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REShow: Kyle Whittingham - Hour 3

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August 18, 2022 3:14 pm

REShow: Kyle Whittingham - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 18, 2022 3:14 pm

University of Utah Head Football Coach Kyle Whittingham tells Rich why he’s confident the defending Pac-12 champions can be just as good if not better this season as they head into their season opener against the Florida Gators, weighs in on the conference losing UCLA and USC to the Big Ten, predicts the coming of “super leagues” and says why NIL is “out of control” in college sports and needs to be more regulated.

Rich reacts to the “disappointing” statements by Deshaun Watson after he agreed to an 11-game suspension and $5 Million fine after the Browns QB denied all wrongdoing and asserted his innocence in the dozens of allegations against him.

With the NFL’s Pre-season Week 2 here Rich lists the top 5 rookies he wants to see more of in this weekend’s games including Steelers WR George Pickens, Titans QB Malik Willis and others.

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The Rich Eisen Show
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The Rich Eisen Show
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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Quarterback competition when we know we will know. Baker's gonna get the leg up bro. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

Oh Matt Ruhl is your betting favorite for first coach fires. Is that right? Yeah.

Is there such a thing? Oh yeah. The Rich Eisen Show.

I mean that's absurd. Earlier on the show ESPN's senior writer Brian Wintourst, SEC commissioner Greg Sankey. Still to come Utah head coach Kyle Littingham. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Yes it is. Can confirm. Sources say and now I'm on camera. Let me put my hat away for hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show. Already chatted with Brian Wintourst of ESPN talking about LeBron James's contract extension.

What the Nets are going to do with Kevin Durant and will the Knicks and the Utah Jazz make a trade that brings Donovan Mitchell to New York City. If you missed any of that there's our YouTube page Rich Eisen Show. Same also for the way we started the program with Deshaun Watson being suspended now 11 games of the five million dollar fine. If you missed any of that that's on our YouTube page and we have yet to play the sound bites of Deshaun Watson at his press conference and Jimmy Hassel the owner of the Browns at his press conference. That's coming up in the middle of this hour. We already chatted with Greg Sankey the SEC commissioner about what's going on in the world of college football.

So again Rich Eisen Show for everything that you may have missed and 844-204 Rich is the number to dial. All our phone lines are lit. We'll get to your phone calls. So we're very busy today but we go to the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line right now and welcome in the coach of the number seven in the AP poll Utah Utes football program.

Joining us here again on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line is the head coach of Utah football Kyle Winningham. How are you doing coach? Doing well Rich. How are you? I am doing great. What is going on in your world with the football season right around the corner?

Tell me what your day's like. Well we're just wrapping up wrapping up fall camp. We got two more days of camp. We start school on Monday so that'll get us into our in-season routine but we've had an outstanding camp so far and knock on wood stayed very healthy.

So I think relative to where we are in the process we're in good shape but we still got a lot of work to do these last couple weeks. Coach I don't know if you know where I went to school. I don't. Okay I didn't go to Utah but I was rooting you'd see how to see if you can guess it. I was rooting very very hard for you at the Rose Bowl last year. What do you think I went to school? Michigan. Yes sir. Man was I rooting for you in that game.

Oh my gosh. So how how much of a step forward do you think you can take from from that game last year coach? Well we got a lot of returning players. You know we lost some really good players don't get me wrong.

You know Devin Lloyd a first round draft choice linebacker. Britt Covey who was so instrumental to us in so many different ways and and a bunch of other good football players that have moved on to the to the National Football League but but we got a really good nucleus coming back. It starts with our quarterback Cam Rising first team All-Pac-12 quarterback last year and he is the leader of our football team and and we had a really good recruiting class that we brought in and a bunch of those guys are going to be impactful right away.

