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Inflation Deflection: Biden Plays Blame Game With His Economy

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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May 11, 2022 12:45 pm

Inflation Deflection: Biden Plays Blame Game With His Economy

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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May 11, 2022 12:45 pm

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People love the new thing that everyone has to have anything to the areas and am listening with Margie just grant the perfect process and that the best people and resources on any task and meet every change with flexibility. Everybody together delivering great work and ready for what's next visits your process. Fox News radio studios New York City give you opinions and facts positive it's Brian, yes I could add never making excuses always. I would hope I would be sales late. I would say I was late I say the elevator was off. Let's say if I was late today. The elevator just didn't come down because I was like practical responsibility. Unlike the present United States I'm just offended by what he did yesterday when he's probably going to do today and was going to have a nose going to have an event today and he's going to be at a farm is very talking about pricing is causing inflation which is now at 8.3%, down from 8.5%. It's obscenely high. So a rich Larry. The body will break into will break into his thoughts. As you know he's editor of Nash review and author of the case for nationalism and will take your calls. 186640876693 lot to discuss. Let's get to the victory now stories you need to know Brian's 33 was correct to state because it alienated the country and the result not having a voice to surprise me one must making it clear he gets. Twitter trumps back on back on twitter feline gets a good move or bad what you think the 45th president also waited we otherwise continue to believe that President Clinton would probably only authorize the use of nuclear weapons if he perceived an existential threat to the Russian state for regime, but we will remain vigilant in monitoring every aspect of Russian strategic nuclear forces, 40 billion and counting as the houses yes to more money for Ukraine as the Zielinski forces push Russia out of khaki in Russia makes painful progress in the East. This is US Intel says by the report will go to extremes to win a war that might just take him down and policies help not hurt to leading cause of inflation received first because inflation is once in the century pandemic. Second, Mr. Putin's war in Ukraine okay and the third cause can make you sick. The flexion on inflation. That's the game present by displaying with the number one problem in America will talk about this irresponsible approach. Examine how we get to this crisis point. Look, you have economic experts who said like Larry Summers, like Steve Ratner, Democrat, liberal Democrats who said the $1.9 trillion rescue plan was a problem, you let other people looking the Fed saying they're taking forever to raise interest rates with that would counter looks like Claude the climb of the inflation rate which the president said would be transitory. They didn't start raising rates until late experts are debating this through the front page of the New York Times today. You don't see a Republican. That's part of the problem in either one of those situations. They didn't vote for the $1.9 trillion rescue plan, and they certainly were not cheering for for Powell to raise rates or decrease rates. We can get Dora back. I basically zero. When he took over some of the present United States gets on the microphone yesterday. I should have not been that surprised but I was stunned. Number one that he doesn't take any blame number two that he goes into this ultra this this new phrase ultra mag. I hate being manipulated. I'm in.

This is even Madison Avenue said they probably rounded up a bunch of people at a supermarket and said I'll give you free Kellogg's rice crispies if you answer this question, how do you feel about ultra maggots have negative connotations. Should we blame them for what's going on in this country right now. Rick Scott rose at 11 point plan. One of the 11 point plans and he's chairman of the Senate Republican committee, one of the plans it says in the bottom of number five says have everybody pay the 50% of the country that pays no income tax have half the country that 50% pay. I don't care how little it is pay into it. You have to some skin in the game. Now the press United States as well. These mega-guys is one of they actually want to just raise your taxes.

Cut five. I never expected the ultra mag are Republicans who seem to control the Republican Party now to have control Republican Party. I never anticipated what is that even mean what you get done. Is this you have tapped the strategic oil reserves. You have said you cracking down on gouging price gouging when it comes to oil and gas.


What a big help you pass rescue plan and you asked us to pass the bill back better plan. Great headline. The Wall Street Journal today essentially saying this is because say Joe Biden public a stanza and do everything opposite and what you're doing.

Instead he decided to attack Rick Scott and doesn't even realize Rick Scott's from Florida cut 64 plan is actually made working families can make working families for you not to take my word for it in writing and made their intentions perfectly clear, Sen. Rick Scott Wisconsin member of the Senate Republican leadership laid it all out in a plan is ultra my mega agenda there plans to raise taxes on 75 million American families. Over 95% of who make less than $100,000 year. Total income. The average tax increase would be about $1500 per family and got it backwards a couple things for you to focus on ace Sen. in the minority in Florida whose goal is to turn the Senate. Red got it. Mitch McConnell has not adopted this Rhonda McDaniel said positive things about it. It's good to see something in writing what you do. But if you look at some of the things no offense to Rick Scott, the most general statement you ever read, but it just talks about general axioms and axioms. It been fueling conservative Republicans for years, but it's all in writing admissible houses don't do this pump politically and Michael good for us to be organized but politically it just becomes a target rich event and they pick out one line in number five. So Rick Scott was with Fox and friends about 90 minutes ago and I think it was me that asked him cutting.

There is nothing that the president said that's in there what I've said is, let's get people back to work so they have skin in the game think about. We want people to work in this country I grew up in a poor family. I will I live in public housing.

I know my mom said get to work something out when you have work. You don't have to rely only got federal government for food stamps. You have to rely on the federal government for your healthcare.

You have to rely on the federal government for anything your independent day. So what he saying is get off welfare if possible disability if possible. Certainly this pandemic a living off that get to work that generates income tax FICA that generate some type you know you might get a refund of the end of year but you're helping the economy and by the way you help in your self-esteem, but the present ever since we had to get back to work. I need that 7 million that are in and work to try to apply for some of the 11 million jobs that are open that to the present should be saying he's 78 years old right now would 79.

What are you waiting for to do the right thing for the country cut 13 the sinner John Kennedy his energy policy versus energy policy when shoulder and wishful thinking.

He thinks he can were on the greatest economy, the most powerful economy in all of human history without fossil fuels.

And that's one of the main reasons why the prices at the pump or are so high, and the American people see the spacing that after four months. Nothing is built nothing is back and nothing is better to I we do use one of my what makes America great specials be on the history of oil and gas that a chance to go into detail talk on and off camera with these experts and I know nothing about that area. I am fascinated by what it's meant to our country and fueled are becoming them went up economic power in the world. When I find frustrating is right now. Oil gas is like anything else in the free market. They can't just go do this for charity. The Republican traded company, they can't just go wildly digging wells and investing in places when there there is the payoff of the investments I can be great because they have administration. This declared war on fossil fuels, long-term in the short term they say they can't make any money in less I believe the barrel gas is $60 a barrel. So if you tell the oil and gas business, natural gas, especially guys we need your belt that we had to get a fresh gas would have to get the American people are paying $5.65 its all-time high putting of the two dollars onto that in California we got help out so I will backstop you with. If oil and gas drops below $60. Whatever that number the beach 1670 so I will backstop you for the next three years number two of those permits that you have. I will get rid of the regulations is stopping you from exercising those permits to explore.

I'll cut out the regulations that allow you to be more aggressive in New Mexico on federal lands, as well as in the US they say if you apply throughout the rest of the private so they say if you apply for a permit. You take forever to get a permit and then get a Bessie's regulations on these tests and then that to do that than to get a drill. It takes years. I'll cut all that out, and when you promise to do that. The price drops and then if you call Canada and you call Mexico and see where the crisis situations. Let's set up the North Atlantic with North Atlantic oil and gas reserve and what start doing this together. I'm telling you right now the market will respond, and Republicans will be scared to death because they go these guide. This guide means business. I want to talk about one of the will of the big three before I take a break and that is what Elon musk is doing on Twitter. I think it's so important so much bigger than Twitter. So since January 6 speed the these social media companies.

Silicon Valley's had a great time just sidelining almost all conservative thought on in the because they're not in power.

They have no way to protrudes thoroughly prove the shadow banning and the banning is taking place at the rate it is so. Elon musk comes in their incision on a more center-right. I was centerleft voted for Obama twice outrage about what's happening now been totally iced out of this administration, even though I got the best electric vehicle and the best electric vehicle company in the country by four may be the world that should be welcome to the green energy people so no two Elon musk says the more I think about it we need free speech and going to buy Twitter. She's making moves to get it and looks like you will. And yesterday in a conference call in a zoom call, I forgot, with whom he said this could 25 it was correct to think I was those mistakes because it alienated along the country and not ultimately result in don't not having a voice so everyone since melting down the left.

It was a mistake. You know who agrees. It was a mistake, Jack Dorsey reverses course and says he agrees with the Lamas, the Trump's account should be reinstated. Twitter founder calls his original choice to ban the president a mistaken business decision.

Wow. So the guy that should be hostile has been welcoming to Elon musk. Not only the they fellow billionaires. There's something about Jack Dorsey. That was almost held hostage by his board by Silicon Valley by the radical left that Elon musk has freed him up to speak his mind and take a company that he started and was stepping back from first on the board and then step out. I find the whole thing fascinating 26. He stated that he will not be going to twitter and this is the point of trying to make, which is not getting across is that your banning Twitter and from Forex it will amplify it among the rights and vessels Warrington as Marilyn ran flat out stupid. If your Democrat especially we think should trump to both from social and twitter.

