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Invasion: Putin Enters Ukraine, Declares Separatist Regions "Independent"

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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February 22, 2022 12:41 pm

Invasion: Putin Enters Ukraine, Declares Separatist Regions "Independent"

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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February 22, 2022 12:41 pm

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Live from a Fox News euros euros New York City function for America's receptive kill me, welcome to the Brian Kelly Joe Brian has a well-earned day off and Brian will be back very soon partnering with thousand American my name is Harry Hurley an honor to fill in for Brian. This is a program that holds a special place on the Mount Rushmore of talk radio programs in America today very distinguished guest and by the Brian Kilby show newsmaker hotline. Let me just give you a little bit information how to follow Brian because he doesn't brag about himself to give me a moment just to remind you, Brian kill the Brian Kilby and Brian is of New York Times best-selling author. As you know, so his latest work in all of his works Brian will personalize the books for you there. Wonderful to have, and more important to read but their great gifts as well and don't forget Brian on Saturday nights at 8 PM on the Fox News channel one nation with Brian kill me. And of course, cohost of Fox and friends joining us on the Brian Kilby show is Dan Hoffman. Daniel Hoffman is a former CIA station chief served in Moscow Iraq, Pakistan, South Asia, Europe, to name some of his work and a great Fox News contributor.

What a day to welcome you, Dan. These are dangerous times is a lot going on. Welcome to the program. Thanks a lot. It's always a pleasure to be here and I'm actually good news that Bryant taken that well-earned vacation y'all to tell you what I served in war zones in the Middle East and South Asia was time for somebody take leave you know it would be just didn't want to go would always say take a couple days and recharge batteries. There's always something going on. I think the new cycle will will will still be there when Brian get back but will miss them while you cannot what you just said. Allison and I and Eric and Pete we just had the same conversation. It's not is not just in a consumptive Brian or anything. It's true. Nobody works harder. I mean, he works morning noon and night, so enjoy the day and we got your back. Brian now on this issue of Ukraine. You talk about what what a KGB here what what KGB nests running through his veins. How about torturing, not the English language. The Russian language by calling this peacekeepers Dan peacekeepers capital with Vladimir Putin yet to major formative experiences in life. But first wanted to mention KGB operative served in East Germany. That means the cloak and dagger at the end and this information that's kinda how we conduct business and so when Vladimir Putin's talking publicly use the purveyor of my and propaganda and he uses his state-controlled media. I think of like George Orwell, 1984 to disseminate that drivel back to his own population. None of us here in the West by but that doesn't stop him and his sycophants from disseminating the you know that that that propaganda but you look action to speak a lot louder than words.

We know they're not peacekeepers of the Russian troops that been there for the past eight years and they have invaded Ukraine and violated Ukraine territory integrity again. Military annexed Crimean start of the Warren Dumbarton 2014 take it to the next level and following up on that and sanctions didn't work too well. Then Putin plans on the sanctions is not genocide him. It didn't stop him with what you just mentioned and I tell you what our mutual friend Chris Jenkins is been reporting all morning about Pres. Biden's now I listen I want to support my president whenever I can, especially during a tight spot, but these so-called sanctions that went into effect last late last night with Pres. Biden's executive order. Jenkins is reporting it this morning that the really not sanctions at all. They don't stop really anything. So what are your thoughts about that are at weeks we watched add to it. We watched Putin the world the American president. We all watch Putin put 75,000 troops on the border of Ukraine immediately was I looking around same nobody saying anything. Just play wargames fun. So what's he doing throws another 75,000 down. I guess it's now upwards to 180 200,000. Who knows, but he looked at what he could get away with what the world would tolerate. I think he truly exploited Dan when the president made that horrific faux pas.

When he went off the Teleprompter script. He always gets in trouble if he would just read the Teleprompter and squint. He could get out of there, but he had to go ad lib. and talk about some minor excursion like he could permit that Putin exploited that did me on that last point you made yet. I would collect credit and find inner voice coming out late audible not very helpful for a couple of couple comments on your outstanding point for personal with llama occurs. Ofc. I did my job without any predisposed ideological bias to try to bring that same approach be a Fox News contributor. Try to let realpolitik stop at the water's edge doesn't mean I'm not going to be critical or laudatory of administration foreign policy but call it the way I see it, and yet like you for the home team on this one on section.

Your hundred percent right lost 1% of GDP. After the invaded Ukraine in 2014 and annexed Crimean that didn't deter him and one of the questions that I would've hope Pres. Biden would've been asking intelligence community is okay, what can we do to deter Russia. What can we do to induce them to withdraw their troops, which are there in violation of the UN charter threatening Ukraine and and sanctions would not of been on my list of things based on my experience, CIA, and the reason why is because Ukraine is an exit stencil credit to Russia, not because of any military capacity Ukraine has must've got all the nuclear weapons in the conventional courses is because Ukraine is striving to be a Western oriented democracy and what scares Putin the most is not nestled in nuclear weapons that democracy and that's why you have to ripped out apart from Ukraine sever their relationship with the West. Ukraine is now like the geopolitical fault line in the Allied ideological struggle between democracy and totalitarianism just like Taiwan and the situation we face, like Berlin used to look like during the Cold War. I'm very sorry to say but no supplies.

As you sit KGB operative in the crime of the role the last thing I'll tell you if is counterintuitive. He wants to have a horrifically bad relationship with NATO because that allows him to play up in front of his own people that he only one who can lead Russia. Note that the leader of the besieged fortress with NATO at the gate which is totally false and not true, but that's what he wants. The animosity between Russia and NATO which is inside himself so smart when you said Daniel Hoffman is our guest on the Brian Kilby shown the Branko Mitchell newsmaker hotlines, the former CIA station chief for those who don't know why does Putin want Ukraine. This is a simple as this is just KGB runs through his veins. As I said earlier, and he wants to try to put back the old Soviet Union that he thinks this is just so unjust that that that this ever separated to begin with. Is this for the uranium ore in some of the other properties.

Is it all the above. Why does Putin want this so I think there's a lot there's a lot of reasons why want to the idea that you said that that the collapse of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century me that is so preposterous. If we think about the history of the last century.

I don't think that would be on our list yielded a lot of other things that I got family members who fought in World War I and World War II and Korea. You know there was a lot of a lot of things that happened last century that really were geopolitical disasters.

Classical union with something we celebrated and something Russia neighbors celebrated American diplomat, the late George Kennan used to say that the Kremlin keep its neighbors in two ways.

Only two layers, vassals or enemies. So if you're not there. Bethel your enemy. And that's the way Putin sees Ukraine. He wants to exercise command and control over Ukraine, like the old Brezhnev doctrine of the Cold War. He does see value in controlling Ukraine politically for sure he doesn't want any level of democracy and Ukraine would be a clarion call to his own population completeness were pressing. He also sees the economic potential of Ukraine and in the longer you know kind of longer-term issue here.

Russia and China are allies today, but they are very much long-term strategic adversaries and Ukraine's number one trading partners Russia, China, and Vladimir Putin may want to kind of cemented control over Ukraine right now fully cognizant of today's enemy of the United States and the West for tomorrow 70 just might be China you go you reading my mind earlier today with Allison Eric and Pete, I brought up something that I spoke about earlier this morning and it was what if all the enemies got together like the Batman villains like the guy think it was. Forgive me if it was Erica Pete, one of them said the Legion of doom. What if you got the Marvel characters together and she decides to go grab Taiwan right now and if if Kim Jong on try to let off some fireworks and that the mullahs in Iran get together and and want to do some provocative stuff with it all got together at the same time because they are perceiving American weakness that we we just aren't where we typically are in terms of American leadership on the world stage. I think that's a fair, trying not to undermine my president when I say that, but I'm you I'm in if I'm a former official and I call balls and strikes. So I think if they all decided to gang up and get together. Now we know that the chairman the president for life. G. And Putin are becoming fast friends with the whole Legion of doom got together and and tried to pull their stuff all at one time so one of the things]. From my time at CIA.

