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June 22, 2022 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all may know Christ.

Join us now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina John chapter 3 for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believe within him should not perish but have everlasting life. Don't you love that verse it's it's a verse that even unsaved people, unchurched people have often heard doing Psalm 23 and that is very familiar. So let's look at something familiar and fine truths that will always be firm in faith. Let's pray Lord we love you.

Thank you for our time today.

Thank you for the music.

Thank you for acquire for the special music. Thank you for our people be unfaithful to your house. Thank you for the beautiful weather. Lord I pray that you would bless as we speak on the subject of a father's gift and Lord I thank you for my family for my sons and thank you for their desire to be good to me on Father's Day.

Thank you for that. And Lord, our desire is to be good to you on Father's Day up are you blessed as we look at this most special verse in Jesus name we pray. Amen. That you can't just for a minute think about the fact. Besides the thousand times you've heard John 316.

Let's have an open mind as we look at it this morning, just briefly, to be renewed and reminded of how wonderful this truth is.

Notice first. If you would for God so loved the world. First, we see an amazing love was interesting. Here it says for God so love not heard so many explanations about that word so but it is the literally it is the Greek word alto and its HO UTO use a preacher. What is that mean I'll be Simon J would mean for when you brought it up it means this in this way, after this manner. In this fashion like this. If you think about this.

First, we see that it is an example type of love for God so this is the way that God loved the world, is an example. As I was listening to the radio this week and I preacher was on there and a man was counseling with him having some marriage issues and the pastor said the man literally said to me Saturday preacher. Sometimes I just think that I just love my wife to much and all the wives out there thought would not be a great problem to have, and the pastor said will let me ask you this. Do you love your wife as much as Christ loved the church and he said no, it's a will that's how God said you're supposed to love your wife so your just not quite loving her enough for God so loved in this manner.

Another words was getting ready to follow is this is how real is defined you and I use that word love so loosely for so many things we all know that like you know I love these tacos or I will we do really love those talkers. But anyhow you know what I'm saying. I can't think of a food reference where I don't really mean that you know what I'm about to exercise yeah right you know we know what you really mean, they're kind of thing go on to the next point.

If that's okay gonna ruin everything.

I was trying to say there an amazing love.

First is an example type of love in this manner. Notice second. It's an extreme type of love for God so loved it and just love he so loved. Another words he didn't just say that he loved, he did something about it.

In fact, he didn't just do something about it. He paid a sacrifice that nobody has ever done. It's an extreme type of love your here this morning, we often times will find folks come in and out of church and a lot of times though end up in church because are going to difficulty her or things in you know that I probably need Christ in their life and the need to reprioritize in get the relationship with the Lord settled in all these things, but there usually can sometimes get in-depth a look at a place like a church or the lookout for something because somebody hasn't love them right.

Somebody's done them wrong. Somebody hasn't shown love to them, and I'm here to let you know if maybe for some reason here this morning. You're just empty lost like I'm I'm here at church. I don't know my heart really in it, but I just you know preacher, Daniel, whoever you are, I just need something I'm here to tell you that the Lord loves you with an extreme type of love. He so loves you notice the third thing I see here is an extended type of love for God so loved who the world can you extend any further than that. That pretty much covers everybody no matter what color doesn't matter where were from don't matter what our background that matter what you know ethnic group were from it. That doesn't matter. It it it doesn't matter what color we are. It doesn't matter where we were born. It it doesn't matter what country that that we believed in her haven't lived in or whatever the case might be, I don't care how you whittle it down. This verse makes it clear that God has extended his love to every living person he so loves you.

Now I would love to be able to say I just love the world, but I don't want to don't know a lot of the world. Obviously, in number two. I do know some of the world.

That's what makes it hard to love y'all understand. Y'all ever met individuals and in your life or family or whatever the case might be, over the years that have been difficult to love God extended his love to every one wound. Amazing love notice. Second, an amazing gift. He said for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. Notice first is a personal gift.

He gave this is from God himself. Now you gotta remember God is the creator of the universe.

God is the creator of you and you need to understand that you're going to get messed up a lot of doctrine. If you don't have that clear that God, the creator and you and I got understand that here is not just love shown to us, but this is love coming from the creator, the King of Kings and Lord of lords. God loves so much that he has given this he gave.

Now, don't get confused. I've heard people saying and God just, you know, took his son and gave him the list. Jesus, the Bible says willingly lay down his life. God didn't make Jesus do anything he didn't want to do their both God, but you have to understand that God as the father had to allow Jesus to give himself as a sacrifice to God had to give him to let him come and he loved so much.

