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Polls Show Donald Trump More Popular Than Biden, GOP

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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June 17, 2022 12:45 pm

Polls Show Donald Trump More Popular Than Biden, GOP

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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June 17, 2022 12:45 pm

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Live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City set up Fox and friends, America's receptive Brian Mankiw will be here buddy the writing to me Joe call you get to the bottom of the hour, the cohost of octave friend first missed everything.

I shall be here live to go over the news is breaking a matter so much to all be at home. There's no way I know is not affected by the policies of this administration and for the most part, not good. I will go simple numbers you believe this head-to-head. Donald Trump has a higher approval rating the Job ID despite the fact you have January 6 incredible going on right now. I might add to look into the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three I find it quite interesting with the Fox show on the question of which party is doing a better job preserving democracy that Republicans actually bass Democrats. They're not winning on that and that's been their whole point with the January 6 committee that was there point with impeaching Pres. Trump twice and that's not working.

Katie Pavlik started with a generally sick series.

What we now know we didn't know last week and what it meant the fate of Donald Trump. Polls show despite all that Trump more popular than Joe Biden. What does that mean for running in 2024 will government the sentence continues to collect momentum, but if you go back different administrations a ball try to improve border security, some more than others. I would say this is the first administration where it's actually taken several steps backwards were not improving anything along that word is getting worse and they're not even trying one year since VP Harris made her first border visit and it's now fully broken records record illegals record getaways record fentanyl and illegal drug stores storming Texas and Arizona and affecting all 50 states, in my view, this is impeachable, yet they use their time to punish agents on horses wrangling illegals at the border. This should not stand on their several culprits. There is Biden $400 text of $2 trillion again. I've talked about a lot affect government money that we gave people to spend another try to spend it to get inflation.

The Fed, which also completely blow it does nothing good to say about it. Steve Ratner and advising Obama weighing in on prison pine because his first attended four months and try to explain away inflation. The market dropped gas prices and the national government mood. We look at his explanation in the state of our economy and how it's affecting you right now so let's get into it. Josh bloke was a guy just spoke with the guy from the AP sat down with we sit down. Knowing this, Joe binds that 39% approval rating.

Two in 10 Americans believe were heading in the right direction and my question is, who were those two. I was amazed at the sit down because Joe Biden doesn't take responsibility for anything and it's not even sure that even showing any finesse.

He insists the recession is not never inevitable and hope is right. He admits Americans are really really down and the mentally mental health help and cause Republican claims that because inflation is our bazaar really.

He said zero evidence for that claim, noting that other countries have endured higher prices higher and can will higher inflation rates, higher prices, their economies reopen slower and people have been become vaccinated then us still Biden acknowledge the Treasury Secretary Danielle's contention that spending had that limit inflationary effect was wrong."

You can argue whether or not it had a marginal or minor impact on inflation.

I don't think it did in most economists do not think it did. But the idea that because inflation is bizarre. What are you talking about even. We can all figure this out.

We were coming out of the pandemic. A million shots and arm still all the vaccination shots were there were just a matter of organizing the role that you did a good job rolling out by July world done everybody just about there was going to get it without any type of prodding.

Would getting it done. You didn't need 1.9 trillion didn't need to extend unemployment insurance. You didn't need $1400 stimulus checks and because that was added to the system. We had a system that was bloated for no reason.

Money floating around. Then they people started ordering, but the supply chain was not ready to take these orders here Steve Ratner cut three.

There are several culprits there is Biden, and what he's done and that's not irrelevant but it's not and what and what is that all that is all spending basically is a laterally a $400 text of $2 trillion again. I've talked about a lot that's on the sidelines affect government money that we gave people to spend another try to spend it to get inflation down and as we talked about the other day left to its own devices, the administration would propose another $4 trillion of programs with taxes but nonetheless so one of that's one issue. The second issue shall talk about is the Fed which also completely blow it completely blow it in a way that I haven't seen it 40 years from the fan. I love the Fed but there's nothing good to say about Jay that is an Obama economic advisor pleases nobody know the economist member. Those Nobel prize-winning economist that all said this rescue plan was fantastic and Bill Beck that it would be awesome. Bad news go back better if you imagine 5 trillion in our system.

Not that we can back it up at some a gold standard. We will actually printed up just put it out until the social programs. It will be unsustainable when the pandemic and actually unsustainable because we had come over the money will nobody worked, but not to confuse the issue too much. Politico has a story that mansion and Schumer talking about tax rate hikes and more social programs on childcare and all things are unaffordable, not in the utopia world. The Joe Biden's input in the real world. But now, now Joe manages talking to Chuck Schumer.

Please make this be fake news. So he went on to say that when it comes to inflation, the whole world expressing inflation really and it's higher then and we and it's higher than ours really that might be true except for China, Japan, Germany, Italy, France, Saudi Arabia and India. Need I go on is 8.6%.

These other nations substantially less. Maybe Jerry Coates at 7.92% inflation set a 40 year high. Why can he acknowledge that instead.

I blame Republicans not passing go back better next.

I blame oil and gas companies, or taking in windfall profits and not refining more. Here's Karen Jean-Pierre on why prison Biden keeps saying that we have low inflation compared to braille sky one is worth everywhere but here is placement, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, India, Italy, Saudi Arabia. I think with what we are saying is that when you talk about inflation. It is a global thing and it is not just about the United States. This is something that everyone is feeling because of coming out of once in a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic because of the war that Russia has started in Ukraine, the Lord stop saying Boones pricing.

It had something to do with this. But not everything.

The other thing is trying to help Ukrainians when the war don't keep telling Vladimir Putin he's doing damage to our economy. Recent double and triple down that's more reason for him to stay the course.

So just because you think you want to blame people and take responsibility for its going on in admitting that you misread it, or your Treasury Secretary needs to be replaced. An economic advisor needs to be shown the door. You want to blame oil producers you want to blame Republicans you want to play Vladimir Putin you in a blame supply chain. They had a role, but your programs. You are the president you would you like to have this job. Why you never once spent almost all your time in Delaware. Number two take not take responsibility for anything. Kevin Hassett, who is was asked to her three times to come back to the shop administration and said yes cut for were basically in an inflationary spiral because of the spending binge that Biden gave us, and they're also attacking US companies in US capital, like the letter to the oil companies is just a tiny little bit tip of the iceberg of what their regulators syntax like threats have been doing the supplies of their attacking supply and their feeding demand and that gives us inflation. And so it was obvious that that was to happen. So basically you so would have with the market. I love when we have these you these we all have these financial advisors with not how much money you have.

You have somebody in your life that you give me my would put some money here about what to save money. There got it when they say just don't look like in 2008 on my 401(k)s getting pounded. I would look that is not what you go to college get a Masters degree in finance to tell clients not to look. You tell them how you prevented a bigger fall. Perhaps, I digress. Mortgage rates were at 5.78%. Obviously, people were buying a house in the state brought I can do it now. 5.78 we would kill for that the 80s and 90s boy got used almost 0% for the last 34 years 5.78% is something that may be Wall Street cheers for the average American family does not guess what he's telling people he wants to do more Joe Biden says he thinks he could do more. He says I dismiss his fear of refresh and murder of recessions as I want no still lower prescription drug prices reduce families, utility bills and tax incentives in place of 50% minimum tax on corporations. He says his plans will lower expenses for many Americans. Yeah, he'll actually take money from the earners who might be investing in the higher wages for their people to retain their jobs work. Another hundred hours a week, take their money and give it to other people for social programs that are unsustainable to grow government that is not being financed were running a huge deficit of the present says he's cutting the deficit. You know I say sky and the deficit because we had. We spent $6.4 trillion trying to stay in economy while telling everyone not to work and when you start cutting that back to truly know the time even though your overbudget elixir you cutting the deficit. It doesn't matter now, and that's part of the deception that makes people untrusting of the government.

My same amount may feel good on Jimmy Kimmel show.

But it's not in terms of what could be done.

Rhonda Santos audition to be president cutting it's got he's got a lot of chutzpah to attack energy producers when he campaigned saying he was going to shut down energy production in the United States, and of course that's been a huge driver as to why we now have gas higher than we have ever seen it before in my lifetime in this country and so he has facilitated this and I think that's had a huge impact on overall inflation because everything that's produced relies on energy and when those energy costs go up. It has an effect across the board. Obviously, when you're printing trillions of dollars. The money supply that is caused it to go up as well.

While I so true. I mean, he's got a plan got an Ivy League education. He didn't cheat his way through college like Judge Joe Biden did an Rhonda Santos is bringing on.

He also said when it comes to these ordering more vaccines for children under five date that think the recommending three shots is the only state that didn't order any he's been right.

Almost every step of the way to go with that despite all the negativity the Atty. Gen. New York suing the Trump organization to the judge. These Atty. Gen. of Georgia impaneled a grand jury to sue them in the January 6 trial which makes him look absolutely terrible.

Believe it or not when it comes to Donald Trump favorability among Republicans 83% Joe Biden among Democrats, 81%.

