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MON HR 1 061322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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June 14, 2022 12:24 am

MON HR 1 061322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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June 14, 2022 12:24 am

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Drivers are switching able progressive over $700 on average in the savings to imagine what you could buy and use the savings from switching to regressive 50 years ago to finally buy my dream car into self driving flying carpet is a self lying there is future cars find the future so switch to the residence a bit bigger so savings can quickly the following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program 83 recorded right now the boys on 13 June and I believe it's a Monday and so tonight we've got a very very very serious program tonight so I'll just get right to it.

We have no back in the boiler room radical Randy used anybody on the telephones on the board who my mother that are well that are courageous, Craig.

Good evening everybody in his pledge week two. It is, and now we have one into 100 and say hello and run back to the phone.

None other than little Lisa.

Good evening everyone already right here live in the studio would meet Elaine Conley good evening everyone way out yonder in Missouri. None other than that backroads preacher, pastor and the parson Joe Larson America start blessing God here already very good.

I know I'm going to get into that what I wanted to say well you should. This is pledge week. This is pledge week and so I will give those numbers and then I've got a very serious script that was written we read it wrote it down to read tonight.

Numbers are 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 Welton haricots folks like to talk to you for a few minutes about something that's it's not easy for me to talk about over the years, whenever we have had a major ministry issue. I would always bring the staff together at the table to talk about and will get it out of right out to the open.

I have found over the years that being honest and straightforward has been the best way to handle difficulties. Right now we are really in a difficult spot.

I've been preaching the gospel for almost all of my adult life on earth, verse by verse. Expository preaching love the word of God and love the local church and and what I want more than anything in the world is to be able to proclaim God's truth far and wide, and we been so blessed to be able to have done that all of these years now. With your help we been able to expand their reach to dozens of cities across America, the largest cities in America. However, without your help. Were going to have to reduce the reach of our ministry efforts in we don't want have to do that will question is will we get any help will we get your help and again I at this time, we need to help more than ever this time to continue because this ministry is needed right now more than ever as we go through tonight. You'll you'll realize why we begin on the radio more than 50 years ago and you may know that the first half hour of our live radio program is completely dedicated to preaching the truth of God's word you hear my message from God's word and that is the most important part of the radio program is the most important thing we can do on their presentation truth of God's word. The second hours dedicated to that truth is met in the culture and what happens I would correspond with current events on the right and left their country and I am what you would call redemptive truth teller. However, I don't have to tell you folks that our country is in trouble, real trouble.

You know it's in fact we are we are lurching forward toward Sodom and Gomorrah you know and and and we note how God's truth makes the current culture hundred understand what's happening is really important.

Right now we bring you the news that you will not hear from the mainstream media. That's why we've expanded to dozens of new radio stations so we can reach more people with the truth that we are getting tremendous feedback but the truth is we are falling short. Each month of our obligations to honor an agreement on the radio station partners. We don't want to have the cut radio stations because that means will be reaching less and less people with the redemptive truth telling, which we been involved with for more than 50 years. It's more important now than ever before.

We will not be kicked off the radio stations for what were saying.

However, we can be asked off these radio platforms. We don't pay her bills.

You've heard of lots of people, including Pres. Trump, who is been kickoff platforms like Facebook and Twitter just for simply telling the truth. You won't hear this truth only mainstream media that includes Fox News. However, you will hear it on this radio station we need you to do is make a tax-deductible donation make it today.

Do all you can to help us for some of you may be $25.

Maybe your gift amount.

Thank you. Others you can give 100,000 or maybe even 100,000.