I'm not sure if he runs he could do it without social media and is his social media platform enough even Facebook powered them through 2016 and thinking up Facebook basically moved into his office and they worked together they amplify Trump's voice and shock the world by actually beating Hillary Clinton who never admitted that she really lost 186. Sheep actually give credits the Russians 1-866-408-7669. We have a lot to discuss.

Brian kill me Joe I'll come back with your calls and then get a perspective on yesterday's primary elections are Trump's pub pulled off 47 victories lost one governor of Nebraska that is kind of explainable and understandable. But the big ones gonna be Pennsylvania on Tuesday a week from yesterday.

Don't move.

Trying to meet you diving deep into today's top story. Brian, kill me, this episode is brought to you by Samsung unfold the all new galaxies. The fold for and expands your world with flex mode it stands on its own, so your hands free to get more done during calls and with multiwindow view. You can use up to three apps at the same time plus the edge to edge screen allows you to fully immerse yourself in your favorite games and shows. Visit to learn more about galaxies, the fold, Fox news broadcasts network and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter.

I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the been Dominick's podcast. Listen now by doing a Fox News talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show the uncertain nature of the battle, which is developing the Christian combined with the reality, the patent faces a mismatch between his ambitions and Russia's current conventional military capabilities. Likely means the next few months could see us moving along the more unpredictable and potentially escalatory trajectory. At the very least we believe that the economy will usher in a period of more ad hoc decision-making in Russia, both with respect to the domestic adjustments required to sustain this push as well as the military conflict with Ukraine in the West, so that was Adm. Haynes and she's director of national intelligence and she's always briefing yesterday about what Vladimir Putin could actually do prunes plan according to intelligence community is prepared to dig his heels in over the war in Ukraine and drag it out for some time and along the way, he might resort to extreme measures I didn't know this but he set off at least 11 hypersonic missiles. If there was supposed be that lethal. They are unstoppable. I don't know much damage there doing what one did hit Odessa yesterday. I think it's cool that they were able to survive.

I don't think Timmy civilian casualties, which is great. Meanwhile, we do know that in car key that is been basically surrounded the Russian soldiers have been pushed out so his hope of taking the East is not can include car key at the moment we try to do is get Odessa in the 40 locked up and blockaded the port which means no grain gets in and out in the week it's in and out. That's bad for places like Africa, which is terrible and looking Vladimir Putin what's with this guy looks terrible. You look shaky on Easter the other day. I'm watching him with a blanket over his legs as blanket over his legs which seems like a spring day in Russia.

What is your hundred years old. The little judo boy is having trouble holding it together.

It seems because he is this people are falling apart. Most of their precision weapons have dissipated and now what they might do is everyone using Metro. It seems to be civil services. The Russian transit Metro has been told to go down and get a physical and be registered, and he might be looking for some sort of expanded draft. He's gotta worry about is if there is a massive draft of the man there might be massive pushback already so mysterious fires are cropping up in Russia on the recruiting centers and others. We know how bad their fighting we know if you get a conscripted man or woman. I guess it takes about a year to get them ready, then you get a train the trainers to get them ready. But I don't know if they have a plan to quit yet there's no plan to talk yet and even the president of the United States as what we gotta talk about. Here's the good news, and John Kirby pointed out a new caboodle cut 21 Ukrainians have mounted a very stiff resistance in heart cave and our team is geographically very important to Russia.

In particular there.

Try to cut off that the Don boss in the eastern part of Ukraine. It's a big industrial city which is very very clearly placed and to help them do that. What were saying is not only of the Ukraine is continuing to resist any Russian efforts on Hark even we do think the Russians want to take it, but the maxing out, pushing him back out years really seeing this very demonstrably to the east of heart cave nail where they're pushing the Russians, now more than 20 miles to the east back into the Don boss region so that Russians are actually losing ground and losing some of their firepower in and out and force around her cave in portions of their pushing forward in Don boss which I hate, 0186 640-876-6915 minutes to be able to take some calls but next went to talk to Rich Lowry will talk about the Roe V Wade works record with what could be overturned.

The demonstration was seen in Supreme Court justice houses and what about Rick Scott, the lake of a state publishing is 11 point plan for success in the election. Go move Brian kill me Joe, so glad you're here. Precise personal powerful is America's leather team in the palm of your Fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcast will gain close to Fox and friends, we can hear my thoughts in a wide range of topics from sports and pop culture to politics and business. Subscribe and listen now and Fox News contests radio show like no other and kill me. Why is second gastritis. Latimer got every year before the pandemic during the yet that was a little of the blame.

A Rama of present buying yesterday were an embarrassment to see anti-American spirit of if your leader take responsibility. He blamed the pandemic.

Vladimir Putin any blame Rick Scott's plan that's not been implemented or endorsed anywhere been brought up and praised by Rhonda McDaniel. That's about it and that was the reason. That's what Republicans would do and the came up with a new name ultra mega please tell me how they get gas prices down to me now is rich Lowry, editor of Nash review. No stranger to politics. Rich was any good political play yesterday. Well were all they got all they are talking about Roe and trying to make excuses on inflation and true. Obviously the agent has put upward pressure on gastritis, although that they're escalating well before he invaded Ukraine. Obviously, the pandemic and supply chain disruption have big role and inflation. But another enormous factor is all that the government did to stoke demand with massive amounts of spending and some of that in a month. That happened before Biden came along, but that was at the height of the economic disruption in the pandemic and then he slathered in another $2 trillion on top of that when the economy was recovering and clearly we didn't need that sort support anymore so that's stoke demand for get supply disruptions and a government that is suppressing supply in various ways through the antibusiness policies and anti-oil and gas policies and any stoke demand letter economics 101 you hired a man let's apply higher prices is where we are and it's a fundamental dynamic, you can acknowledge maggots and we think about it was that poll tested and in a Muslim Austin and poke at the summer right but Rick Scott is not ultra mega his agenda is not ultra mega at that term has any meaning in outlet needed some money protesting on January 6 but I do think Rick Scott's tax plan, politically, is not a great idea. You know you don't want to raise income tax by five dollars on an American who currently isn't paying them. That year he considered a matter of principle that I want to pay some income and contact her, I wouldn't do that but it's also as one person's idea. Now it's probably going nowhere. The next year. Republicans take that Congress and and I admire Rick Scott you actually try to write down some stuff and think through what the agenda would be that's good but there's no way that making the selection about Rick Scott and and he is a great governor of Florida. He was that he reached out to the middle.

He was a precursor of the games Republicans made with Hispanic voters last couple years. Could he really looked at work that boat to the identity and make him a bogeyman that can turn election is just it's crazy right couple things you use the present yesterday trying to blame from tax cut on what's happening at 12 top Ernie was the recluse $2 trillion tax cut during the very wealthiest, which balloon the deficit was painful look know you know can taste frustrated by high fresh gridlock in Congress time it takes leave me understand the frustration toward where he's at with that he lost the prompter a guess and they seem stare straight ahead so that is not a two Toledo tax cut for the rich.

Nobody thinks that if they lost 1% of the top bracket.

That's it yeah and that's responsible for any of our problems is absurd in a car you made it smaller because we do have a deficit problem but not in out that not affecting what Biden is doing now and one hand it, it they recognize now that he needs to acknowledge the seriousness of the problem.

You know that the AI can take the thing that little weird but is it his way of saying what I feel your pain out there but they don't have any solution they're not just discussing not honest about the dying, diagnosis, and it is no way to explain this way your Internet come the party and there's a baby formula shortage to lose. Okay that's political science is just the basics.

You're gonna lose their there's nothing they can say to get around the Roe V Wade Pennsylvania next Tuesday.

Currently delays less Fox News poll has is with 22% of the vote McCormick with 20% of the vote in Barnett with 19% of vote sends Barto's eight and seven so what would you think the best who would be the best give the Republic the best hope of keeping that seat in Pennsylvania I can win McCormick towards McCormick has some some vulnerability to Turkish ship, perhaps foremost among them.

