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WED HR2 051822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 18, 2022 11:59 pm

WED HR2 051822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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May 18, 2022 11:59 pm

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR all right were back. Let's leave her with conches pledges 50 thank you Leslie oh votes. Those numbers are 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 okay so they're all finish up whatever the doctor very all frontline doctors have joined Dr. Peter McCullough.

A lot of people were talked about have come on and are working with him backing him endorsing parties during and so Dr. he was a progressive Jew and this is what he says now this is been such an experience for my wife and I we went from fear and terror and other motions to thanking God that our age we have now received Second Life second chance at life, and he said resounding America is the only hope right now for before dental God starts during the shutting things down and so he's asking people to get all of their congressmen or senators or especially their state Atty. Gen.'s is trying to start a firestorm and some of the congressional staffers starting to listen so this is something else when they were next to this ministry here. Something you can beer you can start calling say hey we do not want to give any power to declare a health emergency in the United States to a World Health Organization that is run by China that is insanity. At the least. Well, absolutely. In course you know Biden Gordon deleted the Brillion blindness eating US sovereignty totally away.

Away the idea. Votes again this guy was set in their and I know everybody says what he so Biden is just incompetent. No will not think he can read a prompter and is set in there and then Obama told you exactly when Obama said of if he had his way, what he would like his is ideal would be to be in a basement someplace in running the country with some without formally cameras with earphones and so he as he gives him instructions and that's basically what's going on out there. Okay and you notice when Obama wasn't talking to Biden when they had that Presley Biden was gonna wondering running turn around and he was shaking hands with nobody there was nobody there. He was right there were only ignoring my father was horrible luck lost.

What scared you looked alone. It looks bad different emotions. Totally confused is not running the show whoever right material in the Teleprompter is ruling the world and functions.

Look what happened the day the Dow dropped 18.2% it's down at lost the 1164 points today. Remember Donald Trump way back before the 220 election warned you.

He said if Biden was elected the stock market will eventually crash well, that's the ticket for lesson two points away from a total bear market. That's a pretty big crash.

People have lost billions and billions of dollars people's retirement funds are going broke.

This was really really bad and it's not the worst news right now. The J.P. Morgan's head of the oil and commodities research is writing to their investors about the cruel summer coming US gas prices will break above six dollars because refiners normally produce more gas ahead of summer road trips, but they build up inventories, but this year because of the Biden administration since early on our gasoline inventories have been falling off and are falling off because the rules regulations.

This administration is been having a war on fossil fuels and oil production in this country terminated from oil and gas has been declining for many months now and the last three months it's dropped another the production, the capacity of our refineries dropped almost 5%. Joe Biden is employed by China right go Joe Biden when he tells you. We need to have electric cars. China makes the batteries for those electric cars, all of that comes from rural China federal that's right better because it's not that we don't have those rare earth minerals here is that that people like Biden and his group will not let us even dig for them just like it's not like we don't have oil were sitting on the world's largest supply of oil were sitting on here, but folks, we don't have what is happened.

The enemy has taken over the enemy has, we have enemy an enemy military. The military to fill in the Pentagon. If you're an American citizen, especially a veteran they're not your friend or your enemy. Those people in there and in Joe II have no if China was to threaten to go to war with us. China was the threat I don't have one doubt in my mind and Austin would would would turn around and say look, we can afford a war with China and the only thing we can do is surrender and II have no doubt that's exactly what he would do well were less muscles and were used. There are no photos have not been China is been ramping up production of ballistic missile technology all kinds of things while we are going the opposite effect. Here's what scared me, I've got three stories discriminate what it is Texas.

The power grid operators urge customers to conserve power because fixed plants, electric plants are going off line that's distant Texas held the next six years the government's going to be closing 80 power plants that are coal or nuclear power, but I don't see anything where they're replacing them with anything.

So here we are. Warnings came several states are warning the summer is going to see power shortages, blackouts, rolling blackouts for places in the West, and possibly in the stand Midwest OG. That's a big part of the country. In the meantime what's happening well. Biden is not there using all this wind and solar, but were not building it.

Biden is been blocking oil drilling on millions of acres. He's been cutting the land available is been charging higher prices on the leases we have the environmentalists there take going and serene for everyone of those leases starting lawsuits. Overall companies are tied up in court fighting whether they can grow on the lease that the government has approved this. They all look at all those places they have yacht will help him or her in court. The other half don't have any oil until we get a break. And because we have a Leslie from Wisconsin pledges 50 Brandon and Michigan pledges 50 and from Ohio pledges 45 Richard from Ohio pledges 50 Susan in New York pledges 20 thank you thank you think there again. Biden has been blocking critical mineral production in the United States is been blocking stopping leases. He's doing what he's being paid for by his employer's and that is read China, he was sent here. He was sent here to reduce American the Third World status. This is read reality function to listen.

