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Biden Mumbles About Nurses Whispering in His Ear

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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July 15, 2022 3:17 pm

Biden Mumbles About Nurses Whispering in His Ear

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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July 15, 2022 3:17 pm

President Biden looks extremely unwell in remarks he delivered today from the Middle East. Time to invoke the 25th?

Rep Andy Biggs and Rep Kat Cammack join the conversation!

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Someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found out it's easy for for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think video calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy Z full for welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by the legacy precious metals.

There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM investments The legacy PM investments.job live from Liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee is America's conservative blue doors turn radio program on the Friday. Yes, it is Friday next week had been down to over somewhere. I'm heading west to Oregon and I work and have a great time next week or next Wednesday after the show. I heading out to Salem, Oregon for a massive extravaganza. And that's really the only way due to describe it were doing light book signing at a barbecue joint till we got a book signing at a Republican gathering all put together by her good friends over at KY KM but just a just a great bunch of folks there and I'm so looking forward to meeting all of our listeners outside in the in Salem Oregon and you guys are gonna have to tell me what I need to do out there to be there for like three days and so I will need a list I've been Oregon two times and both of those times I was chased by leftist so I just need some good things to do there in your beautiful city and I will be taking your calls a little bit later on today of folks.

We've got a lot going on and up first and foremost we want to we want to offer our our thoughts and our prayers to the Trump family a very sad news last night. Ivana Trump who happen to be president trumps first wife passed away she was found in her New York City home and it appears to be some sort of a cardiac event.

But the horrible reactions coming from the left.

It's appalling. And again it just goes to the heart of what we talk about every day on this radio program that that the problem facing our nation is not a political problem. It is a problem of the heart and we does have some pretty evil people of this country, Trump derangement syndrome, and the living let me say this about Trump derangement syndrome and I have covered this malady for a number of years on me long before you have the long before you had the China virus pandemic.

You had something else going on and that was called Trump derangement syndrome and it is on full display these days full display as we watch these leftist attack Pres. Trump and the Trump family occupied Democrats a verified a verified account called Ivana Trump's children monstrous referring to is vodka Don Junior and Erica by the way, she was the mother of all of all of the older Trump kids and then you have and then you have Baron and who's the one I always forget it's kind like that is like the Jehan Brady of the of the Trump kids. I was at Marla Maples. I think that was the daughter. The moral view he had with Marla Maples but it means the the horrible things that people say and and we've called out conservatives and and this is not something that's unique but it's primarily Democrats win whenever a conservative dies. They just go you get to see who the who they are for for themselves and is an ugly thing and it's a pretty pitiful and sad thing Jeff Perlman writing I see wrong Trump trending docket ally.

I said that to my family a few minutes ago I don't root for deaths, but exceptions can be made for an aspiring authoritarian with nary a decent bone in his body. You know this guy is a piece of garbage that took that to Jeff Perlman as and even though Jeff Perlman who is a New York Times best-selling author, even though he is a piece of human garbage when he dies I will at least give him the dignity and the decency of saying something something kind to his loved ones on the social media platforms, or better yet if you if you don't have anything good to say and and grandmother Starnes taught us is growing up in Memphis Tennessee, Whitehaven, Tennessee, and for those of you.

Be specific.

You know that is grandmother Starnes had a say if you can't say something nice about somebody just shut your mouth and a lot of people on the left need to be doing that today. A lot of the never Trump urge you need to be doing that today.

A woman has died. She was a mother. She was a grandmother and ex-wife. So show some decency about yourself is pretty is pretty despicable. 844-747-8860 it is or toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 I was listening to some audio just a few moments ago and then watching the video that come that that was attached to this audio and I have posted this on our website. Todd because you need to see this. We been having conversations for very long time and without Pres. Biden, and I make no bones about it. I make no apologies were saying that she's done slow that guys cracker a long time ago. I make no excuses were apologies for saying that the front porch light is on but nobodies home.

Clearly, Biden is pastor's prime the president overseas in the Middle East and he's making all sorts of gaps all over the place now typically, for I don't know how they're able to do this, but there you the White House staff of the physicians of the teams of nurses and the of the bedside nurses and all the aids they're able to get this guy fully medicated so he can actually behave in some sort of a coherent way in a public setting and they been able to do that on a couple of these international trips, but something's gone wrong here in the Middle East. The president is stumbling all over the place you saw the audio we played this audio for your couple of days ago where he got off Air Force One walking on the red carpet as a writer I go will just follow the red carpet, Mr. Pres.

He had no idea what was going on. There was there was another moment where he just got completely cattle he was.

He had just finished remarks and one of the other world leaders. He's reaching out, shaking hands and there's nobody there that the I can explain it except that this guy is mentally not there.

He was trying to shake hands with air or or and I want to throw this out there, I don't. I went out one at a big's conspiracy show here or maybe Joe Biden thinks there was somebody there. Maybe that's it. Because this is not the first time that he's actually trying to shake hands with with what we see all of us mere mortals with what we see as just a there's nothing he's trying to shake hands with and nobody's there, so maybe it's possible that in Joe Biden's mind that there is in fact somebody there so he actually thinks he seeing somebody. George Washington, the ghost of Thomas Jefferson idled out and then the though the world leader has to literally guide Pres. Biden who was supposed to be the leader of the free world to his seat and then this happens and you got to hear this. This audio and we did not when it comes to the president were not modifying this. We got a couple of joke things and parities, but this is present about it.

This is unedited. This is unscripted.

This is the president of the United States, the leader of the free world. I my background back on my family is Irish-American and we have a long history of the fundamentally alike. The Palestinian people with Great Britain tutorial Irish Catholics over the years for 400 years number 10 place was making speech term is a terrible headache is years ago I did a very stupid thing aircraft who turned out I had to create a mannerisms and I got rushed to hospital.

Little of a snowstorm for nine and half hour operation save my life and the second operation found the readers of the other side of my brain.

I joke.

The reason it wouldn't twice to take the confinement brain the first time in between.

I had a major skill. Nothing unusual. Other people haven't gone through, but I look back on it I don't think you nurses are really appreciated enough.

What I found was the ICU public and you look at the monitors and you know the line goes flat your day responders. But you know I really true CISC attire is one quick nurses water hospital, rub my face could whisper in my ear close tell me okay they different is that psycho a healthy man to you ladies and gentlemen.

Does that sound like a man who has control of his mental faculties to you. Is it time for for somebody to intervene get this guy back on Air Force One I meet what you couldn't see was how red his face was. He did not look well and we got the photographs really see for yourself on our website here, but the constant coughing and hacking and the wheezing at the mumbling of the talking about the nurses bending down and whispering in his ear in the ICU, sniffing the little girls here in Delaware just a few days ago.

Is this normal to you or are these signs that we are in the end game here when it comes to to Joe Biden because this man does not look healthy and I don't think he's healthy enough to be president of the United States is it will type what about Coppola Harris well she's she's a moron and and again she's not running the show, and neither is Biden.

There are other people that are pulling the strings or whatever is going to happen is going to happen, but this guy for his own well-being because clearly the family doesn't care they're all about the power and they're all about the money they know that Joe Biden is the cash cow. They know that because of Joe Biden hunters getting all of these big dollar contracts Joe Biden has the proceeds. By the way, I think she's the evil stepmother and all of this. If you're looking at how all of this is playing out.

I think Joe Biden at least based on the writings in the ramblings of the text messages of hundred Biden. She really is the the wicked stepmother because Joe Biden should care more about her husband than being first lady and I think that's the issue here is that she wants to be First Lady. So much so that she's willing to but her husband's life and health in jeopardy.

Am I right or am I wrong 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number.

It'd take a break. Again, our number 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show. If you are looking for my fellow you will not find it in the big box stores and the reason why it's pretty awful my fellows being canceled by the canceled culture Bob. That's why Michael Odell wants to sell directly to you and that comes with some great savings to get the lowest price of the history of my fellow for their classic standard normally 6998 now only 1998 with the Provo costar by fellow does more than just fellows have over 150 product where the slippers even an open my\start, that's my\the Provo costar or call 805 8939 my\start or call one 800-5939 promo code start RA people. Welcome back to the Todd Stern's radio show. No, you can't blame the dime. He's old time it happens is going to happen every body. We've all seen it happen in our family, but our family members are not leaders of the free world. Joe Biden is and everybody sees this and it's embarrassing.

It is embarrassing as a country when you got the president of the United's stage, shaking hands with air or was go to Rhode Island, Carlotta it's been a while. Carlotta hope you're doing good you know now thank the Lord fell. I think you did Todd along with many other talk because every day we project the most damning thing you anyone about Biden in the right place and they don't know it's not our stated numbers allow you not know what what their SOP thoughts about deniability.

