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The Line of Civility Has Been Erased

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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May 9, 2022 3:31 pm

The Line of Civility Has Been Erased

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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May 9, 2022 3:31 pm

What was left of the "line that shall not be crossed" was obliterated over the weekend, thanks to pro-abortion activists fearful that Roe v. Wade will be overturned soon. Guest host Jeff Stein is joined by Dr. Wendy Patrick, Bill O’Reilly, North Carolina Congressman Mark Walker, and former Iowa Congressman Steve King!

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Progressive's home on such a screwup walk in closet. If you have more than enough storage in the unfinished basement. Eventually, no matter how much you love it more knowing you could save big on your home and auto with progressive coverage was going to stick to situations welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals legacy PM investments The legacy PM University studio in Memphis Tennessee will Barnes radio program coast to coast. On more than 100 outstanding radio stations and streaming live on Geter and Anton hello fellow patriots, I'm Jeff Stein filling in for Todd today from the liberty universities studio located today at my home base start 1540 KX EL in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo, Iowa 50,000 W blowtorch scorching middle America with accurate news and reasonable views. Todd is off today.

He will be back with you at this time tomorrow. Hope you'll stay with us.

We have a number of tremendous gas lined up to cover all of the important topics in the news and we also like to have your input as always call us at 844-747-8868 same number.

You usually used to connect with Miss Gray shall put you on through to me at 844-747-8868 coming up in 30 minutes just after your bottom of the hour news and weather break will speak with attorney and national news analyst Dr. Wendy Patrick about the supreme court protests that took place over the weekend I'll touch on that here in just a moment but will get her viewpoint on it this hour as well coming up in our number two of the program. Bill O'Reilly joins us live to talk about his brand-new book, killing the killers and holding a copy right now. Wonderful book yet again. The most popular book series nonfiction book series in history, the killing series and the new addition with some amazing reporting. It's called killing the killers will talk with Mr. O'Reilly one hour from now. At the bottom of our number two representative Mark Walker will talk about his campaign in the race in North Carolina and then coming up to start our number three former Iowa Congressman Steve King will be our guest. He has a new political memoir available called walking through the fire, he got what many feel was a raw deal from Kevin McCarthy and Steve King is here to tell you he got treated by McCarthy, then the same way.

People are complaining that they're being treated by McCarthy now and that he is not fit to be speaker of the house. In other words, if you want to hear from someone who experienced first-hand deception at the hands of the minority leader well this is the man who will tell you about it. Steve is his website. The book walking through the fire, former Iowa Congressman Steve King two hours from now and again.

Hopefully you as we move along at 844-747-8868, as I told my audience and I would today.

There used to be a line, a line that you just did not cross. And there were various lines in personal life in business and professional life, but families used to be off limits.

They just were off limits, especially when minor children were involved. It was this way when Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn brought Amy into the White House. It was that way when Barack and Michelle Obama had their two minor daughters in the White House. Minor children are supposed to be off limits. In other words, let's not put them through the rigors of something that their parent did on the political stage or in business. There's a line. Some would suggest that line was completely blown away obliterated and erased over the weekend when a group of protesters went to the house of US Supreme Court Justice Brett Cavanaugh when a group of protesters made their way nearby. As it turns out to the home of Chief Justice John Roberts now near as we can tell from what we've seen on the social media. The whole thing was organized by a Cavanaugh neighbor who disclose the addresses and said here let's meet in this public parking lot will all get together and then will march down there, that given the current political climate.

I would suggest is akin to hanging out target on the backs of these individuals never mind the families in some cases the young families who reside behind the doors and walls of that house, and on top of it that to really show you how mindless so much of this is it's one thing to go to Brett Cavanaugh's house. He's on record, according to the leaked decision of the US Supreme Court wrote a prospective opinion proposed opinion. He's one of those who voted to overturn Roe versus Wade. John Roberts though voted the way these people want to have a vote cast. In other words, he's one of them on this issue and they still went to his house and protested.

If you're John Roberts and I have no reason to doubt the faith of his convictions, the courage of his convictions if he cast a vote on just going to give him the benefit of the doubt until shown otherwise that he did it because he thought it was the right thing to do. He was not playing the political game will give them that benefit of the doubt for a moment looking out the window probably say what you mean. I am with you on this issue. Not good enough because on other issues you're not with us and you were appointed by Republican and so therefore you must pay the sound and fury. Chuck Schumer said we were going to unleash everything here we go.

Thankfully, in neither of those incidents was anyone to my knowledge, hurt or injure.

Thank goodness because if something terrible had happened. You can blame the current majority leader of the United States Senate. The one who got behind the microphone at the Supreme Court building and threatened physical harm to justices of the Supreme Court in one respect.

I don't blame the protesters they thought it was okay to do it is purely by the grace of God that nothing bad happened.

And now you have the White House talk about a day late will really four days late in more than a dollar short. When asked last week if the White House would proactively condemn any sort of protests at justices home. The outgoing Press Secretary is this her last week is her last day Friday the 13th. Somehow that's just all entirely appropriate, but she refused to condemn protest while all this, this, this White House so we are in favor of free speech and people have to have the right to express their views, etc., etc. and then all of a sudden it started getting not one but two Supreme Court justices with angry people in the yard nice angry because this could have been peaceful, but they certainly weren't happy to be there. They weren't celebrating a ruling so they were angry about now the White House through the same Press Secretary daubed little red lying hood by Mr. Starnes quite appropriate. She tweeted the following the president at POTUS, to be precise here. President strongly believes in the constitutional right to protest, but that should never include violence, threats or vandalism stop there.

That should never include violence, threats or vandalism. Why the change because during the 2020 campaign. When blue cities were being burned down. They didn't take that view. Did they never should include violence, threats or vandalism. She continues judges perform an incredibly important function in our society and they must be able to do their jobs without concern for their personal safety. Perhaps those who leaked the ruling should've thought of that, provided that the leak came from the left, I have to tell you I could go either way on that one, and I'll explain that in a moment. But why is it this morning to day is the first time that this White House believes in protest, but says that should never include violence, threats or vandalism little late for that facility in Wisconsin that was firebombed, don't you think is not really violence. No one was inside really that's the line that it's okay to throw a Molotov cocktail into a building because while nobody was inside. It is not okay. It is not okay. Now the question I have at this point how many Democrats will line up behind that view. As espoused on Twitter by the Press Secretary that protest should never include violence, threats or vandalism. How many will line up behind that, or will she have to walk that back before she gets to the podium this afternoon.

It's a fascinating concept because protest, peaceful protest. That's a hallmark of our democracy. But the phrase peaceful protest is something to put in quotes and mock based upon what the left is done starting two years ago and continuing now through this most recent week when we come back I'll tell you why.

To me it's just as likely the left leaked the draft ruling as opposed to the right, by the way, isn't it amazing this is a Monday. Happy Monday to last Monday. At this time. This was not a topic it was what 9 o'clock Eastern, 8 o'clock central Monday night when politico first leaked the draft ruling from February and now everything is changed in that short period of time.

You don't even hear about Ukraine. Much you suppose that's why the first lady went to Ukraine yesterday.

Pay no attention to the Supreme Court thing over here because it could turn bad in a hurry Outlook. Dr. Jill is here with the first lady of of Ukraine is not wonderful Joel of course was playing golf as Mr. Starnes noted on the social yesterday was playing golf with his brother and the first lady was conducting diplomacy in a war zone.

Okay this is what were dealing with folks 844-747-8868 is the number 844-747-8868 who combined have leaked this. I'll talk about that when we come back.

