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Is Today The Day? Russia Claims "Genocide" in Ukraine

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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February 16, 2022 12:36 pm

Is Today The Day? Russia Claims "Genocide" in Ukraine

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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February 16, 2022 12:36 pm

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Thank you much for being here everybody the right kill me, Joe. 1-866-408-7669 will watch a lot of intriguing things happening right now we're watching the present Brazil go to visit the president Vladimir Putin what's he doing over there for Chancellor of Germany was waiting to Vladimir Putin yesterday. Okay that's got interesting as you are the of the squeaky wheel in the NATO process and where were still following a series of events on the drum investigation as well as other things are to be going to go going go going to be going on today.

Did you see this in my bigotry did you see, you have the school board over in San Francisco. They actually voted out three school board members because there were two woke essentially there to try to be politically correct even for San Francisco. Could this be the beginning of the end of these ridiculous policies that are flat out Inter-American and impossible impossible to live with and we even Democrats are finding that out, let's get to the victory. Now the stories you need to know Brian's three number three wrinkle really is just a wrinkle very well does not show the actual spying that prevent others are saying what the legal charge that obviously people are all over the place and understand the investigations not done, both to say Joe Scarborough is just too political to think clearly. Dora begins to deliver the report. A couple of years since Muller found no conspiracy between Trump in Russia now are finding out who manufactured the conspiracy will tell you what we know and so unsurprisingly, the Democrats, as you just heard ignore or mock we are today serving if your truck is being used in these illegal blockades for corporate accounts will be frozen. The insurance on your vehicle will be suspended and that is one of the Canadian officials freedom caravan under siege in Canada and maybe taking shape in America has more more states are said to unmask and being tired told to vaccinate.

Now let's tackle our problems because they could be starting here will bring you the latest yesterday. The Russian government public propose to continue the diplomacy I agree we should give the diplomacy every chance to succeed. We will not sacrifice basic principles yeah which means that you tell us who goes in NATO and who doesn't, Russia, Ukraine, today was projected as invasion day. Putin is making moves by an attack is about to happen. Some state in some cases cyber attacks on Ukraine falsely claiming Ukrainians are committing genocide on occupied done best region.

Those are two predicates for the attack. Of course are totally phony.

The question is are we ready for everything or anything. Just begin with this. I know you tired of the story, but it is coming to head to a degree, you know since April the right to been building up forces on the Ukrainian border. We know that the cranes haven't done anything except for the continued to State Farm Russian overtures they want because to him. It was 150 50. But now it's 8020 people do not want to be part of Russia. They need to be in the Soviet Union. They want their freedom.

They want to elect their leaders. They don't like the old situation. Vladimir Putin then takes Crimean takes a Don boss region for the most part is the so-called separatist rebels fight and they've lost many people over there. Many are Ukrainian so right now are in a standoff present Biden yesterday. Evidently they put this on his schedule which was very busy for a change and they said not yet make a speech. And here he is, we are not seeking direct confrontation with Russia blabbing clear. Russia targets Americans Ukraine.

We will respond forcefully rush attacks the United States are allies through asymmetric means like disruptive cyber attacks against our companies are critical infrastructure, we are prepared to respond to so miss it if you want to get on the record and I'm not putting them down and up, building them up and just saying it is almost as if you want to get on the record.

So what they know. They said there was can be attacked on the 16th we were freely saying that from the State Department and the present saying that you expect an attack. I expected to expected attack well there was said that cyber could be first to get the hybrid battle they could be not as confrontational as you think might deny not be taking the capital but it might do things to to to rock Ukraine at its core.

So here's the reason why. Could be happening. There was a huge cyber attack targeting the Ministry of Defense in several banks and suspected Russian hybrid war, hours after Vladimir Putin announced withdrawal of some of the forces this withdrawal.

According to the president. We can confirm the Kotick and Jennifer Griffin. We can sell why do I think is good at those things look like it will happen right so then they sent the sec. sec. Defense their counterpart to Syria to thank their church. We do is integrate shop.

That's not something that happens it of age that have okay so looks exactly Then Vladimir Putin convinces this genocide going on in region really okay so what is going to happen. So there's some obviously some mixed signals I am rooting no invasion. I don't care about politics. I want invasion I want.

Thousands of people to die.

I don't want us to look weak ever. I don't care who the president is it doesn't help us when I get to three years. If we are steamrolled in Afghanistan. If we watch Taiwan be taken over, like Hong Kong, and we do nothing as the Soviet Union gets reconstituted even though Joe Biden Democrats get routed.

I'm not happy with what's left of the world. So here's Bill Browder member Bill Browder, whose attorney was killed. His name was Mezvinsky so they want to get Bill Browder by the Vladimir Putin. They killed his attorney because he was suing. He's a big businessman at businesses in Russia when they had a degree of capitalism in that country under Boris Yeltsin. Gradually, Vladimir poured took over all those industries and they unless they were sycophants of his silly killed his attorney and threw them against the act.

Now they can sanction individuals in the Russian government. Bill Browder is the reason that happen. He is relentless. He knows Vladimir Putin. That's the key to this.

Don't tell me about history when it comes to Russia told Vladimir Putin cut 500 Putin is a human rights violator and eclectic crap that a very rich man. He invaded Georgia. He took Crimea on civilians and hospitals in Syria. He cheated in the Olympics from his standpoint he got away with everything and less we can actually prove to him that were serious thinking can get away with it again.

I don't know what is listening to the keep on taking meeting say the Brazilian leader.

So we'll see. We know this. It looks ago according to political politico. They says a look at grow on board with strict sanctions. You know the Swift money system know once on board for that I would destabilize their entire economy and a lot of the European Union. They have 27 members. If one vote against it. They can't do anything in the word about hungry whose leader is tight with Vladimir Putin not going for this. So that's an issue I see Poland is there when it comes to date of the word about Germany.

That's an issue. So here's one report they say we've learned a lot since 2015 we know where Russia is 2014 is when the they lost the Crimea they sanctions are Russia they know what they got.

Attention will got Russia's attention with didn't quote here's from an expert.

We know that Russia's pressure points are. We know where we produce or supply something Russia needs and can't get from anywhere else. So that's why, instead of taking a gradualist approach were prepared to start with sanctions in the top of our escalation letter and stay there but we also learned from politico that since 2014, that the European Union is not on board. There's a lot of pushback on what exactly sanctions look like with their senses from the US the Swift money system is not on board. Sadly, however there trying to get Vladimir Putin's extremely extremely good confidantes and friends, and they want to sanction them and prevent them take their visas and prevent them from traveling one Vladimir Putin's friends to pay the price for the bloodshed that certainly will happen in the Ukraine. So, will we do that in a way which is really good to get his attention.

We tell them flat out you see these 10 people do you know you can answer yes there Olga to be sanction had their visas. No one can allow them to travel and go to China that's about it.

Let them have their businesses frozen how you feel about that. So that's one thing he could get his attention, but I'm not sure. Maybe the big picture taken. The Ukraine will give him all the natural resources and the water access and the ports he needs to sense that he's got the power to compete with us again, so I'll come back and take your calls on that I want to talk about dorm also want to talk about why Canada matters. Today we understand real quick that Justin Trudeau, as has emergency members measures to allow him to go in and pull the insurance pulled the registration from any truck driver with the rig in Ottawa ringing the capital if they do that you never be able to drive and if a tow truck operator turns down a order to tow a 18 wheeler or anything. They will go to jail. So, can these truck drivers afford that to lose their livelihoods.

1-866-408-7669. There's a lot of people outside and inside that country or horrified, which are those doing.

I never liked the guy. I I hope that he he I hope he loses his office a right away. I hope he pays a big political price for this.

This is the Brian Kilby Joe watching everything double politics and current events and use that thanks to Bryan's got a lot more to say. Stay with Brian kill me from Fox News network, mind, and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcasts and listen now by doing a Fox News five precise personal powerful is America's limiting in the palm of your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your project talk show that's real. This is the Brian kill me show rendering legal blockades disrupt the lives of too many here in our capital city family.

Small businesses have been injuring illegal obstruction of streets harassing people breaking the law. This is not a peaceful protest at the borders in different parts of the country blockades are harming our economy and endangering public safety critical supply chains have been disrupted as workers a lot of jobs to feed their families okay. Couple of things since when you care about feeding their families. You lucked out on the entire country for 2 1/2 years necessary unnecessary.

You had no problem doing you continue to tell people your fire was revaccinated and don't bother driving a truck. It was you double back so don't worry suddenly about everybody's job.

I'm not that Natalie goes for Justin Trudeau. It's everyone welcome packet on Brian kill made with some of the freedom convoy up in Canada. I'm not going to pretend I know at the Canadian system workbook.

Let me just say I am extremely glad that one president or prime minister could not shut down our country through federal emergency. He is now going to have the rights to destroy these lives.

These 18 wheelers as many as 4000 Meritage speak. I don't know how many can give up their livelihoods for the most prone your blue-collar eyed by found out my experience a lot of time to pay, pick paycheck to paycheck, or you just know you can't miss one for your spending plan so I don't know if these targets can withstand it in the big picture, but to to say I'm NHL tow truck operators for not responding. That's so extreme and added touch this guy is he won't even meet with them. Benjamin Dichter is a freedom convoy 2022 spokesperson. He talks about what's really happening in Ottawa cutpoint cut 17 when I sleep peacefully protesting. I will call for a demonstration because what we don't worry guilty of some trucks parked illegally. Okay, I'm not sure that that warrants the response from the government but one of the things that they did include in this emergency is it forces tow truck companies under duress to come in and tow the trucks and if they refuse to tow the trucks than the government can say fine or canceling your business license and finding you $100,000 or some obscene number like that so that's what they're up against. I mean it could be awfully conviction the world poorly and to which point out to me today on Fox and friends is Yep, they can lose their job anyway because it only get back say that's true, but Lisa had their license they don't have their bank account. Can you imagine a president taking your money out of your bank or freezing it calling up your back and saying hey Brian kill me. We need his back number yet you you have his account right freeze it when they say no then they get arrested is this is Canada. This is in China. It's crazy.

