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10-4-22 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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October 4, 2022 6:10 am

10-4-22 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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October 4, 2022 6:10 am

The 49ers continue regular season dominance of the Rams | 107.5 Baltimore host Rob Long joins the show | Vote for the After Hours "TD of the Week!" 

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Hey guys, Mike Valenny for Cash the Ticket Podcast. If you like sports betting or if you just like sports, it's the podcast for you. We try to cover all the big games and maybe some of the games you didn't even know were important. Give you some angles, pick some winners, have a good time, and hopefully help you meander through college and pro football season. So join us a couple times a week to get all your information you need to bet the games that you watch.

It's Cash the Ticket on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts. Good morning to you. It's a Tuesday. I know it's not Friday, but it's also not Monday, so yay. I have one friend who gets so annoyed when people use the phrase glass half full, so I won't use that.

But I do have a friend who absolutely despises that and tries to go into the scientific explanation for why that's inaccurate and why no one should ever use that phrase. But I do sometimes, just not today because I'm feeling guilty like he's going to send me a nasty message. But on the bright side, it's no longer Monday. We survived our Monday. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Thanks for hanging out with us.

I appreciate your tweets. ALawRadio, lots of new people finding us on the show this week and also on our Facebook page. And you can vote for the After Hours TD of the week.

We will reveal the candidates before the show is up. We like to do that. For those of you who are late comers, fashionably late, just waking up, whatever it is, we do some repetition here on the show because the audience is constantly changing. It's so funny when I get someone who criticizes me for talking about a particular topic more than once or for using a lot of the same audio in the first hour as we do in the fourth hour.

And I never respond with this because I don't want to give away the secret. But I always feel like saying thank you for listening to all four hours. You have done me a huge favor and a huge solid. So yes, if you're complaining about the fact that you've already heard these points or even the same jokes, you know me, I love my one liners.

Although most of the time the joke is on me. Thank you for listening for all four hours. If you didn't listen earlier in the show, you missed me making up a number. Generally, I make up words. I managed to make up a number on this edition of the show.

And all I can say for myself is in the wake of football weekends, sometimes my brain is a little bit weary and not functioning properly. There are only 8,422,000 podcasts. Did I say 8,000? I did in fact catch myself. It came out of my mouth and then my delayed brain response realized a few seconds later that that was not a number. I just made up a number.

Generally, we use other drops from people who do not work on this show because it's fun to laugh at other people's mistakes. But I am very forthright in telling you that I'm the one who is constantly making up words and I get things all confused in my spaghetti plate brain sometimes. And not just that, but there are days where the mouth and the brain are not in sync.

And I mean to say one thing and it comes out entirely different. Jay's behind the double pane glass smiling and laughing at this because he doesn't ever have to worry about it. He doesn't open up the microphone very often. And he actually gets upset when you spring it on him too.

He doesn't like it when he's not prepared, when he doesn't know what's coming. So yeah, he can sit back there and laugh all he wants. But I'm the one who makes a mistake and the entire country, you know, laughs and points at me. When you make mistakes, they actually make me look bad, not the other way around. They're erased from the record. That's true. When Jay makes a mistake, he uses this little thing called the dump button to pretend like it never happened.

It's a nice nifty little tool. And he holds up a hand like, wait, stop. I'm going to fix that. Okay, great. Nobody knows that you aren't Mr.

Perfect. Everyone thinks you are the cat's meow. Wait, do you like cats? I don't mind cats.

I've never had one, but I don't mind them. You've had bunnies, birds, dogs, fish. You still have fish in your pond. And in our next YouTube video, can we see the fish? We can.

We can actually. They're huge now. They grew like tremendously in the last month and a half for some reason, bulking for the winter. I don't know.

My fish hibernate or something. How many inches? Let's see. I would guess like 10 to 12, almost a foot. Yeah, they're pretty big.

Are you serious? Those fish that you showed me spinning around are now twice the size? They're huge. They're huge. I didn't realize koi fish could get that big.

Does that mean you have to, you have to have fewer fish or give them more space? Yeah. So we were going to add some more. We have four in there now. And that's since they've grown so much.

It's kind of like that. It's pretty good at four. If we could add maybe one more. But yeah, we wanted to add like three more. Now we don't want to screw with your chemistry. Maybe maybe the four koi fish.