When it comes to candidates who are most favorable get this favorable leading the pack of Trump Biden pens Harris Trump number 144 Biden number two �0.42 40 and, Harris 39 Mr. Pres., we know you're doing a bad job, you deflect all you want. We know you're doing a bad job and I'm extremely worried about with our foreign policy is gonna look like as the Russians invented the Russians, Iranians and the Chinese begin in Central and South America and they threaten Taiwan does China in the South, South China Sea use of the brain to Michelle.

As you can tell I have a lot to say. I've only got through really one of the big three are much more that we come back and I also want your opinion. 1-866-408-7669 Brian kill me, Joe six current events and use that thanks to Brian's got a lot more to say. Stay with Brian kill me precise personal power is America's leather team in the palm of your flocks.

Weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News on tests done, or wherever you get your project Fox News podcasts network mind and on the next Fox News contributor and daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben dominance podcast. Listen now by going to Fox News information you truth you demand. This is Brian kill me show if you go back different administrations a ball try to improve border security, some more than others. I would say this is the first administration was actually taken several steps which were not improving anything along that words getting in a worse month after month after month and a change is needed.

No kidding. That was Chad Wolf used to try to get things done of the border had very tough boss at the border. Now is our prison Trump but they have totally taken their hands off the wheel.

This administration and allowed millions to pour into this country and at a time in which we try to get a hold of our budget, how we supposed understand and digest 234,000 234,000 illegals last month, 234,000 that is a new record any of the month before was in May, a new record at 21% increase in May over April. That was a new record. So were looking now add one year, one year since, Harris went to the border for the first time and cited this essay and use and use these words to describe the border cut 12 are committed to insuring that our immigration is orderly and wrong has not been to the border since she didn't even go to the border. She went to a gateway that was really was a processing center where people were processed really had no issues which is better than other people work with them but in this situation it is so much worse in terms of the contribute factors to the current gas prices went to the current to the current economic stress do not shortchange illegal immigration think about the school system.

Think about the food stamps. Think about the shelters.

Think about the affordable housing. I don't think about that were there helping of the workforce because most of that money is declared busy to get a lot of trouble if they don't. So now you have VP Harrison Georgia something else. It's an epic fail, the number of unaccompanied minor children accounted since October is enough to fill the University of Alabama football stadium. Think about this 14,699 unaccompanied minors at the border in May, 21% increase from April, which was 12,180 their vision over 100,000 unaccompanied kids encountered at the southern border since October 1, so this is this is incredible because immediately they go to school. Immediately they go to a sponsor home immediately going to need to the going to need some type of transportation they had a need English as a second language in ALS training see what's going on in her charter schools. It hurts our communities.

It hurts our budget. Not that they're not great people, but the immigration system should not allow people to come here illegally and we have tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands waiting to come in at our border huge Glenn Greenwald on Harris's expanded portfolio and how she's failed in each and every one of them home latest one is now she's gonna be in charge of a bullying on the Internet. Cut 13 is really bizarre, you know, on the one hand you can kind of market is the triviality that it is.

She was supposed to be integrated into foreign policy to get her foreign-policy bona fides to become a solver cause problems in Central America and stem the tide of immigration and now suddenly she basically like a glorified content moderator for twitter to protect Washington Post reporters who are going on television weeping about mean tweets they're getting, it's she, I have no idea this as I get this information Bureau, the one that was disbanded. So you have an absolute mess on the border and with bothers me most Barack Obama maybe was a bit too permissive, but he did deport a lot of people. But what you have here is somebody who's just not interested.

The only time he showed interest in the border is when they were there is for those who bought patrol agents on horses trying to herd the illegals into a certain area in order to be processed and the width of the image was of a white guy on a horse. They said whipping black Haitians. What was it wasn't a whip. It was a scrap for the horse with they were doing was rounding up tens of thousands who come into the border instead of apology. They said they're going to be disciplined, disciplined. We know they were doing their job is helping deployment morale: Shimkus is next I'll expand on this and so much more. This is the Brian kill me Joe, so glad you're here. Will came close to Fox and friends, we can enjoy and share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business.

Subscribe and listen. Now Fox News by just Fox News podcasts network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your time listening download now and Fox News or wherever you get your favorite contest from his mouth to Brian kill me write a tipping point on the battlefield. The Russians are Visio making some progress since it's a grinding artillery war. They have the advantage because of the number of guns they have in the ranges that they have the tipping point involves Ukrainians have the skill laid got the will that got the number of people to do it.

What they need is the weapons to do it and that means more artillery, more ammunition and more multiple rocket launchers and by the hundreds, not by the scores to be Ebola to keep them in this fight. What Ukraine wants to do is go on the offensive because they know full well the Russians are reaching the culminating point just trying to take this one major city in the eastern part of the Don Bass region.

There is a general keen talking about what's happening now with Russia and how things have changed their and right now Vladimir Putin is addressing some type of economic Council meeting that sometimes West would attend. I now it turns out that flag up and feel pretty good about himself. The thing he says the sanctions have really affected rush, I find that hard to believe because when you think about all the oil and gas customers that they lost the Western influence which they now everything from McDonald's or Starbucks have picked up and and and one away and now this, trying to divert gas getting from other places.

Little by little within a year they will not be customers at all, but they are having success in the battlefield because they have the numbers and they have the artillery: Shimkus joint just now cohosted Fox and friends first pressure off doing the news for Fox and friends, welcome back Halal so it is so Vladimir Putin feeling better about himself. According to the interpretive where believe that on this counsel because he feels as though we have he making some progress in the East yet on the economic front, as is looking at this article because it at today's ago trace out Washington Post saying that Russian $800 billion from fuel exports during the first 100 days of the war.

So even on the economic front. I'm sure that that number will go down obviously not at all. The sanctions or inflict place by economically. We were talking about how the economy was crippled under the sanctions and it is interesting to think about. Even now we are pounding things onto Russia and you like help. Is there anything left again fix that right why why why can we still be adding the sanctions I mentioned that had happened right there in the first month of the war in the RC we and we should be more prepared and that which you just had his day in half and says who's a used to be stationed as CIA station chief over Moscow. He said that Russia has been effective in stopping Joe Biden from doing everything needed to be done for Ukraine to win, even though it's not over yet Ukraine is still holding off major cities. They're trying to counter the try take back your son having some success there but brush on just pure numbers have deployed 390,000 troops 399 just announced it's on the screen right now this happened yesterday today beforehand answer national. I think it's 1.2 billion actually write Ukrainian eight cell and there were there. I know that I am continuing to get money.

Tell Ukraine assert a controversial in the United States right now, but there is a recent poll that showed that think it was like 50 or 60% of Americans believe that we should still be supporting Crane which I think is I think it's the right, good memory favor 59% Americans give them money in favor giving the money 61% in favor of giving them weapons because they were having some success. I hope that isn't changing because a lot of times successes in a straight line of Fox's posted is how much how much is what happens in Russia, Ukraine, conflict matter in the US a great deal 41% said now that number was it 51% in May. Yeah, you can tell that there is already more 51st finding the lack of coverage is used in out while we draft it out.

The night we got to cover other things that are happening this country. It was well on the beginning and now it's you now barely a second and if at all, and also write you.

That was when there was a battle for keys at capturing the capital city, and now that if you now that seems like that is no longer a threat, you cannot say that Russia is kinetic control the whole country, you know that pooling has lost that element of war, which was the most important but to point of the polling is numbers going on in terms of importance. It is because it is grinding on and Americans are somewhat losing losing interest) says sending howitzers, but not enough. The US gave 108 howitzers they want to thousand. They said the one tank see more artillery they did not get the long-range missile and heavy weapons that they need.

Hopefully present Biden changes his mind on that. You just do it. Don't announce it.

Therefore thing I know, throughout this whole entire war.

The weapons that working to get that list and where in the news and I would rather not now.

In this regard.

I would rather not know the weapons that are going to the country and have it be effective for the Ukrainians rather than now and then had to be some sort of catastrophe or it had to work against them in some way, yeah.

So we had they asked the long-range precision weapons we give them something my underwear is the season polling.

I now let me get out a pole and get about get into the fight.

What attempted directions are in English. That doesn't help a lot.

Ukrainians who sit there with face paint on the know the feeling or talking to checking on the shunt. I think that learning about the two Americans that are on 3303. Americans are either capturing missing or God forbid, dad and I don't think we know rightly the status of the listen we can get Britney Greiner there and she was playing basketball in $1 million or something and she still she is still in Russia right shin extended a month is like you know should be more outraged I do to where's the NBA Using Leverage Ave., China have China put leverage to get her out. Really, you're sending a message so female athletes because all the US women's soccer players were there to give a lot more money to the women to play in Russia. For some reason, so they go over the play. The WABC's into the deal and then go over there and now who's good, especially because this is during the time she was detained in Russia right around the time of when the war started that region was in the news a lot.

You have this juxtaposition of the most successful female basketball player, a prisoner in Russia as this war is unfolding intentions have never been higher between United States and Russia to seems like something that would naturally get more news coverage and concern that it has the we we are covering yeah and I are doing it.

We hardware we have you in this present moment we are.

So I will give the big story.

I think it was a lot bigger month ago but still big now. Elon musk seems pretty clear he wants twitter and was trying to drive the price down so he finally met with some employees and took some questions here.

