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The Significance of the New Peace Plan

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 30, 2020 4:50 pm

The Significance of the New Peace Plan

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 30, 2020 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/30/20.

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Financially while eating is really synchronous is that Donald Trump is the first Zionist president stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologians Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience have president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always. 866-34-TRUTH index 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown welcome to today's thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast. This is Michael Wright 6634. Truth is the recall. If you have a Jewish related questions have usually fever related could be related to messianic prophecy Israel today Judaism there is things like that is also stress-related. Glad to take your calls 866-34-TRUTH 7884. A lot of ground to cover a very very big week in the Jewish world the historic week in terms of the presidents peace plan. We commented on it immediately.

Soon as it was announced got as much information as I could make some preliminary comments put out a video commentary put out an article and the more things sit, the more we look at them. The more I feel that the initial comments initial understanding was was correct but a lot of digging deeper. Today we give you more insight and then talk to about an editorial by Carolyn Glick. Leading Americans really sinker in terms of why this is so historic why she says that Donald Trump is the first Zionist president. First, there's an article on GTA Jewish telegraph Association that says trumps is really peace plan runs 181 pages.

These two maps tell you what you need to know, and there are two maps that are very detailed so this is what the president's team put out detailed maps and something that strikes me is very interesting. You have Israel proper right and for those watching leave these maps up for little while we have Israel proper and then you have what would be a Palestinian state. So Israel proper isn't cover a beige color and end than a light blue that would be the Palestinian state. So it's largely with in Israel's borders, but the majority of it is on the West Bank of the drawer.

This is a story today is Samaria biblically, but known as the West Bank today in terms of when people exist in the world. Generally speaking about and then on the south east side. She's the southwest side of Israel. You have the Gaza Strip and these are separated and because of Hamas ruling over Gaza being the elected governmental entity over Gaza. Gaza has basically been cut off by Israel in many ways because of being run by a terrorist organization that wants to destroy the nation of Israel and the Jewish people living in the land of Israel. So what are families that are separated more they do well. This can be a tunnel. That's what's so fascinating that there would be a 30 mile tunnel that would connect the West Bank to the connect the West Bank to the Gaza Strip so that would be a first, and then those from the Gaza Strip that want to pray the Al-Aqsa mosque and have access to that part of Jerusalem that come in peace would be able to do so under the plan, but overwhelmingly you could say that this favors Israel territorially the whole thing is to say let's make a way for the Palestinian people to live with freedom and to live with prosperity and to live with the ability to make choices. Have the Palestinians read what will look at that in the moment but a few headlines of interest here right Jerusalem Post reports this that Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar and United Arab Emirates welcome the Trump peace plan.

So here's how the Ministry of foreign affairs, the kingdom reiterates its support for all efforts aimed at reaching a just and comprehensive resolution to the Palestinian cause you said does not represent a change because up until now, there is been overwhelming solidarity of the surrounding nations with the Palestinians as long as there in their lender has not been solidarity and say hey just come live with us, be incorporated into oil and seek when roughly 800,000 Jews had to flee the Muslim Arab lands in which they lived with the establishment of the state of Israel. 4748 they became refugees where they do the great majority were absorbed within Israel proper.

The rest went to other parts of world, Canada, America, South America, where else they were able to to go in and take refuge, Europe, etc. but the great bulk were absorbed in the new nation of Israel. What happened to the roughly 600,000 Arabs that were living there, they won't notice the Palestinians at that time that were living there. The because of the aggressive stance of the surrounding nations, and the refusal of the partition plan of the United Nations. What happened to those refugees. They remain as refugees. To this day.