That's it. They have an ebb and flow and they're not going to welcome anybody else. They might not.

Probably not. I've heard kois are nasty. Can you please tell people what your bulldog does with the fish? Stares at them and scares the crap out of them with his fangs.

What? He doesn't have any fangs. He's got bulldog jowls. Okay, he's got a tongue that hangs out. That's what he has. He's sticking out his tongue at the fish.

That's what he does. But yes, Moose Chunk. Well, his name is Moose. I added the chunk part because he is a chunk. Moose Chunk is fascinated by fish.

He absolutely is. Most fish, landscapers, anything like outside that moves, he'll watch it. You just ruined the whole like visual of that. It's not really the fish. It's anything that moves.

Things outside that move. He likes those. Does Moose snore? Oh yeah, he snores when he's not sleeping. That's just how he breathes. Oh, bulldogs have, yeah, they have some like not restricted breathing.

Yeah, not conflicted breathing. So I was thinking about Moose Chunk last night because I was getting ready for work and from underneath my table. So I have a table in my bedroom. From underneath my table and I didn't have my bedroom light on. I had bathroom lights on so my bedroom light was off. And I hear this snoring like loud snoring. Penny was conked out as in like stretched out dead to the world and I felt so bad because I don't know if you have to do this with Moose, but I had to wake her up to get her outside, which just waking her up alone is a process. But then to get her out from underneath the table to get down the stairs, which she takes one at a time, actually one a minute.

Just look at me. She'll do one and she's so proud of herself and then she has to stop and wait till I encourage her to do the next one. Oh my gosh. So and then to get her out the door and to use the bathroom or use it to go to the bathroom and then to get back inside and the treats and then the cat has to have treats.

It's like a 15 minute process. I was telling producer Jay earlier that having older pets is neither cheap nor convenient. I love them dearly, but neither cheap nor convenient. Especially with the weather we've been having lately where it's nice and cold and kind of rainy where you don't want to get up. I'm sure Penny is very comfortable.

It doesn't matter what the conditions. Penny would rather sleep than do anything else really. So yes, it was one of those type of nights where it was tough to get the pooch outside. She doesn't have any fish to stare at. We don't have a fish pond at my humble abode.

My little postage stamp lawn. So it's not Monday anymore. All that to say it's no longer Monday. We are, did I already do this? No? Yes? No, I didn't. Okay, I'm not going to repeat it this time. We are live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios.

Do you need to know what it takes for a home to fit your budget and your family? Rocket can. Note to self, no more numbers. That way you can't possibly get them wrong. Just kidding. We've got plenty of numbers. In fact, there are lots of yards in the form of numbers being racked up by the San Francisco 49ers playmakers on Monday night. Now one tight end move. There's the snap in the pitch out. Goes to Wilson up the middle of the 30.

Look at Tacko on the 25, 20, 15, 10, 5 on the numbers. Into the end zone. They chase him in there for a touchdown. Jeff Wilson, the running back for San Francisco, has just bolted downfield 32 yards to put the Niners on top late in the first quarter against the defending Super Bowl champions. Aaron Donald lining up at three technique.

Next, the outside shoulder of Aaron Banks and the kibitzes side. Jim throws. It is caught by Deebo Samuel. Breaks a tackle 40.

Deebo 35, 30, 25, 20. Breaks another tackle 15, 10, 5. Touchdown San Francisco.

Both Kevin Harlan on Westwood 1 and Greg Papa on Niners Radio. And no joke. You go back and you watch the Jeff Wilson run through the middle. He goes not just the first level of defense but second level of defense on into the end zone without one ram laying a finger on him. He probably could have broken a tackle or two with all his momentum but nobody got to him. So that was the first touchdown of the game and really touchdowns were only a thing for the Niners. Deebo Samuel, man what a move. He takes a pass up over the top. Was it Jalen Ramsey? I think it was Jalen Ramsey. Up over the top of Jalen Ramsey who probably could have had an interception had Deebo not snagged the ball from over the top of him. Comes down and then snakes his way across the field to the right and then back to the left for a touchdown.

It was really impressive to see those guys work. And of course the Niners want to establish the run because they feel like if they can they can control the ball. And with Jimmy Garoppolo that's always been the key.

