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WED HR 2 070622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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July 7, 2022 12:38 am

WED HR 2 070622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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July 7, 2022 12:38 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR Basket. We are desperately concerned about the circumstance relating to avian flu. We don't have enough vaccines.

We don't have enough police officers and working to debate the next three weeks. I told gay marriage flag amendment and God only knows what else. I can't believe the American people can see through this really have a law, the Defense of marriage act. We will vote not rivaled another to look.

Marriage is between a man and a woman in states must respect that nobody violated the law.

There is no challenge that law. Why do we need a constitutional amendment marriage is between a man and a woman. What's the game going on here all right Wendy, that was Joey Biden when he was seven and I know it doesn't sound a lot like your PJs, but that was him. I got the whole clip the video clip.

There and that was Joe Biden when it was Sen. He's really changed his attitude towards a patent is hesitant, talking much faster though. Yeah I yeah I mean I've seen pictures of him when he was younger at Sen. look very different lately.

Obviously we all do, will you know I I I had a guy play the clip here of him a while back where he's this woman is telling him that it here just got elected to just one is a senator and she was making the statement that it's good that we have an honest Sen. you are honest right and he had the smirk on his face. He said look, he said it's very expensive to run a race into to be elected Sen., it costs a lot of money and in order to do that you gotta go to those who have deep pockets. And when you do that you got it.

We expect that they're going to expect something back from you. And so another words exactly. That is exactly right.

And he was doing it with a smirk on his face.

I remember some years ago back.

Remember the time it was just before when they had them Newt Gingrich with the con contract for America and they had just elected a new Congress and there were two Democratic Congressman.

They're gone now, so I'm not going bring the names out because they dive a lot of families, but they were standing on the steps. Not knowing that there were a people with Mike behind him and eight and as they walked on after this and by the way, these two are both lawyers. They were both lawyers and one of them turned to the other and said we now have a license to steal when they were laughing because they just got elected to Congress. They said we not we now have a license to steal and send this so that's amazing let me out well because Sicily slightly runs with you and then you can do some commentary ready. Okay, these clots are often referred to as blood clots, but they are nothing at all like normal clots and they consist far more than of more than mere blood cells.

Unlike normal clots which are gelatin this almost jellylike.

These so-called clots contain extremely large, complex repeating structural elements, but they are clearly being constructed in the blood of the victims who died from these clots. He goes on to say that I'm looking now I'm looking at these things I hear your essay. There are some ugly ugly things are all these clots were extracted from patients within a few hours of their death. These are not the result of postmodern blood statuses stations. These instructions found in blood vessels and arteries. They are not congealed blood. We wish to publicly thank Dr. Jane Ruby for connecting us to the and Ballmer Richard Hirschman, who provided these clots without the persistence of Dr. Ruby you will not be seen. This report by Dr. Ruby is frequently featured on the stoop, Peter show, and will also be my featured guest get all this is from and enforce this article here and and I'm looking at these these things. They've taken out of these people that have died from the kill shot the boy I meditated there tough I read a report on one doctor said that the death under the microscope and kicked him in the air from the (and he said that there were foreign entity he called it the thing he said that whatever it was, with microscopic and it would quite robotic and Butler.

It really freaked him out. Is it new it would. It was being watched or looked at Kelly had self-awareness yeah I saw that they had been so where this little creature tried to climb out of the petri dish in an active, creepy, and it felt to have a scientist report that no telling what they are injected into people there. I mean we did like layers of the and you keep hearing about that you hit you with this when real quick vaccine violence. If you want to stop deaths from shootings, then vaccines not guns in the another was talking about the shooting. The shots that are getting a lot more people are dying from the shots with a needle than they are with a gun but anyhow he goes on to say, we must consider Betty, 19 vaccines that are causing mass mass casualties and death because of the rational based on the tools and devices used to murder mass numbers of innocent humans. The coven clot shot Jeff certainly need to be the priority.