You know they've really shown up and it looks like we hit the jackpot on a bunch of these guys. So how much of um can you take from that game uh experience wise for the kids that did play in it and obviously it didn't work out in the end but uh what what do you take from that game with those kids that can spill over into this season coach? Well it was a great experience for them first of all and to be able to be on that national stage and in that spotlight was great for our program for our brand um and uh as you mentioned there's a bunch of those guys coming back that are going to be with us this season and and uh you know just makes you every experience you have you grow as a football player and and uh you know we'll hopefully you know be able to uh handle the the role of uh you know the favorite which has been you know definitely not our mo we usually sneak up on people but but uh you know we've stressed to our guys all year long it's harder to stay on top than it is to get to the top and and we got that target on our chest and we got to be able to respond and and be able to handle success that's the bottom line we had a very successful season last year it was really the next step in the evolution of our program was to win the Pac-12 we'd won the south uh three or four times got to the championship game three times and and uh you know this was the third time was the charm we're able to get over that hump and and take that net step and now we got to uh take another step forward this year. The challenge of going to the swamp is what?

What do you got for me? Oh a huge challenge I mean down in SEC country the you know new season new coach down there uh you know they got a top 10 team coming into their place I mean it's going to be uh you know a crazy atmosphere and environment we're already obviously starting to prepare for that but uh yes that's going to be a challenge for our football I mean week one I mean just right off the bat I mean that and then again also uh going into the heart of SEC country and trying to strike a blow for a conference that definitely does not have the respect I think you know that nationally uh despite what you did last year despite what other programs in the conference uh have done do you play that up with your kids at all coach? Well not necessarily that exact part of it that piece of it but you're you're right on the money I mean you know our conference has got to regain respect and there's only one way to do that it's on the field I mean you can't talk about it you can't lobby for it I mean you got to go out and and get some really quality wins and and uh that's bottom line I mean that's what it's going to take and we have our opportunity this year. Kyle Whittingham head coach of the reigning Pac-12 champion University of Utah Utes football team right here on the Rich Eisen Show I do know I've spoken to many coaches throughout my career and I understand that you must control only what you can control and what is in front of you that's my setup that's my wind up for this pitch coach the are you are you concerned about the future of the Pac-12 right now coach? Uh concerned I don't think that's the right word I think there's a lot more movements going to take place I think we're heading to super conferences I don't think there's any way around it uh how those super conferences end up and you know how the the landscape shapes up is I don't think anybody knows exactly how it's going to play out but but there's going to be x amount of uh schools that are on the right side of the line in the sand when when that line is drawn and that that group of schools will govern themselves as far as I think they'll break away from the NC2A have their own playoff system and uh the you know the gap between the haves and the have-nots is going to be huge that chasm is going to be gigantic and I think that's where things are heading. I mean that is as I agree with you I am I could not agree with you more and it's refreshing to hear that from a head coach of a big-time college football program say that so do you in in your spare time uh call up your AD and school president and say where are we at the seat at this table do you do that well not a lot of spare time but when I do when I do run into them on the rare occasion I I do get updates and then kind of get a feel for for what's going on and and what uh you know what may be heading down the pike but but uh you know they don't even know I mean there's just it's just gonna have to be a waiting game and see how uh how the cards fall. And then I mean what was your your thought when you heard the news that I'm sitting in Los Angeles here doing this show coach Whittingham that this is now big 10 country what did you think of when you heard that news of UCLA and USC? Well yeah we had a team meeting the next day and and our stance on that is hey you know all we're focused on is our football team in this season and this changes nothing in those regards uh you know we got to be ready to play uh both USC and UCLA on our schedule for the next two years and so it's business as usual and don't let that be a distraction you know block it out and just like you said control the controllables and and do our thing. You don't say they're running from Utah you didn't say that?