Good to have your long. I'm Jeff Stein and for Todd and this is the Todd Starnes show shortlisting tectonic stories. Well, I don't have to tell you, folks, America is facing huge challenges, soaring inflation, alarming crime rates. The worsening crisis of our southern border and radical ideas being forced on our children. Folks, it's time to join forces with an organization that loves America a map. The Association of mature American citizens is America's conservative 50+ organization my friends at Amax are action oriented and fight every day to represent your interest on Capitol Hill with the Amax advocacy team. So join today go to a magna .us/start start receiving amazing benefits like this council travel. Sailboats and restaurants, all while fighting to preserve America as a causes that conservatives care about just $16 a year you could join forces with a black and 2.3 million Americans who share your values. I'm a proud member of a map and you can be what to go to Amax .us/Starnes join or renew today is filling in for Todd on this Monday he'll be back tomorrow so I said before the break, I would tell you why I think it could be there side leaking.

Let's say if you're the left hear someone either a clerk or justice on the losing side you say let's delete this to try to force some of those justices to change their vote to have public opinion come to bear and show up outside their house. It may be, however, that the leak came from the right because one of the five got up a little bit of cold feet as I got closer to the time where you'd actually have to commit. Finally, and so the leak came to say these five said they were in favor to try to hold them to their vote. To me it could be equal but it one is equally possible or as likely as the other. I think both are real.

Regardless of motive. It is an affront to the US Supreme Court, and it is unprecedented and will talk more with attorney and national news analyst Dr. Wendy Patrick after the bottom of the hour. Now let's go to the newsline and 844-747-8868 is the number that Doug used to calling from North Georgia. Listening to W. D. UN Doug, thanks for calling the Todd Starcher how are you today I'm doing good now inside a local large hardware store. I shall not name them because I don't think that they pay for that very nice to hear. Anyway yeah couple quick.

I did like really bonded discount mastectomy hysterectomy. I think I go that route, and also state that unfortunately the equal of any person protest in favor of that. It will kill you. I marked themselves and I get.

Let's give them unlimited abortion. You are both people we have built while I protect the right of light of court. You know I'm just cynical view, but it might help like that you're going to say that it should be retroactive to get rid of those protesters but that's that's hardly meaningful solution, but the problem anyway, as you raise. Let's save these protesters raise children. How are they going to educate them school them, etc. I mean it's going to take an awful lot of work to make the offspring of these protesters productive members of society. Would you agree about the way I also meant to say that I think that we should also have the mob federally funded dollars to go toward counseling that isn't Christian faith base. Whatever the feeling of light, but anybody who's known the mother waiting to get pregnant. The look on her face when she realized that she has of life growing in her. It transcends all well the look you cannot deny anybody say that that look is still relevant no idea what that like I'm reading somebody so I think that the really good counseling people doesn't make shows them that the way we talk about the ability all the time know the live blog about the ability of light. These young people have children. There's a lot of people that want to adopt will know that. Anyway I like to go.

Thanks. Our good luck with the shopping and thank you so much for calling in from North Georgia today on the Todd Stargell. You can reach us in the liberty University studio by doing just as Doug did call 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868. The issue I think was framed very nicely by the host of this program. Todd Starnes on the social media over the weekend. I think I may have seen it yesterday. You're either pro-abortion or Pro baby. What it comes down to the left has use this pleasant term pro-choice will the only choices you kill the baby or not into some of these people.

It's kill the baby up until the very instant before birth.

Those are the ones who say no limitations whatsoever. None whatsoever. So I think Mr. Starnes is yet again right.

The only choice they're talking about is do I kill this baby or not. Pro-abortion Pro baby that's a pretty good way to frame it will talk about the protest with attorney Wendy Patrick when we come back Jeff Stein in for Todd. This is the Todd Stargell print since November of last year. The stock market has plummeted, but gold has been authorized. Gas prices are insane.

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Precious metals can advise you of all of your options for investing in gold and silver. You can speak to an IRA expert legacy, precious metals, 866-528-1903 or download their free investors guided legacy PM nine you from the liberty University studio on this Monday Tom be back tomorrow. Love to hear your thoughts today 447-4788 68 will take your calls in the next segment, but joining is now on the patriot mobile newsmaker line attorney and national news analyst Dr. Wendy Patrick Dr. Patrick, thanks so much for taking time today.

How are you doing you likewise you will see Dr. Patrick on court TV Newsmax real Americas voice. Many different places. She's on the twitter machine at Wendy Patrick, PhD all right, let's talk first of all about these protests in front of Supreme Court justices Holmes now I say they cross the line in terms of civility, they could very well however be legal. What is the actual status of the law with regard to protesters in private homes overdue healthcare, allied health, section 8, or parade shifted at whoever in inner hearing with operative language that I think it's important here obstructing or impeding it ministration it just the only inkling think any judge in any codon that were finally talking about because the Supreme Court That the are now having the people to protesters actually having come to their home. I mean if there is there no plate crack addicted attempt to intimidate it with salt and the parameters that holy people currently waiting disagreement and tempting popcorn out the lawmakers and the jacket came. I am sure they would say one thing whether their intention is another, but generally when were talking about protests. You can't block the sidewalk so others can't get through. You have to engage in weld it's it's not as time, place and manner restrictions.

You can't be there at three in the morning with a bullhorn, there are limitations on how one may protest those of the general rules, but it's pretty clear to most rational individuals that going to not only Brett Cavanaugh's house, but also John Roberts's house there sending a message and that message would very easily be seen as trying to influence. Influence the outcome of a pending case and harder to prove intent and some people think that looking at a statute, one might think a lot intent like well actually get filing get into court. You need evidence to back but can't let you know. I will try think I am already chanting change your vote, change your vote or you know women thought a women's right to know many different ways in which particular cocaptain paper manner at the communication is important regarding whether or not it might drive it like this from actually being import now do I think it will be rounding up many protesters.

It Probably isn't can happen today or tomorrow currently bipartisan event for the fact that somebody called Democratic lawmaker lawmakers, some of them have had things like that happen over the years and Derek just something about your home, your family, your children, that should be think Greg you know it's one thing people he protest in public, the White House changed their candidate cannot do that now we do not like that Great three days late, but better late than never, as raised by Dr. Wendy Patrick. She's joining us live on the Todd Starnes program Jeff Stein filling in for Todd today. Talk if you will, and I know some of us have talked about it already, but the whole idea of a draft ruling being lead. That is something that you just have never heard of being done and it could I I'm not belittling the impact of of overturning Roe versus Wade offense how it turns out, but the breach of collegiality and kind confidentiality during deliberations that has generational impact on the nine members of this court and how they deal with one another and Robert publicly calling and I think that Dr. both publicly and privately expressed that all watching the Supreme Court and looking at the independence and integrity to characterize court once that process to be short-circuited one way or another. Because somebody decided to expose this opinion before with Don Bartlett. I mean that to think that you can interfere with cream court work this way to get the question I had a contract beginning when I heard about the leak, which I do agree that I had mine. Regardless of the merit like if anything can quite do differently with this opinion. I would hate to see the inner workings of the ways in which they were finalizing this draft into a final product to be with you not like them. I could say, oh, just in time for midterm exam for the midterm waiter came out and made her way to get Mother's Day yesterday back to Google.

What, where, and why I cannot wait for the mark for the marshal of the court get to the bottom of the week and find out what happened, Jeff and also to make sure this never happened.

I spoke about 15 minutes on this program by suggesting it to me is just as likely that the leak came from the left as opposed to the right different motivations in the whole thing, but it is striking that you now have a Justice Justice Alito. The reports are that he and his family have been taken to an undisclosed location for their own safety. That is something that we would not even have dared think about two years ago three years ago. I would suggest that everything about her cautionary after the mobilization of the pro-abortion.

