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REShow: Chris Long - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 19, 2022 3:14 pm

REShow: Chris Long - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 19, 2022 3:14 pm

Two-time Super Bowl Champion and ‘Green Light’ podcast host Chris Long tells Rich why the Tua Tagovailoa and the Miami Dolphins’ comeback win over the Baltimore Ravens is the biggest story coming out of NFL Week 2, react to the Mike Evans-instigated fight between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New Orleans Saints, says why Jimmy Garoppolo makes the 49ers the best team in the NFC, and breaks down the AFC West after two weeks of tight competition.

In his ‘Overreaction Monday’ segment Rich weighs in on Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers, Cooper Rush and the Cowboys, Amon-Ra St. Brown and the Lions’ playoff chances, Tua vs Lamar, if the Steelers should turn to Kenny Pickett, if the Jaguars could win the AFC South, and whether the Jets should stick with Joe Flacco even when Zach Wilson returns from injury.

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The Rich Eisen Show
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The Rich Eisen Show
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Ladies and gentlemen. Ladies and gentlemen.

Please welcome. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Tony Davis behind the defense. He's gonna score. Caught. Touchdown.

They take the lead with 22 seconds left. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. And the Jets are gonna beat the Browns in shocking fashion. It's apparently Joe Flacco time. Today's guests. Two-time Super Bowl champion Chris Long.

Four-time Grammy Award winner Darius Rucker. Plus your phone calls. NFL Week 2 recap. And more. And now. It's Rich Eisen. Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air.

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And Leon is getting larger. You can make a brooch. I have no idea why that just popped in my head. I have no idea. I could make a hat. I could make a scarf. And if you missed anything in hour one and you're watching on the Roku channel through a Roku-connected device, or Samsung Smart TVs, or Amazon Fire TV, we say hello to you.

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That's why we keep doing it. Oh, my gosh. She's got this sign ready for tomorrow. I'm hanging out. Wait, are we drinking tomorrow? You know it, Chris. It's Mimosa Tuesdays with Susie.

I'm so excited. Okay. She wanted Bloody Mary, so I don't know.

Maybe that's the news. Guys, I'm out tomorrow. I'm hanging out with Roku executives. Oh, you fancy, huh? We'll back off.

Put in a good word. I'm conducting business. You don't need us to be in the business with you?

No, this is the business you need to continue to conduct. Okay, gotcha. Otherwise Roku executives would be like, why is he here? Shout out to Roku, Joe. My man. Shout out to Roku, Joe.

That's my man from Pittsburgh. At any rate, we're free is basically what I'm saying. And on all the times I'm finding out. On all the times, exactly. And again, if you missed anything in hour one, right here on Channel 210, if you're watching on any of the Roku devices, connected devices, and Samsung Smart TV and Amazon Fire TV, Channel 210 is, we wheel, we wheel, as they say in the business, as soon as we're done, boom, starts again. And then over and over and over again until we come on the air tomorrow. With Suzy and Marshall being, and Stefan Diggs is slated to appear on tomorrow's program. He's playing against the Titans tonight, don't you know, in the early game and in the late game that I'll be conducting the pregame and halftime hosting of on Westwood One.

That's the Vikings and Eagles. How many jobs you got, man? I've got a few. Gee. Gabe Davis just popping up on the injury report really screwed me. Yeah, me too.

Trust me. I mean, I hope he's all right. I hope he's all right, obviously. It's an ankle, so it's not like anything serious. He's probably not playing tonight.

You could probably say it's an MP, not a YP. Yeah, I know, I know. It's on him, but I'm just saying, man. He's potentially come in and beat the Bills without him. I don't know, that was wild.

Apparently he hurt himself just walking, you know, practicing on turf on Saturday. At any rate, to talk about the craziness of week number two, later on in this program, Darius Rucker, diehard Miami Dolphin fan and Grammy Award-winning artist will be here, I believe, again, calling in from cloud nine. He will be joining us in hour number three, but joining us right now on the Mercedes-Benz phone line is one of my favorites. His Greenlight podcast is incredibly popular. He is great at it. I love his perspective. He makes all of us smarter when he appears on the Mercedes-Benz phone line, as he's doing right now. Two-time Super Bowl champ Chris Long here on the Rich Isaac show. How you doing, Chris?

Rich, what's up, man? That was a crazy Sunday, huh? Big time.

I'm just going to throw open the floor to you. What's the headline from week two? Well, the headline's Tua and the Dolphins. I mean, like, we knew they were a playoff team, probably, even in an AFC that's really tough.

I think most people, I would say, pick them to finish ahead of the Pats and take a step forward. But Mike McDaniel, man, like, they ran those DBs who were kind of hurting and thin, you know, in Baltimore. Guys having to reshuffle, guys just coming back from injury. They ran them all over the field. I mean, I was looking at a net-sense stat that these guys ran like, you know, 6,000 yards in total as a group. I mean, a ton of go routes.

I think Watto had more yards on go routes yesterday than he has in a long time. And Tua, man, like, this is, you don't want to play out of phase like that. You don't want to have to throw four touchdowns in the fourth quarter. You don't want to spot teams' 21 points. I mean, like, as evidenced by some of the statistics you saw, like, it's just so unlikely to come back in a game like that.

