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Daron Vaught

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January 24, 2020 6:13 pm

Daron Vaught

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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January 24, 2020 6:13 pm

On this edition of The Drive Daron Vaught guest hosts and discusses the Hornets overseas game with Brian Geisinger. Tubby Smith also calls in to discuss how he received the nickname "Tubby"


This is The Drive with Josh Graham Podcast.

Tune into The Drive weekday afternoons three to seven on Sports Hub Triad. No Josh Graham today. Darren Vaught in for him here on The Drive and we've done some shuffling here in our first hour but it's all good. We're good. We're just gonna make do.

Other people have their things that they got to do. We got to get a show on the air for three hours here. Quite frankly it's a it's a Friday and as Josh would definitely remind you it's a football Friday which is why we bring in our next guest of Yahoo Sports Frank Schwab.

You can follow him on Twitter at Yahoo Schwab. Frank welcome to The Drive man. How are you? Hey what's going on? So I wanted to obviously with the Super Bowl being nine days away we can kind of put that stuff largely on the back burner but I do want to look forward a bit at the big game. Prior to doing that we had a couple of big headlines just in the past 24 hours around the NFL and one of which is covered really well I know by one of your colleagues at Yahoo Dan Wetzel. The Antonio Brown saga just takes another turn but with him turning himself in in Florida last night it seems like this is a coming to head point in the Antonio Brown stuff because the judge has required a mental evaluation to see exactly where he's at with potentially having something going on chemically whether related to head injuries or not. What's your just big picture takeaway from the Antonio Brown stuff because man 18 months ago it was not nearly the chaotic situation that it is now he was on the trajectory to have a Hall of Fame career as a wide receiver. Yeah it's been stunning and sad in many ways just how this is all you know come apart and you know I mean it's kind of an aside like I will have looked at it Mike Tomlin and we kind of help us all together like at some point you know after the trade all that it was well you know what the Pittsburgh Steelers enabled him and all that and I kind of look back and you say maybe they were actually helping him more than we knew and then outside of the cocoon of the Steelers everything unraveled it's tough to tell timetable of course but at least you can look back at that because the last 12-13 months have just been I mean it's crazy I mean you think about all the things that have happened and we've all been wondering I think is something wrong with him it's something like seriously I don't mean to make jokes about that or anything like that but legitimately you did wonder is is there something is this there's something mentally wrong with Antonio Brown his behavior was so erratic that he couldn't help think that and now you know maybe this gets him to a better place maybe you have to hit rock bottom for this to happen he a lot of bad things have happened along the way so I'm not quit painting Antonio Brown to be a hundred percent sympathetic figure here but I think we all can kind of step back and say he needs help and and this is all maybe gonna cry for help hopefully he gets it and hopefully this is kind of a the step towards it as extreme as that yeah sure thing I think you're right on a lot of points there including you know it's a it's among the things I think we all were thinking is questioning whether or not he needed the type of help that he's going to presumably get here and you hate to speculate but again hopefully this is this is where it turns around for Antonio Brown or at least levels out because it's been nothing but a downward spiral earlier today Eli Manning of the New York Giants for 16 seasons announced his retirement from the NFL and Frank I guess we could do the inane it should he be a Hall of Famer thing but I don't want to drive you into that I think the simpler easier to answer question is what do you think is going to happen so so I'll ask it this way is Eli Manning in your mind he of course isn't eligible for a handful of years is he going to be a Hall of Famer oh yeah I think about I really do because when you think about the template of what voters like like counting stats or you can quantify they like rings for quarterbacks most guys who have won multiple Super Bowls are in the Hall of Fame I think Jim Parker might be the only one who's not and you know he played a big market let's not act like that doesn't matter if if you know I may have the exact same career in Kansas City or Denver or wherever and maybe it doesn't resonate as much but he played New York and that's a big deal he was always good to the media that's not like that doesn't matter we've kind of seen that before so just there's just so many boxes but the Eli Manning checks and he's kind of lately you know here's a first pick and he came from football royalty and he was you know he was a star before you and entered the NFL I think all these things add up to people are going to vote for Eli Manning now maybe maybe I'm just being too cynical and just thinking they're gonna rubber stamp him in but I think he will get in eventually just again when you look at that the guys who got into Hall of Fame Eli Manning checks all the boxes