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REShow: Pete Thamel - Hour 1

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July 21, 2022 2:22 pm

REShow: Pete Thamel - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 21, 2022 2:22 pm

Rich reacts to Georgia Bulldogs head football coach Kirby Smart’s new 10-year, $111 Million extension and what it means for professionalism in college football, and weighs in on the 49ers granting Jimmy Garoppolo permission to seek a trade with speculation on which teams might be interested in the Niners QB.

ESPN College Football Senior Writer Pete Thamel tells Rich why CFB is mired in an “untenable mess” due to lack of overall leadership for the sport, if the SEC will end up dictating the future of college football in the wake of the NCAA’s shrinking power base and if they and the Big Ten are looking to expand even more, and why Notre Dame’s strategy is amid all the conference realignment and expansion.  

Rich reacts to Kyler Murray finally getting that fat contract extension from the Arizona Cardinals and explains why he deserved to get paid.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. Live from the Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles. You know this is not my first National Football League Rodeo as you all know. This is the Rich Eisen Show. The hat is rakish and I'm rakish in it.

If you don't like it have a more interesting life. Rich Eisen. Today's guest, columnist Pete Thamo. Two-time Super Bowl champion safety Malcolm Jenkins. 49ers tight end George Kittle. You know at the end of the day they got to wake up tomorrow have the same life that they had.

Same personal problems they had. And now it's Rich Eisen. Oh yes it is. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. Love starting the show with a laugh.

Love it. Welcome this edition of This Here program in Los Angeles, California. Hello to the NBC Sports on Peacock. NBC Sports audio serious XM viewers and listeners. We say hello to the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio outfit that brings this show through to your ear gate coast to coast. Same to the Odyssey app listeners in our podcast Consumers at the Cumulus Podcast Network where this show is broken up into all three hours. You can get us every single day as a podcast form.

You can also watch whatever you missed on slash Rich Eisen Show after everything is over. Good to see you over there Chris Brockman. How are you?

Hey Rich. What's happening man? DJ Mikey D is in Deez Nuts. He's in his position once again for a fourth straight day.

He might cramp up. Good to see you over there. TJ Jefferson. What it do Richie? Candles lit. So you got yourself a new lighter? What do you got? Well you know I thought Bic would come through.

They haven't yet so I did rub two sticks together. Okay is that what it is? Yeah but you know the Boy Scout training even though I was never a Boy Scout.

Who knew the Rich Eisen Show is beauty. BYOB bring your own butane. We're gonna fight. You know just get yourself you know here's what you do.

Get a new lighter and we'll put it on the under hills. It'll be fine. Okay definitely.

That's why I put everything. You're gonna have to run that by HR. Run that by human resources. Run that by HR please. Remember I'm finance.

Yeah that's true. Welcome to this program. Candles lit.

Can we restart this over? We start this show with why not professional football. Professional football. We all love professional football don't we? We love the American Football Conference. We love the National Football Conference and we love the Southeast Conference because that's professional football.

What do you mean Rich? Wait a minute that's college football. What are you talking about?

Out of this the sport we call collegiate football but really is professional football latest indication that I am not just trying to stir it up and be cynical. Kirby Smart. I've heard of him right? You heard of him?

Oh I've heard of him. He is the head coach of your defending national champion Georgia Bulldogs. He is the latest Nick Saban acolyte former assistant to go elsewhere and try his hand at things and succeed. Kirby Smart has been rewarded for that success. Yep all those Georgia Bulldogs who left to go to the National Football League and lit up the NFL draft.

Well guess what? You got yourself a head coach who's paid like a professional football head coach. According to all reports new 10-year deal. New 10-year deal worth 111 million dollars. You know what and we appreciate that as does probably all the collegiate athletes there who might not be taking math classes. That's 11 million dollars a year. That's not bad. That's definitely more than some NFL head coaches that's for sure.

11 million bucks a year. So Kirby Smart I will just say this. Have we I don't know if we've had him on. We have not. We have not. I don't want to hear ever out of his mouth a single I don't think he's made one yet either.

Who knows at some point may happen I don't know I'm just front-loading it. We cannot hear out of his mouth ever again anything about players and the NIL and transfer portals and all that stuff. I am sorry. All right we can't.

That would be the first I've never really heard him. I know that. I'm just saying I'm just front-loading it.

Yeah. I'm just front-loading it. Can't hear it. Can't have it. Won't have it.

Can't win with him. And because this is this is this is it. This is where we are. This is it. This is where we are. Head coaches in college football paid better than professional football. Head coaches in the national football league. And it's all coming.

It is all coming. What's the it? Professionalism to the collegiate level. The division one council according to Nicole Auerbach of the athletic recommending that the NCAA get rid of the one-time part of its transfer rule.

What does that mean? Anyone would be able to transfer and have immediate eligibility if they meet academic standards. Provost is standing right there making sure your your grades are ready.

