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REShow: Alan Shipnuck- Hour 3

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August 16, 2022 3:35 pm

REShow: Alan Shipnuck- Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 16, 2022 3:35 pm

The Fire Pit Collective golf writer Alan Shipnuck tells Rich why there’s a growing schism among PGA Tour players at the top of the food chain and the tour’s middle class and Tiger Woods’ “shadow commissioner” role in keeping players from defecting, why Open Championship winner Cameron Smith joining the Saudi-backed tour brings big-time legitimacy to the upstart league, and why LIV Golf is here to stay due to bottomless financial backing. 

Rich explains why the LIV Tour isn’t going away and if a compromise can be reached between the league and the PGA Tour, then reveals his new list of Top 5 NFL Things He’s Talked Himself into including takes on Kirk Cousins, the AFC East, the Chiefs’ offense, the Seahawks, and the Steelers’ QB competition. 

Rich makes a big announcement about the future TV home of the show.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. This is the moment of the year. This is the Rich Eisen Show. We're getting football back.

Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. I'm not talking about quarterback competitions. I'm talking about the freaking New York Jets having a curse hanging over. They're starting quarterback with a non-contact injury. Earlier on the show, NFL Network reporter Tom Pelissero.

Three-time Super Bowl champion Julian Edelman. Still to come, the fire pit collective golf writer Alan Shipna. And now it's Rich Eisen. Our number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. 844-204 Rich. Number to dial. What a great chat we had and visit we had with Julian Edelman.

Our number two. Damn near 40 minutes long. If you missed it, slash Rich Eisen Show for everything that you miss. He still wants to play it sounds like. I asked him. I asked him if he want well you know what we'll play that sound bite later if we can cut it. How about that? I'm now making demands. I think you're stretching it dude.

Let's try it. He can still play. I don't know.

Okay. If he does it anymore he's fine. But I think he'd answer the phone in November if it rings. October if it rings.

And the team's got a good chance to win. He didn't say he wouldn't answer the phone because we asked him. That's right.

That's right. A little 813 phone number calls him. That's the Tampa area code right? Well done sir.

Just saying. I don't know. 844-204 Rich.

Number to dial on the program. So as we got out of Dodge yesterday, a couple hours after the show, I saw the tweet from Alan Shipnuck, the fire pit collective golf reporter and also the author of that book on Phil from earlier this year. I'm hearing tomorrow's PGA Tour player meeting regarding Liv is going to be a banger. Supposedly everything's on the table from major championship boycotts to Monahan's future to a larger compromise and Tiger M.F.

Woods is expected to fly in to provide counsel bully and cajole and with a popcorn emoji. All right I'll bite I thought. And now kind enough to join us on the Mercedes-Benz van phone line is Alan Shipnuck. How you doing Alan?

I'm doing great. Thanks for having me. You got it. I stared at that tweet like Greg Norman stared at the back of your head. That was too easy. That was way too easy. I'm sorry.

So I'm into the low hanging fruit I guess. What's happening? What do you know right now as we're chatting here to Eastern Time, Alan? Yeah well I mean Tiger's plane has left Florida you know the modern wonder of tracking people's private aircraft. So we know he's in route.

It was always I was a little nervous because hey his back could flare up or his plane could break down but he's coming. It's interesting I've been talking to different people in the game and sounds like not every player in the field has been invited to this meeting. It's more of a select group that appears to have been hands picked by a Tiger and so that's another layer of intrigue because one of the fundamental issues in this whole thing is that there's no players union on the PGA Tour. There's no collective bargaining.

They don't really speak with one voice. Now they have various layers of representation but ultimately it's a little bit of a free-for-all out there and the top players concerns are very different to the top 20 players on tour would be the stars who make most of the money. Their concerns are very different from the guys who are say 50 to 150 on the money list.