But that that race that the coin toss rate and it could go down the wire obviously trumps endorsement helps but it's not clearly decisive, it was in Ohio that notice be for anyone to watch next it is probably the biggest one, and we would you take from trumps 47 primary wins one of the biggest one being JD Vance lost the governor of the governor's racing in Nebraska for the nomination which you take some photos to show you can get help and help a lot and be decisive in the right circumstances. As we talked about last week. The week before to get Ohio is the right circumstances right guy to sit in second, third place, needed a boost, we can at the bottom and you can be the kingmaker and trunk. That was a really shrewd endorsement but it shows you just can't. You know you can't spit gold out of nothing it out. So if you have a really flawed candidate even even trumps endorsement makeup make a difference. Solicitors Roe V Wade right now is seem regular protest outside the homes of Supreme Court justices governor Virginia should be doing more question. I'm not sure exactly what it authority is but I think someone should be killing something to stop this is a violation of a federal law to intimidate people involved in a judicial decision-making and that's what the legal case that what you know if this insert On Don, stop right, it if anyone else in any circumstance was trying to intimidate judges tolerate it we wouldn't tolerate it should be tolerated here that the three should be barricaded and if any protester trying to breach the barricade should be arrested for with and I think that that probably would have these protests really quickly, but shockingly attempted response to this or nonresponse or Endorsement from Allied elected Democrats and the White House, we can't hear anymore lectures not institutions and norms of these people when they want just record justices to lease the very least have their head that maybe they should be afraid if they vote the wrong way on a constitutional matter, not just shocking and un-American right in the national review school you call this back in 1992 bring us there. Well, so in KC which was the case that upheld Roe in 1992, but also because Rose is just such a method often just rewrote the whole thing on the fly with no constitutional warrant and that the court that look you were the decider on this and working using our awesome authority when I tell people what they should believe about this and saluted smartly, and abortion is no longer can be hot button political, social and moral issue and split the guy you're crazy here exactly what the court tried to do in Dred Scott is a political branch and couldn't decide on slavery because of such a deep moral divide in the country and the court like okay they can't do it.

We were going to do it in a course that didn't work out.

It may be issued even more thought and intent and split that you guys you're doing exactly the same thing and and he is exactly right. The abortion contention of abortion was mended our politics and then it's blown back on the court and now blown back on the court in its way. Words like affect the inner sanctum of the Supreme Court and probably change that situation now works forever. Sicily was aptly right to get to sleep now. You know I think will look at him or her two or three years from now when here she writes this memoir and then slowly somehow come down to reveal themselves in an interview on CBS or something and get the plum position at a lawful somewhere but I don't think this person getting hunted down in real time, unfortunately, should I just don't think the court has that capacity will see this. Danielle is been so disappointing.

I thought, she's like a hard numbers woman's commitment where she was at the said she is not pure politics proofing case in point. Listen to which he said with Rick's Tim Scott yesterday. I do not know Tim Scott's black about abortion in the economy.

Yes, she sees a mix cut 34 roofing Wade access to reproductive health care, including abortion helped lead to increased labor force participation required is that you save the life of child is good for the labor force participation rate it means the children will grow up in poverty and to do worse themselves. Thank you for saying what I marked up his simply say that if a guy raised by a black woman in abject poverty.

I'm thankful to be here.

Save money have an abortion that Tim Scott might be right.

Small calculus not no economic factor is worth taking an innocent life and the idea that someone because some child poverty that child's life doesn't have worked, and should be protected from the very beginning to the very end is also hideous and in good for good for Scott nailing her to the law absolutely so rich to me. Same time but overall Ruby Wade rates the more Democrats and Republicans. Would you agree with that.

You haven't been the case in the past, conservatives have been more motivated on on abortion and on the court may be overturning real change that. I just kinda think it's going to be less of a thermonuclear bomb than the left thinks one of the leak in this kind of acclimated people to the idea that could be overturned to be a huge blow on the court overturned that hopefully it does nothing to change in New York or California or Connecticut or Illinois in the deepest blue states will still be abortion we totally unrestricted then you have red states where you have major restrictions or perhaps prohibitions that will be popular within the states and purple states, in between and you have a massive effort by a liberal billionaires to try to get women you know Mississippi or someplace where abortion is banned to transport them someplace else so they can get an abortion. So I think it can settle out rather quickly. It might favor Democrats are certainly better than anything else they can talk about the moment but I would doubt to change the fundamental dynamical or heading in the terms right.

Sorry. Thanks so much appreciated. Thanks, Brian got elected Safari out driveway gravy and the deer yeah it's it's like his monorail going by account but also leaves a lot of leftovers. That's what makes thanks we come back I'll take your calls. 186640876.

Exciting to write me a brain to just click on comments and will come through my email don't move your knowledge base Brian film tradeshow Fox News contests network. These ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox news or wherever you get your favorite, the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me. Sometimes I think Pres. Biden just thousand five.

He said today.

For example, that he bears no responsibility whatsoever for inflation. Most Americans are thinking right and Jimmy Jimmy Hoffa died of natural causes.

Also, the stripper really likes you and here's here's the true truth is that the bad administration just keeps its own and blaming other people while doing it. Nobody says Brendan Sen. John Kennedy, you said at me. Here's an example of everything that Joe Biden's been blaming blaming everybody else as we look at inflation 8.3%, down from 8.5%, which is negligible that we have the average gas prices at all-time highs. I think were at 437 is the national average putting of a dollar 50 on that if you're in California last week and so is 437 now.

Last week it was 420, the week the last month was for 11 last year was $2.96. We thought that was getting crazy 28% approve of his handling of inflation, but he just keep pointing fingers cut one of our policies to help not heard. There are two leading causes of inflation were seen today.

First cause of inflation is a once in the century pandemic. Second cause Mr. Putin's war in Ukraine. Use always on March the 60% of inflation that month was due to price increases at the pump so Vladimir Putin's price hike let's blame Rick Scott's proposed tax hike. Let's blame the 2017 Trump tax reform. Let's bring gouging get this oil and gas gouging are you kidding, and now you trying you do. I'm think they're trying to get paid for Barack Obama and here's what Obama did when his polls numbers were terrible. He was bailed out at his convention got the momentum from Bill Clinton's wonderful speech therefore wonderful for Democrats and then was able to get some momentum you know how we want by making met Mitt Romney unelectable by showing everybody. He's a rich white guy that doesn't like minorities and cutup businesses is the reason why you're unemployed and unemployment was a factor.

Back then, so that's what they're trying to do. Now let's take the Magnum movement not mention trumpet mention the whole movement and make them the problem here is Larry Kudlow cut 16.

All he did was let Biden playing game today. There is nothing nobody wants to continue to spend he wants to continue to restrict fossil fuels of all kinds. Gasoline prices hit a record high. He also wants to continue to tax is also blaming ever. I just love that he blame Claude not there's one in area blame Rick Scott. He blamed whatsit ultra magna I don't know what that is shot. Maybe you can help me right I mean ultra magna is something that China pulled his eyes. I actually don't want to use it because it's totally synthetic.

You know, if you are you know if you remember the squad you remember the squad they they love that label. If you're away left you. They love that label.

She did to leave AOC and company. They love that label that he made up a label trying to stick it to magna people. He goes back to the biggest extent of the greatest extremist organization that he seen as lifetime force in the KKK I perhaps worsen NT for all worsen Civil War. This is the worst the worst group which annuity can immobilize a whole bunch of people so that that's really what Larry Kudlow saying he's an economist the same way I would talk numbers and stating the talk labels and marketing. Marketing something were paying too much for something so if you look at other things that Joe Bynes could be doing today is what they say we are going to get prices down by easing supply chain congestion. Please show me one thing that you've done besides take one dock and make them work 24 hours, but if the truck drivers are there doesn't matter cracking down in price gouging. Okay, can you tell me anybody there's been car price gouging releasing oil from the strategic was petroleum reserve steadily but that's that sacrifice or security, and I don't really think he's done more than maybe take out a penny or two and we since loss that not much action is the Brian kill me Joe. I know it's only Wednesday but gets set for one nation Saturday at Fox News. Why is New York City fresh office set up Fox and friends, America's receptive Brian kill me.

I come in here from 46 in midtown Manhattan heard around the country heard around the world.

This is the Brian Killian show the phone number 1-866-408-7669. We have a lot to discuss today and we're going to do it with the drugmaker in a better moment for the Wall Street Journal and very powerful to serve the special assistant defense policy under George W. Bush and Barack Obama because we have this unfolding situation in Ukraine and they getting another $39 billion received the Senate green lights that I'd like to know the monies going.

I'm fully in support of help. In Ukraine, but I want to see the Europeans do something more to and I want to see and I want to see where the monies going getting it to Poland. Not enough.

I like to see exactly what's happening. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number 32 because it alienated along the country, and the result of voice yeah Eli must trump back on Twitter. If Eli gets the platform good or bad move to the 45th president change his mind and join again. We otherwise continue to believe that President Clinton would probably only authorize the use of nuclear weapons if he perceived an existential threat to the Russian state for regime but we will remain vigilant in monitoring every aspect of Russian strategic nuclear forces. That's director of national intelligence that April Haynes billion and counting as the house says yes to more money for Ukraine as a Linsky's forces push Russia at a car key in Russia makes painful progress in the East. This is US Intel says food might be getting desperate and her policies to help not heard. There are two leading causes inflation received first because inflation is a once in the century pandemic. Second, Mr. Putin's war in Ukraine really okay. He has 1/3 it's gonna make even sicker deflection on inflation.

