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REShow: Steve Sarkisian - Hour 1

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August 23, 2022 3:42 pm

REShow: Steve Sarkisian - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 23, 2022 3:42 pm

Rich reacts to the Brooklyn Nets and Kevin Durant announcing that they’ve mended fences and will run it back with KD, Steve Nash and GM Sean Marks still in place after their summer standoff.

Texas Longhorns Head Coach Steve Sarkisian tells Rich how Ohio State transfer Quinn Ewers won the Horns’ QB competition, why he doesn’t care what critics have to say about their upcoming move to the SEC, why NIL is not a factor in recruiting players to UT, and reveals what he learned from Nick Saban during his tenure as Alabama’s Offensive Coordinator.

Rich reacts to the viral video showing a Yankees fan using a hollowed out hot dog as a straw in his beer which begs the question: is that guy a genius or a madman??

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan actor and former NFL running back Thomas Q Jones. And now it's Rich Eisen. Well hey everybody welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show live in Los Angeles, California on this Westwood One Radio affiliate coast to coast and the Odyssey app and we say hello to our YouTube viewers Rich Eisen Show.

Yes you can watch the Rich Eisen Show every single day right here on our YouTube page until we land on the Roku channel for free sometime in September. We will be there very shortly and we are excited to be coming to the Roku channel in September but for the moment hello to our YouTube viewers Rich Eisen Show and we say hello to everybody in the chat room the 457s we say hello to you here on this Tuesday. I don't know what you mean by rebranding good to see you over there Chris Brockman how are you? Good to see you Jay Feli sitting in the chair for DJ Mikey D who's somewhere someplace good to see you. Good to see you TJ Jefferson lighting the candle what's going on over there TJ?

Atmosphere and ambiance Rich. Atmosphere and ambiance the old a and a very good they're good to have you all with us here 844204 Rich is the number to dial on whatever's on your mind we start today we start today's show with the date of June 30th June 30th let me let me do the math it's 31 plus 23 45 days ago month and a half pretty much right we're not good at 45 days ago did I get the math right I'm more verbal than math that's all of us four days oh 31 and 24 I'm terrible at math that's right we shouldn't we should at least I carried the one um so here we are 44 days later from the day that Kevin Durant let it be known I want to be traded away from the Brooklyn Nets fascinatingly enough just a couple of days after Kyrie Irving says I'm staying with the Brooklyn Nets right and so he says I'm staying with the Brooklyn Nets and then Durant says I wish to leave the Brooklyn Nets and we're all wondering so is it because Kyrie came back does he have a problem with Kyrie Irving being unreliable whether it was last year with the vaccine mandate or the previous season where he was traveled by social events in our country and took time off at least that's why the absence that occurred a couple times in the previous season with Kyrie Irving in the Nets but one was particularly protracted over two weeks maybe it had enough of that even though the two of them teamed up together when he left Golden State to show up in Brooklyn but it was not that apparently it was apparently as we learned later in July or earlier this month in kind of lose track he had an issue apparently with the coach and the general manager Steve Nash and Sean Marks Durant let it be known he will stay if they go and true or not well apparently was true because Joe Tsai the owner of the Nets came out and said I'm I'm sticking with my coach and I'm sticking with my coach and general manager but he said he was also sticking with Durant how do you square that circle well apparently the circle was squared yesterday well the square was circled yesterday or some shape some sort of geometry happened yesterday here in Los Angeles we weren't even invited circle gets the square couldn't even get right at the Hollywood squares it was a Hollywood squares will be Goldberg for the block ah actually actually there is no block it's it's all it's all fun and games now because the genie has been put back in the bottle Sean Marks the general manager in question released a statement today saying Steve Nash and I together with Joe Tsai and Clara Wu Tsai his wife met with Kevin Durant and Rich Kliman friend of the program I added that in Los Angeles yesterday we have agreed to move forward with our partnership we are focusing on basketball with one collective goal in mind build a lasting franchise to bring a championship to Brooklyn and interestingly enough the logos at the bottom of the statement the Brooklyn Nets logo and the boardroom so they're co-branding with Kevin Durant not just playing basketball look that's a partnership maybe that's part of the partnership they're co-branding the boardroom and in the Brooklyn Nets is that what it was all about co-branding so Durant