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Gov. Abbott Blames Biden's Policies for Deaths of Over 50 Immigrants

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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June 29, 2022 1:06 pm

Gov. Abbott Blames Biden's Policies for Deaths of Over 50 Immigrants

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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June 29, 2022 1:06 pm

[00:00:00] Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA)

[00:18:27] Jim Farley

[00:36:59] Matthew Continetti

[00:55:15] Jon Levine

[01:13:56] Harold Ford, Jr.

[01:26:40] Martha MacCallum

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Live from Fox news New York City set of Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me by reading your body is the right to me Joe this our garbage over the CEO afford them out with the lightning I was able to visit with him. Part of my series. What made America great talk about that history of Fort Henry Ford on down. Believe it or not, the electric car in the gas card admitted at the same time we chose gas. Obviously, and no person buying seems to have chosen electric to bed we need fossil fuels.

But I digress. Jim Farley actually is the cousin of Chris Farley. He's a CEO afford and would be in studio is a congressman has Minority Whip for now minority Steve school Lisa Louisiana country. Great to see a bright, it's great to be with you and be here in the studio.

I know it's very rare.

So here are the big three things I think everybody needs to know the stories you need to know Brian's three number three lifting into detail on Finland and Sweden – traditionally neutral Nordic countries now one step closer to joining the Western military alliance, yet they go.

That was great. Ainsley Erhard told us about this news that Russia did not want to hear Finland and Sweden are in other developments of NATO will bring you up-to-date on the latest as the allies pledged to continue to give support to Ukraine who still be in blitz fire Elko this November in the state of New York one party rule. Will and Kathy will fire the goalies yelled and wins the Republican nomination. He's guilty as you know he will take on Kathy Hogle was not one any election.

She was attending Gov. to that to the disgraced Andrew Cuomo, Joe, your party may be over.

I mean over you as they'll looking at how you have handled the crisis he after crisis ease and the policies and more. Plus we also go over the most intriguing primary the day these people who lost their lives.

They did so because Pres. Biden has empowered and embolden the cartels exactly what you saw happen. That was Gov. Greg Abbott. He is beside himself into the major tragedy for the present to acknowledge that the borders out-of-control 51 dead in a tractor-trailer. Essentially they burned alive.

The problem for the president with the attention comes the scrutiny that I say he's indirectly responsible for every loss of life. I've never seen any facet of our country so dismembered and ignored as our border and I don't think Steve's goalies. You could argue with me on that.


Biden set out day one to open America's border sent the signal you saw caravans come in before he was sworn in place to stay home and the NSA don't come in and the White House says the borders closed them in the lunacy of this the day of for over 51 bodies being found in this 18 wheeler. Finally, comment every town is a border town now because Joe Biden open the border and what's worse is the drugs and Fenton all are killing Americans 100,000 Americans died last year from drug overdoses primarily fennel coming across our open southern border so would, but bothers me most garnishment is that this could be an area that they both get along week about enforcing the board you want about immigration policies.

That's where the controversy is what enforcing the border its how it was doubly agree have to enforce it. He is not enforcing the vice president's be in charge of it may work is not interested in doing it, and yet every day. The border patrol is dealing with it yet and he put vice president, Harrison charge of it. She won't even go there. I've gone to the southern border and toward going the Rio Grande.

I embedded with the border patrol agents and they'll tell you what's wrong, they're not allowed to do their jobs.

They want to take on the drug cartels they don't want this flow of thousands of people coming across bringing human trafficking drugs, but they're not allowed to do their job because of what Pres. Biden's done so if you guys take the house and not the Senate or with you at the center not Israel. You could do what I could tell you were to be bring a border security bill through the house. We will debate how to secure America's southern border. Mallorca's you might as well get them a parking spot. He's got to be testifying a whole lot as will many other Biden officials in open hearings where we can hold them accountable and get real answers and then let's pass legislation through the house to show the country how to do it. Biden left the answer would he sign or veto that bill. Let the Senate take it up but I think the country to be getting more engaged in these things, whether it's yard were to bring legislation to lower gas prices to have a sound energy policy and show the country how it can be done so were not just against what he's doing, which is bad were going to have a full agenda to show how to fix these problems that are facing our consulate to be a real battle in politics yesterday. You know, we sailed in Wells for the house is gonna be a great governor of New York is glad to see when the primary last night you would never said that four years ago we would do this it Gov. Young can show you a template how to win in a blue state yeah and what Duncan did is show all across the country what's happening in it it'll you go back to 2010.

We flip the house and fired Nancy Pelosi last time, the precursor that was Virginia. That's the last time Virginia flip from Democrat to Republican it happened again.

This time they almost look New Jersey remember just barely a did they almost have a Republican governor in the state New Jersey so for New Yorkers. It is very possible. Leaves Eldon's a great candidate.

Hogle's record is just as bad as Cuomo's and you look at where the state as they defunded the police crimes out-of-control all the things that people are angry about all are in the country are happening here in New York and I think Lee's Albans could have a great opportunity to win and turn things around. The great balancer. Many people think on the left is Roe V Wade is going to rally in local elections, especially people to say we have to keep abortion-rights tears. Gov. Kathy Hogle current governor of New York cut 12 you will mandated abortion-rights not going anywhere as long as your governor so that something they're running on might be effective message when most polls show the American people did not want an overturned what when you look at polls. New York is a great example of the radical left, controlling policy because here in the state New York after the Supreme Court ruling from last week. You can still murder a baby in this state after the baby is born alive and call that abortion I think that's murder. I think that's crazy but it's legal here in New York. That's how extreme they are.

They want taxpayer-funded abortion on demand. Up until after the baby is born alive. That's where the Democrat party is you want to talk about being out of touch with America. Over 80% Americans don't agree with that and that's New York's current law after the ruling, Steve's police here, the house Minority Whip garnishment in Louisiana how close you guys a capacity in terms of you has been known as an energy state. So how could you do capacity, how much more can you do, there's a lot more that can be done and you just start with the Gulf of Mexico. I represent port from Sean which is the hub of deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico for the entire nation and if you look there.

They can't even get permits there. Biden hasn't issued a lease sale even though the law mandates that he has to the courts of said is noncompliance so you just change the rules and said were negatively sales anywhere federal lands on shore and so you're underperforming right now in terms of what we could be doing.

I was on a rig a few weeks ago.

I take members out to rig every year. We went to one the largest producers in the Gulf a rig that show loans that produces 130,000 barrels a day in the Gulf of Mexico.

They can't even get permits to do seismic right now to go and expand that one rig there's a lot of other opportunities to produce oil in the Gulf president doesn't need to go fly to Saudi Arabia and begged them to produce oil microphone even had to tell him that they don't have the capacity let's do it here.

Yeah, it's not the best audio but just understand this.

The dynamics there's so much to this story.

Emmanuel Crone says he called the UAE and call the Saudi Arabia they can pump anymore. I'm not kidding. This is not a movie that with a trafficking where they try to consolidate scenes in order to move the story along. This is happening cut 18 is one of Jacob's holdings is careful, maybe you should step aside, we say that they don't they're basically at capacity to drill encouragement. I can't believe that he would be briefed ahead of time on this before he made the call. He doesn't go and visit the oil executives will 1 mile from the White House. He goes to visit the wind executives in the White House and now he's getting this information on the fly at a G7 Brian American people are watching this and when they're paying five dollars a gallon at the pump and they watch with Joe Biden's done he shut off American energy shut off pipelines won't issue permits and then they see that is gonna go to Saudi Arabia 5700 miles away and McCrone's gotta be the one to tell him that the Emirates don't have it sought. He doesn't have it. It's right here in America.

We've got the best energy and we have the best standards you want to lower carbon emissions make it here.

Everybody gets it Joe Biden has deliberately said he wants to shut America down.

I want to go back to Ruby way because I Biden left and a lot of people are upset saying what you need, leave us a game plan to fight back. Not you could care about that but this is a fight you have in a daily basis.

Women's rights in terms of babies rights that's pretty much the decision you have to make so Elizabeth Warren comes with this brainstorm what we set up tents and on federal land and brutal facilities on federal land like Yellowstone Park and have abortions so Sec. Xavier Becerra was asked that cheese HHS cut 23 what I can tell you is that we are aware of a number of ideas and proposals, many of which we have been considering internally ourselves. We have made no decisions yet. We certainly would Conversation with the president to make sure we implement his directives to us in trying to protect women's reproductive health care services but as I said every option is on the table.

Do you do you see that happening Louisiana on federal land. If they start setting up tents and lean to's and building facilities, absolutely not, but it shows you how radical they are, Brian. They want taxpayer-funded abortion on demand. That's not where America is.

You know the Roe decision says let elected leaders make this decision, not judges. We want to protect life. Most Americans want to protect life, but if you look at where the radical Democrats are right now this lunatic lunatic idea that you're gonna middle of Yellowstone National Park. You can have some kind of abortion clinic funded by taxpayers. Go pull that by the way when they use their 80% numbers. I guarantee of 80% of Americans say that's the craziest idea, but that's where the Democrat party is right now ROC squeezes in studio one.

One more block in these gotta get on with his life of legislating and hopefully work on his way to become in the majority certainly supper fun to be in the majority been allowed to write a lot okay Kim McCarthy would be the speaker that in that circumstance, we would think Jim Farley about 10 minutes break move encouragement.

Steve's Gleason just a moment was of the brain to Michio newsmakers and news breakers.