We're not talking about a guy as athletic as Trey Lance who was there in a box they showed him in the Bay Area. But it did look like Jimmy Garoppolo was zipping the ball around a couple of times off target. But there were actually some really impressive throws from Garoppolo as well as he takes over for Trey Lance. And I know last week, week three there were a lot of questions about whether or not the Niners offense could be productive with him at quarterback. He looked out of rhythm and that stands to reason because he was not with them for most of the preseason and training camp. He was not expected to play obviously. They weren't sure that he was going to be back on the roster until they restructured his contract for this final year. But before that he was recovering from a shoulder injury and then he wasn't playing.

They didn't want him to participate because it was Trey Lance's team and because they didn't want him to get hurt before they could find a trade partner. So his numbers were modest 239 yards and a touchdown but no sacks and certainly when it comes to Jimmy now getting more reps for the shoulder is a big deal. I think every week I'll just keep feeling better and better. The shoulders, it's tough during the season to get it right but we've got a long season ahead of us so hopefully every week it will get better and better. My apologies to the offense and the playmakers like Jeff and Deebo and certainly Garoppolo. This game, this win was on the side of the defense harassing Matthew Stafford and stuffing the run to be sure. But only 257 yards for the Rams.

They were 0 for 3 in the red zone and toward the end of the game it was obvious who was controlling the action on the field. Two receivers left and two right. He gets the shotgun snap. He's got time. He throws a pass.

It's picked up. Apunga at the 50. Sideline 40. Footrace 30. Sideline 20. 10.

5. Touchdown. It's a pick 6 of Stafford. San Francisco has scored. Stafford steps up in the pocket.

Abukam got him from behind. The ball came out. Thumbel Lenore dive on the ball. His arm may have been coming forward for an incomplete pass but picked the ball up anyway. I think 49ers got the football. Lenore's got the ball there.

They've recovered it. Now let's see where Stafford's arm was when Abukam got him. It was a fumble alright. Back to back 4th quarter possessions. A pick 6 and then a fumble and any designs on a rally were squashed right there and then the Niners are 7-0 against the Rams since 2019. Except for in the NFC Championship game. So I feel like too often that one fact gets overlooked. Irrelevant. It's irrelevant. Who went to the Super Bowl last year or who won the Super Bowl last year out of the NFC West.

Maybe it's just me. I would rather lose the games in the regular season even if it means 7 in a row going back to the beginning of 2019 but have the one game in the playoffs. The NFC Championship hosted in LA just a few months ago that put my team in the playoffs.

Sorry in the Super Bowl. We fell short last year and we got to stack wins. One of the things we focused on all week long was getting back to moving the ball, running the ball and converting on 3rd down. We were flying on all cylinders today. Defense left three picks out there. You see me get afraid of hard times by the one he just dropped in. Special teams did a good job too. It's funny.

Deebo Samuel is great. He's definitely worth the investment but even he mentions that he got the best of us last year, last playoffs. And so yeah there's some bragging rights but I don't know that the Niners really can say a whole lot. Because the response from the Rams is, I'm sorry, who's got the ring? Or just to show the ring finger.

Obviously they're not wearing these rings while they're playing because that would be detrimental to everyone involved. But to just point to the ring finger would be, but still 7 sacks. 7 sacks of Matthew Stafford. 11 quarterback hits. 2 of those sacks by the way for Nick Bosa. Man every time he flexes I'm just in awe. Do you think the man has a quarter percent body fat?

Is it possible to have less than a quarter percent body fat? If anyone does it's Nick Bosa. Yes to be sure. I'm glad he's healthy to have the Bosa brothers in the NFL. It's like having the Watt brothers. Certainly with the St. Brown brothers. We have, who else do we have? Well we have the Diggs family too. Yeah I know it's fun to have brothers to get them out there and both these Bosas they're, I mean they just, they have different motors. And I did say the Watt brothers.

Yes. There's 3 of them actually. I'm missing TJ as well. Okay so Niners get the win. Rams as the Super Bowl champions. They're languishing except for how bad can it be if the entire division is 2 and 2.

How about that? Look at you Seattle Seahawks. You're in a tie for first place. It's a 4 way tie for first place. This is so strange. The NFL is so strange for the first month.