It's the only case like this that we've had. We still have the UN, recognizing them as refugees. You can you can even go into towns and cities in the West Bank and they still have refugee camps or Palestinians living within Palestinian territory with Syria and Lebanon. They still have refugee camps widen all the surrounding Muslim and Arab nations just embrace them and say what you come live with us we speak the same language. We worship the same God, were Muslims us come live with us when they do that yet small minority Christian, but one date distant well because then you don't have this bargaining chip against Israel. You can't make Israel look bad. This is a strategy from the 50s of the Arab League to say no we will not resettle the refugees and our lancets where they remain as refugees. Generations later Bruce who suffers they do, they do so up until now that the Palestinian cause is been used as a as a pawn against Israel as a tool as a wedge issue against Israel. But now the surrounding nations with whom Americans had increasingly good relationships over the years that the surrounding nations ahead with it. We have a path to prosperity. Working with Israel so Palestinians can't get on board and is not real work with Israel. As we have a pastor to regional peace and prosperity and in Iran is looked at as an archenemy by so many of them as well. Slick. Let's let's stand together and work together if we can, so Palestinians get on board. So another headline. This is a Wall Street Journal same thing. Arab leaders support for Mideast peace plan marks a regional shift, tentative backing of US proposal reflects changing priorities frustration with the Palestinians and more willingness to work with Israel. So this is major civil head of the Palestinians respond, what, what's their reaction. How did they feel about this. Well boarded, Bill Han, Omar have to say. She said that the deal of the century is theft and erasure, theft, and ratio be stealing hosting and land exits historic Israel and Jewish law, but can be stealing Israel's land.

That's what it comes down to a Palestinian land. It is erasing them as a people Saft and erasure that was her response. Let's let's look at some more Palestinian responses on common this is the Palestinian response. This is not a peace plan is a war plan trumpets on Yahoo deal decry the shameful attack on Palestinian rights and attainment with some it's read a few quotes from this article begin a Han Omar, this is not a peace plan is theft. It is erasure. She says they could've guaranteed justice and brought everyone into this piece deal.

Instead, these two embattled heads of state impeached and indicted, so attacking Trump and Netanyahu have a just us piece deal. It's shameful and disingenuous and feminist activists Muslim activists anti-Israel activist Linda source or treated a peaceful plan without Palestinians that appease plaintiff's reelection campaign strategy for Donald Trump and Housing Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas said this should be thrown into the dustbin of history. Trash it in point of fact, while the.

The overall agreement is very positive in terms of Israel is is pro-Israel. In many ways it's also pro-Palestinian. The fact of the matter is, the United Nations United Nations is still saying 1967 board seven.

This was a shocker to read at times of Israel United Nations is committed to pre-1967 borders stresses that the settlements are illegal, so United Nations assist health still want to go back in time pre-1967 in defensible borders. It would make the narrowest part of Israel. About 9 miles wide, surrounded by hostile entities on either side.

Think of in defensible borders borders that were expanded through war against attack to wipe them out right so justly and rightly exclude vendors the borders and then to not recognize the settlements on top of this is is to say the only way they can be Palestinian cities with no Jews living in it minutes. That's the bottom line.

So how many Arabs that would also be called Palestinians today live in what everyone recognizes right now as Israel referred Israel that's retardants and not the West Bank and Gaza Strip. But what others referred was Israel. How many Palestinian Arabs live there now is about 2 million is that high now but around 2 million. So if the population of the Jewish people. There is about 6 million Palestinians there. It's about 2 million or close to that right what why can you have an Israeli state with Palestinian Arabs living in its myths but a Palestinian state can have any Jews living in its midst.

Doesn't that sound like the old days of bigotry and hatred and anti-Semitism. No Jews in our midst civil less the whole thing though the settlements get better treatment.

The settlements get better war.

The settlements get better land.

The settlements get protection in and in some of the settlers are bad people is some of the settlers are bad people, some of the settlers are Arab haters is true some of the hostile and negative and that's that's true, and they they need to be called to account by the Israeli government by the Israeli people. But the fact of the matter is the peace plan is saying we want to pour into the region and we want to pour into your your economic system which will benefit your educational system and we want to give you more connection to to other families in the region and we want to give you more access to the holy places in an intrusive for you and and and we we want you to do well but you have to give up some your dream and that means recognize this is Israel.

That's the reality. This is Israel, but you can have your own government place in the midst of it and even a capital in East Jerusalem and it's interesting as we are looking a moment with Carolyn Glick had to say. What's interesting is that she has been a strong proponent of the one state solution and if she recognizes that this is the best offer Israel as a result, I think later today-, to write an article asking the question you still think Donald Trump is an anti-Semite, really you still think so more ultimate racist or misogynist or xenophobic or any of the other accusations but you still think even after this peace plan.

