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Biden Bans Russian Oil & The Latest on Ukraine

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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March 8, 2022 12:45 pm

Biden Bans Russian Oil & The Latest on Ukraine

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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March 8, 2022 12:45 pm

[12:30] Allen West

[18:32] Erik Prince

[40:15] Kurt Volker

[53:15] Brad Meltzer

[1:16:00] Andy Card

[1:35:00] Josh Rogin 

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Thank you much for being here everybody of the brain shall be Joe will come at you from New Yorker to run the country, heard around the world demand.

We have a lot to discuss today. Eric friends over U.S. Navy seal officer found the private military company Blackwater USA what he would do right now if called on to help out in the Ukraine against Russia when he seen so far, this guy can analyze breakdown purchase weapon eyes and acquire just about anything you want to the world.

Man I hope he goes in right another 20,000 foreign fighters fighting for the Ukrainians of Russians. I don't care what you say they have been butchers.

They have been killing innocent women and children to bring them into thinking there's a safe haven corridor to evacuate and then kill them in cold blood while performing terribly on the battlefield have people abandoning their posts. They have two generals killed nine aircraft shot down over the weekend and then they lost maybe two more today and now this news of the world is uniting around making Russia suffer economically and maybe eventually militarily I get to the Col. West in just a moment let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three. The reality is is that deal then becomes a backdoor for Russia to enter the global economy around will money launder everything for them, and no one will turn around and it will take all the cash that are making and they will buy weapons from Russia that they will use to threaten their allies. Of course, that was James Kirk Bono. He's wood for Lieut. Col. in the Army.

He knows exactly what happened.

Don't look away your ideal could get done today will remove virtually all sanctions, and allow them to sell their well openly and feel is done with the guidance of Russia.

I'm not kidding.

While the US is not even allowed in the same room. This is gotta be stopped by ever stop the construction of the Keystone XL. Are you suggesting that without the gas prices faster getting the whole country off fossil fuels.

I actually don't think it would really, you're the one energy.

What would take to isolate Russia's oil and keep it from coming to American shores today at 1045 the Prez United States is going to announce the Russia oil will no longer be welcome here only because Congress pushed him to bring you the details. I stay here in key I think Overstreet I don't hide and I'm not afraid of anyone.

I will stay here as long as it's necessary to win in our patriotic war. While all around them is turn to rubble. His men fight like and some women fight like heroes that is present Zielinski Sam not moving and then he took us on a tour of his office to say come and get me if you want. He's the leader about the fights the talks, the Russian disregard furnace in life and the need to take down Vladimir Putin. First off, we we know there's no no-fly zone right I got to get details on this but political has an original story that a letter was signed by 27 foreign policy experts to say there is a way to set up a limited no-fly zone in the Ukraine humanitarian corridor is one element of it. Next uniform Russia.

This is what we're doing. We don't want any trouble. We just want people to be able to evacuate and not die a horrible death with it with a pet in their hand and a suitcase in the other and maybe a two-year-old in their arms.

That's will witnessing and I think instead of sitting back and saying we can't do it. I think the 27 seven foreign policy experts bipartisan.

They say I'll get more detail as the show moves on political had the exclusive story as we move through the other big news is I would give you the play-by-play as we understand that Jackie Heinrich armed our White House reporter.

Let us know yesterday.

The Ways and Means was over the weekend working very hard to harden a bipartisan basis to eliminate Russian oil and gas from being purchased by American companies 7% of our total purchases are from Russia. We are their number one customer and if yes, the American people.

When you see the carnage in Ukraine you really want to buy oil from these people give them additional funds to fund that terrible military and that war machine that's inflicting horror on his Ukrainian people. He answers no, in fact Quinnipiac to the study.

Seven of 10 Americans. When asked would you pay higher gas prices do not purchase Russia guess the answer was seven and 10 yes will pay more and present Biden and will you White House people, especially Democrats out of this White House don't say this problem in Russia has raise gas prices.

The gas prices were up to four dollars now the round four 8200 barrels of oil was coming our direction, but that was happening before Russia to moved into the Ukraine to listen to this.

So the Ways and Means committee working on a bipartisan basis to the weekend developed a plan to ban all oil imports from Russia. Then they get a call before they make the announcement to say hey guys from this is the White House don't make the don't make the announcement.

They say we are reposted of five minutes ago.

They will pull it down. Will Reuters kept it up. Then Nancy Pelosi goes with put it back up. This is I bar party bipartisan house plan to ban Russian oil then present Biden because Nancy Pelosi reportedly and says please take it down.

She is not persuaded by the argument. He moved to the Senate so then Schumer is gets a call from the White House to put pressure on Ron Wyden not to move forward with a bow or abandon Russian oil when it seems to me is as the 1045 pressers about to take root. The present United States wanted credit for taking this down when the credit belongs in Congress, and Nancy Pelosi to her credit came out and says you know, I grew Sir Lindsey Graham and Lindsey Graham agrees and Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Menendez and Jim Jordan and says I don't want to but I don't want any Russian oil here. What happens after the controversy we want to drill more really get those permits out.

We went to open up to the possibilities have emergency meetings with oil and gas companies and say we need you to drill more to provide America with more in order to keep oil and gas prices and diesel prices down a decent level. Why because proxy diesel diesel to the roof newly gas the car you gotta travel. Gotta go to work right yes you the roof if your boss I can pay you more. You probably could go to work, you might have to change jobs, everything moves up inflation moves up so that your tapping energy is this major story along with the carnage that will witnessing and for Nancy Pelosi's history for Jen Saki to come out and smugly answer Peter doozies legitimate inquiries into why are you not doing more to keep prices down. Listen cut 18. Sounds like you guys are blaming for the increase in gas prices recently weren't gas prices going up anyway because of) supply chain issues. Well, I think there's no that as we have seen an outside analyst to convey this as well. The increase in the anticipated continued increase, which is I think with some of your colleagues were asking about that that is there a direct result of the okay you got that, they moved on. Cut 19 and do everything impact that high gas prices have on Americans were asking other countries to think about pumping more oil here to be very clear federal these are not limiting supplies of oil and gas to the company finish to the cut. When he finished oil. Let me let me give you me give you the facts here, and I know that can be and can, but I think they're important in this moment. To the contrary, we have we have been clear that in the short term supply keep up with the demand where we are and here and around the world. We make the shift to secure clear and clean energy future, we are one of the largest producers, with a strong domestic oil and gas industry. Okay she's reading talking points these questions totally reasonable and factually inconvenient thing here I'm interested. Total put down dismissive, smug, condescending picked the picture up poison quizzes poison which he spouts out and yell at the sum of these administration positions, which I'm sure she's not in on our indefensible work. I felt bad for Kelly McElnea sometime sometimes draw present Trump did things that are unexplainable. Sarah Huckabee Sanders top, but her smug, condescending tone, not appreciated. I think the country asking legitimate questions, oil and gas sector employs a lot of people. Pipelines really play a lot of people union jobs that you just shut down they would've produced over 700.

Some say 800,000 barrels a day from Canada instead of what they did over the weekend. They actually went and met with Maduro and STM in Venezuela, a government we don't even recognize the pump more in Saudi Arabia.

They said would you do we have a visit plan.

Why don't you and then a run if you sign this deal could you put more oil on the global and the in the global marketplace.

So in terms of what she saying she goes on to say I'm back to a play with the Lester let one more of this and then bold will take point by point cut 21 prices are approaching for present Biden would say to set aside my vicious climate goals increase oil production producers to grow more here. We can fossil fuel future will again Peter US produced more oil this past year than in present entrance first year next year quitting Department of energy will produce more oil than every than ever before. Those are those are the facts in terms of oil production and again.

Right now there are 9000 unused approve permits to drill on shore. So I think your miss identifying what the actual issue. I took a great will you handle those permit issues about you know she said down comes first year he took office wasn't pumping immediately but guess what. By the time he was done between the fracking releases the lifting of restrictions. The push to move oil forward, we are unstoppable energy force. So we come back I'll talk about that Lieut. Col. Allen West and then Eric Prince about winning this war, and of course at 1045 the present scattered as were off all Russian oil. This is the brain can we chill don't move radio show people for the precise personal power is America's, your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcast Fox News podcasts network and on the next Fox News contributor daily newsletter.

I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is been Dominic's podcast. Listen now by doing a Fox News radio show like no other tenant Col. Allen West and Col. I want you to hear this before we talk at 16 English agape was not only a despicable dirty trick that hobbled the first part of the presidents administration are also affected great damage the United States rush again essentially froze the Trump administration from engaging with Russia that may have been a second term issue with the president had won reelection but one by one. I felt that there be no incentive on the part of the Russians to try to use diplomacy to reach a stable modus vivendi and that they would just grab what they wanted.

Under Biden, and then when he had the kind of exit from Afghanistan, which he did and then when he essentially took America have energy independence increasing the leverage of Russia dramatically. I thought it was inevitable what a great breakdown of the mess we're in right now.

Lieut. Crone West welcome and absolutely right Brian, it is an incredible mess all person like Vladimir Putin was looking for it happen and so yes you know the truck administration was severely hampered or damaged by the whole Russia Russia Russia thing. And of course when you have Joe Biden, in one of the very first thing he does undermines our own border. He undermines our own energy security sector in our own energy independence and now we know clearly that we are purchasing all and resources from Russia.

