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TUE HR 1 060722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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June 8, 2022 12:39 am

TUE HR 1 060722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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June 8, 2022 12:39 am

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

Progressive you can get 24 seven protection even if you break the space-time continuum 24 are question about time travel offers more than a great brace. We will we offer round-the-clock production which covers Little Caesar situations the following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio right now. Welcome to another additional what's right with this you seven 2022 and boy tonight we have is a producer other than courageous Craig. Good evening everybody and we are younger we have the person Joe Larson held forever. I am glad Jill just a few minutes ago I got some shocking, shocking news, and that has to do with the this radio program and stand near normally we don't discuss this. You don't overdo it during pledge week when we come out of the month and we don't like to even mention funding during the three, but I would have to probably be in discussions tomorrow.

Kind of don't look it doesn't look very good right now but stand in all the stations and lives that we may have to go off some and I'll know more about that tomorrow were not getting which is not getting enough to keep us on all the stations that I'm going go and do some in the negotiations and whatever tomorrow to find out what we can do. I hate to have to go out stations click you know it is what it is, as they say, right where we can only stay on the ventilator are self-sufficient world ministry.

We don't advertise so the donations document for that station recaps the Romeo water through the paper itself plus more and we need more stations like that yeah we we have several different places themselves, but that is a lot to don't think I would find out exactly where intake the look of that tomorrow.

For right now what we want for you folks out there because we in over these many many many years we built up the relationship thing tonight. I just meant to some folks have been listing to the program. For years they came to the tea party meeting for the first time tonight and it was really great to meet these people know face-to-face night.

I and that but here in the we are living in times were right now the voice of the Christian resistance is never been needed more than it is now, has never been needed more than it is now, and I realize that the nothing last forever and were looking at looking at some perilous times. In fact, we really need to be prepared and that's why we wanted to be there is the watchmen on the wall as long as we possibly could to because we we don't compromise we don't compromise and we do the hard things that others are afraid to do that. I'm talking about you and tonight's message. His we were talking about an open letter to the enemies of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness by Joe according to the word of God and the Constitution both according to both the word of God in the Constitution we the people of the United States of America are obligated obligated to start a new government. Now we can do one by as Simpson. Hopefully we can do it for the ballot box week by voting, but what we have no according to God's Word, the Bible first and our Constitution have gone completely corrupted, completely corrupted the agencies which were once legitimate have become an illegitimate and by and I've been warned by talking about this what everybody knows were targeting horrible put in a target on ourselves will you know what somebody's gotta do it and if not Austin, who, and folks is going to be. That's why we're here where to tell you that things are going to be happening in everybody's looking say well once in November. This is that the Democrats be gone after November the Democrats have no intention at all.

None of having affair an honest election. They know what will happen if they do, if there is such a thing and so weary we can be in for some very, very, very perilous time coming up and so hereinafter Republican program in the House and the Senate Democrats are gonna fight like they did against trump and create as much trouble and chaos in as they can narrative gonna be very unpleasant at the very best. Will this Thursday night.

They've got a huge propaganda machine is collusion.

And they'll error national and it's it's it's it's made up of total lies told by total liars. Bernstein and the others is nothing but total lies, made by a Hollywood producer and folk somebody tell you I hope you don't believe one minute of now we're going to be doing a lot of commentary in on this and so is Tucker Carlson's going to be doing here were good and were going to go in and bring you the actual truth. This is why to this they know with with what's happening with 2000 meals. People are learning about the corruption in it is bad and right now where at the present.

Joe, we have to take America back and see that or were going to be were were going to lose our freedom under total antichrist communism were living. And now I know one thing I'm sure of this. January 6 committee extract through main goals they want to put trump in prison and they want to destroy the electoral college. There come out and said you know velvet with everything of the truth coming out.

They need to start the Supreme Court and they want to find something on trump to put them in prison so they can stop the populist rise trump and started this America first movement, and I think by putting trump in prison they can stop it now. This is the antichrist. This is pure antichrist communism. There is no longer a Democratic Party. The Democratic Party went by the wayside. This is made up of hard-core, antichrist, antichrist, kindness, nasty Pelosi backroom Chucky Schumer about the progress.

Progress almost people that you're starting to mention were members of the progressive Caucus in the house and it's been building and building and building and we were some of the first people on the radio to set a look at all the socialists that our Congress.

The infection is going to grow and boy has it well. It is is and a lot of things happening to and they continued to shut down shut down our oil supplies. I guess applies. He's trying to Joe is there to reduces the Third World status economically all across the board for the one they wanted control the food supply and Joe the end it and go again is depopulation. They want to depopulate the planet folks who would been telling you, there are no Democrats. These are hard-core, antichrist, kindness, and this is what we will warned you before, remember we told you remember those people that had the Biden signs in the art remember them. We told you were not telling you to hate them or but you what you should understand something, those of the people that are responsible for five dollars gallon gasoline.

