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Kavanaugh Forced to Flee DC Steakhouse

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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July 8, 2022 4:25 pm

Kavanaugh Forced to Flee DC Steakhouse

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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July 8, 2022 4:25 pm

It’s shameful that leftist mobs are targeting conservatives like Justice Kavanaugh.

Dave Brat and Jenna Ellis join the conversation!

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We all know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full fork which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think video calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen.

Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy Z full for welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by the legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM investments The legacy PM investments.job delivery University studio in Memphis Tennessee Charlie since conservative commentary from a polite way to say the base is welcome to the Todd Stern radio show a bit of a move so I know the left may very well set meal so bear with me as we make it through three hours of our program today Pres. Biden just a few moments ago put out a statement about the death of the former Prime Minister of Japan and he is really exposing himself as the anti-gun nut job that he is so Biden in the in the statement about the assassination of a Jep of Japan's former prime minister goes on to talk about the other violent attacks are never acceptable. Talking about gun violence and the target by The gods. But here's the here's what this moron president doesn't seem to understand.

Japan has one of the toughest gun laws on the books as a matter of fact, other than the police of the military. Nobody in Japan can actually go out and buy a handgun or a or a rifle.

So the question I have at first.

While we don't know anything about the. The attacker that the guy was arrested. The assassin and we don't know how he got his gun, but in reality, Japan, quite frankly, is a it's an oasis for the anti-gun crowd because nobody can only God in Japan so there you will get to more than a little bit later on. Terrible story. Pres. Trump deeply deeply moved by what happened last night and we have the story we have video of the attack on our website. Todd but I want to start with a story a little bit closer to home last night in Washington DC Supreme Court Justice Brett Cavanaugh decided to go out to a DC steakhouse Morton's steakhouse.

I've been to that steakhouse. Many times it's one of the best steakhouses in all of Washington DC, and it's very popular among a lot of lawmakers and politicos in the DC area.

So anyway, Brett Cavanaugh was out last night at Morton's have a good time when all of a sudden he was set upon by a violent mob and of the protesters show up they cause all sorts of chaos at the at the steakhouse and this is a high-end steakhouse, so this is your spending a lot of money. If you're going there. You either have a lot of money or this is a special occasion. So whether you have an anniversary or somebody's out a big birthday party or whatever and so you want to go to Morton's steakhouse. It's very it's very good Grace Baker of you ever been to Morton's. Sad to say I have not are we going to fix that doing our next road trip you and I what will go out will take the team out to Morton's sounds good to me. As a matter fact were heading down to see back. Maybe we should just do that. Oh that's good idea.

All right make a reservation. Okay, I'm on it so so anyway Cavanaugh is going down.

He's having a meal at Morton's and all of a sudden this violent mob comes in and causes all sorts of of chaos it.

Here's what politico wrote in the playbook on which DZ protesters targeted the conservative Supreme Court Justice. We got a tip that Brett Cavanaugh was dining at Morton's downtown location in DC protesters showed up, called the manager to tell them to kick Cavanaugh out of the restaurant. We also understand that the Supreme Court Justice had to flee the restaurant, out, out the back so poor Cavanaugh had to to leave the restaurant through the kitchen and outback.

Because of this angry seething mob of savages and that's what we are calling these people what they really are a little flustered by all of these conservative talk show host out there they want up hedge. They wanted they don't want to offend that all of the mob to come after them. While I don't care. Working to call it like we see it on this radio program. I don't care. By the way, were getting word that Pres. Biden is speaking right now were monitoring data will let you know if he mumbled something. Anyway, Morton's is very upset about this and here's what they had to say.

Hon. Supreme Court Justice Cavanaugh and all of her other patrons of the restaurant were unduly harassed by unruly protesters while eating dinner at our Morton's restaurant politics regardless of your side or views should not trample the freedom at play of the right to congregate and eat dinner there is a time and a place for everything disturbing. The dinner of all of our customers was an act of selfishness and void of decency and I would be willing to say it was a form of domestic terrorism. They want to what they want to attack these Supreme Court justices.

They want to bully and haranguing anybody who doesn't agree with their positions and their policies leave the man alone letting me to stake letting me eat creamed spinach let them eat the jumbo shrimp cocktail I'm getting hungry, let him be. But this is what Maxine Waters and her thoughts down in south-central LA this is what they do.

She's the one who unleashed these savages. All the rest of the nation. Remember, she told him and that big huge Park inns in Southern California to get out there and to harass the tribe supporters wherever they might be, whether it be a shopping center or a gas station or a restaurant like Morton's and a few days later on MST and C. Maxine Waters was called out on that comment and she turned around and she said you know what I am standing my ground you have to absolutely harass those people malachite.

I don't know of any conservatives who do that to you. Let me give you an example here in Memphis, Tennessee. We had a bunch of these leftist savages and they targeted the home of the district attorney, a very lovely lady named Amy Wyrick and she's tough on crime and that's why they hate her. She sends criminals to jail.

That's why they hate her, and they actually showed up at her home.

She's got young kids and they were they were screaming and hollering.

They were stealing the American flags, they were literally on the front lawn of the home and there's actually video and our flagship station in Memphis K WAN has the video you can watch it on their website of these savages as they start firing fireworks at the home hoping to set the district attorney's house on fire. This is what Maxine Waters wanted to happen. These people are savages all and I look, I don't believe the district attorney was at home but had she been she would've been well within her rights to stand on the front yard of her house with a shotgun in her hand daring anybody to step foot on her property because nobody nobody deserves to have their house burned down simply because of their politics. And that's what these people do now. On the other side. You got a guy and I just using Memphis as an example here folks, but in this we got a big razor district attorney George Soros has politicized all of this and you got this other guy.

He's a professor at the University of Memphis and he's a far leftist and he wants to let everybody out of jail and so this guy. I oppose everything this guy stands for. It has never crossed my mind to go enter protest on the front yard of his home. I'd I wouldn't do that because as the people at Morton's that there's a time and a place for that kind of stuff and you know what when you're sitting down to eat a $65 slab of beef. That's not the time or the place. It's just not the look I just want to caution everybody here and it's were living in a really crazy time and just like yesterday what happened last night were you have this conservative in Japan and he's giving a campaign speech.

All of a sudden some coward and that's all there's a coward shot the guy in the back assassinated the former prime minister, is it they got a bunch of leftist leftist savages in Japan as well.

But all I'm saying is that we live in a very different time and age. Ladies and gentlemen we talk about Hollywood and all the threats all the evil the vile comments that these Hollywood actors and musicians and we need to go and kill Supreme Court justices, you need to go blow up lawmakers you disagree with. We tell you something you need to take those people very seriously. Remember, it was a thespian and back door who shot and killed who assassinated Abraham Lincoln so these Hollywood people. Yeah, you better be very concerned about those individuals very concerned so all I'm saying is this, if you live in a state or a city where you are allowed to conceal carry you need to do that.

Thank goodness. Thank goodness nobody got injured last night at the Morton's steakhouse, but I can tell you I'd be a lot more comfortable knowing that Justice Cavanaugh and all the other Supreme Court justices were packing heat so at least it would have a fighting chance. When the leftist savages come after. That's all I'm saying.

Let me say this.

Conservatives were Pete were peaceful people were happy warriors but that doesn't mean that you can come up and just shoot us but is a mean you can just come up and start beating us up in the streets know their know there is a price to pay over that 844-747-8860 if that's her toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868.

What would you have done had you been at that Morton's steakhouse and the angry mob set on you, what would you do this is the Todd Stern show photo backup and star posers no doubt were dealing with a lot of problems at the gas pump, not to mention the grocery store, restaurants.

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Using the promo code start and he said laser light back have a black eye happened to me before you put them on your head back to you as one of those days today. I am not in the boat with headphones. Need to get line our lives go to the phone Sierra by the way by is still yammering and were to be points of audio just a minute, but the he's basically declaring war on the Supreme Court, and that a just a second. Let's go to Mike in Maine WL oh be the big lobster ride. Mike understand that you've had an encounter with that with the wax handles philia mobile you ever been to the Olympic grill, DC.

