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REShow: Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 24, 2023 3:09 pm

REShow: Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 24, 2023 3:09 pm

Rich lists the top trade deadline candidates NFL teams should pursue including Broncos S Justin Simmons, Titans WR DeAndre Hopkins, Panthers LB Brian Burns, Titans RB Derrick Henry, Giants RB Saquon Barkley and Commanders DE Chase Young.

Rich and the guys debate if the Broncos should be sellers as the NFL trade deadline rapidly approaches, and if the Dallas Cowboys should be buyers.

Rich’s wife Suzy Shuster drops by to discuss the, ummmm, attractiveness of Notre Dame QB Sam Hartman.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. And he is coming for you.

Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Chris, I thought that was a great Patriot win on Sunday. Why would I be happy?

No one in the stadium wanted them to win. I think you're way off and I think that. The season is over, it's pointless.

No it's not. Get ready for 2024. Today's guests, Lions Quarterback Jared Goff, NBC College Football Analyst Todd Blackledge, Pro Football Hall of Famer Joe Thomas. Coming up, Seahawks wide receiver Jackson Smith and Jigba. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Yes indeed. Hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Jackson Smith and Jigba of the Seattle Seahawks is currently at practice. And we're going to try and see if we can get them on the phone line, the Zoom line in the next few minutes or so. And if not, we'll see if we have a whole third hour open is basically what I'm saying.

Normally we have these things timed out like planes landing in Los Angeles International. But right now I guess we're in a holding pattern with Jackson Smith and Jigba. If he joins us, he does. And we hope he does because he just scored a touchdown for the first time in his professional playing career.

Jordan Addison scored two of them last night, almost out of third. How about the Minnesota Vikings taking care of the San Francisco 49ers on Monday Night Football? We discussed it in hour number one to kick off our program. Jared Goff joined us. And then we just had great two chats with Todd Blackledge talking college football.

My alma mater, his alma mater, Jackson Smith and Jigba's alma mater. And then Joe Thomas, we just ended our Zoom with him. He's got an idea on how to stop the brotherly shove. And he kind of converted me on the play. I thought it was just some sort of ugly scrum where people are pushing each other and you can't figure out where the ball's spotted and there's possibilities of injury and all that. And I'm like, it looks ugly and I don't want to. I mean, he's walking me through the schematics of it, the X's and O's of it, how you can stop it, how the Eagles might be able to pass out of it, how they can mess with you even more based on their ability to get you in a position and then maybe throw over your heads and why other teams aren't good at it and why other teams aren't going to practice it.

I mean, there's a lot going on here. So Joe has converted me on it, which is good because I still plan on being on the competition committee. One day it's going to happen. Terzo in Iowa. Let's take his phone call here on the Rich Eisen Show. Terzo, you've been hanging on for two hours. Bless you for hanging with us. All rise.

What's going on, Terzo? Well, I'll be listening to you guys anyway, so it's always a pleasure to be on. Hey, Rich, I was up in Minneapolis last night for that game and it's just electric in there. It's a fun stadium to go to.

I have a really good time each time I go up there, so it was a pleasure to be up there. But I do have one thing that I do got to kind of get off my chest and I'm going to throw this out there to all NFL fans. You know, people go to these games, they go to have fun. And if you're just going to go there and troll people and try and pick fights, whether you're the home team or the visiting team, just don't go. Don't become so obnoxious that you make the game unpleasant for other people. And think and give people the respect that they deserve. Because last night I saw some fans that were so disrespectful that a father and his child left and the guy had to be talked to by officers. We don't need that.

OK, everybody get along, let fans root the way they want, but have respect for each other. I agree with you. I've seen too many videos of like Donny Brooks and I'm wondering where the hell is security? Every single one of them. I'm like, where the hell is security? And you see him rolling around like morons, you know, in atriums and diving over three rows and stuff like that. I don't know if this was covid where people just stopped learning how to relate to one another. And then then we're throwing them back in after they they they shut themselves in for a year.

And we're still learning how to talk to one another. But I'm sorry you had that experience in Minnesota last night. Well, and I don't think it's indicative of Minnesota fans in general. No, there's certain people and you're and you're you're completely right.

I don't know if it was covid, but there's there's just that lack. So I'm 65205. You know, I'm a grown man. I'm not 40, but I'm a grown man.

I don't worry too much about it, but just don't just don't let it spill over to other people who who might not be able to handle it. But to get back to the game, that was a fun game to watch. Disappointing in the loss, but Minnesota made plays their offensive line, which has been really bad this year, played really well. And Kirk Cousins, on so many occasions, got rid of that ball just in time before Bosa.