staying put or to use I guess the Ben Simmons phrase Kevin Durant has re-entered the conversation because there's that one too Ben Simmons acquired by Sean Marks only to not play at all and then have a back injury that sparked again just when it was time for the playoffs and rumor had it stories have it reporting has it the uh Nets had a teamed text chat chain texting Simmons but nice to have you back here in time for game four so we don't get swept by the Celtics and according to reports he exited that text chain he exited the conversation which is the 21st century way of giving everybody the middle finger new phone who this I understand so put it all together Kyrie Irving decides you know what I don't think I'm gonna get that money elsewhere oh I'll just go back Durant says you know what I'm out oh you know what I'll just go back Simmons I'm assuming has re-entered the chat so the 2022-2023 Brooklyn Nets have a new rallying cry yeah sure why not there it is that's pretty good on a banner that's pretty good put on a t-shirt yeah sure why not Brooklyn Nets basketball yeah sure why not yeah sure why not that would be great to post on the billboard man sure why not what else are we going to do well you know what else are we going to do that's basically what's the current belief outside of the Nets building is perhaps there is a true belief that this can work because I said it first week of July the first week of July I even ducked underneath the table after I said it what if the Nets tell Kevin Durant no yeah we're not trading you sorry dude no Kyrie's opted back in Ben Simmons is gonna be I guess remade the six million dollar man right Seth Curry's there yep Harris is coming back right we got a team this is the best chance you all have to go get a championship or be paid what you're going to be paid to win a championship in New York City by the way so we'll just say no we'll just say no we'll say yes Kyrie welcome back and no Kevin you're not leaving and I guess what this was was a 44 day long no 54 54 day long no god geez how terrible are we at math we can all spell pretty well though so there's 31 23 54 good lord I should have written it down written it down we gotta know a 54 day long no that was longer than Tom Brady's retirement yes I agree it was and I guess that's the way you say no to Kevin Durant it's just like okay you know what you go find a spot if you want and then we'll listen and then in the process of us listening we'll just uh blow up the celtic relationship with Jalen Brown for a minute you know we'll do that we'll cause Jalen Brown to get all pissed off with the rumors that the celtics are listening for the nets and treaties for Brown and others messed up their chemistry you know had Brock fired up right how many other teams are going to say we'll blow up our team for Durant leak those things out so everybody knows when it doesn't happen that uh your team was willing to part with you for Durant fy which is a little fyi Boston for your information as we learned by the way that Jason Tatum was significantly injured during his spectacular season in which he played an absurd amount of minutes and almost got the celtics to the promised land so that's there's that you've been talking about yesterday there's that a hairline fracture in his wrist for a couple months yeah but we knew something was his first team all NBA we thought it was his shoulder when he came went running off the court in the playoffs and then came back after Marcus Smart did the same thing but at any rate this is about the nets for the moment trying to get to the point where they could at least win a single playoff game against those celtics and so that's going to be the question every single time that this team takes the court body language time out they're going back to the huddle who's going to listen to uh coach Nash who's doing that body language every single time get ready for it and at least they're not in a media market that's not going to be talking about it all the time wait a minute hold up wait and then trade deadline starts to roam around what happens if the nets are around 500 and Simmons isn't playing or he is playing he doesn't seem like he's the same but kudos to Joe Cy man holding his ground he's got a great team on paper but as my friend Kenny Main would say games aren't played on paper they're played inside tv sets and we will be turned up to these games and tuned into these games in a significant way to see how this all shakes out this was truly the only play the nets could have had which is get Kyrie back tell Durant you're staying put somehow someway Ben Simmons realizes his career is at some form of a crossroads and he comes back and Steve Nash weaves it all together and everybody buys what he's selling and everybody's healthy and the team meshes and Nash knows how to weave it all together and hunky dory nets have a shot at a one seed a two seed and look out because Durant is Durant and Kyrie's Kyrie and Simmons used to be Simmons and Steve Nash knows a lot of basketball from his outstanding playing days and the bench does well and everybody does well and everybody does well yeah sure why not that's it 