Now I know what it's like. If you're in Ottawa when you are the thousand people want to get to work or school. Yep, but everybody's been competed for the last two years there not standing up for more money. There standing up for your freedom. There standing up for mass and vaccines your decision but a lot of people don't see it that way. A lot of people on the other child can't believe that this is they said this is Fox's hippie moment when he talking about because I'm starting with truck drivers. Full-time drivers who were sustaining populations around the world through the pandemic without a vaccine it without therapeutics is Jason Whitlock. He said this to talk less. I got 22 what's going on in care with the truckers is bad but we have the same style things going on here in America the opposition to the left and their secularization of American society. The demonizing of freedom that that would work in your mama.

We start about think demonize freedom, America has been built upon freedom, opportunity and self-determination. That's what made us the in the of the world there demonizing all of that and now the goal in America is equity inclusion and diversity. Those things are control by elites and governments, freedom, opportunity of self-determination that's on you and me as individuals to go get that and that's why people beat down doors to get in this country that is I Jason would like that these right enemies known for sports crazy deep thinker African-American columnist and I also think that he is not an anomaly and thinking like that because I didn't hear Democrat or Republican. I can hear hold up the fence let's cut spending. I didn't hear about Bill back better.

I just about freedom rings inside of you can get to mask what I was shocked at seeing this. They did a poll, 66% of parents do not want Democratic parents do not want their kids having a choice. They want everybody mass school, 66% for Republicans 20% today.

Like their kids less. I doubt it. Independence 42%. Why do you think we don't see Joe Biden saying Vaccinated to vaccinated: folks get vaccinated because he realizes you brew you been so oppressive, so single-minded.

You tell people get vaccinated. A variant with a vaccine is ineffective. The lessons are symptoms allegedly but you can spread it just as easy vaccinated is unvaccinated. They suddenly got to them for that. But he still added touch and were tapping our breed to the store real quick. Jennifer Tsai was a Levi's brand manager en route to being CEO of this huge American company, so she tweeted out in May. To be clear that she wants her kids back in school. She wants there mass off. They told her walked out back.

She appeared with Laura Ingram last year and after that they said you basically better apologize. You lose your job, then they try to give her million dollars severance package to keep her mouth shut.

She said no, no, and I quit cut 20 cut 24 persistent 13 years and continuing to speak out on this subject because I care about Karen's arm and then to agree to stay silent the last minute because of money just felt so unacceptable and just browse demanding violation everything I say I stand for and she's out, but if you asked me. I at least Democrat by the way just to listen to her talk. I think she's just stunned that the cancer culture she gets fired because people are there investors were upset.

She was a good man speak about getting the mass often and making people have their own decisions when it comes to vaccinated by getting kids back in school and they let her go.

Meanwhile, Levi's comes out immediately condemns an election while they know nothing about. In my opinion in Georgia and Texas as a company without Levi's you live out the West right you have your wrestling cattle you is scaling mountains, tough and rugged, but if you want your kid to go without a mask and you tell people about it, then you're fired. She moved out to California to Colorado to have that choice.

We come back with this meaningful politics as we segue into possible war and more Fox News time just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox news for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News five just on, or wherever you get your favorite contest will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics from sports and pop culture, politics and business so will just subscribe and listen. Fox News five just a radio show like no other, kill me. This is neither credibly stupid willful misconstruing of what all this is about tech and I just willfully stupid a lot will always misconstrue his partnership calls another no Internet traffic. They must be looking at email or text messages.

This can be that stupid to clean facts. Actually say that on the television only want to make a list of lines of their audience that there are liars and are deliberately lying about this line large one. Couple of things. Can you imagine being on that idiot show talking over you. John Heilman is in the middle of talking bout five times age of steam rose and peace is just can you let them finish. I can see once in a while interrupting what you just steamrolled them just to say some rhetoric as you lost your temper, but it's amazing a look at the storm report the revelations that are in there. The interesting things that move the story forward and you say willful line. Let's go out to reach Larry Nash review editor in a rich, welcome back Rich. First, I just want to bring just to show you.

I know you probably watch mostly Fox and I just want to give you an idea what's happening other channels so it just Joe Scarborough say just screaming down why they willfully lying that's our only choice is that really our only choice and looking with Dora misfiled back last couple days there on morning Joe, the big neocon Charlie Savage don't find it very convincing Charlie Savage tried to say that in the filing term does not say that this thing the spine and continued when Trump was with an office, but Durham says that it continued into 2017 and that when Democratic lawyer Sussman goes to the CIA with the information they took out all the Obama information set Savage up with a look that this is all past information that will it end. It is true that different than the one from 2014 to 2017, but that it is in that meeting all the expiratory information that having to do with the dollar pretty late were taken out to the clear implication is that it was still going on when Trump was president, which is shocking and there makes it clear that this executive with telling people he's trying to please people, and the Clinton campaign heat. He was setting out to create this narrative about trumping tithing with Russia that charts have adopted that there they're just trying to make sure that Russia had compromised any of the system, Trump Tower trumps apartment building, and at the lake. That's either so I think there's this that the vast denial where the people can admit that that they promoted a hoax, either because they are credulous or malicious for two solid years had Apsley nothing to it that any rational person would have realized had nothing to it and that they just won't go back and say they are wrong in and apologized in I get things wrong sometimes think you been right about during the pandemic might have been wrong about I'm happy to say that the people never ever say that wrong. The next revelation could be at the let's talk about what is wrong.

We don't know if there's a direct tie Hillary Clinton logically to their perhaps Michael Sussman working for Perkins Couey, who is employed by the DNC which was the Clinton Is a D&C was out of money, so they finance the whole thing. The DNC much to the consternation of Bernie Sanders was working for Hillary Clinton yelled that Wasserman Schultz at the time she ran that cooperation into the ground. Now, this did launch in in July and to see like Jake Sullivan not only wrote the novel he pretended like he didn't and went out and talked about on the air as if he was disturbed by the results and same thing, so they started pushing this forward. We know the steel dossier was commissioned by a a group affiliated with Hillary Clinton. There went out to find out about trumps link to Russia. We know that a Clinton from Bill Clinton's administration was the source of the information that wanted to shake go, who's been indicted, who gave the information to Christopher Steele, who's been defamed and did never want to rush himself, and they put the stuff out and that help despite their denials propel the whole molar investigation. So that's one element in our finding out about what was what was talked about these ties will always with the Southbank who's looking into that. Since when were they looking at who grew allow that to happen is here out in the fall should be a major focus of investigation trying to unfold as much as possible. Durham in I think it doing good work, but it's good it's taking a while, eventually I think will be a big report appropriately, but who knows when to get that should dig into this and I think the other.

The other big thing that should be on subject investigation is the CDC guidance on school mapping hours that created how out that so out of whack. Not supported by the site different from other health agencies around the world to the other two things I think Republican should really dig into right to the degree in which people can follow it somebody that unwound this whole thing early was Devin Nunes. This is now that he's left Congress and you remember he came out there and said they spun the campaign it was to this guys nuts and actually sanctioned him and they made another Republican takeover. Adam Schiff set out there. Okun) forgetting to blink for at least a year, cut 30.

Anyone able to get into the White House, no matter who the president is something that is unprecedented, though, should be the most guarded communications in this country so this is gonna take hopefully Durham. It's more more information out.

Hopefully he can bring more indictments and then look Sean, it's going to take my old buddies in the Congress are going to have to spend years looking into this and just how did this happen.

How can contractors have communications of Americans all over the country. It's frightening and is talk about Rodney Joffe let a contract with the government cyber contact with the government who ended up using that to collect allegedly according to this indictment to collect information on trumps link to Russia which did not exist. Yes, he had an interest in building a hotel in Russia or a golf course.

I guess and I'll my cousins Kyle in the county Washington like in Saudi Arabia and I think it's the UAE, or Oman were sky. That's what he does. I was doing it. Deftly look I'm being said, you should look into me. But if that is not a surprise big resorts of right and I think I reached Larry Dennis refused to investigate, but you according to Durham Jockey was using a government contract. You know to handle data from the executive office of the president to try to to find information to you to get the brightly.

I think about ranges that took on the face of it completely outrageous and he had an FBI investigation running on trying to undermine the president note conducted by people who are supposed be reporting to the president. The whole thing was a major distortion of our system.

You know that they're not Devon was on with with the bill, Bill Hammer, just a couple minutes ago and it is pointing out that you're probably not canola chart.

Many more crimes over this could a lot of it is frankly illegal. It's just wrong and shouldn't happen. So what you want is transparency and to get all the facts out and it would be good if the other side. What was going to say this shouldn't happen and this was wrong, but courts are not said I would tell you if I thought the Trump was using his office to spy on Hillary Clinton member, the Joe Biden situation when they send Rudy to run a low walk around Ukraine. Same with the word of the links would link that was the dumbest thing ever heard of it was impeachable but they thought there are links there that was preventing them from doing a deal.