Such a change from when I started gushing out 30 years ago, but we have never met face to such a wickedly complex challenging array of threats to our national security like we do today. And even if there is some coordination on the part of North Korea, Iran, China, Russia, the big one. Let's not forget global international care person, which is still out there dear all testing, they are all focused on targeting United States, one way or another if they're not, they are working together they share a lot of intelligence among themselves. They have strategic discussion Vladimir Putin she's thinking that 38 times and they got a very robust exchange of intelligence again and and and policy all with an eye towards countering to touring and defeating their main enemy United States that makes it very very difficult. But let me emphasize that. Here's how we make it worse. Self-inflicted wounds. When we make a policy mistake in error of gross proportions like we did by withdrawing from Afghanistan where we could stay with a few thousand troops, but didn't feel that country is now a terrorist date and we enabled that Afghanistan is never been more correct to our nation and the world and it is today and we thought we could swivel and focus on China know that's what you focus on China in Afghanistan, China trying to steal Afghanistan's natural resources and I can tell you that the intelligence community got the focus even more than ever before on the terrace in Afghanistan, Al Qaeda and ISIS who now enjoy ungoverned space. The biggest lesson we learned from 9/11. Don't give him that we did (critical of the ministration for having committed that ordinary self-inflicted wound that makes it so much more difficult to deal with all the other wickedly complex challenges and even orders that he did.

Even if he was knocking to leave a few thousand troops which I agree with you we should've done the order that he did things ensured that the Taliban has billions of dollars of weaponry which they can sell they can sell it to other countries that hate us, that will reverse engineer. I mean it's it's it's incalculable what that did 45 seconds to heartbreak.

Give us your best 30 or so seconds on how should the American people feel when they see the American president during press conferences every day addresses to the nation every day on the border of Ukraine and Russia but has nothing to say about the border. The borders here in America. I like to hear from the president is to outline what is our foreign policy interest why we care about Ukraine I could talk about it yet.

But I'm a Fox News contributor that out of government for a couple years.

President needs to explain to the people are people here are the correct are our southern border. Why is Ukraine important to us. What about North Korea and Iran.

He's not doing it as effectively as he should not using the bully pulpit that he has that other presidents like Pres. Reagan used so so well and strategically plan and that the concern I would have. You don't get buy-in when you don't do that often, your awesome. Thank you for visiting on the Branko Michaud thanks always a pleasure. Great job. We will be back in just a moment.

This is the Branko Michaud's every day try and kill Michaud's personal is America's palm of your thoughts with you throughout your busy day subscribe and listen.

Now Fox News*just*, for wherever you did your project Fox News podcasts network and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter.

I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is to bend on its podcast. Listen now Fox News talkshow that's real. This is Brian kill Michaud begin with the fact that modern Ukraine was entirely created by Russia for precisely Bolshevik communist Russia. In this regard. I consider necessary to take a decision long overdue, immediately recognizing the independence and sovereignty of the donuts peoples Republic and the constant People's Republic and of course as Eric said right before airtime that really is a land bridge to the sea.

That's all that is. It's not peacekeepers it's it's his path to do exactly what he wants none of that.

That is a torturing of the English language at a level that is breathtaking. It's intellectually dishonest on its face, its stunning actually but to give you an idea. These are very serious times so you would think that the partisan left hard left media could just check themselves before they wreck themselves even more, but there are incapable is a case study in cognitive dissonance with Allison with Eric and Pete on Harry Hurley filling in today for Brian.

Brian will be back real soon.

This case study is so stunning that it qualifies as cognitive dissonance date they just vote against their own self interest. They work against their own self interests and let's not forget when you hear this cut that Peterson a share in just a moment, Obama Biden, the last time Ukraine needed our help he needed our help in a big way. Obama Biden sent blankets. If you don't believe me look it up. It's true, this group whether it's MSNBC, which this cut is going to be an Apple bomb or any of the other typical hard left socialist Democrat networks or outlets they hate former Pres. Trump more than they love their country. There's no other way you can really look at that because now is not the time to blame Pres. Trump or Ukraine and remember this is the gang that had nothing to say when Obama Biden sent blankets.

Putin was sending cannon fire, and bullets.

Obama Biden was sending blankets to Ukraine. If you do the honors cut nine. Putin has has made various efforts to undo Western military support for Ukraine, including during the Trump administration.

If you remember this the argument over Trump's first impeachment was about Trump refusing to give military aid Ukraine because he imagined he could get some dirt on Joe Biden from the Ukrainians.

So why wasn't what why didn't Putin do this during the trumpet missing because he thought Trump was weakening Ukraine, especially on these grounds of this the problem of Ukraine being un-fortified goes back several years and and much of the fault lies in the Trump administration that is stunning and holy, dishonest, but expected because they have a just a terminal case of Trump arrangement syndrome they they they only can point everything towards present Trump. Of course when it's bad, not not the jobs were created not the economy that we had pre-Biden. None of that, just anything that's bad, pin it on Pres. Trump that is embarrassing when we come back will visit with Lieut. Col. Allen West is a candidate for governor of the great state of Texas and we have a great series of agenda items. This is the right will gain close to Fox and friends weekend as I share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen Fox News by just Fox News podcasts network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News for wherever you did your favorite projects radio show like no other. Something more directed at so far is that sanctions right now are regions in Ukraine. The separatist regions, but they're not very direct toward Vladimir Putin will we be carrying from the president significant action today. Yes I don't get ahead of the specifics of the announcement, but you will see a significant sanction steps directed at Russia in the coming hours debiting national security advisor John Feiner on MSNBC media credit there distinguished guest on the Brian kill Michaud newsmaker hotline is my friend Lieut. Col. Allen West, US Army Lieut. Col. bronze Star medal recipient he commanded the second Battalion, 20th Field artillery Regiment. He served in battle. The Persian Gulf War, the Iraq war course a a very I believe effective in excellent congressman from the 22nd congressional district in Florida from 2011 through that session to 2013. He is the author of whole Texas hold the nation victory or death and we can overcome an American black conservative manifesto. You can follow him on his hand on twitter at Allen West sets AL LPN W ES T early voting. By the way is underway, and he is a candidate for governor of Texas Col. West welcome the Branko Michaud, Sir Harry is good to be with you. Thank you so very much good to be with you.

You have experience when things start going sideways.

How are we doing relative dateline Russia, Ukraine, oil were not doing well whatsoever, and I think that what you see happening a skylight. What you'll get. There was like déjà vu all over because when it was the Obama Biden administration – with Vladimir Putin babies encourages and took over that land pretty much. So with the Russian separatist reported him in Eastern Ukraine and also the Crimea and so now you got Joe Biden bear the top of the ticket and you have a very weak vice president and we're not exuding strength and what solidified that the mind of Vladimir Putin was the means by which we extricated ourselves out of Afghanistan which is the other debacle and we turned back over to the telegram analysis actuary that I hate once again for Islam and jihad is and we still do have Americans that are trapped there in Afghanistan so let me quote knows that you have a very weak president. Here, United States of America. He knows his approval ratings are down below 35% in most places, and that he does not have a good strong foreign policy team between Anthony Boykin and OJ Sullivan. So he's looking at an opportunity right now unless out of my brief resume introduction if you want purpose because I wanted to frame it in a question, less is on the Branko Mead show newsmaker hotline Lieut. Col. Allen West your position at Kandahar, Afghanistan your advisor to the Afghan National Army Afghanistan as we know it today. My estimation as a layperson will get you with your military pedigree which is immense is unrecognizable. Women are being abused again. I mean I could go on and on with the narrative of how horrific right. I don't know that we could've handled our president could've handled worse the order of how he did things with the military leaving before we got the Americans out and of course all those billions of dollars of weapons and someone left that we could've done something with I got it out of there, or at least destroyed a lot of it I just think inconceivable to me incomprehensible to me how bad that is.

But now you take the American president's attention and you put all Russia, Ukraine, the tele-band must be just you doing cartwheels right now thrilled over there playground our day know you're absolutely right, because you know this this gang of characters we have that they cannot balance all of the different challenges that you see on the national stage so that Islamic jihad is a very happy, the Iran is very happy China is very happy with the vacant dictatorship up there encourages of their threats against Taiwan, and when you combine that, all with the thing that we're dealing with here the state of Texas a wide open border and we're dealing with all terrorist organizations. Here the cartels. Joe Biden is completely abdicated his constitutional duty responsibilities. There so all of these things are coming to hear and this is just one year one year.

This administration and all of these things fall apart.

That's why you gotta go back and remember what Robert peace comes to shrimp and were not exuding or showing or displaying that strength your listening to Lieut. Col. Allen West candidate for governor in Texas, I mean honestly, we saw some recent polling how you feel things are going well, you know, I always tell folks to go fight hard to all zeros on the school board were very encouraged about the polling that we see that without a doubt, we feel at this point in time Bill there will be a runoff for this gubernatorial nomination here in Texas and that runoff will be 24 May, but we continue to fight strong in this matter fact I'll be heading out later today to Paris Texas and then I go down and be in Marshall, Texas tomorrow we do. To Central Texas yesterday. So this is about getting out there and your message to the people and Texas is looking for. You know, really, resolute leadership, with all the face were faced with a drug trafficking crisis due to the fact the bill the human sex trafficking cries with the public health crisis and many other things. But all our borders. The biggest concern for Texas right now for those who don't know, last Texas works that you need a majority in the primary that ends the election.