It's been a long time to get the old habits grill.

It's been a long time but yes I been there that we were there in the back booth contract for DoD six of the special port in a bun. Laurent came in at about left-wing loser and started with everybody in the bar. It was the worst mistake they ever made. No light exactly what happened.

We came up out of the booth and clear these guys out to the sidewalk All of entities seek out and got them on drug amount but you gotta stand up to the that's it. You did this and gotten out of control and okay right now they were. We were just lucky that they think is for every time everyone in the other they just they couldn't get to the blind. Good for you because you're right, this is it's time for men to start behaving like men and you get these in a snowflake losses and and that's all they are these little limp wristed snowflake horses and you pick him up by the belt buckle of the ring a bell and you just toss right out the front door.

That's it. That's how you handle that problem directly or say the word this point, but I militate a better country need to develop on with you, my tall yes or I'm with you utilizing Mike, thanks for that call. I like Mike. He he knows what's right I'm there's a couple weeks ago all the twitter and the unit I got the of the videos to go viral and there were a bunch of people I know these tree hugging you know where I could noodles and there there sitting down the middle of a highway in Italy and are blocking the traffic now here in America when they do that, you're not going to honk your horn realtor to start bashing your car. You know what I mean and so you just have to sit there. That's not what happened in Italy. The video shows all of these grown men getting out of their cars and they literally are just dragging the protesters off of the highway.

That's how you deal with this kind of stuff.

That's how you do it. Let's go to Gainesville, Georgia Paul on the line WT winter great station there. Hey Paul what's on your mind. I think you're a little bit off base on that last comment about the Morton's steakhouse. Why does it matter whether it was Morton's steakhouse or McDonald's. Well, it doesn't matter it's anywhere, but especially Morton's. My comment. This behavior should not be accepted anywhere and it equally as bad. No matter where you are alive know II don't disagree with you there, Paul. I'm just saying that when you when you ask you see this kind of behavior is typical in a McDonald's.

You've seen the videos these people acted the fool. I'm not saying it's right.

I'm just saying that especially the Morton's steakhouse in one of these white tablecloth places you behave yourself okay thank you hi Paul, thanks for the call grace.

I'm telling you see the BPs going up already lowboy 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868. I told you our president was a moron and you think I was kidding here so just mere moments ago the president was reading off of the Teleprompter and he started reading the stuff that was he's not supposed to be saying out loud.

Take a listen majority rights, and I quote women comes a quote from the majority women are not without electoral or political power is no word that the percentage of women who registered to vote cast about his consistently higher percentage of the men who do so." Repeat a lot.

Women are not without electoral and/or political artwork and precise, not indoor or political pop.

Unbelievable. Unbelievable.

This is the president of the United States, the got to rehab or from the speech are working toward artwork and work on that coming up after the about of the hour break for the news here, but the president is now declaring war on the Supreme Court over abortion and you watch was going to happen your tax dollars and this is where we get into impeachment territory. On this particular issue. The present United States is going to be using our tax dollars to fund abortion on federal basis.

Military bases and federal land. So the next time you go to the national Park NUC Smokey the bear. He's probably getting the word surgical gloves and willing to give out of abortion or to compliments of the American taxpayer. That's where all of this is going Sabrina to pay very close attention to this weird were doing a deep dive into the president's statements and remarks were to bring back to you but it's it's a pretty crazy thing that's happening.

Unbelievable 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 but to put a bow on what happened to Justice Cavanaugh. This is been happening all over America.

Remember what happened to Sarah Sanders when she and her husband went to a a great little restaurant a diner in Virginia and the owner of the restaurant came over and kicked her out simply because of her political beliefs and in the restaurant owner was celebrated celebrated in the mainstream media.

This is who these people are a bunch of intolerant savages. All of them are savages. I like to call them animals but even animals are more behaved than the savages and I don't want to insult the art we gotta take a break here. Hey Todd, check out our website we have some great stories you're gonna love it. Sign up for the newsletter sign up for the podcast. Those are free of charge and are great resources to help you as we go through some crazy times in our nation will be right back 12.

If you are looking for my fellow you will not find it in the big box stores of the reason why it's pretty awful my fellows being canceled by the canceled culture Bob. That's why Michael Odell wants to sell directly to you and that comes with some great savings to get the lowest price of the history of my fellow for their classic standard normally 6998 now only 1998 with the promo code*five hello does more than just fellows have over 150 product where the slippers even and human my\start, that's my\the promo code*or call 800-544-8939 that's my\start or call one 800-5939. The promo code start hi what about all you beautiful people. This is the Todd Stearns radio program is our website bookmark that baby.some great stories up, so Pres. Biden just a few moments ago made a shocking claim about a 10-year-old crossing state lines. We had that audio are well hold. Yes no yes no all right, let's check that out years old, she was forced to travel out of state Indian to seek to terminate the presidency and maybe save your life. So there you just heard Pres. Biden say that a 10-year-old girl. This is what he's claiming a 10-year-old girl cross state lines to terminate the presidency. I certainly hope someone has alerted the Secret Service grace if not can we get all that.

Can we just maybe just short of an email something it it folks. You just can't make this up, you cannot make this up.

Hey, let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868. Our good friend Joe from Ellijay Ellijay, Georgia on the line just so you can't make this stuff up. Unbelievable a robot you want to do what I predict Biden will not run a little bit of it will be a tremendous when I think the Republicans are definitely going to win huge when I'm down here and see all of the love you down here and I'm working hard for both Brian Kim, who I think will be Stacy Abrams and Herschel Walker throughout the bank will be wanted their boat. You know big spenders and big liberals and and also people are people are against all the crazy going on with Woodbine and I can't believe I like you say about a supreme Yoda be able to go to dinner. I don't believe in violence of any I'm a conservative, but I would never physically attacked a liberal.

I may not, and I like him but I'm not going to wait we gotta get away from violent we need more love and think that's possible know that II really don't. So I wish I could say otherwise.

But this is what they're teaching kids in these schools and you got a lot of absentee moms and dads they've either got something was going on. They just flat out don't care you're raising a generation of kids that are being taught that there being oppressed and that the white person is the oppressor. Look, that's a big problem in my estimation I think it's only gonna get worse well. I agree with you hundred percent and but I think we all ought to work hard midterm election to get conservatives elected to take over the house and thinning with I think will happen then we must defeat by everybody. I'm talking. Here's the Republican digesters and Democrats here, but I am writing to but I think think think look good for the conservative cause I know the stock market bouncing back so anyway you have a great show. They love you down here to the island. Just keep up the great work Joe. Tell everybody down there I said hello beautiful part of America down there ceiling Georgia love the beautiful Georgia coast. I know it's interesting. Could you imagine what would happen if so, if the protesters had laid siege to the varsity in in Midtown Atlanta and have a bit of the varsity you really don't know what you're missing. But can you imagine just people standing in line rate wait to get to the other hot dogs with the slaw of the whatever the orange Frosty's. Whatever.

And all of a sudden you got this mom come and I look. I think that there would be a mob action by the customers to to take over just can't tolerate that kind of stuff over 10 VanHorn morning show host dictate WAN our friendship station, says Todd Biden should not run nor Shorty Shorty bike for that matter. That's a fair point unless she's got training wheels on the on the bike and then who knows right so I want to go back to our team has been plate has been working through this audio. Pres. Biden talking about the Supreme Court's decision in Roe V Wade, he's implementing some executive orders, and basically the president is saying the Supreme Court doesn't matter anymore that what the Supreme Court is doing is not about the Constitution it's it's about politics less and listen to some of that audio must be clear about something from the very start. This was not a decision driven by the Constitution. He said again, this is not a decision driven by the Constitution's play with those justices who majority said this is not a decision driven by history.

You all probably had a chance to read a decision then sent the majority rattles off laws from the 19th century to support the idea the row was historic I was a historic anomaly because states outlawed abortion in the 1880s. Toward the end, but that's just wrong.

Truth is today Supreme Court majority is playing fast and loose with the facts.

