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Personal stories about Macho Man Randy Savage // Grahammer School

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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August 25, 2022 4:08 pm

Personal stories about Macho Man Randy Savage // Grahammer School

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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August 25, 2022 4:08 pm

Josh Graham sat in for Adam Gold. During the show, Chris Lea of WRAL stopped by, and a conversation took place about reality dating shows, professional wrestling, and the comparisons between the two, Josh started to talk about how his father, Scott, became close friends with former WWE star and World Champion "Macho Man" Randy Savage, and how Savage and Miss Elizabeth would occasionally stay at their house. Josh also said his dad was friends with Paul Orndorff, as well as former Baltimore Orioles star Eddie Murray.

The Sixth Man of Tar Heel Basketball, B Daht, joined the show for another session of Grahammer School.

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Visit us at This is the Adam Gold Show. I'm conflicted. When Dennis Cox plays a song as good as Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John, I feel the tendency not to say anything because I feel like I'm interrupting the song. All due credit, our man Rusty Helzer actually put this together, so I did not choose it, so all credit to Rusty. That is my top shelf Elton John song. Sarah Bareilles, really good cover of that song too. Be sure to find that on the YouTube.

Chris Lee from WRAL is in studio with us. You almost said WXII. Almost.

I saw it on your lips. Almost. Yeah. Triad folk.

Because this is what you would have said three years ago. The three-fo. Yeah. Uh-huh. Tri-fo.

102 Jams. Well, yeah, but WXII too. Oh, I know. That's right. Yeah.

VDOT. He describes himself as the sixth man of Tar Heel basketball because that's who he is. If you've gone to Carolina basketball games this past year, you know who he is.

He's going to be here in about 15 minutes. We'll play a game called Grammar School. We'll introduce you guys to that. But right now, we've got to address some tension in the room because I am a fan of The Bachelor. I'm a fan of The Bachelorette too in that matter. Got two bachelorettes this season. It's wild.

I don't know if I'm a big fan of Rachel particularly this year, but maybe we can get to that at another time. So sports fans have given me a lot of grief for this over the years. So I've had to defend myself a number of times. And whenever you defend yourself on a certain for a reoccurring thing, you just come up with a defense mechanism, like a defense that's been built already. And there's some lines that you you just throw out there. And after a while, you don't even think about it. It's just like, oh, you like The Bachelor?

I usually respond with, do you like pro wrestling? Yes. Well. Which ones?

OK, I've been told this, by the way. There are two F words I can't say during this segment. One is due to the FCC. The other is due to wrestling aficionados Chris Lee and Dennis Cox that's here on the show. Let's just say that both lack realism. Both probably aren't the most real things that you're watching. It's about entertainment.

Right. I'm entertained by The Bachelor. You're entertained by wrestling. We're both winners in that regard. And you guys objected to this fervently.

You know what? I don't necessarily object to it probably more than what Dennis does. Dennis wants to fight me right now. Because I actually watch reality dating shows with my wife.

No way. Yeah, I just don't watch The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. What are we watching right now?

We are on F Boy Island. Oh, binged both those seasons. So we're we're still in the middle of season two. And I actually I actually feel like if you like sports, you should like reality romantic shows. Because it's competitive. Because it's competitive. And sports to me is the best reality show that there is right now. Honestly, because you're taking real guys and put them in real situations, head to head against head, head to head. So you agree with this analogy? So I'm with it.

I just don't think that I I think the only thing I'll take. I guess I don't like when you kind of put it head to head against wrestling. Try to make wrestling look like it's not a good form of entertainment. Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Because it is.

Wrestling is an amazing form of entertainment. It would be a put down. That's the only part that I'm just not with right now.

OK. It would be a put down if I if I disliked either or both of them. If I disliked both of them, it would be a put down. What I'm saying is the same way I like The Bachelor is the same way people like wrestling. That's right. OK, this is me defending myself.

I feel like on Twitter at times I have a little wooden bat and I'm in a corner with a bunch of wrestling people yelling at me. Oh, you like The Bachelor? What a loser. F Boy Island. Tell you what, it's a good show, man.

You got to get on it. Nikki Glaser. Do I know? She's hilarious. I'm a Nikki Glaser fan by the way.

Those who know know. You say what? I'm a Nikki Glaser fan.

So you'd love it. But no. But I mean, is she one of the contestants?

No. She's the host. I know she's the host.

That's different. You get a lot of Nikki Glaser action. I'm sure.

A lot of it. Seen her in good times in Raleigh. She's great.

