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REShow: Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 19, 2022 3:14 pm

REShow: Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 19, 2022 3:14 pm

Rich recaps the wild NFL Week 2 Sunday that included player fights, crazy comebacks and more, and breaks down the Miami Dolphins’ stunning win over the Baltimore Ravens and what it means for Tua Tagovailoa’s legitimacy as a QB and why the Buffalo Bills should be looking over their shoulder in the AFC East. 

Rich reacts to Trey Lance’s season-ending ankle injury and what the presence of Jimmy Garoppolo means for his future as the 49ers’ starting QB.

Rich comments on Cooper Rush leading the Cowboys to a win over Joe Burrow and the Bengals in place of the injured Dak Prescott, and reacts to Joe Flacco leading his beloved Jets to a shocking comeback win over the Cleveland Browns.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

Ladies and gentlemen. Ladies and gentlemen.

Please welcome. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Tony Davis behind the defense. He's gonna score. Caught. Touchdown. They take the lead with 22 seconds left.

Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. And the Jets are gonna beat the Browns in shocking fashion. It's apparently Joe Flacco time. Today's gasps. Two-time Super Bowl champion Chris Long.

Four-time Grammy Award winner Darius Rucker. Plus your phone calls. Overreaction Monday. And more. And now. It's Rich Eisen.

Yes, yes, yes. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show live in Los Angeles, California. Here on the Roku channel. This Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate of the Odyssey Network Coast to Coast. Uh, we're so close. This close. We're so close to being back on Sirius XM. I can't wait to tell you when it's gonna be this week.

I've been told it's gonna be this week. We're so, so close that we're gonna go in shotgun formation to get that inch. That's how close we are to being back on Sirius XM on the Rich Eisen Show. Too soon.

Too soon. We're so excited to be here after an outstanding weekend of sports. It's such a great day to be here on a Monday. Good to see you over there, Chris Brockman. How are you, sir? What up, yo? Good to see my audio executive, DJ Mikey D is in D's nuts. How are you, Mike? Good to see you guys.

Good to see you guys here. TJ Jefferson has settled into his seat. Have you lit the candle? I didn't light the candle yet, Rich. You don't have your lighter?

The lighter's missing. You know, what a great weekend of sports. It was amazing. I mean, it may have been the greatest weekend of sports for this show.

And I can't wait to have this conversation throughout. But this is why we love being on the Roku channel and this radio station. And then we have the podcast version of the show where all podcasts can be acquired on the Cumulus Podcast Network. And we're thrilled that we're able to be seen and heard in the manner in which we're able to be seen and heard in our YouTube stream is the backstop, slash Rich Eisen Show.

And again, this show wheels on the Roku channel, channel 210, meaning as soon as we're done, it just keeps repeating and repeating. You can't miss us. And coming off a weekend like the one that we just had, it's so delightful. And I kind of just wrote down notes here about what happened over the weekend.

Just real quick, just to sum up briefly. Crazy. Just to sum up briefly what happened on the week two Sunday in the NFL. Brockman, your pats win in Pittsburgh.

Who would have thought that? And Mac Jones looked like the better quarterback than Mitchell Trubisky. And Nelson Aguilar leaped and made a play. And all Philadelphia Eagles fans are saying, where the hell did that guy come from? And Patriots fans, just in time, they do not start 0-2 for the first time since 2001. They do get that win. And then the Jacksonville Jaguars shut out the Colts. If the Colts could look any worse than they did in week 18 last year, and nobody thought that they could. They even excommunicated Carson Wentz because of it. They looked worse.

They actually looked worse. They got shut out by the Colts and by the Jaguars, who are now one and one. And they're the only team as we currently sit here in the AFC South with a win because the Titans take on the Bills tonight. The Jaguars, the first AFC South team to win a game in 2022. The Giants are 2-0 for the first time since 2016, after Baker Mayfield shows up with Carolina and starts to maybe plant the flag in the middle of MetLife. But Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley and Brian Deball, they're 2-0 for the first time in six years. And the Giants are making their fans feel young again. The Lions beat down and then beat back the aforementioned Carson Wentz and the commanders is Aiden Hutchinson with not one, not two, but three sacks in that game. And the Lions are on the board for the first time in 2022. The Bucks and the Saints beat each other up, figuratively and then literally, and then figuratively again, exactly what we expected when the Saints and Bucks play one another.