They called back they will deny what ever there. The way they operate. So you think that maybe, just maybe, this is this is maybe a head fake that maybe Biden is not as mentally out of it as he appears to be very know not thought about and I don't like I got there at well well that is and and that's going to sink the Democrat party just like it did George W. Bush back to the 1990s Carlotta and you remember that where you know George H. W. Raise taxes after he said read my lips no new taxes, and as Bill Clinton infamously said it was the economy, stupid. That and it and it's the economy that we you. I don't have show you my bare oh what ever what ever come down. They will get date know we don't take money from China until I cannot. I bet anyone I cracked go to jail for five years. Thoughts about the night so it's in the modern vernacular, Carlotta it's their truth. Yet everybody has their own truth. You have to keep reminding the public that is what they know that how they were going out tonight. Amazing Carlotta we got a run for a break. God bless you. It's good to hear from you again. I was just thinking about you the other day, so I'm glad you're doing good thank you all right give us a holler back one of these days all this, Carlotta. She and Ms. Janice and Jerry Lynn are like you know are three wise ladies of the of the radio program Grace Baker but you know I was thinking as she mentioned you and and again I there. Some people are saying will Biden is faking a lot of this and he that that that's part of the whole scheme but I don't know I don't give him that much credit. I'm sorry.

So back in the 1970s there was a guy by the name of Vincent Conti who was one of the of the big New York City mobsters and the federal come after the guy, but he faked being mentally insane and he would put on a bathrobe is a true story about a bathrobe and slippers that he would just wander around the streets of New York City, mumbling to himself. Interesting. Much like what Biden is doing not that different so but you're saying they're not smart enough to concoct. I just think that's too complicated.

I specially provided. I'm curious by the way great.

I get to share this info with you.

I know that you got are you guys renting producer. We are alright so they cut daily wire has a report out the average rent in New York City and this is why people say Todd wanted to be back home to Memphis.

The average rent surges past $5000 a month that's ahead like a month $5058. That's the average. All the average rents horrendously get to like 600 700 ft. max. That's it's appalling. It's an people to pay this kind of stuff. I never deal with crime. Here, Memphis policing, a lower rent of their deal with the crime in the higher rent. Don't think that's why hundred Biden doesn't live in New York City and he can't afford that and be the hookers and the crack does get varies, you got a budget. You got a budget. Are there you go people out 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. Hang tight. We've got more covenant. This is the Todd search radius there is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the Biden ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd Starnes and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your gold. It's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time, like you see precious is the company I investing in gold.

They can help you hold your retirement account into a goal back IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metal safely and securely to your house.

You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox called legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit the online legacy PM legacy PM America great.

I know that money is tight with inflation and the economy, but we can at least afford a breaking news alert for the Osborne's radio show. I think Rush Limbaugh and I were know that doesn't work all artless combat was siding else. It's a good first try. I tried breaking their then my fingers a story from Los Angeles, California. The city of Angels boats bad news. Los Angeles County is going to force you to mask back this news coming from the Los Angeles times as well as ABC seven there in LA beginning June 29. Los Angeles County is going to require masks for anyone not in an indoor setting. Are they say that the China virus has hit an all-time high. So, according to the CDC, the centers for disease and control of the county had previously been at eight medium covert level as defined goals and regulations but now they have reached a high level. Once the county's rate of daily China virus positive patients that it costs 10 per 100,000 residents. It's all over that did not looking good there.

Can I just say something and a couple of observations here in this poorly written story from ABC seven news.couple of things. First of all first of all, if it really is that serious. I mean if that if if it is that dangerous of a situation wire the limiting the man immediately why they're waiting two weeks know seriously why why are they wire they going to let people I guess die or live in agony for two weeks. Why risk it if in fact that's what this is really all about. But as we all know the China virus has nothing to say it has everything to do with controlling the American people and the population have a conversation just if you do not live in Los Angeles County just sit back for just a moment I want to have a conversation a come to Jesus moment with all you people. Los Angeles County, California. You have a responsibility, a God given constitutionally protected responsibility not to comply with that mandate. Just say no.

We've got a send a message to the people in charge that were not going to comply when I get to surrender our civil liberties anymore. Been there, done that. But if all you people mask up. Well, that's on you, but you need to start sending a message to these Democrats who control the entire state. Now if you live in Los Angeles County. I want to hear from you and especially if you if you were to be one of those people who will not comply.

We need mass rebellion in Los Angeles County. That's what we need 844-747-8868 what back to the incisors radio program. Let's go to the phones Indiana law Robin on the line Robin hope you're doing well today. I had no dear, go ahead okay you moment and got out before the break. You said you had three will either win and I fear shall scholar I'll tell you, you have a floor I get a silent analyst and I am a very light one think you have a K and I don't agree with you Larry back what you do and I want you to know that now what I want to address this year because I believe I didn't yet again. I didn't know I had somebody I me. I knew that the women who listen to this program are of above average intelligence, no doubt about that but I didn't realize I had 1/4 silent, wise wise gal wise babe can I say that is an appropriate okay I'm warming and I know what I wanted to let you know Robin, that puts you in the that put you in a small percentage of Americans these days all by good is art so alright, so I will baby, should we say harem hours know that maybe too far now conservative right Robin continue. I don't want to ruin a beautiful moment in her well got me messed up. Biden yes my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and her love 50 and I think Karen I watch Disney progress and we talk all the time that we watched Joe Biden shuffle lean.

That's what happened to my mother, confused and not seen the word right everything he usually appears I am not Dr. but we experience it in our real life.

I mother passed away at 60 9 PM went infantile that everything we want, can do and say it is exactly what we had to start and I'm I was diagnosed with Alzheimer. I I'm curious when your mother was diagnosed to me was she did. She still and did you guys encourage her to live a very active life like something like coming if she had a job. Would you encourage her to continue with her job and things of that nature and incapable on it and he didn't get diagnosed early because my father protected Erin and gave an answer back before the doctor came and held back. Now he finally he worked at LimeWire. He was a manager there and he finally had black force her to retire because of the mistake she was making it out number silicon stay in the calendar alive dictate that what they did and we took care of her health care when we could, but it was very difficult. I mean it like a child very very childlike pain we can see that Joe Biden hacked massive kindness and we don't seem an evening credit card on Downing and that's the worst time for I think that's why were not being in the evening, especially, even during the debate that we get EM out of the basement because people were caught on a lot earlier want to know and experience it. It's it's a sad horrible thing and I certainly disagree with all Joe Biden's policies but you don't wish that on anybody and just this is where the family has to step up, but I'm telling you this is the family from from AG double hockey sticks right here right now. What a mess and you why nobody cares. And yet nobody cares about him that something nobody cares about anybody in that family. It's all about the money it's all about what can I get out of this and the family every day because I'm guy can only type we pray for the conversion on the heart Jesus Christ. But there comes a time when you have recognized what is evil and going on and I think that's the battle Lorraine right now far deeper than Democrat versus Republican. While Robin God bless you, thank you for the call and do peaks. Don't be a stranger give us a call back. One of these days I will try and I appreciate you and Grace. I love you I love your laughter and I love this talk to you again all right. Robin from Indiana hanging out with us on our live stream today. By the way, very exciting use. Starting Monday will be broadcasting live in Youngstown Ohio so looking forward to walking a bunch of Buckeye state a listers to the radio program and we had a couple of Ohio people on staff here so I'm sure they'll appreciate that as well.

By the way of famed political strategist Dick Morris could be on the show next week. Grace Baker yes indeed Dick Morris says Donald Trump is running for the White House again and if anybody's going to know that is good to be Dick Morris. Somebody served as his top advisor for a number of years I Dick Morris has a brand-new bestseller out this week is called the return and it reveals Trump secret plan for 2024. His real reason for running and his coming surprise announcement really talk with Dick about that use back says you gotta read the return this year already.

The Amazon number one bestseller if you want to see Trump's plan Dick Morris has it all. Big media big tech and the deep state want to stop truck but the return will show how Pres. Trump will triumph you can get the return at bookstores everywhere. Or, you can see the free offer from Newsmax and save almost $28.

Just go to the return that's the return all right before we got a break.

We gotta throw out the we got thrown a trivia question. It's Friday right we got grace we gotta give something away right your shaking your head. All right, so what I just lost the trivia questions only come back we will do trivia so stick around. This is the Todd Stern show progressive home for another house. I totally understand house coming from this just another's newer homes on the market looking at those other houses the crack in the foundation's no matter how much you love it more knowing you could say your home a little aggressive situations. All right, listen up all of our new listeners out there is primarily a big chunk of North Carolina, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point. We like to give voice level the show and also test the knowledge of our very brilliant audience. Here's a question were to throw out if you get this right were to give you a copy of my book God bless America, which is a really important cultural book I written a number of them, but this one's pretty important ever to give you a signed copy. Here we go earlier this week. Big controversy. We need to know what food to First Lady Joe Biden compare Hispanic people to this week. One food did First Lady Joe Biden compare Hispanic people to this week.