I've seen her a couple of times. OK, Dennis. Are you now wanting to fight both me and Chris now? No, I can't fight Chris.

Chris is my guy. Yeah, you guys are together on the culture state pod. I feel like I'm the one in the middle here. So I have to make sure that you guys don't fight.

We got to get you guys to see some common ground. Josh, what is your and you just say you don't have anything against wrestling, but what is it about wrestling that disconnects you? I've I didn't grow up on it, which is a shame. I feel like anybody who loves wrestling grew up on it.

That's very true. I don't know many people who are adults saying, you know what I'm really going to get into now? Wrestling. Wrestling.

I didn't grow up on it, which is kind of amazing because my dad was really close friends with Macho Man Randy Savage. Really? I didn't know. You never told me that. OK, so I'll tell this story. Well, hold on.

This is amazing content. You've never I've known you for like six, seven years and you've never told me. Well, let me tell you the story. I was going through family photo books and I flipped one page that had my dad standing there with Macho Man Randy Savage and a Slim Jim and Miss Elizabeth in our foyer. And I'm like, Dad, is this a cardboard cutout or is this Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth? He's like, yeah, that's them. That's Randy.

I'm like, Dad, explain. And what he told me was he used to work for Piedmont Airlines back when that was an airline in Baltimore back in the 80s. And you know, wrestlers made friends with people that worked at the airline so that they can be picked up right at the plane and go elsewhere. And he he got to know Randy and Randy would take him to all of the shows like my dad was at WrestleMania three, like sitting in the front row.

And what? Wait, so he was there for. Wait, this is Savage Steamboat. That's right.

Wait a second. And there was a situation where my dad showed me a video one time of Rowdy Roddy Piper. Like, I forget who the wrestler was that had like the garden, like a garden set up or something, and he just took a baseball bat to it on one WrestleMania. And he's like, yeah, that was my baseball bat. I'm like, really? That was your baseball bat? He's like, yeah. Eddie Murray gave me that baseball bat to give the Macho Man and Rowdy Roddy Piper just saw it sitting there and he smashed it on TV.

I'm like, Dad, these are amazing stories that you're telling me here. Wait, what? Yeah. Hold on. We need to interview your dad. Yeah. Should we call him up? No. I want to get your dad on.

He actually asked me to do that. Hey, you got any time? I might call up the show today. Yeah. I might just call up the show. No.

Cancel everything. But I didn't know whether or not this was my dad over exaggerating at all until I, a few years ago, was talking to Leaping Lanny Potho in the air, talking about WrestleMania one time. And at the end of the interview, Lanny was like, I just want to say one thing that to make your audience, make your audience clear on something. Your dad did something not a lot of people ever did. He befriended the Macho Man. Apparently Macho Man, because Lanny Potho is Randy's brother, was pretty closed off. Didn't have a lot of people that were close to him.

My dad was apparently one of those people in the 80s. Yo. This segment took a turn, didn't it?

So I don't dislike wrestling. He totally disarmed us. Yeah. He texted me right now. It was Adrian Adonis' flower shop. He texted me that, uh, Rowdy, Rowdy Piper crushed. And it was Eddie Murray's bat.

You can find the video on YouTube. That was my dad's bat that Eddie Murray told him to give to Macho Man. I don't know what to say right now.

I really don't know what to say. Like, your dad is a legend. Your dad is a legend. Mr. Graham is a legend. Well, he's listening to this right now.

Like I said, hello, legend. Thank you for listening. I walked up to his I walked up to his house this morning and he was listening to this station in his bed.

He hadn't got out of bed. So he loves this station. He's listening right now.

I don't I think my time here is done. Like, I mean, you wanted me to be here for 30 minutes, I think. But he was as nonchalant as I'm telling you, this was as nonchalant as I learned it. Like my dad had like he wasn't supposed to tell anybody when Macho Man would stay at his house. But he had a buddy that was a huge, a huge wrestling fan. And he said he called him up. He lived 45 minutes away.

He goes. His name was Chuck. Chuck, you're gonna want to come over to my house right now.

And I can't tell you why. Scott, I live 45 minutes away. You're gonna want to come over to my house. So he goes over to his house. And this is the way Chuck described it to me.

Door opens. It's Miss Elizabeth. Hey, you must be Chuck. And at first he's thinking, I think that looks like Miss Elizabeth, but this is Scott's house. So then he walks up the stairs, describes my dad as dad is having a man. How do you like me now type of smirk. And then right behind his ear saying, oh, yeah, you must be Chuck.