Points at a premium. Tom Brady, angry and frustrated. And then Mike Evans going after Marshawn Lattimore.

I mean, you could basically set your watches and your clocks to that. And it was a Donnybrook in the NFC South and the Bucks have now opened their season 2-0 with wins in Dallas and in New Orleans. And that's the way the NFC South has opened up in 2022. After all the conversation about Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo, Trey Lance breaks his ankle. He needs surgery.

He has it. He's out for the season. And the 49ers in just week two cash in their Jimmy Garoppolo insurance policy that they were smart enough to go and get.

And whatever premium they were paying on it, boy, it doesn't matter. Jimmy Garoppolo and the Niners are now going to move forward in 2022. And we'll see what happens with Trey Lance down the road. But right now they're running it back with Jimmy G and the 49ers come up with their first win of the year.

And at some point they will play a football game, I assume, where it's not raining on them. And then you've got Cooper Rush week beginning with an out-dueling of Joey Burrow for the Dallas Cowboys who get it done. Yes. Come on. How about the Cowboys? There it is.

There it is. The Dallas Cowboys. They do not lose with Cooper Rush starting in place of Dak Prescott. As a matter of fact, it's Joe Burrow and the AFC champion, defending AFC champion Cincinnati Bengals who start 0-2 as Burrow gets sacked six times again, beat up.

And they do gamely come back. And it did look like overtime was forced, but guess who had proper clock management and clocked the ball properly to stop the clock so they could actually have a play? The Dallas Cowboys. How about the Cowboys? Cooper Rush. Nice Dallas finally has a quarterback. Cooper Rush. He just let that one go. Getting it done for the Cowboys.

He's better than Dak. You're right, Chris. Denver still can't score touchdowns in the red zone. And Nathaniel Hackett, they're still waiting. Are we going to ride ever?

When does the ride happen? They came up with their first win for the ride. Houston Texans put a scare in Denver, but Russell got a pass actually caught in the end zone with both feet in bounds by his receiver. And there's still lots of questions whether Nathaniel Hackett, the game's too fast for him, but the Broncos do in fact ride. They're one and one in the AFC West. The Rams go up big at home. And would you believe it? Of all the teams to mount to come back, it's the Atlanta Falcons.

Normally they're on the wrong side of this. And the Falcons put a scare in the Rams. Drake London coming back to where he played his college ball and showing off his skills. And the Atlanta Falcons almost pull it off against the LA Rams who do get their first win of the year. Cooper Cup with zero catches, zero targets in the first quarter and still wound up with, let me check it out, 1,000 yards receiving in that game. And eight touchdowns. The Rams are relieved that they're on the board. And the two errands in the night game relax absolutely everyone in Green Bay after the Rams come up with that win to send us into the night games with the two errands getting everyone relaxed. Even though Justin Fields and the Bears put themselves on the board first, but the Packers come up with the win. And then there's the three comebacks that happened earlier in the day.

The Raiders go up 20 to nothing at half on the Cardinals. And then here comes Kyler Murray where it just did him Kyler Murray things where you just couldn't put them down. You couldn't put them on his ass. You couldn't stop him. He kept on going. He kept on going.

He kept on going. The Raiders stop scoring points and the Cardinals go in to Vegas and force overtime on a no time left two-point conversion after Kyler Murray came up with a previous two-point conversion where he ran around for, I counted it, 15 seconds before putting it in the end zone. That's how they forced overtime. Somehow the Raiders got Murray off the field. They got the ball. Hunter Renfro put it on the ground once, got it back, then put it on the ground a second time and then a walk-off defensive touchdown for the Cardinals who get themselves on the board.

And it's the Raiders who are the wild card team from last year that are now sitting at 0-2. The Browns were up 31 to 17 with a minute 55 to go. And the New York Jets get a 66 yarder from Corey Davis over a defense of the Browns that looked like they were playing third base for the Pittsburgh Pirates having sunflower seeds during a play.

With their gloves off. And Corey Davis scores and then the Jets get an onside kick from Greg Zuerlein who earlier in the day was the first kicker ever to hit a 57 yard field goal from on top of an elf. And the Jets then score again.