Donald Trump is 97. I like that 66 error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown reminder if you live anywhere near St. Louis ministry at Grace Church outside St. Louis. This entire week and Friday, notably with young adults Saturday morning men's meeting and then three weekend services for everyone Saturday night into Sunday morning services each with a different topic. So join me as many of those fit obviously file you can come to the women's meeting and if you like 90 is probably not just come to the adults meeting about exclude you but welcome everyone. Look forward to seeing you details are on my itinerary district escape DR Brown.Borg for itinerary right before I go back to discussion about the Middle East peace plan want to take some phone calls, 86634 true will start in Brooklyn. Chris, welcome to the line of fire, a goblet. Dr. Brown Galician caller longer. Thank you sir. Welcome.

I have a question on the custom given that I, and the word of article 35 and 25. By being men thinking women, making it a custom in Israel and Matthew 923 speaks about when Jesus came into the house of gyrus many thoughtful players and a crowd. So my question is the custom connect and connect an aversive one of the custom when somebody is dying for what was the custom in our time.

I still happen in in the Jewish culture yet what you looking at was not something that was so much a Jewish custom, so this is morning and lament two-sided dies in second Chronicles 35 in this morning and the manager gyrus's daughter dies almost before they know Jesus skin.

It raised from the dead. So this morning and lamenting what you basically had in the in the ancient Middle East and you still have this today in certain parts of the world is is kind of morning writes that when there's an announcement there is weeping announcement of death. There is weeping and wailing and you even have some people who were professional mourners and that they join in with wailing and lamenting and it's just part of the culture of Judaism developed instead certain prayers that are prayed words that are said customs that are followed of.

For example, the ripping of the close would be an immediate sign of morning and venting in different different Jewish traditions instead of ripping her close. She put on like a bike, black strip of fabric dependent your garments and signify morning when you hear when someone tells you so-and-so just died and you immediately respond with with Blessed be the righteous judge and may the Lord comfort you and so there certain things you do and then the custom of what's called sitting Shiva, which is much later on exactly when they came in, but Shiva is a she bought seven that for seven days after after the burial, you sit in comfort the mortar so within Jewish practice. You bury the person within 24 hours a missed Sabbath servicing happens with tremendous suddenness that if it's a sudden unexpected death and everything has to be done quickly. People traveling as quickly as possible. You have the funeral service and then seven days after that, people come to your home and one with you and console you and encourage you and cook and bring things for you. So those are some of the customs and then there are again various prayers that are prayed and laws that are followed in terms of cleanness and uncleanness and touching a corpse and and all of that with that type of morning reflects more Middle Eastern custom than specific Jewish custom okay great young soldier formal progress in the national mourners yelled out over their jobs or like that the money that we can compare tonalities like funeral directors and other such that you can compare numbers. The jobs are totally different but just like there is an industry of sorts that revolves around death and burial and and and those things involving it that you had some of that.

So it's again it's a vastly different culturally, but yet there were people that's what they did, how often they did it. What they were paid or how there that is another subject, but that they existed out.

We certainly know, and it is in fact in a passage that would point to this is in Jeremiah the ninth chapter Jeremiah chapter 9 and it's it's again pointing to this, not just being spontaneous someone just morning because somebody died God saying that judgment is coming and Jeremiah 9 starting verse 20. Now hear the word of the Lord you women pay attention to the word of his mouth teacher daughters lament and one another. A dirge for death.

His clients were windows of the center fortresses cutting off children from the street.

Young men from the squares speak as follows. This is with the Lord says human corpses will fall like manure on the surface of the field like newly cut grain after the reaper and and it goes it goes on with that so it's no gather, the morning women teach them a lament that it verse 17.

This is with the Lord of hosts is consider and some of the women who mourn, send for the skillful women with them come quickly to raise lament over a satirize may overflow with tears or eyelets soaked with weeping so it would be the morning the wailing, but also the composing of the Mancino that would be, similar to eulogies today, so again parallels are not exact but that gives you a bit more of the feeling of the culture he Chris, thank you for listening. Thank you for calling in 86634 let's go to George in Orlando, Florida.

Welcome to the line of fire truck. I good question about the Middle East conflict in regards to like the Jewish people with a Palestinian or even the Jewish people and the broader Arab world. Is there a connection that we Christians are supposed to make between that and in Genesis about Jacob and Esau. Or I remember about the enmity. Is there something there or no yes and so George cannot one point but I believe I had requested Jacob and Esau is more specific.

