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NBA Finals Game 6 // US Open Golf // NC Sports Betting

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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June 16, 2022 2:09 pm

NBA Finals Game 6 // US Open Golf // NC Sports Betting

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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June 16, 2022 2:09 pm

Game 6 of the NBA Finals between the Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors takes place tonight. And the US Open golf tournament is underway, with Rory McIlroy having a great opening round. Also, the NHL Stanley Cup Finals between the Colorado Avalanche and the Tampa Bay Lightning is underway after Andre Burakovsky scored the game-winning goal in OT.

Plus, Brian Murphy, Sports Investigative Reporter for WRALSports, joined the show to discuss where the North Carolina General Assembly currently stands regarding legalizing sports betting in the state.

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This is the best of the Adam Gold Show Podcast brought to you by Coach Pete at Capital Financial Advisory Group.

Visit us at This is the Adam Gold Show. It feels amazing. I think we're really in battle through this whole game.

We had a little mental breakdown in the second period, but I think we bounced back in the third. And yeah, awesome job by the boys. This is the Adam Gold Show.

It's the Adam Gold Show. Welcome to the program, man, there's a lot going on. It was a heck of a game last night, by the way.

Yeah. We got a lot of stuff to talk about today. Might have to talk about Rory McIlroy's golf shirt, which I like. It's annoying some people, but I kind of like it. The whole point is people are talking about talking about a golf shirt. It doesn't say it doesn't have like shots at Greg Norman on it. See, that would be really good. If if McIlroy was wearing a golf shirt with sharks all over.

Yes, that would be great. All right, we got eating a number 21. We got what does does that sub place that has the number of sandwiches? Do they have a 21?

By the way, I don't even know Jersey Jersey Mike's. Yes. Yeah, I have I have my phone. I don't even understand like the they have like random numbers for subs. Yeah, I don't know how just I guess maybe like a number 68. Sure. Do they have 68 different subs? I don't know.

We should we should call them and find out maybe that's the fun of it though. Yeah, just a random number exactly 74 exact. It's much easier to remember a Jacob Slavin than it is 13. Then a than a max domain. Yes.

All right, one's very forgettable. Hey, we're on TV. You can follow us on on the television Apple Android Roku Fire TV WRAL sports 1257. If you're local to the Raleigh and WRAL TV 5 viewing area, you can watch this on Spectrum cable at 1257.

Also 34.1 on an antenna again local to Raleigh. We got tons of things to talk about. So let's go. All right, we got game one. We got game six. We got round one of the US Open Serena returns to Wimbledon. Yeah, right.

I like I've been meaning to mention this for three days finally had to write it into the open. That's a huge huge deal and we got to talk fixtures. Yes at some point we will but we're going to start with what really is a dirty word or a dirty phrase in Boston game six Red Sox fans will understand why game six is a dirty word. All right, Jason Tatum and the Celtics they will tell us where they are on the championship timeline tonight. Do they have the medal do they have what it takes right now to win a championship or are they still a year and maybe a piece away. I think you're not going to be better at finishing obviously, I think I'm shooting the ball. Well outside, you know, the three were finished and playing more off two feet and just being more control, you know attacking the room whether it's making a play for myself, you know, finding an open man look fourth quarters have been problem for Jason Tatum. They've been a problem for Boston apart from game one right game one where it looked like the Warriors going to run away and then Boston turn the tables on him in the fourth quarter. Boston has not been good enough Tatum has not been good enough in the fourth quarters and that's really what got them in this game in game five.

I again, I keep saying man. I just we keep watching these games and Boston looks like the better team and it doesn't matter which means that there is something missing but at home tonight. What is Jason Tatum think great being back home, you know, it's the last home game of the season looking forward to being in front of the crowd, you know knowing that they're going to be behind us and giving us that extra boost of energy as they have my whole career, you know, it's going to be extremely loud in here and it's going to be fun to be a great atmosphere. There's no question about that Warriors got by in game five without a Steph Curry performance, right? They did not get great Steph Curry. But because the guys like Andrew Wiggins and Klay Thompson who has been looking very much like a serviceable clay that helps you win. They were able by the way, they gave them 47 points combined and they were able to get the Warriors through it is very hard to close out a series and this is a very good team. And we know they're going to play with the sense of desperation.