So you got to give them credit. Tough loss. But team, you know, whatever happens in the NFL happens any given Sunday. I know, man. Look, I again, I would love to see Purdy win one of these games from behind on the road soon. You know, I'd like to see it. It's going to come. It's going to happen. We all know it's going to happen. We all know he's the guy there. We all know that he's going to be the guy who is going to still be the quarterback for the rest of this year and next year, too. Like I don't I don't see the bottom complete completely falling out where suddenly they're like, oh, we got to go to we got to turn to, you know, get Darnold ready after the bye. I mean, that that's not the way he's playing.

But I would like to see one of these games at the end. And last week, you know, he had it. He had it all run. He had it all taken care of.

He had it all working. And then, you know, Jake Moody from my alma mater missed the 41 yarder. But I'd like to see it. You know, I'd like to see it. I agree.

And, Rich, I do. I agree. It's it's coming. Those two interceptions were bad.

That that second one, just, you know, just a bad read and a bad throw. But I believe in him. He's the man. It'll happen. Terzo, thanks for the call.

That's Terzo Inayoa right here on The Rich Eisen Show. I've got a top five list, gents. Oh, yeah. Now, at this point next week, let's flash forward. OK. Oh, it's flash forward.

My children will be getting ready in their Halloween costumes. Yeah. What's the no idea. No. OK. Ask tomorrow's guest host. The boss is coming in tomorrow.

I'm never dressing up. Well, she might be joining us later on in this hour, actually, for what? The football.

I'm hearing I'm hearing some some some cages being rattled off camera. It's something to eat. Oh, my God.

Terzo was watching this and he's wondering why Rich was looking off camera like, what is what is that? He brought cake, everybody. Here we go. Pumpkin spice.

I mean, I love this. Thank you. Great to see you. Honestly, I'm in the middle. I'm in the middle of that conversation.

I'm like, what the football is happening over there? It's all right. Thank you.

We'll see in a few. Hi, Susan. Susan, Amy. By the way, by the way, Warren Sapp just texted me during the middle of that conversation. A screen grab of his conversation with a text with Susie. Oh, he's preparing for his appearance on what?

The football. Oh, is he coming in? No, he's well, he's definitely not here because I could see the app fishing. No, he's not fishing.

It is the you know, it's the selfie he took in front of the whiskey company spot that he's walking into right now. I would not miss what the football if I were here. At any rate, I've got a top five. One one week from today, my kids will be preparing their Halloween costumes.

Yours will. What's Cage going to be following? We're going as Spidey and friends. Oh, all three of us. Who are the friends?

Who are you? Cage is Spidey. Sarah is going to be Ghost and I'm Miles Morales. OK. Yeah. Very good.

So you're going into the Spidey verse or entering the Spidey verse? Well, you could say many NFL teams are going to be doing that one week from today. That's the only analogy I come up with because the the trade deadline at this very moment that I am talking into this microphone. You might be watching this later on our YouTube feed or the Roku channel Rich Eyes and Show Collection, which is the video on demand service with our show.

You might be watching this whenever you're watching it. At this moment, we are two hours away from being one week away from the trade deadline. And here's my top five list of guys I would go all in for at the trade deadline.

Hit it by one, two, three, four, five, richest top five. Now, then, we all know Kevin Byard, Mr. Tennessee, got traded from the Titans, a five time captain, how on the back end of their defense. Wow.

I don't know how he Roseman did his Jedi mind trick again, although Rand Carthon knows what he's doing. I had a nice chat with the general manager of the Titans over in London. But, you know, Kevin Byard is now a Philadelphia Eagle, which means maybe, you know, the Titans are open for business more than just that.

Keep a pin in that for later on in my top five. But the reason why I'm mentioning all of this is because there's a safety market that's out there and I don't think it's over and filled and done with. I don't think Philadelphia is the only one that was in this market. And if you're interested in somebody who is a team captain, don't forget that. They made him a captain in Denver, Boston College's finest.

Justin Simmons, number five on this list. I would call up the Denver Broncos. You need a safety and you need the back end of your defense solidified because your offense is ready to roll.

And you've got a chance to make the playoffs this year and make a run. You get this guy and a lot of Denver Bronco fans are hearing me right now and they're saying, shut up. We don't want him going anywhere. We want him staying here. This is a guy who has been caping for us. This is a guy who puts his heart out there on the field for the Denver Broncos and is a face of the franchise. And this guy, I would go all in and forth. And again, by all in, I mean I'll overpay our godfather offer if I feel like this guy is going to put me over the top. Or you can come up with the way a Howie Roseman could do.

You know, these aren't the droids you're looking for. And suddenly ease your safety. So that's number five.

Number four on the list. If the Titans are open for business, I am calling up Rand Carvin and I am saying I want DeAndre Hopkins. When I had a conversation with this all pro in London, I'm like, OK, he's got a head on his shoulders. He has got a bunch of talent. You think he's toast because we're not seeing him be DeAndre Hopkins in Tennessee like we saw in Houston and Arizona? You think he's toast because Arizona let him walk?

