show. Also coming up this hour, today's Bill Belichick press conference moment. Can't wait. Don't miss that. Certainly it's always a can't miss Bill Belichick press conference when the identity of his starting quarterback is up in the air, as it currently is in New England. Day by day, guys.

He went Godspell last week and it turned out to be not at all day by day. Turned out to be almost Billy Zappi's day. Bailey Zappi's day. Bailey, come on. Billy Bailey.

He only threw a touchdown three seconds after the playcock expired. I know that. I'm not going to ask you to repeat that.

844-204 Rich is the number to dial here on the program. Let's get to it, guys. You know, it's very rare to see a French basketball player trending, but that happened last night. And I must shoot you straight. I always do here.

I've got to be honest with you. Before last night, before the trending, before what happened last night, I had never heard of Victor Uembañana. Never. I had never heard of him before. I didn't know he existed on planet Earth. I am not so attuned to the next level of next generation stars coming into the NBA. I have never heard of the French league that he plays for. I had never heard of the Metropolitan's 92.

I'm sure it's pronounced metropolitans. 92. I don't pay attention to G-League basketball. I don't normally focus on G-League basketball. And I certainly don't normally focus on what is coming up in the NBA draft in October of the previous year.

I'm kind of right there with you, Rich. I saw some clips over the weekend of this. Just like gigantic Giannis, Kevin Durant hybrid looking kid in Las Vegas. And I was just kind of like, who is this and where can I watch this person play basketball? And then you saw it last night. Right, and the hype surrounding him amongst people in the know through the roof.

Apparently 200 scouts were in Las Vegas last night for this G-League game between the G-League Ignite team. Because that team features a remarkable player in his own right and a kid named Scoot Henderson. Scoot. And he can scoot. You know, he's one of those scoring guards that you're going to see play basketball for a very long time. And then there's Victor Wembunyama.

And you take a look at his first possession last night of him handling the ball. 2-2 game. Very rare do I talk about a game like this. It's 2-all, right?

Sorry. So there's 10 minutes left in the first quarter. They just tipped off. And it's just, you're watching him dribble the ball up like he's a point guard. And then he pulls some sort of a shake and bake spin move right around the top of the key. And then drives to his left and uses his right hand to go off the glass. And there was no doubt about it when he let loose of the basketball that was going in.

It was so smooth. And then you read about him and he's listed at 7-2, but apparently he's 7 foot 5. And that he can grab the rim, come close to grabbing the rim flat-footed. Because his wingspan is 8 feet. And he can handle and last night 37 points on 11 of 20 shooting. And of the 11 shots that he made, 7 of them were 3's. He was 7 for 11 of 3's and he's on the defensive end 5 blocks. And he's blocking shots of people who were launching it originally several feet away from him. His closing speed and ability is condor-like.

You are watching it and you're like, what the hell am I seeing? This is the evolution right here. But we've seen Durant and we've seen Giannis. Oh yeah. Yeah, but not at this size. The dude had to duck under the metal detector to get into the stadium.

I've never in my life, like Manu Bol or Chuck Nevitt are probably the only two people. He had to duck under this thing. This is how big this kid is. This dude's another level. He's what I think people thought Chet Holmgren was supposed to be.

Who knows, he's still me. This is Ralph Sampson 4.0. Ralph Sampson who can shoot 3's, handle the ball, close out. It's as if let's come up in the basketball laboratory, combine Durant with Giannis at Tete Kumpo and we come out with Victor Wibanyama who has a game. By the way, in case you think he is a Tete Kumpo-like, he's 3 letters shy. He's got 3 fewer letters shy of Tete Kumpo and he will be known as Victor. Absolutely.

Like no one's going to try in the same way. Let's just call him Giannis. Although with that it would be called Giannis or whatever and you took a while for his game to get to the point. Victor. He's Victor.

I hate to break it but Arias Consulting. Hail to the Victor. Let's give him a nickname right now, make it stick. Victor. This is your thing, we'll give it a week. I don't know, I'm saying come up with a nickname for him since we're not going to pronounce his last name. Wild Wide Wibanyama?

I don't know. See, I like that. And by the way, Scoot was awesome. He had this one crossover move that I still don't know how it happened. And he went to the left side of the rim and used his right hand underneath it. It was crazy.

It looked so simple as well. That was after Victor had blocked one of his shots and just literally laid him out and he still went after him. No doubt these are the top two picks in the draft in June, it's just like praying that they don't get injured or something happens in the next nine months. How many basketball teams, fan bases, right now would have no problem if they won zero basketball games? And we're a couple weeks away from the tip off of the NBA season. Is this what the Jets are trying to do? Of course.