So for us to match that or exceed that it's going to take the most effort. We've had to give all year. I've liked you know, we talked about what they need from Klay Thompson. They don't need clay to carry them. They just need clay to be reliable and productive.

He doesn't have to go for an enormous number. He had 21 points. He wasn't dominant in game five.

He was good. They just can't have bad clay. Now, they could have bad clay and win if Steph Curry goes bonkers, but if you're Boston and we're going to talk about this a lot later, Kenada Edwards actually going to join us in studio today.

All they really need is clay to be good, right? But Boston is going to probably defend exactly as they defended in game five. I wouldn't change anything if I were Boston. Their defense was not the problem. It was their offense that was the problem. And honestly, I think it was also Golden State's defense that forced Boston.

And this is why I said earlier that I'm not sure that Boston might not be a piece away. I don't think they necessarily need like, you know, a pure point guard. But right now, it seems like their offense is basically Jason Tatum create for us. At times, Jalen Brown too, but mostly it's Jason Tatum create. And that puts a lot of pressure on Jason Tatum, which is why his turnovers are up.

Golden State's defending him pretty well. They don't have anybody else that is really a creative offensive player. They've got a bunch of guys that can make shots. But right now they are running their offense essentially through Jason Tatum and they might need some help for Jason Tatum that they can't get from their current roster.

Maybe Derek White can give them a little bit. But right now it's all about Jason Tatum. And if he's not having a great night, like his game one where he had 13 assists, even though he shot poorly, they'll take that again.

They'll take it again. If Tatum is going to be productive in that regard. But right now, there's another story rather there's another conversation to have and we'll have this with Nada about what this means for Steph Curry. This might mean for Steph Curry, but I hesitate to get into that too much right now simply because I mean, I think they're going to lose tonight. I think the Celtics are going to win game six tonight and we're going to have this question and have this conversation again on Friday, tomorrow, and maybe even on Monday or Tuesday when it's all over, right?

We're going to be talking about big picture what this means for Steph Curry if the Warriors are to win this title. Adam Gold here from my man coach Pete DeRuta with the Capital Financial Advisory Group. We are talking retirement.

All right, coach, simple. When do we start tax planning in retirement? We should start as soon as possible because here's one thing, Adam, taxes are not going away.

And so the game here is we know the rules. A lot of people want to ignore the rules or act like they don't are familiar with them, but the IRS knows the rules. And so when we get to retirement, they're going to reach in and start taking some of their money out of your accounts. So the secret here is to put a force field around as much as possible by strategically moving some of our money to Roth IRA or some of the other vehicles that aren't taxed, like special life insurance policies.

You can borrow against your money there and never have to pay tax on your money that you build up inside your cash value. So there are a lot of strategies here. The one strategy that does not work is ignoring it. So let's make sure to not ignore it.

The next 10 people will do for you your very own tax and retirement plan that will help you minimize taxation all the way through retirement. 800-661-7383. All you got is call or you can text Adam to 21000 for coach Pete DeRuta. All right, to the other finals. Conference shot blocked by Hedman. That was a fun hockey game last night. Absolutely brilliant play Stanley Cup finals have given us the best possible series.

Yes, right. Look, we all know I am a Hurricanes fan. I do the canes corner podcast available wherever you get your podcast will have another episode coming up probably early next week. We have the two time champs with the best goalie on Earth versus what I believe is really the best team in the entire NHL in Colorado, Tampa versus Colorado Tampa's got it all. But they're not as good as they were a year ago. Think about that third line.