Okay so Jacob, representing Israel, Esau specifically comes to represent even that the nation of Edom, and then broader connotations.

From there, but the conflict if you wanted to look at the larger Jewish Arab conflict in a broader way than you would say that's Isaac and Ishmael.

Okay Isaac and Ishmael. So it's a conflict between brothers, both sons of Abraham, both in the Arab world becoming primarily Muslim, both looking to Abraham's spiritual father. Okay so that that going on as well. But the question is how do we translate in Genesis chapter 16 Genesis 16 when there is a word spoken over Ishmael okay and it and it says of verse 12 in the reading. The few different translations. Genesis 1612 King James and he'll be a wild man, his hand will be against every man and every man's hand against him, and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren new King James, the same CSB he will live at odds with all his brothers, ESV, he shall dwell over against all his kinsman and IV and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers. Any Tiki will live away from his brothers. CJB living his life at odds with all this Kingman kinsman, a new Jewish publication Society, he shall dwell alongside all of his kinsman.

So the question George is there a prophecy.

There that there will always be enmity between Ishmael and Isaac or between the sons of Israel and ultimately the larger Arab world that first is not the silly say you could just as well read that in terms of a geographical statement as opposed to a statement of hostility. We look forward to the day though of Isaiah the 19th chapter when Egypt and Syria. So today would be Egypt and Iraq in terms of where those nations are both Egypt and Syria will worship Yahweh, the God of Israel, together with Israel, that they will all as one worship the one true God.

That's what we look forward to 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Preston and Columbus, Ohio. Welcome to the line of fire.

Hello Dr. Brown.

Eric, Michael, you welcome. I have a question about Romans 1125 and 20 where Paul) all Israel will be saved and I'll just wondering like how how would that work anticlerical to become like national revelation of depot to the Jewish people. Yeah, very important verses in the course of commented on them. Many a time. In short, there will be a national turning how it will happen. I was a B many factors. One is the prayers of the church and the witness of the church. Another will be tremendous calamity and and pressure, and challenge another will be the power of the Holy Spirit working through Jewish believers in the land.

And remember, you got centuries of prayer and intercession. Some all these things coming together will come to that point where you get to and Zechariah 1210 the beach we like to share the car of the self. Do a lot of they'll look to the one they've pierced of.

Look to me of the Pierce of the mourn for him as one mourns for only child that somehow the veil will be lifted that the hardness that exists in part now will be removed with what the numbers of the nation will be at the end of the age. God knows is it's a teller shaking for the whole world.

But yes, somehow, will be national revelation somehow national opening of hearts, minds, eyes with true repentance to turn to Jesus Messiah right back about the first sign is over by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends to the line of fire 634 truth is that number to call. I want to go through a very important article written by Carolyn Glick and it is is posted on Israel how your home sold Israel today and it's called trumps heroic truth in Israel's historic opportunity. If you have a usually question 866-34-TRUTH 784, some that relates to this piece plan by all means give us a call but but I want to go through this article. It's filled with insight and Carolyn Glick is a respected Israeli thinker work closely with different governments in Israel has been a strong opponent of the two state solution and is written a book about a one state solution so her response to the presence piece plan is is very interesting so I want you to hear this a lot. Go through with you right so she says this in Israel's early years. Every time the US ambassador travel to Jerusalem to meet with government leaders would have a chauffeur stop his car at the entrance to the city and replace its diplomatic license plates with regular civilian plates, the State Department refused to recognize that Jerusalem was part of Israel. License plates were for Israel and someone showed contempt and rejection of Israel's right to its capital city removed its diplomatic plates before entering Jerusalem, and put them back on when he left Pres. Harry Truman was the first world leader to recognize the state of Israel.

Just moments after David Ben-Gurion declared its independence in the 14th 1948, but his recognition was skin deep. Truman like all the successes until Donald Trump recognized Israel's existence, but didn't recognize the Jewishness of Israel. There's a point she's making your list. Let's make sure we get it. He saw Israel as a refuge for Holocaust survivors and other Jews fleeing persecution, but he didn't accept that the nation of Israel in 1948 was the nation of Israel from the Bible.