Now we talk about binder from errata Wayland. But on top of that the debacle with the Afghanistan weakness is very enticing investors.what we see happening here the Russians we thought you were 10 feet tall old integrated bombing schools 202 with 34 hospital 500 residential buildings 625 missiles and rockets if you will.

There's 20 dead this morning. Most civilians as they were leaving heading into Poland till 20 innocent people with suitcases. How would you characterize this type of warfare indiscriminate killing of women or children about war correct crime level actions and I think this is something that the world has not back and say will going to condemn it then and point fingers to step up and take action about this because history is repeating itself wasn't too long ago. In the last century, when we saw what happened when Adolf Hitler wanted to date land. They said okay. The Germans are now in Czechoslovakia okay given Czechoslovakia and next thing that introduced the blitzkrieg more and so Vladimir Putin's machine installing, but right now he does not see any deterrent whatsoever, from the West and we've got to step up special.

You're a big step up and do something about this and they will have to consult about this and I don't understand what your body is dragging its feet on cutting off the purchasing of aggression all by the United States of America good to me is just unbelievable bipartisan place to pass legislation forcing him to do it yet emergency called yesterday to not push this legislation forward and I guess I know why he wants to take credit at 1045 today. He's going to announce were good no longer going to be importing Russian oil. I mean is that terrible leadership. The exact opposite of what you should be doing in times of strife. He wants credit for doing something he did not want to do. Like he said I couldn't. We take it off the Swift system in Europe move first, we can start Nordstrom to not yet anyway. Jeremy says it scrapped and now we find out about Russian oil Congress bipartisan Senate, Congress he can't control the Democratic Congress learned military leaders never take credit delicate responsibility of the heart issue with that. Even if he comes up you know that we're going to see screen purchasing a rush at all. We know that they have already sent invoice but we don't talk about, by all from Iraq and why would you want to talk about by old from Iran. Why would you go back to nuclear agreement, which is also got upset Saudis and go back to Saudi for increasing oil production. None of this makes any sense whatsoever, Brian.

But the bottom line is that Joe Biden is more so a slave to be a progressive socialist green new deal energy delusion, and therefore he is not going to do what is necessary for the American people for their energy independence and look at the prices of gasoline. Right now he is killing the American people been an increase in taxation. If you want to put it that way. What happened to Dorothea at the pumps so we have put sanctions on them. We did pressure of many banks as of the energy sector on the Swift system.

We have pulled out so many from Apple. I mean, dozens of dozens of companies from Shell Oil to Apple, I can run through Mall Starbucks Pepsi Co. from McDonald's mysteriously have stayed in Russia.

They are going to feel the pinch. There's been 17,000 Russian protesters arrested. How do you break the standoff will how do we get to Vladimir Putin. He's the problem Col. here's the problem.

I think that most importantly start to isolate him economically and those people that supported him and that means isolate child that is now his number one financial backer so we got to look at how we could be tougher on China who expected not going to condemn him and they still sleep elements have an ironclad relationship. The other thing you have to use your information operations start going after these Russian troops and you know forcing them to have some type of moral sense about what they're doing to make. They'll lay down their arms and maybe they will walk what we see happening there in the Ukraine. So many different things that you have to bring together the diplomatic aspect informational aspects. The economic aspect, but you also have to have a credit right military deterrent in the last two to get the nomination we go from here in terms of the governorship. Well I'll tell you immediately.

I had the folks on the American constitutional rights union reach out to me and that was an organization started in 1998, five call for the several others from the Reagan administration so little work on restore constitutional right nice, less thanks so much appreciated my pleasure Eric Prince private fight. Eric Prince recommend Fox News can't just work these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox news or wherever you get your favorite contest will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen Fox news contest. The more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me to continue to advance, but they cannot hold and secure the rear area which really brings down to logistics in a struggle over time because the way they conducted this battle is so spread out on so many fronts and they're pushing all the combat power forward without securing the rear areas Ukrainians are going to put up a tough fight. They are tight white Russians. We don't get the true number on how much damage there. Getting the two generals are dead. We know that nine aircraft shot down over the weekend. We know that to just happened this morning that we understand from Ukraine. The capital still holds in Odessa still holds. Joining us now to talk about winning this war and what we actually could do what he thinks of the Russian performance so far as Eric Prince, former US Navy seal, founder Blackwater and the Academy. Eric welcome back Brian, how are you good good. I mean we don't 1045 today just to announce the presence can make it official no longer importing Russian oil in terms of the actual battle Ukrainians doing better than you thought.

Sure they're there winning by not losing when when they're up against that much combat power. I think the Russian generals had assumed it was being much, much simpler than it has been, and now as major as a Dragon to spring every day it gets a little bit warmer, which means all that fantastic farmland of Ukraine that's covered with snow turns to one big mud bog which further channelized as the Russian supply lines or lines of attack, even more so on the roads, which makes it that much better for the defenders to be able to ambush roadside bomb and enter cut off the Russians from advanced it's especially in the north where the Russians are pushed in trying to get the key evidence it's the most magnificent opportunity if Ukrainians could marshal enough resources to counterattack and you think you could often surround that Russian army coming in from the north and we have that convoy to just sitting there, mostly supply trucks. I don't. I know they've got them, but that's a mystery. Have you figured out that the word word is he just ran at a gas old phrase of Rommel novices argue tactics professionals plan logistics. Somebody missed that in the planning, I really think they thought this is to be much simpler that they're going to be viewed as liberators, and MS, the thing is imperfect as Ukrainian democracy might be the fact is, there's a lot of people turning out to defend you stand up to total line to say not on my not my country it's it's an amazing vote of confidence in the Ukrainian form of government because because the citizens of really, really responded amazingly strongly right to present Zielinski said to ABC less. I cannot. The problem is that one soldier of Ukraine.

We have 10 Russian soldier son for one Ukrainian time. We have 50 Russian tanks, but we are destroying them in this differences gap is closing, but the question is how long can we withstand many things depend not just on us. We will and you. So the question is, is times on whose side Eric Prince to become tougher and tougher for the Russians to to witness and he looked more congested the more damaging your the cities, the nastier the urban defense can be if they try to fight in the cities. It's it's it becomes a huge advantage to the defender. All the high-tech firepower of the Russians comes largely know even just by the physical nature of urban terrain so the weather is knocking to be on the Russian side for the next three months because it's good to be much reason the great replication that they say in Russian. The great flush so it's it's certainly the Russians are trying to push her trying to close off give even if they do, to be extremely vulnerable to career tax, but we do know certain have to get all the help that is possible.

I wish the administration had moved earlier back in December to offer some airpower. Russians thought to be a cakewalk if it was apparent to them that it was not to be a cakewalk.

I don't believe I ever would've invaded so deterrence again right that the total failure of deterrence rights in all treatment tournaments, not expensive missile defense is effectively an iron dome like to something effective on the practical for country like that we would need to do that. I recommended I laid out a very detailed plan based on existing U.S. Air Force documents are retiring more than 200 combat aircraft this year and I said look, send some of those under a land lease program. Some of the old F-16s, F-15s a chance are literally going to be flown to the desert of Arizona this year and parked to watch for all eternity written off by the U.S. Air Force.

Instead they could afford into Ukraine and had a significant deterrent factor in 810s were literally built from nose to tail to destroy Russian tanks. That's the kind of thing that would've made the Russian generals pause and think. Michael, I don't think the fight is in it and that the rank-and-file Russian soldiers.

There's probably some generals are under pressure from her boss try to get this done but I don't think the fight is in it and so deterrence at at that level would have prevented this entire debacle from happening course right by the ministration that my administration could've said carrot and stick carrot. Ukraine does not need to be part of NATO, but here's a stick to give them the means to themselves so that nobody doesn't think stupid to their borders right like that because they don't want weapons of their borders and troops there.

But guess what Russians… Now Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, there is now more troops in there in those NATO nations and never before. And now they're more united than ever before. The EU is more united than ever before. In many ways does Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Putin has achieved almost any of his objectives. Would you agree Eric correct and is managed to reinvigorate NATO in fact even got the switch to come off the sidelines, the Swiss sanctioned Russian bank accounts of the swift and even the Swiss did not even sanction Hitler in World War II so he is certainly cause a wake-up call that he was not expecting and all of Western Europe.

So Eric what you were called on. Could you help. I mean, he's asked for everybody and anybody is about 20,000 foreign fighters were there. I mean there's a lot of nadir to afford a guy like you.

Could you go in there and help wash would you. Are you interested, I deftly have some ideas of what can be done. Brian believe it that was that. Besides, I will one of the reasons why you would put together a private army, not a private army that there's all kinds of all kinds of historical precedents to Americans volunteering and going as to assist from a nation that needed it. Whether it was in World War I there is Americans that flew from France. There is Americans in the Eagle squadron that flew in the Battle of Britain defending out London from from German bombs and the flying Tigers did significant work over China defending Chinese cities from Japanese bombs, so there's lots of parallels where Americans with the right skill sets can go add value and defend humanity.

You know when the rush is there a way they just blow as much up as possible and you ran through some of the stats 202 schools, 20 they just killed 20 people evacuating from the Sunni region into Poland just kill them indiscriminately.

34 hospitals.

They say 500 apartment buildings minimum have been destroyed and some people worry about tactical nukes is Guy Clint Watson research fellow, the foreign policy Institute said this 15 blessing and just when that is the comment about short-range or tactical nuclear weapons is not been discussed enough in our my weeks.

We think of the day after tomorrow, a big inter-ballistic battle on multiple continents. Russia has other capabilities.