Failure to secure a majority the top to have a runoff. Something like that. Correct that the RR election law so your goal is to make sure you get at least second and then you have a had a head-to-head yeah sure I made love to be first love it if you'd like to just get the 50.1% and when it outright, but without a doubt this is been an incredible journey you not stepped out of the chair of the Republican Party of Texas goes, I just saw that the Republican cortical leadership Peter was not effective and the fact that you are putting Democrats in charge of committees in our own Texas State House and a lot of the legislative priorities of the publican part of Texas were not being met. So you had to step up and be in this position and I'm just a humble and honored the response without seeing across the great state of Texas. You touched on a Col. West let's bring a state issue that intersects with the international affairs going on right now our president has been regularly almost daily doing addresses to the nation on the border Ukraine and Russia and all of this. There's never been a speech ever on the southern border or any of the other problems that we have what you think most people in America think most Texans if you want to speak appropriately in your own state for a moment, but yet it but expanded even to Americans that say will wait a minute now we had probably millions of people, some of them that that hate us. The drug cartels and human smuggling. All these things that have gone on these these late flights with people getting flown to states in and people don't even know they're coming. I mean, this is just insidious. It's unbelievable what should people think when they see the American presidents willingness to I have to say it's got to be purposeful to leave our border unsecure while investing so much capital and American speeches from the American president on a daily basis about how important Ukraine border is, I think now I I take the first issue, the international issue very serious. I was the Obama Biden handled it very poorly. The last time Putin did this they sent blankets. As you know, so let's see what happens. But what about that, what about Americans are saying hey what about our own business. Our own border. Now, you're absolutely right. It is purposeful. It is intentional. This is the implementation of an open borders, ideological agenda and is been done unconstitutionally by Executive Order.

Furthermore the Constitution of the United States of America in article 4, section/the guaranty clause to the federal government is supposed to guarantee to every state in the union to protect them from invasion we had over hundred and 50,000 border crossings in the last month we had 178,000 and December were talking about 2.5 to 2.6 million border crossing.

That includes the people that were apprehended with me for just a lease and then those folks that are called giveaways. So every state in the United States. Americans become a border state because you're absolutely right. People are getting put on these planes and buses and you'll flown out of here Texas and landing in Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, Tennessee, what have you. So this is a treasonous undermining overall constitutional Republic and a lot of people here Texas scratching their heads and really being upset because nothing is being said or done about the border, encourages better here.

The fact that we have the cartels who are really a terrorist organization chart across the Rio Grande River into the state of Texas bassinet.

So instead of being so you'll quote unquote concern about 180,000 Russian troops. What about was going all right here on our own doorstep and so will a lot of people say this whole thing will Russia for the abundant mistresses wag the dog to try to get away from talk about the serious domestic failures that we have here,America, which primitively includes the border and fentanyl is the number one killer of €18-€45 in the United States America right revisiting and very consequential times. Lieut. Col. Allen West candidate from Texas and a former member of Congress in terms of I think there's a reason for this.

Pres. Trump was in office for four years. I don't recall pollutant once even genuflecting twitching involuntarily towards Ukraine for four years. I believe that's because he knew Pres. Trump would do something that would really hurt. I believe that Putin knows Biden he believes he's incapable of that. You know the first round of sanctions didn't change anything when Putin invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea that does no sanctions. He plans for that. That didn't matter to him. So I say there on the Branko Michelle Lieut. Col. Allen West there is a reason why four years, Putin didn't even think about doing this and in one year or less, jumped right on it. I don't think it's a coincidence or radicalism of this and all of the despot dictators and autocrats across the world know that the door of opportunity as long as Joe bought a couple hairs with their they don't care about the fact that the house of the Senate may clip all they know is that you have a weak person and there is the president as commander-in-chief and think about. Another thing Harry is that you know Joe Biden comes in and out again unconstitutionally implement the other logical agenda of this agreement or to send it cease and cut back on our all and gas production. Backspace America that he wants to go and big OPEC to increase their production for us.

You know, Texas Texas war zone country would be the third-largest energy producing countries of the world. So why are we shipping more about oil and gas resources over to Eastern Europe and that's how you undermine that you undercut letter milk instead. You know, Biden supported the north stream to pipeline which means that there's more but going into Putin's pocket 13 months ago we were literally energy independent and net oil exporter look at us now, correct that's not correct know is not a coincidence and I think that these are the type of things. The American people and the people here Texas need to start understanding so I will tell you is Gov. Texas.

I will be exporting liquefied natural gas over to Ukraine to Poland to any of the countries of Eastern Europe to Baltic states to let them know that you do not have to be dependent upon Vladimir Putin and that would, in that it did not enable him to be sitting on people's borders because he would not have the funds but wish to do that, last week got a little under two minutes and I think this is something worth spending a little time especially with your experience in Afghanistan. I realize the American people get inundated and new cycles come and suddenly they got winter was a time where Afghanistan was very much front you know of top of mind. We still have Americans there. It's awful what the Caliban is doing all over again share with Brian's listeners where you see Afghanistan. At the present time because of the disastrous decisions made by Pres. Biden Afghanistan is now once again a hotbed of the secular. Jobs and as long as we allow that to be there which we have, as long as we don't do anything against these terrorists that we have to sell our board here called cartels. They will gladly accept money from anybody and get them across the border to the United States of America by way of Texas. So what we have seen happen in Afghanistan is a huge national security issue, which I pray does not happen, but the propensity for us to see another large-scale terrorist attack will happen. And guess what, if they can get in and disrupt the oil and gas industry of the state of Texas. They were really in the heart and that's why that border needs to be secured. That's why wish we had not turned Afghanistan back over to the telegraph without a doubt, Lieut. Col. West, always an honor to present you, sir, my pleasure.

Take care you to surf Lieut. Col. Allen West. Just remember that women have rights.

There's a generation plus of women that had rights could go to school could drive to go out right now. The Caliban said all the women in our cabinet only know they don't all women can go to school and they burn the schools down is horrific. It's as bad as it was before things improve so dramatically will be back in just a little bit with Allison, Eric and Pete on Harry Hurley filling in today for the great Branko me this is the Branko Michaud's makers and news errors.

First, kill me, show the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me back with Allison Eric and Pete on Harry Hurley. This is the right kill Michelle. Brian will be back soon. Thanks for spending the day with us on the right shelf lots now ending our perspective, how do process all of this because they're not death. They hear the American president on a daily basis in the Press Secretary to the American president John Saki saying it's imminent, then the next day they were saying it's not imminent that is imminent. Again, it's not imminent. Every day they are hearing the drumbeat of war from the most powerful nation on the planet.

What I have been struck by is any Vladimir Zelinski, president of Ukraine. UNESCO save the Ukraine president of Ukraine friend of mine from Ukraine taught me that they'll we save the United States. It's Ukraine not Doug Ukraine Vladimir Zelinski is going to leave when it appeared that Ukraine might be attacked within hours or within a day. They are used to this. I hate to put it that way but they are so stoic in dealing with these contra things in ways that most nations could not even process.

Pete cut for us recently. We are on our land. We are not afraid of anything or anyone. We don't owe anything to anyone. We won't give away anything to anyone. We are confident in this. It is not February 2014, but February 2022 and the more things change the more they stay the same. Biden was number two than the vice president of the United States, but of course he supported the entire Obama Biden agenda and when Ukraine was in real real tight spot. There's a lot there's a lot of truth in that statement that you just are translated.

That was the words of Ukrainian Pres. Vladimir Zelinski on how they don't they don't back down. They are not afraid. They're not going to give you anything work confident. I mean it's it's really stunning, striking to hear that and it's not February 2014, when Obama Biden sent blankets when they needed bullets they needed. They need a lot of help in 2014. Look, I don't think they can take Russia in 2022. I do believe president Zelinski when he says they're better prepared for it with. These are no doubt very very challenging times.

Thanks for sending this portion of today with this. It's a special day a palindrome of dramatic proportions to 2222 that's backwards and forwards around the world. It's the right shelf live is New York City fresh office set up Fox and friends, America's receptive kill me, Branko Michaud. Brian has a well-earned day off right will back soon.