I don't know what they're trying to do. I don't know if we want Victor up in Utah, I don't know. No one's going to watch him. Why would you say that? Why would I say that?

How many Utah Jazz games have you watched? Well, I'd watch a hell of a lot more if Big Vic's doing it. Yeah, Big Vic. Big Vic. Big Vic. Big Vic. Big Vic.

Big Vic's doing it. I'll watch this guy play basketball any day of the week, I'll watch him play basketball. And by the way, Scoot Henderson sounds like the basketball version of Fish McWilliams, doesn't he?

That is a great idea. Scoot Henderson. Speaking of names, there was a dude in the game last night whose name was Steve Hojufat. What? Guy playing in the game last night.

He also went viral. Hojufat? Because his name is Steve with two e's. Okay. Well, three e's with two together. So it's S-T-E-E-V-E?

Yes. And his last name is Hojufat. Hojufat. Are you sure that's how that's pronounced?

Because you have pronunciations with names sometimes. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, the spaces are where you would... How do you spell Hojufat? H-O space Y-O-U space F-A-T. Oh, you mean so it's a three. It's Steve Hojufat.

Yes. Hojufat. You guys didn't see this last night?

I didn't see his name. And it's not P-H-A-T? It is not P-H-E-T. There's no way. What a game last night. This is not the greatest game ever.

I had a joke I was going to say, but I don't know if we can say it on real time. No, everyone was making a joke like, I need this jersey. This is going to be the number one selling jersey. Hojufat. Hojufat. It's going to be the greatest jersey ever. Hojufat.

Actually, if you're quiet right now, you hear that in Las Vegas right now. Hojufat. It's a real thing. We got to hope he makes it to the league. Steve's got like a Weight Watchers gig waiting for him right now, right? He's a French basketball player.

Deadspin did a story about this dude in 2013. Hojufat. Hojufat. Hojufat.

Hojufat. Big Vic like what? Crown Vic.

It was amazing last night. He's going to be... Crown Vic. Crown Vic. Yes.

Crown Vic. I'm telling you guys, I'm telling you guys, he's 19 and a half on draft night next year. 19 and a half years old. He'll be 7'7 at that point. This kid is so good. How good is he? That Zion looks like the Zion that everybody thought was coming to the NBA. He looks trim.

He looks fit. He's doing crazy things. And he was doing crazy things. And nobody's talking about it right now. I knew it. People were trying to write him off last year. He just had an injury.

He never fell off. I'm just saying. Just go for it. Did you hear Zion's quote? Where someone was asking him, now you're coming back.

You're going to take it easy. And he goes, no. He goes, when I go to dunk, I want to put that person through the rim. And I was like, oh yes. Let's go. Let's go. New Orleans basketball.

I'm excited for it. Victor Wenbyama. Crown Vic. Crown Vic. Crown Vic.

Let's go. Or Big Vic. Big Vic. Vic Nasty. Vic Nasty. Vic Nasty's not mad. All right.

Vic Nasty. We still have some time at RES Consulting. That's what I'm saying. We got lots of time. We got a year.

We got to, you know. But the tank job is on. Is on.

It is on. And the Utah Jazz got way ahead of the game. It's like firing your coach after four games, right?

When you know that the coach is gone in the NFL. You got to get out ahead. Rich, you said you had no idea who Victor was until yesterday? No idea. Again, I had no idea. Guess who did?

Danny Ainge and the Utah Jazz. Of course. No. There's no question. Two hundred scouts were there last night. You know.

I mean, I'm... Unloading assets, as they say. Yeah. And Scoot Henderson's so, so, so good. He's so good too. Doesn't he seem like that should be a Knicks point guard? Scoot Henderson?

Scoot Henderson. Yeah. Well, somebody's... The ping pong balls are going to have to bounce right for somebody. Yeah.

I don't think the Knicks are going to end up getting them. I think you guys... Well, who knows? Of course. You know. They won't.

Because they got the karma, as you know. Do we have the new graphic? There it is. There's the G-League Unite. There's the Ignite banner right there.

Let's go, Vic. It's odd that there's enough space to fit anything. We can get, like, three more in there, I think. Yeah. He's got room on the... Oh, it's got...

The NBA G-League Ignite has shoulder on the Clippers in this photograph. Oh. And the Mets.

And the Mets. Wow. That's how much you love Scoot Henderson, huh?

That's how we're talking about him right now. You know. That's amazing.

I'm in. They play again on Thursday, so you guys missed it. What? They're playing again on ESPN on Thursday. Same teams? Yeah. Same teams? Yeah, playing again. Oh, ESPN is loving this. Yeah.