The Niners, the Rams, the Cardinals, the Seahawks all 2 and 2. I don't know that anybody needs to panic right this second but certainly this is, I mean there's been a lot left on the field for Sean McVay and the Rams. The story of the night from an offensive perspective was you know self-inflicted wounds. You know just above the neck errors where we're not doing the things that we're capable of and I expect us to be better than that. Defensively I know that we continue to battle. We gave ourselves a chance. We can tackle better. You credit them for making the plays and thought special teams hung tough but overall we didn't do enough to be able to win the football game. Got a short week. All we can do is be able to respond but it wasn't good enough and you know we're going to move forward accordingly. So week 4 is in the books. We had just been running our poll, our mortification Monday poll and I wouldn't say it was a landslide but the clear winner, the Baltimore Ravens should be the most mortified on Monday. To that end we decided that we would talk some Baltimore Ravens football. We're going to do that next. How does this keep happening? Especially at home these fourth quarter collapses. It's a thing now. Twice in the first month. So we'll welcome our friend Rob Long from our Baltimore affiliate 105.7 the fan getting set for his morning show.

I'm sure they have plenty to talk about. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. It's Cash the Ticket on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts. This is the day of the day as they hand the Ravens their fifth straight loss at home. 23-20. The Buffalo Bills take down the Ravens on a game the Ravens had led. 20-3 in the second quarter. This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence.

The old hard truth. The final play of the game from Ravens Radio and Jerry Sandusky as their play-by-play voice. 20 unanswered points for the Bills in the rain. The Meyer and the Muck in Baltimore on Sunday.

And all of a sudden yet again the Ravens offense disappears in the second half similar to what they did against the Miami Dolphins a couple of weeks ago. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. We're pleased to welcome Rob Long from our Baltimore affiliate 105.7 the fan. He's getting set for his big bad morning show that starts at the top of next hour. Alright Rob, this is a simple question.

I'm sure you have the answer to it and the keys to unlock the mysteries of the universe. What the heck? First of all, my team has to do bad for you to get me on the show. I know it's a cut. No, wait, hold on. We got you on when the Orioles were playing really well a couple of months ago. I have selective memory.

Like most men, yes. What's going on is, I've told you this before, I'm not a Greg Roman fan. You can't get shut out the second half at home on offense. The same thing happened a couple of weeks ago. It wasn't the shutout, but the offense gets the lead.

And it's like the other team, your opponents make an adjustment and you don't. Why does Mark Andrews in this game have five targets and two touches? And don't tell me because everybody knows you're going to Mark Andrews. I mean, C.D. Lamb gets eight targets and six catches.

You saw last night with Cooper Cupp, everybody knows you're going to Cooper Cupp. How do you not give Mark Andrews the football? And that's exactly what happened. He was taken away in the second half by the Buffalo Bills and the entire offense sputtered because that's your number one target. That's just one example to me of how Greg Roman cannot scheme them into and out of situations and is really killing the offense.

I mean, I get that, but it's just crazy how stark the difference. Where they'll go from running up and down the field and Lamar Jackson moving at will and then all of a sudden it's three and out, three and out, three and out, three and out. Or it's an interception here and we can certainly talk about the choice at the end of the game, but it's such a drastic difference. I don't understand how they fall off the map when you have Lamar Jackson as your QB. Because the other team makes adjustments and your offensive coordinator does not. I mean, you go in half time and make adjustments.

OK, what are you going to do based on what they did? They shut up. They shut in the gap between the guards in the second half.

OK, you run outside then. You know, it's just simple things. They took away the short passing game, so throw intermediate routes. It's just the basic things when you're sitting up top and you're watching and you watch the all 22, you're like, OK, they're open. There's nobody in those spaces where defenders are occupied. They make no adjustment. They run the same plays in first half and second half and the defense doesn't run the same defense.

Amy, it's not mind boggling. It's that basic. Other teams make adjustments. He doesn't. Alright, well then why doesn't John Harbaugh step in?

He's ultimately in charge. That is the million dollar question, and that's why John Harbaugh, as far as the fans are concerned in Baltimore right now, are under fire. He's under fire for that.