Where's the proof well. Let us start this off with one of the largest life insurance companies in the country when America that just paid out 163% more in 2020 14 pandemic related deaths for working folks ages 18 to 64. That's 60 billion 6 billion over and above the usual claims taken Lincoln national another insurance monster in the US also report the same increase in death benefits paid out for group life insurance policies the same year as public records request rebel and the elephant in the room you guested COBIT 19 vaccines a.k.a. clot shot deaths jabs is the shooting of Provo prions into the bodies, not bullets. That is the culprit of all of this genocide, we need to bend the vaccines, not guns is take a closer look at the murders and then it goes and it really goes into a lot of stats here on that and a lot of the stuff people will be getting in the newsletters will be these articles it was. We set up newsletter of their usually lengthy article so you know, we really don't have time to get into everyone, but here you go. At article I told you about. Researchers discovered that COBIT 19 vaccines cause type I diabetes. Hearing the vaccine research organization found that the experimental shots are linked to type I diabetes.

This is according to the pedicel foundation, a grassroots organization created by people with type I diabetes educate others in diabetes and experimental and deadly.

COBIT 19 vaccines side effects, especially relating to type I diabetes or the possibility that it could cause the disease basically goes on gives into detail on how to cause disease so and so forth. But you not get to hear any of this on NBC, ABC, CBS or Fox News are you remember mentioning I plan down per year assignment plan has a lot to do with your me and tell the difference between an infection and dater and yourself that at the time you there replicate yeah I'm here can you hear me yeah yeah you cut out a couple times can hear me.

I now know technology when it is defined plan can replicate the continued chairman to the McKay this is a long felt that this is the you know I digest it for now. These are good don't attack that pathetic and also replicate a bacterial cell and ill teach the killer T cells and macrophages that they can attack that they've known for a while. Your assignment is key to having an amine rate and so I started wondering what about what about Simon know that if you're okay. Assignment plan is located behind your breastbone in front of your heart between your lung to the name of the clan office seems to be kind of a mystery. It was thought to have gotten its name from the ancient Greek because Steinmetz with a name for an herb and the client has the shape it looks like a timely that some experts feel off of the dynamics is tied to other glands like comp open at night but it was the Greek philosopher, the surgeon Galen who noticed that the thymus gland changed in size as we age become smaller as we grow into adults. People wonder why is it what is the gland that believe it due to stress and normally you know that the gland in children is quite large but then after the age of 15 they gland start to shrink a bit but when they did autopsies on intent that had died of diphtheria. They noticed the thymus gland which immune cells that become distinctive cells when they're taught by the thymus gland can directly kill infections can help make anybody felt, and also surveillance amine in South Dakota around the blood system keep a check on things that I wanted to know what the COBIT theorem had to do. How does it affect assignment claims you want to take again. I know I don't even try to just I want to know how the mRNA theorem gland, which is key to having a healthy while the national Library of medicine. Terabyte technology did a paper they published December 2021 on the COBIT theorem will inflame your thymus gland in it called dynamic hyperplasia is what they said, quote hyperplasia, is the time it showed strong association to the immunologic font to the COBIT 19 vaccination can show at the station to the vaccination incurred in the lymph node is also the thymus gland setting thymus gland and good thing that is not a good thing. Also there was a study by the multidisciplinary digital publishing Institute to publish the work in the Journal of vaccines.

October 2021 and they said that the thymus gland is a main lymph thyroid on-site lymphoid organ that regulate the immune system and entertainment system now and are consistent important not get to that in a minute. Remember, I just said that to the thymus gland.

They said generate mature T cells that your antibody felt, which contributes to cellular immunity. Inflammation of the thyroid leads to many inflammatory diseases. The inflammation of the thymus gland can lead to form and date that forms the clan, it cannot produce effective immune system outcome. It is recommended then to you. I am listing therapy to destroy thymus gland and until your new therapy for what he think that much of it, but this is what you expect and I know that the AMA has taken a real credibility shot to know it's it's not just on so many of your institutions people have lost all their trust in out there today because because they have been corrupted and big Pharma is behind so much of this corrupted with its money, and again I didn't know what we talk about Pharma folks word Pharma Kia where that comes from maids wizardry maids wizardry or or witchcraft. Okay and never here entered, you know what is your reproductive why it can make people infertile. You know what Wendy, there's a big 10% just 10% people are being or having 10% less children just a year ago and what is happening. The really dropping the fertility rates, especially low amongst the young people. The men and the women becoming more and more infertile wind with Artie been documented. The COBIT theorem can really negatively impact the ovaries of the female and I know it's had a huge effect with miscarriages a huge reason for miscarriages. Well, while I spoke to Dr. Anthony Norris back in the 90s and he coined the phrase artificial infection. That's what a vaccine is it doesn't really say what it says you know it, to protect you from disease.