I'll be tuned in. And you know what they're most excited about is Judge is... It's over. They don't want to have to cut in. No more cutting. No more cutting in.

Cutting and strutting. No more cutting in. So if Sean McDonough's doing that game, he can rest easy.

Stupid outrage. Judge sitting today, as I expected. Bubble wrapping that guy. Yeah.

Sitting today. He's got to be so relieved. There was really no chance for that triple crown because... Arias is...

He'd have to go 0 for 4. It's not worth it. It is not worth it. I mean, Cooper was so upset they pulled Luis Severino on Monday in the middle of a no-hitter. And Severino wasn't happy either. Just too bad.

Doesn't matter. Remember at the beginning of the season, we got all mad because Kershaw got pulled and what could have been... And now at the end, we're like, hey, too bad. It's got bigger... It's just a bigger picture right now.

No doubt. It's just a bigger picture. For instance, your team's won 100 games.

Look at the big picture. The team's won 100 games, made the playoffs. You've got a home playoff game.

It's great. Except when you look at the last four or five months, that team thinks that they're limping into the playoffs. Who said that? That's the Mets. Hey, I'm referring to the Mets. Pretty sure we had a better record than the Yankees. What's the Mets record? Well, we didn't have some trumpet guy come out like we've never won before.

You want to talk about a team that fell off would be you guys, because the way you start, you should have won about 150 games. I don't know. All I know is the Yankees will be sitting at home watching you play. That's fine. And so I'm putting it on the line against the San Diego team. The Rays get done with you. What was the Mets record after Timmy Trumpet showed up in person and did the trumpet thing?

It was bad, but then the Mets had a six game winning streak to kind of even out. Oh, okay. So were you going to say about that for a while after the Trumpet? Well, anyway, you've got buck now and so you got you got you're in good shape.

Yeah. The fact is, you claim to be a buck friend. He's your friend.

I am. You talk bad about his team. Like I don't talk bad about his team at all.

I think that team is delightful. I talk bad about the team that you're rooting for because it is. Why? Because I enjoy it. What did I do to you that would make you want to like wish ill upon me?

You showed for work. Oh, I do that every day. So I mean, I hate what you do here, but I don't hate Rich. That's right.

Yeah, I hate all your brothers right now, to be honest with you. Hey, stay right there, everybody. Mo Ammar coming in studio. I wonder what Mo brought in his trunk for us today. All right. Well, we'll check it out. That's coming up next. Mo Ammar is here.

His new show, Mo, available for streaming now only on Netflix, but on Roku Channel and more coming up. What's the fastest ball sport in the world? Not baseball, not tennis. It is, in fact, the sport of JALAI, spelled J-A-I-A-L-A-I.

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Simply go to to get a rate quote or contact your local agent and get started seeing how much you could save. And we're back here on the Terrestrial Radio Outfit. Mo Amer here on our program. We just showed for the Roku audience and more a clip from the news show Mo, where again you are playing a Palestinian refugee in Houston. How much is this about you, Mo?

It's a lot of it is based on my life. I came to the States as a refugee free agent. I decided to commit myself to the United States. And then it took me 20 years to get my citizenship.

There's a lot of interesting stories and ways to survive working under the table while you're waiting for your paperwork to come through. And we just thought we'd explore a world where if I didn't find stand-up comedy at such a young age and I still had to work under the table and find my way while trying to take care of my family after losing my father at a young age and juggling all these psychological effects of fleeing war and assimilating in a new country. How did you find stand-up? Or did it find you? It's an interesting thing.

Maybe both. I was 10 years old. My brother wanted to just get my mind off of things and we went to the Houston Livestock Show on Rodeo and they had live stand-up comedy and that was the first time I ever saw it live.

A stand-up comedy and a livestock show? At the Houston, you know they have the biggest concerts of the year at the Rodeo for three weeks out of the year all some of the biggest artists come perform there and it was at the Astrodome at that time. At the old Astrodome. At the old Astrodome. It still exists.

It still exists. Whenever I've gone to NRG Stadium, is that what they still call it in Houston? Yeah. Reliant. Yeah.

Reliant. There you go. It gives you an idea of how long it's been.

Same. It's the same company. Right. And when you see the Astrodome next to it, I mean that used to be one of the wonders of the world. Right.

Because it was known. It looks like a pimple. Yeah. A pimple. It looks like a pimple next to it.

It does. Right. You're like, what is this thing? Who's going to pop this thing?

Or what are we doing with it? So you did your first stand-up in the Astrodome? No, no. That was the first time I saw stand-up. I was 10 years old and in that moment I knew I was going to be a stand-up comedian.