If you know the answer.

Give us a call 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 and the Grace will be taking your calls momentarily so there is a new report out.

This is a fascinating story and and we talked about this a lot on the program, the National student clearinghouse research Center says undergraduate enrollment is down nearly 7% over the past two years. Fascinating story.

That means fewer Americans are going to college.

That means more than 1,000,018 and 19-year-olds have decided to either go to trade school or go to go to a community college or maybe just jump right into book the workforce which is not a bad thing at all. So the academic community. There are out there saying, well, this is all because of the China virus and the reason why kids have decided not to go to college is because of the China virus and kids drug you are not getting used to going back into the classroom. Yeah, I don't think that's it again again enrollment down nearly 7% over the past two years. But here's what I contend is going on. I think a lot of these kids are smart and they see how much it cost to go to college.

These that were talking tens of thousands of dollars in student loans. Kids are having to take out and there saddled with this debt for what 20 something years. It was a Barack Hussein Obama and his wife, Mrs. Michelle Obama, who were well into their 40s before they were able to pay off their student loan debt. I think a lot of kids are looking at that undergoing yet that's not me No that's not me. They see the older older brothers and sisters coming home from school and what are they doing while they're living in their parents basement and their flipping burgers because they can't get a job with their gender studies degree you got all these worthless degrees and I think that's another big factor because you've got all these woke policies out there.

Critical race theory. The preferred pronoun training Northern Arizona University.

This is from the college fix Northern Arizona University there forcing students to take at least four diversity classes before they can graduate for so I'm telling you this is why I think that a lot of American kids have decided yet. I already know my pronoun II really don't learn how to do pottery. I don't want to go to one of these feminist classes where the professor is some woman who doesn't shave her legs. I'm good with that. I think I'm just a skip the drama skip the hairy leg barrels and just go and get a job and that's what they're doing and again I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

All right. Let's go to the phones here. What about those photos look pretty quickly. Grace, let's go to jail. On the Johnson's hi Gail how are you today I'm well hi Gail, I'm doing pretty good. Thank you for asking. Here is a trivia question for you ma'am we need to know what food did First Lady Joe Biden compare Hispanic people to this week. I let's go to the tape all nation. With the understanding of this community. Think about Ron Miami and as unique as the breakfast area all day, all his congratulations Gail Wright replied that by now. Well, it may well maybe or you know of both of them might be a taco side of the combo platter down at the Taco Bell. So you never hang Gail hang tight working to put you on hold and braces go to get your info and I were to send you a signed copy of my book and I we love all of our good listeners and friends down in the Carolinas and especially along the coast, beautiful beautiful countryside out there all right will do some more trivia later on in the program so stick around for the next hour. By the way, we have some great guest coming our way, including Congressman Andy Biggs working to get an update on what's happening along the border. Also, some breaking news last night, someone I know on the I will just say their associated with the house judiciary sent me a note and said Stearns you want to pay attention to this. Something's going down next week so here's the information we have and is not a lot but it's enough for you to call your elected representatives up on Capitol Hill and tell them to fight this tooth and nail. According to my sources, we are hearing that house Democrats are going to introduce legislation that will call for an outright ban of the so-called assault weapons.

Now we don't know what's going to be in that list, we can imagine that AR 15's will be on that list, but the Democrats are going to introduce this legislation in Congress.

Here's the question. Where does it go well, it probably passes the House of Representatives. Unfortunately we got a lot of well first of all we got Democrat majorities but I think we can have a lot of Republicans switching sides on this of the toss appears what happens in the U.S. Senate.

So was just assume it's going to pass the House of Representatives whatever this ban is given back that happens, you could have some renegade Republicans in the Senate in an effort to punish conservative Republicans sign with the Democrats. There are a couple of pro-Second Amendment Democrats. Now, the issue for those guys will there be enough Republicans switching over to side with the Dems that it could become a problem because Biden's going to sign whatever they sent so the firewall is the U.S. Senate you need to be calling this weekend, your representatives, your senators you say Todd, I my representative is Democrat give them a call and let them know that you want them to defend the second amendment but it's shocking to imagine that we were living in a time where within our lifetime.

There could be that knock on the door from the government saying, gotta turn over your gonna turn over your weapons. This is where we are right pay very close attention to that will have updates on the website over the weekend as more info comes out of cigarette folks. Our two coming up next Gen. insurance presents shower valid/everyone does something in the shower. Turns out, generally, the quality insurance company saving people money every 60 years since you called rhetorical go to general auto insurance services, Inc. insurance agency Nashville Tennessee some efficient supply universities through you in Memphis, Tennessee since conservative commentary from radio show. Have a nice frosty glass of something to drink and sit in under an air conditioner today released a ceiling fan or fear of the deep South just to pull up a rocking chair on the front porch. It's the only thing we can do nothing the entire country is breaking right now want to go right out of the patriot mobile newsmaker line and this is like wintertime for the people in Arizona like Congressman Andy. It is not hot outside.

Congressman, hope you're doing well thank you Congressman a couple of a couple of stories that we've been following and you been making some headlines and I want to talk about this National Defense authorization act and you had some big concerns with this and you explain in a in a tweet pretty clearly why you voted against the 2023 and TAA yet to begin with an $800 billion in a bill that there were over 1200 minutes offered little credit allowed 650 amendments to be debated and and of those most of those came on because they were doing and you have everything from woke, the LGBT Q movement you get the equity issues that are going and so what you have here is the left wing. Basically taking over the military and not advancing military readiness, which is really what the bill supposed to do you not do anything for the tens of thousands of military personnel who were being forced out because they won't get a vaccine and admitted that so you have a dishonorable discharge as a whole lot of bad stuff in there and the one good thing they had. There was a pay raise for the men and women in the military of 4.9% which is good, but it is nothing. When you compare it to the really the real 18% or so. Inflation rate that we have Congressman, let's talk about some of this radical ideology that that you say is in this in DAA.

What are some things were talking about here you have the ship like gender awareness, workforce, and so that's going around and that's going to be out there doing that so you going to continue to have these CRT training going on in the military you know what you probably saw the video of the baby every teaching you how to use the proper pronouns instead of saying hey guys a D a you get up.

Who knows, but it is absurd to think that you have going on here at then going to spread it around the world.

Believe it or not, and working also report on and relate to what's going on around the world and continue to have abortions for military personnel regardless of job God's decision so this is the left wing taking over the military. And that's what's going on. Were you surprised at the number of Republicans who joined Democrats in approving this know know that never surprises me. Good luck. Anything I get what they're saying this thing well you provided. Very good. But if there is and then they would also like stuff to my district. That's really what they say. This brings back stuffed my district and so so you do it and I'm thinking to myself in DAA is a must that village which we all want to from the military bonnet all make sure we have the right kind of equipment and matriel necessary to defend the project powers you have will but this notion that an $850 billion and we never even had an audit of toes a little something something that's sad because we see this all the time and and nobody ever nobody ever stands up except for a few and most of those folks are in the house. Freedom conquers to say, wait a second. What are we doing here and and it frustrates me because again Republicans and I know this out.

You and I am a Republican. I don't need to have donated money to Republican candidates and end date they mess with us every single time they and if we can't agree on fiscal responsibility. I really don't know what the point of being a Republican is well you know your mantra. What about the budget and the last time he saw a balanced budget truly felt budget was was when Clinton was the president but the clerk controlled the House and the Senate right and so since then we got it. What I call structural depth where you spend more than you bring in today. Our national debt is what $30. Nobody really real accurate like $32 trillion in go well if it's not going to be, what, when will we start being fiscally responsible. So I'm told.

Already the next time I would say the carcasses got some some plans and some little changes on how you do things around here, but if there implemented you actually will start seeing movement towards balancing the accounts. Congressman Annie makes all the patriot mobile newsmaker line Congressman. We've also been following the developments along the border which is a complete mess. The headline from Breitbart supported sex offender wanted for child fondling arrested in Arizona near the border. Again, this goes back to the very dangerous people that have been coming across as border and harming American citizens. You know what is left doesn't think there's a problem, but what happening, we can adequately note the people were coming across the border even when were able to intercept surrenders but many of them surrender but it. But if we don't have access to that foreign country. We don't know really what's going on there and we we depend on their information and the only time were able to find these guys have already been in the country committed a high and people should we don't understand that. So for instance, and we don't have agreements with some country like Nicaragua people coming from Nicaragua. We we won't even send them back to Nicaragua. Why because Nicaragua refuses to take them. So we released them into the country with basically no Betty and no idea who they are and what we drop them up wherever the going that way to go.

