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Best of : Steve Forbes Visits the Theater

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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February 28, 2022 6:09 pm

Best of : Steve Forbes Visits the Theater

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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February 28, 2022 6:09 pm

Hayes Permar joins us for Skips or Plays, plus plenty of ACC basketball talk and press conference sound.


Josh Gray on WSJ us towards you.

Monday drive midnight tonight.

The calendar flips to March. Remind me not to follow John Rothstein at around midnight and in the ACC got a handful of teams fighting to get into the dance.

Pretty much everybody other than the one team that's a true national title contender obviously talking about Duke.

I don't say this lightly, either there every bit a national title content in the past, odds are that's probably not the case. I certainly wanted say it for as much as I get labeled as a Duke lover Duke e.g. you love Zion Williamson more minibike and by the way, yeah, if you don't like watching Zion when he was here Betsy you problem, not a me problem. I remember safe years ago as good as addicting. Was I didn't think they were national title contender. They didn't have enough shooting. I don't think the team two years ago before the pandemic.

It I didn't think that he could contend either 2018. I really like the makeup of that team with Grayson Allen Marvin Bagley window Carter.

It was a good mix of experience and you this year's team reminds me a lot of the 2015 national title team with oak flooring Jones and just as Winslow. It certainly reminds me more of a team like that them one of these teams flush with one and on freshman's that freshman that losing Belmont like Jabari Parker did in 2014 in Raleigh.

That was the Mercer or in Greensboro. The team at Alston rivers that lost the Lehigh if those of the two options. Your incredibly own.

You have all these lottery pics were 18, 19 years old due to the lose in the first row to get to the final four could be more likely to say it's the latter, I'd say that's what this tenet and the reason why I feel differently about Duke. Now that I even felt say going into the weekend Saturday proved to me just how much this team has grown and they've grown up fast. That's evident now that they won seven straight games away from Cameron, usually this is the way things usually work when you're younger team you struggle more away from your normal routine when you're not able to sleep in your own bed and places a little bit more hostile when you see different site lines and Saturday out of the courtesy sightlines quite like what you sought the carrier down with 31,000 people. The biggest college basketball crowd this year and do was completely unfazed by drop 97 point say what my 25. It was their widest margin and ACC basketball game this year that spells positive things for March. They're going the ACC when they beat Pittsburgh tomorrow to clinch their first regular-season ACC crown in a dozen years. The reason why they haven't won in the last dozen years that coincides almost directly with the amount of time. Coach K has occurred one and the employer's it takes longer for those teams to come together. The gel and while that's happening, there's turbulence enough turbulence that prevents you from winning the conference championship over a large sample so the fact that this year's teams doing it with two 9218-year-old starters and an eight and a 19-year-old that tells me this teams different their plan the best basketball right now not just seven straight on the road at six straight overall. That's the longest win streak. Dukes had since they started seven and no end and that's evident outstretched yet you got the litigants could Dragon against Kentucky. You also have wings gets Army Campbell Gardner Webb little bit different. The meatgrinder you go through in an eight hi major conference play than what you deal with the nonconference. Meanwhile, the six teams are ranked the front Duke going into the weekend. They all lost some that's ever happened.

The top six teams lost in the same day.

Duke then it right now the right number four.

Some of you might hear this and think the number four in the country. Of course there were national title contender but I'm sure there's another factor that things are well. Another young Duke team are susceptible to losing early in the tournament. That's what's gonna happen with this group. I don't think that's can happen. Apollo he's fine.

That was a concern going into the weekend. Seven straight games where he's been subpar. I guess over a seven seven-game sample, the average just 13 points per game. When the first seven games of ACC play average 20 while we exceeded 20 points for the first time in a month against the orange he got in the middle that Zona dished out nine assess that's a season-high from only one turnover. He hit three something he has been doing a lot lately. Four of 721 and the game he needs to be the best forfeited for than the get where they want to go and Saturday that's a good sign that they're headed in the right direction. I think this Duke team is national championship worthy that is amenable to let it battle depend on match ups but they are one of those teams that can bring 36 777-1600 mark in Greensboro once and on the shell mark what you have for me today. Yeah, I think you're pretty thought I think of looking I know that you maybe you don't think so.

I don't think so. You absolutely terrible great.

I love all the coaching that we think are no hi major group for sure, but you will given that ranking. The clot will include the build out Duke isn't exactly giving match tested in this conference. The way those things that you mentioned before that my first point. The second point is I mean you shouldn't drive on the lookout for a girl could ever get out of town. When it comes to work in any and future learning like always outgrew through the vespers on the floor. That being said, you are forever you got a good night, TPC St. Mary's Pike team or Virginia styletype. Even in the get frustrated because claimant never wavering doesn't. They do a little bit. I mean that you think I think the difference is this easy year is that not a very good 814 five top right 5565 teams likely get in is a chance for six but that's very unlikely order the six liquid which will mean I think for our block door locks the 4.then the question becomes North Carolina and Virginia Tech. After winning at Miami is the one team that still has an outside shot, but if they lose any game between now and getting to Thursday will then probably have to win Thursday to but I can't rule them out in the thin the context of do they have to win and ACC To begin and I don't think I'm quite there yet. If the committee's telling us that the net rankings really matter in their net rankings really high so you're saying you do Miami of Notre Dame weight weight in North Carolina Carolina all your audit look like we've got bird are keeping a you will laugh, or by dawdling 40 point game was of those those of the five that I have.

I just can't rule out the attack yet. I can live Virginia and Syracuse and they have to win the league. Now that this is the tournament to get in and Virginia Tech's the only one that I'm still holding out a little bit of hope for not knowing a lot about a man. Good show.

Really excited about the direction you are a great job.