Even 100 years ago, common law, and many state laws did not criminalize abortion early in pregnancy, which is very similar to the viability line drawn by row with the Dobbs majority ignores that fact Dobbs majority ignores that many laws were enacted to protect women at the time when they were dying from going safe abortions. This is the horrific reality row sought to end the practice of medicine should not/should not be frozen 19th century so what happened to sending pain is as clear as you can possibly say is the quote law nor facts nor attitudes or provided any new reason to reach a different result in Roe and Casey has changed. All that's changed is this court." All the changes this court was about the Constitution and law was about a deep long-standing antipathy toward row in the broader right to privacy is the justice wrote in their dissent, and I quote majority is overruled. Roe and Casey for one and only one reason, because is always despised and now it has the votes to discard." So what was witnessing wasn't a constitutional judgment was an exercise in raw political power right there you go. So Pres. Biden is now declaring war on the Supreme Court that these Democrats are able to delegitimize the Supreme Court, where in big trouble in America.

Ladies and gentlemen that's us all there is to this is a very dangerous path that Joe Biden and these radical progressives are taking all of us down 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868, Pres. Tromp is speaking at another big rally this Saturday in Alaska, Sarah Palin is going to be there.

Newsmax is going to be the only major news network covering the rally live. Folks, this is one of the reasons why I made the switch to Newsmax.

I watch it all the time. It is an honor to be a part of that network.

By the way, they've had some of the best coverage of Joe Biden's dangerous policies and programs every night. You can see Greta Van Susteren Rob Schmidt Eric Boling millions are switching from the old cable networks to Newsmax.

Even Pres. Trump says Newsmax is really good. So if you would like information about the big rally in Alaska along with the president's plans for 2024.

Text the word remind 230 9747. That's remind our EM ING 230 9747. Tromp is also set to make some sort of major announcement on Saturday and you don't want to miss that so again text remind 230 9747 will be right back coast-to-coast star's.

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I do know that I think is the best the best guy to Santa's okay by God to get ready to run after that current Pres. Kermit Oak that's true, and so I mean yet to be a little bit in note. Looking at had well look tonight, I think the census will be a great pick. I think Tim Scott would be a fine choice as well.

The senator from South Carolina and Dave.

Fortunately, there is a pretty pretty deep bench on the Republican on the Republican side. Kathy appreciate the call and thank you for listening and hope to see you and all of her other great listers in that part of the country at our big bash. I coming up on July 22, and you can go to KY and all the info is there, let's go to North Carolina.

Billy is on the talk station hey Billy what's on your mind that without that lady mind. I do not feel that a warming debate like okay this country but we have to deal with our enemy.

We have to deal with Iran, China don't affect women and we just can't take any more district back and turning their backs and not answering phone calls. We can't take this anymore swinging Tromp back in the office absolutely specified by this, that is, the women of the Todd Sirs radio program that do not want a woman in the Oval Office will I go now I don't and I like it let me that I have said here and on about don't understand it. My favorite While, is there is your reason why Billy is it just because of how other nations might perceive us yet that in mind, the main point that country that our enemy did not affect women and we need to become president to go on some of the trip to meet with ThinkPad to date. She needs to be well respected and I do believe that if the position for a man call me like Donald absolutely all right. Billy will appreciate the call and I thank you for listing this is fascinating. I I I must say that I'm a little stumped by this but that we've had two female callers and they say that the presidency should be reserved for men, predominantly because other countries might feel disrespected or they may not take her seriously because a woman is in the White House. Now I one concern could be all right. Let's just say you've got a female president, and then you've got the husband was the first gentleman.

It isn't the whole thing about the great speakers of the whole thing about being the first lady you got to decorate the White House yet to pick up the China pattern. This is we host a gun held in early got it all the girly stuff slammed the parties and all that, you know they have a whole staff but yeah but get the files that you do get the final say. Yeah, pick the band and the singers and the curtain fabric to make sure we impress all the other countries and they come visit.

I'm not sure a guy could do that kind of work is going by and large enough, fair enough cents on water right now you are, but I'm not and I can make it worse.844-747-8868 that's our toll free telephone number. Should women be that's the question this is terrible you know media matters that I have a field day on this one real quick and want to give you an update of the story we share with you yesterday so Texas law enforcement they been begging Gov. Greg Abbott to declare an invasion that the border has officially been overrun.

Gov. Greg Abbott has instead given Texas Rangers permission to send the illegals back to the border but is not sending them back to Mexico.

He's just sending them right back to the Texas border. So I'm not quite sure that's exactly what law enforcement on those border counties what they were hoping for, but there you go there's what happens. I'm telling you, Greg Abbott gets a little squirelly right now. Not good. Let's go to Stephanie WT UN Stephanie II got hasn't helped. I don't know what's going on job is capable and willing. You see I and and I think I mean if you're looking at Southern lights.

For example, a southerly like Marsha Blackburn I would be very content with Marsha Blackburn as president of the United States. I think that she could would be a terrific president. I think Sarah Palin could probably do a pretty darn good job right well so and again it's the iPod I believe it is about the positions and the policies and the character and you know not the plumbing right. Stephanie appreciated the call we got and run real quick what we can get Ronald as well because the heartbreaker but run to his voice is what about Margaret Thatcher. The iron lady.

Great point Ron great .844 747-8868 of the question. Ladies and gentlemen you should women be running for the White House or serve as a vice president night.

We got several ladies to say no way Jos 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number.

This is the Todd surgery is someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full fork which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list about ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxies evil for the University studio in Memphis Tennessee supporting the US attorney in Delaware has been tax fraud and tax evasion, money laundering, as well as whether Hunter James Biden and their business associates complied with foreign lobbying laws, but I can also tell you basin reporting is that there's a lot of noise and static in the system. Based on my experience that can be an indicator of conversations and discussions between the two parties on whether they can reach some kind of plea agreement and that was Catherine Harrod from CBS news reporting on some pretty shady business dealings involving Hunter Biden and his father that report coming as House Republicans say that the Treasury Department is stonewalling and will not hand over any document surrounding Hunter Biden. Unless Democrats actually join in on the request don't go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line by the way, welcome to the Todd Stern's radio program. Our good friend from the great state of Florida. Congresswoman Kent chemic joins us Good to have you with us today. Right and a happy Friday to you. I want to get your reaction to these crazy reports now surfacing that Hunter Biden and and possibly his father had been involved in some pretty shady business dealings. My gut reaction, and what had taken on the mainstream media along. I mean we've known for so long.

How Hunter had been involved in a litany of shady dealings that have all been to have that undercurrent of all I think we lost Kent chemic there. My apologies. Ladies and gentlemen must have a bad phone situation, but that was Congresswoman Chemic yesterday on this program we had Congressman James Kober from Kentucky on he is the ranking member on house oversight and he actually fired off a letter to the Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen saying hey look, we've got have information on this. You've got American banks that are actually flagging some of these investments from a somebody's investments from Hunter Biden, and other members of the Biden family and their cracking down and they're not releasing this information, it stinks to high heavens. That's what that's all about. So we had Congressman comb her on the program yesterday and he says he can guarantee that if Republicans retake the House of Representatives.

There will be hearings and that Hunter Biden will be told to show up to answer some pretty hard-hitting questions about his business dealings.

Kober fired back in a letter, it is troubling the Biden administration is willing to provide a false story to the media to create the appearance of transparency while continuing to thwart congressional oversight.

Now, our good friend Jesse Waters from Fox news channel also brought up yet another angle and that it involves the Biden family's connections to China and specifically reports that Biden is stealing American oil from our strategic oil reserves which are meant by the way for emergencies and he selling all that oil to a Chinese company, Fox news alert Joe Biden sold nearly a million barrels of oil to a Chinese gas company that his son Hunter may still indirectly own a stake in this is according to the Washington Free beacon. The Biden ministration announced in April they were selling strategic petroleum reserve barrels to the Chinese state-owned oil company unit also known as sign up but in 2015 Hunter's firm BHR, but a nearly $2 billion stake in Sino pack in November. Hunter's attorney claims he divested his stakes in his Chinese holdings, but as of March Chinese record still listed him as a 10% owner and the firm. BHR partners which a Georgetown professor value to be worth a cool $20 million.

