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Breaking News: Biden says he's tough on crime, wants to FUND the police

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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August 31, 2022 12:45 pm

Breaking News: Biden says he's tough on crime, wants to FUND the police

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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August 31, 2022 12:45 pm

[00:18:25] Rich Lowry

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Thank you for being here about is the right to me Joe phone number he called beyond 186-840-8766. Now, getting closer and closer to Labor Day and a lot of people say oh my goodness I do everything real quick before the summer ends back to school for, we turn the page my senses that there will be extremely hot and I think, is this MOC feels like it's going to be extended.

Discuss all that it would be more substance with Rich Larry Eder of Nash review all through the case for nationalism. Got a few columns out a message to Republicans when it comes to Roe V Wade of the Dobbs decision, so it's good to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three, the FBI clearly made a connection of Russian disinformation of the hunter by release. The politics of their agents, not being able to contain it in-house is causing them to say we better do something and that of course is the new rule by the Department of Justice to not pick a side when it comes to politics. Next I asked for the Trump team's desire to have a special master quite a while the fence." The plaintiff's motion to appoint a special master enjoying further review of C's materials fails for multiple independent reasons. While there is the red rock is the DOJ fights back in fear of a special master setting, shoddy records, deceptive/stashing of important records and Mayor Lago as Trump bolsters his legal team. What are we to do why there's no place in this country. No place further endangering the lives of long for approach to defining the place of supposedly funding the FBI says like a guy that was not invested by the FBI but was protected breaking news, Joe Biden, the Dems are tough on crime and want to fund police yeah why is crime rising in every major city, big and small. Since he took office. Republicans stop laughing. Let's make sure no one buys this is Dems Telus border. The border sealed the Greenville bill passed and will reduce inflation and were not in recession in Afghanistan's exit was indeed a success no joke. So that was the presence message yesterday. He's in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania has been a few days there. Why because his approval rating.

There is 34%. Sen. Fetterman skews me.

Lieut. Gov. Fetterman, who is having trouble thinking because of a stroke.

Hope he gets better, but you gotta wonder if he can do the job if he gets the job he will not even debate because he says he's not ready yet because of a stroke. I don't know if you are ready yet is not part of it is this one big tryout. How do you do under pressure. How do you do on issues honeydew compared to the other guy. I don't think you could get the job. I didn't think up to the present.

Biden got it without actually competing for it, although he doesn't have a pandemic to lean on so present comes out yesterday and says I have an idea. Let's start being against crime.

Let's start blaming the gun and Republicans cut one no calls or safer America's plan both your members of Congress voted for is based on a simple notion when it comes to public safety to the station. The answer is not defund the police. It's finding that the police find the police yeah right now Joe Biden is not captured saying defund the police.

He got that dumb. Sadly, his party is that dumb and thinks that we also remember the present said nothing when cities were being burned after the George Floyd during the joyfully riots the present said nothing.

When you watch what was happening Seattle on a daily basis within T4 and clashes with police. The president says nothing as more more people turned in their badge and they can fill up an Academy and then he turns around and says well I gave money through rescue plan to states to use for cops and nobody voted for the rescue plan on the Republican side. Number one, you put block money to the states they put money where they needed it. They can't really hire please enter these Democratic mayors have no interest in hiring police you don't believe me, we remember Mr. present where your party stood and stands cut to defining the police then we need to define the police guess that's important if I'm talking about just not only do we need to define what we need to define the police, does not mean abolish the police. I just don't want to go to the next show. That's why cut it off. It goes on and on and on. Those will squad members. But he goes on beyond the squad and when you're silent you complicit I believe is pressing the Democratic side. If someone on the right comes comes out. For example, Marjorie Taylor Green comes out with a shirt that says defund the FBI to joke. It's terrible and Republican. That doesn't go out and I and say that's it. It's a joke to sell that online I don't care much money you plan to make or how disappointed you are with the upper crust of the FBI defined in the FBI is not the answer. Reforming clearly is the answer for the president wants to flip the script that I just don't think cops families cops themselves. People who have friends and family in law enforcement could possibly fall for the fact that suddenly the Democrats are for the police. Here is a match lapwing in last night who also responded to the fact that the two days prior. The president called magnet conservatives people that voted for Donald Trump fastest cut 12 is the fastest in this country. The one that would the federal who believes the federal government shut down your church shut down your school so you can't report to the Marine Corps unless you have a vaccine was the fascists of this country.

The one that's waging the war on gender on parents on families on every norm in society. It's the left that that are the fascists that are making your life so hard and I think the American people understand that and that's what this selections going to be about to be at the American people and a lot of Democratic voters in independent voters, saying stop with all the woke stop with all the socials we can't take it anymore. No kidding. Match not making sense. Also in touch with more Republicans. Anyone else in the country. I would argue because UNC pack, especially his wife, and you listen, you know he's easy for the nominee whose ever the hot republicanism right now. The prison's most popular but most polarizing look to the New York Post today there urging Republicans to move on. I hear Ben Shapiro early urging Republicans not to nominate Donald Trump because he wants to win a dozen things doesn't think he can.

But now the present got himself in some trouble, hereby bringing these boxes. Tomorrow I go I'm not sure if they're all top-secret none of them are top-secret. Whatever happens, why great problems. Example, if you know you go to a rough neighborhood.

Why walk around a lot of cash in your pocket and put your chin out. You still do it. Try to be little bit streetsmart, which the president is normally three takes these boxes out and then asked for special master after the rate that the special master will be decided on his latest tomorrow at noon. The judge is thinking about it. So yesterday, the Department of Justice put out a multipage release saying this is exactly why we don't need a special master and there was a legitimate reason to raid Marla Argo uses the department argue that trumpets Greek request for special master sales for multiple independent reason saying it's both unnecessary and would harm national security interest. I don't buy any that having 1/3 party bonded to look at this without a agenda that hopefully both sides would agree roughly is the right person would go in and say hey Mr. present. Take your passport back to Mr. present your that attorney-client privilege all these documents.

The FBI never sure looked at him and then maybe point out the FBI. This is confidential where to find it. This way we could get to the bottom of it and not have any doubt, because the people's opinion matters. The FBI agents raided their property early this month. As you know now, the DOJ says that they found some boxes moved that the said not to. They said they'd go to Yahoo report that they told, the Department of Justice said that the Trump team were not to let them look in certain boxes.

Really, the FBI didn't were told not to look concerned boxes like to hear that from them maybe happen. Maybe it didn't. And they said that there was top-secret information in on the person's floor in his closet and there were newspaper clippings with top-secret confidential stuff that according to senior DOJ official. Maybe it's America: the government also developed evidence the government records will likely concealed or removed from the storage room. The FBI in the matter of hours recovered twice as many documents with classification markings as the diligent search from the president's counsel. Another represented 10 weeks before said because they didn't handover everything they had questions about everything. So here we go now. Why such an effort to deny the special master, especially when you dealing with the FBI that was told to raid by Merrick Garland, who is have another agent walkout is known to be put in the bias against Pres. Trump and now we have conflicting reports on whether he actually is the one who personally suppress the Hunter Biden story. Here's present Trump's attorney cut 17 that fact that having far and saying that there is something wrong with what is happening and if FBI and the fact that they believe in a consultation. They believe in the oath that they talk to defendant and be the law-abiding people that they are supposed to be high command now and I encourage them to come forward is what many people before them have died and it is so critical for our country, especially right now in this part of sin crazy world that were living in as tail of what happened with Merrick Garland putting out a statement saying that you can't speak to Congress. I find it really ironic and hypocritical considering that January 6 had made a point of telling people out that had no knowledge to come in and speak even if they have no knowledge and put forth some statement yeah and with referring to was the fact it is more more factual merging the show, the FBI went out of its way to make sure the Hunter investigation that leads to the big guy doesn't move forward, especially before the election.

So here's what Timmy Tybalt Timothy Tybalt, who reportedly had whistleblowers go to Grassley Ron Johnson Jim Jordan and say this guy Tybalt was told everybody they were from laptop don't report it to move forward on it and make sure the investigation was buried up into a few weeks before when the New York Post got a hold of it, published it, then all hell broke loose. Meanwhile, here's what his lawyer wrote yesterday. Mr. Tybalt welcomes any investigation of these false allegations, regardless of the retirement he firmly believes that any investigation will include conclude that his supervision leadership and decision-making were not impacted by political bias or partisanship of any kind, he's confident that all of his decisions were consistent with the FBI standards for ethics and integrity. We will see the presence got a new attorney.

He's got some of our firm backers. And we know a lot is at stake. So we come back I'll take your calls and then welcome and reach Larry and finish up with more your calls more of your and more insight loose in the brain kill me Joe, so glad you're here diving deep into today's top stories Brian kill me precise personal power is America's leather team in the palm of your flocks. Weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcast Fox News network, mind, and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben dominance podcast. Listen now by doing a Fox News five is so busy he'll make your Brian kill me if the damage control is no coincidence in my mind that you have the Joe Rogan interview that reveals that the FBI clearly made a connection of Russian disinformation in the Hunter by release. You then have some of the specific agents in question.

Like the bolt, not to mention you have Jim Jordan, who goes on and is indicating that they are going to do a lot of oversight if they regain control of the house to me when I see is a DOJ, not to mention Merrick Garland now is announce the new rules with political appointees. Why all this, all of a sudden things because it started to get away from them.

