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A God We Can Trust - Part 1

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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June 30, 2022 12:00 am

A God We Can Trust - Part 1

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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June 30, 2022 12:00 am

Learn to trust God despite your circumstances.

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Welcome to the InTouch podcast of Charles Stanley. Thursday, June 30 God is a trustworthy guide offers with them to those who ask in faith. Today's podcast is an opportunity to learn more about the God you can trust. Who can you trust anymore. People make promises they cannot keep break confidences. They don't want to keep tell you things that absolutely not the truth. When there is someone who keeps every single promising makes lever laws and never breaks the confidence that is Almighty God, and that's trouble to talk about in this message entitled, our God, we can trust and I want you turn if you will to Psalm 37 in this 37 Psalm we are admonished to place our trust in the Lord and if you recall, for example, the gospel hymn we sing, trust and obey, for there's no other way to be happy in Jesus, but the trust and obey. I think most of us have found out that it is much easier to sing that song than it is to trust the Lord.

Sometimes, especially when we're going through some difficulty some hardships of trial in our life with the pressures on deeply. We agreed that our spirit about some hurt. Very difficult sometimes a trusted but the truth is that is the way you and I are to live because the apostle Paul said, we live by faith.

That is the just shall live by faith. That is our lifestyle, a lifestyle of trusting God and so in this 37 Psalm reduce labor are well known. Psalm David says, do not fret because of evildoers.

Do not be envious toward wrongdoers label with a quickly like the grass and fade like the green or trust in the Lord and do good, dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness. Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in him and he will do it.

He will bring forth your righteousness is the light, and your judgment as the noonday rest in the Lord and wait patiently for him. Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way.

Because of the man who cares that wicked schemes cease from anger and forsake wrath do not fret, it leads only to evil doing for evildoers shall be cut off, but those who wait for the Lord they will inherit the land. When this message. I want you listen very carefully because no matter what you going through and what you're facing in life if you listen carefully.

His what you got a five unit upon and undergirding that will enable you and help you place your trust in God went everything in you says you can't.

Everything in you says don't you look around you and you don't see any evidence for trusting God when everything around you may be falling apart.

The answer is still the same place your trust in him. He says he that cometh to me, he says must believe that hell and so therefore all of us who believers have decided we met decision to place our trust in Almighty God, and that trust was the most important decision will ever make.

And that is where we going to spend eternity and so out about childhood are out of our adulthood. We were convicted of her as soon as we made the decision to place our trust in a God whom we cannot see and all of us who done that have had evidence at the evidence of the evidence. The witness of the Holy Spirit within us, plus a lifetime of living in trusting him.

Almighty God has proven to be everything he says he is.

Likewise, when I think about the problems we face in life for so many things we can't fix it we can just fix it all. Most of us probably wouldn't even turn to God. It is those unfixable things in life that forces the turn to someone who can fix them and that is Almighty God and so therefore because the problems the difficulties the hardships that we face it, we can't fix. We know that we need all mighty God we need the God of the Bible. We need Jehovah we need the God who says I will help you.

I will strengthen you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. This is the God whom we need and we needed because of those difficulties in situations and circumstances that we absolutely cannot fix and if you notice in this passage he mentions a couple of things here. For example, sometimes we all missed treated by the people. He says in verse one.

Do not fret because of evildoers, people who mystery does not be in this toward wrongdoers of people who would wrong us in different kinds of ways. These has in the seventh verse eases because of the man or the woman who cares that wicked schemes all of us at some points in our life and sometimes in life are mistreated by people they misuse ours or accuse us of whatever it might be our use all kinds of situations and circumstances that they work their way and their will into our lives. He says we are to place our trust in him now. Oftentimes that's not what we do. So what do we do we do the very thing that he admonishes us three times in this passage, not to duplicate this verse one says do not fret because of evildoers. Then again, if you'll notice he says again in verse seven do not fret because of him who prospers in his way and verse eight cease from anger and forsake wrath do not fret, it leads only to evil doing so, he says, fret not.

Fret not, fret not because he says three things are going to happen number one.

If you're not fretting. For example, it is going to take out its wear and tear on us up you look at a person who is worried all the time and fretting about this and upset about that doubting this nonsecure about anything, has no trust in God.

Listen it'll take its toll on your physical body on your emotions and on your spirit that is being upset and being anxious and living in an anxious stress that kind of situation day after day they will take its toll. A person's body so he says, fret not like was that not many folks that you will be around who fret all the time. Every time you meet somebody who's fretting about this in word about that sometimes use them coming and going all my goodness, you like him and so you want to run the other direction. Likewise, another thing will happen is this link in verse eight cease from anger.