I think the only two conferences. Duke yell at me. The big 12 and the FEC going from the victim and their goblins are better this year. A lot of debate going into that. I like I really like Kenneth the longshot, like you want to bet on microfiber pixie you got a lot of talent shooting all over the weekend. We want something last week. Thanks for the call Mark appreciate that the big 12. The Dow is better than the ACC this year and Chris patella somebody I got put on a lot of ACC games over the years because he's really good. They put good announcers on the really good games this year. Not so much. I he's been doing a lot of the 12 games is patella. In addition to being a former Duke assistant just works for ESPN. It gets put on these really good basketball games. He's good to join us at 530 and will talk about the big 12 versus the ACC in handful of other things to when he drops by two days removed from that Duke Syracuse game Q's is at the Smith Center tonight and it senior night and much like the game Saturday like the artist dances here. I do Carolina wins I do.

Carolina wins comfortably because their catch of the orange. The absolute perfect time under normal circumstances, I think this game would be a problem for the Tar Heels almost one year ago today, March 1, 2021 we saw the last time Carolina face the sum they had issued 20 turnovers in the game. 38% shooting. They lost in the dome. Hopefully Caleb love RJ Davis Armando Baker not have learned their lesson. Since that we shall see. I be worried about it one day prep and you got Syracuse that stuff reason I'm not concerned for tonight because the orange they are tired they are demoralized and they are depleted. This is game five of five games in 10 days. Coach K said it was because of the externals exhaustion that came along with four games in eight days. He nearly fell out in the first half of that wake forest game.

Remember he was there for the second half is that man ordains in a daze. It hit me now measure five and 10 Jimmy Himes got cochaired on has three years on church �77 focal that I'm hoping the best for djembe. I understand it, stuff for coaches for players, especially after you just got lit up by 25 points 97 agape dog Jesse Edwards. You could stop Duke for getting into the paint. Now your to stop the guy who for the first time in Tar Heel history had 2015 and five Tomlin talking about Luke that Carney like talking about. Yeah, that God is good to go off the heels of a great strides about Duke making strides Carolina there there headed to the right direction. They prove they learned their lesson that one day turnaround sterilizer issues with� Last week, maybe little and it senior day in their 1214 at two at home to lose tonight not to the Syracuse team there catching them rule right at the perfect time you are listening to W STS Winston-Salem Greensboro WPC in Burlington the BMI for High Point. Those signals makeup WS transport Jason writes in stop every time you pick the heels to cruise.

They lose please stop no then I just like Carol, I would block away. I said Carolina would win a close game against State on Saturday. Turned out to be a blowout. I'll think that's true. I said they probably said they would win against Louisville as well.

I after the Pittsburgh game. I was still the one said Carolina is to make the tournament. I'm not Jake's not. I was I'd embrace it is not what I am here not taking credit for that not to complain much except crystal on a little less than 30 minutes were couple minutes behind.

Here we need to die right into the five euro talk to your other drive with Josh Karen on WSJ S board firm are to join us in studio shortly on twitter at BHP IV where he puts out videos, such as that talking about Rob Brind'Amour getting screwed yesterday Carolina hurricanes doing some work. The Charlotte Hornets not so much Charlotte that I have the backend of a doubleheader tonight. Last night they played maybe the worst team in the league at Detroit were beaten at the buzzer. Tonight they play the defending can be a chance on the road in Milwaukee, but it is worth noting not too long ago, Charlotte played Milwaukee on back-to-back nights and won both games so can they do it again.

Given the way things have trended for them. I want to be too optimistic but can't really rule that out. The man that is the the performer that you just heard a second ago with his latest hit, they screw rod rod's out of third grotto Merarites with a senior today duty that they screw rod rod rod.

They screw rod rod. I think the title of the thing is just a screw rod rod seal. Pretty funny guy so I think you probably appreciate some of the coaches that like to mix it up to be a bit looser on things like Steve Forbes sure he's a big fan of what we do we have them on the show quite often, but I think earlier today he earned even more points with you because during basketball season right to post this on his social media he went to the theater last night. He went to watch the lion King at tender center so earlier today I asked Coach Forbes about his experience there. In addition to some other things. But for now, this is Coach Forbes talking about his experience out of the theater last night along Broadway.

It was really good.

You know, and forcefully not afford you know as I was sitting there somewhere, except a picture of me from the balcony and tweeted out me if that was me with a mask on so yes, my bald head and most tender center going to Hamilton in April was working in the October and so trying to sculpture my life. Josh that's what he's doing here are the forum will willing to love him like a fan of the theater.

Having that this is just like showing up for these senior headliners like you doing in basketball season is not watching the Tony's sore eyes.

That is our plan to Haiti's town soundtrack email. It is car on the text of the CFCs watching the Tony's not like I don't think he is.

If he's not buying musicals on CD, of that you don't do that anymore. But, like if you're not listening to musicals outside. Good news goes yourself.

What do the last CD you bought that I get I get your point of your bylaw. The city's book said I got. I see the cases that I've got a whole section of musicals sound of music Oliver chess, the Oklahoma music man. I'm going to see Hugh Jackman is a music man in a few weeks in April will visit with Steve Forbes next week and will get to the bottom of the setting and tell us what he thought of those musicals like you think of seeing Ricky to see what were the good he didn't go see Hamilton. He said he enjoyed the line is going to see Hamilton working to basil a bit overrated. I'm not. I'm not a huge is that Sontag not I decide to sell anymore about leading the person who wrote it.

I think that the Sontag musical so hey sperm are still on the fence on Steve Forbes, that's fine from a musical to a room. Musicals segment that we do.