That was so good. Yanni gourds in Seattle Blake Coleman's in Calgary. Blart Barkley Goodrow is in New York with the with the Rangers Alex Calorn shockingly enough does not have a playoff goal really can't believe that Alex Calorn does not have a playoff goal. He hasn't played that well either.

So based on what I've watched from Alex Calorn, I'm not surprised but Alex Calorn is a really good player. So they're not getting really they're getting no depth scoring. You know, Nick Paul had a couple of goals Brandon Hagel's got a couple of goals. Mikhail Sergeyev scored another goal last night, but basically in the series that Tampa just beat the Rangers in six games Tampa scored 16 goals in the series. 12 of those goals came from the top line of Kucharoff, Stamkos, Andre Palat, Kucharoff and Palat did combine on this on the third goal the tying goal, which was an absolute stroke of brilliance again by Nikita Kucharoff.

It's just amazing. But so Tampa has been a top-heavy offensive team. So they had not yet brought the full Arsenal to the playoffs yet, but they're getting by because they are elite defensively and they have the best goalie with that said Colorado probably does have the better team top to bottom other than Darcy Kemper who's okay again. I think Colorado in front of Darcy Kemper is just amazing and that might be enough if they might not need great goaltending to win a Stanley Cup. They might not but they're deeper offensively and that depth showed in overtime when Andre Burakowski who had the game winner after scoring just once so far in the playoffs.

I mean, it feels amazing. I think we're ready to battle through this whole game right a little mental breakdown in the second period. I think we bounce back in the third and awesome job by the boys.

Totally drowned out here couldn't hear anything. That's Emily Kaplan on the bench talking to Andre Burakowski. Look Burakowski has is one of the few guys with Stanley Cup finals experience, right? He is one of the few that have Stanley Cup finals experience with it.

He did that with Washington. Here's an interesting factoid if you will you might have heard it last night, but we knew this going in The Burakowski now has three goals against Andre Vasilevski in the playoffs because he scored two goals in game seven as Washington beat Tampa to advance to the Stanley Cup finals in 2018 the one they won and the Burakowski left Washington in the offseason signed with Colorado. He's been with the abs and now he has another goal.

So that's pretty good. He's got three goals against the brick wall. That is Andre Vasilevski by the way. They were they were bashing Vasilevski for allowing, you know, he was before the third goal, which he had no chance on on a five on three. Yeah, like he could have stopped the the second goal and he sort of did but it leaked through and then I guess it was Landis Gogue kind of pushed it over the goal line rampant and took the shot Landis Gogue finished the play. But Vasilevski was fine last night.

He wasn't otherworldly. He wasn't the 995 save percentage guy from game sevens past but he was good last night like the least of the worries for somebody who is rooting for Tampa. Maybe you have money on the Lightning the least of your worries is Tampa's goaltending the least of it. Now Tampa needs to get some other players going they need to get you know, Braden point came back into the lineup. He skated on a I think he skated on the third line last night.

No, no, I think it was a yeah. No, it was the third line. I think he skated on the third line, you know, Tampa's got a lot with Kucharoff and Stamkos.

I think point skated with the skate with Hagel and Nick Paul was it sounds right or me might have been a second line. They they're all over the place, but Tampa still trying to figure out exactly who they are. All right, shall we talk golf Dennis Cox? It's a story of transition of heartbreak of figuring it out on the fly the Canes Corner.

Look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the aluminum company of North Carolina. Listen now find James 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcast. Scott Misha from the Examiner and Global Golf Post joining us on the Adam Gold show full disclosure because Rory McIlroy is, you know, sort of winding down his opening round. We taped this few minutes before the show actually began Rory's off to a very good start.

We won't give the score because that may change especially since I just saw him driving into the rough. So, but I want to go back to want to start really last week. Could the PGA Tour have had a better winner at the Canadian Open? No, they couldn't possibly have asked for a better even it just a show between Rory and JT and Feenau and Sam Burns.