That's again present by displaying with the number one problem in America will talk about is a responsible approach and examine how we get through this crisis and with me right now is Gerard Baker draw you surprise a prison used almost that whole presser just to blame other people think know what what else can he do right now. They don't have any publicist inflation causes are actually making inflation worse, they don't really have any kind of long-term idea about how to deal with state economy so we can do is try to guzzle time trembling of the people with conclusions price cycle. Apparently, some say how to tell you how we managed to spend yesterday were blaming Republicans and 11 even you don't control any of the leaders of federal power somehow managed blame Republicans for the record inflation. They don't have any don't have any solution they don't have a clue about what to do, so they just blame them. I guess I mean to be reminded prison. Obama was pulling through low he decide to make Mitt Romney unelectable. Just attacked Mitt Romney instead of trumpeted his policies. So instead of trumpeting his policies, Joe Biden. He just attacking what Republicans would do you know where this came from but this to me she's desperate let's blame Rick Scott, who has 11 point plan if they got in power which he would recommend.

He's one of he's one of 100 centers cut six for planners actually made working families working families. Poor not to take my word for it in writing and made their intentions perfectly clear, Sen. Rick Scott Wisconsin member of the Senate Republican leadership laid it all out in a plan is ultra my mega jump plans to raise taxes on 75 million American families. Over 95% of who make less than $100,000 year.

Total income. The average tax increase would be about $1500 for family and got it backwards.

So let's blame a guy who has an idea for what will happen if in November and they actually take power in January 2023 that's affecting leadership was. It was coming that will be referred to this mysterious person Sen. Rick Scott Wisconsin right with I never check Wisconsin for Rick Scott. Now I know absolutely. I mean it's just it's just desperate. It is absolutely desperate. You're right about middle that's exactly what will Nichols will run in 2012. I don't see it working this time because any people dealing with the daily reality of inflation we fill these numbers this morning, but I think it's hilarious that the consumer price addictions consumer price index because this morning they pulls up 8.3% on the down .2 percentage points from a month ago and he spent from 8.5 and is being heralded as well. Great inflation is easing you know the peaks things getting better. It's 8.3% which was much higher than was expected by cultists in one way price is still running the place of inflation where ahead of wages, rights of ways writing about maybe one half 5% you got people racing price increase.

So, yesterday was the highest gas gas prices. This country ever seen. So blame Sen. Rick Scott Wisconsin for the fact that inflation is high high that it's been four years never blame the Republicans the gas prices at the highest level. I think at times like this I think they really think. With that she could really think the thing think that's the problem. I think it's implicit in the progressive mindset. They actually think people are stupid and they can tell them things that are obviously untrue because they're so stupid builders go along with it work. She says Fox Paul says they're not stupid. I guess only 28% approve of the way Biden handles inflation when it comes to gas. As of this week. 4000 $0.37 last week $4.20 last month dollars and $0.11 in there someplace in California while words around seven dollars, which is unbelievable and I thought was interesting that you have the Wall Street Journal today right about the stands affected Joe Biden you do the opposite and basically whatever your instinct say to do. Do the opposite.

I think you built off this episode.

Every decision I've ever laid my entire life. All the opposite of every instinct you have is wrong than the opposite would have to be right. Yes, I will do the opposite. I used to sit here and do nothing and regret for the rest of the day, so now I will do something so that's really the premise that you built your editorial on this week today exactly yet know it's it's exactly. I mean honestly, I write you simple mistakes and get things wrong say some things I can't recall and administration set aside Ukrainians that started the second Ukraine nothing that will bring a batch of old investigational inflation on immigration on crime on the culture on the budgets on the state of the education anything anything they do anything they bring themselves to they get they get wrong. Something that is, the concentric is I do think the American people see that the likely they see they want to try something different because it couldn't possibly get worse than it is right now so you write that you said one thing she says we should really try to pass Bill back better. Really, they said we could, you should stop subsidizing wind and solar. That might be a good start and when it comes to energy Star greenlight instead of saying I love 9000 leases that are in used. Ask them why they're not being used when you ask them they tell you business. Too many regulations and restrictions around them is too costly and it doesn't make any sense. Knowing that fossil fuels are in the rearview mirror of this administration, so he still throws things out just for political gain in the middle of a crisis that's that's where they all and and and again they don't know this so out of touch with the way people what will people's consent.

Daily concerns and whether it's inflation and talking about who's to blame for inflation them, whether it's the crisis over whether it's crime people in their daily lives. Brian on dealing with these challenges, and administration. That just doesn't seem to just just doesn't get it and I think that's I think we went six months away. No less than signals within the terms we even similarly go back better bring back the policies that they have culturally some sensible sentences in their infancy dimension because in cinema particularly likely killed once it was too big. It was expensive. It was a waste of money to the deficit, which was about a web inflation rate so they killed the response we need more morbid it's it's tedious it is it is it's it's it's a government. Those of Poland by an English poet years ago but rulers who neither see nor feel normal and I think that's it. They don't see and feel they don't know that we went when you know when. Let my people really who was committed to their own ontological agenda with contempt honestly felt most people think that you should get one stumbles going home. So just plow ahead with the ring program and unfortunately it will come to an end in like five months. Yeah, a couple of things that come to mind. Number one, you could come to an end about five months within the present and have to work with other people working sit there and Sam's can play this out for two more years and just sit there, compare and contrast his policies to others is right now. He does have to deal with Republicans for the most part you like to get 10 votes because NAFTA so he digs out Rick Scott's plan from Wisconsin.

As you mention, but I want to bring if I can pivot over Ukraine for second within the conservative movement. There's some people that are very uneasy about us doubling, tripling down with weapons into Ukraine.

I'm not one of them, but I would like accountability as we are about to give $39 billion over to them and then the hundred and $15 million at a regular basis while everything we just discussed is happening here at home. Tell me how many people you think Jim Jordan speaks for when he says this 24 I understand people's intentions. I understand how bad the situation is for Ukrainian people what they're going through and why some of my college and it went that way, but also understand what's happening here in this country with record levels across the border that's wide open Atty. Gen. who tweets the dead tree for very long, that you were talking to, as if there were domestic terrorists and one of the Democrats done the last two weeks. Lastly think they give us the disinformation governance board and get come after a person in the liberties and this week they spend $40 million on a foreign country so that's the concern that I have and I think so many Americans at all kinds of helpful Ukraine thus far, but this bill we said no we got a focus on the issues that count here in America that now to American family and also help Ukraine but do it in a way that makes more sense and I think this piece of legislation – particularly the fact that we only had a few hours to look at Jim Jordan have a point but you Brian on Ukraine. I'm talking with the Ukrainian people on all of the courage of the showman. I think frankly, if we can help them defeat the Russians that will be a good thing I did like you I have some sympathy with that view, that we have a lot of problems, particularly this this cost-of-living crisis. The people are going through the same inflation so high, wages rising, nothing like false. It does seem a little, it does seem like it is. I think it is starting to seem to some people and I can control despicable people say look just as he said I support Ukraine. I support I want. I want to win, I will help. We can help help but we billion dollars especially.

I think you raise this point, only Brian with Europeans doing the Europeans doing the still buying billions of dollars a week in Russian gas should be okay. They said they going to wean themselves off the gas of the next year so the trumpet use the dependency on Russian gas, but that's the reality. So while we are spending $40 billion to help Ukrainians fight the Russians, Europeans, spending way more than that. Tell the Russians what Ukrainians will create but they all as a matter fact giving them paying for that gas which you supposedly need and so I think I think there I think I III sympathize with the sentiment that you express is I think the way to do it is the same. Europeans get serious about this. You know, I know but me. I know you, but the British by the West with my own country based on a tremendous amount help the rest of the Germans just dragged their feet didn't really want to send NEH of the months and months direction. Finally, grace and the maiden that now that now the backtracking and they don't want to do it generally is extremely rich country budget that exists much more than the US budget deficit is right there in your the ability to send will help more systems to the Ukrainians and it is probable that this minimalist money in Russian. One guess so let Europeans to be more pressure Europeans did even as we do what we can help the greenies by the Russian guy did not know Germany was backing out but I did find this interesting is that the Ukrainians natural natural gas grid operator said Tuesday it would stop transporting Russian gas through the eastern border.

Intrigue called whatever it is it's unpronounceable, raising fears of a cut off of flows into Europe so it flows through the Ukraine out the Nordstrom one but this one does in the stop stop allowing natural gas to come through so that's got to be interesting is yeah it is it is and again that's Russian Russian energy for 20 years European governments have arrived at Russian power by spent sending the money. It is, it was the case of Jimmy's. We famously know the former chancellor of Germany should get help for a job transfer Jimmy as he sits on the board of gospel means making himself personally millions of dollars a year from working for Vladimir Putin's energy companies. The Europeans are completely tied into the Russian energy market in a way that makes them completely dependent on and that's that's that's the problem here that way that's not only the continued support supply those funds that the Vladimir Putin needs they have created that help create this and I can think again. Just a repeat. I think the Ukrainians I'm talking with the cranes at them go along with these people, especially conservative to say all the cranes will not function correctly. We can defeat the Russians will be great not just for them. The rest of the will is really it is reasonable to expect Americans once again to shoulder, but most of the book for this and I think it's time that the country stepped up absolutely. I think they got the message so thanks so much joy, bigger appreciate what I enter a large extent effect 1-866-408-7669 we come back will take some calls will talk more about was happy Ukraine Franco Misha something new every day, Brian kill me show if you're interested in Bryan's talking about it, kill me see you stay as it alienated the country and the results voice. Now they go that is evil and must same time, come on back if I get it now. The thing is, these big business guys will tell you he bought a $54 a share roughly in some change. Now it's at 46 and then he's worried about Tesla he was taken some of that stock and using that to buy this intestinal stock is drops of wood that stop him from from getting Twitter I don't know Alysia second thoughts. I don't think so. Eric was in KF TK a 97 one Eric word earlier you said refunds.

