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Tensions Rising in Israel

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 5, 2018 4:51 pm

Tensions Rising in Israel

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 5, 2018 4:51 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/05/18.

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So much is happening in Israel every moment.

What should be makeable. Talk about today. Right here on the line of fire on thoroughly Jewish Thursday stock for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and resident of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends welcome to broadcast.

As you can see I'm not in our normal studio don't have the normal line of fire, backdrop behind me. I'm actually in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania did some recording today for cornerstone TV network focusing on my new book, playing with holy fire, so we had a great time with interviews with coaching videos and things like that.

And now I'm broadcasting live but with our portable set of all of you who donated to the go fund me campaign. This is all part of your generosity towards us, which enables us to minister to. So not only is everyone listening.

As always, on radio, but you are getting to watch while I am on the road with a live feed on Facebook and elsewhere, but the same rules apply. You got questions, we've got ants well it's Thursday, so thoroughly Jewish questions, 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH eight 784 also because I'm doing this differently. I have a different screen from abstract I got an iPhone right in front of me, which is I can. I'm just what Ron Cantor from Israel.

Come on man, you should call in the show and give me some updates all right, but everybody watching send me some modes you love. Okay some cool Jewish a Moji love on thoroughly Jewish Thursday number to call again, 866-348-7884. Not now listen when we have brakes on the radio you'll still see me here saw all communicate with you little bit during the breaks as well so we can just have a little extra Facebook fun here. Those watching on YouTube as well bless you.

Welcome to the broadcasts before I got the phones I want to talk about the most major news coming from Israel relating to Israel. The situation in Gaza remains very intense remains very intense and just give me a little history when Israel was declared a nation and the border. 747 and then seven surrounding Arab nations attacked Israel in 1948 Israel fighting for its survival and really miraculously surviving and making it out of out of that time.

And one of the issues is now that that East Jerusalem was taken over by Jordan and the city is now divided and you have problems now that you didn't have no access to the to the wall for prayer and things like that was a difficult time in Israel's history from 40 to 67 till it was recaptured but Gaza Gaza Strip was basically under Egyptian control, and the Egyptians. To be candid did not have a heart to help the Palestinians. That was another goal.

In fact, the more that you have Palestinian refugees, the worse that Israel looks okay so this is part of the problem that that the Arab world is running most the world has not had tremendous compassion on their Palestinian brethren, not without exception, but by and large, there is not been an effort to repatriate them it's okay look you you were living here. You've got a neighboring countries.

A Muslim country it's Arabic speaking country, be part of this country know you can go to countries like Syria or countries like Lebanon and they have Palestinian refugee camps there in Syria and Lebanon. Why because the Palestinians have have not been absorbed by the strong populations and as it had a high birth rate as well. You have more and more of these refugees so Gaza Strip after war came under Israeli control, and that meant that the, the, the Palestinians living there. The Arabs living there, primarily Muslim, were now under Israeli control and under Israeli authority, but there was an effort to to live together as neighbors. Is there are more and more settlers in Gaza Jewish settlers in Gaza, but under pressure from the United States and believing it was the best thing to do.

Our Ariel Sharon pulled out of Gaza many of the leaders in Israel were her generals were warriors there even fighting in underground resistance like Menachem Begin and things, things like that get sucked from here at the founding of Israel. They were they were in underground troops trying to oust the British in and fight the Arabs and things like that. A lot of these guys when they became leaders. They were hardline Ed Youngman show awesome man. What an amazing work you're doing there with the gospel in Africa so so proud of you there in the years he served in the elderly to seal the lives of my life because it will listening on radio my talking to just just all of our viewers that that are tuning in from around the world watching on Facebook now. But anyway, a lot of these hardened generals warriors as they got older. So we've got to just find a peaceful solution. War is only going to go so far. Or we can't we can pull back a little and and we can make room and and and think things will work out. So under pressure from the states.

Our Ariel Sharon said were going to exit Gaza and exit Gaza and and what happened was, there was the forcible removal of several thousand Israelis living there was a 10,000 forcible removal they been living there for years and years. They had vineyards there. They had they had farms there.