It really is going to give you the disease. It seemed the body with the so I know people like to hear that and and there's been the typical chart that showed that a lot of your children, diseases, diphtheria. I will think I'll call this step. It was on a steep decline. Before 1940 before vaccines are actually being used. There are fewer peer cases and the reason is we had better sanitation we had refrigeration we had frozen foods.

The people had more nutrition year-round. At that point and so that the diseases were not as common young people were not getting because you know the horse and cart things with you replace with you know the motorcar so there is a change and people don't realize it wasn't the vaccines actually got rid of those diseases that all I know.

And now here we are with what you just read a report that they have what they have disease theories on the right and people are vaccinated with that where it bent will really have one simple and there's another article you're telling you that the the the poisonous poke actually causes the it has them a reverse effect. As far as on your immune system. It makes you much more vulnerable to to get the covert see I have that I just said that article here a minute ago shot said that you know to get your flu shot, year after year year most likely more vulnerable to get the flu so that's been documented as well. So yeah yeah you get. There's people have been triple vaccinated in and have fallen completely ill COBIT compared to those that have not people that didn't get vaccinated with COBIT. If you notice they may get a little bit of a mild cold or influenza, but it's really not very difficult to get over it and ate and date test positive for COBIT and get over it and likely will put any kind of bug but the people that got vaccinated. The ones that are really struggling and you still hear these people running these ads get your children vaccinated.

It's unbelievable.

But that again my people and destroyed their destroyed for lack of knowledge and what he tells you that because you have forgotten my laws. I will forget your children and that's what's happening to our children in this country today. It's a horrible horrible thing right and I would have some road lightning round things here for the lawyers one follow cheese and IAD is that the national institution of whatever. Let me see, of the got all of these things will be to find out the old infectious disease. National institutes of allergy and infectious disease spent $500,000 to turn monkeys into transgender monkeys. For that I read I read a report permanent client that 10 years ago 12 years ago.

They will indicate heterosexual monkeys and make them homosexual one through vaccination well they be registered Democrats than one thing that you know it.

Now there haven't heard it, well that's why we're here you go flaky, exclusive information uncovered overnight shows Highland Park shooter Bobby Comeau is tied to socialist and is a part of the progressive at the file and the occult know they they tried to say that he was a Trumper that he but it is not is just the opposite. That's another lie he was a very anti-Trumper. And so here there you go. He's a part of the at the file progressive movement shouldn't hear that on NBC, ABC or CBS or Fox News digit and here's another one.

British whistleblowers reveal wars that come following trends, surgeries of the horrors that come following transit transits transgender surgical procedures are now coming to light things to British whistleblowers who have stepped forward to share the stories by Newcastle resident Riggio Harriman is one of the individuals who revealed the dangers of such surgeries.

The former male to female trends individual went back to living as a man after going under the knife in 2018 through moves to remove his genitals.

He said he plans to sue the UK's national health service for the irreversible damage the surgery caused to wonder what he expected. There's there's a conveyor belt system going on where they just try to rush through people as quickly as possible because the waiting list is like five years in some areas. Now there until the times he added that the system of the NHS Russian gender transition surgeries resulted in having chronic pain and difficulty urinating and no sex drive of the 35-year-old was initially diagnosed as a transsexual into 14 during the two and half hour appointments with a psychiatrist up up up with psychiatrist.

This is amazing. Wendy, what profession once all the professions has the highest rate of suicide bombing doctors and lawyers. Psychiatrist psychiatrist by far. By far psychiatrist of the highest rate of suicide. No Wendy, where do you go would you go see if you're suicidal. Who do they send you to. That's right. It is like the blind leading the blind butte there said, new to these people and they ended up you know after hearing about all the reasons people want to commit suicide note.