2022-2023 nets yeah sure why not I want to see that on billboards on the side of buses in subways in New York City funny everywhere yeah sure why doesn't that set him up it sums it up Bobby Cannavale sums it up as he's making sure that his parking spot was secured outside in front of his Brooklyn spot by the way I one of the greatest parking jobs of all time indeed sir indeed so what do you guys think out there 8 4 4 2 0 4 Rich or you could chime in on the chat room all you 4 5 7s out there putting up a poll right now Rich Eisen shows now that Durant's back how far the nets go losing the first or second round losing the eastern finals losing the NBA finals win the NBA title but Durant in the same way that you always point out Brady never used the word retire Durant never left he asked for a trade I mean that technically is saying like I don't want to be here that's correct like and how about that how about that he says I want to trade and uh he doesn't get one Kyrie and Durant are back really what is what is this world coming to in the NBA wow he was going to the Lakers for a second I thought I don't know Brockman I tried to tell you neither one of them were leaving that team for months kind of on that man what did he just admit dude Celtics Nets game for be lit lit lit lit lit with Jalen Brown going against the Nets Kyrie going against the Celtics Sixers versus Nets games I texted me this morning what if the Sixers get lady and I was like you'll lose in the first round I hate you it's gonna be great same thing with this program on this show Thomas Q Jones 10,000 yard rusher in the NFL now a successful actor will be here in studio always love checking in with him Cam Jordan of the New Orleans Saints he's a delight and can't wait to check in on a team that nobody's talking about that has an opportunity to make the playoffs this year for sure and I'm sure he's got an opinion on the hit on Kayvon Thibodeau that is perfectly legal as I found out on Twitter the offensive line Twitter has made me along with Emmanuel Ocho public enemy number one but I I don't know what Emmanuel said after he went all in on Thibodeau being hit and how horrible it was I know I made him a couple yesterday and I guess we got to get our information out a little bit more because I have been offensive line Twitter's favorite punching bag over the last 24 hours even though I came on this show yesterday raised my hand said my bad social media is tough rich oh it's all right it is I got a thick skin and 1.2 million Twitter followers of my own to strike back with stun on them rich stun on them with my chest Steve Sarkeesian of Texas football have they been in the news at all this I can't wait I want them I want them to win it all not just because there's so many UT fans that would want to just to see if Ohio State fans own this quarterback too that they had watched being sent somewhere to the gulf south states they'll own Quinn Ewers too because he sat in a meeting room for a year and saw CJ Stroud do so well he's like I got to get out of here yeah I gotta go and Steve Sarkeesian is like we're starting him okay kid from Southland Texas gonna start playing ball in Austin Texas September 10th 2022 Alabama at Texas hey now so Sark taking the latest former Saban assistant to go against Saban this is going to be lit it's going to be great he's joining us in just five minutes time eight four four two oh four rich is the number to dial I'm following baseball again great day great day on the Rich Eisen show oh yeah but like Duran I was never gone eight four four two oh four rich number to dial right here on the YouTube stream and this Rich Eisen show terrestrial radio network affiliate Steve Sarkeesian hook him when we come back back here with our terrestrial radio outfit eight four four two oh four rich is the number to dial here on the Rich Eisen show he is the head coach of Texas Longhorns football he is none other than Steve Sarkeesian here on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line how are you coach I'm great thanks for having me on guys I didn't even know there was other sports going on in the world right now you guys are talking NBA basketball I thought it was all football football football well you know what um I feel the same way but then when Kevin Durant says I want to trade and then doesn't get one 54 days later and says I'm back that's the conversation you know what I'm saying got it okay what else do you need do you need traffic and weather together I can do that too I can provide that here on the twos or whatever so that's a no okay how are you coach what's going on in your world what's going on in your world I'm great man we uh you know kind of wrapping up training camp um started school and just getting excited for college football again you know there's nothing I love this time of year um you know getting ready for the football season obviously college football high school football is cranking it up NFL's around the corner um this is you know there's nothing like the falls and here we go it's about that time let's get into it so your decision to go with Quinn Ewers at quarterback was based on on what coach um you know