Okay. You imagine some kid who is incredibly talented says I want to transfer from this school to that school and that school's provost says yeah we can't get the kid in academically. It happens today and I guess it'll happen here if they meet academic standards. Otherwise athletes could transfer multiple times and play right away. According to Nicole this coupled with transfer windows would allow athletes to compete right away at their new school as long as they have academic eligibility provide notification of the intention to transfer during the transfer window. Yeah there would be an increased burden on the schools that accepts transfers. The school would be required to provide provide financial aid to the student athlete through the completion of the student's five-year period of eligibility or undergraduate graduation. Meaning they'll have to pay for their education right.

There's no scholarship right to a transfer student I guess. I don't know. It's all common that's that's and that's if you will um that's more open than any free agency that you see in the NFL. Yeah you know what I don't like it here I'm too buried on the depth chart I gotta get I'm out of here. Well how many college football head coaches can say I'm out of here on their contract and just go and wind up somewhere else and start dancing in uh in in uh recruiting videos for kids who don't come and be part of your family.

You see what I'm saying? So coaches and athletic directors and schools might not like this. Why?

Because a kid can just up and leave. Go. Out. You don't get any compensation for it.

You get any compensation for it. You give the kid a scholarship. He takes a spot. He doesn't like the spot.

He wants to go to a different spot leaving you with no uh no spot. What's a way around that? What will be a right way around that?

What will be a way around that? Contracts. Sign it. You are with us for three years.

You won't be able to transfer until year three. Two plus one. I mean it's contracts. Unions.

I'm telling you. And the way it happens is uh they're just going to form their own leagues. So Pete Famel is going to join us to talk about exactly this in about 20 minutes time. 20 minutes time. Coaches being paid like professional football coaches.

Players are going to be able to transfer. Just what out. Don't like it. See you. Coach play me.

If you don't play me I'm out. I'm going somewhere else. And then suddenly a kid leaves and starts transferring two three times. What happens then? Does the next school take them?

Man oh man oh man. And the NCAA is the one that's going to be running this. Get out of here. They're not going to have any handle on this at all. No.

What a holy hell of a mess this is becoming. But hey Kirby Smart's been paid and did Georgia know Georgia kids will know. You come here. You've got that coach. You've got that NL deal.

You've got that path to the NFL. Georgia's handled. They're one of the halves. Alabama's one of the halves.

All the halves getting together. Right now it's called the Southeast Conference. Soon it'll be called what? The Southeast Conference.

That's what they'll call it. It'll still be the Southeast Conference. Still be the Big Ten. We need two more. We need two more Superleagues.

That's it. We need two more. You got two at 16. Give me two more with 16. And then suddenly you got yourself four Superleagues that will run their own championships and whoever comes out of it that's a 14 playoff. Right?

Well 16. You could have the top four in each each conference. Play it out.

Yeah. Or they just run their own conference. Run their own championship. Oh then the winner. In the same way the AFC runs its own championship and the NFC runs its own championship and the two meet in something called the Super Bowl. Sure that works.

So you got four Superleagues come up with four of their champions and off they go. And if you're not in it and if you're not in the and if you're not in those four leagues what's the one of the many phrases I heard in camp? Tough nuggies. Tough nuggies. That's what my camp look on today. Another story that kind of hit us after we went off the air. We hung up from Ian Rappaport talking about Jimmy G and our friend Adam Schefter reporting that Jimmy G has been allowed to seek a trade. You go find it.

You go find the spot you want to go to. Say the San Francisco 49ers. You know what? I always like being right. I always like being right. It's the thing you enjoy the most.

You know what? As somebody who does something like this for a living and actually cares that what I say turns into something right. Not that I'm throwing so many takes at the wall you won't remember the bad ones that I have. I'll even bring up the bad ones that I've had. Don't trade for Giannis Atetokounmpo, still your clubhouse leader in the soon to be eight year history of this program. I don't just throw things at the wall and hope you forget it or have no shame when you bring it up to me like some others in this business.

But I do like being right. Trey Lance's team. How many times have I been telling you this is Trey Lance's team? We even had Fred Warner on on Monday and I'm like it's Trey Lance's team right? And he goes well I'm just I'm not I'm just I'm just the pro bowl linebacker here okay.

I played defense Rich. They haven't really said it yet so I'll leave it up to them. That's what I'm like but but if it is his team you're he's someone you can follow right? Absolutely no short because he knows it's his team. It's just not his job to say it. So Jimmy G's out. There's no way he's coming back. This was a this was a team that basically said Jimmy G's time is running short is running short. The minute they struck the trade to go trade up third overall two drafts ago. The minute they did that the clock was ticking on Jimmy Garoppolo and they had the ability to stick with him last year cap wise, locker room wise, coach wise, owner wise, general manager wise. They had the organization all set up to allow Garoppolo to stick around and do what he did last year and allow Lance the time that they felt he needed. It's his time now so I've been telling you that for months and you don't tell somebody to go ahead seek a trade and then keep him. The problem for the Niners is is who's going to trade for somebody coming off of shoulder surgery who's just beginning to throw over the last few weeks. I guess Ian said yesterday he's making most of the throws but the 40 yarders and things like that.