And it's the bleeping Macho Man. How would you react if I did that to you, Chris Lee? I think I would wet myself.

Like, I just hope that I'm not wearing khaki or gray pants at the time. Because, oh, my God. Like to hear that like this is this is legendary. And that's one of the things what you mentioned earlier.

Macho Man didn't make a lot of friends. So the fact that your dad, this guy I'm sitting across from that I've known all this stuff. You've known that I've been a pro wrestler before. Yeah.

You're your former producer used to be one of my referees. Yeah. And this story has never come up until now. It's crazy. And it's on air. And I am my mind is blown and I'm usually not speechless, but my God, I'm speechless right now.

Wow. Did this segment turn around? You thought that I'd be some wrestling hating buffoon, but no. I appreciate wrestling and I just so happen to appreciate the bachelor and the bachelorette.

Did any like what you like? All this happened in Maryland and not in North Carolina in Maryland. OK. Because if it happened in North Carolina, I was going to say me and Dennis have some culture state interviews. Yeah. To book right now with your dad. Yeah. Because like there there's some stories that we got to hear. He lives 30 minutes away from here. He's available. But I'm going to want to know if they went out to a bar in Raleigh.

That's that's the main thing. Like, so if if that's ever happened, Mr. Graham, if you've ever been to a bar in Raleigh, North Carolina with the macho man, Randy Savage, please, we've got to interview you for for our podcast. So my dad's a legend.

The incomparable B dot is a legend as well. And he'll join us as we introduce you to a game we call Grammar School. Josh Graham in for Adam Gold, Chris Lee, WRAL and Studio, and they are just marveling at some of these pictures I'm showing them now.

Can I tell the people what just happened? You just showed me a picture of your mom and a professional wrestler. He said, I don't know who this guy is, but here's my mom with this guy. It's Paul Orndorff. Yeah. Paul Orndorff.

Like any anybody who knows pro wrestling definitely knows who Paul Orndorff is. And I'm over here just marking out just. Yeah. And I'm getting messages. Every wrestling fan is losing their mind. And someone just messages a baseball fan.

Wait, your dad was also friends with Eddie Murray. Yeah. We've mentioned that during the break. Wait, I skipped over that part because the macho man.

Now, real quickly, because I know B Dot's waiting for us. We'll get to him in a second. That's another example of I don't know if my dad is over exaggerating. So we're at a Texas Rangers game. He said this is back when Ron Washington was the manager of the Texas Rangers. My dad was also friends with Ron Washington, too, apparently.

So go ahead. He goes by. He goes by Wolf. So we go by the dugout. My dad goes, hey, Wolf. And Ron Washington looks up.

Hey, what's up, Scott? And, you know, Eddie Murray also was like on the list of stuff they sent out for their wedding and stuff like that. So, yeah, my dad's a legend. I've come to learn. Someone's right again. I'm surprised Miss Elizabeth was allowed to open the door alone.

Maybe in that instance. That is hilarious. That is that is hilarious. Whoever said that.

Pretty good. That is hilarious. Let's go to B Dot, who, if you don't know B Dot, shame on you. He is the sixth man of Tar Heel basketball. If you go to Carolina basketball game or you did last year, he's the one hyping everybody up, getting Roy Williams and other to sway side to side while you swag, sir. You actually swag surfed at my wedding earlier this year. He did it so well.

He made Carolina fans think that they came up with it themselves. Not describe the scene that you were a groomsman in my wedding and the song starts to play. And what happens? We all get excited. The entire audience goes crazy, like everybody's screaming. It's like pandemonium. And then the music and then the band comes back on and the music stops. And then the band performs and then they drop sweat surf again and we turn back up again. Yeah, I think it was one of those deals.

We didn't plan it. And I just look back at you and I say, assemble the people or something of that sort. And that just jumps on stage and grabs the microphone. And it's a really cool deal. I want to introduce the state of North Carolina to a game that we play. Chrisley's here from WRAL. Almost said WXII because like you, he's from the Triad. But grammar school, explain the rules really quickly to the uninitiated.

It's very simple. I have three words or phrase right here in front of me. I will ask those to Josh Graham. They are of the urban persuasion. There's a lot of, you know, words and phrases that we use a lot in the urban roles. And I know that Josh knows settings a lot, but he needs to understand some of the things that he may hear in a locker room or in passing.

But that was the origin of grammar school. But this is season two for all you late people. This is season two.