I mean, that's exactly what they needed last week, but I'm not sure that's enough to save them. We'll see what where this thing goes. There's a lot of rumored defections coming up that are bigger in name and scope and age than the guys who've gone so far and it could make a big difference, you know, and the PGA Tour's future.

Yeah, okay. I've promised people that I'm going to be a live for a live free event, but you didn't you kind of piqued my interest here. I anticipate that there will be more big names going but I'm not sure that any of those big names unless they are fully exempt into major championships for the next several years will really matter because there aren't that many needle movers on the PGA Tour. Like the one, the big one is the guy who won last week. Bryson DeChambeau is a needle mover and he's exempt into majors for a while based on his U.S. Open win in 2020, but I think they'd survive Bryson's absence. Who else could possibly, you know, go unless we're talking about a lot of defections because if Kepka were to leave, I mean, Kepka barely plays now.

Right, but you know, Kepka certainly had an opportunity to tell us he wasn't. I agree. And there are some other names up there.

I mean, you know, Matsuyama might not be a needle mover over here, but he's a needle mover over there. And that's a name if he were to go, you know, it's another huge loss. You're talking possibly, you know, the Joaquin Niemans and people like that, you know, who's on the President's Cup team at this point when you start losing all these guys. So the PGA Tour is quaking in its shoes right at the moment, I think, and they should be. I agree with you.

I have been, like, Liv's a long game. They're not here for a year. They're not here for two years. They're not here for four years.

They're here for the long haul, and I think people need to understand that. The World Golf Rankings will play a big role in how this whole thing plays out. It looks like it's going to be at least two years unless Liv aligns themselves with another tour before they get official World Golf Rankings points, which could damage the Joaquin Niemans of the world if they were to do something like that. Or the Xander Shafleys of the world, and he was rumored to be a part of the defectors a long time ago because they don't have major championship, you know, exemptions going forward, at least not locked in.

And you'll fall out of the top 50 pretty quickly if you don't earn points over the next year or so. I want to go back and sort of quote Brooks Koepke here. I don't want to throw a black cloud on the U.S. Open. So I want to go back and talk about the Open and being at a place like Brookline, which is so steeped in history with the USGA, even though it's not a place they have gone very often. This is just the fourth, even though it's a founding member, it's only the fourth time they've brought a U.S. Open to Brookline. So what is it like being there? Well, I tell you, I think it's a spectacular property and golf course. And we've been talking about here, it's everything you want a U.S. Open to be. It's got quirkiness, it's got old school charm, it looks great on TV. And, you know, this is what it's all about.

And I could not be more pleased to get a chance to cover one of these things here because I really think it deserves to be in the rotation more often. The problem is its footprint is not big. It's like Marion, you know, it's like L.A. Country Club is going to be next year. These are spectacular properties, but they're very difficult to hold a modern major championship on because they're not, you know, they're not big and brawny. In terms of space around it, you're in the middle of a community, but it's spectacular.

I mean, everybody loves it and it's got wonderful quirkiness to it. Yeah, you mentioned it's not necessarily that the golf course is not big and this is going to play shorter than most U.S. Open courses not named Pebble Beach. It's that there's not enough room for the infrastructure around it. I know at Marion when Justin Rose won, they had to use like a neighboring golf course for the infrastructure. Are they doing that here? Well, no, they've got what they've got an extra nine holes here, which is a lot of the infrastructure is on that Primrose nine of which three of the holes that are in this composite courts that they use.

You're coming off of. So they have they have a little bit of room. They also have two holes in the middle of their main course where their driving range is, they would be the ninth and tenth course normally on their main golf course here. So they have a little bit of extra room on like Marion for that kind of stuff. But it's still tight. It's tight. And, you know, as you know, these these major championships are huge now. The infrastructure is enormous.

So it's a it's a lot to put on and it's a lot to ask of a little community like this. Even though we were talking about Boston, it's still tight quarters. Yeah, well, everything in Boston is tight quarters. You've been to Fenway. I mean, there's like there's nothing around Fenway. It's it's it's it's pushed up against the highway. Exactly.