they like so I think he will get in and look I don't I don't know I don't think it's egregious I really don't I don't I don't know that I vote for necessarily but hey he did have a great career he did I have a lot of great accomplishments he did represent the NFL really really well so it's it wouldn't I'll be you know the worst guy is a pro football thing Frank Schwab is with us here on the drive you can follow him on Twitter at Yahoo Schwab Frank looking ahead to the Super Bowl and again it's not until next weekend and I joked earlier that I'm of course filling in for the regular host of this program and it's part of the reason why right it's a it's a it's a chance for a long weekend for for Josh who's normally in here because of the lack of a game with the Super Bowl but I was intrigued by you tweeted out a little bit earlier this week that you normally have a pretty strong initial reaction after the conference championship games when it comes to okay such-and-such is probably going to win the Super Bowl or I think they're going to win the Super Bowl you didn't think that way with the 49ers and Chiefs matchup what struck you is problematic right out of the gate for that one yeah I'm not saying I'm right every year but every year it's like okay I really like the Rams sure yeah yeah this year at this the match up is so good I mean it's just you could talk yourself into either team and that's what I think makes this such a fun game is you know that boyfriends about one point and that's how the bar right a little pickle my dad totally agree that how do you could talk yourself it to San Francisco playing great defense controlling the game on the ground not making mistakes cuz they're basically you know a ground kind of a ground-based team now and being really well coached by Kyle Shanahan having a good game plan having to speed the matchup with the 49er or with the Chiefs offense and then winning that way of course you can also make the argument for the Chiefs that kind of holds in the best player in the field they have the best playmakers on offense they you know aside from two weird slow starts of just dominated both teams they've played you know they'll throw the Texans 51-7 over the last three quarters of that game I think I have a playoff team that did that too and their defense is probably better than we think and we give them credit for so you're lucky just you could talk yourself in the ether to make a great argument for it and I think that's why the point spread is what it is I think that's why I'm having a touch I picking a winner just because I really truly believe this is one of those point flip matchups that they played on her times that it might really be 50-50 so even given and you know a week or so to mull it over you that's still kind of where you are is is closer to the center I think I'm leaning 49ers at the moment just because their defense has been ridiculous if you looked at that Minnesota game it was not a bad offense they're not like Kirk of that a good year Donald Cook's great player they had a couple great receivers good tight end and it seemed like our football playing 14 guys on the field every time anybody from Minnesota likes touch the ball the three guys around it was unbelievable and then I carried over into the Green Bay game where he agreed they got some stuff late they really didn't matter but same thing that nobody can move it they just could not move the ball San Francisco the fact that San Francisco can rush four guys did a great defense of line I think is a big difference I'm really all the way back you go back to two thousand Patriots in that great offense all the time cut after more four guys to drop seven and cover should be very comfortable you know we're going to get to the quarterback which is these four I think same way the 49ers and that kind of a retro offense a little bit when you're not having a sender you know the defense wasn't having a son of fifth guy six guy in a blitz all of a sudden it there's a lot of guys in those passing lanes it's gonna make it a lot tougher so I don't think we're the 49ers but look at people to make a great argument for the Chiefs there again you give me to the Chiefs with the best player of football yeah that makes sense too Frank Schwab is with us at Yahoo Schwab on Twitter of Yahoo Sports do you see is there one figure in this game that you see is having more hanging in the balance I'll say more riding on this game because there's of course the redemption stories the the Andy Reid versus Kyle Shanahan right Reid's never won the Super Bowl presumably the best coach without having won that Super Bowl Kyle Shanahan was the offensive coordinator when the 28 to 3 lead was blown and they were really just playing or the play calling was you know preparing to not lose rather than continuing to play to score and win in that you've got the Richard Sherman story coming coming back from his Achilles and then the the friction between he and Darrell Rivas as well it does any one stick out more to you as having more riding on this Super Bowl yeah it's easily Andy I mean you look at the difference between one win hit this game and not winning a Super Bowl and it's amazing eight years he is one of the great all-time coaches and nobody considers a map because he doesn't ever ring he is seven called Simon wins and the six guys ahead of him all multiple championships and are all legends in the sport is Paul Brower and Don Shula Bill Belichick Tom Landry curly Lambo I mean the Titan of the sport are the only guys