40 yard out he had. He's saying right. But you know again you're going to acquire somebody in the midst of training camp who's going to do that for the freight 25 million that he is?

Yeah nobody. I don't think anybody's going to do it and you take a look at Baker Mayfield who's making less who had to eat his own salt portion of his own salary to get out for a 2024 fifth rounder that could go into a fourth rounder. My spidey sense tells me this is coming down to a release and I don't know any other team that might think differently. They might might with circumstances that shake out some horrible injury befalls a quarterback a la Teddy Bridgewater from a few years ago. Suddenly Sam Bradford voila needs to be acquired by a team and Garoppolo could be that guy and if I'm the Niners I would wait. I would wait to see if that happens because not only one would that be the spot where Jimmy Garoppolo would be best for him is to get an opportunity immediately but also you don't release him. Releasing him opens up a path to Seattle which I would if I'm San Francisco do everything in my power to avoid. I don't want to see him in division. I don't see him twice a year.

I don't need to do that. Why am I helping out my rival that appears to be in a very difficult spot? I gotta face them twice a year. I'd rather face Gino. I'd rather face Drew Locke than Jimmy G, right? If you're the Niners. I think so.

That's just the way I'm seeing all of this playing out. Could somebody trade for him? Of course. Can somebody take salary, eat salary? Of course. I have no idea. Neither do the Niners but right now they're giving him the opportunity to go seek it.

You go find it. I don't know where who's raising their hands to go get Jimmy G right now in a trade and you keep seeing Houston. I don't buy that. I think Houston's all in on Davis Mills and that's what they should be. I think he's pretty good.

As well they should be. It's like they're not gonna try, they're not gonna win the Super Bowl this year. I don't think they got a team that can do it.

You never know. This league is a you never know league but why wouldn't they just, they just got a new head coach in Lovey Smith? Just keep taking your lumps with Davis Mills which by the way last year wasn't a lot of, the Jets had more lumps with Zach Wilson, the Jaguars had more lumps with Trevor Lawrence. You could even say that the Bears had more lumps with Justin Fields last year than what the Houston Texans did with Davis Mills. I don't buy that one. You're hearing the Browns too but the Browns are apparently bringing in AJ McCarron and Josh Rosen for a look-see in case Watson has fewer than 17 games thrown at him by Sue L. Robinson, the judge who is considering his staff playing status for 2022.