There's a reason there's a big old giant wall in the left field because they can't go any further. Incredible. Scott Misha, the examiner, of course, Global Golf Post joining us here on the Adam Gold Show. Who else catches your eye? I know we have obviously early in in round one. There's going to be names up there that people don't know. Although David Lingman nearly won the players championship a bunch of years ago.

I think the year the Tiger won it. He was he was in the mix and he was a past champion at Memorial. So even though he's not necessarily a garden variety name on the PGA Tour, he does have some history. But there are just a bunch of names up there that nobody knows right now. But who else has caught your eye? Well, the one that I'm enjoying right at the moment is Stuart Haggis at the mid amateur who's, you know, trying to be Francis.

We met here and it's in a sea of Harry Barden's and Ted race. And, you know, he was he was our solo leader there about 10 minutes ago and he's still on the leaderboard. So it's exciting to have a guy who's a capable amateur, not a guy who's going to wilt like him, who's a guy who's got major championship experience to possibly to be a colorful figure here on the weekend against. I think you're still going to have your John Roms. You're going to have Rory. You're going to have Shane Lowry is going to be very popular wearing a Celtic shirt later today.

Oh, is he really? He's got a Celtic logo on the back of his shirt that he's going out of the day. There's nothing like pandering to the local Boston Irish community. But now you're going to get the rest of Boston behind you. I just think I think there's a lot of good names who are going to show up because not many people are shooting themselves out of it right now. It's a real cluster of people from two under to two over. So nobody's really going to fall out.

So I think, you know, the cream will rise to the top eventually. And I think, you know, I'm surprised to see more callous, to be honest, having a good start, because he came in downplaying his chances saying he doesn't have that, you know, precious baby cut that he usually plays with working right now. So he didn't say they didn't have it. But remember last year in front of the open championship how he said, I'm just trying to learn how to play links golf. Then he went over and missed the cut at the Scottish Open.

Maura Cowell was one of my picks to do well this week. I really like his I love his game for this type of a golf course. Exactly.

And I and I've got him in my fantasy pool, too. So I'm hoping I'm hoping that he's maybe his his comments are sort of the verbal reaction, like Hideki Masuyama when he starts taking his hands off the club, you know, it's going close. Let me ask you one more question. And it unfortunately for the listeners involves live. What type of help Scott Misha or backing will the PGA Tour receive from the four major championships? Mike one very succinctly answered a question. Do you foresee the rules changing for essentially entrance into the U.S. Open in the future?

Which was really a question. Would they ban players for certain reasons? And he said, yes, we all know that the majors don't like what's going on with live.

But will they do anything about it? Well, he's more accurate. He said, could you foresee? And he said he could foresee.

He didn't say, yeah, we know what he meant. But, you know, you know, he's also part of the world golf rankings board. So that's that's really the tricky component where they can really help help the PGA Tour by denying world ranking points to these guys. Which means, as you said earlier, they'll fall out quickly. And if you don't have previous exemptions, you can't get in. Augusta's the wild card.

And at the moment, there could be eight or nine former Masters champions in this league. That gets tricky. We'll see what they do. I know they don't like it. They would love to be able to support it. But can you say no to eight or nine past Masters champions coming and playing in your field?

That's going to be that's going to be interesting what we see here. But, you know, they they are they're part of the possible solution, but the PGA Tour has to do an awful lot more on their own to make this work. They've got to keep the Rory's and Rom's and Justin Thomas's and more cows of the world in the fold. If they start losing too many of those guys. Yep. Well, then they're in trouble. Yeah, I the first three guys are not going they have essentially backed themselves into the they've put themselves into the PGA Tour's corner, but very few others have been so publicly supportive of the PGA Tour.