I would not be surprised if it starts inner end of the conversation here if they can no longer advance and making it the settlement they want. Susan tactical nukes with we haven't really seen them in the battlefield have we fortunately never really been to nuclear blasts at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Look what the Russians did to Grozny their own Russian territory in in the late 90s was was about 1 inch. They destroyed lots of suburban train. A lot of civilians I would be surprised if they even have tactical nukes distributed down to those artillery units or to the market units.

I certainly hope they don't. That stuff should have been eliminated or removed from those for most line units by the previous arms reduction treaties because the US is certainly possible that stuff back per treaty, but who knows you never know. It is certainly not going according to plan. It is becoming maybe a minute start to endanger the regime with the amount of economic shock that is causing to the average Russian people. I'm all in favor of sanctioning the oligarchs the government but we may there's two things we can do over each one is to squeeze the average Russian wage earner specialist try to feed his family, their ability to influence is pretty limited and so it doesn't make sense to me to make hundred and 40 million people suffer in Russia based on the actions of less than 1 million people into bite by totally forcing the Russians out of the swift system with we go that far to where the only entity that can really trade with anymore is China.

It's going to start to create a solid return it to the dollar in the United States economy.

Our entire way of life is subsidized by the dollar being the world's reserve currency, and that's demonstrated every year by the fact that Congress can just print another trillion dollars extra in deficit spending two to fund our way of life and when when there's alternatives to the dollar, then we can't do that and that means the state government has to pass to go on a diet which is to be quite wrenching for a lot of people in the country right, yeah, wrenching to see you talk about creativity in winning this war. Once you with Lieut. Gen. Keith Kellogg, who is very valuable to present trump said he because I want people thinking out of the box. Now somebody's got to start thinking creatively think out of the box put everybody in the world on record with the Chinese on record your part of our this economically there there more dependent on us than they are with the Russians.

That's what a lot of pressure on everybody to go to the UN do that if it doesn't work go somewhere else.

Keep trying to be creative, and trying to put pressure on the Russian because I'm telling Jesse this is to be a terrible week. You're going to see a lot of civilian casualties this week. Employees are television players Rockledge and make some really massive destruction and keep any keys at 2000-year-old city as you try to destroy. So is there some creative things that they could do. Eric some things like that. Sure the problem is in Washington.

We suffer from an inherent massive groupthink and for all their talk of diversity they really don't like diversity of action when you have the Pentagon and the people at the NSC ticket the NSC that are largely inexperienced outside of think tank in Washington behavior that never done anything difficult or dangerous in the world. It's hard for them to evaluate, let alone come up with any out-of-the-box thinking that's been my frustration. Weather was a different plan for Afghanistan or different plan for how to deter or how to how to how to stop the Russians invasion capability before it even after the country. Yes, there are some of the box things that can be done militarily.

I won't. I will broadcast them to the audience now. And hopefully hopefully something should be implemented here soon.

Stay tuned for two years I heard that pumping basically earlier in the show. William Barr talked about the fact that for two years. You could not have a Russian policy because of that hoax perpetrated on the American public really targeting present trump that he had some type of illicit relationship with Vladimir Putin and there was no there there. You know that personally he said that really set this relationship back when he saw the weakness of Joe Biden. He said this is my opportunity specifically.

After that we left Afghanistan you buy into that theory from what you know.

Yes, no weakness and and why not. I think America is to have similar experience what we had during the Carter administration. When we had a number of countries.rollover hostage crisis with stagflation.

It's going to be a be a wild next 2 1/2 three years in America.

Yet right wheezing China Chinese into internalizing this well if invasion it gone well the Russians into Ukraine.

It would've made them more likely to act now you know they view the Russian military is experiencing powerful and and and much more capable than the Chinese military to see them a bit bogged down and not going to plan and all the Russians had to do was drive tanks across the border for the Chinese to contemplate an amphibious operation across a wide expanse of water. It's much more difficult logistically to do.

And Taiwan has very defendable terrain with a lot of mountains and a lot of places to stash rockets, artillery and and forces that can be shielded from the from the inevitable onslaught of missiles and rockets of the Chinese want, so it probably gives them close. Although I would not be surprised if they still don't try something on some of the smaller islands. Maybe something with a maritime militia to greater crisis just attesting to probe.

She is not as strong politically and is as it appears years so doing something desperate you are to rally the Chinese man of the street might be in the cards.

I wouldn't look at them to do it until the weather turns better because again weather affects military operations. To this day, and you don't want to do. The biggest operation in in rough and stormy weather when it still is in the Taiwan Straits, Eric Prince, thanks so much always appreciated thinking that was great.

186640876. Excite your first time to talk today, so get on board was in the brain to meet you into today's top stories Friday until me if you're interested in Ryan's talking about your until made the back everybody is what you get some calls much and can appreciate you pacing powerless in a coil in Nebraska and Omaha hey Howard playground what we needed another Berlin airlift. We need to bring supplies and it would not be technically setting up a no-fly zone would announce each flight and that we would bring a strong fibrous court, and if we ended up shooting down some Russian claims, all the better, in helping to the well I think you're very juicy details of this 27 foreign policy. People who say there's a way to do it to helping for humanitarian purposes. I also saw that we could do a UN airlift that according to general Kellogg that's just a big airlift like your same humanitarian purposes. Jameson's NW DBL in the land of James same here with anyone. I wanted to point out something on the news. I feel like invasion from the north the convoy or not a convoy of wall written border sealant stopping people from traveling northern part of the country are joining another one up on the south of the country and half and cultivate people. The Russians are trying to get Ukraine to come out of the city and the Ukraine are trying to get the Russian bagel more than out the wall talking about the river that runs right up to you.

Have been the new DMZ line. Maybe that country where maybe the Russians just look to hold the yeast and just give up on the west. I would like to see that the mostly oil the cold. The iron of course the beach. No ocean access is is in the East and the Russians will be rewarded for their thuggish invasion, so a lot going on today but the Ukrainians are fighting like real warriors and making the world take notice and try to help my Fox New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive kill me. Thank you much for losing everybody's can be a big hour appreciate you being here Brad Meltzer will be here live in you do simulcast of the novel and showing business television boarding company occurred. Both will be joining us at some point for your special representative for Ukraine and ambassador to NATO's how perfect is he will get his perspective. We know this sometime within the hour.

The present United States will have a press conference at which time he'll make his last effort to get ahead of Congress and Congress is about to do this on their own and that is band Russian oil from American shores stop private business from refining it and buying it, and I believe Congress is going to pass at the present was desperate to get ahead of it and now today 1045. You look like the hero. Bottom line is seven out of every 10 of you would pay more in gas to make sure Russian oil or carving a rush of the Russian country is not benefiting from sales to our country so let's get to the big three stories you need to know Ryan's three number three. The reality is is that deal then becomes a backdoor for Russia to enter the global economy, wrongful money launder everything for them, and no one will turn around and it will take all the cash that are making and they will buy weapons from Russia that they will use to threaten their allies as well as fuel their terror in Syria in a rack and beyond. Lieut. Col. James Califano that expertise don't look away the around you could get done today will remove virtually all sanctions allow them to sell their oil openly and deal the deal is done with the guidance of Russia or the US is not even allowed in the same room got to be stopped by ever stop the construction of the Keystone XL suggesting that would solve the gas prices faster getting the whole country off. I don't think it would, of course, it would energy what will it take to isolate Russia and keep them from American shores were about to find out a half-hour and why does the whole White House care about green care more about green the red white and blue. I stay here in key I think Overstreet I don't hide and I'm not afraid of anyone.

I will stay here as long as it's necessary to win in our patriotic war that is present Zielinski showing tremendous valor the leaders the fight that talks the Russian disregard furnace in life and the need to take down Vladimir Putin get this some staggering stats. Did you show you the brutality of this country of this war.

20 dead within the last three hours who were just evacuating from.

We believe the capital city into Poland just killed Russian airstrike 625 missiles have been shot off in the last 12 days were in day 13 and 202 schools have been targeted and destroyed 34 hospitals been blown up hospitals 500 red minimum five Hudson Regiment residential buildings, war crimes, we might goodness if something like this happens in a rag in any did is by mistake, and there will be investigations and there's a cover-up there's a problem. It is not done intentionally. This is done intentionally and get this Russia is not doing well.

In fact they have not taken a major city, one city, they did take there's protest from Ukrainians of the Russian occupation.

They still have not moved on Odessa, even though that we can tell there is no blame you not hope this happens is no presence of a Ukrainian Navy to block the Odessa amphibious landing present Zielinski has shown tremendous valor and now he's saying I would give you little tour my bunker. He's not afraid at all being taken out.

I am because he means so much to that community to that country and now to the world. This is what he's doing though is using his magic with the media to get to go to bat for, not himself but for his country to today. He is doing something extraordinary present Zielinski via video link will actually address the House of Commons, the first time a president of another country, has addressed that the main Westminster chamber after having assumed call on Saturday with a bipartisan committee of the US Senate and House with me right now is Kurt Volker, former US-based were presented Ukraine ambassador to NATO Mr. Baxter. Thanks much for being here. I think we have so many different things to pursue first off, your reactions, which could happen in 30 minutes.

The present United States is going to say no longer purchase of oil from Russia. What has taken so long. So obviously we are buying Russian oil.