Those users are just trying to keep their job and you know might maybe buy a second house somewhere fancy and possibly fly private occasionally but they're in a different stratosphere but there's a lot more of the middle class guys to use that term with a wink. So this is some of the tension and you know Phil Mickelson made that point to me in my book that you know we thought there should be almost a whole different apparatus for governing the tour and Phil's idea was modeled on the US Congress. Which is funny because everybody looks at Congress as a blueprint for efficiency but you know where essentially the top players are like the Senate and everybody else is kind of like the House Representatives and you let the lesser players come up with the ideas but nothing happens without the approval the tweaking of the Senate and so it just speaks to this tension within the game where you know the tour is the stars who move the needle and they're the ones who are the most important in this thing but they're outnumbered by the guys who're just trying to keep their job and the journeymen and so it's hard to affect change and it puts Commissioner Jay Monahan in a tough spot because who is he really representing and you know if this meeting today is not for everybody that just kind of brings home this this schism on tour and within the game itself so just another little layer of intrigue in all of this. So let me take part of your tweets one at a time boycott major championships meaning keep the live players out or tell the live players they should be allowed in because then that would dovetail into the third part of your tweet about a compromise what do you mean by major championship boycott what do you mean? Yeah you know one tweet is a little reductive so that's been an idea that's been floated by Davis Love and others that ultimately so much hinges on the major championships because what the live players have exposed is that for a lot of these guys the week in week out tournaments aren't that important to them and whether they're playing a live event in Portland or they're playing the Greater Hartford Open they don't have a big emotional attachment to that tournament it's just a chance to make money which is by definition is what professional golfers do and so they're basically you know there's for some of these guys they might like Pebble Beach they might like Riviera but it's not enough to have kept them on the PGA Tour but we all know that the major championships are very important to all these players and how they can get into the majors is going to be a fundamental issue that the game is going to face here in the coming months and so the thinking is if the vast body of PGA Tour players goes to the governing body and says we're not going to play majors if you let the live guys in that puts pressure on Augusta National and then USGA and others to try and finesse the way to keep those guys out of the tournaments now I don't think that the players are organized enough to actually or you know get a whole boycott off the ground and some of them would never want to miss those opportunities anyway so I don't I don't think it's a very viable possibility but the fact that it's being discussed tells you about sort of the siege mentality that some of the players on the PGA Tour have and how high the stakes have been raised in this whole thing so it's a discussion point and you know a very veteran player is has been it's not Davis Love has been saying like he thinks it's going to happen I don't agree but it's a talking point in the game right now so that's something that has to get hashed out you know Jay Monahan's future the other part of that tweet I mean he's he's been in a tough spot the commissioner of the PGA Tour like he's outgunned obviously nobody can compete with the Saudi money he's been honest about that and so he's tried a couple other attacks he first he went for the the moral argument you know no one ever has to apologize for being a PGA Tour member and he's trying to shame the players about taking the Saudi money but obviously that's not a very convincing argument so many have taken the money and so then then they try to pivot towards it's about legacy it's about history well again that was not a very compelling argument to the players like they're chasing the money that's what they do so you know Monahan's been very reactive and he's he's just been playing defense this whole time he kind of famously has refused to engage with Greg Norman or the live folks to even have a dialogue which is looking very short-sighted now and so there's there's some feeling that if there's any chance that some feeling that if there's any chance for a larger compromise which of course is the third part of that tweet that Monahan might have to be a sacrificial lamb and all of this because when you villainize the other side it becomes very difficult to negotiate with them but if you brought in a new commissioner they could kind of wipe the slate clean and try and forge some some past or reunifying the game what is Tiger's role sounds like he's playing the role of commissioner that's what it sounds like to me yeah he's become a shadow commissioner in all this and it's interesting um you know Tiger Woods cares very deeply about his legacy and I think he he sees that the entire tour is facing this existential threat and if all the top players leave tour then all of a sudden pj tour wins going forward become devalued and he doesn't want anything to besmirch his his legacy um and also you know it's clear that he's not gonna be able to play much competitive