I think I think this is Quinn you know he's a very talented young man and um you know he's a guy that um you know graduated high school a year early and went to Ohio State last fall and then came to us this spring you know so we've kind of looked at him almost like his number one player in the country in this year's class if he would have stayed but reclassified and went out but since he's shown up he's been a great teammate he's been really coachable and he's just a guy that quite frankly can make all the throws you know he's very comfortable in our system of you know pushing the ball down the field he's got a really quick release and I like the leadership I like what he provides I like the way the guys respond to him when he's in the game and um feel comfortable about the people that we have around him at the skill spot that uh you know he doesn't have to be the guy to make all of the plays that they can make the plays for him so we feel really good about it. What is Texas affording him at uh pardon me I have to say correctly the Ohio State did not what do you think coach Stark? You know I don't know I think it was a difficult situation you know he you know he didn't go to Ohio State last year until I think they might have already started training camp and that's difficult you're a true freshman you go into a different setting with a bunch of guys that you really didn't get recruited with um you're kind of behind the eight ball trying to learn a new system you're away from home um I think for us naturally he knows a lot of the guys on this team because you know for being from Texas makes sense to him got himself an entire off season from winter conditioning to spring ball to summer to get acclimated I just think all in all it's just a better um setup for success you know I don't think there's anything against Ohio State I think it was just difficult for Ryan and and their team to get him acclimated as quickly as as they needed to where we had months to get him prepared for it. Steve Sarkeesian, Texas Longhorns head football coach here on the Rich Eisen show how does one get ready for Louisiana Monroe on September 3rd when there's Alabama a week later how do you what do you do there coach Sarkees? Well I think the one thing for us you know Rich we we have 35 new scholarship players out of our 85 on our roster so we've got a lot of new faces whether they're high school kids whether they're transfers so we've got to get everybody acclimated to who we are and how we go about our business you know I think at the end of the day we've got to focus on what we need to do you know we recognize a we're trying to figure out Louisiana Monroe who's got you know new new coordinators on both sides of the ball we're trying to get ourselves right we recognize we know who's who's coming week two but if we don't put our best foot forward in week one if we don't start getting ourselves in a position to play at a really high level regardless of the opponent we're all going to feel we're going to feel upset about it so we got to focus on what we need to do and you know feel that edge you know you take them one game at a time but I think for us I think it really is that you know we're breaking in a new quarterback we've got a lot of new faces we've got some young players up front so we got to make sure that we're we're getting our ducks aligned to have a successful season and then as the opponents come then you got to prepare for the opponent. And it just so happens the opponent is Alabama though and a guy on whose staff you you once coached obviously and Nick Saban but also with Texas going to the SEC in short order in soon order the conversation nationally and I'm sure your kids hear it is that Texas is going to get stomped once they get to the SEC and what better way to combat that than place this calling card down on September 10th wouldn't you say coach?

Well you know you know what people say I really don't give a crap quite frankly I care about us playing good football and whether we're in the Big 12 or the SEC or Conference USA it really doesn't matter it's about the product and what we put on the field and so we're focused on what we need to do you know at the end of the day people can say I told you so or people got to eat their words you know that's up to us. The I don't give a crap line was that delivered by was given to you by McConaughey did he write that down for you to bust out in an answer? No but I'm sure he'd probably say it a little more eloquently. I don't know about that I don't know about that when was the last time you spoke to McConaughey when was the last time you spoke to Matthew? I spoke to him month or so ago I don't know he's been around a bit you know COVID was hard on everybody of getting connected especially when I first got the job but he's been around a little bit more now was out at the spring game was out when we opened the new Moody Center so it's been great to see him he's obviously a tremendous Longhorn. Okay best most important question I might ask during this entire interview or I will who's got the better hair McConaughey or Quinn Ewers who's got the better hair what do you got for me?