That means were given Russian money using that money to pay for the military to attack Ukraine and we should've some time ago how can we be sanctioning them and paying them behind the scenes and this is what happened to my Democratic Congress, the Ways and Means committee and a bipartisan basis were about to pass a piece of legislation to ban Russian oil purchases. The Senate was moving to in between. The White House calls and says stop it. We don't want you to move forward with it. They don't tell us why Nancy Pelosi gets a personal call from the president. She says I'm not convinced I'm moving on with this, then the president moves the White House moves to call Sen. Schumer to call to Sen. Wyden to stop it you notice I've said all Democrats Democratic house is pushing the White House, the European Union, pushing the White House NATO pushing the White House on on Nordstrom two on the Swift banking system what's going on everything just backwards. We need more US leadership here to drive the train say that these things are. We should be pushing your to follow suit now believe in the oil and gas from Russia. They should to all were sending them probably were sending them $70 billion today. European Union probably 600 million they got shut that off as well and what you just talk about Zielinski talking Westminster senators or weekend. They are pleading for help. They are being attacked by the Russian military, the Russians are indiscriminate killings of the bombing cities, you've probably been there.

I spent a lot of time in Ukraine is a beautiful place with one of the wonderful culture and the Russians are bent on exterminating it because Vladimir prudent fantasy that Ukrainians don't really exist at the people there. Part of Russia somehow and he has a right to take it over have to stand up to this, you know, it's a heartening scene. The so-called great Russian army actually be a paper tiger yard their equipment is outdated to put all hundred 50,000 troops in the restaurant reserved their bag in the Belarus to fight they ask has asked the fight. They said no. The now recruiting Syrians to fight.

This is a country of what I mean, 150 million and they can't fight and don't want to fight many of which of the nine aircraft shot over the weekend to shut down today. They have two generals killed and I are Stan Mr. ambassador people just giving up think they were disobeying orders. One of the most telling thing Ukrainians discovered when they captured some of the Russian soldiers.

They interviewed them soldiers did not know that they were in Ukraine and on a mission to attack Ukraine training exercise that tells you is the Russian leadership didn't want to tell them the truth because they knew they wouldn't want to do in the moment they learn what they're doing. You're seeing these desertions are to follow orders they don't have enough food and fuel vehicles on the road. This is a catastrophe for the Russian catastrophe and you have to believe that the generals and the leadership in Russian hard for them to do something about it now, but the worse it gets, the more looking at Besser. Kurt Volker ambassador. I'm sure you don't know the details. I don't know what either the political has a a exclusive story about 27 foreign policy so-called experts will put together a plan to put together a humanitarian no-fly zone talks about unitary humanitarian corridor NATO be representative brushwood be informed, but not given permission for to allow people to leave and supplies to get in man I am to get the details obviously but Marco Rubio most NATO of our NATO allies have all rejected this where you stand today to go with former supreme Allied command.

Your idea generals yet so together. One of the signatories of that letter and colleague of mine picked it up and ran a lot more signatures on and the thought here is exactly we communicate clearly this is not about attacking Russia were not going to get any Russian forces on the ground unless they find will not go after any aircraft or helicopters, as long as they stay outside this known if they do score them out if they refuse, then and only then will file and believe me with the way things are going to military. He does not want to draw us into the conflict clear the skies were answering the call from creating safety for civilians so humanitarian a good mood and and I think this is an urgent step. Take what I did. I know you came over that. I apologize that I said yes so that was my dad but I mean I would love to see a practical way.

Our people to entertain that and look at that. I know you have an ear to almost every NATO NATO member as being the job you had. Have you had any people that I look at that and say this is something that's plausible, feasible, and a breakdown on the back of the line. You would think you have some of the eastern central European allies saying you gotta do this, see the carnage taking the refugees.

Gotta do something.

But you know NATO if the US is not meeting others are not without US is got to be the one that defined I think it's achievable but it's going to take leadership so 17,000 I'm sure it's more protesters arrested in Russia and they say they get 10 years of their card processing wrong country we sold the Western media pulled out of the gotta be arrested because of your cues expecting to get it you you get jail so that all the networks are pulled out.

How do we get the truth to the Russian people that they are not the problem. Their leader is and are they powerless from what you know, the people are basically subjects willing to use force against them less than the development imprisoned in trying to control all the communication, the Internet, the media word is getting out anyway. Phone calls, emails, social media, from Russians in Ukraine from Ukraine and people to the family members word is getting out and that's why there's people because they have learned what Russia is doing and they don't support what about the snake situation now: says I'll give them up as long as I can replace the F-15 get F-15s, F-16s, and now they seem gummed up people resident is a reluctant this look as though Poland is arming the Ukraine. When we divert. He said Ukrainian pilots will show up in Poland and fly them out. So, do you know what's happening here. Even Sen. Schumer was pushing to get this done.

I don't know what happened. I saw on Sunday show what he said give them the green light backfill. I checked in the Polish Embassy last night and they said no do it and they wouldn't tell me anything more about why I can't answer. Holding this up. My gut feeling is that they want to see more US commitment that they feel that this will expose them way that they are not exposed at the moment one crystal-clear guaranteed to be there with I think. Of course we should be doing something like that to but it hasn't happened and to some of the technical arguments hold up Ukrainians on the 29th already flying in from Ukraine. They have trained pilots.

They have maintenance and spare parts already flying aircraft.

This should be a no-brainer tougher one is a 10 o'clock aircraft. We have excess defense articles that desert we should give them to the Ukrainians.

They have a handful of trained pilots trained with us help on the parts and maintenance includes that something we could do money Ukraine condone contract sum if we put them Besser Volker if we gave them to Ukraine in December. They could be using now right they could have all of the stuff I hate to say it.

Everybody saw this coming and everybody was saying take action now before they attack prevented an attack, rather than responding. Only after the fact when Ukrainians are on the on the defensive. Getting killed and the stakes are now entering the conflict could have done all the ambassador, we have to ask you looking at China. Now they're trying to backstop what they can for Russia.

Russia has only maybe two dozen oligarchs that have been that have been sanctioned and were trying to see some of their luxury assets.

They probably stolen from biomass. I don't know the how they got their wealth.

The most likely stealing from the Russian people and they're going to do that. But why not all, and then we have to be the bigger question is why we not sanctioning the bank said work in the energy sector among the people pushing back our European NATO allies. So how do we will how do we put our hand on the scale there and and amp up the pressure about the patient on oil and because they were about to pass it over the white out going forward. The ban on themselves. That's good. Anyway we get this done. That's good. Next thing is the secondary factions.

Anyone who is helping Russia the first round of sanctions should be subject to the secondary infection legislation on this capital. Well, that's the next thing to do and I don't think the Chinese are invested in Russia's Ukraine they see their designs on Taiwan is completely different in their minds completely legitimate where Russia is attacking a member of the United Nations, the country using Google tactics that maybe Russia is declining, not so I think they want to keep a distance from this. If Russians can go through their banks and their currency finance themselves and try to make money off of this course weakens the Western liberal economic order.

Of course I don't think China is actually trying to weigh in on Russia's message to business cases talk to you. Thanks so much look forward to talking to you again. Thank you, Bob.

Go get them when we come back 186-640-8766. I'll take your calls. Then the great Brad Meltzer joins us in studio don't move until made radio that makes you say this is the Brian kill me show. I'm sure that the president can do more. I'm sure she can and I would like to believe that is capable of doing the course that is present is he talking to ABC news last night said expected to do more appreciation we have, but we have to do more and I agree way just I want to give you know to Besser.

Volker always great to get current Volker's insight is in a Besser NATO knows the region knows investor over there. Worked with Ukraine to be part of a special it's called energy shock the coming energy crisis is available tomorrow on Fox nation.

The foxy should do a kick ass job or just download the app so look for curtain that he's also with Kathy McMorris Rodgers so that was pretty cool.

I would think that we could do more.

Also continued to squeeze on Russia more.

I think we can have that about 15 minutes presence always late, so probably a half-hour you think about making an announcement that he unilaterally decided which would be inaccurate to decide to no longer purchase Russian oil that significant. The question is, with 80% of energy coming from Europe as the best customer to about Estonia, Bulgaria, Finland. They take most of their energy, almost all their energy from Russia. I don't know if they can afford to do the same. Germany just 80% come from Russia can they afford to do the same places Melba can they do less. Can they stop squeezing start looking elsewhere in a massive way. Yes, we come back Joe by Brad Meltzer. Get the latest always prepared to they use nukes should be you should Russia you are not tactical nukes are the big ones breaking loose unique opinions. All Brian kill me, show lasting and just one that is the common short range tactical nuclear weapons is not been discussed in our my week.

We think of the day after tomorrow. Big inter-ballistic battle on multiple continents.

Russia has other capabilities. I would not be surprised if it starts to enter into the conversation here if they can no longer dance, and we can get the settlement they want in their frustrated and they should be frustrated should be harassed a country with the shell of a fighting force were great will to survive as a country, who wants to read him Ukraine is holding them off out of almost every L out of every major city. While they have massive defections and talk about the Russian army. Some of their military effort. So far, 150,000 troops in the Ukraine and they can't win more than one city. This after almost 2 full weeks, Brad Meltzer, best selling author, host a vaccination series, Brad Meltzer's greatest conspiracies of all time, and a host of loss history and history Channel and author of a brand-new book out today, the lightning rod is sitting a zig and Nolan novel joint just now Brad welcome back so that I love talking about books and in the nonfiction book that takes us back to how we met, which is my fictional thrillers right this is real as a pro we bumped it was a talk that we think is if you see the way Russia acted haphazardly acting with ordinance hitting two separate nuclear sites over the last two weeks.