Whatever was you going doing this on the perception on the perception that you going after a political opponent even though he hadn't even declared at that point yet so I thought that was wrong. Not impeachable but that was wrong. If I like Trump was doing that trying to spy on Hillary Clinton or Bill Clinton retrospect or Obama as a civilian busy thoughts about usually bind that would be unbelievably wrong and and and really do and really diabolical. I would bring you to the Canadian story first average Larry, do you believe the Canadian story is it just a Canadian story now and clearly not gotten a lot. You do not attach now and then you have all sort of copycat protests around the world.

So it's a worldwide event, the police chief. The Ottawa police chief has resigned for not shutting down the trucker protests.

However, what I think happens cops look at truck drivers and looking one of them. They know they're not evil they know they're not looking to rob anything they understand the double backs thing that they do not want to have to do when they got a strong reason not to. So that's why they sent you that she's gonna park here and at night. Are you just gonna play games and dance all right and apparently tow truck company is also been really reluctant to lend out their tow truck to the cops for this purpose. Look I think is good that the bridge was clear there the better. Bridget was disrupted commerce was hurting American workers and I lived in Ottawa I want to protest declared that the truck at which I do. But there are ways to do it and you don't want to have a terrible inability confrontation and what Trudeau should do to stop calling them names one I mean just showing that this incredible arrogant high-handed contempt for his own people meet with representative to entry.

Just give in on the idiotic trucker mandate. It's absurd that the idea that that can become surgeon Canada if 10% of unvaccinated truckers come back and forth across the border without quarantining the ridiculous and this happened all during the pandemic. They are allowed to do it.

And now the pandemic is waning, and please God, you are going completely away. Now you're going to do trucker. It's crazy and he should get in on it and they went back and forth actually about whether there can implement this beforehand, though, that anyone think this is a real foundational public health measure so be consolatory. Give way and then try to find a way for the guys to go someplace else not disrupt the downtown, but of course you know that no one think is interested to see Republican support to accomplish. It didn't backs up that since it seems it's switch rich on more of a blue-collar party totally the long-term trend. Donald Trump underlined it and accelerated it but here you need upper-middle-class progressive white liberals like just initiatives apart. Perfect representative look down there notice at the people they no longer have any sympathy for them. They can't imagine you know that their worries over their livelihoods and that Daytona smashup and that that there might be some terrible competition up there driven by that attitude, driven by that lack of sympathy for working people.

I think three school board members are taken at the San Francisco school board for they woke their woke exists for lack of a better term. I'm not sure if that's even a derivative of woke but because he did things well the kids were at a school above tray trying to take Lincoln's name and for Roosevelt's name off the school in the San Francisco and because of their policies, and critical race theory one didn't read supporting them recall movement and all three lost their job. Do you believe this is a turning point for Democrats you factor that along with Sunday's speaker of the house coming out and saying Cory Bush bless her heart, but that is not with the Democratic Party is calling to defund the police are they trying to redefine themselves in a last desperate measure and sign paracervical news.client but Democrat it's real powerful all over the country and it's a five alarm fire for Democrats. And let's say recalibrate and and they may try to recalibrate, but there's no way they can ability what they try in time so that another indication that there there's a tsunami coming in November and it's all like the thing same thing that drove you in Virginia, discontent with the school closures discontent with the focus on idiocy like renaming schools named after our greatest heroes George Washington and neighbor and Lincoln and discontent with the watering down of academic standards on what ground you put that altogether in even progressive parents and San Francisco are fed up and can't take it Democrat don't take noted that there there. I know how to help them to do something, probably yourself nosedived as I was busy on MSNBC Donny Deutsch liberal liberal commentator cut 40 is a sexual political discussion that is to give the Republicans the ability to point the Democrats as the super wall culture focused on the wrong things that don't matter to voters that don't matter them, putting food on table don't have the kids from school don't matter to higher wages you gonna lose it's that simple. So you need to step away from simple they'll be great for the country but I don't think he'll do it. You saw AOC over the weekend. You saw them trying to primary Henry Cuellar in Texas and they're doing is giving giving Connor Lam a hard time as a modern in a purple state in Pennsylvania running running candidates to his left and winning.

I don't think they get the memo final thought, yeah right know every time Cory Bush said defund the police cars the entire party but don't do it could actually get way, companies wrong. People actually really do care about the issues they care about the kitchen table at you, yes, but they also care about this woke idiocy which makes this apparent movement so powerful, I will said he is Rich Lowry pick up the next review. Thanks much rich every week you got it. I have calls next 186-640-8766 I don't forget about Saturday show at 8 o'clock. It's one nation.

I'll give you a preview next actually one of the interviews can be a want to Tony Robbins house over the weekend you'll see that feature talk about this brand-new book someone in the country and all talk about how he became who he is giving you everything you need to know you're with Brian kill me.

The more you listen more, you'll know is Brian kill me now always try to leave during the Super Bowl halftime performance that the plaintiff taking a leg does not want to dabble in the culture wars right now and take off its conservative fan base, which explains why things are tomorrow's line and we had the ball but was not scrubbed last night, I fell out of love with love the game because it became very clear that a lot of black people like you with any power, no coaches, very few people get into that quarterback slot in the college thing really hurts my spirit is very difficult for me to love the game. So anything that needs guys do that's disruptive. I am for it. She knows so little about football and scary. There are lack coaches in the NFL.

That's an issue Brian floors, assuming we got it. They did the so-called black national anthem before the game. They have done so much stuff over the last two years for Nick and everybody else because we are is beyond comprehension. A number three is I do know I hate the police is not a great message. I don't know DR you for that message you feel like the halftime show, fell short because we didn't alienate 130,000 active officers and maybe 500,000 of retired officers and about a million family members who like the cops because they put that out there was a turnoff. They let Rapp dominate halftime dominate. That was right down my brain to music and appreciate the success Dr. Dre and all those guys little out of my league, but after spending last week when Master P was also one of the originals who came the glands up on the Forbes 400 list who's diversifying the way that most Americans can only imagine but you overcame incredible circumstances. A lot of those guys have done the same thing. I get in women with the quick do you critical the NFL by the 20 black quarterbacks. There was an issue, a black quarterbacks in the 70s it started get ameliorated in the 80s and hit its stride in the 90s, and in 2020. I would say that most of them are just off the top my head.

Amazing. I'm sorry, the league does live up to your standards mean it's incredible. I'm not saying the least perfect but on everything that she mentioned outside coaches.

She was wrong. That's what he wants. I didn't realize there was enough I didn't could answer the question, why don't I listen to Joy read knowing Frank to meet you Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive answer.

Brian kill me. Thank you much for being here.

Everybody is the range, only Joe will gain standing by Arthur Brooks on the bottom of the our Harvard professor Atlantic. He has a brand-new book is about happiness. In the second half your life.

It's called from strength to strength, finding success, happiness in purpose. In the second half of your life now doesn't seem like Will Keynes at the halfway point because word is live 220, but I will talk to him about that mission and see how far along he is will talk about that and take your calls. 1-866-408-7669.

As we come to you from crime ravaged New York but heard around the country heard around the world. The stories you need to know Brian's three number three wrinkle really is just a wrinkle very well does not show the actual spine that the Trump and others are saying about what illegal charge. These not done yet. Joe Dora begins to deliver on his report a couple years since mother found no conspiracy between Trump in Russia now are finding a new manufacturer gave the conspiracy to start with will tell you what we know and unsurprisingly, the Dems ignore or mock we are today serving notice if your truck is being used in these illegal blockades are corporate accounts will be furnishing the insurance on your vehicle will be suspended. That's a high-ranking Canadian official Crystal Freeland freedom caravan under siege in Canada and maybe taking shape in America is more more states are set to unmask. Now let's tackle the VAX mandate yesterday Russian government public repose to continue the diplomacy I agree we should give the diplomacy every chance to succeed. We will not sacrifice basic principles well they go Russia, Ukraine, today was rejected as invasion day quite a buffoon is making moves like an attack is about to happen. Cyber attacks on Ukraine's defense, falsely claiming Ukrainians are committing genocide unoccupied on vast region seems to be setting up a big attack but is also doing some fainting saying that upon some people back at the same time and then meeting with the Brazilian Pres. today.

Not sure Brazil's can help us much, but I'm sure the have an interesting conversation through translators need a translator talk to will. He chose English as its language will thanks for choosing English well I been in. This is no joke. I've been researching is it dual lingo is it Rosetta Stone. I want to brush up on my Spanish but I'm not quite ready to do this interview in that language right so don't do that okay if you know mine, although when it comes to your old gig working with saying the baseball locker room Spanish you be but you would really behoove you to do stories. My correct one. My first stories and I was at ESPN I did investigative or feature pieces out in the field and I did a story on the Biloxi shockers AA minor league team and I remember being in the locker room talking to guys who were grinding it out put a few stars in the locker room guys are now in the majors with the Milwaukee Brewers and yeah I remember a guy name Orlando RCF is now the shortstop for the Brewers he could speak, not a lick of English but I knew he's the guy have to talk to because he's going to be the one making the show didn't work out well since it's a great story.

