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WED HR 1 102622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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October 27, 2022 12:28 am

WED HR 1 102622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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I can tune into your show and hear the unvarnished truth. Thank you. This is What's Right, What's Left with Pastor Ernie Sanders. Good evening and welcome to another edition of What's Right, What's Left on this 26th day of October, Wednesday, 2022.

And tonight we have, of course, we have Craig as our engineer. Good evening, everybody. You notice I left the courageous off? Yes, I'm not no more. Do you know? No, you've graduated.

You have graduated. It's everybody. It's well known.

You know, when they hear that word, Craig, they just automatically think courageous. That's pretty good. Yeah, we you're doing a good job, too. I want you to know that. I appreciate it, Pastor.

Well, there you go. Now, today is the actual Wendy Wednesday, and we have our young lady friend, the well, the apothecary Marm, Miss Wendy Wilson. Hello, Pastor. Hello, young lady. You ready to roll tonight?

I am. OK, so we got a lot to do. We're going to pick it up where we left off last night. And we left off in Second Peter Chapter two. The title of the message was The Flawless and the Lawless. And of course, we know the flawless and the inherent word of God and what it has to say about the lawless. And boy, do we know a lot about the lawless, don't we?

Lately we do. Well, this country has never seen lawlessness like it's seen now. There has never been anything close to the corruption in government in my lifetime or since the founding of this country as there is right now in America. It is it is lawless. OK. Even the days of Al Capone in Chicago couldn't come close to what we have in Washington, D.C. today. And so we're going to pick it up.

But before we get into that, I want to do a little commentary. Now, the definition of lawlessness, Wendy, is simply living contrary to the law. But there's another word for lawlessness, which is iniquity.

It's iniquity. And and so I was listening to Congressman Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohmert and Marjorie Greene. Now, they were talking about the filthy conditions of the horrible D.C. Means District of Crime jail. They said that whenever one of the Christian patriot heroes of the faith would ask to see their lawyer in person, they would be put in quarantine for 14 days. Now, even though they were behind plastic windows when their lawyers would come in. Now, many of our heroes of the faith have been beaten and in every way mistreated. I think four of them have committed suicide.

They have been denied bail, not allowed to shave or even cut their finger or toenails. These heroes of the faith were being obedient to the word of God by resisting tyranny. They were they were there on January 6, 2021, to protest the theft of the 2020 election by the Antichrist Democratic Communist Party. The insurrection, as it was claimed against the Patriots, was actually carried out by the following Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nasty Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Merrick Garland, Chris Ray, rogue FBI agents, dirty cops, dirty D.C. cops, Antifa, burn, loot, murder or BLM, what they call Black Lives Matter, and a host of other bad actors like the fake news media and the D.C. mayor. Now, there were 570 riots up to that time here in the last couple of years by Antifa and burn, loot and murder or Black Lives Matter. And the Democrats, which are simply cells of the Democratic Collective, they didn't need any bail. They were told to keep the burning, looting and killing. In fact, Kamala Harris set up a certain fund to bail them out, to put them back on the street, to continue their lawlessness. Justice will not be served until all of the corrupt players mentioned above are serving time in that same filthy D.C. jail in which the patriot heroes of the faith are being held today.

And that's my commentary. Well, I think a lot of our government leaders are bought and paid for by China. So China actually is running the country.

Well, you're right, Wendy, and I've been saying that for several years. We go back even when abomination was in and that stopped. When Trump came in, things started to change. But they had bought so many of our senators and congressmen in China. This is one of the reasons that, you know, they all know that they could have been going down for treason and for collusion with China. You know, remember the Hillary with her, what was it, the project that she did, the one.

I'm trying to think of the, what is the nuclear material we use, uranium one, uranium one deal with China where Hillary sold, not with China, with Russia, 25%. Hillary did this. The real collusion with Russia was with the Clinton and Obama and the mob. Folks, the Democratic Communist mob. Have you noticed Hillary's been making all the rounds, she's been going to all the cheap stations now, talking about how the Republicans are going to try to steal this election. Remember, they'll always accuse you, they'll always accuse you of doing what they're going to do. I mean, that comes right out of Karl Marx's playbook. He tells you, always accuse the opposition of doing whichever crooked dig you're about to do.