Please be as generous as you are able were hoping and trusting that those of you who do have the means to help cover the cost for those who are listening, that are not able to help us at this time. Regardless, we thank each and everyone of you in advance for whatever he you're able to doing what you've done in the past, all these years with thank you that last resort we have to. We have had to give our notice of cancellation to three key markets because your donations have simply not been enough in these cities to cover our costs in about a month, July 8 and fax July 8 which is a Friday. We will be coming off the air in the Lante. San Diego and Tampa that Solano Georgia, San Diego, California and Tampa, Florida, and that would be unless we get on an absolute miracle from Almighty God in the lives we get an absolute miracle from Almighty God, July 8 will be the last time and we have we made many many good friends and those in those markets and it's so stuff in and you know I hear and I get letters from people saying please please don't go off the air here, please. And we don't want to go up there. It's not like something we want to do and so here we are asking you to please help us to continue to bring the redemptive truth to your city by making a tax-deductible contribution today. We need your help.

Help us to continue to impact lives by telling the truth now here on those three stations that I talked about this is that what the miracle we would need to keep the stations on the air as far as the San Diego goes, we would need $46,710 $46,710 before July 8 far as Atlanta goes, we would need $28,960 before July 8. As far as Tampa goes, Tampa, Florida. It would be we would need $48,820 before July 8 so you folks and especially in those three areas. You might want to consider in a God. God has no shortage of money and if the if you want to keep his own that were on.

If not, well, we did. We fought a good fight. We ran a good race. We did the best we could and with that I wanted to say again, this is pledge week. The lines are open and we have little Lisa here heard me when I was reading the script that we just wrote for tonight and little Lisa. She's in there on the phone answering the phones on the days that was very hard for Dukas. She's got COPD, it's different. It's life is tough for her and anyhow she placed $1125 John in Oregon puts 500 Susan Michigan pledged 200 Diane in Ohio pledged 1000 and Susan in Ohio pledged 200. So thank you thank you thank you there you go and I think Joe Larson's go pledge about 200,000 that will help me out. Not you don't mind ejector might bounce from here to Ohio H. Atchison Silla Mueller something.

Meals are hard to find nowadays, but I don't think you're gonna cover that. Anyhow well we might as well get into the Bible study. That's what we're here for right exactly God's work first. Yep. And so you know you everybody knows about the 66 books of the Bible, but Joe the Bible speaks of several other books so much as just be still in my name ever heard anything about it. Well yeah most people that they don't and to tell you the truth I can't remember when I preached on this last minutes how long it's been in so here were going to take a look at some of the books spoken of in God's word that are very relevant relevant especially when you take a look and you compare what's happening today in this present our and how they dealt with the situations in their day, so we'll start with that and again America is in real trouble. We become lawless lawlessness and silica start tonight in Deuteronomy chapter 17 one of you read verses 14 through 25, certainly well.

One thing I want Aragorn, tortured and saying answered all those problems that are going on in America is a revival and going back to Jesus Christ is the answer to our problem saluting instructor sections called when thou art come under the land which the Lord thy God giveth the end shall possess it in children older rim and sulfate. I will set up a king over me like all the nations that are about me. Thou shalt in any wise set him king over the whom the Lord thy God shall choose one from among thy brother shalt thou set king over the romance not set a stranger over the porch is not my brother but he shall not multiply horses to himself or cause the people to return to Egypt to the end that he should multiply horses or as much of the Lord hath said in view.

You shall henceforth return no more. That way you do shall he multiply wives to himself that his heart turned out away. Later Shelley greatly multiply to himself silver and gold, and it shall be, when he sits upon the throne of his kingdom that he shall write him a copy of this law in a book out of that which is before the priests and Levites and it shall be with him. Initial read therein. All the days of his life that he may learn to fear the Lord is God, to keep all the words of this law and the statutes to do them that his heart be not uplifted above his brother and that he turned out. Aside from the commandment to the right hand or to the left to the end that he may prolong his days in his kingdom. The children in the midst of Israel to sue you were talking about the book of the law of the book of the law to write upon a book of the law.

And here in the book of the law were going to see three things.

One, here he tells you to copy to make a copy of the law and read a daily and then then take a look at how God had instructed them to place a copy of that law in the ark and then will take a look at how this law that he is.

The copy is the foundation of Israel's religion in their faith. So going back here now parent report younger dear tribe are copy. Notice it says shall write him not held one of his scribes or somebody do it for him. He is to sit down and do this himself true. I think that's the major point that people forget nowadays the three of secretary of people do things for us.