I did not say that that was not part of the uh the conversation but. I think that's a line you can use that line if you'd like it coach. I may have to use that we may have to steal that. Yeah we when you're playing against USC week Lincoln Raleigh versus Kyle Whittingham and coach versus coach you just say they're running from us go ahead and say that please. I have a feeling you're not writing that down I have a feeling you're not looking for a pen and paper right now to write that down no okay very good. All right very good I get it so so what's the NIL world for you coach Kyle Whittingham what how does that affect your world at Utah the NIL? Well it's crazy uh it's uh you know I guess out of control might be the right way to phrase it but but uh you know and who knows where it's going to end up it's it's it's got a somehow it's got to be reined in and put some parameters on it some uh some guardrails is the term people are using but but right now it's a free-for-all and and uh you know it is impacting recruiting tremendously this class is really the most impacted I mean it gains momentum each year and and uh you know the players in this class are very interested in hearing what you got in mind and I'll NIL wise and and what's in it for them and and uh it's it's uh you know I don't know how they're gonna ever be able to uh you know get a handle on it but and then you got your own team and you gotta you know your own players or or uh got their own stuff going which is great you know I'm not saying I'm anti NIL it's just got to be it's got to be regulated somehow some way and right now uh I think everyone's searching for that and and uh you know if it doesn't come from the government level I don't know how it's going to be implemented and I don't know if the government's interested in you know jumping into that or not you know who knows but but uh right now it's it's pretty chaotic right now so have you had kids that in recruiting say to you hey I've gotten this deal from somewhere else if you match it I'm coming to Utah if not I love you but I'm not coming has that happened absolutely absolutely yeah that's there's no doubt about that you know play and not every kid but uh you know there's there's a certain percentage of guys that uh that's that's their main objective it's not your culture or your academics or your winning tradition or or your location it's it's uh you know what's the NIL package for me so when that kid leaves the room or you leave their house or the zoom or whatever it is what do you say to your coaches when that that kid leaves the room yeah well we gotta you know somehow we gotta we gotta stay in the game and stay competitive now there's limitations on us on what we can and can't say so we can't you know delve right into it uh you know our own selves but but uh it is a challenge I'll just leave it at that that it's a challenge and and uh we're working through it and and trying to navigate through it well because I mean just to tie it all together in a way from the beginning of our conversation Utah coach Kyle Whittingham here on the Rich Eisen show is you you mentioned how you think this is going to super leagues or super conferences or however maybe this might be an impetus for that because if you have a smaller group of programs you can come up with those guard reels that you know you can get a better consensus if the if the the world that you're living in is smaller would you agree with that I agree 100% with that I agree 100% and that would be a way to to rein things in a little bit and get some control of it Kyle Whittingham here on the Rich Eisen show okay so uh when you get the kids and they're in school and and everything is all set your first order of business to get ready for Florida is what do you show them game film right away what do you what do you what do you got for me on that front yeah we've been doing that already we uh we got a head start on that typically in fall camp you don't uh you don't get uh too involved with the opponent you you're worried about your your own team and your fundamentals and and techniques and so forth but we realize the challenge ahead and we've already broken up into scout teams many practices ago we were already practicing in a heat environment crowd noise environment you know things that we typically would never do during fall camp are being implemented this year okay coach I appreciate the two cents look for my call um during the season certainly if you drop that line uh UCLA or UCUSC week I can remind you I can send you a reminder if you'd like a little alert they're running from us they're running yeah yeah yeah one because they'll be asked you will be asked that week you know hey you're they're they're leaving the Pac-12 for the Big Ten and you could just say they're running from Utah yeah that's what they're doing Rich Eisen says they're running from us yeah you attribute it to me I'll take it you know all press is good for me I that's the way I look at things I'm fine coach gotcha thanks thanks for the time coach appreciate it okay you got it that's it Kyle Winningham everybody Utah football we're in guys we're in they're running from us you know he's going to be asked that question uh yep what do you think coach why do you think they're leaving it what's what's wrong with the Pac-12 that they're leaving for the Big Ten all I'm saying is they're running from Utah they don't want none Rich Eisen says they're running from Utah they want no pieces he's a smart guy clearly he's a smart guy clearly because all I had to tell him is I didn't go to your school but I was rooting real