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REShow: Dalvin Cook/Paul Virzi - Hour 3 (8-2-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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August 2, 2022 3:11 pm

REShow: Dalvin Cook/Paul Virzi - Hour 3 (8-2-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 2, 2022 3:11 pm

Vikings RB Dalvin Cook tells Rich how Minnesota’s offense will look under rookie head coach Kevin O’Connell who’s a Sean McVay disciple, says why he’s excited to see what his brother James Cook will do in the NFL after being drafted by the Buffalo Bills, and weighs in on the ‘is cereal soup’ debate.

Comedian Paul Virzi joins Rich in-studio to discuss his new Netflix special directed by SNL’s Pete Davidson, reveals how he bonded with fellow comic Bill Burr of their love of sports, and breaks down the schedule for his beloved New York Giants.

Yankees fan Rich reacts to the Pinstripes unloading the under-performing Joey Gallo on the Los Angeles Dodgers at the MLB trade deadline. 

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. This is The Rich Eisen Show live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Deshaun Watson has been suspended. Deshaun, he wants to be the best version of himself.

Six regular season games and no fun. The Rich Eisen Show. The headline from here is simple.

It's not enough. Earlier on the show NFL Network reporter Tom Pelissero. Basketball Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal.

Vikings running back Dalvin Cook. Still to come comedian Paul Bursey. And now it's Rich Eisen. Well we got an interesting third hour with an in-studio guest, a comedian Paul Bursey is going to be joining us here. His second hour long stand-up special Nocturnal Admissions is available for streaming on Netflix.

That premiered in June and he's here. I had to say that that way you know. Well done.

That was nice. Like the Staten Island Advance. Yes. Yes.

One would look at that erstwhile publication call it the Staten Island Advance but no in Staten Island we always put the accent on the first level. The Advance. Oh Advance man. What are you doing here?

That's what I heard when I stopped by. Yo Advance man. What's up? You got the paper? Were you good at selling those things? I wasn't selling them Chris. I was a staff writer. Oh what were you selling? What newspaper were you selling before?

I didn't mix that up. You were selling papers at one point. I had two jobs that helped me pay for the prom. At Susan E. Wagner High School I was a checkout clerk at both Wahlbaums and Pathmark.

Wow. Back in the day double coupon days were very very very trying for me because I did not know. I had no idea on my produce. Like I had no idea. I was a produce guy Rich.

Dude I worked in produce. You could tell the difference between a gala apple and a macintosh apple. You knew all that stuff.

The different types of pairs. Macintosh. I didn't know a kiwi from a kumquat. I had no idea.

Kiwi. And so you know if you weren't checking things out and this is Dave this is this was this was at the uh the outset of the uh the scanners. Oh yeah you're after me. Brother we're talking. Mike we're talking mid we're talking early 80s here like 83.

Yeah 84 85. So you were like. I graduated high school in 1986 so anyway long story short the other job was um cold calling Staten Island and Brooklyn residents. Okay. At the hours of 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Saturdays.

Not a good time to be waking people up. To ask them if they wanted to purchase the New York Post. Oh the post. Oh wow. Oh. Just cold calling.

Okay. You just had a list or you were going to the phone book. Yeah the prefix and then you were given like the last four digits and you would just call it. Remember this is like. You would call it.

Yeah. And here was a voice of some junior in high school waking people up in Brooklyn in Staten Island. The original robocaller Rich. To ask them if they wished to purchase a subscription to the New York Post. I heard some of the most colorful language that I hadn't heard uh the last and then I the next time I heard it was Deadwood when I watched Deadwood. Some of the language I heard but I got through it and I helped pay for the portion of the champagne colored limousine that chauffeured me and my date and others to the main event in New Jersey before we were shuttled to Dangerfield's comedy club in the Upper East Side of Manhattan where we did not have the proper identification to enter legally. That's my prom story and I'm sticking to it. Very good.

Didn't think I was going to tell that story but Dalvin Cook is not answering the call. Rich I was just telling Chris the last job I had in Pittsburgh before I moved to LA. Yes. I was selling I was in the marketing and circulation department for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. How'd that work for you? It was great man I worked like five hours four or five hours a day we would set up in grocery stores a little kiosk in a grocery store and I would strike up conversations with people and get them to buy subscriptions to the to the newspaper. That is an art by the way. It really was man to do that.

To get people to stop they don't want to stop. No wonder you're so good at this TJ is that you had to you have to there's an art of being you know conversant and you have to yeah and nice and and and approachable. I get really really good at that job too. I bet. It was I mean and it would sometimes we'd go to like you know arts festivals and I remember Tiger had a huge golf tournament in uh Pittsburgh with Mario Lemieux. We'd go there we'd do little you know little things around town but our job mostly was just to go like grocery stores and just sit there.