I did not know you had one, you almost like Geraldo where I could bring up anything with Geraldo and either made out the person I talked to in the hand of the person I was with Minard's cool mind might take place in like casinos in Biloxi, Mississippi, and not take place. And like you know war zones to war zones or upper upper East side. So let's open Russian Ukrainian minister. Same story for three weeks early for little different. They told us well that the 16th was a day they keep telling us attacks about to happen. I have never seen such a sustained and might work. I don't know a sustained public push to talk about an imminent attack like the State Department is doing now when it comes to the Ukraine being attacked by Russia to the point where the president of Ukraine says dial it back your panicking people. It's not helping. Yeah, it's really odd isn't it. The strategy seems to be to scare Russia off by playing chicken little yelling.

The sky is falling, the sky is falling, and look, I don't have the intelligence or the inside trying to say they're wrong that the sky is falling, the wrong that Russia is preparing to embark on this on this invasion. But you know I also think it's testing to step back and say why is the United States almost alone the one screaming from the rooftop and why is it we should just accept it as absolute gospel. Now here's the thing Brian will be really clear on not being conspiracy theorist or saying this is being done in order to shift the narrative is something that might might buoy the binder ministrations pulse but I do think that a responsible citizen and a responsible journalist be looking at the context going home and asking questions and look, here's you know I went to law school. One of the things that you do upon cross-examination, you can potentially do when someone is testifying is it's called impeach the witness and you start wondering is the witness a truth teller are the credible can we trust what they are saying and in order to establish their credibility or to destroy the credibility you look into their past behavior and you can say, did you tell the truth on this.

You can establish whether or not that person is somebody to jury should be placing blind faith in.

I do think that we should be thinking about context in impeaching the witness. The primary storyteller on Russia is who it's Jake Sullivan national security advisor. He's the one primarily screaming from the rooftops in I don't think it's it's a huge distraction or worthless to say.

At the same time. The other big news story going on right now is the Durham investigation and the Durham investigation is looking into and alleging very serious spine on the Trump campaign by Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton's campaign and what name is starting to sit at the center of that bull's-eye who worked for the Hillary Clinton campaign on potentially potentially planting evidence, not just buying but planting evidence to create a narrative that Donald Trump and Rush were inclusion what is the name the name is Jake Sullivan. There many think that's what this investigation is going right towards Jake Sullivan and that's the very same voice telling us on a daily basis. The rush is preparing to invade in Russia is putting together a false flag operation. If this were a court of law. Brian, that would be called impeaching the witness that would call into question everybody's faith in the truth being told right and will add to that to Jake Sullivan just told us he but he wants to challenge the Army report on the Abigail reported what went wrong leading up to the collapse of Kabul. So he does not believe that and he is calling the Pentagon out that yes to me know credibility because he was warned repeatedly will go over that it's been six months of the day today since Afghanistan Kabul fell. Afghanistan fell in the humiliation of America began militarily anyway. Will came before I get to your long drive back special on Fox nation that looks at Tiger Woods and Ben Hogan to the greatest, if not the greatest ever and they are there devastating accidents another battling back from at the similarities and differences. I want to play you something.

It wasn't in my big three Mayor Eric Adams admirably one up to Albany, the capital of New York and he told fellow Democrats. I gotta get rid it can no cash bail is causing the crime to rage in our streets.

It's causing our cops to sit back and not arrest because I know these men, and must sometimes women are not going to stay in jail. So nobody's getting arrested. Crime is running rampant. The numbers are through the roof and he failed the daily news writes it up that Eric Adams got humiliated or blasted and that's his focus. Listen to what he said yesterday, instead of using his popularity, which he has a national name which he's earning, and using his power with Pres. Biden's stamp discipline in my party, he says, is cut 42 black men, the Samaria, but my story is been interpreted by people that don't look like me to be honest about that. How many blocks and editorial boards. How many Blacks to determine how the stories are being written.

How many Asians how many of these images, how many South Asians by talk about my government enters diversified. The first diversification in the newsrooms not writing stories from people who were arrested by police officers not writing stories from those who are dealing with high crime diversify your newsroom so I can look out and see people that look like me. Wow, you talk about diversion you blaming the press because you didn't like one headline he's six weeks in this guys and for a long four years. Yeah, I have a couple of thoughts on that one is it. It's not just fascinating. It's actually terrifying. If we look across the way the government is treating media and I'm not talking about in the way the president Trump did in this adversarial manner of alleging they are fake news, but rather in a manner of print what I tell you to print do my dirty work act as my propaganda arm. That's what Eric Adams is saying you need to stop painting me in a negative light.

You need to more proactively paint me in a positive light. It's the same thing here for the binder ministration when you hear them asking tech companies to crackdown" misinformation, report the way and shut down the reporting that I don't like report the way that I do like and then yet I think in the same vein that were seeing in Canada with Trudeau you play that sent a moment ago from Christy Freeland talking about seizing bank accounts with the same way there treating media coverage there that there's a real sense of entitlement entitlement in Democratic politicians. The type of coverage they should receive from the media after the specific allegation of of the race thing one. Eric, you haven't caught up with the new cycle of the last five years, every single newsroom is highly diversified. It seems to be the top their priority list, not truth telling, by the way, if not go out there and report the fact is to make sure that the people telling the truth or telling stories are rather sufficiently diversified not just to satisfy corporate board rooms which avoid cortical cancellation. So sorry it that's Artie been accomplished but then finally number two on that right, it's a joke to me. No, I don't think anyone even takes it seriously anymore. The you're doing this because I'm black you are doing this because of the minority think it's it's a get out of jail free card. It's a cast dispersion tactical game that I don't think anybody buys anymore. It's been's use it's it's a knife whose edge is dulled already carved that heart heart heart a thousand times into the rock. I hear you. And then, by the way there's an intern in the New York Times that talks about how this no cash bail is bad for black Americans and New Yorkers not just preclude you a brief quote. New York City has experienced an alarming rise in violence.

All New Yorkers are affected by rising crime with the brunt of the increase is borne by black New Yorkers hard not to notice of these tragic trends have emerged alongside the introduction of policies. It was supposed to help black New Yorkers specifically reducing the impact of the criminal justice system, but the strategy is arming black New Yorkers by aiming for racial equity in the criminal justice is focused solely on deterring spine. The crime policymakers seem to have neglected the foundational purpose of law and order. We should have a system that arrests conviction incarcerates individuals without regard of the color of their skin. That is, the New York Times, so please you had an opportunity.

I have no idea why you decide to make a left turn. But I am excited about your Fox by the way you going to Daytona this weekend for Fox and friends all with with Pete Hanks at and Rachel Campos Duffy and I approve this.

I just signed off. Now you have it doesn't matter how much you spent so feel free to go out as much and I want to spend whatever you need.

I just okay.

This arthritic side put a whole bunch of money ensure accounting should check it so that's gonna be great, but also tell me about how Tiger Woods and Ben Hogan headline your brand-new fark special so there's a fascinating parallel so we have become familiar with Tigers roller coaster of ups and downs. Self-inflicted wounds from his his marital affairs to the pretty horrific car accident he had in Los Angeles in which he really mean what was it a compound fracture on his leg Apsley tore up his body is lost at and now on the mend. Attempting to come back. Many are wondering if it's gonna be the masters when he makes his his his new debut when he comes back once again and it's a long road back. That's the name of our special and it is interesting to Tigers parallels mirror. One of the other great all-time legends of golf that's been Hogan who in his 30s also suffered a very horrific car accident.

Hogan then embarked on a long journey back to noxious relevance, but to the top of the game and their suggestions. The Tiger has seen that passing that parallel solid Hogan was able to pull off and has mirrored or been inspired by that comeback of of been Hogan's and so it's really uncanny, though, the way this this has played out for Tiger and in mirrors history, it would be a real accomplishment, Brian.

I mean that's that's an understanding Savior real real accomplishment. You Tiger winning the Masters on this comeback from not just marital affairs that multiple back injuries.

You know it didn't look like he was ever going to win another master again.

He wasn't, or another major again. He wasn't playing at the top of his game and he just didn't seem like the Tiger it wasn't Tiger the dominant Tiger of all but the one that wanted to Masters and hugged his son. One of the most by what by the way, I'm those huge Tiger fan like a lot of guys I like Tiger. I mean I think he's a fascinating story, but when he walked off the Masters and hugged his son Charlie. I think some of the most emotional moments I've ever experienced in sports and to see them both together is pretty amazing as he starts his own golfing career the way that mannerisms of the same as its awesome ears Tiger, here's a cut from your special cut 45. I think that while the greatest comebacks in all of Sparta's gentlemen who want to hear.

Mr. Hogan you got hit by a bus and came back in one major championships. The pain he had to endure the things he had to do just supply the wrapping of the leg all the hot tubs and just the hard it was for him to walk walk. I knew walking 36 holes in lean muscle, axis, monomers, comebacks, or hasn't happened in our sport. Now we can maybe alter one that's comparable to be great when we get this. It's up I believe it's up already think oxidation special, is is up and available in Brian, you and your audience or just cannot forgive me for not knowing the exact date of this.

This is uploaded Fox nation but I do know that if you go to Fox nation and you subscribe that you can check out this along with specials from your friend Brian kill, meet, and of course our friend Pete Hanks at the multiple specials of Fox nation, including this one on been Hogan Tiger Woods sounds great will have a great time this week and I know it's work, but still you're gonna make it look easy.

Thanks on thank you go get them. I will invite you how we get your podcast you go to Fox News or Apple specify where you get your audio entertainment today Michael Walt on why is it just let's break it down like a five-year-old why is it we should be worried about China. He is will Kane not worried about him back in the fastest growing talk show in America you're with Brian kill if you're interested in it.