First, try and kill me show precise personal power is America's leather team in the palm of your thoughts whether updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News time tests done, or wherever you get your podcast Fox News podcasts network. I'm been dominant Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben dominance podcast. Listen now by doing a Fox News time The more you listen more, you'll know he is right and kill me present Biden coming campaign with you. I intend to do the campaigning myself I my name on the ballot and I plan on engaging voters across our 11 localities, some of them knew me some of them communities. I represented already. That is Abigail's Bamberger, the Democratic Congresswoman from Virginia whose within a vulnerable cc, but why should I speculate when the experts here Christmas Eve squeeze here has Minority Whip will luck you have been studio if you're watching Fox nation could seem streaming so what is your take on on her coming on Fox News to say she's not looking for Joe Biden to help her, you know it's funny watching some of these Democrats trying to distance themselves from biomass to Brian Taylor but then why have they been voting with Biden Pelosi. Over 90% of time and yeah and so in a way she can invite Nancy Pelosi to Virginia to campaign with her because she's been vote with Pelosi about 90% of the time it was in Bangor Maine yesterday and Bruce Pollock was a great candidate running against your golden golden votes were Pelosi over 80% of the time I said is he can invite Nancy Pelosi to Bangor Maine. I showed up in Maine to help Bruce as he can invite Nancy to go and campaign for him since he votes with her all the time even though that's not the values of Bangor Maine so working to see a lot of this in November where they try to distance themselves from the people they been voting with for the last two years to run the country in the ground.

Now we see Nancy Pelosi pushes it. Congresswoman El Floris's daughter and do you have you seen the speaker push other kids like I don't know, and I saw the video monitoring wisdom mire is a wonderful person and she's like my daughters negatively pushed around.

She's such a great story, though Myra it again 1871, Brian.

That's the last time a Republican held that district on the border with Mexico in the first ever woman, Republican or Democrat born in Mexico to be elected to Congress and she's a Republican who ran on border security. Her husband's a border patrol agent. She's a great new addition she's in a another tough race and she's tough. She's gonna win. What did they already send make tougher and going against is it Vincent a Gonzales yeah yeah so he he moved districts to run their the thing is, she is more in tune with the people of that district than he is, but he somewhat moderate compared to the person closer to Cuellar than well let you know I like when you're potent with with Nancy Pelosi over 89% time you not moderate, but they all call themselves moderate today because are scared to death of being associated with the AOC wing of the party, but they vote with AOC it if he gets more direct with Bamberger, the former CIA person cutting when you support Biden Harris ticket in 2024 and looking squarely towards 2020 tail and every election ahead of me working to make sure that voters across Virginia, seventh district no support is run to me is the sitting president United States and you've got. I've seen polls maybe 35% of Democrats want Joe Biden to be the nominee in 20 2014 embarrassment like Jimmy Carter might be the only guy was a huge fan of Biden because binds making Jimmy Carter look better every day and the countries done with these Biden pop Pelosi policies the promise all these Democrats have been voting for those same bad policies to rack up gas prices and inflation and open the border people are fed up with it networking of when a lot of those seats so January 6 you guys elected not to put any Republican on their when banks and Jim Jordan were rejected. So you have you have the of Cheney and you have Kinsey who are Republicans but are adamant that they do not like prison trumpet United Way act on January 6 so Cassie Hutchison, a 26 row form versus an intern in your office is made huge news yesterday by giving her account of which he saw as an assistant to Mark Meadows cut 26. The present effective. I'm having president take next capital now which Bobby responded sir, we have to go back to the last swing present reached out towards the front of the vehicle to crap out the steering wheel. Mr. Engel grabbed his arm, said, sir, take your hand off the steering wheel were going back to the last swing not going to the capital. Mr. Trump then used his free hand to lunge towards Bob angle when this or not. I have recounted the story sneaking motion towards his clavicle.

So what's the problem with that story of the problem is is with everything with the January 6 politicize committee is that there is nobody to counter any of it in your already hearing people tied to the Secret Service saying that didn't happen. And so the problem you have is a Gillick leader McCarthy tried to put Jim Jordan Jim Banks on the committee.

Pelosi rejected it, which is unprecedented. I mean, typically in Congress. We have committees.

Republicans pick the Republican members. Democrats picked up Democrat members and when we try to pick our members. Pelosi rejected him and said you can't put them on and Pelosi picked Kinsinger and Cheney and that it never happened before in the history of, and so ultimately she said she wants to run as a politicized committee and they just want to put people on a hate Donald Trump and I think the American people are fed up like I've been in three states.

The last two days campaigning for great candidates that are in a flip seats never once did this come up what comes up as high gas prices, the open border inflation.

People are fed up with the direction of the country and that's with her to be voting on November the Engel commencing Hutchinson's testimony is incorrect. He said he wants to go tell him that they're going to have him come notify he should.

But again, this is Pelosi's politicized committee to go after Trump. They've never shown any desire to get a fair and balanced account or just basic facts for people who were there to be a busy hundred 39 days for you to sprint all the way through, but when were you when the majority back in and work to save the country thanks comes will gain close to Fox and friends we can to share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. So just subscribe and listen no Fox News by just Fox News podcasts network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your time listening download now and Fox News or wherever you get your favorite contest talk show that's real.

This is Brian kill me show so much talk about electric cars and how we have to transition even though right now, they're more expensive they are hard to get rare earth is certainly a challenge to make the batteries in order to actually make the call.

I would welcome back Brian kill me here. I chance on what made America to five more specials about things about our pessimist separates I do the history the automobile. One thing was great as I talked about what the history but the future is able to do Jim Farley. He is the Ford CEO and yes related to Chris Farley.

He talked about the four lightning the new pickup creating these electric vehicles and dealing with the government. Here's my interview with Jim Farley, CEO Farley, where are we right now we are in the Red Sea center will rebuild our new F1 50 lightning theater thinking four seconds, America's best-selling vehicle for 40 years or electrifying.

It is a brand-new site in the middle plant we built 1928 and operating continuously in the middle of that tore down what buildings built our most sustainable zero mission plan. What made you want to launch this three years ago. Well, we had a very small group of very maverick people in the company is America's best-selling the and we thought, what is more iconic than electrifying the F1 50 and what is more, the biggest employer in our industry. This is the perfect vehicle to elect doing this. This quick and produced a product that is between 40 and $80,000 with well we had redesign the frames that all the batteries all the testing design the franc do all the testing the power your home for three days with a lot of engineering.

Did you know this could be done been few that could be done. The first rain we got for this truck was 100 miles from now, 328 are even her own engineering team was like to know. I don't know right now but we pushed through, we had a really maverick team Pushing and things like HealthPro power on board we only decide on a year ago to power a jobsite of your house. We made a lot of quick decisions when you start doing this and you still team improvement. Your question for the outsiders is is the country ready because a lot of truck drivers like the feeling of the V-8 engine on the gas in the reputation with electric cars notices these really electric trucks will you yeah so so you know I'm one of those people. And now we know that we sell million of these year, the reality is a fast 0 to 60 we have is probably six seconds missing for so if you want to have a fun ride just put your foot into this vehicle is one of the fastest vehicles right where you convince decide the reservations they came. Why are you convinced that the American people would be open to where you may want truck customers. We know better than anyone.

They were the first to adopt new technology in fishing and hunting. They have titanium reels on the these are the most technology used in vehicles done by truck customer that multiple laptops in their vehicle doing work in their vehicle. They love technology so we were very confident if we could bring a product with no regrets faster that Trina miles ranged. It had 10,000 pounds towing that they would love the technology and self driving.

Yes yeah that deal for us. Actually, and we can over there update that in fact, you know, we can send software over the air to to launch crews now people hands off the wheel for a lot of commuting time. You can do other things in the front truck that storage is important because obviously when you pick up truck to get some protection is an out not only Tony Soprano but lots of people would look that power franc. It's fantastic. It's huge 400 pounds and we find a lot of our work customers work on the front of the truck you see measuring tape their plugs because people even at night. We lit it all so you can be a workspace or your home to home improvement and use for your truck. The workspace and have lots of tools, expensive tools the government push you to do this. No way no way this is what you get greener regulations on and still this is the response from the government has been Pres. Biden came here, drove himself the day before we launched it. I mean there excited about this is so hard working Americans. My grandfather worked in this plane is fantastic.

It's such a such an American story. What were doing here good paying American jobs. The future of our industry Digital Products over the air with software new jobs. The batteries are built in Georgia and this thing is a great truck. It's like it's it it's a better truck than a lot of the trucks we make. What what could you not like about this.

So the manufactory did have 500 jobs already this. I understand that we know between 40 and 80,000 goes over 320 miles per anything that people worry about is the rear roof needed for the batteries. A cobalt gadget with the you have different types of things that we don't assume we have in our backyard strip. We had a change that.

How do you get ended and is not figuring when you decide to do this. Sure will have to start somewhere first most important thing for us to have really good principles of how those materials get to this country.

Second thing is we have to localize with a lot of lithium in North America. Salton Sea in California, lithium, but we have to extract and process it here not send it to each and also nickel yes cobalt rare earth, really important, but the real raw materials. The volume of raw materials we need to develop in this country are nickel and lithium. We have to start and were doing not see a lot of news from Ford about commitments mining locally and that will require the government to give us fast, faster permitting and and allow us to do this kind of work and related to the prison, you betcha, this one of the biggest constraints about the journey is very very difficult and time-consuming to get mining permits and processing permit. We have to change that in our country is well. Lithium biggest reserve and lithium in the United States is in the scope of seeing California. It's incredible. Just waiting there for us to get nickel is more complicated that requires really very capital-intensive mining operations during There in Canada. By the way, and we should be doing in our country we have the we have abundance of raw material but we have to get busy in the Congo. I know the Chinese in a massive race to get it would work at the Ford company American car company how involved are you and your team in trying to steal some of that up for variable actually.