who have more wins than Andy Reid but yet we don't view him that way we don't view Andy as one of the legendary coaches of all time and it's because he doesn't have a championship if he wins one that all changes I don't think he needs one two or three or four if Andy Reid was one Super Bowl he gets out that Marty Schott timer list and all the time we look at him entirely differently I don't know that and you read the whole paper right now I think he should be when you look at the history only three coaches from the Super Bowl era made the suit made the whole thing without a ring George Allen who did a lot of his work before a Super Bowl and then Martin leave your buck grant to reach went to four copper championships it's really hard without a Super Bowl ring to make the whole thing so I think Andy Reid kind of borderline all fame now if they win one game on Sunday he becomes a first ballot no doubt Hall of Famer so it's just his legacy changes so much with one win whereas I think at the other day Cal sharing I was gonna have other chances Patrick Holmes is probably going to be in contention for years and years there's a guy like her term of already won one and he's going to all came to the way and he's the one guy in this game who if he wins his entire legacy changes he goes from being like yeah he's the best not to win it to this guy's one of the all-time greats in the first out Hall of Famer that's great perspective with the list of guys as coaches in the Hall of Fame the Hall of Fame without having won Super Bowls that's a crazy list to be on and and Reid for my money a relatively easy guy to root for too so I personally would love to see him to etch his way into that group and and just make it an easy decision because you're right he's been a really really good coach for a long long time but Frank Schwab appreciate the visit man I know you had an important call come in for a story so appreciate your flexibility and being able to jump on with us and thanks for coming on to the drive today no doubt appreciate it you got it that's Frank Schwab at Yahoo Schwab on Twitter writes for the NFL well Bryce on the NFL for Yahoo sports has been there a long time and does some excellent work for my money what the hell is this the drive this is kind of a great thing and I'll tell you what get caught up with all things sports well that's not totally true he talks about the bachelorette to the drive with Josh Graham on sports hub triad Darren Vaught with you on the drive in for Josh Graham that was funny just now you guys see me at like on my phone you knew you knew I was gonna be so that was tell me Smith he couldn't remember what time he was supposed to come on I was like nah we'll call we'll call you in like 10 or 15 coach man that was funny all right um so I'm in for Josh Graham today Darren Vaught hi if you're just joining us hope you're doing well we will now welcome in Brian Geisinger at be guys underscore bird on Twitter of ACC sports calm in the ACC sports journal also sports channel 8 the BuzzFeed podcast talking Hornets there BG is currently in the middle of watching the Hornets take on the Milwaukee Bucks in Paris France for that international NBA contest BG what's going on how are the Hornets doing the Hornets are playing first off Darren I'm doing well thanks for having me on ball sure I should say right I don't know French nope you do you're gonna walk us down this plank and I'm gonna fall out and drown right okay well then well then let's fear back to your back to very generic basketball commentaries the the Hornets actually you got a little five-point lead at halftime here at the box today they played really well so far John it's 11 first half points but they've bothered him at the rim some I think this is about as well as the Hornets could defend against the number two offense in the NBA and the Hornets have a bottom three defense so so far so good including the ones being able to play well with PJ Washington in foul trouble and with zero points but cool event to see Tony Parker in the house lots of other famous former NBA players criminal Jabbar to Kimmy but Tumbo MJ is obviously there and you can see Nick Batum playing he got the start for the Hornets today too so on all cool event it seems to be well attended both by people in Paris and by some some former NBA stars as well Nick Batum a France native getting the start for the Hornets so that's certainly cool to see this game was scheduled when Tony Parker also was part of the team so obviously something that the Hornets because of those reasons lobbied for and got and just unfortunately for them they're facing the best team in the NBA with the Bucks but it sounds like they're handling them pretty well BG you and I called a basketball game last night so much like I did for a couple of hours at the Miller Center at High Point I want to pick your brain about college hoops for a little bit in terms of the ACC Florida State is ranked in the top five for the first time since 1972 and I feel like there's just this this overarching perception of Seminoles basketball because of their presence as a football school and the I mean that being the what what brought them to the ACC to begin with but they've used the the basketball brand of the ACC to steadily increase what they do with their basketball program and Leonard Hamilton again with a top five team may be his best yet in his days as the Seminoles head coach but there's the perception that they they just never push it over the hump is this team the real deal to you I