Oh man. Evaluate the eye in the sky doesn't lie coach come on now. Yeah you know I think I think McConaughey keeps his hair you know kind of you know I don't know what product he's got in there but he definitely the hair is it looks nice Quinn he kind of just lets it go lets it flow and but that's that's kind of I think what we like about it you know he's kind of that's the way he plays the game just kind of lets it rip. Coach Steve Sarkeesian Texas football Longhorn head coach here on the Rich Eisen Show how has NIL changed your world coach? Pretty dramatically I think for all of us in college football and I don't think it's just NIL I think there's been some pretty radical changes that have occurred in college football you can talk about NIL you can talk about the transfer portal you can talk about conference realignment you know we're we're in a changing times right now in the space that we operate in and like an old boss of mine once told me you know adapt or die and there's a reason dinosaurs aren't here anymore right they couldn't adapt so we've got to we've got to continually adapt to the changing times NIL is part of that the transfer portal is part of that conference realignment is part of that and we've got to make sure that we're doing our part as coaches that to to navigate through that but but never lose sight of our job is to make sure that we're putting our players in the best position to be successful and so regardless of what they're doing off the field from an NIL perspective regardless of what conference we're in regardless of a guy might transfer might not we still got to coach them hard we still got to put them in position to be successful. Have you had a player coach come into your office or you into their living room and say I've been offered this by one school for an NIL deal you match it I come to Texas has that happened yet? Not so directly I think people still are pretty tactful about things like that but you know you got to you got to read between the lines it's like anything you know you go through life you got to have the ability to um you know read the coverage as I say and it looks like cover two and it smells like cover two it's probably cover two and so you know now how do you how are you going to react to those things and I think at the end of the day you know as we've been we've been preaching and and banging on and we've been recruiting really good for the last two years is we want people that want to be at the University of Texas because they love this place they love our football program they they love the history and tradition they love the the education the power of the degree they love the city of Austin you know whenever I talk recruiting NIL is is on the back burner because if you're coming here because of NIL you're coming for the wrong reasons you know is is it could it be something you know special here we've got a great city it's an up-and-coming city the economy is tremendous we've got you know a lot the tech world is moving here I mean it's fantastic but don't come play football at the University of Texas because of that come here because we've got a rich history and tradition we've got a great stadium we are going to the FCC we've got a really good roster right now the byproduct of that will be you know maybe you'll get some NIL deals because we've got a great city to live in well I mean but you've been around the pro game as well coach I mean it does seem like the college world is heading in that direction it really does just in terms of the amount of money in terms of you know Texas, Oklahoma going to the SEC I'm sitting here in Los Angeles another spot you used to coach in this is big 10 country now I mean it's crazy but this is big 10 country do you do you get that sense super conferences sort of like an AFC and NFC is coming in college football? I don't know I mean it's moving you know and how far and how much we shift I don't know that one was you know what you're talking about with FC and UCLA having grown up in LA and having spent a lot of my career at USC them being in the big big 10 is is kind of that one's kind of shook me a little bit that's it that that's that's what I'm saying I mean there's so much just change that's happening in college football right now and they all seem like the biggest issue the transfer portal seems like a huge issue NIL seems like a huge issue conference realignment seems like a huge issue how far is all this stuff going to go the TV contracts that now are getting signed just got signed by the big 10 and kind of what's going to happen moving forward these are massive issues going on and I think like we've been talking to our kids about we got to focus on what's right in front of us right now control we can control the powers that be are going to make the necessary decisions then we got to adapt to them and you know obviously you mentioned in a couple years we'll be going to the SEC and what does that look like I don't know what I do know is we're playing in the big 12 right now what I do know is SC and UCLA are still in the Pac-12 right now so we got to focus on what we can control and that's that's putting our best foot forward and our best team out there on the field this year well then before I let you go I don't know if I'm going to get a chance to chat with you before that game against Alabama but what what did you glean from Nick Saban being around him that you did take with you to Texas coach yeah I mean a lot obviously I mean he's you know the greatest to ever do it for a reason you know but I think one of the things that he does a tremendous job of you know he he lives a very regimented