Writing it down makes you see it, read it and understand it is your right it. It's kind of old-fashioned but guess what God thought it was a warrior king should do it and it might be prettier applicable for the rest of us to read your Bible study. Note was God's purpose to give Israel a king. No. Was there king they didn't eat they were the ones crying out for caring Ray Beckford King. So we know you say in this lease. If we look over in first Samuel chapter 8 He went he had given the McCain and a applied all of these laws.

What we just read to picking a king but that was several hundred years later. Afterward, so here he knew that this was coming. Obviously, God is in this uniting 130 new man works trailer network. She had prescribed should know. He told them to choose one from amongst the brethren meant I would then apply to us today that we go to vote for president. I was in a plan was present among us. We Have an outsider commandment somebody from Britain or Germany, run for office will you're almost there no means a president must be a Christian. He stuck them out from amongst the brethren.

Our brother but also in America you have to be a citizen of a country. Yeah, I know that that this dilemma but we are looking for Christian.

In other words right. If you have two candidates and one you know is a Christian and the other is not, and they tell you will the one that's not.

He's got a much better chance of winning. So we should go with him. If you go over and I'm just going to jump over here for a minute the first first Corinthians chapter 6, and them that we go to first Corinthians chapter 6. It's an interesting passage. There were talks about talks about picking or about picking but I am having situation here with the pages taken out o there okay first. Thanks for the law right now due to the matter before against another go before the wall with the unjust and not before the saints.

Okay I meet say this again.

He starts off by saying dear I dear any of you have in a matter against another go to law before the unjust and not before the saints do you not know that the saints will judge the world if the world should be judged by you, are you unworthy to judge the smallest matters know you not the that we shall judge angels how much more the things that pertain to this life.

If you then have judgments of these things pertaining to this life.

Ellis and Joe listen set them to judge who are at least esteemed in the church. So what is he talking about.

I'll go to hire Marty or go to the everyday Christian. He's telling you that a Christian a born-again Christian is much more likely to judge fairly and justly, then the guide is been on the bench for 40 years, who's not a Christian is not saved right.

That's the point that he's making so here going back to Deuteronomy chapter 17. That's the point that is making there that you need.

You have to pick one from amongst the brother and and so when we vote we vote for Christian people. Okay, now here we take a look at Donald Trump profess to be a Christian and Joe Biden profess to be a Christian right that Donald Trump is pro-life Donald Trump is pro-heterosexual Donald Trump is and is in favor of free enterprise in favor of making America great again by making America good again an American first right and so also served judged by the fruit every look at Biden through regular character or the lack of rotten fruit. If nothing else in our electric Trump workers his fruit and we know he believed in what he said because he did what he said.

He kept his promises.

Didn't he kept his promises and his promises were now the pro-life program there were Constitution, pro-life, profamily pill God. Biden's anti-family anti-life anti-God and what is he say what in the Bible. The Lord tells you the people I Biden don't even use my name. Don't don't even mention the note speak my name because you're so wicked. Okay. And so here again Scriptures is by the fruit the beer so you know him and so here now. He also goes in an intelligent here that when you go in there you shall not shall not gain horses when he's talking about here it needlessly multiplied yourself horses. I went out, how would that how would we apply that to today in our culture.

Automobile traffic cars know that they'd see the idea Joe what whatever King had the most horses had the most of the most powerful army, we had a lot of horses at all. And so it was so so the purpose there was God was telling a look. Don't worry about that I'll I'll take care that I don't have a problem with winning wars for the zone as you are obedient to me.

I don't have a problem with women you rendered your enemy now that he says don't multiplied yourself wives what would what would that mean was the meaning there well network, one of Solomon's downfall wasn't having way too many wives and concubines, and let him stray from the faith. Well, it wasn't that you couldn't have multiple wives which was not a good idea, but that's exactly right.