They had beautiful synagogues they had built they had houses there. They were forcefully evacuated by the Israeli army was a very traumatic time for Israel.

Now they are living in an intense and things like that in Israel and now it's given over the Palestinian rule and authority when they do they elect Hamas they like Hamas is their leadership and and and now you've got a sworn enemy of the people a sworn enemy who says that their goal is to annihilate the Jewish people in Israel to drive them out of the land now that is run by Thomas America must is a lot of humanitarian things for the people and they've had social programs and that's why they're also you know love bite by some of the population, but in any case, you now have a terrorist government over Gaza because of that Gaza has been blockaded. Why because because Israel does not want weapons being shifted.

They were being shipped in by tunnel under from Egypt and the Egyptians didn't want that. So they been squeezed in Israel. Let's humanitarian aid and every day, but basically have a hostile government want you to hear what what Geraldo Rivera had to say, this is Geraldo Rivera talk about Gaza because recently there were protests that were that were staged against Israel. Israel lashed out a fought back with with shooting at some of the protesters was that there are borders you don't crossover you don't crossover these borders and when you do crossover of this, the security zone. Here you can be shot so there are number of casualties and of course all the anti-Israel crowd sing look at this. You're just butchering people knows that what will your to staging a protest that you and your violating rules would expect a habit of listen to what Geraldo Rivera had cyclic number one listen to this. First is his time at gauze as the world's largest concentration camp. We have it.

We don't okay will will will check on that and come back to it but you got some real strong criticism you've got some real hostility Israel now being painted as the bad guy, but listen, here's the deal if you didn't have corrupt leadership over the people. If all of the international aid that goes pouring into pouring into the the internationally) to the Palestinians. Okay.

If so, much of it was not spent to build terror toners to penetrate Israel.

If so, much of it was not being built and and being used for weapons against Israel.

The people's quality of life would be massively massively massively better. Israel would gladly dwell in peace with its neighbors, if it's neighbors were not trying to murder them.

Let's see what would actually happen if there was the real renunciation of terror in the heart heart and part of the Palestinians in your love Israelis that don't like the way the government runs things and feel the Palestinians to be abused and taken advantage of in her written and oppressive as a voice like that within Israel. Israel is a democratic nation got all kinds of voices being sounded but bottom line, the biggest problems in Gaza or the fault of Hamas. Bottom line, I'm not justifying everything Israel does, but I'm same as planning the biggest problems in Gaza are the fault of, sorry. Let us get some calls. 866-34-TRUTH will start in Phoenix Arizona with Jamar, welcome to the line of fire it up about Mark all sure thing. I have a question regarding to operating or how would you what advice would be there and relate to begin elected numerous combined ministry, life of the northern part of my thought about it in more of the mark. I believe the Lord will call in the morning to have door minutes. I wanted to view operating nearby Outlook. Operate better argument because you do it.

I know you would with your current guy on the boat looked like a little undercurrent of the birth of the day have been debated for the inoculated that the good well I by alright so what are you talking about just generically or within your own church you want to be involved in Jewish ministry were with generically unsolicited, generically first thing you always start with any ministry do with the genuine bird you want to have a heart for the people.