disciplined life and what I mean by that is he's very scheduled he knows what he's going to do what times of the day and in turn that spills over until the entire organization that spills over into the team you know that they they operate in a way that is very structured it's very disciplined if they know what is expected of them on a daily basis and I think that's a byproduct of who Nick is as a person that doesn't mean they don't have a lot of fun that doesn't mean that they're not tough and physical that doesn't mean that they don't you know play fast and all any anything else but I think it all stems from kind of the regimented discipline that he has in his life that then in turn kind of bleeds into the organization into the team so are you saying you glean from that and then your life is more disciplined now well I think it was helpful it was really it was really good for me to kind of see it and then live it in a way that man this is what I do on Tuesdays at three o'clock or this is this is what my game planning looks like this is when I make my recruiting calls and then it allows everybody else that structure allows everybody else to kind of fall in line with what you're doing and it minimizes the unknown you know it minimizes the uncertainty and it keeps everybody you know kind of time on task and so what's the angriest you ever made him coach what's the angriest that happened you got a good one on that one um there was one day of practice we uh we were working on kind of a uh a big personnel almost a short yardage type situation and I could not get the formation right that he wanted me to align up in and man he got he was upset with me because I was a new of the new coordinator and obviously I was in stealing some things offensively that I think that I thought would be beneficial to the team and I clearly didn't do a good enough job of learning what uh what they had been doing offensively and so that was that was one time I was I got it we kind of still get a little bit of a chuckle about that one but that was about the most upset I got him and that was in practice it was not in the game I don't know if you saw he got in a contract extension so he's not going anywhere and he deserves it he probably needs more than that whatever he got I mean he's he's unbelievable yeah it's I mean uh it is great whenever I get a chance to talk to him and uh and try and pick up things from him myself just talking ball with him I can only imagine what's it been like in a meeting room and now uh you'll be across the field against him just a few weeks time which is something that so many people are looking forward to college football right around the corner coach I appreciate the time right here appreciate you guys let's do this again soon thanks for the call yes sir you got it that's that's coach Sarc Steve Sarkeesian Texas football right here on the Rich Eisen show Texas Alabama then in October Texas A&M Alabama does Alabama play Georgia or once again they don't I don't think they do actually what's the hell is with that I'm not the SEC schedule but I don't understand it um how do they not play every year what the hell because there's they figure that they're going to play for the championship yeah what it is probably man I'd love Michigan to just take those times off every now and then against their top opponent this is not about Michigan I'm nobody you're making it about me I am because for some reason Michigan every year it's got to be Penn State got to be Michigan State they're in your division in conference that's how that works Alabama Georgia not in the same division so so what we're playing Iowa first game on the road in the big 10 where big 10 seasons go to die you're in the top 10 that game shouldn't be close again Alabama didn't play Georgia last year right they played in the championship oh my god what do you mean come on why do you need to play them twice you want to play Ohio State twice um no you don't exactly no but I guess that's the way the SEC makes sure one of them gets through is avoid the two top teams playing each other they both get through if yeah you know they're also better than ever come on how is Alabama not playing Georgia in the regular season two years in a row I don't know what they are in the same conference right well what's the point what do you mean what's the point it's that they're they're in the same conference you should get to have to play them they are they play each other for the SEC championship but that's not a guarantee is it I mean it pretty much is oh my gosh LSU fans want to hear from you let's take a break here and when we come back we'll talk Yankees Mets game but not the reason why you think I'm talking about it though because you're actually one that's not no okay and that is not why I'm going to talk about it that's not why the country's talking about it that's not why a video now currently has over 8 million views I believe yeah I was hoping we'd skip over that but apparently we're not we're not skipping over I have no idea we're coming back here on the program this this needs to be brought to this audience it doesn't disgust 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wanted to kind of pick your brain on the first half of the jets falcons game so there's obviously a lot of narratives going on with zack wilson going down flaco having to come in and kind of be the starter then we wanted to probably i would imagine get our second and third string guys like a lot more work um assuming that we may need some depth this season but like how did you interpret the the quality of the offense and defense in the first half versus the quality in