I'm so glad you brought this up because most people don't understand how important this is. We lost the supply chain for solar and so many other important things in our country and we have to get this back. The first step is to work with our JV technology battery partners because they're the ones who have the purchasing power today. Then once the make sure that they apply the mining and processing material to the right way. No corruption with the local government, you know the right principles, then we start to build that raw material capacity here in the United States for learning, but then we have to move it to the US by the way, our partners, one will be here right when we manufacture the Temple World Cup World Cup, that's great. Lou turns out cutter hire slave labor in order to build their stadiums is that the legacy of the world's most popular game how Concerta uses CO Ford when you get your product that you didn't get it off the backs of people that had no choice. You betcha that's super important.

Why would the largest employer in America. In our second wheel at the best-selling vehicle in North America were in the US we bet on the US we better manufacturers country right here in Michigan.

People like my grandfather. So we have to do this and it's really important for independence as a country, moving from energy independence like we had to raw material independence. You also know what it's like when the government doesn't want help tell the oil and gas people about that will give you lease it will give you permit to be perpetual releases suit in court to hold this up, you use the leverage of saying this is green this environmentally friendly. I need some support here instead of some obstacles. So far we've had very good reception for these conversations, we are starting this.

The first inning of a nine inning game right so we'll see. But so far a lot of support, but it's good to come down to permits processing.

You know those kind of concrete actions to solve this problem absolutely so that 200,000 phone off you hope to sell you worry about cannibalizing yourself that the F1 50 notes are taken away from sales against vehicle recorder. We work as we build the gas one right across the street here we were, but action didn't turn out that way. So far, 75% of the people having were interested in lightning very different cost. I also heard two women here but need a bunch of chips for this. Yes everybody knows is probably chips yes how you guys back wallets is a big topic. What were doing right now is prioritizing this production. The chips that we do get we want to make sure that the lightning you know this about 3000 chips in every lightning yet people don't understand how technically advanced cars are these days. So you know that will protect production as a broader thing we have to get localize localize the chips supply government is debating right now. The chips act. We work with global foundries in upstate New York.

We want to build or chips in the US were willing to invest it for.

We need some help from the government to do that and we sure hope that we make progress over the next months to do that people need to be explained if we are preproduction back here in your product on the price is also a bit more, but that's the price of security and employment.

If you buy a Ford you are buying, you are betting on a company that on America.

We make 100% of trucks in US nor the brand in the US can save none of our domestic competitors can say that hundred percent of our trucks are made here. So yes, we both Ford grandfather worked and now you're running the company about this vehicle. Take the test drive we decided that scream was the bit that's the size of most people's televisions. I think the that UX or the user experience on the technology is great in this vehicle we develop with Maki. I think this price people. I personally think is better than the Tesla.

You know how you interact. I think it's more usable.

You know will see. I think the most exciting thing just stepping on the gas can help if the 8000 pound full-size truck that goes for seconds 0 to 60. That just doesn't compute. It's like in this instant torque.

I think the driving experience is really something that's going to grab people's attention last question on this if you could do it so quickly.

Three years in Korea to market in a matter of months. Why do you take so long to do it. Why was this so long in coming. For the longest time weird is that he really top to build electric car manufacturers can make it make sense. You guys have a new mission in your about to give it to the American what we took so long and then why was it produced so fast walking. We started four years ago. I mean, this is not like Johnny-come-lately project. There was a small group of us start work on this project four years ago where to redesign the frame find the batteries localize the production. The batteries do all the testing you know, submerged in water. There were so many things we didn't know about, but now we know and work his feet up to get the 600,000 units production company wide here in the next 12 months. So this is what we do. We are Ford Motor Company. We love building complicated things in America Exmoor with Jim Farley bodily great personality, charismatic, we come back to history afford and what it meant to America kill me radio show like no other, kill me back everybody. I always one of the CEOs great personality. Now we got the job also is interesting that he drives a Tesla rise above drives old 72 bronco is a white Tesla said well you know I die just like to know the competition.

That says a lot about his personality to listen to the story. I do this year is what makes America great and I'm able to do these long interviews of the special people about the history the automobiles. I want to bring some of the interview Jim Farley to the root to all the listeners because I couldn't put it all in the future. This is the history afford that only what is meant to the world, but specifically what is meant to America. This wonderful guy this fantastic company is my interview Jim Farley so Jim, how important is history. It's everything what what makes for different is our principles for family company. Bill Ford had this vision of electric vehicles many years ago now or we are management team is committed that you know this or family we been on America on working on these principles are part of our DNA. When the coven happened.

You know, no one asked us no one had asked us like the government to make ventilators, which is dated you know that's that's the DNA of our company. When you go see this black and white footage of this skinny genius in Henry Ford for what you think about my grandfather, you know, he worked for Mr. Ford. Back then people call yeah and he you know there was a whole generation of Depression-era people that you know appreciated this jobs jobs in America. That's what I think of my grandfather bringing his lunch bucket in with my grandmother sandwich and in the guidance as I have an idea how help the government out of World War I. How the government bills trenches and filaments well but then when they stop moving all make this route had mass manufacturing Yami need this display. I wish everyone in America could come to the roots like you have it. It's this part of our American story Volkswagen Fiat every Toyota everyone copied even operating here since 1928 now were making zero emission vehicles and the working to win. Would people talk about America and the car. What is the karma to America and in record meant to America freedom freedom, its physical manifestation of our belief is a country I get in my car in go anywhere I want in New Orleans can tell me what to do when you walk through the museum and see these cars and how they have what you think I I think about how special companies how how important our company is that we can we can do what Henry Ford did with the model T again. We've almost been waiting for hundred years to do the model T again this chance to grow and adults prosperity to Americans by bringing raw materials and battery production. With these new digital products.

That's what I think of this like we have a chance to build a new company, one they needed somebody to chase submarines. Ford built a page. Some to chase submarines World War II need to shut down the car manufacturing bill Jeep to whatever the government need and then in the pandemic. The government eventually shifted to how much pride you have total mean.

That's why many of us come to work for that sense of pride I were to try it for 20 years. I came here for that reason and also with the car is meant to people sure. I mean it's it's our whole livelihood in many people around the world with guided drive 50 this is such an exotic vehicle TCO chicken limited right you know only in America. What's next whole fleet of new electric is the beginning jet packs.

One day I will figure out this one first right so I hope you do that interview and Jim Farley did something kinda cool. I got a cell number so when things get exciting game with electric cars with the price of oil and gas I can text him maybe bring them back to their personality. Once again thanks much was the brain to me Joe, don't forget to go to. What made America great on Fox nation and listen and watch the whole series of linking forth of July weekend more special, more red, white and I Fox news radio city is New York City fresh office set up Fox and friends, America's receptive Brian kill me.

Thank you much for being here, but if the brain kill me Joe back in 46 after that great day on Long Island and West Sayville with the opening of the Michael T. Murphy seal a Navy seal museum so is a fantastic day. Thanks so much for taking it in the great guess they are two great Navy SEALs and also the family so was great seeing the video of it, but is now a test for anybody who cares about our military and our heritage. John Levine at the bottom of the own your post writers been all over the Hunter Biden story is getting more more exposure. The present looks terrible a voicemail with his voice on it from 2018 shows exactly what Hunter he knew exactly Hunter Biden was up to John Levine on where that investigations going back continuity standing by on what Roe V Wade means for the Republican fortunes as well as primary day was yesterday.

What we now know, so let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's phase 3, sponsored by life facts save a life and a choking emergency visit life back down there to learn more and use code BK tend to save 10% number three lifting into detail on Finland and Sweden – traditionally neutral Nordic countries now one step closer to joining the Western military alliance they go NATO welcome Finland and Sweden Turkey. Azeem try to extort them by. He actually she fight they finally give us the green light to do it mostly in the Russian Anyway, whether in there. I don't even know like congratulations that is a Russian disaster 50 call this number in the state of New York one party rule will fire youheld and happy to get the Republican nomination in his big primary.

But the bigger story is the national election. Joe, your party may be over. I mean over you as they are looking at how you have handled the crisis the policy and more these people who lost their lives. They did so because Pres. Biden has empowered and emboldened the cartels to do exactly what you saw happen wow Greg Abbott weighing in a mass tragedy so bad even present by nasty comment on the disaster the border. 51. Minimum dead in a tractor-trailer without ventilation over hundred and 50°. The problem of the present and the attention with the attention comes the scrutiny and his policies are absolutely awful. That continuity joins us now senior fellow American Enterprise Institute founding editor of the Washington Free beacon, author of the book the right. The hundred year war for American conservatism met. Welcome back Matt.

So you see the present even overseas commented on this disaster in the tractor-trailer. The tragedy, but there's nothing that he outside Afghanistan there's nothing that he is more directly responsible for than disaster on the border.

Well, absolutely. Brian and I think with inflation in the mix. Name the three big reasons that his approval rating is so low in the border emergency began pretty early on in his administration and it's only gotten worse with time. And of course you know what by Biden signature move on to add to address the border was deputizing VP Harris and she had done anything at all.

And so, as the situation been allowed to fester. We have to mentoring tragedies like we see yesterday right.

I just wondered if you've ever seen the like it. I mean, Barack Obama listens to Porter and chief because even though he wasn't as flagrant as Trump was.