In the meantime, we've missed quite some in my 20,000 children come in that we placed with with God knows who I mean, you know, we don't because we don't have contact with them anymore.

Any interest to those people dangerous for American and this administration is elected and aided and abetted in the criminal, Congressman anything so the patriot will please make line Congressman one more question, and you've always been a straight shooter with son Hank seals reporting about this White House meeting they say you are one of a number of lawmakers that have been invited on December 21 to attend the meeting to pressure former VP Mike Pentz to help overturn the 2020 election of first were you at the meeting and if so what what was that all about characterization. I would write out for meeting on the 21st that was led by like Mike and it was a cordial meeting and he wanted to know, and we we discussed things like well what would the process look like on January and it was was a collegial meeting there was only the other like my recollection 11 meeting in and for all I know you might've called me and remembered being overly long was done by the court. So yeah, it angers me this just angers me because you can't trust anything coming out of this jam recess committee at all and this is there either intentionally misleading people with these reports are leaking out with her flat out lying and that just angers me.

Congressman hello, how you guys can keep your cool with this kind of nonsense coming out well they're doing both the line and delete manipulate undercut they don't don't want to run for office again. They don't want to be free to run around the streets. This is bought Todd by and large Soviet station of American politics were you all of the mechanisms of Americans American actions to attack your political opponents and political enemies and not as political competitors and that is the saddest part of this is January 6 committee is in my opinion doing irreparable harm to this is dictation but in the entire United States America well do our best to keep shouting out and using our platform to share the truth what's going on here Congressman, I appreciate you answering the question and makes a lot of sense. I've been telling audience do not believe anything coming out of that committee. You just can't do it all right, Congressman, are you God bless and I have a great weekend are.

That's Congressman Eddie Biggs and again the the allegations coming from the media that 10 House Republicans were summoned to the White House to put pressure on Mike Pentz to help overturn the 2020 election results as you just heard from Congressman Amy Biggs, one of the individuals in that meeting. It was in fact the vice president who called for the meeting and it was also the vice president who led the meeting to not trust anything coming out of that J6 committee at all were doing our best to try to try to make sense out of what's going on here, but at the end of the day.

This is all about stopping Donald Trump from running for the White House. That's the purpose of that J6 committee there trying to stop Trump there to be using lies, misrepresentations and half-truths to get that done right.

We gotta take a break here 844-747-8868 and I need is a good time to throw another trivia question as well.

We talked about a company that announced they were closing down 16 other storefronts due to out-of-control crime. We need to know what Seattle-based company is shutting down 16 storefronts 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show, getting dressed for success sounds great until you see that your clothes are wrinkled, Conair turbo extreme steam steam and iron two and one is your selection.

It's the most powerful handheld steamer with advanced technology so it obliterates wrinkles with turbocharged dry steam quickly and easily.

It's ready almost instantly and also works without steam as a dry iron to get your wrinkle solution today go to Amazon and search for Conair turbo extreme steam and look for the steam and iron two and one. You know I am laughing Grace. You know what I do know you just heard all I heard it, are you hurt, I heard it so Pres. Biden is over. So this is the president five actually isn't his fault for one know and I will give the president prompts here. At least he didn't like start laughing as I would a black eye because I will laugh. I would laughed and this would've been a breach of idle diplomatic protocol. Yeah. So I went to the Todd Stern's radio show. Hang tight were to get to the Tribune just a second. This just happened.

So the Palestinian Authority they decided to welcome Pres. Biden, and of course this is a terrorist group on the right. Let's we we all understand it, but that's no excuse. Just because you're a terrorist organization does not mean you can't find at least one or two musicians who know how to play into working a play for you.

This literally just happen were putting them that the video of our website. This is the Palestinian Authority trying trying to play the national anthem. The thing is they just they can hit it will make a high note. I think that I wanted to do that on purpose. I can't be that bad basically and up yours America. Maybe I was in band growing up and we did middle even the middle school band wasn't that bad. Wow, just through all the so much roller mill as this is a bit like a blazing to go play I noticed really can it be I they would've been better off playing a recording of the nationally agreed, I just I so it's either either there either told Jeff as an entire nation or or they did this on purpose. It makes you wonder doesn't, all right, let's all wow that's remember the Mayberry Mayberry band that was a great episode makes the Mayberry band sound like the Symphony. All right, let's go to Salem, Oregon Nancy on Katie YK in hi Nancy how are you I'm doing wonderful. Thank you great and Nancy.

You know were coming to town next week. Hi EM as a matter of fact, Nancy know we may need to do Nancy.

I we will. I will sign your book personally, when I come to when I come to Salem. All I wish I could be there but first, but first you got you got to get the question right and I were in play will trivia here Nancy we want to know what Seattle-based company announced that its closing down 16 storefronts because of crime Nancy from Salem Oregon you're the big letter today. Yet Seattle-based Starbucks so says there shutting down 16 storefronts.

They just can't they can't get a handle on the crime. So there you go Nancy. I would like to be able to see you but wouldn't have a great time in Salem and delete for to meeting all of our great posters out there so hang tight graces to get your info and I will send you a signed copy of one of my books so I thanks for thanks for playing today. All right wow so there you go. That's a national anthem. Can't they can't be that bad.

This has to be it has to be intentional. They cannot go back to the survey, we were just talking about a few moments ago and I'm curious to know from you, moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas and young listeners is short du jour to decide you know what I don't want to go to college or did you as a young person say that said, yeah, I don't need a college education. I mean, what 7% of high school graduates now not going to college. Is this a growing trend 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number America that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd surgery galaxy flip for all these new tracks it might not like I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fits perfectly good to be jealous, easy flip for all this is interesting Grace Baker. Paul writes in on the on the sent me a text message.

I still can't get over that nationally and was bad was terrible balls. As you know Todd talk about the band.

He says the Muslims in some of these Islamic countries, they tend to chop off body parts were different offenses. They must they must chop off fingers when somebody plays the rock noticed that maybe I could be in because they don't makes me like this that terrible but it's true. They do chop off the hands. It's awful.

This is why America is the greatest country on the face of the earth and we have great symphonic band is all our bodies get your fingers that's the goal. By the way, Biden fist bumped the Saudi Prince Ebro.

Oh my goodness, nothing like reading a murderer.

Yeah, with the goals are, let's go to the ridiculous.

It's terrible. Let's go to the phones Iowa Jackson on the line. Hey Jackson what's what's going on know I respect your right you should respect mine and we all get along, but also I respect your rights in any respect mine correct II don't like guns so that make me a bad person does make you a bad person but that doesn't mean you can take away anybody else's guns, you will know I don't. Okay, the governors made no legal that we can superior and I will with an AR 15 me what why what you would need to ask the governor that was her decision.

Kim Reynolds I believe is right right now Todd, do you really need an AR 15 what's wrong just like a shotgun or rifle back I told you I don't this bully and I'm not against all guns you certain got me. That's why we have these massive sliders.

They occur and the dead man in Texas had a right to think the police could come in there and got them quickly that he not add that AR 15 or shotgun for that I'm not understanding why why you have an aversion to the AR 15. I mean, if in fact you're concerned about people being shot.

It seems to me you would be anti-handgun because an overwhelming number of these murders are actually committed by handguns and not the AR 15. Well I still don't agree with their teams there still a massive army there that can create massive slaughter. Todd was okay and I so cannot automobile, just as that guy in Waukesha Wisconsin. I can you can come every night and that I give all detectives would've done that we could save those children, but a little please Jackson hole immediately jump in here if the police had done their jobs we could have a really terrible what they've done.

I mean they were cowards, not about that. No doubt about awful what they did when they think they're open all that they should about if I were a policeman I would when I learned that I believe my ears. Those are just kids. Let them have their life.

If I die I die, that's fine. That's what I was about law and if I have to going there to die disabled children. I will and I don't doubt that you sound like that you select a guy who would do that and and it's sad to think that no one had that kind of mentality that was standing in the hallway, Jackson that's upon II devastated by you know, and I was gone to the Guild and people with the car that was terrible awful and I will be basically done and I agree with you that guided break that 10-year-old. I'm sorry. Death penalty or something that happened with that looks terrible but but again going back to a jacket and it is terrible and I you and I agree on everything you just said but I would but going back to the AR 15's and I think a big part of this issue has been the narrative and really it's a false narrative coming out of the media and coming out of Congress when it comes to the AR 15 because your the latest numbers I saw. What is 11 million Americans own AR 15's and again, hundreds of thousands are purchased and so by and large looking at law-abiding gun owners who are using that using the AR 15 minutes primarily used for what for gun training, home defense, marksmanship competitions, things of that nature.