I see. I looked at my brother. I was like, I'm going to be a comedian. And he was just like, yeah, okay.

So I guess your first stand-up act that you saw was in the Astrodome. Absolutely. Yeah. Damn.

Yeah. So then when did you first try it yourself? I started when I was 14. Four years later. Fourteen.

Yeah. My father passed away and I was just skipping school. I just didn't, I lost like a lot of purpose and just was finding myself trying to figure it out. And I would always say, I'm going to be a stand-up comedian. I'm going to be a stand-up comedian. So my English teacher, she's the one who brought me back in. She goes, how would your father feel if you didn't, if you don't graduate high school because you're on your way to fail miserably.

I was like, that would be, that would be awful thing. And she said, well, don't you want to be stand-up comedian? I said, yes. She goes, I'll let you do stand-up every Friday if you stop skipping school. And I started, she said, I'll give you also extra credit if you can mix in Shakespeare because it was English class. And that's what I did. And I was doing it consistently every Friday for weeks. And then she took me to theater arts department and she was like, Hey, this kid's like doing all these different accents, original material I've never heard before.

I think he belongs here. And then the following year I'm like, you know, made like honorary thespian. I was lead roles in theatrical plays. She literally changed my whole life.

Yeah. Thank God for her. What's your name? Mrs. Reed. Mrs. Reed and Mrs. Broderick.

It was both of them actually. Is she still with us? She is still with us. We just recently reached out to her.

So I spoke with Ms. Broderick already and I'm hoping to sit down and have a meeting and thank her personally. Dude, that's amazing. Yeah. What a story. Yeah. That is pretty cool. Mo Amer here on the Rich Eisen Show and you just used the phrase free agent and that normally free agents or I guess kids who choose schools would choose a hat. I noticed the hat in your clip was a 1994 Houston Rockets championship hat.

Was that like one of your big childhood moments? Of course. As a Muslim living in America, Alajuwon was the guy. And he was so accessible to us. Like I would see him frequently at like Friday prayers or he would just pop in.

No way. Yeah, he would just pop in. He was so generous. And my dad actually before he passed away, he took me to a Nigerian mosque and it was one of my fondest memories before he passed. And that's when he got me to meet Hakeem and spent time with him and he signed a bunch of stuff for me.

And it was just like one of the most amazing days of my life. How old were you then? I was 13.

13. So just right before your dad passed and before you started with your standup. Right. And sort of right.

And right after that, they won first championship, you know, like literally that year basically right after he passed away. My dad. Yeah. Okay. Crazy. So Drexler, he's your guy too.

Drexler is the guy. Of course. Yeah. Yeah.

All those Robert Orie, Sam Cassell, Kenny Smith. Is that a Mo Elle situation too? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Trying to go in my head right now. Because I was Maxwell. I was on the I was on the other end of that stick.

Mo Ammer living in New York, being in New York or being a Nick fan. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Welcome for John Stark shooting night. Yeah.

No problem. I remember that block and OJ Simpson interrupting their finals. Oh my gosh.

Who's the worst? I was at my I was actually in Chicago at my my graduate school graduation from journalism school. Yeah. Oh wow.

Okay. I was I just graduated from Northwestern School of Journalism. Great school. And we were in thank you. And I was in a bar, you know, with my family was there and a bunch of other classmates families were there.

Right. And the Knicks were playing a huge ass game against the Rockets. And I remember standing at the screen, you'll like this being a comic.

I just decided to crack wise as the whole bar was like dead silent, watching on the screen as the white Ford Bronco was being chased. And then the Knicks were on the, you know, on the other box, it was like a two box situation. Yeah. It was the first time you saw a picture in picture.

Exactly. It was picture in picture. And I just remember standing there in the bar as everyone was like dead silent and I just decided to do this. I was screaming.

That was a flagrant foul. What the hell? And people started like ripping their heads towards me like, what a short problem. I'm like, it's the finals. I don't care what the hell's happening in Los Angeles. Zero.

I just decided to do that. The feeling was mutual. We were just completely yelling at the screen the entire time. It was like, who cares?

It's rich people just driving 40 miles an hour on the highway. Like, I don't care. He did it. He did it.

Let's get on with the game. He did it. There was no way. He did it. He did it. He did it. He did it.

They're all behind him like, just get it over with unbelievable. Yeah. So I'm blocking John Starks. I remember that. Oh, three point attempt.

They were great. That was it. That was it. That was like Pat Riley's best shot at winning with the Knicks and the Knicks best shot at winning with Jordan.