So you don't want to do this with regularity, but this was a really good sign. And, you know, I know that there's been kind of some back and forth that I've been on one side of with Tua throwing the deep ball, and he hit a couple of those yesterday. But the thing that really impressed me about Tua was the red zone stuff, you know? Third and 13 to Kiseki. He made one play throwing the cray crap down in the low red where he spins out the back of the pocket, and it looks like a Mahomes play. So a big confidence booster for him, especially for the fact that, you know, that team responded. I mean, his completion over expectation, I think, in the first half was minus 14. So, like, the second half of that game was big. And then Baltimore, man, that secondary is going to be a problem this year. Like, you know, you lose Fuller.

You've got guys shuffling around. Kyle Hamilton wasn't great. But more than anything, the running backs, you didn't get much out of them. They had multiple opportunities to close that game out, you know? And in short yardage, usually from a Baltimore team, not only are they not going to give the ball back at the end of the game when Tucker kicked that field goal, but they're going to convert on fourth and short, not only early in the game when they fumbled, but late. So, tough game for the Ravens, but it should be about the Dolphins yesterday.

That was a really great performance. Well, I mean, the question is, as you know, we always in this world of the NFL media, now that it is an overreaction Monday, and I'm going to have that segment shortly, the question is how deep a threat are the Dolphins in terms of the playoffs? And for the short term, I didn't think you could have a battle joined within the division with the Bills, certainly with the way that they can put points up. The Dolphins showed they could put points up with the Bills or the Chiefs. I mean, is the conference a doable thing, do you think, for the Miami Dolphins, Chris Long?

I mean, you never want to say never because obviously, you know, I didn't think the McDaniel boost would be this impressive this early in the year, but I think we'll know a lot more in a couple weeks, and I think that's okay to say. I mean, the Bills, they got them this week. They're hosting the Bills coming up.

Yes, they do. And then they're going to go to the Bengals. And the Bengals, man, like, you know, buy them low. I mean, Joe Burrow didn't have a training camp, that offensive line. You think about O-lines now trying to get together, new pieces, you know, doesn't excuse the performance, but you get three preseason games now.

You don't get a lot of time on the field. So I think we're going to know more about, you know, the Dolphins in the next couple weeks. I want to see them win games in phase.

I mean, like, I'm not sitting here saying, hey, listen, great comeback, but, you know, whoop-de-doo. It was a great comeback, and they deserve to be lauded for that. But they're going to play some tough teams over the next month, including the Vikings. Oh, and the Jets, your Jets. You know, the Jets, you're never safe against the Jets.

Thirteen-point lead, two minutes to go. So the next month, Rich, is going to be like, we're going to find out a lot about the Dolphins. And I just, you know, seems like a great kid, and obviously there's been a lot of people that have criticized him, myself included. I'm happy that he looks happy down there, and Waddle and Hill, a lot of yak, you know, a lot of dink and dunk, but then if he can hit those balls that he did late in that football game deep down the field, he can be efficient, which he was last year, as a guy throwing the ball over 20 yards down the field. If he can mix that in, then the sky's the limit for the productivity of that offense, but I want to see them win games in phase and against good teams regularly. Two-time Super Bowl champion, host of the Green Light podcast, Chris Long here on the Rich Eisen Show. What went through your mind when you watched the Saints and Bucks exchange blows, literally after the figurative version of it for two-plus quarters?

What did you think of that one? Well, it's funny, because those games are always slug-tressed. You can definitely bet the under any time they play. And, you know, the Bucks are going to have to win with the run game and on defense.

I mean, it's just the way things are. As an aside, before we talk about that fight or whatever you want to call it, you know, we didn't count Brady out the year their defense was dominant late in his tenure in New England. We didn't count them out.

I think it was 2019. It was my first year out, and they were on this historic pace defensively, and they don't have half the players on that defense that the Bucks do. I mean, they have a ton of playmakers, and offensively, even though the line between, hey, a lot of new exciting weapons and just some alarming options to throw to outside is pretty thin, like, they can still compete in the NFC. And if you play defense like that, you know, any given Sunday. So, you know, definitely a good sign for the Bucks pulling that one out that the Saints have owned them. And, you know, Mike Evans, who has a history with Lattimore, which is going to become relevant when they hand down whatever suspension or punishment.

You know, the same thing happened a couple years ago. He's going to bat for Brady, which is interesting, like, you know, the whole, like, it's Tom Brady, what do you want me to do? You know, a lot of people question Tom taking a break. A lot of people wondered what that was going to do for the locker room. Like, Tom Brady's the GOAT, and people recognize him as such, and they also really like Tom.

And so people going to bat for Tom is not a surprise to me. But a lot of times, like, as a player, you'll be laying in bed the night before the game, and if you hate somebody on the other team, you're running through scenarios where you're like, if he does X, I have to do Y. You know, like, you're almost anticipating the conflict, and I think Mike Evans was just waiting. And he was a little frustrated that the game wasn't getting going for him. I wonder what Bruce Arians said to him, and I wonder what Marshawn Lattimore said to Brady, because those are the two things that if I could wave a wand and be a fly on the wall, that's one of the awards we give at our show. You know, I'd love to know what was said in that exchange that made Mike Evans run off the sideline. Take your best guess, Chris. Take your best guess.