It's called skips or plays. Let's play the game. Hey sperm are is somewhat of a Renaissance man experience in the finer things that he hangs his hat on. Using gloves is God really say you want to be like a little child I have someone you can today. Hazel decided his music//blows or blogs diverse gifts or plays with Robert is in the what. So I've chosen once three songs here tell me this when you come Monday I told the robber would to be there as part of the package, I might reconsider is enough you put on the author Stephen Schwartz rode with somebody and I make it up to you here you try to stay his coaching his final home game at Cameron on Saturday. I don't bet they'll break it up but I have three songs in honor of Coach K God, but I'll throw your way just to see what you think of them and it starts with something I learned from the K in the crazies podcast that Darren Botts been working on K says that his favorite Cameron tradition is the playing of this song. This is Scott is every time we touch raising the roof right now is a huge pass we supply because got it in the Kimsey go to servers like ironic thing to like you like a crazy but this talk about late 90s and early 2000, yeah, Cameron tradition, probably around 2005, 2006. So like late in the game to be write a song actually came out in 2006 that I can be possible for Kayla six yeah no August 2005. There we go.

I remember yes I've ever played that the summer of 2006. It can't have become a tradition until like you know late thoughts right it's only a tradition like 15 years old that they're cool and idea Mariano Rivera. His final time he came out to enter Sandman at Yankee Stadium. They had a Hadlock and Albert to play it Dick Scott to perform live. Saturday is like a DJ. Is this like people actually played instruments. No, I think it's all electronic music group. It's a group task and they have a lead singer who is the blonde girl in the music. But it's not just a group of people all working computers that are playing know they have a senior.

They played instruments to see. I don't know if they plan on but you got a singer. I think her name is Natalie horror according to the Internet you will skitter there. She could sing the national anthem to that's a bad songs of the past. Okay so were over one skip whatever skips skips Robert never got some terrible choice Coach K at one point might've been in an interview with David going on a show used to work on. He admitted he had a huge celebrity crush and there's a picture that you can find on social media of Coach K with the rightist face when meeting the celebrity that celebrity is Beyonc� this is Halo behind the comfort level. I know you say you single ladies commercial Beyonc� scale and selections out there you can find's affidavit covering that song no really good stuff on the guitar on the acoustic article point might've done it to. Which is why really like that song okay it's not what I like about whether or not he's done, try to get supplies and Hayes there should be celebrities at Cameron on Saturday right there should be and I think maybe there's a chance that Duke superfamily food chains could make an appearance at Cameron indoor Stadium makes the cut using two chains big enough. Maybe he makes the cut.

I think he's got it.

This is on different frame yet never so I said oh I will relay I would say his former name, but I don't think I could say I didn't know his former identity. If it was double bad boy would this have been applied. Maybe baby Diane I made a mistake probably going to stop.

I probably should've done celebrity Duke fan Tupac but he couldn't make it into the building of their bodies around to saying it out in the Johnson County is kicking it is that the big house all Sun's office 77 RS you said it best if Tupac we know for sure that conspiracy. That because he didn't show up for the house on Boda that he might have. That would've been the time to bring back Mark markdown Josh Graham 33 skips the other one I probably should've done that I didn't even realize it until now, do celebrity wrappers that the Duke fan. You gotta go that Joe in that spot.

I remember being there right for the pandemic. It two years ago and I was bothered my head to affect Joe song at the Duke Carolina game and I looked over my left shoulder about as close as you are to me and it's that Joe while fat Joe's point we can do we do this the you can call Karen on game day and say I need tickets and still get in it. Psycho boy Obama Beyonc�'s pride on the list.

Let's revisit that that's the question that were asking Re: 36 777-1600. How many people are on your list right now.

It's easier Hayes yeah I think George Street who can get tickets if you can call on game day. I am just saying it short short, who's on the list given somebody 336-777-1600 that calls Duke on game day and can get into the building for Duke Carolina will explore that topic.

Next is .8 consecutive days. Based on the eighth. By the end of negotiations today opening day March 31 will be canceled along with potentially with the game, Peter stepping down as Marlin CEO in the vision for the future. The franchise is different than the one he signed up Marlin's reluctance is why Jeter sleeping explains ESPN's Passage having 10 to 15 million more dollars. They went out and got on the sale Garcia before the lockout started and that $10-$15 million disappeared during the lockout.

I understand building from a from the farm system is an important part of the money at some point there wasn't a stick around for the agent for Kyla Murray released a statement today, said the Cardinals wants to meeting Arizona long-term also said they recently sent the team a contract proposal is in line with the market anyway for suspended Russian teens from European competitions in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine O'Reilly auto parts for all of your car.

The most convenient and guaranteed everyday low prices and excellent customer service and professional trust politely other parts today O'Reilly auto parts prices will drive with Josh JS tomorrow and I having fervent today during the timeout he brings in orange Gatorade.

I'm trying to be nice and I think that's the best Gatorade labor and Hayes is election is the citrus favor sutures cooler. It's it's sometimes hard to find but it's is is that the pink inch tolerance orange as well so you're telling me.

Orange is the best players let know there's orange flavor and then there's the sutures cooler. That's also orange colored orange or blue was a slave to get out here to best labors a Gatorade notice, now it's living orange and in sutures cooler number one using the right names. It's just cooler to look at let's ask the important question there sutures cooler.

What is the best Gatorade flavor number one and number two how big of a celebrity do you have to be in order to call up Duke the day of the game. Duke Carolina Saturday and get into the building. I have some names here Hayes cuts for the week of the game Obama yet he's in Nevada get in Beyonc� yeah she's on my list with the plus one Daisy if it's Daisy. Not a big Jacobson think it's like what I'm doing with my wedding right now. Some people get +ones, but you're not married just a boyfriend or girlfriend I given you the $150 plate's not happy nope. Beyonc� got a crush on you, doll, and Jay-Z. One day there. Nope H today is they are not getting in here.

Into the is a is about who else on because due to the broad sliver of gotta get it. Laurent might be there on those games candidates check a Lakers game scheduled at a play on Saturday night and I'll skip it anyway you might want to skip saying try to thank anybody on the spur tray Jones� Day of Sartre. He placed the hornets right before the game sweetheart you want it up and he's got tickets to these five tray Jones cannot hit them up on Friday but I can I come to the game Saturday like who would like Hollywood like George Clooney DiCaprio. I don't think so. I don't think Leonardo DiCaprio could just call Duke super fan Jason Garrett again. He probably lined one up early been a better have not showed up here.