Not being around. I mean, that was it. Well, he was technically, he did come back that second season. This is the whole beef that I have is used to rockets fan winning back to back championships. So like Jordan wasn't there. Well, he technically was, you know, and they lost to the Orlando magic and Orlando got swept by the, he used to rockets. It was the, that big comeback in game one that flipped everything that could never recovered.

But so we'll never know what it was. I really wished that he was there fully. Like they had the full season. I wish that because I believe that Hakeem Lajjawan was Jordan's kryptonite.

Like they didn't play well against the Vernon Maxwell played him aggressively and it was always a good match. I really, really wish. And then I wish that he was there fully. I really, really wish, I think it would have been their first L in the finals.

I really believe that the last dance would have been a totally different documentary. It would have been, it would have been Mo Amer here on the rich Johnson show and you're an Astros fan as well. I am a big Astros fan. Yeah. Yeah. I know.

I'm a Yankee fan. Yeah. You guys cheat too. It's fine. I'm just beating you to it. And I didn't even mean the two. We never cheated.

You guys cheated for sure. Man, all answers all the way, I'm not going to ask you to take your shirt off. I'll take my shirt off, bro.

I'm ready. I got shirt and shirt and shirt and shirt, baby. Just like that.

O.J. said, picture in picture. I got a shirt and a shirt.

I got a shirt and a shirt. Yeah. Mm hmm. Oh boy.

You know, Mo, I got a chance to talk to Michael Jordan once and ask him about that, about if he wouldn't have left with the Rockets. You asked him this very question. Yeah. And his reply was, get away from me.

Who are you? No, no, no. Cause my man, me and Mike, he was like, no.

F, no, no. That was his response. But he didn't. He didn't kind of went and said, you know, we couldn't do anything when it came those years. So it would have been interesting. But at least he was honest enough to say that at the end. But I thought it was Michael Jordan.

I would say the same thing. I was like, nobody could be. That's the mentality you had to have to be, you know, a psychopath that one like he's not a psycho. You know what I mean? But like you have to be that focused in that just like just over the top all the time after we watched that documentary, I just made it all very clear and how you actually win six championships without ever losing. I just find it interesting that, you know, I brought up the Astros. I said I was a Yankee fan and you said you cheat too. I didn't mean to. I said, you guys cheat. I said, you guys cheat.

And I didn't mention the word cheating. I was waiting for you to have her. Okay. I was waiting for this.

Happens all the time on sports shows. Okay. This happens all the time, Rich. Don't try to send me. I was beating you to the punch. I was doing what Eminem did in eight mile. Okay. Yeah, exactly.

Say something about me that they don't know. You went to Cranbrook. That's a private school. That's it.

Papa Doc. I had no idea that's what was happening. I had no idea at all because I was going to talk about how the Yankees can't get Altuve out and Alex Bregman, you know, wears number two because he's a Jeter fan and his dad is a Yankee fan. And if Bregman, you know, had his way deep down, he would be a Yankee. I was going to mention that. I was going to mention that, you know, the Yankees took the wrong Astro pitcher.

I think they should have taken Verlander and not Cole. What else is I going to talk about? Wow. I think you're all making this up on the fly now to make me feel terrible. There was a pause that you had and you were looking around, so unless you're putting out a trap and I just jump right into it.

Bregman gets upset with me whenever I talk about it this way and he's a friend of the program. No, I, again, but in all seriousness, I didn't telegraph what I was going to say. Do you?

Because if you did, you'd have heard a bang first and you'd have been able to expect what was coming. I didn't know. Stupid. I'm sorry. I didn't know. I didn't know. I was not really prepped as I should have been prepped. Maybe you just didn't hear it over the noise in the studio. I felt it. I felt rich. Astro's old. Astro's never cheated.

They're the greatest team of our generation. I am. I am. I'm with you, Mo, actually. I don't care about it.

Yeah, I think they all should do steroids, honestly. Well, I mean, you talk about, did you take your Apple watch off before you said that or what? Yeah. Oh, wow.

I guess we're all in the same boat here, the new and old, the same boat. We want to talk about Carlos Beltran, the Yankees' assistant coach and all that stuff. Or New York Met manager for two seconds, Carlos Beltran. He's a Met fan in the corner. Oh, my God.

I didn't know that. We're all... Okay, so let's all back off. Let's all go back to our corners. Everybody put your guns away.

We're all in a glass house with a bunch of stones. We all like Eddie Guerrero. We lie cheating still to get it done. I was going to say, I'm hoping that somebody knocks off the Astros before the Yankees might have to take them. Right. Oh, I got you.