Partnering with thousand Eric and Pete on Harry Hurley welcome against the right kill Michaud withhold place on Mount Rushmore talk radio programs in America today. Follow were right kill author of a number of best-selling books including his latest, the president and the freedom fighter, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass in the battle to save America so all Brian's books are available in his and Brian will personalize and sign them. So it really makes a nice gift. Branko and don't forget Brian Saturday nights in the 8 o'clock hour on the Fox News Channel 1 nation with Branko Mead.

It is a great show. Very very relevant and Brian's doing Brian's doing terrific with it.

Joining is now in the Branko Michaud newsmaker hotline is Mark Bernie benchmark is the Atty. Gen. of Arizona, and this essay I know he knows this since it's up it's actually I consider it just as a layperson about an officer of the court, but a privilege to argue before the United States Supreme Court you think about the highest court in the nation. The stakes are very very high. This is the case that involves the public charge rule. It's a shame I don't think this should be necessary but present Biden abandoned the rule last year so Atty. Gen. Bernie Fitch, step right in to defend the law.

I mean, that's it. We were a nation of laws. I mean, so that this seems rather appropriate general welcome to Branko Michelle how are you sir.

Thank you so much Ravi on listener pleasure because first of all I want you to let Brian's listeners know first what is the public charge rule and what's at stake here. All the public charge rule is basically a commonsense immigration policy that ensures that their emergency programs like welfare, housing, medical programs are available when American the most, and for about 100 years this country. There is a statute. Basically, provided that if you're immigrant and you want to come you're not you want to live your Field sports also declared ministration control the different ways the Trump administration went through the painstaking rule process and basically came up. The rule basically said you cannot be on government welfare benefits for more than one year of your first three years here that a commonsense approach that basically want folks to come here to integrate your to be socially responsible for the biting attrition unilaterally withdrew that rule.

Even after the US Supreme Court.

Curative agreed.

Her case with P state left a group challenging and so like Arizona my thump get her general Arizona want to step in and defend that commonsense rule and getting to what you said right at the beginning of the segment.

I just on the first generation American by parents of the World War II communism and the fact that some of the good become our state's chief law enforcement officer and literally now the argue that the US Supreme Court against the present state of justice speaks volumes to the country and what you want me something. It does mean something country work even a first generation public-school kid like myself can sue the present United States and literally argued Supreme Court general I think we general. I think people get mixed up on sometimes and maybe some of them on purpose. Some some of the more liberal side of the eye with you will get mixed up on purpose because it I think they very well know.

There's nothing unreasonable about this coming and you are you are. I'm so happy you said that you are such an example of the greatness of this country. We are a country of beautiful legal immigration and that you have the opportunity.

I didn't invent this statement, but I do love it and I and I and I swear by it. I think it should be a doctrine that America provides equal opportunity we don't provide equal results of somebody attempts to come here. There should be every incentive to be great to be self sustaining. So I think that's fair.

You get a year, sorta leg up because obviously if you come from somewhere else you may come here with very little and you've got a heavy lift, but your year at a three took to get going and I don't think that's unfair and we see what people have done with this opportunity.

How do you like your chances.

I know it's it's it's quite an experience from friends that I've talked to that of argued before the Supreme Court presented before the Supreme Court because they could start firing questions out like crazy.

You have to be very well prepared. Don't you yeah and I feel before I became a G.I.

It never once dropped. So can I prosecute again work actually okay for your attorney's office prosecuting crimes so I have a lot of litigation experience actually coaching up to argue twitter time US Supreme Court, but obviously you know when you're arguing in front of the top tourists in the country you know people that are have a bunch a law clerk city party? Now you have to do you have to be very, very prepared.

I learned a long time ago never to predict what any judge is going to do and you hold close direction.

My wife is a federal judge and I can even predict which you always do so. The point though is that the Supreme Court, except in this case, the fight ministration abandoned the defendant and they are letting us come in an argument. I think that hopefully is some indication that the court understand the importance of the case because you don't really think I'm empathize tomorrow as it truly is about Donald Trump's integration policy is in some way mean that that's an important part of it because you talking you don't want to create the wrong incentives for people to come here. We want to be financially self-sufficient. Great. But at the end of the day if you allow the Biden ministration to basically do this kind of sneaky surrender. You know that since you're setting a terrible precedent for future ministration can basically got the rulemaking process.

Ministry procedures act by using the courts upon the earlier policy works and so I think it important to really the court stand up and say look to state income in and defend these policy.

These commonsense rules even when the Biden history. From all the solicitor is not going to be there to argue for itself right you you will be doing this will build all the other side.

Basically, they're arguing and argue against your correct) argue that the that know the state can't come in and do that and also obviously we believe very strongly that the state interest. Obviously, I mean you don't programs have a single impact on our state and state furthermore have an interest because if you allow the Biden attrition. To do this then you know in the future. State interest will be undermined or manipulated by the federal government so yeah important for life to come in and obviously knows wrong also just talking about the look.

We are a nation of immigrants that we all recognize that. But the reason why so many people want to come here is because the pool hall me something, it means just what you are saying you are where you come from how you spell your last name that we are all treated equally under the law and not the important part is that no one is treated differently or there's no exceptions for this person without person we want consistency and certainty in the application of law. Biden attrition immigration is a box and decriminalized it not part of our lawsuits about and failure to deport individuals in order to be deported and that's resulting I think people are charging Victor crimes. You know they stop going wall never made it next to all. Of lawsuits is one of them of the time in the US Supreme Court were the Biden ministration essentially think that if I decriminalized people not following rules. You are listening on the right kill Michaud to the Atty. Gen. of the state of Arizona, Mark Bernard Fisher will be arguing this important case. The public charge role before the United States Supreme Court. This is, I think almost a case study.

A typical vintage sort of case that the Supreme Court will always take because it's gone through the second. The seventh and ninth circuit Court of Appeals.

It it it it was reversed. I think part of it in one of the questions that was presented it was reversed in the 4th quart, so you have a split decision. You have multiple high courts right underneath the Supreme Court did so this will be the wants and final arbiter and decider. This is this is a very important moment is in a general yeah absolutely so important because the Biden ministration is shown that they are tending to got our immigration system is in their diminishing rule of law that indicates epitomizes it where you have basically involved in conclusion, including the other side to basically got the rule and undermine it while it was literally pending your screen court how how broad would this be if you win, do you win big or do you win narrow and if you lose, do you lose big.

While I answer the second question first. I think it if we lose it is a big loss because that means that the Biden ministration was eventually allowed to withdraw this rule without going to the formal legal process. It also means that Peter will state to provide additional benefit to cost the taxpayers money. So there's a fiscal impact Thursday impact on the system itself, and I also think that in the future. If you have a ministry wants to essentially reinstate this rule is to be more more difficult because one by nutrition. This is the only decision that they didn't vacate original dismissed the case with the District Court, Outland, Illinois to basically that this rule was unconstitutional and so it can be tough when you have anything out there to try to reinstate the rule so obviously the president regularly speaking is your P's lawyers at the age of something sneaky, but probably in order to basically withdraw this rule will not have to go through the process and basically create a precedent that will make it more difficult for future necessary to try to have something similar./One case so important because if we don't win the Biden attrition can get away with not only doing something sneaky, but it can make it harder for future ministration problem that is exactly right. It's almost like that Obama Executive Order, the courts actually uphold it because once it's in place. That means an executive were supposed to be able to die. I when the president leaves that the next president does not extend it and Obama. Executive Order's have actually been found to to be Trump's lost on Obama. Executive Order's it's I mean it's madness you lose on something that the definition is that that leaves with the person in less the next president agrees him either some things from Jimmy Carter that still presidents renew each year. So I get you on that Atty. Gen. it's very, very loud and clear. It's interesting how everything is political word about the final minute half. Everything is so political so tribal right now in America that if your partisan Democrat you gotta be against Atty. Gen. Victor on this and and of course if you're on the other side you're in favor of it.

I like the way it's worded in the affirmative.

This is a rule the public charge role, which ensures that noncitizens are able to financially support themselves in order to become a US citizen or to obtain green cards so it's not in the negative. This is really any affirmative for being honest about it, correct yes and I will monitor the Democrats here in DC. The $310 million were spent on studying the root cause of Gratian. People want to come to United States the greatest looking country in the world and it's the greatest country because the rule of law me something the Constitution means something Republic. If we can keep it in outline particle everyday people can get into the weeds on all the stuff that we can have an honest intellectual debate about fetal way.