The politics of their agents. The politics of the office not being able to contain it in-house is causing them to say we better do something that is Brett Tolman, former US attorney. He sees a pattern watching times were last night. He thinks there are crew the Christopher Ray has lost the trust of the entire agency.

The entire Bureau member whistleblowers didn't go to Krista Parente got a problem with my superior. They want to Sen. Grassley, Sen. Ron Johnson, Jim Jordan and others John Lewis on WHLO in Accra HIO in Akron, Ohio hey John Roy raid is actually true for the purpose of what was prompt from doing prior to that, where it was RLA endorsing components right up and what you doing now is to just to kind up with what's going on here, but not really set up anything. A couple days which is good, but he hasn't been trying to tie them up report Liz Cheney after she lost made the statement that had Donald Trump got endorsed her opponent. She would've one and after that she should Donald Trump railing endorsing opponents is interfering with election show. I think that would actually part of their plan also is not normally to smear him, but the tie them up and prevent them from doing his relics now.

I think the pandemic effectively did that was stopped. To me, ends up doing it anyway and still getting simpler by because it what it does is it swamped the Republican Party so they have this great story to tell on inflation because the presence of a policies are so poor they got it back up Afghanistan.

The presence to policies are so poor because disaster in American military history when it comes to gas and energy and utility build. Have you looked at it lately. It's tripled this the store. The Republicans want to say look this is what you got for year and 1/2 we could help stop it if you let us. When the midterms but now they talking about this rate, I think it works. The Democrats advantage. Doug Sexton joined me last night on with Jesse Albee on the five tonight. Listen to what he said about this whole investigation and the fact is that while there's a lot cut 22. There are a lot of people within the federal bureaucracy in the Intel agencies and law enforcement side core effectively activists refer to them as the deep state refer to them as people who are partisans acting behind the shield directing behind some legal authority that they have and this is systemic and we often hear that term left. This is a problem that needs to be addressed and it keeps happening in a way that we see who they favor in the end on the disinformation situation.

For example just came out of Mark Zuckerberg. Why does the FBI think there even in the disinformation policing game was. We know that always reply that was applies to anything that would Democrat help a Republican election. That then becomes disinformation. That's all social media and apparently the FBI view it interesting. I think so. I mean that's from a analyst perspective from a CIA perspective and I did ask you a little bit later I solicited it. The fact is viewed from the CIA and even go to the director was a tell you, since it tells you that you get fired, and he feels that you cannot trust that the stories can remain secret.

That means if you don't trust the guy or woman in charge keep it yourself you outside whistleblower and that's what we had an outside whistleblowers. I want to pivot if I can to local international politics this big theme out here for the last few weeks has been momentum was on the Democratic side.draws a terrible candidate. Maestro has no shot in Pennsylvania. Herschel Walker really can't get out of his own way of thinking was really missing.

I don't really see much on television. Locally, they're doing their own thing. I once saw Herschel on the move. I talked to Dr. Oz often master nano was on my show three weeks ago. He said that a PhD in history and he just feels as of the 2020 election should want to Donald Trump and he pretty sure he believes Democrats were behind it simply doesn't mean he should be excommunicated wanted Republic is not happy with it, but he's within four points. Dr. Oz is no way he's double digits behind. I things within probably four points and I will say this. The fact is that Fetterman won't debate unbelievable. He says he's not ready yet. If you're not ready to debate unit rate of the job. If you know rate of the job. Don't run for the job so I might go if he's not running for the job.

I wish him the best.

Regardless what don't take away Dr. Oz's greatest asset, the ability to ad lib. and be confident on his feet to know the issues inside and out. The not to run from your record. Fetterman's afraid to be caught tell the truth. He wants to legalize pot. He wants a socialist country. This guy wants to stop fracking that's everything Pennsylvanians don't want the other news, Emerson Paul Sen. Warnock trails Herschel Walker by two full points, so the pipe millions of dollars despite the fact that Herschel Walker is not really done much nationally people that know him locally and here and all the negative things about what he did or didn't do with the police force and now they try to say his company is a multibillion dollar mill billion-dollar company which is flat out wrong.

Despite all the attacks these two points up, so that's pretty impressive, especially when you consider Warnock would be in order to change the balance of Congress so to me that's pretty important, we come back a minute.

Talk to Rich Lowry about the message for an effective Republican who might be pro-life and so happy the Roe V Wade is now history, but at the same time.

No other people aren't in need their vote. How do you handle Rich Lowry thinks he got away. He'll becoming a sex trying to make will came close to Fox and friends we can to share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. So just subscribe and listen to Fox News contests. Fox News can't just networking these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your time listening download now and Fox News by just don't come or wherever you get your favorite podcast information you want to truth you demand this is that Brian kill me show by the way it expects politics to be pattycake. They sometimes use mean as hell, but the idea you turn on the television and see senior senators and congressmen say such and such happens, there will be blood in the street where the hell are we.

Yet the same guy that you said semifascist all Republicans from the same party that had a governor has a governor New York say if you're not a Republican.

If you had a conservative just leave the state go to Florida, so the presence referring to Lindsay Graham was said. If they go out and arrest Donald Trump. After all, the right level.

The revelations of come out about the FBI in their dealings against the prison you have a hard time's the president Jim Lindsay Graham came out and he clarified that last items on Jesse water show. I thought we pretty much put that in the review mirror but he is using that in Pennsylvania we have 36% approval rating, Rich Larry Arab Nash review welcome back Rich. So the present was yesterday saying he's now Pro law enforcement. He of course it enforce the borders now sealed and that big package that he passed was for that first package rescue package was really for the cops.

Things are true. I love it. They started doing this last year when they realize crime such probably like oh yeah, that the covered relief bill. It is not all that money for law enforcement right which which no one was aware of when it actually passed so it's the correct position for him that the fact that it hasn't been effectuated in democratic cities around the country especially is horrible prosecutors and exhibit a is New York City and in New York State we have a bail law that makes it possible to lock anyone up basically and meet with family friends who the guy the father to come up there there immigrant Great American story and it just an agent tells him to make you want to weep that the stories he tells everyone's afraid all the cops are afraid they can't fight criminals anymore really it's it's hard for them to win in a fist fight they can use the chokehold to put put a dangerous person down. They know that people can be right back out on the street they have to sit around and watch people smoke pot and shoot up dope such a terrible and no wonder you have have police leaving the forces around the country in and drove by the not directly possible, put up his party is iso-sentiment doesn't show up yesterday but he said by the way, I just want to be seen with the present. Right now, so he goes.

He's got a few rescue stops in Pennsylvania is going to Pittsburgh to be there and try to get up is 36% approval rating in that state something because I'm not going to go with you but for Fetterman exactly go anywhere. The skies not to debate is not ready yet. Have you ever seen this before rich.

Not good. Vein disease not ready yet yeah well it wanted terrible situation.

I I I wish him a swift recovery but he's not recovered yet and he had a video that the rally was last week when his gargling word you felt sorry friend is not helpful but huge element of of what it is involved in being human centered talking talking on TV talking on the floor talking to constituents, and my understanding is that he also had a hard time understanding the spoken word that that it needs to in a written medication. He is fine.

So that's it can be a significant obstacle to performing his role in office now. It's delicate you know you you don't want to make a blatant use of that could've seem insensitive, but the real issue and this is one of the reasons why think you know all of the some of the polling before last week or so look just horrible. I've never counted amount.

I mean I guy sees winning and I would not yet, but I think he's going to be winning because he's not doing the moderate meet Tim Rice pretending is moderate.

Fetterman pretending to be extreme. He doesn't want fracking. I mean this guy wants to legalize pot is one of voter ID and he also wants to be Bernie Sanders, Bernie Sanders would not get elected in Pennsylvania and is up for Dr. Ross to outline that and go out and try to heal someone perhaps existed because to be Dave McCormick McCormick had a lot of the Trump establishment with them as well as Republican establishment with him even though he was a rookie as well. What about Emerson's colleges poll that shows Rafael Warnock is losing her to Hershey and Walker, yet very notable. Also that rate. I always thought Herschel and it end up winning.

He hadn't been here� It has been a very impressive candidate.

He is not to be a policy wonk, but you think it comes through in everything that he is a sweet man.

You know, and it had a lot of struggles and eight he's forthright about those and campus, it can be Abrams you know I think fairly handily. Kind of in Georgia termed it to the new state and you and I think help help Herschel get over copy either an a in November or in a special election, which is what it might take to get to get 50% but this is why even though it definitely true that the the red wave looks not as strong as you know, I would've thought a month or two ago, it's still easy to see how Republican take the Senate in it and and if you can can hold to me feet in Pennsylvania to make that a lot lot easier. Newt Gingrich ends on Georgia cut 25. I think the Biden Warnock ticket is go down in flames.