These are energy plants is a real fear of technically new screen using the battlefield in your whole book is about preparing for emergency right now how America's prepare with stockpiles should something like this happen.

What is your thought about tactical nukes actually using the battlefield in your lifetime you know someone when this was studied by the government and the big had to kind of secret operations that took place in the government.

One was operation high point which was where they built bunkers for the present date to go to if there was a nuclear attack the Senate to go to. They don't know whether in these places up in Virginia and Maryland outside the city, and then they took a look around for what we do about me new Brian wanted about the regular people, and for that they launch another secret operation called operation low point and now with the study it with Actually Took Pl. in Michigan and study what happens to regular people limiting the entire plan for a nuclear war. They said that they can attack mail trucks is delivering mail delivery bodies, mail trucks can be used as as as purses and for morgues and had this giant plan studied everything and it came to one conclusion and operation low point, which is simply this work.

No one wins in a nuclear war you going to die hiding under the desk silly.

It's all silly, but what broke out was one idea and the one idea was after years go by.

Maybe we can be. We can be prepared for nuclear war. But there are bioterror attacks. There are other disasters that happen in these wars, especially in the fight were seen right now with Russian Ukraine and what the government came up with was they have now, nearly a dozen secret warehouses is all true are hidden around the country and what you're the attack is in New York City in Texas and California in Idaho. It doesn't matter where it is these places are there.

Whether it's anthrax with smallpox that within four hours they'll have what's called a push package of antidotes will come to your door.

And I think you're telling me the government is a dozen secret warehouses.

No one can go inside I want to know what's in there. When you read the lightning rod yes is a fictional murder mystery, but what you see inside.

In the final chapters. When you go inside that warehouse. I make up it's all real, so that was the fact is, as you look to find out real and also authentic that was pre-pandemic. We had a pandemic we were ready for that and now I think since the Cold War pass without really thinking about nuclear war these days. Correct.

You know, we we do think about it. We have all the games we have all of continuity government in place, but it's a disaster and that's why you saw the international community ship so quickly when the nuclear places were attacked I talked to an expert from the Ukraine about the like that.

The other stockpiles you know we call here the strategic National stockpile. I said are the secret warehouses that the Ukraine have anything similar. Are they planted a ready and he explained to me that any good country have to stockpile but the Ukraine stockpile is already empty.

Why because they're not prepared for war, much less a prolonged one, and that's what you're seeing now this is a David and Goliath story and as you mentioned there fighting back with everything that God time to put some more rocks and their slings. We will change the way we get prepare for pandemic security get the sense of that. I can tell you for sure we are. I can tell you exactly what happened. In fact, so you know the reason why the pandemic was such a disaster and you know it's always so easy to play politics but the reality is the trump administration. The Obama administration always back to Bush was told over and over that there could be a pandemic like this and needing care they want to fund the people to want to spend the money on the fact that they just like to know what was prepare for bioterror and with the trump administration did no good, bad, no one can predict. And of course no longer get this we know can get this right.

But they placed a bet that the threat for us was going to be a bioterror attack, but it was anthrax with smallpox in a bioterror attack from a foreign enemy like Russia and will be prepared for that. But we want to be ready for pandemic like we saw it was just a bad bet.

So now, of course, you know, we have mapmaking machines of millions that make them instantly what we used to do. I'm from Florida and what we do in Florida.

No work always puts me hurricane ready. So which you think is better is it better to store everything that's going to go bad. Every year you gonna lose some money, but we couldn't have stuff ready in case the hurricane patch for you. Wait until the heart can actually hit and then go scramble at the supermarket and have a fist fight with everyone want the same stuff you do and family what our government did it it did. The latter will pay the price for it. So now obvious that entire shift this happen and were seeing it ready.

I guarantee you right now that the stockpile is being filled with think the deal and I know they already have things to deal with nuclear attack. Their burn units in the other things to treat radiation better in there they are. It's like a Cosco for the end of the world. I also know that you know great people. They rise up at the right time. You know for a while, not many people to Winston Churchill at this leadership ability. You know he was almost a backbencher before you have the chance to replace Neville Chamberlain. We know what he did and then the rich people got rid of and then he came back again and then were seeing America put him in Churchill's class yet foreseeing great person emerge at the right time and the world is captivated by prison Zelinski listen to a little of him yesterday cut 7 We Pl. in Europe, a place of freedom is zoning freedom and everyone things that we far away from America or Canada know we are this stone of freedom and when the limits of rising treatments are being violated and stepped on.

Then you have to protect us because we will come fast.

You will come second because the more this beast will teach you one small mall and will for us here tomorrow. Yeah, and he goes on, he's trying to get people involved. Let them know his fight is your fight talking about freedom and he's doing it all with fatigues on in a bunker. Can you put this in perspective oral witnessing. He indicted the EU and NATO and Republicans and Democrats know anything was possible. My new book about Winston Churchill.

During World War II, and what you're seeing here. Note what makes a great president and what makes great leaders throughout history. Brian is one thing and one thing only it's the ability to adapt. When a great disaster happens. It's not about your message when you run it's not about your promises when you Them or not. It's when a disaster hit how you responded is what made FDR. FDR and no one FDR when World War II hit people hated FDR. The Republicans hate FDR was a Democrat. But the reason that they supported him is because everyone knew we must stand together when it comes to what we may hate his domestic policies. You may hate his things.

He put know into legislation, but when it came to the war.

We stood together and that's what you're seeing today with a lengthier scene the same way Churchill united his country at a time when people were scared and terrified baby.

We always need a hero to look to win those great moments of disaster in the presence who can step up and take out of them and make us feel like it's not scary, but it's good. Those are who right and what you're seeing today is no lesson we can't forget even the American Revolution. As much as we love the stories of taking down the British we had help. We had other nations that pitched in and helped us and I think what you're seeing now the way he's uniting Democrats and Republicans the way I never thought in my wildest dreams of the American people would still be watching what's happening Ukraine. After we got know what there's no way will you get bored and want to move on is as wrong as that is. But look at us as we see something wrong And if America is great because we know we see something that is like an injustice. We don't stand for it and I love the fact that it united and it is behind I don't want to again say he's Churchill essays FDR the so much history to be written about him, but I think it's vital to understand that this guy is doing something because he's found that way to talk directly to people and it's connecting and it's working and I think that's why Putin is mean he thought it was an analyst in the United States thought we were going to be leading plan to give them any help and you think that we thought there were to be done within days, our predictions in our all the things we wrote about all the kind of secret notes that went back and forth about Ukraine when they were to be overrunning days will be done in here. They are still fighting their hearts out happy and not refer that again we have to catapult more rocks yeah we did know what would come to drive in the fight for freedom would actually help people to rush on the other side said what the hell are we doing why we fighting thanks my fragile pick up his book the lightning rod that I don't think success. Thank you Fred Nelson come back phony company we simulcast now Brian kill me show choice FOXBusiness is Barney in company with Stuart Farney don't just hang in there on your investments. All Talon well get peace of mind with active management of your portfolio dial down to 50 and say financial plan.

Investment advisory services offered through Talon private wealth, LLC, an SEC registered investment advisor. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Hey, welcome back everyone Brian kill me were about to do simulcast with steward Barney bonding company and will go to talk about with tapping with energy, talk business, energy and foreign policy situation will not hear stocks down oil up to a rocket nozzle, ruffled up sharply gas a direct quote hi what you think of that presence appearing in the middle of the situation, why me presence coming here coming out courses five minutes late. Should probably be a half-hour late doing with White House runs as they were off Russian oil behind the scene steward.

You gotta be kidding me. You see what happened with the Democratic Cassidy Democratic Senate their vote in a bipartisan way to stop using Russian oil and the president in the White House falling back to suppress this vote.

We don't know why but Speaker Pelosi wasn't persuaded by got a hold of Ron Wyden through Schumer to not push forward so he could be the hero today. It whenever he decides to come out and say were going to stop using Russian oil. What was the delay gesticulating into the camera because I saw something appear on the screen which I didn't want my colleges viewers wall and all. So I don't get it.

You gotta fight now between Congress and the White House and I think it's because if you ban Russian oil you get a raise the price of gas even more than most Democrats know that that's not a very good option is called doing the right thing and being a leader and naturally think America needs more than ever we need people just to lead. I mean I want to. Joe mentions doing taken on his own party, but not doing asexually doing what's right for the country.

Can we stop thinking right and right right and left something in red white and blue, and seven out of every 10 Americans. When asked would you pay more for gas if it meant banning Russian oil told Quinnipiac posters. Yes, we would and this is not the reason why oil and gas is going up.

When I found out over the weekend that the present United States and emissaries to deal with Venezuela reaching that we don't even recognize this eve. They would give us more oil and ask Ron to put their oil on the world markets we buy from them today not realize how wrong that is to provide money to terrorist regimes to try to up and freedom loving people and governments that are rightly elected, like Laurent does.

Would Venezuela's doing to South America. The greens wrong the Democratic Party look at this.

Let's get on on on the screen now from John Kerry, the claimant saw his what he says we have to do enough in 2022 2030 to be able to achieve net 0 x 20 50.

In order to get that 0 x 20 50. That's a 45% reduction in emissions in eight years. That means that still pushing heavily olive green agenda in the middle of an energy crisis makes no sense to me.