Some of this interaction free speech or greatly all special trucks are climbing master in order for people to trust in twitter transparency of the twitter service is a lot better on certain issues.

How many times has made a cup of rice outsourced never, never, almost never think it is indeed almost so he says he wants a billion followers are moderate moderate altars, relatively extreme use to express within the bounds below the context of law suggesting that we spout the long shutdown in the case is also freedom of speech of treatment rage should be allowed to say hello and amplified to reach so we think about that. I think that's substantially sliding everything that he said was Sal moderate and makes so much sense when it comes to free speech that is obviously the biggest headline and his whole position is if it's lawful even even it's awful, lawful and awful right it should stay online if it's if you're breaking the law than that would be pulping move which is so far removed from what twitter's policy is right now let's see if he can keep a thick skin. What if people start gang up on him still is going to be a RER. I mean that they think is being a racist because he's he grew up in South Africa even though he left the country specifically wanted yeah part of the apartheid yet so there I don't know if you can gang up on him anymore. The winning I was wondering about this. This really could happen is awful. It's the nature of how violent our country has become. Is that what if he does acquire twitter and there is a post that leads to and in others in an attacker and attack that happens and then it goes back to a post that that was online that he gets all sorts of criticism. I just wonder at the end of the day if he's going out. Is it worth it. Is it really worth it for anything. He already has all the successful companies it could just be more of a headache and for what it's worth, I'd call you never give anybody a headache.

She's a cigarette and take some calls and we have some fun stuff to talk about maybe find out if each ready if there's more than doubled this weekend. Check out Brian's new show on Fox news channel Saturday, so let's growing your weekends to take it easy Bill that really hurts coordination with Brian Kelly Saturdays at 8 PM Eastern on Fox news channel Laura Brian coming out on a talk show. That's real. This is Brian kill me show you know it's amazing know so we don't want to know together. Collagen is a lot many times right and so I kind of put that to one nation and when I brought a place where you want your choice. I want something as unscripted, almost like more to know, and we we call it the new stool, but it's amazing how many people when they go to do with their very uncertain that they want to do it.

Happy afterwards with a I don't get I put how I know when to stop doing the news I are you in the same think I maybe I will. I what would Jesus do I say the when you have something written. I don't know you tell me they don't like the whole unscripted you like the idea did you reveal your mortar are your new stool cast yeah it's Ainsley air right. It is very China you sit next to each other three are the daddy I think they think it's still exciting when it in a different set to tell me how you feel about this.

We ask for Ainsley and March we said when he available she's like in the June Mike will to never calm globally served by swearing totally true to me directly at me. That's basically said yes candidate yeah she gives a date in June.

I like basically they were looking at me like you guys talk is along that is so funny, I know why she probably is because you do tape the show.

I mean really late route like compared to that) schedule and up until now that her daughter right up until now, not many people knew we were to show you just expose the and desolate so that you and I am talking about you. Thank you. I am interviewing Greg Norman today life yet because the live tour because this is pretty big and if you have you have suspended 17 players from the PGA who play who were in this new Saudi Saudi back golf league at his golf league. He started to see out LOL file Pro simulates the Saudi a well-funded said was we want to sponsor a golf league to met with Jack Nicholson, met with him as they all do it up and will try to do's my whole life.

I want to get arrival each gray to true free agency, but the controversy is should you be in bed with Saudi Arabia and the answer is yeah they owe Newcastle. I'm pretty sure the fantasy was shown up for Newcastle yeah they have the sponsors they they sponsoring and Saudi Arabia tournaments and golfers go to is paying is Titleist and all these others so a lot of people don't want the Saudi to be part of that is the Saudi's are part of. But I ask you this is a counterargument that present binds go there in three weeks to ask him for favor made during the Abraham Accords guess with the key country was to make shoes of the Gulf countries recognize Israel, Saudi Arabia, Frank yeah and then you have that families the counter argument. The family 9/11 families are speaking out against that leak and it's really any time to argue against how they feel they are hand out more money than God to these golfers and in-flight changing.

That's money absolutely, but they also have a they also have a free missile defense system that we handed them to protect them against the rebels. So the geopolitical situation is complicated at best.

Let's find out there's more to know no correlation can allow very special spoonful of sugar to a cup of coffee could be the key to a longer life.

According to a new study found coffee drinkers are at a lower risk of death than non-coffee drinkers, but those who like to drink, sleep, coffee are less likely to die well sugar being good for you. When you have no we never heard that, but this is good for me as I try to go black and was working late with your coffee order and I have one and have sugars and milk you like Splenda or no (really all the artificial sugars not receive you like. I can't believe it's not butter right but it's long flowing hand, you're the one thing is yeah she my hair is most terrific. I don't remember it. I don't know what you remember Eric as Erica P remember that to your heirs most terrific year here terrific without the name of the shampoo telling the president by know what Willow was that was imprisoned by news that was TB was going to quit from, but we originally pulled the use of sounds that that was unbelievable speed next the Justin Bieber is forced to postpone more tour dates from his valiant is been a world tour because he's got that facial paralysis what's going on with that.

It's called Ramsey fun syndrome it's frozen the side of his face.

Website says he says he will resume his world tour July 31. I don't think anybody knew that these before he had on a now lot people now. But apparently the facial paralysis will follow. Scary scary is that you have is just like me, are you, you could be totally healthy but more so your face doesn't work, you know, when I was little girl. My mom told me she didn't want me to. I kept on going outside with my hair wet you want to do that. So she told me that if I can. My face would freeze in the position I was and I've always II learned like maybe when I was 17 that that wasn't a risk it.

Now I never go right.

Watching less than one hour of TV a day could lower heart disease ran. That's obvious. Then you would you're in a sedentary state and the cash fiddle, I found that like four hours of television is the worst for your heart. If you're going to watch Fox and friends weekend in a route, please do. But you can do it and then just jog in place. Thank you. Susan was a treadmill. The IFA knows he's a thief announced Wednesday that 16 North American cities with the 2026 workup you talk about be $1 billion coming to your city service matters. Cities that are going to have the World Cup is shared by Mexico and Canada, New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Dallas, San Francisco, Miami, Atlanta, Seattle, Houston, Kansas City, Philadelphia and Boston who didn't get it. Nashville did not get it. Washington DC did not get it. Orlando did not get it. They are all crestfallen except for the people who can you I'm featherlike@traffic yes but but it helps the city is sponsored by folders according to research from Johns Hopkins University. Scientists report drinking just one cup of coffee. Coffee is very very cute kidney theory in comparison to non-coffee drinkers gelling on or just leave it there.

I think we should leave to get kicked in the kidney. We drink all good for your heart and good for your kidney is all you have a sugar that this is the anti-health more than a sponsorship live from the Fox news New York City pressure office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me right from 40th and six in midtown Manhattan heard around the country around the world, especially in the Ukraine.

This is Brian kill me.

Joe finish out the week. Thanks so much for being with us all week long. I'll be able to take your calls and get your feedback and grab your Brian kill just click on comments, I'll be able to get to my promise I'll read through them but is been a busy morning already would keep up with everything that that Is Taking Pl., January's experiences percolating underneath a lot of this. There's not been sensational. We've known a lot of it. A lot of it's aggravating a lot of pits Republican against Republican. I get it, but they are really being hurt by not having a countervailing argument.

I'm telling you from a Democratic perspective there being heard. Geraldo Rivera is standing by. Just let me also tell you, coming up on one nation Saturday at 8 o'clock. Greg Norman will give his first TV interview since he became CEO of the live golf series which which is financed by the Saudi Arabia's, a sovereign wealth fund which people find controversial for reasons because it Saudi Arabia but will look into this and what it means for the golfers it followed him there like Phil Mickelson.

Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three I find it quite interesting with the Fox news polling that showed on the question of which party is doing a better job preserving democracy that Republicans actually bass Democrats. They're not winning on that and not been there whole point with the January 6 committee that was Fairpoint with impeaching Pres. Trump twice and that's not working. January that was heavy favorite candy keypad which obviously generally six series.

We know some more but we don't know that much different. In fact the Los Angeles Times to bounce it reminded me of something you'd see on C-SPAN that you flip the channel from meanwhile head-to-head Joe Biden and Donald Trump guess was more popular. The guy that's under the scrutiny right now of the January 6 hearing. If you go back different administrations. They've all try to improve border security, some more than others. I would say this is the first administration words actually taken several steps backwards were not improving anything along that were it's getting worse. Nobody would argue that Chad Wolf weighing in.

I'll talk to talk to Geraldo Rivera about the numbers it's an all-time record for the wrong reason and the one year anniversary is today when the vice president went down to the border and said it's almost perfect. There are several culprits there's Biden for $100 checks. The $2 trillion again. I've talked about a lot Less government money that we gave people to spend another try to spend to get inflation. The Fed, which also completely blow it just nothing good to say about it.

They go Steve Ratner a advisor to Pres. Obama present vice versa down in four months. He does with the AP and try to explain away.

Inflation, not his fault, explained with the market dropped not his fault. Explain away gas prices, not his fault.