The sale happened in April. As of this moment, we can't say for sure that Hunter has an ownership stake in this company, nor can we say that he directly profited from the sale. But what's indisputable is this Hunter Biden is not a Chinese economist.

He's not a Chinese energy expert.

The only reason why the Chinese would cut them in to their company so that he can pedal influence. Back in Washington with his dad and get them really great deals and you know what it looks like he did his job or that's Jesse Waters over on Fox news channel last night you the concern here is that our our emergency oil supplies are down something what to burn 40% since Biden took office and the gas prices here in America are still going up so the idea that Biden is now selling oil to a Chinese company that his son may or may not have ties in that should alarm all of us 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 NPR national public welfare radio.

It still irritates me that my tax dollars are funding my competition but it's really not that not that much of competition because national public welfare radio can even pay their bills. That's why they have to have a handout for food stamps from the government. NPR now taking some cheap shots at the recently assassinated Prime Minister, former Prime Minister of Japan.

We have the story up at Todd Stern' NPR when they announced that Prime Minister Abe had been gunned down.

They called him a divisive archconservative and ultranationalist so they're attacking the guy because he just wanted to make Japan great again by the way, Abe very close friends with our beloved Pres. Donald John Trump. So again, NPR receives government assistance or in public welfare.

They can pay their bills.

That's just the cold hard reality, I got a nasty note from one of these little lies one of these little journalist urchins who lives in their parents basement and he said it's incorrect, NPR only gets 2% of their funding from the government.

Okay, I don't care if it's .0000001. If they get a single penny of our tax money. It's one penny too much moron, but NPR they got a very ugly history when it comes to maligning the character of conservative leaders and then they turn around and they celebrate terrorist.check this out. Yasser Arafat, former leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization when he he bit the dust. They they called this anti-Semite terrorist a freedom fighter. That's what they did when Fidel Castro, the brutal communist dictator from Cuba died.

Here's what MPA NPR called him they called" a prominent international figure who inspired by Pat who was inspired by passionate love and hate are you seeing that you see the problem here. These people log to worship and celebrate the Commies and the anti-Semites, but they can even pay their own bills is typical so I'm not terribly surprised but this is yet another reason why the Republicans need to defund these public welfare deadbeats and why they didn't do it when Paul Ryan, now a Fox News Channel why they didn't take care of business back in the day, is beyond me, but we can only hope and pray that when the Republicans take control of the Congress in the fall that they will once and for all defund NPR Planned Parenthood. Everybody I'm tired of my tax dollars being squandered. I don't know about you but I'm sick and tired of it. Are we to take a break your 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 it is hot. It is a miserable in America right now, but there is one thing that makes me feel just a smidge better and that's Ice-T you know folks I love life change. I see I've been trying it out for a roll about a month or so and it really does make all the difference. Life changed. He is an amazing natural dental beverage in the sky make you feel incredibly good. It's got 12 firms comes in three delicious flavors natural peppermint and pomegranate is what arouses 2007 to get this it's made right here in the USA like change tea is easy to brew. It is keep it in your fridge and drink a glass every day to start feeling great. Almost immediately go to got the and order some today that's got now if you plug in my code Todd tender to give you $10 off plus free shipping. That's over $50 in savings again get the code 10 code Todd 10 to get $10 off plus free shipping will be right back. Sure listening to stories will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full four which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take you to to list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full four.

Welcome back radio program. Good to have you with us today. Phone 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number Darrell listing to us on the talk station hey Darrell what's on your mind for letting me call talk with you today. I little bit negative on whether a woman could run.

But the point that I want to make it only to the person provide the first one is can they help and unfortunately I agree with you.

God is by far the best at this point the bad choice or Donald Trump as VP 2024. I think you would be excellent, excellent president. And that's the second great help ticket and number two. Be ready in a moment's notice to take over as president of the United States that has nothing to do with them. Running four years later, it has to do with can they be the credit and I think those two points are the most important and I just would like to hear what you have to say about II think leadership is is vitally important, and the ability to be a leader and sometimes you have folks out there that are the firebrands and and we need those we need those individuals out there. I'm not saying those individuals can't be leaders, but there is there has to come a time where the rhetoric has to be toned down and you actually lead and govern. And that's what the president has to do, that's what his vice presidential running mate has to do as you said there the sole responsibility to VP is is God forbid something happens to the president. You know you've got you got somebody that can step into the into the Oval Office. So is Sarah Palin capable. I think she is.

She governed the state of Alaska did a good job of that, but ultimately she's running for the U.S. Congress. She's more than likely going to win that seat till she's doing well in the polling data and president from 30 given her the endorsement there for Congress else. I see where people might be enthralled or intrigued with the idea, but I don't think Sarah it Sarah Palin's time just yet. No, I don't think there Palin.

After getting endorsement was going to make her running mate. He would never have endorsed that particular date I don't see Sarah Palin any anywhere near the fight, dominated by And I know are we have a lot of blisters across the state of Iowa. I have to tell you very impressed with Gov. Kim Reynolds, so she's done a terrific job. She is governed as a conservative, she has been adamantly pro-life and and I think that she would be a fine running mate. Does she have the national name recognition. No, but then again, Sarah Palin did not have that recognition when she was picked by by John McCain and again I love Sarah Palin do not get me wrong by what I'm about to say her Darrell, but I question his selection at the time only because she was she was everything that he was, not and and that created tension within that campaign and doubt your there were plenty of other people. He could've gone with it actually did have the experience at the time and what was Sarah Palin and you saw what they did to her and I thought that was that was downright despicable to go after anybody on the right. They always do, but what we gotta have strong leadership from in my opinion was the best president we've ever had and that when you talk about other presidents like Ronald Reagan, but I think Donald Trump good would turn this around and probably 30 days back to where we were yet know I'm with you Gerald and again it's it's not the personality that I was attracted to it was the policies of Donald Trump and the way he govern.I thought it was incredibly effective. We had great respect of the world stage. We were truly the world power that that we in fact are and on the domestic front. This president I think really fundamentally read transformed America into what it was meant to be that shining city on a hillside to guide look.

I think Donald Trump is going to go down in history as one of our greatest presidents. No doubt about it and I voted 2024 hello away the liberal Arctic selection in 2020. Yeah, I'm feeling really good about that.Darrell, I appreciate the call and I think you for listening to the program 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 only got some more bite and audio cut number one please tell me not to tell a story.

I will see John screw Pope Benedict so there you go. He's again he's got handlers and their telling him say this don't say this emphasizes don't emphasize this walk this way walk that way shut up, sit down, stand up, twirl around, I've never seen anything like this. But he's he's a puppet that's only as I hand puppet and I'm surprised somebody doesn't have their hand up you want to. I hate to have that job.

I'm unbelievable what's happening right now are and I want to go back through and play this audio clip showing you again how crazy things are getting that even CN in is weighing in now on the part of the president and his failed policies cut number three place.

But here's the thing I think is so important. It's part of a larger economic context right.

It's not just about gas prices about inflation as well. And right now how are economic conditions, 85% of Americans say that the current economy.

They rate is only fair report. That's the worst since 2012 and looking forward. The economic outlook getting worse, 77% say it's getting worse.

That's the worst since 2009, so the high gas prices are part of a larger economic picture where Americans are really not happy at this point.

Now Fox news channel is now saying on the record that there is no recession and that the economy really is looking good.

Do you find that to be the case you're out there getting gas you're out there going to the grocery store you got a job you're paying your bills. Have you noticed that the, the economy is actually getting better as Fox news is now alleging or are you still seeing that inflation is out of control. 844-747-8868. That is our telephone number or website. By the way, is Todd's and while you were there. I would strongly urge you to get a copy of my latest blog culture.

She hawed how to stop the left until you nation to read this book here and understand everything that's happening and you'll understand exactly where these progresses want to take all of us what we could do to stop that from happening. I gotta take a break here.

I think America needs galaxies clip for all these new taxes might not like I just did in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fits perfectly in my don't easy flip for both back to the John Stern radio show, CNN, reporting that 85% of Americans are describing describe the economy as fair or worse.