Brian is talking about your with Brian kill me. I have my emergency bag in my finance and I'm ready to defend my country that is little from the truckers and the freedom can't that she is me, you'll hear a little bit later from the truckers, but that was a Ukrainian woman who's saying I'm ready to fight. But you know what, if you going to see our reporters in Kiev. They say it's his business as usual. The banks are not frozen. People are not taking their money out there, not in bomb shelters that try to live their lives and I think that's a great actuals are tough. They are a let's go to Dennis listener W VMT Dennis, Brian, you mentioned the sentiment inherent in the Super Bowl halftime show and I couldn't agree with you more.

At end of the glorification of gangster culture that I'm delighted and there's nothing Rachel here. I love Michael Jackson and Janice Jackson of Princeton, but but this one Beethoven rolled over to Tchaikovsky and threw up on them. How old are you this important yet fabulous and it's not my choice of music that's a culture they came from there able to put into a version of music. I remember even Stevie wonder commando that is not music. It's not my choice, but where they've been and where they are in their 50s after coming from extremely rough background. I think you can appreciate most of them I don't agree with any of the lyrics. That was where they grew up with those around and that was the culture back then.

I don't agree with that but that's what they experience at two came forward.

I think it was their time to have Bob Poole or our wrap was time to do it. I want to see it every year I've been to in person.

22 super Bowls, that was not the best halftime show I've seen in person alive for many people are saying it is you had this year like next year. I think about who I want next year Vacco do that as we go to break right radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show the back everybody join me now is Arthur Brooks always love having him on Harvard Prof., and the Lenox happiness columnist and a and a best-selling author of this latest book you love is from strength to strength, find success, happiness and deep purpose.

In the second half of life. Arthur welcome back when you start thinking big picture like this instead of getting involved in the next political campaign or the next class for a political platform like a short right and what you know before I started taking a part of the running think tank in Washington DC which was a thrill it was great.

The template that you and I really like but I started thinking to myself what I want to do the last few decades of my career and answers all dedicated to lifting people up and bringing them together particular class on Harvard unhappiness. I write about it in the Atlantic in the new book is is really about how each of us to make the investments in our lives so that we can get happier as we get older, practically guaranteeing that we get happier as we get older enough of the guidebook on how to do a bit so he so based on science. So for example if I would say want to teach the Civil War. I would have to sit there and read everything I could and set up a curriculum around it, but I knew exactly where to go. This written material. How do you research something as as amorphous as happiness, neuroscience, client, and over the last 30 years it's been an X location in defiance of the understanding of human happiness and a lot of it based on the question of the proposed by Aristotle in the Bible, but most of it is really looking at the data on the happiest people what they do and what they don't like pine or the big seven practices of the people who get happier as they get older and a lot of it really counterintuitive to think that I get a lot of stuff and make a lot of money upon super successful will be satisfied from older enough, completely wrong. Turns out that a lot of people who have the strivers they work as part of the can when their career and they tend to be really disappointed really unhappy so I talked about the seven big investment but each person need to make an earlier start the better it is about privilege 25 or 45 or 65, but you could remarkably change the odds of getting happier at your age so you give me an idea of the seven people to be asking the first big one is that everybody think they get one kind of success curve in their life and making a ton of money or getting pain. I'm talking about doing well in your life whether it's welding your job or in your community or whatever to and there is one big success currently get better and better. What you do your 2030, but that can't afford to decline little, but you can lose your edge and a lot of things that you do in your 40s and 50s, you're still your physical prime when you get a second success currently are better at new thing in your 50s and 60s dictate hi in your 70s made and that's what I called the teaching curve. Now there's a lot of science on the first local fluid intelligence you're really fast at solving problems, you can work harder than other people. The second curve is your crystallized intelligence, courage or wisdom curve. You're much better teacher your better mentor. You're a better team leader in the later part of your career. So redesigning your life around what you're really good at is the first habit.

Like all of the specifics on exactly how each one of us can identify the skills and double down will still get older, though I know he was you study famous people you mention things like Charles Darwin a box and very successful impactful people that people always know their names through generations and about the commonality between people that are happy with their truck drivers or their CEOs of major corporations. Pretty interesting.

Another a lot of really drivers support the family. They work hard, etc. but everybody follow the same trajectory of what you're good at early.

Not what you're good at later. So there's some life skills that the really happiest people that they develop as well. One of them is that they develop the root system in their life. People are unhappy when they're older they don't have real friends think of him deal for people living worked with people I kinda know people who can help them professionally happy when they're older. They cultivated a few really deep friendships. That's number one. The second thing of all the happy people do all the data it's really clear that they stopped building up all the stopping possessions in the kind of work relationships and the prestige in their life and they start taking things away.

Later in the second half of the lecture you think of your life is kind of an empty canvas that you're filling up with pain, but in the second half of your life you think of yourself a cover sculpture chipping away their success to make it really beautiful chipping away all the parts of you that aren't really central happy people build up in the per capita life and take away in the second half of life.

These are the kind of things that I talked about in the book that are, we can all do in the early earlier we start the better off we are to discover about this, even before you decide to be a professor, and in and teaches level courses you explore. This move some of your revelation for you personally want one of them is that I was actually falling prey to something that happened to a lot of strivers. What a hard worker, or listening to us right now once again about being rich, not about being famous about being a striver in your life, we tend to fall prey to and I was falling prey to what's called success. Addiction. I worked really really hard but really what I was doing them getting all my awards for outside validation. Good job working harder getting a raise, getting the promotion getting that the admiration of other people and doing is working the part of the brain neurotransmitter called dopamine enough behind all cigarettes or alcohol or gambling or stuff like pornography.

This is what actually making people addicted to dopamine and if you get all of your validation older thrilled all your little satisfaction from from people will warning you for what you do you become a success addict and I wanted the public on the most successful guy in the world but for Pete's sake.

I felt terrible constant stream of validation and in seeing this with other people and seeing where it leads to really bad place. I had to get off that wheel and point it really helped me a lot and know that knowledge prime about yourself and your happiness. Knowledge is power and this is a book about knowledge to give power to people at the age very interesting are the bricks or guests are a couple things now see the pandemic most uninteresting thing for your book because most successful people that are success addicts had to get off the stage, then to put the Internet we know you can go to work knowing there was nobody network with. There's nobody to look for the nobody was hiring. They told you to go home to get on soon put on a camera can't really shine there. So what do you think that did especially on in the Ivy League schools like yours. They told all the students to go home right immediately told he couldn't ask for everything so will find that it did put a new wrinkle into your into your book and really did something really good and something really bad. I felt we look back on it I met that that you know we say that was really kind of completely unfortunate but a lot of people got into a pretty interesting space. They got in kind of a tenderness that the contemplation they started asking big questions about himself. Any time you start questioning the nature of your life. The nature of your own desire. Dr. really really good thing.

Remember, the only startup that matters. The only enterprise that really matters under control of the enterprise of your own life.

We are starting to pay deep attention to what you want your desire to what you work with others. That's great.

The bad thing is that people still are much lonelier than they think there's a major wave of mental problems of mood disorders of depression, anxiety, coming toward this country like a tidal wave part of the reasons because a lot of people still afraid to go back to work. It will impede the executive function of our brain. People are quite lonely and depressed threefold increase in depressive symptoms. So the good thing is that people are looking and internally looking in the inferior Glock.

The bad thing is that there still really suffering a lot and that's one of the big reasons I wrote this book. This book will provide relief very interesting telling Arthur Brooks in his book is now out from strength to strength, find success, happiness D purpose in the second half your life a fascinating topic. I think that everyone can really jump into, but he also wrote a column about regret, which is a subset of what you're talking about. So a lot of people have regrets. He can't get over how to turn the page you say you should not run from regret that you know you asked people and they did studies about how often do you think about the mistake she made a request you have what you think the right balance is and how could regret not be a bad thing.

You know, people are getting no regret tattooed on their body, while not wanting to be stuck in the past and feeling bad about things of the printed people who have no regret they don't learn from their mistakes. The reasonable regret is an evolutionary you gotta learn you gotta get better but here's the point that regret is weighing you down and ruminating on being depressed about the wrong basically regret something which is normal. You need to write it down. You need to what we call in light of the metacognitive you need to move it to the front of your brain you can manage it so it doesn't manage you write it down.

What did I do wrong. What did I learn from it. How like to move forward in doing that you will really yourself, you will no longer be changeable regret bringing you down but at the same time. Don't learn from it and that right balance to find your students are receptive. Do you have these elite students even to get you know accepted to Harvard, what is it like teaching them and they open to this. They engaged in this topic are they like, you know, give me the physics giving the science to show me business great.

I can't shock classical leadership and happiness of the Harvard school.

I have two sections of 90 students and a lot of students on the waiting class and the reason is because they want real life. The open public and maintain themselves as they actually go through life really really quite good. Managing businesses in your taking risk appropriately, but never talk to them about that. Number one, two and three in importance on the life you build relationships, how to have close friendships how to look forward to a romance in the life that can be really, really meaningful so that's what they're interested in it.

They have they have an acute sense that they need to learn that they're digging in their rate. I have to say my MBA student at Harvard, just one report and one teacher, Brian, all of us should be happiness teachers key point of the book from strength to strength and read the book and I think go teach other people.

You are now the happiness professor is not just me.

I tell my students that as well. They get credit final credit the client for setting up a clamp outside the classroom. People who didn't get in. They take my PowerPoint slide. They get all of them put their name on them and re-create the lectures. The point of passing on happiness you want to be happier.

