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REShow: Geno Smith/Mina Kimes - Hour 2 (9-7-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 7, 2022 3:16 pm

REShow: Geno Smith/Mina Kimes - Hour 2 (9-7-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 7, 2022 3:16 pm

Rich reacts (and we mean REACTS!!) to news that New York Jets starting QB Zach Wilson will be out until Week 4 and offers up some advice to veteran backup Joe Flacco.

Seahawks QB Geno Smith tells Rich why he’s taking a “business as usual” approach to getting another shot to be a starting quarterback in the NFL and says why Pete Carroll has Seattle well-equipped to handle life after Russell Wilson.

ESPN’s Mina Kimes joins Rich in-studio to discuss the fate of the Seahawks in 2022, why she’s also picking the Buffalo Bills to win the Super Bowl this season, what WR Allen Robinson brings to the Los Angeles Rams’ offense, why the Chiefs will remain atop the AFC West this year, and names her top pick for NFL MVP and which team could be this season’s Cincinnati Bengals.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. There's no hope. This is the Rich Eisen Show. We all know what's going to happen to the cowboys ahead of time and you'll be chronicling it. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

If they're healthy you watch they might not lose a game. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show ESPN college football analyst Ryan Leaf. Coming up Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith.

ESPN NFL analyst Mina Kimes. Plus actor and comedian Billy Gardel. And now it's Rich Eisen. Our number two here on the Rich Eisen Show. 844-204 Rich is the number to dial.

Our phone lines are lit. Mina Kimes is here. She's going to be joining us in studio in about 20 minutes time. We're excited to hear from Geno Smith. He was supposed to call in right now but we're hearing he is still in a meeting and will be joining us in about 10 minutes time. Looking forward to chatting with the starting quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks.

You there at 844-204 Rich and slash Rich Eisen Show. We're making our way to the Roku channel in short order. There will be an announcement on that coming tomorrow.

Hey. I have been promising an announcement on top of a promise and a pledge and it's finally happening tomorrow. I promise and I pledge.

Promise? The Roku channel is free regardless and we're going to start streaming free this very month. There will be an announcement on that tomorrow on an actual start date. Very excited to let everyone know. We say hello to our Odyssey listeners and we're also going to Sirius XM. That's another pledge that will be back there. We're everywhere Rich. We're yeah we're waiting patiently.

We're waiting patiently. Do I have to call Chris Russo to make something happen? Do I have to do that? He runs Sirius right? No he doesn't. Oh feels like Howard Stern does. Oh right.

That's true. Do I have to call Baba Bowie to make this happen? If so I will. I promise that.

I promise you I will call Robert A. Bowie to say what is happening. The whack pack? That's a pledge. We're kind of like a whack pack for you. Yeah you are. I'm in a mood. Oh why? Because you jinxed the bills?

Nope. I didn't jinx the bills. Oh you jinxed the rate. I chose the bills and five others of my five others on game day morning did the same thing. Now did you all submit your picks independently? Yes we did. Oh so you didn't know.

I had no idea until it happened. Okay. Yeah we like you know we don't like to rehearse either. We just say let's do it. Right. Save the gold.

So no I'm in a mood because once again once again once again the New York Jets trying to start a season, start fresh, start new, turn a page, finally decide that we're not gonna get screwed over anymore by the football gods once again kicked right in the perineum. Look it up. Nice callback. By the football gods. Yep great draft. Excellent draft. I mean amazing draft.

Amazing draft. You know let's get a new wide receiver, a new running back, a new pass rusher. Let's go.

Let's go. Right? New franchise altering personality at cornerback. All kids from top-notch programs and schools and just figuring out like they don't know that Jets fans look for the trap door and get kicked in the nards by the football gods.

50 plus years in running. Last night NFL network had every Super Bowl ring on. Every Super Bowl ring that was there in some sort of like pulp fiction type case with the gleam from the case or all the the rings from the case and I grabbed the Jets top row third from the left and it was very small.

It was very small compared to the other rings. I grabbed the Rams one and opened it up and it made a noise and I tried to put it back together again and it wasn't actually fixing and I thought for a second do I need to jam it in there and I handed it back to the guy in charge and I'm like my children's 529s are all fully funded. I still want them to go to school. You put it back together. It's like my kids can't get the cap back on the orange juice.

You're your daddy. You do it. That's what I did last night with the the Rams ring.

What is juice? But I put I put the jet ring on just to see how it feel just to try and ward everything off because I heard Zach Wilson might be back. It's possible he's starting.

Cue coach Salah today. To be honest with you guys and I'm just gonna lay this out so I I really don't want to talk about the situation anymore so we're the the earliest he's going to be available is Pittsburgh. That's going to be the earliest and just from everything we gathered over the last couple of days.

Now can it change? Sure I'm always going to leave that door open. You guys know me. I'm the eternal optimist but we are we are going to make sure that both mind and body are 110 percent. Make sure we do right by him and and and we feel like for talking to the doctors and everyone it's going to be that Pittsburgh week. Pittsburgh week for those who might not be so acro-sure of the Jets schedule. That's week four.