At that with almost like on wanting to make it happen and you know it's not just a little bit on that with the group. Scary thing about this and you wonder what they knew they didn't. Public content quickly with respect to Jeff whether or not Roberts account in our home to get there with a lot of footage of the project their home. But you're right Alito that with something I'm over in about an HF being shot shouldn't be an occupational therapy job. You would think would be dangerous as we learned in the last week. Apparently it is Dr. Wendy Patrick attorney national news analyst joining us on the Todd Starnes show Jeff Stein filling in for Todd. Her website is Wendy Patrick, and is noted she's on the twitter machine at Wendy Patrick, PhD with regard to that leak in the process and this is something that as a lawyer I think you can elaborate on decisions as they are handed down by an appellate court like this, there are the oral arguments there's a show of hands.

If there's a pretty clear break, then the justices go to start writing opinions and they get passed around right so should we really think that a February draft by Justice Alito. Should we assume that that's really going to be the language when it is released, whether on scheduling June or sooner that we can pretty much think we found Jeff are going to note the way that opinion because The court is the way they were leaning every time you had an opportunity later with oral argument thereafter question they are making. They pretty much down through what they would is the question litigator that would be the way they would come down this issue. Roberts is really the only wildcard thinking or maybe from the neck but don't not go to bars to overturn route 544-6302 there Wendy are always there when we call I appreciated greatly have an excellent day. You think in Dr. Wendy Patrick again attorney national news analyst on Twitter at Wendy Patrick, PhD she joined us live from her home base in California.

Here the other patriot mobile newsmaker line on the Todd Starnes show Jeff Stein filling in for Todd today 844-747-8868 is how you can join this coast-to-coast conversation on a Monday. One of the things that I think is interesting about the ruling and the fact that it was leaked and it may come down etc. etc. have already suggested it could be just as likely one side or the other.

I have heard people on the left screaming that this never would've happened if only Mary Garland was on the Supreme Court, this wouldn't have happened if you had Justice Garland. There hardly right but only partly right and I will explain what I mean by that. When we come back after this quick break again 844-747-8868 wanted to join the conversation on the other side Jeff Stein and for Todd. This is the Todd Starnes show radio show in November 2020. The Democrats were up to no good.

Were planning to pull off the greatest team of election fraud never before seen. They didn't think we would catch them but we did find out what they did and how they did in the documentary film called 2000 you directed and narrated by renowned filmmaker to executive produced by Selah media group with, 2000 mules tells the story of the one who tried to hijack the president election you'll see the actual video surveillance to see how we track their cell phone box after box.

As they got paid to carry out this illegal scheme watch the movie and decide for yourself. Attend a limited release premiere of 2000 mules on May 2 or May 4. Check your local listings and get your tickets number welcome back to the Todd Starnes show streaming live that and live stream on debtor by the way Todd Twitter and get her aunt Todd Starnes, Instagram, Todd Starnes, F and C I'm Jeff Stein filling in for Todd today he's back tomorrow. You can reach me at totally Iowa audio WA totally. I I'm on Twitter and get her in parlor and Instagram at Iowa audio WA politics at Iowa politics so before the break. I indicated that lots of folks on the left.

Ever since this leaked decision was publicly posted by politico great their work on their part to get that out there.

Of course, but I've heard this drumbeat of this wouldn't have happened if Mary Garland was on the court. Maybe yes, maybe no. Here's one let's say that Mary Garland was on the Supreme Court and Donald Trump only had to justices that he was able to point instead of three. First of all, those three that he appointed certainly aren't lockstep for him based on their rulings. To this point. So all of these folks who say they saw this coming. Well, how do you square the fact that they didn't exactly do what Trump wanted or would have preferred in other rulings but put that aside so you would have Alito and Thomas into Trump Justices.

There's four would've voted overturn Roe. You would have briar still on the court. So to Mayor Kagan and Garland if he had been appointed before. On the other side leave role alone that would have put Chief Justice John Roberts smack dab in the middle he would have been the swing vote. It is very clear that Roberts cares about his legacy. As has been indicated for all these ruling from Obama care on down. You'll note that he says let's not overturn Roe in this current case because it's going to happen anyway. 54 is vote was not needed another words we can have his cake and eat it too. He can say hope no one to keep with this precedent but yet have the policy change will what if it had been for foreign he's the swing vote.

I think he would have approved limitations on row potentially in concert with the current case that's before the court, limiting it to 16 weeks 20 week something in their so these people on the left to say.

There you go. If we have had Mary Garland row would be in tact. I don't think so. I don't think Roe was going to be in tact. Regardless but it might not be overturn.

Now that is a distinction that is a difference, but again any time you start hearing from people who care more about the outcome in the decision than the process then were just back where we were when this case was first decided and again I went to law school with lots of liberal professors and then he admitted this Roe decision was one of the more flawed constitutionally-based decisions, but they like the outcome.

This was an example of what's come up with a certain outcome and then we'll figure out a way to justify and that to some degree, is why those on the left. The pro-abortion crowd have been so nervous all this time because it's not the most fundamentally sound decision from a constitutional basis ever handed down by a court and that would make it ripe for being overturn whether now whether it was 20 years ago, or whether it be 10 years in the future. It's just not a solid constitutional decision. I might also say because I have not talked to you since this all came out.

We hear these people say well that's been settled for some 50 years that's precedent you can't change that really Brown versus Board of Education, 1954 overturn the 1896 ruling in Plessy versus Ferguson that said separate but equal schools work just fine. That precedent was around longer than this precedent. Folks on the left, I presume are okay with Brown overruling Plassey.

We play this game all all day. We now have it all out of the table. Let's just see what the actual ruling says when it is handed down.

I tend to go along with those who are saying to members of the Supreme Court.

Normally, you would've released this in June, but given the extraordinary nature of the situation. The leak, the threats to the lives of justices make it official now and let's move on. But then again, if you do that than those who violated the rules wind up winning. I suppose because it's altered the schedule but this, this is no way to conduct ourselves in society and I would say that regardless of how the ruling came down. You just don't do what it is that some of these people are doing threatening firebombing blocking access to churches of all places that should be free from harm or the threat of harm.

It should be a place of worship on a Saturday night or a Sunday morning, don't you think that we had the higher additional security we had to have parishioners stand outside the doors of churches to block protesters so that parishioners can get inside. That is not a civil society and we have become the opposite of civil in so much discourse and I don't want to hear well the other side does it well find you want to be torn down, broken down to to be what's what the others are doing and son appropriate. That doesn't let you look yourself in the mirror, which above all is one of the more important things you can do at the end of a given day is not able to look in the mirror and say I conducted myself appropriately. Today I was a good force in the world.

I did not cause harm pro-Ms. there probably some of these folks who think that their ends do justify those destructive means they probably can look themselves in the mirror and that is a much more difficult thing to change 844-747-8868 looking forward to taking more of your calls in our next hour from the liberty University studio if you're with us for the next hour Bill O'Reilly will be here to talk about killing the killers, Rissman, Mark Walker of North Carolina as well. Hope you will be here to I Jeff Stein filling in for Todd.

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How are you sir, absolutely.

Congratulations on the book.

Once again I believe I heard you in promotional announcements say this is some of the most important reporting you've ever done that. Certainly saying something on what basis.

Advisors from younger administrations to talk to me tell me exactly what happened and they tracked down and assassinations of top terror leaders live now that daddy so that Manet Bogle Ahram on and on to have them tell me that when the information is classified. I don't know if I can ever top to reportage and then we put it in the book.

My one promise to these men and their own men was that I would not put anything in killing the killers that would harm America and I didn't but the detail that we have and the information about our weapon systems and how we track down these heinous individuals is unique.

It's never be or been put out there, Bill O'Reilly, author of killing the killers. He joins us live on the Todd Stern show Jeff Stein in for Todd. You have reported on this for decades.

What was it, as you marshaled all this evidence as you talk to these individuals.

What was it that I don't want to say surprise you, but what led you to sit back a bit, as you put everything together number number one. The comfort in knowing how effective our CIA and NSA are people understand when a president comes in the apparatus.