Conversely let's just put you in Brooklyn New York in 1985. Okay hey how you doing? Let's say let's say how you doing let's say you've just put in a 60-hour work week at your job. Okay.

And you're gonna you're gonna sleep in man on Saturday. Okay. A phone rings at 801 in the morning. Ring ring. Asking you how would you like to get a year's subscription to the New York Post? I'd say yeah. I wasn't I wasn't good at it.

No. Shout out to us for being former newspaper man. I used to deliver the newspaper.

There you go. I loved it. That's how you became a cop. I knew the streets. The mean streets of New Jersey. The mean streets of New Jersey.

I learned the streets well. All right this is this is the moment. Thank god Dalvin Cook's calling me. No no no why? You don't want to hear more of Mike Del Tufos?

I'm over Mike's childhood. All right I believe he's on. I believe our Pro Bowl friend from the Minnesota Vikings is on. Fresh off of 19,000 yards rushing in a single season last year that's how much he had.

I looked it up. He's that good. The Pro Bowl running back. The man who helps the Minnesota Vikings go the way that they can go is Dalvin Cook on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line back here on the show. How you doing Dalvin Cook?

I'm doing good Rich. Did you miss me? I'll be honest. You always got to get on the call. Oh my god.

Always. I missed you Dalvin. I'm not gonna lie.

I'm not gonna lie. I missed you. It's been months.

It's been too long. How's your life been? What's going on with you?

What's going on? It's been good. It's been good. All season has been good. I've been down in Miami training and spending time with my brother, my family. He got drafted so that was exciting for us. I saw that.

So I saw that. That's been it. Just been getting everything together for the season.

I think the last time I heard from you again it wasn't specifically to me or at me. It was towards NFL Network because we simulcamed you with your brother at the combine. Was he a little bit faster than you Dalvin? Yeah he ran faster than me at the combine.

He did. He rubbed it in my face too. Well I hope we didn't have so well I guess we had something to do with it because we decided to actually overlay his run over yours so we saw that just to make sure he was as fast as what we saw and personally as the University of Michigan Wolverine I'm glad your brother left college.

I'm very very happy. He made my New Year's Eve miserable personally. He had a good game.

He sure did. So let me just hit on him a little bit here and because to me I thought that was one of the steals of the draft and that's he's exactly who the Buffalo Bills could use in this offense and use. How do you think he's gonna fare in Buffalo?

I think he's gonna do good. You know just talking to him and you know just being around him and spending more time with him because you know obviously he didn't get to spend as much time with him because he was in college and I was doing my thing but now that we got our offseason under our belt and he understands you know what he's trying to get done and how he's trying to get it done and you know me implementing a lot of things that I do just in his game and just letting him be him like I always tell him just be you like like you said I think he fits right into what they what they do and what Josh Allen do when they offense a scheme and you know a lot what a lot of people don't know he's bigger than what they think and he can run between the tackles and obviously he can catch the football so that's a plus for them and you know I talk to him every week they say he's having fun he's enjoying the moment and I'm just looking forward to some big things from him this year. Well I mean he's gonna have eight games under his belt by the time he runs into your defense and you're gonna be in Buffalo what's that week gonna be like for the Cook household? It's gonna be fun for the family this is something new for us having two cooks in the league you know having having a brother in the NFL so I told my family pick pick size wisely. I'm still a big brother in the family. No I know I mean I don't mean to stir up family dissension here Dalvin but are can we are we gonna make up jerseys I mean the half purple half you know blue or can we or you won't even you won't even deal with that like there's got to be such. We got some in the works we sit down as a family they got some in the works they're gonna go half and half but where they're gonna sit that's gonna be the thing I have to get a box for the family or something. Well I mean it might be cold and plus James is a rookie so you might have to front that you know. I have to take care of it. Dalvin I mean Dalvin you're you're the veteran here I mean I mean your brother's a rookie I mean come on.