Well well done there. That's week four. That's week four. That's that's that's three games of Joe Flacco. Nobody on draft night says wow how's Garrett Wilson gonna sync up with Joe Flacco?

Wow. Breece Hall coming out of the backfield. How's he gonna how's he gonna get the ball from Joe Flacco? Nobody thinking that. Nobody thinking hey this is an incredible moment for the Jets. We're finally turning the corner and we play our first three games against the AFC North.

Let's put Flacco back in that division shall we? Nobody saying that. So I will say this. I'm gonna take my cue from my coach.

Not just because we're part of the bald brotherhood. No. I believe in Robert Salah and I'm going to be the eternal optimist. I'm thinking Joe this is your moment sir. Yep you're getting your first start of a season. No I wasn't with the Ravens. That's not the last time he started a season. He started with the Broncos in 2019.

Let's not forget before he stunk the joint up and they had to turn to Brandon Allen and see what they had in Drew Lock. We're not gonna go there Joe. I'm not going there. And Jet fans we will not go there. Maybe we will in the first quarter. But we're not going there now because you're going back in the AFC North and you're gonna take this opportunity.

You're gonna take this moment. You're gonna have a that moment the three-week run like you had in that playoff. That glorious playoff that Ravens fans didn't think was possible. Where you chased down all of Kurt Warnard's records like it was a game day morning bold prediction from Steve Mariucci. You broke them all. Touchdowns. No picks. You were perfect. You clean sheeted that playoffs and you went to Steve Basciotti and said pay me.

That's the flaco that can show up. The weapons are there Joe. The system is there for you to be that steady hand and veteran hand. That's why you're there. When Zach Wilson gets hurt unfortunately it keeps happening now. But when Zach Wilson is out you are there to keep the ship righted. You know what it's like to take on the Ravens.

You did it every day in practice for damn near a decade. You know what it's like to pay to play the Cleveland Browns. And you know what it's like to play the Cincinnati Bengals. So let's go Joe. Let's go Joe. Last night I put on the ring that was once worn by another Joe. As a matter of fact the guy was in charge of the rings came up and said you know whose ring is that and I'm like what do you mean whose ring is that? And he's like I don't like what do you mean whose ring is that? He says there's a name on the side of each ring. And it said Namath on the side of the ring. I'm like is this really Joe Namath's ring? He goes no I guess they just put the name on it. I know I want another Joe. I know you're on a roll here but like what role am I on? I'm being positive.

What if flaco goes like three and one? Do you have a quarterback controversy? No you don't. It's Zach Wilson's gig. It's time for him to just stay upright. Chris this is what got him to lose his mind last year when we tried to say. No you said the Mike White thing and because you were going back at me because I was all over the Cooper Rush thing with you. Yeah but no no no that's how it started. Mike White came and played well gave your team a chance to win a game.

I said hey maybe he's a guy you lost it for some reason to start comparing Cooper Rush and I'm like bro you're caught up in your feelings a little too much right now. Can you predict the Jets schedule right now? You are not new here. I'm not doing the Jets schedule right now. Why not? Why not? You made me do the Cowboys two months ago.

Because Geno Smith could call in at any moment. We're doing it today. No we're not doing it today. We don't have time today. Oh we got time. We definitely have time. We have time today. No we have no time. Rich you literally control our times.

We're timeless. We have no time. I will not do it today.

No suit for you. Because I'm feeling positive all right. Michael's got great hair at least you know.

He's got that going. Shut up. I'm gonna be positive about it but this is not what we envisioned. It's not what we thought. Who else is quarterback is not ready to start the season?

Is Josh Allen ready to start the season? Tua, Matt Jones. Hold on a minute.

Who else? Hold on no no no let's do it. Let's do this. Let's do this.

Let's do this. Geno Smith could call any minute. Lamar's ready.

Right? Lamar's ready. He's ready. Burrow had his freaking appendix removed. He's ready.

Burst. Yeah he's ready. He'll answer the bell. Trubisky's ready. Let's do this. We got three guys. What are we gonna do?

They're like I don't know. Let's choose. We got three choices. Matt Ryan's ready. Tannehill's ready. Trevor Lawrence is ready for the first time since he had a real coach named Dabo Swinney who's on Thursday. He's ready.

Davis Mills. Neck up neck down. He's ready.

Long necking. Everybody in the AFC West is up and ready. Dax ready. Jalen Hurts is ready. Carson Wentz. Even he's ready.

Right? Daniel Jones. Daniel Jones is neck. He's ready. He's ready. Kirk Cousins is ready. Jared Goff is ready. Aaron Rogers is ready. Kyle Murray's ready.

Kyler Murray's ready. His ipad's ready. It's all charged up.

It's all charged up. That's TJ's quarterback in fantasy. Yep. Justin Fields is ready. Tom Brady is ready.

We think. Baker Mayfield is ready. Oh he's really ready. You know who's also ready?