He's also under fire for that fourth down decision. The offense has been shut out the entire second half. You don't say, I don't have faith in the defense who, by the way, hadn't given up any points in the fourth quarter yet. I have faith in the offense. The defense has been playing OK. The offense shut out for more than two quarters, so you say I'm going to ask for a touchdown when I'm not even getting in the red zone instead of kicking the field goal to take the lead at home and allow your crowd to get your defense in. Again, the defense hadn't given up any points in the fourth quarter. So why show a lack of confidence in them when the offense hadn't scored in over two quarters?

And that's a big question that a lot of fans in Baltimore and the media is asking John Harbaugh, and it has happened before. You've got the best kicker in the game on the sideline, and again, Aidy, your offense hasn't scored. Why are you asking them to get a touchdown when they haven't even gotten in the red zone?

Well because you're there, you're close, and it's so tempting and so tantalizing. You have Lamar Jackson. I'm not sure why you're asking him to throw when Lamar Jackson is two yards away from punching it in himself. Well, the first three plays, what did they try to do? They didn't get it in. So to me, that's why you don't try on fourth down.

We did what we could do best, tried to do what we did best, and it didn't work. Okay, so now I gave you three downs to get in. Okay, now this fourth down is mine. We're getting points, and we're going to make Josh Allen drive the length of the field to beat us or kick the field goal to win overtime at home.

That's what I'm doing. The first three downs, if you try to pass two downs and realize, you know what, we're being stupid. Let's run a third down to get it closer and punch it in on fourth down. I understand that, but that's not what they did.

They tried to do what they do best, and it didn't work. Okay, now kick the field goal and take the lead. How confident are you that, barring any changes at the top, that they can still be a competent team, a playoff team, a team that doesn't keep suffering these collapses?

I'm not very confident. Amy, this is not, and anybody in Baltimore will tell you, this is my opinion about Greg Roman. This is new. It didn't start Sunday. It started a year and a half ago.

I've been on this for a long time. I think he's a one-trick pony. He can run that one offense. When that one offense doesn't work, they are confused. John Harbaugh, for the first time on Sunday to me, when they missed that fourth down situation, looked like a man without answer if you look on his face. When you saw Marcus Peters go after him, to be continued on that, that's not over with. Marcus Peters is a man, number one, who has a lot of weight in that locker room. So if he's doing that, then people are going to ask him, well, what's up, Marcus? And he's going to tell them, there's other people with that same opinion.

And then they're going to go to the, I'm telling you, this is to be continued on that whole scene with Marcus Peters on the sidelines at the game. And I thought it was somewhat comical, too, when he kept saying the analytics will bear that out, almost like, hey, it's way over your head to ask me these questions. The analytics, you don't understand, but the analytics will support my decision. That's the arrogance, Amy. That's the arrogance. To me, the analytics, giving me that answer says to me, really, I mean, you're fine. You can disguise it in the arrogance, but you can't talk over my head. So what you're saying to me is you don't have an answer, so you'll point to something that I can't quantify.

I can't argue. You don't have an answer. Analytics don't tell you you have the best kicker in the game. Analytics don't tell you your offense hasn't scored in over two quarters. Analytics don't tell you that your defense up to that last second field goal hasn't been scored upon in the fourth quarter. Analytics don't tell you that. Analytics don't give you a feel for the game. Let's go to baseball analytics.

Baseball analytics may say it's time to bunt, but what if this guy at the plate can't bunt? Do you know what I'm saying? Analytics are to assist you, not to dictate to you. Right.

No, they're to frame some of the options, but I would agree with you. Analytics also don't measure human heart, human desire. They don't measure situations where maybe a crowd is really into it or the opposite, a crowd could be booing. They don't measure how humans perform under pressure.

Not everybody performs the same way under pressure. They don't take into account weather all the time either, and so there's a lot of that, right, where the analytics don't tell you the whole story. Rob Long is with us from Baltimore in 105.7, the fan, joining us here on our morning show before his morning show that comes up at the top of the hour. So, yes, the Ravens are certainly in a division where these teams are going to cancel each other out in a lot of cases, and right now you've got everybody but Pittsburgh sitting at 2 and 2. What are your impressions of the rest of the North right now?

I don't think it's very good. Once upon a time, not long ago, it was the best division in my opinion in football. That might be the NFC East as we sit right now, but I don't think it's very good. I think Cincinnati, I said it last year after the Super Bowl, I'll say it again, their team got hot at the right time. I don't think they are as good as they were on their run last year.