I got a bit like gave the guy sorry so you essentially have to be a president or by living well Maranda maybe only if if K pulled strings to go see like original but like with the original cast of Hamilton was doing the show that was like a big deal.

It's okay K pulled some strings originally led him well.

Maranda needs survey of one that's right.

Let's assume that they don't need favors for them. But that's not a big enough name. Who else is like big rock.

Roy Williams not not day of he told the course he that is not to be there Saturday would give honor Roy if he showed up. No way.

I think they would've on Kay's last day now because it is will there be with legs at odds on.

Will there be a current or former president Jimmy Carter is not going nope project Clinton, Bush, Tromp, Trope Obama Obama Biden current long as Hillary called Utah's Hillary resident. Now that Pres. Bill has to be there with her. Hillary's like I want to watch a basketball get me and sorry handmade brave run, but she did when Bill did the girls and he's in. Yes I think so Dick might tell hundred percent yeah I think it's in KK might have a hotel sitting on the bench Berkeley 600 years. The other thing bigger five-star recruit, do you have to be to be like like to make more of official visits like you would see game commit like you, I bet that if you commit to doing that for for Joey Baker is not my job they care about picking Zion the future Zion future big arrow Zion. Now he sees Such low-profile ketchup day of if so, you're saying Zion catcher object like a rule of thumb players want anything players doesn't depend on the former player like Lightner if he says I can make it now now sorry Reddick the Utah here. I live by the way the pelicans do not play on the handle at the handle it with me along the entire New Orleans pelicans are to be at the game on Saturday. Considering that's where all the good people are since I don't play on Saturday. I guarantee you Brandon Ingram to be in the house to have Zion in the house. I'll fix it. I think they politely put the word out that they'd love to have every former player come back to a game this year but don't plan on coming to hundred there. They're driving it 100 former players in this game is what I've been told I could see that see what happened anybody you want to throw it. Hayes looked at Carney. I don't know what we've exhausted the list almost people like anybody else in the world.

Sports Bella check Brady Brady Brady I rate Peyton Manning will glow plug.

Ron already is playing on Saturday yet Granville day of using you for long time dance now is the regular season is stuff.

Next I'll see you, couple of casinos can be a Dukes regional Dukes I legs but you know Nancy is going to be at every Duke intuitively turn again because it might be Kay's last game attractiveness will be there hundred percent but I'm starting that start with Jim Spenard: you know I Eagle snorkel is one of the former forward to gather just say it Nancy Kaminski Mansell be on the call Mike encouraged Nancy Raftery for Duke all the way home. Let's get this sound here Kevin Keats Saturday getting game day that I know that I got I got I don't think you would get anywhere. Kevin Keats, I asked him some variation of what gives you optimism about the direction the programs had it just to see what he would say, and the question. The answer started with him, saying, I love where the programs that that's what he said verbatim and the answer ended this way I wanted her as an as is now in program so you halfway through the soda machine was like. Please make a sound. There I get what Keats is doing. Gotta say those things. I don't think with Manny Bates or top 25 top 30 team because what you are also related to that your speaking as confidently as I can say there's going it's going to be dark outside when I leave the studio today key to say all that we've got Bates Marriott see Braun gravy aunts live and I'm sitting there thinking. Do you know that you is not how the game works these days. Unfortunately, often times it is. He's not wrong in the that was probably the one guy they could lose right I group that is her most valuable player now area where but in Bates is also a fringe MBA talent right. I mean, that's when you talk about having it be a diverse, not having to be a guide to do. That's pretty big. You 25.30 might be a little bit of a reach but what was your take weapons to Carolina Saturday.

I think that states Keats's offense is not good in the sense of what we think about their college offense right because you know we we think of coaches are the personalities college basketball Williams secondary break or in the back of the names Duke to take a lot of threes before everybody else came before spread using the stretch for right that's more innovative think Keith is not known for that. However, it became a basketball of the MBA level and in a lot of ways exploit ticket role is like the big thing and he does a heck of a lot of that if he has good players ticket role tends to work with the point guard the past couple years is really good at it.

His name escapes me that Stacy dear Bryce, no state Pesca presented Daniels no Sir Smith Junior to look about campaign know it was there last year he was there two years ago the pandemic.

But if I have any day.

Bryce was like oh you're talking about torn door, not a find of the zero back onto your state.I'm I'm I'm literally said all the people you said to myself, and I have a cowardly on another thought about the inner bracket and the break. If he's not a point guard on the punch is going all the way back to Barbaro is no roster 2020 when you don't ever touch Chris Quechan enough Internet server consort, but the point is, when he has somebody who's good picture over there to run it. But as your team gets bad and more frustrated around it.

It falls apart more quickly when that was when you depend on being applicable to David that make you a totally one-on-one team could evolve into that pretty quickly. Terry Cannon no Shakeel Moore transfer my baby I got to go back to 2019 pretty recently. Hold off on this guy, this is kind of amazing winter. She was always cc player Mark Johnson.

There is Mark L. Johnson want to say Marquise Johnson I knew that wasn't right. Markel Johnson Markel Johnson was great at running the ticket role is good shooter and in relatively good passer and I think it's good for guys like you came to Quicken Smith. She brought to run ticket role. I think that's good for the next level but when your team is struggling. It's it's hard to say like we should run the offense of the offense is just again one to try to dribble off the screen and then shoot it becomes harder and harder to create energy off that offense and I think that's what their problem is that you are listening to WS just went to tell me Greensboro WPC in Burlington Vienna a five point the signal makeup WS transport Hayes from hanging out with us in studio. We get into the big fork at Sforza for clearly massive to change fan Hayes for you without sports channel 8 number four for today things are going on right now what happened yesterday. The Hornets lose it buzzer against the Detroit Pistons down to try bounce back against the defending champs on Friday so that is over their second win in February is not good. Not the greatest models get the March arts could be there month turning the page on the March authority ACC women's basketball all wrapped up its regular-season PAC women certainly could be in Greensboro this week starting Wednesday, not Tuesday starts on Wednesday in the championship on Sunday just like the men really should do but to travel to travel to and that it all. Also, yesterday college baseball Tommy tanks too soon to talk about Tommy tanks at NC State nine home runs so far this season he might've it to before. Today they play is sitting on lawns every day to keep yourself right now the games they play in the season with the PED Pro policies based on their not just while wondering steroids read write JavaScript. We got out the white Tommy tanks all about it.