Very few others, which means that everybody's got a price. I don't think those first three really do until the PGA Tour is no longer the best place to play. Scott, Michelle, I appreciate your time. Go go root for Shane Lowry and his Celtics logo. I will. Thanks, man.

Should be a blast. By the way, Rory McIlroy a couple of years, three years ago now wore a Raptors jersey when he won the Canadian Open in 2019. That was the actually went to a finals game as well. He might not have worn it, but he had it with him on the golf course as Rory was shooting 61 to beat Brooks Koepka to win the Canadian Open in 19.

He successfully defended three years later because there was no Canadian Open in 2020 and 2021. All right, when we come back, by the way, Rom just hit a long birdie putt to close out his round one under again, man, the Rory McIlroy is on top of the leaderboard with two holes to play today. It's three under par.

Rom's one under Justin Thomas tees off in about an hour. Those three guys right now, they are the the flag bearers. Like if you were if this was an Olympic team, if the PGA Tour was an Olympic team, those three guys would combine to carry the flag for and Rory really is carrying the flag, but he'd be flanked by Rom and Thomas.

And I do I do want to keep Liv out of the conversation for the next couple of days. But it is an inevitable part of talking about the sport now. This is why it was kind of I understood what Brooks Koepka was getting at the other day. He doesn't want to talk about it because it's unfair to the U.S. Open. I would argue that there are other motivations for Brooks Koepka, but it is unfair to the U.S. Open.

Yeah, it is. To me, it's the hardest major to win and it deserves its own conversation. But because of what's going on in the sport, it is inevitable that it's going to be kind of overshadowed by what's going on. But as we get later in the tournament, we're still in the first round, first half of the first round. As we get later in the tournament, it will be entirely about the leaderboard. And right now, it looks like a pretty good leaderboard, considering who's what names are dotting it. We spoke with the folks from I think it was sports handles dot com about the potential for North Carolina to maybe get. Mobile sports betting, just sports betting at places not named casinos in Cherokee. And we talked to Brian Murphy from WRAL TV five sports investigative reporter about this couple of weeks ago.

We thought it was a formality. And Brian joins us once again on the Adam Golch. You can follow him on Twitter at Murph in NC. As of Monday, Brian, we did not know if the House Judiciary Committee here was going to be able to get it on the docket and discuss it and get it moving because the legislative session ends on the 30th. Do we do you have new reporting on this, sir? I do.

I do. The House Judiciary Committee, which is the first of three House committees that's going to have to hear this, will hold a hearing on Tuesday next Tuesday on Senate Bill 688, which is the main, you know, the main sports gambling bill that passed the Senate. Further, they will also hear what's called a trailer bill, basically amendments to Senate Bill 688, which will be in in form of a separate bill.

They'll also hear that bill on Tuesday. And that bill raises the tax rate, raises fees, broadens the bill in some ways, tightens it in other ways. I'm still going through a preliminary draft of that bill right now, but it raises the fee from five hundred thousand to a million to get one of these licenses. It raises the fee to get a renewal from a hundred thousand to a million. So it raises the tax rate from eight percent.

It looks like they've changed the way the tax is calculated, but it will go to about 14 percent. So lots of lots of changes that will bring more revenue to North Carolina, more revenue to taxpayers, less in the hands of the sports wagering operators. But but, you know, a big this was the moment we kind of been waiting for. I've reported that this trailer bill was coming. It's been held up by language and getting everybody to sign off. Still not 100 percent done is what I'm being told. But but I have the preliminary draft and it should be ready to roll on Tuesday. All right. So big, big picture question here and then we'll get into the minutia of it.

Brian Murphy from WRL TV five sports investigative reporter. So we're we're meeting again on the 21st, which is next Tuesday. And again, the legislative session ends the 30th. How quickly do they get from those meetings and those committees and that language and those two bills to the point where they're voting on it? And because there's another bill, does it have to also go back to the Senate?