Somebody's system should or should we run at the end of the day, we have to how the constitutions or Torstar. We always have to begin with what the Constitution say Congress get this power need to make sure that we appreciate that powers and rights are just to slide through to find the same point anytime the federal government increases its power undermines rule law that means we are losing part of our rights. I think that's exactly right. I know if to say goodbye general, but just and by saying that we wish you well because tomorrow and going forward because I believe that when you win we win. And if you lose, we lose because this will then be the precedent this will be the way that it will be an and it is a dramatic departure from what was in effect, just 13 months ago. This is a big deal. I really appreciate you. So thank you everybody and Dublin. All right yeah well done, burn, burn baby burn on me that in the Sandra sense of market yeah yeah burnout yeah exactly. Don't forget the valve yes all the best general think they could care you been listening to the Atty. Gen. for the state of Arizona on the Brian kill Michaud Mark Bernard Fitch this is a very big deal even if you haven't heard about it. That's why Brian show was so important. Even if you haven't heard about this until today is public charge role is a big deal and it affects the entire nation will be right back.

This is the Brian kill me show you places you need to kill me if you're interested in Bryan's talking about your Brian kill me, welcome to the Brian kill me kill Harry Hurley filling in for Brian. I'm with Allison Eric and I thanks for spending this very special day worldwide. Very rarely happens because of the way that the different nations report their calendar, some with we do. Typically, although in military and I'm looking at my father's bronze Star medal award they they would do things in a different order in the military many times than we do on a regular basis, but most of us put the month, so we would maybe right to win. Then we will put the day. Some people use a/some people use it – and we would put 22 and then we put a slasher – and we would write 22 again. And if we didn't pay attention to. Today we would say wow look at that, then your mind might wander and say hey was last time something like that has ever happened it would be well for something like that quite a while and it's going to be 400 years until it happens again because a what they call a grandest palindrome is one where left or right right to left. No matter what order you put the calendar day month year month date year so on and so forth its always going to be the same.

So this will not happen again and Lester some dramatic breakthroughs in the life expectancy of the human race. This will not happen again to anybody's listening to today's Brian kill Michaud and I regret informing you of that. But it will happen again in the year 24, 22, that would be the next worldwide grandest of them all palindrome so simple palindrome if you ever hear the word and it gets a little you know, it sounds like jargon or confusing, it just means it reads the same in either direction, left to right or right to left some of them and they don't always have to be the same number. This is an extraordinary one on a Tuesday, so that even gets thrown into the two Tuesday TW oh they're playing with that with different things in social media and elsewhere so it's I think it's an interesting it's happening that will never see again. We will have a few palindromes next year. I think something like four, but they won't be the type will be alternating numbers not the same to 2222 critical when we come back. This is really important because the last time that the Republicans in the House of Representatives did what they're about to do something very similar to it. Democrats have been in control for 40 years at the time 40 40 years a lot talk about with Congressman Madison call for North Carolina next radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show it is the Brian kill Michaud with Allison Eric and Pete on Harry Hurley filling in. Brian has a well-deserved day off. Brian will be back soon.

This is no surprise, it's the right kill Michaud he wanted most important segments of today anywhere in America. Most important segment because this contract with America. 2.0. I am young enough and I can't believe it's been this long, but I'm young enough to have been on the air and covered it in real time had Speaker Gingrich long before he became Speaker Gingrich after he became Speaker Gingrich is well with the conch the contract with America of 1994 just rolled back briefly the way back machine and then we'll get to the distinguished Congressman Congressman Hawthorne of North Carolina because this is now back to the future, it is appropriate. It's the first time that Republicans are doing anything like what they did in 1994. This is a tipping point moment in American history.

This is a watershed. I mean every cliché that you want to throw out on this one. This election matter. So consequentially I think it you can make the case it's the most important election in our lifetime.

Look where we were 13 months ago energy independent net oil exporter, peace, prosperity, Russia was in check. Russia wasn't looking at. Ukraine was even blinking towards Ukraine.

Look where we are now inflation and don't listen to 7.5%.

There's not a single bit of energy or your food consumption. Any of these things that are absolutely going through the roof. It's this is double digit to the max.

What's going on right now with inflation. Your paycheck is not holding up.

I mean there are so many consequential things going on at one time, and for my part in this November 8 cannot come quick enough.

I wish the first Tuesday was not the first on the calendar this this is waiting one more week longer than it is for my liking. In 1994. Republicans told the American people.

They actually published a book which I still have is autographed by the whole the whole team including Newt. They told America elect us look.

Democrats have been in control of the House of Representatives for 40 years elect us into the majority for the first time in 40 years and this is what we will do and the Republicans told the American people, not what they want to hear but actually promises. I know this is rare in electoral politics, but they kept every single promise and even had Clinton on the on the run with some triangulation where he wanted to win a second term went along with the contract they got a contract with America course Hillary and Bill denounced everything that they had believed in for decades just opportunistically to try to win the presidency a second time, but this is like.

Then, only maybe even more important, I think it is. Sometimes you just think the more recent time is the most important time but I mean look at where we are right now. Anyone being objective and not political. This is this is got to stop and where all spending measures originate in the house.

The Senate is good because call. I think Republicans when both the house is going to change and I believe this strategy that the district distinguished Congressman Madison call thorn is going to talk about in this segment is so vital this proposal.

Imagine if build back better had happened with what we see now with inflation Congress and call thorn welcome to the Brian kill Michaud thank you for letting me do that. Introduction Jerry, I appreciate the introduction you really captured the stage for the dire times that we're living through right now and that's why I wanted to work on creating a new contract with America since just what just like the first one in your it was a honor for me of the youngest member of Congress to be able to spend hours on the phone with Newt Gingrich getting his with having them walk me through where the minefields were, how they avoid the pitfall of the big problems to now be at a point where we're able to go on.

Often, yet again, and instead of what the Americans always say all of the Republic of the party of no help when they were there with you. They really something. Now we get to go into the go to the American people, let them have buy-in and say look at what were going to do if you give us the power was so incredible about this Congress and call thorn and for those just joining us on the Brian kill Michaud newsmaker line is Congress in Madison call call thorn of North Carolina's 11th congressional district, and he serves on the education and labor committees and the Veterans Affairs committee. This new contract with America. Imagine that were even like this is novel or something were having this lease, fantastical conversation about telling the American people that if you vote for us. This is what we will actually do is is kind of incredible that that is considered, I guess unique, in other words, I need luck. Biden Pres. Biden didn't run that he was going to do all these things blow up Afghanistan make a mess of the economy have runaway inflation. All these different things are going on. He did even save elect me and I'll do all these you know horrible things you are actually putting something together that you intend to fulfill pretty pretty interesting isn't it.

You know that is a considered to be a remarkable thing in politics today but you know I think in the nude about the way he rolled his out the real main objective for the most of the history and our country for getting something done in Congress was convincing 218 members of Congress. Although forgiving you of the majority and then you could accomplish something, but we have found a way that we can try to circumvent that process to where you can have a lot more influence of the freshman Congressman normally did, you would normally take a decade to acquire that much power in it. Instead of convincing 218 members of Congress just go and convince 30 million American and add most people know members of Congress can be fickle and afraid of of large crowds and of when their constituents really behind something and so that the real goal here is to convict convince the American people directly and then I'll let let them convince all Congress throughout the midterm seat and so I think that were going to see a large amount by the American people across the country.

Congress call thorn in terms of selling it to to what is I believe I mean there's a dour mood in our country right now III think that if this election. If these if these were just normal times and people were not this upset with some time spending $100 to fill up their gasoline tank me who who who listening to Brian's program could ever imagine it if you if you waited until you got down to near empty 89 the 100+ dollars for one fill up. I mean wages are knocking me keeping up with people's income. The inflation is is crazy. They state they literally are not using a term on Brian show. It's called runaway inflation. And as you know, because it because government can do this to the American people. They conveniently leave out energy and food pricing from inflation so we know that this this number is well beyond double digits so people are hurting right now in a normal election for the whole history of the two-party system which as you know, our founders and even what the two-party system.

Maybe they know something, but at least one side is better than the other and the American people have a choice on November 8 and as you know, early voting well before that. In terms of where we are right now if it was just a normal atmosphere I I guarantee you 25 seats would change hands and Republicans are to win a majority but you can't take anything for granted, because obviously the these are unusual times I would have to think with the dour mood in America right now and how many things we've just been driven into a ditch with these policies of the Biden administration.