I am truly hoping for that because I don't know how... It's not looking good. It is not because the Astros look tremendous. Yeah. Dusty Baker has just got it all on the straight and narrow for them and he's... That's true. In the regular season, I'm hoping that he, you know... I think you're good.

Sticks in the... I think it's... Of course, if it's Astros-Dodgers here in Los Angeles. Oh, it's going to be huge.

I mean, they were booing everybody here at the All-Star Game because that's when you might hear about the thing. Well, I'll be there. You will be. Oh, hell yeah.

They'll make the series here or anywhere. I always go. I went last year.

I hit it up. I was actually filming the show at the same time that was going on and we were just like, I'd finish everything and I'd book it, get in the car and just go straight to the game. Usually got there by the second inning. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I went to all the games. Okay.

They were home, yeah. All right. It's your real deal. Unfortunately, that last one too. The seven run thing. Okay. That was brutal. I know. Can't win them all. Can't win them all. You know?

So, we'll see what happens this year. Yeah. It's a great ballpark too, man. The Juice Box.

Minimake Park is just a great place to go watch baseball. The old Enron? Yeah. Yes. See what I'm saying? See what I'm saying? I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. See what I'm saying? I knew it.

I knew it. I should have rephrased it. I should have rephrased it. Oh yeah. Let me rephrase it.

The old Enron? Yeah. Man, The Juice Box baby.

The Juice Box. Is this how you guys treat your guests around here? I'm Arab man. When you have a guest from out of town, it's just everything he wants to say and talk about is right. You know?

Excuse me. The fact that you're mentioning that here on this program, the way I treat my guests, I'm a Jew on Yunkipper interviewing an Arab, okay, so I think we're good. Trying to bring the world together, man! Touche, well played, well played. Well played, well played, well played.

So I thank again, let's just all settle down. Are you going to love episode 5 of my series? You're like, yeah, you're going to love it. Oh, I can't tell, you're going to watch it. I'm on that three right now, so I can't afford it.

Oh, three's the emotional one. Everybody better check out Mo streaming now on Netflix. Black Adam, that is coming out October 21. You got a good Dwayne Johnson story? Anything you got for him? He's just a beast, dude. He's such a great guy. Yeah, the first time I met him, everybody would just call him different names. Some people would call him DJs, some would call him rocks, some would call him Dwayne. Walked up to him, I was like, hey man, so what do I call you? He goes, daddy. I didn't skip a beat, I was like, papa? You know what I mean? Like, hey, I get adopted by the rock, I'm all in, bro.

Call me daddy. That's awesome. Hysterical, I was like, oh, you got jokes. From then on, it was just, every time we saw each other, it was just busting balls the whole time.

That is amazing. Which is great, you know, it was just like how comedians live and I feel like he desires to be a stand-up comedian deep down. It's the one thing he can't do. Did Pierce Brosnan have the same reaction when you said what I call you? Oh, no, Pierce is, man, he is a really special human being. I was so excited because he's like my 007 of my era.

Yeah, he's my bond, right? And I was so jacked up to be doing my scene, the first scene he filmed in the movie was with me. And I was so pumped up that I forgot to memorize my lines. I was just like, oh man, Pierce. And he was so kind and sweet and getting jacked up, I was like, maybe I should go read these lines.

I mean, I read them a long time ago, it was so easy to do, it was fine. But it was just one of those moments that he's just such a legend and he lives up to, man, beyond your expectations. That is so cool. And Aldis Hodge has been on the show as well. Yeah, that's my guy. And Pierce and I played a ton of golf too when we were in Atlanta.

We just had a great time and just bonded. There was no pun intended there. Hey!

Tell me, is this Handicapped 007? Hey! Come on now. I got jokes too. How does he do it?

Volume. Hey! What is it like playing golf with Pierce Brosnan? It was just, man, we just had so much fun. It was just so relaxed. This guy is like, he's really in the moment all the time. All the time. He's always taking these deep breaths and he's going, ah, life.

You know, he's doing that. On the golf course? On the golf course. A little breeze everywhere. He's just always taking deep breaths and really conscious of it. Just fun.

I'm not going to disclose everything, but yeah, we had a great time. Is he focused on, like, that's how he gets ready to putt? No, no. In general, he's just so in the moment all the time.

Okay. I've rarely met people like that. They were just so aware of their surroundings so much. And just aware of his breath. And how he speaks to people.

And he and I got real close. Well, only if there was any good quality marketing around Black Adam, I'd say that the thing's got a shot at it. I think it's got a shot. Yeah, The Rock is a superhero.

I think it's going to do. And really, just completely objectively, just watching him perform live while we're filming it. You know, DJ and all the cast, really. We got along so well.