Personal? I don't know, dude. Like, you know, I don't want to speculate, but for Mike Evans to lose it like that, I mean, either Bruce, you know, Bruce kind of, you know, Bruce put a battery in his back or he heard something he really didn't like. But there's so much that goes on during a game that we don't notice, right? Like, there could have been three, four instances where this was boiling over during the game, and we just didn't see it, and this was the tipping point. And Brady, Chris Long, has beaten the Cowboys when Dak was healthy, right, for three and three quarters and wins in Dallas to start the season.

And then the Bugaboo for him, since being the Bucs quarterback, certainly in the regular season, was winning in New Orleans in a slugfest in a game where he's feeling pressured and he is feeling frustrated, and they came out with the win. They're 2-0. I would imagine they're the team to beat in the NFC right now. Wouldn't you agree or no? Well, you've got issues out west, right? I think the team to beat in the NFC is the Niners, especially in light of what happened yesterday.

Why is that? Because Jimmy G has gotten them there. I mean, Jimmy G had them a quarter away. They beat the defending Super Bowl champions twice last year. I think they're the most complete roster in the NFC, you could argue.

And Jimmy G knows how to run the offense. So I think, like, you're cutting hairs here, but the Niners, the Bucs, sure. Like, the Packers, you need to see more. I think, you know, shout-out to my co-host, Macon, who thinks the Vikings are the team to beat in the NFC. I think the Vikings are a provocative team to take a look at, but the Eagles are really stacked, right? So there's a lot of question marks, and teams in the NFC are built in a lot of different ways, so the matchups are going to be very interesting.

So next two weeks for the Bucs, you get the Packers at home and you get the Chiefs at home. And I think what's really interesting is when Brady took that break, Rich, my biggest concern wasn't, like, morale. It wasn't chemistry.

It was, like, quarterback-center exchange, cadence, like, the whole operations of that offense and how they would run because you need those reps. And to start on the road in two of the toughest places to play, well, especially in New Orleans, against a team that, you know, you're going to have to go to silent count. They've gotten you. They can man up. They can cover your guys.

They're physical. And then Dallas with those rushers, especially Michael Parsons, the pull-out wins in those situations makes you feel good if you're a Bucs fan. And then before I let you go, Chris Long, in the few minutes I have left with you, Green Light podcast, check it out. I've been on it. You'll enjoy it. I'm not just talking about my... We got to have you again. Any time, Chris.

You know that, please. So let's talk AFC West before we go. The week began with that highly entertaining Thursday night affair where Mahomes, he's now won two different styles of games, the boat race where you can't stop the offense in week one at Arizona and then week two where they were struggling on offense first half and then come up with a win. Justin Herbert has fractured rib cartilage, which I didn't know actually was a thing. Yeah, we usually just say my ribs match up. Yeah, fractured cartilage.

I had no idea what that is. The Raiders, highly disappointing start, 0-2 after the Arizona Cardinals finally got things going and came back. What a win that was. And then Denver, it just seems like their coach has got something, like he hasn't gotten on track yet or the moment might be too big for a first-time head coach. That's where I kind of want to start your omnibus take on the AFC West. What do you think is going on with Nathaniel Hackett and the Broncos after they pulled one out, though, yesterday?

I'm not really sure, man. I picked the Broncos to miss the playoffs. I don't know if that's a pick, but I just think we...

It's a classic example of, and I've done it on other takes, people just automatically assume something's going to work out because you have something on paper. Russell Wilson, the last couple of years, has not been the efficient Russell Wilson of old. He's made some mistakes. I just didn't expect them to play great complimentary football.

It doesn't seem like he's going to be a game manager at the right times. And then when you take into account that the new head coach is having trouble, yesterday you got a punt, you got to call a timeout because you don't have a punt returner out there. You get a delay of game. You burn your last timeout. You're inside the red zone a bunch of times against Seattle. You fail to get points. You're inside the five twice yesterday.

You fail to get the points you should get. I mean, they're struggling at all the stuff that the fingerprint of a new head coach should be on. I mean, 13 penalties, 100 yards. So, tough start for Nathaniel Hackett. Another element of we just figure it works out because the guy knows Aaron Rogers. I think he might be a fine head coach one day, but the start's been poor. And compounding it is like that fourth and six or whatever it was the other night when he trots McManus out there to kick a ball. And you don't put the ball in the guy's hands who's probably going to the Hall of Fame and a guy that your marriage just started with this guy. So, as long as you're going to be in Denver, if you're Nathaniel Hackett or Thaniel Hackett, you're probably going to be with Russell Wilson. And you start the marriage off that way. That's like a bad honeymoon. So, I expect that hangover to loom like a week or two.

And you're learning on the job, too. So, Houston, I want to shout Houston out. Logan Smith deserves a lot of credit. He's got these guys playing competitive.