And in season two, Josh has a word or phrase of the caustic persuasion. That he likes to ask me first. Yeah, I do. So I'll just ask you real quickly. It's an easy one. What's a mint julep? What is a mint julep? A mint julep. I've heard of it, but I do not know what this is. A mint julep is a beverage that I can get at Starbucks.

For half off on Tuesdays. That is incorrect. It's an alcoholic beverage, mostly consisting of bourbon. And I can't think of a more caustic beverage. Than a mint julep. It's often found at the Kentucky Derby. Yes.

You knew what a mint julep was? Yeah. Cultural differences. Hey, we're coming together. I don't appreciate your sound effects, Dennis. It's a lot different.

That was very loud. All right. So we're not off on the best foot, but that's usually how it goes for me. Maybe this is foreshadowing. I have Chris Lee here as a lifeline to help me out.

Should I need a little bit of help? I get one lifeline. Correct. All right.

Up first, Josh Graham. What does it mean to watch my six? Watch my six. If I tell you to watch my six, what am I saying to you?

And if you have any sort of military experience, it would help you in this situation because it is a term that is used a lot in the military. But again, what does it mean to watch my six? Watch my six. Josh, I'm gonna go ahead and tell you now, you cannot count on me for this one because I grew up in the suburbs. Man, I don't know which one.

Oh, Dennis Cox knows this one. I do. Oh, wow. Let me think on this for a second. Watch my six. I can see that you're like walking out of the room. Hey, man, watch my six.

Hmm. I'm going to say it's like watching somebody's back, so to speak. Like the same way you would tell someone to cover you.

Like in one of these bank robbery movies. Hey, cover me. Maybe this is like watch my back.

Watch my six. That's what I'm guessing. That would be 100 percent correct. Yeah. Good job. Let's go stuff. 100 percent correct. Wow.

Did not have to use a lifeline. You want a good Josh Graham. OK. If someone says they are about to let the chopper ring. Let the chopper what? Let the chopper ring. Yeah. What does that mean?

Like R.A.I.N? Ring. Ring. Ring.

Ring. Or the chopper can sing. Or the chopper could sing. The chopper could sing too. We're playing grammar school.

Let the chopper ring. Is the question that explain what advice you normally get me if I'm in a rut. Oh, OK. So Josh Graham, over the years that we've been playing this, whenever he doesn't know the answer to something, the answer is usually drugs. So he's he has a theory that whenever he doesn't know the answer to just guess drugs or guns or guns, drugs or guns is one of the other. And I and I think that's where I'm headed here.

I'm going to keep my lifeline so that way I have a shot at the third one in case I don't know. Let the chopper ring. I'm going to say is like bang bang pow pow. Like you're you're shooting a weapon. You're emptying the clip, so to speak. Can I please hear the weapon again? OK.

It's bang bang pow pow. Yeah. Correct. You're correct. I'm so excited.

I love this game when it goes well. Chris and Dennis, do not let them know the answer to this, because if you would let him know, you know, the answer, he'll just automatically say lifeline and get three for three. So you know the answer. I need poker faces on this. OK. Josh, what is a Richard Milley? Richard Milley. OK. Richard Milley went to Johns Hopkins.

Is that good enough for you? I smoked pot with Johnny Hopkins. I love stepbrothers. Richard Milley. I'm going to use my lifeline. I'm going to look at Chris.

He doesn't want to make eye contact with me, so I think he knows. Sorry, Dot. Oh, my God.

And the lifeline. Am I telling you straight out? Yeah, you just tell me. OK. It is a watch.

Oh, it's an expensive, really luxurious, not like my Apple Watch. No, you do not have a Richard Milley. No, I like that one at home in Winston.

My Richard Milley. Are you going to go with are you going to go with that as your answer, Josh? Yes, I am. As your final answer. That's correct. To go three for three for the day. Yeah.

Then you are correct. Let's go. Let's go. Yeah. Yeah.

You always do well when you sit in AGC, man. That's what I'm saying. Yeah. Yeah. And Richard Milley, they start at four hundred thousand dollars. Yeah.

More more than what my house costs. I want to tee up Dot on something here real quick. So I saw this Chet Holmgren news that Chet Holmgren is out for the year with that dreaded Liz Frank injury that got Matt Corral and got Cam Newton. What do you know about Liz Franks?

All right. So Liz Franks like this is an injury that happened because there was a French doctor named Jacquez Liz Frank. Right. And these soldiers in the French war, they would be dismounting from their horses and they would get these lists where they would get these injuries in their foot where they would break like the middle of their foot. And Dr. Liz Frank did so many successful surgeries in that regard that they named that injury.