think they certainly could be I they definitely have their this Florida State team is really good um I don't know if they're quite elite offensively and therefore they have these stretches when the game bogs down in the half court where they can go wild without scoring you know and even some of these recent games like the Virginia win a week and a half ago Virginia the great defensive team too but the boys they really struggled to shoot and score that in that in that game just 12 of 32 on two's under 0.9 points per possession in that game the thing with them is they've got a good mix of veterans with some really talented young players got a great coaching staff led by Dan Jones and Leonard Hamilton and they just know they can get a stop like whenever they need to you know and so I've seen them in a lot of close games so far this season I think that that toughness and the ability to rely on okay on one end of the court we're okay we're not great at offense or okay defensively though we're elite and we can get a stop we can force a turnover we can block a shot and they are when they leave the nation and block rate they leave the nation in defensive turnover rate like they make like miserable for opposing teams by switching one through five their their help assignments are incredible and then they've got some guys that are gonna play in the NBA Devin Bell Patrick Williams Trent Forrest like they've got serious athletes that have bought into this system and are playing it connected yet like chaotic for the opposing offensive style of basketball and yeah they could absolutely make a run to a Final Four BG Brian Geisinger is with us at be guys underscore bird on Twitter moving a little bit closer to home and the Duke Blue Devils who for much of the season have looked like the best team in the ACC although Florida State is right there Louisville is right there in the conversation as well they bounced back with a win over Miami after losing two straight including to the Louisville Cardinals at Cameron indoor stadium and I know you were there for that one what is there to be desired in this Duke Blue Devil lineup because it's it's about as deep a team as I remember coach K having or using at the at the very least and although they don't have the the marquee star like a Zion Williamson and I think it would be ridiculous of us to expect that coach K would have one of those every single year because of the generational nature of Zion's talent although they don't have a marquee star or even maybe like a top five NBA draft pick they've got a lot of really good players is there anything any holes with this team in your eyes they have they have as far as like you know in this year in college basketball if we're looking at just the 2019-2020 season then the Duke Gonzaga there's maybe a couple other teams out here you could aim or as close to a complete team as you're going to find and I still think again you can have issues offensively and we saw them two losses against London Louisville they didn't with a struggle to score the little game with the with a really you know bloody shooting performance for them forty two percent effective shooting just six to twenty five on three in that game as much as Trey Jones made strides as a shooter he had she thirty six percent on three this year fifty five percent at the rim like he is a good shooter even more efficient off at the player like the ball to me and the lot and I do think a fair amount of three keys maybe season have been spot-ups off the catch and he shot those well that's an important shot for him on the next level but um I I do think I think it's a little curious where it maybe it's a little no no you're really I'm focusing on a really specific example here which maybe isn't entirely fair but like in a close game four minutes left I mean I think I know who's gonna have the ball for Duke it's gonna be Trey Jones he's probably gonna be looking to pass to Vernon Carey and as good as Vernon Carey has been this season he struggled finishing at the rim a little bit recently his turnovers have spiked some he's shooting under sixty percent of the free throw line to and he draw them he drawed a ton of fouls for 40 minutes he had to you proposed he's been top two or three in the country's never won for a little while to in that category but I just think there's a chance for the offense to get a little clunky a little robotic but it like even that you're sort of you're sort of you know picking a knit with them because they've just got so many good players there's something to be said about the fact that Duke can go ten deep legitimately and six or seven of these guys are NBA players and gold watch Jordan Goldwire and Joey Baker these guys being better than Duke could have expected in the fall I mean what a boon for them even with Alex O'Connell struggling Duke really has a lot of different pieces they can play a lot of different styles Jack like it from flexibility Cassius family gives the flexibility so does back to hurt Trey Jones and Jordan Goldwater being able to play together at the lineup with a two-point guard that coach case relied on a lot recently here's a ton in conference play they need to get healthy I think it's one of the big things one the more junior Smith the last five games for Duke um I mean I know he struggled some with his the turnovers this season but he's a good player he'll get back and help them to give them a little more versatility too but I just think I mean their their top ten and offensive and defensive efficiency