Because what happens is, how did the enemy use. Remember how the enemy wanted to conquer in Joshua's day what they would do is they would send in their women to seduce the Israeli men to seduce them and their feminine wiles to get them to worship false gods and so Solomon not enough here. You know we talk about something. Sometimes you can have great wisdom. At the same time be stupid and do stupid things okay if you don't apply the wisdom Solomon had 300 wives and 700 concubines. Now most of these women would be young women now think about this.

Most of these women would be young women and that means that it any one time.

250 of them would be having that time of the month and how would you like to be around 250 and when I haven't had time to month is not going to be a happy time and home visit. Many wives are willing to repair total distraction. He would be distracted when you're looking them over complaints coming in.

Testers draw you away from what you were supposed to be focused on.

Let's get a woman's point of view Elaine Gill's life is all I can handle. Tell us what 250 wives in 1000 lives in a good idea.

You, you would not have any moment of no stress in your life right will unite in the above that of Gaia. Eunice was with there be a holy cat fights take place probably yeah I would I would say we listed you like that I grew up with with the four women in the house and I could tell you it got inside he would've for his think about a thousand.

So here now.

So then what about silver and gold multiplied silver gold when Donald Trump took office. What did he do it a salary donated okay you know what I would have to jump over here because we've got some pledges.

You better bring me down where I can pick it up.

Oh boy. The seaweeds we start with Tony in Toronto pledge 125 Linden San Diego 100 Jerome in New York 200 Bob in New York pledges 500 Jim in Oregon pledges 50 Bugs Bunny I know of bugs that okay in Little Rock. Bugs I'll do everything I can to stay on the air there in Arkansas pledges 200 and Paul in Granbury, Texas, pledges 25 thank you thank you thank you thank you okay so tonight folks, we are we are about what we're about 2500 short of our goal for tonight. Okay, commitment, and hopefully will will get more than that. Yeah, that will right now, we probably should be what we need is just we need a miracle. We need a miracle but Doug thank you thank you thank you that that helps tremendously.

Now. So when Donald Trump took office. What he do what a salary he donated it did Donald Trump by taking the offices of Pres. Diddy increases wealth or did he diminish his wealth role note, I remember hearing Joe Biden saying I earlier said when he was a senator and here somebody said to a well is good. Did little to alert you that you're not a crook and he had that he got the smirk on his on his face when he said that in that liniment we got in the covenant here while we just got a donation of 50 intimacy okay okay no and okay 1000 very good so where about them from Missy in Virginia.

Thank you Miss Lisa were having none to escape it up that were were on good role.

No Joe. What happened was I heard Joe Biden say when someone said to them it's good you got a croaky he got this working. He said you know when you run for public office at a cost a lot of money to run an amendment to the Senate and he says in order to get that money, you gotta go with those that have deep pockets and those that have the deep pockets when they when a support unit, crossed they expect something in return and so in other words, Biden right there right there. That was was admitting that he was a crook. Pale lads called yelp exculpated playtime. And so here now so out when them. And since he's been in office.

What was it that Harry Truman said he solicited pieces. Anytime a politician gets rich while they're in office, you can bet there are crook would you say that would apply to Nancy Pelosi, Hillary and Bill Clinton in the whole Biden crime cartel. Big time. I will make one point, the only promise we make to our listeners, our donors. Things we will always preach the gospel the way it was once delivered to the state where you will be the watchmen on the wall and do our job that God has given us and the reader will not take the money and use it for our own use.

It will pay the bills of ministry. Absolutely we don't. Not only do we not profit from it. If it goes right into the ministry, but people right here tonight already and all of us will donate will will put in not only our time and listen the people in his ministry, work hard, and I mean they work very hard, but on top of their own finances so this is because is the cause of Christ is the cause of Christ and in Christ we have liberty and freedom in our nation is being turned upside down and this and I watched these hearings.

These corrupt corrupt hearings affect right now you know when I'm in a new unwinnable. I'm going to play focuses on what you listen because they the corruption in the so-called January 6 panel. That panel is one of the most corrupt panels you here in a week when you have these hearings you're supposed to have both sites you know both sides are supposed to be able to give input.