They are not used in these mass shootings as much as the other is other weapons out there so I started to get into the wrong government but and that's where you have a responsibility or and when you, I mean gun owners. If you own a God, you have a responsibility to make sure that gun is secure and safe and that's your responsibility, and there are penalties in the event that you don't do that, and that's been widely reported all over America so look Jackson.

I appreciate the call and and I would I do respect your your opinion I respect your rights but your rights can't trump mine and vise versa. That's what America is all about, but again when when you listen to the evening news and everybody because of assault rifles there not assault rifles. That's not what the AR 15 stands for.

It's not an assault rifle so we it troubles me that we have a lot of ignorance out there, but it's in two areas, gun ownership, and religion.

The media can't get either one of those right because they're ignorant on both of those issues and that's why you get a lot of bad reporting on the Second Amendment and the First Amendment. 844-747-8868 answer toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. Have you heard about this group called shut down TC so they're offering Americans a bounty on Supreme Court justices who are conservative $50 so if you see her walking down the street and you see a Supreme Court justice. You phoned their hotline shut down. TC is going to give you a $50 and if the if you're a snitch. So if you are a snitch and yours. If you're if your report turns out to be accurate there to give your $200 bounty. So in other words, let's just say that you see Justice Alito down at the Walmart and you call in and he still there and not 30 minutes because they will organize the mob so they can set the mob on the Supreme Court justices are to give you $200 now look where this is a bad bad thing and and up and we still have not heard Joe Biden going out there and condemning the attempted assassination of Justice Cavanaugh Biden said nothing about that. Merrick Garland, the Atty. Gen. has yet to do anything about these mobs that are showing up on the front lawns of all of the conservative justices homes, they're turning a blind eye to as if it doesn't really matter. Congresswoman Maxine Waters remember what she said to get in the faces of the conservatives in the grocery stores and began stations and the restaurants. The following day told Chris Matthews on MSDN. See absolutely harass the conservatives that's what Maxine Waters said.

And now you got it you got a guy in jail, accused of plotting to assassinate Justice Cavanaugh. So it looks to me and I may be wrong here, but this $200 bounty is going to be blood, body. This is a dangerous game.

The Democrats are plan and they're not calling them.

They're not calling them to stand down because that's what the Democrats want the Democrats want to look. They're not going to tell you this, but their signaling it's the wink and a nod with grants actually hope Supreme Court justices are assassinated or are bullied and harassed into quitting so that biting can put more liberals on the bench as evil and as awful as that sounds, that's the plan, and it is that simple. It really is our let's go to Portland, Maine Roger on the line W LOP are great affiliate they're all right. Roger wants to set the record straight on what the AR in AR 15 meetings.

Roger, go ahead. Arm light recoil looks right, and that was good because they have very little recoil, one fire and and then they sold it and it's so cold in the correct me if I'm wrong here Roger and I'm trying to know my gun history they sold it to cold and cold just The name AR 15 that correct what might build and now accompanied me weaponry actually manufactured government or would you be the one you is the fully automatic version of the art in this guy. I don't know I'm again I'm not a hunter you know my dad was and I have some uncles who were hunters and but again, this guy says well why do people need the AR 15 I mean is primarily used for in these competitions, marksman's competitions is that right Roger that correct with a weapon on you not that make sense Roger. I think we lost you there bad phone signal. But I appreciate you calling in and setting the record straight in and he's absolutely right. As far as the history the name of the AR 15 and has nothing to do with assault rifle.

Anytime you hear somebody say that they don't know what they're talking about let's go to Maine gospel WL OB a lot of gun owners in that great state hey guys, what's going on here. Thank you for taking my call. I'm calling. I guess in response to the down and that that call just a few minutes ago. The Constitution says without infringement I I have the right to own a weapon without infringement and federal limits.

There are no limits on and at the time when they did it or rifle was a powerful weapon and they're trying to creep into my right all what I want to own for for my own protection. My own self-defense and pleasure. My own hunting on and it's just wrong. If they want to change it. Get a constitutional amendment. It's that simple and you want to call it an assault rifle.

All all guns are assault weapons. All they can kill all weapons are so rifles or guns are welcome. If it's just a term that is trying to get people excited because we have some great video on our

There was a guy a homeowner in Escambia County. It was late at night had a car full of thugs. They rang the doorbell. I'm not sure why the homeowner ring open the door, but he did. He had a pistol with them and then the guys just pretty much knocked down that front door and it's a home invasion robbery. The guy drops his pistol. He was able to run back to the bedroom where he had his rifle and he opened fire and scare the living daylights out of those guys, and they went. They went scampering out the door into the car ran into a mailbox trying to get away but that's right. That's the reason why you have a rifle in your home to protect your family where I want something very anyway, that's close call in about an want to try to do it that the frantic creep and legally current, justifying it legally creeping again you don't mind my right and cringing my right and the real problem. It's not the kind you know every single one of these cases, their mental they have mental issues. Oh no doubt about that Gus.

And if we could do a whole show, and I appreciate the call and thanks for the info, but my only concern in the video is great because these guys these dogs thought they had this guy dead to rights and man you should have seen that you can hear the gunfire you can see him running out screaming and hollering and cussing, they jump into the car. They had a mailbox trying to get out. My only thing here and I look, I'm a I'm a happy warrior but we at there's a saying Ames small Ms. small and that none of those guys got hit with the with the gunfire, but I guarantee I guarantee you there to think twice before knocking down somebody else's front door.

This is why we have a second amendment. Ladies and gentlemen, are we going to take a break here no doubt about it. We are all feeling the pain at the gas pump and the grocery store a lot of Americans living paycheck to paycheck and seniors are struggling but look as crazy as it is right now it is not time to panic, but it is time to act and that's why I want to encourage you to join me at the Association of mature American citizens a back there to help you save money on things like your cell phone, travel restaurants, but they do a lot more than have great discounts.

Your membership is going to support their nonprofit Amax action and their fighting for the Constitution and the free market original capital joining is super easy. At $16 a year. That's right, $16 a year and that's open for everybody.

Everybody who wants to join can do $16 a year go to Amax .us/Starnes. That's a Mac .us/Starnes your to be able to start saving drivers are switching save with progressive save over $700 on average and the savings to imagine what you could buy the savings from switching to progressive 30 years ago to buy tickets to the championship game between the two teams that didn't exist 30 years ago. Yeah the big Alaska palm trees for which is attained out in the future so switch to progressive and save big because so savings can add up in the national annual average in terms of customer survey to see the progress of the clinically back concerned radio so so good to have you today. Let's go to Florida. Dave on the line. They were part of Florida you're calling from his dad writes what a crazy crazy story that is. But thank goodness the homeowner had some way to defend himself will write you about know it's not in it. It's really not even about respecting people's rights.

It's a it's about obeying the law and the law of the land says you get to own an AR 15 yes sir and Dave we point that out on this program a lot and you're right all of the issues were facing are not political issues. Their spiritual issues and until we until were able to come together as a nation and address that and and get our own households in order to continue to have this kind of crazy crime, no doubt about it. David got we got a run. We are cut were late for a break here about God bless you sir, thank you for calling him and it sounds like you're a man filled with some common sense. We need more people like Dave out there. Are you hang tight power three, not next. We got a couple of our trivia questions Can make from Florida's good beer also meth lab seen back in August.

That's really a lot of fun will say all about that science earns radio so when you buckle your renters and auto insurance with progressive, you could save money, but it doesn't cover any terrible memories looking for you in your head and shower, and you realize that your bathroom shared wall with your neighbors bedroom was stand there silently and all the other things and in her in the four years he lived there times.

Sorry, but we could save you money. Bundling your renters insurance with progressive sweaters and situations as universities. Do you see why good to have you with us today. So a few moments ago you would have the Palestinian Authority butchering the Star-Spangled Banner.

Pres. Biden clearly not well he did he'd he looks exhausted. His face is as red as a as a charity and then he had this big coughing fit, cut, number 10 was the speech hard enough of that.

Let's go to the patriot bubble newsmaker line from the great state of Florida. Congresswoman can't can't make Congresswoman. I want to get your reaction to the president's abilities.

I guess I mean he was getting off Air Force One needed directions on where to go what to do. We saw the video of him shaking hands with air and then having to be led to his seat by another world leader. Your observations here.

I'll be honest, I have been on all day hiking hello Bill, they're trying to push, but from what I was able to catch can get very concerning and I know that you know a lot of folks help make finding anything easy to get out really highlight how truly efficient we are when it comes to the commander-in-chief, but this is getting very very dangerous and I think it's well past the time that we had a very.

Not coming cheap and buried. Conversation about the duty when it comes to our commander-in-chief and die when you're dealing with a situation like that where I getting very confused very easily on the world that spell disaster for so many But for our allies around the world and our enemy, who are lacking of course very carefully and I think that if we don't get that straight very quickly. There's been a be a lot worse than just the State Each Coughing Fit and That That's Really Troublesome Though. I Think Not of the Republican but As an American I Have Tremendous Concerns Right Now Know It.