I'll say that. I mean, they should have won that game last week. He wasn't aggressive enough. But the AFC West, man, the West as a whole, the NFC West, the AFC West, you thought it was a bunch of juggernauts in that conference.

And it looks to me like the usual suspects in the AFC West. And the big question for me is how can Justin play with his ribs messed up? I know that sucked at the defensive end when your ribs got fractured. You had cartilage or whatever it was. But for him to turn in that performance on Thursday or on what night was that Thursday night? That was Thursday, yeah. Man, when he couldn't pick up the first down with his legs where it was just like, OK, I'm just going to flip the ball down and try on fourth and one rather than run and maybe get hit or slide.

Is it going to hurt my ribs sliding? And then he throws a 40-yard frozen rope on fourth down. It's just like I've never seen anything like that. That was wild.

It was jaw-dropping. It went from, I'm pretty sure in today's day and age, like online, we're going to be calling for him to be pulled out of the game. Chargers are going to get like, you know, skewered for having him in the football game because like, oh, that's why he's in the football game. Like, you know, fourth and one, not just trying to pick up the first down, but knowing that like you can't sustain the drive and you got to go for it all and you go for it all and you hit. The one thing in that game, and you know, like I'm a big fan of the Chiefs.

I think like, you know, their demise was greatly, you know, exaggerated and all that. But we overreacted to the offense and their function week one against the Cardinals, who are kind of hapless at times. And then week two, if Justin Herbert just doesn't throw that pick, I know it's a big if, but in one play and it's inside the five, that game is completely different. So the Chiefs have still got stuff to work out, but they are the Chiefs. And one thing about the Chiefs that's impressed me over the last couple of years is they've found ways to win games different ways.

Like everybody says, well, you lose Kyrie Kelly, you're going to lose the Magic. They put up 44 to start the season. They've dabbled in running the ball more the past couple of years. Their offensive line's been retooled. Like they lost everybody up front, right? A whole, you know, window, a generation of offensive linemen up front, whether it was Schwartz or the whole gang, like they shuffled through and they got a bunch of young guys in there and they've learned to play together. So Andy Reid just continues to be awesome and so does Patrick Mahomes. Who's on the pod this week? Pop it.

What do you got for me? So we got on Mondays and this pod's about to drop, but, you know, I got Kyle Long in, you know, my brother. You know, so now he's moved back home and I'm kind of working with him and it's been a lot of fun. We can kind of work together in person on Monday mornings and then one of my old teammates, Bo Allen, joins me midweek to do a lot of, you know, kind of deeper dive film stuff because, you know, on these Mondays, man, you're trying to download 16 games.

That's a lot. What I can't wait for is digging into the games and then we have Nicole Auerbach as well to cover some college football. She's awesome. She's awesome. From the athletic.

Yeah, from the athletic. Yeah, she's awesome. She's awesome. Have me on, Chris, please. Anytime. You got my number, reach out. I'd love to do it. I'd love when you come on this program. It's terrific. You're terrific. Thanks for the time. Yeah, and this guy named Will has been texting me, asking me if you'll come on his show.

Here's the deal, man. He's got to talk to his colleague who apparently... Has Rabil shut down... Has Rabil shut down our guy from going on his own pod? Has Luan been shut down? Has Rabil dropped the curtain down on Luan doing busing with the boys?

I think Rabil failed the inspection on the bus. There's no motor, and again... And they have put out a photograph every day. They're doing... But I made myself available during the summer. Luan couldn't do it because he was in training camp, and now he's not even on his own pod.

They have no motor and they have no co-host. What's going on? That's crazy. What the hell?

He's got Jameis Winston back problems from carrying that thing, so... Yeah, throw that guy a bone, man. Rich, it was good talking to you, man. Right back at you. Any time.

Any time. That's chrislongatjoel91 on Twitter. I follow him.

You should as well. And Chris Long, check out the Greenlight podcast, where all podcasts are acquired right here on The Rich Eisen Show. I just love chatting with Chris Long.

I just love it. Yeah, Will Compton's carrying... It's busing with the boy right now, right?

There's no boys. I think Luan went zero dark 30 for the season. I know, but do you think he did that on his own doing, or did Vrabel just say, you know, we don't need podcasters protecting our quarterback? That's a very Belichickian maneuver, wouldn't it? You don't see many podcasters on the Patriots. Not many player pods on the Patriots, right? Does he seem like Vrabel's M.O., though, right? Well, Vrabel is... Vrabel's a hardo. That's true. He's got a sense of humor.

I mean, yeah, look at the draft. There was a guy on the toilet. He once told me to take a heart pill and buckle up.

He did, and a great song came from that. Yeah, that's what he did, right? And the busing with the boys, they're relentless. They want you...

They're getting a little more provocative. Take your heart pills and buckle up. Yeah, yeah.

That's what I think he told Luan, the podcaster. Yeah, just buckle up. Buckle up.

They don't have a motor and they don't have a co-host. He can't buckle up, that's right. And the fact that Compton is now being a first-time dad and he's taking people for walks on Twitter all the time. He's tweeting about Nebraska football. Nebraska football. Can he be the head coach?

Will that fix it? If he wants to. He's doing Timmy Trumpets.