He was talking about and the Titans confirmed it, his GPS numbers. He's running as fast as he's ever run before. He is at the top of his game. And I'll say it again.

I say it all the time. Name me another receiver when he's on the sideline that you know his feet are inbounds. You know, when he's going to the ground on the sideline, not only did he make the catch, the ground isn't going to knock it loose. You know, he tapped his feet like I don't need to see the replay.

That's DeAndre Hopkins. Why wouldn't the Bills go and get him again? Why wouldn't the Bills go and get him? Go get him.

Go get him. That's just that's a one of the four instances, a couple of teams. Why wouldn't Dallas go? That was my point in the off season. We got Brandon Cooks.

That's great. Go get him. He's not the type of receiver that we need for that offense. This guy. Go get him. It was a better catch by eye.

Number three. I don't know if he's available because the Rams offered two ones for him last year and they said no. But now they're 0-6 and they're out of draft choices. They're out of draft choices. Right now, they're going to watch the Bears maybe get Caleb Williams or watch somebody else. Watch the Bears get Marvin Harrison.

I mean, keep going. But Brian Burns, you know, hey, Carolina, are you? Because I understand why they wouldn't want to pluck someone off the offense and trade him. Because you're still trying to evaluate Bryce Young right now. So I understand Adam Thielen's lighting it up. That wouldn't be a bad guy to call up and say, is he available?

But I understand why Caroline is like, we're not touching the offense here. We're just going to we need to evaluate this kid and we need him to get his lumps taken care of now so we don't have him later. But call up Carolina, Brian Burns and and you know, their first their first order of business. Like we said no to the Rams for two ones. So what do you have?

You can you can replenish. Number two. You know how I feel about this guy. If the Titans are selling how much for Derrick Henry? How much?

And I'll pay it. Hey, I said yesterday with David Montgomery going down, the Lions didn't have that sand in the pants type running back. What about this guy for the Detroit Lions?

What if you stick him in Detroit now? Now, again, I know David Montgomery has been terrific and he's hurt now and he comes back. Split the carries. Derrick Henry is as of this year. We looked at it going into the game against the Ravens. The kid, Taiji Spears, has taken 50 percent of the snaps now. Sometimes the two of them are on the field. So Henry's getting fewer snaps this season than he's had, you know, in a while.

So do that in alliance backfield. How about sending him downhill against the Eagles and the 49ers? You think that fits what Dan Campbell wants? How about the Bills doing this? And plus, you can call up the Titans and say he's in another conference. If you're Detroit, what if you're Dallas?

Come on, man. Here's another one, because just look at what McCaffrey has done for the 49ers. 49ers plus. Henry pluses you up, but he's pushing 30, which means you might be able to give up less for him. Number one is Saquon.

That's it. Hey, Giants, you don't want to pay him. We'll pay him. Hey, Giants, we know you love him. We know he doesn't want to be traded, but, you know, you just won your second game. Come on now.

Godfather it. Flip an insane amount for Saquon Bart. He can be your McCaffrey and McCaffrey was banged up in Carolina before he went to San Francisco.

You know what I mean? So there's you just he can plus you up in the same way. McCaffrey plussed up San Francisco because remember last year, San Francisco still had all those stars. And then he walks in the building and suddenly everybody's standing taller and saying, OK, the front office gets it. And we get this guy. Let's go. Saquon.

Now, you're not getting Saquon like that. There's not enough. God, like you could put all three godfathers together and that's not enough of an offer. OK, honestly, all the Coppola's Francis. So and Sophia and name a Coppola. That's not that there's not enough.

You're not getting Coppola. Buffalo, you trade them to another you trade them to another conference. I keep mentioning the same teams over and over again because I'm mentioning the teams with Super Bowl aspirations that still have what it takes, but need that burst. They need that pop.

They need that bang. And Saquon is young and what a dynamite human to put out there in your community. I go all in for him.

I've been gone. I've gone all in for him ever since he started punk in Michigan. So that's my top five guys. We need one more.

All right, we'll get one. I have heard this guy's available through a little bit of the old scuttlebutt. And if it's true, I'd get him. Chase Young.

He's looking like Chase Young. Didn't get his option picked. Finally.

Finally. What's up with that? I don't watch the previous two years.

Well, I mean, I got to check Magic's feed. That's that's true. I don't know, man, if this guy's available, if the if the Washington commanders are going to flip you, Chase Young, I'm OK. You have me. Hello. In every every every team I just mentioned, every team I just mentioned needs pass rushers. Every team, any Super Bowl worthy team, anybody that thinks they have a shot. This is a guy who can fill your need. And those are my top five guys.

I would go all in for the trade deadline right now. And you tell me what you think. Eight, four, four, two or four rich number to dial. That's another guy you're not getting. Sorry. I'm sorry. It's not just a Dallas thing. It's a it's a it's a division thing. Honestly, that's another guy you ain't getting.