The Liz Frank injury to the point where Napoleon Bonaparte, Napoleon Bonaparte, he had the Liz Frank injury and Dr. Jacquez Liz Frank actually healed him as well. Look at you, Dot. Yeah. This is why we go to Dot. My man is a historian now. Not only is it black history, he knows world history.

I didn't know that. Dot. So before we let you go as well, we're two days away from the Tar Heels kicking it off against Florida A&M. You love the Tar Heels, but you love your HBCUs as well. How conflicted are you Saturday night? Very, very, very conflicted. But because I know that, you know, that UNC signs the checks, go baby.

You know what I'm listening to? He's going to dominate. No, I'm expecting a good game for FAMU.

Like I was saying earlier this week, man. As far as HBCUs are concerned, this is a big, big deal. It's a chance for us to get on the main stage and really compete against a big a big school like Carolina. And I'm expecting FAMU to play very, very, you know, difficult, hard, tough and and give them a game. But I'm expecting Carolina to win. I got a lot of guys over there that I'm rooting for. Ja and Ra Ra and Travis. And, you know, I'm just I'm just excited for the Carolina boys and I just hope that they can, you know, they got Drake May at the helm. And, you know, it's some exciting things and some exciting energy around Chapel Hill, especially seeing we're going to be leaving from the blue white scrimmage where that's going to be very, very exclusive because like coaches and some media people can't even come to this joint.

It's off the chains. You're going to let me in? Nope. But if you subscribe to my Instagram, you can watch. All right. There you go.

That's a pretty good tease. Is that why is that why when we've tried to get in contact with everybody, nobody will get in contact with us about putting cameras in there? I haven't heard back. I texted the folks over there.

I haven't heard back. I'm telling you, man, like I've been talking to coaches and stuff and like coaches can't even be in there. Like it's media that worked for Carolina. That can't be in there due to the NIL rules.

I'm not 100 percent educated on how all that works. I'm just happy that I got the phone call that I can be there and I can do the P.A. and we're going to have twenty one thousand fans in there and two guest coaches and it's going to be a great time. I love you, bro. Thanks for doing this. Love you too. Any time. And you'll be good. There we go.

That's B dot six mandatory basketball. And he's bringing up good points about like these Carolina football players that he knows. So you're from the triad. He's from the triad, the trefoil.

And a lot of the defensive players that are these top recruits, Mac Brown's brought in, Kavari Ritzy and Travis Shaw and Ra Ra Dilworth, all guys who come from the three three six. So appreciate his time. I just got a message in the last minute or so from my dad saying the legend. Chapa is an automatic gun. Thanks, Dad. And watch your back.

Also a police term. Watch your six. You know, it's halftime. Can you stick around for one more? I got to head to get out of here. Get out of here.

Then I got to go. Let's give some applause for thank you for hanging out with us today. Thank you. Thank you.

It's just good to see you, man. Mike. They're from the culture state pod back on the radio next week. And this week you got Davante Graham on the pot. Got Davante Graham on the culture state podcast.

Check it out. And we will be back on the radio. Dennis and I right here. Culture State Saturday. It'll be live on ninety nine nine to fan and Raleigh. It'll be live on WRAL sports fan dot com. You can go there. And then you'll also be live on WRAL sports.

Plus, you can watch it on television stream. So you're getting off the WRAL. We're getting off to halftime, by the way, real fast. On September 3rd, we'll be at East Carolina State ECU. I got the restaurant recommendations.

Okay. There's also a place in Raleigh. They have a store in Raleigh now. Best barbecue joint. I know.

Oh, Sam Jones Barbecue paid him a visit. There you go. You're welcome. There's Chris Lee, everybody.

Appreciate that. Thank you for having me, man. Let's go to halftime. Chris, your halftime entertainment is Chris exits the studio.

He'll walk by the camera. It's totally fine. So first things first here. You feel the walking dead, walking dead. Yeah. Or did you ever dabble into the show a little bit? I remember when I was in college, when it was first starting to air and there was somebody I was trying to impress that watched the show. I also did that with Laguna Beach way back in the day. Okay. I would. That's where the reality. I would watch the show just to have something to talk about with women.

I'd be like, hey, can you believe Jess and Bobby? Like, what a snake to have something to talk about. What a snake. And yeah, it didn't really work out for the walking dead. It never really caught on me. Well, there's actually a spinoff show and there's been a couple already, but there's another one featuring a couple of the main characters, including Maggie and Negan. Negan played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Now reason why I bring up Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Do you watch the boys on Amazon Prime or have you seen it? I've heard of the boys. Okay. I've been told I need to watch this. It's not for the faint of heart.