golf going forward we'll be lucky if we see him a few times a year if that and so what is Tiger going to do with his free time I mean he wants to be an elder statesman in the game and there's a very clear line in the sand now you know if you go over to live you're jeopardizing being a a honorary starter at the masters you're jeopardizing being a Ryder cup captain and so Tiger he wants those things they're becoming more important to him be a president's cup captain um you know running his own tournament at LA Open and other possibilities like that so he's really staked his his legacy on continuing with the pj tour and trying to maximize all those different opportunities and of course there's always been this polarity between Tiger and Phil and Mickelson and now Phil's gone the other direction and I'm sure Tiger's enjoying that bit of it too because um you know Tiger in a lot of people's eyes is the good guy who's trying to save the game and that that's got to feel really good for someone who's been enmeshed in so many controversies throughout his career so yeah Tiger's Tiger's pushing hard I mean he's definitely trying to be the conscience to a lot of these top players and trying to steer them in the direction of staying loyal to the tour fire pit collective golf writer best-selling author Alan Shipnuck here in the Rich Eisen show what's Cameron Smith's role here there's a lot of smoke and rumor surrounding the open championship uh winner and his future and why he's not playing this week and and live tour would love to get him what's happening with him Alan yeah he's a very important um you know piece on the chess board here because it was easy to just dismiss live as kind of this sort of senior tour for a lot of these guys near the in the twilight of their career but Cam Smith is a reigning winner of the open championship at the old course which is the crown jewel in the entire sport and you win an open at the old course that is it that is the pinnacle of golf and he's number two in the world it's probably going to take over number one here soon and if he goes to live and it's looking more and more like it's a done deal after talking to folks who are part of live golf um that then you can no longer dismiss it as an exhibition circuit of of old timers you've got the best literally the best player in the world and it also becomes a very complicated question for if the RNA was inclined to somehow move against the live golfers how could they possibly support any action that would prevent their defending champion champion from playing next year right i mean it really boxes in the RNA and probably other major championships um because that's really a huge piece in this if the tour can somehow convince the the organizations because this is a point that the casual golf fans don't totally understand sometimes the four most important tournaments in golf are independently run they're not run by the PGA tour and they're not run by live golf it's you know Augusta national does the masters the usga does the us open the RNA does the the British open and the PGA of America which is totally distinct for the PGA tour the PGA of America runs the PGA championship so the tour does not have control of the game's most important events but there's certainly a lot of incestuous relationships and deal-making that goes on and so if they can lean on those independent bodies to somehow cook the books and their qualifying criteria and keep the live golfers out that is a huge blow to live as a viable long-term strategy because while these guys want the money they still want to play the masters in the us open and these tournaments that really matter so um it just Cameron Smith becomes very important because he is he is holding the most important title in the game right now and if he goes to live that changes the calculus on how the majors are going to handle this whole situation so in the few minutes I have left with you now that we're are we halfway through the live tour first season or close to the midway point of it so yeah they've played three out of eight okay so then what what what do we know about their long-term viability I mean how how much Saudi money is going to be plowed into this thing to keep it going so they could you know battle if you will their the their newness by you know the these tournaments mean nothing it's an exhibition but if you do get enough going where it's a three-time winner of a certain event or you do get a television partner going that they're there to stay as opposed because that's to me would be the PGA Tour's best weapon would be like sure go there and get the money but don't come back to us two years from now when when the Saudis say they're done with their golf dalliance like right I mean like so what what's the long-term plan here and viability best you're here right well if you saw the business pages other day Aramco which is the the Saudi you know nationalized oil company their second quarter profits were 48 billion dollars that's an all-time record for one corporation in one quarter and so they have the financial wherewithal to last more or less forever if they're so inclined now they do you know the public investment has become which the Saudis control and which is which is paying for live it has over 600 billion dollars in it you don't grow a fund that big by by tossing away money I mean they are businessmen they don't want their return sure and so you know part of this that they're they're going to have these they have them now but it's not fully baked out because it's been kind of a this year's like a beta test