Also per steroids in sports that out there to was that you see baseball yesterday is not steroids but it's it's probably keep getting covert scope of the feel for the rest the season and say policy if you be North Carolina had in their first loss yesterday. I was there. It was called February baseball. Not a great idea to be outside for film of that office.

I was out there and honor Hayes from our mayor may not stood on the bar at five 1933 N. Anna tells baseball season, 40, 50, 52, 70 home runs this guy can hit put in over hundred 5050 over $50 it's good what's a great season like 30 little early setting that five homeruns under that's that's ridiculous season already got nine February is not keeping up a separate sign, thanks. 42 over what you want to be a leader. I think 3030 zero 30 is when this how are you setting this number I just thinking of a number that kinda lines up with my play to get a few days off.

Now that interplay of those midweek games when they play like we can.

Peace University stories Carolina and how things started for the classroom skillet and heat. Let me see what the leader in home runs so we could stop this gasbag I'm setting at a 30 good season for to visit the Slater number three on the big for today number three story people talk about in sports, we got another AP top 25. After the top six teams in college basketball all lost on Saturday. Dagger remains at number one nationally commanding 46 of 61 first-place votes Arizona number two Baylor number three Duke unit number four they got 11 first-place votes, considering they were the seven-point theme and not an awful loss on Saturday. Got higher with everyone above the wall in Arizona is a fraud and see them play all year and I know there's no way that this is good. Arizona might be my favorite team in the country is others like the college basketball to chains don't know anything about point on Saturday. He said everyone losing his like nobody really beats Syracuse on or about 25 move them up.

How far do you know how far to drop. If you lose your point is that I guess still should be number one because they lost everybody in the top six all have to be behind you over seven late. It seems like there would've been some filtering down.

I don't believe in Arizona say that right now Olson still has his team plan. I will I love that Lou also brought up, I think that Steve Forbes favorite college. It also for the number two story in sports book you want to Syracuse tonight 7 o'clock it's senior night for the Tar Heels but I am less interested in talking about senior night for the Tar Heels that I am getting back to Hubert Davis.

I don't know why Hubert continues to do this will I know why Hubert continues to do it. I just don't think it's that smart. He was not asked about player of the year. He was not asked whether or not he thought his guys should be always easy. She chose to go down this path. After North Carolina's win against look at the right you just give it to him, and you might think there's another way is no other way to go about doing this.

Number one, you don't have to do that you are asked if you are asked to handle it the way the coach for the guy was going to win the award handled it.

Steve Forbes earlier today when asked about Alanis Williams.

I am not one believe that they stand on the merit so I'm not meeting on no environment in you guys are smart.

You know numbers like I do use your eyes naturally shot by Hubert a shot five for you. Or maybe like I like him around. Don't know if he's a big Broadway. I sent this takes just going to the tanker center stuff not a Broadway guy make clear the years of wrapped I appreciate Randolph Childress it as forceful as I thought about it a while now saying that this is that race is over, I think, is right on that you legally can point it is done and it's not in their green situation where green plate on the worst team and won the award. No Lakers tournament team is the most valuable guy with even please team points itself when you're consideration of anything to stay with the top 25 team without him there likable where they are a lot drop off with maybe encouraged to consider many things for codes K could you not good. Steve Forbes no what I I think you're the only team it's raining and you ranked in the top five.

I hate this president was now set words with the media, mostly wrong about Windows media we all focused on like football in October versus basketball. I had wait for semi top 10 preseason Geisinger did as well taught their top five top six flipside, I agree with you. It should be the second right side is feel like if you're not using some sort of subjective criteria in your own head. Like the league. Why is it impressive that when you delete my answer to that is done in a dozen years but I was young teams in this team is very young. Refreshment are starting and he's doing it, and running away with it and also I don't want to just faster harassing your situation where he's in the NIT right now other than Duke. I know you to be in the time it right now and how any other year. We went back and said I just asked was stupid when the day little stupid. If you're not if the answer is not to be somewhat subjective.

Like how can you justify just not being the coach with the consul yourself finished second do a better job of coaching the guy that finished first year year to write and I think you could make the argument for K which a lot of people aren't doing on making that argument, but I also think you're clear to even work.

Why can't it in the context of What it since 2000, said that one. That award, the last 20 a lot of things that you not answer my question.

Why isn't it just whoever wins the league every year. Well, I think, based on your reasoning for not being the person who overcame it. Are you liking the argument that a coach that wins the league that's picked when we can't win the award.

If you picked when the league you went Devcon. Now it's that's kinda how it's worked out the way I think that's kind of stupid and I agreed that most weenies wanted in football. I fully understand. Yes we all agree that if you literally you are Boston College you want out there and the only players you could get on your team for the season were hamsters. 12 hipsters on your team but you curtsies hamsters up about small players under a little hamsters.

Give Earl Grant the 12th hamsters.

These hamsters make trees with their spicy ID 500 in the league yet you not care if you're only winter against Georgia Tech, lives in you know you can be whatever you have your games with hamsters. We can all agree, like man on the better coaching job with the people that went undefeated with actual humans write about, but the second beyond that hold one so how do you separate who was the coach of the year from coach their team to win the league. What's a more incendiary headline trust but upload Josh Graham is alleging that Tommy tanks is using steroids or Hayes per mar is suggesting that Steve Forbes or that Wake Forest players are hamsters.