The whole world that he gave his all. It's a personal gift. You know I am seen.

Sometimes individuals I have somewhere a letter that I got from the president of United States. I will tell you how special it is.

I don't remember which president it was.

I really don't.

I'm sure it was a stamped signature at the bottom of it. I got it from the office of the present United States.

I remember it was some kind of commendation I guess you're just being wonderful. I don't know what it was that I got I did it all the time so you like it when it was it was just another thing that I have received and I'm sure that whatever president was. I wish I could remember. I don't know if it was Clinton O'Regan.

I don't remember. Anyway, but I'm sure that it had nothing to do personally. It's not like he's sitting the Oval Office all day to write him a U number brightly if it was hate you know we're going to do this. My people get their people and those people get those people those people. There was nothing personal about it. Grateful for. Thanks for nothing personal about it if I walked up to whoever that president was today and you know it's narrow down it was between three or four men, but if I if I knew what president was if I walk up to them today are some is an eight-year-old me a letter think that there luckily Ms. LS Youngblood you got it. There was nothing personal about it, but this gift is personal God not only gave it to you but God would've given it to you. If you are the only personalized personal give notice.

Second, it's precious gift he gave his only begotten son is only precious is not another one like you know what makes things collectible the fact that there's few of them in other certain cars really aren't out that greater cars but because there is only maybe 10 made their pretty valuable nonsampling ever seen a gremlin they're not Deborah car you see some cars going through the auctions on TV. Sometimes I'll watch that you know it and you see a car go through and look at what some of them are going for as I got in unit air conditioning. The first thing I noticed one of the world but you know why there valuable is not really just what they can do this because there's so few of them, but God gave us a precious gift was his only son. Notice thoroughly.

Here was a painful you see when God gave his son.

What did that mean one God gave his only his precious son. It meant that he was going to have to allow him to enter a sinful world.

It means he was going to have to allow him to become sin for us, it meant he was going to have to allow him to be beaten, spit upon, ridiculed Shane publicly, all those things and you know I've often said for not trying to draw lightness early to it, but you just think how disrespectful. How embarrassing. It must've been for Jesus to hang neck it on across just that you imagine the shame that you would feel that means God had to allow that to happen. It was a painful gift. What's amazing is imagine how painful this was to God the father to allow this gift to be given and you and I complain that we need to get 10%.

This really are preacher up about $10 in this week really will really, really painful are are you and I don't like that. Sometimes what we what we consider so painful to give to the Lord and yet we think of the gifts that we received a painful gift. Amazing love amazing give notice. Thirdly, an amazing offer now.

It's amazing here.

He says this, that whosoever believe it in him. Whosoever believe it in him.

That's the offer. Now when I hear of an offer at all.

First we have to ask this question number one. Who is it to who is the offer to because that's gonna limit a lot. In other words mother when I get excited if it's not an offer made to me it's like when you see the commercial that you know if you call this number and get such a such you're going to be getting free cable for you know eight months and then you call and the like will yeah but that's to a certain limited for you. It's going to be in a 5000 month or some like that type so you gotta figure out all right. Is this an offer to me and so we gotta cover this. First he says this whosoever whosoever means who so ever. It means any body anyone and is already covered that he love the whole world, so he's given his son to the whole world and he has made this offer to every person. Yeah, not every person will take him up on this offer. Not every person will receive the Lord there's a lot of people that go through the motions. A lot of people to think that I'm a good person that you know that means that's going to make me good enough person of my good deeds outdo my bad deeds and I'll get to be in heaven and I'm a good enough person may gotta let me in heaven and dear friend. You know hope I've trained you and taught you and preached you and up over the years the note that is not the true, the best you and I could do. The Bible said is filthy rags in the eyes of Christ is holy only what you and I get to heaven through the blood of Jesus Christ in this offer has been made. Whosoever so who is it to its whosoever okay second thing is this all right this is offer what is required. I need to know because I'm going to make a decision on this thing number one is it even the me okay yes it is what's required notice what is it whosoever believe in him that's it.

Believe in him, not on in him. What is that mean both even the demons of hell know that there's a God they know there's Jesus, knowing that he's there believing he's alive doesn't mean you put your faith and trust in Christ, it means is that this is the offer. There's an amazing that it is something that I have had have done given a gift to the whole world, and not only that, given this personal precious painful gift and I've given this offer to anybody that wants it and the only thing I have to do is believe in him him believe in Jesus the gift that he gave. We have to believe in that gift. In Jesus Christ. That said, what's amazing is there's a lot of things that maybe I could do that. So you couldn't do a lot of things and some of you can do that I can do. I mean, yesterday I last night as I recorded some stuff and and I got home I don't want little bit of the golf tournament.