Penny Holmes. Marcus Mariota is ready. Geno Smith is ready. Trey Lance and Jimmy G's ready. Matthew Stafford. Oh my arm. He's ready.

I think it might be broken. You know who's not ready? Deshaun Watson's even ready, but the league's saying no you're not. The only one who's not ready is Sam Darnold, the guy who Zach replaced. Okay. I'm feeling positive.

Feeling good about it. Mitch Eisen is awesome baby with a cap delay. Did he mean ready? Who's not ready? Who's the only team whose quarterback is not ready and won't be ready to week four? Didn't didn't your coach say that Joe Flacco's a starter in this league? It's great.

We'll find out won't we? You have a Super Bowl winning quarterback as your backup. That's a luxury. That's a luxury. It's a luxury. It's a luxury right Chris? That is a luxury. I saw 56 pieces of luxury items last night. One of them had the Jets on it thank god.

Thank god. That picture is amazing just because it's like it's like a Russian doll situation. Every every ring just keeps getting larger and larger and larger. Well actually if you look at it if you look at it the Patriots. The Patriots are the ones who fought like the Ravens were the ones who who started well hold on a minute there's one uh right before the Saints. That's the Patriots. The Patriots just started getting larger and larger and larger.

Well there were so many trophies they had to fit them on there somehow. I know. Just got bigger and bigger and bigger and now the Rams are like we're not only gonna go bigger we're gonna go deeper.

It's three dimensional. We're gonna come apart. I swear to god I crapped I just popped it off it looked beautiful in there and then I put it back on and it wouldn't go and I thought I better I better I better uh. You take it. You take it. You fix it. What? You said there's music when you opened it? No it's not music. I thought I heard you say that.

No it was beautiful it's beautiful. Well you're just giving the next team next year an idea. Yeah right. All right so I'll just ask on the air is Geno calling in now because we got okay we got Mina we got Mina Kimes here let's bring her out. You know what if she talks to Geno I think she's got questions for him it's her team. That's her team.

It's called Kismet. I think she literally has a Seahawks tattoo. Really?

I believe so. I don't. You don't have any tattoos. Well didn't Mangini get a Farve tattoo? Didn't he do that?

Look that up. Well Rex got the Sanchez tattoo. Dude no I thought I think Mangini got a Farve tattoo.

No way. Dude my team I mean we just that's the name of this segment dude my team. Did I tell you guys what Jerry Jones told me about Super Bowl rings? Uh oh. No true story that the other owners and this was mind you this was 2010 when I got to meet him but he told me that the other owners at that point they pull money in to pay for the rings. Oh yeah. For the champions now I don't know if that's something that they still do but at that point. Well I don't know Woody Johnson's return on investment on that is still still needs to.

You know Uncle Jerry told me that is all I'm saying. Okay all right Meany Kimes of the worldwide leader in sports will be next and then your phone calls and then at some point Geno Smith and then definitely Billy Gardell how about that. Meany Kimes when we come back.

Back here on the Rich Eyes and Sure their terrestrial radio outfit. The Monday night football game for week number one has been for many reasons Denver focused and it's because Russell Wilson who spent so much time in Seattle is going back to Seattle. I mean zero chill by the NFL schedule makers for Russell Wilson's first game as a Bronco to be back where he made all his bones and won a Super Bowl.

There's another quarterback in the game oh by the way and he's somebody who started 19 games in his first two years in the league and only five since a major opportunity at hand for the starting quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks. Joining us on the Mercedes-Benz phone line is Geno Smith. How you doing Geno? I'm doing great. How you doing Rich?

I am doing fine. What is going through your head with an opportunity in front of you like the one that you have Geno Smith? Not much you know not a lot going through my head other than you know working on the plan which is what we're doing but other than that you know I mean just taking it day by day. You know Monday is going to be extremely exciting for a lot of people and a lot of reasons and so you know that'll come but you know today's you know not today to worry about that.