they're as close to complete team as you're gonna find certainly in the ACC and probably all of college basketball this season Brian Geisinger is with us ACC as well as sports channel 8 at big ice underscore bird on Twitter I'm cutting you a little short because I got to get to tubby Smith on the other side but BG nicknames because of tubby came up earlier in the show did you ever have a nickname that was like in institutionalized like no one calls tell me by his actual first name Orlando did you ever have a nickname where I know BG is is sort of one it's a little bit lazy with the abbreviation but I that's what I use I think BG's become it but in high school it was bird which is actually my Twitter handle nice okay high school basketball nickname so yeah it was you know it was I had a decent jump shot when I was younger Dallas BG though lost the Larry legend like jumper and yeah thus you lost the nickname yeah well BG appreciate the time get back to that Hornets game in in Paris it's convenient that it matches up with midday here that makes for a nice little matinee for you but appreciate the call and I know we've got the call together again at high point on ESPN Plus tomorrow so I'll see you that sounds good I'll go back to watching the Greek freak now speaking of big names yeah looking forward to tomorrow enjoy the rest of the show Darren cool that's Brian Geisinger at be guys underscore bird on Twitter I should have known bird he's told me that story before of why bird is in his Twitter handle so that makes sense to me in a lot of ways do we dare ask how tubby got his nickname on the other side for sure I gotta know I have to know all right well let's get to break let's get some ads in because somebody's got to pay the bills around here and then we'll talk to coach tubby Smith the legend on the other side this is the drive the drive with Josh Graham he's confident smart witty vicious brutal addictive a monster maybe but he knows his sports back to the drive with Josh Graham on sports hub triad welcome back into the drive Darren bought in for Josh Graham today around the world of college basketball the American Cancer Society kicked off its 27th coaches versus cancer campaign this week you've probably seen its hashtag suits and sneakers week amongst coaching staffs and other professionals around the sport and because our next guest head coach for High Point University tubby Smith is a council member for coaches versus cancer that's part of the reason I wanted to have him on so I now welcome in coach tubby Smith first of all coach how are you today and second tell me a little bit about your involvement with coaches versus cancer because I know it's a long-standing relationship that you have with the campaign and something that means a lot to you yes it does well today is a recovery day it's like we just got really I had a root canal last night was something bad in losing last night so it's been been a miserable day so but you know we've got a regroup and and get ready for longwood tomorrow but um coaches versus cancer has been something that's been part of our I guess part of our lives for a number of years I don't think anybody has in this area all cancer has touched all of our lives in some form of fashion I lost my oldest sister to cancer and then dealing with cancer myself prostate cancer we recognized how important it was to get involved and we've been we've been doing PSAs public service announcements for that for a long time coach tubby Smith is with us there's actually a really cool video PSA I guess they've been using it as a television commercial in some instances and it's it's you and your good friend Roy Williams of the University of North Carolina Jim Boeheim is in there coach John Calipari of Kentucky is in there as well so it's a pretty cool shot of you and in the Miller Center in the background talking about you know your your motivation to help fight the cancer and and such a vicious disease so it's pretty cool to see and obviously it's made an impact because it's it's around the entire game and and this is something suits and sneakers week that raises awareness across all levels of basketball I mean I know you know I did undergraduate at a division 3 school and and they're partaking and the entire conference for them is is getting involved in participating in the suits and sneakers movement yeah it's um it's it's been a big part of the ABC you know we invest our time and energy and coaches go around and speak in fact we're going to do you know subway is one of the sponsors and we'll be building or making sandwiches at the subway on North Main soon so I think that's next week as well yeah so we we've been engaged and been apart been on the committee for a long time I bet eight to ten years now and there are a number of coaches that have donated their time and energy and fans that donate money and recent funds to to to fund the research needed to to beat this thing so to be cancer coach I have to know with the subway event coming up how would you self evaluate as your own personal skills as a sandwich artist as they sometimes call subway employees obviously I bought on being a chef I can really make a sandwich that's about all I can make but uh no they make it pretty easy for you when I say that they make it the folks there at subway of gracious enough to you know it's I guess it is hard imagine doing that getting it just right for people just to write up of mustard and and you know the right of oil and vinegar mixes is that that's what I specialize it