My guess is he'll be looking at 46% of the vote by the time this is over is far too radical for Georgia. He should of been defeated two years ago, and as people get to know his record and get to realize how much he's a racist. How much he's hostile to America how much he's tied into Joe Biden. I think all these things come to bear and I do and it which are not factoring in with most people are not factoring in with Herschel Walker is his business background got this incredible chicken business where he's got contracts with these major companies and he's able to be the conduit for these other companies and he's always been able to do was become make a multimillion dollar corporation with very little overhead because he got there first thought. If you want to do business with Herschel Walker and he figured it out so that I know that yeah and I and I found your Herschel Walker expert peer down there with him. A day or two and explain immigrant and explain to me and I I had someone else come up to glue them at the bagel shop in Amityville, New York and I go up top and they said Brian nicely with Herschel Walker and could you. I wish I knew ahead of time because I want Salome said what I said well I used to buy chicken from him and through them. I really why she's telling about his business and how on top of that he was and how he was a guy that was working 20 hours a week and always available and a lot of people look they look at him and the sales guy get a picture with yet does one do business with us absolutely.

So he started using it for example be one that you take out of the exclusive tour around the national review offices which, if that helps you get advertisers, you go ahead and do it and pulled off. Brian unfortunately but by the way, anytime anyone mentions Amityville medium and dating myself. I get chills from the movie about the haunted house with the red eyed out the window it still there was a guy every single day, including it's now a pet store that was the bar after your parents, let's kill his thoughts killed his parents and went to the corner bar.

It's no longer parts.

A pet store so Jacinda but real quick reach back to you. You said you are calm and it's out and says hey Republicans are Roe V Wade is gone the top decision is real. Now, it's a state decision.

Even if you're pro-life, there's a way to handle this in order for you to win any purpose or a blue state. What is your advice well very simple and Republican sort of crabwalk and Eric there weighted it not necessary.

Watch by think a lot of them are getting in the right place, which is what I'm pro-life. I want to protect every unborn born child eventually but I know that is not publicly sustainable now and I have bought persuasion to do a lot of convincing to do the the public to get there but in the meantime, I support a 15 week ban or whatever it is these needs, compromiser section do have significant support in the polling that politically defensible state. You put your stake down somewhere in that ground and then pointed the other side say Butler date they support abortion for all nine months with federal funding in any circumstance whatsoever bear the extremis interesting to me. That's obvious where the party needs to go and it doesn't necessarily have to be at the state level to what would happen here, the court and given it back the issue back to representative institutions, including Congress. I think it be helpful if congressional Republicans had some sort of consensus proposal like that.

So the computer and Republican out in a debate doesn't know what to do. Can you say well I'm in favor of federal legislation, so they definitely need something like that activated them getting killed on the issue to this point is close the gap of the enthusiasm and zest for younger people so rich I don't know. I'm sure you know this but on Meet the Press over the weekend and Kinsinger, the Republican cold you out and he said basically because you have ingested the divorce yourself from Trump would trump voters was. I had a lot of respect for Rich Lowry. I still read him on occasion. It's been amazing to watch his pivot from kind of intellectual conservative to like this anti-anti-trump. So he's against people that are against Trump is honestly formed and so he's constantly with this well there. Maybe not present. Of course, is not precedents. We've never had a president of the United States attempt a coup against the United States of America. So there's no precedents and if we need a new lot.

Let's get a new law but I'm quite sure that some of the loss can cover this DOJ seems very convinced of it.

Your reaction to that right. I put my record up against almost anyone, but have become terrain you now and and I think Adam had the idea that okay will will maybe Trump has violated a law on the books. Now let's write one that we can prosecute him with his crazy that that's not how urgent works in the point on they cannot defending anything that happened on January 6 under saying that there is the criminal statute don't directly apply to it. And if you stretch to try to get him. If not, can have legitimacy.

So this is this world.

I've lived in for for five years. You know they like to trump the Russian stuff and allocation had the meeting in Trump Tower but I don't think is a Russian agent.

I know you proton pack it's absurd. So just been calling them out at hand.

The best they can, have gotten everything right and then candidate doesn't like it to bed right so forward and talk about yesterday 91-year-old Kyle Gorbachev passes away, always able to do take down the Soviet Union expose communism or something it doesn't work. Allow these nations to reassert their own identity and letter Putin is trying to reconstitute the whole thing. Remember, he and Reagan made history Bush finished it off is Ronald Reagan at the historic time. General Sec. Gorbachev. If you seek peace if you seek prosperity for the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. If you seek liberalization come here to this gate.

Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate. Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall tell us about those moments what it meant that each wanted me to the 20th century.

Gorbachev is important to realize the goal of dissolution of the Soviet Union, right, he thought he was saving it, but through reforming it. Just trying to reform it, just lost lost critical control into his great credit when it was clear, things are spinning out of control didn't bring out the Army didn't crush the protesters and in the people and and let it dissolve that that is a great achievement.

George Will has great calm about this though, but the irony here because the Chinese, his party looked at that and said okay that's what were never going to do were never going to let things get any anywhere close to that to that point. Today they preserve their system and it's become markedly more dangerous than than the Soviet Union ever was, in part because they're looking at what Gorbachev did is a negative example 50-year-old guy would probably there for 40 years and things you know there's a coup. Yelton stands up and fights back and then he welcomes and the CIA to run the country again when he drinks himself out of office and through corruption incomes Vladimir Putin and we doing with this menace today. Our modern-day Stalin. Rich, thanks so much I appreciate Brian all right when you got it.

186640876690C just around the bend.

A lot to discuss today. Peter Navarro has a hearing today. The president going to find out about a special master before noon tomorrow. That could come down today and so glad you have not charge a vacation yet and you're listening to me on the brain to meet show this commentary. You need to know Brian kill me from his mouth to your earlier Brian kill me ban assault weapons in this country. I did it once before so okay crimes going up to name the gun. Guess what, the reason why there is a problem in this country blame Republicans to vote for them. So those two things stand out.

Now you want to go blame the gun and he wants to ban assault weapons, and he says he wants all these people that don't vote for the assault weapons voted out.

Only problem is fire the people that voted against the assault weapon ban are Democrats. What a shame this even look and talk to other people about who we should ban or is that part of it. If you don't. If you are not part of the Democratic Party. You're a semi-fascist governor Holcomb comes out and says I want you out of my states. If you are excelled in Trump or him or Mariano on Mount Molinaro. Rather, if you are a good conservative go to Florida you believe that instead of if you don't vote for me. I'll try to win you over.

If you don't fight don't win you over.

Just know a little work for you happened that so Henry Cuellar, Vincent a Gonzalez Jared golden. They have one thing in common. There still running for office and one of the five representatives who voted to oppose the assault weapon ban is also pro-life is Henry Cuellar. He also would like this crazy thing.

The border enforced because it's overwhelming is communities now FEMA's pay not only the five people different states. Many of them blue states there now paying to get people if you come to this country. We bless you every got want to go.

It's unbelievable that we doing that because if you do that once went on thousands of times you will bring thousands of more people, maybe millions of more people that were doing. So that's the tapping of the border.

Sorrel Ortiz is the border patrol chief right now, under Pres. Biden. He was asked by the Atty. Gen. of Florida. Few questions and I think you'd be very interested in his answers because he's being honest, not political. Listen cut 26 when Pres. Biden was elected the number of aliens trying to illegally enter the United States increase or decrease projection increase in my experiences we had been my experience we have seen increases when there are no consequences. There is an assumption that migrant populations told that there's a potential that they may be released.

As you can see will increase in the next mental rate will increase share. Thank goodness he ran right through the objection is he wants answer honestly because he wants to solve this. It's not political. It's his daily life. It's easier present body was never been to the border, ever in his life to go ahead and bike on the sand in Delaware and hang out and don't get briefed on the Afghanistan debacle even though they spend millions of dollars to write it up about what went wrong. She maybe don't do it again, you could do all those things go on vacation more than any other president but you don't want to take the time to go to the border so he's actually speaking up. Let me give you an idea how bad it is.

They compare what's happening on 2022 so far not even done to 2020 and 2020. There were 2200 97,000 Mexicans try to get into a country apprehensions in 2022, 693,000.

It gets worse when it comes to Guatemala 40,000 try to get here in 2022, 200,000 El Salvador in 2020, 17,000 try to get here okay in 2022 84,000 Honduras 41,000 now hundred 82,000 Columbia about 400 for now, 97,000.

Listen to this on Cuba 13,000 from the communist country now 175,000 in Venezuela from 2700, 220,000 that is present by Facebook Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts without positive Brian kill me. Thank you much for being here about is the brain to Michelle, you're from 46 in midtown Manhattan around the country heard around the world. This arrogantly joined by David Friedman. He served as the UN ambassador, US ambassador to Israel from 2016 and 2021 man is he upset so my about the imminent signing of this Iranian deal with that horrible outlaw country great people, horrible government, Lieut. Col. Oliver North is all about. Iran is going to be with us in the matter of moments, but I also want to get his perspective on the passing of Carl Gorbachev what he did to take down the wall and take down the Soviet Union because it was falling apart rotting away to bring us back to it.

So before we get to these great guess let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three, the FBI clearly made a connection of Russian disinformation of the hunter by release politics of their agents, not being able to contain it in-house is causing them to say we better do something I would say so and that was Brent Tolman, FBI crisis and we are all in danger because of it and not having the esteemed agency fighting for us. We have the latest on the disgraced agents for a failed from a failed director on down. As for the Trump team's desire to have a special master appointed while the Fed say quote the plaintiff's motion to appoint a special master enjoying further review of C's materials fails for multiple independent reasons.

Yes, that was Kevin Cork breaking news Joe Biden the Dems are tough on crime. Yeah, one from the police.