I don't. We'll see how good Cleveland is when Deshaun Watson gets back, but, you know, it's going to reset, doesn't scare me. You're not going to beat me with him, and the Ravens are who they are right now.

I don't know who they are. In Pittsburgh, whenever you have a quarterback controversy because you have an NF starter veteran rather than a rookie, you're not going to be very good. I love Mike Tomlin, but this may be the end of that 15 consecutive years of winning seasons or non-losing seasons, so this might be it. I don't think the AFC North is very good.

You might get one playoff team out of it, but it's not a very good division right now. Alright, so then what does Baltimore have to do in order to establish itself now? And I get it, you want the adjustments on offense, but that's just a crazy problem. I can't believe it's happened once, forget twice. What does Baltimore have to do as you look ahead to the next month? They've got to stop making the same mistakes, largely with going forward on fourth down and taking points off the board and telling me analytics.

That's the one thing you can't control. You're not going to get rid of Greg Roman right now, I get it, but Greg Roman, along with you, can't say he lost that game. You know, you pick the field goal there, then what if? What if your team gets a big stop? What if, you know, I think Josh Allen had five or six batted balls in a lot of scrimmage. What if one of those happens again and you get the turnover?

You know, there's a lot of things that can happen in your favor because you're at home. I think, to be honest with you, they need to make better decisions. They can't be this gambling team that does whatever they want to do because the defense, quite frankly, in my opinion, is not that great. You know, they're bad at inside linebacker with Patrick Queen, the company. They have a very talented outside linebacker in old ways, but he's young and he's going to be inconsistent.

And they have age with JPP and other guys on the outside part. So you have to take points where you can get points you can't. You're not the team of Lamar Jackson's MVP season of 2019 where you're putting 40 points up every week. You're not that team.

So you have to de-throttle a little bit and take points when you can get points. Is there anything you like about the team right now, Rob? Lamar Jackson. I love Lamar Jackson.

No, I do. I think the receiving core is a lot better than I thought it would be. I think Bateman is sensational. And Devin DuVernay has really grown up. His organization was really patient with him and now he's blossoming. He's becoming that receiver that I thought he could be.

I love Mark Andrews. I think the passing, the receivers are unbelievable. I think the passing attack on his team could be good, but it could be better if the running game was a little bit better. And I also love the fact that Justice Hill, talking about another guy I've been patient with, he left the game with a hamstring injury. I hope that's not serious because he's really shown some progress on what he was the first couple of years.

He is an explosive bat that could add some real dynamics to this offense. So I do. There's some things I do like about this team. I know I'm risking your wrath, but I would just like to make the point that Greg Roman didn't actually throw the interception in the end zone.

No, you're not risking my wrath. That was a horrible decision because, now let me say this. Even though I don't like the decision to go for it, I love the play because Lamar Jackson had Davis open on the plant route early. And then he had DuVernay open in the back that he didn't seek.

He said he had hands in the face, and I believe that. But even though they liked the decision, the play call actually was a good play call. Before I let you go, the Orioles don't make the playoffs. They fall short, but it was a lot of fun to see that team this year.

You and I had talked about them. Going back a couple months, how would you assess their 2022 campaign? Unbelievable. 82 wins right now. That means you're guaranteed a winning season. I was optimistic. People laughed at me when I said it won 70. And I thought that was just 70 to 73. I didn't think it would table with much more, but I didn't.

Again, you talk about what you can't measure on paper. I didn't know Attlee-Watchman was that much of an impact. I didn't know Gunnar Henderson was that good. And these rookies have come up. You know, Kyle Stowers. They've had rookies come up. Not only just kind of be in the moment, but kind of add to what they did. You take those rookies off the team, they're not winning 82 games.

They weren't carried. Those rookies did a lot this year. I think the future's bright. I think Brandon Hodd took a strong consideration from manager at the end. Again, I know he's not going to the playoffs, but ask me this, Amy. Did you just call me Eddie?

I didn't say Eddie. All the teams that are in the playoff hunt in the American League, and I know they're out of it now. Everybody was expected to be there except the Orioles.