Love more and make other people happy about the beautiful secret. I guess a lot I do in the last question a lot of people going back in the workforce. They all of a sudden realize you don't see their self-image to their work safety. Kind of like having control their schedule.

Maybe there's some things built up in money they receive that they don't have to get back in defining a new balance. Whatever their answer is in finding a new bounty might be listening to us right now.

Would you say to people who got off the pandemic treadmill, and don't get back on while I understand are basically two types of situations. One is the date there a little bit afraid to go back and no person at home stay at home.

Ask yourself, is it possible that I'm lonelier than I think. Is it possible that it's actually quite important for me to have an opposite signal strategy and I think it's actually important for me to going to get out there. Ask yourself that honestly for other people are actually doing kind of a good thing which is leaving things behind that stop during the pandemic that they didn't like and that's really good to the truth of the matter is the world not to go back to the way that it was all of us are going to have more more flexibility in the workplace and working at a distance much more than we did the path that's fine, but you gotta take care of yourself only to the extent that it serves you. If you need to be more with people you take that in your own him because of basically the inertia of staying at home, you must must actually fight that so that you can actually have the love in the context of the people that you physically need to.

Brooks thinks of us, congratulations on this from strength to strength.

Appreciate Arthur Bell talk to you soon. Thanks Ryan go pick up that book.

Now let me what you won't have any regrets about that 1-866-408-7669 entertaining and like you're with Brian until made breaking news unique opinions. All Brian until made.

Show back everyone. Thanks so much for being here a special treat for you now.

I spent a day in New Orleans with master pay, better known as Percy Miller and they became master pay the huge wrapper but now is an entrepreneur and more, and a great role model who gives back more than you can understand if you haven't met him, you should.

Here's a look at my interview with master pay pretty clear. You're an excellent athlete and your goal is. My goal is to go to college and make to the NBA make it to Houston.

I knew your goals*suppression would you blow out your knee and you end up back at home.

Remember that mindset all Greyhound bus back home and everybody have to let everybody know coming back home was old but my grandfather remotely say son you feel something else like going to sit here you start hanging out and you start dealing drugs reluctant and you came back and you don't want by your grandmother, and one time she hung up black dress, my grandmother scared when she put the dress on the nightstand decision whether to get my I just sit and cry cry to myself to save the life story changed think is a blessing to have people that care about you also took on needed leaving New Orleans and going to California.

It was a older white guy that owned the building and I know him. He did know me he heard of me or my exit from from the wall some from New Orleans to smile and laugh sometime (Monday 500 Saito if you could fix this place so I give it to you.

Rent free for you while I said yes sir fix the place so we slept in the back of the plays we built the rest is history. Married with a Romeo and you sleeping in the back seat and hoping to get sell some CDs and records are not a musician, no just a businessman then you, wrap you convince a recording studio in the record, I was able to make on the forward you want to get other racks and you spend no limits, with an assignment from me to mystical all go you said you want to break the stereotype that maybe people have wrappers and they only care for themselves.

They want their own minor not what you grow capital. They didn't know when you know are you wearing now our heart like how hard it was to get what you know Mikey's life. Even though we have nice things. Whatever you do when you pass the support you with what you need to get up in the morning. Educate yourself. Serves you to do those things that make a person and have integrity and where you at right now anything is countries are right now. Race relations can only see what happened with George Floyd riots.

We see no anti-police sentiment black lives matter you see in verse I see that will hurt the country but we also growing strongly to Americans in this country you patriotic unpatriotic and I love this country is no other place that is a little above a master pay a great dad.

Great Seo extremely ambitious and still is more focused on giving back right now you see part 22, purely so keep listening to the brain kill Michelle. Don't forget Saturday night 8 o'clock one nation and Fox and friends for more rain Pres. freedom fighter any of my books.

Find out more about America's live from the Fox News radio city is New York City set up Fox and friends, America's receptive kill me. Thank you much for being here advise the brain kill me Joe from crime ravaged New York City heard around the country heard around the world.

Thanks much for being part of it at the bottom of the alga talk to Martha MacCallum she's had to be with us from the host host her show. The story and right now will be speaking to match lap is chairman of a seatback you know that needs Mr. everything as well as a somebody who's always ahead of the curve in a brand-new book out. I will get them talking about that visited it's a topic you all want to know more about. But first let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three wrinkle just a wrinkle very well does not show the actual spying that Trump and others are saying what the legal charge really dorm begins to deliver his report a couple years since mother found no conspiracy between Trump in Russia now were finding out who manufactured conspiracy will tell you what we know and unsurprisingly, the Democrats ignore or mock we are today serving your traffic is being used illegal blockades for corporate accounts will be furnishing the insurance on your vehicle will be pretty serious stuff and that's coming from the dictatorial government of Justin Trudeau and that was Crystal Freeling freedom caravan under siege in Canada maybe taking shape in America has more more states are set to unmask. Now let's tackle the facts mandate yesterday Russian government public proposed to continue the diplomacy I agree we should give the diplomacy every chance to succeed. We will not sacrifice basic principles scramble to get that speech. I wonder why Russia, Ukraine, today was projected to be invasion day put making moves like an attack is about to happen in other moves like it won't. And now he's claiming genocide in the Ukraine really occupy the Don best region that is genocide that makes no sense. Does anyone by whispering in match lap, Matt. Welcome back to show great to be with you and congratulations of the book, the Dessa craters defeating the cancer culture mob and reclaiming one nation under God.

I want to get to that.

But first, what about the tactic you seen that before of telling everyone the other countries going to invade telling everybody, this is going to be a false flag operation telling everyone the other read out of a phone call that says I told Zelinski to prepare for impact. When you think that tact is because no other countries doing it yet.

Look, I just think that there's great confusion in the Biden trying to figure out who is really calling the shots, knowing that Joe Biden calling the shot, and I think the I think that the problem for the Biden ministration is that they are projecting the fact that America can little we can't really we can't really forced to do anything. We don't really work using any economic means that our disposal if they definitely believe in the international community, and you see other countries trying to step up and to meet the biggest problem Brian. I don't know how we all is what you do when Pres. Trump like him don't like him. But tyrants around the world felt like they didn't want to take him on. Maybe because they thought he was imbalanced. I mean, Pres. Trump would tell me that sometimes confidentially with a chuckle that he the fact that they think that I'm crazy is good because they want their America will think that Joe Biden 15 this Obama team recycled Obama team.

You know, I think that they know that just like that you would present Obama was in they can do what they want and then will be recriminations after and that's what it feels like the by demonstrations doing their preparing for the inevitable, which is Russia either invades or top government met. You also agree that it's if they do back down and brimful their guys out of there troops out.

It will be a major victory for Biden yes I think I think Russia pulling out Outlook. Anyhow, we don't go to war useful, because it's a really good thing in American boys and girls should be put everywhere to be the world policeman. That being said, keep your eye. It doesn't have to invade Ukraine to win this war. We have to have an allied government, public government in Ukraine and so most of the people I know who come from the Trump administration believe that it's not the hot war that craved you want to humiliate America that's true but it's what he gets in the Ukraine that matters.

And that's what I think people are focused on Bill Browder said he was the, the businessman that tried to kill so we can have Tilly's lawyer we got to begin ski act out of it. He knows Putin wants revenge is what he said cut 500 food is a human rights violator cut the crap and a very rich man. He invaded Georgia to Crimea on civilians and hospitals in Syria. He cheated in the Olympics from his standpoint he got away with everything. And I'm less, we can actually prove to him that were serious thinking can get away with it again. I just think that's on the money. Don't you completely on the money and I just think I don't like saying this because I want Joe Biden to succeed when it comes to representing America overseas but now that nothing were not used. Economic sanctions were not stop their energy dominance in Europe were or not take the steps and they also know that we will stand behind the international organization, which felt better.

They're fine to have around, but in the end America stand up for America interests and look I think the southern border to real cute retirement around the world which is not serious about our own border.

Why the hell is very well report talks about a tech company that was hired by Michael Sussman who since been indicted for not telling the truth to the FBI to tell my data coming into the White House into the Trump tower to see about links to Russia and Trump that's unbelievable to me that was not the intention. They say that this that this guy was somebody was somebody that was not was apolitical. I doubt it because we know he's was working with Sussman. They say Sussman just given some concern America about links to Trump never told anyone he was working for Hillary Clinton. And do you think this is big news as it finds out they were following tromping through 2017. From is still from July 2016, but not to the rest of the media listen cut 27 wrinkle really is just a wrinkle and it's very involved were still trying to get a sense of what the facts are clear does not show the actual spine that the Trump and others are saying about Watergate is that the security guard at the Watergate while being paid to do security to see just who is coming, it doesn't mean they were going through their briefcases doesn't mean it was going through the files of they were brand what legal charge so widely number one why it is so vociferous and angry if they're not ignoring it would what is why were people more intrigued by this career. People like me who are less clear than you actually go on the street and for five years. We were tortured over the idea that Trump was spied on and I remember I was told by people who were inside the government that this did happen. So I was one of the earliest voices saying that this happened and verifying at the top of the torture and an recriminations because I said it were were pretty rocks including from Republicans and so firm for my own integrity.