It's not just a mission or a statistic you want to have the heart for it right so I would strongly encourage folks of the having to read our hands are stained with blood to read my book about the church and the Jewish people and to really get an understanding of church history through Jewish eyes, and how Jesus often appears to Jewish eyes and with the Jewish people suffer through the ages and yet God's heart for the lost sheep of the house of Israel, so I'd start there and see God break my heart with your heart, share your heart with me. That's the first thing that's right start that's that's number one. Number two I would look for opportunities to get to know Jewish people in my community ideas for divine appointments. I say father of bringing contact with different Jewish people or end and then you just get to know like anyone else. You build a relationship you can share the gospel as 1/3 thing is that everyone can pray for the salvation of Israel. Even if your don't live in a large Jewish neighborhood or you don't feel particularly called to Jewish ministry. Everyone can pray for the salvation of Jewish people. That's very important and then every church can support Jewish outreach Paul did write Romans 116. The gospel is to the Jew first and also to the Gentile. So I believe it's a divine priority still bring the gospel Jewish people. So pray for God's burden heart get educated there. Pray for divine appointments to share the gospel. Pray for the salvation of Jewish people and then support which outreach ministries we are one of those support Jewish outreach ministries right will be back much more, thoroughly Jewish. There is learning plan and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome to friend worship leader Paul Wilbur and we got it to some meetings together all right get a Jewish related question 866-34-TRUTH 866348 white that I give the wrong number that's just a test to see if it was a 2634 truth hey Craig, thanks for posting that. And he were astray. A Dom owes Loeb so who blesses the man whose strength is found in you. James S a questionnaire on Facebook. What defines a saved use of this acceptance of Jesus's juicer save like everybody else.

Juicer save the same as everyone else is through faith in Jesus the Messiah. We don't have a separate covenant. Some people represent that they miss teachable Jews have their own covenant with God will hang on. Why then did Jesus come to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. If Jews really had a covenant with God, why did Jesus come to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. First and foremost, and why are all of his disciples Jewish and why did he say that the good news how to be preached. Beginning in Jerusalem to all nations, Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and then the ends of the earth.

Why, pray tell, did he say that. Did he do that if Jews were had a covenant with God when I just go to the Gentiles. Notes to the Jew first, because he is the Messiah and there is no salvation found outside of him.

This, in article April 1 Israel Palestine used by Gideon Leavy the Israel the Israel massacre forces and he says the death counter ticked away wildly. This is originally published in Ha'aretz which is a left-wing Israeli publication, one death every 30 minutes. Again another one. One more Israel was busy preparing for the Seder night TV stations continued broadcasting their nonsense is not hard to imagine what would've happened if a settler had been stabbed on-site broadcast for open studios, but in gauze of the Israel Defense forces continue the massacre mercilessly with horrific rhythm is Israel celebrated Passover. This is a critical left-wing voice within Israel. You must understand Israel is not monolithic, you have a certain percentage of the population. The ultra-Orthodox some of them don't even believe in the modern state of Israel. Being from God. All right, they they believe it's getting in the way of the Messiah coming in setting up his his kingdom rights you have them living there and they don't serve in the military either.

Then you have the left-wing voices that are hypercritical of Israel. Your average American evangelical Christian is much more pro-Israel and supportive Israel than the left-wing voices within Israel. So in, in response to that you have. For example, I'm looking on Israel national news, which is a right wing Israel website that the public security minister Guillot aired on on his Facebook page responded to, but selling to celibacy is a strong left-wing organization Israel and and they called on soldiers don't go to gauze. Don't go near Gaza and ends and don't obey orders if you're being ordered to go there and shoot you look you Israel has wrote, you cannot cross the security so if you do, you'll be shot and when people cross that so they were shot that did happen that that's the harsh reality of things. So here now is an Israeli leader criticizing the left-wing Israeli say what the world are you doing to the article sister now it turns out that all our soldiers are guarding southern communities during the holiday some delusional radical leftists because the Holy Spirit are one at enemies of Israel are sitting in the air conditioning office of but Salomon Tel Aviv giving structures to soldiers in the field, no less. They expect our soldiers to listen to their protocols for not opening fire, and not to the Chief of Staff's orders, so listen carefully, but so so this is a conservative is really a right wing is really responding to left-wing Israelis to listen carefully, but Salomon understand that you have to justify the salaries that you receive, including those from the new Israel fund and the European Union. But this error in which you preach morality to Israeli society will we remain humbly silent is over and he says of the Palestinians in Gaza were important to you would call on Hamas to take care of them instead of using their money to finance concrete for terror tunnels. In other words, you're getting upset with the Israelis for enforcing laws of security, even if it means Palestinian casualties.