They end up doing to themselves that got the highest rate of suicide Wednesday profession and that's not even true. Yeah and so you know you don't with with all of the wisdom if you if you can read and understand the word of God. You don't need psychiatrist data. I think I think. The Bible is the owners manual to mankind.

Your fridge has a manual but are manual so I went through college and I got a degree in psychology balance. You learn more in the Bible than you do from any college like that so through the Bible: wisdom absolutely so we talk about the reality Simon will we get into reality. And I've talked to the number of psychologists and nicely look look me right dead in the eye right now and from your lips to my ears. How much of what you do is science and how much would you do is guesswork and they'll tell you it's 90% guesswork already. Anything you know your medical client not even been really dead.

The gold standard let go.

It is very and knowing your back pain they've never been really proven to give you any kind of immunity. The theory is not a very good theory is, and I think I mentioned when they went back and looked at the parent firm Gandara for the Lompoc. They were both fine cowpox. There wasn't any cowpox with three strains of smallpox in a very virulent strain. That's what they were in you putting into one-year-old when they were using the smallpox thing is all right with you and open the phone lines takes because everybody was a dog to wind you know you're pretty smart. Joe you are so I don't know about that phone read a lot all right with the phone lines are open at 888-677-9673 is 888-677-9673 phone lines and open no to get Wendy's marvelous catalog you want to call 866-229-3663 again to get this catalog flows. Believe me, you really seriously you need to have real natural medicines to cure your ailment to cure your ailment. Real natural medicines folks in the not drugs but real natural input. You need apothecary enough for Mejia and that number is 866-229-3663 or go to the powerful up on the Internet. The power and so I'm to go and take Cliff Cliff here in the air. I have a question why. But I think what happened to Australia. They only have 25 million people rolling on the shot.

I think when all of a sudden after the date that it populated which could quickly shine it's gonna take over the place and spread out the population at a probably still probably told a lot, but one want to ask you about summer thing, which is dehydration. I noticed something where even people that ride on plane. The error that circulates in to the plant at that altitude is drawing four times drier than the Sahara desert and you know they say if you want a flight to shrink in ounces of fluid per hour than you've got alcohol, you've got caffeine contributes to dehydration rate all about.

Yeah, yeah, what would you say about the whole issue of dehydration and my other question would just be on the it would be on dandelion I had just read the Wikipedia entry and I said that the Mayflower carried that offer for medicinal purposes did hear about that interesting on the dandelion. I think dandelion grows and every climate zone sent the Arctic, though it'll grow in all the other one. Yeah I will to dehydration.

What would you suggest for someone to be careful about what water involved in the system counter regulate that you don't get dehydrated and you'll get edema or fluid retention, though without the proper salt for electrolyte. You will get dehydrated and then when you attribute to your dehydration with caffeine like her mentioning further exacerbate that though I may calculate the different golf there's a whole.

It has 84 micro minerals in it, and then there's the process steps sold in most stores, your whole foods salt is going to be a light gray colored Huckabee white WHITE Protestant stripped of the nutrition so sun-dried salt is what I use comes from France, salt, Celtic salt very different than Himalayan salt, which is a mind all that I don't use mine all they can to have sailing with them and that can conjure that don't use that though an ocean thought is really closest to our chemistry. I would use that when they analyze amniotic fluid may be slowed and it is identical to ocean waters that we need to put those old lights back in all the help of the nervous system, golf will also help strengthen cell wall and keep arteries and veins flexible. They'll get stiff and rigid, they are less likely to have plaque buildup that we had no way from a lot of the basic and really sad because even thought licks out in the field for animals where to using the wrong phone most of the salt licks help the animals and in the heat.