That's according to CNN Jason Furman says that inflation is hardening and getting worse. Cut number five please write you look at the inflation data and inflation has been shifting from goods to services that's concerning because services inflation tends to be in a more stable, more inertial you look at things like trimmed mean or median inflation.

Those have actually been picking up even while some other measures have come down. So when I look at the price data. Yeah, all the volatile stuff had been raising inflation rates eight, nine, 10% on that's going away, but all the underlying core stuff that might be hardening and getting worse. All right, let's go to the Petrie mobile newsmaker line. Great to have with us. The Dean of the school of business over at liberty University Dave Brandt, Dave. Hope you're doing good today.

Yet doing good.rat me out appreciate it. So look under your times are saying that the employment employment numbers are just a tad away from pre-pandemic levels. You got the White House press secretary saying the economy is in great shape. What say you, well, those are done with the market economy prediction.I totally disagree with start up with a joke yet know that that talking point from the establishment. Everybody knows where trouble Goldman back exactly at Republican talking heads and they downgraded the growth of the second quarter to about 0.7 in the first quarter growth was -.1 point and to those of the real number. Economic here is that the labor market report did come out strong date with job and some of that is still due to stimulus like that the Fed funds rate says they rate the Federal Reserve's debt is still only at 1 1/2 right when people they were tightening that were starting to but you know it there's still a very easy monetary regime in place when you have interest rate still to flow distal very low by rhetorical standard and then the real economy is the story right. And so it it it's not a question of how many jobs are at it, what are you producing with a job and total earnings report. The profits are going to become an out and out drive market and got everybody worried about earnings and profits going forward and I think that's the major concern and then now for the serious economists out there. Go look up Robert Gordon at Northwestern University, the world about God for 40 years on productivity and look at his charts and you can go to YouTube and it total factor productivity is at zero that you're hiring more people. But total factor productivity is zero and so were not engaging our young kid in their mind and making them productive in the sectors that matter were just for hiring a bunch of overweight lower skilled folk and we need to re-shape this economy any data and unfortunately a lot of those lower skilled folks are actually in newsrooms writing about issues like this anything about David. I'm gonna redo headlines. These were published within just a couple of hours of each other. Politico no recession here hot jobs market teams fears of slump and then over at CNN which I'm kinda shocked by this one US will plunge into a recession, but it didn't have to yeah now I doubt it. It is unfortunate. Even the. The Federal Reserve no right go back to the 0708 financial crisis that the Fed did not take the time Greenspan Butler 90 out the real estate market at what you gonna say that it's all great. Everything is great right of the left. It is rooted in cheerleading for bite real economy, but everybody knows what's going right. It were still living on a sugar high. The Fed still at $8 trillion on its balance sheet were still $30 trillion in debt that all stimulative like bullet this year were to have trillion and 1/2 dollar budget That stimulative right and any people still living off a check coming out of COBIT so there's it.

What's called the wealth effect that your income but the wealth you have. People are still spending that down, and now they're starting to bid their credit. The credit cards are going up again and then at the real estate market. Everybody knows or did you bubbling there in a negative way the consumer is down significantly. The Michigan consumer sentiment thing again, not another Republican that talking point University Michigan. They have the lowest consumer sentiment and consumer expectations about the future are very low right now. People blown cash, they should not be about, they are in debt to the fundamentals of the economy are not wrong and that week we got a start eat spinach of the country and get strong again today. Brandt was Dean of the school of business over at liberty University and I do want to talk about that some very practical things.

Oh what what are people going to be facing in their personal lives. A personal finances over the next six months or so. Dave yeah well you know II don't want to make any ironclad or But in the case Shiller index that the P/E ratio the price-to-earnings ratio. The market is still very much overvalued write it.

The P/E ratio but right 30 the long run averages 17 right so that you can just think about it. The stock market Bill Overbay. If that's true which way the going to go still got a lot of room to go down and so you know, everybody needs to talk with your financial expert go to Kate, but by what a great Christian financial advisors out there knows groups get get someone you trust. But right now is not the time to be selling either right at low right young person, you can start out if you're buying what it loads okay like a little glop open box truck. The number one you get your investment strategy. Straighten your mind number two day in the labor market. I don't recommend retiring to people right now got inflation at 8% eaten away at your income taken 10% roughly out of your retirement out of your pocket every year they get that if that inflation is staying for five years that can eat a big hole in your saving etc. I occurred every day in the labor market it in and save as much as you can, and finally the third did get human capital, skill, right right now I information technology, a computer science cyber those of the hot subject were taken at liberty student going into the field they're getting hired in job offered with her cute out of our department for cyber information security ID computers diet. So get skilled in the right area right and have that the kids get skilled up in the right areas.

Even when they're young you know that make it fun M YouTube all look all that you on engineering technology stories out there. It's fun right and I know they'll have a passion for and hopefully a calling for those of 3.4.

They were running late for a break here appreciate the great Intel and personal liberty University others some incredible degree programs and as you just mentioned on the IT and cyber side but it's all all sorts of great ways to get yourself educated to get yourself a good job at liberty date appreciate it. Thank God Ari J. Brandt everybody a Dean of the school of business over at liberty University giving us some insight and what we can expect in the months moving forward as the Biden economy takes a great big job. Bluebird of happiness dump all of us think that's a nice way of saying we had a take a break here 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868. By the way you want to talk about saving a few dollars. That's one of the reasons you need to check out our friends over patriot mobile. America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier then got some great discounts plans to fit any budget and their super easy to work with one of the things I love their customer service team is based right here in the good old US of a go to patriot for some incredible offers and deals just for clusters of our show that's patriot You can also give them a call 972 patriot when you do, be sure to mention my promo code Todd there to give you some great discounts and free premier activation that's patriot will be right back America radio show will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once.

Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take you to to list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for that say that these protesters are well within their rights to go and harass Supreme Court justices and others at restaurants and bars and whatnot. Now I'm I'm somewhat toward her because part of me thinks we will be all to do here is maybe go in and target these journalist and see how they like you give a little taste of their medicine. But here's the problem. When you do that you're to be your go to be ruining somebody else's moment may be somebody special birthday celebration or anniversary or just hang out with some friends.

But these protesters don't care.

They don't care about Eli missile I've never heard of this person apparently is it a woman, a man we don't know a blue checkmark as I really can't get over the fact that a right was taken away from half the country about 75% of the country thinks the real problem are the 25% of us were angry about it, using whatever voices we have to protest and not comply well. The fact of the matter is you should not have a right to kill your unborn baby. Yet Ellie missile is a justice correspondent for the nation. I don't understand theirs ago but I'm telling you sooner or later you know what's gonna happen here and have young conservative kids and there to get riled up in there and start targeting all these people let people eat in peace is not too difficult to ask for is that too difficult to ask these days are a great speaker you sent me over story about Netflix now boy and I want to talk about that. It's a brand-new it's a brand-new children shows up right yeah I mean this is meant for seven-year-old. It's rated Y7 it's called dead end paranormal Park, yes, and I never watch the show so just to clarify, and rewrite it looked kind of it looked very strange heart. So the Netflix which by the way, is there there doing layoffs, the whole 9 yards. So yes, so there there in financial trouble, mainly because agon woke very well so anyway this is a story of cartoon series for children seven years old and one of the characters is is gay, oh yes art can we listen let's listen we got number six.

Can you talk to lots sweet him up. Have a little fuller's here. You do like him don't you fluxing semitrailer now so just more of a challenge but still if she dreamed of other really saying it's not like I said just testing out his deep brown eyes like I think allow interesting legal size like I know is we might know why I find LME surgeries maker you're telling me what we just heard that's meant for seven-year-old yes correct.

Why that is what it's rated well so we don't get the imagery obviously on the radio but it shows you know them in a fantasy going on dates.

Riding a horse together, the whole 9 yards G salute one of them has blue hair yes and earrings yes art is for seven-year-old guy has an area I does want to make sure all understanding in what page run so this is again the reason why people are canceling their Netflix subscriptions is a stuff like this. I don't if you want to do economy luck if it's for teenagers.