But you're not upset with Hamas squandering hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars building terror tunnels under Israel to try to destroy and kidnap and kill Israelis not protesting that while Palestinians are being deprived of good housing, good jobs and their economies as is in the pits is not Israel's fault. So let's let's just be evenhanded, but just to understand within Israel. There are Israeli professors calling for the boycott of Israel. Israel has extreme left voices as well as extreme right voices we need to do as followers of Jesus is recognize God indeed has restored the Jewish people back to the land God indeed has done that that is a sovereign work of God. Yes, work through man but God has done it at the same time.

Israel needs to be held accountable. So God has done a great work of restoration. Supernaturally, the one who scatters the one who has regathered at the same time. Israel needs to be held accountable and Israel of all nations should be called to act justly and rightly with their neighbors. I don't see why we can't do both things simultaneously 866-34-TRUTH why can't we recognize a goddess restore the Jewish people.

The Jewish people need to be held accountable. Like everyone else.

Why can't we do both at the same time right back to the phones we go to Raleigh, North Carolina Frank, welcome to the line of fire.

Well hello Dr. Brown and I praise God or the ministry that God is giving you to give answers to difficult question. I just want to explain to you and to have you comment about this in Ephesians chapter 2 yeah actually it begins in verse 14 of chapter 2 area throughout verse 16. It is words get better and that one is creating the one new man to abolish the hostility or enmity and then establish alone because he's our peace.

What kind of what you see your distance. Parenthetically, is the hostility diminishing work. What Weathersby talking his salicylates when he talks about the middle wall of partition that the divided and have to remember the temple in Jerusalem had had different courts right there was the currently Gentiles and the Gentiles can only go so far and there it was written in several languages, Eagle past year, under penalty of death in the court of the women, etc. right so Gentiles were excluded, they they could not enter the temple in Jerusalem like a Jew, could you had that literal wall of partition and you also had various Jewish traditions and laws that developed that that further separated you from Gentiles, and even created hostility and of course there is Gentile hostility towards Jew and Jewish hostility towards Gentile right so in Jesus. That wall partition disappears so amazingly enough mover use to it. But amazingly enough, Jew and Gentile. As one can come together into the presence of God at end and can have equal standing. Here's a Jew here's a Gentile and equally be children of God equally be members of the body equally be vines of the branch equally be priest to God, no stat note no class status status.

Amazingly equal in God site that is extraordinary and yet a Jew does not become a Gentile and a Gentiles not become a Jew.

How a husband and wife become one to the become one by the man stop being a man, a woman stopping a woman or the man as a man and the woman as a woman come together as one and in their uniqueness, their similarities and their differences, they come together as one. So that's how we find union Frank we don't find union by Gentiles try to become Jews or Jews try to become Gentiles. We have certain things in common and certain foundations in common and a common spiritual heritage in one God and one Messiah, and we may want to participate in the same calendar that's ill that's going to be worked out differently.

But we come together as one new man by recognizing our unity in Jesus and recognizing our unity and our distinctives.

That's the beautiful harmony that we enjoy so sometimes this is expressed by a church having a tremendous heart for the Jewish people. Sometimes it's expressed by a Gentile believer being part of a messianic Jewish congregation. It can be expressed through a church praying specially during the Passover season for the salvation of Jewish people.

It can be expressed by a joint meal that's had together. It can be expressed in various different ways, so that has to be worked out. The key thing is mutual honor, mutual respect and recognition that we find unity in the midst of our distinctives. Just like a man and woman come together as one.

So the middle wall that divided us is no longer there through the Messiah and what would seem totally radical in the ancient world is now normal for us through the gospel, 86634 Taylor before I go back to the phones. The major sure a couple of things with you in order the phones right on the other side of the break on this thoroughly juice. There's if you just tuning in, and you're watching on Facebook or YouTube are watching on your your app on your phone you'll notice a different setting. I'm in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania was snowing, 28 and snowing.

What is its April 5 28 and snowing when I got up today to go to a TV studio to do some shows of my book, playing with holy fire, but please pray for me.