This should be a wave election of dramatic proportion shouldn't think you're absolutely right. I believe this election going to Live mix for the Democrats and for the want to see it as a global nation and isn't that why date date now are even Schumer and the rest of them never in favor of defunding the police there now against all this radical stuff they were in favor of because they know the American people are voting on November 8 something favor of lockdown, they were never masking their children. They were never in favor of defunding the police there were in favor of canceling the pipeline. We start looking all these things and you realized it wasn't piece rate of suicide that happened in America. It was in the increase rate of of Kleinman murderers and rakes and conviction that were happening our country. I wasn't affected people's pocketbooks are starting to get hit incredibly hard by this runaway inflation likely been outlining that made them change their mind why they wanted to change their tune know it was because of their poll numbers and if that is not the most political thing I've ever heard in my life that is not the number one reason I went to Congress is because the American people are sick and tired of these elitists who moved from their ivory tower and have nothing to do the American people couldn't agree more so for Brian's listeners are congressmen that would like to know what is the new contract with America because it's not just you, not just dusting off the 1994 book we have different problems and some summer similar but different problems and such. What is the new contract with America.

What will the American people have to look forward to. If you prevail, so new contract with America. It really captured America first doctrine new contract with America has 10 key pillars very similar to the first for the first contract in the 1994 ending economy government reform healthcare education focuses on culture. The family unit energy and environment, immigration, technical innovation and finally defense in our veteran and when we start focusing in on all of these.

What is unique about our new contract with America is that all will. Although once you forget down to the real text of the bill has about 43 key issues were that were where Congress should act and what policy we should enact. There is also supplemental legislation that will be connected to each and everything one of those 43 point that are stand-alone bill that can easily be taken to the floor, something written by my office is on the right by other members of office. Some of them Artie been introduced and they just need to have the momentum put behind them and do we already have the legislation already finished that will actually be the roadmap to achieve this, America first vision of taking the government back from the elite and giving it to the American people comes in.

Call thorn. I love seeing smart people like yourself play three-dimensional chess. When the other side is playing checkers crowned me.

I love it because what can happen here is your go to keep your were you going to win because you would win in any environment. You only need five seats, you're going to win and you can win by a lot. I don't be 60 some like the Obama first midterm. But it's going to be in my estimation somewhere north of 25 to 250-ish. It's good to be a big big win and you're going to have a pretty comfortable majority is not to be like a couple of seats like we we have right now in my estimation, so when you win and then the American people see you actually bring up the legislation that you promised you would and then pass the legislation that you promised that you would and then we'll have to wait and see what happens with the Senate but also with the president if the president vetoes this and of course the Democrats will block and you will have the ability to I've override the veto. Then you have what I mean by the three-dimensional chess then you say the American people look we did. We voted for this.

All of it every bit of it but we need somebody else. We need a Republican president and this can all happen, but it can't happen now because the other side is blocking so that I think you tee up to 2024 election beautifully which of course would be another reelection year for you and your colleagues were your thoughts of my sort of theory, there will Harry I didn't want Democrats to hear the end in game plan, but you just gave it to you know I believe that they they can't help themselves.

Anyhow, so it's okay. Okay. Not even if they could. I'm not sure they will stop us to get the entire vision behind it wanted to give the American people given the opportunity to give Congress a clear mandate. We want you to accomplish that. We gave you 60 extra seats in the house for the majority, and we want you to accomplish the new contract with America, then once you pass all inflation through the house, bring it to the floor. We fulfill our word and then you have Joe Biden repetitively veto every single piece of this. Then we can look at the American people that you told her to do that were executing your wishes and your will and this time her and standing in the way and that is not going to do well for their poll numbers conference call thorn thank you so much for visiting today on the bronco Michelle and your leadership is noted the new contract with America news has set it and it's the perfect timing he hadn't felt that there had been another unites every other year another cycle where this should come back but so strongly believes that now because of the consequences and the state of our country. This is perfect time to bring back the contract with America in the form of the new contract with America. I wish you well and I know you're gonna do well with this talk you sir goodbye. Thank you my friend Congressman Madison call thorn of North Carolina's 11th congressional district. It's the new contract with America. It worked beautifully the first time it's going to work a second time because it's time is right. This is the Brian kill me show giving you your Brian kill me breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me show welcome back to the Brian kill me, show Allison, Eric, Pete, and Yours truly Harry filling in today for Brian.

Brian will be back very very soon.

Fox News is breaking word about what's been all the people's convoy not yet think about this. What happened in neighboring Canada was completely organic. It was not organized and it just continued to just gain momentum and of course we saw I saw something that I never thought I would see I mean literally right across the border. A leader Justin Trudeau taking dictatorial beyond Monarch. It seemed level authority and actually bragging now that he's keeping it because after all they might do it again.

I mean the emergencies over emergency powers. It's what we've always said that her Brian say it so many times and was the big concern from the very beginning of the pandemic and that is that certain leaders would take power that under normal circumstances, the American people would never tolerate and would not let it go. And that's what we saw, if you're being objective and not partisan.

That's what we have witnessed a Fox Hassett first.

I haven't seen anyone with the story they actually have the details of the planned copy of the plan of how big the event will be so check that out on the website Fox because all the details are there. This much I can tell you there telegraphing what they're doing and also remember when you see these what we knew were riots and the Democrats would call them peaceful, never peaceful but fiery protests remember this insanity that was going on during the summer of love in the summer of chap Chaz and all of that craziness notice. None of them are talking like that anymore.

They're not talking about defunding the police the refunding the police there to their singing a whole different tune which I promise you, shows you the importance of American elections because they know they know that what they espoused in a fake atmosphere that they created to win an election and it worked to utilize and exploited the pandemic and they did everything they could and it worked but I tell you what. There's been buyers remorse very very quickly. Ever since, but the people's convoy. They're going to be in major cities in major states, making their way ultimately to their final destination the District of Columbia there holding that private for their reason security reasons and others, but the details of Fox on this breaking news story about the people's convoy and I predict no way no how they the Democrats in America saw what Trudell and they did in Canada. It's not can happen here like that to be that we back it's a Fox news radio Studio City New York City you opinions and facts with a positive answer. Brian kill me, welcome to the Brian kill me show with Allison Eric and Pete on Harry Hurley filling in today. Brian will be back soon. Welcome to the Brian kill me show which holds a place on the Mount Rushmore of talk radio programs in America today. If you get my analogy, that's there's only room for an Brian is not in the fourth place you can follow the Brian kill me as well. Brian is a best-selling New York Times best selling author. His latest work, the president and the freedom fighter is available right now and as well as all of Brian's books and the autographs them for you. So they really make nice keepsakes, nice gifts, all that and Brian kill me. Of course, because as my father told me long ago. If you want something done right you give it to a busy person.

So of course Fox and friends every morning from 6 to 9 right to the kill.

Meet radio show and then of course Saturday nights in the 8 o'clock hour, why not the Fox News Channel new sensation, one nation with Brian kill me check it out.

It's relevant. It's great.

It's well done because everything Brian does, he does well on her to fill in for Brian and we have a great guest. She's been actually wonderful before, during, and now I hope were very near the way people are talking even both sides of the aisle and calling off a lot of rules. I've asked this question of the great Dr. Jeanette Nash what probably 10 times over the past two years and that is are we from pandemic to an endemic yet or when do you think, and so one of course we know it was Alfred and Delta and wasn't there.

Moving that was mostly big deal, but it wasn't and omicron of course not. But a big item that were going to cover right up front with the Fox News medical contributor and family and emergency medicine. Dr. Dr. Janet Schwab and you can follow Dr. Jeanette simple to do her handling social medias at Dr. Jeanette. That's JA and ETT E at Dr. Jeanette Dr. Jeanette, welcome to the Brian kill me show it is great to be with you so I'll just before we get into this CDC situation which I think is is very serious talk topic to discuss.

Have we gone in this pandemic from pandemic to an endemic are we there here in New York yeah absolutely one confident because the patient to nearly gone live like we normally do cultivate and omicron take over or dictate what we do where we go in any any at this point I'm very where you think we go relative to the vaccine. Many of us confess I'm 1II did what I thought was right. I consulted with my doctor. I didn't have any comorbidities and I think that I was young enough to not have to do it, but I wanted to be here for my children and my wife so I made the decision and decided that I would get the vaccine and I went in with confidence. I just felt that what was said to us was routable and and that it was something that I should do.

So I took the vaccine. Then, of course, if you take the vaccine. I took the booster and then I also took the second shot rather and then of course I took the booster on top of that, but at a point in time. Just like with the flu vaccine world will have little to no protection at all where you think we go before we get to the CDC debacle. Where do we go forward in terms of the therapeutics of this the annual you know right of passage do we do this every year.