Seattle won 90 games last year. They were supposed to be in the playoff hunt. Everybody was supposed to be there. Toronto, New York Yankees. The Orioles weren't supposed to be there until last week. They were in it. I think Brandon Hodd is a strong consideration for manager of the year. You cannot measure chemistry, hope, youthful exuberance, energy.

You can't measure that kind of formula of corporate synergy, which is the fact that the sum is very often greater than the individual parts. Absolutely. Rob Long is part of O's Extra on Massen, and getting set for his morning show on our Baltimore affiliate, 105.7 The Fan, you can find him on Twitter at Rob Long Sports, and I will talk to you in a few minutes, Rob.

Absolutely. Thank you very much. Thank you. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. The reason I say that is because Rob has invited me to be part of his morning show coming up in Baltimore, so if you're listening there... It's cash the ticket on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts. Joining him in about two and a half hours on 105.7 The Fan.

You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. It's a touchdown Tuesday on After Hours. Firing for the end zone. Touchdown. Touchdown. Takes it himself to the par on touchdown.

One man to beat ten. He's gone. To the end zone. Touchdown. He's inside the five.

He's to the three, two, one. The center's helping into the end zone. Touchdown. To cast your vote for the TD of the Week, head to at After HoursCBS on Twitter, or give us a call at 855-212-4227. The Kansas City Chiefs at the two.

They faked the trap. Now Mahomes scrambling to his right, holding it, holding it, gets off the hit, now lunging forward, and now fires it late, caught at the back of the end zone! Clyde Edwards-Hilaire! Mahomes with the touchdown pass. His second touchdown pass of this game, the 161st of his career. That is the most touchdown passes by any NFL quarterback in history in their first 67 games. The Buffalo Bills.

Second and three. Bills at the Ravens 11-yard line. They show blitz again. Josh takes the snap. Back to throw.

Now he's going to run it around the left side. First down yardage inside the five. Headed towards the end zone. Is he in?

Yes. Touchdown Buffalo. Josh Allen around the left side. Touchdown. An 11-yard run for the Buffalo quarterback. What a play.

The Las Vegas Raiders. Four seconds on the play clock. Cars under center. Hands it off to Jacobs. Bursts through the middle.

Cuts back at the five. Carries a defender. Touchdown, Raiders! Jacobs tosses it into the stands, and he might have just sealed Las Vegas' first win of the year. The New York Jets.

Inside the two. Wilson takes the snap. Handoff.

Hall up the middle. Extra effort at the goal line. The ball popped out.

He might have lost it. At the goal line. The Jets think he got across the goal line. The runner broke the plane of the goal line, therefore by rule that is a touchdown. The Jets have a touchdown! Breece Hall did indeed break the plane before the ball popped out.

Those are your candidates for TD of the Week, though with honorable mention, Deebo Samuel and his breakaway touchdown on Monday Night Football. But you hear Mitch Holtus with Chiefs Radio. He kind of mentions the spin. He got away from the tackle. He definitely doesn't mention it was this awkward combination of a jump pass and a push pass that only Patrick Mahomes could get away with.

We labeled it spin-o-rama in our TD of the Week poll. Josh Allen's 11-yard touchdown run tied the game against the Ravens, allowing them then to drive for the game-winning field goal after coming back from 17 points down. Josh Jacob's monster game for the Raiders against the Broncos. That's Jason Horowitz on Raiders Radio.

And then Bob Waschusen with the game-winning touchdown in the final 10 seconds for the New York Jets in Pittsburgh. Oh, and John Murphy, sorry, on Bills Radio. That poll is up on our Twitter after our CBS or my Twitter, ALawRadio, and also on our Facebook page. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio. We had Rob Long from Baltimore just moments ago.

And if you missed it, you can catch it on our podcast. But you all chose Baltimore as the team with the most mortification on a Monday after yet another fourth-quarter collapse. But not that far down the road, the Washington Commanders.

They were also an option. Just their black uniforms alone. But in case you were wondering how Ron Rivera was feeling about the losing, and it's not just this season, but the fact that they're one and three in a tough division, the NFC East. Well, he expressed his displeasure Monday. I understand everybody's frustration, especially how proud this organization is.

This organization's got five championships. Are you ----ing kidding me? I get it.