I will be part of a special Jewish outreach taking place next month can say more than that, but please pray for real fruit effectiveness and then I'm going to be in May in Bethlehem right at the end of May for the Christ at the checkpoint conference. I've been invited to go with the dissenting voice. I have opposed this conference. I have difficult this conference. I've spoken against this conference. So I am not going as Orser but as the center.

That's why Venice to go so pray bring some very strong messages, one in particular the goblet of your spirit that I would hear what I need to write will be right back where we want to file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown.

No singsong again welcome welcome to the broadcast.

Everyone just in so glad to have you.

It's thoroughly Jewish Thursday and I I just see a note here by Michael on our Facebook feed by Pentecostal sums of Canada Bible College is now ordering authentic fire. Awesome.

Wonderful. You'll find that book helpful edify he friends any Jewish related questions you have the phone lines are now open 866-34-TRUTH before I go to the phones just want to mention to you some really significant developments.

The crown prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Solomon known as MBS that's his nickname for his initials.

He is basically said it Israel's right to exist, ever write a homeland and just need to have have arrangements for a homeland for the Palestinians and so your two state solution, but it's it's extremely rare.

It's unprecedented really for leader of his stature in the Muslim world to say we set in Saudi Arabia in particular, there's an article on Times of Israel by Khaled Abu Tolman Palestinian terror groups sees over Saudi crown prince is pro-Israel comments any notes that Palestinian terror groups on Wednesday accused Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Solomon of paving the way for normalization between the Arab countries and Israel salmon in an interview published Monday.

Recognize Israel's right to exist and extolled the prospect of future diplomatic relations between his kingdom and the Jewish state's remarks which have enrage many Palestinians and Arabs were made during an interview with the Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg asked whether he believes because the Jewish people have a right to a nationstate in at least part of the ancestral home and he replied I believe that each people anywhere has a right to live in their peaceful nation.

I believe the Palestinians and the Israelis have a right to have their own land.

That's a massive statement for the de facto leader of Saudi Arabia. The article states the Palestinian Authority chose to ignore Solomon's remarks in an apparent attempt to avoid triggering a crisis between Ramallah and Riyadh in a move designed to stave off such a crisis and to relay a message to the effect that the Palestinians were keen to remain on good terms with Saudi Arabia Palestinian president Mark with a bus on Tuesday expressed appreciation for the setting on a cart. Monarchs of his father for his fixed and constant support for the Palestinian cause and Jerusalem's holy sites and ignore with the sun had said very, very interesting. All right 866-34-TRUTH, let's go to Reese in New Brunswick, Canada.

Welcome to the line of fire by a hurry doing well thank you. I'm wondering if I can ask about first judges 13 what's happening with you there my name is what you my name the wonderful I've seen other translations as well.

And then if you have time if not that's fine without also wondering about David second Samuel, and why that would consider thing.if anything happened a number yet so in judges.

1318 it. It the Hebrew word there is Kelly Kelly and Kelly is also used in Isaiah 96. We notice wonderful Palio 870 broad yet social himself Kelly there wonderful Palio. It's wonderful, counselor, or wonder of a counselor, so normally it's translated of her sometimes transit why you asking seen that it's wonderful. However, at some with with fair basis. Understand wonderful there to mean it. It's beyond your comprehension. It's beyond your knowing. So I'm looking at the Hebrew, but then is as I as I look at the Greek it's it's it's marvelous wonderful new Jewish version.

The Tanakh version it's unknowable of the NET. You cannot comprehend it.

NIV it's beyond understanding. So it's a legitimate debate should be said is wonderful but what was me like wonderful like wow really cool or wonderful beyond you. Certainly wonderful beyond you. As for the census. You'll notice that Israel had to actually pay a tax and it was a census tax and that immediately after that the numbering of people.

It is the end of numbers when they count to see how many troops went out to battle and came back they immediately want to put an offering together to stave off judgment and wrath. So we know that there were God ordained censuses, but otherwise somehow to bring people under this authority, or under this power be counted somehow expose them church to wrath or danger it's it's an interesting subject maybe maybe one.