And with that, okay, here we're going to pick it up. Now, I've had some people from the left. Now, these are the apostate church. Some of them are just so biblically illiterate, they really don't know any better. They really do not know any better, okay. But they've parroted things saying, you shouldn't say things, bad things about bad people.

Well, no, that's exactly what we're supposed to do. We're supposed to warn the wicked and the righteous. And, of course, all through the Bible, you see that taking place. Now, here is what Peter has to say about these people. Now, Wendy, the Bible says, the Lord said in Deuteronomy, this day I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing.

So those that have chosen life have chosen a blessing, those that choose death choose a cursing. The Deathocratic Communist Party, Wendy, their main focus, their main issue is killing of innocent children. Right now, you've got there in Georgia, you've got a competition for Senate in Georgia between Herschel Walker and Warnock. Warnock, he's virtually a Satanist. He virtually is a Satanist. He has an apostate church that's racist, that's anti-Christ. Anti-Christ is anti-white, but not only that, but he embraces everything that God's word the Bible calls sin.

Everything. Now, you know, I've been accused of being a fire and brimstone preacher, thank you, I am, okay. And we're supposed to be fire and brimstone preachers, okay. We're supposed to scare the hell out of people and try to scare them out of hell and into heaven, okay.

But here, you know, he tells you, Wendy, over in Psalm chapter 12 in verse 8, or Psalm chapter 10, I believe it is, well, no, it's verse 12, chapter 12, verse 8. The wicked walk on every side when the vilest men are exalted. The wicked walk on every side when the vilest men are exalted.

That's exactly what we're seeing. When you vote for a wicked man like Warnock, then you're exalting that wicked man. When you vote for a wicked man like Fetterman, you exalt that wicked man. You notice the tattoos on his arm? They're satanic tattoos. Again, these people want death. They embrace death.

Death. And everything that God's word calls a sin, there was a Baptist preacher that was out there, people were calling me, asked me if I heard it. I didn't hear him, but I'd like to see it. See, that's all I know is some Baptist preacher had just said, you know, I use LGBTQ to lewd, gross, belligerent, transgressing queers, okay? They, this pastor said, let God burn them quickly.

Let God burn them quickly. That's, and you know what he's doing? He's preaching fire and brimstone, what he should be doing. But here's what Peter had to say.

Ready? He said, starting in 2 Peter chapter 2 verse 12, but these as natural brute beasts made to be taken and destroyed speak evil of these things that they understand not and shall utterly perish in their own corruption. You know, in Michigan, you've got a Tudor Dixon running against Gretchen Whitmore. Gretchen Whitmore is wicked. You folks, listen, you people in Georgia, God's word in the Bible, God's word says that if you vote for a wicked man like Warnock, you're sinning against God. Now, you pay close attention.

You've just heard that and you know that, you know that. In Michigan, to vote for Gretchen Whitmore, she is so pro, there's not enough innocent blood running through the veins of these babies. This woman would, I think, sacrifice every unborn baby in the world, or if she could. She's wicked. She's a wicked woman, a very wicked woman. And here you have this Kathy Hochul, governor of New York.

That woman, again, she belongs to some kind of a strange occult. But she is pro-death, and all of these are lawless, all of these are lawless. And that's what it talks about here, about those that riot in the daytime. There's pure lawlessness.

You know, here, remember how they tried to lock down, they wanted to shut down all the churches, shut down all the churches, shut down small business, but leave the pot stores open, leave the bloody abortion mills open? These are wicked people. Now, folks, if you want to understand the definition of wicked, go to God's Word, the Bible, the King James Bible, and it tells you.

In fact, let's go here. He says, But these as brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of things that they understand not, and shall utterly perish in their own corruption, and shall receive the reward of unrighteousness as they counted pleasure to riot in that daytime. They are spots and are blemishes, supporting themselves with their own deceivings, while they feast with you. Here, we talked about that last night, where they want to, here, go and bring dishonor and pollute the Lord's Table, where they wanted to turn it into rioting instead of taking the Lord's Table. The Bible makes it very clear that if you take the Lord's Table, first of all, if you're not saved, if you have unconfessed sin, you're in trouble with God. But these people, they don't believe in a God, having eyes full of adultery, and cannot cease from sin. And that's exactly, these people I mentioned, they can't cease from sin. They promote the sin, the major sin, that God's Word, the Bible, brought the harshest punishment, the harshest punishment on any people for killing their children. And at points he reduced them to cannibalism for killing their children.