But it's definitely his best work. Awesome. for dates and tickets for your tour. You're also touring as well. You're going to be right here in LA. The Ford and then the Irvine Improv. Those are October 20th through the 23rd.

San Jose Improv on November. Man, you are blowing up. Congratulations to you, sir.

Thank you so much. Thank God for that teacher. What a story. She's an incredible woman, man. Well, my parents are both educators, so I grew up with teachers. And that means a lot to me to hear this story like that.

Man, it means a lot to me, too. I'm going back to my high school, actually. You're going to give her a dress?

Yeah, I am. I'm going to go back to my high school, give a bunch of money to the theater arts department. And try to empower these kids.

And let them know that it's doable. Here's me. I'm standing here. You can touch me. You know that it's really achievable and you can do it, too.

Yeah, and you can have your own show on Netflix. And you can go play golf with Pierce Brosnan. And you can go, you know... Hang with the Rock. Be Mo Amer. Hang with the Rock. Oh, Daddy. Come on. Hang with Daddy. And come on the Rich Eisen Show.

That's for sure. At RealMoAmer on Twitter. Get a telegraph. That's the only way to use it. At MoAmer on Instagram.

Again, Mo is available for streaming right now only on Netflix. Check it out. Thanks for coming on. I'm in. Come on during the World Series. I would love to do that. Let's do it. Let's do this. Oh my God. I can't wait for Houston to beat another New York team in the final.

That's what I'll be looking forward to. Well, that buzzer means we're out of time. All of a sudden we cut to and it's interrupted by Kanye West and a Bronco. Just fleeing. With his children. Is that too soon? That might be next, actually, Mo.

MoAmer, check him out again on Netflix in Mo. It'll be a Range Rover, though. We'll be back in a moment. We'll be back in a moment. Marty and Arizona, let's take your call.

Been hanging on forever. What's up, Marty? Hey, Rich. Marty's back.

I just had a couple of questions real quick and then I've got an idea for the strike zone. Well, I wanted to ask Mr. Del Tufo. Yes, Marty. I've been a boat owner in the past. Does he know what the acronym BOAT stands for? Nope.

What is it? Bust out another thousand. Good thing for him he's got them. He's got them right now. He's got thousands to bust out. Bust that out of there. He could afford it, but when I first got into it, that's what I heard and I thought it was pretty funny.

What else you got? First of all, I want to preface my idea by the fact that my theme song is Analog Man by Joe Walsh. I don't have much knowledge of technology, but they're starting to automate everything. I mean, they have the electronics now between the pitcher and the catcher. I was wondering if it's possible to put a heads-up display for the umpire for the strike zone we're seeing now.

I don't know. I think, again, what I'm told is that the automatic strike zone, if you will, for the umpire, the automated, is going to be similar gear that the umpire is going to have something in his ear. And as soon as the ball creases the strike zone or not, hits the catcher's glove, thanks to the call, Marty, I've been told that as soon as that happens, the umpire will hear ball or strike in the ear, and he's now just the conduit to say ball or strike. That's it. And then the rest of it, you know, all judgment calls will be made by the human being behind home plate as to whether the bat did go through the strike zone and obviously outcalls and things of that nature and catcher interference.

I've been told that's the way it's going to work. And everybody kind of digs it, apparently, except the umpires themselves. Lots to think about right there, but the headline of that call was Marty's back, guys. Marty's back. Marty's back.

I know he left, to be honest with you. Stop it. Stop it.

Just respect the headline. Jason in Phoenix, Arizona. You're here on the Rich Eisen Show. What's up, Jason?

Hey there, guys. Thanks for having me. You got it. I'm going to be a contrarian here. That's fine. I'm going to get ripped a little bit.

I'll set myself up for it. But I want to make a little bit of a case for O-Townie for MVP. I want to debunk this myth that Judge has outperformed everybody by 20 home runs this year.

Trout would have been right on his tail. Oh, dude. Oh, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on.

I'm going to let you continue on. Strike that from the record. Please don't say that. Trout would have.

Come on. You could say Trout would have. That could be maybe his first two words of the plaque that he'll have in Cooperstown one day.

It'll start Mike Trout would have. Those are the first three words. So what else?

What else you got? All right. I'm going to keep going.

So this little spoon at the end of the season has kind of brought Judge back down to reality. He's slugging 686. His OPS is 1,100. That's great. Stanton just so happened to have a very similar season in 2017.

Otani is right now at a 900 OPS. OK, not you know, there's a couple of notches down. But he's Max Scherzer on the mound. I mean, come on. That's true. He's great.