I got it I got it. I mean they're putting you in a position but I think you know you might have to step up for that one but that'll be great I mean and so congratulations on that seeing your brother get drafted and you're going to play each other in week 10. Dalvin Cook here on the Rich Eisen show so how's this offense going to be different walk me through Kevin O'Connell bringing the Rams field to this to this scenario how is it going to look different Dalvin? It's going to be different it's going to be different in a bunch of ways um they're going to see guys in different places um no we obviously don't know what's what's ahead of us until we go out and do it you know but we've been practicing a lot of a lot of different things um KO has a KO and Wes has a a big brain when you put it together it's a big brain it's a it's it's fun to be around those guys and to see how they think and see how they operate and to see how they want to attack people so you know it's gonna be it's gonna be a lot of fun you know this upcoming year to see to see the matchups and see how God see our teams play us and you know I'm just looking forward to to the matchups and to see how this thing work out. I don't want you to tell too many tales out of school but is it going to be similar to what the Rams have been doing which is uh you know not many different uh formations but running a ton of different plays out of the same formation to create problems and folks won't know where you might be winding up post snap I mean is that the way it's gonna run in Minnesota? I really didn't watch the Rams offense to be honest okay I really didn't watch because you know in the years before me I was in the years before this I was in a different system that I ran something totally different so I really didn't pay attention to what they did because it wasn't nothing that I needed to pay attention to okay so I really didn't watch their their offense so but you know it's gonna be some problems it's gonna be some it's gonna be some thing that people gotta pay attention to some problems so how does it suit you then how does the new way of doing things suit you in a way Dalvin Cook I'm today's back you just want to ask me I can do it all so whatever they want to put me at you know I'm I'm a runner I'm a catcher blocker whatever it is whatever they want to whatever they want to insert me at I'm gonna get the job done so that's that's how I fit in this game you know I could they can they can put me wherever they want to put me at and I could be a chess piece for this for this offense today's back I like that okay so you're today's back and tomorrow's too right I mean you could say that too after that not yesterday's your today's back and your tomorrow's back down we look forward looking forward okay you know it's interesting I've seen some quotes from Justin Jefferson talking about being a top five top three wide receiver he's definitely seeming that he's I think he's looking at Madden rankings he's looking at what these receivers and you know after three years are getting paid and uh he's kind of saying things with his chest these days Dalvin are you getting that from Justin Jefferson to it you know as I as I be with him each and every day and I could be with him more I'll be with him a lot you know the way he works kind of matches the way he's not kind of it matches the way he the way he carries himself the way he the way he's talking so and I back him 100 you know I believe he's you know top two in the league if not one um but you know that's just how I feel um the way he works on the practice field the way he goes about his business um the way he communicates the way he's matured over the years that when he first came in I know you see the vocal leader coming out of him just the leadership role and him still going out there making plays um I think that's big time for our offense and just seeing that come from Justin is going to help us a lot this year so you know I back him 100 on everything that he says. And how about Cousins because this system that you referred to KO uh Kevin O'Connell the new HC there in Minnesota that um this McVeigh if you will system this was born out of the Shanahan era when Cousins got drafted like this is the offense essentially that is built for Cousins and Cousins is built for do you see any difference in him any confidence level difference in him going in Dalvin? Yeah I seen him grow every every year but you know you see you see how comfortable he is with KO and you know from day one you seen the you seen the relationship between those guys and you know that's what we needed um we needed we needed that for our guy back there because you know Kirk Kirk can sling that rock he can he can take us where we want to go and we firmly believe that as a group and as a team so you know having KO come in and be that that security blanket to help take us to the next level I think that's going to be good for Kirk and our team. All right Dalvin Cook walk me through week one what's it going to look like Green Bay in your house people chanting skull and you going out there it's going to be crazy it's going to be it's going to be loud no Devante Adams um we trying to we got Zadarius over there on the defense him and Danil right that's right back there coming off the edge that's right um Pat P back it's going to be fun it's going to be you know it's going to be it's going to be one of those things to us it's going to be as hyped as it can be we just got to go out there to control our emotions from play one and kind of and kind of just go out there and do our thing and and show the world you know what we've been working for all this time these OTAs this mini camp training camp and all the time we've been putting in all the things we've been sacrificing you know it's going to be for this season and and and it goes for what we're trying to hold up that trophy at the end yeah we spoke to Zadarius a couple months ago after he signed with Minnesota it's it's it's sad he doesn't have much to say that guy you didn't say anything you hardly said a word oh wait a minute he's the exact opposite