Those are the people responsible for the heart hard-core push and killing more babies killing more babies.

They're the ones that are responsible they'd this and that they don't want gun control measures.

That's that is like told by liars lies told by largest they want to disarm the American public. That's the reality that is the reality. So with that, Joe. Let's talk about that liars lawyers lawyers go to Revelation 21 to read verse eight), and the unbelieving and the abominable, and murderers and warmongers and serves and idolaters and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burn her with fire and brimstone, which is effective for the case notes here will we talk about generally notice where we find the fearful you find the unbelieving where we find the unbelieving define the fearful Herschel Joe why is it why is it that there are so few pastors because judgment begins in the house of the Lord in the take the country back supposed to start in the pulpit.

Remember the black world regiment those pastors is really God that understood what the times that they were living in an and so that they stood and they lead in the war for independence against tyranny and why it's so few pastors today. Why are they so fearful of preaching what were preaching tonight.

The reason most of them are hireling retweeting that are in a report couple years ago that 49% of several thousand pastors that were out surveyed did not believe in two or more two or more of the five basic tenets of the Christian faith, which means they're not really born again believers are not really pastors are hireling to have a night plus job well and of course are not going to have to pray to Preach the word because are not convicted. They have no possession in their heart we see those words there fearful, and unbelieving.

There fearful because because there unbelieving there unbelieving because it feels so there they're not saved. The vast majority of those in the pulpit today are not saved. Now he goes on in your hireling Character will not fade. Because the analyzer pray. So he goes on to say in the abominable again no abominable you know what the definition of that word abominable is its vile Joe is file right and you know it's an interesting thing because you find out over there in Isaiah chapter 32 when it refers to that when it when he says here let me go there very quickly, that will occur during want. Isaiah 32 will look I am a person yeah I'll vile personal shall no more be called liberal know the Col. said to be bountiful for the vile person will speak knowingly and his heart will work iniquity to practice hypocrisy and utter error against the Lord to make empty the soul of the hungry, and he will cause the drink of the first state to fail the case until you go back and when you read the beginning the holy King shall reign in righteousness, the princes shall rule in judgment. Now he's talking about a time just prior to this time is going to be easy referring to here is the millennial kingdom. Her anything and he says that a man shall be as a hiding place from the wind and a covert from the tempest as rivers of water in a dry place in the shadow of a great rock in a weary land so that great rock in the weary land is the Lord Jesus Christ right now he's referring to this during the millennial kingdom. He says the eyes and then the city should not be dim. In other words is is referring not just to actual eyesight, but understanding understanding here that during that millennial kingdom will understand things that we really don't understand now, but will see. And he says the years of them to hear shall hearken the heart.

Also, the rash shall understand. Now that's that's interesting. There when he says the heart of the rash shall understand because knowledge is quick to make that judgment quickly record a certain level have anything now stop that now have understanding knowledge right Lynn wrote her in the tongue of the scammers shall be ready to speak plainly now what he saying there is this the very you have ever wanted to say something.

You know what you want to say but you can find the right words to say it say that that time.

People will be able to express themselves very to speak plainly plainly so then he says that's when he goes into the vile person shall no more be called a liberal city he's telling you that just prior to to the Lord's return that the vile person of vile person would be called a liberal. So today, if you pollute if you believe in abortion. If you believe in sodomy and beast Galilean pedophilia. Everything that God's Word, the Bible calls sin. One of the woody they called you they call you a liberal right role) is aggressive liberal progress in northern Charlotte, Shirl's is someone who's a miser.

My northern Charlotte to be bountiful. Okay so lease is for the vile person will speak, the only boy that's exactly listen the nasty Pelosi listen to the Biden to Chucky Schumer listed the AI can. The houses are male. The vile person will speak only in his heart will work iniquity to practice high hypocrisy. I hypocrisy today is just unbelievable.

Innovate the flock. Hypoxia say they flaunted this like with her in California where the governor notice of when reinforcing you're going to jail. If you're not wearing a mask and social distancing.

Then he stone these big lavish dinners. Nobody is wearing a mask. Remember abomination abomination when they had that the big thing on his mansion. Only the servants are only the proud her own material mask up everybody else.

Not yet included a Ashkenazi's and here you use.

You see, goes on to say in error against the Lord to make empty the soul of the hungry will cause the regular Thursday to fail. The instruments also the children controller evilly devises wicked devices to destroy the poor were lying words, even when the needy speak of the right, but the liberal devises liberal things, and by liberal things.

They shall stand. Then it goes up and he talks about the women rise up you women that are days hear my voice, you careless daughters give ear into my speech many days and many years shall you be troubled you careless women for the vintage shall fail, and the gathering shall not come crumble you women that are eddies be troubled you careless ones strip you and make you bear good side cloth upon your loins. They shall lament for the teats for the pleasant feet filled for the fruitful vine.