The intelligence operator stays the same fire everybody and bring in new people like to do a lot of political departments so the CIA and NSA national security agency. They have the most sophisticated surveillance in the world by far and in fact the terrorists the jihadists can even make phone calls, no matter where they call what they do. It's picked up in a weaponry that we have make everybody a little more self-assured. Our space weaponry developed in the trump administration because he spent hundreds of billions of dollars upgrading it is just frightening. It's ferocious and prudent she don't have those weapons yet and that's a constrain on even put in because in a lot more trouble if we didn't have the space weapons and we demonstrate that in the Solomonic takedown what happened and give you little taste.

Jeff is the only thing left of him.

After the hellfire missile hit him from space was one finger with a ring on it which is how they identified it was Solomonic.

We have the picture of that in killing the killers.

I'm holding a copy of the book right here in the studio.

It it depth is amazing. Not surprising because the other 11 books in this series.

At the same level of depth. Bill O'Reilly killing the killers is the book joining us on the Todd Starnes program. You said something a moment ago then and there was a direction I wanted to go when I read this book. As I read this book I know what I felt as the audience reads it. Are they going to feel more secure war about threats in the world.

Well situated. I think that we have a fairly good handle on the G and the Islamic terrorist even know they're reconstituting in Afghanistan after the debacle of Pres. Biden put us through Al Qaeda manually started to reconstituting in the Northwest is part of that country so that there and then I chooses back in Western Iraqi northern Syria. Now these outfits exist for only one reason, and that's to kill infidels and Americans are at the top of that infidel list read is there it's real and it's not publicized because there's nobody that really can report on red if you reporting your approach Al Qaeda arises you can if you had no reports on the other side.

Even though the CIA and NSA are very effective in the weaponry is very effective inside the United States.

And we know that 42 people were apprehended at the southern border who are on the terror watch list. We all know that the border is open the present Biden for what ever reason does not want to enforce immigration law on the border that Bay orchestra Homeland security chief couldn't even run a Motel 6 so incompetent he is. So there's a worry there that there can be infiltrated by Garrison to the USA. Now that's the FBI and Homeland security.

But once you get past the border to the FBI yet guys not as effective as a CIA and the NSA, Bill O'Reilly, author of killing the killers. By the way, the photo that he referenced of the ring.

Page 197.

If you want to jump ahead. All right our remaining 60 seconds or so the Taliban in Afghanistan again with the rule against women. What does that tell us with regard of with regard to their confidence and allowing terrorism to continue against this country potentially story on Friday. I have to say in my failing as a Catholic. I didn't feel sorry for the Afghan women or the people of Afghanistan to fight for their freedom. They allowed these monsters. These Taliban everybody knows who they are what they are they allowed them to control the content and we know we did our best.

There we tried. We spent trillions of dollars trying to protect those people and in the end they said we don't want to protect so they got what they got.

What is that going to mean for us.

Nothing Delavan can operate outside the borders.

I can barely see their own people will be a revolution down the road against them because people have to eat to live in a new nonfood community, USA. The only thing that matters is that they will not stop the jihadists. Al Qaeda in particular from doing the bad things that they do within the Afghanistan border. Mr. O'Reilly. Again, congratulations on the new book, killing the killers. I've appreciated your time today.

Thanks much for joining the Starnes so lecturing a book to talk with you. Like Weiser, Bill O'Reilly, Ian Martin, to garner the authors of killing the killers, the secret war against terrorist lessons book in the killing series 17, number one bestsellers most popular nonfiction book. This series in history, Bill O'Reilly, and I have the book and I have read it because I'm talking with Mr. O'Reilly on my program in Iowa on Wednesday, so if you go to KX you can get information about my local program there which errors by the way, right before the Todd Starnes show against Bill O'Reilly killing the killers and he joined us live in the Todd Starnes program coast-to-coast here and let's see I did not get a chance to tell you I did tell you it was the patriot mobile newsmaker line that Mr. O'Reilly joined us on and I believe I didn't get a chance to tell you that I'm speaking to you from Liberty University studio want to make sure that we do that and I know I didn't give you the phone number so if you don't have it committed to memory or if you're like me, if you got a new phone over This alone. I could fill three hours with getting a new phone.

It's a station phone the old one was seven years old now. I'm guessing that Kyle and Grace are stopping right now.

Whatever they were having for lunch or announcing weight.

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So put this in your phone or jot it down by your landline.

Yes, I have a landline to one of it 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 react anything you've heard on the program including the conversation with Bill O'Reilly will take your calls after this break, Jeff Stein, filling in for Todd fear he'll be back tomorrow. This is Todd Starnes show front lines of the culture will something you probably do know progressive cannot only offer you a great price. We buy the home and auto protection, something you probably don't know the average garage door is made up of 1.3 mm aluminum panels probably do know your neighbor likes to tinker with his dirtbike something you probably don't know a really good biking to get your garage door and a good portion of your home and auto with progressive and get more than a great price get round-the-clock protection. You know the things you don't know your scheduled interest to third-party insurers excited about the terms below sticker situations and show just filling in for Todd today from the University audio will be back tomorrow going to slow to a 447-4780 868 844-747-8868. That is how you can join this coast-to-coast conversation coming up just after the bottom of the hour. We will speak with former Congressman Mark Walker. He is running for the United States Senate in North Carolina and will get a sense of what he is about what he stands for. If you'd like to check it out if you're near a computer, listening to this program.

It's Walker the number four in the CD4 North Carolina dark comments Walker for

Interesting poll numbers. By the way, from the state of Pennsylvania that were released yesterday. Now this is from the Trafalgar group Robert to Haley. These folks know how to do polling their track record recently has been better than anyone else's. Without question, the U.S. Senate whole fascinating to me. Question simply stated that the 2022 Republican primary for U.S. Senate were held today, for whom would you vote and it is a tight three-way race, and these numbers may surprise some people. Dr. Mamet's 24.5% Kathy Barnett 23.2% and Dave McCormick 21.6%. You've heard a lot of talk about Oz and McCormick.

Not as much about Barnett but look where she's sitting in this. I don't see the margin of error. But I know it's pretty much a logjam there is a 24.5% Barnett at 23.2 and McCormick at 21.6. Interesting point in that Trafalgar group whole of the primary for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania released yesterday 15.1% undecided. So you've got some choices to make Pennsylvania because that is a major major race but for anyone who says these things are over or that they that there's no point because one candidate has this advantage or that advantage money endorsement.

Whatever done count until you vote and I have heard many of you talk with thought on this program about your feelings about Ohio before that vote Pennsylvania which is coming up soon but again that pole, tight, tight, tight, and it is clearly anybody's race there in the state of Pennsylvania will see how things are shaking out in the state of North Carolina just after the bottom of the hour when we speak with Senate candidate, former Congressman Mark Walker coming up in our necks hour. By the way, former Iowa Congressman Steve King will join us live. His memoirs called walking through the fire.

He does not have any nice things to say about Kevin McCarthy and he would suggest we good reason based on how he was treated. He has some cautionary tales for those who think we should just simply trust Congressman McCarthy as a potential speaker of the house will have that for you coming up just after the top of the hour. I did not mention it previously, but belated happy Mother's Day to those who are mothers who are mother figures. I include mothers affirm babies on this.

I was just kind of noodling around. Not long ago on Instagram and that's where I learned that Merlot has its own Instagram account. I said it's I don't know if Merlot is a boy or girl. I'm not sure Merlot cares, but in any case, Merlot has its own Instagram account and to show you the difference in timeframe we had a dog who had its own MySpace page. Not reasonably. Mind you, but so II make no fun. Yes, I did the same thing and I did click to follow Merlot on Instagram and that's where you can find me at Iowa politics on Twitter and get her and parlor and Instagram website is totally or KX that's the station where I broadcast from you and I will write before the Todd Starnes show Todd is on Twitter and get a rent.