Oh nice baby. His Jimmy G thing doesn't have a clear picture right now other than the fact that if you're a team in the NFL why would you why would you trade any draft capital for somebody who costs 25 million dollars coming off of surgery on on one of his arms? You know I don't see it but the one thing that is for sure for for sure and clear is that it's Trey Lance's team. Now that's not the reason why we're having George Kittel on in hour number three. No it's not. We're having George Kittel on in hour number three because of all of his plane travel chatter that got caused by his tweet that we picked up and spent three hours talking about yesterday about some individual in his exit row putting multiple bags in the overhead bin and apparently George said thoughts on this meaning he was very upset about it I'm like hey look first in first up you've got multiple bags you put it up there if there's space. Called you diabolical. Called me diabolical for that then you asked him because he's in a middle row do you get both armrests he said yes to that yeah so I reached out to him he has yet to respond on the thorny issue of people reclining into your area from the row in front of you so George is going to be calling us and I do believe he's calling us on his way on his way to the airport back from wherever he was traveling oh goodness another flight yes indeed I think he upgraded I don't know wow somebody stuck him in row 19d now I might just might at some point during the conversation use the fact that he was in row 19 to bring up his number 19 on his team just a little bit that might be my in for a little bit of Deebo chatter even though you promised but there's some Kyler Murray news to hit everybody everybody okay we'll get to that and Pete Thamel of the worldwide leader in sports to talk about Kirby Smart being paid like a professional football coach because it appears he is one 844-204-rich number to dial in the program Malcolm Jenkins the retiree he's in town for the ESPYs he wore a suit of his own design last night look good so he will be the second hour guest in the Rich Eisen studio did I just rack up some charges Ohio State can assume me wow for copyright infringement trademark infringement is being typed up as we speak the circle tm guest of our number two is Malcolm Jenkins that's how we're rolling here on this busy Thursday edition of the Rich Eisen show back here on Peacock Sirius XM the terrestrial radio audience rejoins us in a little bit over two minutes time that's when we'll bring in Pete Thamel of ESPN talk about everything going on in college football I'm so thrilled to catch up with somebody who knows all and it'll be great chat shortly February 28th was a date I remember it fondly because it was a date that this piece of paper first hit my desk this piece of paper radio audience I'm holding up is a statement from Kyler Murray's agent Eric Burkhardt and it was a very Jerry Maguire-like manifesto mission statement mission statement saying he wants to stay and win a Super Bowl and then there were a whole bunch of uh paragraphs about you know Murray's worth and and how it seems like the Cardinals were not seeing his worth in what's called a volatile business action speak much louder than words in this volatile business that was in bold I mean there what a beautiful letter this is the stationary Murray and then the in the in the bottom right corner in the KM his initials right here and this is incredible and I've had it on my desk all this time thinking you know me it's worth having and you know with Murray not signing yet and thinking you know it would be germane to have on my desk and here it is July 21st and it's still germane when I arrived for work today I'm gonna miss this piece of paper I'm this might be the last day I don't know I mean because it looks like to use the Maguire phrase someone's about to get a lot of quan you can wrap the port saying monster extension will make Murray one of the NFL's highest paid player sources tell me and Tom Pelissero after an offseason of drama Murray could be locked in as Arizona's quarterback for years to come and it took just a few minutes for that conditional phrasing to become a little bit more solid like it's a five-year deal coming according to Ian Murray's 24 years old verge of doing a new five-year extension Arizona's quarterback just slated to report to training camp today it's Tom Pelissero yeah two minutes ago they have agreed to terms that was fast extension through 2028 massive this piece of paper it's been on my desk it's February 28th should we get some of that I'm glad it's still here because I need something to dab my tears did we get some of that Justin Hartley tequila and pour it out we're just in here it's dusty in here I mean it's literally dusty in here oh man I'm gonna miss this piece of paper I can't quit it I cannot quit this piece of paper I'm gonna leave it here for a while I said we should laminate that congratulations k1 put it next to the belief congratulations k1 back here on the Rich Eisen show terrestrial radio outfit eight four four two oh four rich number to dial he is one of the best in the business covering the world of college football or as the sec might say at professional football as they are now paying their their coaches better than some NFL coaches kirby smart new deal reportedly 10 years 111 million dollars from espn and the family of networks there pete famil here on the Rich Eisen show how you doing pete I'm not as good as kylar or kirby that's right yeah kylar's new name image and likeness deal in the nfl is pretty much lit you know so um it's it's crazy um pete I mean is there any kimono anymore because it seems like the the the world of college football the way it keeps on moving is not just rip the kimono off or lifted it it's just burned it it's done there is no kimono right in college football anymore I cover professional football university affiliations right that's what it is and I've always really done that but it has never been as naked and transparent as it is uh it is right now and that is simply an observation not a complaint during judge of course these guys have uh have worked too hard and risked too much for too long to not be rewarded and uh in the ways that they're able to now and so it is it is much needed progress and it's a little bit like they they there were so much so many obstacles to get here that now when the dam did finally break it's a bit of a mess right and I'm not I'm not saying that there should be you know guard red people use these coded words there just needs to be some rules like in the nfl for example like kylar is signing a new contract and when he's under contract he can't sign a contract with someone else like it's just the the it is a little bit of a free-for-all that I think can really be harnessed with a little bit of guidance but of course when there's no one in charge of your multi-billion dollar industry that makes it a little bit more difficult yeah yeah I mean that's that's the issue here and that's that's why I think you know not just the money um not