What are your thoughts about that the right thing by getting it back and checking yourself and your family. Specially if you don't have any natural moving forward. One thing we need to look at it the most vulnerable highest risk of severe complications that will help most of the people that lost their life like a printed ventilator file where underlying medical condition will not boxer needed no investor can take all that into consideration. Now you have been doing that we do have fighter working on Mr. Bain on the comp but we need to gather more information and data to determine one year doing it every five years. You will need to hire underlying medical condition that were still getting more information we might now gathering information from Israel.

From the information I know you.

Why don't we, I mean I guess this is not for you to answer, but country of an opinion, why and I said this many times with you and and other times we talked about it.

Why have we relied on Israel and the United Kingdom to be doing the best research in the world when we should've led the way, we could have led the way, what what happened there did this this just totally become political, so we didn't do what we should've done. I don't understand why and even it was embarrassing. You hear Dr. Saatchi. We know Israel has a study that's out. Why don't you have a study that's out. I don't understand. And another thing I want to throw out.

It sounds like almost like a great session. Why didn't we protect the most vulnerable. Why do we do a strategy that left the most vulnerable to become the beat the most affected by the. The cover 19 virus. I mean, so I hope we have learned.

I know hope is not a strategy but I hope we have learned.

We made some I think fateful mistakes over the past two years. Critical errors from shutting down school closing down reprehensible damage to our children and hopefully never make it again here on the crime completely unprepared. We don't have enough medication are completely dropped the ball and that should never happen again. When you have a million American lives here in charge at their life that read on.

I want to see that again. I think printing a preparation is critical, but I don't think it back there lady. I just think that there is a lack of competent to just not capable of handling and managing data master amount large volumes of information and data and become politicized. They just think what they want to release to the public because it clear that it might dissuade patients from getting there. They're getting their back, not wanting to follow mitigation effort right now. We are at a point in time where vaccine should all be optional and eliminate mandate people should have their choice now because we are at a point where here in New York to 3% publicly right. We achieved our goal to accomplish our mission/card done move on. This is how long you would get another we know how to treat heart can manage it. Matter having his resources lined up which we did, but hopefully moving forward. We do the always intellectually honest and sensible Dr. Jeanette Nash lot on the Brian kill me, show newsmaker hotline this the American people were suspect from the beginning when Dr. Saatchi told America that don't wear facemask because if you're not a professional. If you're not a nurse attack a doctor. Somebody that knows how to use them. You're gonna touch your face or to touch and the mask is going to be contaminated your neck and you know infect yourself that way so weak we got lie to what what we were grown-ups. They should've been able to tell us we don't have enough PPE right now we need to leave it for our professionals who are at the most risk dealing with coated positive patients and and we will catch up and we will have the PPE and at that time. We urge Americans to wear facemask. Instead they lied to us unless you don't agree with me on that. But I vividly remember Dr. Saatchi telling us why, then, of course, he went to wear facemask and just didn't even explain the first lie just wiped it out like it's at the sitcom, soap opera where you can summary dies and in their lives again because it's the next episode and then he tells us not to wear just one facemask, but to and all these other things I think we have been suspect of what they've done from the beginning and now we learn in the very recent past that the CDC purposefully isn't publishing large portions of the cover data that it collects and I think that is malpractice Dr. Nash what your thoughts, you know, I know he lied or want to scare American know that look, we don't know we don't think so, yes, you thinking leads to a lack of compliant live could be locked because the… And being straightforward with American. I was very appointed Harry and find out that when it dealt with the aged between 1849 year-old 50 withheld that information is important.

I want to know that information I want to know my patients between 49 need to have a booster shot. I want to know what my company more harm. I encourage you to get a copy of our country more harm because were using and enforcing combining back to Third World country with a variant coming in from Africa UK. I think the one yet. We need to we need transparency so important. Having that extra information can help you better fight certain groups can help target any potential outbreak that might be brewing company bolster our efforts to try to fight, but it may have had the opposite course, we may never know – to prove that regardless no reason cannot provide doctors, healthcare providers, the community, all of the information that I can better care for my patient provider patient that had actual immunity from infection vaccine. Right now they don't need a booster right now.

They should wait because natural immunity expected. It ended up being a waste of resources. When we forced population not high risk severe complications of and to take medication back his essay Jack Nicholson movie Col. Jessup moment that the CDC decided that we can't handle the truth that what happened here was it something you can be a little yes.

They don't think that Dr. are able to interpret information felt that it would be misinterpreted or that patient way that is understandable that only the best route to be honest with all the data that usually compliant but you lose track delete credibility and competent when you pick a cherry pick bits and pieces of what you want us to hear and it can be harmful as well. Overall, it could potentially be harmful or not allowed to provide the best care for my patient based on the most accurate and up-to-date information Dr. Nash lot 30 seconds for closing, what is this tough question for 30 seconds, but what do we learn from this pandemic.

What's a lesson that we learned points just know your risk and take responsibility and accountability ability for your own health you have underlying medical need to protect yourself and go on with your life. Thank you for being so phenomenally important during the pandemic and you will continue to be Fox News medical contributor. The great Dr. Jeanette Nash lot. Thank you Dr. have a good one. You're welcome.

What an awesome individual. What what honest Dr. I mean that's we can handle the truth to Dr. Fouts sheet to CDC. I tell you I think Rochelle Wolinsky is actually much better person than her job has allowed her to be perceived. I can tell it's a icy pain on her face when she says some of the things that she has said she knows better. I really believe that will be back in just a moment. This is Brian kill me show your knowledge base.

Brian kill me show the fastest three hours in radio you're with Brian kill me.

Here's a picture of you right here on Facebook with no mask on. This is time and I don't doubt you. Here's another kid.

Now with you.

I'm sorry you are done, please listen the people come and criticize me right here right now my family is not all and are going to get them is if you haven't learned Commonwealth of Virginia. From what just happened in San Francisco. It's something that I predicted on the Brian kill me show in the past that anybody that was eligible, you have to wait for someone's in office a year. You can't just say hey you want him to recall you the first day you take office. So it's fair. You get to mess up for a year and then you can be recalled that almost is standard around the country.

It's a little bit different in some but it's almost universal. There it now if San Francisco is canceling people with this behavior of wanting to change school names that that bear the names Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and these crazy things that they were doing and now in Virginia. Notice something where elected officials, whether it's the lowest elected official school, remember, and I was a school board member. I know the position I never would've thought to a parent like that ever you take the position because either you want to do well by the school you want to do it good for yourself. Personally you want to run for the next office but you want to have a little bit of a resume see a run for the school board then you run for your local governments own and so forth.

Everybody out there that's done it. You've done it for altruistic reasons or you've done it for your own personal political reasons, but you've done it, but speaking out words like, that's it, you're done and things like that. I love that answer from Alisha Vaught were coming after you. You she she was ready to the one board member was ready to give up her seat were coming after you. And they'll get you now here is something that I know is a fact sound like an opinion, you always know how effective an individual or a movement is by the reaction from the other side when they overreact and go crazy and call you domestic terrorists when you are moms and dads that love your children unconditionally would die for your children and you see things going on that for two years that their social emotional well-being has been under assault. They've lost the ability to have nonverbal communication that you know if you've ever done it before. Go look at yourself in the mirror with a facemask and you've got eyes smile and it's amazing almost feel like the face lit up as well that you can't see this mask thing was more injurious and anyone is being honest about Brian kill me's been honest about but that's when you know Trump, for example, Trump was such a threat to the swamp.

He was such a threat to the establishment that even people on his side of the aisle consider him a threat because he wanted to change the way the game is played because it came in from the outside. They don't like people crashing the party.

That's why they called you Tarik domestic terrorists keep doing what you're doing.

It's illegal, it's appropriate.

Don't let them put egg timer is on you and tell you to shut up doing your job.

This is the right temperature talkshow that's getting you talk with Brian kill me those of seasonal holding power and give demanding immediate cessation of hostilities. Otherwise, all responsibility for possible continuation of the bloodshed will be entirely on the conscience ruling regime, the territory of Ukraine well set chutzpah on steroids times infinity. Oh my gosh the words of Russian Pres. Latimer Putin where he is leading peacekeepers for to believe him and just really intellectually dishonest tripe joining us on the Brian kill me show on the Brian kill me, show newsmaker hotline and all my respect. He is near one of the hottest spots in the world right now Lucas Tomlinson. Enjoy your work all the time, Pentagon correspondent for the Fox News Channel.