but next year the team component there's going to be 12 four-man teams and live golf and they're going to sell each of those franchises and they're expecting to get you know a a good chunk for each franchise you know there's only so many NBA teams you can buy or English premier soccer leagues but there's a lot of rich dudes who want to have be part of the the sports world so if they can sell those for 50 million dollars each but what is it but what does that mean though right I mean what does it mean I mean who's paying attention to what the teams are called or if it's fair to one team against the other people have got to care about the competition other than just some sort of rubbernecking to see what it looks like at some point there there has to be a television component to it that places it in front of enough people for us to start to care about it you know what I'm saying so there will certainly be a tv deal there'll be a streaming deal like that's going to happen with who with who who not not a current partner of the pga tour I'd imagine yet no but I mean like apple tv there's there's all these different streaming services amazon's making a huge bid into the sports world so you can get something that can go global there's you know maybe maybe you you pick off a another broadcast partner in the us but there's certainly there's sky sports in europe there's there's all these consortium of big cable networks around the world if you if you take them down one at a time you can put together a lucrative package even beyond the us but you know ultimately the the team component they very cleverly have sorted these teams by region and nationality so there's going to be an all south african team an all english team there's an all latin american team and all asian team and so you're right that nobody cares about these made-up teams called the majestics or the the fireballs or whatever but if you're a south african and all your favorite golfers you grew up rooting for schwarzle muthaiz and brandon grace are on one team and they're wearing your national colors and it's owned by a big south african billionaire who's got a lot of juice in the media world down there you might actually care you might start paying attention right and that's where hideki masayama comes in he's the biggest star in asia they already have the biggest stars in latin america and nave answer and carlos sorties you know cam smith is the biggest star in australia uh they've got all the top english guys you know they're they've lived as kind of made inroads into organizing these teams in a way that makes sense and they could that could be more compelling this year not so much so they're just trying to figure it out and they've been signing players slowly but next year it's going to be much more baked out and the team competition could actually be somewhat compelling and definitely is a differentiator from the tour product which is just one 72 hole stroke play event after another and um so yeah if they can if they can get 25 or 50 million dollars per franchise that more or less covers the purses when they get tv and streaming um all of a sudden they could they could be break even or even slightly profitable and what the saudis are getting and break even would be great for them profit would be a bonus but what they're buying is currency in in the western world they're getting a seat at the table and i've been i'm one of only two reporters who've been to all three live events and the top guys from the saudi public investment fund who are two of the most powerful people on the planet who are not heads of state they play in the pro-ams and they're just swanning around because this is their show and they're getting dapped up by all the pros and they're rubbing elbows with the former president of the united states and they are being welcomed into a place like the centurion club in london which is a very much a blue blood um you know gathering spot for the for the english aristocracy saudis are not welcome there as members but for one week they ran the whole place and they it was their show and so these guys are having the time of their life and they are getting what they've always wanted which is legitimacy in the eyes of the western world and validation and of course they're building a lot of other business contacts with all these captains of industry that can be quite lucrative down the road so the idea that the saudis are going to lose interest it's not going to happen they're having too much fun and they're getting what they've always wanted and they actually have a chance to not lose money and so i don't think that they're they're going away anytime soon so bottom line it for me is as we're going to go out the door with you and i appreciate the time alan shipnuck what what happens at this meeting and i assume greg norman has got his feet up on a table with a cigar lit like he's loving this i imagine so what what do you think happens here yes i think that um you know norman it's funny how even though they lost this this first round of court cases um you know norman's starting to have the advantage in all of this because the you know the the average pj tour player is seeing a guy like pat perez who was not a force on the pj tour who's not even playing well for live golf but because the team component and the guaranteed money is making a million dollars a week and these guys have been beating pat perez week after week for years and they're saying geez that doesn't look so bad and um there's there's there's more and more pressure internally from the pj tour players like we