heavily for you where did I go to school oh Michigan smart guy very perceptive but how many coaches have I asked these questions to and he's like I think it's going to super conferences I think that's the way it's going to go is no question it's going to go that way and yeah how about that could you imagine kids saying I've gotten this here you imagine I'm coming there I guess can you blame them in this world where there's no but it's not supposed to be an incentivizer to go to a school it's supposed to be you're out of school you have the ability to utilize your status at said school it's a secondary thing but if your status at said school is worth more when you go to said school than going to other school then the other school has got to come up and match its free agency and it's tough to sit there and tell the kid you shouldn't do that when there's a no guardrails and b conference a get seven billion dollars for television rights and they don't have to pay you a but they're getting seven billion dollars in television rights because you're busting your ass in the classroom as well as the meeting rooms and film rooms and training rooms can't blame them can you no all right thanks I appreciate when you agree with me I know I know you like it it's so awkward sometimes that I push it I forced him to say no I'm not writing that down but that's when I'm most proud of myself I don't know what it is do I need to I need to talk to somebody about this so we get a red light just to know when it's you know it's not how old are you now put on the red light I'm 53 you're not changing well it's kind of like the Matt Ryan natural thing can't wait till he calls in for the Colts right you know I don't know I hope Matt doesn't call in this year he has a new opportunity and a new focus they are Dark Horse Super Bowl contenders he is a Dark Horse MVP let him focus on those things I don't think we're at all we don't need him to be we don't need to cloud his mind I don't think it's more natural bs that's been going on for over a decade it hasn't worked in the day I'm looking at their roster damn he's the only but Chris the fact that you just said you don't hold on hold on I'm I'm assuming it's his fifth year I'm assuming he's making the team I think he's making the team he's on he's been on the team who's this we're gonna the Colts tackle Matt Pryor I'm gonna tell Ryan he's the new natural and the Colts no no no no thank you let's move on from Matt no he won't take it maybe one of his teammates well there's there's it's not a question of if he won't take it he has not taken it for 10 years maybe you will now it's just weird that you'd not want a starting NFL quarterback to call into our show I don't want Matt to go into the show well don't how many times does he call into the show knowing I'm gonna bring it up yes every time he goes and then you notice the mood changes after that no I don't it doesn't change that doesn't shock yeah sure okay well Brockman look I've got a challenge flag that I've been sitting on from now on I'll just toss it over to Rich when we think he's yeah yeah 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to doll taking a break come back and press conference conversation off the press conference of Deshaun Watson is significant to say the least he spoke today that's next on the Rich Eisen show that's next on the Rich Eisen show 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial here on the Rich Eisen show all right let's uh let's take uh oh gosh let's take uh Dave in New York you're here on the Rich Eisen show what's up Dave hey what's up rich calling some queens um yes the home of the New York metropolitans hey I hate the mess my braids oh my god I got oh I got kicked out a couple of times but that's that's besides the point okay I'm gonna I'm gonna call in uh I was calling about Deshaun Watson and the thing that like you know like the suspension whatever like I didn't think the NFL was ever gonna get it right but 11 games is good but the problem is is the contract like I think it's just such a terrible precedent to have a guy do something like this rework his contract in anticipation first of all why is there an investigation like the contract is is is proof that he knows he was guilty he knew he was going to get suspended so I don't get that but you know if you do if you suspend it next year I think it extrapolates to him losing like 15 20 million dollars so I think five million is just too light I think it sets a bad precedent for the only like what's the difference between him doing this and like Bernie Madoff like hiding his money in offshore bank accounts I just think it sets a bad precedent and I don't know that's just my two cents Dave appreciate it thanks so much Dave and Queens Braves fan and home of the Mets that can't be easy the team structured his deal this way because they knew what was coming well I mean they're trying to stay out you know their player the most amount of cash but so it's just all awful there's no other way to say it we came on the air today with the news that Deshaun Watson's six-game suspension with no fine is now an 11-game suspension with a five million dollar fine and the league and the Browns I think kicking in a million dollars each to to to send the fine money and their money towards groups fighting sexual assault and preventing trying its best to prevent it and um I said I was hoping that there would be counseling included in this and there is there is and I didn't think Watson would speak today I don't think the Browns would speak today I would just like let this situation speak for itself