No I understand. Just focusing on day by day stuff. But I mean for the years in which you spent you know with the Jets with the Giants obviously Seattle hoping for an opportunity where a coach looks at you and says you are the starting quarterback to start the season you are our guy you have that opportunity and that opportunity is at hand did you not have you not spent a moment thinking about that is a reality for you? Do you know Smith? I mean life's so big you know I mean we think about you know you're talking about football here and I've been you know lucky enough to play this game you know for a majority of my life but I also have great perspective you know and life is so much bigger than just one opportunity in one season you know it's my tenth season and I've had other opportunities also so you know coaches have always believed in me and I've always believed in myself and you know this is just my tenth year you know I've seen myself playing for a long time so I'm excited the opportunity is definitely something I've worked for and have planned for and you know but you know it's not time for celebration or anything like that you know for me it's just another day of work and that's kind of how you know kept my mind and kept myself steady throughout this whole thing it's just you know focusing on the day-by-day stuff and not really getting caught up in things outside of my control so I'm excited you know I know people around are excited my family's excited but you know for me as the player you know as the quarterback you know there's business to be handled. So when you say in other words Russ is saying let's ride you're saying let's grind is that what you're saying? Let's work let's work let's work yep let's work has can we hashtag that do you mind if we hashtag that hashtag yeah I love it I love it okay let's work Geno Smith hashtag let's work okay I like it what is this offense going to look like what can you tell the 12s a little glimpse of what the offense will look like with you at the controls Geno Smith? Man we got a fast offense it starts up front first and foremost you know we got you know two young tackles who I think the world of I think they're gonna be absolutely great for a long time in this league we're led by a great veteran center in Austin Black he's quarterbacking that thing he's controlling the entire line he knows what he's doing and he's a great player I got Gabe Jackson another vet just a dog up front Phil Haynes who I think is coming into his own he's going to have a great year surrounded by weapons on the outside DK Metcalfe and Tyler Lockett as everyone knows but we also got some young guys who are going to step up and be Eskridge we got Markeith Gilwin you know adding him to the mix I think he's going to do great things and then a lot of the other guys in that group they have you know tremendous ability and when their numbers call they're going to be great you know our tie-in group is well-rounded with Will Disney and no offense Kobe Parkinson just all those guys we have some stable backs you know we have Penny you know Rashad Penny who had a great end of the year last year and then you know we got a young Ken Walker Travis Homer had a great preseason so did DJ Dallas and so it's going to be a fast physical offense we're going to move the chains be efficient you know be great on third downs be great in the red zone all the situational stuff and just really go out there and you know execute you know do what we're supposed to do. No and I'm a Michigan Wolverine so I know that Kenneth Walker just scored on them again so I know how good I know how good he could be I still see it in my dreams every night or my nightmares so what do you say Geno Smith to those who think that Russ is gone and so are Seattle's playoff hopes because of that what do you say to that because I'm sure you know that that is a large narrative coast to coast in our football loving nation Geno? Yeah well you know I don't really get into that type of stuff but you know football's played on the field and it comes down to the players and you know the thing about with with Russell I mean what he did in Seattle and you know over the course of his career here can never be taken away or overshadowed because it was such greatness won the most games you know for any quarterback in history and so that can never be taken away from him you know the things that he's done in the community here you know he has long-standing relationships here and you know for that you know he should always be loved in Seattle when it comes down to the team though uh it's similar to what they had back in what 2012 2013 when no one you know thought Seattle could be what they became which is a dynasty and uh you know they're still a lot of those uh similar faces around who started that with coach Carroll and uh Mr. Snyder and the ownership and so um the formula has never changed here uh it's always remained the same I think that the parts and the pieces and the players you know they've they've come in and out and I think coach Carroll and the organization does a great job at making sure that everyone in the building understands the formula for the Seattle Seahawks and how to win and uh you know that's what it that's what it takes it takes a full team it takes you know all 11 on each side of the ball and that's what we're about you know we're close in the team everybody on this team believes everyone knows that we can go out and win any game no matter who we play and it really comes down to how we execute and how bad we want it. I've got Geno Smith quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks here on the Rich Eisen show and so uh has Pete Carroll brought that narrative that I just laid out to you up to you at all does he mention this at all has he has he how has he prepared you for the season in that regard? I mean I've been here this is my fourth year in Seattle and uh obviously I have a new role uh here on the team but coach Carroll's remained the same you know his message message has been the same and that's the one thing you gotta love about a guy like that is that he's not changing his beliefs what he sees for this team this organization how we run things they're not changing you know he he has a way about himself and I mean he's one of the better coaches this league has seen you know he created a dynasty in college football with uh with USC and did the same thing here in Seattle so um when it comes down to a coach Carroll you know he knows what we have as well you know he's not naive about this stuff he's been around this game for a long long time and he knows what it takes and he knows what what we have inside this locker room and so I think that gives him confidence. Geno Smith here on the Rich Eisen show and what's your relationship with Drew Locke because I'm sure you know uh in the same way that Russ is going against his former team Drew is the the one acquired in that trade for him he'd like to be there what what's your what is the competition like with you and and he Geno? You know competition has been great uh I love Drew a lot man I think he's uh he's gonna have a tremendous career uh I think he's got a long career in this league if he wants to have it um and and we've grown to get to know one another over the course of the past few months and uh you know what I do know about him is that he's uh outstanding young man he's just a great dude overall uh has had some really tremendous beliefs and values about himself walks walks and talks and does things the right way and then he has all the ability in the world and so uh for me and him you know right now it's about preparing for the bunkos um focusing on week one and we're in the thing together you know and I think that uh he speaks volumes about him and who he is and his character and uh you know as well as his team uh it really rubs off on everyone on the team. So right before toe meets ball on on Monday night week one you know the whole league will have already played and then the whole country's settling in to watch you on uh and uh and listen to you on uh Westwood One uh what's gonna go through your mind Geno? Can you just flash forward a little bit to that moment for me for a second?