I mean... Timmy Trumpets. Should Nebraska still have football? Syracuse is winning now. Look at him right now. He's feeling himself a little bit.

Look at him right now. The end of that game was bananas. You guys watch any of that? I saw the end of it. We were on The Deuce.

That's crazy. And here's the latest one from Busting With the Boys. It's... Now this is from a long time ago. I have a picture of Papa John's. It's a long time ago when Papa John's was the official pizza of the NFL. And they came in and they shot a commercial. They brought like a thousand pies. Do you remember that?

And they fed the whole place. And so, like I said, that's a long time ago. As if I'm hanging out with John Schnatter right now. You're saying that's not your man? No sir. Very provocative. Better ingredients. That is amazing.

I'm ready to show up. They don't have a motor on their bus and they don't have a colos now. And you can't buckle up because they don't have a motor. You can't move. I'm taking my hard pills though.

Yeah. I'm on a statin. Look at me. I'm on a statin and I'm on Roku and life is great.

Better ingredients, better pizza. Let's take a break. Day 115 by the way. I know. Wow. Geez. Impressive. Stick to it.

That's a commitment right there. Let's take a break. When we come back, overreaction Monday. Let's go. Yeah baby. Let's go. So much to overreact to.

Yeah. It's coming up next. 844204 rich number to dial here on the Rich Eisen Show. We've got tons of time for your phone calls this hour. If you're on hold, stay on hold and enjoy a no doubt action packed edition of overreaction Monday.

Let's do it please. That was terrible. That was crap.

That was garbage. This place sucks. Overreaction Monday.

Christopher, you have the floor. Hey, what's up everybody? Did you guys enjoy that Sunday yesterday? Wild. Yeah. Last overreaction, I bet.

I bet. Last overreaction. All right, first up, guess what? The NFC stinks and Jimmy G is leading the Niners back to the NFC title game. Chill. Chill.

Hey man. The Niners are one and one. It's one of those where they're going to look back in two months from now saying, how the hell do we lose to the Bears in the rain in week one? How the hell did that happen? Why the hell do we draft Trey Lance?

No, that could be a question in the middle of next spring. We'll see what Jimmy G does, but Deebo's still there. Kittle is yet to play. The defense looks stout. The Niners still have four running backs and five tight ends you've never heard of that's not scoring for anybody's fantasy team, but they're scoring for the 49ers.

Isn't that amazing? They've got one of the greatest offensive minds in the game, but so many people are talking about Shanahan and only, what, three fantasy players that you're currently using? I don't think that's an overreaction at all. I think it's an overreaction that the NFC stinks. I'm still happy to live on the Bucks right now as my predicted winner for the NFC.

Really? Very happy. I love what their defense, that's a championship defense, bud.

Well, the offense is... And as long as Bruce Arians apparently doesn't have room and is sweet and he's standing on the sideline to light fires, this is great. What did he say to Mike Evans? I'd love to know. Who ordered the code red? Well, we know who he did. It's Bruce.

What else? Overreaction at the NFC stinks, but Jimmy G leading the Niners is not an overreaction at all. DJ, congrats. You finally have a quarterback.

If Cooper Rush keeps winning, Cowboys should stick with him. That's ridiculous. That ain't happening, but it is. I mean, you kind of alluded to that in the last segment. I alluded to nothing of the sort, sir.

Really? I said Dak should take notes. That's what I'm saying, because what Cooper Rush is doing right now is showing how, at least in this game against the Bengals, how you can put points on the board without Gallup, how you could put points on the board without Tyron Smith protecting you. And what he's doing with each win is providing the privilege to the situation. Because as we know, Dak refers to pressure as such, and I think he should take notes. That doesn't mean that when Dak is healthy, they're going to think Cooper Rush is their starting guy.

That's not happening. That's why you have backup quarterbacks. They're like lawyers. You don't want one until you need one. And then when you need them, you would like them to go back.

It's like what grandparents do with children, with their grandchildren. I want to have you. I love having you, but when it's time, take it back.

That's what it's like. Take back the backup quarterback. Let's get the starter in and win the Super Bowl, because the starter is going to be better because there's more privilege based on how the backup played.

Rich, it's like when you go to Ohio, I want you to take my boy to Dow with you, because it's better that you have security and not need it than need it and not have it, especially now. That's all I'm saying. That's an overreaction. Maybe the grossest overreaction you've had in quite some time. Beat the Giants.

We'll see. Let's go. All right.

You know, this is pretty good, guys. That team in Detroit. It's a great playoff team, and Amman Ross St. Brown is a top five wide receiver. The sun god. What did you say, without stuttering, that was incorrect right there?

What did you say? Top five wide receiver. That dude is amazing. If I'm not mistaken, eight straight games with a touchdown and at least eight receptions in a game or something like that. Did I see that stat?

He let them in receiving and rushing yesterday. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I'm in.

What did you say is wrong? I'm in. He got off and played in the Super Bowl and he was winging it around and look, I just know this for a fact. When you have an offense that is not making many mistakes and you have a really good running back, they have one, right? DeAndre Swift, right? They do have a really good running back. And they have a passing game that the quarterback, if they're not making any mistakes, can provide you that lift on offense. As long as Aiden Hutchinson's there sacking people, you can win your conference.