Garrett Wilson, two touchdowns. The Buckeye who had dropped one earlier in the game comes back and gets the game-winning touchdown and he OH's in the face of Browns fans who are stunned and the Jets do not go to 0-2. They are a winner in week number two. But all of that, everything that I've just said, I just recapped briefly every game that happened on Sunday but they all pale in comparison. Everything that I just recapped in the league from your week two Sunday, everything pales in comparison to what the Miami Dolphins did to the Baltimore Ravens. Because what the Miami Dolphins did to the Baltimore Ravens in a league where yes it's a Monday after playing these games and you overreact but what the dolphins did to the Ravens in Baltimore in the fourth quarter in particular on Sunday, what the dolphins put up on the Ravens, what the dolphins made the Ravens go through, what they did to the Ravens, what they apparently can do when they put their pedal to the metal, resets. Yes the AFC East, if not the entire conference, we need to see it over and over again.

I understand it but I did not think the Buffalo Bills would have anybody in their division or anybody in their conference outside of the Chiefs showing an ability to go point for point with them and to have an offense that puts so much pressure on the defense. You're basically trying to tap out. You're calling uncle.

You're calling your aunt. You're calling whoever to say make it stop please because this Dolphins offense is relentless. It is dynamic and it seems like it's got 200 plays in their playbook. They are fast.

They are very very troublesome. If you've got anybody suspect in the back end of your defense and the Ravens clearly did and do and they got exposed by salty Tua. You betcha. 36 for 50, 469 yards, six touchdowns. The four touchdowns in the fourth quarter, they needed it. They were down 35-14 entering the fourth quarter and Tua starts slinging it and he's throwing go routes and he's throwing quick passes and he's spinning out of trouble and he is a problem. Yes he's throwing accurate catchable balls. Yeah that happened.

That happened. Mike McDaniel, God bless him. What he has brought to this equation, he's brought belief and we were all like yeah most accurate ball you've ever seen. Got it. He's calling Tua from the plane from his pj with his family being flown to South Florida talking him up. Yeah we get it. We got it. Sure Mike you're just talking your quarterback up.

Well good job. Check that box and he's just I just love his style man. He didn't use any of our cliches. He didn't have to but this is what he had to say about the comeback win. Go for it. I mean we've been talking about it.

We just had a game where we were able to have the lead the whole game and so the night before I told the guys that you know I was really hoping that we'd get some adversity in this game and like I want to see how we respond to a deficit and apparently they just took me way too literal. I just love him. He cracks me up.

He cracks me up. Let me just tell you folks what we saw yesterday in the fourth quarter and throughout. The six touchdowns by Tua Tongo Valoa. The first dolphin to do it since Dan Marino who by the way was there celebrating with the team in the locker room. Yes sir. First dolphin quarterback since Marino in 86 to do it. The only other one was named Bob Grease. You did it in 77.

Uh-huh. He uh 28 in the fourth quarter. The 28 points in the fourth quarter. He was 13 to 17 for four touchdowns and a quarterback rating of 140 154.2.

Marino can't believe it himself. Third quarter since 1991. Third quarterback uh pardon me hold on a minute uh it's the first time ever first time ever a quarterback is thrown for over 400 yards and five or more touchdowns and two others on his team had 170 yards receiving and two or more touchdowns in the same game. Tyreek Hill 11 catches for 190 yards and two scores.

Waddle 11 catches 171 yards and two scores. Only teammates in the Super Bowl era to have those stat lines of 170 or more receiving yards and two or more touchdowns in the same game. The only other teammates to do it Don Hudson and Andy Urum who I believe I'm saying his name right for the Packers in 1942. It's the 10th fourth quarter comeback went down by 20 or more points in NFL history. The last one was the miracle at the Meadowlands two when the Eagles came back on the Giants and Deshaun Jackson walked it off on a punt return. Since 2011 teams entering the fourth quarter in the NFL since that day that Deshaun Jackson walked it in the end zone.

Since 2011 teams down by 21 or more in the fourth quarter oh and 710. It was so impressive what the Dolphins did. Lamar Jackson became the first quarterback in NFL history to throw a touchdown pass for 75 or more yards and run one in from 75 or more yards out and it's not even in the top five stats we're mentioning from the game. Lamar Jackson was entering the fourth quarter a total MVP candidate and he may still we're marathoning we're not sprinting but that's what the Dolphins did.