so it'll be fun doing and we look forward to seeing people there you know cuz we'll have and people that donate so subway will dose donate so much money to cancer and ABC coaches versus cancer and and we've I've imagined over a hundred millions of dollars we've we've donated over the years or raised over the years to to to help fight cancer coach tubby Smith of High Point University is with us here on the drive coach one more thing before I ask you a couple of basketball related questions nicknames came up earlier on the show and I mean the types of nicknames that have become you know institutionalized I would consider tubby is yours because the guys on the other side of the glass when I quiz to them earlier in the show could not tell me your actual first name so with that in mind I ask you does anyone call you Orlando anymore no no I don't think they do my mom was father last one that did then she's passed for some time now but uh no I I don't think anybody really knew my real name is used an alias I use it when I go and I'm staying in hotels that's sneaky that's good how did the nickname tubby come about well I've been I've been well I'm from a large family I have 16 brothers and sisters 12 sisters I had 12 sisters and four brothers so he imagined giving names my oldest brother Cuffrey my sister who passed away was May Helen they would have Marvel's of Ritter Alberta Holly killed Benita Ramona Desiree Cindy Shane you know and then the boys Odell O'Day Orlando Orlando and then there was oh no no but I know the name tubby you know I get when you grow up on a farm in a rural area you don't have indoor plumbing you know I running water I didn't have when I really have that entails what 15 years old in our home my dad built we built our own home but before that you had to draw water from a well from a pump and so when you bathe you didn't bathe daily like now you go turn on the shower and you go get in the tub or anything like that buckets of bales of water you know put tubs of water just to fill a tub up so and and you know you had your turn in the tub your tub you know and so when I when I got in the tub and it was a cold day like today you know you had the people up against the king heater the oven I mean the stove the big where you putting wood in it to eat the house and you get in that water I didn't want to get out here's the name puppy that's what I use my mom used to say boy you were just a little fat kid least call you tell you look like a tub I'm like no mom don't say that okay well that implication may be a little bit wary of asking the question to be honest because I didn't I mean obviously you've used the name of all these years so it doesn't offend you obviously but well well I tried to get away from it when you when schools were consolidated integration took place and I'm going for all black school all white school George Washington Carver to Green Mills High School in 1966 in Southern Maryland 6 5 6 6 I get to the school I'm going to say okay I'm gonna go with the Henry's my middle name so I'm going Henry Orlando nobody's would call me tubby she I get in the classroom and the teacher and they said you know what's your what's your real Darian what's your middle name my middle name is Kirk so it's a Darian what you she said what do you what would you like to be called by and so she went down the road and you got understanding when she mad at me she's a real white lady a teacher and she's a man teacher ex-athlete she's about 6'4 I mean and everybody was scared of her and if you just talk about how she threw people out the window and she but boys but you know just beat him up and I'm like oh god so she's going down the list she said darn current and you would say Darren it goes Steve Benjamin a Steve you go to somebody else says you got to my name Orlando Henry and somebody said tubby and that's she said Orlando Henry so you know me I'm going tubby because I just kind of came out beat your butt and the name kind of stuck because of that you know at that time was just being used by my family but now you know you're a pretty good athlete I'm at a new school so it would became a market you know tubby so that's kind of how I stay with me and I just say well I might as well accept it coach tell me Smith is with us on the drive a couple more things for you coach I I have the pleasure of being the voice of your high point University men's basketball team a tough one last night facing and hosting the the defending Big South Tournament champions in Gardner Webb a really great game through I would say what 30 to 35 minutes for your very young team led by as many as 14 in the second half and then let it slip away in overtime I want to transpose that if you let me to the North Carolina Tar Heels because that's a team of great concern to a lot of people in our listening audience to and your friend Roy Williams is is the coach there and at 8 and 10 they're on track to potentially have the first losing season that Roy Williams has ever had as a head coach and I think they're not that there are some direct parallels between your roster and his but you know he famously earlier this season said that it was the least talented team he's ever had at North Carolina and it just begs the question you know he's dealt with guys transferring he's had to play the transfer game guys that he didn't quite expect to leave early for the pro ranks leave and you and I have had discussions too about this sort of thing just the nature of how building a roster has changed over these last and you know