Brian I mean I'm embarrassed for John Kerry. My goodness he sees. He said he sees schools being blown up. He sees residential buildings being destroyed. He sees women and children face down the street shot dead by Russian snipers and he thinks the big worry he has as he goes on that quote is that Russia will forget their climate obligations.

I mean, are you kidding me are you a human being or you just a robot. I mean, are you nuts this is about. If you are concerned. He wanted to talk about renewables you want to double down on R&D when it comes to green technology. I think America got behind that but you also want to say will use nuclear, natural gas, that is fine for the environment and we know that it's other people's agenda and then to find out the Vladimir Putin was putting ads together to make fracking seem like a bad alternative and play to the green movement in our country to stop fracking in our country because it urges oil sales. Get your head around that for second they are playing our lack of nationalism against us. Our lack of national pride against us. And I think were getting the big comeuppance. This is a war really of drug green agenda against the real agenda and I think were seeing it now. My hope is we are paying the price for the green energy people's dreams. We are paying the bad dreams. That's what's so was Europe, so is your pain even more. As a matter fact I know what it cost per gallon gas in German at the moment $7.80 in Italy it's eight bucks a gallon. No wonder they get a turnaround on the greens brought them so I'm out of time. You know how it is hard right, we'll get to later sharing your audience is always appreciated.

1-866-408-7669 so Ghazi was able to go in and out of politics real life I brilliantly were also going to tip it were prominent enough time to dip in only a few minutes left in this half-hour but I think it's gotta be significant to come out and have the present United States do this.

I just want to say there is right and wrong is going to put a little stress on the system, but I cannot in a clear conscience continue to allow private industry to buy Russian oil we have other options. Even though were in a world crime crisis.

When it comes to oil and gas. I want to walk away or is he going to take the tone of I am going to do something.

This can put more stress on the American people and is gas prices are going to go up and looking to suffer for that we have to do the best we can to get off Russian Russian oil in the meantime push for renewables and get off fossil fuels once and for all. That's politics. Real leadership is what to do what's right I'm going to approach the following nations, Canada, Mexico and the state called Texas other states called North Dakota, Oklahoma, Ohio and Pennsylvania and when I asked for fracking to increase Manas for drilling to be enhanced. I'm going to release my ban on federal drilling on federal land and provide permits for those who want to explore areas in which they think oil and gas piping beneath because right now we have an obligation to help Europe get off Russian oil and gas. We have an obligation to get America affordable oil and gas in an emergency situation, and if you want to please you are left, and maybe do the responsible thing long-term and want to speed up R&D when it comes to green technology.

I think people say that's a good exchange. Fair enough. You everyone for getting off fossil fuels. It is a decent alternative we do cleaner and better than everybody else to buy from us a possible short-term long-term. I hope so for good write to order any of my books present freedom fighters hot right now Sam Houston yellow moving Fox News radio Studio City New York City you opinions and facts with positive Brian kill me. Hey, thanks, which would be and hereby is the right kill me showing the most learned people in China Russian our enemies amongst us. Washington Post Josh Rogan is now out on paperback chaos under heaven trump she in the battle for the 21st century. Keep in mind he was writing that book before the pandemic. It by any court is standing by and we got some waiting for the present United States to make an historic announcement really pushed by Congress to ban Russian oil from our shores, and before you get dandy. Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three. The reality is is that deal then becomes a backdoor for Russia to enter the global economy, wrongful money launder everything for them and a lot will turn around and it will take all the cash that are making and they will buy weapons from Russia that they will use to threaten their allies and finance terror.

That's Col. that's Col. James Califano don't look now, the Iran of the Iran deal could get done today.

Remove virtually all sanctions allowed them to sell their oil openly and guess who's brokering it Russia. I'm not kidding.

The pariah of the world where we in the room next-door. This has to be stopped by her time to stop the construction of the Keystone XL. Are you suggesting that would solve the gas prices faster getting the whole country off. I actually don't think it would it would energy what would take to isolate Russia were about to find out otherwise the whole White House care more about green technology than being red white and blue. I stay here in I think Overstreet I don't hide and I'm not afraid of anyone. I will stay here as long as it's necessary to win in our petri article present Zielinski speaking earlier the leaders the fight.

The talks, the Russian disregard for innocent life and the need to take down Vladimir Putin how that's done. I'm not sure Andy Cardozo about Vladimir Putin has emerged on the scene. He was chief of staff of Bush 41, when the Cold War came to an end on the wall came down. He was also Sec. of transportation and then President Bush's first secretary skews me chairman of Chief of Staff IndyCar welcome back. It's great to be with you. Thanks for having me going to show you I mean your insights and valuable, especially in the world. Players not much is change. First off, how significant is the presence announcement. There were not to be importing 650,000 barrels of gas thousand barrels of oil a day from Russia.

The right move to make.

I wish that he would open tickets more here in the United States and allow us to get more of our domestic energy into the marketplace. But I think is making the right decision. I'm not sure it can have a huge impact on our economy because it's a relatively small percentage of what comes into service. The American population, but I think it's the right thing to do and maybe a little bit overdue. Write out a little bit overdue.

I mean, for example with, there was a time in which we are very try to be very finesse the relationship with Russia. They're not our enemy. They're not our enemy Mitt Romney said that he was mocked for saying for saying that the number one geopolitical fault.

When did they transition in your mind any card from somebody looking to be part of the world community.

After the Cold War. To this I think it began with became president a long time ago. You don't that he wants to re-create the Soviet Union he wants to re-create the old Russian Empire and you know like I remember the first time I met Pres. Putin was with President Bush and it was June 16, 2001 at a summit in Slovenia and President Bush had done a remarkable number of bunch of homework before he did. He read everything it could from the State Department, the CIA, the Defense Department, the Commerce Department, he really did this homework. He also wrote a biography of Putin and he read the history of the Russian Empire and so he he was very, very well-prepared, but I remember the conversations and I kept thinking Pres. Putin has dark eyes and I just could see that he was calculating and not compassionate and I was very skeptical of him. I thought that he was a little bit insecure. I described him a little bit like Napoleonic key you know he was short of any wanted to be but puts everybody claimed it was calling all that type of thing and so I was skeptical of him but I remember that summit very well and I think that interest in restoring the Russian Empire has dominated his tenure as president and prime minister and then president again. So I see him as very cold, calculated and I can say that he spoke candidly the times I saw with the president and I was surprised that the meetings that we had not just adapt Slovenia Summit, but also of meetings in Moscow and Putin's version of Camp David, but he wasn't not very knowledgeable about economics and he didn't really understand how United States set its prices if he asked how do you set the price of bread in the present said we don't set the price of bread marketplace except for my support and present cable kind of in economics 101 meeting on how the economy works.

The president also cautioned the stairway from some of the oligarchs that he was in love with and a member of the present bringing up one name and said this person is a bad person, you shouldn't associate with them and so know he's a wonderful person that really wasn't any this and now the oligarchs basically allowed are being targeted to try to put pressure on Putin. Plus, he probably stole their wealth in to get what they've gotten so far in that period of time between the fall of communism, and when they were trying to establish a degree of freedom under Yelton and Gorbachev right absolutely right to know the most important word in our Constitution is the first word we it's our government in Russia. We don't make up their government. It's not about the people of Russia. It's about the leadership raping and pillaging and taking all it can for their friends. So there's a big difference between American democracy and the so-called Russian democracy which is not a democracy off the people by the people and for the people know I never saw present.

I was can be as strong present what you do is you surround yourself with the best. Whatever your party is coming you can was 43.

Without this great foreign policy knowledge put together: Powell and Donald Rumsfeld, and you have done this job before Condoleezza Rice with a rich Soviet/Russian background so we experience around any stage clinical philosophy game on. Let's go look he would present buying this done. I don't see anything except him. You see, Susan Rice and Ron claimed he see his Secretary of State is not a powerful figure, nor is he well known that I could tell, respected you have a shrinking violet in this huge man in sec. Austin. I don't see much leadership there and that's why probably handy in my estimation we see in the EU and NATO, leaving many ways in this Russia, Ukraine, conflict shoring up NATO and working in an open way and Jake Sullivan, the national security advisor has been a very effective communicator with tomato community so I know what this is a time when we have to rally behind the present Pres. Biden has some impossibly difficult decisions to make and there are tremendous consequences to almost every decision he makes sure this is the time when I'm not doing it is a partisan Biden is the president.

I don't want to fail in this effort. I don't want him to do what he did in Afghanistan. I want to do the right things with regard Ukraine I wanted to take Russia seriously. I hope we don't get into a nuclear war.

I do not trust Putin and I feel terrible about what's happening to the Ukrainian people and I have to admit that I there there president is doing a remarkable job of rallying his own people, but also tweaking the conscience of the world to pay attention to what's happening and I think the time is going to tell the Pres. Putin is acting in such a way that he's really a war criminal. I think the investigations will probably find that he has violated so many aspects of the rules of law of war, and I know people like to say what and why there are no rules know there are rules and I think Pres. Putin is violating them right, but also analyze what's happening in real time. He said to 14 days just can't keep quiet at me for example when it comes to this. Getting off the swift financial systems like when I'm ready to do that. Europe did at first. We followed and now when it comes to when it comes to not getting Russian oil his Democratic led House and Senate pushed him to do this to array the past and according to our reporters in the White House to pass legislation that he quickly said can you hold off. I'd like to take credit for it. I think that's were going to be witnessing right now.

I would love to see leadership first and that would be what your original point was leadership would be that with my party. We have to drill here at home. Would you agree strongly. I want American Americans leadership to make the difference in the world. We want to be the leader of the free world we want be the conscience of the world, and I expect America to lead, not sure.