Really why is crime rising in every city, big and small. Since he took office.

Republicans stop laughing. Let's make sure no one buys this likely know when they said the border sealed when the new Greenville passed. They told us it was inflation reduction and we were and were not in a recession. Despite the were in a recession in Afghanistan takes it a big success. No joke.

A man who knows present Biden very well, or knows of a lieutenant colonel on the north to understand. Col. was great to talk to your amazing you really are. You mailed the first of out on the on the latest story in your present Biden out there yesterday saying he's tough on crime scene blame Republicans for the anarchy in our country division, who are now semi-fascists and decreasing.

This crime is because of guns on the streets because Republicans let them be myself.

The people Pennsylvania gave you with 34% approval rating for a reason.

You worry the people by that.

They aren't as invested in this is we are the bottom line of all of this stuff going on inside the government. There is no department or agency of the federal government out of the White House on Capitol Hill.

None of the panels that are supposed to do what they're supposed to just make sure that our country is being protected.

None of them are working well because there's no integrity at the top of any department or agency and the crime is that is you seen it or do you remember this harking back to the 80s or 70s will look at it in the 70s and in the late 60s you enormous protests going on about the war time Richard Richard Nixon convinced the Congress and the states to enact the provisions of the 18-year-olds could vote and that were not going to draft anymore is no conscription they start to register for the draft known to be called up after 1973 the riots that used to occur. I was a midshipman at the Naval Academy and we just have to march the Navy Marine Corps stadium where the football games we played and got down the street and if you got through that march without lead paint or blood being thrown on you. It was amazing and select what you got today.

Total losses anarchy. It's not even Marxist-Leninist Stalinist what we've got going on she saw some of that with a related morphological seeing that on the streets of America. 13 cities were done or burned to the ground in the aftermath of the election in 2020. Got that horrible fiasco shutting down the entire country over covert because you got this guy felt she was telling everybody you gotta wear a mask everywhere you go when you go to bed at night you got the kids of America being sent home from school you got a disaster coming out of 2 million youngsters were never going to go back to public schools again because you got the teachers union run in the education system for kids teaching third-graders that the genders wrong.

All of those kinds of things which Ronald Reagan used reminders you can lose the liberties and the freedoms we have in one generation and by golly that's happening with this crowd been in office three years yet and you've got a disaster and really look at it two years.

I know you since Afghanistan right now I feel like nobody's talk about except us.

We have a special on Fox chosen a great job. We have had I've done in almost every show I've done especially this one less. I would just see it on Fox and friends every single day. What is your take away from this and the fact that the presence getting away without even addressing it.

What talking heads on TV talking about this anniversary.

One year since Afghanistan war were in better shape today than we were before or not.

If you think about what happened on October 7, 2001 2011 okay 911 01 I went in with matters when the brick red beetroot turned out we couldn't say where we really were landing but that was the first conventional military force to go on the ground.

Special operators are going up north for three weeks bring Karzai back down to Kandahar and all of that was taking place with a very fine military. We don't have that military anymore.

It's been it's been licensed over Ukraine would not replenish well. Not only that Ukraine so she got some better weapons than we do. Right now, go to Taiwan when Pelosi was going to try one become his Chinese undersea threatened to shoot down your point. The answer that that that should've been. Let's send every possible antiship and antiaircraft gun available in the Pacific center right now to Taiwan that would've sent the kind of message that they needed to hear what you are seeing is the consequence of what happened a year ago. She is saying that Putin is saying that the reaction is. This is an administration that can't find its book with both hands and what they're trying to do is make sure that they can take advantage of that and they have been worried about United States being a major military force anymore and it's not the only services meeting it's it's and strength requirements and strength is determined by recruiting goals and reenlistment goals. We had up until this year, the finest military the world's ever seen. The reenlistment rate in every service except the Marine Corps is way below what they need to come up 30,000 short but the end of the year joy, especially after Afghanistan and the only reason the Marine Corps is making its own strength requirements is because they're cutting the end strength will be 25,000 fewer Marines at the end of this year than the work at the beginning of this year because of all of those things when you got incompetence, no accountability, no responsibility for what happened a year ago today, � with the age of 91 series here is him responding to the coup attempt.

They did it so you can be a powerful four years. He looked around, this is not working on our economies really hollowed out never recover from Afghanistan and the KGB rises up and try to overthrow them. Here's how it sounded. I'm still the president. Nobody's taking my place. Everybody else is doing what they're supposed to be doing in carrying out their functions. Whether I am more calm and confident now that I was before.

I didn't lose my balance then and I haven't lost that.

Now I'm fully confident that what we're doing is ultimately necessary and I will do everything that's in my power to do everything necessary. Nobody's going to take me out of the action. The choice has been made to you. How significant was it.

How significant was this man well you joke about to be running the Soviet Union tomorrow. Been there under ball of the KGB detrimental and now Gorbachev's 1985, 81, 91, when you look at note, the leadership of Gorbachev perestroika and glasnost did not succeed for him. He still inside Russia today.

Anybody was a follower of Vladimir Putin says he was the worst leader they read because it was the end of the Soviet Union. I will share a couple really quick things about because everybody loves to play that wonderful tear down the wall. Mr. Gorbachev speech presently gave in June 1987 in Berlin. What really was important was what happened in Reykjav�k the previous year. October 11 12 1986 Summit in Reykjav�k are supposed going going on for 3 to 4 days lasted just a little bit over 24 hours and that's because Reagan told him straight out.

You are not going to succeed economically. You can't make it politically. You can't make it and were going to continue to build the strategic Defense initiative, which of course the mainstream media called Star Wars. Just before that meeting I was in the room when Herb Meyer was the Ohio national intelligence officer for the Soviet Union told the president United States, the Soviet Union will not exist a decade from now it was off but a few years but is absolutely right and reconsider will why purposes because there won't be enough people in Russia and he's absolutely right, Herb Meyer was actually right in predicting the end of the Soviet Union just got off by a couple years it would take.

That's what brought the wall down. That's what brought Gorbachev down and Gorbachev, glasnost and perestroika didn't really know what was going to end up generally failed.

The idea that you could now end up with a Vladimir Putin playing style and yes never occurred to them so yeah okay that's a good stability to the nuclear forces Treaty choice dental choice, and he knew his people could not build anything like Star Wars or as we call strategic Defense initiative.

Unfortunately we Simpson headed by an administration that is basically what the other side both Russia and China build the kinds of weapon systems and build the kind of militaries there a threat to freedom what's happening in your city is fine on Russia taking over Eastern Europe.

That's what they want fine because she's goal is to dominate the rest of the world. Okay any succeeding at it is intimidated United States. Thank God somebody at the Pentagon did something like fortunately sent to U.S. Navy battle cruisers into the Taiwan Straits brings to do that all the time.

Every time you threat from somebody like Mark Qaddafi he would send what we call a freedom of navigation exercise running right through the so-called line of death for all those kinds of things and they didn't dare attack at one point they launched a couple megs and Livingston and from the aircraft.

It was Saratoga at the time shot down.

I know that I know we do Libya distance keeping with Russia for second years Bush 41 is the same as Gorbachev would give way to yell Simba talking about where this is Joe trying to land the plane here without overall anarchy use.

Years in a historic first for arms control, we will actually reduce US and Soviet nuclear arsenals.

The document before us monarchs a moral achievement is a growing realization of the absurdity of overall. So that was what we were then we have lost that rationalization today will the bottom line of all of our conversation when we got an opportunity to fix this we can start fixing it. On November 8 this year. If enough patriots go to the polls doesn't have to be Republicans but it's got to be conservative politicians who get elected this November were up the creek and that means both the House and the Senate, we can put the brakes on the craziness of this administration and the terrible damage is being done to our economy. The terrible damage is being done to our national security. Those can be fixed when we the people go to the polls.

We gotta make sure so. Couple things we have taken a hand wheel in a rack we use.

We told the pump they were told government because if you every time you guys name around the threat of losing our military and financial support. So they were somewhat staying away and now this president has no interest in Iraq. We had a coup attempt Montero Sato walking away of pro-Iranian government in power with no public support. So when we basically lit that fire and now were about to sign onto an Iranian deal. You are take on this moment when the most dangerous things that ever happened to our country, corruption rampant behavior about everything from the green new deal all the way through what's been taught for kids in school. All of us. The consequence of this illustration in a complicit Congress look at this looks like a running America today. When you look at the kinds of trekkers were put together in both the Soviet Union and in communist China. Those are the kinds of people who wanted only one thing power right the 20 was running America right now is biting Schumer and Pelosi. That's the troika we can start fixing that this November 8. If enough patriots show up at the polls.

We the people still govern.

Carl outmaneuvered thanks so much.

The recollections are used to living through history. Hopefully we make we turn the corner. Some people make history. Some people like history. Some people study history I got to do all three.

In that book Oliver North Bob Hamer giant awakes is all about communist China. It's a novel and NJ cruise really is a real person actually three real people, but I am not totally down on the FBI. I've got certainly here in front of me my coffee cup. This is good morning Sir, I see the assassins of failed again. That's because believe FBI agents came and took down the terrorists were trying to get into our house and kill my wife and kids.

So think that we got some great agents.