I'm just going to go and put that out there. But Jeffrey Dean Morgan officially added to season four of the boys, which just started filming. So he's got only going to be in a spinoff series of The Walking Dead, a show he's been featured on, I believe, since season six or seven.

But he's also going to be now part of the boys as well. See, would you describe yourself as a movie person or a TV show person? Yes. Usually, usually it's more one than the other. Okay, you can like both though, but do you spend more time watching movies or music or not music on TV shows? Well, probably TV just because it just physically takes more time. Yeah.

Simply because of that reason. For me, I don't watch a lot of TV shows at all. I'm kind of TV illiterate in a lot of senses because I watch a lot of movies. Like during the fall and spring, I usually prep shows and I'm doing work while I have games on late night at around like 10, 11 o'clock at night.

But during the summer, there's not as many games that I have to watch. So I have to have something on and it's always movies. So just in the last couple of months after I got married, getting back to work and getting back into the heat of things, I've always just had movies on. Like I've watched easily 20 movies in the last month. Oh really?

Easily. And I try to watch movies I've never seen. So like First Blood I hadn't watched before. The Untouchables.

A lot of movies in the 80s that I hadn't seen before that I've been knocking out. So that's usually my way of doing things. There are not a lot of TV shows I like or that I watch a lot other than The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Which makes me a strange person, I understand. Okay, it's fine. We all have our things. We all have our things. But you know, for me, I like television shows. Like for example, The Boys. They're about eight episodes per season.

Perfect limp. So it's not overbearing. Like 8, 10, 12, depending on the length of each episode, makes things a lot more bearable. It's hard to get into a show that's got 23, 24 episodes in a season. It's like, man, there's five seasons. I'm told I gotta watch it.

But it's a big time commitment. Unless it's something along the lines of maybe an Office for Parks and Rec where episodes are only about 21, 22 minutes after the commercials have been taken out. So it's a lot easier to binge.

But watching a show that's 40 minutes, 45 minutes, I don't know, it just takes a little bit more time. The only non-reality TV show that I've watched in recent months was Barry on HBO. I binged all of that.

That was fun. I need to watch that. I've heard good things about that show. Love Bill Hader.

Bill Hader is great. Now since you are a movie fan. Yes. Did you ever watch A Christmas Story? Oh yeah.

You'll shoot your eye out. Yeah. Well, there's a sequel. Oh no. There's a sequel upcoming. That's right. Yesterday, Warner Brothers shuffled around some release dates and it looks like the sequel to A Christmas Story is going to arrive November 17th this year.

Who we got? Like one of the kids from Stranger Things going to be playing Ralphie? Well, here's the thing. I don't know when it's going to be set. I don't know if, for example, the kid that played Ralphie is now a dad now and it's his own Christmas story now being a parent.

I don't know any details of this. So this is going to be a movie or is it going to be a series? Like a TV show? It's a movie, but it's going to be on HBO Max. So I think it might be an HBO Max exclusive. Okay.

I'm going to give it a shot. I don't know how old A Christmas Story is now. I don't know. 83. Huh. So older than me.

Sounds like it's about, I've seen more egregious remakes than this. Yeah. So let's give it a shot. Update it a little bit. I'm sure.

Just refresh it a little bit. I don't have an issue with that. Some classics I don't think you touch. Like, I don't think like in recent weeks, uh, Olivia Newton, John passed away. I don't think you need to brush up on grease at all because of when that movie was set. It was set into the fifties and that's still what the fifties were like. Even in 1970 when the movie was made 1977, I think, I mean this, I can't remember.

Was Christmas story based in the thirties? Yeah. Yeah.

So I guess by that logic too, it's a good point you bring up. I don't know if we need the remake, but we'll see. Well, I don't think it's a remake. I think it's just an actual sequel to the movie. Oh, okay. So I don't think it's a, it's a redo or reboot or remake. It's just, uh, all right, here's the sequel.

Kind of like Top Gun Maverick was the original Top Gun. Gotcha. Okay. I think, I think I could talk myself into that. Okay.

Well have fun getting into that. I don't know. To me, the Christmas story is a little bit overrated. It's a fun movie. It's a fun movie, but people like all in on it.

I'm like, I don't know. It's a kid's movie, man. Yeah, I know. And it's like, and it can be overrated. If kids like it, it's hard. I've never heard anyone say a kid's movie. Kids like a lot of things that aren't great.