of that oh my god that's Z that's Z right there and I was like hold up I had you you're like where are you going with that because he's probably going to be all spun up for that game that's for sure in week one that is going to be my guy under control man we're going to keep him one of the controls so he could get out to that pass every snap all right now I got to start something because I spoke to Aaron Jones last week and um you know he's Green Bay's uh number one back you are as you refer to yourself today's back he has a theory uh I'd like to bounce off you he says he wants to he thinks that cereal Dalvin Cook is soup what do you think would you categorize cereal as soup Dalvin Cook what do you think I kind of feel where you're coming from but if you put soup in the category of being hot and cold I think that's where the difference is cereal and soup but the form the everything the shape yes liquid everything is the same though it gets it gets in the same in the same way if you leave it if you leave it sitting enough it's going to turn into soup but you know soup is hot and cereal I don't know if nobody eats cereal hot but I can't imagine cereal is cold but I kind of see where you're coming from I feel you AJ that's my guy I feel you I know he is absolutely you know he's got a he's got cereal are you going to get a cereal why don't you get a cereal Dalvin I got a lot of things coming man you know it'd be it'd be perfect time and um okay you know I'll be kind of just putting my head down on work and let my team work for me so whatever they bring to the table we we go after it what would you if you could create your own cereal what would it be if you could create your answer oh what do you got uh he went cinnamon he went cinnamon crunch square just in case you're wondering cinnamon yeah so square he went yeah he went cinnamon uh square cereal he calls them touchdown squares that's what he calls them so what about you let's get let's get something going here because I mean I can't I can't have you uh beaten within your own division you know what would it be like a cookie crunch or something what would you what would you go with you took the words out of my mouth right there that was that was kind of crazy because everybody well a lot of people call me cookie so it's got to be something with like some well like some cookie cookie I like cinnamon toast crunchy that's my favorite cereal it's got the best milk down like that's probably everybody's favorite cereal I don't know I don't know something like that I don't know how about Dalvin's cookie crunch what about that would be good I don't know is there like a trademark on the cookie crunch I don't know uh Dalvin's cookie crunch let's go for it and see if they sue you how about a YouTube show Dalvin Cooks let's start the promotion right now there you go there we go Dalvin Cooks there we go stays stays crispy in Minnesota that's what it is that's what it goes all right Dalvin I hope we left you better than we found you thanks for the time always love our chats you go you go always you go crush it yeah let's let's talk as the season goes along I'd appreciate that so I got you right back at you thank you sir that's Dalvin Cook Pro Bowl running back in Minnesota Florida State Seminole you could see he's just even saying what's it going to be like week one he's just like oh boy what a sneaky good week one game that one is Kevin O'Connell and the newfangled Minnesota Vikings offense built for Kirk Cousins didn't Daniel Jeremiah say that you have to swear fealty to Kirk Cousins if you're in the Sean McVeigh family didn't he say something along those lines I'm like right here comes Kevin O'Connell perfect you like that yes Cousins did and he's like no Devante Adams the first thing you said I forgot Zadaria Smith was on the Vikings I don't know how I could because that was one of our favorite interviews of what March or yeah that's going on month right or April yep yep here we go all right we'll take a break uh if you're on hold stand hold you're going to enjoy the conversation with our next guest in studio the comedian Paul Verzi a fellow New Yorker when we come back right here on this edition of the Rich Isaac show and we are back here on our terrestrial radio outfit one big happy family with our peacock and Sirius XM family if you're on hold stay on hold we will take your phone calls before the end of the hour comedian Paul Verzi is here on the program again we just saw a clip hilarious man thank you from your uh your second Netflix special uh called nocturnal admissions that's your first pardon me my bad second special first special first that you've done here uh it's your second hour long stand-up special at any rate uh it's directed by Pete Davidson a fellow Staten Islander of mine where are you from originally I'm from Westchester I was born Yonkers I'm a Westchester Yonkers yeah okay so you grew up at the Raceway you went to the Raceway Raceway my dad used to yeah take us to the Raceway and took us to a lot of places we shouldn't have been my dad's a wild one right yeah like I was I saw gambling at the age of four it was fantastic yeah yeah my dad was into uh it was into Broadway show tunes you know yeah by the way not lying you know it's amazing that I'm here talking sports every single day to be honest so uh let's get into Pete Davidson's directing your your special yes and you've known him for a long time right yeah I love Pete man and Pete is so funny because he's so laid back and chill and he's such a misunderstood guy but like the type of friend Pete this is the type of friend Pete Davidson is so one Saturday night I'm off and that's rare for comics to be off on a Saturday yes wife kids sleeping so I'm like let me go outside smoke a cigar as I do you know and just scrolling through the phone who can I call Saturday night I'm just scrolling so I haven't talked to Petey in a while so I call Pete and he answers and he just goes like hello and I go hey man what's going on he goes no I'm just at work I look at it's 11 45 he's on SNL he's answered the phone and I go dude what are you answering the phone