the second half wow look at you tim uh here's the thing i'll be honest with you man uh i only watched it uh i was flipping back and forth between jets falcons and metz yanks uh because right now right now my yanks need my my support and i'm locked in on that and i'm particularly nervous about the way things are going there and the jets i mean in a preseason game against the falcons here here's the way i look at it tim um is that clearly they need zack wilson to get back and get back soon they're they're not they're not making the playoffs and and and also you know uh with the ultimate of respect to mike white and joe flaco we need to see flaco we need to see like we need to see uh garrett wilson evaluated properly and breeze hall evaluated properly and we need to see you know the rest of the offense take a step forward and and and that's got to happen with zack wilson we got to get him back out there and healthy and see what he can do and go through whatever lumps he's going to go through or heaven forbid he can take a literal step and then a monster figurative step forward that said uh i am really bullish on the jets defense how does that sound i'm really i i i i'm trying to control myself but i look at sauce gardner and i see a defensive rookie of the year i just do i see a guy that's not going to get thrown at i see a guy that's going to actually not get thrown at and help that pass rush that the you know germane johnson looks really good the rest of that pass rush i think is much improved and and i just think that kid in the back of the defense taking away what he's going to take away and i think the uh you know first couple of opponents from the afc north because the jets are in the afc north for the first month of the season they're gonna they might test him they might throw in his direction and i think that's going to be a mistake and i think a lot of teams are going to learn that fast and i think he is going to be not just an anchor on the field but in the locker room and in the community i am so high on sauce gardner but anybody who takes in the show knows that i have been that since i saw him physically in person for the first time at the combine and pounded the table for him until i heard his name thankfully in las vegas to the jets that's the way i'm looking at him well thanks so much yeah i'm super bullish on uh mod gardner too because uh you gotta call him sauce you gotta call him sauce too well no he doesn't get the sauce right until he gets his first six six in the regular well you know what that's that that's the luke fickle way of looking at it i appreciate you taking in the show tim thanks callback let's let's chat i like that that's good but uh he saw us here planet sauce house south right you were watching fourth quarter mop up time no i was too busy watching the yanks and the mats he wanted you to really break down the preseason game with the stringers i was watching just to see what the final score was what for the oh of the football game did you really wager on that i did not actually okay good for you would it surprise you if he did though no yeah yanks met's big game yanks needed it they got it they actually beat max schurzer judge actually homered off of max schurzer after having a dreadful appearance against max schurzer in queens a couple weeks ago so but that's not what uh most of the country and everybody's taking out from this game i know look i i'm i'm a die-hard yankee fan i grew up in yankee stadium i've seen all types i've seen all types on the four train i've seen all types in the bleachers i've seen all types i i used to my friends and i in the stump merrill yankee years used to get uh general admission seats which is like in the top five rows of the stadium we went right behind home plate i saw the bird's eye view it was amazing i went to bat day as a kid i did all sorts of stuff okay i've been i've been there and done that i have seen all types and just when you thought you've seen them all i'm a 53 year old man i've never seen this before this man needs to be identified he is poking a hole using his straw into the tops and bottoms of a hot dog and then sucking the uh meat out of the straw and then placing the straw away and then now that there is a tube in the tube of the hot dog he is sipping his beer through the hot dog now i've heard about hey you go to the game let's have a hot dog and a beer not a hot dog in the beer using the hot dog as a conveyance to consume the beer i've never seen this before i don't understand it uh in and but at least he doesn't take the in the innards part of the hot dog doesn't go to waste he sucks it out of the straw yeah can't waste just in case what he wants to use the straw later i mean i don't understand i don't know and then and then places in the beer like in front of others like he's in public like sir people can see you genius people can see you do this by the way genius move i mean yeah it's amazing why i wish i thought of that does the beer taste better sucking it through the hot dog probably the two of my favorite things put together i know i know a hot dog and a beer is the classic combination you go to the game i'm gonna have a hot dog and a beer dog and a beer you eat the hot dog and you drink the beer you don't pop a hole through the hot dog suck out the meat from the straw place the straw away pause then you don't go ahead and use the hot dog to consume your beer through the hot dog your mother's watching sir so all together this human being i will ask anybody who wants to chime in 844-204 rich you want to put it on twitter yeah genius madman those are the two choices is this person a genius or a