And that's their number one issue. They want the right to kill God's image, to destroy the image of God. These are wicked people, and you folks out there that vote for them, okay, God says that's sin. In fact, he says, in fact, he tells you, you should be cursed. Let him be accursed. Proverbs chapter 24.

Those that do that, let them be accursed. So I'm telling you, because I'm supposed to preach what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. He goes on to say, And cannot seek from sin beguiling unstable souls at heart that they have exercised with covetousness practices, cursed children which have forsaken the right way, and are gone astray following the ways of Balaam and his son of Bozer, who loved the wages of unrighteousness, but was rebuked for his iniquity, the dumb ass speaking, with a man's voice forbid the madness of the prophet. The madness. This is what I'm going to be preaching on this coming Sunday, Lord's willing. It's delusion. Wendy, boy, I'm going to tell you that it's amazing how much the Bible has to say about that. Now these are wells without water.

Yeah, it's amazing. These are wells without water, clouds which are carried with a tempest. Now if you have a question or comment, just jump in. With whom the mists of darkness is reserved forever, for when they speak great swelling words of vanity, they allure through the lusts of the flesh, through much wantness they were clean, escaped from them who lived in error, while they promised them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption, for of whom a man overcome of the same as he brought them bondage. For if they have escaped the pollution of the world, through the knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Christ, they are again entangled therein and overcome, the latter is worse than them from the beginning. For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than after they have known it, to turn away from the holy commandment delivered unto them.

But it has happened unto them according to the true proverb, the dog turned to his own vomit again, and the sow that was washed in her wallowing in a mire. And so Peter is speaking of a person who has learned about Christ and how to be saved, and has been positively influenced by Christians. But, but, then he rejects the truth and returns to his sin. He's much worse off before because he was rejected the only way out of sin and the only way of salvation.

And that's what he's done, he was ashamed of the Lord. And then here, do you know what it means when he says this? But it has happened unto them again to the true proverb, the dog turned to his own vomit, and the sow again that was washed in her wallowing in the mire.

Do you understand what it means? Yeah, yeah, they're returning to sin, they're always, yeah. Well, he used the word dog there five times in the Bible, homosexuals or sodomites are referred to as dogs, okay? And his own vomit is sin, is his sin, the sin of sodomy. And the sow, now, here, in the Old Testament, the worst way to desecrate, if you were going to desecrate something, would be to offer a sow, a female hog. The female hog was the ultimate way of desecrating upon an altar. In other words, if you want to go into a temple someplace to desecrate that temple. And that was done back in 70 A.D. And so here, and that was washed to her wallowing in the mire. In other words, he's talking about here one was that had been cleaned up, had been given away, taught the word, and then went back to her sin, went back to wallowing in her mire.

And that's what we have. Well, I would have to compare some of these wicked female politicians to a sow, because these are some wicked, wicked women. You know, the Bible talks about natural, you know, affection, natural. Is there any more natural affection than a mother for their child? That's pretty natural.

No, it's pretty natural. You know, a female grizzly will fight a male that's twice her size to the death to protect her cubs. Even an animal knows. A mother dog will fight to the death to protect its pups. Even an animal knows to do better than these women who offer up their children.

And the worst ones are these that purposely become pregnant and give birth and to hand it over to these mad fiends to experiment on, because they get paid so well to do it. And so, anyhow, we got something coming up, Winnie, because you are a smart lady. We're coming up here, and you know about the truth about the quantum dot, don't you?

Right. Well, we're going to take a look, because another very, very smart lady, Karen Kingston, is going to tell us some things that people are not supposed to know. And we're going to be coming up on that here in just a few minutes. And so, here I also wanted to make sure people know that this coming Sunday, this coming Sunday, Doers of the Word Baptist Church, you know, we start at 8.30 in the morning, 8.30 with a real in-depth Bible study, folks. And then, in fact, this Sunday they're going to be, we always have two in the morning, but I'll be teaching both this Sunday. And then we always have one in the afternoon after the service, too.

But then the normal service, the regular service, starts at 11.15. And then this week we have what we call the Bible and current events. We have a class that we take, of course, the Bible and current events.