It's a U.S. Open major kind of thing and I'm watching these guys are obviously there good in that course made them look bad yesterday, but these guys are good, thank you know what I love to play golf and all that but I cannot do what those guys do. I just can't I want to. I can't.

I don't know how to do that. But the one thing that God required of us is something that everybody can do you can believe you might not be able to do some things physically, and you might not be as smart as other people mentally and there might be a lot of things going on and there might be a lot of limitations in your physical life or in your mental life or whatever the case might be that he gave one requirement that every person that is interested in this offer, can do believe different were not asking you to join the church to be saying joining the church doesn't make you say were not asking you to change the way you dress were not asking you to start doing following a list of rules were not asking you that you know in order to be safe you gotta do this do that look like this look like that this verse never says anything about any of that. The way you and I received this gift is to believe it.

Notice number four and amazing result.

Amazing love that produced an amazing gift that produced an amazing offer depending on your decision produces an amazing result. Notice first. You escaped death should whosoever believes in him should not perish, say, well, in the bowels of the sometimes preacher like it so hard know what how bad could it be oldest to be different. You die without Christ. To be real worse than you ever thought or severe thought. I don't get off on stuff you know they'll admit I was driving back from Florida and there was a big truck hauling whiskey and I don't remember the brand name of what was had like a dragon like a devil or some reason I fire an excuse express pharmacy to tell you I was drawn by a look at that thing and it set on this taste like burns like little do they know how true they are. This world thinks that death is nothing, we just to go to some party somewhere where just know after this life were just gonna end up back is a coward. End up back is something else different. You have no ideal what death would be without crimes. But here's an amazing love that Brad has given an amazing gift that's made an amazing offer and the result is if you believe in Christ you escaped death when I say death. I mean, tell dear friend.

Can you imagine our minds cannot fathom what it would be like to burn in hell for eternity. I can even imagine what it could be like to live in heaven for eternity. Could you imagine any way to describe to end up in hell and know you will never ever ever get out here Jesus dies on the cross, God the father gives his son, his precious gift so that you and I can escape death notice. The second thing wonderful result is everlasting life. Susan believe in him should not perish but have ever lasting life doesn't mean you're going to everlastingly live which you are means you can have everlasting life. You know there's a difference in breathing and living when you put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ. God says you will not perish, you will have ever lasting life. And if God the Bible says has offered life more abundant here on earth. Imagine what life is in heaven's amazing robe. If you have this picture I have mentioned this here before. I wanted to do some research and you know you're at the mercy of the stuff you're able to look up.

I did find this verify three or four places but you know you don't ever know, and because I've told this before because it's Father's Day. I was think about this and and I thought, is this this this is this really true yell might member I've shared with this, but I wanted to read just a few of the details in 1937 a man named John Griffith and he lived through the Great Depression in the United States and he was living Oklahoma trying to operate a farm and it failed so this John Griffith moved from Oklahoma took his wife and his young son Greg or Gregory as he called him and he found work as a bridge operator on the Mississippi River. This is the actual bridge that he worked that he controlled and I was you can see this is a very, very old picture and as he began to try to make a new life. This meant that he controlled this movement draw bridges are different now. They're far advanced. There's large, here's the bottom of this type of bridge in a boat that was taller would have to go over just a small section was very archaic in its earliest form and he got work obviously controlling this and what this this is not a car bridge. This is a train bridge and obviously you know back in 1937 trains were the main source of transportation and different things so his job was to keep that bridge down.

When trains were due to come across it when a boat needed he would brace that up and they Are very close schedule and obviously that's was his job. So one day he took his son Greg who was eight years old at the time and he took him to work because he had hoped that in the next year he would start working there for the same company. Yeah, you could work at nine, and 10 years old. Years ago I they just been through the Great Depression and so this is son Gregory watched him as he controlled and manipulated. This lever that causes bridge to go up and down it. Apparently one day at lunch that John had raised the bridge for a boat coming through in and yet he took his son to go eat some lunch.

The story goes there sit there near that razor eat lunch and all of a sudden they're in this as they heard a train whistle and this John Griffith realized that oh my goodness that's right, the train is scheduled to come through and he had kind of forgotten overlooked taking a bit more time at lunch and he told his son.