Yeah that moment is going to be uh business as usual um you know when this stuff is too big I don't really make it in my mind to be more than what it is it's a game and we're about to go out there and give it every single thing that we have but it comes down to the day-to-day preparation so I'm gonna be focused you know knowing myself I'm gonna be extremely locked in uh ready for the moment you know ready to go out there and capture the moment you know and that's it and uh doing it for my teammates you know really doing it for my teammates and all the guys around me because it's not about myself you're never going to make it about myself this isn't a redemption story or something like that I've been living good for a long time and uh you know for me like I said it's just about going out there and executing doing my job doing what's supposed to be done taking care of the football leave us the point. Did you watch the Backyard Brawl? Did you check that one out last week?

I did watch it I did watch it man I was uh you know I felt I felt for uh you know uh number zero I can't remember his name but he had a great game and then that ball kicked off his hand and uh you know but overall had a great game I mean that was that was one for the ages I mean just the back and forth in that game uh you know it was awesome. You didn't cross paths with McAfee there did you? I did I did it I did it but he was already a legend by the time I got there everybody had already had McAfee, Owen Smith and you know uh Steve Flay and Pat White that whole group of guys I mean they were just legendary already cemented in West Virginia.

What do you mean by legend with McAfee? I need that I need that story. Well on the field obviously you know great punter but off the field just down on high street and just all around the town man they just talk about how Pat McAfee he was the guy like you know he got he got things going you know what I mean he got the party started type of deal. Yeah Rich Rod he was on he was on Rich Rod's uh radar screen a little bit right that's what I heard. Yeah yeah yeah yeah.

Yeah might have been. Gino you take care of yourself good luck to you uh and uh on Monday night and throughout the season thanks again for the call greatly appreciate it. Appreciate you Rich thank you.

Right back at you that's Gino Smith quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks right here on the Rich Eisen Show. All right neat stuff let's take a break and then let's bring in Mina Kimes who's been kind enough to roll with our punches here. Let's work. Uh on this hashtag let's work. Let's work. Let's we we should make it. We made it out already. Here we go let's work. Let's work. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show 844204 Rich number dial if you're on hold stand hold and hour number three Billy Gardell the uh diehard Steeler fan in the hit show on CBS Bob Hearts Abishola he will be here Chris Brockman's burning questions for teams 10 through 6 on his power rankings entering the NFL season uh we'll find out who's 10 through 6 we found out already number 32 uh was the Seahawks uh we didn't mention that to Gino Smith when we spoke to him out of it's out of respect it's fine but we're mentioning it here with a diehard Seahawk fan here from the worldwide leader in sports uh one of our favorites and great to have you here on the program in person Mina Kimes good to see you. 32?