He didn't accept that the Jewish refugees in European DP camps with the descendents of the profits or that the forefathers of the kibbutz next to the Jezreel Valley with the priest at the Temple in Jerusalem. In other words what she's saying is that they saw that the Jewish people needed a homeland. They saw that this was the logical place for a homeland. They recognize there were certain connection to the land but basically you've got the Jews you've got the Arabs you got these different players fear they all have a claim to the land, but look it's post-Holocaust and it's a terrible times. Let's have a homeland for the Jewish people without recognizing this has always been the home.

Another may have been words to that effect, but this recognition of it that was lacking is she will explain Jesus Israel. As far as Truman was concerned was a new state, a poor state of Jewish refugees and treated accordingly. Remember Israel that is not Israel today. Truman's anti-historical view of the Jewish state produced the two-faced American policy towards Israel. On the one hand, the American official spoke warmly of the Jewish homeland the other hand, they treated Israel like a beggar that should be thankful for scraps and loose change.

This patronizing American approach changed after 1967 six-day war Pres. Linton Johnson rate realize that a nation capable of triumphing over for enemy armies in six days and tripling in size as a nation with worthy of a nation where the respectability treatment. Johnson upgraded Israel militarily in support of the diplomatically in the aftermath of the war.America's ambivalence toward Zionism. The liberation movement of the ancient Jewish people persevered the United States adamant refusal to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and Washington's opposition to all Jewish settlements in Judea, Samaria and Gaza tested to this fact was it's really not your land devastated here, but it's limited its earlier land for America. She writes to recognize the legitimacy of Israel's control is real sovereign rights to these areas, America's leaders would need to recognize the simple fact that Israel is not a refuge for persecuted pitiable people, but the homeland of the eternal nation of Israel two different ways of looking at right. This is all US presidents until Trump referred to deny this truth as a matter of US policy they transfer the Jewish nation's historical rights to the Palestinians who have no national history. Despite what you hear friends. The Palestinians do not connect back to the land of Israel over period of 3000+ years. The vast majority of the Arabs living in the land of Israel only lived there within the last century plus and many with only the last few generations were before the founding of the state of Israel's immediate generations the population as a whole was very very small and it was considered part of greater Syria disclosure Ottoman Empire. Whenever, but there was I positing people Palestinian identity that's recognize it's been repeated over and over to people living there you that that may been their ancestral home for generations, and there may been a very small amount that go back to actually Jewish roots that converted to Islam so they remained in the land after the destruction of the Temple and so on, and they remained in the land, and centuries later converted to Islam were forcibly converted to Islam and they have a more ancient pedigree, but the vast majority the growth in numbers and in in that part of the world in terms of the Arab Muslim population is only towards late 1800s and that really begins to grow as more more Jews begin to come back to the land and develop the land that is more work for that for the our farmers and others in their colic so the populations grow accordingly.

But the only ones that have the ancient historic claim through the millennia. That's the Jewish people, so she then says this then three years ago Trump entered the White House Tuesday. Trump said that Israel is a light to the nations, the land of Israel is the promised land and historical men of the Jewish people. He said that Jerusalem cannot be liberated because it's already been liberated. He said that no one will be removed from their home for peace among other things, he condition Palestinian statehood on full Palestinian recognition of the Jewish people's rights to the historic home and in the land of Israel ahead of Trump's announcement that check this out Barack Obama visit Susan Barack Obama's ambassador to Israel. Dan Shapiro delivered a not particularly veiled threat to Israelis who might be tempted to accept Trump's framework for peace to Paris done the diplomatic world. When he refused to live Israel at the end of his term and instead took a position of the left-leaning Israeli think tank.

He is use his position to criticize Pres. trumps Middle East policies in an interview with Army radio Sunday, Shapiro said, I think Israeli citizens should take into account that in less than a year there could be a new Democratic administration is not a year than five years, Trump will be president forever is important to know that any Democratic candidate will oppose this plan and that no Democratic president will be bound by wow Susan don't don't you dare get it home with the settlements or think that you get to be recognized by America long-term is when a Democrat comes in is can undo that while yet he's Jewish she's living in Israel, but he is left-leaning and was part of the Obama administration, which was not a good friend of Israel.

Shapiro continued if Trump is encouraging Israel to take unilateral steps such as annexing the Jordan Valley, and the settlement blocs that guarantees there will be a clash with the Democratic administration in less than a year is really planning on a trumpet out. I don't think this is a positive thing for the relations between the countries I advise against immediate actions that future administrations will oppose the before I get back to her article, let me throw this out.