I also don't know. I mean, I shouldn't sit here and say you don't need him. Every again, everybody needs the edge. Everybody needs the edge that an edge rusher gives you. Everybody needs anybody who can affect.

Down in distance and whether you're off the field. So Patrick Sertane's name being I heard that I was the same. I would go along for him, but I can't imagine why the hell would they do that? That's something that'd be pretty crazy to trade a first team.

Come on, man. Defensive back like that's the guy you still need. That's the guy you need. But I think if you're Denver, you listen to everything you need.

You need picks back. I know. And by the way, Hoskins, get that soundbite ready from from Sean Payton. He's turned the page from the past. Oh, yeah. But he also knows.

He also knows who's who's who's who's coming with him on this journey and who needs to come with him. You know, listen, I know everything that's going on in Denver is ugly and it is not pretty. And it is just so far results wise as bad as last year. If not worse, I mean, you know, Nathaniel Hackett's team didn't give up 70, right? And Jerry Judy basically saying, hey, you know, I'm I'm open.

But sometimes their quarterback is not blocked well enough. I mean, when he was talking about everything but him. That's why I didn't put him on this list. I wouldn't go all in for him.

And that's not just because Steve Smith's a friend of mine. Well, Jerry, that's what you either Richard. No, I get it. I get it.

I get it. But I wouldn't go I wouldn't go all in for him. I wouldn't know.

I wouldn't think so. But I think Denver I think Denver would be willing to flip him. Not Patrick Sertan, though. But here's here's what I mean about, you know, what what Sean Payton is attempting to do. You know, trying his hardest, trying his might to start changing this culture. In Denver, this was this is a fascinating exchange, and I kind of don't blame him for taking this approach after the game, talking about how the Broncos won a game in in a fashion in which they had not won one in a while.

Check it out. This team coach had a weird stat where they had blown 10 halftime leads. Only three of those your team, the Broncos that had 10 straight halftime leads blown my team three this year. Ten straight. Right. Three this year. But how much do you said your team?

So let's start. The Broncos those store. Yeah. Yeah. I don't pay attention to that. Had blown that. I don't pay attention.

How much does it mean? I don't pay attention to it to go to see you get over the hump in the second half. It wasn't our hump. It wasn't our home. I'm saying that respectfully. It wasn't our home. We're trying to win.

Pat mentioned it to me, and I thought it was one of these like, all right, what next? I mean, meaning in New Orleans, you know, we hadn't won a playoff game on the road. You know, all the it's like, you know, the good teams don't have those issues.

The teams that aren't as good have halftime, whatever. But that that's that's that's not your team would not be the right word for. So with anything else, I get it.

You got to get by the way, that's the new Denver Broncos. But that's his rallying cry. It's not our hump.

Right. You know, it's not our hump. You know, it's kind of our hump.

It's like what? Let me do the math in my head. It's 70 percent.

It was it was 60 percent our hump, 40 percent the other hump. Yeah. You know, and I understand what he's attempting to do here. The problem for him also is he's the one who brought up Nathaniel Hackett earlier this year. But that's also him trying to separate best he can. And boy, would he love for the wins to be the ones that separate him.

Wins the wins. I'm seeing him on Christmas Eve night against the Patriots when that game came out. I had that. I'm like, I haven't told you.

I was thinking about you. Not anymore. Probably not.

I can give those tickets away. I think so. OK. But man. You know, you know, he's standing there going, that's one of my guys. That's not one of my guys. That's one of my guys.

That's not one of my guys. And it's going to take some time to get his guys. And the question is, what about number three?

That's the ultimate question. Is number three one of his guys? But one of his guys that he currently has that I bet you he knows needs to be one of his guys is the number five guy on my list, Justin Simmons. You know.

And certain certain one of his guys, that's for sure. Is Sutton one of his guys? Right. Don't know.

Don't know. See with Denver's road here. Sutton's low key having a pretty decent season. Russ has 13 touchdowns.

That's not nothing. He's just he just I look up. He's running. He's running for first downs all the time. But it doesn't look the same.

It doesn't. He can't get away. He does his little spin move and he gets wrecked. Oh, my gosh. They have the Chiefs at home. Coming up. Oh, goodness. Then a buy and then at Buffalo.

Home for Minnesota. Oh, gosh. What a rough stretch here.

What a rough stretch. I mean, he's fifth in the league in touchdowns. Hey, I fully believe they're going to get it right there with him.

I believe it. I mean, guy hasn't forgotten how to coach football and how to scheme stuff up. And I think it means, you know, a lot to him. He gets this right in in Denver.

He goes to the Hall of Fame. Don't you think? I mean, right.

Shanahan's got to get in first out of Denver. Yes. But what is get it right? Is it win it? Yeah. Yeah, sure.