I want to wait for us players are Boston College players don't always have Boston College but were talking about Wake Forest be in the team that's overachieved so essentially Stephen are just coaching hamsters or that needs to be that I was trying to take it. Actually, not that that's the whole point is there's not even the number one of the big four's back but I'm going back to know Tommy tanks slander in my present. Please sign that that's just Graham there's no way to differentiate between.

If you are the only thing you did the best code you not answer my question who's the coach of the year on the lake that he's a coach the year.

Home were in agreement. I love that you sticking around. If you have to go about her role on twitter at BHP IV was number one thing the day of the number one thing today. There's a restaurant in Oregon closed its doors because not coded freshly washed towels apparently are very combustible and they spontaneously combust sometimes and that forced a restaurant to close for months is a sketch story not true just reopened in the last week spontaneously combustible towels. I think this employee shenanigans going on their own without right to believe that what it is Oregon just throw that out there. This went way too long. We got Graham's grades were to do some time in the next 15 minutes at 77 years old is Jim Daly Chaim for sure done after the end of this season is he done was actually pretty strong signal Josh Graham WSJ yes Lord's senior night for the North Carolina Tar Heels rating manic to be recognized fifth-year covert senior. One of the greater shooters that Oklahoma's ever had, and certainly an important player for the Tar Heels this season, but linking black skin to be the one that takes center stage. He's had the type of career that I think is worth celebrating and that he's a throwback.

We've gotten to know Leakey the last few years and he's a guy that's overcome so much just to get this night he was injured really is first two seasons in Chapel Hill leaving us wondered wondering whether or not will ever amount to anything.

There were some who wrote them off after one year calling of a disappointment. Many more after his second season. He's knocking to be much of a score, and even though that was right that did not mean he wasn't going to be an impact player is even banged up on Saturday.

Looks like is going to be able to go. According to Armando they can't set after the game just got bruised and mixed up he should be fine and were Davis said Leakey wanted to play in the second half, but obviously Carolina held amounts not like you really need him in the second half of that game. Leakey hears what makes him rare. He's completely cool.

Not being a star. He's fine doing all the dirty work. All the glue guy staff and not be in a star and doing it. How many guys wired that way anymore.

Other than Armando here is the most valuable guy on this team's defense and his leadership summer. You're just rolling your eyes when I bring up leadership almost become a clich� now what is it mean to me it's being a public face that can answer questions after things go wrong. Things go poorly and we seem Tar Heels over the years be that guy when things were going wrong on the 2020 team. There were older guys there to answer the questions after the 2009 championship which was followed by the NIT team in 2010, Marcus Ken Yardley was that guy can answer difficult questions to be able to do it.

Leakey's been that got tough loss so Leakey out there please have an answer tough questions and the terms of consistency. Damon came out, he's one of the best defense players in the league and on the go.

In the year.

I think it's good to be read Speakman and Charlie Moore is around and that to find the doing all defensive team. I think it's good to be probably these five will be Leakey Beekman. I think Jacob Arabi is going to be on that list, Charlie Moore and Mark Williams. I think there's a be the five or all defensive in the ACC but we'll see when we get to that point, Leakey.

He's had a career that's worth celebrating Christmas all a former Duke assistant now with ESPN to join us in about 10 minutes before we get to him some press conference, sound, because Hubert Davis is added again Saturday I was in the room. We haven't seen Hubert face-to-face in a press conference since the first week of December Georgia Tech game though it's been close to three months that they seen Hubert face-to-face and you might remember back in January.

He said Armando Baker not here's the player the year in the ACC and it's not close LOL I'm ready for that but you replay the article trying to communicate with her eyes were doing some eye contact your look. That's were trying to do right now so he said that then and that was followed a week later with 220 point losses on the road and it looked kind of ridiculous because the second end of that back to back was against Wake Forest where Hubert said something that seem to contradict that Wake Forest salon displays decorator better than any guy we have on the team seem like both those things can be true.

We have the player the year, one week, and it's not close the week after that.

Well, we didn't have either one of the two best guys on the floor. Something is not up there. He was not asked directly. Hey, do you think five is the ACC player of the year after he had a historic performance. No Tar Heels ever had 2015 and five in the same game. It wasn't asked that no is asked about makeup broadly and he got Hubert Davis decided to take it back to what he said in January. Let's as a whole is is is so is she. She now permits this insults our intelligence. What it does when he says this guy should win, and it's not even close date. I don't think his intent is malicious salad I'm saying here when you say it's not close your disrespecting the other candidate. That's what you say it's not close.

You say it's so clear this guy so much better than everybody else. You shouldn't even think about think about it because it's make it so clear right now I don't think he's in my top two. I still think it's Apollo to Columbus Williams one. If you're thinking to yourself � every coach does this, Hubert said. So after will listen to the sound the day from unlike you were Davis Steve Forbes being asked doing rapidly if he thought a lot of slaves could be a player the year and how he views the player the year voting, and this is actually the player the year.

Here's how seaports answer the question I am not one to lobby for my players believe that they stand on the merit and so I'm not real big on me getting on know this type of environment and pushing for my players.

I think you guys are smart. You see it you know you look at the numbers and like doing. Use your eyes not your ears that had to be a shot Hubert there just had to be probably on his way to Chapel Hill right now, getting set for the senior night at 7 o'clock. He tweeted out damn toad Forbes drew a line in the sand as far as I'm concerned an hour ago, around the time we played this clip hashtag shots fired now.

I don't think, kind of like I don't think Hubert said anything malicious towards a lot of sleep.

I don't think this was malicious on Forbes Park forms is the best way to describe.