I'll do a show I talk about a greater blanks are not doing justice in my answer but with phone lines jammed. I'm just trying to go one question at a time. So that's another one. I'll come back to it's a bigger question 86634 let's go to Kyle in Vero Beach, Florida.

Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown about phone call. Sure thing though. I came in contact with a new book of Galatia, Beckley, an objection to Paul and it doesn't like being that the product of the book of Abraham and the that part of the bay and the many, many people but after many one person a good cry in the objection that I came up came to was that they were thing that all was being effective because in the original Hebrew. There's no word for and so therefore you know the argument that he's making it a valid you know what I mean yes, and so to make this clear in everyone's call.

Let's use the word offspring like the ESV dose right that he says to Abraham and his offspring. He doesn't say offsprings but also we see offsprings will use the term right, we say offspring, but singular in its collective singular while holding that is the same Greek in the Galatians knew that and Paul in Romans four, verses 13 through 18 uses the Greek sperm are collectively okay all 100% understood that it was collective, singular, adding Galatians 329 nieces if you are if you are belong to Messiah then you are Abraham's sperm.

You are Abraham's seed, so he uses it collectively in the very same chapter and uses it collectively and in Romans four and then Romans nine and Romans 11 so Paul fully understood the collective views as did the Galatians cassettes help was used in Greek as well that sperm a seed could be used as offspring. In general, what Paul was actually doing was using rabbinic hermeneutics he was using rabbinic micro-reading of attacks and their actual examples in the Talmud where it will distinguish between one seed another or the seed spoken of as Isaac or the seed spoken of as the Messiah. So all he's doing is telling every they fully understand the point. Okay that is a collective singular that, but he's noticing he's drawing attention to the fact that it is a singular. So how is it that blessing comes to the whole world because the promise was to Abraham seed the whole world is blessed who is at the root through the Messiah. So God's purposes for the corporate nation for the plural seed are fulfilled through the singular seat so he wasn't telling anything they didn't know what his whole argument was the Galatians thought they had to become Jewish. The Galatians thought they, the men had to be circumcised and everyone had to obey the law of Moses in order to be saved and Emily be Abraham's children should know your children of Abraham by faith in you that you don't need to be Jewish.

You need to be in the Messiah.

If you're in him then you're in the singular seed among the collective seed so number one Paul understood what it meant. In context he uses it collectively as well.

He assumed his readers knew what it meant. It's no different in Greek than it was in Hebrew usage and not only so did Paul not know all of the verses to the Galatians not know all of the verses were God's is a major seed like the sands of the seashore.

Like the stars of the sky. So of course they knew that, but he was highlighting the fact that it is fulfilled through one particular seat using the rabbinic type of reading of the text.

I had just finished the scholarly article that very subject have been completely immersed in that for weeks now, so it is it is it is it you know it's it's it's like saying it's like saying that I actually didn't understand said about my name Brown when I said they call me brown because no I I am. They call me Mike because I use the mic. Notice it says might know, I know that my name does not mean much. We understand it, so it's that silly to say Paul and Stan and again in that very chapter he uses it collectively, and the Galatians would've understood that as well.

Alright are not ordering that article. Yeah, sure thing sounds good, 86634 let's go to Mike in Delavan, Wisconsin. Thanks for calling the line of fire on Dr. Brown first heard what that really cool. Sorry that you go through during the breaks on your goal. All suits are during the during the breaks when we fade out every day and I whirled around that's written by Arun Crider is a graduate from Brown's revival school of ministry. It now serves in a Gateway church in Dallas on the worship team there and that is called shake the nations every year, every year we have a missions conference. We just had our 17th annual missions conference last year. This is for the missionaries that have come out for ministry that we support and cover around the world and for one of the missions conference is used to be our worship leader, Dr. Josh Peterson's operations director said Arun I want you to write a new a new song for the conference and and God gave Arun that song so it's great. It's a Jesus revolution shake the nation song. That's the name of it, shake the nations. Arun Crider CRI DER. Okay, second question you Jewish yeah George Thursday I get this: I am grow land of Israel are you know I am somewhat of a Calvinist, glibly, providentially was given to the Jews because of their land. And you know, not that not the Palestinians and caught Palestine. In my humble opinion at the slap of the bait, the Almighty.