And we're going to be showing the film about the real Dr. Fauci, the real Fauci, what folks would, you will not find out about him on any of the fake news media, because they're bought and paid for by Pfizer, and he's a whole part of that insanity. And so, and that starts, that goes from 4 to 6. And then at 6 p.m., Pastor Hal Larson, that fellow that calls in here every time that you hear him and gives the invitation, he preaches a fire and brimstone message. And so, that's this coming Sunday. Now, let's see, oh, yes, next Tuesday, and that is November 1st, at the Jugger County Tea Party, the great Jugger County Tea Party, protecting liberty and freedom for all. So, next Tuesday, November 1st at 6.30 at the Metzenbaum Center at 8200 Cedar Road, 8200 Cedar Road in Chesterland, Ohio, out here for Northeast Ohio. Dr. Myron Shibley, professor, will be talking about Marxism and Communism. And then Dane Davis, economist and metals commodities expert, will be discussing an update on the economy, supply chain, and inflation. And so, both speakers in previous appearances at the Jugger County Tea Party have literally stunned the audience with clear, concise, common sense explanations of what is and has been occurring and frequently seen, but not understood.

So, with that, we're going to be back right after this. Now, here's a song for all of you liberals who believe your ways are best, who don't mind overcrowding this nation with a swarm of foreign immigrants, who don't care about the population, who don't care if it's foul on our nest. When are you ever gonna read the writing upon the wall? We got crime overtaken our cities, we got gangs taken over our streets, we keep handing out more and more welfare, though it never seems to meet their needs. What kind of culture are we cultivating, one where you never have to pull any weeds? If we don't stop this immigration, this great nation's gonna fall. Let's get a grip on immigration in this great United States, it's high time that we limit their numbers, it's high time that we close at that gate. Now, can't you see how we are rapidly becoming another third world fascist state? Let's get a grip on immigration in this great United States.

How can we ever come to any solution when all we ever do is debate? We've gotta get a tighter grip on our borders, we've got to seriously legislate. And quit trying to fan the flame that I'm a racist, and quit trying to fabricate that I hate. And get a grip on immigration, now you know it's not too late. Let's get a grip on immigration in this great United States, it's high time that we limit their numbers, it's high time we start closing at that gate.

And quit trying to fan the flame that I'm a racist, and quit trying to fabricate that I hate. And get a grip on immigration in this great United States. Let's get a grip on immigration, now you know it's not too late. It's high time that we limit their numbers, it's high time that we close at that gate.

Can't you see how we are rapidly becoming another third world fascist state? Let's get a grip on immigration in this great United States. And quit trying to fan the flame that I'm a racist, and quit trying to fabricate that I hate. And get a grip on immigration in this great United States. He died in January 2019, and he was really kind of a young man really, well compared to me. Anyhow, he would really, we made that song, I believe we made that song when Obama was in office. And boy, he would really be beside himself to see the way things are now.

I mean, I can't believe the kind of songs he'd be singing if he was still here today. But we miss him, he was Carl Klang, a great American. Now we're going to go to a couple of other great Americans, Stu Peters and Karen Kingston, and we're going to listen to her because she's going to tell you some things that you're not supposed to know, that you're not supposed to know.

We do that here all the time. And then Miss Wendy Wilson, another very smart, great American, is going to be doing commentary on, because she knows a lot more about this stuff than I do. So go ahead and take it away, Craig. Alrighty, we're counting down, folks. It's loading. It'll be ready any minute.

And while I'm waiting, I'm going to take a sip of my green tea, okay? Look at that. So Karen Kingston found another patent that she says is critical for understanding the real truth about the COVID shots. This time the patent is for quantum dot technology. Quantum dot technology can be used for trace and trace tech. It can also be used in gene editing, which means that it can be used as part of vaccines.

Well, Karen believes that this is exactly what's happening, and she chronicled this in a recent post on her Substack blog. Quote, the electromagnetic fields and frequencies emitted by quantum dots can cause emotional, psychological, and physical disease and dysfunction in our bodies. Quantum dot can be used as neural weapons and can cause severe disruptions to your emotion, energy, physical abilities, and your ability to think straight, i.e. brain fog. It's evident that the COVID-19 injections contain nanotechnology that can host electromagnetic fields and receive signals. People are magnetic and are suffering from rapid onset of neurological disorders and hallucinations, sometimes resulting in death. Well, Kingston sent our show some additional information that we feel is important for you to know.