I like knowing that what I was told was true is true, and for all these people are Joe Scarborough and others were now on anything. Look, there was someone there crying to the wood indictment that good short-term strategy. We are losing it a bad way to win the game because the very first date step you like Derek did what he did it because there's a question of some of the defendant taking counsel so that's why he had to explain to the court what he had very very very first step. The first half of what he has coming in from the people I talked to who were involved in this during the Trump years very, very, very troubling in illegal enterprise that occurred with an outfit that had government contract and it seems to me that used it government contract as a way to gain knowledge to spy on Trump and the people who work for Trump like my wife potentially and a lot of other people to be a big class-action lawsuit by the way if there constitutional rights were violated air in order to help their political friends, namely Hillary Clinton, and following on from that there is a chance and I'm not there to get back there is the chair looks very likely that the spine continued well into the trumpet restriction and Peter Klein. Brian even if they were crying bit the people who perpetrate them should be so ashamed of yourself and anybody like Jake Sullivan who was aware that this is going on really couldn't be aware and praying that because the he went from the Clinton campaign where he set the happening and he then took a White House job and which he has now he must have been aware of these crimes and if he was can be proven to step down today immediately.

This is shameful. I was a disgrace to see the cancer culture mob and reclaiming one nation under God. Member the statue start coming down he saw a bigger picture as people start attacking our history that's in your book right that you write to me. You know it was like the quantity of careful culture canceling America canceling George Washington. It seemed a little bit random when all the target. There were things they didn't like our founders are founding document in overtime when shifted to the violence.

The black-white matter and destroying cities and then it turned into masking schoolkids and shutting down school of shutting down churches and entered into the war on gender and teaching are little boys that maybe little girl pushing this radical idea onto them at their 62 genders woke up one day Mark and I woke up my got everything that true everything up. Holy everything that's sacred everything that makes people happy. Everything that encourages civilization is on full scale attack and everybody can be a bit of a stupor over the fact of what the intent is the intent when it comes to America. This beacon of freedom for the whole cloak is to bring it down and Jan and an Obama said he wanted to transform America. That sounded like nice calm word euphemism their scary work that mean 1619 is right America, the bad and right place here redeemable by the way, with systemic racism and the only way to fix it is to bring it down, start over and we wake up to the fact that that's exactly what they intended that about him. He would watch Teddy Roosevelt statue be taken of Museum of Natural History, a building he founded along with his family. They took him down. He was on a horse because he was above a an Indian and a black and a black man so they took it down. We know with the trying to take Columbus down so forget about how they found in North America and then were going to find out that it's not just Confederate statues. Any slaveholder then that that means goodbye founding fathers except for John Adams and you're saying it's a bigger picture rip America out at its foundation make them doubt whether we are not only not the greatest exceptional nation long to be any nation it all in your surprised in this book. It's B seems about the progress they're making you, I would say that I'm a religious person and all my politics and my religious master and I realize there's no way this could all be happening if it's just not based in equal. There is evil afoot.

It's very cocky going after the month of our kids. This propaganda that's going on in school that we all fund with our text money. It's got Ed and I and I think there are too many of� Yes cooler liberal care or cancel go there and in the wake up and start paying taxes and getting married and Bill realized that work. The problem for two generations. We blot all the institution for power in this country to propagandize people and we lost a lot of them and it's hard to get back another going after corporate America and the sports which is like feedback to focus on this so so so much because you don't that those are convalesced frontiers. If you can't watch the Super Bowl without getting smacked in the face with black-white matter and socialism and totalitarianism you know basically lost civilization at that point will have to create a new one and I like to try to redeem the old one and I think there are more about their work them cheated so much in the election and finally they went silent. Everything together. They know are going to have a huge impact on millions of Americans. And that's why they thought they were in the majority. They wouldn't care about them yet so pick up to desecrate the Dessa craters also see packets that we 24th 27th was coming up right in Orlando, Florida amongst the guests down Trump Aquino Rhonda Santos superstar Sean Hannity same thing. Mike Pompeo, Mme. city slapped a better have a key sponsor should there always complaining they don't like the spots I get so hopefully this year we would hear those complaints take Seth and Enes Kanter freedom sadly now as free time in the schedule because he was waived by Euston Brian we invited back and we are now that drug B.

Loss of contract so you agree to come to feedback basically cost him the end of his career and just just on American, I agree. I did talk to you soon, owner, and he says all about sitting under the It's not nothing against him. They had to cut somebody else to bite anybody who wants to grandmother two hours later. I know that through our equator, but I will see what I was the trading deadline, but I will but I will but I will say this, there's plenty of places that need at least an offense of thread at the very least body with a with 10 years experience. Thanks so much Matt, congratulations on the book. Congratulations on seatback. I hope to see you soon Jan you got it when we come back I'll take your calls.

1-866-408-7669 your knowledge base. Brian kill me show the fastest three hours in radio you're with Brian kill me think about stopping financing of every cultlike we are today serving your traffic being illegal blockades for corporate accounts will be frozen. The insurance on your vehicle will be suspended and your semitrailers home the Canadian economy needs spam to be dealing with China network not to be illegally making us all for they go. Justin Trudeau makes the move she makes the announcement and all of a sudden it's all all eyes on the truckers in Ottawa. They clear the bridges out by talking to the truckers and sailors. If you don't do that I have to rest, as they moved out on their own with the same thing work in Ottawa and those sero-and those freezing in those freezing conditions just Trudeau's got the ability to freeze their accounts. He's got the ability to take away their licenses take away their insurance and of course destroy their business. Martha McCallum here. Martha, can you believe we got to this point. 19 days in a convoy. I can't. They have years that he thinks are unacceptable. So when you say that someone's views are unacceptable. It's not a very good starting point for having a conversation that you can hear and I think your views are unacceptable. Great. Okay, so we start our discussion with Vera. There are so many people who understand the plight of these truckers and who understand why there out the other 90% vaccinated. They just want some relief from these restrictions and they want people to be reasonable and I don't think they're asking too much hair they obviously created a situation. It's very uncomfortable for a lot of people in Canada and I understand that that you know life has become a little bit more difficult for people because of this and how long they can hold out some of never Artie started to go back to their jobs because they don't really have a choice but his position on this is so, it puts him in such a session spot yeah so many people and it will come home to his friend right.

I am definitely care. The Vietnam War starts again no way the talkshow that's getting you your Brian kill me but I love Canadians I love Canada. Never write that in my judgment.

I think the Prime Minister is totally overreacting and initiating with a sledgehammer. I don't think he's even met with the truck.

No and I don't think he really understands that this is one commentator put it this by the truckers is a primal scream of frustration. It's not about the vaccine and I have a point I would answer same? Mr. Trudeau and present by what is your roadmap to normalcy is present right. I was a total reaction. He was offended by I think they made up the story that he was contact trace then he tested positive. They wished amount of the capital out of fear and he has no interest in really trying to feel and hear what else is going on. Did you also notice of the provinces about five provinces of already let go of a lot of the restrictions they say not in response.

But even the one in Ontario which is run by Robbie their harshest critic outside Justin Trudeau Ford.

He came out and said you will then be lifting all these restrictions a lot of the stuff is happening.

These can release on the mandate. Could you possibly just general be a statesman so far out on this land that it's very difficult for him to walk back and get reasonable on this is a complete overreaction to what is going on and he is seen a basically has a 10 year to where people are moving were seen the same thing in this country right, you've got places like New Jersey where Gov. Murphy has understand they almost lost the governorship and really hung on by the hear of his chinny chin chin and so now he's lifting all of the mass mandates and schools in New Jersey tomorrow. They're getting March 4. Completely couple things I just Alexis McAdams. Our reporter said that the for the first time this mass giving out of tickets right now and they showed a sample ticket they just emailed us what it looks like.

Could that be a precursor to an army of tow trucks coming. This could be a sensational again. Keep the sensationalistic evacuation of Ottawa yet and it doesn't need to be this way. We've also seen photos of text messages that have been received by the truckers that basically say her insurance is been cut off.

Your contract is over threatening them with the loss of their livelihood.

Essentially, if they don't stop, so it's it's a really bad situation and it's really almost a textbook in front of anti-diplomacy and as I said, you know, when you start with basically and an insult to their views as saying that there unacceptable. You started a point where it's really difficult to negotiate anything I want to I want to bring you to what Mayor Adam said yesterday so just give everyone an update.

I bring it up to New York for very good reason to use with the safest big city in the world and now where the most dangerous but I think people listen to us in Philadelphia in Chicago and San Francisco may be in parts of Florida as well as Los Angeles and in part to San Diego could say yeah my city to know it's not the same with us. He goes back to the no cash bail so the meadow almost a very too hard for you to spend the night or an hour in prison. So without empowering the cops and knowing what they know now then making arrests, so allowing criminals to get out as we emptied the prison sits down two thirds of what it was and by not having cash bell. Everyone gets out right away want to get process and really people come back so the man went up to talk to fellow Democrats in Albany change their mind, and he failed.

He did not like one of the headlines in the daily news. It said that he failed he got yelled at and paraded and got humiliated and he said it was a race thing here is Mayor Eric Adams cut 45 cup 43 black men is familiar but my story is been interpreted by people that don't look like me to be honest about that.

How many blocks and editorial boards. How many Blacks to determine how the stories are being written. How many Asians how many of these Indians. How many South Asians by talk about my government enters diversified diversification in the newsrooms writing stories from people who were arrested by police officers, writing stories from those who are doing with high crime, diversified your newsroom so I can look out and see people that look like me have a lot to say but I want you to attach hard to interpret it sound like he's coming from a number of different places and I think that's where Eric Adams actually finds himself right now he's trying to talk tough on crime.