However, I always come up with the fact that the subject snarled. I and its Genesis chapter 10 and you probably were. It in the King James of course this is where the understanding has understand what first verse two through five day owner and Gog guy on all such a logistic time sick is good. Had a break, let me get get the question out and then we'll go from there. Hundred dollar and at the end of David's number five, oh God is so Ashkenazi there is completely unrelated 100% unrelated to Ashkenazi Jews today is an ancient people slightly unrelated to Ashkenazi Jews today very simple answer. Thanks. It's the line of fire with your host activist author internationals leader and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thoroughly Jewish. There's a lot of setting here on broadcasting Pittsburgh Pennsylvania but everyone that is watching Phyllis everything will what you mean as you can see. Well, if you're watching our Facebook life.

Your YouTube feed see different background here in I look different different Mike it's because I'm out on the road, but we are now able to do a high quality video stream of the broadcast.

So everyone listening on radio same quality. But now we've added video stream thanks to your generosity and standing with us, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go over to Cyprus because welcome to the line of fire Michael. I won't express my humble view. What I very kindly wish to ask you what is the link between the Hebrew calendar.

Alan from Solon and the Phoenician and the Greek alphabet and others that I'm sure you know the idea that the accusation back down as being deliberate about the Jewish calendar did not create the Grieco Phoenician coming out alphabet, not calendar alphabet. Yeah that's right I will yeah very much like to know your view on shirts sold and sent. Thanks for the call and in the kind words all the way over from the amazing island of Cyprus. Okay I have a full-length video about the origins of the alphabet how it developed separating myth from fact the Hebrew alphabet.

If you go to my website. Asked Dr. ASKDR Brown dog org if you'll go there and then just type in the right pay Leo PAL EO Palio. We will go back to the history of the alphabet. The development of the alphabet and separate myth from fact, there the earliest Semitic alphabet that we have is the so-called proto-set a Indic inscriptions and these these are some have argued one scholar claims that these were written by the Israelites when they were captive in Egypt or about that time frame and it's the oldest others discover the proto-set Indic alphabet and that ultimately develops into the alphabet which we call the Phoenician alphabet right the Phoenician alphabet with with 22 characters. That is the alphabet that was also used by the Hebrews, because Hebrew and Phoenician are both Canaanite dialects.

So in the in the in ancient Semitic languages. For example, you have East Semitic that would be Babylonian and Assyrian you have North Semitic Northwest Semitic Aramaic as part of that or they can even be northeast part of Aramaic then Northwest Semitic would be Hebrew and Phoenician and Ugaritic, and then south what was Semitic would be Arabic things like that and and in different parts of southeast all these are Semitic dialects told said more than I needed to say sorry about that. Okay so Hebrew and Phoenician share the same alphabet. Some scholars believe it's normally believe that the Hebrews borrowed the Phoenician alphabet and then that alphabet. Nina was also borrowed by the Greeks. That's why the beginning letters of the Hebrew alphabet are all of bait gimbal knowledge. The beginning letters of the Greek alphabet are Alpha Beta Gamma Delta so they all have the same origins and then ultimately when the when the Jewish people. The people of Judah were in Babylonian exile. They picked up the square script. The Aramaic script and that's the script that's primarily used today that old script called the Palio script has not been used for many centuries.

So yes, it was the same alphabet originally used by the Hebrews in the Phoenicians probably developed by the Phoenician Samara Argus rope of the Hebrews in a way share the same alphabet and that was the alphabet that was then borrowed by the Greeks because it was really a groundbreaking alphabet and then they had to modify them. The Greek alphabet had to add all the letters that were covered in the Hebrew the Hebrew alphabet had to Phoenician alphabet had to use certain consonants for two or three different sounds, because you didn't have enough different letters, so it everything is been adopted through so perfect alphabet for either these were adopted. But again, go to asked Dr. Brown asked K GR Brown dog org structure and then disc type in Paley over to search PAL E all and I put it all up and graphics everything you can see it all.