We're going to run the Super Bowl. Is it great, right? I don't know. I mean, yeah, I think so. Yeah.

Yeah. I mean, Pete Carroll won one. I think Pete should go in the hall one day.

I do. Do we are we taking into account Pete's college stuff? No, I just think he's done enough. He's won. He's won a lot. He's won a lot.

College doesn't have anything to do with pro football Hall of Fame. I know, but you can't help but think about I know. I mean, he's he's. But he's all he was also a coordinator. Don't forget, like before he went to college.

That's true. He was your coach and my coach for a hot minute. So he's been around a long time.

Pete has been around a lot of professional football spots. At least 250 years old. I'll stop it, by the way. And I will just swear, I made the mistake of bringing up his age to him a couple of years ago. Remember that?

When he was about to be 70. Well, I didn't say that. I didn't say that.

I did ask him about how he's enjoying it and how like I mentioned his age and how much longer he's going to do it. So I guess that is you're right. I get he bristled. Oh, damn straight. He did.

But every single time he's on the air is like he doesn't look 72 and he must be like, get out of here. Well, who was telling us about the passes he was throwing was Bobby Wagner. Right. Yeah. Well, who do you want? Eight, four, four, two or four rich number now go all in for Jerry Jones has spoken about the Dallas Cowboys plans for this trade deadline day.

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Call or just stop by. Jackson Smith and Jigba has to move off of this hour. And we'll get them in a future date. So here's what we're going to do. We're going to talk a little bit of Dallas Cowboys and there's a phone call or two to take. And then Susie is going to come out to finish up the program. Great.

There's a lot to talk about. I appreciate you saying great because apparently you lose your single shot so she can we can get a camera on. Oh, not great.

So take a look at the camera right now and smile because we won't have that for the last. I'm wearing a new shirt. Oh, is that really what it is? Yeah. You know, you and Cooper have something in common.

You button up to the top button. He loves it. Why do you like doing that? I think it looks better on me.

Does it really? I mean, I think I'm on the top. We've done this before. We've done this before. We're rehashing.

It's not bad material. We did it last week. Do it. I'm not going to do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it.

Do it. Because Del Tufa wasn't here. I think it was when Felly was there. Oh, you had him do it? You buttoned up and I unbuttoned.

No, I'll do that. So you unbuttoned. This is what happens when Jack seek and then there's me here. I think it looks great. You can't tell with this shirt. It looks like I'm wearing, you know, like a, like a, like a brown car. No, no, no. Button, button. I get why. What do you mean you get why? He needs the button.

Now I'm used to it now. I don't, I can't see that. Now, before we get to Jerry Jones, let's do this here.

This is before the program. Cause you know, Susie is not only coming out to finish the show, she's doing what the football with Amy Trask, Warren Sapp will be the guest. And then she's sitting in this chair tomorrow while I'll be in New York city hosting the Marconi Awards for the National Association of Broadcasters. You know, I'm a national broadcaster.

I'm now associating with them. I, you guys, I think missed this. I got nominated for a Marconi Award. We didn't miss it. We didn't miss it.

I didn't know that. Oh, you guys haven't said anything to me. So here's the thing is, you know, I'm also just letting this know for the Emmys, just let me host it because I'm going to, this thing's going to go fast because my award is third to last as well. Yeah, I've already checked it out, but I'm in charge of moving stuff along though.

How do you give yourself? I'm in charge of the pacing here. Who are you up against? Some very talented individuals across the country.

Like who? But no one, no one that we compete against. Oh, okay.

Right. So, so we're, you know, I'm, I'm, I'm going and I'm in charge of keeping it moving. Although I'm not, I'm not giving out every award, but I'm moving things along.

So, so, so what did you say to me before the show? I said WSOU, my college radio station. I was the lead sports engineer for, and we have absolutely on the campus of Seton Hall University. We have two awards. We have two Marconis, I believe, for college radio station of the year. Okay.

We're up for our third, I believe. So if you, we win. Yes.

I want you to drop a little Mike Del Tufo. So to this room full of National Association of Broadcasters. So you people that are all there in the Javits Center in New York City. Which I'm not in yet because I literally am the only one to this date. And Barty will tell you, our friend Barty from Fox. Yes.

And I found that work. I was the only producer that ever got every basketball game on the air for two years straight. None of them could ever do it. Which Hall of Fame should you be in? I should be in every Hall of Fame, Richard.

I mean, look at me. NAB name, sports broadcasting. Mike, you're not, I'm on the WSOU Wikipedia page.

First off, it came on the air April 14th, 1948. He's been around for a long time. Famous alumni, Bob Lee, Bob Pacozzi, Jim Hunter, Matt McLaughlin, Ed Lucas. And no, Mike Del Tufo.