What we need is real leadership of the department of justice and the FBI what's on some to run again. I want anybody's villain was doing what he was doing when he was president United States with the other country on a trajectory that was the protector security protector economy, protect our kids and that's what we need. I don't care what the names are what I care about is what they do and what they're doing today is all wrong elected. Thanks so much simplified $20 North 1-866-408-7669 will put it all in perspective with you just a moment to listen to Brian Kelly Joe move your knowledge base Brian Kelly show talk show that's real.

This is the Brian kill me show one of the questions that I want and why Rachel honestly felt present have to have these common documents in his basement. I've seen videos and obscene pictures of these documents and the documents that Don Hall, United States of America, and I'm very troubled by that and that's the question I won't become so special now so I don't believe amount of special masses necessary. They bought big told the magistrate judge who signed this one have a filter team there and what they had was that filter teammate filter out the attorney-client privilege information so I respected Williams obviously DC homicide detective. He's a lawyer and I listen I know why the prison to call this telephone number one authority Lucy as he could to classify it. I've never been present. I will say this is been through my holiday with your house for nine hours to be a lot of papers on the floor, especially FBI is not known for being clean or they have to be if you talk to Roger Stone if you talk to Michael Flynn if you talk to Matt afford are they correct the place and in the end, when I see papers on Florida picture sent out. I wonder why you doing that you came out and made a statement that the present some documents in his office. He came out and made a statement that you said the they would not allow him to have access to all these boxes. They said they could show him the box is not the contents of me said okay. We've been there and lock it up so they they reason to believe that he might be sharing them.

What is the reason you believe that so have a special master come in there and say what is this and to have a filter team that is also part of the FBI and CIA skews me the FBI and DOJ doesn't make present trump feel that you know I is little bit of a problem that about 11 FBI agents tried to destroy them and were on and were unable to we come back when the printscreen accomplishments. Abraham accords in jeopardy. David Friedman radio show like no other.

You have a lot of chirping voices in the administration and Congress saying no, this is just electron to the 2015 deal which was in place before this law was enacted and, therefore, you don't need to, so it wouldn't surprise me at all.

Trey, I don't trust this crew as far as I can throw. They are just desperate to get back in any kind of a deal even if it's a horrible deal. The Iranians know it and that's why they're taking their lunch money all day long. That is Michael Walt's concern like everybody is following this, that were about to walk into an Iranian deal not getting verified by the Senate again and just unilaterally put it together and there will be ramifications if we try to get out of it is the present will be concerned that when he does get reelected, or what he is and run that someone else can work in their say. This is terrible and rip it up again. That's what Iran is holding out for and that's why do you think they go to get the deal that they want. Sadly, David Friedman work so hard to convince a president to rip it up and push forward with the Abraham accords. He served the United States ambassador to Israel from 2017 to 20, 21, and author of sledgehammer help breaking with the past brought peace to the Middle East ambassador. Welcome back ambassador. Can you tell me the difference between what you hear this deal will be as opposed to the other that was terrible. Well, except were no 77 years ago 2015 started to remember that it was opposed by a majority of the house for my popular back in 2015 andit's about a 10 year life path to a nuclear weapon. The same bill except the same three year glide path to nuclear weapon question should be exactly the same deal. Now you know the deal itself was also plug if there were no inspections of military facilities, which is the obvious place. You would think that would require a bomb and become the assumption that Obama made was that what once arrived to join the community of nations modulate their behavior and just the opposite of all the money that we gave them in 2015 instead of using it to build schools and hospitals to buy with the conformant terror from Yemen to Iraq Iraq Lebanon so it was a terrible bill that was proved even with that piece of paper that they cheated even keep to the terms of the piece of paper that they signed the sign were seven years later, we weren't always things you are better on should ensure that this didn't do any good to make the world a more peaceful place and regularly update out with three years ago MM issue. Brian isn't so much the terms of the deal cut my view is that there's no piece of paper that would keep you from building a nuclear weapon. The only reason Iranians were people nuclear from a nuclear weapon think that either America Rachel blow it up and fixed amount that we lost all power of deterrence completely in this region. Maybe the world.

The only there's really no way to stop if the question is, want to give them $1 trillion to the difference between doing this we are not doing this bill. No impact at all on Baran's glut nuclear weapon will only impact whether we give around nearly $1 trillion may become much more powerful, much more maligned and much more capable of hurting American Israelis from another Western civilization as to why why why would we get back into the steel.

Many speculated because he wants to see Iran's oil back in the market to bring the price of oil and gas down to get himself a reelected to limit the damage it at the midterms politically. It's something that is part of it in 2013. I think you want to blame something you know one thing that the people she realizes that you people say well since trump the deal is really much closer to a bomb, but the reality is that what you got out of the deal, very, very slowly during the Administration later in 2020. We assassinated Constance LaMonica was the number one general and around number one sponsor of terror. So very slowly we started ripping up dramatically when Biden got elected and Biden started begging for the deal. Once pipe started backing they realized they had a week then it began to ramp up the pressure so there is a way out of this. Which is to maintain the pressure maintain the threat of deterrence. That's how we won our battles throughout our history through American history. We want our battles would not keep him from getting a bomb through any piece of paper what this particular bad. They said they wanted something longer and stronger� Shorter and weaker. There's no good reason to feel it. Currently concerned about it for my children, my grandchildren, for inspectors right when not to be on seeing the sites ourselves. We may or may not set up cameras but they want to stop the investigation into them cheating on the pride previous deal they want that stopped walking now any real means of holding Israelis proved back a few years ago when I discovered they treat the entire premise of the deal was that Arent had no designs on a nuclear weapon pulled out of this warehouse always records that show the building a nuclear weapon so would not make the world a safer place with a piece of paper with their cheaters there hate America is faxing to be signed here and there is the sending people over now to try to convince Congress not to verify this depression demonstrates not to go through with this. Well I think this will make it much more likely that we have awarded Molly will not bring peace, but it will likely lead toward whether it for six months or year or two years and I don't know what time I don't want to engage map liquid. There is no way that Israel will allow Iranians to get a new the other 7 1/2 million Jews in Israel are all, there's no way that the state of Israel will allow a second Holocaust. Violation of more Jews from Iranians and Hitler never happened. So we are leaving states is leading the world closer to war and whether and unfortunately Biden thanks for this bill.

He shows no strength any way began in Afghanistan and it's gone ever since we have no power for Catholics anymore and that's a very dangerous thing. People don't accords. It was sold to Sunnis on the fact that you guys were sincere is affected had one get one thing in common and that is the look to the rawness the menace of the Middle East and the problem and that help unite and help you pull off the Abraham accords correct that we are all on the same page with the same values from the same goals. Much as Israel is irate about what would Biden's shoulder. I know that their function works politically the same way that Israel relations in America and Israel will push this little bit harder but absolutely have an outline is to be super Ella didn't go China America.

We can't depend on you know China will be a friend of everybody of every enemy and every every Western nation. They had to just do deals.

I don't care what Iran does and then okay what Saudi Arabia does politically things when he's in his economic partners so they'll step into the vacuum correct very long time. American Empire continued to decline the opportunities everywhere but in particular Leslie, do you, do you believe you have an understanding with the last stumbling block is that would stop this thing from being signed in the next seven days.

Whatever it is whatever this is nothing. No piece of paper that would be right now.

This will be massively massively. I guess the best guess he takes out the weapon as uranium gets paid to do it. You believe that we must depending on them to get out weapon as uranium and hold in their country and if we decide to break the deal. Let's save it with a Republican president. Russia shifts back to uranium investor David Freeman and I think so much. I hope we have a different outcome, but I feel I still run a straight path to sentence to signing this executive level, but I don't see Congress going along with it semester 1-866-408-7669. Since another foreign policy disaster from this administration self-inflicted, just like Afghanistan just like being way to just like being late to Ukraine and right now as we admit in the Wall Street Journal writes we are now running out of ammunition because we've given so much to Ukraine. I back Ukraine but not at the risk of leaving us vulnerable use of the brain to meet you. You need to know basis. You need to kill me. The more you listen more, you'll know kill me. Too often, public trust is free is broken and undermines public safety undermine safe increase trust make policing more effective and strengthens public safety communities.

By the way, that want the police more than any other community or the tough poor communities, black, white immigrants, they need the help they want to help. So why did you define the police nonstop what you stand up for the cobs they needed some backing. Where were you during the campaign during this moment.

Why were you not yelling at the squad to back out.

You know the squad. Let's listen to them again like it's 2020.

Cut to defining the police think we need to define the police only do we need to define what we need to define the police, does not mean abolish the police right to defund and reimagine. I could go on for days. That's why which is so astounding to see this administration say when signal to be tough on on the police that any credibility because we are swimming underwater Bob 12 to 15 points among the men and women in blue, their families, and the perception of who you back in who you don't back so the present want to do is not to believe what you know what you see that tonight two quarters of negative growth is a recession that the border is broken that the criminal justice system is allowing criminals to commit crime after crime with zero bail without any complaints or word for this administration that schools were allowed to be closed as he would stand up for the union stand up to the unions are fluctuating and he just listened to the present United States and he talked about what he's asking for tomorrow. He talked about what happened the other day when he called the Republicans semi-fascist. And now he wants a day where he talks about the soul of the country in Philadelphia.