for if you're on a live tv show and he just goes I just want to make sure you're good man you like yeah he's that he's the best and that's that's the type of guy Pete is but the way you know when somebody answers with work voice yeah he did that at SNL he did that at Saturday Night Live while it was going on just because he's got everything good and I'm like yeah but these don't answer you lunatic you could call me back in 15 minutes you know I there are people though that sometimes will call like I'll I'll look down at my phone okay yeah during the show yeah and they know me very well and they're calling me here yeah and you know they're and I'll look down I'm like they know what I'm doing right now I know so I would think in a commercial break I'll call them yeah like is everything all right you know like you should know yeah you just totally spaced on a Saturday night that I'm gonna call see what Pete's up to yeah my wife does what you said okay like I'll tell my wife like I turn my phone she's probably calling that like yeah I'm doing a rich Isaac show I'll be out she probably called three times yeah my wife calls she calls and she calls if my wife was president Putin would have sent Brittany Grineer back you know enough enough just sent her just sent she's grinding she's grinding she grinds down she grinds people down oh she would she just listen I don't want to paint up my wife's great my wife's great she's she's organized opposite of me because you need that ying and yang yes but my wife is just you know she's ready she's calling yeah she's calling she's prepared she's there on me yeah you know so you never so like it's kind of like a slot machine when you're done here with this segment this appearance you look down at your phone it could be anything right it could be absolutely anything from your wife yeah that's coming you know this is like you pull the you pull the one-armed bandit either the money's coming out or it's not right that's that's pretty much the way it's going to work that's right that's right I know the feeling yeah yeah fantastic Paul Verzi the comedian here on the Rich Isaac show how'd you meet Bill Burr how'd you come across him you guys do a podcast together and you think better yeah so uh I opened for Bill years ago like early to like probably like 2006 2007 and uh he's he's heard laughs he didn't see he goes man were you the other guy on the show I'm here so I'm gonna watch I'm gonna watch and he watched and we just hit it off and I'm a New York sports guy he's a Boston sports guy so we had that and he you know I'm I'm like you know I'm younger I'm a generation under so I think he kind of saw the east coast kind of connection that we had with sports and then and then that was the rest is history man yeah he uh I always when he ever comes on here we have conversations and he accuses me of trying to trigger him uh you know it doesn't take much with certain things I mean but he he you know I I like to tell him that Boston sports fans are not happy unless they're unhappy and he kind of flipped it on saying that it was my unhappiness yeah no that's really at play here that it's more about me not really about him that I got that right Chris isn't that what he said like uh yeah basically you're just jealous because we've won so much and so why are you trying to make me be unhappy because we're happy we win a lot yeah you know they don't listen those guys those Boston New England guys yeah they're they almost like they like it to be miserable a little bit like I remember one year the patriot well patriots were going to be good every year right and I would call up bill and be like oh dude you guys are good this you know about our defense like and they were just clearly a great team and it would just be they never would go yeah this could be our year where I'm the op I'm a Giants fan and I think I think we're going to the NFC championship this year this year we're going to the NFC championship we yeah I need to check your temperature but I'm also I'm very like I'm delusional though yes like I'm a diehard Knicks fan and anytime anybody's spotted in New York I think they're coming you know like Seth Curry they they seen Seth Curry at JFK I'm like he's having a meeting with Dolan he's coming he's going to be a blockbuster trade three hours I'm telling you right now and I'll actually you know I was convinced LeBron was coming I was convinced KD all them were coming I'm one of those well Durant did come he just went to Brooklyn yeah but I mean that's not you know that's not that's not New York that's I mean let's let's talk that's a Nick fan right that's not New York I mean and Nick and there's nothing more disgraceful there's nothing more disgraceful rich than somebody that was a Nick fan yes that became a Brooklyn net fan they're dead to me that can't I don't blame you for that you can't do that if you were a New Jersey net fan yes fine have at it but if you were a Knicks fan and you said I know guys that are going I can't take it anymore I'm jumping ship you can't it's over you can't you it's it's that's that's the worst thing I I jumped ship entirely because of what happened to Charles Oakley I'm done I'm not even rooting for anybody in New York right now are you a Knicks fan I am die hard I grew up in Madison Square Garden I remember Red Holtzman the end of his tenure because I'm I'm a 53 year old guy so Bernard Bernard King was my guy growing up loved him Ewing I remember when he when he became a Nick I thought the Bernard and Patrick show would be incredible and you know then obviously Bernard got hurt it hardly ever happened lived and died through all of the check its years with Riley and Van Gundy loved it all hate Dolan can't root for the team period end of story wow I don't mean to go negative with you right now but you jumped when they when you know over oh done they did escort Oakley out like he was a drunk civilian fan it's ridiculous I mean I they should they should hang a banner from the rafters for him as far as I'm Oakley was Oakley was the man I know that I would do anything for it but I'm excited I would do anything