Thank you sir for the question, 866342.

Let's go to Anton in New Orleans. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown protect my cultivate my question you GR read through the Scriptures in your reading through one that's based on on the Septuagint & the study. Note that talks about following the bar COBRA rebellion in 135 the Jewish rabbis made a strong effort to purge the Septuagint of references that could be interpreted as referring to Christ as Messiah and I'm just wondering from history on matter where I could go to get more reading on Google bit and stuff but I really haven't been able to find anything to counter back up this note.

Yet what what what bodily reading from it. The Orthodox study Bible this year.

Rachel is Greek Orthodox Eastern Orthodox. I'm thinking it's great but that's all that's written on hundreds Orthodox Bible right and it's okay and it has all the Septuagint books and it has yet was not.

Okay, got it so that that is a speculative argument the bar close to revolt, which was put down by the Romans in 135 ED was horrifically but he revolted the Jewish soldiers made a lot of progress and they were terribly crushed and and it led to the expulsion of Jews from Jerusalem right now. The traditional Jewish scriptures embrace the five books of Moses and the Septuagint. They believe that those were supernaturally and divinely inspired and and the literature rejects the rest of of the Septuagint translation is uninspired and full of error. That's what the Talmud says that's rude. Traditional Jewish literature says the idea that there was now an attempt to purge Septuagint the references that could point to Jesus as the Messiah. After the barcode for rebellion. I could not give you any substantial argument to back that if it's out there I'm unaware of adjustment is not out there, but I don't know the full basis of that note. So either the note is in error or it's exaggerated or I'm simply unaware of where it's coming from that what we do know is that there there was an attempt is before the bar" revolt to have other Jewish translations into into Greek.

So for example, the, the, the equivalent version of that was a Jewish translation into Greek. That was recognized by by the traditional Jews.

In other words, it was not considered to be good for the Christians you had some because she had Sedo.

Should you have these others, so there were different competitors to the Septuagint as far as ancient Greek translations and others outside of the five exposes the different traditional Jewish communities embraced and and and vice a traditional as they were growing in their tradition and they rejected the rest of the Septuagint. But if you find out anything to back that great again.

I don't want to if it's in a study Bible.

Normally there is good work and and good scholarship behind that and it doesn't. It takes a lot to put a study Bible out so I don't want to discount that I just question how accurate that is. Or it could just be something that I I've heard in different contexts and haven't studied well and I need to brush up and find that a little bit more about that as well. That being said, it's very speculative to know exactly what transpires when because some of the the traditional Jewish literature is compiled over a period of of hundreds and hundreds of years so you don't know exactly when the thing took shape and form a drive time for one more call. Let's just see here right tell you it will go to Charlotte, North Carolina Reginald, if you can dive right into your question.

That would be great. Okay, I got Dr. Brenner forever. Everything your prayer, but I get or actual record you from your go every current dramatic talk about all we all drink the draft. Upper-level and Eric are you I don't don't get about the pocket when he would go get about your printer. Just think about all the women could even been known we would never been graphically entered Gentile, and I think that wonderful book called quite good on the wrong body and matter due to current.

In kingdom, one important man like that.

Going out yet and I got I got a jump in a love your spirit and your enthusiasm but but I'm at the end of the show here.

I got a jump Vince but listen, it was God's 100% plan from day one for Jews and Gentiles to be together in one body that was is 100% plan. We know that it was quite a shock when he began to unfold and and to me, one of the most important things that happens with the martyrdom of Stephen is that the church, the believers were taught to pray for those who persecute you, and because Saul of Tarsus was the ringleader of the persecution Saul Tarsus Paul the apostle was the ringleader of the persecution that you got understand this when he has Stephen kill helps provoke that or is part of this is part of that right and then lease persecution against others. He must've been the number one guy that they prayed for, and of course God radically saves him and then he becomes this great use teacher the apostle to the Gentiles) were out of time to enjoy the special broadcast from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania back in studio tomorrow. You've got questions, God answers be blessed

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