I hope we don't carry it because it is a campaign speech and you can be giving network time just for campaign speeches and less were in full campaign mode cut 11 starfighter is clearly an campaign mode is turning up the rhetoric to appease the left to show anger to flush out flashes of anger. That's what progressives want they want to see the fight and he really has abandon any talk of national unity.

Yeah, I mean that's pretty much done, and he seems to be getting some positive feedback on it so won't stop so Lindsay Graham came out and said listen, if you arrest Donald Trump you die Donald Trump's can be writes just stating a fact is that there people feel as though the FBI and DOJ have been so over Donald Trump from the time he ran to the timely one to the time he tried to win again that if you go ahead and say well we rated his bar Lago compound and now you're under arrest.

He said to be blood the street to think he regrets saying that, but it didn't stop Joe Biden for bringing it up. Listen to this cutting, by the way the Lord expects politics to be a pattycake.

They sometimes use mean as hell, but the idea you turn on the television and see senior senators and congressmen say such and such happens will be blood in the street where the hell are we going to for a guy that basically use the term Jim Crow 2.0 to decide to talk about the reforms in Georgia.

Those worn inflammatory words that get people's IR up and remember that horrible time. Here is Lindsay Graham to put his comments and the vice president's comments in the presence comments and perspective. Cut 13 crime problem in this country is directly related to the policies of Democrats and big cities and in the White House and the reason so many people don't want to be a cop is they don't believe anybody in this administration has your back and if you want to talk about political violence I rejected I rejected on January 6 are rejected in Portland are ejected in New York City. So why don't you tell president bind to your own vice president. You know, one way to encourage political violence is to bail out people who attacked the cops on the streets of New York and black lives matter, riots yeah and to ballot the cops is with VP Dick and that's her track record and received over and over in New York where we're located in you seeing it in Chicago.

You see, especially in Philadelphia and the consultative themselves not to waste my time and arrest somebody if they can get out on zero cash ballot doesn't make sense even do the paperwork in the current system and the governors running the states in the mayor's running. The states are almost all Democrats and they will not stand up to the legislature. The mayor speaks out the legislature push back any just takes the loss. It's insane speak about taking losses. A couple things going on right now that want to keep your eye on Herschel Walker is not losing. He's winning in Georgia. Dr. Oz is not down by 24 points against Fetterman, not by a longshot. Watch out for people trying to push an outcome by saying it outcome. The die has been cast in there giving up you look at the headline today on Drudge and said basically throwing in the towel. Dr. Oz know it's not there going to help them out help his campaign out because Republican Party is not unified. Pleas within striking distance of a deeply compromise candidate in Fetterman who did not even show up to the present United States who came to Pennsylvania. Selena Zito notices that this guy will not commit to a debate. In fact, he walked away from a request for five debate from Dr. Oz.

She writes for the Washington Examiner listen to this.

She knows he's not healthy to stroke a 24 and that's why he is not only recovery she is something the Pennsylvania press corset certainly dressing down there for six years, to cease to be able to hear this is not the case. However, everything rash.

However, all information currently they don't Dr. Oz bring it up to be somewhat sensitive. Your doctor can see this guys adult, but he can't get a sentence out. He's not comfortable on his feet. You make some snow appearances and we just had a president when and had the pandemic block is not his fault it wasn't. It was fortuitous for him to stay in his basement in campaign. Now I have a president clearly can't get to senses artifact. He said Fetterman was running for governor yesterday is that the Sen., the big guy running for governor knows that river government. That's why part of the reason why you want to show up with the present live from the Fox News radio's New York City rash office set up Fox and friends, America's receptive voice to kill me. Thank you for being here buddy is the right chili Joe come at you from 46 in beautiful Manhattan around the world were heard. Of course, in the Ukraine to with this war raging and it looks as though Ukraine is getting back on the offensive article. Maybe for the first time Martha McCown will join us to expand on this got a real passion for that. I got a word urge you guys to meet me in Albany at the egg. I'll be talking about this the news as well as America's history. From 1776 on logical bring to get the VIP seats I could talk to you before the show and after so that will be September 8. So referent.

Now before you get to Mark Penn. Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Ryan's three number three, the FBI clearly made a connection of Russian disinformation of the hunter by release politics of their agents, not being able to contain it in-house is causing them to say we better do something right. That was Brett Tolman, FBI crisis and we are only danger of not having the esteemed agency fighting for us. We have the latest on the disgraced agents and a failed director asked for the Trump team's desire to have a special master appointed while the Fed say quote the plaintiff's motion to appoint a special master enjoying further review of C's materials fails for multiple independent reasons while they go Kevin Clark. The raid rock is the DOJ fights back in fear of a special master why when a neutral observer going there and reaffirm your strong case, citing shoddy records and deceptive stashing of important records, MR Lago as Trump bolsters his legal team. There is no place in this country will place further endangering the lives of law enforcement. They fronted the place about supposedly funding the FBI present desperate to get his numbers up in Pennsylvania breaking news, Joe Biden, the Dems are tough on crime. I'm not kidding yeah why is why crime right is rising every day, big and small city since he took office, while Republicans stop laughing. Let's make sure no one understand that people understand the Dems tells the border sealed it's not that bill that we talk to reduce inflation. It doesn't take climate bill and were not in a recession and Afghanistan's exit was a success. Look out. Things may not be as they appear. Mark Penn appears to be ready to go, chairman of the Harris poll and chief executive of Bagwell Inc. Mark welcome back.

Thank you, Mark. What about the presence a message in Pennsylvania over these next few days including tomorrow was going to heal our soul well.

I think it crime message was long overdue. You recycle the program that have 100,000 cops which was a good program. I urge that he do this about 068 months ago maybe a year ago and of course this is being done at the last minute. May election you know and pretty much goes against everything out and set up to now, so you know you can't say that the president is making a strong effort here you see their coming down to the election season they pulled out all the stops with the student that come up with 100,000 now Democrats are putting up a fight and that's what you're saying is usually he's also bringing up this whole maggot thing.

I assume it's been poll tested cut five.

No one should be encouraged to use political violence. None whatsoever.

Look for a situation where to this day the major Republicans in Congress defend the mob the storm. The capital on January 6. Defendant was not accurate, but the mega Republicans is a common phrase.

What about the strategy for but he can vote for the strategy of dividing Republicans.

I really don't like the strategy in terms of our terms of our country. It is the opposite of what Pres. Biden said he was going to do. Everybody he was going to try to bring everybody together. You this is really the opposite. But I can tell you in the polling of the politics of what's going on here you know, the last Congressional election was basically 50-50. Even though the president now instead of being a 560 now at about 40 so so there's about 10% year of the country voted Democratic congressionally last time, don't like Pres. Biden don't like inflation in all these issues and all Democrats have to do is hold onto those voters. So the strategy here to hold onto those voters is to make them fear the Republicans more than they fear you know what the continued evidence by the Democratic Party and the Republican party, so far hasn't also reached Outlook work at whatever Republicans have to do they have to get over 50.

They have to Democrats they have to reach out to them so you know I'm all for strategies to reach out to swing voters. I think that makes the country better. I'm really disappointed by the by this approach year of extreme name-calling against Republicans like I don't think that the medley helps the country what's going on the border.

Mark I don't think you need anybody to tell you that it's watching what's happened over the last two years and see the people screaming in at staggering numbers between two and 4,800,000 got a ways the drug busts are mind-boggling. That's the stuff we get in the present.

Never in his life, has he been to the border is get a pass on this as more more refugees show up in DC floating in Boston to New York and two are from Arizona as well mean at one point Wednesday mistreating a look at a pie chart that says we have to do something clearly a deliberate policy collect or Larimer wideouts deliver lower Secretary said she is happy she says you can't just walk into the country while I worked a lot about the numbers they know what's going on and and so you know it's a matter of national policy quite obvious that MQ you look when it comes to the issue of immigration and voters who vote on immigration, the administration is under you know it's extremely underwater. Losing those voters know the question of how big an issue will display out of the midterms with inflation because I am abortion, guns, Trump, you know, floating in the next year, but there's no question that most voters want want strong borders. They also wanted immigration system that works they want to have some compassion to people who came years ago came as children they been for comprehensive immigration reform for a long time and definitely oppose what's going on here right now I just said hello. Letting everybody in leucine something more to maybe even you can predict talking Mark Penn, chairman of the Harris poll and that is that the Hispanic vote and nobody seems to be talking about right now is almost 50-50. According to most every poll. The gap is really narrowing to single digits at the very least that's stunning. That's better than Bush 43 and you would think it is as if you open up the board of the Hispanic community would say with a wink and a nod. Thank you. It's interesting what are you doing. It seems what you see. Well, I'm not as clear cut that there is definitely when you look at the polls, some looking our sporadic movement to the Republicans.

No question about that. You see some of the races in Florida and Texas you know where where that has really counted at the polls. You see people in Texas really upset about your people being you know pay their bills, pay their mortgages now and then and then an influx of people who aren't able to do any of the massive levels raising taxes so the closer people are to the problem of immigration, the more likely they are to vote and that includes you know Latinos and voters of all type so I think that is what you're saying you are saying that's what you Latino vote that I think no one really anticipated until it happened. But again, you haven't had an election yet. You know, Republicans bring it home to have a message and a messenger who really at the end of the day will make them feel comfortable.