He was deporting people to comes here, but now the word is you get here you stay. If you come with your kid, you stay there is 2 million people here if you had an unaccompanied minors, then not enforcing title 42, there barely doing it there, barely enforcing remain a mix of even a court has mandated. They stopped building the wall so mean we seem to be invaded and his car and let alone the drugs that are coming across. Do you think he pays the price for this election day always certainly will. I mean larger issue just negligence on Biden's part. You look at the president and defense of it.

He doesn't know what's going on. He doesn't know where is The time and he is not addressing the these important issues. In particular the border into elk. Come out every so often give a statement about inflation and baby formula, shortage, or maybe Ukraine cannot kind of gone in the background providing but the border he doesn't talk about all and yet it's it continued to just become worse and worse and actually right to mention this connection between the human traffickers recite yesterday and the drug traffickers because of course the fentanyl and the other opioids there raking such havoc on our people also come into the border. Once you you Lieut. Chris Oliver Alvarez with Sean Hannity last night because five passes some accountability for second place in the federal government has become complicit with second place with superslim events. The loss of life that was seen in the massive most likely solid disincentive totally see 51 immigrants as allies because the human smuggling held that the policies that were working while why would they cancel policy that the question is yes. When they were effective for now because of effectively cancel the policies took away all the tools we was more petroleum for snacks and from ice now were seeing the Mexican cartel.

The smart organization that are exploiting that USENET are managed by encouraging these immigrants to make this long so and that you sit there they say now is the time to go. We don't know who's coming next. So we'll see if the house if the house flips the Republicans in the get the Senate see if anything changes I I may argue side.

People want to impeach him mad.

I just see them as the guy doing with present Biden wants him to, which is nothing.

That's right, it all comes down to Brian. The problem you have a president such as Biden who is incompetent and effective than not entirely in control the whole system gets out of out of whack and that's clearly what's happening on the border. Biden came in on day one and reversed all of the Trump border policies that had successfully bottled up this huge mass migration from South Bend, Central America, and what did he expect when he did this mean that the consequence of the day. One executive orders that he issued it last year that week. This is emergency on the border continues to grow worse. Let's talk about the primaries yesterday. First off, people take on young Candace and the Republicans are thinking if he can go into a blue states exclude the purple and win substantially over an established former governor that was considered disaster and Terry McAuliffe why not other states and remember what almost happened in New Jersey. Murphy almost lost. Nobody thinks New Jersey threat. So if you look at was happening. New York and Leesville than four-time congressman with a military background Jewish heritage. I'm wondering if you think that this guy might have what it takes to pull off of the two women that to win the statehouse for the first time since governor protected among those running probably the most electable and so the New York publicans chose correctly, in the sense of putting up the Challenger best capable most capable of taking on a local and it's clear to that in 2022 is just a good year to be running as a Republican. No matter where you are and that includes New York and I think there's some resistance to vocals covert policies in the schools, including and throughout the state of New York as well, but seldom might be able to capitalize on the key factor here. Brian is the president's approval rating and it continues to decline latest political poultice.this morning at cement 39% approval and there's no way for Democrats, even A hobo to escape something like that, you wonder if that was the people in the city they say about 300,000 people left New York City and that's millions of taxpayer dollars since the pandemic have not come back in the crime situation. See, I've ultimately I do see a lot of tourist buses but I don't yell the crime is not subsided. Even though we have a very flamboyant mayor, now that at least looks like he's trying, even though the numbers don't reflect that he is so when you look at 2024. Stunned to see that story. Essentially, the headline says it all, Joe Biden's party won't take yes for an answer that is running and we are watching Gavin Newsom take out ads in Florida challenging to Santos good at a count on truth. Social run by Donald Trump. He thinks he's a national candidate for some time and make you not going to sit on the approval rating of his reelection in California I think is thinking of challenging Biden. When you have an approval rating that low, you're going to invite a potential primary challenge, especially when so many of the Democratic elites planning to do not think Biden is up to a second term. The only person who seems to think the guidance up to second term is Biden may be enough room to run again, but it won't be enough to stop someone like Newsom from potentially challenging him and then I think if one goes Newsom goes, then that might get others to follow so you could have competitive braces on both sides of the aisle in 2024 Suzuki would have been January 6 yesterday the trial with Cassie Hutchinson testifying and she said that talked about Trump's demeanor being essentially throwing his plates against the wall, supporting those who were chanting hang Mike pence they say.

According to Cassidy, which is not impacted by the Secret Service. He grabbed the wheel assaulted pushed him away, pushed away the Secret Service. They deny that that happened and she also had other things to say about what was going to Capitol Hill.

How much was planned by Mark Meadows and Rudy Giuliani people making a big deal. The big deal of it. Are you a question about what the story Brian and every headline and all the major newspapers in the mainstream media that this testimony yesterday was damning for Donald Trump potentially could lead to a criminal charge. I take a wait-and-see approach and I also don't think that anything January 6 committee doing is going to lead to a rapid deflation of Trump's reputation on the part of Republican primary voters. I will say though, that for Republican party elites who want to keep the Trump agenda find a new spokesman in 2024. What's happening on Capitol Hill is a reminder that that they they need to find new spokesman and Gov. DeSantis made the and who else would you put in the arena Macon to Nancy would think is a viable really good team can attract a will over 43% of the national audience. I think right now to Santos is the best.

We know that by former VP pence is clearly going to launch a presidential campaign of his own as well and I think the tents and have a lot of upside, especially among social conservatives and evangelical conservatives. And that's why he's been really taking the lead on on the abortion issue after the Dobbs decision last week, but I'm as far as I look at the field right now DeSantis is the only one who shows the capacity to really rally the party around himself and around the figures not named Donald Trump. You believe the Trump is running now. I don't know, and I think that situation like what's happening on the January 6 committee and the potential decisions that the Atty. Gen. has to make about filing criminal charges may affect that I can Trump help is always a factor, but ultimately Donald Trump and you can make a decision. He may face is running but then may not actually do anything with. We just don't know which Trump that's always picked up a little less attention to what he says and more attention to what he does. That last question on the Ukraine has his play out. Leon Panetta came out yesterday. We know caboodle and said cranes that show could take back a city sky get on the offensive again. We are about to give him a weapon system, a missile defense system.

We don't know what other other countries have pledged you see this playing out really worry Brian, I agree with the momentum in the war is not been on Ukraine side in recent weeks, and we have to see some demonstration that Ukraine can arrest the Russian advance in the east and put potentially turn it back.

But here's the problem is that I don't think were helping them enough to do that and Biden has been very lazy in providing the fate and you gonna dribble that out a slow walk that he has all the qualifications to it and that's hampering Ukrainian effort to resist unprovoked impatient. Finally I also don't understand my Biden isn't taking a more proactive approach to restarting the peace talks.

I don't I don't know why we can't have peace talks going on and continue to support Ukrainian's international tents and so what's what's happened in Ukraine is what's happening on the border.

Just drift this kind of listlessness that continues to pile up in the cost of the human toll financial toll" to American security. Thanks a much meant a lot to go over to get to July 4. We can usually things slow down people do some features not this, not this time. We keep going at it. The hundred year war for American conservatism will pick it up Matt. Thank you thank you I we come back will take your calls.

1-866-408-7669 John Levine the bottom of the alga give you the latest on the Hunter Biden story link directly back to the present man. If they lose the house. The Biden family is not can understand what's about to hit them entertaining and like you're with Brian kill me if you're interested in it.

Bryan's talking about your with Brian kill me. I did see the statement that was put out by Biden and the thing that strike me as exactly what you said and I want to elaborate on. He said that he is doing everything possible to stop human smuggling is a lot.

His stopped doing everything that had been done to address human smuggling. He is defunded in an adequately funded border patrol. He's dismantled nice. He is eliminated all of the border security efforts were put in place by Pres. Trump was just a year and 1/2 ago when we had the most secure border in decades, and today when my worst human smuggling problem than ever before and that is the governor of Texas exasperated from Gov. Ducey of Arizona because I hear it's actually terrible plus return a Peter Martelli who does nothing giving some lip service to it now is a travesty against our country. It is absolutely awful that the present United States calming for me. That's how bad it is going. People get sizzled alive probably got embarrassed making a comment, but what do you do in terms of the policy will talk about January 6 Roe V Wade, what about this stuff.

Here's huge wood chip. Roy told Fox News as I cut for this is new is all happening in real time every single day while DBS Texas law enforcement are overwhelmed when Ted Cruz, your friend and mine get our Laredo last September. This is a truck with bodies in back of truck we saw the standard copper wire coming through a Laredo just last September business to everyday life in South Texas, and the fact is border patrol is distracted when I was on the phone yesterday and distorting the news Of 50 dead migrants in the back trailer.

These people are law personnel is the kind of thing they can stop it or not distracted because they're happy to process all of these people because Biden refused to enforce the law. Yeah, I mean and what you done as you do.

You've deemphasized I should cut back on agent to cut back on their budget yet so many people off the border processing people, 70% of all the drugs get through unencumbered so it all works for other countries to access our border.

How long till some criminal comes out and commits when these mass murders against his alligator and walked right in the border and I just love the way you act like the 51 dead people are and something new yet about 5 to 7 a day that our reporters run over and by the way the reporters are basically covering the story by themselves.

Fox News reporters week about John Levine joins us. Your post writer even talk about Hunter also talked about the Roe V Wade and what it means for the red wave. This is the right kill me Joe, so glad you're here radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show there will be an investigation. I can guarantee that we have already been conducting a lot of interviews that we have been conducting a lot of research we have honed over the hard we are meeting with former business associates and whistleblowers with respect to Job with respect to Hunter Biden and the president's brother so working to be ready to go in January and that is an interesting interview. You might've missed. It was happened this morning on Fox and friends first.