How about that? Now that's the base. That's the big 10.

I'll say that you can make the playoffs in the NFL because I watched it happen last year. That kid's special. And so is St. Brown. Oh, yeah. That's not an overreaction.

Crater of life. I like it. We'll see. We'll see. We'll see what happens.

But you did not stutter. What else? All right.

We got four 2-0 teams. Yes. Guys.

Probably going to have a fifth tonight. Buffalo handles business. Yes. I'm going to say the Bucks are the most fugazi of the 2-0 teams. That's ridiculous. Did you call Tom Brady fugazi?

Is that what you call him? No, I said the Buccaneers as a whole. Why? Why? Everybody's hurt. They have no wide receivers. That's not true.

What do you mean? They just won a game. They can't score any points. They scored 20 yesterday. Enough. Double the amount they needed to avoid overtime. They scored 13 on offense.

They got to pick six. Okay. Are you moving on to Cincinnati on me, figuratively?

Is that what you're doing? I don't know, man. You want to move on to Cincinnati? There's just something going on with the Bucks that I don't like. You know what's going on with the Bucks?

What's going on with the Bucks is they have a championship defense. They have a GOAT who's age 45 who didn't spend a lot of time all the time that he normally does in training camp. He's like spiking tablets on the sidelines.

Yeah, he's unhappy. Well, I mean, that's what the Saints will do to you. And he only has to face the Saints one more time when it's at home. And he got out of the Superdome with a win, which he has not done in the regular season in quite some time. And you know what he did? He strolled into the place where he played his first Super Bowl at age 24, his first game in the Superdome. And then yesterday, he strolled out as a 45-year-old guy with seven more rings, including six more than the one that he got there. Don't forget, he's in line for an eighth this year.

And don't forget, he also now has every Wednesday off, he doesn't have to practice on Wednesdays for the rest of the season. Hold a minute. Yes, whatever you're about to say yet, then the Giants? Yeah.

The Giants are more real as a threat than the Bucks. Come on, Chris Brockman. Come on. There are two games? All right.

Onward. Well, if you didn't like that take, you're not going to like this one. The Raiders and Bengals, what do they have in common? They have no wins. They're both going to miss the playoffs. The autumn wind is disappointing, causing me to get texts from Eric Stonestreet that I don't particularly enjoy. It took him 20 seconds after the touchdown scored by the Cardinals for him to text me.

I'm going to DM Eric right now. Both missing the playoffs. I'll say no. Bengals are just one out, bro. Bengals are just one out, bud. And as Chris Long just pointed out, buy them low right now.

Buy them low. Burrow had his appendix burst, okay? And you know what?

The offensive line is not protecting him like he's a crown jewel without an appendix. So I'll say that's an overreaction for the moment, but I'm not terribly happy with my choice of the American Football Conference Western Division prediction right now. All right. I'm really proud of this one. Yes.

Oh, boy. It's good. It's good.

It's good. The Dolphins are going to pay Tua before the Ravens pay Lamar Jackson. Well, define pay Lamar.

Define him. A long-term contract? An actual contract? A long-term contract.

Yes. I'll say that's not an overreaction. Because we got two years of franchise coming, I feel like. I'll say that's not over. If Lamar wants all the dollars guaranteed, like the Browns have done for Deshaun Watson, that he wants every dollar guaranteed and it's more than Deshaun Watson, I think that the Ravens will hold their ground. I will.

And continue to keep franchising him. That's insane. Yeah.

Are they watching the game? Yeah. I'll say that's not an overreaction.

I'm not saying you're right, but I'm not saying that's out of the realm. Yeah. Boy, you're very proud of that one. I was pretty proud of that one.

More proud of what? Your son or that take? Ooh. Well, my son didn't injure me in any way yesterday. That's good. First weekend.

That's happened in a while. Wow. Okay.

Okay. You know who was pretty dreadful yesterday? The Steelers offense. Give me a Kenny Pickett one. Give me a Kenny Pickett. It's time for Pittsburgh to go to Kenny Pickett.

Kenny. It's time. What happens first? It's time.

What happens first? Pickett starts or he finally pays you the bet for Kenny Pickett not being a top five pick in a draft that's now six months old? Pickett starting is definitely going to happen.

How about this? If Pickett starts, you will get paid. Oh. Why?

I mean, there shouldn't be like a contingency. I know. You should have paid him literally the day after you saw him the draft was over. You should have paid him the Friday after the Kenny Pickett wasn't a top ten pick.

He totally should have paid me when he made the bet because it was the way I was looking. I'm going to say that's an overreaction, but it's time. Kenny. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

That's an overreaction, isn't it? Nah, it's first week of November. That's the middle of the– I'm trying to look at that rule. Well, that's like week six or seven. No, that's week nine. That's what we call the middle of the season.

All right. Could we get Pickett versus Zach Wilson? Week four? Can we get that?

Maybe? Yeah, you're not going short week on him. You're not going to start him short week.