The glum mood because of the pandemic really and global warming. I digress let's bring in somebody now is not letting global warming get them down. Geraldo Rivera goes to the five factors correspondent, best-selling author, the welcome back down the market which means that there were five is so weird. I remember you and we're in the different studio in 2008 and you are in studio here and you were saying what a beating. You were taken did you get all you get all your money back from 2008 and you I did. I never thought payment story where I was in the pool on my document were to write on the bridge on the river there and I have been swimming naked.

The balloon came up and I started howling at the moment but about selling. I didn't sell and it all came back with the different Bennett. I was that much younger than I am now. I wonder if I have thought with a rebound that undoubtedly is so much their number one you feel comfortable. I love serving naked and sleeping naked. I try actually to be naked whenever I can be.

I am not about one of the great denuded people like this. I like the freedom of the water passing through my line very know what I'm sure it is not one word was unacceptable to the whole sentence was unacceptable to Eric and I am here to clean that up. Yeah, could you clean it up and get out to take out the verbs and the and the noun us. Let's talk about something a little bit less sexy, which is what's going on with the present United States. He made a couple statements number one calling on oil and gas and saying that there there winner take all your profits. If this continues, and you're making money off somebody I want some ideas on how you going to get those gas prices down and get the oil and gas Association. Excuse me. We gave you a 10 point plan already why you writing me a letter wearing predication so Exxon remitted official come back today and here's an excerpt from what Exxon said about being vilified. Exxon is been investing more than any other company to develop US oil and gas supplies. This includes investments in US more than $50 billion over the last 50 over the last five years, resulting in almost 50% increase in the US production globally. We've invested double what we've earned over the last five years hundred 18 billion on new oil and gas supplies compared to net income of 55 billion. This is a reflection of the company's long-term growth strategy and our commitment to investing to reach a size demand for different products so they're trying to be diplomatic, but I've never seen this is the worst quality to have as a leader blamed the Pisa play Mahalik, Geraldo, that may be true, and I lament I lament that and it is clear is much as I want to cut him much slack, but possibly can. That would have been a good time six months ago a year ago at the state given the uncertainty a global certainly certainly in the lab hundred days with the war in Ukraine could be time to go slow to rain and John Kerry and Granholm, the secretary and display you know will get but let's not try to jam it down.

People broke right now when there's so much uncertainty in the price of the killing. The average person. It's like an indictment every time you look at the price lit by the gas station and picked up badly or people not need to read there picked up one every every day in their spending. Over 100 bucks to fill up the tank you got. It's not there. That's not to say you know this that I give big oil, a path that made no one's crying or Exxon they made billion dollars last year. They the profit margin was a lot like you just go to multibillion as I think it was 22 through the pandemic but but big oil. I mean, I don't want to be in feel sorry for big oil but don't they could do more and I'm glad that the president got their attention but he is person who bears the principal blame for stubbornly almost is the insanity to land that were that works.

You know in in normal times, but certainly not when you deal with the pandemic, but big mistake.

The implications from that in the reverberations of that and more. The way or the in your brother Rivera guest. Obviously, Geraldo. I think the present. I read the transcript in the AP article since the summary which I think is Geraldo ask in getting to the root so I read it in one of the questions was, he thinks it's bizarre that Republicans are blaming him for inflation and he said to say that the questioner whose name is. I wrote down a really know question is name is Josh Boeck said Republicans are blaming you for inflation and he said the rescue plan. He said it's bizarre. Why would they say that but that's the wrong question. There were Democratic economists who blame them. Not only Larry Summers listen to Steve Ratner, Pres. Obama's administrative present bombs and illustrative etiquette economic advisor cut three. There are several culprits there's biting and what he started. That's not irrelevant but it's not and what is that all that is all the spending. Basically you really afford $100 tax the $2 trillion again. I've talked about a lot that's on the sidelines affect government money that we gave people to spend another try to spend it to get inflation.

As we talked about the other day left to its own devices, the administration would propose another. Fortunately dollars programs with taxes but nonetheless sort of. That's one issue citations will talk about is the Fed which also completely blow it completely blow it in a way that I haven't seen in 40 years in the fat I love the Fed but there's nothing good to say about me and it's a Republican. So the question should be like when people say the rescue plan include Larry Summers and Steve Ratner. So either fire treasury secretary or economic advisor or take responsibility for long-ago thought rely no such thing as free money you give free money that not earn, but it's just given in that in in the scale of the multitrillion dollar and expect it will not impact price.

A kid taking economics 101 in the state college would figure that one out and they wanted more with Bill Beck better. They wanted that double the several trillion that were without barefoot the 5.5.

It's crazy and I fear he may rebound it may recover but as of right now this is the failed presidency and at the failed presidency coming at a time when the president only eight months older than I would say that sitting and Randall by by the enormity of the job and the crises of the burial of Christ. The one after the other after the other night. I worry I would do and 1/2 years left and live with the midterm election we can to be able to model our way through. I think if we do we let the economy find its own pace. It don't scope, you know we we will get through it, but it would be a rough patch and I worry that the man at the Elm right now hearing about the rock so I'm look to political this morning and it says back burner.

No more Democrat said mansion Schumer talks they're talking about doing some type of bill to raise taxes and more climate, more climate provisions in our budget. They're looking to bring their prescription held healthcare cost by honestly subsidizing them, and child care bills so child care subsidies work Joe mansion is now using he's trying to grind this out with Democratic leadership. Could you pick up a more inopportune time than now know and I am disappointed because mansion is my favorite Democrat, but all I think that he saved several trillion in expenditures by intransigent not going along with humor on the thumb of the Bill Beck better proposal.

I if he goes there's no stopping the Democrats other than November. I don't know if I credit that report just because you he has been so right on so noble and his willingness by his own party that includes Janie my favorite admit Romney might get but Republican benches, but every Democrat I like it right down the middle click on not only is it happening but Sen. Ron Wyden says we were working behind the scenes for weeks. These optimistically going to get through a simple majority spending plan, you believe this all actually signing terrible real quick there on approval ratings. Donald Trump now is higher approval ratings than any other politician when put together with pants Trump Biden Harris Trump a three point lead over Biden despite the January 6 hearing with hapless Kahl�a literature to James the Atty. Gen. in New York.

Despite all those things. How do you explain that charming charismatic global goal in any way rent for over 40 years. But obviously we have after the election.

There is no doubting. You would rather spend time with the room or at the active party running the country, but it's amazing to bring the computer although you know it's you can't find and I hear that night and I am such a fan of yours, but I hope that you don't know to gloss over what happened on January 6 that is a big deal but I will say this about the hearings. It's actually a disservice to the Democrats if they don't have Republicans on their even offering some context with their saying because it's like editing a documentary with the point of view and you say, don't get your selling me on your point of view dictated Liz Cheney have much more respect for if she brought up that the National Guard troops should've been brought in. If she brought up that there were people that the other side of their other side to some of that story and I'm sure if you look at the transcript of some of these interviews. There's some there's not it's not always Democrats say it is as bad as January 6.

Is there some context. They need to be brought out. They went out of their way to keep banks and Jim Jordan off and in them in the long run it's going to hurt them because they're no longer the people to look at this and say well I know where they stand. It doesn't matter the details as opposed to let me watch and see would get fleshed out final thought my final thought is that as it may.

No doubting.

In my mind now heard what I've heard that the President of the United States tried to interfere with the constitutional brought in the peaceful possession of, but one administration to the next night. I lament that didn't have to do that. I would love right now to be number one cheerleader going for reelection in 2024, after his noble deed in 2020. You know if he had only thinking that I wrote. He would overwhelmingly favorite to be the next fence comes off looking great. I think is a quality that the fence was very noble and brave. Absolutely Geraldo Rivera. Have a great weekend and don't be afraid to swim new that's my tackle. I think I'm making Michael, thank you very much. Something good is going to break five is the right to only show on fully dressed radio show like no other. Only factor these hearing elections, offering them in terms of freshly getting all the other issues that possibly in 2024. If you were to see a map between former VP Mike Patton and Pres. Donald Trump. That is where some of the stuff in these videos and the comments that were made made it push backup on that the right side of the aisle by other than that regular everyday Americans are concerned about gas prices because everybody is affected by them. You know that about it.

And when they took a January 6 to the what if your who the Lord legal genius was sarcastic. They came up with this idea that Mike Pentz could overturn an election there was a throwback to the states to recount when we know the recounts are not yielded anything. And these are lawyers.

The nonnormal lawyers who didn't even believe they were saying and the Mike Penn stood up for anything. Mike Pentz came out looking great. I also think the Democrats are over there skis on this, but I want to measure Trump did a will. I don't really hear his side of the story is my point. So if you don't hear his side of the story makes you know just instinctively there's more to this list and other tobacco takes a closer, what will along with Geraldo cut through the naked story, but don't forget to watch one nation Saturday eight and then 11 o'clock within the lead with Greg Norman and find out the truth behind behind this new live golf league why the PJ is so outraged as the U.S. Open rages in Massachusetts don't move Frank only to the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me. The president doesn't really understand the magnitude of what's taking place here that assessment.

I think the entire team around him is so left so woke so disconnected from the things that matter the American people that all he hears in his little circle whether that's up at his house in Delaware sit in the Oval Office for a few hours a day.