even ten you five to ten years in college basketball well look at us we weren't expecting any of these three freshmen to be starting to be honest with you I mean had we had Tim Cameron back jihad Proctor and Brandon Kamka that would have been our backcourt yeah 250 of seniors and a general junior who had transferred from Utah when they left people widely leave well one went to Cal State Fullerton because I thought he thinks probably I see the west coast I guess he wants to he wanted to travel world and uh oh man went to Purdue was starting in job talking another young man went to another school because he said some you know he just made his left but he would have been all three of those guys would have been you can see the difference so now you have three freshmen and so I can see because when I talk with John beeline at Michigan because he called me about John Proctor Matt painter talking about John Proctor and a couple other get so actually what what's going on fellas at this show it's a little well you know we're getting kids they think they should be one and done at our level at the big 12 at the power five level now they're frustrated and now they're ready to bolt oh they're mad because they didn't get to play in time they thought of the minutes they thought so and you know I'm sure that Roy Williams you know he took the kid Keeling from Charleston southern and and it took a young man from from William and Mary because we played against both of those young men last year yeah and you know them you know they're good kids and good students good players that's ACC hey that's a little bit different and and so I'm sure that those are the things that then you have the injury to Cole Anthony and looks like us you know I'll even score as a bad toad so the little little things like that he's missed what five games now yeah you know Curtis Hollis and miss like five games gonna miss tomorrow's game and you know Cliff Cliff Thomas was playing great so he goes down with tendonitis his knee swells up has his knee drain so it can now you have to depend on Manny Emmanuel Zula boy who's ever played at this level and and he's only been playing basketball for about three years and uh so it's it becomes and but I'm just what I'm saying is the guys like that are starting for us like Brian Randaman saw Michael Wright and he manually Zula poor but they would not be really they'd be coming off the pitch this year and playing being backups as most freshmen have to do Eric Coleman you know he may have started for us at the four spot but uh but who knows but we got guys doing a good job it's just you know we're losing those close games like we we had about three or four chances just in the last possession to get that stop but they get a second chance knock down a three tie it up we don't execute I'll play it you know with two to get the ball up and lose an overtime coach tubby Smith of High Point University is with us here on the drive sorry to cut you off there coach I'm actually up against a break so I am gonna let you go but very much so appreciate the time coming on the drive today and I'll see you at the Miller Center tomorrow for another one against Longwood all right all right thank you thank you that's coach tubby Smith at coach tubby Smith on Twitter the second year head coach of the High Point men's basketball team the Panthers who I get the privilege to call their games and man Robert that was every bit as fascinating as I thought it would be asking about his nickname I'm glad I'm glad I didn't let you talk me out of that no I I was so excited as soon as started talking about the tub I could I could honestly feel for him because my grandpa's house is also heated by a wood stove still to this day so I understand that warm water you don't want to get out of that you want to stay in that tub it actually reminded me and I I'm gonna take a break so that I don't obliterate the clock so much so I'm gonna take a break first and then talk about probably how it reminded me of my father he's one of 13 and similarly his parents gave them all nicknames so I have certain aunts and uncles I don't have a tubby I don't have an uncle tubby but they are only really known as those nicknames so it was it was interesting I cannot believe tubby Smith and I had not made that connection but it sounds almost exactly like my dad's family in that there were 13 of them so they just all have nicknames like I've got an uncle stinky who is I didn't realize until I was about 18 or 19 years old that he's it's no that's Steven I've got a stinky uncle but I don't have an uncle name stinky I have an uncle brother uncle brother okay see I've got an aunt sister y'all are something else I don't know what's going on in y'all's family but no they just caught him a little brother growing up like that was the name his nickname was little brother so when I came along of course he's my uncle so I just called him uncle brother uncle brother brother that's fantastic man the nickname I don't I did not expect that to like carry us through the first two hours of the show but it really really has and now I'm behind on breaks so we got to do that Robert cut me off at any point and just say hey I gotta hit these but I'm gonna kick it to you so that we can do that because we're like seven minutes late on this break so appreciate tubby Smith and his time coming on with us that was way better than I possibly could have anticipated more fun along the lines of that coming up on the drive
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