need to find a solution in the middle ground the hardliners like justin thomas and roy mcelroy they they're already stars they're already making their 20 or 30 or 40 million dollars a year it's easy for them to kind of take the moral high ground but they're the exceptions you know most of the guys on tour are just trying to keep stay there and they're just trying to make a living it's a it's a great living but it's highly competitive and there's no guaranteed money and you you play bad for a year you're back in the minor leagues so um they're starting to they're starting to see that this this live business model is attractive and they would like to find a way to have access to it so um you know we may greg norman may get his ultimate wish in life it's for the pj tour to come groveling to him to cut some sort of deal where we can reunify the game um but you know tiger's in his jet right now because he wants to talk about all this stuff and he wants to try and keep the pj tour stars loyal and so it's just there are so many moves left on the chessboard but it just gets more and more interesting always interesting when you uh you talk about it too alan thanks for the time look for more of my phone calls this is a uh developing situation as my old friend bill pedo would say thanks for the call alan really appreciate it all right happy to do it you got it absolutely he's a must follow on twitter alan shipnook from the fire pit collective lots to chew on we'll come back we'll take a break also still to come i've got the five new items that i have talked i'm beginning to talk myself into believing about the upcoming nfl season uh the the five things that i swore i was talking myself into a few months ago look pretty good now of course they still haven't played football yet that's coming up next striking a deal i don't know what the deal is the deal might be i don't know what the deal would be i don't know the deal would be that the live tour gets to have their tour outside of what the pga tour is doing and i'm sure the live tour would say yeah we don't want to we don't want to go up against the nfl just like you don't want to so i i i don't know but if they've got the hammer by having the stars of the game and a bottomless pit of money and they're not going anywhere and they're expanding their tours but is the compromise just like they can play on our tour and they can play on their tour like they just happen to be mainly playing live but they're also playing pga tour week to week whenever they feel like it but the whole idea of guys leaving the pga tour to go to live is because they wanted to play less golf so that's why the the concept of them suing to play in other tournaments are like those three guys and taylor gooch suing to play in the fedex well i thought you left to want to play less golf why are you trying to play on our tour also i don't know i think they're also probably trying to be the the the vessels of the legal strategy that the live tour is trying to employ to try and poke as many holes into the pga tours yeah well the defenses is sinking well i don't well i don't know about sinking i don't know if it's sinking but it's definitely listing yeah taking on some water it's right and so fascinating the tigers coming in and basically seeing this what we want to bring in the big guns man i mean he's the guy that could talk like but like alan pointed out he's meeting with about 20 players and you got to assume they're all heavy hitters how does that affect the 100th ranked player in the world who's just trying to make ends meet and keep his tour card i don't know you know what's to prevent the saudis from doing this with any of the the sports leagues and that's what i mean yeah i mean the broncos just went for four billion dollars right and clearly i guess the nfl can keep out whoever they want to keep out but yeah but what if they just made 48 billion dollars in the second quarter of of 2022 let's just they'll just earmark all of that to buy can you not buy every major league baseball team for 48 billion dollars yeah yeah right we know you think they probably i don't i mean the broncos just went for almost five right so there's 32 teams you could do the math it was about 100 billion we we we added it yeah well we figured it out a while ago that bezos could buy every nfl team and then still have 90 left over left over just but like let's say they start a football league right live football and you know live doesn't have the top top players in the world but they have like you know the 15th ranked guy so who's like the 10th best quarterback in the nfl yeah i know that it still wouldn't be better a better watchable product no i know i hear you i'm just i'm just how good the nfl is which what liv has done it's lessened how good the pj tour is i take that's my point like they could just take what if they take the seven best quarterbacks in the nfl to this live golf live football yeah well then it still wouldn't be a watchable product it still wouldn't be as good as the nfl but the nfl would be less than less than what it is right now but at least i i mean we haven't watched many live tournaments but i mean they still have some of the best players on the planet enough to make it look as good as any pga tour event that's on what if you have an eight team league and suddenly you have this you know seven of the top 32 quarterbacks wow that's what's happening right now well i guess if you don't want to see that happen get an electric car get off the grid get off the grid man 844-204 rich is the number to dial here on the program we try to