We don't need the great Congressman from Wisconsin to tax people.

We need to stop a multi-dollar your giveaway of giving refunds as they quote them to people who haven't paid in a dark yeah I mean or welfare or the dead.

That's with Rick Scott's point was to just get people work, I don't care how good the job is is 7 million open jobs 11 meal.

There is 7 million people without jobs and 11 million jobs.

How come we can get some of them into these jobs.

That's what his point was and that's what Joe Biden says how dear you look to tax people working class people are not the rich, which is just mind-boggling and selfish. We come back we talk about the war in Ukraine, then a finish of the more you because I think Trump should go back but not quite yet not quite yet. Social off and running. I wanted radio that makes you think this is Brian kill me show assessment on the state of inviting center. I think I think I would characterize as Russians are winning Ukrainians are winning read a bit of a stalemate here if Russia doesn't declare war and mobilize the stalemates, can last for a while and I don't see a breakout on either side. If they do mobilize and they do declare war, that'll bring thousands of more soldiers to the fight. And even though they may not be as well trained and competent, they will still bring mass and a lot more ammunition that is Lieutenant General Scott Berrier.

He is the director of the DIA, the Defense intelligence agency he was answering Tom cotton joining us now to discuss this from the tactical level, Barry Powell, Sarah Pavel. He serves as his special assistant for defense policy and strategy on the national Security Council for Pres. George W. Bush and Pres. Obama very welcome.

Thank you, thank you for adding me very use call this a standoff to drop until it isn't safe answer from a very intelligent agency but but it's hard to tell. The Ukrainians are making a lot of progress around car keep the really pushing the Russians back there getting closer to the international border between Russia and Ukraine. There is a lot overall stalemate, but you don't know what's going to happen when there's a breakthrough in one or more of the different concentrated areas of the fight. This is a problem with the Russians. They say okay this is a war and would have a national draft.

It takes a while draft and began to train them to train the trainers to train them and are they can get a hold out that long, and it would cost and could the public sentiment turned against this operation question I'll answer the last one for my understanding of the Russian information environment completely dominated by propaganda and so I don't see I'm not one of those who see the threat to pollutant until the casualties start piling up so much that the mothers you know and others are just decide that this is crazy matter what the national interests are at stake. I think ultimately this is a competition between Russian numbers and Ukrainian quality military capability and the reason I and and the only way that happened in the enormous amount of aid and training and equipment that is coming from the United States and NATO allies. I think that means ultimately that I like quality and I don't see fresh Russian conscripts being pushed into the front. That's is going to be cannon fodder, which is really tragic and sad, so I think that this is going to be.

It's really up if Ukraine keeps pushing them back what what what is going to do when will he declare victory and money to spend on that point he controlled the information environment in Russia. He could declare victory with whatever narrative he wants. Today, next month, next year in 2030 up to him right in some way that is too apt to our advantage because even if he is losing one. So yes so the Russian Defense Ministry said his forces in eastern Ukraine had advanced to the border of don't ask, in Lujan's the two Russian-speaking provinces where Moscow back separatists have been fighting for about eight years so they are asserting themselves in yesterday and they had seven missiles into Odessa and they've already locked up that port and blockaded the port so I worry about the East just being solely suffocated.

And of course when you can get the grain out the places like Africa suffer you got another enormous global implications that the geopolitical level in terms of security in terms of energy security and its sequelae a problem and even for Europe to sustain the sanction we just saw today Hungary playing a bit of a spoiler role because of the closeness of that leader relative closeness of that leader to to pollutant but I know I don't see enormous noteworthy Russian advances over the last several days at all in the East, but that is where the worry should be. That is where most of the course of the fighting Russians are going to have to divert forces to car. Keep in the north to be able to stop Ukrainian counteroffensive from proceeding all the way to the border. They have hit Odessa with mental it's really humanitarian nightmare that they keep hitting targets and in a city like that but I don't see them having the capability to advance with forces along the coastline and connect Crimea and and and take the entire Ukrainian coach I don't see that happening anytime soon. Might it happen in three months, six months maybe they got their hands full in the East and the Northeast top US spy says it is a drastic secret plan to win the war is a current US intelligence agencies prepared to dig his heels in over the war in Ukraine and let it drag out for some time and along the way, he might resort to extreme measures.

We think those extreme measures might be yet not one of those coming so you know a lot of discussion of nuclear use of nuclear weapon. I think the chances of that are between one and 3%. I did not. He respects nuclear power and respect NATO's and the US deterrent.

He doesn't want to bring NATO into holy month of full power of the United States and more of the world against him. So that is very unlikely. Chemical weapons use probably likely to use them in Syria. Other types of escalation you know, it's hard to figure out how or why II just think he will drag this out. I think that's right.

My best gas in the gas on the scenario is at a certain point, he'll just keep things the way they are like what are called frozen conflicts. It keeps countries that are between NATO and Russia out of NATO and out of the EU and he's always done that in Georgia that involved over so my guess is he'll he will again, this could last a while. The hostilities might kind of simmer and then who knows maybe want to come up with a better plan Oak Hill we launch an operation to take all of eastern Ukraine. I don't think he's the capability to take the whole country. But six months from now. 12 months from now. I think that is the stuff that is my best guess Billy is giving billions were about to give almost 40 billion to him again hundred 15 million in emergency funds can we keep this going for six months. At this rate well I mean it happened that on Monday just really make an important point. Visit our fight US. In other words, if Clinton wins. If he takes over half of Ukraine at the take over all of Ukraine that is very bad for United States because that means our defense budget going to skyrocket to deal with basically in Athens, a new Cold War where an Iron Curtain has descended to just defendant in a different place right that's it. That's natural resources in the region to then the Russian grand lion you're right. And that is no doubt part of the privacy seeking I just want to make sure my view is this is not humanitarian were not being nice to Ukrainian.

This is really in US national security interests to keep this going to think static Ukrainian fight going to think how can intelligence be so wrong and say they can phone 72 hours. That was just the conventional wisdom and how could they be overestimating the Russians for so long.

I was talking to Mark as per today's like. We had no idea they were that they were that vulnerable that's susceptible that inapt.

Hopefully there will be hearing that will dive into the details of that we are we in the national security community, including intelligence community are very good at getting a lot of things wrong were very good at being surprised, we were surprised by 9/11. We were surprised that you decided to actually invade many people think you got debated moving the course of the row. I was actually one of the he is invading you don't move blood supplies to the border if you're not going to actually have go into a real fight you a very important good questions. I think we need to do a much better job of art intelligence and of our policy limit the sort of talk to the pattern. Your people say put the rational okay. He took part of Georgia in 2008, no one really did anything.

He takes Crimea in 2014 not much a slap on the rest. Take some of the Don box in 2014 not much of a response. So the rational for him to say. Six years later at your okay take the whole thing no one can do anything anyway so he obviously got a lot of things wrong himself and the intelligence officials and military officials in Russia will pay a heavy price for that. Probably with their lives but we do need to get to the bottom of how we are often really not don't have a good handle on certain aspects. I do want you to be intelligence community Credito in last fall.

They were saying he's going to invade and they were right in the by administration to the good job sharing intelligence and convincing Allied. This is going to happen and we need to start preparing for when it does not get a little credit but also I agree with your overall point, we do get a lot of things wrong to this very curious to see what happens from here.

Would you be greenlining, Sweden and Finland into NATO 100% you'll hear a formal application tomorrow from Finland, the Swedes will be days behind. Not many days parliaments will move very quickly to prove them in the U.S. Senate will have the debate. I think it should be a good debate. I think it's important to baby issues, but to me it's it's a no-brainer. These are these are Norman security contributors are not free riders can add a lot to NATO and make US and NATO strong surprise McCrone came out and says can be a long time before the EU accepts Ukraine yeah I don't quite understand that I don't think that's necessarily helpful.

I thought that you present on the line had the right approach saying what a fast track.

This I think she said a few weeks ago, so that's not morale in hand. Think we need to make much sense to me. I think we need to move quickly know anybody who says anything about provoking food and while he is invading a country and killing hundreds and thousands of civilians that that doesn't work for me. That argument very well. Thanks so much, very appreciated. Thank you. By 186-640-8766. I will talk about that. Also, this Pennsylvania race is really intriguing is six days away.

It's Dr. Osgood, friend of the show.

The McCormick's been on two and we are seeing a very tight race really is a three-headed race Catherine Barnett to is doing well in Pennsylvania and you gotta wonder if whoever emerges are they a favorite to hold that Pat Toomey seat Brian Kelly showed him move and use that up. Thanks to Bryan's got a lot more to say.