Even if there a lot of things about Pres. trumps that you may not like.

If you believe that Israel's rights which historic land is God-given and Israel security is important in God's sight and that can exist with well-being for the Palestinians unconvinced of. I'm very much convinced of, but if you believe that's important. That would be another reason for him to be reelected, even if there are things you don't like and things about him that you feel are negative or destructive. This would be another major thing disabled. This could be a reason he would be reelected, or that you would vote for right Kelly fixes Shapiro continued this is former Israeli ambassador under Barack Obama, Shapiro continued if Trump is encouraging Israel okay start with that.

In other words, Shapiro said if Israel supports trumps plan which supports Israel in ways that no previous president ever did, least of all Shapiro's boss Obama, the Democrats will punish Israel for doing so. This is this is what Shapiro saying that Ben Shapiro then Shapiro if Israel wants good relations with the Democratic ministration the future will need to agree to not secure its interest, not now, not ever. That's Ricardo. Quickly saying he is saying to piercing on behalf of the Democrats is not all clear that blue-and-white leader so blue-and-white, the opposition party to the coup, the party with the most votes along with Likud. The blue-and-white leader Benny Gonzalez stands the gravity of the moment. Shapiro spent essentially reinforce the point that Trump is providing Israel with a chance to secure its interest that isn't it isn't likely to receive again the fact that God thought it was appropriate to attack it's on young from Washington on Monday indicates that he places his personal ambitions above the good of the country so to is far from clear that the leaders of the Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria understand the significance of transactions on Tuesday Trump recognize the truth that the foundation of Zionism and made that truth, the foundation of America's policy regarding the Palestinian conflict with Israel, but this is Israel's land fundamental.

Trump she writes is a true friend of the Jewish people getting offers a perfect plan, but he offered us a plan.

We can live with that alone sets it apart from all the American plans that preceded it would be a sin for us not to support Netanyahu pledged reply is really low to the Jordan Valley and Israeli communities in Judea Samaria on Sunday, every Jew in Israel and Worldwatch expect that he and his ministers fulfill this pledge. Every Jew in Israel and Worldwatch you feel thankful to Trump for his friendship for his courage to embrace the truth. While those are strong words from Kelly Glick and you just have to realize that this is a major shift. I don't know if you'll remember this site.

I doubt that most of you would, but in my days of greatest hostility to candidate Donald Trump during the primaries in my days of racing the most cautions and concerns about him in my days of viewing him in the most negative possible ways I did not believe he was an anti-Semite and my friend Rabbi Schooley wrote an article saying that he wasn't an anti-Semite and yet he gets to this day he gets blasted as an anti-Semite. So even then in my most hostile anti-Trump days when I saw his flaws and shortcomings in his failings and sins much more clearly than I saw any good that he could do or trusted him that he would keep his word. Even then, I don't think was an anti-Semite. How much more now do I not think that he is an anti-Semite. How much more now on my views confirmed in the views of others confirmed that he really does have a heart for Israel and he really does see the Jewish perspective, but as he said we've got to be fair to the policy itself because this is not fair at all to the surrounding Arab nations there saying good deal get on with it. Let let's use this as a framework to move forward. They see is this a way to economic prosperity. I write that is six it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown on sorry. Is this a true two state solution that the president proposed to be debated isn't basically saying Palestinian recognition and sovereignty within a larger Jewish state. You could argue for that of the question is, unless you're going to drive everyone out of the land. That's not Jewish than you have other people living there right you have others living there, Christian, Muslim Arab did own ethnic group religious group.

You have living there and what setting housing a work out 86634 we go to Robert in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Welcome to the line of fire are dark brown Lecture.

God bless Tom thank you for I had a question about our current contract in order know I will maybe not doctrine but ideas that are structured toward the destruction between the Gentile Christians and be people. People that have received extra Jesus Christ, the Messiah, God know the there's a lot of a lot of discord or know there's not much agreement on what the word of God says regarding you know, namely the 10 Commandments we get there without really is. There should should Christian and Jewish people that receive your sure you look towards the younger one instruction out there should be one instruction for the house of Israel and the stranger with the gate switch. With Mangano, Ursula Robert yeah that was under the Sinai covenant went on under the Sinai covenant that was all right. Well war that was only for Gentiles living within the community of Israel. So the New Testament is very very plan on that. Know that total law does not apply to Gentile believers. There are certain fundamental moral commandments that are universal for all people in the greater Commandments of the new covenant to love one another is as Yeshua loved us, but know that the rest of the commandments that the dietary laws.