They erased it erased it and it's Tua who's doing it and Justin Herbert's got fractured rib cartilage who knew such a thing existed and Joe Burrow is 0-2 and you know who's Tua and O? The guy who's been much maligned because of the other two quarterbacks I just mentioned raging success and just to put a point on it yes the Dolphins can do this. They've won again just like the Chiefs they've now won a game where their offense gets rolling and can't be stopped and they come back doing that. The Chiefs won a game where they were leading throughout and their offense was rolling and could not be stopped. The Dolphins won such a game in week one their offense wasn't rolling because Belichick is Belichick and the Patriots are the Patriots and it's a division game and it was week one but the Dolphins put points on the board and put a defensive score on the board and the Dolphins now have come back and they've won games where they've been leading throughout when they're struggling and they've won a game in which they were struggling and it didn't matter because they could put points on you in a hurry and the question is can they do that to the Bills? Can they beat the Bills in this division?

We're going to find out you know when in six days because that's who's next for Tua they go home and take on the Bills. We're going to find that out fast and the Bills are coming in off a short week and we'll see if the Titans can tenderize them a little bit tonight and then there's the conference everyone can see oh it's just still two it's two of the ball flutters a little bit he threw him to throws it here who cares if it's fluttering under throwing or it's perfect because Tyree killing Jalen Wilder are going to kill you and Kasicki jumped he nearly hit his head on the crossbar right behind him catching one that Tua high pointed on third and 13. So look out for the Dolphins. If the playoffs started today the Dolphins are the two seed. Ah very good no I know and I know you're you make a good point there's again there's so much and we overreact and the Dolphins can look terrible next week.

It was exciting. But we've been talking about who's the next Marino when are they going to look like that again? Well guess what they did stuff that Marino, Duper and Clayton did yesterday with Tua, Waddle and Hill in Baltimore when Baltimore hit him with an opening kickoff for a touchdown right and then Baltimore went up 35 to 14 on him. Ravens also fumbled on the one yard line.

Well I think they're missing JK Dobbins they have somebody who can pick up some short yardage and get in the end zone and you know so that's my take on week one. Crazy game. I do want to dive in a little bit more on the Cowboys and the 49ers and some of these other comebacks and Chris Long is going to help me do it. Gosh I love when he comes on the show the two-time Super Bowl winner and the podcaster he's got a great green lights podcast it's called the green light podcast that's coming up he's coming up in hour number two. Then hour number three it's great when you book a guest prior to the weekend thinking you know he's popular and we'll have him on a Monday because he talks football and he's a Dolphin fan so you never know.

Perfect timing. Darius Rucker will be joining us I think from cloud nine. Dolphins fans have got to be out of their skulls.

Dolphins didn't make them cry last night did they? Good one very good one. I think that's why I'm here. Somebody sent when I tweeted out during the Sunday night game that Darius Rucker's coming on somebody's tweeting me a photograph of McDaniel in a hoodie and he said you should be called a hoodie in the blowfish. Going. That shouldn't have been funny but that was funny.

All right 844204 Rich is the number to call. What do you think? That's the way we come out of the box talking about week two. I'll tell you what we got two games tonight too. I love it. I love the Monday double-header. College football college football to be discussed as well. Aaron Judge hit two home runs.

Man. Jacob deGrom struck out 13 is the is the is the well. Hey the subway series is happening Rich. All right it's going down. Overreaction Monday as the centerpiece of this program as well.

844204 Rich numbered it all here on the Rich Hudson show. Ain't probably so cool. Here we go. Three two. What's the fastest ball sport in the world? Not baseball.

Three two. What's the fastest ball sport in the world? Not baseball. Not tennis. It is in fact the sport of high lie spelled J-A-I-A-L-A-I.

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Each set is played up to six points. It's a sport you need to check out. Monday and Tuesday at 5 p.m Friday at 7 p.m. 844-204-RICH is the number to dial here on the Roku channel and so much more right here on our program. Oh my gosh Navy Federal Credit Union. One thing that you need to know about when you become a member of Navy Federal Credit Union life just gets better.