I think what he's hearing is exactly opposite of what you not been talking about tonight so he doesn't get. He's not about to be nimble and pivot and go back to what matters to the American people is going to keep pressing the agenda of the left is that elected him and hope that he can hang on for the last 2 1/2 years and tell the American people.

Yes, this was the greatest warriors in America, when in fact the American people can see this is that this is one of the most dangerous four years that we've experienced.

It's actually true.

I don't know those people that just don't like trumpeting trust Mike Pompeo about my pump and get strong record might feel differently, but they were in control and you might like your organization would Trump was on the border trumpet was going on foreign policy, he was gone all over trade personally on trade there certain things. He wasn't in the nitty-gritty for Venezuela, South America, Cuba, and he would tell Booker Rubio. I trust you on this really Stephen Miller when it comes to the budget and get this done and were marked short when it comes to legislative affairs. I need you to get this done. Okay they would do it but for the most part you knew Trump was in control don't like his decisions. Maybe like a starling like his tweets with this president doubles and triples down Kimberly people question gets angry when they do and doesn't ever learn when he gets caught about all these fake personal stories. It never happened.

Used to be a try. Used to be a truck driver that never happened. He would other job used to get use to work a crane that never happened.

That dumb story about him putting in more miles.

Anybody else on Amtrak with the conductor that interacted with them with a stick conductor in the time in which he tells the story had been dead already and he never corrects it when it comes to what's going on with inflation and the rescue plan to keep Saints Republicans that are doing this. Here's what Newt Gingrich said and he seen a lot of administrations cut 10 and compares it this early failure. He compares the word Bill Clinton was going through with people telling them in a Clinton knew better. Cut 10, had to fight the White House staff and said to them, if I do what you want me to be defeated and 96. I have to agree with Gingrich and that's what we got all the stuff done.

Biden can't do that. These people are basically it's a secular religious fanaticism.

They can't deal with reality. They can't deal with the facts. You can look at how the world really works.

So they keep trying over and over again.

Another thing is, is nobody in there who's ever been competent in anything is nobody manage the company delivered on jobs created anything. She had a bunch of folks who were there because of their particular setting various and sundry personality types have a clue yet time is prevail when you can't depend on your staff. That's the issue and think David Axelrod and Karl Rove. Karl Rove could guide Pres. George W. Bush Eagle us and just say this is where you really should go. This is what this is how I would do with this deleveraging need.

David Axelrod reportedly was the same with Pres. Obama, I don't see anybody around him. This guy Ron Klein spends all his time, reportedly with the squad and the squad's not even Joe Biden's corner which is nuts with who else you think should be that complaint to be able to get elected you wanted Bernie Sanders but Bernie Sanders would've lost 46 states so why are people people who are reading the transcripts of the president's first interview with the AP informants first sit down and four months.

He sounds remarkably like Jimmy Carter because he talks about the mood of the country. He says Biden's remedy is not that different from the diagnosis made by former Pres. Jimmy Carter in 1970 when the economy was crippled by stagflation. Carter said that the US was suffering from a crisis of confidence in the erosion of our confidence in the future is threatening to destroy the social particle fabric of America be confident, Biden said that was Carter is fine confident because I am confident will better position than any country in the world to own the second quarter of the 21st century auto. I don't get that from him when he challenged. He's angry. He's very rarely optimistic when he is optimistic he yells those words.

It takes away from the quality of the words because the way it's delivered, here's Doug.

Hey. Now he's obviously a Republican is URC communication director, but this is what he's getting. He said this to Brett last I cut six.

This administration has two problems. One, the very real economic one that they're struggling to address the others, the political problem that they are way behind the eight ball on and don't seem to have any good answers that really satisfy anyone at this point right and if those answers go to come forward.

We haven't seen them yet but what I told you but Joe mansion working on a deal with Sen. Wyden and Chuck Schumer to start for putting in some social programs prescription drug costs subsidizing childcare healthcare would in theory fine, but forget about the theory first second and was told by the practicality why we in this trouble because we printed too much money we flooded the zone with too much cash.

People have the cash, but it's worth less because there's so much of it there was too much print to the crisis was over and he did it. Now were stuck with mortgage rates of 5.7% doable processable but now when you compared to 0% which we been living with yet do we get spoiled. Yes since 2008 absolutely, but it's over.

It's a major shock. Stock futures rose slightly yesterday were down precipitously today. They were up a little bit and it was the worst week for the for the stock market since 2020� Oh go into today. The S&P has added 500. There .2% NASDAQ 100 the futures but since that time the market has dropped a little. It's trying to stabilize, but after one day, they raise the Fed raise the, the interest rate .75 basis points set up .5 so immediately.

All everyone got a few euphoric. They said if you up interest rates ahead of inflation that because you get some pain, but you begin to drive it down because people have less activity make the supply more plentiful will drive the prices down as the economic say the next day. People get upset when second the interest rate 5.7%. That means the housing market is going to suffer which means home improvement will take place me plus trips to Home Depot gas is still why I think I'm in a bail on everything and then we had the big selloff which we had with the present is done is he's going out of his way to blame people. He's blaming Vladimir Putin because oil companies now have to yell yet to pay more money to get gas and oil from other places.

The one thing that I despise is it if it is Vladimir Putin making a major impact in the pure politics which I know it is you know that Vladimir Putin will interpret what they're going through right now as winning is gonna make it harder on the battlefield for Ukraine is going to make them dig down more to absorb more sanctions so they can continue to hurt us that some of the damage presence doing because he can never think about the next move of would be opponent.

Never think about how people might adjust to you. He only tried to tell everybody else was politically advantageous for him and here's were present buying set on with the oil company should do what I say. The short term do the right thing instead of you know they made 315 to 631 she's me 15 or $16 billion.

$35 billion. These major oil companies in the first course I think it's 312.

Five. I don't know how many more. How many times don't bite, don't stop, don't buy back your stock and give some of that money back will the way free-market works is perceived that level on a publicly traded company, what you do is you try to explain to people that were in a pandemic, and for two years. Most of the oil and gas you bought is sitting on barges in the middle of the ocean. No would've poured nowhere to dock nowhere to go because nobody wants it so they lost billions. Now is the as oil and gas began to rise in the demand began to go up well. The price went up and then when you want to refine more than we find that we refined refining capacity because he has everybody incentivized to convert some of the oil refineries into seven things for biofuels.

So now we have less refineries working harder and not using our own oil but other people zero on a refineries sold by and get some pieces have an idea. Let me vilify gas companies because like Geraldo told us earlier in this block, you don't really want your heart to go out for an oil and gas company for me. I do because I know the people to work on those rigs have a chance to meet them, you'd see the big and small jobs. You see, the scientists are involved in it. You see, the major Ritz is taking place in it. And lastly, before I go to break and come back with what with your calls Gov. Ron DeSantis was asked about the economy and what he would do different. And this is probably these answers are probably why Elon musk wants him to run for president cutting its guy got a lot of chutzpah to attack energy producers when he campaigned saying he was going to shut down energy production in the United States, and of course that's been a huge driver as to why we now have gas higher than we have ever seen it before in my lifetime in this country and so he has facilitated this and I think that's had a huge impact on overall inflation because everything that's produced relies on energy and when those energy costs go up. It has an effect across the board. Obviously, when you're printing trillions of dollars. The money supply that is caused it to go up as well.

That's what happens we go to an Ivy League school. You're able to respond to things off the cuff when you sit there and try to balance a budget is a Gov. II do think that ex-president on the Republican side of Trump doesn't run will be a Gov., I just think people want somebody that's been in charge as a legitimate track record makes his own decisions responds in crisis sees how they work, how they inspire Hadley how they maybe work with the other side.

The only time that say this really is a great high. His work with the other side, but I will talk about in one nation today is how there are some things going on in a bipartisan way is going on in spite of present buying instead of because of Pres. Biden, but when I was telling you before that Joe Joe Biden got it wrong again even though she repeatedly told it's not just Republicans who think you are wrong with the rescue plan and think you're wrong with the way you going after oil and gas it or did Democrats Democratic Democratic economist Larry Summers is the other.

I it's terribly important that we take the temperature down in Washington that we recognize behavior that's just out of bounds of reasonable indecency give the Fed the room it needs to bring down the budget deficit we take down prices directly through prescription drugs. I think the optimists were wrong. The year ago saying we have no inflation I think are wrong now in be if anyone is highly confident that with an ovoid recession. Please join the spotlight. But no, I like better present buying Tacoma premises are because I just want somebody especially comes to dollars and cents to put politics away because this is affecting everybody you know a guy came up to me at the gas station yesterday so I pump gas and am only one there pump the gas at Philip my car and the guy comes across to me and he says to me I am I am out of money. Can I give you my twit this guy's a nice cartoon it's a pickup truck. He says I don't have my wallet with me and I need to fill up my car I started because I had use the cash I had with me, but I'm not even half full so he goes. Can I give you this case of beer I just bought and can you give me, let me money. I sent out, let's give you is I gave him $20 to build. Obviously the $20 would've been three quarters of a tank six months ago. I wish I took the beer because I did not realize I had no beard and a lot of times it's hard to get Corona I'm surprised how often I go to a place and I cannot get Corona and the worst is more than any other beer. If it is called gets warm and he gets cold again. The worst taste ever that in Hawaiian fruit punch to sugary on Brian kill made when we come back I'll take your calls are. This is the brain tell me, Joe, your knowledge base.