For example, the, the purity laws and other aspects of the of the Sinai covenant know those were never considered binding for Gentile Christians asked 15. This is explicit is explicit could be called in his letters re-reiterates that not only so him in Jesus.

None of us are under the Sinai covenant were all under new and better covenant and just as Paul gives instructions to man and time in into masters and slaves to parents to children. Their things were Jews and their things for Gentiles submittal.

All have to do everything the same way to be part of the same larger family, and there are 10 Commandments eternal here or there are a figment very good bike reboot. I reacted to legitimate question.

Yeah, the 10 Commandments now Doug and Robert Sunday worship. I am not one of those guys I go to churches under the church.

Sometimes on Sundays are wonderful thing I enjoy it, and it is part of our early tradition of part of the true church but the 10 Commandments and go. Strike the 10 Commandments actually can be called the will of God testimony that was it just justice, but it is that the 10 commitments upon the Sinai covenant not vulgar not good part of the reality of the Lord will let me know. Robert Ronald Robert Rotherham and Lori to tell you it is the problem. Once again I hate when this happens because I want to help people, but if you ask me a question and talk. I can Nancy. So Robert please listen carefully, and I remember after debate with Rush will be in New York City Jewish woman came up to me and asked me a question and the moment I began to answer, she began to shake her head back and forth no with each question and I said nothing. Listen to me. I was listening to us because the moment. The moment I open my mouth.

I could decide Lala Lala Lala. Or I could say that is the sky is blue and her head was shaking, though, so when I am asked the question that I'm trying to answer please allow me to answer Robert the 10 Commandments are the foundation of the Sinai covenant. Okay God speaks those words to Israel where from Mount Sinai in Exodus the 20th chapter and then the people say we can hear God's voice anymore. We can hear his voice anymore you speak to us now.

God gives the rest of the covenant, and then in Exodus 24 the first foundations are given the 10 Commandments and the other commandments that were given through chapter 24 he reads them to the people and they say yes will do what God is saying, and then the rest is rhetoric throughout the Sinai covenant and other passages in the Leviticus 19 or Exodus 31 are other passages that that your Sabbath is reiterated.

Sabbath is rhetoric since 35 it's reiterated spoken of again because it was part of the Sinai covenant in Ezekiel 21 reminds us it was a sign that God gave to Israel so no I do not believe that under the new covenant that God is commanding in a binding way all people, Jew and Gentile in Jesus to observe the seventh day Sabbath anyone called to do so conducive that was a covenantal sign, God gave with Israel and the Jewish people and for everyone. It now speaks to us of the call to enter into God's rest and to experience the rest that Messiah gives us but know this seventh day Sabbath command is not given for Gentile believers in the New Testament. In fact, in the early church that we been totally foreign. The idea that that for many, that was just part of the workweek where they were that that was the command to seven. And what about under the Sinai covenant Robert the penalty for not observing the Sabbath was death forced him to Sinai covenant, then you're still in the death penalty for not observing so no, that is part of the Sinai covenant. Those that feel called to be part of a messianic Jewish congregation and and Jewish believers. They feel called specially to to live in this way, wonderful but it is not a New Testament command read through Galatians 3 where Paul explains that that that the law speak of the Sinai covenant was given to us as as a pedagogue is a schoolmasters settlement to protect and watch over an insurer or education is that a slave that would have that role in the ancient world that that's what they would do. But now that Messiah has come, that was just to bring us to the Masai. That's the scaffolding of the building, and once the building is erected.

The scaffolding is no longer needed. Robert, I hope that's helpful. I can only be rude but again it's very important not just for good radio so that people can hear one person at a time, but you did ask a question I'm doing my best to help you understand but start with the realization that the 10 Commandments are part of the Sinai covenant start there and if you don't believe me start reading in Exodus 19 and read through rate till Exodus 31 you tell me if Sabbath is 10 Commandments and the Sabbath manner.

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