That's ask him. I'm not I'm not the only one who has them dead last by the way just want that on the record I'm not optimistic I'm not delusional but they're not they're not good they're not good I don't think they're going to be first on the clock either next year I just yeah PKRL team's not going to finish worse but I mean we just heard from Gino there talking about how hey this could be like you know 2012, 2011, 2013 when no one was expecting it and then a dynasty starts I understand that I just remember being there on a Thursday night I think it was 2011 because it was the dream team Eagles that got waxed by the Seahawks on a Thursday night in front of the 12s and um and you know Andy Reid's Eagles just got crushed by a team that we were wondering that was the question about those Seahawks on on our pregame show who what's the identity of this team and I kind of feel like we're back to that square one right now in some ways although to go back to 2011 Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas aren't walking through that door but there's some young talent on that side of the ball Gino mentioned the two rookie tackles I thought both of them looked really good in the pre-season right and I think that's going to be what's really key to whether or not this offense is functional because Gino Smith um is actually you know he's very accurate and decisive when he's not pressured right when he's pressured is when things get a little bit dicey so if the offensive line holds up and I do think they've made some good moves you know it's a very run-centric kind of Sean McVay inspired offense you can see it working Mina Kimes from ESPN right here on the Rich Eisen show on by the way I saw that stage the 43rd anniversary of ESPN today really yes wow yeah 43 years I was 10 years old when ESPN started you don't have to speak after that yeah 43 years ago today yeah 19 years ago last uh in May I was handed a cardboard box but you're doing great right there on the worldwide leader there's no question about it thank you how many shows are you on um my main show is NFL live right uh and then in addition to that around the horn first take sometimes I get to fill in on pardon the interruption which is super fun and then my own podcast the Mina Kimes show featuring Lenny featuring Lenny yeah I found it delightful the number of people on your Twitter feed that were congratulating Lenny yeah on the podcast yeah yeah for those who may not know who Lenny is I know who Lenny is you want to describe who Lenny is to people Lenny is my dog um and when I launched a podcast I felt like I needed a co-host a male co-host uh you know to just gain garner some uh credibility amongst certain crowds so I but I also wanted a male co-host who wouldn't talk a lot um neutered as well uh he is okay good he is um control the pet population doesn't always act like it but um and you know the most common piece of feedback I get from my listeners is yes it should be called the Lenny show featuring Mina Kimes that's right well that sounds like Patrick Beverly's description of his role with the Lakers you know Lenny's podcast you're you're podcasting with Lenny he's not podcasting with I think he sees it that way yeah he used to do when I first started it I would let him ask one question yeah and I would say it in the voice I use when I talk to him which is humiliating right and I did it for maybe four months but then I had Matt Hasselbeck as a guest growing up a Seahawks fan I was very starstruck yes and I just couldn't do it I was like I can't do the voice in front of Matt Hasselbeck and that was the end of it but people say he's been silenced okay I don't know if I could broadcast at all in the way that I talked to my two dogs the halo and dylan it I don't it would not be very good what is it what is what does it sound like I mean you know I don't want to I don't think anybody wants to do that nobody needs to see that not in front of you not in front of Matt Hasselbeck would not that's the worst guy to do it he was so I'll never forget hassle Matthew is one of my favorite people on planet earth great his family great people and really so you said family wrong family thank you um so I'll never forget him showing up to the pro bowl after losing super bowl 40 to Pittsburgh cheated but yeah I understand well this is his point on NFL total access on NFL network we always had Mike Pereira then the head of NFL refs on our show to talk about the controversial calls from the previous super bowl Mike had a previously planned vacation after super bowl 40 which I know I could see the look on your face you're thinking like this was legit convenient he didn't know that he the uh super bowl would go off the wheels the way that it did um you know with a rothless burger tuck where his helmet scored but the ball didn't in that crazy penalty obviously on the change of possession the holding penalty that changed everything I I think I like you right I you nailed it well I remember it like it was yesterday especially since when we show I showed up to the pro bowl and I had just not I had not yet interviewed Pereira and the person by the pool waiting for me and jumped on me and called us NFL network he said was the NFL's Al Jazeera is what he said was NFL network because we did not have Pereira on the NFL's network the NFL it's right that's what he referred to it as well it's now the NFL's network and he just laid into me just crushed me and I'm like dude he's going to be on next week and then I did ask him all of that and I don't think Mike really had very good satisfying answers for you Holmgren or anybody else in the 12 nation you know so all you have to do is google worst officiated game in NFL history could you do that yeah Chris yeah stand by google worst officiated game in NFL history and see if super bowl 40 first page results first page results is what me to cause music city miracle up there too how is that the worst officiated super bowl yeah that'll work in history not playoff game in history Chris is one of the slowest googlers of all time unfortunately I'm on him all the time for that not true I could have done that myself and gotten the answer you have a computer in front of me crimes I want to I want to you know no yeah the the Steelers had just stolen super bowl 40 from the Seahawks that's one headline listen google has it ever lied you look so satisfied I feel like I sound like such a homer first I said the Seahawks shouldn't be 32 I want to be clear yes they're going to be bad I am not a you know insane person and now this talking about the the super bowl we were talking about my dad earlier who's why I'm a Seahawks fan and every time he texts me because he's typed it so many times his phone autocorrect Steelers to S-T-E-A-L-E-R-S oh my goodness gracious I'm not like that good thing you're separated by an hour from Billy Gardel showing up an hour number three I've got Mina Combs right here on the Rich Eisen show so um just last night my crew at NFL Network the game day morning crew predicted super bowl 57's results all six of us had the bills well that's one way to look at it or incredibly accurate team maybe the most accurate team on television I say that with respect to you has NFL live chimed in on this subject matter yet at all we will um actually we haven't done super bowl picks ESPN makes us all do it and then they publish it well for all 90 million of you 300 