We'll talk about that with her in a few moments. Quote, once the EUA is lifted for COVID-19, legally this executive order could have been stopped by Congress under standard FDA law. Under standard FDA law, no gene editing experiments can be conducted in humans without animal trials first. The legal hurdle will be overridden with Senator Rand Paul's latest bill that he passed through the Senate, which allows manufacturers to skip animal trials if researchers are confident in moving forward with human trials, regardless of animal trial results. The majority of our House and Senate representatives are not invested in the American people. They are invested in Big Pharma and biotech.

This is a select list of biotech and pharma companies who are manufacturing the lipid nanoparticle technologies. The bioweapons that Big Pharma and government can use to contaminate our food, vitamins, supplements, clothing, and water supply will destroy our nation and humanity. Unquote.

It's really heavy stuff. We need to hear a whole lot more about this. With that, Karen Kingston joins us now. Karen, thank you so much for coming. We appreciate you being here.

Thank you, Stu. Yeah, today what I'm going to report on that's so critical is that Quantum Dot, Qdot, is in all of the COVID-19 technologies. And this is, it's there. I'm as confident that it's in there as I was when I reported on graphene oxide. So Qdot is literally a track and trace gene editing diagnostic technology that also can do gene editing inside cells. Now, Dr. Jane Ruby was on your show yesterday reporting on the peer reviewed publication that talked about the in vitro gene editing that's done with SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19. That means it's done in the cells. So what Qdot allows to happen is mRNA is not a successful technology. It has to be done in the cells and inside the animal's body.

So I'm just going to go through the evidence real quick with your audience. So if you go to Moderna's website, there's a master patent for the lipid nanoparticle technologies. Within that patent, you're going to find patent number 0228565. That's the patent for Qdot, for Quantum Dot.

It's owned by Life Technologies, who was acquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific. And what Qdot does is it penetrates the cells to actually extract the DNA and target DNA. It uses a technology called FISH, which literally stands for Fluorescent In-Situ Hybridization. The point of FISH with the Qdot is to go to cells, target the cells, read the genetic sequences, and then from those genetic sequences, slice and dice or slice silence, and then replace it with new genetic sequences. The Quantum Dot technology, there are trillions of them within the pegylated lipid nanoparticles that then go and they actually track each individual cell in the human body. You can go to Thermo Fisher's website and you can look up Qdot and Qdot probe and Qdot tracker. It is for in vivo tracking of cells and hybridization of those cells. So there's a couple of things I want to point out and they can go straight to the Thermo Fisher website. The COVID-19 injections, as well as the COVID-19 products that contain the quote unquote spike protein, which is a pegylated lipid nanoparticle encapsulated Quantum Dot, changes your genome forever.

I'm just going to read straight from Thermo Fisher's website. So, pegylated Quantum Dots, we know pegylated lipids are in the injections, can be coupled to biomolecules using amine reactive cross-linking chemistries. Qdot carboxyl Quantum Dots can be coupled to amino containing biomolecules by amine linkages generated by EDAC mediated condensation. What that means, Stu, is using photons, using light. Quantum Dot can get into literally the amino acid sequences of RNA and DNA, disrupt it, and then it's permanently coupled and integrated into our DNA.

So what's the end result of this to a person that's been injected? Well, right, so as you read through the whole technology, I just want to make that clear. What happens at a cellular level is the technology hijacks the individual cell. It starts to do genetic editing technologies and it merges. So your cells now are part technology and part human. And there actually goes through this apoptosis process, so it kills the cell and creates a new hybrid cell. So that's one of the things that happens. But Quantum Dot is considered an electronic device, right? So it also it's an intelligent technology.

We've gone through this before on your show. So the cells are now receiving signals in your body and can receive directions and they can also communicate with one another. So ultimately you will have no free will.

There's no free will. Your body has been taken over. So when you show the videos of people who are having those hallucinations, so that's when the Quantum Dot goes through my substack, that's when this technology is targeted for the central nervous system in the brain.

It can penetrate the blood-brain barrier within 30 minutes and start rebuilding your neural network. So those people, I mean, we think of the word hallucinations, but to them it's very real. Whatever terrorizing, demonic thing that they're going through, it's very real.