With encouragement, James Coomer, who could be chairman of the oversight committee talk about with the go to do about Hunter. In light of what just came out this week which many of which most of which was in Miranda Devine's book laptop from hell but it was a voicemail of the present United States in 2018.

Basically saying hey read the Washington Post article is probably I could be that bad about your your political your business dealings with the Chinese with the Chinese billionaire John Levine joins us now in your post writer right upstairs or are you downstairs were downstairs and a separate elevator bank but you know I don't know if some walking down thank you for your commitment to coming in studio. Thank you, thank you for having me. So the significance of this voicemail before we play it what you think it does for this investigation will II generally tend to shy away from terms like smoking gun, but this is the closest I would say that we now have some kind of smoking gun 222 link Pres. Biden to his son's business dealings in a way which he has said forever.

He's had no involvement. This is where in 2018 I believe was a New York Times article that would documented this Chinese billionaire looking to make foreign contacts overseas in one of the people that he targeted was the family of Joe Biden, and Hunter Biden. It talked about how the Biden family was wined and dined by this individual and apparently from this voicemail, we can see that Joe Biden read the article and called his son about the article after it was published in unison.

I think you're fine. So there's this is clearly evidence that some kind of discussion was taking place. You know how extensive this wasn't you know when Hunter called him back what'd they talk about.

These are all questions first subpoena for future investigation right but was only comes out and asked you. Have you doing the budgets of your son's business dealings. We never discuss my son's business dealings. Then there's this voicemail on one call not want talk about the article on online one, clear anyway give me a call on the right. Nothing urgent just to show business deal right and you're involved with a guy this now missing in your party would eventually go to jail. Devon Archer something unrelated which shows the depth of his character is just unbelievable but you write about his connection to Russian oligarchs SON.

I love you know we spent years talking about Trump in Russia and oligarchs in Vermont, you know, while VP Biden we know it was serving as VP, 2012, Hunter was in Russia in February for 23 days of meetings with at least four and a Russian oligarchs billionaire people. People very close to pollutant people in charge of you know, a massive defense contractor massive defense conglomerates are and another person who's who's now wanted for murder in the country really CD. People that he's just now palling around with I kept asking and always Russian experts. What interests would these billionaires have in this and this.

Basically this drug is priced at a prostitute loving capes everything a prostitute loving you didn't get returns at later yes borrow money from his dad who loves crack crack and prostitutes and not much money.

What is the attraction and why is the family letting Hunter Biden lead the financial charge for international business deals right right exactly what an end. By the way, by the way to with regard few days after he comes back home.

He has a meeting with Joe Biden, and in the in the White House in June, Biden's are clean either.

Jim Biden is on is on a lot of these as well.

He's you know he's he's he's on a lot of his own side deals with Hunter at times and it's it's just the family businesses to capitalize on the name and to sell the name for access to user Kim McCarthy said last night we got fell cut 40. It's funny but sad.

Think about that. It wasn't government it was social networks.

It was newspapers all saying this is wrong and then you also had the head of the Intel committee.

Think about this Adam shift.

This is a guy that gets all the secrets that sat there and told us this was all for you to make a joking essay yeah I understand why the president thinks his son is the smartest man in the world got his father to pay for the hookers and you know we got the whole country to protect them at the same time. Can you imagine if Donald Trump anyone of his kids didn't 1/10 are one thing, like so when we start he's not kidding. His father, he says about money. His father sent the money. You should get brush and prostitutes right out. Just don't tell him that McCarthy said you know if if we had a story in the Washington Post and New York Times about about like Eric Trumper, Don Junior taking money from Pres. Trump to buy paper Russian prostitutes like Dwight need to finish that sentence.

You know the story is really a military tribunal right for Barry rather the most part basically keep Darren out of this so so that's asserted hundred Biden he's gonna be clearly can be investigate if this happens, it clearly can see where brings them Chinese guys disappeared.

I thinks that he is he is disappearing he was. He was taken down in a corruption scandal in China. He's in the Chinese prison system somewhere. I don't on the grammar. Cannot really see him again.

But on this will definitely be investigated and you know you mentioned James Kohler he's he's going to be the head of the House oversight committee and they one of many investigations that have been promised is a full Hunter Biden investigation. I think in many ways the news reports you were doing were doing at the post you're seeing at Fox News and elsewhere are laying the groundwork for a lot of questions that are gonna get asked. So the question is, will other people asked them for example the people that seem lukewarm on him running again they suddenly stop walking away from the story you guys the New York Post near Fox news have been running down into they start saying no is really kind interesting this under by they started doing this like three months ago.

This Hunter Biden thing really is called complex is interesting when the Democratic Party now is kind of looking for a way to push Joe Biden off stage.

Maybe you will start to see Hunter Biden become a bigger deal in those circles and I'll say is, I'll defer judgment on that until after the midterms will see what the investigations bring investigative reporter John Levine here from New York Post so yesterday coach Kassidy Hutchinson was the subject of an emergency session of the January 6 committee, at which time she gives you an up close and personal sense.

If you would believe a word by word. What was like being the assistant to the Chief of Staff Mark Meadowlark Meadows and with access to observe other Pres. on January 6.

What you take away well. Someone is committing perjury.

That's my take.

Like unofficial Peter Alexander last night tweeted something out. He let's Kassidy said was that she basically Pres. wanted to go to the capital.

The Secret Service would let him and I believe her worker that he longed at the driver grabbed the steering wheel.

Here is cut 26, effective I'm having Pres. taking extra capital now which Bobby responded sir have to go back to the last swing present reached out towards the front of the vehicle to crap out the steering wheel.

Mr. Engel grabbed his arm, said, sir, take your hand off the steering wheel were going back to the last swing not going to the capital.

Mr. Trump then used his free hand to lunge towards Bob angle when this or not. I have recounted the story to motion towards his clavicle. Bobby angle delete agent does just refer to the present to driver the time prepared to testify under oath to the committee did Hutchinson's testimony is incorrect, then stop everybody from running with it. But this guy said a few looking to sketch a vote of the beast UK items you can reach from the back. He doesn't right shotgun right we reach I said that we reflect the Julie sweat Nick portion of the January 6 areas using the line. I will not eat or show up as a what he saw, but I mean so she would. He was backed up. This is when you mention Peter Alexander. Alexander said essentially true that the source told him the Secret Service will dispute Kassidy's claim that Trump did not assault and did not lunge. Someone's line here.

Silence not telling the truth and these are under oath statement so I don't I don't know what this perjury still a crime in this country. I don't know yet it seems like that would be another issue of of what she said so how much is it were, for example, Mitch Mulvaney command said I know Kassidy.

I believe Kassidy Beauvais, the former Chief of Staff to Trump II don't know. I mean, they both can't be right right like to jump what you think American people see how much you think the American people care about this and how much you think this is a Washington Beltway story you can't fill up your gas tank with January 6 committee may like that.

I think that it's a fascinating thing to watch.

You know, but at the end of the day.

I think it's going to matter to voters is the price of gas and inflation. I will talk about possibly losing to be running on 2024. Both sides of the aisle, we come back John Levine's here he's with the New York Post right about Hunter Biden also write about what's happening with this election. The January 6 committee, it would be front and center soon. I just would love to have seen a Republican cross-examine, but that didn't happen. There were Republicans there, but not into cross-examining the move Branko major your knowledge base Brian Kelly show breakeven is steer it all Brian until made. Show on time. That was a little bit more of Kassidy Hutchinson talking about of article one your dad to to say call off everybody on the capital a lot of the stuff as I was listening to it just reminds me of almost every report in every tell-all book because some of the stuff that Trump recounted to Jonathan calling others. John Levine is here in New York from the New York Post and were just talking about the testimony yesterday, for the most part she seemed compelling well composed had insight weeding here before, but a lot of the stuff we did actually read about here about in reporting we skip the first-hand testimony in January 6 was terrible.

I don't think anyone should sugarcoat what that was. Trump was Trump lost that election and and brought those people to the capital under the false pretense that he at one and obviously it got out of control and and you know the woman was killed and many others died in in the melee and now a lot of people are in jail and it was a terrible situation and I and I and I think there should be consequences in their and their people should be held to account. But you know I don't I don't know that necessarily being a venue for Trump fanfiction, which you know I think the hearings have become is necessarily the Best Pl. outside Washington in the question is how where it's going because what else is going on right now we want to present United States who is over on a NATO in the G7 there.

Basically, I gotta give Leon Panetta credit came out and just said if the if Ukraine wants to keep away would keep getting aid the gotta get on the offense and I thought was really interesting because we're pumping money to the right because we always seem late. Here's what he said about what's going on right now with Russian cut 25. Think Google.

Try to wear down the allies with this kind of protracted war of attrition and the kind of continue that war and hope that NATO and our allies will ultimately split apart and the more it's clear that our allies are going to stick together and continue to print sanctions continue to provide needed arms now reinforced NATO. I think that kind of unity is extremely important to making clear to potent that his tactics are not work fast to that which we don't have an up close, personal view, but the Russians can't take on the Ukrainians tight but from far, they just bomb and level cities in the starting make some gains front. I think you know what Panetta said the real issue is, is not winning or losing. But what are the consequences of a protracted stalemate and you know I can't help but look. Gas prices here and abroad to see that this is the most powerful card has if you made a deal with food and ended the war tomorrow and you got the Russian gas flowing again and cleared up all the energy disruptions you lower the price of gas around the world a lot very quickly and I think that's a very powerful chip that he's playing and he's banking on on his his stranglehold over over energy prices to two weaken the resolve of NATO in the United states and I think it's really important you brought up. I hope we don't ever buy Russian oil gas again. I hope that Western Europe understands that they cannot be on the crack pipe of Nordstrom one or two right because you can count on this, the Russians, because urchins have one objective is to take back and reconstitute the Soviet Union use of thuggish behavior to push their ways and they with their new resources around the world. I remember Trump at the UN in 2018 talking about Nordstrom and in Germany particular their dependence on Russian oil and eyed the Washington Post had this very amusing headline where, oh, Trump is raging about this issue but the Germans are just smirking. You know it's it's sad because we're not that dependent on Russian oil but but Europe is an and it's it's as painful as things are here for us now is way way worse in Europe and it's it's going to be.