analysts um it is pretty bills heavy I've seen the list what about you let's get to your pick I mean incredibly I am also picking the bills but it makes sense it makes incredible sense they check almost every box that's required to be checked for a super bowl contender if not super bowl winner it does except for the this is the thing that gives me pause the fact that they're in the AFC which is as we know it's very lopsided NFL this year it seems like the smarter pick would be to pick one of those I would say there's three NFC teams that are widely viewed as contenders the Bucks the Rams and the Packers that seems like well I people might throw the Eagles into the mix but point is one of those teams is more likely to make it to the Super Bowl than the bills given the gauntlet they have to go through right so why do you like the bills then because they're stacked and our last memory of Josh Allen is him looking like a super soldier like I this is a team that got better you could I mean the cornerback they don't have to devious why in this then in the first weeks of the season right yeah but by the end of the season what is their weakness in your mind well it could be punter now you know I mean they got the guy from Denver he's supposed to be good I don't know I don't I don't think they have one it could be the running game if they need to run it 30 times to beat somebody I don't know what the circumstance that would be again I'm a Michigan guy I have James Cook running away from the Michigan defense still emblazoned in my in my head I don't think anybody's talking enough about what he can add to this equation for game breaking ability if not the ability to maybe complement Singletary and yeah no I refuse to trade Zach Moss despite you know putting him in a box I don't know what's going on there everybody every year people are like okay move on from Zach Moss but then they you know in the preseason he looks good and he could have that AJ Dylan role I mean yeah he's strong he's kind of good short yardage option I mean I think you're right James Cook and the run game is going to matter a lot because every single team the NFL is going to just beg the bills to run on them which is something all the high-powered offenses like the Chiefs ran into last year the problem is Josh Allen's the one who might run I know yeah which is why I'm choosing the pills it's I guess maybe the offensive line has some change that could be an issue right tackle is a little bit of a question mark but everywhere it matters they are exceptional I mean it comes here on the Rich Eisen show you also call preseason action for the Rams what what what have you seen up close on this team that you can pass along to us to say that they they have the chance to to repeat yeah they're in that spot I would say during the preseason not a lot because Sean McVay is allergic to playing starters but last year we said that and by the time you got to the Super Bowl you had guys who played in the preseason on rookie contracts having to step up in big moments like Nick Scott safety Ernest Jones linebacker because the way the Rams are built as you know is exceptionally top-heavy so they need those later round draft picks to play significant roles and this year with the departure of Von Miller you need young players to step up and the pass rush Darius Williams starting cornerback Scott that means again young players like David Long Jr. are going to have to contribute I would say though Allen Robinson was probably the story of camp and I think in this opener in particular with the issues at cornerback Allen Robinson is the guy I'm going to be watching to see if he can really play a big role in this offense so is it just the general sense of the Rams are a great offensive team and Allen Robinson has been in offensive purgatory pretty much his entire career since leaving the campus in Penn State is that the is it as simple as two plus two equals four there yeah I think he brings like an element to this offense they haven't really had which is that x receiver that contested catch guy that red zone threat which I think you know the 50-50 ball guy the 50-50 balls and Matthew Stafford throws those balls and I think Calvin Johnson's in the Hall of Fame perfect yes one of the few wide receivers that I'm okay throwing the goal line fade to you know in the NFL right so so I think yeah it's a big it's a big it is it was a huge addition for them and our last memory of him is pretty bad from last year but if there's any team I think you'd bounce back on it would be Los Angeles okay so who's your team in the NFC is it the Rams coming I've got the Bucks I think that's chalk is that chalk are the Bucks favorite not shock their win total is actually really high they have a that's who I chose to I chose the Bills over the Bucks because yes I chose the Bills over the Bucks because I do think despite up front that issue in front of Brady and that is obviously the kryptonite for any quarterback as well as Brady certainly one that's 45 pressure up the middle always a problem I think Brady knows how to handle it he knows how to get rid of it if if Godwin is as healthy as it you know it does appear although he was wearing that don't touch me jersey just today you know if Godwin is ready along with Evans I love the addition of Russell Gage everyone's saying Julio Jones is in fact drinking from the fountain of youth you got Fournette you've got the rest of that defense I do believe that they have the horses to go back again I totally agree and the interior pressure thing is real but Tom Brady last year got the ball out quicker than any quarterback other than Ben Roethlisberger who got it out like you know lightning quick obviously that's self-preservation yeah it was self-preservation and with Brady though it is it's a common it is a little bit of self-preservation but also you know he is the greatest pre-snap quarterback in the NFL he does everything for the offensive line you don't need the center to do things you would for a young quarterback so you know I I'm a little bit concerned but I'm not that concerned and I love the weapons as you said yeah I do I do like them quite a bit who do you have winning the AFC West minicons I've gone back and forth on this so many times okay and I'm back with the Chiefs I was tempted by the Chargers the off-seasons darlings I feel like of NFL media and I get it and I love them and I love Justin Herbert and the additions they've made I just think watching the Chiefs offense in the preseason and they actually did play in the preseason which is bizarre sure did didn't they they look awesome right they look amazing I'm not concerned I like the way they're evolving post Tyreek Hill are you you got a little concern in your head no I just wait till we hear who he has no no no no no I I'm with you and I have even said I think the the Chiefs offense has the opportunity to be better than last year that's definitely better than what people think I I don't understand the the Mahomes shade from unnamed defensive coordinator and the athletic saying he plays street ball and then not one but two of his receivers deciding to talk up their new quarterbacks at his expense even though one of them's Aaron Rodgers and doesn't require to be talked up the way that Sammy Watkins did I don't get that um that said I'm on the Raiders whoa yeah you're the first person I've met who said the Raiders and