Don't say that about Ed Lucas. I'm sickened. I'm sickened.

It sickens me. So you want me to, in the middle of this award show, if WSOU wins, that Mike Del Tufo, who works with me. Yeah, I want the Marconi here.

Mike won the Marconi in 2016. I think we have one or two of them. Yeah.

I want a Peabody. Actually, Rich, you should know Ed Lucas. He is the Emmy-winning blind Yankee broadcaster for Yes. Okay. I had no idea.

I had no earthly idea. Okay. So congrats to him. Could you drop, you know, by the way, Mike, I work with one of these guys. I'll give you a shout out, Mike. Thank you, Rich.

There's no way he would know if I did or I didn't. I'm going to take things that will happen. Are you going to watch it?

I'm going to watch. Just go to the Wikipedia page, hit edit and add yourself to Notable Alumni. That's right. You should be in the heart. I'm not even, there's idiots in my town that are on the town, famous people.

My sister's on the Wikipedia for the town. Right. And I'm not.

Okay. Brockman, you should be on for your town and T.J., you too. Rich, you should, we should all be. Your Wikipedia has a, your town has a Wikipedia? Your town where you're born, yes. Livingston, New Jersey? You should be on the Staten Island one. It's me and Micah Parsons, Harrisburg General Hospital. Exactly, there you go.

T.J., you should be up, everybody, we should all be. Staten Island has a Wikipedia page? Exactly. Yeah, I guarantee you, Staten Island. What is it? Oh, you look it up. It's at

Staten Island, is there a famous alumni? Oh, whatever. I don't care if I'm on it or not. But you should, we should, I mean. Sure, I mean, you talk about it and you're like, why not? But what does it mean to me? It doesn't mean, it's just. What does it mean? What does it mean?

Seriously. Those are like little self-pats on the back. I tell people I'm from Staten Island, you know? But if you look at the Livingston, New Jersey one, there's people on this. The one that gets me upset is the for my birthdays.

Oh, nice. That's the one that pisses me off. Yeah, I don't, I mean, Bruce Willis, I'm not getting in front of Bruce Willis. I mean, do you want me to tell you where you are these days?

No, wait for Susie to show up here. Wait, who would be on top between Brockman and T.J.? Oh, my God.

Because they're more on the same. All right, let's let's talk more importantly about the Dallas Cowboys. We've got ourselves a trade deadline coming up. Yeah. T.J. Jefferson knows. If you don't mind me speaking on your behalf, you know, you need a little bit.

There is less pie. Yeah, we need a little. You know, you like what you just saw.

On your TV, even though it was in your town for you to go see personally, but you didn't because you don't leave your house for various reasons, including you don't want to see your ping pong table that's still boxed up from the prices. Right. Two years later. It's so on the way out. That's a good plan. Just a little bit.

OK, so so I wouldn't get beat up. So, you know, the Cowboys need a little bit, a little bit more, you know, onion powder, a little bit, a little bit Goya. You know what I mean? What does Jerry Jones have to say about improving his squad prior to next week's trade deadline?

This was him on local radio. What is it? I have a fan in the Metro. I don't want to preclude it in any way, but but it always does. You have a lot of machinations that you're working with every day I do. And but the initiation of an opportunity to make a trade at this time that would help us principally has to start over on the other end. And and and so that's not to be a showing a lack of aggressiveness is just that's where it starts. I like where we are with our personnel today.

And so I'm not thinking in any way that we need to upgrade a roster. OK, so let me try and interpret this. May I? What? First of all, first of all, first of all, don't want to push back against the man who helped birth our network.

And has been a bastion for us. But I pronounce it machination. There was a machination right there.

Just it's a nitpick. You say sabotage. I say sabotage.

Well, I do it right. You say potato. Number two.

I say potato. Number two. There's a new there's a new phrase, Chris. Initiation of an opportunity. I like that. I like that.

I'm right now. That's a T-shirt right there, gents. Initiation of opportunity. Initiation of an opportunity to make a trade.

And it's got to happen on the other end. You know what that means? You're holding this up. I'm not going to give that much for that guy. That's essentially what he's saying there. I'm being held.

It's got nothing to do with our lack of aggressiveness. It's just like, oh, is this the Dallas Cowboys on the phone? Oh, OK. Price goes up. Yeah, exactly. If you live in a high rent neighborhood and you call for some service, it's $25 around the block. Oh, for you?

$150. You know what I mean? That's exactly it.

Hey, everybody else is trying to buy St. Charles Avenue and they got Park Place. You know what I mean? Yep. See what I'm saying? I'm trying to put it in Monopoly analogies. Trying to bogar this is what Jerry's saying. Well, now you're confusing me with your terminology.

You get it. I don't know what you mean by that. They're trying to hoodwink us.