If there is a technology that can create hell on earth and trap you there, it would be this technology. But at the end of the day, the Quantum Dot is used to create, we are the new hybrids. That's what they're doing. They're creating a new hybrid species. So if you go through Thermo Fisher's website, this is supposed to be used in mice, right? So they use it in vivo, which means in-body, track and trace for mice. And I think it's important for people to know that it's used, it's photons, it's light signals. So the LED lights play a vital role in activating this technology. I mean, it says right here, Qdot nanocrystals can be excited using a single light source.

So that's the LED light sources as well. But it also talks about how they're injected through the mice's tail and they integrate into the cells, but they don't then affect other cells, but it's a generational infection. So once they integrate into one cell, as that cell continues to regenerate or produce new material, it will have this new Quantum Dot integrated into its DNA. What would be the purpose of putting this technology into a so-called vaccine? COVID-19 is about the destruction of humanity. It's a war on humanity. It's not for a vaccine.

It's to destroy God's creation and to create a new demonic creation. So world governments across the planet have declared open war on citizens of the world. Yeah. I mean, does anyone really think this is still about public safety and health? Not this audience.

No, of course not. No, this has always been about fighting God. There are people out there that are nihilists. They think life is pointless. They think they believe in God and they hate God. And this is about fighting God and destroying his children.

So that is what this has always been about. And but I want to say something. My industry, I know this came from my industry. My industry is not evil.

I didn't go. I went into the biotech pharma industry because I love people and I want to serve people. And, you know, 75, 80 percent of the people, I would say, are like that.

And there's people that are, you know, money hungry. But I would say ninety nine point nine percent have no idea. The people that work at Thermo Fisher was a client of mine for four years.

Some of my best friends are from Thermo Fisher Scientific. They have no idea this technology, how it's being used. Why don't they know? How do they not know?

Is it because they watch CNN and Rachel Maddow? Stu, no one knows how this QDOT is being used right now, except for people that have read my substack and watching your show. Nobody knows.

And don't say that. Does Dr. Simone Gold know? Does Dr. Malone know?

Does Thomas Renz know? They're not talking about QDOT. Nobody's talking about this technology being in the vaccines and integrating with the human genome. I am talking about it. And no one else is. So don't, you know, do not criticize.

Take the plank out of our own eyes. Don't criticize the industry. They don't know. They're good people. They're very good people. And someone says, oh, she's one of them.

How dare you? Because, you know, we sit here going, we can't believe they believe Fauci. Yet on August 24th of last year, Dr. Malone got on the war room and lied about the FDA approval. It happened. And it could have changed the entire game, the entire laws of warfare, if he would just state the truth. It's irrefutable that it happened.

And because it happened, we could then submit a FOIA request to find out about this radiological electronic device that's been injected in people. And don't tell me he was mistaken. He's done nothing to correct it.

Nothing to correct it. So we can't sit here and say, OK, bio pharma is evil and the alternative media is evil when we're being deceived by people on our own side. They're not on our side. If they are deceivers and if they are liars and if they are false teachers and if they are phonies and if they're fakes and if they're controlled opposition and if they're operatives of the intelligence community, they are not on our side. And so I'm tired of people saying, stop being a divider. No, no, no.

I don't unite with people like that. Yeah. So this is I mean, we have to we we have to find people. So what I love about my industry is that it's very fact and evidence driven. OK, Thermo Fisher Scientific is currently selling this technology like through the manufacturing chain is so complex. People don't even know they're putting this into their products. And right now, this is this is filed under animal use. I don't even know if they filed the PMA under human use and just thought they would get away with it. So, you know, what we need to do is and what I love about my industry is they're very disciplined.

They look at evidence. They don't they don't care about they don't make false idols, which unfortunately we do. We do a lot of and they really, for the most part, do things for humanity.

So I'm going to continue writing my subset, which is done in a med legal process. And I'm going to go back to the industry and talk to some whales and get them, you know, to help me change the movement. Because our movement has, from what I've witnessed, people who are enjoying celebrity status and enjoying raising funds. And I haven't seen any strategic moves to wake up this nation. We've been in an echo chamber.