That will make a big difference in moderation, but the way I look at is when it comes to senates is boxing. You know they say your gray box your gray box are but matchups make fights have a matchup with each other and I locate with Warnock and Walker and Oz and Fetterman in particular, they also wanted talk about maybe Arizona being in play.

Excuse me Colorado being in play Arizona your Blake Masters and Kelly I just saw poll in Arizona. This has Masters within three of Kelly I saw the polling the Emerson poll has Walker up on Warnock and then eyes down by about eight to Fetterman Mrs. situations fasting because he's had a stroke that stops them from really campaigning and speaking and he turned down a debate because he says he's not ready yet. Listen to Celine Zito of Washington Examiner cut 24 and that's only recovery she is something the Pennsylvania press course. It certainly addressing and having said that, you remember similar circumstance to this, the pandemic stopped Joe Biden from campaigning and work to his advantage. Fetterman leans more.

Bernie Sanders then moderate is eager to get a pass on this well look that race is still developing it out was a much more difficult.

Your candidate than McCormick. He seems to be getting it out some putting Fetterman what is very strong general on the street where he revs up a crowd again have to play itself out or meant. You see, when George, I meant I didn't think George or would which would switch around. I did think that that that Warnock is basically being seen as far too liberal and I do think there's a gravitation you know around around Walker and that has really been a turnaround with expectable I thought that would happen. I think you know close here at the end if you remember Senate polling last time was wildly accurate right.

It just, you know, if you look at things like no one thought that you number, all you know Lindsay Graham and always races where people spend hundreds of millions of dollars on Susan Collins were going to come out the way they actually came out so you know, none of them.

So much for now assume the polling is this fairly accurate. I do think has an uphill climb here she's got the boat you establish who he is working for work for Pennsylvania. At the same time you know he's gonna have to know paint Fetterman is too extreme.

I don't think Kelly telling people that Fetterman had a stroke, you know, frankly, people are more sympathetic to that. I think that's a bad strategy. You know, as opposed to dealing with him just on the issues and Walker is coming up quite strongly like that so interesting to see Walker.

Every time I read an article some disparaging things are saying I'm saving myself this unbelievable close and open.

It's almost like opposition research in the so-called reporting on him, but I swear to bring you to Fetterman for second, the way he profiles is perfect for Republican. You would think he's against fracking. He's against voter ID. I don't believe that most of the stuff he has is moderate and now listen to him on the stump?

If you say you think the word of's worker. What words come to your mind if you say steelworkers is wrong with for an easy say kind of their income to say when work day, you know, you might say hey guys stroke be easy, but if your doctor is you want to say I'm ready for the job and I can do the job. You have to wonder if he can do the job and if you are strategizing and that is your opponent market.

I hired you.

I'm running against Fetterman and that's him on the stump, Woody, how do you handle it. How do you handle it the right way. Well, you know, American sympathetic to people's attacks on that girl. You may remember Bob Dole at work and I didn't Pull it you know I think it's best dealt with by saying look, he maybe recovering from a stroke. You know I wish him well. The truth is, she's too far to the left for us.

Doesn't believe in the things that will give us jobs here in Pennsylvania stop crime in Philadelphia.

Give us words out in the western part of the state. He believes something. I think the way to go at him is what you said before, not to try to paint him and you can't do it because he gets lost because we got a president after all selected so that clearly work and sympathy for somebody he's recovered all right. Martin always interesting when you do enough, the next batch of poles right after Labor Day. Okay, how much is on a conference call pilot say people sit around Labor Day to talk politics, and then they come back with some opinion and then you come back here.

I hope Mark 10. Thanks so much Harris poll. Thank you. You got it we come back I'll take your calls. I want to find what you have to say. That's the people Paul 186-640-8766 on you also derive your brain to get a ton of these emails, I'll try to get through a lot of them at the bottom of the hour, Martha McCown, this is the brain to meet you and like you're with Brian kill me if you're interested in it. Bryan's talking about. You are with Brian kill me back everyone 1-866-408-7669 let's go to WABC right here in New York. Gracie what's on your mind really terrific thinking about for Republican, but I bet you know we want to hear people are going about four example the guy in Pennsylvania because we feel sorry for him than we deserve what we get Gracie would be running against him. That's we say that you don't vote for him because you feel sorry for them. But if you're running against him. You want to point out that he's clearly not ready for the job but do you say listen, he just had a stroke is not ready would you say he is Bernie Sanders, Pennsylvania would never let Bernie Sanders why would you like Fetterman he endorsed Bernie Sanders in 2016. He is against fracking. He thinks that it's racist to ask people for a photo ID when 85% of the country believes you should have a you should have a photo ID so this guys were left never had a real job and his life was to legalize pot because he smokes all the time and Katie were soon so if this is really would Pennsylvania want to be surprised. You need to point out that he's not that he can't even handle a debate.

The bigger story is Dr. Roz needs the debate so you can show compassion within the point where you can't debate the fact that he says are not recovered yet. Makes you wonder what is going to make him recovered in two months when they actually hire people to do this job and isn't this an audition. Thanks, Gracie Adam all also said on ABC but in Connecticut hey Adam Brian I had support from up until recently, but I think at this point it should be kind of a noose around the neck of the Republican Party in what way lighter well. I think it outlook. It is clear that he was holding onto documents that were not his and against a subpoena from the FBI that is legally damaging the way is worthy of a race radio that makes you think this is Brian kill me show. I've said all along as a physician I have tremendous apathy and compassion for how challenging it is to bounce back from a stroke. I offer John Fetterman numerous opportunities to explain to me how I can make it easier for him to debate, but at this point is to give numerous reasons for not showing up, including the fact that the didn't have time to schedule. I'm of the opinion these hiding his radical views continues to furthers far less radical candidate in a competitive Senate race this cycle and doesn't want those views to be exposed to blame for saying that. I don't blame for saying that all I mean, that's if you view Roz you can close the gap and I think he is at these within five for sure. I think the best thing that Dr. Roz can do while continues to pressure Fetterman to do something that every of the sending Senate candidates doing knows I like these, it's Chuck Grassley's had the job for years. You know I stand you really need to debate me, please.

You have Fetterman's never had a job before or job Lieut. Gov. prior and then he gets the stroke he drew, he runs a primary where he never trailed or will guess a more moderate candidate, which I thought would've been a tougher hold for McCormick or frock Dr. Roz and then you want to make some ground instead. You have his social media people just taking shots at you, rolling clips from your TV show and for the most part I think the shots about the TV show.

I think they make him look small. He said 676 is a lot so would would would obsess to do is seal up his Republican donors seal up his Republican voters seal up his Republican lawmakers because there's a lot in Pennsylvania and for a while they said Pennsylvania is and is not really possible for Republican presidential candidate in 2016 want to trump he thought he should have it again.

He narrowly lost Pennsylvania and has a lot to do with Republican to Democratic governor changing the rules on voting. In my humble opinion, no proof humble opinion because you were able to admit to mail-in voting. People voted early to devote the Democrats. People vote on the day who were worried about the pandemic, or didn't vote at all the seniors were deftly going to trump they would they would just stay home. So maybe that cost him a few states, possibly Georgia and Pennsylvania. We will see right now if you look at Georgia. The presence over Biden by five if you located Herschel Walker bike to encamp is up by six dental Pennsylvania. I find it interesting that that they say Oz is down by 12 there's no way he's down by 12 and here's why. Because you voting for a guy only son. Pennsylvania likes a guy that is socialist like the guy that has a history of being hostile towards law enforcement. Regardless of what he says likes to guide it really has no specific accomplishments except for his parents were rich and had a got a job as Lieut. Gov. prior you like a guy that does were sued you like a guy you feel bad from getting a stroke like God doesn't Frank could save and close. Not even close. So I find Pennsylvania really Manning and O'Day in Colorado seems to be enough till they have any poll numbers in the story, but the New York Times talked about New York Times Colorado being suddenly in play for Republicans, they want to say, momentum is swinging towards Democrats because of the Roe V Wade in the top decision nullified will be waiting turned down to the states, and it did in motivated people but it doesn't mean people forgot about the border forgot about crime forgot about Afghanistan. Forgot about these ridiculous spending bills forgot about inflation forgot about gas prices of forgot about how much more your oil and heating bill is utility bill. That's the hidden thing people walk in the get their children. Though they know they been doing different yet it may be used to rank additional more than in August and July maybe less the number almost doubled up 40% that's pretty huge.

So these are the things it's happened under present Biden, who didn't learn anything except to spend more. Who wants to take a bow. Want to take a bow and say look what I've done yet. You don't think she'll party. Thanks, Joe mansion, but you haven't done thinks the country. What I think is most significant is with tapping into argue with the most significant 1A, 1B is with tapping of the border and not only are people coming through by the millions.

And I got some numbers here about different countries, but it's also fennel a lot of people who who look at drug situations. They were my kids start a drug addict.

I know people that are that's weakness or know people are alcoholics understand the not me but I understand it would fennel same things, just different drugs like heroin, but no, it's not true. If you take Ritalin because you want to concentrate more and a test. If you were taking Xanax. I believe because you want to relax, if you take certain drugs and then he don't want to go to the doctor, the pharmacist, you can order them online for the coming online, fennel one and done and it happens. Derek Maltz weighed in less I would talk I've interviewed him before on TV to former DA special operator and they are getting so much fennel at the border.