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Hey look depth at the quarterback position it's it's the key it's so crucial and what's so crazy is you know when you when you need that backup quarterback it's kind of like a lawyer right you never think you you you you need a quality one until it's time that uh the chips go down and you need one and uh and i say that uh my older brother is a lawyer you want to plug him real quick he's just he's one of the best uh around um so look you need that depth you need it and man did we see that in week number two or what because the number one story leading into the playing season from the middle of august on was all about what the Niners did with Jimmy Garoppolo and how they got him to stay and why they got him to stay they got him to stay and the why they got him to stay was all born out of they deep down heart of hearts hooked up to a meet the parents truth lie detector machine they had reservations about Trey Lance's readiness and ability to lead the team and and that's what the why was now they swore up and down that's not what the why was the why was why would we release him and let him go somewhere else when maybe why not he'll want to stay that was the why that why would he want to go and get cut and then wind up in a new spot learning a new offense learning a new system learning a new route to work a new locker room a new coach why would he want to do that without a guarantee to start which we're guaranteeing him you're not starting here no matter how much lance struggles why not stay here and garoppolo was of like mind and stayed and unbelievably man the football gods just constantly wink at you trey lance on what appeared to be any old normal running play that you call between the tackles for your for your quarterback it goes down wasn't anything it didn't look like oh were you one of those things where you go oh my gosh he looks like that's gonna leave a mark as a matter of fact his teammates started helping him up and then he just went right down to the ground oh and then out comes the cart and then out comes that air cast and you're like wait a minute wait a minute really on that play and then you see his foot facing sideways and then you're like that's it yeah after all of that conversation after all of that at the draft two years ago leading up making that deal weeks before the draft and the conversation who is it going to be and it up being lance and now they finally turn things over to lance in year two and all he's gonna have going into year three is three full games as a starter it was his fourth career start he had two last year for the injured garoppolo at different parts of the season and then one last week where they lost in the rain in chicago and then last game of the year for him yesterday that's it and the question is going to be because in the nfl the nfl is the nfl you live for the moment and i know niner fans are like you know freaking out in a way because that's the future that's the future and unfortunately this being the nfl you must live in the present moment moment you must go to the next man up and thank goodness for the niners the next man up is jimmy garoppolo could you imagine if this was now nate sudfeld's team brock purdy you're a brock purdy brock your mr irrelevant now becomes a hell of a lot more relevant he's the backup do you if you're the niners do you now consider maybe shoring up the backup position behind garoppolo because as you know he doesn't usually play all 16 with who though i don't know brother i'll tell you what if i'm jimmy g though i don't play another snap i don't practice until they make my contract whole again oh hey i took a six million i i'm on the hook for six million i want the 23 back before i play again guess what that's not the way it works it is if he says i'm not playing are you really counseling jimmy garoppolo to show up to work and say i'm not playing until you pay me yes absolutely ridiculous absolutely with all due respect he's gonna save all their jobs this year i i understand what his role is that's the role of a backup quarterback you could say any backup quarterback into a super bowl at an nfc championship you could say any backup quarterback can take the stance like cooper rush can right now hey you should pay me more money before i play more games because i'm here to try and save your season he's not giving that gig look man what this guy is going to have to do is exactly what you are pointing out in a very roundabout way as to what he can do for this team and what he has done for this team and what the team didn't think he would have to do this year and it's just really one of the most remarkable turn of events we saw one on the scoreboard multiple times with the jets coming back on cleveland and the dolphins coming back on the ravens and the cardinals coming back on the raiders but jimmy g coming back on the radar screen after he was not even given a playbook at the beginning of training camp he was on the depth chart as the fourth quarterback when asked why that was i have it written down here the answer was because from uh from kyle shannon is because there's no other spot basically to put him it's because if he's fourth on the depth chart it's because he has to be that was the quote exactly i have it written down here crazy now he's a starting quarterback for 49er team and he might win the super bowl for him they're good enough the m nfc is so wide open here we go jimmy garoppolo back in the saddle again and kudos to john lynch and chanahan and the rest of that organization for creating the space to make it possible and garoppolo kudos to him for saying all right i'll stick around and now they broke the jimmy garoppolo glass in the