Forsake wrath do not read it leads only to evil doing what happens when you live fretting and we are worried and we continue to do that if we don't correct that what's happening is we're going to listen, we're going to find ourselves doing things we should not.

He says do not print it leads only to evil doing you can't live a life fretting and worried about this that the other without placing your trust in God without ultimately finding yourself doing and saying things that you know do not fit so what is the cure for that is what he says. Look, if you will, in verse three, he says trust in the Lord and do good.

Then if you notice in verse five he says, trust also in him and he will do it that he's just that if we commit our way to him. He will handle now only two tasers fret not, fret not, fret not. Three times, but he says trust in the Lord twice, but he also uses three other words that indicate in the likewise involved trust. I want to look at these words and let's examine for just a moment.

You'll notice in this most familiar passage when he says in verse four, all of his love. This delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. Now it's wonderful to say what if I just delight myself about her give me the desires of my heart is not a string of desires got. I just happen have this list for you and now I guess I hear my desires, but what does it mean to delight myself in him to delight myself in the Lord simply means this that I am satisfied with him am happy with him. I am at peace with him. I enjoy him. I enjoy his presence.

I enjoy his fellowship. I enjoyed his purposes and his plans in my life if I am delighted in him.

It'll only be because I'm placing my trust in him, but he says delight yourself in the Lord.

He'll give the desires of your heart.

It is the will and purpose and plan in the goodness of God. Listen to give to his children.

Those things that he knows that we want those things that he knows we desire everything that it's within the will and plan of God for your life in my life. God is most delighted, most enjoyable in giving those those things no matter what they may be as long as they fit his plan and purpose for a light, so he says if you notice first of all, he says commit your way to the Lord. Then if you notice in verse seven he says or is there something else. Each of these indicate an implied trust.

Then he says rest in the Lord what you want to see me about resting in the Lord is what it means. It means that in my circumstance I am to pause until I get further instruction resting in the Lord means on listen, I'm not going to argue with resting in him simply means that I'm just gonna let him handle it. I somehow I just think Lord I know that you want what is best for me what is right for me what is good for me. I can't fix this I can handle it. It's yours. I does have to give it up God to you. That is resting in him implies submission to his will and you see if I am restless in my spirit. And if I'm agitated about something. Upon fretting about something is a good indication that I'm not trusting God with something in my life what's around you meet someone is either doing fine and you see the agitated, irritated, upset, fretting about this and fretting about that.

So when they told you that they will find what they meant is I don't know where I because you cannot fret and view and at the same time be trusting God so Moses will not trusting you may trust him generally, but here's the issue. Am I trusting him over the thing that's troubling me. Am I able to trust him over something that I can't fix and can change and so he says.

First of all, really committed to them.

Secondly he says with the rest in him. And thirdly, if notice of the same verse he says which await patient upon him to wait patient upon him is is to cause waiting for further instruction. It means that I'm not going to move ahead of God and do something in my own strength. Now it's very easy to tell someone else to commit someone else the rest in someone else. The trust of someone else had to wait upon the Lord, probably the most difficult lesson we learn as a believer is to wait upon the Lord, and he says it.

For example, in the 27th Psalm you recall, he says in verse 14.

Wait for the Lord be strong and let your heart take courage, yes, wait for the Lord and what is he say be strong and take courage because David learned he knew it was very difficult to wait when you want to move God.

Why don't you do something you know how long I've been praying Lord, why don't you do something with you not go do something I'm going to do something and what happens when you and take things our own hands and we don't trust the Lord.

We don't rest in him. We don't wait for his comic most of the time when you are not trying to manage something handle something that God has told us to wait about what happens is we mess it up so badly that it takes got longer time to fix it up.

Amen most of us have to admit that that's what happens when we get in our hands. We think will listen to it seems that God is Nancy my Perez I'm going to take care of this. We take care of it all right and then he has to really take care of us, and so if you notice in all three of these verses the old implied trusting him. If I'm committing to rolling something over him. I'm trusting if I'm resting in him not already with a minimal about submitting it to my trusted if I'm waiting for him to do it. I trusted him. That is God's way. That is the will and purpose and plan of God in your life in my life every day about good things about difficult things about trying things so many things you not take for granted.

We take a good health for granted. We take a side trip to work for granted. We take our incomes were granted. We take a job for granted. We take a lot of things for granted when God wants us to live a life of trust.