Brian kill made show. If you're interested in Ryan's talking about with Brian kill made this ministration hasn't done a single thing to slow the flow may consist of more recent resources for the mortar to process people quicker and quicker to appear to be overcrowding crisis politics in 17 months to 39,000. This is stork never single type numbers in history this nation from this ministration failed the American people are successful in their in and request for an open board. Center proven guilty unless you were badger and anti-law enforcement from the start I was aboard Joe. I know the rules and engagement. These officers did their job was easy to see that with anybody like to present already convicted on the secretary of homeland security makes things that they recognize forces against children and what you are truly terrible during this investigation. Day one because the Inspector General reports of the secretary to the present already convicted him on national TV along the secretary you can have a fair investigation. They don't want Eric to present-day North America senator and the vice president got to find something or someone who's a bad word to someone or something not nice with the only people that did anything wrong with the Haitian migrant to enter the country legally. Which is a crime nor verbal commands from a federal officer which is another crime that prosecuted jointly with the crime reports that the men and women were in the form these men and women are patron come home and does so the others know I was happy the border I think is impeachable and I think they're going to find out that you these doing it on purpose because no one could be that negligent. Let's go out to Joe was in WRC NHL Brian good morning and honor is always hope things are well.

One big garage governors race and I voted for leave six or seven times in my calm down all the gay Giuliani is the strongest candidate rate leader GLP puppet. I know him very well not prime time working in the debate was hard to watch.

You know my wife she said with cranes where they almost every day would not governorship and unprofessional day that you don't need copy and I will bet you America parts warehouse like to down the middle of the other night people afford Giuliani because they know about drop and he did Trump support yelled will not even I can trump may be good. He is not the strongest candidate when you deal. Make and oppose the media put your finger on it by backing out and I could now they make.

I don't want to be cruel, but he came his cojones up the New York State GOP.

I could not quote in Ricardo Cheney got a set up call it not true. He show you the Trump came out to be and break $1 million grant, and he won't go and go down the man did not make the way you need a good man.

Don't get me wrong, but anchor Giuliani me all you know my thump on the line living here. What I don't like that by backing away got smart and probably blocking sport, taking a 20 Joe, thank Joe couple things I did not see the debate but I read the debate, I do not, I don't see anybody wrote that he got slaughtered number one Andrew Giuliani was even in the room yet because of some stupid vaccine thing which Republicans should be in the workout that's that total BS number three Andrew Giuliani does does is very composer's feet. You need to experience and it does not work to do Lee's Eldon's advantage like it doesn't work to Glenn Junkin's advantage to say that I am a Trump disciple, he will not win because Trump cannot win in New York he has to win the entire state. You could say well down here downturns been a really good friend. I appreciate a lot Woody dumb but I'm running as my own man. That's how you win and purple states and this is a blue state. So it's not smart to say whatever down Trump says goes.

It's not good politics, but Andrew Giuliani got a lot of challenge good communicator. Rob Pastorino also had a lot of talent.

Lee's Eldon the best chance to win your post endorsement. Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive answer. Brian kill me. Thank you much for being here about the Brian kill me tell where coming here from 46 in midtown Manhattan heard around the country heard around the world, especially in the Ukraine.

This arrow to be joined by Rick Rick Mason remember him. He was depicted in King Richard the movie Will Smith started then overwhelmed by slapping Chris rock. Great movie. Rick Macy was gratefully key role in the development of both girls, the true story about Venus and Serena that is not over.

Venus is not retired and Serena is trying to come back in Wimbledon willing to talk to Rick about that.

But first let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three sponsored by life facts save a life and a choking emergency visit life to learn more and use code BK tend to save 10% number three I find it quite interesting with the Fox News polling that shown on the question of which party is doing a better job preserving democracy that Republicans actually bass Democrats there waiting on that and not been there whole point with the January 6 committee that was the point with impeaching Pres. trump twice and that's not working.

That is a key fabless wing in the January 6 tearing so far it looks like it is really petering out.

We know a lot of the facts there horrific. We know that Mike pence the role he played. We know the bad legal advice or present was getting. And guess what approval rating lies going to the Fox News poll still about prison but if you go back different administrations a ball trying to improve border security, some more than others.

I would say this is the first administration words actually taken several steps backwards were not improving anything along that were it's getting worse is being totally left unguarded, our borders being run by the drug cartels one year since the vice president made reporter visit and said we made a lot of great progress it has fallen apart. Why does she still have a job.

This is an impeachable offense. There are several culprits there's $500 checks. The $2 trillion again. I've talked about a lot Government money that we gave people to spend another try to spend it to get inflation. The Fed, which also completely blow it does nothing good to say about that is Steve Ratner Obama's economic advisor prison by your first indent in four months and you blaming everybody but yourself and your ministration from what went wrong.

You have Janet yelling apologizing for mislabeling inflation and you still blame Republicans Vladimir Putin and circumstances in a pandemic. Let's get started. Shanna Breen Fox News chief legal analyst anchor of Fox News at night and she is building this week also for) special report author of the mothers and daughters of the Bible speak lessons of faith from nonbiblical families. Shannon, I'm just wondering why the present by this and asking for forgiveness from somebody like you for just being wrong. A lot of his policies are not being candid. I what's gone wrong good healthy competent EP enter yesterday like I want people to feel confident with AP interview with I want about the company.

I am confident that we were going.

There is not a guarantee that were to fall into recession and sell. Let's think I'm kind of people now with igniters around him are saying listen to Pres. this is bad people in the relaxer having a really Time.

Let's come out with a bit of empathy in any beat of a people feel really really down knowledge of the people don't know good and all the polling shows that to but somehow there's a disconnect that any of his policies could be in part responsible for what's happening now on. Even if you say like it. Not only thought they were condition coming up in the band and I can never all kind of things in this skill number of economy thinking your people that were part of the binding. The Obama Biden ministration. All this expanding and things that we've done.

We've gotten things wrong and and I think it would go a long way for him to acknowledge that since a lot of stories that we don't get the bounty says love things that we know get five and six Pinocchio's and he keeps repeating them and they said was getting that if I spell at one point you have to take responsibility for it but I also want you here at ME we played Steve Ratner member Larry Summers not only told us a year ago. The rescue package was bad even told us last weekend. I it's terribly important that we take the temperature down in Washington that we recognize behavior that's just out of bounds of reasonable indecency give the Fed the room it needs to bring down the budget deficit we take down prices directly through prescription drugs.

I think the optimists were wrong.

The year ago saying we have no inflation. I think they're wrong now in be if anyone is highly confident that with an ovoid recession. So he still saying it and he's going the exact opposite of the administration and Larry Summers number is probably in Joe Biden's 1971 Rolodex interesting.

It keeps doing on this point whether it sounded pregnant or whether it never the press corps. I am sorry his press team.

They keep saying words can get away and let Sandy what it does and if they're completely powerless to make any decisions that would be helpful to American people and it also gives disappearance of dissolving down on anything at happening because you'll see cream jump here repeatedly refer back to that when people pressure on economic issues were not met with the fabric and let them be completely independent and let them solve this problem to the deflection and I think at some point on people even know if you voted for the president want to see him succeed and are supportive of him on the feeling of leaving a little entity from the ministration at this point and in a little bit of taking them so Saul assassinates also see the looks back in the interview as you break down what, exactly, saying he goes to the reporter and he says listen, you clean all these negative things. What other majors I ask you question what other major country. Would you like to be in that synthetic position us to be successful. He says Switzerland aces will switch as its own problems when I sold I met many German major power so he said all the America leaders within the whole hemisphere where the best position. He goes on rambling to say this for the reason why were in a bad mood is we got the tundra melting. We got the North Pole. I mean, so people look and I'm saying I mean because that's what is written here so people are looking at it. I think totally understandable if they're worried that looking rinsing my God. Everything's changing. I took my kids to Yellowstone Park.

They call me and say daddy we can get Yellowstone Park anymore.

These are thousand year kinds of events. He also says we are more hurricanes and tornadoes and flooding armies pulling out every stop, try to figure out what's going on in America. What were so glum, only to win 10 say were on the right path to follow your train of thought were all in the come flying into the conversation instead of focusing on white after the questionnaires actively sought out Jimmy Kimmel interview would seem to be weirdly edited tape show they can do what they want, but the weird kind of way for commercial van and wrapping up the president when he got wildly off track from the original question wise and everything he'd only been timely only if they don't go the leader of the free world. The commander-in-chief and people expect him to focus Yellowstone Park and Flashman were talking about the price of gas, you know, double digits and triple digits and you only thing the last year.

They want to point to put in a lot of this at me now and evident that there is factual or not you know political position that much of this was already well happening and down the road before the invasion. Ukraine started to complete disconnected teams from any responsibility and reality. Frankly, in many cases right so I want to be too little to generally six series yesterday.

According to the Los Angeles Times. It was something worthy of C-SPAN.

They are not seeing the deliverables, but there's some things down there.

The clearly disturbing is a little exchange because I know you to the post game show on night number one on prime time cut 22 when exactly presidents, now it would be illegal for my parents to refuse to count electoral votes.