Stay with Brian until made breaking news. All Brian until made. Show justifiably right, you don't really push since I got and I need to get 60 votes to pass.

So Joe Biden's is just as I have to send in the house in the White House.

I need 60 votes yeah but there's other stuff you can do and you had that bipartisan bill. There's other things you might be able to get done but going out insane ultra mega movement. The most extreme movement ever as I can win people over to your side. I would not think Caleb was on WO KV hey Caleb in Jacksonville, Florida with a month, the mentalist and the things of somehow been missed by a lot of folks but, taken by the leading tend to be you thinking, you keep referring to Rick Scott is with this.

Wisconsin Sen. but this is the same former governor of Florida, Rick Scott and current Sen. Porter Rick Scott and I believe Mr. Scott is a pretty good track record fiscally in the state of Florida is a well-respected politician and he has a lot of good ideas so I don't always agree with everything but for the most part I think I Mr. Scott spent a pretty good job and people would take notes notice subtle words from so they couldn't get a better representation of his policies and his ideas in and not just discard disregard and with constant standards. No disrespect Wisconsin but I think record or that was a terrible press conference by the present. He was totally lost most of the time.

David listening Colorado hey David, I was just one always just wanted to say about the belief always as you keep talking about… There is a huge story behind that no one talking about witches and the Biden ministration snuck in a carbon Right when they came in office and you see all these all gasoline thinkers that are traveling around they have to get the good finally in your state and that state of being carbon tax and you can only produce so much gasoline a month. The thought, Kyle produce a thousand gallons a month and now can only produce about 200 because being taught they don't shut the refinery down to just keep them idle until the month rolled over in the and that father.father did not carbon, I drive a truck so you guys yeah and it took a diesel by the Jay Leno said if you look how much death arenas much death arenas can afford it now, but they guys that are driving the gasoline thinkers were under state regulations awful because they can drive it much as they want in a day. Okay, I understand that there were about the drivers. David, thank you proceed we do about what's wrong with the economy even more weight in last night with Channing Breen cut $0.15 will remind the viewer's that when Donald Trump left office. The economy was actually a lot of really nice recovery back in early 2021 and the inflation rate. Back then, Shannon was 1.51.6 percent. So we go from 1.51.6 percent that you have percent in 15 months and I think it's a result of these trillions of dollars of spending. I want to just remember at this point if you look at everything that Biden was talk about that more childcare subsidies, elder subsidies, more subsidy for our culture more green energy subsidies, electric vehicles, that's just a pile more money in the economy.

Yeah that is true. People have their own agenda and that's the issue in this agreed agenda hits the wind into solar. It's the subsidies for all that and that you sit up you really want to get stuff done. You stare down you left which would be run claim leads and you chairman a year. Do you Chief of Staff is because it was some way to be doing this for next year and 1/2 and by the way he could do it for selfish reasons.

You say, look, you you guys what I can to win as a party, a single election must have a find a way to get inflation under control. My goodness, there's no baby formula in this country. You struggle once in a while to find issues that are universal and everyone feels and understands. You found that with inflation and baby formula, parents, grandparents care if you didn't actually get baby formula you know what it's like to hunt for it and now you gotta struggle to get it and then what are you supposed to do, especially if the kids got some sensitive stomach and there's certain the certain things that they can only have so if it's nonexistent you supposed to give something to the kid that is going to cause him or her great pain, not a positive not deposit all for the ministration. I think there are trouble on this messaging and I think you got a double and triple down today and talk about how the potent price hike is affecting farmers is a land in Illinois who in price hike. Just tell me what you do for the farmers. Don't tell me who's to blame it we can get this week out. Brian Kelly Fox news radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive answer.

Brian kill me.

I want to waste a minute, this is Brian kill me if you don't think so much for being here that Kevin has to keep it up ready to go to defend his record as a prison United States and I'd like Donald Trump was still present yesterday. As you know, he seems to have a problem with taking responsibility for anything. We saw that on display and there was a lot younger starts on the sardonic should save Newsweek that you know this before I got to get her take on what's going on and must also what's going on with not only with you on multiple prison Trump and truth social and things to that nature. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three sponsored by life and save a life and a choking emergency visit life back down there to learn more and use code BK tend to save 10% number three 2000 state because it alienated the country and the results not having a voice that you think so I'm pretty sure that's right Trump back on Twitter. If Eli must get his way. But if he does get his way and does invite them back. Will the president say yes. Should he say we otherwise continue to believe the present improvement would probably only authorize the use of nuclear weapons if he perceived an existential threat to the Russian state or regime, but we will remain vigilant in monitoring every aspect of Russian strategic nuclear forces. Yeah I guess so.

Averell Haynes, the DNI director 40 billion and counting.

That's the house says yes to even more than present to Biden wanted now is to go to the Senate. The Zielinski force is doing quite well. But the Russians are having painful progress in the East.

This is is you a US Intel says vitamin food will double and triple down in order to win in current policies help not hurt. There are two leading causes of inflation were seen today. First, because inflation is a once in the century pandemic.

Second cause Mr. Putin's war in Ukraine. Okay, he's got 1/3 to a negatively who deserves that the flexion the deflection on inflation. That's the game present by displaying the number one problem in America today where to talk about is a responsible approach and examine how we get by and got to this crisis point.

Kevin passes with the sound that Sherry national review capital matters. Senior advisor, former chairman of the Pres.'s Council of economic advisors came a couple times back to the Trump administration.

Kevin you have to defend your record at your 2017 tax hike. They said it was a tax hike is me your tax cut added to the deficit and only help the wealthy that according to present Biden yellow glow that were true, then why wages for the bottom 10% of Americans.

Faster than for any other decile and income inequality.

Drop sharply and the average American family game $6600 in extra income after the tax cuts and soak it all the all the numbers are well known in the Journal this week with Steve on Monday to look up expert that the thickness of crazy about Biden is that he's doing all this stuff to attack supply. If you look at the data, multinationals, something I mention the maternal or clean the country again because they're being threatened with all these heavy regulations and higher taxes, small business, and the cumbersome scenes of World War II because again they're getting just crushed by government regulators. Biden came in and he said hey regulators, you can pass whatever regulations you want and like in the old world regulation at the pass. A cost-benefit test to prove it helped America he withdrew that with an executive order so they could just write regulations like crazy because climates are to spread that they have a thousand hundred new regulations for appliances, imagine 100 toasters take eight months to to toaster toast great Google save energy but in any case, Biden saying that his policies have nothing to do with inflation. Just crazy.

He's attacking supply. Inflation happens when there's more demand than supply and is doing nothing to help supply and focus like a laser on the inflation problem. But then actually have anything to do just pointed out in space and it's really really and you know you can see it in numbers today.

I know it's really hard to look at something like the consumer price index. It comes out as always talk about the numbers over 12 months. But here's the way to think about. If you look at the average rate of inflation in America over the last three months, according to today's number.

It's basically almost exactly 10%, 10%. If you look at the average over the last six months. It was 9% okay so so therefore it's gone from 9% to 10% inflation is celebrated, not decelerating, and that's why markets have been in turmoil today, but in any case, accelerating inflation is accelerating Biden's terrible policy, slimy Nestlé says he says easily causes listless and cut to first because inflation is once in the century pandemic. Not only did it shut down our global economy through the supply chains and demand completely out of whack, especially in countries were more effective recovery responses weren't available, especially in those sectors that rely on semiconductor this year we have a second cause second, Mr. Warren, Ukraine is always on March the 60% inflation that month was to price increases of gasoline wars raised food prices as well because Ukraine and Russia to the world.

Major bread baskets of Parisian corn are essentially complete install so and what he's doing about.

He says he's on stocking the un-sticking the supply chain I he says he's cracking down a people gouging when it comes to energy.

So what you think about how would his assessment is and what he's doing what you did mention something certainly Ukraine war disrupted global energy market that led to a higher price for sure. There are a lot of things that could've upset that which happened because of Biden's terrible policy you know to put the covert argument of prospective you know when Biden took office, the inflation rate was about 1 1/2% and now it's 10% and your president Trump and I was in the White House back then mention that I went back to America, but I designed stimulus packages that remember we did like five in one year we did a little bit of the time because what we wanted to do was see what the harm to the economy was then offset it. And so when Biden took office.

We basically dug a hole with the shutdowns of them all back up and we're back to the recovery at a V-shaped recovery and no inflation.

And then what he did is use the excuse of covert capacities massive big government spending bills which with inflation on fire and so his idea that it was COBIT known the way of scope. It is that he used coded as an excuse to like put the Democratic which was through Congress. You know, in the guise of some Kevin if I said hey right so I sent Kevin help me out. Kevin Hassett help me out.

The economy now what could you do what would name three things you would do right now. So what we need to do is we need to one of our being phased out and because you like the stupid budget rules you could make the task of permanent and so they should make the tax cuts permanent and if they do that and that'll make US corporations that are starting to flee and go back again. It starts next year if it goes down basically 20% a year starting next year so it stays down and make those things permanent and instant since tax concert on the corporate side are going away most of them than all of the rush to build factories in the US. It happened right after the tax has stopped and reversed because people think Biden is really bad so that's the one thing to lose. He should abandon his bill back better policies and an announcement is going to do that.