This is amazing. And this judge is having a spectacular season. I mean, but he's hit 60. He and he didn't finish strong. He kind of melted under the pressure a little bit.

That's fine. Great season. Come on. But Otani is on his tail to a degree. What he's doing on the mound is just on it.

This is just not right. And I think what he is doing is incredible. And he is a unicorn. Jason, you can't sit here and say one guy is melting under the pressure, under the spotlight when he does it in the spotlight of New York and bet on himself.

And it's done everything. No, no, you can respond. And then and Otani is is hanging out in in the shadow of Space Mountain, where nobody is going to his locker except maybe whoever is there from the Orange County press and, you know, Fox Sports West and whoever might be paying attention to him from across the Pacific. It's just not the same thing. It's completely apples and oranges.

You want to talk about wilting under pressure. And when it comes down to it, when it comes down to it, every single moment that judge did it in in in July, August and September, the team needed it and the team's going to the playoffs while the Angels are not. And so that's that's it for me, you know? Yep. I just have a quick response. I know you guys got a time schedule, so I just want to say this. Matt Carpenter is actually the only person MLB that has a higher O.P.S.

than Judge. He's slugging seven twenty seven and his O.P.S. is eleven thirty eight. He's never he's had a storied career. He's never slugged over five twenty. This is a band box that that that stadium is a joke.

Oh my God. Sixty one home runs in that place. Get out of here. There's doesn't even compare to Ohtani. I'm sorry. No, I hear you.

And I can't wait to see what Ohtani hits in in a couple of years. Wow. I know.

I would love to see it, too. Appreciate it. There you go. Combined war judges ten point seven this year for the year combined. Ohtani is a three and a half hitter is a 6 0 hitter. Quick math. That's nine point five.

Still less than I got it. I'm on your side. And I understand that. And I just don't want to be in a situation where I'm on a side other than Ohtani is also. We love Ohtani is amazing. They should create an award.

It should be most outstanding player. Also, thirty two rich. That's how many games behind the Angels are. Thank you, sir. Before we go, we've got a today's Bill Belichick press conference moment.

Oh, I can't believe it's Wednesday. We haven't had one yet. Oh, yeah. Matt Jones. Matt Jones. Still out, right? We're assuming practice today.

All right. Yep. Brian Hoyer. He got knocked out of last week's game. Does that mean Bailey Zappi is going for the Patriots this week? Is it entirely possible that we got ourselves a first career start for Kenny Pickett? And the two rookies started a match up against Detroit.

Pay attention. Kenny Pickett starting at Buffalo. But it's entirely possible that Bailey Zappi goes against the Lions in New England.

Right. Good matchup. Well, today's Bill Belichick press conference moment. Somebody's trying to suss out from Belichick who is starting quarterbacks going to be. Here we go. Today's Bill Belichick press conference moment.

We prefer to win. Any update on your quarterback situation? Will Bailey be a starter this Sunday? Yeah, we'll see. It's a good day today.

Just going to use that once a day. Any update on that and how he's feeling? Yeah, we'll have the injury report for you.

Can't wait to get it out. Sure. Just want to make sure it's accurate so we can see where things are in practice. Has Brian been cleared to practice today? Yeah, that injury report. Can't wait to get that to you.

I just don't get what this solves. He can't wait to get it to them. I mean, I still think we peaked by the day by day, but they're still. Well, he's now day to day. Did you hear that?

He removed the bind, put in the two. Maybe he stopped listening to Godspell. Like I said, maybe he's moved on to Amadeus. Amadeus, Amadeus. No, no, no, no. That's Rock Me Amadeus.

I'm talking about Amadeus the musical that turned into Amadeus the movie, which is how we all first heard of F. Murray Abraham. Does everyone understand? I just gave you the whole... Was that before Scarface? Excuse me. All right. I'm just saying. Nobody walked out of Scarface saying that F. Murray Abraham was something else.

Amadeus gave him a damn statue. OK, so let's just all focus, guys. Focus. Yeah. Oh, yes, sir. Oh, yeah. Still don't know what the F stands for. Don't say it.

It's a family show. Franklin. He was good. He was good in Homeland. Dude.

Oh, he was great. But let's not lose track of. I don't know how we know.

Oh, now I know how we got on it. Maybe, maybe Belichick stop listening to Godspell. It's now day to day, no longer day by day. He was born in Pittsburgh. I know. I just said that. I didn't know that.

I never knew that. Great show here, everybody. Great show here. Everybody on Thursday show. Can't wait to get you that Patriots injury report.

It should be out. Fred, Fred Abraham. In person, that's too hard to do. I recommend to Max. OK, your foot draws. Hello, Ross. Available on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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