I we should not understand how difficult it will be to keep the Europeans all in this aspect. As you know, because they need to drive around to.

They have – that with the firing of coal plants.

I think that's pretty interesting.this good for the environment but coal is being made global into being fireball time in China and the finding other ways to do it they lost it they want to find a way to replace 2 million barrels per day of Russian crude, we could be helping with this and nobody's better and responsibly pumping and refining oil and gas in America right you know that's you know, this administration came in on green new deal, platform or weekly wanted to move investments away from fossil fuels, and obviously now were in a pension week could could use that extra investment that we moved away and and and I know that we are starting to ramp up there but it you can't just flip a switch and it's very difficult to get oil companies to invest when it's like we need the oil now, but when this is all over. We want to get ready right. I believe Granholm said that one Biden administration official might've been on CNN said in the same breath we need oil companies to ramp up production, but at the same time we also want them to know that this is only for right now and after this is over were going to go back to normal oil cycle. Why should I invest in that Johnny saw the perfect symbolism which was basically he decide to go me with the wind executives instead of the oil executives who meeting was oddly at the same time in Washington and would Granholm which is giving giving rhetoric and he was talking about how great windmills are one of his announcements on Saturday. Sadly, I was actually therefore it came in and said were really happy with some of these clean projects like for example you have solar panels drop in Angola, excuse me between everything on the world.

I don't need to know, but it's almost like a joke. Solar panels in Angola word about Englewood eating because the there is no passageway for grain to leave Ukraine) Saturday night. I want III wish solar panels were the answer.

I wish windmills were the answer. I wish part of the game right right yeah I think I think really when it comes to energy and the growing population of the world you really and all of the above approach right out so you know you but you can't. I wish we could just put up windmills and replace all coal and oil.

We just the technology does exist for that yet we find amazing is not that I know the history of European energy, but they are ahead of us in terms of green and awareness. They want the solar panels out of their Valley schools is taking away from the illustrious look.

It has in the windmills.

Also, nobody wants to be able to see these windmills. So not only you know what, oil and gas is terrible, but you don't want to see the windmills NATO and the Cecil Ahrens transferred to have their cake and eat it there and Trump famously didn't want windmills as outsiders golf course in Scotland the coast he fought them a Trump turn temperance, thanks Germany Fox News radio Studio City New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive answer. Brian kill me. Thank you for being here, but if the right to me shall come in here from 46 but heard around the country around the world, especially in Ukraine by the hour, Martha McCallum would be joining the host of the story did a great job on Fox News Sunday.

Harold Ford is waiting on deck and of course today. The present continues with his overseas trip.

He has a bilateral meeting with the Turkish prison one a despicable character.

I can't wait wait to leave the world scene, but he has greenlighted to admissions to NATO. Sweden and Finland, which is terrible news for Russia a great news for us. Meanwhile, Gov. Abbott will provide a border security update after the horrific deaths of 51 would be illegal immigrants in the back of an 18 wheeler.

So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's 33 tell on Finland and Sweden – traditionally neutral Nordic countries now one step closer joining the Western military Finland and Sweden. Now one step closer joining NATO will see what he too was happening over the Ukraine, as many are clamoring for some type of success from Zielinski's group call this number in the state of New York one party rule will and hopefully will see Lee's building is somebody who does get the nomination the Republican side to take on Kathy Hogle. Meanwhile Joe, your party may be over. I mean, your party may be over you as they're looking for and looking at different options because the way you handle different crisis. These policies and more these people who lost their lives. They did so because Pres. Biden has empowered and emboldened the cartels to do exactly what you saw happen.

Unbelievable. Gov. Greg Abbott took a mass tragedy now for even present Biden to finally pay attention to the border after the death of 50 wanted to tractor-trailer the problem of the present will the attention with the attention comes the scrutiny and indirectly it looks like he is responsible for every loss of life.

Joining us now former Congressman from Tennessee turned the five cohost everything else Harold Ford Harold welcome back to me about. First off I want to talk about your column in the Wall Street Journal, you said that you have a plan for present Biden to get our get our country back on track leading.

Of course with energy and it looks nothing like the presence been talking about what you talking about it for the short-term, going back to oil and gas, but how well I think short-term and intermediate term conditions and circumstances make you make you adjust and obviously what were confronted with geopolitical challenges than the spawning of energy child in Europe and around the globe. It's called think differently about it should cause us to think differently about our transition to a cleaner energy economy. Look, I'm committed to that that kind of economy that kind of energy economy, in particular, but we should kill ourselves. We remain reliant in many ways on on fossil fuels for the piece I wrote the journal which it to say that to the administration it gotta be broader thinking here. We can't be captive to one. One line of thinking, which means that the abundance of interview products. We can produce in the United States we should continue doing that… Being we should not continue pursuing with the same figure of a cleaner energy economy as well.

So my advice to them was to do was to reverse some of the politics rebirth Keith L to two to provide certainty to our oil and gas companies around the leases and around refining. I think that factor Granholm met with energy company. I hit the last week or so and it makes a recommendation for including allowing them to use you. Note the crew that is normally used in colder months and warmer months.

What might help reduce the cost of gasoline for family member run not only reason morning to do this at this point is that we have consumers middle-class upper-middle-class lower middle-class consumers that when they say consumers will need Americans who were suffering at the top. Anything we can do to help alleviate that, within reason, we should be doing right so I think most people understand that but one of the Democratic Congress Democratic members of the Democratic Party. You think anybody talk to the ministration… So they're prepared to do something like that they would alienate the squad and people to the left of what we thought the president was do you think this has struck a nerve with my voice is one of a chorus of voices mansion the mansion and Kelly Markel at Americana that applicant been proponents of this kind of approach, and I think the other. There are certainly other week we sometimes amplify the squad at their other certainly many Democrats in the house and Senate who believe. Much like I do that again were not think divorce ourselves from pursuing a clean energy strategy are cleaner to the country at the next midyear 10 years, 15 years, but it's five-year to 15 years or 20 years that we shouldn't put the American consumer and American household through an unnecessary tickly avoidable pain we can we can do that ethic we can't begin to both have to do what I know you on this wonderful resume with the ministration they would hopefully care more about leadership and doing the right thing than the politically correct thing being that you 39% approval rating.

The set also free you up to say how much lower can you go anyway.

It's not like you playing with the perfect game. Harold, if you, the present think that I think that that approval ratings and poles are. You can agree with them when they're good for you disagree with this White House doesn't seem to be bothered by the public in pursuit of some but think that it wants. I think that it just makes it different thinking around around the table around this issue and you, I would encourage also just some of one of your stories around sweet, but equally encouraged here.

Pres. Dolinsky talk about. Perhaps it resolution to this effect to this war by the end of the year which I don't know what it how that looks are what that looks like.

I do hope that it help Russia and allow them to have parts of the country but you know I don't live in Ukraine and certainly don't have any insight into how the leaders are thinking there but you know the impact of tapping on the globe do not impact the topic of energy production this that that she should not dissuade ministration thinking about a new energy strategy policy.

I hope so. How do you explain the president being euphoric. According to the New York Times story when Bernie Sanders command center not running city to anything but into the White House at night and the story is and reads out that the president's assistant doesn't understand what the Democratic Party will take yes for an answer was the story in Democratic circles means is the prison that realized his performance has not been strong and people are really on phone a very unforgiving since Afghanistan is there a disconnect there anytime you want to get from probably believe that the president to have meaningful primary opposition were running for reelection to get records from Carter to H. W. Bush primary color cheek generally wanted to follow some sure he did not want back that kind energy being spent and division over the summer for summer fall in the next year. I think some of the top right about people running against him. I think you are correct where restless group. The time that I think people are rightly so concerned about the direction of the country want to see a White House that is stronger, more definitive at all, it's not the subject of this White House not strongly defended on a lot of issues that you think there's some frustration around inflation a crime they could wait you see the recall of some of the BPH around the country are particular wanted to go on in other parts of the country. When you see the rates in Texas Republican beating the Democrat in a largely ecstatic district on the quarter there to get caught people in the party to think about our policy and that should just like in Texas I know that some of the Department of Public Safety. They're happy that they called a heart about how they protected 45 schools in their protocols around, everybody learns from the not to prod talking about challenging the president summer when the record off the record saying that he is that that you can update your they're worried about ages, but you think I were in the White House Chief of Staff that they got the most focus on trying to get the policies right the policy.

The right people on concerned about age and if she were not taught they have been slowing everything even this weapon system going to Ukraine by weapon system for full Ukrainians from Norway. Okay, why not two months ago weapon system before this and it's the incremental reactionary way in which they have fast do things makes me feel as always been totally let down by his inner circle for starting with his Chief of Staff project work where you can up to the national security question facing that part of the data getting I'm like you happily for wild bass.