Todd Starnes on Instagram and Todd Starnes, FNC, and as you well know it is Todd that is the website and all manner of interesting things are posted during the showing of course the live show blog through the stream and Todd I don't know how I feel about the fact that the President of the United States was in Delaware golfing yesterday while his wife was in the capital of Ukraine. I don't think I want this president, representing my country on the world stage. So in that respect I'm okay that he stayed home, but it was Mother's Day for crying out loud and I saw lot of news coverage that talked about her surprise visit. Well, you saw what happened when the UN Secretary-General was and it said that they were going to go to Ukraine all of a sudden Russia started bombing that area. I was not subtle so I don't care that it was a surprise. You do these things for appropriate security believe Justin Trudeau was there as well. Yesterday, it's an interesting situation. How are United States foreign policy is being conducted and at the very time we need some level of strength coming out of Washington of voice with strength and clarity. Well, we just don't have that doing, we have someone who today are I guess it was leaked over the weekend.

They said that the president Biden would announce his plan to take care of the inflation problem here is how were going to address inflation and that was immediately met by the stock market opening 500 points lower.

Now there's confidence right there. Biden says he's going to take action to try to address inflation and immediately the market tanks. Oh sure, there could be other reasons for it. Mind you, you see the number of people who just don't want to take a meeting with Joe Biden made at first it was world leaders not taking his calls. Then it was the vice president saying she did not want to be next to him in a video about student loan debt forgiveness and now you've got people who are running for office. Like Congressman Tim Ryan Ohio running for us U.S. Senate saying I will just look at that down the road.

That's a very nice way of saying don't bother coming yeah give me a great deal of confidence. I'm confident will be back after this break Jeff Stein in for Todd, thanks for being here on the Todd Starnes show insurance protects people's cars, homes and other vehicles. Everything our commercials or even just heard our name he probably Artie knew that what you may not know is that we support humble design, a nonprofit that furnishes homes for families and veterans emerging from homelessness is a little help goes a long way and a lot of help, well you get the idea that he already knew all of this about Progressive Insurance burn pressed to find something else go to tell you next time. Find out more about how were dedicated to our customers and casualty insurance company, affiliates will start his radio program on this Monday. Hello, I'm Jeff Stein filling in for John today. He'll be back in the liberty University studio tomorrow 844-747-8868 is how you can reach us will take your calls in the net. The next segment, but joining is now on the patriot mobile newsmaker line is candidate for the United States Senate in the GOP primary coming up a week from tomorrow.

Former Congressman Mark Walker Congressman Jeff Stein filling in for Todd on the Starnes show how are you today I'm doing great work for you. Well we're doing well but you got the close the gap here in a week really finish strong 14 people on the ballot. Holy cow. Many pages as I can take.

I don't know if you're Republican but nowhere working hard at it.

We been blessed with you about the highest rated America first with the highest rated conservative ever to serve in the top fourth edition US hell and have a strong record with the pastor year before stepping away flat. I just had to date this past Tuesday. Come out and support along with the mother national endorsements but will market hard graft yardwork about the election or we can wait a day what you sense with regard to what folks in your state of North Carolina are looking for. What's the what's the checklist of what Republicans would be looking for when they go to the polls either. Now, in early voting or on Tuesday the 17th I think you're looking for somebody to courageous somebody who's willing to get out there and speak truth, especially in a dark place, like the be a lot of folk in the poker arena would have their churchgoers do not understand warfare as much a political and that's what they're looking for somebody to have the courage, the character in the background to be able to stand up and take on what is becoming more more radical left and I traveled 70,000 mile bluebook more than that now cross the state of being people everyday people that want to work hard, greater family go to church year to go. Maybe they working gate bursting more and more.

Really, all because they understand what this 21st-century crossroads in our country would lead you to step up and declare your candidacy as you noted you had six years in Congress. He did not run for reelection in 2020. So why is this run at this time we were we were redistricted in North Carolina is a purple state.

We have two Democrat governor and a Democratic court who have continued to play with the map that we've gone from a projected 10 or maybe even 11 Democrat now at 7780 it would've me get ready to get another current Republican something that we've been talking about for couple years and met with Pres. Trump and others just like this was the right time. My North Carolina brightly. The conservative center with a solid backbone to get there and what about half of the people at the earlier not be afraid to call it fate that want delight that we are closing the gap get good momentum after challenging rights with the former governor, along with another member of Congress to work with. Helping build. We chose to keep her nose to the grind stone engaging. My understanding is that there are some who are willing to take an endorsement in and not engage with fellow candidates. Yeah, great guy endorsed candidate Mr. Ted but for debate and he has refused to show up in eight which is interesting because unlike you, Ohio. Your north dilemma. The three most prominent US races all candidate top working all the others have showed up for debate.

But the thing about that is that anybody can hide behind the click add click commercials time to be challenged on not yet what you believe, Jeff, but how you defend those beliefs and I think that's crucial for someone who is unwilling to go out there. There's a verse in Jeremiah are you what I like you to place Republican your candidate your counterpart how we got to go up against Chuck Schumer and their war machine which again North Carolina is anticipated to break the all-time record projected cost money coming into this place in New York, California, so I get the disservice to the people of North Carolina and tested the leak came out with just the Toledo watch 70 candidate conservative with this test. If you if your candidate is talking more about the leak in life. I think that something that gives you little bit of a star inherent and I hope that people are really paying attention because we need strong believers that are willing to step up men and women to go to Congress and be able to be unashamedly Judeo-Christian principle by making a great and not to simply get elected in heaven are by their name, but actually live the principles that it's hard to help a voter understand who's the best capable of doing that if they don't, I don't want to say confront don't engage because you and I know there's a lot of nominal Christianity in the Republican Party and to be able to go back after the swap is just that the Republican Democrat died. People often wondered what that did with the conservative what happened when The Congress about. If you're only grounded in your political beliefs and turbulent winds of defeat will vortex you lost your way before you know you better be granted something deeper and more the way that out taking question of faith in public and engaging as this whole Bible strategy. Republicans are now labeled. Maybe if we get deep dark money.

We don't have to face the public. This is not good not good our democracy didn't demand this great Republic that we have to man's you go out and engage in double nutrition over people. The candidate responsible for not really being willing to go up to corral the question and debate Mark Walker is a Republican running for Senate in the state of North Carolina. The primaries on the 17th Walker for that's the number four Walker is a nice bright red box in the upper right-hand corner says donate if you like what you hear and you'd like to help his cause good, click on that, regardless of where your listening to us on the Todd start show coast-to-coast. This is an important seat. If there's going to be a Republican majority based on your past experience in Congress three terms in your other life experiences talk about why you think you are the best positioned to be an effective Republican Sen. not only winning the election, but then serving from your state of North Carolina talked about everybody should be able to answer the question. The reason that we believe we are the best candidate is not only to call our record effect would be to point to create it comes to the top, America first candidate I got allowed us to take that message into new places and new communities, and conservatives. We are we are the only Republican at any level of North Carolina to be invited to give the commencement address whatever historical black colleges and universities, and I'm the only one. When the United Negro College presidents forget that.

Why is that important part important is because I want every boy and girl every community to know their rights do not come from the federal government they come from God, the creator and if we don't take that which you don't have to dumb down the conservative message one iota, not a single out you. Be authentic.

You show up, community, and you talk about what individualism is over collectivism. Talk about what prosperity and hope.

Psalms 139 carefully and wonderfully made. That is what great that the rest of these Republican learned are just talking point as opposed to getting out there.

Understanding what service did, but taken this message of hope to place the Brinkley never even heard this perspective because they've been inundated with education with arts and entertainment all the different progressive ideology. We have a chair with Gratian continuing until we have a moment time here to be able to advance the kingdom called the conservative called what very foundation of what made this country exceptional at the last two years I must plead it's Congressman. I'm not aware of the primary election rules in your state.