I think people are still fearful but those are good happen, but basically by since he's been in office has been paying people not to work and so labor force participation right now is still way below where it was before the pandemic and so it hasn't recovered. Also, we don't have labor supply capital and labor supply capital but you don't have supply inflation so he keeps calling the supply disruption disruption suggests that there's like a crash on the bridge again.

I clear the crash late start to get going on what's going on is that were headed towards her like a worse long run equilibrium because of his terrible policies and is not a temporary thing and all is a permanent thing. At least until Republicans get America first policy you see they can do that and see that indeed would would take place any Silva Rick Scott coming out with his 11 point plan, one of which says you get that 50% of something any tax we gotta get them paying put some skin in the game and he essentially means that through getting them a job so do you think it's good politics is a good economics either or not a politician of the expended it yet, but effective. What we focused on in the trumpet ministration was getting the marginal person who had a job in a long time connect be connected to society and we did it we member we have this task force basically talked a whole bunch of companies into giving apprenticeships to young people, and then created 16 million apprenticeships. We brought education programs back to the prisons so that when prisoners leave prison, but the skills they need to get a job. We changed occupational licensing rules for military spouses there almost a million of them that are unemployed because when their spouse moves from state to state been likely.

Nursing certification doesn't move with it right yet he stayed at the different ones we became close friends at the big macro policies as well. And with that it is that increased labor force stationed strikingly and everybody thought it was impossible that would reverse it was a down on a downtrend straight down trend under Biden and Obama and we reversed it to the shock of everybody and we did it with all of these policies. And so it Biden renews all things that labor supply will pick back up and then workers will be going to work in producing stuff and prices of her replacement, but if he doesn't do any of that stuff which is not going to, at least until Republicans are in Congress and the only game in town is the Fed and the history of that policy is that inflation only goes down when interest rates higher than? So think about it I just told you the inflation rates 10% as a guide you these little half-point moves are can do anything to not well yes it is several current and former state officials today suggest in recent days. In hindsight, the central bank could have reacted quickly and more forcefully last fall that would have profound uncertainty about the future of the Fed's approach to setting policy slowed it down. How you feel but that they moved to slow way to slow and you know you know what Larry show and talk about this going all the way back until last year ago and is really obvious that inflation was starting to take off as soon as by the fire with using a fake stimulus bill and that's when the Fed should start, and the fact that they didn't is because I think that they're basically there in denial still in denial.

J. Powell and his news conference. Is there no signs of a recession, but the first quarter GDP number was negative. Recession is when you have two negative quarters in a row.

The first quarter was negative. If we get a negative quarter second quarter recession in in in in in right now it's looking like that hundred and 5050 chance of the second quarters negative to think about it, looking at negative prints in the pictures telling us there's no sign recession. There clearly in denial and that's why you policy get out of don't bad staff that career bureaucrats telling them things that aren't true economy and they're making that policies the tech sector.

Everything from Amazon to Facebook suffering, maybe 15 stocks that have been the backbone is present temporary in your mind. Kevin know. Because here's the way to think about it when the interest rate goes up which is good have to live right and what that means is exposing interest rate of zero than a dollar, five years from now is the same as today right if interest rates 10% than the dollar in the bank today and you got like 65 years from now and so and so the value of money off of the future, it is less the higher the interest rate discount ignited into what happened to Growth stocks NASDAQ firms then there is a lot of them are even profitable right now, but they cannot promise to make a lot of profit and the value of having money in the future, goes way down. When interest rates go up, so by my calculus NASDAQ because just the interest rate changes this year should have underperformed the overall market by about 10% and that's about how it's done. And so it's really just like the interest rate story. The strike has subsided. So that's really not sure what's going on. He is knows exactly must be agonizing.

He was former present present trumps former member of the Council of economic advisors as to come back couple times Kevin, thanks so much for making sensible this and he also doesn't blame. He tries to get answers 1-866-408-7669 Brian Kelly Cho driving to today's top stories Brian kill me the fastest three hours and radio is your kill me if anything has been fighting away from people's houses and their children justices.

This is against local, state and federal rules are not ever to intimidate justice in the course of them coming up with the session. Instead, they are actually encouraging this to continue and it's it's not just Biden it's of course Sen. Schumer has personally threatened. I don't know if there is anybody among leadership that's actually speaking out against going to people's homes and protesting which is crazy because destruction were like when they went outside his house, Nancy Pelosi, like when they went outside her house. That to me is a bridge too far. I think so think you need even put it in a code or law. Just say hey listen, let's not bring work home but they say well you can't get to the Supreme Court was a fence it off so that's what happens. Outsourcing online in Mountain View, California. Alex was on your mind to comment about the inflation my opinion the complaints about high gas prices are really valid because Japan and Europe before the pandemic pressure paying 20% more than what were paying now and they called their high gas issues by simply driving subcompact cars and we could do the same thing and furthermore, if we did everyone drive the subcompact cars we lower demand for gasoline and that she would help our nation now simple when you need a bigger car and you need minivans to get for kids around or you have to pick up kids and go to a sporting event or you want to travel long distance maybe you want to do it in a Corolla and that should not be an issue. We are in any independent, country Alex, I'm all for sacrificing within reason. But all of a sudden now because somebody wants to invest in wind and solar and vilify oil and gas we have to go in in and live in a Volkswagen hello I'm done with that, I was told about Joe Biden as he put the blame game. He always has. Listen to them back in April. Listen to them back in bed and over in May last week of three.

So because of the weird disruptions in our supply of important materials for prices going up the second big reason for inflation is gas prices is Vladimir gas price increase every year my predecessor before the pandemic during the predecessor supply chain inflation is caused by Vladimir Putin. It's every damn EQ matching JFK, the Bay of Pigs, sorry about that Eisner left his plan behind. I thought I do it since he was a very famous general imagined Iran-Contra the present Reagan at the time said really to send some weapons overrun that it was more.

Any apologize to Joe show that you are with Brian kill me to stay because it alienated the country and the result. Your voice still had a voice at Ceylon Mustang yesterday him and invite them back on Bhatia Unger's argon joint is now Newsweek's deputy pinning editor and author of bad news.

How local media is undermining democracy body. Welcome back, now how often you are this morning when you come on and talk about, you know, I'm not sure I agree with you know even better because were not scared of different viewpoints. We welcome not to know that about you.

You talk the talk. He walked a lot and I'm so glad to be here with you. I agree.

I think that I look back on. I like it wants to be more inclusive about it. He did talk about having some standards, but keeping the 45th prison off, would be one of them. You think that's a mistake for Elon if he gets it. Now I totally agree with that are treated on Twitter is really deplorable.

You entered all the time being shut down.

I'm having a platform to limit in any way anything and I think I'm on the left, but I can see that and I think it's time I think putting Trump from Claire went back to the practice in any department that I think I totally agree with you about all that white disagree and I think that is just not the right guy because that's something that I think I know you're passionate about connection to China never said no to the Chinese Communist Party and groveling to them and cheerleading them building a showroom in Shenyang White is happening that I know you're passionate about and trying to park at me. You know all all of this talk about free speech seriously for the Chinese coming party cheerleader in the wax by thinking out. I feel a little bit content to be excited about Eli marking Twitter. I think that him trying to change the conversation around that we can't Hundred and 30,000 in The cards for overheating when they charge quickly and the screen going blank when he jokingly remarked he was trying to shift the narrative a little bit more cynical than what you think that's a good point.

I just thought that he would invest easy vesting like almost all these international corporations doing China is a want to be able to grow that market. They see billions of people and they say that's a chance to manufacture an idea, a decent rate but you know China did invest allow them to come forward and to allow go forward with the Tesla that is deftly a concern.

I love to see them answer that question directly, but overall I love the fact that Jack Dorsey supports the Trump comes back ices list at the time we thought was a good move. It's not a good move. Do you think overall as a business move.

You want to be able to hear all if Trump starts doing stuff that you are responsible, you simply suspend that account. We suspend that tweet but would you when you bad people forever. It tells about your people. They don't care what I think Twitter is on the left and right thing when you're protecting yourself in a cocoon viewpoint you get the agreement you get one week because you know you're no longer what if I'm wrong.

Could you only people who agree with you.

I think that at least one of the driving force in the Democratic Party and why they're always catering to an ever smaller, more marginal, more extreme left. They just are not forced to hear how normal Americans think about what were so much more divided than United totally think that they could put it on present prompts and understand how they got all the terrible turning one way, I think.

Since somehow Jack Dorsey was afraid to upset his last name.

Evidently he's all in on Elon musk coming in, usually must said about truth social because auntie trumps doing it anyway. 29. Social lunch rights in the United States and so I think this was been having. Okay so sewer goes on. The other big story is Roe V Wade. Here's what some the critics are saying the Democrats are saying about the protests from the Supreme Court justices houses listen from to leave to leap to Sarah Warren to Omar cut 32 protesters that are outside Supreme Court justices homes and interrupting Catholic mass if they should be prosecuted for violating federal laws that prevent be careful because it's a slippery slope Frank have a First Amendment right to be there in protest line. You don't contend that you think that these protesters should continue to be outside justices homes and interact church interrupted and protested all the time.