Maybe, maybe, maybe the struggle at Cleveland, maybe if the Elf comes up with a win, you Got the extra mini-buy. Get Kenny Pickett ready. Not out of the realm. Not out of the realm. I say not yet. This is six tough games right there, man. For week three overreaction, week four, gotta go high register. Never know.

They got the tough schedule coming up. You got any more over there? I do have more. I do have more. Damn. I do have more. This is great.

You wanna know more? I had it last week, guys, and I said the AFC South was gonna be the most fun. Obviously, I was wrong, because the Jaguars are winning the AFC South, guys.

That's absurd. The Jaguars. I'm not saying they can't. I'm not gonna say that they can't. I'm just saying, at the moment, come on, guys. They look like the best team in that division.

Guess what? The overreaction will be particularly intense if the Bills beat the Titans tonight. There's still 15 games to go. Come on. Come on.

You come on. The Jacksonville Jaguars have a last-place schedule, and I do like what they looked like. The Colts are easily the worst team in that division. I shouldn't even say the most disappointing team in the life, because I think there's more. They're the most disappointing team in the NFL?

I don't know about that. We all thought they were winning the division, and they can't score. I'm not happy with them in the way that they performed.

That's so polite. At all? We definitely turned another fan base against them, Chris. Travon Walker was the right pick at number one. Jacksonville looks good. Doug Peterson. This is called overreaction Monday for a reason. I'm not gonna say the Jaguars can't win the division.

I'm saying, at the moment, we have an overreaction entering week three. Do you have one more? Huh? Is that George? You got George ready? He doesn't have George ready. I thought that was his one.

No, he doesn't have it. Go ahead. Go ahead, Chris. You want the one more? You think we need one more? All right, we'll get one more.

Thank you very much. Rich, I've known you a long time. How old are you?

53 years of age. It's been a long time since the Jets won anything, and I'm proud of you. You finally have a franchise! Wonderful. Stop it. Yeah! There he is.

Look at that guy. Joe Flacco! Broadway Joe Flacco was fantastic.

Broadway Joe. Nice trolling. All right, buddy.

We've got the same record as you, so that's all I know. Mr. Patriot over there, Mr. We Should Fire Bill, Bill Should Go. I didn't say fire. I did not say fire. Oh, no. Fire, everybody.

I did not say fire. Nathaniel Hackett should've been fired at half time of his first game. Chris is right. I should hold out in the middle of the season.

He should! This guy. Broadway Joe Flacco did what a backup quarterback is supposed to do, which is win games that are winnable games, while the quarterback that's supposed to be the starter is sitting out. Great job, Joe Flacco. My bad for talking snidely, asidely, or anything like that. If I'm on any of Robert Sala's receipts, it's only because I have scars.

I am emotionally scarred, and I am absolutely excused from any receipts. All right? That's all I'm saying. But Broadway Joe Flacco, way to go, Joe.

It's Zach's job. You're trolling me. We've got the same record. We'll see you shortly, sir.

We'll see you shortly, because those are funny words. Who's skill players would you rather take? You have no dog in this hunt. Jets or Patriots?

Skill players you'd rather take? Yes or no? Right now. Three, two, one. Jets. How about defense and coaching? Damn straight. Bills.

No, no, no, no. Patriots or Jets? Who do you take? Defense?

Whose defense do you take? It's Bill Belichick. Okay, Bill, I mean, it's Belichick. I understand that. Fine, fine, fine, fine. But you got the sauce. You got it.

It's Bill's sauce, not great. Tear of the tape, by the way, all I'm saying is this. He gave up 30 to the Browns. All I'm saying is this, I have receipts. We only gave up 20 to the Dolphins. I have receipts.

That's a tough one. He was done. He was all out. He was like, when is the Celtic season starting? Look at him now. Mac to the future. Are you back here now? Where's your Mac to the future t-shirt?

I wore it on Friday. I know. All right, we're taking a break. 844-204-RICH is the number to dial. He did, I saw it. I remember. I was here.

I was here for that show. 844-204-RICH, number to dial. We'll take your phone calls when we come back.

Back here on The Rich Eisen Show, we were taking calls during our Roku channel segment. 2000, 2008, 2022. When it comes to the economy, these are some scary years and scary times.

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So what are you waiting for? Now, NetSuite is offering a one-of-a-kind flexible financing program. Head to slash Rich Radio right now. slash Rich Radio. slash Rich Radio. Let's go to the phone lines. Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina. What's going on, Scott?

Hey, happy Monday, guys. I'm just driving by from Heinz Field. Ah, no, no, no, no, oh, oh, oh, oh, Scott, stop right there. Stop right there.

I don't mean literally because it sounds like you're going very fast on a freeway or a highway. Are you sure it was an aqua-sure where you were? I was an aqua-sure. So I got two things for you guys. First, I just want to say to piggyback on what Brock Moon was saying for overreaction Monday, the offense is, Mr. Biscay is garbage. Like, he has about another game left before he gets pulled. But the defensive line with no TJ, they put no pressure on Mac Jones and that's scary too.

So the other thing is I need advice. So our fantasy league, this is our 10th year in this season, or in this fantasy league. And we created a junior league as a relegation league. So last place in our league goes to the junior league and then the winner gets bumped up. Oh my goodness. But it has caused an uproar with the guys that have started 0-2 now and they're threatening on quitting.