For he is very online with things out like he's going to Broadway. He's going to watch the lion King at tanker center last night. That's what he's going to do so eat. He's online, and when I put out that video Saturday that went viral of Hubert St. Armand of a cots the player the year and it's not even close. I guarantee you he saw that and this was a direct response to that's fine and also I think Steve Forbes is right by the lack like clues listening to Hubert Davis and saying you know what I was I was in a vote.

Five player the year we can do that before, but now that he says it's not even close. I took things were for.

I'm just gonna take my piece paper pretty sure this is done digitally now I'm not a look at the other candidates could write his name down and I must consider who else could even be in consideration says so on. I think it insults our intelligence little bit now.

Not unlike an act offended by 136 of the 71 600 Christmas Ola. This should be a good conversation every time we have spent salon.

He says something interesting. More than one thing that's interesting. I remember a year ago we had him on retirement Coach K when it roared out that he's done coaching to. He's a guy I would despise that it either and keep an eye on Tommy Hammacher got a might want to hire their turns out to God for that kind of job and those things more than he leads on because he's married to Coach K's Coach K's daughters used to be an assistant coach on coaching staff.

Malachi works for ESPN.

So what better guy to have on the week that a lot of people to be talking about cup scallion getting ready for his final home game against North Carolina on Saturday. Chris Padilla joined us next on the drive and what the answer that question is will get to that next joining us now from ES BN and it's a big week for the ACC. Obviously, with your relationship with coach K will get into the stuff going on this week is final road game going to be against a former assistant and Jeff Capel tomorrow night and you got the big game Saturday against North Carolina. But before we get into the ACC Duke Carolina coach K. All that stuff. In addition to covering the ACC have covered a lot of big 12 hoops this year so I wanted to cover a couple of things here starting with Columbus Williams, you saw him a lot in Oklahoma. So how surprised have you been to see him right now. Being what Randolph Childress describes as the runaway ACC player of the year. Yeah. Terrific.

I would run away. I look.

I think you certainly acquired a year but I think it marginalizes your that that they caught it back Carol at what he currently has made his mark shock. To be honest with you Josh that you know I saw him a lot when he was at Oklahoma good player.

The role player average about eight points a game and he was a good pastor I didn't I didn't know you as good a pastor as he sped this season so I got them all away. You know I think it's a product of a big 12. Better copper so why don't I pick a guy like that is been playing in such a physical count could lead yell comes over to this league and it's a little bit of a of a different level so I could get help a great job with� He's given a lot of freedom to put the ball at all and it can't, nearly as much at Oklahoma prolonged Kruger is as he hasn't wake me for combating better players around him here at wake so it's a look anytime you do it for the first time in this case relating that the league appointed government dog with the stable of players that come through this league Christmas Ola from ESPN with this year. Another big 12 thing that's being bandied about the day. In addition to doing the show. I do some writing with ACC and I was discussing this with my friend Brian Geisinger Bob Valvano earlier today said that if Louisville contacted Baylor coach Scott Drew based on mutual friends that they both have. He's saying that Scott Drew would listen to them and every coach and I talked to, they always point the Louisville's facilities, saying that they might have the best facilities in America but how do you see that job. How attractive do you think the Cardinals positions going to be. I think I think it depends on the NCAA thing that the first thing and then you look through it coach. Obviously, but you're talking about a different world every year you like. He's been down there in Texas for a long time and there your recruiting pipeline. There's a lot that he is established out down there that you know I don't know how that would translate to the Louisville. Now I look. I think the world is become more globalized when it comes to recruiting and obviously Scott Drew is a national basalt that may not have an impact, but the first thing I would I would say to Scott after having conversations with Chris Matthews you better make sure that that APA thing is to be cleared up your car so that that would try to be that the thing that I would say but look that the program that that led the nation to revenue in college basketball. Much of the facilities program that that no believe he needs to be good like you see me Syracuse and Louisville to be good at basketball and and it's one of the reasons that league is been down that ghost goes to program I've just not been what what they need to be in order for this week to be added at a kite so I took were dying for that that program to get back to some semblance of being good and I have no doubt the ability to recruit or his ability to coach. I just know it did it would be a very different change from where you got now Christmas Ola with this year should follow on Twitter@Chris_Toma I want to transition what you just said there about these top programs need to play like programs. They all need to be good to transition the something I've been talking about for the last week.

I will always believe that it's good in theory to say you're a guy that always tells the truth, but one of the things that's tough to do when you try to tell the truth all the time is there are times it's unpopular to do so. Sometimes the truth might take some people off and the reality of what we seen in the ACC this year is it's not a one team one big league but there's only one contender in this conference. Over the last time we seen that in its Duke that's rank right now in the top five and when I see this coach of the year conversation. I've been the only one physical on an island out here saying coach patient when you work and we that we have Steve Forbes all throughout the season and he's done a great job but it was off Mike Young last year there's going to be another Steve Forbes -like story next year is not to be another coach K. Who hasn't won the league in 12 years and if he beats Pittsburgh tomorrow is when the ACC for the first time in that time and the first time with a one and done roster. Where do you stand on the coach of the year conversation in the ACC well, I obviously likable year. You'll get more reaction that you're getting probably already potluck conversation about coach of the year with coach take over the port not even 40 years. He coached Josh over the last 25 you can make. There have been years where you could make a far more compelling case that you should be coach of the year and he hadn't gotten the award for whatever reason we got to relitigate those reasons, but I think you have a reasonable argument. There, but I think you also have to look at what the Lord actually represents.

And I think you think you represent that to be, but I think for some people it's it's sort of become an award of okay you expect to be good.

All that goodwill that guides the coach of the year you know it.