but man they just decided to speak now and I guess get it out of the way it's the only reason why they're just like it's fresh now get it out of the way there's no reason to let this linger anymore we've now officially turned the page you hear that phrase all the time it's about the future and turning the page and before Watson's press conference he put out a statement and the statement reads I'm grateful that the disciplinary process has ended and extremely appreciative of the tremendous support I have received throughout my short time with the Browns organization I apologize once again for any pain this situation has called I take accountability for the decisions I made my focus going forward is on working to become the best version of myself on and off the field and supporting my teammates however possible while I'm away from the team I'm excited about what the future holds for me in Cleveland statement from Deshaun Watson I take accountability for the decisions I made referred to his world as a situation okay so but he's taking accountability so now comes his appearance see if you spot the difference between his written statement and this stood on my innocence and always said that I've never assaulted anyone or disrespected anyone and I'm continuing to stand on that but at the same time I have to continue to push forward my life and my career and I've never used that, but at the same time I have to continue to push forward my life and my career for us to be able to move forward you know I have to be able to take steps and fit right to the side and I'm going to continue to stand on my innocence and keep pushing forward and I've always you know stood on disrespecting or sexual assault or anything. That doesn't sound like taking accountability for your action I'm completely innocent just read everything that's all I ask is for everyone to read everything I've tried my best to read everything so the written version says I take accountability for my actions and this one is like I I didn't disrespect anybody like I mean we can sit here and argue about whether he sexually assaulted anybody because if he did there should have been criminal charges and there wasn't there's also the version of sexual assault that the independent judge Sue L Robinson said was met it just was nonviolent and there's a lot of people whose world where they are expert in battling sexual assault and violence here's like what nonviolent sexual assault like what's that and if he didn't sexually assault anybody or then why in the NFL statement that came out today that announcing the suspension that Watson agreed to does it say that the league and the NFL and the Browns are resulting in a seven million dollar donation to support the prevention of sexual misconduct and assault huh so this situation in which women were impacted using words that Watson's said has led to a suspension and a fine that he agreed to and his team spending money to help combat sexual assault that's weird and if he didn't think he was gonna get suspended because he was innocent then why would there be a contract on the table that only hits him in the pocket for the suspension for six hundred thousand dollars and change because the way the contract was set up for his first year most of it is free from being garnished in a suspension because of the way it was put onto paper what are the Browns just suggested out of the goodness of their heart must and just in case you know you look us in the eye and and tell us we should trade for you and send all those draft picks and make all this money fully guaranteed just in case maybe not you know we're just gonna well here's what we'll do we'll just to help you out this is how much we love you Deshaun is we're gonna make sure that any suspension that happens this year doesn't hit your money well you know what you don't have to do that because I'm innocent I didn't disrespect anybody and do anything young toward anybody even though now when the suspension hits I'm putting into a piece of paper that I take accountability for my actions but when asked you said you take accountability for your actions but you say you're innocent you'll say what you said to me this just doesn't make sense let's be honest it certainly doesn't sound like somebody who you put up that NFL statement one more time Commissioner Roger Goodell in that statement said the following Deshaun is committed to doing the hard work on himself that is necessary for his return to the NFL and mentioning that the settlement requires compliance with a professional evaluation and treatment plan for him why agree to that if you didn't do anything wrong well because the NFL has just decided on an narrative I guess and they're gonna just blow straight through the facts Jimmy Haslam the owner of the Browns who bestowed this contract on Deshaun Watson was asked about this disparity so you have no qualms about making someone a questionable character face your friend you know here's what I think is that I think in this country and hopefully in the world people deserve second chances okay I really think that and I struggle a little bit is he never supposed to play again is he never supposed to be part of society does he get no chance to rehabilitate himself and that's what we're gonna do okay and you can say well that's because he's a star quarterback well of course but if he was Joe Smith you wouldn't be in the on the headlines every day so my gosh I think people deserve a second chance we get cream hunt a second chance okay and that's worked out pretty well okay we're hoping this will work out and we have strong belief