Yeah. So, you know, a lot of people are used to the legislative process being very slow and taking a long time. And sometimes it does. But having covered the state legislature, when they want something to move, it moves and it can move very quickly. Bills get written in the morning, voted on in committee in the afternoon and passed in the in the in the big chamber by the evening. So if they've got the agreements that I've been told they have, I have the votes to pass this, it could move very quick. I don't think we'll see a vote next week. So I think we'll be looking at a vote in the final week of the session as they try to get out before the July, you know, July 4th holiday weekend. So if if that does get voted on and passed, when does this when can I go out and bet on the Panthers plus plus five against the Browns?

Sure. So your previous question, because I didn't totally get to that, the second bill would have to go back to the Senate, but not the first bill. So it's going to take some time. There's going to be a process, but they think they can get this done. As to the more important question, when you can go bet on the Panthers plus five, it's likely, you know, I had heard September, October. The timeline I heard today is closer to the beginning of the year.

So they'd like to get it up and running in time for the bowl games, in time for the NFL playoffs, obviously in time for the Super Bowl. You know, there's a lot of a process, you know, in the original bill, and I haven't seen this yet in the new bill. In the original bill, the Idaho, I mean, the North Carolina Lottery Commission, which would run this, would have 60 days to accept or deny an application. And then you've got to imagine that these companies, which are up and running in many states around the country, would be able to get operational very quickly. I don't know if 60 days is a legitimate time frame. So I think we could be looking at, you know, post-Thanksgiving.

Post-Thanksgiving. First of all, is it weird that the Lottery Commission would be running this? Is this common in other states? It's pretty common in other states, although Tennessee had the Lottery Commission in charge and found that the industry is just changing too much.

It's too complex, and they created their own sports wagering advisory council, and that is dedicated solely to sports wagering. You look at some of the numbers that are coming out of other states. New York had over $1.2 billion bet in the month of May.

Tennessee and Virginia, I haven't seen their May numbers. Their April numbers were around $400 million. There should be enough revenue to get a regulatory board up and running that can really handle the issues and not be tacked on to something like the Lottery Commission. I think we'll see how the Lottery Commission is able to handle it and then, you know, what they spin off in the future to really regulate this industry. Yeah, one of the things that caught my eye was that Indiana became the latest state to go over a billion dollars in gross revenue the previous month.

Iowa has also cracked that, I believe. I mean, it's just so much. Initially, there's not going to be as much money, but down the road, there is so much money. And I think New York's tax rate is somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 percent. And all the companies that would run it, whether it's MGM or DraftKings or whatever, they're all like, yeah, whatever, we'll pay it because they know what the revenue is.

Right. New York's rate is 51 percent of gross revenue. Wait, 51? 51 percent. But when you think about it, their monthly handle was $1.2 billion in May. I don't know how much they paid out in winnings to get to their gross revenue, but when you're talking about numbers at that scale, you can pay 51 percent because the part that you're taking in is so enormous. Obviously, I was told that North Carolina's market could be bigger than Virginia's market. Virginia is averaging somewhere around about $400 million per month in bets. So if North Carolina is a little bigger than that, we're talking maybe $450 million. Now, that's just in bets.

Obviously, a lot of people win, so that's not what the operators are making, but that's a scale of the business that's happening. All right. Next time we talk, and let's do this next week, I'll set betting lines on what margin it passes the House and sent it by and how quickly we get this up and running.

Brian Murphy at Murph in NC, WRAL Sports investigative reporter, thank you very much, my friend. Thank you. You got it. Like, I'm encouraged now. I'm encouraged that we'll be able to do this by Thanksgiving. Come on. We got a whole football season.

All right. Hopefully, hopefully we'll be able to get this done. This is the Adam Gold Show. Off of the crossbar, and the Hurricanes have won the Stanley Cup. June 19, 2006, but it all started May 6, 1997, with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina. It's a story of transition, of heartbreak, of figuring it out on the fly. The Canes Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move, presented by the Aluminum Company of North Carolina. Listen now. Find Canes' 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcasts.
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