for a Knicks championship I'm really excited about the Giants the Giants I think they had a brilliant brilliant draft I think that that kid Evan Neal from Alabama is what you know Jones needed yeah yeah I agree you know but the thing is like everybody's like I don't know about Joe here's the one thing about New York fans that bother me though they're never there's half of them that are great and half of them that are truly dummies just dumb you know like I literally was I remember I was one Monday Night Football Monday Night Football and I'm sitting the Rams are in town and a guy's sitting behind me and he's just going you know what I don't know about this Eli guy it's like what you don't know about two parades that he brought here what do you don't know what don't you know like I don't know about this guy just miraculous on the road comebacks in the fourth quarter beaten Brady twice undefeated what don't you know about there was this thing they had this but they you know they booed Jeter when he went 0 for 33 on a slide they booed Mariano that I can't that I you know I'm with you too I'm a die-hard Yankee fan and I'm locked in right now oh we're on the same we are I'm from Staten Island my brother loved the you know and I'm from the era of you rooted for the teams because of the stadiums they played in so my brother was a met jet and it's okay that's what he was a met jet Nick yeah and so I got into the Jets and then I realized the Mets weren't winning Jack and then Thurman Munson became my favorite player Catfish Hunter came to the Yankees and then Reggie right after 76 77 78 I've been locked in ever since yeah ever ever since and I love those guys and it's interesting Paul Verzi here on the Rich Isaac show what you said just moments ago about you would call up Bill Burr and you'd say to Bill and again you guys do the anything better podcast together um and so that you would call Bill up before the season and it looked like you know another Patriot year because it was Brady and Belichick and the Patriots were the Patriots they were the Patriots and um and he's like yeah I don't like the defense I don't like the defense and you're like sitting there what are you talking about and the interesting thing is right there it proves my point that Boston fans are not happy unless they're unhappy and then when when they say that I don't believe in the defense there's got a problem and then suddenly they rip off 10 wins in a row and then suddenly it's like nobody ever believed in us and then Brady will go out there and the parade going to win the Super Bowl that we all know he was going to go win and say nobody believes in us let's rally around and nobody believes in his flag and it's just like all those people like yeah Tommy and it's just like every last one of you were bitching about the defense 12 weeks ago you want to know what it is rich that's what it is yeah it's a defense mechanism that they have because they're they're they're yeah they're scared they're scared and it's a defense deep down inside it's like a child who doesn't want to be hurt so that's what they do and then when it happens when good things happen they can they can gloat and blame it on other people yeah don't take responsibility for their own doubts you're getting me fired up dude right yeah this is it we've cracked the code yeah and tell that to Burr next time let me see please we we've gotten into arguments i remember i was at state college i was at state college performing okay and i walk into the hotel and this is when i started moving up in the business and i didn't like the hotel room okay not that i'm a diva but it's like i'm not staying here you know look at this there's a rug it looked like 1990s i'm like i'm not staying here so i'm on the phone i'm on the phone with Burr and i go uh we're just talking and i go hey man i'm sorry just give me a second and he goes what's wrong i go this room's terrible this is what am i'm not staying and bill goes you know listen man you're making moves you're coming up go to another hotel i go yeah you know what you're right and i put my bag down and i'm about to get off the phone with him we got into an argument about montana brady this is when brady had this is when brady had three or four rings okay and we got into an argument montana brady screaming at each other i'm not this is i'm not exaggerating screaming at each other in this hotel room i hated for three hours that it got too late i had to stay there i couldn't even i couldn't even check in i couldn't even check in i had to stay because of the lunacy that went on the insults the screaming and i stayed in a horrible hotel room because i yelled with him for three hours and i assume you took the montana side of things no you took the brady sort of things yeah i did i said brady i said brady is the greatest i said brady is the greatest quarterback of all time it's just what it is so you took the brady side of things and he said you can't say that yet he was being a contrary he said you can't say that yet you know montana went to four one four i'm going but look at look what this kid's doing look what this kid has it and everything and it turned into a screaming thing now bring it up to bill that you're you're right all along when he when he got to like six or seven i was like are we going to do this anymore are we going to change rooms we gotta let this thing settle man yeah that's exactly right i've been stuck in state college for five years i finally went across the street to the better hotel thanks to tom brady yeah it's so true oh my gosh all right so you're going uh speaking of pennsylvania you're going to spend some time there in september potstown pa and then you're going to london first week of october well you know why is it the game the giants are going i called my agent and i said buddy i said my new york football giants are playing i said i'm taking stacy and the kids let's get a date and he said all right well i'll put you you're going to perform it in soho and on friday and then you're going to go to the game on sunday get out of here yeah that's that's that's what i'm doing