He said you stay right here and I'll be right back. So he ran and climbed up through the gears and went up to the place where he was going to lower that level and he didn't know, but his son had followed him trying to get there and that was trying to climb up through the same place to get to the thing and as John Griffith was trying to get up there to lower this bridge where he would see. He looked down and his son had gotten stuck in those gears at this bridge and you got a train coming with about 400 people on it and literally he could see the train and he was adept at a moment because of where he was he couldn't get to his son. He could see his son through the window. There's no way he could get down to him and he had he had a decision to make.

If he did not put the bridge down immediately, then that train would derail informed people might lose their lives, but if he did, it might would kill his son that you and you've heard me share this and you know sometimes I think I we come up with our stories you know is this true or not. Now you know I don't know. I've got a name and got a bridge and things but who knows it and I don't know. But as I as I thought about this. If this is accurate. All that here's a man looking I don't know how I could do that.

Not to be honest with you I might be real tempted to let 400 people were about their funeral plans. I don't know how I could do it to it to my son, but that day that man they said what he did was apparently according to the account that I can find is that he covered up his face with his arm so that he wouldn't and he pull that lever down and is that bridge went down and crushed his young son.

He died that bridge got down as the account says literally seconds before that train came through and just the heartache of this man, it is that train went through.

He was looking over not even look down and is that train went by their business people on that train a different things and they were just sitting there and EE almost became obviously hurt, but he was agitated, as if did you not even know what I just did for you, but they didn't know and they just went on and you know it makes you think I don't know if it's true, it's not true but imagine a God, God the father would be willing for mankind to sacrifice his son and imagine how many people when they hear it and hear the truth don't even care about it. So what so what that somebody did this this morning I was get ready coming out.

My wife had done the mother thing make sure they fill out a card kind of thing the boys get you card for dad and all that stuff and so they came out brought no cards and I was standing there and so Kayden came out and he had his card and had a little bag you know you is hold the card up on me to see the cart come to think so. Over the course of obtains card and him he had done his best to draw or write whatever in it and had a $20 bill in the cart and I was like whoa and Isaac look at this money and he said that's that's something for you. You need to go buy something a civil daddy will you know is just wonderful and so I stop my wife in the carload of church and this morning she went to get the cards he was panicking in the bedroom upstairs and he had his piggy bank and he couldn't get it open and he was almost crying and she commissions what you are doing. He was a subset so can't get money out for daddy it's Father's Day and she civil what the world he said I gotta get money out.

He's been so good to me when I gotta give him something my wife so I got some cash when you want to give me 700. My wife said wife that we don't love daddy that much. That's what I heard this, he said that I have a 20 or 10.

He said give him a 20 what you do that $20 you know by that was some was last time you broke the bank is God's been so good to you.

Gotta give them something.

Gotta do more. He's been so good to me. I think I am father's gift.

Lord I love you today, for some of us to break the bank.

Some of us to take a hammer to smash it opened because of the gift you've given us. God you've shown us amazing love you have given us an amazing gift. You have made us an amazing offer. Their heads bowed and her eyes closed this morning what you know this morning. I know it's Father's Day and I know we have a lot of things going on but if you're here this morning and you do not know Jesus as your Savior. If you've not put your faith and trust in him. Please don't get confused, it can become so confusing. Man does so much to could confuse God's word. But if you're hearing you say preacher. I don't really think I've done that but II do I do one of put my trust in Jesus Christ. It is an amazing offer and I believe what God's word says, dear friend. It is simply a matter of you and I understanding first that were sinners. Why would we want to be saved. If we don't think we need to be sent. We have to realize the need to be saved before will have a heart to cry out for Christ to save us. You believe that your Centerview admit that you've done wrong. Second thing is if you believe what God's word says if you say yes. I believe what the Bible says the third thing is simply to believe in him to trust him to call out to him to ask Jesus to save you.

It's as simple as Jesus. I believe in you. I know you died for me, save me today. Our heads bowed her eyes close. If that's you, dear friend right now with their heads bowed, her eyes closed. You can pray a prayer like this Lord, I believe. I believe what your word says and I'm asking you to save me today is a lot I don't understand boy, there's a lot of things in my life that I know probably need to change eventually, but gotta put my faith and trust in you today and I'm asking you to say thank you for listening to you receive the blessing from our broadcast Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC. You may also contact us by phone in 336-993-5119 or Erwin Baptist enjoy our services live molar medium on her website and church. Thank you for listening to Karen broadcast God bless you

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