Is it simply, whoever gets the most votes wins or is there for the potential of a runoff with less than 50%, with a great question. I used to have to get 40% gap that was recently changed out 30%, which I think Brinkley is number but that, but you would have to keep all the candidate with 14 running. People say that possible letters consider three main candidates right now it unlikely to go to runoff that did happen. As you know you too much of the date you would go head-to-head with someone out of how we get the Congress taking establishment candidate, but we will see what happened but were not the most well-funded week just under 2 million, which is being basically Give you a great that those contributions have been on the back. Great group of people evangelical to grassroots call Elana a lot and don't turn out were watching and waiting and we will see what happened but we never take a dollar of the DC dark money just like that influence what once you get attached to that watch you through Internet voting card. These groups never give it back to $2 million makes you long for the days of trying to come up with the church building fund in your early days as a pastor that really would work local brought the $14 million mark loving protected the dark money just on that one individual and topper geology. But where were out there. We don't mind if we enjoy getting out there talking with people and we believe and hope that will pay off come out my 70 14 million. That's Todd Starnes money right there. All right, it is not therefore North that's Walker. The number for donate button in the upper right-hand corner.

Congressman Mark Walker who was running for U.S. Senate, North Carolina. Thank you for the time today. Good luck in the race. And God bless. I will very good sir Mark Walker joined us live in the Todd Starnes radio program again Walker. The number for He joined us on the patriot mobile newsmaker line.

While I don't have to tell you that America is facing huge challenges. I think about what we talk here about here today in less than two hours. We haven't even touched inflation which is continuing to go through the roof. The alarming crime rates crisis at the southern border. These radical ideas just had a conversation on my program and I will about a school district basically telling students go to whatever bathroom that you identify with me. This is getting ridiculous more than ridiculous.

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I'd love to hear what you have to say though to much of this next hour is going to be taken up with your calls if you care to place it might as well queue up now and be ready to go at 844-747-8868.

That's 844-747-8868. The Buckingham palace officials have announced that Queen Elizabeth II will not attend the opening of Parliament tomorrow.

That's due to mobility issues as the Queen had the covariate in the end is that cutting back a bit on her schedule and we certainly wish her all the best.

I don't I don't want to see her get into a fight with the people, the House of Commons and RI.

Thanks for being a long flour to stick around for our three Jeff Stein in for Todd, thanks for being here on the Todd Starnes show liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee coming since conservative commentary from last despite attempts by some to change that. We welcome you to our three of this Monday edition of the Todd Starnes radio program coast to coast. On more than 100 excellent radio stations streaming live, not only a Todd but also on gator hello fellow patriots, I'm Jeff Stein filling in for Todd today. Todd will be back tomorrow coming to you from the liberty University studio my homebase at new start.

1540 KX EL in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo, Iowa. The 50,000 W blowtorch scorching middle America with accurate views and reasonable views and always a privilege to talk with you in Starnes nation today 844-747-8868 same number as you are used to using give us a call.

Now at 844-747-8868 Joyce stay on the line because I do want to talk to you in our next segment the rest of you call Landon lineup as well, but joining is now on the patriot mobile newsmaker line is a man who served in teen years in the United States Congress representing Western and northwestern Iowa is political memoir is entitled walking through the fire. My fight for the heart and soul of America East Congressman Steve King. He joins us on that patriot mobile newsmaker line from Northwest Iowa Congressman King Jeff Stein here for Todd. How are you sir may I conversation.

Well, you have much to offer this national audience in particular with regard to the man who could be speaker Kevin McCarthy, by the way Steve is the website where you can get the book, let's jump into this story in our limited time, you were interviewed by the New York Times. They misquoted you.

They took it out of context. It was kind of a shady deal by which they even did the interview that happened early one year and to say that McCarthy abandoned you like a bad habit is probably not an exaggeration. Pick up the story place. Well, yeah.

New York Times: the" it was it was planned and strategized from several months in advance. I knew they were going to try to do a nationwide media broadsided me force me to resign and cruises that former Pres. campaign manager gave me a heads up on it and told them what they would try to do the island I was geared up to try to prevent that, and when this quote came out in the New York Times which was that you said, shady way that all unfolded. It was a 56. In an interview. There are no tapes there are no notes and all it does is dismisses a piece of punctuation it would've made everything completely different, but they use that because that's the only thing they had to grab onto their go forward anyway and try to force me to resign my mistake was I I believe that Kevin McCarthy had some kind of fence, loyalty, honesty, altruism, but he had not, and I completely underestimated the duplicity and accounting at Kevin McCarthy unfolded the day it was January 8 I met with the person that was supposed to be a messenger to trigger that I trigger this meeting is all against me to preempt that I know I did that it sent a message at the change of the people that were calling the shots. The next day I had a primary opponent that announced that 11 to 23. The next morning the day after that the New York Times story came out and after that I was I was the most unjustly maligned person in America for at least a month if not longer than that and I thought I could but I could prove that this was all I did prove it but I didn't but I thought Kevin McCarthy would have to acknowledge that he acknowledged it to me. He promised me he was on the steering committee and and correct all but instead he did the exact opposite. When told that it was puking and was lying that Kevin McCarty though. I'm unfolded. Now you see what's going on the Kevin McCarthy and his duplicity in his comments about Pres. Trump.

They were picked up on tape in public.

Ironically, by the New York Times and that also a number of other things that you, Kevin McCarthy as Don read on both sides of the issue is sometimes in private public and sometimes reasonable side, whether it both sides in private or both sides in public on the same issue is that ironically published by the New York Times or perhaps by design published by the New York Times, for I will Congressman Steve King joining us live in the Todd Starnes show Jeff Stein filling in for Todd today.

There was not only the pattern of duplicity by Congressman McCarthy to you early on in this situation, but then again, mysteriously, there's a candidate ready to challenge you in a primary etc. etc. McCarthy also was not straight with you as that primary campaign played out knowing what I wrote. I wrote in the book to the tape that I got the transcript.

There is no and I and no one is poked a hole in the narrative walking through the fire it well footnoted, well-documented, and I know that you read it all and you know that so when I I just I play the long game and it was like essentially a year and 1/2 long long game to make sure that I get the information out that I could but I could prove beyond doubt that this was all false and that it was rigged because first of all, McCarthy never believed that I would vote for him for speaker and you got a singular motivation to become speaker of the house at any cost I think is a narcissistic abuser in the clinical and clinical term of it. But as we got closer to that primary diet I had had one or two meetings with him and and and with with witnesses and is committed to studying the documents I'd put out, and then over the telephone. Subsequent to that he committed to going to the steering committee and asking them to put me back on my my committee.

He never did that. I went to the committee with my own list and found out that both were there.

Then McCarthy went forward with a press conference and told the world know I never said that you can never made that promise to Steve King and I don't think he's ever going back back on his committee that was what killed off my campaign. Kevin McCarthy strategize after my 18 years and not costing Republicans the diamond standing up for the platform. Every time, and never letting the conservatives in this country down ever and by the way, I stood before hundreds of people and said there is a microphone I've ever lied to you step up and tell the world take any of the politicians ever done that.

Maybe it wasn't UIs but nobody ever went to the microphone so now we have employees to potentially be the speaker of the house and if this is a candidate, nothing will change in leadership changes. Jeff and I will Congressman joining us on the Todd Starnes show Jeff Stein filling in for Todd for those who don't know you. This may sound like here's a guy who has his nose out of joint because he got primary down and this is all sour grapes etc. the limitations on time compress this conversation but you're not here to simply complain about how Steve King was treated you're concerned about a border issue with regard to the party that you served so faithfully around And make sure when I wrote my book walking through the fire that it didn't have sour grapes that it and it didn't have a vindictive dreading it either factual and laid it out because the public needs to know what kind of people were dealing with at the top levels of the Republican Party at the national level and also at the state level here I and when I finish writing the book I'm still stunned. I wrote the facts down back and reviewed them. I recorded an audiobook as well and really all the words in your court wrote that I'm still stunned that there people in it in leadership positions and not one of those people that were dependent upon that chain stepped up and like a statement instead we can have this, by the way, Kevin McCarthy, no. And he knew that no one would ever been removed from their committees by their own party, which was a unit that was unilaterally done by Kevin McCarthy to me. No one had survived the subsequent election.