Maybe Exactly very good. Thanks. Will be back right after this. Don't go away. More to come to you so certain about my time heading in to King Jesus is then no resident and maybe T ingenious in hills for a loser for when it is not as in blessed by you like I can sink anyone in the know were back a windy I yeah I do know I told Jordan that was what are your favorite songs and I got that right. You have written her winners and elderly well you know some people call dry since others call weird call you anyhow I am full and will return because he can't see there you go right about it a month ago will we announce twice the Joe Obama was selling our energy you know and it was selling our emergency oil reserves to Europe and China that would about. I was a month ago we were telling you this guys don't you remember what he brought out her oil reserves to lower the prices down and everybody thought that was was just a lower price. He's not. That's our emergency, windy our oil supplies that we have an sell it to China. No, here we told you back in about 2019 that the you know the type of 40 election fraud of 2020 election that China that the leaders in China were bragging that they owned Joe Biden. They were bragging will and and they were and I remember listening to speaking to this huge huge crowd of college kids came will know we were way on top of that we were telling people about that and here tonight Tucker Carlson bless his heart, came out and he repeated all of the stuff that we been telling people out there so little by little, you know, it's getting out were reaching the people and more more people like Alex Jones and the others are coming out this more for so were getting the message out more and more the windy what they're doing and they're trying to destroy our military. They are destroying our military. They're making a weaker everyday Austin and when you take a look at Millie, the word is that come November, and this is what the chatter that's out there and and this is being said by people that are in the know a lot of the high-ranking former military officers are repeating what is, is that the that Millie Austin million Biden will be willing to surrender another word say look, we cannot win a war with China. We can't win a war with China and they would willing to surrender our sovereignty before going to war. In other words were being sold out by the day and so we really need to pray Almighty God. A lot of people say well I don't think that really happened. Yeah, I could look at what's happening right now. Look at the things is happening around you. The enemy is the enemy is not only amongst us of the enemy is is is Dave. They've got us surrounded in the sense fake news media all the fake news media.

Another note China and all of them with what they called the big corporations have all formed this antichrist. It's an antichrist synthetic world and again all these things are happening at work will be bringing you some other stuff to that is happening that a lot of people don't realize we got kinda brave in small doses because there's the things is going on never happened before.

It's very strange, but it's a sure sign of returning to what would happen in Genesis chapter 6 with that's for another story. Right now, let's go to what we have out there in New Jersey hey Bob Bob in New Jersey or in the air. Yeah, I am okay how are you I'm fine, quick, quick question I get Johnson & Johnson shot local month ago with 121 I wanted to know also change your DNA and monster.

No worried about anything in my second question is anyone know you worked the line and headline 35 when the answer both of those that's that's another category here. MRNA vaccine do influence here DNA here.

So yes to that first question I got a chance to Johnson know that's not mRNA okay so that you didn't get artificial and so artificial infection do influence your antibody count so will have issues specially and probably exacerbate your lung condition is COPD. No, now I have timeline disease yeah line, you know it's really tough to get that one is a bacterial infection, though, so if if the omitted room is affecting the thymus gland like we think you're meeting them is nothing to be working as well, and that Lyme disease may get worse okay.

Johnson also change your DNA and RNA vaccine designed to edit your Johnson & Johnson is not more modern. Yeah, I haven't heard you know it was windy.

I know that all of these I haven't heard about those you know those strange blood, but things but with the blood clots with the Johnson & Johnson. What we have seen, for example, I had some prison inmates, who we told to not take. Do not, they ought they were offered extra food extra food and $10 to take the chill shots and I told him don't do it. They did and it was the Johnson & Johnson and two days after the shot. They were dead Not like the fighter is not mRNA usually going along the line they you regular vaccine for college is stable at disabled and Indo virus inside that one so ethically that could be dead dead tired thing that I want people think about when I start talking to you about attenuated viruses that are supposedly dead or weekend. The deadline is not to go after life threat, not deadline.

So if it had something not a threat. You don't create anybody. I didn't find your show until a few months shot. I've been with you, I wouldn't have gotten monitored.

You think I'm in the clear over life will have learned in the future.

I don't know but I do know that your give Wendy a call off the air. There are things that people are doing to undo these vaccines that they have their that I know that the Dr. Glidden also talks about Sherry tenpenny is another one that they can help you reverse it. There are reversals became effective.

You know, we have a Elaine nurse O'Connell who sets in with us. She also can tell you how to reverse reverse that maybe He completely, but it can be in large part, reversed, and so each, you should call Wendy off the air at 866-229-3663.