And You're Right, This Is Nothing to Laugh about. This Is a Very Serious Issue and You Do Have To Talk about Issues Related to Fitness of Judy and and Clearly There Are Some Concerns There Are in Grave Concerns and It Seems to Be Somebody within the Inner Circle Needs to Step in and Say We We Gotta Get This Figured out. The Other Big Story, a Congresswoman, As You Mentioned Is the House Passing This Legislation, a Pair of Bills That Will Codify Abortion. Looks like It's Not Going to Go Well in the Senate but Still This Is a Reminder That Every Single Election Moving Forward Is Going to Matter. This Country to Email That Really Everyone Is Talking about. One Is Dealing with Abortion on Demand.

Up until the Day of Delivery and Think about What Is a Woman Who Had 40 Weeks Pregnant, Who up until the Day before Natural Delivery Can Murder That Child and for Any Reason, It Is Explicitly Laid out within the Legislative Pack That Maybe You Find out That It Is a Girl and You Didn't Want a Baby Girl. You Can Terminate That Child Because You Didn't like the Fact That the Child Also Laid out That If You Don't like the Rate of the Child. You Can Terminate Greg by Pregnancy but Also If There Is a Potential for Special Needs Child in Me That Playing God and Be As Mere Mortals We Have the Right to Do That and We Certainly Don't Have the Right to Kill Another Person Logged It out Here We Are Today Having a Fight on the House or and and It's Really Troublesome Because What the Dodd on Friday.Rolling Dad, Why Return and Take You Back and I Would Say Tremendous Winter Think They Apply but Also Our Constitution, in Which the State Are Empowered to Make All Laws That Govern Their State and As a Small Government Conservative. I Can't Go Back to. Why Are We Continually Trying to Empower Big Government Bureaucrat Who Don't Know How to Make the Best Decisions for Ourselves and Our Families, Our Community, We Need to Return the State and the County Minute Tally and It's Been a Really Really Hot Hot Couple of Week Where We Had A Lot to Celebrate, but Also a Recognition of Just How Radical the Left Become and I Can Tired of Hearing from Speaker Pelosi How Extreme the Tradition of Protecting Life and Protecting Children and I Finally Couldn't Take It Anymore.

Next up Today on the House Floor and and Really Push Back on Her Language in Calling Us Extreme Where She Had the Last 30 Years Certain How Reprimanded and Had Been a Party and and Witness to over 50 Million Babies Being Murdered yet.

She Said about Women's Empowerment When on the Little Girls That Have Been Murdered. I Was There and I Got Shipped Murdered Him to Empower Them in the in Either the Left Is Really Tragic That It Is a Fair Point You're Bringing up Here and It Does Remind People, and Again in Roe V Wade Was Simply about about State's Rights Given You Sending That Back to the States. That's a State Decision to Make. So Really, When People in All the Pro-Life Cyber Saying What the Fights Just Starting That's That's Exactly What They Meant by This Is a State-By-State Battle You Defending the Rights of the Unborn and so Again Every Election. No Matter If It's a Federal Election or State Election. It Has To Matter. We Gotta Get out There. We Got about Election Day. What I'm Talking about, and an Overly Untrue Notion That Republicans Were Going to Get.

I Pregnant Women the Ability to Travel across Dateline. The Left Trying to Rethink a Picture Back Are Going to Have Checkpoint out There. Great. I Am Still Appalled by the Lack of a Picture Not Rooted in Reality. Black Jumped a Political Agenda Hell-Bent That They Don't Care Who They Hurt or How How Badly They Represent the Fact They Want to Win at All, Because It Comes down to the Agenda That They Continue to Push Which Is That Dependency Can Control and I Will Forever Be Entrenched in the Idea That Big Government Advocate like Speaker Pelosi and Other They Don't Care about the Unit Don't Care about the People They Just Want to Create More Government Programs That People Become Dependent on an That Way They Can Gain Control and Everything by the 30 Year Career He You're Absolutely Right about That. I Can't Chemically Appreciate You for Being a Small Government, Fiscal Conservative up on Capitol Hill.

We Need More People like You up There.

I Got down, Got into a Happy Weekend but Fight Back Everything That You Do to Keep up the Fight, You Got It All Right Congress, and We Can't Chemically Right There. Everybody Can Have a Great Weekend God Bless You and Your Family and and She's Right We We Gotta Talk about These Issues Would Gotta Be Happy Warriors, but We Gotta Get out There and Fight Fight Fight Every Single Day Just Because There Is an Arm behind Her Name Doesn't Necessarily Mean There to Be Doing the Accepting Doing the Same Thing Chemicals Doing Which Is Why We Gotta Make Sure We Are Doing Our Homework, Our Due Diligence As As Conservatives As Voters out There and I'll Give You a Great Example of One Just Happened Right Here in Memphis Tennessee My Hometown. So You've Got a Radically Progressive City Council and What What Is What's Happening. Well the Abortion Issue Going Back to the States.

The City Council Introduced a Resolution Here in Memphis Tennessee Urging Law Enforcement and the District Attorney's Office Not to Prosecute Women Seeking Abortions or Doctors Performing Abortions Now There's a Guy of the City Council and He Is Running to Be the County Mayor. He Is a Republican's Name Is Worth Morgan. I Suspect Our Listeners in the Memphis Tennessee Area Listing on K WAN. You Know That May Worth Morgan Is Again at the Top of the Ticket. One of the Most Important Races in This Area and What's Happening Wanted to Tell You What Happened.

Mr. Morgan Abstained from the Vote of Republican City Councilman Abstained from the Vote, Why Could the Republican Not Put His Name on the Side of the Ledger That Stands for Life and for the Unborn Was Very Simple.

He's Trying to Trying to Get Votes from the Other Side of the Aisle. So Instead of Voting Yes or No. He Abstained I'm Just Can Ask Really Is, Is That the Kind of the Republican Party You Want a Republican Party That Abstained from the Biggest Issue of the Day. I Mean Really, We've Got We Got Republicans out There across America but Don't Want to Take a Stand for the Unborn, Because It's Not Politically's Expedient That's Cowardice.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I Don't Know about You, I Just Can't.

I Cannot Cast My Vote for Cowardice, Not on That Issue. That's Pretty Shameful. But I've Seen This. I've Seen This among Establishment Republicans out There Know They're Wishy-Washy When It Comes to the Issue of Life. They All Hate Donald Trump. As a Matter Fact I Know Some, and I've Heard the Stories from Other Parts of the Nation Where You Have People Running for Office As Republicans and They Won't Even Show up. If There Is a Former Trump Official, Speaking at Their Reagan Genter or Lincoln Dinner or Something of That Nature. They Won't Even Bother to Show up and Then They Turn around and Tell You to Shut up and Just Do Your Job and Going Vote. All I Can Tell You Is This Lady's Job and If You Are Republican. I Don't Care If You're Running for Dogcatcher and You Can't Stand up for the Life of the Unborn. You Don't Deserve My Vote. I Gotta Take a Break Your 844-747-8868 We Been Throwing out Some Trivia Questions and Brought Another One Here Brace Makers Than a Total Terrific Job Scouring the World for Today's Trivia, Where the Predators Rented Former President Donald Trump Pulled His Big Rally This past Weekend President Trump on the Road. Where Did He Hold His Big Rally Last Weekend. If You Know the Answer. Give Us a Call 844-747-8868 This Is the Todd Search Galaxies. He Slept for All These New Taxes Might Not like Southeast of the Park. I Found It in Fact Not Capture Hands-Free Text from Multiple Angles for Training Sessions for His Followers Simply Wave My Hand to Start Recording Video Clip for Its Contract and Fit Perfectly in My Pocket Galaxies.

He Flipped for the Weekend.

Here Todd Stern with Hey Let's Go to the Phone Lines Here Billy in North Carolina on the Talk Station Hi Billy How Are You Today Billy. I'm Doing What You Know My Grandmother.

That Was Her Name, Billy Billy Starnes Well, How about That with My Leg Not William Will You See My Grandfather. My Great-Grandfather Wanted Us on and We Needed You. My Grandmother Was Number Three.

She Was Girl Number Three and Said Hi Okay Fiber They Might Rename of the Kid Billy Exactly My Story and I Was Born on My Dad's Birthday. Is That Right. Are You My Grandma Is Not Just What a Great Story. What a Great Coincidence to Buy Good. Yesterday Is My Third Call I Hope I'm Gonna Make It out All Right. Let's See If We Can Help Win You a Prize. Billy I Hear Is the Question We Want to Know Where to Former Pres. Trump Pulled His Big Rally Last Weekend's Outline of Belly. You Are a Letter That's Great. Let's Well Yeah so I Pres. Trump Had the Big Rally out There. Sarah Palin Spoken Packed House and I Put the Present Was in His Element. Last Week I Thought That Was a Great Rally. Well We Get to Know Where Hopefully Not like It Had Never Not Been in the Spotlight.