i mean i have to it's my g-men are in london i've never been to london my family has never been to london so that's what we're gonna do we gotta do that you know i gotta tell you um it's it's an incredible experience so let me see here um you're taking oh the packers dude packers yeah what a game too yeah and i don't think the packers have ever played in london either that's their first trip to london yeah i believe it is now do you you agree with my giants assessment or you don't think you think the giants what the nfc championship i think well no i'm gonna say regular season games i got them nine or ten what do you have eight let's do it giant schedule throw it up here we go oh let's do it come on boys let's go this is what we're gonna do here you go paul look at the monitor i love it hold on hold on hold on hold on this what we do here on the rich isin show it's called the win-loss game i love it okay we give you nfl films music speaking of new jersey this is from uh straight from uh mount laurel new jersey that music yes i'm going to ask you yeah to walk us through the schedule and we're going to figure it out win-loss win-loss all right with the comedian paul verzi and you can check out nocturnal admissions right now on netflix his comedy special premiered late in june the giants premiere uh first sunday of the season at the tennessee titans winner loss paul verzi winner loss the giants gonna win that game by three look at that you can even give me a score home for the carolina panthers week two disappointing loss wow okay uh and by the way i love the adjectives disappointing loss all right uh home for the cowboys monday night football week three loss home for the chicago bears week four win all right so they go one and two on the stretch of three straight home games that would not be good and now they're in uh green bay taking on the uh the packers no they're in london pardon me yeah taking on green bay right that's a win taking uh in london you of course because you're going there home for the ravens that's a win win at the jacksonville jaguars that's a win at the seattle seahawks the loss wow they're four and four they're just you got them five and three going into their uh their their buy yeah because that's where jones is going to hit his stride uh coming out of the buy uh home against the texans win home against the lions uh an oddly loss an oddly loss at the cowboys on thanksgiving win home for the washington commanders loss home for the eagles loss at the washington commanders win at the vikings on christmas eve saturday night saturday afternoon what do you got uh win home for the colts on new year's day loss at the eagles to wrap things up loss wow you got them sweeping to the eagles okay so you got one two three four five six seven eight nine wins you got them nine and eight paul verzi that's a very uh i think you know pie in the sky so how many how many you think i'm off by a gun to your head off by two i i don't look man i love dable i love him yeah i i think he's terrific i i need to see their offensive line before i believe it that's it because they just been stinking on ice on that front and they can't protect the thing i know say quan gets hurt and uh you know but if ever let's just say staying healthy i love tony i love tony tony exciting kid if he's right yeah okay and gala day i mean right i mean there's so many i don't know saquon and and debo i really like i really like him and the defense comes along you might surprise some people but you know you can't go from as terrible as they've been to suddenly nine and eight when we think you can but maybe they well but i think that i i watched saquon closely and saquon to me looked like he was afraid to make cuts he looked like he was afraid to do what he did when he first got to the league and i think now he's removed from that and i think he's mentally away from that and i like this tibeto kid and i like that stray and i like that stray hand is um is oh my god michael stray came to the comedy club do you have time do i have time to tell you this this sure yeah so straight i'm on stage in new york city at the stand stray has right next to the stage he's right next to me and i'm telling jokes and he's i hear him laughing and i'm like oh my god like i don't get starstruck by like movies or or can i get it for me it's athletes athletes so i'm just going do michael strand's laughing at me right now this is amazing so we go outside afterwards and somebody goes uh hey man nobody asked michael for anything he's just he wanted to enjoy himself he had a friend in there just no pictures nothing so i'm like all right you know it's fine so mike straight hand comes out and uh he sees me he was oh man so funny so now i'm like oh this is the best and he was and anyway i said oh do you mind i have a big giant fan take a picture and i said the dumbest thing to him as a girl as we take the picture my arm is around his back yeah as we take the picture as a grown man i just i don't know what came over me i go oh seven changed my life what i have children i'm a grown man with children and and it was like and it was right it was right as the picture was being taken and i almost whispered it it was the weirdest and he was probably like all right dude that was take care and i if i ever see him again i'm gonna be like no it didn't change my life you know i just it was a good it made me feel good but you can't say that to a guy like that um now you're creeping me out and we'll send this to stray stray we'll see this we'll straighten this out yeah don't you worry next time you see stray and they will not be a restraining order you will be able to get within a hundred yards of michael stray don't worry about it paul you're good you're good everybody check out his new special nocturnal admissions available now for streaming on netflix it's been available since june 23rd to check out paul if you're in pottstown pa washington dc philadelphia pa or london england the uk go to paul to get your tickets and check out the versey effect podcast and the anything better podcast with bill burke good to see you sir well