make you smarter here we just try to do it that's what we try to do and the we is uh the royal version of me um when it comes to the nfl here and uh i say that with the utmost of respect to everyone else in this room and outside it thank you i'm very i'm very i'm very keen on the sport i think i've been around the block and i know things that i think are going to happen and then there are things i need to talk myself into on june the second of this year i came up with five topics in the nfl right in the middle right in the middle of the supposed slow time right five items that i wanted to talk myself into and that i was talking myself into and that i wound up talking myself into to believe about the 2022 season in case you're wondering on june 2nd i said baker mayfield's played his last down for the browns now in hindsight you might be saying what a what a very difficult limit to be out on but that was at the time where we didn't know anything was going on number four is there's zero pressure on aaron rogers this season and this is before we knew about the what ayahuasca is that what's called that is a weird tattoo uh the cowboys have taken a step back i still believe it clearly football's coming to prove me wrong potentially number two is the 49ers of trey lance's team now as what i said on june 2nd well what do i know what do we know about it right now on uh on august 16th he's the man thank you and then number one the raiders will win the afc west i've talked myself into that still going on thanks for that that music change mike that makes it more dramatic when you talk about the raiders so now i've come up with five more items now that we're in the full throes of preseason post training camp i mean the season's right around the corner i've got five new items to hit let's start with number five on the list here let's start with number five on the list right here put it up mike coskins number five is the steelers quarterback situation is gonna be okay talking myself into that you're not picking anyone uh no but i think that who they pick is going to be okay a good a good option a good option it's gonna be okay now obviously it's not gonna i'm not sitting here and saying he's gonna work out a mess with the super bowl you're not saying everybody thought it would be just like this three no good options a rookie the only first round of drafted rookie of the quarterback class that everyone was poo-pooing mason rudolph who's already had an opportunity and didn't really uh acquit himself all that terrifically when big ben was hurt last couple years and then mitchell trubisky and uh what mitch 3.0 now but i i kind of think this is going to be okay for the steelers they're going to wind up having another season where they're going to have a winning record and i think whoever they choose is going to work out for this team that's what i'm going to talk myself into right now number five number four is another quarterback situation uh we heard this a few times in the last few weeks from talent evaluators i think daniel jeremiah said it uh succinctly that anybody from the sean mcveigh family tree of coaching which is from the mike shanahan i guess family tree of coaching has to be a card-carrying member of loving kirk cousins and and so kevin o'connell comes from that tree he just came from the rams super bowl winning staff so i'm going to start talking myself into i already have started talking myself into that kevin o'connell is going to unlock kirk cousins unlock kirk cousins what's the unlock he's unlocking the ability to win big games when he cousins has not shown that ability that the offense is going to be potent enough that with cousins look at cousins numbers last year christopher look at kirk cousins numbers last year please tell me kirk cousins numbers from last year i was looking up his record in prime time don't know they're gonna have to do that just we all know it's not that great 17 correct terrible we all know that it's not all right kirk cousins last year guys they went eight and eight but he was 66 completing percentage 4200 yards 33 touchdowns only seven interception that's what i'm saying 103 passer i'm i'm just saying that he's going to even be more comfortable in this system and made to feel that comfortable that he's got a guy that totally believes in him not some coach who's just like please don't throw it please hand it off 15 million times i i kind of start talking to myself into kevin o'connell unlocking fantasy play well kirk cousins he better unlock his immune system first because kirk cousins says covet no i i understand that he'll be playing saying dude i think he'll be ready week one uh against the packers when that where where my my belief of what i'm talking myself into will start to uh uh hit the rubber will meet that road at that point week one because that is one of those games i'm talking about well you were talked into rogers no pressure this year so if he starts oh and one uh-oh there won't be pressure he'll just have some of that tea also he has mr dalvin cook like why wouldn't they run the ball i'm just saying that's my number four number three we even heard this a little bit earlier from tom pelicero who talked about the speed of their linebackers and the speed of their team and how the team's going to look better than people think and they're going to look kind of as competitive as they always have under p carol number three is uh seahawks aren't going to be as bad as everyone thinks you didn't even go higher register i didn't did not i did not i as you know covet what i see and kenny walker from