They only have one side.

This is pure antichrist communists. There are no Republicans on that panel they got thrown off okay right right but a couple of fake Republican recloser client.

Although the traders rhinos. Those are not Republicans. Those are there no more Republican than I am a Muslim believe me throughout. But here, but what she was saying look when this whole thing.

During that time. Jim Jordan some other Congressmen were actually having hearings on looking into the election fraud. They had the evidence.

During that time.

Nasty Pelosi winter iron fist stopped the hearings would let them go forward. Folks and I would tell you they've been bringing in these treasonous people one after the other item of a black male only pay them off, but I can tell you this, there is corrupt scope I Joe if there was any way that I could get in that hearing will block the door so they couldn't get out and I can tell you what I like to preach them on hellfire and I like to preach them online because I listen to it today and I never heard nothing but lies. These people are lying.

When their lips are moving their line and its well anyhow. Go ahead. Here is this is a speech that I believe it was about 2016 by the real legitimate president of this United States is about replacing a sound and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by using the American people in Washington establish and the financial and media corporations that fund exists for only one reason to protect and enrich itself the establishment has trillions of dollars at stake in this election for those who control the levers of power in Washington for the global special-interest.

They partner with these people that don't have your good in mind our campaign represents a true existential threat like they haven't seen before.

This is not simply another year elect. This is a crossroads in the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not we people reclaim all over our government for political establish that is trying to stop is the same response from our disasters. Massive illegal immigrants and economic and foreign policy that have led our country drive the political establish has brought about the destruction of our factories and our jobs as they flee to Mexico, China and other countries all around global powers that is responsible for decisions that have gripped our country as well. That a logical operation, and political. This is for the survival of our nation and this will be our last chance to save whether we have only but are in fact controlled by a small global special interest bringing the system in our system is. This is reality. You know they know I know pretty much the whole world is about. We seen this firsthand in the WikiLeaks, in which Hillary with international banks, sovereign in order to enrich these global powers are special friends should be locked up is the press is no and is not anyone who challenges our race is they will worse they will do this as well establish in a massive criminal activity State Department foundation. They knew they would stop trying to stop. I think will gladly for you so that we can do this and I knew the American people would rise above it and vote for the future is the only thing that can stop this corrupt you.

The only force in American has come upon me.

I built a great company and I had a wonderful life is businesses for myself instead of going through this absolute section malicious. I this country has given me so and I feel so strong that is back in and for the movement and we will take back this country for you and we will make America great again. You know Donald Robles is not perfect. The only the only perfect man that ever walked the earth that we'll be back okay. He will be back in that's a minute and then then we can have justice, then we will have justice and wanted to when that happens going to be a whole whole lot of people.

I mean it that are going to get an extremely rude awakening when that takes place with they've never gone after that, man. They've attacked him Russia Russia Russia they feared him. Those corrupt like every single person in that is so-called for hearing that they are having that kangaroo court that is is corrupt is corrupting get there is nothing, nothing. This meant no part of it all. There is nobody there this not corrupted and I watch those the trees as I don't know if they bribed them all bar I don't know if they threaten I don't know what but I know I was never so ashamed of this country never so ashamed of this country is when that election when election was stolen and everybody had the feared to stand up they they were afraid to do what was right there starting Mike pence. The betrayal and then the betrayal by the courts, refusing the courts refusing to do their job and and hear the cases that's what they're there for.

And then the way they attack trump attacked him continuously Russia Russia Russia all of that was funny. We had a phony, corrupt, dirty cops, and now now we have one here merely garland.