it will that doesn't mean we don't have empathy for people affected and we will continue to do so but we strongly believe strongly believe people deserve a second chance we believe Deshaun Watson deserves a second chance and at least I give him a credit for his honesty that he's a star quarterback so he's gonna look aside on giving him this chance that he wouldn't give to what Joe Smith or whatever okay and so at least I give him you know kudos for being that honest even though oh my god is that just beyond the last thing that should be said but he did say it and and at least he's honest yeah we're giving him that second chance but he did point out they gave Kareem hunt a second chance I guess he's holding out on them right now but long story short is no people aren't saying Deshaun Watson doesn't deserve a second chance it's people who deserve a second chance deserve it when they've admitted what they did the first time and thus people are more open to that second chance even though we understand the second chance is being afforded to this person because of their immense talent it's much easier for us as fans to buy it if we understand the person who's getting that second chance understands what the first chance blew up and that we feel they are deserving of their second chance because they're remorseful about the first chance being blown up thus the follow-up about what about the disparity between saying in the statement written I accept responsibility and then the spoken word before that press conference with the Haslams and the general manager in which he said everything but Jimmy what was the basis for saying in a statement the other day that Deshaun was remorseful when he continues to say you didn't do anything wrong and then on top of that Robinson said that she found that he showed no remorse a little remorse in her investigation and assessment of what happened so Jake what's the question why did what makes you say that he's remorseful well I mean because we're around him every day and he said he's remorseful he didn't say that until until just the day of that Jackson don't you know I think I said it pretty well is that this counseling is a process and it's going to take some time for him the layers and layers upon on getting there we feel like he's making progress and with us we have seen that and let me say one other thing too he was also involved in civil litigation during that time period too okay and so a lot of what killed Deshaun back was he was counseled by his attorneys not to say anything okay again he's being very honest I mean he can't sit here and say remorse about something when it's gonna cost him a ton of change and Dee Haslam the owner of the Browns as well talking about hey it's a process it's a process which means she believes he is should be more remorseful than saying guilty of something and that he isn't remorseful enough yet and I guess if this is a process that makes it even more ugly because he had legal problems hanging over his head so let's put it all together and the legal problems I guess what there's still one suit out there so he can't even today say the words that he put in his written statement none of this makes sense and you know all of it is disappointing and I can only hope again based on what I have read and what I believe what I believe hopefully the counseling that that is provided is something he takes seriously and that he comes back a better person because he's coming back and he's gonna he's gonna quarterback the Cleveland Browns and all Browns fans will have to figure out their feelings on this and I can only imagine that when he does score touchdowns a lot of the internal struggle will be external cheering I get it I totally understand that and it'll be easier for all of us to do that if he comes back and can be able to look into a camera and say the words that he's written down and that the rest of the Browns organization currently is spending their time and their reputation and their words trying to say for him eight four four two oh four rich number dial we'll take a break when we come back we'll take some your calls and then the preseason big-time preseason week begins tonight I've got a list of five rookies yes I've got a top five list a list of five rookies I want to see more from after their stellar week one preseason performances good because I'm gonna go take a shower and there you go that's next rich eyes and show back here on the rich eyes and show Alan Dallas is on the rich eyes and show so what's your what do you want to finish up with your so I would be remiss if I wasn't mentioning this I've been calling into the show for seven years as your seven years I had family in the Northeast who got a lot of thrills and of hearing me and listening to me and unfortunately a couple weeks ago I lost my brother-in-law at 45 years old three three young daughters it was a real shame and I could just implore everyone to make sure that they manage health and take care of their health and he was a big fan of listening to the clips when I called in so I'd be remiss if you know and if I didn't mention it what's his name you know Paul Paul it's a real shame you know it's just you got to take care of yourself you know we're all in that age Brockman you know he's got a little kid and we're all in that age where we really need to to make sure that we you know we take care of take care of our health Al love you man call back as always Alan Dallas everybody started as Alan Houston and that's when he was on our radar scheme we thought literally Alan Houston was calling into the program and I was like hey