the michigan state spartans is their running back along with rashad penny you saw he saw charles cross who they drafted people wondering you kind of looked at that a little cross-eyed um he looked really good in his first preseason game i know it's preseason same thing with lock dk metcalf was on the show just yesterday i'm just gonna go out and say it seahawks aren't going to be as bad as people think i'm beginning to talk myself into that one now if you notice i'm not being as terribly specific about a lot of these things where i'm saying you're going to be okay they're going to unlock right number two is similar to that it's the way i open the show is that the chief's offense will be better than ever i'm going to start to get a little bit more concrete for what i'm talking myself into tyreek hill gone on and juju smith schuster in marquez valdez scantling in they drafted brilliant players in sky more at wide receiver i love their current fourth string running back isaiah pacheco out of rutgers by the way i'm beginning to talk him up little birdie told me to start doing that and make me look smarter jared mckinnon and ronald jones behind clyd edwards elair do you know josh gordon sitting there at the wide receiver spot too just lurking let's see what this offense looks like now that tyreek hill isn't there and they could spread it around a little bit more travis kelsey still is in my homes is still in the homes i think their offense is going to be better than ever and then number one i'm talking myself into this i've been saying it over and over again the man to my right is not happy every time i do that but i'm going to start talking myself into this and i think i'm going to go in this direction unless there's any injuries over the next two weeks number one item i've been getting to talk myself into the eagles are going to win the nfc east eagles are going to win the nfc east jaylen hurts is going to take that step forward the running game is still going to be stout they now have a much better passing game with aj brown in that mix i love what they've done on defense nicobe dean's healthy that that's a steal where they got him in the draft a steal and jordan davis is already showing you how dominant he can be right in the middle of that line and if we start talking about him at that position in the same way we talked about mica parsons and his position in dallas last year and i know that's a lot to say but let's just say we're talking about the eagles getting the defensive rookie of the year in the same way that dallas landed it last year i like the eagles to win the nfc east i'm starting to talk myself into that and i don't think i'm going to talk myself out of it right now he doesn't know what he's talking about so i'm going to take i agree i'm going to take number three on my previous list from june of the cowboys i've taken a step back and i'm going to double down on number one of the latest i'm talking myself into right before the season good i like to see that eagles are going to win the nfc east which is hold on to that what do you think of that i like it okay i like which one would you which one would you take out of all five of them chris which one would i could take one of them out of all five let's see that the Steelers quarterback situation is going to be okay kevin o'connell is going to unlock kirk cousins the seahawks are going to be better than more people most people think number two is that the chief's offense will be better than ever and number one is that the eagles are going to win the nfcs all right i'm going to rank these one to five five being what i least uh what i least believe in uh seahawks five i think they are going to be bad um i don't think the chief's offense is going to be as good as it was last year so i'll put that for that fourth why are you putting kurt cousins unlocked over my homes yeah yeah better than ever oh kirk cousins kirk cousins will put up good numbers i don't know if that's going to translate to win i say unlock they i'm saying unlock like he's going to start showing up like he's going to start showing up in big games under the lights where he's normally um not liked that you like that all right let's flip five that's what we'll say with the viking we'll put cousins four uh chief three yes stealers quarterback two and eagles oh he's in on the eagles i'm in on the eagles it's the type of show together and you put the stealers quarterback two two i think does that mean you're gonna pay him the money for kenny pickett finally no well i don't think pickett plays this year well that's not i had nothing to do with the bet whatsoever i was even thinking of saying i was gonna i was gonna swap that out for talking myself into saying kenny pickett's gonna be the first rookie quarterback to play this year to start a game oh uh to start again i don't know well there's only a couple to choose from that's not true it's him and ridder and who else there's malik willis oh malik uh and and do not sleep on the tar heels sitting there in washington yeah do not sleep on him when carson wince who apparently was asked too many difficult questions by a local reporter which was absurd i did see that that was ridiculous absurd yeah that a team president would call out a local reporter saying good luck getting access because he asked just carson wince i mean he did inartfully ask like you they wanted you out in these places i mean it was a little harsh it wasn't graceful but it was still a legit question to say you know there's now two places where you're basically you've been take a hike you've been