What I like, you know.

But when you're targeting seven-year-olds with this kind of nonsense.

That's indoctrination in pencil on it are sick of it. I just another cigarette and you know other movies that are not woken not targeting children there doing well like people are like people are starting to speak with her dollars Yonkers you have a younger sibling. Not that Jan but doesn't bother your parents that they had they just have to watch everything it wants everything and there been things that I like alerted to them to in the past like a by the way, because I work in the news.

I see the stuff don't let you know little brother watch this over this. I would like the Betamax show that would've been like when they totally but where the robot was looking for lady products. Oh yes he seen my little brother seen the movie, which was totally fine, but the show is not five. Will it doesn't, you know, I am curious about moms and dads.

You know what you what kind of efforts they have to go to just to litter because now you have to batter everything that everything everything when I was a kid growing up. Mom you we got a big old bowl of the Froot Loops or the other cocoa pebbles. My favorite count jocular sit down in front of the TV and you can watch cartoons and mom did not have to do anything else for the rest of the day. The point that that's the whole point. That's the whole point.

Get out of my hair.

Yes and now it's it's not like that down in you know it's Elmo get the coping maxing even the most innocuous just the silliest little cartoon get everything has messaging and their programming your child very creepy. All right 844-747-8868 thank you Grace Baker I'm I'm curious are you like Grace's parents where you gotta get out there you're monitoring every single thing that your kid is, is having to watch 844-747-8868 someone sent me a note they said time you checked out the BYU channel and died that BYU is Brigham Young University and they've actually have their own TV network. It's sort of like Hallmark Channel for Mormons like Hess, lots of singing groups but anyway there's a lot of family-friendly programming on Larry like it because I pulled it up and it has the wizard of Paz and its dogs pause like the US as I see what you did very very clever is very clever, but so again I mean it's yeah I mean it's you know Mormon but you have family-friendly stuff at heartland on their all about the family owned the horses that the variables himself was at right very wholesome well I wasn't on here that's a good TV series TV series Jerry Jenkins on is the executive producer that and how I might, you know, I've I've seen bits and pieces I have it but I've heard good things about you and I you don't don't worry about you.

Your kid getting indoctrinated indoctrinated here to voicing about another boy. Mercy in a paranormal Park. That's also the so this is were again to your point. This is her seven-year-olds and two teams on a talking pug team up to battle demons at a haunted theme park. Just what you want the seven-year-old watching before you go to bed and maybe even save the world from a supernatural apocalypse while in there doing Broadway show tunes and jazz hands while they're at it. There you go.

That I gotta take a break 844-747-8868 Jenna Ellis coming up in the next hour.

She's in a big dustup with a couple presidential medal of honor flight what that's all about. This is the time surge radio show someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take you to to list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for universities to really see is yours. I surge radio show hours three underway know you're talking of the last hour about this this Netflix show for the children.

The seven-year-olds where they're promoting a gay love affair that it's a cartoon animated series called paranormal Park and were when I played. I want to play the song you give. It's very offputting and I'm not real big on Broadway show tunes with the jazz hands but but again it serves as a warning that if your mom are at the head or grandma or grandpa you just can't leave your kids alone for the TV because Lord knows what you're going to your urinary they're going to see what what ideas they're going to be exposed to.

Even at a young age, and to that to that affect the daily wire is reporting that teen Vogue that's the teenage addition of Vogue magazine Grace Baker. I yes supposedly all right.

So anyway I teen Vogue now back in the day and a Grace, I guess. Did you read teen Vogue. When you were a kid, not really, but there were other ones like it. I read that they were a little more tame because teen Vogue is always been a little but it's kind of like you know I mean is basically like what how to do your hair and your makeup is that supposed to have a boyfriend, a sandwich and when he's hungry, shortsighted because he had. That's what it's telling you I'm just I'm just asking. I don't know that this is the whole point of this program is to just to learn to be in so how to cook how to clean. Maybe some cleaning tips I was a Ranger Rick kid, you know, National Geographic magazine, I did read aloud TiVoed.

I'm sorry I don't know I was. I don't know. That's fine as I did.

I just don't know. I mean, I think there was. There had been a time when if you're reading TiVoed your learning how to do knitting or you know how to make your clothes home back and side.

We need to bring up the vice president is about to be how to be a good first lady.

Not a beefy soda that the modern-day TiVoed is that has nothing to do you not know if it will vary politically if you will learn how to cook a casserole you have to go to good housekeeping or go to YouTube. Sorry girls so here's the story from the daily wire.

Teen Vogue is now helping young girls find a place to get an abortion God, you cannot make this up.

Sadly now so the there's an article on teen Vogue just this is very disturbed by the Supreme Court decision and so there they wrote an article published an article on how their readers could procure abortions as we just heard from Pres. Biden that there are reports of of a 10-year-old heaven across state lines to terminate the presidency so it's out there I'm sorry can give a straight face. I was trying to hold it and I was on I was trying it's Friday. I was driving stuff you know your parents best.

This is from TiVoed. Do you fear for your safety. If you reveal your pregnancy. Well, I think you should write as if your child right you should like, feel free to me that's a good thing right put the fear of God.

And there's a healthy weight. There is a healthy fear of the good Lord and mama, you did what and I do say and then and then the data can have that same conversation with the other the other tilting polyester. Are you worried they might meet you with violence or kick you out of the house. If yes, there is a legal option in 36 states that would let you get an abortion without parental approval and that's what this is all about. You know that parents are responsible for their children until they turn 18 years old. So if you are a child Say what say you break your arm is the parents responsibility to get that broken arm fix, you gotta get that broker if if you want to get a piercing, for example. Yeah, you can have parental permission to go politic to get a piercing or tattoo or attached to. I have a tattoo story I'll share later, but everybody's got no I don't have it's cows, but that's the major question stuff so we were know I'll tell you the story and we were we were in Israel and we were the large group of people and one of our team wanted to get a tattoo and it was like this Jerusalem thing that everybody in Jerusalem. The old city has this.

It was a religious tattoo so I hide I'm not into tetras but anyway it so it we went. It was dark at night. We are going through these alleyways of the caves of the old city of Jerusalem, and there we found that and they been doing the tattoo of this tattoo shop is been in the family for hundreds of years, so there like known for this. Whatever the statue was and I was going for moral support and to make sure we didn't get bogged by the Palestinians and get you drag across the West Bank. So anyway, walk in, and of course I was one of the for lack of a better term. One of the stars of the tour to Israel there about 200 people, and there were several young couples there as well walk yet. I guess it's about 1030 at night walk into this and it's kind of in a cavelike settings is getting more ominous by the and there's a couple there from the tour of a course they turned around and the look of shock and horror, like they'd been caught doing something and then in a matter of like 10 seconds. The shot faded away when they realized that we were there over there now are there to say anything. So it turned out to be very nice and it is very happy they got there to project a rapid saran wrap. Did you know that yeah like you're making a sandwich and you ramp out there you go yeah dancing turkey in there to save for later energies. So anyway, all that to say. Teen Vogue what are we talking about here teen providing a resource and access team oh how we really got so. Teen Vogue is offering all this all all that to say that if you gotta get permission to get attempt to, you should at least get permission from your parents to get an abortion, which you should not be getting anyway it's pretty despicable about this is what's happening in teen Vogue so you're down with the supermarket and your your teenage daughter says I have a team vote for now to make a casserole to say go for the love of the Lord. No subscribing to an issue of Southern living or good housekeeping or something not even southerly trying to say something about Southern living magazine, but I like Southern living why it has nothing to do with the South did they go out of their way to be like fun Southern in southern okay. Direct sales is going to say I like gardening with guns and guns and guard. This story from

Disney's new Thor movie is reportedly pushing quote super gay storyline. What is it tied its caught door 11 thunder. Need I say more. Are you kidding me know the movie is really called for love is better yet hiring. This is part of the walk you through this. Once this is leading the movie so so whoso was for the CPAP for the other guy what I stand. So no, it's not that funny I Kenneth I would actually pretty funny but apparently one of the chicks in the movie she is the new queen of Asgard and she's a lesbian. So there's that side storyline and that I know there's another character that you like a flashback in marbles been doing this lately every time there's a flashback with the character they now have gay parents. So don't be like in the last movie. It was two women in their little daughter spinning around so happy and in this when I hear there is two men so that Disney Disney by the way is defending all of this and so basically folks you gotta be careful here.