just um the television contracts but the uh the the the want the need for guidelines and rules when it comes to name image and likeness when it comes to I guess what the division one council's talking about about just transfer period being anybody could go anytime multiple times and play right away as long as they have academic standards that are met um that that they're the only that that's the reason why there will be super leagues formed so they could create their own rules that the coaches and the schools in a smaller grouping will be able to agree on and that that will be an impetus more than anything else Pete you know I don't know if there was a question in there but you went from everything from like an obscure NCA council to super league so I the breadth of what you commented on was uh was impressive thank you but no there was there was not a question well I guess what do you think is my question about all that Pete yes I think what you uh your your thesis underscored that it's a bit of a mess right now and uh it the lack of there being leadership makes it a bit of an untenable best I think one thing that goes missing a little bit rich in this is that the Supreme Court itself actually has sort of paved the way for what this thing is going to look like in the future and I do firmly believe and have written and written before uh the USC UCLA move was that that conferences are not going to be subject to antitrust rules whereas overall NCA and college force decisions could be and so in a sense Justice Kavanaugh and the crew there gave a roadmap to how college athletics could could look so for example if the FCC now decides it wants 22 baseball scholarships I believe there's 11.7 or 11.9 some number like that now like they can do that and then it's going to be up to the ACC to decide if it wants to do that so there's a bunch of proposals right now that are being discussed about limiting coaching uh positions right now there's obviously 10 staff members who can go on the road or sort of full-time coaches and there's a gabillion analysts and such anyway but like why should you limit the amount of coaches if you coach players on the field I think that's a little bit inefficient counterproductive right like if you you know why choose it to have a special teams coach for example or not have a special teams go for extra d tackle or vn coach or whatever I think the more coaching the better so all these little all these little things are going to be decided but I don't I think the notion of someone becoming in charge we need a commissioner everybody says we need a commissioner well do you think someone can just magically appear atop the food chain and everyone's going to just listen to them all these leagues the the commissioners have the most power they certainly have more power than Mark Emmerich who basically hasn't been woken up from a long nap and about eight years in charge of that day and then they just they just then see this committee's everything to death right so this latest you know this transformation committee that's meeting and I hope they call up with proposals that change and clarify and guide the you know whole enterprise forward but I've seen about eight committees held to be transformational so I'm not exactly holding my breath this is the one that's going to transform so I hope they do but uh my my cynicism has been developed over seeing a lot of untransforational commits uh including the Condoleezza Rice one to you know clean up college basketball five years ago in the wake of the uh in the wake of the scandal and they still haven't punished hardly anybody from that so it's uh yeah it is a beautiful game and a terrible business and I don't see either of those things changing the games remain beautiful ESPN college football senior writer Pete Thamel here on the Rich Eisen show moments ago you asked you know you know who would be a commissioner right I mean somebody's not just gonna appear that everyone would listen to uh in lieu of all that I I think that the commissioner of college football is Greg Sankey he sounds like one he looks like one um and and and it does appear he holds a lot of cards I understand there's the big 10 still as well having just brought in you know having turned right here Los Angeles into big 10 country but Sankey you know uh absolutely is leading the conversation about college football playoffs and things of that nature what did you learn from SEC media week Pete family well I I think I learned that if you're going to be big 10 country in LA you should get big 10 weather for three months a year sorry hard pass sir hard pass I'll take turned leaves but other than that you know late skies and cold winds right down sunset right uh you know what I learned from uh SEC media is interesting right like we're we're in this era of a power two and I'm certainly not afraid to call it back because that's what the finances dictate I'm sitting here at ACC media day doing this interview so I'll probably get some dirty looks from uh the folks outside the so-called gated communities as uh as Jim Phillips called them yesterday but um yeah and the the Greg Sankey verse Kevin Warren dynamic is going to be a dynamic that that shapes the future of the of the whole uh the whole sport just like Mike Sliva Jim Delaney did you know in a in a past generation uh the the Sankey Warren dynamic is more adversarial than maybe this live uh this live Delaney dynamic was and uh it's uh it's very interesting each of those leagues obviously is uh primarily tied to uh tied to a large cable television network or large television network so that obviously uh adds to some of the intrigue around this stuff rich but you know my takeaway from SEC media look they've won 12 of the last 16 national titles and uh I think what Clemson Ohio State and Florida State won Clemson won two and those were the uh those were the other ones so they are the dominant league and the statistics certainly uh certainly dictate that and you know when Michigan goes and lays a dinosaur egg in the playoff like they did last year rich it doesn't help that dynamic so um that was a joke but yeah it fell flat it fell flat um you know it fell flat Pete but I but I the imagery is vivid no question about it so so so the question is is you know the SEC says they're they're not looking to expand right um and and so did have we just seen the seismic movement of of 2022 or is there more to come what do you what do you what do you see from from from that question I I've been writing that uh we're in a period of peace until that period ends right there's no movement until there is and you know the dynamic of like like there's a clear moat between the power to lead and everybody else and it I don't think we're going to see a flurry of movement next week uh from those two uh in particular but I think to sit here and say in five years they're not going to be at 20 would be naive too like this they're going to move at some point and they're it's it's a little bit like spy versus spy there's binoculars in Chicago and there's binoculars in Birmingham