I welcome it. In many ways as long as it's not you know violent rhetoric. This Supreme Court said back then protester should be able to get right in people's faces. Now they are erecting barriers to try to keep protesters as far away from themselves as possible and you go on and on and on. So they just say this is part of the business. Do you think it should be part of the business now hollering Democratic Party right now better and like overeducated white radical liberal young man in church and screaming at people who are at prayer right Democratic Party. In a nutshell, white overeducated liberal elite screaming at people of color now they are on the side of social justice and equality in the kind of progress while screaming and disrupting their prayer disrespecting their value increasing the divide between point that the outcome.

The poor kid of color in school, and rich white Democratic Party today and make them sound like you keep pointing out what they're exposed to only see their far left blank time on Twitter wicked play for only like to get right out of touch with the average American Democratic who really agrees with the Republican Republican guard on so many issues especially social education.

Yeah, I want you sent Marco Rubio said about it I just think I see codified.

I would usually say listen listen Jen Saki's house was Kelly McInerney's house. Let's go to Alito's house.

We want to harass Amy coming Barrett's family, most of which are under 10 years old and traumatizing. I just think it's gotta be there's gonna be some decorum somehow someway.

Here's would Marco Rubio say cut 35 I can call Supreme Court justice tonight at say I know I have a case before you really like you to roll that way you can't do that if I can call on the phone and say that talking you assemble a mob with pitchforks and torches and go outside their private home.

The people say peacefully assemble. That's not true. The message behind showing up at someone's house as we know where you live to make you uncomfortable or going to make your family and comfortable and by the way, is 100 of us here not anonymous or to go home and you never know if one whack job, either here or somewhere else in the shop the middle of the night and try to harm you. That's the message behind showing up people's home is an open effort to intimidate Supreme Court justices on their decision. It's illegal, it's improper. It should be condemned and it's going to lead to bad places into. Thing is, Bhatia was it's not hard for the prison to say that you agree totally granting here on down something so ugly something illegal by the way, I totally agree with you I think it's really awful and is back Roe V Wade codified into law position on abortion that it's far to the left of where the average Democratic voter believes the law should be in fact majority of people contents pro-choice, only believe it should be legal in the first trimester, 15 weeks, which is essentially where the ballot and felt a lot of it eventually way to the left of where even the median Democratic voter and now felt that he could penalize when you know send them to jail stuff like that. After getting an abortion. It far to the right where comedienne Republican voter that 60% of Republican voters don't believe women should go to jail stuff a penalty for getting an abortion until I think people really lost sight of the most important thing that democracy should reflect where the American people and Americans are actually a lot less divided on abortion politicians intermediate wants to believe she's a carrier exercise on in this decision is even come down yet. They should think of Newsweek online or in person Bhatia Unger's argon. Thanks so much. Thank you so much for having me by surprise or keeping them all right.

Thank you. Try hey listen I will finish up and find out there's a calls out there. Also see if there's more to know Brian kill me. Joe also will be on the five tonight and will be a carload for busy afternoon both sides all these so busy he'll make dear Brian, kill me. So there have been protests outside the home of some Supreme Court justices, broadly speaking, how you feel.

I think if you stay away from families like officials and members. You can express yourself exercising First Amendment rights to go after them homes to do anything threatening nature, certainly, anything violent is absolutely and you start getting you there from another Democrat that I know of that means that I give the characters found that I did not know existed that anybody was upset that the that these three purchases getting harassed and that Alito had to leave his house and I believe Cavanaugh had to be forced out over the weekend got out ahead of time. Let's find out is even more to know no prize.

No charges for Mike Tyson for punching an airplane passenger that guy looks deranged by the way, remember we kept in the back of the sea want to take a picture with them hidden so Tyson just turned around and punched him two or three times in the face you see them afterwards in terms of the guys got pretty much of a bad criminal record.

Quote the San Mateo District Attorney's Office, said it is close the case and decided against pursuing charges against Tyson Steve during his days everybody would try to get famous by prosecuting Tyson what he didn't deserve it. There were times he did a represents for Tyson previously said the box was on a flight when the aggressive passenger who began harassing him through a bottle of water.

Adam to his seat. Apparently Tyson was very friendly with them and I said he took pictures with them. Him and his friend and the guy drunk or whatever.

And also the guy that was punched also asked not to have charges filed probably realized guys got a better record Dave Chapelle's alleged attacker denied request for release. That's good news. Isaiah Lee was in court on Tuesday asking for the judge to reduce the $30,000 bond.

The judge said no photo of the NBC four channel was a deliciously looking very solemn. You should storm the stage with a weapon, how is even considered you getting out even gather $30,000 is beyond me, but my question with this is that they're not going to go with only talking because one of the excuses that the DA was making the knife wasn't extended so that's now the self-closing is not. If he wasn't taken off the stage to stop you from extending the knife and using it. I agree with extended absolutely. Next, the flex will not stream Dave Chapelle sets from their Netflix is a Joe festival where he was attacked on stage so he loses all around for what not forget for allowing this guy not to stab him to a doctor to get aired, will you know apparently no further into this, that they weren't going to be airing that wasn't anywhere anywhere there's any thought he was never recorded by them to begin with. It's all secondary handheld sure they could go through the recorded because they were recording Dave Chapelle, would you not record your headliner Dave Chapelle and friends, but he was on stage unless it was a warm up act. See this thing before the festival began which ran from April 28 through May 8 difference made it clear that you post for so that shows a valuable for not being filled. I guess I see what you're saying there.

Phil did have his own cameras there to film his performance are going to Hollywood reporter, the festival featured 336 comments comics performing 288 shows so that is a huge festival. After a while you must be all selling the same yeah but I mean think about right Bob Saget attribute among premier Bob Saget attribute among the premier date set for Netflix is Joe festival are they going to stare at June 10 is when the lineups highlights the special Saget friends and family pay their respects to America's dad. We just know this. Among the people on the John Mullaney Dave Chapelle Chelsea handler John Stuart took the stage remember the legacies of Robin Williams, Joan Rivers, Richard Pryor and George Carlin click on a roundup of her when the tide of the last 10 years made me great correct meetings at all. I don't say the odd one out should be Chelsea and I stuff my sarcastic and angry boy who is next. Maybe a James Cromwell babe in succession actor glues himself to New York City starburst counter in a mill protest the actor an animal rights activist James Cromwell did the gluing by New York City people for the ethical treatment of animals or better known as Peter posted live video social media showing Cromwell, whose 82 and the star of the paved movies and HBO succession voicing his concerns. There's no reason for it except greed, Cromwell says when we stop raking in huge profits while customers, animals and the environment suffer.

The milk was a painless way to going was going off. Apparently also saying that when you separate the babies from their cow mother's day morning just like a human would Mornay that was also part of his diatribe.

Try to get people off of milk, said Starbucks is guilty of enforcing a senseless up charge against customers seeking a milk alternative this next coming Netflix doors. We have a House subcommittee will hold a hearing next week about UFOs. The first open Congressional hearing about UFOs in more than 50 years.

The hearing will be held May 17 the front of the subcommittee, which is chaired by Adam Schiff Schiff told the New York Times. The committee is holding the series to explore the great mysteries of our time and to break the cycle of excessive secrecy and speculation with truth and transparency. We know he really is into truth right. I know the truth is out there and believe you said there was little agreement I wouldn't believe it's real and I would say this, we made a very bad move.

According to who should be show was a really smart guy Adam on your eyes, and he says by reaching out to other worlds we could be creating a Hornets as we have no idea who's out there again and lately showed him by what the human by how the human body is made up naked pictures to send naked pictures of the space while reading it now and I'll know well our vital weaknesses generally loses number one ranking on's bona fides new podcast. Thanks to Batman on Barry Rogan experience had held the top spot since December 2021.

The new number one podcast on's modified Batman on Barry premier May 3 and has released only two episodes show covers a serial killer stalking the citizens of of Gotham city. While Batman is nowhere to be found. Okay so this can be short-lived till combat. That's the thing. These are what is like a limited time, you're going to get once they get the story out phone on.] In this out-of-control Jets which I was Josh Lambeau kicker is apparently taking his his brief with the Jaguars coach Urban Meyer to the courts reportedly filing a lawsuit against the team over his former head coach's alleged misconduct during the alleged incident. Lambeau said that Meyer kicked him in the leg while he was stretching and said hey to blank makeup FN kicks Lambeau claims he told the coach to never touch me again then over responded.

I'll kick your kick you whatever the F I want you can sue for that. Kenny was a cold and normal football conversation.

I mean, you could say maybe want to fall for it again.

I'm diving I would fight back and that's what he did that.

You say so now not see you just calm off back pay on they should watch for the five today. Watchman Larry Kudlow also were truly Valerie, 5/100 meteorologists and resources of Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber.

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