The reason we should be stories with you so you know you're aware, and you don't your kid wants to go see for love and thunder that you probably say you know what's what's not to keep us in this even though I haven't gone myself discussing the minions. Maybe it just past form.

It $4 billion worldwide love to go see minions DC or Disney CEO Bob Chapin says they are reimagining tomorrow and they want to be a better ally for the LGBT community, the president of Disney says she wants to see many many many LGBT QI a characters that is a quote she was to see many of those kinds of characters in Disney films and TV shows and Disney executive producer Latoya Rabideau says that that hurt the company is supporting her. Not at all secret gay agenda for adding clearness to storylines.

So that's the that's the news coming out of Disney. All that to say moms dads grandmas grandpa's. I feel bad for you because you got there to some very bad people out there and these people are predators. They work in Hollywood and they're coming for your kids. 70 that's yet you need to be that blunt about it, but that's the truth. Are we gotta take a break your 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 this is the top search front lines of the culture will will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take you to to list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for just one video of the assassination of so over in Raleigh when he was gunned down by the gunmen opened fire missed on the first shot with which led to the second shot of our understanding as he was wounded and then suffered a heart attack in and died.

President bided now at the embassy of the Japanese embassy there in Washington DC paying his respects of the former prime minister of by the way, a very dear friend of Pres. Trump and other president put out just an incredibly moving statement, just a little while ago. Pres. Trump did talking about his friend who was slain yesterday in Japan want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line honored to have with us. I want to Pres. Trump's former attorneys are good friend. Great podcast or by the way, Jenna Ellis, Jenna, hope you're doing good today great in court invalidated election illegally tried to promulgate and be greatly recognized that already ballot dropbox aggregate lot that we do when her election integrity, and that's good.

So let's get what we wanted to talk with you about today course of the of the situation at the White House president biting coming out with this executive order that basically declares war on the Supreme Court. You're pretty vocal about that on Twitter suggesting that this is an impeachable offense. The president has committed today. Howard and through executive order override the crane court completely and I'm going to read the executive order which I at it on my twitter feed Executive Order and actually article you authority so so why is he able to get away with this, and I mean this is there there. In essence, destabilizing the Supreme Court trying to marginalize and neutralize it and this is going to have an impact. Eventually in American society hair down all our American finally ended right in the rule of law and nearly everything he could get away with it because Carteret under gena crack control Congress.

He will file articles of impeachment when there is a right away. The crane court at me held the bag and enchantment dinner, a reactive branch on their own initiative go and make it die. Go and credit executive what you're dealing way and how challenges are brought in and weak just like the crane court a little bit. You can take a while and felt Republican party elected in November and like everyone else here electing true conservative I hear about public take over the role of line actually hold Executive Order violating analysis on the patriot mobile newsmaker line. No Jenna you I came under fire from a number of the far left media folks so yesterday for your comments, which I thought were spot on accurate surrounding a couple of the medal of freedom honorees yesterday at the White House. Megan were Pinot and the Simone vials do you stand by your comments. Great training for here then getting over something that you can look at making rapping out killer had pending an American LL Dr. player, you win the national anthem playing any part of late and Eric and adapting your bio the record, I need mental health concerns and walked we went straight with you. I actually recognize what happened and more thinking any political and they are either morally and even in their lap recognize they directly one gold medal okay great and get their victory in a presidential medal at the court and I tried to lamely yell back at the culinary because it had only made my comment go further and I greatly how that worked out for the look I will give Simone vials credit Jeni Lisi trying to finish this this argument for finishing things you know but it does it, it does raise the question. What exactly is the is the presidential medal of freedom for you. Look at some of the great older heroes that were up on that stage and then you have people like you pointed out, Megan wrap always call the Pinot ramp and I want to like her but but later it's really unfortunate, but you do wonder okay what is it that qualifies people in the minds of the bided of the distribution and Hollywood looked celebrity going up in trying to carefully render the story encourage people to people are there hundred and recognize and honor our commander-in-chief could possibly doubt the American dream agreement freedom and liberty actually everything that our founders worked for and they are welcome back who are trying intentionally to encourage the bag on the left, thinking he could get mantle our country like they don't deserve everything keeping in line with clicky for honoring and recognizing utterly really with their agenda. By the way folks had over the Salem podcast network and that you gotta check out her great podcast will be able to download it there. Jenna hope you have a great weekend that Ari Jenna Ellis is stirring things up on social media man do they get triggered very easily. Are we going to take a break here. Our good buddy Matt slap on the way from American conservative Union 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number. Our website is Todd guys great resources free to check out. There will be right back getting dressed for success sounds great until you see that your clothes are wrinkled turbo extreme steam steam and iron to and one is your solution. It's the most powerful handheld steamer with advanced technology so it obliterates wrinkles with turbocharged dry steam quickly and easily. It's ready almost instantly and also works with steam as a dry iron to get your wrinkle solution today go to someone and search for Conair turbo extreme steam and look for the steam and iron two and 1R invokes welcome back to the Todd Stearns radio show.

By the way this afternoon I'll be filling in for our good friend Lars Larson is taking a few days off and we had a great time with their crew yesterday. I got to speak to a lot of their a lot of his listeners out on the West Coast. That show is 528 central time hydrant grace I'm having trouble with the other time zones. It's okay to lie 6 to 9 Eastern time folks on the right.

My apologies. You're like I'm talking about. You have a good time and I would love for you to join us for the conversation and do as Lars says naysayers and grace. We had some people call that they were fired up yesterday I heard my goodness, especially about the abortion issue. I know yes and the speaking of that, just a little while to you and Jenna Ellis waiting on this president bided says that we need to additional pro-choice senators, and he also wants a pro-choice House of Representatives, cut, number 14, please. The only way to fulfill and restore that right for women whose country is by voting, exercising the power at the ballot box and explain we need to additional pro-choice senators and a pro-choice house to codify room has federal law. Your vote can make that a reality. I know it's frustrating and made a lot of people very angry chooses this is not just me saying this with the court said when you read the decision, the court has made clear it will not protect the rights of women.. After having made a decision based on a reading of a document that was frozen in time.

In the 1860s when women didn't even have the right to vote. The court now. Now protect practically dares the women of America go to the ballot box. Restore the very rights they just taken away. One of the most extraordinary parts of the decision of my view is majority rights, and I quote women comes a quote from the majority are not without electoral or political power. It is noteworthy that the percentage of women who registered to vote cast a ballot is consistently higher percentage than men who do so." Women are not without electoral and/or political are more precise, not and/or for political power. That's another saying you live in America to determine the outcome of this issue. I don't think the court or for that matter.

Republicans who for decades and pushed extreme agenda have a clue about the power American women are about to find out is my hope and strong belief that women will in fact turn out in record numbers to reclaim the rights of taken from them by the court. Let me be clear what I wish it had not come to this. This is the fastest route available. I'm just stating the basic fundamental notion fastest way to restore will grow is a passive national law codify, which I will sign upon its passage on my desk right there you have it on me. This guy and he says he's a Catholic that's that disaster like a Catholic to you. It sounds like the devil to meet ladies and gentlemen, the devil we been following the story out of New York City and out.

I want to bring you the very latest year the fellow by the name of Jos Alba. He is a bodega worker 61 years old and he has now been freed from jail. They were they were asking 1/4 million dollars bond. Now they drop down to 50,000, and he's gonna wear an ankle monitor and all that kindness, the police, the guys home with his wife and kids know Mr. Elba, and as you and for those of you who may not know this remedy will over the background here. Mr. Elba is a hard working illegal immigrant from the Dominican Republic. He was working at the bodega. A woman comes and wants to buy some potato chips. Her debit card does not work so the sold Mr. but Mr. Elba said won't know potato chips were you I you gotta pay for so she storms out 10 minutes later comes back with her boyfriend and the boyfriend starts beating up Mr. Elba as a matter fact, the girlfriend jumped in and she stabbed Mr. Elba in the arm.