middle of the second quarter in the middle of the second week and for lance i'll be honest you know i'm a lance guy and i've been very high on his ability but i don't know if he'll play and start for the niners again because if jimmy g wins the super bowl for him it's not like he's so damn long on the tooth they can't just say he's also a free agent i know that yeah that they can't just say jimmy you're sticking with us sticking with us and trey you're the backup until jimmy's run its course and now suddenly he's the jordan love of this equation because okay what about now you know some niner fans that i ran into yesterday were texting with them and no i know a bunch of them they're all like man we gave up so many picks for him i'm like well if there's any franchise that could survive losing the draft draft picks it's this one coach is not going anywhere and the gm's not going anywhere even though there's some in san francisco trying to think that the hot the hot seat is is is hot for for shanahan he was asked i believe his name is grant cohen of the uh in the bay area about why he ran trey lance and did he well i mean i can't put his quarterback in harm's way until with his play calling seriously here it is yeah i mean do you guys watch other teams in this league and buffalo does it all the time um with their quarterbacks pretty normal play um it's part of football and it's unfortunate that he hurt his ankle on it but it's very normal ran play you should watch some other people watch some other people yeah i mean it's a fluke thing and it's a one in a million it sure is brothery you know i mean it sure is so honestly i i've trey lance go rehab come back try hard but this is jimmy garoppolo's team now and if i'm jimmy i am not um relinquishing i am not relinquishing no it's set up he's gonna be great i know and you can't sit here like i was saying you can't not go to the kid when you use all those draft choices i don't know how operational that situation is gonna be that you have to go to the kid because you used so many draft choices to go get him when you're you know almost done with the drafts of not drafted without him you're half you're halfway through it yeah and if garoppolo's the guy then you got debo and boza and kiddo they're not so damn long in the tooth that you need you you need that first round draft choice so badly so when you do it just like the ranch okay keep going you're on first rounders but you have late rounders go ahead on them okay that to your point too it's not like you're putting in mr irrelevant it the locker room is comfortable and they know that jimmy can get the job done all rise terzo and iowa our 49er fan right in the nation's heartland what's up terzo what's up rich man this past weekend was pretty crazy i do feel bad for trey lance that injury yeah i saw i thought i saw it in real life uh or in real time whenever it happened i knew that ankle was broke and everybody's like what's wrong i was like watch the replay because you're going to see it and i feel bad for the kid but i'm happy our insurance policy is uh paying off i i i gotta tell you everybody thought yeah the niners are doing it just because they don't believe in lance and now they certainly believe in in getting the roster right what a what a stroke of genius by again the rest of the team to make it possible make it happen it's just insane i think it's in the in his contract and i just saw something this morning on it is each start that he he has it's worth 250 um each win it bumps it up to 350 000 well i mean that's pretty well incentive based and and thanks to call terzo again just to the story's insane i mean the team apparently didn't even know he was going to have shoulder surgery he has it so he can't be traded and now he winds up being the most important piece that they have also rich and scripted terzo took something i was going to bring on that bonus if he wins 10 games this year he's going to get an extra 3.5 million but at chris's point it still doesn't make up the the delta of what he was making but that's capped out it's 12 million if he hits every single incentive and they win the super bowl he made damn just so it's not 24 but it's something eight four four two oh four rich number to dial when we come back we'll talk about the other two backups cooper rush and joe flaco i told you to have faith you had this super bowl winning back up rich i told you that guys i will i will have i wasn't joking i will have the floor when i come back right here on the rich eyes and show and so will you at eight four four two oh four rich see on the roku channel odyssey and this terrestrial radio affiliate a moment you can listen to the nfl and the nfl app on the audience app on via westwood one station streams or by asking alexa to open westwood one sports sponsored by auto zone the free auto zone fix finder service can help troubleshoot the likely cause of your pesky check engine light for free and get you back on the road restrictions apply get in the zone auto zone auto zone guys please just give me a second auto zone you're doing your espn that's the guy who smokes 15 packs a day next on sportcenter i once did an entire sunday night i once did an entire sunday night because they used to they used one time they were like you guys oh gosh this is a great story it better be now maybe maybe this is why i haven't gotten an espy invite in 19 years cutting into your jets rank that's all right that's okay this time but this takes three hours it's that we we were told hey you gotta you gotta um improve your bumps to break your teases to break because we need to keep people locked in locked in through the commercial break and this is what you know they had some sort of consulting firm