In other words, you know you did is setting greatly talking about these women that are apathetic and aren't you have no mercy for the poor that the debtor just going well like woman's like the Democratic women of today.

I mean like like those that there is a liberal room and now it's about me mine.

I me mine. I have a case of the rich and famous worker during her correlative parties and their aerobic training in their outdoor they spend money and everything about the clothing they wear these has to be a name brand by some famous dressmaker that's about stuff and thousands of dollars for most people remount three or $400 dress is expensive and I have sometimes $40,000 outfit for substring but the high hypocrisy is astonishing to see absolutely astonishing know I want to go back here. Note you would expect Joe okay those in the fake news media because the boiler legally you to see this big cut on Thursday night you would expect those like Rachel Medi-Cal or morning show or less is taller to lie like Hillary because that's what they did.

I'm in there there actual contract until I these. They can't correct to use the word narrative which means whatever lie there told until let you know again I want to go back because they know we warned the people we warn the people, not because people were starting to tell me Fox News doing when you can trust will know you can't, God is the only when you can trust God is different when you could clearly trust folks about Joe. I was I was angry when the here fair and balanced Fox News reporting red bear Susan Smith Neil Kabuto Chris Wallace and others were not only a part of the echo chamber but even had the audacity to do that little is ordered by the Masters. That was a real cheap shot Job name did you know that the chipset was aimed at our intelligence. It really was in.

You know what I'm talking about are sure you know what you're talking about. Pharaoh had that terrifying when they give the same word in all our end and they fit something in it. Where's the evidence about a dozen same thing. You know what the plant was exactly the same thing but remember what they say it.

We all say the same thing. At any same time. Time that the people will believe in soberly and and yeah and you hear that if we all say the same thing at the same time, the people will believe us over and over and and went when you did that right there.

You know, they, they, those people lost all credibility and I think you come back to bite into. I think they really realize them.

Note this month of June is celebrated by the unclean, as sodomite pride month that when we why do we call them unclean words that come from well many places in the Bible. The letter to read Romans 124 Romans 124 therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonor their own bodies between themselves talking about sodomites lesbians visiting the again him up to uncleanness, in other words, he gave them.

Let them go there simple way walk away from him and salvation.

I was watching in the election different wasn't normally I try to check whether the station but I'll go catch a little oval of all the NBC, ABC, CB in our area here, by far, I believe that the most sodomite station by far is spectrum one news.

I mean, they seem to be promoting promoting sodomy out there that's an interesting thing to about that because a read the very last verse in Romans one Joe in Romans 132 who, knowing the judgment of God date which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do they do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them okay so that over thing take pleasure in other people's sins, as well as their own right but silly's you've heard how many times of your people say well personally I would never have an abortion but I'm not going to jettison when it does, or personally I I meant I would never engage in sodomy, but I'm not going to judge people to do that with them versus telling use those people that do that. I remember when I remember we had a woman here in the program and she told me she had run five abortion mills until she got saved she got saved him on the Killington industry, which he said let me tell you something whenever you hear these women say personally, I could never have an abortion but I'm not going to judge those women to do. She said that's codeword she says you'll find it every time those women have at least one and then applies to the dudes others of these guys they will personally I could never anathema the Democrats to do that I could never be again partake in sodomy but I will judge that means they're doing it.

Remember either one of the most famous would that would be Barack Obama Barack Obama would mean we know we had people tell the truth about him regressions were gold rich white man. It was as sodomite here is very active in certain gay bars and places the media never wanted to touch the truth didn't want to say anything because he was the chosen one will the media today.

The fake news media.

The fake news media today is saturated with sodomy.

I mean assistance is bad. It's really bad like the entire Democratic Communist Party at today is seething with pedophilia, but will be back after this stucco way more only the name of the man that I have seen Jane may have been staying a break my heart. One day, said use as a wad to the USA and family day and now I need to know more. Every way they shared a man and placed him on the things they way way way you and God the way the a three and in May this is a lie and a clean and in a God and and and and and grade in you is in Mary day him right back and I get to do this. Of to give our address outpost. The addresses consent WR WL ministries is WR WL ministries 14781 Sperry Rd. is 14781 Sperry SPE RR Y Rd., Newberry and the WBURY OH 44065 and again I give that one more time, hopefully.

I know people up and look around forbidden paper and when you know we could use right now.