What are you talking about? They're trying to mamboozle us. Mamboozled us. Stray? You got it, Mike? Come on, Mike. It means he's not listening to my list. He's bamboozled.

Let us stray. Nice. It was about Porzingis, right? Wasn't that about Porzingis?

That was about the drafting of Porzingis, which is a great thing. So today he's not listening. He's not listening to the list. He'll see your list now because he might not have had time to watch it live, but of course he'll watch the YouTube clip.

And then after he sees your list, we'll make some moves. No Hopkins? No Henry?

We need somebody like that. Come on now. I don't know. Chase Young? Come on. Well, you're not getting Chase Young.

Well, you never say never. Hopkins and Henry, you call the Titans. They're like, you already gave my competition, your top safety. How about you flip us something here and give us a little bit something of a balance of power in this division.

I mean, they gave him a guy who's already came and danced on the star, so you know he's already not liked in Dallas as it is. I don't know, man. We need to do something. That's my two cents. By the way, it's 105.3, the fan.

Say it like you said it before. 105.3, the fan. It's my... Jim Brockmire, 105.3, the fan. 105. What's going on over there?

Is there some sort of driving? What's happening? We're cultivating something. Okay. All right.

Cultivating. Let's take a break. When we come back here, I believe Susie's going to help us close up the program. Your better half?

That's one way to put it. Your wife? My wife. My wife. She hates that. Don't do that.

That's crazy. Susie Schuster and Amy Trask present offbeat conversations and expert sports commentary as they ask, what the football? When my family found out how long it took me to figure out why Charles Woodson named his wine Intercept, they said, there's a reason that you had trouble in school. Not everyone knows. When they think of a bottle of intercept, they don't know that I play football. Well, what I've learned is a smooth defensive back can make smooth wine.

That's what it's all about. What the football with Susie Schuster and Amy Trask. The podcast is available Tuesdays, wherever you listen.

Back here on our radio network, 844-204, which is the number to dial here. Joining us here is Susie Schuster, along with Amy Trask, getting set to do What the Football. Lawrence Sapp, he's screen grabbed me some of your text exchange. I love Warren Sapp so much.

I know. You know what else he does? When he's done, he says, Brady out.

Like, honestly, I'm like, oh, Warren, I love how you. Brady out. Brady out. Did you ask him what that means? What does that mean?

Like Tom Brady? You don't ask him what that means. I don't want to. I don't want to know. I was just like, what's on my forehead? Yep. So QB kill is coming on.

You watch the football. I told Susie that story. You can't say on this side of things here, what he says is on his forehead. No, but I can do it on a podcast. Yeah, potentially.

Because Rich always says to me, he says that he thinks that I'm the walking Larry David, that people love to like either front me or... You attract people who get aggressive. That's correct. So I feel like Warren and I kind of get each other and he loves Amy Trask because she is the Princess of Darkness. That's right. So it's going to be a great show.

But it's going to be great. Amy's been very busy in the back knowing how sensitive you are to things like IMDb and birthdays. She found a website about famous people from Staten Island and you weren't on it. That's fine. I don't care about that.

So she added you because she's that kind of person. That's fine. I can take it. That's thoughtful. I can take it.

I'm on the stage where I just want to be in the top 100 people of famous June 24th birthdays and then have the top 100 be filled with at least less than 70 people I haven't heard of. You know what I mean? That's the one that pisses me off. I just had it. It's not good. All right. Don't worry about it.

I'm sure it isn't. I think you're 128th right now. Oh my gosh. How are you doing with that single cam? You doing all right over there? I'm a little naked. Not gonna lie.

I offered to come sit with you and share the camera, but you don't want to. Now Chris, this is a rarity because normally when Susie and I are together on this program, it's because you aren't here and Susie's in your chair and in these moments TJ Jefferson revels, revels whenever Susie and I just talk about our lives and have some fun with it. And every year that we've been nominated for an Emmy, there's been a moment with you two that we put on the Emmy reel and that's nominated. But we got our moment. We got that ping pong table moment.

No, no. We've got another one right now. Oh, there's one coming?

We got another one right now. Does she drive the work together or something? Well, Susie frequently, you Instagram me some reels. Mostly of dogs. A lot of dogs.

A lot of dogs, a lot of rescue dogs that you want to have to add a third to our mix. Oh, we found a great one. Oh yeah. And so there's that.

His name is Flash. So I saw this one. Just let me see the exact day you sent it. You sure you want to do this? Oh yeah, let's do it.

Let's do it. This happened, I just didn't see it. You sent it Sunday night. I think I was asleep. This arrived while I was sleeping, which is another one of your favorite films.

Oh, I love that movie so very much. It's a reel about how hot Sam Hartman of Notre Dame football is. The guy is insane. He is.

He's very good. The hair, he goes like this. It's a reel of how hot the quarterback of, by the way, of all schools, Sam Hartman is.