It is stunning even for him as he tries to put this all in perspective and tell you exactly how Fenton gets into our country. Hold on tight. 27 the Mexican cartels, dating our country with these poisonous deadly Sentinel pills and now today the DEA administrator put out a warning about all the rainbow colored pills that they're seizing all of the country, but behind the scenes at the Chinese Communist Party looking to stabilize this country by killing the kids.

It's that simple and present Biden today in Pennsylvania is out there in a political speech, and he finally mentioned the word fentanyl after all these years that two years almost. He finally matches Sentinel. We have kids as young as 13 years old, dying every day in the houses around the country and the parents just can't believe it. Their angry, yet their angry and their overwhelmed thing about this in all these classes, even here in New York City deftly Washington DC there overrun with kids might be great kids.

They don't speak English, they need extra services they get buses to get equipment notebooks that compassion but subtly come here in El Salvador in 2022 17,000 illegals he came. Now it's 84,000 Honduras 2020 41,000 came.

Sounds like a lot in 2022. It's not even over yet hundred 82,000 Columbia had just 404 people come here Columbia now 97,000 is that government goes toward socialist look for more Venezuela to mess 2700 came in 20 2000 trump now 128,000 275,000 Cubans. It was 13,000. That's this president. That's the track record. If you like if you you're into climate change do not vote for Republican I get. If you want just to loan forgiven and you're in that narrow area of people attended 20,000 he's pressing Pell grants okay vote for somebody else.

But if you are looking for people that are tough on crime and food people to want to crack down the boarding people to want tough defensively people they never left Afghanistan that where signed off in this Iranian deal do not pretend that these Democratic candidate to go to do any of that because he absolutely will not and will come see economy student loans. I think that whole thing is backfiring totally backfiring. As more people I know are excluded people that this I got my college suffer me and I could do it. I just wanted to get a loan up to go to work or paid off. I want to feel so proud and affluence is really so you think you're helping us by taking 2010 to 20,000 off and I'm not even sure the use 10 20,000 on school here in these anecdotal stories. Yet these guys went on vacation and they they want to Aruba going overseas want to want to make sure they had spring break to want to remember. Think about that when you're working Stephen Moore was very colorless and actually gone with Sean Duffy last night, filling in for Larry Kudlow cut 20 like this is been a debacle real political debacle for the by administration. I this was supposed to be a big political winter and now it looks like he's laid an egg. And it's because people of really revolted against is the really angry about the idea of the unfairness of this.

So now they are trying to figure out while. Should the should this be taxed as a is like. If you have a loan is written off. That's oftentimes considered a taxable event that something for the IRS to determine, but when you're talking about $300-$500 billion of loan forgiveness.

That's a lot of tax roughneck yeah I don't see there was a reason why prison but I do want to do it. Chuck Schumer wanted to do was send Elizabeth Warren want to do with these are extremist views. These are not mainstream views.

So these are very very liberal people. This is AOC wanted everything forgiven Beare Bernie Sanders is why stopping here because it's a deal in society. I'm sure Bernie Sanders when he got his farmhouse, his regular house. I'm pretty sure he had a mortgage and I'm pretty sure he didn't expect. I'm pretty sure he didn't expect people to walk in the middle of and says you know you have enough spending money to buy a suit that fits. So I think we should just forgive hundred thousand of the mortgage and keep in mind when it comes to loans. We already froze them for over a year, enough to pay them for over year and they come back you don't always much the trick would dare in my view, we should cut the interest rate Cliff listening, Panama City, which have been to with Lee Bryce hey Cliff all over America, about a block will start after the question what you say to the people out of the question at what you say to the people are kinder, biblical Greek way way our system is broken. Republicans will fix it hit you with. But they don't have a good answer to that Cliff and I use it all the time and because I know people go from Brazil.

I know people just from the soccer community Ireland and Italy taught money and he got away take tests and have your green card holder you do something dumb like drink and drive you done out in the particular background checks over time you shoplifting that they by no shoplift. But let's say you're in the wrong place at the right time.

Again, the bar fight.

Whatever happens can avoid it that you look to want to blame. You done so yet, when he so I and this is what these would people do. I'm in the system need to reform the cliff with 11 million open jobs got 5 million without jobs. That's a problem for those 6 million open jobs. I know so many restaurant tours. So do you think just looking for staff, hard-working people. If we can reform the system and make it easy to get to work.

Please you, you work you go home you establish yourself as a man that guides a cabinetmaker is pretty strong was a really good apprentice. They got he's got a sponsor now to bring them here. He's tried out for two years doing things right. You know he didn't break the law. Using mass transportation he's eased help out this guy needs to be here, let alone join the military, but I can't get to that point is, he will watch the border and all these other illegals here have jumped ahead in line so we are so far from from doing things like that and that is reform in the process to make it easier for a first-round draft picks at Stanford and and Princeton to stay here. I want to stay here. We educated you stay here make Apple better make the next startup fantastic find out a way to get the car better than ever.

The innovations that could come from people to train here. They should stay here right now they gotta go. That makes no sense. All right, listen other come back and find that this indeed more to know who's in the brain to Michelle.

So glad you're here learning something new every day, Brian kill me show breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me show how long will this Gov. Hogle scene get out of town from Molinari and Zelda get town in a conservative go to Florida so government said just waiting to get a be kidding me. That's what you do, people to agree with you. Get out look for it is taken half New York anyway. But Mayor Adams to his credit. The first thing you said is I want everybody come back out of Florida and go back to New York where she going. I mean she just in this 3 to 1 Democrats over Republicans.

I'll act often do this by the way, if you do this you should be doing it for self grant you know to be famous to be powerful should be service servicing America, not the Democratic Party. That statement you repulse you, and it repulses me. Either you please they'll think about that. I want a Democrat voting for me and it was 3 to 1 in his favor. I would think that's repulsive to me Joe Biden is saying calling Republicans mega Republicans semi fascists just horrendous with sad is maybe the poll tested this in the works it works.

It's terrible, terrible for the country which I think should matter we find out this morning know right now Nasser targeting Saturday for another Artemis, one launch a launch attempt after resolving the rocket engine problems at a little bit of an issue on on Monday Artemis one at mission managers announced Tuesday are rather the teams are preparing for a second attempt to launch later in the week. We gotta get to the moon again you get back your practice of powerful rocket rocket can imagine we could do the video technology we gotta get back there. Guess who else is going China very secretive program I have to stuff is probably from us next pumpkin spice latte. This is serious stuff. Consumers love it because there is brain science behind it. At least 500 million is is spent on pumpkin spice flavored items in the United States each year.

Why do we love it because it turns out we love to be reminded of the fall and warm feelings of family home and nostalgia, Matt Johnson, a Boston-based psychologist who specializes in the application of psychology to marketing shared insights into the neuroscience of the marketing around our love of this particular flavor. Does this make sense to you, happy now we understand how your brain works and it is worth yes to a degree when you have pumpkin spice in your system and asked our chief next which you never get away everything you give everything. Rocky got fell makes history and unseat Stephen Colbert's the new king, a late night. This is going deaf though the 219 defeats the late-night show with the late show with Stephen Colbert, who replaced David Letterman with 2.15 he was the first month since 2017. The Colbert didn't finish first of August was the most-watched month. Forgot felt since its launch in 2021 Fox's program out to Jimmy Kimmel easily, and the Tonight Show just across the street, the daily show's unwatchable fill more than double the average audience precedents most-watched show at the Anderson Cooper whose hysterical in the slapper average, only 950,000. How do you explain this will I do know that somebody named Brian kill me fill in and I and I was in this month in the past week or we can have a Wednesday so that has helped. I think what is known as it was at its August happened in July happened and I will joint right II think I played a role. Dana had the highest marks so be me.

I was second II hung in there on Wednesday so I bet that very nice for the it's funny is creative to have a good time every night to take the stories in the news, but they have fun. When I watch a little. The other shows just get a handle on this and no one slept in the clap clapping for a while Donald Trump's terrible this way comes awful. That way we found documents this way. Okay, I get that on the news channels. Greg takes that great staff is is got a great little you know he's a really good pound makes it more amazing is which we can already talk about how there is fewer to operate a few televisions that get box compared to NBC and CVS and ABC. Any still and he still wins. That's it's amazing. Imagine if he had the same reach as the networks, how much more the point. Next out folder when his first job since the rush shooting. He sees been fired from quite a few. I feel terrible for him. A source revealed to the post of the play will is called art is to be opening up of the spring so I guess you got a practice he said he was all set to do a movie got fired. He's going beyond with 22 Louvre, John Leggett sono and somebody else I can pronounce but I does want to stay employed legacy has to he's now having his seventh kid seven seventh kid on the other kid is yelling at help achieve the matter may worship now that next you are and must still can't figure out because by Twitter or not he's amended to filings. Got a complaint he says that he pay too much for the accepted $44 billion acquisition.

And ever since then he's been complaining about just wants to get out of it you realize it's overvalued and also the market tanked and he was read with me reselling a lot of Tesla stock is worth less now and this is some night present Trump is right about yet said, if you read about a couple months ago that hospital not by right I would look for the by Twitter would be ideal to celebrate Kelly Joe. Don't go to September 8 Albany at the Ike VP their VIP tickets over 100 meteorologists handle worldwide resources of Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox news or wherever you did your

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