We certainly need to capture a larger audience, no doubt. Do the investors, the big investors into these major pharmaceutical companies, are they aware of any of this? I mean, certainly if people that actually work at these manufacturing facilities don't know what's going in it, then how would their investors know? The investors don't know either. They absolutely they don't know. I mean, you know, I would assume someone like Casper, the CEO of Thermo Fisher, obviously he knows what's going on. They're funding the demise of humanity. They're funding the demise.

And if they don't know that, they need to know. Because potentially a lot of these people have souls and a heart and would not be investing in the war on humanity. No, and if they understood what this technology does to the human genome, what it does to our children and our children's children, there is no posterity. There is no future. And it's worse than that because not only is the genome change, this targets the central nervous system in the hippocampus. It erases memories.

There's no. It's the most evil, demonic technology that's ever been invented. And I know QDOT was originally invented for good, but it has to do with the quantum, the quantum field and quantum mechanics. And it's been used to play God and it's been used to play God on us and our children and the future of humanity.

And it needs to stop. And I believe there are really good people in the biotech pharma industry. They are still I mean, they really are really good people that are intelligent, they're strategic. And I think if they saw the body of evidence in front of them and a dear friend of mine who's probably she's probably worth a quarter billion dollars.

He just had a heart attack and lost his 18 year old niece. And I haven't talked to these people in years because, you know, they did think I was a conspiracy theorist, but they're seeing the death now. And I think as we go through the body of evidence with them that they will invest in getting the truth out there. You know, because unfortunately, our our side hasn't invested in the truth.

This technology, like so many others intended for good, has been hijacked by the enemy and used for the destruction of God's creation. And you're bringing it to the forefront. Thank you so much. Make sure that you find her sub stack Karen Kingston dot sub stack dot com. Thank you so much for being here. We appreciate it. All righty. Take me up. All right. We are back. Miss Wendy Wilson. What do you make of all that? Yeah.

Well, she's she's pretty on point. Quantum dots. They are electronic and they're also optical devices. They can be surveillance items in your body. In other words, medicine likes to use them for diagnostic tools. So these quantum dots can send out visual pictures of arteries and veins and stuff like that. Of course, medicine was all excited about them being used for diagnostic tools, but they are semiconductors. So they do communicate so they can accept and send signals.

And she's right. They they can be very destructive to the cell DNA. But more importantly, medicine, if you read some of the journal articles on quantum dots where they're, you know, really excited about the possibilities of this being a new medical technology, they all are saying, but, you know, we need to move forward with caution because these types of devices can be very detrimental to the kidneys. And so nobody seems to be mentioning that. But usually the quantum dots, they're made to have a lifespan of 12 months.

So this also could be one of the reasons why they want you to get boosters. And she mentioned that it was patented for animal use, did she not? Yeah.

Yeah. Well, in the U.S. code, in all 50 states, it's almost interesting. Like the government will put forward code and then it's almost like the states will copy and paste into their own state code. The same kind of verbiage. So in all 50 states, they have this code regarding how the states look at certain things, especially wellness and health, and certain things that are used for wellness and health.

And it's really interesting if you look up the U.S. code in these states, they have interesting verbiage, pastor. They think man is an animal. Okay? Because you can read in their code where it will say man and other animals. Man's not an animal. Man eats animals, but man is not an animal. But they think you are, so it makes perfect sense to me, they've patented for animal use, and that means you and me. Well, you've got to admit that the other side acts like animals more often than not. Yeah, they sure do. But I mean, it is very dark.

It is very satanic. And she's not off. She senses this. She's been backing her stuff up with documentation, apparently. And you know, I see a lot of what she's talking about in other journal articles, so yeah, it's a problem. So now, you know, what she just said was just played from coast to coast in this country. And, you know, again, I would probably say 99% of the people out there that heard that are scratching their head, like what in the world is going on? It's kind of sci-fi.

It's really out there, you know. But the technology is moving forward so quickly that none of the laws have kept up with any of it. Okay, there's no regulatory oversight for any of this stuff. So we're really behind the eight ball. Congress is way behind the eight ball on this and making things, you know, regulated and things are done on the up and up.

You can forget it. They're lost on this. A lot of the Senators don't even know how to operate a smartphone, so they're not going to know a lot of this stuff and what it means. You have to explain it to them. I have to laugh because I'm not real big on operating a smart-aleck phone myself.