Here is one sample of testimony given by one of the witnesses before us today.

The vice president's general counsel John Eastman ever met in front of the president's proposal for January 4, two days before the attack on Congress so they're trying to prove that the prison knew that is his illegal standing wasn't strong. That to me is wide open to another interpretation.

Jim Jordan comes from banks gives me.

I talked to him on his own. He thoroughly believed that the election was stolen and he thought that this did have some legal standing. That was a lawyer's interpretation of what Trump thought, trying to split hairs because we know the big picture trump was wrong in so many ways, but this is the problem with the hearing, Shannon.

I'm only getting one side and Liz Cheney and Adam Kinsey are not even trying to see where the Democrats might've found fault on January 6.

Remember that when you are Democrat or Republican. You're fighting back against the loss, whether the meaning recounts were planning every Circuit Court and County Court you can if you're trying to win election to pursue every option atop the ticket writing me to Pres. Trump would be like, we can hear from 10 lawyers that the one who tells next on the chance to win one going let valid make that the candidate no matter who you are clear. He was getting plenty of advice from a number of people is that there isn't a way for you to land it doesn't surprise me at the candidate that he would paint on the person who was telling him there was a way to land. I mean the hearing. I think I have not seen anything shockingly new. I think it's interesting that they're trying to persuade the American people will have no light. Or going back again to rethink the terrible day for but they don't even know that there's still a bit multimillion dollar multi hearing thing going on the think it's awful, but they've moved on to other things that they're worried about like putting gas in the car so a couple things you know they were building. To this moment. If you go back you know Al Gore had to gavel down the objections on his own party.

When he was vice president to bring in George W. Bush is a controversial hang up in Florida and you know in 2016. VP Biden had the gavel down his own party who kept objecting to down from warning saying that Russia one and they have a list of people in this chaos is seen and then of course he culminated in things over the top on January 6. Get this. I was stunned by the Shannon Fox news did a poll. Not that that they do pose all the time but they asked people who was of which are favorable, but what your opinion of these four candidates, Harris Joe Biden Judge Donald Trump, Mike pence favorable Donald Trump on top, 44% Joe Biden �0.42 40, Harris 39 through all this through the suing the January 6, the second impeachment that didn't go through all these attacking Republicans primary people, all that Donald Trump's numbers have not budged any still beats Biden right now a dead Biden you still controversial. You don't want. Second, I think it is more popular than you are.

People you think you promised them he would fix everything to get everything he'd done higher favorable and lowered favorable, then you will make the White House crazy because we've seen in the piece is that the listener turn violent, that the president is very upset.

He didn't want to be compared to Trump order Carter getting divorced Mark Cintron to be very difficult for the flight is on tonight. I wish I knew to have your online so it's going to be a lackluster shell and I repeat it finite time. Surely party and we are going to update this report united multiple job and then I'll see you at midnight fell together shortly not be able to tell you more exquisite status report. Yes, there when shown a time that you may prep for all five of your show that one pitcher multitalented in a multitasker like that you invited talk to Cindy tonight ideal. That's led by the network show that you know there's a lot going on one show at a time. By the end of this week and the only person will be to command. My mom well I do a lot of find it hard to believe but would you nose and beyond the Sunday show her my bother you.

Well, I could tell you something big were trying to lock in and I don't want to spoil it to have to tune in on Sunday, I guess so, but it was almost an anti-tease so that you want, but I hope will have something to tell you this afternoon at beacon great when I'm off the radio something my radio what you can show 73 don't get one nation eight 11 o'clock if you set your DVR or you just know you be watching a light deal because anyone who knows where I'll be. What happening. I don't want to say this. I've known people that hosted that show you Saturday night you're staying in studying for Fox news Sunday. I will not be having a wild party on Saturday night. If human resources is listening to the show. Please give her off Monday going on Monday, real Fox staying and I can't tell you more about that secret assignment.

Right now I get some type show I will and tell you anymore and have to start telling you I'm giving you any more think it really hurt my feelings as if oxidant going on. Have to find 11 year and I'm clearly not inviting everything in opening night my lifer brain coming chatting to David, thanks so much. Any good luck with your secret life in your many shows we come back your turn. 1-866-408-7669 I got I had to drag out. Shannon is excited life you think you just having a day. He is no finances get the extra added bonus of its net is the time of year when all discussed Supreme Court decisions come out to that would be good to bring up during her segment beat what he is doing after action report. I mean you can, I got your bike is always open. You could just chime that in you for having so much fun.

Okay, back in a moment something new every day, for I am kill me show radio makes you think this is Brian kill me show, Biden came out as our theory is that their spending had any effect on inflation. The San Francisco Fed where Janet Yellen used to be president has put out a study saying that almost all the inflation is attributable to buy plans and so they're in denial. They're destroying the economy and you basically Democrats in Congress need to step up and send an adult out of the White House and explain to them because while they are in denial. Markets are panicking. They are in this aside, I don't remember any like this are member in 2000 ages going up to people to sing to explain to me what's going on with these banks knew exactly where was going.

I knew exactly what banks were in trouble. I five was able to follow Hank Paulson's you try to piece together and forcing these murders together and knew exactly why Lehman fell and then you just figure out that's the problem. But now everywhere you look there's a problem. Now some of the stuff is out of his control. But why are we addressing the supply chain issues. Why are we addressing the ship problems why we addressing the car issue.

Why were just link gas and oil and why you try to vilify people. Those are some of things that drive me nuts about what's going on right now but it's actually breaking towards Republicans way.

That's why I'm hearing the stories about them putting together some type of aid package from Republican looking at 8.48.6 percent inflation, knowing we printed too much money and spent too much money. The last thing I wanted to set my fingerprints on another spending plan. So that's why Joe mansion reportedly is working with Chuck Schumer and Sen. Wyden to put together many bill back better. I mean, are you kidding of many bill back better at a time in which the Democratic economists say the spending got us here are about to spend more incredible we come back would take a little break from this talk a little bit sports with brick mason budgetary tennis coach who famously help launch and teach the Williams brother two sisters breaking news. All Brian kill me show Williams told me when I first talk to talk to her about Rick, she said, playing with Brittany's everyone said how much fun it was just talking to Rick when the angel, acting exercises coming up is write down every single day that other characters say about your character say about yourself figure out who the guy and everybody just talked about how much fun he had much like he was always making it a game where he was raised. It was always that was always a contest and I love that aspect of session birth all who play Rick Macy and King Richard are talking about a Rick Macy who we studied in one did some background on Jenny now is as Rick Macy, the legendary tennis coach of the year and Hall of Fame tennis coach.

Overall Rick welcome Brian glad to be here II just jumped off the court, I'm ready to get up that's role so we how do you think you per trading in King Richard you feel you feel is always accurate. We get a sense of what it was like real I really like yeah you know that the movie was a masterpiece and everything was like so spot on. I mean the walk the talk, the close that the whole thing blew me away.

John did a great job and so at the end of the day.

The whole thing was incredible. So when you saw yourself be pretrade on screen where your thoughts. Why didn't really know exactly if they tell you, know the true story because there was a lot that happen you know it's not like a highlight reel of Venus and Serena, you know, kind of told the beginning, especially when they you know, left Compton decided for me to cochairman you I took a big risk in all its I took a big gamble. It's with what I saw Brian under the hood on the outside. There was site arms and legs and Herod beads flying everywhere when these girls were nine and 10, but there was a rage that I saw inside these two little girls and I just never saw all that ever before me to go to be world champion, but there was something inside these two little kids and I knew what I could do and knows they say that the rest is history, but it all worked out. Amazing. So when you admit Venus was the first we heard of and you know we want your plan to get 12 or 13 remember the beads it came out and I remember doing that I was coverings working for another network and she was doing to us of the Rockefeller Plaza and they're doing it outdoors or just to show advantages to I guess whatever sponsor sponsored it and they said you see the short girl over there in the corner that's Venus's sister. She will be better than Venus and I looked at her and she was stocky. Get a totally different body. I guess it was kept that in my mind. Did Richard always think that I know in the movie. It said that he said that to her.

Did he tell that to you. Yeah you know what was interesting to note, Serena was at his mature, this is a great lesson for any parent, coach, you know you can't judge a book by its cover. In order young age. Venus, which is more mature Serena took longer to develop, but you know evaluating talent you know is in the eye of the beholder and what I tell everybody what you may see is different than Rick Macy but was Serena. She had Brian chat all the time in the world. That's number one.

It's like she knew where the ball was one before you did. But the wildcard like anything else in life. She was just a brutal brutal competitor, even at a young age. She was a little pitbull but she wasn't that mature but you could see by 12 or 13. There is something special. There, but Richard always told me nothing against Venus, but he always thought Serena would be better but that being said, maybe if there is no Venus there be no Serena so it kinda goes hand in hand.

But listen at the end of the day. He not only had one, but he had to. They lived in the same house so you know that's amazing you you put them up in a house right now in all the excitement I bankrolled the whole thing.

