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Chris Myarick, New York Giants Tight End

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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September 14, 2022 9:11 pm

Chris Myarick, New York Giants Tight End

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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September 14, 2022 9:11 pm

Chris Myarick joined Zach to discuss his touchdown reception late in the 4th quarter and if he was surprised that Brian Daboll elected to go for two. 

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Chris, appreciate the time. How are you?

I'm doing great, Zach. Thanks for having me on. Well, we appreciate you coming on and congratulations on the win. Take me through that touchdown. We just played you the audio. Take me through how you processed the touchdown.

Yeah, man. I mean, we got down there, had a pretty nice drive. You did a great job running the ball that drive. And I think we stuck two of the same runs in back to back right before that play and kind of gave a similar look to the defense.

And, you know, they bid on it and made it nice and easy for me to, you know, bust open free. Now, when you scored the touchdown, I'm thinking to myself, okay, they should go for two. You got a new coach. You got a team that does not have a lot of big expectations this year.

Why not? Take me through you guys beating the huddle when Daball puts up the two fingers and then gives you the play call that they're going for two. Yeah, I mean, we're always going to be aggressive. I don't think anyone was caught off guard or surprised that we went for two.

I think as a team, I would guess that everyone would want to do the same. So, yeah, I mean, it's just the next play. It's just a chance to go ahead and take that lead and get our first one.

So it's great. What did Saquon Barkley show you in that game? Because there's been a lot of doubts on what Saquon Barkley could be after the high expectations that he was unbelievable on Sunday. Yeah, he played great. I mean, he didn't show us anything new that we haven't seen all camp, all offseason.

You know, everyone was happy for him, you know, for all that hard work to pay off. But we see that every day in practice. We know he's an explosive guy, a big home run hitter, and he can break some tackles, make people miss and just be effective all around. Chris Myrick here with us had the big touchdown up against the Tennessee Titans as the Giants get a week one victory. What does it say about your football team? You guys were down 13 to nothing, and you guys find a way to come on back against a team that last year was the number one seed in the AFC.

What does that say about the New York Giants this year? Yeah, we're not going to quit, you know. Everyone is going to fight together. We're going to play a complete game. We're going to fight for 60 minutes, pretty much.

That's what it boils down to. And credit to the defense for holding them in that second half and really putting us in a good position in the first half. You know, we gave up a couple short fields, and they really bent and didn't break.

And that really gave us a chance to come back in that game. What have been your impressions so far, Brian Daible? I like him a lot. Obviously, I like his aggressiveness. He's always going to be aggressive, and that's good. I think everyone agrees that that's how we want to play.

We're going to fight. We have that kind of mentality as a team, so it's good that he matches that. Also, I didn't know he was that good of a dancer in the postgame.

Yeah, that was fun. He likes to play a little music before every team meeting, so he's got a big variety of music going on. Yeah, a lot of music you like.

What's that? A lot of music you like that he plays? Yeah, he'll play anything from some old-school hip-hop to some new stuff.

Some country sometimes will sprinkle in there, but he keeps it pretty balanced. Yeah, take me through the scene in that locker room after the game, Chris Myrick. You guys saw it. That was pretty much it.

That video summed it up. Everyone was having a good time. We were excited about the win. So, you get the touchdown. Saquon gets the two-point conversion. Tennessee is going down the other way, and they're lining up for that game-winning field goal. Tannehill made a heck of a pass. How did you process the missed field goal on the sideline? Yeah, we knew there was a chance. It's not over until it's over. They put themselves in a good position to finish it, but every play matters.

Every snap matters, and we ended up just coming away with it on that one. How do you explain your story? Because I remember when you got the scholarship and Kevin Ngandi handed you a scholarship at Temple University with your parents there, and told you that you were going to be a scholarship member. You were someone that was a walk-on, then eventually undrafted, and now, I know this isn't your first touchdown in the NFL, but you made a big play on Sunday.

Just take me through the origins of your story. Yeah, it's kind of been a one-day-at-a-time process, honestly. Going from high school, I'm going to decide I want to play college. I don't get the chance to earn a scholarship, but I'm going to take my chance and walk on and kind of take it day by day, step by step, and kind of climb the ranks that way, going from walk-on to scholarship to undrafted to practice squad to active.

So, it's kind of just been a one-step-at-a-time kind of journey for me. And I know you were only with the Bengals last year for a little bit, but you were on their practice squad towards the end of that Super Bowl run. What did you take away from that experience?

That was a great experience to have. I mean, not many guys get the chance to go to a Super Bowl. You realize how rare of a thing it is. I tell people all the time, I remember the night before, during the meetings, they went around the room, I think asked anyone to raise their hand if they had been in a Super Bowl before.

I think only a few guys had raised their hand, the staff included. And, you know, you're looking around, you're seeing coaches who've been in the league for 30, 40 years, some even 50 years, and this is their first chance at a Super Bowl. So, you kind of realize how great of an opportunity that was.

And I'm blessed I am to be there. Chris Myrick here with us from the Giants. Just going back to that culture the Bengals have since you were there for a little bit.

Burrow, we all know is unbelievable. Jamar Chase is a great player. Just can you speak a little bit to the culture and what they're building there in Cincinnati? They definitely had a great player-led culture, I would say. It kind of seemed as though, I was only there for about six weeks, but you could tell that all the players would kind of come together and say, this is how we need to do things.

Obviously, coaches played a part in that, but it seemed as though they really accepted that and kind of led things themselves. That was good to see. But your quarterback, Daniel Jones, your impression so far being around Daniel Jones and what you think he could accomplish this year? Yeah, I think he saw it on Sunday. He's a great leader. He's going to be the same guy in the huddle no matter what happened in the previous play or what the situation is. You know what you're going to get from him.

He's going to be calm, cool, and confident. And he's going to put us in the right direction to win games. Everyone's behind him. Everyone's supporting him.

And I think he's on the right track. This weekend, after a victory, you guys do have the Carolina Panthers at MetLife Stadium. Early impressions so far in that Panthers defense? Yeah, early impressions, I would say they're very fast. It seems like their speed is a major role in their defense.

So we're going to take that into account and figure out how we want to attack that. Well congratulations. It was a heck of a weekend last weekend in the NFL to kick things off. Great to have football back. Good to see you score a touchdown, you being a Temple guy. And what an ending to a game. So thanks for coming on. I appreciate it.
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