that said you know you're losing audiences and this break and that break and you so they were really after us about why don't you go to break asking questions like can the jets come back on the browns we'll tell you why and it's just like you know of course they can you know and so they would so then we we were still not doing it well enough so they said screw it we're riding it and you're just gonna lay out at the end of your segment and then we'll have an announcer read the voice voice the the bumps to break and so there's in the days leading up to that finally happening i did my breaks in this voice for an entire show coming up can the ravens stop the dolphins aerial attack we'll let you know next this is sports center that's what i did by the way that hurts i need a lozenge now yeah that's like no it's not easy at any rate hi hey hey man say what you will about dallas cowboys and we say a lot of will can we say a lot say a lot about your team yeah you do say a lot about jerry jones say a lot about this and that the other thing cooper rush can win some games the question is can he sustain them but what he could do is he can find noah brown he can get the ball to cd lamb a little bit not too much but not a little bit and all he needed to do all cooper rush needed to do was give him a little something on offense you know something maybe put one in the end zone noah brown touchdown pass check that box right did he turn the ball over did cooper rush turn the ball over did cooper rush turn the ball over i don't think so i don't think he did no i think cooper rush clean sheeted it quite frankly and we needed a little bit of a running attack we needed to see zeke you know doing the eat motion i'm not seeing tony pollard get the ball enough for my liking he broke off did you see the tony pollard big play i know that's what i'm saying even romo goes to break at one point saying well you know basically where's pollard but anyway cooper rush clean sheeted it clean sheet 235 touchdown so we need 1931 you know it's a higher register to stat line 95 that's not bad i mean that's all we need give the defense a chance to win it was a higher register stat line and then the defense will just take care of the rest sack joe burrow six times get him off the field and then and then and then it's just in time then it then you just leave it up to cooper rush and mike mccarthy to get you home and that's that's it you know when you get the ball back after the after the bangles tie the game on you're thinking oh here we go and now it's time to actually clock manage your way down the field and they did it clock the ball got everyone set roma was basically holding everybody's hand going okay all you gotta do is just get the ball down you know make sure everyone said okay there we got it and brett my her my her is it a one or two syllable name he's one of those guys he's one of those guys is it is it two syllables or one is it mar or my her i think it's two okay my her well that's what my her said my drained it and he drained it drain oh yeah yeah he did ma down the middle and uh the in the act like you know and then that sets up that sets up quite the monday niner next week to wrap up week three cowboys at the g-men trying to tell you guys it would be one and one after two you wouldn't believe me come on you want to believe yourself believe you even urban did i did i do the cowboy schedule yes did i say we'd be one to one yeah okay you didn't do the cowboy schedule after that got hurt i didn't do that though i know but you you didn't believe they'd be oh you didn't think they were going to win yesterday sure i did i told you before what did i say about the bingles i always said this i said were the bingles a good team last year or did they just get hot at the right time oh boy yes or no did i not say that i think that when did you say excuse me oh my god again you know that things we say in this mic and under the camera they live on video guys let me just step in and separate the two of you let me just look over here and say to you the bengals could be both things that they were a good team that got hot at the right time and right now they don't have that consistency on their newly revamped offensive line yet because burrow is exposed and mixin hasn't ripped off one of those buck fitty games yet and i'm not ready to count out the the bengals i was ready to count out the cowboys though well you got to have faith bro hey look as irvin said on game day morning if he plays six games give me three wins if he plays eight games give me four wins that's all he wants that's all he wants and right now he's played one game and he's got one win he's one for one first six games aren't that tough and i'll tell you what man i'll tell you what man he goes into monday night new jersey cooper rush can win that one too that's gonna be a tough the tough win hey he went to minnesota on a sunday night yeah settle down just a little bit but kudos kudos to your team you know what's so crazy is that like it breaks my heart that they're like people out there didn't believe in us human beings didn't believe in us but you know what he god did you didn't believe god did wow the football gods wow okay very good how about them cowboys very good i'm glad that you're happy shout out to dj cowie if you know you know what is happening okay um i've got i've got an apology to make here what oh i am apologizing i accept it rich i accept because i definitely made some asides i made some snide broadsides and asides made a lot of odds i did to who because i mean i apologize profusely to to the elves to broadway joe flaco where's the mink i apologize profusely you didn't believe to broadway joe flaco who threw 59 times against the