This Is so Where Were Very Thankful to Have Died, Yes Indeed Billy Congratulations and I Were to Put You on Hold and Grace Is Going to Get Your Info in Working to Send You a Great Prize Pack in the Mail You a Grace Let's Enter a Copy of Our Daily Biscuit Devotions Withdrawal Will Do That Are It Will Do a Couple More Will Do a Couple More Trivia Questions This Hour of the Program. I Do Want to Go to WS ICN States Will North Carolina Patty Wants to Weigh in on Pres. Biden Hey Patty What You Got.

Yeah, You're Right.

Not Even a Joke No More. The Guy Is Very Thick He Is and There's Nothing You Can Do about It. And That's Why You Again. We've Got up in the 90s Help and Assist.

It's beyond Me Why I Don't Even Blame Him. I Going to Keep Letter around Can I Blame Dan, I Now I Mean Throw Him out There. I Really Want to Make a Plan and Nobody Could, You Know, I Will Reason That It Made Me Nervous When I Saw That What I Thought the Same Thing I Had to Go Back and Listen to It Again Because I Thought He Was. I Thought He Was Suffering from Episode and That Something to Think about and A Lot Of People May Not Remember This but Biden Has Had Several Amendments of the Two Brain Aneurysms First so I Think There May Have Been 1/3 of All That to Say That Had an Impact on You That Has an Impact on You and When You Get Older It Has To Really Factor in All of the Stuff Right Now. Quaffing an Up-To-Date Path between My Now I Know Running Him out There. Look at the Bank Charge Yeah You Got Well It's It Is Not to Be Any Worse Because the See People Controlling Biden Control Her Because She's a Flat out so I Resorted to Get Whatever Is Coming to Us Working Again. It Doesn't Really Matter If It's Biden or Coppola but but Again I Know I Am Praying for Him Because You Know Anybody like That Good Freaks, You're Right, Patty, and Your Good Christian Woman and and I Think A Lot Of Other People Are to and and What Were Called Republican Democrat Doesn't Matter. The Good Book Says We Gotta Pray for Our Leaders and We Got so Far Not Talking Again, Ready to Have Mary Welch and Ari Patty WSI See What a Great Radio Station Just Good Good People There Gray Sky Working to Do Another Trivia Question. Can I Do Another Trivia Question Really Tightly New Work. I Tried to Make You Work. Ironically, I Wrote These Questions You Did, I Would've Stopped If You to Stop but You Didn't Stop so I'm Not Stopping Art Here We Go Folks. Andy Griffith Show Trivia My Favorite TV Show of All Time. What Was the First Meal and Be Prepared for Andy Taylor and Opie All Is a Great Question. What Was the First Meal Prepared by EMP for Andy Taylor and Opie, If You Know the Answer. Give Us a Call 844-747-8868 844-747-8868. Wouldn't It Be Nice to Be in a Very Right Back America General Insurance Presents Shower Valid/Everyone Does Something in the Shower. It Turns out. Generally, the Quality Insurance Company Saving People Money Every 60 Years since You Oracle Go to General Insurance Services, Inc. Insurance Agency Nashville Tennessee Summarization Supply All Right You Know It's Serious Lumber Donated Griffith Show Trivia. So Let's Go to the Phones Here Were to Try to Win Some Body Is Let's Go to North Carolina.

Jeff on the Talk Station All Right Jeff What Was the Fourth First Meal Prepared by ENT for Andy Taylor and Opie Good, Go Ride Yes You Can Laugh on the Lime All over. Go Ahead. So since Alaska Became a State.

There Has Been a Murkowski State Sen. from the Very Beginning It Was Lisa Murkowski's Father Was Sen. up There before Her Right so We Have a Dynasty Going on There That I like the Bush Well, like the Bushes Remember the Rockefellers Back in the Day, down and down in Louisiana and You Know I'm a Huge History Buff and I I've Always Been Intrigued by Louisiana Politics.

She Had Few along the Populist and the the Boggs Family Hale Boggs Was a Long Time Was He Sen. Congressman from the New Orleans Area. He Died in a Plane Crash and His Wife Lindy, but Lindy Boggs Became Went to Congress to Fill in First Was Just a Fascinating. These Dynasties Have Any Connection to Ron Brown in the Clinton Family. What Think That Was Long before, and Longevity of the Yeah Plane Crashes Go Back a Long Way Yes They Do. But It's Interesting Because the Connection Here. It Was Hale Boggs, His Wife, Lindy Boggs and Their Daughter Was Cokie Roberts from ABC News. So This Is All It's All Insular, Jeff All Insular in Washington DC. Everybody Is Really One I Believe the One Survivor of a Correct One Survivor of That Plane Crash to Take out Long Brown Was a Stewardess Who Later Was Suicide It like to Three Weeks Later I Heard That but You Know It's Interesting. A Lot Of People Get Suicide That Have Connections to the Clintons Just Say Having an Awful Lot of People to Commit Suicide When One I Don't Know Jeff.

Hang Tight Working to Get You a Arise Here.

Thank You for Playing and Folks, We Will Have One More Question. One More of an Opportunity for You to Win a Prize Here Today and Just Make Sure I Make That We Can Little Bit Happier. By the Way, We Would Also Love Really Go Visit the Todd Stern's Radio Store. We Have All Sorts of Great Stuff T-SHIRTS and of Course If You Would like an Autographed Copy of the Book Happy to to Send That Your Way As Well You Know We Talk A Lot about about Supporting Companies That Share Our Values and That's Why I Am a Patriot Mobile Customer. That's Why They Sponsor Our Newsmaker Line of Patriot Mobile Is America's Only Christian Conservative Wireless Carrier and Their Donating Their Money to Organizations That Are Fighting for Us and I Really Appreciate That and They Also Take Very Good Care of Our First Responders. They Take Great Care Of Our Veterans and If You Switch over to Patriot Mobile They're Going to Give You Veterans and First Responders Big Discounts. There Also Going to Provide All of You with Special Discounts and Free Premier Activation, but You Gotta Use My Promo Code Todd Go to Patriot That's Patriot or Call 972 Patriot. That's 972 Patriot and Again That Promo Code Is Todd What You Hear Some Audio. This Is a Dad. God Bless You Moms and Dads out There Fight Back against Her Schoolboard School Boards Kyle Rossiter Are Great Audio Engineer Is Also an Amazing Writer and He's Got This Crazy Story up on the Website. You Gotta Read This Thing about a School District Cut off a Guy Because He Was Actually Reading Books That Were in the School Library Tonight to Give a Sampling from Three Books That Are in Our Libraries.

The Fleming School and the Oakley School and We Can Discuss.

You Can Discuss the Process by Which These Books Get on the Show Was Physically County Employee They Got Paid to Put This Book Looking by Alice the Bold.

Everything Is Children Watching Cover Their Ears Began to Pierce or Stop You There Phone off Turn off His Microphone. Please. I've Told You I'm Stopping You. The Reason I'm Stopping You Is Because These Meetings Are If You Hush Your Mouth for a Minute and Listen Instead of Just Talking You Know and Learn Something about the Problem Is Services Manager Broadcaster. People with Whom There Watching It on YouTube. People Are Watching It on Community Television Begin Eliciting a Runaround You Get Back, but You Get Back to Talk about Something besides Reading Pornography into Public Television Set Will Will Let Me Explain Something to You.

There Are Federal and State Laws to Prohibit You from Saying the Things That You're Getting Her to Say on Television There State Laws to Prevent Federal Communications Laws That Prohibit You from Publishing These Things to a Child You Don't Have the You Don't Have the Ability at This Point to Determine Who's Watching the Television Show and for You to Say Everybody Cover Your Ears Just Doesn't Cut It. If You Go to If You Go to Television You Look for Anything That Comes on the Offensive. They Have a Great Is Our NC-17 PG Orgy for Now. If You Put Something on the Television without That Your Violating State and Federal Law Number One Number Two Official Freshman English and You Learn Something. Okay, There Are Ways for You to Have This Removed from the Library, You Know That the Very Very Idea That This Parent Was Shot down and Told to Shut up by His Local School Board Because He Was Daring to Read Material They Approved to Going to the Local Library.