I have been saying it since the minute Chandler Jones signed on the minute the minute the minute that Vontae Adams joined and Jones signed and again another offensive line concern for me they've got five running backs for a reason as well um but man you tell me some team that can say all right cover Devontae Adams and when you do that cover Darren Waller and then when you do that cover Hunter Renfro and then a coach who's got a second crack at it who knows how to put them all in a spot and Derek Carr one of the most maligned quarterbacks out there and Max Crosby with Chandler Jones potentially taking some assistance away from Max Crosby's blockers I kind of dig it I dig the Raiders and we haven't seen what Devontae Adams looks like you want to talk about preseason and not seen anybody that's true I can tell you Jacey Jackson isn't playing in week one here comes Devontae Adams hello and there's you know that's a that's a home game for the Raiders this weekend up the road I just I love the pass rush secondary in this division it's concerning and I like the fact they brought in Patrick Graham there's going to be a schematic change on that side of the ball I think he's a really brilliant defensive play caller future head coach but I just don't know if he's got the horses back there to keep up with Justin Herbert maybe so maybe so um but I know I think the Chiefs make the playoffs yeah I think the Raiders win the division and then I really I need to see what your burning question for the Chargers that you you uncorked yesterday says it all which is yeah can they can they just do not charger stuff and like live up to it's that simple like can they can they avoid the charger like things yeah yeah you know field goals weird special teams down weird four downs fumbling on the goal line like Melvin Gordon did 19 times three years ago in Tennessee you know I mean that sort of stuff yeah that's the issue are they I mean they are I think have a good case for being the most cursed team in the NFL so they're so welcome the New York Jets Herbert's amazing um before I let you go who's your MVP is it Josh Allen too I actually I I like Patrick Mahomes for this because I think as you know MVP is a narrative award and I think I love it if he's able to produce at the level that I think you and I both think this offense will yeah with Tyreek Hilgon the line share the credit is going to go to Mahomes I think people the voters will like it what 12 wins that's what is going to be required at least 12 and 5 in that division toughest division in football they don't skip a beat on offense he spreads the ball around he plays dynamite street ball right and and uh and he wins the MVP that's what you're saying essentially the lone anonymous defensive play caller will be in shambles I don't it's just the the the anonymous play caller the defensive coordinator saying that he plays street ball after his first two options are you kidding me I mean are you kidding me and I do love the Chiefs offensive line rebuilt offensive line I mean Creed Humphrey is a is an animal up front so I agree with you go for it Chris oh Nina who's got the best chance to be this year's Bengals in your mind kind of out of nowhere they were such a long shot going into the season last year yeah and then just circumstances and stars aligning um well I would say I don't know where it's tough because I I was gonna say the Colts have like a Bengals like feel to me where everyone kind of assumes that like they'll be fine but I don't think people think of them as a Super Bowl team and I think because of the division because I think people are underrating the defense and because I feel like Matt Ryan still has it all of a sudden it could be the division around and we're like whoa the Colts are still here I think that's entirely plausible but they're not like from the depths of the Bengals that's why you're kind of you're from the depths of the Bengals all the way to the top dolphins that's not they're not even that deep either okay I think they're gonna make the point I'll throw one out there I'm very curious and the opener is going to tell us a lot about what the Vikings look like speaking of like kind of curse curse vibes I think this offense with Kevin O'Connell is going to look a lot better than Irv had Kirk Cousins winning the MVP that's a little oh yeah that's a bit much yeah he said Justin Jefferson was his bold prediction Justin Jefferson's going to break all of Cooper Cup's records from last year he's I mean the Vikings win the division Justin Jefferson and the Cooper Cup role though is I mean the yards are going to be there so I offensive player of the year that's that feels more realistic than it would be so uh your podcast is where all people are all podcasts are acquired uh your your podcast with Lenny okay um say hi to everyone at the worldwide leader for me will you please I will on our 43rd birthday 43rd birthday hey Billy Gardell is going to be joining us here on the rich eyes and show your burning questions Chris Brockman our phone lines are lit we're going to go to hour number three with 844-204-rich the number to dial in mind Mina Kimes thank you for being here on the show greatly appreciate it thanks for agreeing with me so much you got it well we're smart people oh we got another minute plus here on our YouTube stream we're smart people that's the way it works why are you so high on Matt you've been one of the big Matt Ryan defenders in the last couple years last year he was playing behind you know paper mache right and when you actually watch he was actually still pretty accurate he doesn't have the arm strength that he used to but he throws with such anticipation pre-snap he's still all got it I was actually really impressed by his pocket movement despite his advanced years coupled with Frank Reich who I think is still one of the best offensive minds in the NFL in a superior situation I think he's going to play really well okay so you're local you hopefully you can come in here any anytime you want and the next time you you you do come here uh can I see a picture oh there we go can we oh hey can we get Lenny oh can we can we bring Lenny I mean I mean you might have to throw him a few bones literally or figuratively you know maybe both okay both I'm his representation he doesn't bark I mean if he's a podcasting dog clearly he knows that he knows when the lights are on right I mean so he'll come if you do the voice for your dogs on air no you got 30 seconds I'm not doing it just do it I'll do the I'll do the voice I'm not doing it voice off I'm not gonna do it come on come on the dog voice I'm not doing the dog voice you almost did it this is the dog voice this is my dog voice there are none others like it but this one is mine maybe next time all right it's called a tease please come back Mina Kimes this has been a delight thank you for being here thank you everybody follow Mina Kimes on twitter I do as well you will be smarter for it we're back with Billy Gardel in your phone calls in hour number three in a moment for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson too all-time Hogan opponents Macho Man's got to be in the conversation where's Andre for you I've always said Andre was number one wow because even going back before you know Hulk Hogan was a babyface Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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