and they're peering at each other constantly and you know the available viable and profitable chess pieces are few so um notre dame obviously being the primary among those and then the you know to you know if each is going to add four to keep around numbers you know that's there's it's not like a list of 30 they're picking from right um it's the the two pacific northwest schools and then there's sort of your your menu du jour of ACC schools and that's obviously a thicket of a grant of rights which I won't bore your listeners with uh legal jargon but basically um it will be expensive and legally risky for schools to leave the ACC in the next 14 years that's not to say one won't do it within that 14 year period of time but I don't see um you know anyone imminently taking that up so there's pressure on ACC now to find new ways to generate revenue so um wow but yeah long story short like the next move is going to be dictated in a large part by whoever wants to you know feels the need to grab properties deemed valuable so that that is you know long term like north carolina to me is fascinating because they're one of the few schools that would actually fit in both leagues that would be desired by both leagues there's a it's the ninth biggest state in the country the charlotte raleigh market there's good players in the state of north carolina very very good players in state north carolina and it's a great branch right unc um basketball is very good which probably matters 15 of the whole thing but it certainly doesn't hurt to have the you know the heels playing on a monday night in april um that's a that's a good thing and you know unc football has been generally irrelevant for uh for the last generation but uh mac brown has recruited well they hadn't necessarily played well the last two years but it's you could see them you know playing penn state in the big pen and you could also see them playing south carolina right yeah i mean it's interesting you choose north carolina out of all this like clemson is the first one on everyone's lips right and then that now miami with uh mario crystal ball there it's you know bouncing the turnover chain and you got florida state right i mean so sure why i just think geographically right yeah it fits in both and i i don't necessarily know if you can see clemson in the big ten right and that's not going to they have earned on the field more than anybody in the sport not named alabama in the last decade so that but there is there is a you know i i roll my eyes at myself when i mention this but there is aau schools and the big ten still does have a bit of snobbery uh despite offering you a degree rich they're still they they still hold themselves to some high standards up there so they're you know fit in presidents and all that stuff does become important so but i just bring up carolina because i could see that being one coveted by both places but more so not wanting the other one to get it does that make sense sure of course i mean it's it's a that's that's the the battle that you talk about the spy versus spy great mad magazine reference that you mentioned between uh the scc's home office and the big tens home office and just because i know pete famile you're a journalist of the highest order the big ten offered me two degrees uh i went to northwestern graduate school uh just wanted to make sure you understood that that might sound like a humble brag this is all your correction this is all in the spirit of accuracy uh okay pete famile here on the rich eisen show so before i let you go notre dame what is their move what what in the world is their strategy right because the word was the big ten wanted them with usc um didn't get that and uh so what what is notre dame's deal right now p so rich i think they're enjoying their uh newfound popularity if you think about when jack swarbrick took over maybe 12 15 years ago i vividly remember because i was at the game it was big 10 weather uh charlie weiss lost to yukon at home uh the great the great randy edsel trounced the irish in south bed so there weren't exactly uh visions of grandeur and playoff appearances and undefeated seasons so you fast forward to now they're the uh the prettiest date on the dance floor um and here is notre dame is not going to go to a league unless they're forced to or they see scenarios unfolding that forces them to join a league so there's four years left rich on the cfp contract there's four years left on their nbc deal um i don't think they do anything until the future of both of those things becomes clearer the cfp is really the key here if the cfp is organized in a way that limits severely notre dame's access to the playoff there's probably a better chance that they'll join uh they'll join a league and then but that's probably going to take two years for uh for all those commissioners who aren't exactly getting along famously right now it's going to take about two years for them to decide on that so i think notre dame's going to sit back and and wait that out and then i think they're in a really good position to cash in on a tv deal they've had three undefeated seasons in the last decade or so under brian kelly uh regular seasons i should say um they played for the bcs title poorly but they played for it and they made two two playoffs obviously uh under brian after that so i really feel like if you're notre dame right now there will be a lot of bidding because they're notre dame a streaming service has a lot easier time buying six or seven home games a year than they would you know taking on a league package and having to you know put the tuesday night utah washington state game on television whatever like there's a there's a lot of infrastructure that goes into a lot of these deals and notre dame doesn't really they offer a lot of pop without a lot of the back room investment so i really think notre dame would be in position to cash in in a significant way and if it was always all about money for notre dame they would have joined a league a long time ago they make less annually from tv stuff than like acc schools do and certainly big ten schools do so i think notre dame is going to sit back and monitor the chessboard enjoy its uh enjoy its newfound status as the prettiest girl in the uh in the dance floor and and they they will they will wait and and see how the other moves uh unfold but they haven't been in a roster join a league for a century um and i don't think they're going to continue that here's one little good spy versus spy nugget for you yes i am skeptical that the sec would agree to a playoff that boxes out notre dame and forces them to join the big ten does that make sense because they do that giving the big ten the best property on the board and that's bad business so i think they'd create a playoff and look it the playoff people forget rich is really a television contract right right and it will probably be a two network television contract so i don't see the playoff imminently becoming exclusive because whatever those two tv networks are they're going to own properties outside of the big