Let me read to this real quick very very dirty cop turning Mary Garland has a warning to Donald Trump that the the legitimate president of this United States and anyone and everyone is says that's not true, is a liar, not a bitter truth in them, and is not one of would have the guts to come and sit across from me at this table right here. I'm watching the January 6 hearings regarding this warning trump and I can assure you, January 6 prostitutes are watching as well because of prosecutors and that we call prostitutes. US Atty. Gen. Mary Garland on Monday fired off an ominous warning to Pres. on the legitimate president of this country. Donald Trump is a virus is when reporting reporter asked him about the January 6. These kangaroo court just totally illegitimate, corrupt hearings and he goes on January 6 male show tries trials continued on Monday with Liz Cheney at the helm reporter asked Mary Garland whether he has had a chance to watch the January 6 hearings.

If he has learned anything that could be useful for the Justice Department's work. I am watching LB watching all the hearings that I can assure you that the January 6.

Persecutors are watching all the hearings as well. Garland said he continued the Justice Department long-standing position is that we don't comment on ongoing investigation. You know, Mary Garland, there was a time when it was indecency some honor and some integrity until you got there and now instead of using your Justice Department to go after prosecute people. The Bernalillo murder people your black lives matter your communist it burned down cities no that's all right. That's the First Amendment rights but when parents go to the local school board and demand that pornography be taken of the textbooks and the two children quit being influenced by sodomy and and every other ungodly sin, then Marek you send your dirty cops into harass parents because the parents care for the children, Mary Garland, your dirty cop Mary Garland listen to me Mary Garland God's Word, the Bible is very clear. All liars will have their place in the lake that burns with fire.

Mary Garland, all liars will have their place in the lake.

The burn of the fire.

That's what God says Marek there you go on anything right.

Yep, that's for sure and I and one more thing.

If you do a Google search for NT it will go directly to I absolutely, absolutely. There either. Dr. Cardinal Col. John Solomon are just the mirrors confirmed that FBI intelligence warmed warned driving Chucky Schumer, Senate Majority Leader through one of their aid that the protesters that day on January 6 might be violent without warning was never given to the frontline police commanders Schumer's office apparently kept the warning did not give it to the police kept it and watched everything go past warning was in an email. Sharon of his age 8 raises mere concern. The politics trumped the security preparedness. Remember the Donald Trump several times offered a large large contingent care member on many National Guard. There were turned down every single time and with FBI analysis warned the demonstrators had detailed maps of the tunnel system around the capital frequented by lawmakers and their staffs and were plotting to create a perimeter around the block Democrats from dental entering or leaving the call potential violence but dammit this is a report that's what the FBI said, but they had numerous open source things about this all set to check Schumer and her course nothing was done. We told people over and over pastor Anita. This was something they wanted to happen. There were a dozen different ways this could till I get a jump in here because I got to give mine the post of the phone lines open. This is pledge week and the number is 88828111108882811110 we really want to stay in most those we need a miracle and folks out there. Maybe you could be God's miracle. We want to stay on San Diego. We want to stay on Atlanta that we want to stay on Tampa but we can't do without you. We just can't soak 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 and we want to say Bob and New Brunswick pledges 150 and Stephanie New York pledge of 77. Thank you Bob thank you Stephanie already in them. No Chucky Schumer. Isn't he the one that stood out there and threaten Cavanaugh. Isn't he the one that really behind those people. They came an egg and it isn't Chucky Schumer Limited visiting the one that's responsible for those protesters out in front trying to intimidate Cavanaugh and his house one third dear Roy, your overall really. Whatever your grandma Rick Morandi threatened a member and it came right out and said no, you're a very bad thing and you're going to pay the price for now. If we if we had a legitimate legitimate not an illegitimate corrupt Justice Department we had actually within the honor and any integrity in any decency at all. When not Chucky Schumer be charged with a threat. There sure word of either targeting Murray what I had a editorial rebuke or something to the Senate did not rebuke him now. One of the committee said anything about the right like Maxine Waters when she got up to go to dinner. Their face were to threaten them when they're at the grocery store the video gasoline station when there are restaurant for dinner harass him were going to like them because they don't belong there. Nothing was done.

The left loves the violence they loved to intimidate and that's what they do. They rule by fear and intimidation and more than 70% of everybody that's in Washington politician lies is corrupt and the ones that are not are basically being forced to stay silent or they're not giving platforms to get out to people. That's exactly what with what's happening in Congress there with nasty Pelosi. They did not everything she should be in jail.