He's trying to change the opinions of those who believe in these bail reforms and he's trying to lower the crime rate in the city that's his number one mission as the mayor to protect the city and yet he's being pulled by these progressive voices as well that are making it very difficult for him to do his job and so he's blaming on editorialists in newspapers and what they're writing about what he's doing. I think I think he needs to. I think he has. He had the right instinct when he was running. I think he needs to stick to it. I think he needs to say I only have one mission right now and is to lower crime rates and incident in the city of New York. When I get that done. Now we can talk about all this other stuff, but I need to make sure people are safe in my city. That's it. He could've easily use that time to ignore the daily news like everybody else does, you should know this area and you lose you will go to New York. No one cares for the daily news of the post right doesn't doesn't matter.

We expect some negative press interest into me. I remind myself the Rudy was Republican Mike Bloomberg is a Republican independent Democrat didn't even matter. We just try to figure out what he meant with his big gulps in but he loud cry that he loud his his police force to be policeman would.

Eric Adam should've said is I just met with a bunch of Democrats up in Albany with no idea how bad things are in my city and Jase's popularity leverages communication ability to push the narrative right back on the state legislatures go-ahead by the way, using the six lawmakers gave the hardest time there from upstate New York and from Buffalo in the sky for New York City.

All of them are keeping you unsafe and that he should send prayers but help me out here, you better do and have the White House speaking is the stiffness in his and and being a person who ran and stand by you look at these candidates like Maude Mayor and his running on on. She's a Democrat. She says I don't know where my party when she's running against Carolyn Maloney has been in office for 30 years and she's very upset about clothing restrictions, but she said my other issue is crime and I need people to I need Democrats any leaders in this kind in the city and in the state to get tough on crime. He's got to Lewis, he's quite all of them need to wake up because they're going to list this group of assertive Reagan Democrat asked parents moms who are very upset about both crime and clothing are going to change that to change the tide in New York New York Times editorial today written by two experts. It basically said no ballot. In fact, to read to you in September. Get Gov. Kathy focus on the law that we can bring a pro-standards along with almost 200 inmates held the Rikers Island mainly for private parole violations. Where were released and many future violators avoided incarceration writing racial imbalance was also a popular justification for New York State 2019.

Bail reform the black public defender Association. For example, argue that the old Dell system was used to unfairly keep black and brown people locked in cages but releasing thousands of inmates hindering the ability to obtain potentially dangerous defendants has been followed by increasing levels of crime, especially in largely black neighborhoods. That's the correlation the entire proof of causation, of course not.

But the correlation is is there.

For example, the police precinct that covers most of Brownsville neighborhood as well as an adjunct Ocean Hill work where three quarters of life. Residents are black shootings at the end of last year up 144% murders rub 91% so you are trying to help black people by get letting them be victims of crimes and killed in cold blood that that's why are also seeing movement among black and say this absolutely say that he me.

I don't know why he can't. I mean he's married he was elected he ran on a platform that was lowering crime he needs to stick to stick to the core principle that got him elected and keep driving that message he will not go wrong.

If he does that. I mean that the bottom line is we've talked about it so many times in my shy Senate cover than your post right 21 children under the age of 18, 21, black and brown children were killed last year in New York City. Nobody looks at these children, this is pictured not by cops, they were killed by gang night game is the problem.

It's the safety of families and communities regardless of their color and the problem is that most of these children who got killed are black and brown children.

So let's let's deal with the facts instilled with actually going on in the city. Let's make these communities. All communities feel safe in the city absolutely quick thing to parry this to keep it local for second San Francisco voted out three of the above school board members in San Francisco. They basically recall them successfully. One can breathe the liberal mayor of San Francisco, who gave us tangentially smash and grab an end in the world politics now has left for politics is now pro-crime now now is she she is anti-crime and pro-cop and now she says she's applauds this recall effort. Is this the beginning or the beginning of a trend or an anomaly lacking at the beginning of any self-aware politician who understands that they've gone horribly wrong and this is not party thing.

This is just safety public safety is the number one commitment and responsibility of elected officials right and your Nancy Pelosi say that this weekend. I still eat out all of these leaders need to understand that they have messed up that people have died as a result of this, companies have lost their businesses. As a result of this because they can't keep their doors open on said there's been a lot a lot of damage that has happened here but the fact is that the voters in San Francisco said you know what Abraham Lincoln actually one of the best presidents in US history. So let's keep the school named after Abraham Lincoln kids you work really hard and study should be able to be in schools that encourage them to do even better because you know what were never compelled to compete against China or any other country.

If we don't have the smartest best students in the country if we done everybody down and we lower our standards. That's what you're getting So yes, every disk is waking up in San Francisco wake up everyone else can't. I love that. So we come back. I find I was on Martha show at 3 o'clock. Also find out if she needs to know more. The answer might be enough. You might say I'm full always need to know more this weekend. Check out Brian's new show on Fox news channel yeah Brian kill me is got a new show on Saturdays because apparently he's cheaper than infomercials for nonstick pans. That is not true that really hurt coordination with Brian Kilby Saturdays at 8 PM Eastern on Fox news channel more Brian coming up is so busy he'll make dear Brian, kill me. We welcome back everybody on Martha MacCallum is going to have her show at 3 o'clock and she did. She uses Wednesdays to go around and and provide insight to a series of shows, but according to sources. I have two she likes doing the show. Best and yes, and I can try to counter it will be very embarrassing. More than before we get going and finding out if you do need to know more, who's on your ship so I'm at the tenant general Ben Hodges who is that retired Army officer who served as commanding general United States Army Europe and he hasn't really interesting take on what's going on in Ukraine what he thinks but will do next. I think one of the most compelling questions right now is if he does not invade.

How do we keep the pressure on him because he will certainly keep the pressure on Ukraine and Emirate of ways something to talk to him, that bill hammers also to be on the show today and Tulsa Gabbard's can you join us as well with her take on what's going on in Russia and obviously show it has sort of an interesting and interesting.

Fresh luck at how she would approach the situation don't you think veteran and former member think she should be a Republican doesn't motor.

Even though she's a noninterventionist, which is a little bit of yeah conservative. She seems to have more middle right use.

I will let me know and I never really think there's some there's a fluid line that a lot of people ask themselves that question. Today we're talking about the security maniacal that moms and uniting a lot of people asked themselves that question is that maybe last toast sign. Okay to be good you are at the total weight music that you write to this question. I don't know what study it was from a let you say it's a good one and they asked Democrats. You want your kids on mass 66% said yes. They asked Republicans, 20% said yes. They asked independence.

42% said yes. Do you think that amassed mandate to stay in place. Wow are you stunned by that 60% over 60% credit want the mathematics exam. So here's the problem we have been on there's been a brainwashed fear across the country and in my mind after the number of deaths that we suffered due to cold sandwiches and RMS. The second most damaging impact on the country is that entrenchment of fear, culture, and we can't be a culture of fear. We have to be a culture of courage and bravery and persistence and that's what makes America great. Said that's the problem, and I don't know how long it's can it take to un-entrench this culture of fear ISI 16 will grow.

The other day walking to school. I was out for a run and she was unrelated to high school and she was by herself on the sidewalk walking toward school. Not only was she wearing mass but she was clamping down on her nose as she was walking to make sure that it was secure and then pulling it more under her chin and I'm thinking myself this poor girl what is going on and I understand wearing medical mask that actually works in certain situations if your person is vulnerable to disease.

It makes perfect sense. This 16-year-old was outside it was anyone within 20 feet of her and she's tightening the mask on her nose and plan under her chin and think to myself what is going on at home what was going on. This is scary but fun at if you need to know more by putting dead dog in a Republican woman's doorstep. While serving as a Delaware County official. And for some reason he's proud of it and wanted to tell the story.

Let's learn kids cut 47: woman said to me, obviously, sent persuasions. I was politically call me and said that dog on my long this premise is called the County. Yes, they're not here and I said well get in the morning.

She said I want to remove now I pay your salary. So I went over and picked it up and I wanted out of my front yard story is that this is first to see that dog. The sad thing is not something that you joke about make fun on and move around someone's yard. That is bizarre. That's a very bizarre template and I it's more check I learn more I can get that neck that's interesting Bob Sagan's family filed a lawsuit Tuesday, attempting to block officials from releasing further information regarding the comedians causing death.

They want to protect the privacy I get up, but I'm stunned by this, the middle, the examiner releases information they said his skull was smashed in a way you could been hit by a bath but they don't think it was a thing he just hit his head on the floor and smashed his skull and he thought no big deal go to bed. I don't know what's going on here.

Obviously this is a very strange story that the medical examiner makes it sound like the damage was so extreme that it had to have been on some other way. On the other hand, I think of Natasha Richardson who just now, when she was skiing and hit her hand and damaged it and out fine and died hours later so you know, injury to the had is a strange thing you can feel normal and then go to sleep and I next Haley Hutchinson's husband and son are suing Alec Baldwin and others associate with the production that killed their mom and and wife cut 48. While there are many people Baldwin was the person for him shooting. She would not clearly he has significant portion of liability whether others about this case is going to be about assessing fair apportionment responsible for the senseless tragedy. I can't blame him just to lose those all around with this investigation.

There were bullets real bullets and act on how they got there and someone needs to be held responsible for how they got there and father not only fired the weapon but he was also the executive producer of the entire operation and had been criticized for having safety regulations on the sets out hundred percent. This is an understandable case does say he did pull the trigger, which evolved right the first C3 market over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources of Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Mellon Fox is not just

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