how is it with John Starks that's 74 best actor category heavy heavy hitters Jack Lemon as he mentioned one other nominees Marlon Brando for the last hang on Paris Jack Nicholson last detail Al Pacino Serpico Robert Redford the sting heavy hitters dude that is a heavy hitting class Wow like five of the all-time all-timers any one of them could have won that Africa was amazing Wow yeah man and that's and that's Randy Quaid like cousin Eddie nominated for Randy Quaid in in the last detail is a spectacular movie and Nicholson deserved his nomination and Randy Quaid did too what is it about you just give me the readers die if I'm not mistaken I do I want to make sure the whole thing is it's it's the last detail where they were taking it I think Nicholson and Randy Quaid and a whole bunch of people were being taken to the brig in the Navy and and they went on some sort of fandango before they were going to jail that's a Robert Towne movie too yeah if I'm not mistaken did I get that did I get that yeah yeah two Navy men are ordered to bring a young offender to prison yeah decide to show him one last good time that's right and Randy Quaid Randy Quaid was a young guy interesting I don't think I've seen any of these movies that have been named in the last Robert Towne Robert Towne was a guy who wrote Chinatown I know I know Robert Towne yeah like all those other ones I'm like excuse me for somebody who loved the offer Robert and and I know Robert Towne and Robert Evans these movies are all up your alley and Randy Quaid is very young the last detail is absolutely worth your time okay I don't know anything about movies that's all I understand I remember that too you know like 22 in this movie I would excuse me how about this we'll do it a last swap you watch last detail I watch last Boy Scout it would be worth that and then we compare notes please both of you do this this would be an amazing segment we do you got to do it we do and I'll finish the bitch you're gay can we do it I want a test after this me and Brock would get the excuse me when you say you finish the Manchurian candidate you're halfway done it's been sitting stopped on you've got to start from the beginning he's not so much into the idea now when he has to watch a movie they're both great I will watch the last Boy Scout you'll watch the last detail and then we'll discuss as to what's really the classic okay it's not about classics okay you say it's one of the you one of your top five favorite movies is the last Boy Scout no that's not what that was what was it in your bag bag about I don't remember what it was like 48 grab bags I can't remember all of them so memorable here's my theory if it's not shown in film school and a lot of films are shown in film school like Citizen Kane is a film school movie that every person that has ever made a movie probably and won an Academy Award has watched excuse me I took a class I believe in Cornell Summer College and animal comedies where it was it was it but so there so technically they were showing Animal House no I get in a in an academic setting animal house would be ice to me one of the movies I would show in it in two seconds I would show Caddyshack animal that's what it was that's what they were called their genre was animal comedies I don't know why like stripes stripes would be one too but I mean I'd end it halfway through because of the money you know by the way now that I'm actually looking at this I've seen part of the last detail before absolutely yeah oh good so now I'm absolved from having to watch the last Boy Scout now you still because I want to go back because it's Nicholson I love him he saw in high school who me oh yeah okay I don't think I was in high school in 74 but okay that would make me like 80 years old right now Chris so let's talk football how about that let's talk some football preseason action begins tonight yeah but I know week two of the preseason bears with Roquan Smith on in holding in on the sideline taking on Geno Smith starting for the Seattle Seahawks because Drew locks got COVID oh man on ESPN we had Luis Riddick on the program yesterday he's calling the game with Orlovski big bag of leaves Laura Rutledge tonight lumenfield lumenfield is that right yeah it's lumen lumenfield is that the name isn't that the name of the company in in severance lumen technologies oh my god yeah yes so maybe maybe seahawk fans will just spell the same way I do a lot fans will go to work and not remember what they were what they see tonight they may they might not want to not remember this whole season ladies and gentlemen Chris Brockman is chime in Chris Brockman has entered the chat the under on both of these teams okay all righty then so which has no idea so much was bandied about about a lot of these guys some not I've got five rookies who did well in week one I need to see I need to see more of that starting tonight I need music top five rookies I need to see more of that from entering preseason week number two it's a very arcane very very small subset of a top five but you love this right okay good you love this I don't know if everyone else does but I hope you do number five on this list we're gonna see tonight we're gonna see tonight because you Chris are saying a lot about the Seattle Seahawks that a lot of other people are saying they're not going to be very good I'm gonna be that good they're not gonna be very good and part of the reason why I think it could be good the way they could be better is if some of the kids shine up shine out they're fast on offense fast on defense and clearly if some of these guys are gonna be open