There was a $92,000 motorhome and I put Richard on salary and they went from the outhouse to the White House data is amazing how set up five star resort there was tae kwon do in boxing and ballet but the wildcard with this whole thing was, you know they were with Rick Macy for five hours a day in you know that hitting partners in it was the Lehman yon on everything in. I was on a mission. You know they were they were already athletic but either put Humpty Dumpty together. This could a blown up there could've been a catastrophic injury. I mean it was a big chance but at the end of the day. Like most people, if you're going to bet that on yourself and I knew what I could do whether took four years eight years as I believe in Venus and Serena I knew were to go because Brian back in the early 90s if you were big and strong. You want really nimble. I not only thought they could be number one in the world but they could transcend the sport and I told Richard that and it's in the movie, you know I price all Venus and I saw them compete because in the beginning I didn't see it I and on the outside. I didn't see it, but once I said game on the whole landscape change in I told Richard career and I said let me tell you something you got the next email Michael Jordan on your hands and he put his arm around me Brian. He goes no brother man. I got the next two.

That domain is going to happen. But look, look how this whole thing played out. I'm glad they told the story and it's very inspiring. It's the power of family and I think a lot of people we let them play tennis and get a lot out of this fun couple things he did make a deeply Junior's right that drove you crazy and a lot of times to run interference between the kids and the dad correct Allison I not I should be in the Hall of Fame prior just for putting up with that guy for four values that that is my best friend. This is what I do. You know you the parents are on a mission there plugged in specially daddy's little girl and I had Capriotti share pull the peers in all these so you got understand daddy's little girl's a little different but yeah Richard was a little bit out there but that's the Arctic coaching how to deal with the parents because if I had drawn a line in the sand a plywood, a blown up in a week, but yet I ran a lot interference but at the end the day at one about Rick Macy or Richard Williams is about Venus and Serena and like I said they they were like my own daughters and Richard was my best friend so I will one well if you don't, by the way, it's not over yet because it looks like Serena wants to play at Wimbledon would initiate a wildcard birth which got hurt last year. Are you still in touch to your work and the fans expect to see Wimbledon June that lesson yet still in touch. We already reunited at the after party. You know what the red carpet in and I was amazing. You know the story summary I got so many stories about Venus and Serena when they were kids.

They were laughing and crying and on the floor because when you're 11, 12, 13, you know you're looking at it through a different lens but what can people expect. Listen, I know there's 127 people in the drawl that don't want to play this girl in the first round because it's going to be an old media everywhere.

A great mental lesson they're going to get a lot out of it. If she gets a little confidence and if she spit number ever underestimate the heart of a champion. I mean she's just wired Brian differently you know so they went long periods of times without planning come back and knock people out so nothing would surprise me. She's very different and that's why she's the greatest player ever to pick up a tennis racket and women's tennis shoes Venus Williams talking in 1991, 45 so I find I can write if I can time a nice timeline is my saying how funny can't go on tomorrow I can think he's in things like that.

Do you remember that you Brian that is often no listen I was 1991 or 92 on ESPN. They were given publicity that think we might've broken up with think you probably pop back by no cell service may be those sound like that. The pain game which was like tennis number taught on the pain of it and we just have it. It was punk right yeah right so that was good. I mean if I played if I was good that which I was to think I would've been a better good tennis player, you would have been that not only tennis puny for you to minute unit game are ahead of your time you been making money to for the gamers if they made money and finally stuck with it know that having a play was breakout that try to break through wall brick by brick only a breakout that was exciting yet you really lonely to enjoy the game I guess is the videogame version of solitaire right so we try to get him back. Were you working on it. Okay hey Rick your back right Rick you can hearing Rick Macy I can. I so want to play Richard Williams to me is the still I still can't quite figure him out cut 46 this is 1991. I'll thought that I could live like the 19th 78. A planner career before they were born. I thought that I can make $1 million. How do you think about that before they were born a girl when a tennis tournament to make more in the time it made a year anything is kids Omega nine dollars no question about it in the one they look small, always right about that.

I mean, but how much was natural. How much was Richard Breen about there in the courts at a young age that no up until you know they came with me at age 9. You know they he just saw something you know the way they competed. Brian saw what he saw on the inside and even that interview Richard did that was with Chris Mortensen, ESPN, 1991 Greenleaf and I'm sitting there going wall like I got a lot of work to do on meter socket wake up and be the best in the world but that's a true story and that's why he got them into that. I think he just saw the way they were wired. He just had to special little kids with the right coaching the right environment, the right opportunity they could change the landscape and he was right.

So in terms of his intuitive is his intuitive ability how you describe it because I have met him.

I also met at the same time Earl Woods and Earl Woods was bringing up Tiger Woods at the same time Richard Williams was bringing up that the Williams sisters had chanted to be both a rose. Critical Richard. He says he's way to involve people way too many interviews I've backed off on letting Tiger take the spotlight. Richard Williams like the spotlight. Do you think always that just to make them better word to deflect and let them grow this great question, though, to shame that we just lost him.

Unfortunately, I think, left, and that there got back I will try to do some here they show real quick. Rick did you think that Richard was trying to keep the spotlight away from the girls to let them flourish or Earl Woods is critical. Richard Sandy was out front too much. He told me while he was leaving Tiger Richard was leading to his daughters who did Richard like the spotlight yet. Richard love the spotlight you know he but it's a little different. Brian with girls you know I think there's a lot of protection. Listen Richard Williams was an amazing father every single day.

There was life lessons but I think he was beating the draw me like exposure. It was put a lot of healing in the balloon but is a very very competent guy because he knew he had the goods. And I think it to Scioscia.

There's not one way to the mountaintop, there's probably been many people do exactly what Richard did and crashes and burns and they don't have any, you better make sure you have the goods you know before you start, you know, talking like that but that the other day the best father I've ever been around and I've been around more than probably anybody in the history of tenant and repeatedly work with now that I still teach 50 hours a week days a week.

I jumped off the court to come talk to you, and I saw that you say stop the passion and the I and I not only change grips I change lives in the every day is great so I love it. We will great my last question to you is when the whole thing Apple will submit it overwhelmed what I thought was a group where the greatest movies I've seen a long time and that was King Richard was it like you were you were at the event, was it like when you see will Smith go up there at the you know know a lot of people have asked me this I know this is going to sound a little different for the listeners. Remember what I said earlier, but walk the talk. The mannerisms. This guy became Richard Williams and it happened during coping so it got extended a lot. He was probably talking to his own family like Richard he became Richard. Listen, I'm not in endorsement anything that happened that was beyond bizarre. But if you remember the movie Richard went off on that guy interviewing venous about leaving her alone and I just think for whatever reason will lost it and he went up there and ended that he was I think still Richard because I can't come up with any explanation why on the biggest platform he would do something like that because I met him out.

He sees a great guy but that kinda just a wrench in the whole thing which should have been an unbelievable experience at night doesn't take away what you accomplish what you doing and why we motivated you not motivated. Sounds like Rick to to make the next arena you just wanted to shape the next young young boy and girl into a great person. Thanks so much for your time.

Thank you Brian. I enjoyed it. I go get them Rick Macy still on the court bring us inside one of the best sports movies you can see, King Richard, this is the brain to Michelle back to wrap things up in just a moment, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me the fastest three hours in radio you are with Brian kill me or trust service is how many times right was never, never, almost never said I was the Lamas guy. He was on project Veritas but he also had a chance to talk to some of the employees clue he wants it.

I feel better about it easy was destroying and ripping it down trying to demand of anybody want to find out who is legitimate followers are all those things diminish the price for the market fell apart. Bill Wadley the stock he was using to leverage and make this by had lost value in talking about Tesla why the shareholders are getting nervous so he drives the price down.

I think he's crazy like a fox. He comes out people even saying that maybe he's not real.

They just all Showboat and now we find out these pretty serious about taking it over. Geordie set a goal that he wants a billion followers. Okay, not for him personally but he was a billion followers involved in twitter and Hill promoted a lot of people to get back involved thinking that is can be a level playing field thinking the tolerance will rise for people to get band and not get banned and that's why I'm less concerned about this disinformation jar is are the Joe Biden seems determined to put in place, Harris seems in charge of now because I look at rumble seal important rumblings I'm on rumble. A lot of people I know are there, you see how truth social seal. Well, that's do with present trump. They have been on two months earlier 40,000 followers and now with Twitter after trump lost. I was at the 470,000 followers believe this is nothing compared to a lot of people here at Fox but now I'm up to 65 687 I'm pretty sure the people just came flooding back to the platform and if we just top of the shadow banning first time ever heard. That was Donald Trump Junior so I want you to watch one nation this week and amongst our guest Ainsley Ehrhardt will do the news dual P takes at the misinforming America what's happened to our education system that will be great.

Will do a Father's Day segment with anything you knows who's running this Father's Day weekend over in Canton Ohio along with Tyrus, who wrote this great book about his life and talks about his interaction with his dad that tried to kill.

He's tried to establish that at eight years old.

That's a bad a guy's dad was mom's boyfriends try to fight him a few times, put them through health. But it's all made him a better dad. He went the other way and then the big news is the exclusive with Greg Norman. He talks about starting this live series which is going to be a tour. It started last weekend and has 18 participants suspended by the PGA tour of over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resource is a fox in your box, whether podcast precise personal powerful subscriber. Listen now if Fox is not or wherever you

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