Would you into the more information and ticket. I think help you out there okay okay will cure her long for the wicked natural therapies that lessen their their symptoms sublime that they tend to still have line okay what let me ask you that what causes that you know what causes the above date and called the fire of quirks you shape. Or right and get it and you get from the tick bite. Okay. Is that also called something the deer in your text. Okay already already will will tomorrow morning will keep you in prayer. I will put you on list tomorrow morning we get to be meeting as we always do every Thursday the doers of the word church at 9 o'clock 14781 Sperry Rd. were normally in prayer for about three hours and so we will keep you in prayer for that Lyme disease. Okay pray for my mother to while you're at it you what's her name.

Nancy Nancy, what does she need prayer for sheer pulmonary angle with them about five years ago and she never really got back from it. Trouble getting around percolation got messed up all right. Bob and Nancy. We will will will hold you up in prayer. Thank you very much and thank you Wendy right now would be the time photosensor to I would really really affect. I've done it, you know, I've got the supply a big stucco when these medicines are and out. I would deftly get the catalog times are coming and you want natural natural medicine to try to ensure the ailment the disease, not that, not drugs, not barbecue so you can call Wendy at 866-229-3663. That's 866-229-3663 or go up on the Internet to the power and I would deftly get the catalog and are products of our really top-notch products is Wendy's a top-notch natural woman right. I all right will I appreciate you to in the we been out a long week been I can't remember how long it's been with the I would pay 312 three well. Time sure does fly. Mrs. Venable was 20 years and the boy time really has flown moving. Let's take one fast call this the last call barrier in their okay I can't go ahead. I wanted to Dr. heard testimony of someone that Whitfield would Lyme disease from overgrown phototherapy natural therapy for you know using a gas 03 pray innovate. Maybe that'll be helpful and if you have any opinion on the antivirals that they give you after you capture covert do you have any opinion on that. Or are they dangerous, like the vaccine.

All anti-viral. I've read enough reports on them that they tend not to be as effective as their promoted to me so. Another drug therapy. I'm researching carefully before you take any you know the DNA go hide your docs to chloroquine is really effective for if you get the cold and the I know that's what we believe that a good supply what's the other when we used to. Wendy I were making that yeah I were mixing a corseted corseted lately, since even proven to be in there every day. You know you can buy that of any health food store. Yeah right out soon.

Yeah those are the it's good to have a good supply of those on hand and so all right.

Why thank you, I've got to move on so where at that time when you know what time it is his time is to give an invitation out there with covered a lot. Will we get into reality of the greatest source of reality and existence. God's Word, the Bible. It is his. It is far, far, far above its time ahead of its time it's it's an actual living breathing document.

It really is the word of God and things that that have been in there in the Bible for June 04 millennium Wendy but it's been there and we didn't really see it and everything is unfolding right now everything is folding place in were seeing that timeline were seen these things taking place in all of these things that are happening now are signs of the Lord's imminent return and so folks out there.

Here's reality. Everyone of you listening to me you're going to die. That's that's a reality number two when you die.

God has said it supported to all men once to die, then the judgment that your you're welcome to believe whatever you want, but whenever God says something close you better hang onto it. You better believe it because God always does exactly what he says. And when that happens, you're either going to end up in heaven or hell is no in between is no in between. That's what God has said, and so here's how you avoid hell. First of all, the Lord Jesus.

You know the Lord Jesus. He took your place upon the cross and why did he do that well because all men according to the word of God because we are born with a sin nature and a holy God must punish sin, and the wages of sin is death with the Lord Jesus Christ died a substitutionary death he did for us what we could never do for ourselves.

He and he alone could've done that had he not will we would not have a very good future. So here's what you do Jesus and pray to the father pray to the father ask for forgiveness of your sins. That's called repentance and they call upon the name of the Lord Jesus call upon the name of the Lord Jesus and ask him to be the Lord of your life. All of your life without you just completely and totally to be the Lord of your life and everything at all times about places and then if you do that without any reservation.

If you do that you will become a new creature, a born-again believer in the early kingdom and you will be indwelt with the Holy Spirit.

Now you've got God's word on that and it doesn't become theirs anymore sure than that all of those things will happen just exactly like he says they will so do it tonight.

Don't run out of tomorrow's tonight if you haven't done it now right now. Thanks for being here.

Wendy and welcome until tomorrow we say good night God bless. Let's do it. Wendy always always keep fighting the fight. I thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right.

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