Pres. Biden is just forward leaning is I would want them to be but he is our president. And so this is a tricky time.

I'm not looking to play politics with what's happening in Ukraine and it's it's a tragedy in its terrible and I think we got all work together and I'm hoping that Pres. Biden is reaching out to his many competent people as he can to get advice and counsel any scarring encouraging his Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense national security advisor to do the same. I don't think that this should be a close discussion. I think that he should be saying what advice do other people have to do here in and try to make the right tough decision… We have a President of the United States that has to make brutally tough decisions. I want to get as much cultural as you can and make the decisions in time to to have results that live up to the expectations that the president would have when he made the decision exactly. That's why yesterday blame the oil companies are not drilling when they have leases and then not fully explaining what pipelines would do. I thought that was playing politics three Press Secretary and then the vice president came out and did this 34.

We are all in the midst of the turning point, we have the technology transition to a zero emission fleet we can address the climate crisis and grow our economy at the same time and I am here today to say together.

We are doing just that. Be what you want your vice president to say no disconnected with the reality of the time and you know one of greatest challenges to our climate is a war going on in nuke in Ukraine. Believe me, a lot of pollution being put into the sky because of the war and this is not the time to be saying it or windmill will make a difference or solar cell will make a difference rally and we have the energy to help keep our economy moving and we got plenty of energy to be able to make sure we can help the rest of the world keep moving as it's disrupted because of this terrible war that Russia has imposed on Ukraine is one person I may not even see the people rally around Vladimir Putin because he just one man of a brutal dictator who might've shrunk his advisory down to really one or two people, one of them, both of which we don't know the general they came up with this plan evidently is in trouble going to the Wall Street Journal but listen to this. We have 625 missiles being shot into this country in 11 days, 202 schools up and had 500 residential buildings and 34 hospitals. I mean that's just off. This is with the UN is reporting not even Ukraine is reporting in the numbers in terms of humanitarian disaster by me was seeing the pictures in real time. 77 men killed 406. Overall, eight boys, four girls, 15 children two and 57 adult are known as missing 801 injured. These are nonmilitary personnel and they're not even trying to be surgical in their strikes.

Now they were in the middle of this. If I put you his Chief of Staff. How can we minimize the carnage at the same time know were not fighting in this directly to call it what it is I think it's a war crime violation, but the tricky decision. The presence going to have to make. You know, how far do we go to help the people of Ukraine and we should do all we can without having some unintended consequence of moving into a nuclear war and so this is the tricky part of being the president of the United States. Today this is not an easy job and we shouldn't pretend that it's easy and I know it's opportunistic to say politics is going to be playing a huge role. It should not be playing a role in helping us to find a way out of this morass to present important part of sin to and I do fear that he is so isolated now so paranoid that he is not getting advice from anyone who disagrees with them what they think and what he wants to hear. And that means he could be making even more consequential decisions that will be jeopardizing not only the people of Ukraine not only the people of Europe, but could be jeopardizing the world is going to slide into some nuclear attack that would just just be beyond comprehension. I have been in tears watching what's happening to people in Ukraine right now and this is outrageous, but I think the bill of particulars would you just went through the bill of particulars that the fines Pres. Putin is a war criminal. Absolutely any car.

Thanks so much appreciated. Thank you, Brian. Good to be with. Go get them to go get him 1-866-408-7669 we come back you the latest on the White House 30 half hour late and then bringing Josh Rogan to put in perspective, the challenges we have in China and Russia. This is Brian kill me show the fastest three hours in radio you're with Brian kill me.

All imports of Russian oil and gas companies.

Russian will no longer be accessible in US ports in the American people dealing another powerful blow.

This is a move that has strong bipartisan support in Congress. And I believe in the country, murders and rally support have rallied to support through Ukrainian people and made it clear we will not be part of subsidizing food for that is some of the present remark she had just walked out about four minutes ago to make it official. We heard about about 850 today Eastern time. I a.m. of course, when he came out and said through up pressure from Congress, Democrats and Republicans that we have to stop importing Russian oil nothing else to show will not make put money in the pocket of Vladimir Putin to the tune. It would've cost to get 650,000 barrels of oil into our coffers. No go elsewhere for he also it says is going to be a cost to also point as bipartisan support now is taking credit for a lot of the weapons and the supplies are getting in right now and said that he was one of Nancy blinking to see all of our NATO allies so we come back.

How's this whole thing unfolding. Do we have a chance of knocking out Vladimir Putin for good currently expose him and his army as a hollowed out hardly a a 6 foot tall monster like a hollowed out disgraced judo boy Josh Rogan next time show that you are with Brian kill me. It's simply not true. The mind back production is simply not true, even independently companies United States moral world. During my first year in office and they did. My predecessor first year so he saying the same thing Jen Saki said yesterday the present United States to be just turning in his command said we are not going no longer be purchasing Russian oil and is looking for ally to the same place as you know we don't we produce most of our moment. More more of our own oil and gas in order allies combine that is true.

She was gonna be tougher Europe to do it who said the UK will follow us, but then he followed up with some total inaccuracies. Here's an example of what he just said states is targeting the main artery versus economy for managing all imports of Russian oil and gas energy that means Russian oil will no longer be accessible in US ports of the American people will okay here is Steve Malloy he's a former EPA transition team C Jen Saki said the same thing yesterday.

That's what were ready for an answer. So he said because we have all these leases out there and then drilling. Don't tell me you are holding you back, when it comes to financing. They've also pushed all the banks and big financial firms not to invest in anything oil and gas 22 all coming through lots of pipelines, but Keystone would bring in more oil faster and you that that's really what we need, but I gotta say it's not just the Keystone XL pipeline mean by demonstration.

Right now, in violation of a federal court order has put a hold on new federal oil and gas leases. I hear Jen Saki talk about LOL the oil companies have 9000 leases or something like that and they're not using the oil companies use the leases that produce, it makes sense economically. They don't do it just because it leases been issued doesn't mean that's worth worth while producing right now.

It all depends on the economics you know what you're buying should be doing is unleashing our oil and gas sector, forgetting that the climate agenda is nothing were not accomplishing anything anyway emissions are going up with no end in sight but people cannot afford gas prices at this high. It's going to cause even more inflation, which is another thing Giovanni doesn't really care about, but he's not taking questions that people share your questions like I know you have a lot of questions and others a lot of questions but he does like to take questions which is unbelievable. Pretty nice that you can answer anything you walk away from the press while even while even there every day for Jen Saki to make up answers and make dismissive, condescending quotes, so keep in mind Peter Ducey just put this out this a call from Jen Saki to show how inaccurate her comments are. We don't have a strategic interest in reducing the global supply of energy and that would raise the prices of the gas pump for the American people. When asked about should we stop buying Russian oil. She went to Karine Jean-Pierre, her replacement said last week is on yet. Last week 2 March. We don't have a strategic interest reducing the global supply of energy. Okay Jen Saki and Jean. Now they both may look like liars.

And when you came on to use you not using the leases we gave you some of the leases are not productive.

Josh Rogan joined us. Right now Joshua reaction to the present remarks you know it. Why is it Brian that every stages you can crank crisis. They have to be dragged into doing the right thing. After exhausting all the other options and then when they do it.

They do it sort of half ass Conaway.

We saw this with the weapons provide revisions saw this with the sanctioning of 7/300 Russian banks. 7/300 really now were tiptoeing into this. You know, sort of what the biometrics has been getting criticized for for the last month which is makes no sense to say that your sanctioning Bruton and not go after the energy sector and I were just doing oil imports, you know, I say, what about the gas. What about the sent. What about sanctions on all the secondary sanctions and all the people who do business with these energy companies. Here's the thing Brian if you look at what happened.

The private sector is already doing it there already. Decoupling from Russian energy because guess what is not a reliable energy supplier. So you have to do this anyway, but by sort of doing too little too late dragging their feet and going through all of this excruciating verbal gymnastics to pretend they're doing everything they can all the Biden administration is doing is wasting time and in a war hesitancy cost lives. You can't pretend that they have the same philosophy is the trump administration when it comes to drilling right why they pretending they do say I am not for drilling the first thing I did when I walked in was stopped drilling on federal lands and I'm still ignoring the court order that says I should not be able to do that and just stand by. Don't twist the words so it takes the next day to talk to some oil executives and for them to realize what they're doing on these leases does make good business sense. Especially if you give somebody a lease but you don't given the permit. Now the tick-tock to lead to this moment I guess is been out there and been backed up. The Ways and Means committee working yes over the weekend came up with a bipartisan plan to stop buying oil from Russia, the Senate started moving through their own legislation. The White House tried to stop it. They called Ron Wyden through Chuck Schumer and said please stop this legislation.

They call Nancy Pelosi said please stop it. She said I am not convinced that moving forward. So now the present comes out essentially takes credit for it. Kind interesting for all Democratic House and Senate records.