and the quarterback everybody believes is not that plus a bag of chips needs to be held up right or they have to run the ball Charles cross everybody I need to see the same out of Charles cross a lot of people are raving about this kid at tackle and he did do very well in Pittsburgh in week one let's see what the kid does tonight I won't see it I need to see more out of him and I need to see more out of the Seahawks in the next couple weeks but I want to see what Charles cross is up to number four on my list is I got two quarterbacks here I got two quarterbacks okay he went six for 11 for 107 yards in the air five rushes for 38 on the ground I need to see more of that out of the Tennessee Titans quarterback who certainly caught the eye of Lamar Jackson saying that this kid's gonna be something in the league now his coach you know Rabel was impressed because Rabel said I need to see him throw to guys who are actually open when they're open which means okay he's not seeing the field all that well that makes that it's understandable I don't know there's just a sneaky feeling I have inside that Malik Willis is gonna see start and start here or there this season for the Titans whether it's due to injury or something else I don't know why this is known at me inside but I need to see more of Malik Willis the Tennessee Titans can you look up who they're playing Chris I should have written that stuff down but the Tennessee Titans are gonna be starting Malik Willis at some point I don't know if it's gonna be this season or not but I have a sneaky suspicion we're gonna see more of him number three on this list Titan Titans box this week Titans and box no time no time that's right they've been practicing against one another all week number three is one of two Georges because we've been talking about on this list you can guess who the other one is the Chiefs offense right I've been talking about quite a bit because I think without Tyreek Hill there's gonna be a lot more uncertainty for defenses to try and key on somebody despite Travis Kelce still being on the team how about this kid out of Purdue that they drafted George Karl Aftis he in week one of the preseason had two hits on the quarterback a tackle for loss and a sack if he comes in and brings some of that energy and brings a pass rush with Chris Jones working on the inside and this kid on the outside I'm still I'm still just talking myself into the Chiefs are gonna be better than a lot of people thinking this kid is a reason why that's number one Chiefs are playing the commanders on Saturday number two on the list speaking of the commanders this kid is coming on the outside trying to win the race and I'm just saying he might wind up being the quarterback rookie quarterback to start a game first this year certainly if you don't believe in Carson Wentz I need to see what Sam Howell's up to now George Karl Aftis may wind up in his lap but I need to see what Sam Howell's gonna do because he looked really sharp against Carolina in preseason week number one and he's got a nice little it factor to him and you know what his coach Mac Brown told us about him that when he got drafted or prior to the draft we didn't we didn't really do him any favors a lot of kids left we didn't have a really good team around him Sam Howell just keep an eye on him I want to see what he's gonna do against the Chiefs I want to see if Ron Rivera twitches in his direction or begins to think that I doubt it I doubt it but that's in his back pocket if Carson Wentz looks like the Eagles Carson Wentz of Jalen hurts his first year getting some run I don't know number one I think he's on everyone's list I need to see more out of George Pickens I need to see you I mean based on what we saw by him against Seattle with the late hands and the beautiful grab and the toe tap in the end zone right it does lend credence to the Steelers getting yet another kid in the draft wide receiver who is really really good and I bet you George Pickens wasn't drafted very high in certain fantasy drafts prior to the preseason week number one and anybody who had a fantasy draft this week I bet you it was like where's he and I need to see what the Steelers and George Pickens are gonna do in this preseason week he's gonna get drafted way higher if he does it again this week at Jacksonville so we'll see if Trevon Walker can go and hunt some of those quarterbacks and then Pickens might not get many chances but those are my top five rookies I want to see more out of coming up this preseason week that begins tonight in Seattle there's my top five list am I stealing some of your thunder I'm sorry TJ what do you got people care more about your top fives in mind so you're not still anything it's the rich eyes and show rich not the TJ Jefferson show I mean it's a fact well yesterday when you gave out and I'll deals like it was candy I'd like to think we gave out funny you know I just I just presented us with the names that's all I did but Rick Stroud posted a video of books rookie Devin Tompkins making a pick in the end zone oh yeah oh my goodness well I've been watching Julio Jones clips oh my goodness to talking myself into that great everybody solid 92% over all sin it is back guys this Thursday show in a moment for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson to all-time Hogan opponents macho man's gotta be in the conversation where's Andre for you I've always said Andre was number one Wow because I even going back before you know Hulk Hogan was a babyface Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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