I'm just... Well, I'm not either. I mean, I know how to do some things, but you know, a lot of the younger generation have grown up on this technology and it's nothing new to them. But, you know, for a lot of us that grew up on a typewriter and maybe using a fax machine, this stuff is really moving quick. Listen to this, what you just said here. Here's what Gabriel is telling Daniel. He's saying, But thou, Daniel, shut up the words and seal the book even to the time of the end, for many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased. So there, in other words, when he's talking about that coming to the end, knowledge is going to be increased and many will run. In other words, people will be traveling back and forth very quickly. Now, in our lifetime, Wendy, I would say the last 20 years, you know, if we go back 50 years ago, knowledge is being doubled every couple of years.

Every couple of years. Now it's, what is it, knowledge is being doubled every couple of hours? It's unbelievable and we're, and that's exactly since, but it's the time of the end, the time of the end. And I think you pointed out before on your show that knowledge doesn't necessarily mean truth.

Right, it's knowledge, but you're right, it doesn't necessarily mean truth because, boy, we're learning a whole lot that's not true, aren't we? Yeah, yeah. It's just really kind of creepy because she was mentioning this type of technology can go through the blood-brain barrier. Didn't she say that?

Yeah, absolutely. Do you know anything about the blood-brain barrier, Pastor? Nope. I really don't know much about it. You don't know? Okay, so the barrier, the blood-brain barrier, also called the BBB, science tells us it's made up of these tightly woven cells, almost like a mesh or fabric, and it's there to prevent foreign substances from entering into the brain. But science, Pastor, has found a way to reach that barrier with drugs and pass right through that barrier and access the brain. So the drugs interact with the barrier cells when they do that. So certain proteins in drugs act like a key in a lock so it can gain access to the brain. So proteins are switches and the cells can also open the barrier and the problem is they've also known that when they breach the blood-brain barrier that a lot of these pathogens that they're using to do that damage the barrier and weaken it. So even some very common medications people are taking, that's happening. Well, you know the Bible speaks about the invisible things and all these things, you're talking about all these proteins and the spike proteins and all these things that are not even visible to the naked eye.

It's an amazing thing that all of this is going on and it makes a point that here, even though they're invisible, they're very, very real, even though we can't see it. Well, and have you noticed the neurological conditions have been a problem in the last 50, 60 years? A lot of neurological disorders are even worse today than ever in history because over a million Americans have general, 31% of our general population, Pastor, have a neurological condition.

And most of these illnesses involve the brain and the nervous system. So if we look at some of the research, back in 2000, it was stating that the general U.S. population that had neurological conditions was 0.6%. But now we're 31%. That's a big jump.

That's a big jump. And so what they're saying is we have like over 10,000 people with multiple sclerosis, over 600,000 with Parkinson's. We have over 250 with Alzheimer's and dementia diseases, over 135,000 with epilepsy, 450,000 with Tourette's syndrome and 7.2 million with autism. And again, I know that since the Vax came out, what they call the Vax, the bioweapon shot, and I know these people that have taken this so-called shot, they're four times more likely to get the COVID itself. So that tells you it's destroying the immune system. So with the immune system being destroyed, then it leaves it open for all these other things, doesn't it?

Well, that's interesting you say that. This was a study from the Children's Hospital in Philadelphia. They published some research on vaccines and the human blood-brain barrier, and they were saying that your vaccines have a negative impact on your brain. The safety of vaccines, the truthfulness of scientific research, and the integrity of the scientific professionals influencing the healthcare policies. So that was in their study. They said, quote, some people are concerned about the vaccine's safety and wonder whether vaccines may enter the brain and cause neurological conditions. So a lot of the research out there is looking at neurological side effects, especially from vaccines, and what's going on with the blood-brain barrier. Now, some people did really not believe a lot of these reports that some of these everyday types of medications like your pain relievers and antidepressants are passing through this blood-brain barrier.

But most biological drugs, like your insulin and even Botox, are passing through. Hang up. Hold on right there. We're up against a hard break, so hold on.

And we will be back right after this with a whole lot more. Thank you for listening to What's Right, What's Left, the voice of the Christian resistance. To support this ministry, head to That's Mail your donations to What's Right, What's Left Ministries, 14781 Speary Road, Newberry, Ohio, 44065. If you missed part of tonight's program, you can check out the podcast at Once again, thank you for listening and supporting What's Right, What's Left Ministries, the voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next.
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