It turns out that the boyfriend is a career criminal, and he has a very very bad history. During the course of the fight. Mr. Elba rightfully fearing for his life, grabbed a knife of his own and he stabbed. He stabbed the boyfriend to death. So the boyfriend is dead and Mr. Elba was arrested and charged with his murder. The girlfriend was not arrested. The girlfriend was not charged. A lot of people in New York City are going with what the heck is going on here because they say this kind.

This bodega owner.

It's it was self-defense. He was simply trying to protect his own life. Investigator said that they have reviewed the surveillance footage and that the boyfriend pushed the store owner and fought with the store owner so my issue here is with the District Attorney's Office. It sounds as if the police they understand what the real deal. Heroes. But the District Attorney's Office they were radical progressive by the name of Alvin Bragg. It sounds like this guy has got it in for the bodega owner because he is a law-abiding illegal immigrant who just trying to earn up earn a decent living.

It's pretty despicable.

By the way the bad guy, the one that got stabbed to death. He was out on parole at the time of all this you know why he was in jail. Ladies and gentlemen, this guy was in jail because he beat up a police officer.

So you got this very bad, dangerous person. He's fighting with the bodega owner, what would you do in that situation, would you just hope and pray that the guy doesn't want to come and shoot you.

Would you hope and pray that the guy doesn't just beat you to death with his own fist warned you pick up the knife and you you try to make it home safe to your family at the end of the workday.

That's what Mr. Elba did here. I don't think he had much of a choice either live or be killed by this violent fog and his evil girlfriend and all of this over a bag of potato chips so I'm curious, do you think that you think the bodega owner did the right thing here.

Should he faced charges 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 and we talk a lot of this on this program about organizations that are fighting for us in and what we can do to lend a helping hand. And that's why I want to tell you about our friends at a Mac the Association of mature American citizens.

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Your membership in a Mac is going to support their nonprofit eMac action they're going to take on Capitol Hill. They're going to fight for you there in a fight for the free market there to fight for the Constitution and it's super easy to join.

All you need $16 a year. That's it. EMac .us/Starnes.

That's a Mac .us/historians really start saving right away.

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Intimate skin irritation having incontinence wasn't stressful enough intimate path incline ecologist that can cause skin irritation tent on the intimate I need to try 10 intimate path for your free sample to skin protects Lantana radio show great to have you with us today. Let's go to Arkansas on the line.

I look what's on your mind doing good work.

You know, we really are living in the twilight, the world, that a career criminal behind the counter of a man that no criminal record and yet now looking at a murder. It's unbelievable to know that you're not allowed to defend yourself in New York City and at the same time there resting you guys like this fella who was just trying to do his job and stay alive.

And then you got actual criminals out there that are allowed to walk the streets like this guy who walked in and do and attacked this poor fellow man. Father artwork guy behind the counter right where the picture I read where the girl I'm going home to get my man and all the heat of the one that can afford to go get her now dead because of her no doubt about it, no doubt about it and I you and and and these guys you know when use when you work in a bodega like that you sorta get a feel for what's going on in the neighborhood and Juergen have a lot of rough types come in. I'm sure they been ripped off more than enough times so because the argument is why did he does let them have the potato just because it's not tears that that doesn't belong to them. It belongs to the store and get everybody exactly and in Luke it is a crazy world out there. It's time for you know it's time for somebody like a Rudy Giuliani to come back in New York City and a general rule with an iron fist and that's what Rudy did cleaned up that city and it's sad to say, you know it's in a horrible situation now. The propagator number great and you're out in the backyard die gotten to the point where criminals are younger and those that are don't have a record like that.

Well said well said. Luke precede the call and thanks for listening to the program while Morton's steakhouse is getting a lot of seeds because of their defending adjuster Sprint Cavanaugh. They're saying that the judge, the justice should have the right to be able to eat his meal in peace along with everybody else in the restaurant. If you missed the story of we started out the show with this justice Cavanaugh was having dinner at Morton's steakhouse in Washington that a bunch of these pro-abortion thugs showed up and disrupted dinner for everybody and a Morton's a Morton's representative told politico that politics should not trample the freedom, the freedom of play of the right to congregate and eat dinner and it's a look, it's a fair point here. We shouldn't be.

We should be having to worry about about packing heat. We shouldn't worry about having to keep you will keep a lookout for bad guys is there coming up behind you in the middle of a of a restaurant in a bind. When I sit down restaurant is really unfortunate. By the way, we were not quite sure what happened to Matt's lap so normally he's pretty good about pony yet but something must know Grace Baker couple years ago that was live on the show and you could tell he was driving and the of the blue lights come on front row and got pulled over alive during a telephone that we try to help them out.

I was like hey Matt, you, we can give you a hand from you if it's helpful to make them stay on the line while he was dealing with.

I tried to, but he hung up. II think that would've been great made for entertaining radio for sure.

So, but it is what it is, by the way, Dr. Oz is under fire Grace Baker as he is not surprised Todd so Dr. Dr. Ozzie by the way has abandoned president from now you know he was like clinging to him like a high like a boil, but that's how close Dr. Oz was the Donald Trump and Dr. Oz. As soon as he got the nomination, which is a bit suspect and how all that went down. He just completely washed away any reference to Donald trouble many campaign materials.

The website it's all gone. So now Dr. Oz, who by the way, is trailing in the polls. Surprise, surprise, has put together a TV commercial. And he talks about how he is not a political insider and that he really wants to serve that the good people of the state of Pennsylvania, with the Pennsylvania shore. There's one problem they film the TV commercial in his mansion in New Jersey how it's big Alex big roof. As they say, have you seen Top Gun yet. Maverick you have what you did this, not father. I know I know I know you got. We gotta get you a list of the movies you need to see Caddy shack and wheezing caddy show no music is music from all these movies aren't working to get your flight should be seen.

Fletch lives no Chevy Chase that doesn't ring a bell. Have you seen cannonball run white Smokey and the bandit now, ladies and berries for my generation if I have good movies. These are the last of these are the classic Juergen.

After the light is working to get Grace Baker and working at to give you a list of movies that you have to see what I'm hearing is you need to send got a movie vacation for a week then I can come back and report my findings.

That's not quite what I had in mind but it's close. But we gotta do this we need to get you cultured.

Okay fine art debt allow it or what about your husband.

I know your husband has troops in the Godfather.

I think using the Godfather, but I know he has not seen Top Gun he hasn't seen Top Gun yeah but I'm pretty facing Godfather ladies so I really said we need to watch together. We just haven't done it using the Rocky movies now okay you got what he has Our nation is failing our young. That's all there is to this.

Come on Grace or what we can remedy hustled that the defense knock against the fear that information but no it's okay to say I love Harry Potter for heaven sakes, very controversial.

Back in the day. You know it was funny. I seem to remember like parents very concerned that their kids were to become like warlocks are right around him sticks and we have bigger fish to fry. Nowadays, those were the good old as were the good old days. You're worried about all right, thank you, Grace Baker, ladies and gentlemen, we will come up with a list of movies that Grace Baker needs that will be a great segment for next week. Movies that are that Grace Baker must watch.

I love it all right put your thinking Are Coming up a Little Bit Later on This Afternoon I'll Be Filling in for Lars Larson on His National Show a Large Taken A Few Days off and We Would Love for You to Join Us on the Lars Larson Program That 6 to 9 Eastern That Is 69 Eastern. Also, We Have a Fresh Batch of Biscuit Books That Have Showed up in the Todd Start Show Store. If You Have Not Gotten a Copy of My My New Devotional Book Called Our Daily Biscuit Devotions with a Drawl. Gotta Head over There. You Gotta Get Yourself a Copy of the Book Will Sign It for You Get Extra Couple of Copies of My Likes to Biscuits Two Biscuit Books Are Better Than One, and That We Love to Get You a Copy of That Are You Folks You Get out There. Have a Great Friday.

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