asked to leave you've been traded away but at any rate that's what i was gonna go pickett's gonna get that spot first that would have been pretty bold but you should still pay in the money man you can get eagles plus money right now to win the division uh what does that mean eagles are plus wins 160 so if you bet ten dollars you'll win 16 okay that's good that's a good value what do you laugh for when i say that i you think i don't understand it do you think i'm a ventriloquist that's him laughing you laughed did you laugh oh you laughed okay let's take a break here let's take a break here on the rich isin show we're back with more to wrap up this tuesday program in a moment so uh julian edelman was here before he was and i asked him do you want to still play and you said he you wouldn't take from this to say that he wants to still play football who said that i said that oh let's play it back this happened about an hour ago right here on the rich isin show you said you're feeling good i mean what do you think good enough like if a call comes in from tampa florida or new england would you do it would you go in that direction julian um you know i tell you right now if i had three weeks three maybe four weeks i mean you know start of the season absolutely not but if there's a team vine for a playoff run guy goes down could i get ready i mean i probably could would you want to do it i mean that depends on the situation at that time again not saying no depends on that situation at that time so if you're like you know november and you're four and six don't call them right don't exactly don't call but if you're if you're if you're seven and three yeah and you're and you're in a good spot and you need you need some help and you get up to speed for a month and and then he joins your team in november december do you think the buccaneers would have loved to have julian edelman in their back pocket when they were down to wide receivers six seven and eight last december and january yeah don't you think yeah that's what i'm saying that's all i'm saying he didn't say no he didn't say get out of here i'm done i love my podcast that i'm starting and he did say that he did go into that because you know he's he's working on his podcast now and he's working on inside the nfl he's got people that are depending on him to show up in front of a microphone or put one on his lapel so essentially he said right time and right situation maybe that's what i'm saying so you don't think so i i think no okay i don't i don't think we i take that as a as i take that as a uh interesting call me hit me on my head yeah i think call me on my cell phone i think he's doing why are you laughing at that just you're making me laugh okay you used to call me on my cell phone meanwhile uh another cold call jules you better don't let him call you don't get to cold feet approaching that's what the coldest could do and he could do an nil deal for like uh for socks socks do not get the coldest feet i hope that i hope that he and his team are really looking at all of their winter jackets it gets cold in lincoln man exactly hold there meanwhile we talked with tom pellicero earlier about roquan smith and how he is holding in and how kind of awkward it is that uh apparently a member of his team or whoever's representing him even though he doesn't have an agent is calling teams apparently saying who wants to trade for him when he doesn't have permission to seek a trade and the individual who's calling up is not certified by the players association to do that sort of thing if even if he was cleared to ask for a trade so matt eberfluss coach eberfluss was asked today for the an update on smith and he said he's going to travel with the team to seattle the thing all i can say is that it is where it is right now and we're day to day is he in the building yes is he engaged yes um and the next thing i would say that when he practices and i'm not going to say what that is when he does uh he will be made made available to the media this is what i understand traveling is he traveling to seattle yes there you go he's going with the team in seattle but he's not practicing and again when he doesn't practice he's not made available to the media to talk about his situation it's kind of a riptide that there's caught in right there did he say it it did he go it is what it is did he say that it's a different variation of it can we get that reracked just the beginning part of that do you mind that mike hoskins what do you say here i don't have anything all i can say is that it is where it is right now it is where it is yes okay thank you thank you it is where it is that's close i'm gonna write that one down do we include that it is pretty good well that's a twist it's now you're talking about the situation so he did it's who what when where and why right so we've got the what it is what it is what it is now we have who it is where it is can it can you go it is how it is it is why it is what is it is when it is that you can't do that that's that's no good we can discard that where it is means where is the situation it's kind of at a stalemate that's where it is it is where it is well you know here's where this is is that uh we're not going to get a matt eberfluss press conference moment of the day segment off the ground with that stuff i hope matt's feeling well the next that is that is the coldest idea we've ever had well that'll wrap it up for this program it's cold as ice it's too cold as ice for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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