It is a political death to remove someone from their committees. He knew that it was willful and he'll do that over and over again to his enemies. They push other people out in more subtle terms because of that now is boys at potentially be the speaker the house, and any is turned on Donald Trump behind the things we know from the New York Times and comes around to different the victors of the health of the I think the public needs to know I let on the national heartbeat built right in the middle of all this with the Supreme Court and being in the media today and I took that to 174 cosponsors I had had eight and I had 100% promise to get a market before committee and then we decide what it would come to the floor, not in in the last two weeks.

The lame-duck session in 2018.

Kevin McCarthy killed the heartbeat mill. He just stepped in and killed the heartbeat bill and within about six weeks is the lead pro-life signature on a fundraising letter for Susan B. Anthony list. That's the duplicity. Kevin McCarthy came from her. I will Congressman joining us on the Todd Starnes show. There was no stronger voice on behalf of the unborn and sees K.

How do you feel your record on fiscal matters shapes up historically well and I've always been a natural born social and physical conservative.

I don't have to put my finger into the wind. It just my background, my way of thinking they get from God. And so I've always push for balanced budget. I play harder than anybody else. When I was first elected to Congress and in and sworn in in 2003 and I stayed with at every chance I finally got us to bring a balanced budget to the floor.

The house actually did it several times, but we never got the budget balanced and so I vote against a lot of spending.

I had a legislative director is now with the heritage foundation, and then moved up pretty well in an organization that down and calculate. He took seven bills that I had either introduced or our amendment and if they had all passed calculation was we were to balance the budget and paid off the national debt. If the rest of the Congress and followed my lead on spending makes is that we stick to the time we promised you in our remaining minute or so for those who thought okay I thought we had the freedom carcass and I thought we had folks were really pushing here etc. how is it that these kids have been grease for McCarthy then if in fact he has this record of saying one thing, doing another were saying two different things depending on who is talking to. How is it that that the carpets being rolled out foreign well control everybody's committee assignment which committed building on and whether their ranking member, chairman of the full committee or subcommittee to control the flow of all their legislation, it can keep their amendments even their amendment off of the floor and control their foreign travel, and control the fundraising off the K St. the back fundraising on K St. and and then and then of course the media messaging that can come out of there to go there afraid that they'll get on the wrong side of Kevin McCarthy and that and I thought that happen over and over again came down on me. It was Kevin McCarthy, the prosecutor and he was the lead guy on my book proves that I think but I noticed that as chairman of the conservative opportunity society that I cared for 16 years out of a good Newt Gingrich and others by the way, that room was filled up pretty good at 8 o'clock breakfast on Wednesday morning when I have a keynote speaker. There we do our I did that for 16 years. They really want to stand out in the front of the cameras with me when I did a press conference but they were happy to get together behind closed doors. That'll tell you how much leverage. McCarthy has over members and we got good principal people in the freedom carcass conservative opportunity society both and I believe there is a core of them that do not want to see him be speaker, but there been something to move behind the scenes there that are kinda hard to explain, and I know that as leverage. McCarthy is brought to bear is trying to get them going over to his side. is the website that's where you can order a book directly from the author, he'll sign until packet. He'll send it to you get it wherever you get your good books.

It's called walking through the fire. My fight for the heart and soul of America former. I will Congressman Steve King, thank you for the time on the national Starnes show God bless appreciate you as well. God bless you all these Congressman Steve King joining us on the Todd Starnes program.

By the way, people who have endorsed this book Michelle Bachmann Tom Tancredo Lieut. Col. Oliver North Louis Gomer Jim DeMent Michelle Malkin that's a pretty heavy list right there.

Steve and the Congressman King joined us on the patriot mobile newsmaker line. We have a couple of callers lined up at 844-747-8868 wanted to join them will take your calls after this break Jeff Stein in for Todd. This is the Todd Starnes show back up and start something you probably do no progressive cannot only offer you a great price when you bundle home and auto around the clock protection something you probably don't know the average oak tree branch can hold 70 pounds something you probably do know your neighbors building up to the treehouse something you probably don't know a falling tree house would take offense to your home and auto with progressive and get more than a great price get round-the-clock protection something, you know, for the things you don't know your scheduled insurance of the affiliates interpreting services of the deposit terms available in all states or situations back to the Todd Starnes showed Jeff Stein filling in for Todd 844-747-8868 that's the number that Joyce used the calling from North Carolina were she's listening on the great Starnes affiliate WS IC Joyce, thanks for calling Jeff Stein in for Todd. How are you today now well that's not a bad dream to have. I would guess, depending on where you went with that. What you're aimed lined down the lane right and cool. Well now I'd have to look you talking about that we had Mark working on okay go ahead. Court okay okay thank you Lord is on the ballot as well so he spread lies. How do you how do you get your good information about that race there in North Carolina that you go vote on on May 7 day sure how do you know to separate what is what is good information from Fairmount bowl, shall we say okay like that wanted Nate and after I don't have Daniel encounter children in marketing that they don't get run over and that they were not who you talk to their last day I don't know. I'm sorry I don't doubt I you are so kind. Thank you so much for calling enjoys. I hope you had a good Mother's Day and I'll let Raymond know mom, like I now get paid well that's that's there's no better job of the planet and now well is no better job.

Thank you Joyce recall, you know better job on the planet than bringing life into this world and raising it to be a good, God-fearing, adult that takes care of its family. Thank you so much Joyce McCallion from North Carolina, Murph, I'll take your call after this break about the rest of you join us here in the liberty University studio as well. Plenty of time for calls coming up 844-747-8868 Jeff Stein in for Todd, thanks for being here on the Todd Starnes show general concerns presents shower ballot shower. Turns out the quality insurance company saving people money every 60 years to six years of quality, Bruegel go to general insurance services, Inc. insurance agency Nashville, Tennessee summer sections apply and sell the studio Stein filling in for Todd back tomorrow. During this conversation if you want to date, 47 or 788 68.

That is the number that Murph called. He listens to the flagship, the mighty 990 in Memphis. Murph good afternoon to you what's on your mind today. Thank you all.

Yes sir.

Gotta follow the former representative from the Hon. Representative King and of course everybody the Hon. representative McCarthy from California and is a former American government to those two gentlemen have been in Congress United States House of Representatives, or in excess of 18+ year and during that time to adapt the debt is gone from anywhere 69 trillion when we sit on the $30 trillion in children, your grandchildren and their grandchildren are in hot there no over those two gentlemen part of the problem or are they part of the solution now and when I saw that you were calling in on that topic. I did ask because Grace was kind enough to let me know on the email so I did ask Congressman King in and I trust you heard his answer about the lapdog right well he essentially was saying that he didn't introduce the balanced-budget amendment that the heritage foundation folks and said if they would've followed the Steve King policies.

We would've had a balanced-budget, we would've eliminated this deficit, etc. so, in that back.

I guess I'd say at least neutral is and certainly not as much a promise some of these folks to try to bring home big samples of money for their districts are not on the back, but at least he tried not hard under the attraction of the Hon. Kevin McCarthy in California like you counterpart contemplate instead of the note demanding what is constituent to one's body California and they can go with the flow and well it's only so is it not because here's the thing. These can.

It's our money yes absolutely right.

But when you're talking about the congressional campaign committees. He's very good about turning on the spigot, turning it off and so he's co-opted a lot of people. I mean, I've read some news coverage of this were basically people off the men under the tent gave them some plum positions in leadership. In essence, saying, you know, just don't oppose me on my mission and I'll take care of you and that smells like a sellout to me.