Fantastic. He looks like Bob Seger. That's not the best picture. I don't know what it is. The reel was hysterical because it had a woman voicing over highlights of him tossing a his hair around.

And I thought, wow, where was that job back in the day when I was doing like really crappy highlights? You wouldn't want to do that sort of stuff anyway. I was never live in a bar. But how am I supposed to, like what was, what is the idea of knowing I'm asleep upstairs passed out?

While I was cleaning the kitchen for the seventh time. No, no, no, no, no, no, that has nothing to do with it. Sure it was.

At some point, you know, I'm going to eventually check, oh, who sent me a DM on Instagram? It's you sending me a reel of how hot, how old is he, 22, like literally 30 years younger than me? 32? Yeah, not that old. How old is he?

Like, seriously? He's got to be. Now I got to be honest with you. He's 24. I'm 24.

First of all, I'm a mother of three. I'm not like perving over some Notre Dame quarterback. I sent it to you because it was so funny because it was made to be like a highlight, like someone was reading a highlight. Oh, it's the production value that you thought I would be interested in? I thought it was great production value, maybe something that you might want to use for an extra. And I was just being thoughtful, trying to produce this show. Mike Hoskins needs me to help him. So I just wanted to like offer a suggestion, at least it wasn't Jimmy G. By the way, I did mention, hold on a second, the other day when Jimmy G went out in that game, it was two weeks ago, and I'm like, Jimmy G's out. She goes, why?

What happened? And I'm like, it was his back. She goes, oh, not the face then. Yeah, correct.

His face is intact. Rich, I'm here to talk about football. I'm here to talk about what the football with Amy Trask and Suzy Shuster, we're here because we actually care about the game. If you want this kind of girl talk, we can talk about that when you get off the air, but I'm just here talking about the trade deadline, looking ahead at next week's trade deadline at 4 p.m. on Tuesday.

I'm sure Suzy. You'll be wondering what might happen with, I don't know, like maybe DeAndre Hopkins. And so I'm here to talk about X's and O's football with quarterback Killa joining us as our guest. And Amy Trask, I'm sure has a history with Warren Sapp from his Raider days, his cup of coffee with the Raiders, and I'm sure Amy's got some great stories about trade deadlines. So if you want to talk about how hot the Notre Dame quarterback is, we can do that after the show. Actually, it's uninteresting to me. I don't, as you know, Notre Dame, I cannot stand. J.J. McCarthy, PewDiePie. I'm 51, Rich.

I'm not looking at these kids in college. I just had some thoughts for the advertising show and T.J., I do want the ping pong table, but that's neither here nor there. You've got three hours to acquire the ping pong table tomorrow. I got to be honest with you.

I had not seen Sam Hartman without his helmet. And I... The flow is real. Can you play the video? Is there a way you can access it? No, we're not playing the video.

It's a... Hoskins, is there a way if Rich sends it to you that you can play it? Because honestly... No, we're not. The flow is real. I just don't know. It's just like, OK. Brockman, it's a girl doing a highlight of Sam Hartman. My husband is asleep. He's asleep. He's wiped out. He's asleep.

Oh, there's this video well produced of how hot Sam Hartman is. Let me send it to him so he'll see it when he wakes up. Look, I was just cleaning the house, trying to put our three kids to bed, trying to save the world. All right.

Well done. I just... She is trying to save the world. You're doing a lot. I'm doing a lot.

The whole world's on her shoulders. Thank you, Chris. Thank you for that.

I really appreciate your support. If you had enough time in the day to watch one reel, and if it was Sam or Jimmy, which one... Oh. Which reel? You only got enough time to watch. Wait. Save it for tomorrow.

Start, bench, cut. Save it. Okay. Save it. See?

Hoskins doesn't need the help producing. We've got producers all over the place. Save it. It's kind of what we do, man.

So save the... Maybe, Rich, they just... The Notre Dame quarterback is hot stuff. Maybe they just bring a little extra energy when I'm sitting in the chair. All right. Very good. Well, you bring us cake.

Yeah, that's true. I do bring you cake. You feed us... Hendrix.

Hendrix. That'll wrap up this edition. We'll wrap things up on The Real Quick Channel.

This is now officially off the rails. Mosas. Do you want the Mosas tomorrow? I think so, yeah. It's been a while.

Yeah. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Every Monday, Rich Eisen and Chris Brockman react to what's happening in the world of football on Over Reaction Monday. Dolphins, Final Four AFC team.

Oh, that is not an overreaction at all. I'm with you. You're in.

I am in. The other three Final Four teams, if you ask me to call my shot, this is the Over Reaction Monday podcast. Call your shot. Call your shot. Entertainment purposes only, unless I'm right. Yeah. Chiefs, Dolphins, Bills, Ravens. Ravens. Final Four over Reaction Monday the podcast wherever you listen
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