ten and the sec right so they're going to want those properties to have a vibrant shot at the playoff they they're not going to undercut their other investments by terming them second tier and not giving them access to the playoff does that make sense yes so when greg sanky says this week you know hey that whole idea i said that other people outside of our world can be part of a playoff that we'd agree to yeah let's go back to the drawing board where none of those can come in um he's kind of what not not uh not telling the truth because if he does that that forces notre dame to the big ten or something like that what he said this week was like let's not have automatic qualifiers for the playoff let's just bring in the top ranked four eight twelve teams right so now it's both logical and completely self-serving right because six of the twelve teams could be from the fcc some years five of the twelve teams could be from the fcc some years yes some years the pac-12 might not have a team there so i'm going to make it so like every everyone's you know stance on this is rooted in their own rooted in their own reality yes one of the realities that was reinforced uh in the past month is that the big ten the scc are going to have likely a bigger say in and how that's shaped pete famil really appreciate the time there's so much i'm literally could talk to you for a full hour but um uh you've got to go back to your gig and i got to get to a commercial break i appreciate the time let's do this again please look for my call more often thank you thanks rich you bet that's pete famil right here on the rich eisen show from the worldwide leader in sports dinosaur egg huh that was a big goose egg big goose egg yeah it wasn't good all right let's take a break kylar murray's contract we now know the money he has been shown the money the question is was he shown the money that deshawn watson was shown that's part of the conversation we're gonna have when we come back on the rich eisen show before malcolm jenkins joins us in studio put your hands together for the most recent Heisman trophy winner how are you sir i'm doing good i'm doing good thank you for having me you bet you made the super bowl yeah you're not even you're not even uh i don't even know if you're gonna be in the league yet or not i guess we'll find that out yeah we will what did it mean for you to win the Heisman trophy that was a dream come true i mean it's it's still really hasn't really set in it's weird um you know i don't say my life changed but you know just everywhere everywhere i go people notice me um stuff like that so uh something i've always dreamed of obviously so you know i'm not surprised by any of the reactions and stuff like that but it's definitely a blessing okay and where is that trophy right now i sleep next to it it's on your nightstand yeah see it's good morning Heisman every day yeah tight seriously it's right there next to like there's a night table next to kylar murray's bed and the Heisman trophies resting yes sir that's amazing have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and you've had it in your arms like you've been spooning with it no there's no spooning there's no there's no Heisman spooning by the way i would absolutely spoon with the Heisman if i won the Heisman i've only received well i have received the Heisman it was asking for prom dates back in high school i got the Heisman a lot oh gosh my new fantasy name Heisman Spooning Heisman Spooning is a great fantasy team name now taking part in the Rich Eisen show throw challenge kylar murray is this the first NFL dupe ball that you have thrown that's an NFL oh my god you won't even answer that wow go for it kylar go for you that's one here we go that's two by the way that's four those are all duke nfl footballs just wanted everyone to know that overall pick first overall that's four that's five wow these are the footballs kurt warner complained about that's six that's seven that's oh my goodness let's get some uh here we go keep going i'm off can you get one more hold on this is getting bad here we go no yeah it's getting bad you got seven for first seven good enough seven out of ten kylar murray congratulations you won the Heisman and it seems the rich eisen throwing contest in the same year that's a first no one could ever take that away from you fun stuff slash rich eisen show for our entire show archive and kylar murray uh able to rebound from that one oh boy back here on nbc sports on peacock nbc serious xm back here on the rich eisen show terrestrial radio network as well rogue irons callaway didn't just create their longest irons ever with the new rogue st they made their longest irons ever perform at the highest level for every player rogue st irons come in four different offerings each model using artificial intelligence on high strength 450 steel look it's the only irons ever to do so four different offerings you're going to love the rogue st max the one that i've been using widest range of players this is exactly what it fits because of a great combination of speed forgiveness all around performance if you're low to mid single digit handicapper the rogue st pro is the one for you game improvement you will need a game improvement model that's the max os that's for the mid to high handicappers forgiveness comes with high launch wide souls enhanced offset the max os like the most high forgiving high launch iron that's for players with slower swing speeds look no other irons perform like the new rogue st irons find your rogue st irons at callaway slash go rogue february 28th when the statement came out from the uh agent of kylar murray putting the um the the cardinals in quite the bind going into combine week that uh hey you're not paying my guy my guy is uh is not happy my guy wants to stay you're the one who's forcing him to go in this note that he sent to everybody in the uh the valley the great community of the valley stating his two very important goals and objectives he actually wants to be your long-term quarterback he desperately wants to win the super bowl those are his two goals according to eric burkhart i kept this statement here because this statement if you remember came after he scrubbed his instagram account the monday of super bowl week when everybody's paying attention to this stuff right and then this happened the combine happened and we were still talking about it and nothing happened nothing happened prior to the draft wasn't traded nothing happened at the draft nothing happened after the draft nothing happened with otas nothing happened until today july 21st this missive is now just we should send this to canton and by this i mean this piece of paper because it's been legendary on this desk saying this should be hung in the move rich i'm telling you right hang it hang it in the loop hang it hang it no longer operative the statement except for i guess the two objectives because kylar murray has been signed and the cardinals just sent out this is the kylar murray extension tweet that's funny there it is five-year extension so it's six