I hate to say I'm not there, so it's a little little harsh, but what you think. Well, I agree with what you get your power to get it done. Hard to let go because it's so addictive and I was one of the subject.

We always talked about in class when I was in the classroom. The P dance for what class and power without thought your last caller was rather interesting, because the former speaker Tip O'Neill get it on your head all politics is local. She's worried about Newton Road is not Larry well and that's the reason you 99 I think you might might agree that you know as you talk to students for years I taught college students for 25 years. It all comes down to the connection.

You might have with that one individual and so it's, you know, we can sit there and theorize about things but it's brass tacks about whether my roads been paid whether or not I called the Congressman and got a flag delivered to my house etc. etc. right your start on birth. I always yes sir, I always appreciate when you call in from Germantown to the Todd Stargell 844-747-8868 Jeff Stein in for Todd. Patty is on the line from North Carolina, Patty, thanks so much for joining the Todd Starnes show how are you today I want to let you know I like to rally on Friday and yeah now I'm jealous you call draining my God your star.

Wait Only one not to lie blocked a lot more for McCormick are might be when the Kentucky Derby will tell you first of all, I saw the coverage on TV and I saw that y'all were just getting rained on and I felt for you. I'm still jealous you were there. I did feel for you, but did you hear the poll results that we mentioned earlier in the program. Trafalgar group has on his at the top but barely ahead of Barnett and Bowring a couple points ahead of McCormick and that's what you saw on the ground there in Pennsylvania. A lot of Barnett nylon Donald Trump really ride a bike, and I think, and a lot of people you and I think really good guy and I never liked him. He talked about okay I don't like. I think a lot of the country would greatly do not like Kevin McCarthy never liked, but he probably will become being I need a policy of the Republican Party. What he think that I have found I thought maybe you meant that he got his hair done.

I think I just don't like them talk he said one thing changed.

I mean don't think it's gonna work when they're coming from nowhere. The Republican so it's not Kevin McCarthy, then who would you think would make a good speaker of the house would do that. I agree with everything right tropic trial right to be third in line also is is nothing short of hilarious for some of us who enjoy these things but I know a lot of people talked about that in Todd is one of them is, is that the best use of Donald Trump's time leading up to the 2024 election going around the country doing which a lot of rally great entrusting certain people like I know I live in North Carolina right now. I like the cat bite for, died think anybody I live here in my area Donald Trump find Trump everywhere. Everywhere. And when you shop they found out but wait No, I just got a very bad feeling. I don't think it's going to be.

I think I can be McCormick or Barnett will watch Patty thank you for calling in today's North Carolina greatly appreciated. Hope you have a wonderful day. 844-7470.

Thank you for calling 844-747-8868 that's how you can join this conversation. Plenty of time for you to weigh in and join us here in the liberty University studio. It's an interesting thing that that Patty mentioned again Donald Trump the cycles undefeated was at 55 and no.

In terms of endorsements, but there are some people who say all vote for Trump all day and twice on Sunday but I don't want him telling me who to vote for. And it's interesting, then, something that Patty said that she does not care for Dr. Oz who was endorsed by Trump, but her responses will hey he just doesn't get the right advice. That's an interesting thing is what is we look to see how these endorsements play out. Certainly in Pennsylvania.

Certainly North Carolina and moving along 844-747-8868 one more segment with your calls from the liberty University studio will get to it. After their short break, Jeff Stein, enjoying filling in for Todd today.

Thanks for being long in the Todd Stern show Christians from coast-to-coast progress to your home. I'm such a screwup with a walk-in closet storage yeah the unfinished basement.

To me, no matter how much you love it more knowing you in your home and auto with progressive situations final segment of this final hour of the Monday edition of the Todd Starnes show from the liberty University studio Jeff Stein filling in Todd today you heard gas earlier on the patriot mobile newsmaker line now more than ever it's important to support those companies and organizations that share our values and you know patriot mobile is America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier.

They not only share our beliefs, but they do something about it by donating a portion of every dollar organizations that fight for the causes you care about. Switch to patriot mobile now use promo code. Todd, you'll get not only free activation but also a free gift broadest nationwide coverage. They use the same towers. Other carriers use patriot mobile's plans to fit any budget. Great discounts for veteran and first responder heroes as well as multi line users switching is easy. Go to patriot or call their US-based thank you very much customer service team at 972 patriot get your special discount and free premier activation by using promo code Todd for details. That's patriot or call 972 patriot all right, a couple of callers are taking care of business here as we wrap for the day and I appreciated Pete your calling in from Georgia.

Listening to North Georgia SWD UN what's on your mind today. Donald Trump, a speaker, what you think.

Pete Donald Trump cannot figure it out without first being elected to Congress. That's actually not true. The speaker does not have to be a member of Congress really like this idea caught fire because of the fact that you typically is someone who is a member but it is a bit of a quirk in our Constitution. The speaker does not have to be a member they going to learn something on a Monday. Now you learn some on a Monday. Would you like to see speaker Trump or is that more of a sideshow in your view personality would not speaker now and I say that because corporate leader we saw that you where basically he wanted to tell people to do things and done speaker simply can't do that speaker has to rally or a tougher thing to hurt those cats is what make. That's what makes our Congress so steady over the years not just that we have people insert a long time, but it does it difficult to get things done. You have to write a lot of support and I'm not sure that the entrance personality. That's an excellent point that I'm so glad you called in from Georgia today. Bill is calling and listening to the 9990 flagship from Cordova, Tennessee also want to talk about the possibility of speaker Trump Bill, thanks for joining the program to get well yet well and hopefully back on their but when I was in the studio this morning and I heard he was knocking to be there. My comment first comment was I hope it's just kind of build them. I find I hope that allowed Sara that one to comment on Donald Trump, actually. But don't you don't mind, I have a minute after I like to plug my foundation to but that's just as you wish.

Okay Donald Trump I think would be a good one sent because he would let the investigations need to be investigated like the true January 6 investigation be investigated properly and the questions that need to be asked would be asked, why did Nancy Pelosi deny his request to have national security at National Guard at securing the capital building on this day Trump made a request on the bed. She denied it and what did they know and when the day know it is next big question but I think the last color Patrick I think his name was was right about one thing, Trump is very aggressive and he might be a little too pushy but I think he could do the job that he could tone it down a bit and we can go deadline for the presidency is a plus speaker McCarthy would do some of the same things with investigations are not limited to agree with more so definitely Nancy Pelosi that the truth of the matter is I hear people out time bashing DC politicians and they know they're all corrupt and in all that you got the skeleton in his closet and she's got that skeleton you cannot like anybody in this country worldwide to any officer doesn't have a skeleton, so to say that it's kind of like you looking for perfection you never gonna find it that we got about one someone like to talk foundation bill. Go ahead okay.

I ran a foundation called the Merriam has foundation for acute stroke care and rehabilitation were trying to raise funds to help pay for therapy for stroke survivors after their benefits like a Medicare One-A-Day benefit. Expire and it's personal story. People can go to Hess questions. I personal public story is my website has stroke Read the story, click the donate button and make a donation, please were also having a fundraiser here in Memphis at the butcher shop restaurant on Germantown Rd., June third at 6 PM. Like import and bite all of Memphis but the corporate segment of Memphis really needs to be involved in this, not like corporate segment for donations as well either contributions for auction items are donation to my foundation to help us help seniors, citizens and stroke survivors improve the quality of life in nursing homes and then given better care than what they're getting bill that's tremendous has stroke Thanks for reminding us about that and that's going to just about take care of business for this Monday edition of the Todd Starnes show, you know, we talked about killing the killers we talked about walking through the fire, going to Todd

Click on the books link. What the heck are daily biscuit culture G hot God bless America the deplorable sky just get the quartet of books. Why don't you, Jeff Stein thanks to everybody in Memphis. This is been the Todd Starnes show something to positively think private Christian education

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