So I think what the coaches got a really nice job with this team because I don't think you can win young anymore college basketball and not an excuse for anything it at times I think explanation for the way in which Dukas played, but at the end of the day. He got all of all of those things you're talking about playing pretty much refreshment. Starting refreshment at this point in the season so� II think you currently serving on the take away from the job deported on. I think I think Steve is actually were the coach of the year � like today. Is it also is there a all day but also factors in factoring a little bit about the legacy thing here. Are we really gonna have tunnel vision and allowing this giving year got a better job I would be okay if voters said job when the league and by the way, thanks for 40 years, coach of the year anything wrong with that and he hasn't wanted in 22 years of college, said Michael has won it twice since then. Aunt's home. Sendak has that the Lord more recently they had so happens career literally hasn't won that award which kind of make you wonder. The purpose of the award altogether Christmas Ola with this year from ESPN homage to what you think of this to obtain II think the metrics of watching them trending towards March a lot different than many of these other one and done teams that might have had even more talent like the Zion team just didn't have much shooting on it, even to a degree. The 2015 team that won the national title. They didn't have a dismissal on this team going into the month of February. I did this to team to win the league. None of the other one done. Teams can say that granted a down ACC I understand it, but 7 Straight Rd. wins and maybe the most impressive road when we buy 25 this past weekend. Paolo Montero trending upwards. The last 13 points of the Virginia game were scored by their two youngest players keels and Ajay Griffin. I think the plan the best basketball last night and you see the teams losing on Saturday. Duke was not one of those teams. I think the stinker when the national championship. Do you currently could Josh thing I would caution everything and you kind of alluded you got understand who they're playing again the advantages that that I have been in kind of calling dings and other conferences like you know I gotta tell you, I mean anybody would watch while games like their very think. I think a physicality deficit with guy. I think there's a concern I have about how they've executed leaking game and well in the overall 40 minute game in a game where you're going to have to get. Again, older, more physical things that I think they've seen anything PC so look, I understand the room that they've been on it and I don't member all the teams but I know BC was in there was in there to waking because of how they played down the stretch of that game in Cameron Florida state is completely decimated. Obviously, Virginia game that you know was the one 12 production game later in Syracuse.

Thanks so II think they're playing I don't know if they're playing their best basketball of the year. I think in that. With a piquant backup. I think that was a period where when the board was playing better and I think they were playing. Probably your best basketball, but there's no question AutoRun.

There's no question that Mark Williams if he continues to play this way upset all year represents the feeling if Mark Williams can be a factor on both then and I think that rep is representative of ceiling. I certainly don't want, but it comes down to match up shots like my think about this year like last year you could put any teams in front of you and Zach and Baylor Beatles teams outside of putting Baylor in front of get back but did not matter. I think that big part of this year's tournament, and when people get their bracket like I think you have to dive into how teams match up against one another and I do think with pain while I think match ups are very very depended them in terms of how far they can advance Christmas Ola former Duke assistant ESPN analyst joining us here.

What's close close with the end of the coach K era's final home game coming up this Saturday. Did the excerpts of Ian O'Connor's new book on Tommy Hammacher and John Scheier and Katie's part of trying to push Hammacher to turn down the job which he did in order for Scheier to get hired did by the way, Duke neither K nor Duke denied anything that was reported did it surprise you at all because I know for all this happened you came on the Charlotte said Tommy Hammacher's going to be a player for that job, and now we know he wants surprise me but II think people overestimate how much in the know I am night. That was just sort by analyst Kate like I like I thought Tommy was deserving of that position. Even though John was in the running about being candid Josh like I did not know that that John would even be in the running until like his name and I know you got a great job. I know he's been a very good recruiter didn't think that he was in the running. And so I get supply or so late one night that John was even in consideration into that based on his reporting that he kinda went down the way that it did like the administration allegedly wanted Tommy and coach they wanted John and you like that was a little bit those details I had not known though but so those were a little bit surprising but I think John could do a very good job.

I certainly capable of doing a really good job.

II think you know people need to understand and I am sure he understands it like like there Duke is knocking to be the same as it was under coach K for John like that.

There's a lot of a lot of people and a lot of institutions that Duke that have been waiting the sort of rain that program in once coach he's gone so II think John can have to figure that out over the next few years here but dumb but he certainly capable and you know I hope they got the right guy to think that something touched K is preparing for is well and that's why he wants to keep his fingerprints on the program you even have that stunned. He's been pouring into for the last 22 years. Look, I think Tommy would have been certainly very capable of navigating those waters for a host of reasons, we don't have to get into doubt but so you know I think coach K you have every right to be as involved as he wants to be and ultimately that's going to be up John yeah, I think, certainly with John there. I think there is certainly a recency bias if you will emulate they be able to use been closer to John over the over the last few years that he would've been to Tommy. I don't think that's necessary why he wanted John to be able to navigate some of those things I'm talking about, but I don't I don't think it necessarily hurts and I don't think it necessarily hurt you know to have him still around the perimeter and if you're Scheier. Oh what you think Saturday is to be like, I think it's going to be unlike anything we have seen, and I hope you know what I know ESPN is my thing Josh all have a very open moment of honesty with you okay what I hope to find like look at people who may coach caters people who resent him. And there's people who love him. I hope every body who got their issues with coach K can set those aside for the evening and just appreciate not only what he's done for the game.

But what you under coach K has meant for college basketball like this property. This Duke coach K property has been massive for the growth of college basketball in the consumption of college basketball and in a lot of it has to do with that polarizing element losing that now that doesn't mean look. If you keep swinging it, then obviously Duke as a brand and as a property in college. College basketball is continue to remain valuable, but I don't know if it ever reaches the level that we seen under coach K it's been a somebody who covers Gordon played the sport and coach the sport lost Christmas Ola Carolina Sanford coach K hater got his phone line tough times but I'm with them.

Hopefully we can kinda remove all the violent all that stuff and on Saturday just appreciate the fact that one of the people that you either love the watch coach and what the watches teams players love to hate to be the last time you get a chance to do that in the building. He helped make very very famous. Okay, we've got to get to the house to do in a second and we got a women's basketball ACC bracket at is it too soon to start talking college baseball we get all that close things out next

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