thank you so much for having me i had a lot of fun thank you and you know i'm so glad that you you came on here because i said uh the only way that the yankees will ever be able to trade away joey gallo is if paul versey arrives and you did and they just did did they to the dodgers yes dodgers what'd they get uh it doesn't matter unclear doesn't matter doesn't matter oh wow that's all right doesn't matter he wasn't a fit here let him come here there it is for beater who's the beater oh he's a uh prospect okay all right does beater do more than just strike out walk or hit a home run whoever beater is we're happy to have him oh there's a big red sox trade when we come back thanks for having me man the trade deadlines later today sneak in some more news in your calls in in a moment chrome soft golf balls there is definitely one version of chrome soft golf balls that suits your game i use the chrome soft there's the chrome soft x and the chrome soft xls depending on what you need for your game if you want something with a lower spin if you need something that actually gets a little bit more of a tour level short game control excellent spin consistency that's the chrome soft x the longer shots firmer feel high spin around the greens that's a chrome soft xls the bottom line is the precision technology that every chrome soft is enhanced with helps design techniques and manufacturing specifications on this golf ball up to one one thousandth of an inch which ensures they're the highest quality most consistent fastest golf balls available so when you add it all up it's pretty simple chrome soft is better for the best and it's better for everyone find out which chrome soft is right for you at chrome soft spencer in nashville tennessee you're on the rich eisen show what's going on uh well uh i just wanted to let you know rich uh it was 1994 i was at an all-star game and it was a pregame reception and i just happened to be lucky i was there with a sponsor and standing together with bill russell marise lucas and paul silas and i walked up to those guys and i said mr russell you brought me a lot of misery i'm from philadelphia over the years you brought me a lot of misery and i'm just glad to meet you i said mr silas when you're with the celtics you brought me a lot of misery and i'm from philadelphia and i said marise lucas you really stuck a dagger in my heart and that game the finals against the 76ers we went up two games none that you and bill walton came back and took us in six i just wanted to let you guys know you bought me a lot of grievance but i'm so glad to meet you and i just wanted to let you know you guys are really something and i'm glad you let me grieve to you in person what they say look at me bill russell started laughing paul silas started laughing and marise lucas he put a smile on his face he said well my brother we had to do what we had to do i said well you did it and i said thank you for letting me grieve to you on this night i said okay and then i walked away man you know so that that that they that that has been a highlight of my life meeting all three of those guys thank you for sharing that with us spencer thanks for holding on during the last couple interviews for that jeff and buffalo new york we got about a minute for you what's up jeff hey how are you doing i want to start brockman i agree with you celtics i'm a lifelong celtics fan they don't want or need kd um they've always had great team concept so whether it's garnet alan pierce or back to the days of bill russell always great team concept and kd just seems to be too individualistic he couldn't stick with the wall with the warriors and i wouldn't want him on the celtics um i grew up watching bill russell on tv chris shankle and the company jack twyman but i saw the the 70s versions of the celtics as a student at boston university and they were still russell was still around the team he was on he was a commentator i grew up in boston and boston has a very mixed history with bill russell um he loves the team but the fans his relationship was mixed my relationship was mixed when russell died i thought of a friend of mine who lost his life in the 70s and he was lost his life was lost because in brookline mass someone thought he looked too porter beacon and so his life was taken so when russell whose life was so much more rich off the court i watched jim brown and kareem back when he was lou L sender come forward and fight for what i'm still fighting for i'm an elementary school teacher talking to my students my athletes uh bill russell meant so much to me as a person a person of color um to the city that's boston grew up uh learning to love him and everybody he touched whether it was on tv whether it was as a commentator whether it was at last um well jeff i grew up revering him jeff i appreciate the two cents thanks for hanging on to uh to give us that uh i'm bill russell i want to thank shakeel o'neill for lending us his thoughts on on bill russell and also that was fun with paul versey and dalvin cook my gosh what a pleasure so we know where eric cosmer wound up not with the padres and not with the nationals he is on boston where he will now um play first base um in replacing frenchy scissorhands there amen doll back some of the some of it anybody who's been watching red sox baseball this year truly some of the worst first base play you'll ever see bad news i mean oh my gosh so eric cosmer is coming to town all right let's go pump and san diego's paying most of the money there you go let's go okay all right here we go so uh yeah energy shifting him and tommy fan the energy is shifted yeah currently in tenth place i believe in the american league okay we'll talk more about it tomorrow david's love the third dl3 will be joining us on tomorrow's show and so much more i believe tom pelissaro uh will come through on his threat to appear on this program good guy we're back with the joey galla trade more on peacock in a moment for the real story we're back with the joey galla trade for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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