It's It's Outrageous. I Say Good for This Dad for Standing His Ground and Good for This Dad for Getting This Information out There. The Reality Is This Folks. We Talk about Elections Having Consequences so to Schoolboard Elections and Maybe Just Maybe It's Time for All of Us to Start Focusing on the Bigger Story, Which Is What's Happening in Our Public Schools, Cleaning House, Getting Rid of All the School Board Members Who Are Not Conservatives Getting Rid of All the School Board Members Who Are Defending This Child Pornography That Is Available in Our Public Schools, and I Suspect Moms Dads Grandmas Grandpa's and Taxpayers. Yes I Said It Taxpayers Maybe It's Time for All of Us to Go down the Local Public School Libraries and Ask to See What's on the Shelves.

Maybe Take a Good Dander on Our Tax Dollars Are Paying for. This Is Nuts.

I Mean It's Bad Enough That the Public Libraries Have Been Turned into These Radical LGBT Training Centers Where You Got the Drag Queens Cavorting about with about Three-year-olds Reading Storybooks.

It's Bad Enough You Got All That Stuff Going down but You're Going to Do It inside the Public School Library. I Don't Think so. I Don't Think so.

What Say You, America, by the Way. Update on the Story Out Of Ohio. It's Is Horrible of the Story As I Have Seen in a Very Long Time. And Trust Me These Days. That's A Lot so You Know the Particulars You Had a 10-year-old Little Girl, At Least We Think She Was 10 Years Old Who Got an Abortion Had to Travel from Ohio to Indiana to Get an Abortion. The Guy Who Was Arrested 27-year-old Illegal Alien and That's about All We Knew about the Story. The Story Has Changed so Many Times. So Now Some Updates the Doctor Who Performed the Abortion Listed the Attacker As 17 Years Old so so Now You Got Us so Now the Story Is a 17-year-old Raped a 10-year-old, Which Is Just As Horrific.

I Don't Care Of Their 27, 37 to 17.

It's Horrified, but We Do Believe the Man Is in Fact Actually 27 Years Old. So Why Did the Doctor Write on the Forms the Medical Forms That the Attacker the Girls Attacker Was 17 Years Old.

Well, We Got a Pretty Good Indication Because the Mother Intervened. So the Girls Mother Is Now Saying That the Story That's out There Is Not Exactly What Happened. So I'm Not Going I'm Not Going to Dig into All of This. But Here's the Deal.

It Looks like That It Looks like the Mother and the Rapist Were Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

That's What This Looks like and the Mother Is Siding with the Boyfriend. I'm Telling You It's Sick.

It's Disgusting, and Joe Biden Made This a National Story When He Hijacked the Story for His Own Political Purposes with Roe V Wade, It's Absolutely Disgusting and Quite Frankly, If the Mother Sounds like A Lot Of People to Go to Jail Here, and More Importantly That 10-year-old Needs to Get the Heck Out Of That Household Is. Let's Hope That Let's Hope They Cannot Get This Young Lady That the Help She Needs.

Because This Is Just Nuts. All Right, from Tennessee Comes Word All You People in Tennessee Listen up the Freedom from Religion. People, Those of the Wisconsin Atheist, Very Unpleasant Bunch of People There Sending Letters to Every School Superintendent of the State and They're Telling You That You're Not Allowed to Pass out Bibles and Public Schools.

Now I Was a Kid Growing up by the Locals like in Your Town, but That We Had the Gideons and They Came by Gideons International.

These Businessmen Based They Raised Money to Go Giveaway Bibles and Which Is a Great Noble Cause and so They Would Typically Come into the Classrooms and That They Would Give the Children a Bible without the Freedom from Religion Foundation Is Saying This Is Illegal Is Unconstitutional and They Want the Bible's Band. They Don't Want Anybody Handing out Bibles in School.

May I Just Say That Back When We Had Prayer in School and Back When We Had Bibles in School We Did Not Have Many Problems in Our Public Schools so Matter-Of-Fact Back in Those Days the Only Active Shooters on the Basketball Court Not Holding a Gun.

Are We Had to Take a Break When We Come Back We Got One More Trivia Question Crazies Are Good Questions. By the Way, Well Done Little Political Views a Little Regular News and Some Pop Culture Were Talking of the Brady Bunch. Anybody Remember the Brady Bunch out There. What Did Mike Brady Do for Living Mike Brady from the Brady Bunch. What Did He Do for a Living If You Know the Answer.

Give Us a Call 844-747-8868 That's 844-747-8868 This Is the Top Search Galaxies. He Slept for All These New Taxes Might Not like Southeast of the Park. I Found It in Fact Not Capture Hands-Free Text from Multiple Angles. For Sure Training Sessions for His Followers Simply Wave My Hand to Start Recording Video Clip for Its Contract and Fit Perfectly in My Pocket Galaxies. He Flipped for I Know You Want to See What Is Go Thought Goes up and down.

I Love It When Connie and Connie, Are You Dancing Right Now Are You Doing That Biden Shuffled Friday but Her Own Old Let's Go to Bed in North Carolina That Are You Dancing Right Now. Friday Beth Partington Ansari Grace Is Trying to Do Some Just Go Here Is Not Looking Good for Grace When We Teach the Younger Generation Are Baffled Home Is Going down Our List Your Number and I Just Randomly Pick Somebody Hate David Will Georgia This Friday Are You Doing a Dance Party.

David Why Good.

There A Lot Of Baptists in Gainesville and Pretty Good Dancers Actually Yeah Don't Worry I Is Supposed to Dance Know and You Know What Not Very Good at It but We Try We Got No Rhythm. I Will What It Is Titled Try to Do This Is like a Friday Tradition Here on the Program. We Should Have People Calling All of America's Anton I Want to Join the Me Are, Let's Go to Tony Tennessee Sorry.

I Know You Got the Jam Going on Right.

We Got Some Boots, like the White Disease, the Year of the Caucasian Persuasion, Very Good Why Tony You Are Going to Be Our Guy for Trivia.

We A Lot Of People Wanted a Way and Lets Let's Get to the Trivia Question Here While We Still Have Time. Were Talking about the Brady Bunch Real Big Fan of the Brady Bunch Watch Them A Lot United to I Did to That That Little Dog Was a Tiger and Alice. You Know to Always Make the Meatloaf. I Looked out All Right Tony, Here's the Question We Do Know Mike Brady What He Do for a Living. Not Only Have Great Skills but You Are Correct by Brady Was an Architect. As a Matter of Fact He Designed As the Story Goes, He Designed the Brady Have Back in the Day. What about the Yes You May Know That You Really Pornography. That's Right, You Picked up on That. Tony Didn't Know Bernard. What at That Point I Hold Them All Accountable. You Know They've Got up. They've Got to Pay the Price and and I Say Good for That.

Dad for Exposing Better. That's What What Dance across America. Moms Are Already Doing It, but We Gotta Stop We Gotta Take a Stand. Tony Brought a Gold Anymore, but I Got Right and You and Your Taxpayers so You Know You're Paying for That Nonsense and in You. If You Been Watching the News in Memphis You Know We Got Some Big Problems of the School District around Here from All Right Tony Were to Put You on Hold.

Thank You for Listening to K WAN the Mighty 990 Celebrating 75 Years. It's Gotta Be Pretty Awesome. So What I Want to Be Telling You More about Our Big Anniversary Celebration Coming up. Also, the Five Year Anniversary of the Todd Stern's Radio Program and Organ Be Having a Big Celebration Here Memphis in August and I Will Be Telling You about Ways You Might Be Able to Win Tickets to a Be a Part of the Big of the Big Shindig. Hey, Also to Remind You Folks Head over to Todd Our Team of Journalist and We Got Some Great Ones. They Are Working around the Clock to Provide You News and Information That Your Typically like to Find the Mainstream Media. We Also Put Together a Breaking News Team.

So Whenever There Is a Major National Breaking News Story You're Going to Hear about It First on Todd User Will Help How I Get on That Action. It Super Simple.

All You Gotta Do Is Sign up for the Newsletter and the Podcast Free of Charge It.

Todd Are You Folks, We Gotta Get Outta Here. It Is Been a Great Weekend Heading to Salem Oregon You Folks in Salem Go Ahead and Head over to the Live Show Blog, Sign up, Register to Join Us in Oregon Next Week. Want to Thank Grace and Kyle Are Great Team Here Folks. You Get out There and Have a Great Friday. Whatever You Do, Be Sure to Go to Church Something You Probably Do No Progressive Cannot Only Offer You a Great Price When You Bundle Home and Auto around the Clock Protection Something You Probably Don't Know the Average of Tree Branch Can Hold 70 Pounds Something You Probably Do Know Your Neighbors Building up to the Treehouse Something You Probably Don't Know a Falling Tree House Would Take Offense to Your Home and Auto with Progressive and Get More Than a Great Price, Round-The-Clock Protection, Something You Know the Things You Don't Know Your Scheduled Insurance Company Affiliates Interpreting Services of the Deposit Terms but Little Else. These Are Situations

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