Providing thing but but but I think when you when you look back you think about where we are unity we still have their back that the rush into thought they were going to run right in there and take the place over to get administration present that you hire market perhaps some do but I don't disagree with your tender, your instinct right up. I do hope we get them what they need records that get repeated technology and every weapon system that that's that's feasible to be providing to protect itself by taping the Ukrainians like to click before we go.

You give me the matchup with Selden in Hogle, Hogle, somebody who's not run this office. Many people think when the weaker candidates. Democrats are put forward. It's really been Claremont the tacky over the last 20 years. So now looking Hogle and Zelda in the four-time congressman who you probably are very familiar with. He's got a military background he's Jewish, which could win over the Jewish community or have a shower when the Jewish community in Manhattan. What you think the chances are in a time in which many people think Republican Democrats are vulnerable. Do you see this be a close race right now to take it very clear.

I think that issues will matter admits rate from choice for women begun legislate from the gun verdict on the Supreme Court think that this is relevant going to have to be on the record on those think the boaters are going to have an opportunity to react.

There's no doubt that your larger point of the climate in New York that once rightly so, that want to say for New York want the more prosperous New York and I think you can speak to that, but I wouldn't discount governor hope all she's proven to be brilliant others proven to be pretty bizarre school and while I would not just rely on the fact that New York is heavily Democrat stated had I think we live in unique time that be an interesting rate. The closely but I would put my chip so I got a chance to make a bet about it and how for thanks so much to see in the five tonight.

Think about that. Yeah Grace RCI actually will see him beyond the five Martha McCown coming up next. Trying to meet you all the fastest three hours in radio you're trying to kill me, and I think I campaign with you. I intend to do the campaigning.

I felt I my name on the ballot and I plan on engaging boaters across our 11 localities, some of them knew me some of them communities. I represented already yells Bamberger just says he knows how the traffic the present will probably have to go through in order to campaign for me in Virginia. I'll just do it myself. Mike McCallum here hosted the story more than a lot of people bring them so ready with the present 39% approval rating last thing and I thought, you know, Ford's Quinnipiac, 33% is we have 41, 42%, but if you and if your so-called moderate which may view it on this year's you want to present campaigning for.

I don't see how it's a plus. Now at this point, since I asked Stacy Abrams that question on Sunday and she said yes, she's the first person I've heard in a certified straight out. She said yes of course we welcome him to campaign with us in Georgia. It is now enemies under cylinder water and everything on foreign policy on inflation on the gas prices and he does he's not. I don't know how great a campaign areas. At this point I just watching them speaking in Spain and it's the kind of thing we read what he said that's kind of interesting and you watch him say it, and is just so so low-energy.

I mean, obviously it's a big trip is been traveling on time, but that this is what we see a lot of so I'm not sure you want him on the campaign trail. That's where they make rebel means. That's why I write the car to Mimi's rewrite of the card now and what about the Inuit distant tag I'm checking says something about that this morning with how it's so required if the president states might not be persuasive in Ukraine and he said you know what he needs to be able to go in there and talk to these leaders not on a cart, not off a card and convince them where he stands. You would think.

Here's a manual McCrone telling the president something you think they would've gone over months ago.

Yet we get a chance to see it cut 18 so with that was McCrone walking up and saying I talked to NBC and I talked to say radio they basically are maxed out on their oil production so we can expect to ask them to do more and Jake's obit interrupts.

I think we should step aside because the cameras is essential where to exchange a while around. Honestly, first of all, yes I mean I read that about Saudi and UAE capacity and an oil report. Like a month now. That's not new information right only to be the president Franklin interrupts to have talked to any key concern of their living in now bodies world leaders may from place to another, scrambles over catches up to him to have some on his shoulder is present. I want to make sure you know this before you go.

I made what what you think McCrone was trying to establish that I just find it and I find it interesting to think that he was because I'm trying to make the president. I don't know what you remember the was it last year the G7 when the M/1 with a were kind of just talking about Trump that he would end his press conference yes 3 of them were there. They didn't understand clicky yeah like Americans yeah knife and also the president appeared to have no idea what he was talking about.

I don't he may have on when you're talking about but just the look on his face did not look like US registering, but there's so many don't tell me the answer is Saudi Arabia. Don't tell me anytime with ASA but I'm asking to pump oil more. Keep your fingers crossed present when the trip but with the remake and I have a lot more we know survey was just about out of oil know that they couldn't possibly sew Eminem anything in the symbolism of going to the wind meeting over the oil meeting that says the whole thing. How can you expect you're doing everything you can write when you go a mile down the road. Yeah, don't even get me started on wind. I mean these windmills that they want to build up and down the Atlantic Ocean. They have leased the our Atlantic coastline and leased it to find companies that are going to drill into the base of the ocean out our country felt no not not US companies primarily and build these enormous windmills that have not really passed any environmental tests in terms of what the impact might be on the on the oceans of the people who we got everybody want to save the whales right those same people who wanted to save the whales are now weighing in deep with the wind. Now my classroom at the bottom of the ocean folks and he said the wind never stops blowing the middle.

That's why your bike out now. We'll go to Millie ocean.

I cannot believe that when you said that show that you are trying to kill me right decision, but it was not unpredictable. HHS has been preparing for this for some time. This is a critical moment in our history. How we respond will speak to how we view the rights and dignity the well-being of women everywhere right Sec. of Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra, the person is qualified to have that spot who just basically disappeared after his car carnation with us right now is what McCallum said to host her show at 3 o'clock today.

First off, so it was despicable but was not unpredictable and were talking about different ways to get abortions in red states maybe 10 cities in Yellowstone Park, Montana. Maybe we could put some insane of Central Park will be no Rainier who have no problem you have a lot of abortion sympathy will be in our brochure to New York have an abortion.

And now for the oxymoron abortion torrents on just think about it.

I got some heat the other day for saying that I thought it was a sad way to promote estate to say please come here for abortion.

Apparently that's something you're not supposed to say that abortionists is sad and anyway that's a bad thing to say. Now, apparently, despite the fact that in 2006, Pres. Biden said every abortion is a tragedy right 2006 that long ago. Alright I guess Bill Clinton said he should be rare in this case, the push was always to educate teenagers right to teach them about birth and teach them about abstention and teach them about ways to make sure that this doesn't happen to you so that you know so that you don't have to face this very difficult decision but we don't hear a lot of that kind of talk right now anyway, so it makes me wonder if 25 hours in a lot of cases to take off on an airplane these days because that whole airlines are so screwed up so I don't know where people are judged has been on that problem that has been brewing for quite some time. With the rising fuel prices and the labor situation.

Then I look at how dear Becerra, I am getting a background to what you're talking about epistemic three justices appointed to the Supreme Court who spoke in about the fact that they don't believe that Roe V Wade was correctly decided that it doesn't have a basis in the Constitution. So despite that they wouldn't come out and say that clearly during their process does not mean that that's not in woven into their fabric. Just like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Serna setting our you know ended up becoming justices who were reliably not originalists when it comes to the constitutional right to wear been really making a name for himself say like I'm setting up these centers. I'm doing this because I just in case this happens we want to be ready to be ready there now as fresh as ever.

There is not chock shocked, which is just ridiculously are you surprised that Clarence Thomas is getting so much he hears example, Hillary Clinton cut 25 I went to law school with him. He's been a person of grievance for as long as I've known him. Resentment grievance anger and she has signaled in the past two lower courts to state legislatures find cases pass laws, get them. I may not win the first or second or third time, but were going to keep women are going to die.

Gail will die.

So she's known him 50 years ago is been a person of grievance about that whizzy MMA people has quite a few craven claims technician and ever complain about in our elections that were she has rightly sentiment a site that she has grievances as well. I think that will depend.

I look at and I got straight back to anything Clarence Thomas is been enormously consistent in his original is him and he's always felt that there was not a protection in the Constitution for an abortion and that it should be something is decided by the states and this is the thing that we have to keep coming back to you and a conversation like that between Gayle King and Honeycutt nobody's gonna talk about the fact that in many states, nothing will change shrines of the place facing the biggest protests are in states where it's not going to change. But yes Clarence Thomas is been a favorite target. All of the shares he speaks his legal and constitutional thinking on these issues and he should be obviously allowed to do so without being vilified for years I have never seen before and I worry about is welfare where about all their welfare die with the crazies. We live in such a section tenterhooks society right now. I agree with you hundred percent believe a the habits of these justices you know the check she was going to call it a media conference and replace them with Merrick Garland who knows so in two seconds. It will work towards the assailants because rash yeah but I'm just saying that if you Q so would have a cabin of the present. Everyone seems to have Hillary Clinton in particular did not do not eliminate possibly running for office again. Although in the past she has said that what he think she's speaking so much wanly and try to piece together dancing that she's the person who needs to step into this void and address the issue of Roe V Wade being overturned that she has the credibility she has the voice and it has to be her. I think that says something and of itself about the president and the vice president that that you know that one would go right past the two of them and say it needs to be someone who ran for president twice and didn't get elected on so I don't see her running again. I think that you would talk about grievances. I know closet full of them from trying to be president several times and family here is her deflecting with Gayle King cut six snow scenario in 2020 even remotely consider II can't imagine that I really can't. But what I do know what I can imagine is staying is active and outspoken as I can because I think I think our country is really on the precipice.

While easily could keep that to this to the curb. She didn't really seem to play this game all the time.

Right now you don't want to close the door forever. I'm sure she loves that people are still asking her to get involved again on November whole interview and video. She did about what would've been her acceptance speech and cry. So now I think she would be much more upset if he will stop asking the question, so in New York fully take a break and went to find out ARP we can have more know how you put enough in many plenty of time.