Everybody knows he eat up delete into it by his own party leadership because they have even been to the left of Nancy Pelosi on on Russia didn't really make any political sense, and they had to do it so they did it as gently as they could possibly do it and you know it you know why they're not explaining their energy policies because they can't, please both sides of the party at the same times of the just decide to split the baby and pretend like they're not doing that, but you when it comes to Ukraine you have to imagine these Ukrainians thinking what are these guys doing why are they futzing around what is it what we need to happen to convince them to really put the screws to Vladimir once and for all and how why is it that when you know when you talk about sort of energy and and compensating what they what they should be doing this year there were at least six months ago when the here's the crazy thing right and just think about this one second right intelligence, right about the image was so good that there's a problem we were at weekly call that we knew this was going to happen. Why did they do anything about it why we scrambling to make up for lost Russian oil and gas in the middle of the war. If we knew that this was good happen six months ago while they scrambling now it's because they have a bias towards an action there so risk-averse, and now they're getting pressure politically and geostrategic lead to doing the right thing against their own instincts. By the way Josh Rogan's with us.

He has written chaos and have now in paperback trump she in the battle for the 21st century so appropriate. Josh, let's move forward and talk about what could've been done because were in the middle of all wore a war in which the carnage and personal destruction is overwhelming. Everybody I talked to can't get the images, as these women and children being targeted by this evil regime and I'm talking Russia but we talk about maybe putting A-10 warthog's in there will gotta be mothballed. We could give them to Ukraine. As Michael Walt said he was trying to push the F-16s and F-15s instead of going to the middle of the Nevada desert to be given to Ukraine.

Now they're begging for some 1990 makes from Russia and we don't have the F-16s to exchange with Poland to give them the Russian planes that they can actually fly when you see how hard they are fighting and what success they are having. Despite overwhelming odds. Doesn't that just just to's bill you to hear what could have been had we you had the foresight to give Ukraine the weapons they could use it kills me. But really, really result in more killing of Ukrainians and that's what Zelinski said. He said the blood of Ukrainians is on our hands because were futzing around we will give them the things that they're asking for a no-fly zone for a second.

Just talk about the weapon. Those planes and right. I've been talking to Ukrainian officials for weeks were like really fathers planes were coming and what was the body demonstrations line over the weekend. Well, we wouldn't object if the Poland wants to do it on their own and then maybe we can talk about giving what you would object that that sound like leadership to anyone that sound like a plan to anyone. No there there. Sitting back in and and maybe if the polls decide to take a leadership role in his Ukraine were will support them. Is that really what it's come down to. And you know when I thought Ukrainian politicians, whereby the weight you are going off in the background of our interviews literally. They keep saying the same thing. They don't understand they don't get it. Why does Biden talk such a big game and that nothing comes through.

How is that possible there. They're suspicious that we really don't care about them anyway and that we only care about ourselves and the organization a bunch of troops on the border and watch them get slaughtered and you know they might be right about that Josh Rogan, our guest, Josh should be talking to people over there and I think prison. Zelinski's been brilliant using the media, and now today he addresses a joint session of Parliament. I think that's the right terminology but is the first time that's been done. Another president doing it remote. He addressed a bipartisan group of senators and congressmen on Saturday. He is single-handedly pressuring the European Union, NATO America and the UK to do the right thing.

Don't you agree in a way, I didn't think was possible in this day and age yeah he he he should he embarrassed the West into realizing that freedom is worth fighting for, and even worth dying for, and you don't have, how dare we talk about giving him a ride out of town when he wants to stay and fight for his country rather than give him the weapons that he's asking for, and you know it kind of crazy world we live in where the Brits are the most aggressive defenders of freedom and democracy in the head of that happened. You know that I miss a meeting because he used to be the United States of America that had to drag Europe into these fights when it went. When the fighting was necessary and again I'm not talking about World War III.

I'm not talking about putting American troops on the ground. I'm just talking about doing everything short of that to make sure Russia doesn't crush this democracy because Europe will surely be next. But now it's the Brits ahead, and the Germans behind were somewhere in the middle and it's a mess and enough of Ukrainians.

That's deadly deadly outcome so desire.

Not sure how much you know about the detail but 27 foreign policy.

So-called experts have signed and signed off on a program, a policy that would allow a humanitarian no-fly zone in the Ukraine. Essentially NATO informs Russia that will be guiding these past allow men and women who who are not fighting this war to get out to another country. We thought there no-fly zone was impossible. These 27 expert says it is. What can you tell me about it wasn't this word no-fly zone can meet a lot of different things a lot of different people. I think what were moving to is a situation where you have millions of people starving to death with Russian starving to death and we can watch that on TV every day. Or we can just see the tick-tock videos and turn away. You don't unlikely. So at some point where you have to make a decision, probably in the next few weeks or months about do we give these people food and we get the people out who want to get out and that's gonna require some planes in the air now. I don't think you have to be US Air Force planes.

What was the international Red Cross of the Russian can shoot that down. What if it was the you know there is a lot of different ideas about how to make sure that millions of people don't starve to death because Russia wants them to starve to death. That's the conversation at work and I have to have. But first, how about we have a conversation about maybe not letting the cities get under siege before we talk about the seed, why not try to stop the season I woke arguing these people from air defense weapons some missile defense weapons.

You know any whatever they need. Why we not giving it to them.

It seems crazy to me that humanitarian catastrophes only getting worse from here on out.

I know I mean all these if you had missile defense if you had a few warthogs. If you ever get those meetings ahead of time. The Russians would be blown out of the water. The truth is, the morale is down. It is not spin the truth is there are Russians who are refusing to follow orders. The truth is two generals have been shot down. The nine aircraft were taken out of the skies over the weekend. The two more we hit this morning and the Russians of the Goliath. In this case is not too impressive. Are you at this at one of the biggest surprise of this Josh yet but it a crazy shame that were not taking full advantage of it. You know what you what I when I talk to people who have been getting bombed by Russians and there a lot of them around the world that we say the same thing. The strongest weapon anyone has a will to fight for what's there is the will to fight for their families and their communities and their nation and their freedom and their dignity. That's much stronger than any army but no, there there is an amount of killing that will crush that now in Syria they been put surviving Russian attacks for seven years so far. Still going on for seven years.

That's of Ukrainians are staring down the stare down seven years or more of fighting Russian bombs and tanks and missiles and and and rockets and cluster bombs and starvation and propaganda, disinformation and the only thing stopping. That is us you know unfortunately American land power is better than the alternative. It's the thing that prevents atrocities from happening if it works in right now is not working.

We have to be honest with each other. We have to do more. We have to help these people help a lot, Josh. I'm not talking about people losing home, I'm Josh Williams out of war hawk. He's a Republican or Democrat.

He just reporting as he sees it. I don't know who you voted for you, just you able to get inside information, insight, use your experience to come up these conclusions, so that's why think it's so important to hear from you and get your book, but here's a little of their speech we just the just concluded with Joe Biden talk about what America's rollers made this decision in close consultation with our lives and our partners around the world, particularly in Europe, because you nonresponsive, prudent aggression has been my overriding focus to keep all NATO and all you and our allies totally united right and he did talk about his response, which is the fourth right up to me. Listen, you're right. I think the best way to avoid wars by showing strength to tyrants. Okay the best way to invite words to show weakness to tyrants and that's what history shows us know if your for peace in your against war, especially the war in Ukraine spilling over into Europe and then maybe spilling over to where were involved. The best thing to do now would be to stop them. In Ukraine the best thing to do better if I put in Ukraine and to fight them in Europe or in our politics or in the Baltics or anywhere else so this is the fight that's on, I'm not saying we should go to war with nothing we should help Ukrainians fight for their lives and for their freedom because I week we we might be next.

That's true, and Josh, would you think this means for China and taking Taiwan what you think they are gleaning from this you know there's been a lot of crazy talk washing in Washington Brian about oh maybe trying as an honest broker. Maybe they can mediate this thing. That's all nonsense. Okay, the Chinese Communist Party and and Vladimir Putin are as close as lips and teeth. That's a quote from Mao Zedong. Okay what they're doing is there underwriting the invasion of Ukraine and then there prompt propagating Russian propaganda there on prudent side that will never change no what that means for us is that we better stop now are choosing to look at Taiwan and and like it's lunch okay and and you know with all dictators.

The appetite grows to be eating so if we don't stand up for democracy in Hong Kong will stand up for it in Ukraine. Why would we stand upward in Taiwan. That's the message that's what we have to act that I just wrote his books outcast and heaven trump she and the balance of the 21st century. Josh, thanks so much anytime you got it. 1866408766903 more by bring back more of that speech, we return to the brain to meet you kill me so busy he'll make dear, kill me, the main artery versus economy for managing all imports of Russian oil and gas companies. Russian will no longer be accessible in US ports and American people will deal. Another powerful blow to prudent formation go present with about a 20 minute speech not taking any questions which is unacceptable but that's the reality. He is decided not to get is 650,000 barrels of oil a day to 3% of our total import from Russia so II think that's on Tammy Cummings from the last one to do it.

Also, we understand Europe will cut their input of Russian gas by two thirds to get about 1/4 of all the oil and gas from Russia. They got a cutback but has been brought up by Josh Rogan just seven of 300 banks have been sanctioned. This is only a small hit on their oil production and they're going to feel it, as many of these American companies have pulled out for some reason that Starbucks not McDonald's not Coke and Pepsi. For now, but things like Shell and Apple and Disney and Netflix, American Express, Visa and MasterCard are all pulling out the private sector decide not to refine in places like suing Sweden and Finland and in Texas a lot going on. Quick announcement for the sports fans are Rogers and stay with the Packers, according to ESPN, so the free-agent is not to be free-agent is going to be a quarterback until his 40s in Green Bay. I think it's a good move. Frank kill Michelle. Don't forget to write to be able to comment or write me 24 hours a day. Think of any my books present freedom fighter over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources. A Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not or wherever you

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