We really could use some extra some extra help summertime to also don't forget the newsletter is free. The newsletter is will be coming out pretty soon here and for those of you to get that newsletter you know what I'm talking about. We send you what they do not want you to know okay we are we are the The Voice of the Christian resistance that we are resisting the antichrist will system and the Bible says we have to do it right into blood him to death. So again, WR, WL ministries at the WR WL ministries 147-811-4781 Sperry SPE RR Y Rd., Newberry in a WB you are why OH 44065 and don't forget the newsletter is free requested newsletter with if you help send us a donation requested is newsletter J.P. Morgan CEO says is a hurricane coming in here while speaking to investors and analysts. J.P. Morgan CEO did Jamie Dimon recently said that a hurricane is coming to the US economy because of words like these are not encouraging for millions of Americans who are already struggling financially, but this is really about the reality what we're facing.

It's a stark difference between the way people felt about the economy under presidential joke.

All I hear from people is what is come, back when the trunk of a back up. They want to get rid of NATO.

Can we get rid of Biden. Can't we get it again though she after the stem don't don't fall for this that Joe is doing her best to get it just incompetent. Joe is out to his job is to reduce Americans of Third World status.

If you are an American list of all of you are Christian and you are an American and you believe in the God's Word the Bible, the Constitution and and what this country was made unfounded on the entire Biden regime is your enemy. Their criminal there is criminal is criminal gets an and so he goes on to say no. I said that the storm clouds what I'm going to change. It is a hurricane.

Dimon said Wednesdays a financial conference in New York. While the condition seemed fine at the moment. Nobody knows if the hurricane is a minor or super storm Sandy PC added you better wake yourself Dimon told a room full analysis and investors.

J.P. Morgan is bracing ourselves were going to be very conservative with our balance sheet beginning last year with the highflying tech names tax have been hammered as investors prepare for the end of the Federal Reserve chief money era inflation at a multi-Kate height exam exasperated by exasperated by supply chain disruptions in coronavirus pandemic has its own fear that the Fed will inadvertently tip the economy into recession as a combats price increases up Joe, that's exactly their purpose.

That's what they wanted it. This is no accident.

They're doing this on purpose exactly well-liked in her throat. Are preventable. Billionaire oil refiner warned Biden open up the spigots or else things will get very worse. John Demott. From United refining company and is also as a big company CEO, billionaire and oil refinery is just a warning that excrement exacerbation recession is going to have to happen if now Biden doesn't change course which is not going to, and a timeout working with United States as over 100 years worth of oil hundred years worth of oil at full capacity. If we were trying to put it out of capacity. Now that's one the next headline Massey US oil refinery on track to shut down during the fuel shortage key Texas petroleum refinery that produces over 2000 barrels of fuel per day is facing premature shutdown. This facility in Houston, Texas at 700 acres, built in 1918 at Lyondell basal industry and said there was scheduled to shut down in 2023 but could have to shut down if we had any major equipment failure into major unit and puts out so much of our route Cecil skill aviation jet fuel is scary and down they looked at everything and because of financing they can get the financing in the financial path or discussion very business down.

This is one of the largest capacity facility in America. Meanwhile, we have shutdown of the last two years fixed major refineries in the US have been shut down and we have five more that are idle because of the Biden administration and their route rules regulations that convince banks not to lend money right don't lend money to anything with fossil fuel carbon-based not a good investment. We've got a go green. And here is the scary news to all of you call last year cost $61 and 1/2 $61.50 a ton right now, a ton of appellation coal is $130 at the bottom hundred 10% increase and it's going to get worse.

Why is it bad throughout most of our power in America is still from coal plants write our coal plants have been using their reserves. They had stockpiled the coal but they're running out of the stockpiles and are gonna have to start buying coal well coal out now is going to go up another couple hundred percent what does that tell you pastor Ernie about what's gonna happen to the price to heat and cool your house with electricity if all of a sudden now again right now today it's $130 frittata: that's critical for a couple hundred percent in a month or so because the burn through all the coal they have in the Biden administration is busy shutting down 11 gigs of electricity per from you per year between 2015 and 2021 gig is enough to power 700,000 homes so in the past couple years we shut down well five years at 700,000 homes and were just totally reducing like oil cutting down the fighters were cutting down the electric plants were shutting down the coal plants and shutting down the production a call so working to be in a mess for energy for electricity for gasoline and for diesel. Joe was having down is what is happening right butů You haven't you heard me. Damages heard Joe Obama saying I don't know its quality zone companies we give them all kinds of permits would we give them the permits to go ahead but but they're not telling you folks, they're saying here's the permits. But guess what you have all of these environmental regulations.

You've got all of these environmental regulations so it'll make it nearly impossible for you to go ahead and continue and to drill to make a profit or even be able to do that with all of these regulations, we put on both work for now.

Tell them that are very wet. Frazier got all these great but the Biden administration is not given the oil companies permission to drill on certain lease or one of the leases are held up in litigation with the environmental movement and these other leases that waiting there will companies are waiting for the Biden administration to say okay you can drill had been given the lease but not permission to drill the WC Biden the Biden regime the Biden crime cartel is been telling people

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