madman he's a madman that's what i choose hannibal lector would do this if he was somehow free and had a baseball game that's like the fava bean in the nice chianti you don't poke a hole through the fava bean and consume the chianti that guy is a madman all right it's up on twitter at rich eisen show uh dude at yankees last night what the hell in public like do that in your own home genius get a room i'm saying i'm at the point now where every time i see something like this i just i go this person is this isn't real and they're just doing this to try to make a viral video of course i saw this i saw this on john boy media yeah me too um and and so um the point is that gives you pause that says maybe this is a setup it's because the camera was trained on this individual from start to finish which makes me think either a it's a setup or b b that wasn't his first hot dog straw out of the night of the night that everywhere consideration wait a minute he got another hot dog and another beer i need to get my phone out here we go it's a glizzy straw and then he did it again he did it again which means he's a gluttonous madman um at least he didn't add relish or anything oh i mean isn't it nathan's hot dog what kind of hot dogs i don't know by the way uh speaking on behalf of judaism definitely not kosher to put a hot dog in a beer i don't think so i don't think that exists that's mixing that's milk that that's mixing uh uh kosher and non-kosher i'm asking you guys there's 50 i don't believe let's just put it this way i do not believe that was blessed by a rabbi what if he's a rabbi i don't think so either sir i doubt that i'm just throwing out but that is bold that is bold like i'm in public i got a hot dog what's the first time he's ever done this this is not this is clearly not his first rodeo was set up he had his whole like thing down like you're right he's done that multiple times it's not his first rodeo not his first yankees game too probably so someone just noticed and was like last time yo last time we saw something viral from yankee stadium in the stands it was a chiropractor from upstate new york who was wearing a met's hat and a red socks yeah that was weird right yeah and and we we were like why are you going to a yankee game dressed like that and it was paying off a bet that guy called in we need to find out this individual and i need to hear from you sir i need an explanation he might be a witness protection after that look at this poking a hole poking a hole by the way impressive it just takes two stabs at it to create an entire tube he's a pro at this not his first time right not his first wait a minute or wait a minute he was poking considerably on either side and that's what got somebody like he's not gonna really drink through it what is this guy doing i need to film this yeah that's a good point too i can't wait it's many questions but there's only one answer madman mad man okay uh jay can you try this tonight absolutely film yourself and then we can play this tomorrow you're here the rest of the week right yep i think i'm here for two or three weeks we gotta get really i was told the rest of this week and part of next i didn't i wasn't told about a third week i'll let you know that was the highest register of all time really really i mean you got to get a sturdy straw yeah none of those paper straws that ain't working hot dog ain't gonna work as a straw itself what's the strangest thing you've used as a straw what like i've used twizzlers before yeah for sure i've done that multiple times that's about it i mean what else not a not a not a hole in it i mean what the hell that was so strange man now that i think about it okay i would do i'm just trying to think of weird stuff i would use as a straw you know those like long twist donuts okay i would put a hole in that and drink a milkshake out of that you wouldn't last the win last because it doesn't you know at least the dog has got a hard casing around it okay that's true so the liquid is not going to defray the conveyance you get like two good sips out of it okay i'm just throwing out ideas here i don't know what about like well you couldn't put a hole in like a pretzel rod oh that would work that's possible yeah but that's like you also got to really dig in yeah you would have to use two in the beer done not his first time i need to know when this started you know i'd like to get an opinion on this is uh uh why am i blanking on his name the joey chestnut joey chestnut i got you you two spend a lot of time how about that that's impressive well you literally just said you know who you know i know we should but when you think hot dogs you should think joey chestnut that's the one yeah or kobe ashi right one or the other or badlands booker one of those guys we should get joey chestnut what does he think does he think even this is beyond a pale yeah because you think about it chestnut think this is defiling the hot dogs you think about it this somebody who just masticates that's true all right hold on a second i'm gonna watchable manner possible because you know when they do those contests they take the dogs they dip them in what looks like water and then they eat them to make yeah okay so i'm gonna he's done you just start sipping the water through it and you say screw it i'm gonna blow the competition but i'm just gonna all right i'm gonna tag joey chestnut and ask for a ruling i want to hear from him to hear from the madman hour one in the books for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a baby face hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts you
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