I know. I've never heard someone say a kid's movie is overrated. It's like when someone asks me, like we use our adult sensibilities to define things. It's like when people ask me who the best Batman is and I always say it's Adam West. Adam West. No, people are like, oh no, it's Christian Bale and all these others. I'm like, well no, like if you read the comic books, as I'm sure you did. Oh yeah, I still do.

Yeah. And you know, what best captured that? What was the best Batman who was made to be a children's character initially?

I think Adam West. Pow. And the red phone and all that. I think best exemplified it. Best portrayed Batman.

With the shark repellent. Exactly. Speaking of comic books and movies. We're going to talk to Steve Forbes tomorrow about Batman. Oh we are?

Like Adam West Batman because that man will fight you to the death that Adam West is the best Batman. Oh really? He will. Alright. Alright. I'm here for this conversation.

By the way, the Thor Love and Thunder sequel, not sequel, digital release has actually been set for September, so people that want to watch the movie and still don't want to go to theaters, you're looking at September 8th for digital release. Who owns more Marvel superhero comic book merch? You? I guess Ovious is not the hugest.

No, he's not. I top things. I ain't even close. I have a producer in the Triad who might even out Star Wars Joe Ovious in terms of merch that he owns. I don't own a lot of Star Wars merch.

I've watched all the shows and movies multiple times. How much Marvel Universe merch do you have? Define merch. Are we talking just shirts, action figures, are we actually talking books as well? Yes. A lot. But I also have a lot of DC and independent stuff. I've got multiple bookshelves full of books, figures. I've got a lot. You like what you like.

Yeah, I like what I like. But I also enjoy independent comics as well. For example, The Walking Dead that I mentioned earlier is based off of a comic book, an independent book by Robert Kirkman. Same thing with The Boys is based off a story by Garth Ennis, both independent published. A movie I recently rewatched again.

I rewatched the Tobey Maguire Spidermans recently. Okay. Want a hot take? I might not disagree with you depending on your hot take. Spiderman 2 is the best superhero movie ever.

Get out of here. Better Than the Dark Knight, which just ripped off heat. Okay. It ripped off heat. Okay. It did. Oh, you take that scene with Batman and the Joker meeting face-to-face was original?

Or is it the same thing as De Niro meeting face-to-face with Pacino in 95 and heat? It even has a bank robbery in it. Okay. Spiderman had bank robbers. I know.

Because Doc Ock stole money in a bank too. So get your take out of here. The face-to-face part. It's heat. The Dark Knight's heat.

That's all it is. It is far from heat. Okay. I love heat by the way. And I love the Dark Knight. Heat is a great movie. But Spiderman 2 is better. This, this, this.

Because of the FCC we're going to break. Oh no. That, that's been half-time entertaining. I recently rewatched Spiderman 2. I was like, is it as good as we remember it? It's not.

Whoa. It is not. It is average. Pure average. I love that movie. Kirsten Dunst gets it done.

No she. This half-time entertainment was more entertaining for one person than the other on this show. That's all we got for that.

That's all you get. How to get me going, Dennis Cox. Eric B and Rakim. What an hour it's been. B Dot in here.

Grammar School was great. I'm Josh Graham, by the way, in for Adam Gold. Blowing your minds from a wrestling perspective with Chris Lee in studio. You're going to want to hear the Macho Man Randy Savage story on the podcast later.

Just search the best of the Adam Gold show, wherever you get your podcasts. We are a couple days away from week zero. College football is essentially here, y'all. So let's place our bets. Place your bets. Place your bets.

Here we go. I bet you slice into the woods a hundred bucks. Gambling is illegal with Bushwood, sir, and I never slide.

Okay, you can own it. I owe you bets. I'll let you mess around with preseason stuff, EPL or whatever obscure stuff you're going to find. If betting were legal, then I just winked for the camera, then I would only bet on football.

Football is the only thing that I really look at that closely. I've been doing a lot of research and I've got some football bets to hand out and I'm going to start with Illinois in the Big Ten. Adam Gold has units that he hands out. I'm going to spend a hundred and ten of Adam Gold's units, lay it, to lay 11 points with Illinois against Wyoming. Okay, so you have Illinois minus 11.

Why? Former Syracuse quarterback Tommy DeVito announced as the starter for Illinois. I'm a Brett Bielema guy. He was quoted this offseason as saying, I didn't come back to college to only win five games. Okay, I hear you coach. If you're going to win more than five, you better beat Wyoming because Josh Allen's not walking through that door.