I understand how important it is to win. Generally, Ron Rivera keeps those words out of his press conferences, but he just drops, not even using it as an adjective, he just drops an F-bomb right in the middle. Are you ----ing kidding me? Right, but before that, there was another one you had to bleep out. This organization is ----ed.

This organization's got five championships. Are you ----ing kidding me? Oh, gosh. Oh, well, the first one was not the F-word. It was a difference-ware word that we cannot use here on the show.

If they're bleeps, they're all the same to me. So, yes, Ron Rivera, he empathizes with you as fans of the Washington commanders, and he knows that social media is piling on. A lot of things that I do is not dictated to me by what's out there on social media. I like to believe I'm responsible, and I understand enough to know, though, that the fans are gonna be frustrated. I don't doubt that.

I really don't. I understand the history of what's gone on here for a while, and we're trying to change that, but it's not gonna happen overnight. It's not gonna be easy.

If anybody thought it's gonna be easy, they're crazy. You know, I honestly tried to get that across last season, but let's just be realistic about it. I get it. I understand it, and we're gonna keep playing hard.

That's the only thing we can do, Darren, until we get to the situation and to the point where we really believe that this is what we need. Everybody's in place. Everybody's healthy. Everything's rolling. You just...

It's not gonna change. Ron Rivera airing his grievances and airing his concerns on a Monday afternoon. I would mention the injuries earlier on the show, but just to recap, Tua is out for week five. They don't have any timeline for his return. He's in concussion protocol. The Broncos lose their top running back, Javonte Williams, to a torn ACL and LCL, so he's planning to have surgery soon.

They're looking for Melvin Gordon to step up, and Cornell Patterson actually hit IR, certainly a catalyst for the Falcons' run game and their offense, and so they're gonna miss him, to be sure. In Major League Baseball, we had one last playoff spot that was up for grabs, but that changed on Monday night. First pitch on the way, and Schwaber swings, hits it high and deep, left field, turning at the wall, Mancini, and it's gone! Lead-off home run, pitch number one, and Kyle Schwaber has put the Phillies on top.

It's one to nothing. Swung on and hit high and deep. Right field, if it's fair, it's gone, it's gone, and it is gone! Woo! Woo! Schwaber with his second of the night. Dubon waiting on the 12th pitch, and here it is.

Swung on, popped up, shallow center, coming on Marsh on the run. Woo! And the Phillies, for the first time in 11 years, will head back to the postseason. They stream out of the dugout and celebrate at the pitcher's mound as the Phillies have rallied from their slow start and they have taken the final spot in the National League playoffs. Scott Fransky and company, the peanut gallery, having to be bleeped out. That's rare. That doesn't always happen, but we had to do it there, too.

As Jay told me, it was like surgery with some of these cuts. Pitcher's mound as the Phillies have... So that should make you smile on a Tuesday morning, but congratulations to the Phillies. Their drought, not as long as the Mariners, which goes back 21 years, but first time in a decade, the Phillies have made the playoffs, and they were emotional after the fact because this was the team that was seven games in the hole going back to the firing of Joe Girardi, but they started climbing, they dug out of that hole, and now here they are into the playoffs making it a trifecta from the NL East. So three teams from the AL East and three teams from the NL East, and you may or may not know, the wild card round starts on Friday. So four games on Friday, four games on Saturday, and depending upon how many of those are going the distance to the three games, so it's best of three, we could also see that as part of our Sunday, so not just football this weekend on Saturday and potentially on Sunday as well.

Do yourself a favor. A couple of things that will make you laugh. Number one, Bobby Wagner of the Los Angeles Rams. Body slamming a streaker on the field last night, so they didn't show it on the main broadcast, but Peyton asked for it on the Monday night Mannings, and so we saw it on the Peyton and Eli broadcast. Really funny. It's another guy with pink smoke getting body slammed this time by Bobby Wagner, and actually Kyle Shanahan mentioned it in his postgame press conference, which is funny, and if you have not seen Bronco's offensive lineman, Garrett Bowles, attempting, kind of, to make a tackle at the end of a fumble return that went for a touchdown, it's more of a flop, more of a dive, I'm not sure. Just find it. It's out there on the internet. We'll talk to you tonight. It's After Hours on CBS Sports Radio. Boom! Get your podcasts.
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