This time because you and Henry will give you 90 seconds. It really now did he not do last time you made a terrible yeah I really like him and I'm glad to take vacation that was thinking that again because I wanted to act like it was my decision which shows how shallow I am so in New York lease building wins the nomination – Andrew Giuliani falls in behind him that a lot of support in Staten Island and other places, here is Andrew Giuliani Valley to support Lee's Eldon cut 11 tough fight. But when I spoke to Lee in the very beginning of this. I told him we were working together. Only God willing for the next 50 years to make this state a better place for his children for my child for all of our kids, and it is so important that over the next 4 1/2 months. We all my point was world and work together so Giuliani asked Reno and the others in the question is, is there enough support in New York to get some I like Lee's Eldon who's got a lot of experience yellow roof serious run at Hogle I asked. I was on The Other Night and Andrew Giuliani. This Is the Night before the Primary Was Also on and I Asked Him Not. And He Said You Know What It Feels like This Is Sort of a Pataki Moment in New York State Where You Could Get the Kind of Support That Would Be Needed to Put a Republican in the Governor's House. I Mean People Are Very Upset about Was Going on in New York City.

The Crime Levels and All over the State Information on It so I Do Think That There's an Opportunity for Lee's Eldon, I Think It Might Be Close and Interesting Race to Watch and I Wasn't Thinking a Good Friend or Giuliani for Saying You Know I'm in a Support so Then He's He's Young, He's an up and Comer and Die. You Know He Could Have a Future in the Ark Right This Time and What You Think Is Dad Would Help Her. My D's Dad Hurts Him to Be Funny Because I Know How It Came up Drink. I Felt That They Try to Make Pete Parents Grounding Kids Elvis Because Ben Affleck Sent You Had a Lamborghini in the Rental Parking Lot. He Used the Landing Isaiah Unites Get Grounded All the Time and I Think Let's Go Back to about When Really Grounded. Yeah, I Think That Maybe around the First Inaugural Address. Yes, I Remember My Dad Wasn't Not in My Grandmother Was Really Mad That You Know, the Italian Grandma She Wanted That to Be My Dad's Mom and She Said I Ruined It That You Don't Have or What Happened There. I to Listen When Martha McCown Comes Back with, You Find It Was on Her Show and If She Needs to Know More Entertaining and Enlightening.

You're with Brian Kill Me. He's so Busy He'll Make Me Yes All the Stuff Is Not That Man Just Trying Recently Run Centers Work As a Good President Feeling What He Did for Florida. A Lot Of People Gave Him A Lot Of Grief, but Ultimately He Was Correct. It Was Correct and Comes to like Deaths. He Was Correcting When It Comes to Protecting Our Vulnerable Populations. He Was Correct in Terms of Distribution of Monoclonal Antibodies and He Was Furious When the Government Tried to Pull Those They Were Trying to Pull Very Effective Treatments. You Know He Is Not Perfect. He's a Human Being, but What He's Done Is Stand up for Freedom's so That Is Joe Rogan Talking about Ron DeSantis Member Joe Rogan Voted for Bernie Sanders so Joe Rogan to Ron DeSantis and Joe Rogan Ran from California.

By the Way, the They between the Taxes and Coving 19 Policies and Run States Was Right and They Didn't Take Away the Monoclonal Antibodies As Got Back at Martha McCown Here Martha D Did You We Rogan Talk about That. What Did He Say That's Incorrect. Nothing and and He Is a Part of That Very Interesting. Felt Right That Bernie Sanders Started Libertarian Group That Ended up Supporting the Policies of of Pres. Trump and and Now Support DeSantis so I Think They're Going to Be a Very Interesting Block to Watch As We Go Forward and I Think Obviously DeSantis Is the Most Viable Candidate Because I Think That He Would Energize the Trump Letter in a Way That Nobody Else out There House Mites at This Point, but It's Very Early A Lot Is Gonna Change between Now and I'm Just Wondering If There's Anything More Would Be before We Do This Using Your Show Today so Yeah so Intent to Ben Carson Working to Talk to Brian Camp.

I Interviewed Stacy Prince on Sunday so I Said Let's Have Brian Combine to Get the Other Side of the Governor's Race in Georgia Somewhere and Talk to Him and Chat Office Can Join Us on This, Which Is Just Getting Worse by the Moment. This Horrific Horrific Death of All of These People in This Tractor-Trailer on the Border in San Antonio, Texas to 53 down Did List.

Find out If There's Even More for Martha to Know What the Americans Are Headed into an Ugly Fourth Of July Travel Weekend with 1800 Flights Canceled Already This Week Is Left Now on the Flank and Eyes like I Cannot Smack in the Middle of the Day When Everyone's Leaving for the Weekend and Your Return Is When Everyone Is Coming Back Suggest a Good Buck Very Good Book and Giraffe.

It's Good to Be Entertaining and Also with the Need to Now with with Travel Okay Okay Your Four Hours Ladles and You'll See a Message Know It's Ready so You Cannot When They First Tell You, Delayed You Still Got to Get to the Airport in Brazil Choke up on It Again to Get Upset I See Exactly I Should Swipe This Is a Similar Sideswipe Anyway. Washington to New York. Among the Worst Run Cities in America. The DC Rice Is the Worst Run Big City the Entire Country with 150 Big-City Savages Who California Actually Ranks Second, Third, Works, Respectively. All Three Finish of the Bottomless Terms of Total Budget Per Capita Also Time for the Largest Amount of Long-Term Outstanding Debt for A Washington High School Graduation Rates, but Now the Fourth Lowest in San Francisco Is Also Home to the Worst Quality Roads in New York They Call It the Big Toilet, Although Recent Reports Continue to Document the Seas Rising Crime Rate, You're Still Managed to Finish 12 in Terms of Safety, but That's Were Looking at in New York a Reason Why People Are Running for the Hills.

You Know What It's Saying It's a Great American Decline, and We Live in an Environment Now Where Efficiency and Excellence, and Performing at Your past in Anything You Do Has Disintegrated Anything Corbett Also Pointed Dent in That Kind of Mindset There's a Number of Things That You Now Have Have an Impact on That Kind of Thinking.

I Think It Is the Rippling Tail Government Is a Functionally It Said Businesses Don't Function the Way They Said It's Really Sad Story Writer.

Think Also People Who Have Great Work Ethics and Don't Go on to Get Vaccinated Again Fire This Ruling in Industries A Lot to Do with Who Was Seen with the Army, Navy, Marines, Who Was Seen with Pilots We See with Flight Attendants Joe Back with That and with Tennis Player Next You Go and Has Either Low or Moderate Cardiovascular Health. Meeting One in Five People Have a Heart That's an Excellent Shape. According to Anything That It's Exactly As I like to See Compared to the Rest of the World. Yeah, That's the Reason Why We We All Chewed As a Country Decide to Eat Better and Coving 19 There Was Opportunity for Both Trump and Biden Say Guys Get Healthy. I Guess You Could Do While We Figure out the Back Seat Was Start Eating Right, Get Rid of the Fatty National Program Where Everybody's Getting It in Their 15,000 Apps a Day Now Get outside and Positive Right. I Wish I Was Present Just so Everyone Just Got Depressed and Overweight Right I'm Stuck in This Dead-End Job, Instead Running the Country Myself Next Month. Cancer Treatment for Dogs May Also Work for Humans. Can We Find This out Please Study Showed the 21 Pet Dog to Develop a Lung Disease from Bone or Skin Cancer. The Team Treated Dogs with This Something a Pronounceable Center Kind, Interleukin 15, Which Is Abbreviated L IL 15 Which Scientists Believe Benefits Immunology. However, LI 15 Treatments in Humans Are Sparse Because Some Doses Carry Highly Toxic Risks so There's Something There so Is Might Be Too Toxic for Humans but It's Kids during Dogs. We Work on This Chemotherapy for Dogs Now Having Because I've Had A Lot Of Friends to Get That Position and Then You Have To Make Decisions about Spending Thousands and Thousands of Dollars. I Will Dog Yes without Effector and I Think Just How Our Dive Right in to Fill) in That I Can Think about What You Are Saying Yes It's Trailer That We Would like to Extrapolate from Those Dog Studies and See If We Can Save Human Beings As Well. Right Thank You All for Saving Your Pro Saving You and I Can Only Pray That Rescission of the Opinions I Have an Opinion about That so Nuclear Powered Flying Hotel Promises to Keep Your Head Permanently in the Highflying Sky Creates Concept Sees a Gigantic Airplane into Cruise Schaap That He Constantly Airborne Developers Envision 5000 Guests Arriving by Passenger Planes That That Dock with That Kind of Picture That You Will Apply Our Own Planes Flying Hotel That Sort of like a Christian That's in the Air and Its Nuclear Powered Apparently I Get Nervous, Not Christians Because They Just I Just Want the Option to Get off That's True with the Option to Leave and They Don't Give You Your Lifeboat but You Using You and We Know How Windy It Is in the Middle the Ocean. That's Why You Have That You Have Batteries. I Called the Hindenburg Wasn't a Big Restaurant in the Sky That Burned up As a Restaurant in America Think It Was Just Humanity.

Yeah, I Think It Was a Wendy's Wise Knots Next 363% of People Get Nervous When Their Partner Drives the Survey 2000 People. The Question Is Whether McCallum You Get Nervous When Your Partner Drives Now.

I Doubt I Love Driving with My Kids in the Driver Seat Because They Are Good Drivers.

I Think to Take off the Mailboxes on the Right-Hand Side Right Now. I Prefer to Be in the Driver Seat. Honestly, My Partner Does Not like over 100 Meteorologists and the Worldwide Resources.

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