Josh Allen also not playing against the Carolina Panthers tomorrow night, but he will be playing for the Buffalo Bills and not the Wyoming Cowboys. So yes, Illinois in Champaign, which is an underrated college football environment, lay the points. All right.

What do you got? I'm going to go to Europa Conference League qualifying here, a little soccer action. The only reason why I'm going with this game is just because of the team name or one of the team names. So, Onderlecht is playing young boys.

Onderlecht, great coach. Sure, but young boys? Yeah, them boys, you better watch out. Yeah, give me a draw plus 240. There you go. How about another football bet? Usually, I think betting under is for cowards and for people that don't like fun.

But, if you're looking at week zero where things might be a little bit undercooked before the season starts, your offenses probably take a little bit longer than the defenses and you're talking about the Big Ten and you're talking about traveling overseas to Ireland, 50 points is a lot. Give me the under of 49 and a half and I have 110 units, once again. Minus 110?

Minus 110. Going to take the under on Northwestern and Nebraska. I see that spread's also 13 and a half. Give me that too.

Give me that candy with Northwestern. All right. Next up. Chiefs Packers tonight, preseason action, give me the Chiefs to win it plus 105. Is that the Super Bowl preview or is that the other game tonight, Texans 49ers?

The other. Who's to say? We'll find out when we get to Arizona. Get to Glendale, I should say.

Got to be specific about these things. Where are we going? What NFL city are we going to next hour? Well, we're going to the Bills, so to Orchard Park, New York.

See, that's why I asked. It's not Buffalo, it's Orchard Park. Just like you would think we're going to Phoenix if we're going to the Super Bowl.

No, no, no, no, no. Glendale. Going to Glendale. Okay, so that's your preseason bet tonight? Yeah, I already have one already at the Texans over the 49ers at plus 150. There you go. How about I look at a season future here? This is the last bet I'll hand out.

All right. I look at MVP odds. I see Josh Allen's at the very top of that list.

Sure. Man, a lot of people feel good about Justin Herbert. You can get it 10 to 1 to win the NFL MVP. How about we scan down that list a little bit and look at 20 to 1. One Lamar Jackson.

Okay. The Ravens have one of the 10 or 11 easiest schedules in the NFL, according to Warren Sharpe, who I happen to trust. And Lamar thinks he is owed Deshaun money rather than Kyler Murray money. And unlike Kyler, he's won an MVP already and has won a playoff game. So maybe Lamar's right in that. A lot of people doubting Lamar. So I'm going to think Lamar has the Steph Curry, Will Zalatoris, what are they going to say now MVP type of season? You get great value at 20 to 1. That's my MVP pick.

I think the Ravens have a great season this year and Lamar going to be the NFL MVP. So plus 2000. That's right. So pretty impressive.

Plus 2000, 20 to 1. I like it for Lamar. Give me one more.

My final one. Yankees are in action tonight. Yeah, they are. They're on the road playing against Oakland against the Athletics.

We'll see what the fans are up to in the top of the stadium there in Oakland tonight. I saw that story. Okay. Anthony Rizzo to hit a home run plus 390. Okay, not judge.

Nope, not judge. Anthony Rizzo to hit a home run. He's looking for number 50. Yeah.

Or number 49. Judge to hit a home run is a plus 210. But I'm going to go Rizzo hitting a home run plus 390. Yeah.

Yeah. I've actually done, sometimes actually have done decent on these home run picks. What home run race are you more excited for heading into September? Albert Pujols looking for 700, which only Ruth, Aaron, and Bonds have achieved. Three away from A-Rod for fourth all time. Or is it Aaron Judge, who right now sits at 48 after the home run a couple nights ago, chasing Roger Maris in the Yankee record of 61?

Honestly, the Yankee one does not appeal to me at all. Because some view that as the real single season home run record because the only people that hit more busted with steroids, Bonds, Maguire, and Sosa. Yeah. I see that. And also there's only 154 games played in those seasons as well. So that I get. But to me, seeing Albert Pujols, that's a career achievement of getting 700.

I don't necessarily call that a race. And he's 42. Yeah. And I don't know if he'll play that. I don't know about you, but he's feeling 42.

I'm sure he is. Who's going to write that song? I'd listen to that.

He's 42. Maybe Taylor Swift 10 years from now. I hope she does. I'd listen to that. I know you would. On the ride in this morning.

Just kidding. Woke up, listening to music. I was listening to Springsteen by Eric Church, live version. And then on the drive in, here's how I get my mind right for the show. Ten minute version, all too well. Taylor Swift, boom. This is The Adam Gold Show.
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