She should be imprisoned, geez, which is broken every law, so has Nitin will absolutely let me out this article by Jim Jordan new article out today about the story on the TV about how James and honor Biden in their dealings with the Chinese are more and more stuff breaking every almost every other week but the press is going out of their way to keep the stories from the people, so we don't know the truth about the corrupt Biden family, but this is only we been talking about for so long. I can remember we started warning the people about the Biden crime family.

So I John pledges 86.

Thank you John we know here that what would the Donald trump everything he said in a five minute speech was true. Everything he said was right out and you know because of these hearings. I think we should play them sleep every night when you think I think it's very well worth it because I was sitting here thinking and that was in what year 20 think Eileen's 2016 and so it six years later and it's still all still applicable. Everything he said yeah that was that was before the election. So and everything he said is exactly right. The corruption in DC and hear the what the weather when after that man the what they did to him and his family and what they're still doing to him today. They fear him, let me tie.

They don't trust in Washington DC.

Believe me, you can't trust an honest person there.

They don't trust on his personal debts whether getting more and more bizarre right because they're running scared because they are losing that mere American people support and they know what happens and they know that a Donald Trump is back in office a whole lot of them are going to prison for Kate while their heads to get around this guy has good a role and he's going to clean up that swamp that illegitimate illegitimate judge 10 J who DOJ Department of Justice got nothing to do with justice. It is corrupt is corrupt gets in. So Jada Minnesota already said that deny pledge of 66. Thank you John and so anyhow, here's the article about from Jim Jordan. He has trust issues Jim Jordan suggest his trust issues with the house committee examine the capital right after it held its first prime time hearing last week.

He goes on to say during interview the congressman maintains Thursday's hearing offered nothing new in Castor January 6 committee itself on a one sided work that demonstrated it cannot be outright trusted. He remained viewers that he reminded viewers that last year the panic conceded to change in a text message between Jordan and for white outfit was that of Mark Meadows and finally admitted that they lied they lied they lied, the Lord, the committee has altered evidence and lied to the American people. That's all they did today unsalted. There was lied to the American people today, and so much so that they had to issue a statement which says we regret the error, which is government speak for. We caught lying, we got caught lying, Jordan told Fox news anchor Maria Arguello Sunday morning futures was and let me say that again they they admitted. We regret the error, which is government speak for we got caught lying there right, it was revealed in December that representative Adam Schiff get out.

This is actually took place that he was voted by the devil is their best liar as their best liar. Okay, the Communists in California, a member of the January 6 committee offered a picture showing in altered text message between Jordan and Meadows joins often submitted to the Congressman from Ohio did send the message to Meadows, but stressed that it was a snippet of a message he forwarded from an attorney Joseph Smith to express in a legal theory about overturning the results of the 2020 election. There you go for our drug product or Carlson. You have all come out and are talking about the source of error nothing but lies. I called her dog and pony show. Britt Hume called it a televised press release with soundbites and talks about you know there were no witnesses. There was a one sided affair and he said the day is been around a long time.

He said he has never seen anything like this at all. Ever in his life never even heard about it and he said I could have never imagined when I was working for one of the network news that an event like this would never be put on primetime television via network and he said amazingly, it was done by all of them so people are coming out and even the ones that Green Beret young Brown German Brown is still locked up but he was one of those their wrist to daddy's little political prisoners and is calling this a well orchestrated, highly produce lie.

He was there and that he knows what one on here's a guy who could benefit the former Republican candidate for Congress in Florida spent 20 years in the Army special ops master Sgt. and out. He is on the inside of the semester and he said there's just nothing but corruption and lies.

While I was there in January and I can tell you that there were families children. A lot of Christians praying but you also so people in the crowd that looked totally like troublemakers. Hang tight. There were going to be back where because the heartbreak will be back right after this the other room FBI agents right after this one more going. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry. The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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