years this year and then the five years after that and keeps them through the through the 2028 season there in arizona and um so what are the numbers because the conversation has all been about dashaun watson for many reasons one of them being he was given a contract by the browns with all of his outstanding issues one way to put it still outstanding he got every dollar guaranteed with 230 million of them right yep so did kylar get everything guaranteed he did not actually get everything guaranteed he does get a deal worth 230 and a half million so you can make all of that but the guaranteed dollars is 160 million and then the whole average per year according to our boy chefty and uh i also saw this from ian as well just to make sure i'm taking care of all friends 46.1 million a year that's the second highest paid quarterback average i believe aaron rogers is the one yeah also also worth noting that dashaun watson's average is 46 and kylar's 46.1 there we go okay so you know the man who wrote the the famed missive can point to you know second highest annual average the annual average is higher than dashaun watson's and the money that he can potentially earn is bigger than dashaun watson's but the team can say not everything's guaranteed we are not cutting that huge ass check that the haslems did to put into escrow that's not happening so let it begin here we go the conversation is going to be this does he deserve it and i know you don't like the answer chris i'm going to give it to you because i say it every time yes he deserves it because it was his turn and it was his turn and the market says this and that's what the market is for quarterbacks who are drafted first overall and show a generationally talented ability and even though he has yet to win a playoff game and even though he has only three years under his belt and normally everybody waits to the fourth year before the fifth year option needs to be picked up before they make a contract like this for the player like this unless there's somebody like say josh allen out there who has won playoff games yes he deserves it because it's his turn to get it and he got it one day a team will turn to the player i don't know if we'll be alive on this day we'll turn to a player in this situation and say no you will not get it and it's a matter of fact you're going to have to earn it by winning a playoff game and if you don't we'll send you on your way that's it see you later and we'll go back to the draft and we'll start again and try and win a super bowl in the first iteration of a contract because that's when it's cheapest for us and we could spread the money around and build a team in a salary cap world for a roster that can win a super bowl that's what we're going to do and sorry that day may never happen i don't think it'll happen while we're alive and that's why i say yes he deserves it the question is though will he earn it in the figurative way we watched the playoff game right win it now the playoff game we watched it right look man no deandre hopkins that you got you got to put it all together and he looked overwhelmed and the rams were super bowl worthy and the cardinals weren't and every single year that he's been in the in the pros for the cardinals the cardinals have come on done well in the first two three months this is the kingsbury cardinals as well and just regressed here deandre hopkins was out last year he had that incredible hail mary grab the hail murray and then the team hardly won a game after that they don't finish well and this year they're going to have to start well without deandre hopkins and they're going to be looking at carla murray and saying you are one of the highest paid players in the league or will be when your contract extension kicks in and you should do well without your guy because you're that quarterback being paid that much and how will murray handle all of that he is not in the northwest i mean the northeast so that's not going to be something that's churned up on the sports talk radio 24-7 365 on multiple radio stations and you know a dozen media outlets going to his locker right after so he isn't a good spot for that but it's on carler here we go and will he feel the the pressure as we say in the business well guess what when you're paid that much money you should win football games no matter that you're all pro receivers out no matter that you're in the division of the defending super bowl champs go in the game go in the game with your arms and your legs go in the game with your kylar murray two touchdowns and two touchdowns you're going to be two touchdowns in the air two underground and come up with the win oh win a game win mvp go to super bowl he has now officially entered that realm with that contract so that's the question but that's who gets paid this money his two his two objectives was he wants to be your long-term quarterback check he desperately wants to win the super bowl now it's time to deliver on that all eyes on arizona well we know they're going to make it because the super bowls in arizona well done you know well done on that it's a given man i i i they they have got themselves a really good roster but now it's going to be more of okay kylar you've been paid has set a standard you and and cardinals have as well you can pay your guy this this way before his fourth year right you can pay your guy this way right after year three before year four and this is exactly what baker wanted to do cleveland wasn't into it well you know the happiest guy in the nfl is right now lamar jackson absolutely lamar is like lamar's getting ready to be paid he reported to trading camp today he's there i mean lamar's average number is gonna have a five in front of it well lamar's average number is gonna go up i would think from this because kylar never won mvp kylar's yet to win a playoff game lamar has done both lamar means the same to his franchise as kylar obviously does to his but you know lamar's in a year in front of him draft wise a year in front of him draft wise and what a crazy ass world we live in right now matt baker and sam darnold from that draft with lamar jackson are on the same team they're in the same quarterback room right now lamar can now get more money than the guy who says he can become the second highest paid quarterback on an annual basis and josh allen is your current odds-on favorite to win the mvp and the super bowl that's your quarterback draft class from 2018 first round and on the day that kylar murray is generationally enriched by the cardinals josh rosen that fifth first round choice who arizona chose and then won and done for kylar murray he's now trying to become the backup to the backup of the guy who makes the most guaranteed money in the league to sean watson from the draft previous to all of them and he might not play it all this year because of everything else crazy what a wild world in the nfl we live in so for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans super dome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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