He says the just shall live by faith, by placing a trust and that means relying upon him. It means looking to him. It means believing that he is who he says he is that he'll do what he says he'll do if I'm placing my trust in him and relying upon God to be the me who he says he'll be on relying upon God to do for me what he says he'll do, relying upon God to be to me who he says he is now. What I would like to do at this point is to move to some very specific biblical reasons that the Bible gives those for which you and I can trust him a God in whom we can trust and so first of all I want to say we can trust them because the truth is he's the only God. Everything else is an idol man have idols of themselves. They have idols made of wood, stone jewels, gold, silver, they have idols made of green that's greenbacks. They have idols of their position in prominence and prestige but it may make people worship all kinds of things that just because they don't bow down and kneel down and balance right before something doesn't mean they're not worshiping what ever dominates whatever controls whatever causes me ultimate make those final decisions in life.

Whatever is the highest motivating factor that governs and dominates and controls my thinking and my actions, whatever that is or whoever that is. That is the I love my life and so therefore when we think of our God, there is one true God, the God of Genesis chapter 1 listed in the beginning God, who is this. He is the only God. He is the sovereign God is the supreme God and the Bible says his name is Jehovah.

You recall that Moses said to God when he sent down to Egypt to release the Israelites the Hebrews he said more whom I got tell Michael Israelites to simply use he said you tell them I am has sent you. I am has sent you the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of creation you and serve.

The only true God, and it's interesting what David said go back to second Samuel, if you will for a moment and second Samuel in the seventh chapter, David, has there been blessed so blessed by God that he sitting before the Lord.

I love that phrase that David went of the king went in and sat before the Lord. Chapter 7 of second Samuel and 18 verse he sat down before the Lord and his descent and began to think about all the good things that God had done for him and he says Lord who MIO Lord God and what is this house of mine that you brought me this far, and he began to think about. For example, I used to be a shepherd boy and God had made him king.

And now, here, here he was living in this a palace that God provided formative because God begins to talk to him about him.

The building him a temple, but at this moment he sitting before the Lord.

Notice what he says in verse 21 for the sake of the word and according to that old heart, thou has done all this greatness to let thy servant know. For this reason, thou art great, O Lord God, for there is none like the and there is no God, beside the and you recall the 10 Commandments we ought to worship one God and one only when not to bow down to any of the gods, not about under their names in any fashion with a recognized one true God. The reason you and I can place our trust in God is that he is the only God and amendment's scriptures in the Bible that that would relate to that. Your call. For example, what the pulse of the Timothy he said there's one God, one mediator between God and man. That is, the person Jesus Christ God the father between God the father and every single one of Moses's son.

He says, seated the father's right hand continually making intercession for you and for me now not only cannot trust him because he's the only true God. But secondly, because he is the essence of truth itself. That is all fruit is going to be found in God may not be able trust most people. For some reason or the other whatever it may be, but here's one thing I know God, he says in Titus God cannot lie.

God cannot lie. He does not live here. Why can't lie because it is not his nature to live it The nature of God is the attributes of God.

The very being of God is that he is a God of truth, so that God only speaks truth always speaks truth is truth. I can trust the God that I know will always tell me the truth now the problem is that most of us have we all have it.

Sometimes I don't them only of the true payment sometime we get a three freethinker hotel Lord, don't say that. Give me a break mean wanted you to come up with because he's a God of truth because he cannot lie, and because he absolutely cannot speak anything but truth. You and I can trust the God of the Bible because the God of the Bible is the God of truth.

He is the essence of truth. He cannot live.

God cannot change his character under any condition, that's one thing God cannot do it because the changes character will not be God.

There's 1/3 thing I know about him. That also gives me a great sense of faith that I can trust this God and that is that he is absolutely faith your call, he says in Lamentations chapter 3 verse 23 he says how great is his faithfulness. Great is the faithfulness of God. What is the faithfulness of God is simply means that he's reliable that he's trustworthy you can count on him. He is reliably there, he will always be there when I need him. He says I will never leave you nor forsake you. I can always trust him no matter what he is absolutely faithful. No one can promise you that they will always be with you. No one can promise you anything that God can promise because he is the only one that we know who is absolutely unquestionably always in every single possible circumstance of life. If he makes a promise, he is faithful to carry out the promise. We have promise after promise of the promise, but one is wonderful promises is found in the 16th song and a list of what he says. Here's the promise of pleasure. He says in verse 11 that will make known to me the path of life in thy presence is fullness of joy in by right hand there are pleasures for evermore people so I become a Christian level habitable fund. This imprint, you don't know what joy and peace and happiness and contentment alike until you place your trust in Jesus Christ and God doesn't take away our joy. God doesn't take a wrap on what God is up to visit is teaching us how to live in relationship with him. That makes life complete and absolutely no matter what our troubles and trials and heartaches and burns may be, God will give us this overwhelming sense of joy and undergirding fees that we stand upon the immovable rock of God. God is faithful to keep every single one of those promises. Thank you for listening to God, we contrast like to know more about Charles Stanley for intense ministries, intense catalyzing this podcast is a presentation of intense ministry, Atlanta, Georgia

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