This is some quite a quite a moment to I think it's a tipping point, moment, and in many respects Lucas welcome to Brian show what can you tell us much as I would say that only the Russians are calling the rest of the US forces are not calling them. Quite frankly, an engaging portion saw the language the White House today, ratchet up columnist incursion into areas of Ukraine Asian generally speaking right now I'm saying that a large-scale invasion one still just for the Brian kill me show listeners. Lucas Tomlinson is in lobby Ukraine, the western portion of the country relative to what your ears are hearing in your eyes are seeing are you hearing the sounds of things blowing up I mean is, is, as this started and just no one saying officially what what can you say relative to that part of the country. Keep in mind here that Ukraine is about the size of Texas. John Mauldin in the western portion of the country, not speaking El Paso and going on, say, Houston or some like that over 12 hours away. That being said, all the diplomats here that is accurate.

Ukraine capital yesterday to Poland now and told some of coming back to US officials are very jittery and they're all Russian forces. No hours away evolution. 30,000 Russian courts just finished her exercises brothers in Jakarta. Christ said Sunday that you're about to lose said actual instruction courses or mistakes of haven't gone home, there still hundred 50 Russian troops in North South course it's not that there's about six warships full of Russian Marine tanks and armored unit that she and some occasions just think that the global area that she that's all black sheep were shipped major port city of Odessa big vacation spot for the Russians in a major port and triathlon the commerce number Ukraine. They have a lot of minerals here. You heard the Chinese shade of the whole question respects the Crane boundary, not the dolphin on a tangent here, but there are a lot of countries that respect that actually are, washer hold on here because their trading partners Ukraine. They want industry cereal and all that she should get but the speech that you equate coming here very essentially thousand word Allstate Schaumburg Dixie post English one Google Yahoo circulate watch essentially said crying on the washer on one people now walk the streets of crazy cheer from the notion that yes you were happy to be Ukraine majority this country what you call the last part of your part of NATO long side with Western Europe United States not Russia, and certainly not a daddy playbook was written over the sum of 5000 word essay just chalk: history of course revisionist history and forget Christ is over 30 years and make sure it's integrated back together, fell apart one typewriter is a lot of conspiracy okay wide and back to get that whole reality. She thinks Ukraine is not a separate country. But part of blushing that she told me 20… Map of 38 that's what he wants. Great update. Lucas live from love Eve Ukraine on the Brian kill me show is the panic on correspondent for Fox news, Lucas Tomlinson, and we pray for you because regardless if you're in the western portion of the country you are near one of the hottest spots on the planet right now and I'm a I'm a Shakespeare fan, especially when it comes to Antonio and that past is prologue. If we go back to 2014 when the then Obama Biden administration sent blankets to Ukraine. They were in a tough spot. That is, you know, Putin had invaded Ukraine annexed Crimea, the sanctions didn't mean anything to him whatsoever. He got what he wanted and should should we have done more when he had 75,000 troops at the border, and then he watched what America did he watch what the world would do. And then he decided how you know what nobody seems to mind is too much ultrasound doing like military exercises, even though nobody believes that now there peacekeepers. As you know we talked about that and also have 150,000, and maybe throw another 30,000 on top of that, and oh by the way were going to do these things, like say your independent areas, but it's really just part of his bridge to the to the CS. As Eric said to me before showtime this morning and I throw that out to you in the form of were mistakes made. Obviously, Putin is capable of doing whatever he wants. I think he's planned for sanctions and he's ready for them and that that's not gonna stop a single thing that he would do. But did we blow it in a sense, this is all part of the master plan is a step-by-step process very often doctors like a lot of run past option to RPL going back to crime, blushing Crimea in 2014 which eight years ago Sunday nations abstain from Russia quarter of the world stage, which often rushes a lot of magic dictators and technocrats to democratic nations a lot of criticism and certainly in hindsight was deterred like gold scholars question she just what's happening. By the way done boss and Crimea all put under the Russian flag must carefully she percent of Ukraine to see by cream right now she Russian forces going on and on after going on key points to the 80s all kind of brushes modernized going back to 2008 Georgia 70,000 troops, Russia, Georgia, Russian military, long modernized the whole bit. Consumers who see little patch of missile test missile strike, and summaries of ships from farmers fighter jet article going on out this approved show had and also much wrangling Ukraine former Gen. Ben Hodges. I Alaskan headedness on is less concerned election patient and more just Russian forces Ukraine both constrictor, take the capital Jewish country see American journalist year walk the streets right now Ukraine letter capital whole lot versus town people going about their business but gorged on their stomach now marked difference when I first arrived in country and now all their senior satellite records stared back to? Last below to get respect calculus is not talk about… Should I not talk about Russia. I will back stage washer on the part you put that back together look at the stars case you by the way, said the only way to get stronger is by expanding the borders playbook knows under the guise of protection here disturbs the course and she's going Crane to protect the shepherd to see things and helping them.

That's why some talk to our last dinner.

Right now she just fell in the spirit is not style missile strike, and project but there's certainly a lot of question about what I'm there for them but there's certainly the case that when Russia took from me and mucking around did not say there you go, that was one of the smartest most important narratives that any broadcaster in America shared because you're in country and you know the difference between when Ukrainians were just living their lives and not knowing for sure if it was going to happen inside and having a sort of fresh memory from not that long ago what can happen what Russia is capable of two now it seems like it's very real and so it changes the whole modality of the situation in terms of those just joining the Brian kill me show on the Brian kill me show news maker hotline is Pentagon correspondent Lucas Tomlinson.

He is live from love, Eve, Ukraine, and you do is it palpable do you get the feel that this is ready to just unload that is that sort of the feeling or is it still in doubt and by the way, if you could add to it. Lucas Ukraine 2014 versus Ukraine 2022 preparedness how they could hold up. Do they think they actually stand a chance or are they just almost accepting that they're going to be taken if Putin wants to take them. What are your thoughts relative to all that no mistake in times greater Ukraine Russia lost a full-scale invasion force is completely outgunned, outmanned course where it would get very good elections quickly course would fall back and wash insurgency turned to walk there like the US invasion of Iraq first supply Ukraine hundreds did not doubt the Missions stage of providing American student aircraft missiles. These are not blonde like hell, young Russian soldiers whom are conscripts far away from home now is that the outside garrison outside of such other bases are now strike on the board. Perhaps Russian on board right now strike there in the woods. Conditions of talk at some point. They're just not in a position. There are two kulak question is going on? A lot of it has to be talk about this militia training in children learning something to combat skills, how to make bombs out basic ordinary goods Molotov cocktails teaching right make that nasty group and people learning the stuff to be taught by military veterans come from Ukraine.

Keep in mind. Algae have been killed by lush and good luck in back shepherd is on the street blocking most often convention mostly shrugging like she wants come back and body that she'd go almost 1 trench warfare artillery machine.

Now that all cease-fire violations. Most of the around 2005 violations. Session 1 route stop, question, call 716 ground particularly in ground show people you are grizzled veterans at the same time: unless Ukraine young people pretty cool city in the state and by the way we wrestle with that heartbreak.

About three seconds. What a what important presentation but a world-class presentation.

Let me steal the last few seconds just to say to you, stay safe, do your job as you do so well and get home safe and this was such a world-class presentation that you made. I wish you well and I really appreciated and it's an honor to be here. Stay safe. Lucas Tomlinson, Pentagon correspondent for the Fox News Channel live from love Eve Ukraine doesn't get any more real than that it's happening now.

He is there and he is reporting at such a high skill level will be back. This is the Brian kill me show news makers and news breakers. First, kill me, show me so busy he'll make dear Brian, kill me want to be de-colonized what were quite fine with that.

Halfway as they say we are ready to show you what dcom utilizing Ukraine. Can we say on the Brian kill me show wow and if I still had the great Lucas Tomlinson here Pentagon correspondent for Fox News Channel. This just came out about two minutes before coming back from the break.

Fox You have to check it out. Your head will want to spontaneously combust, you have to read it a couple times because you say, come on, this is some kind of Saturday Night Live skit. This is Larry David playing Boudin is this what what is going on around here. This is Greg. I felt playing food and this is insanity. Boudin has just said that he is calling on Ukraine to D militarize now you just heard Eric play that Boudin has called previously for Ukraine to dcom you nice there. There is just no mistaking it here. Vladimir Putin is reinventing language he is assigning words that when you hear the more you read them. They bear no resemblance to reality to the truth me this is just out minutes ago Vladimir Putin calling for Ukraine to D militarize while he has somewhere in the neighborhood of at least 180,000, possibly more standing by right there near or in their country and deciding for himself areas that are no longer Ukraine and all of this.

What an eventful time it is been today on the Brian kill me show thank you to Allison Pete and Eric for making it such an honor and privilege and Brian for trusting me to fill in today. Brian will be back very very soon. This I can promise you targeting other big news day. Some make it right here on the Brian kill me show over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources a fox in your thoughts whether blood test personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not just a

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