ravens and i'm like what are we doing what are we doing what we're doing you did say that yeah we were building up his arm strength so we're doing muscle memory rich and what the jets have what the jets have is they have some really talented young kids who don't know what i know and have known for 50 plus years of getting kicked in the nards by the football gods to the point where zack wilson spends week one coming off of surgery just up the road here in southern california and what i know what you know rich now is they got some young kids who do not care what the score is and thankfully they were taken on a cleveland brown's team who if i am a fan of that team right now i am staring i am staring right at the defense i'm staring right at whoever was playing on defense after nick chubb scored for the umpteenth time to put this team up 31 to 17 30 to 17 pardon me 30 to 17 with a minute 55 to go nick chubb scored three touchdowns and amari cooper got in the end zone and everything's looking hunky dory and the elf looked great and everybody's everybody's feeling it and they're going to go to two and over the first time since belicheck was coach in 1993 and whoever was playing defense when joe flaco threw one up top to cori davis for 66 yards to make it a 30 to 24 contest and they were jogging after him i mean take a look at the video award take a look at the video they were all like okay yeah go you go they weren't even trying to run him down they're like yeah that's over we'll just get the onside kick and go home yep except the onside kick actually went the way of the jets first time that they have recovered an onside kick in six years and yeah the jets get the ball back and garrett wilson gets the touchdown pass from joe flaco who was just winging it all over the place and garrett wilson is raising his hand saying you know what i've got offensive rookie of the year potential myself and cori davis is scoring a 66 yarder and breeze hall scores a touchdown too so yeah yeah that was awesome i didn't see that one coming and the jets have some comeback bounce back ability we talk and play up so what you know what i'm gonna just take it a week at a time because joe burrow and the oh and two bangles are coming in next week but why not i mean why not we got a kid from cincinnati ourselves as a game changer culture changer sitting in the back of that defense with his souse souse wow i got the souse yeah man yeah man Broadway joe flaco looked i even tweeted out middle of the game if there was only a higher register font on twitter i'm like joe flaco looked sharp and he did he was decisive he was quick and zack wilson take take note take note same way same way that dak should take note by the way in dallas if i may have the temerity to talk about the privilege that uh that uh cooper rush is providing with his play you know i mean you say it but you don't believe it i do no you don't i mean zack wilson's gonna have all season to take note because joe should start off okay very good no no no no because you could see that some of the some of the rollouts and stuff joe's not escaping anybody and he's not making plays with his legs he doesn't need to you know what he leads the nfl completions attempts he's third in yards in the same way that the niners can survive should have started him in fantasy potentially missing on the number three overall pick from the draft two years ago which is definitely we're way we're way ahead of ourselves for even assuming trey lance will be that or could be that but if lance somehow watches jimmy garoppolo take the reins here niners in the can survive that jets need zack wilson take note watch joe flaco and what he did oh my god and browns thanks for not trying to run down thanks for giving up with a minute 55 to go right really appreciate it really appreciate it i will say the elf wasn't as big as i thought it was oh it was huge that'll be a little bigger they're oh and one with the elf chris long's coming on rich let's not get started should we put in a waiver claim for flaco in the allison chains league i think we're gonna win this week aren't we yeah isn't joey joey chestnuts colonoscopy came up with the win well we still have tonight to go but we are projected we're up yeah okay projected tonight i need uh i need um derek henry to not be out pointed by josh allen allen by at least nine not looking good i need about 50 from aj brown amen three comebacks you saw three comebacks this week in real football including the jets i mean the browns bro i'd seriously take a look at that video of cory davis running oh yeah and i did think of the the pittsburgh pirate third baseman who was eating sunflower seeds with his glove off with his glove off as the mets were scoring a run it's the place coming to his base like what was that the parts of the guy looked like to me it's just it's just the browns weren't eating sunflower seeds they're like yeah you score we're still up by six we'll get the onside kick and get out of here except you know they didn't get the onside okay the parts are the guy with a phone fall of his pocket and a guy eating sunflower seeds i don't know that is not good what's happening that's what i see is well o'neill cruz though oh they'll cruise yeah they're set they're set it short jesus he's good oh they're not so short because o'neill cruz is not long for pittsburgh yeah you're probably right i don't know rich season are we all three of us have got our eyes on him no but he says i got the pirates we got well maybe chris long coming up to break down week number two for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans super dome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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