Do I hold my ground and tell them that they can quit if they want to be babies or do I cave? Here's what I need to tell you in advance of you getting RAS Consulting, which is, as you know, the highest white glove treatment I could offer. I need something in exchange from you as soon as I give you my answer, okay? You got to tell me something. I need something from you too, okay? Is that a deal? Damn straight you hold your ground.

You tell them go pound sand. If you all agree to it, then too bad. You're 0-2. If you were 2-0 and you were 0-2, Scott, wouldn't you be in danger of being relegated? There's also, what, 13 more games left for your season?

12 more games left? Suck it up, do better, do your job. How about that? That's what you tell them. Go pound sand. You're going to quit? Babies? Exactly. And use that tone of derision as well. Now I need something from you, Scott.

You got to help me since you're coming back from Accra-sure. Did you see the ketchup bottles? Where are the ketchup bottles? Were there any ketchup bottles in the stadium?

No ketchup bottles. They did have a Heinz, they have a Heinz Concourse, and then they have the Heinz Red Zone, and they got the big ketchup bottle on the Red Zone screen. Okay, so there is, but weren't there two in the old stadium, the Heinz, I mean, where? Yeah, there were two big ones, I thought. So we don't know.

So in other words, you don't know? Nowhere to be seen. Wow. Okay, Scott, thank you. Call us back and let us know if RES Consulting did the trick. By the way, I absolutely know we did the trick.

Imagine somebody's gonna quit. We're batting 1,000, by the way. We are. At some point though, we're gonna have to bring in some income to RES Consulting, we're doling out great advice, but we've got overhead to think of, you know.

I'm a DJ. At some point we're gonna have to charge someone. There's only so much pro bono we can do.

I understand at some point you can't keep giving the milk away for free. At some point, not anytime soon, I'm just saying. Anytime soon, I'm just saying. We're growing the business and we have a proven track record. And at some point we're gonna hit.

We're still gonna have the best prices out there though. Is that right? I think so. We're for the people. Are you saying the price is right?

Hey. Well, free is a good price. I mean, that is true. It's hard to beat that.

It is, it's the best price on the Roku channel, right? Free 99. That's what I'm talking about. See how I'm bringing it back. See what I did? I like what you did there.

Thank you, that's all I'm looking for. Russell Wilson and Jimmy Garoppolo have the same MVP odds. That's weird.

Brock Wilson can get bad with that. That's weird. That's weird.

That actually is weird. Yeah. Not feeling good about the ride. The ride is bumpy. I wanna hit that in hour three. Here's what we're hitting in hour three. We gotta talk about the ride in Bronco's Country.

Is that what it is? Is it Bronco's Country? Let's ride. We're laying off a road up there, so they can ride pretty bumpy.

That's true. Four by four, you need a four by four. You need a four by four up in Colorado. Nathaniel Hackett had another head scratcher during that game against the Texans. Not been a good four, eight quarters for this one. We've got Darius Rucker about to call into the program. Oh, he's gotta be hype.

Yeah, he's a dolphin fan. He's about to, he's joining us in five minutes time. And also, you know what I'm gonna do?

What's that, Rick? I'm gonna do my own little overreaction one day. I've got the top five most disappointing teams yet so far this season. After two weeks? It's not even over. There's still more two games left.

At list, I feel like my team won't be on, so I'm kinda happy about this. That's correct. You got a quarterback now. Thank you. I'm gonna do that. Yes. Bonus. I know you like it when I do stupid stuff. Yeah, dumb list is great. Certainly in list form, in certainly list form. You love that.

Rich, okay, you gotta stop with the dumbness, all right? Lists are great. Thank you. Okay. Lists are awesome. You just made the list! Thank you. Hour three coming up, Darius Rucker crawling about his fins coming up. Thank you, Jason, for putting that in. Well, one thing about Darius Rucker is, speaking of wrestling, he's a big Ric Flair fan, and I doubt this will get brought up, but Darius Rucker, Chris, owns one of Ric Flair's old-school robes.

No way, those like $20,000 robes? Yeah, and he bought one of those, and Ric Flair went and did a whole thing with the Darius Rucker, huge wrestling fan. If I'm not mistaken, Hootie and the Blowfish played at the Dan Patrick Roast that I emceed in Chicago. Oh, that makes sense. That tape of which disappeared right away because I worked so blue.

Oh. You don't have a tape of it? Is it deleted?

I think Dan might still have it, and I think he's ready to bust it out if any part of our relationship somehow goes awry. You went off like that? I would be thrilled to have it out there because I crushed. I crushed. Yeah?

Oh, yeah. I went, Nick Pacay wrote the jokes, and he was, I said, working. For the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments, it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson, too. All-time Hogan opponents, Macho Man's gotta be in the conversation. Where's Andre for you? I've always said Andre was number one. Wow. Because even going back before Hulk Hogan was a babyface, Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome, at Shea Stadium in Japan. Wherever they went, that was an attraction. Something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard. Listen wherever you get your podcasts.
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