He's doing this with a complete help of NBC, ABC, CBS P, MSNBC, CNN, he has the aided and abetted completely by all of the fake news media out there the entire Democratic Communist Party big with the big woke companies that have sold out sold their very souls. He's doing this with with their complete eight so the next time remember those people when we told you about last time with Biden signs in the yard. Remember when you see them out there is a gap. Thank you, thank you for six dollars a gallon gas thinking that we can fight we can afford to buy groceries. Now you thank youse remember, you were the one with the sign Biden in your yard. Now those little stickers Joe they got those little stickers of people been butting on the gas pumps out my site yet. I did this right and I am going to try to get as many if I can get is get as many of those I can nihilistic amount in our newsletters. Whatever will we need to do that because we got it we got a stand that we got a fight now folks I gotta fight. One thing I've got a get out. Biden is been blocking all our mineral production are told in this country.

Shutting down mineral production but guess what he is doing. He is proposing taxpayer funding of mining projects. The trouble is, the mining projects are not in the US to fight.

He wants to buy oil from the communist from uranium from the Venezuelans he wants to buy oil from our enemies not let you have a job in the United States. Same thing with mining shutting down all the mining in America but now he wants to use your taxpayer dollars. He's been asking Congress to allow the Defense Department to find the critical mineral facilities and the annual defense bill and he wants to buy from, well, Northern Ireland Australia, the UK, China, when he wants to buy white point.

Why can't we minor own minerals. Why can't we process her own natural gas only oil our own coil coal give Americans job booster economy, but he is sending everything that's critical to our safety, our national security to some foreign country. In many cases of countries that hate our guts and want to destroy us. This man is not stupid he is evil, wicked, and these people are not the loyal opposition. They are the out right enemy at the communist revolution.

They are trying to take over your blessed constitutional Republic and it's time you got mad and started fighting back. This is critical right. Douglas in New York pledges 65. Thank you, Douglas right now is something very quickly or Jill's gonna be a leading rounds exclusive. Not a single voting system testing lab used in 2020 election. Not one, not one single was accredited.

According to the law at that time. It's an article by Joe half and not we reported on the fact that no voter system testing laboratories used in the 2020 election were credited at the time of the election based on the law. One of these labs used to this day in some states has never been accredited, credited by the EAC based on the law like a their ego and courts.

Joe Biden is not the legitimate president of the United States. Joe Biden is not hate that that election was stolen okay. That election was if anyone in anyone. It says it was as a liar and is not a bit of truth in them, and those cowards don't have enough courage to come on his radio program and an debate that with me to sit across from they know we know that they still does now of folks new folks out there to. Like we said last night, all of you tonight to the pledged anyone who pledges $60 or more, you are eligible to get a one of the DVDs they to 2000 meals wanted to. This thing is powerful. It is really powerful shows you all the evidence and we encourage you take it and show it somewhere. We encourage you to take it in to show it in a library, shortness you wherever you and your church, even in your home with to invite especially if skeptical relatives over there.

You going to say the times and dates and places all of all of the evidence is right there and I hope somebody says Wonder Bread bear. I really do help us get a copy.

I am not just not only going to shorter church organ invite all the other neighbors churches in the area to come and see it absolutely needs to be done. Folks we need to get the word out and it's going to be up to you because these multinational corporations.

The leftist media they're not going to promote the truth so it's gonna be up to us to do, but they will not do write very good so anyhow yours should be in the mail. Joe, I mean that I believe you may begin your so you you get a by the week and I'm sure surfer anyhow so those numbers closer. 888-281-1110 we we let me see, I lost track of where were at.

Okay, but the one number inherently accurate analogy about the other number 1-888-281-1110 or 1888677967318886779673 Joe folks out there is some say will you know I just need an address pastor. I'm just going to go ahead and mail you know look, we don't really gonna send you the DVD were only going to send you limited chapbooks.

If you ask for it. If you do not ask for it were not going to send it to you. Okay so if you have a donation of $60 or more if some of you out there that are destitute, you, you cannot afford it but you be more than happy to show it as much as you can do and let us know will see we get you a without that charge, but that anyhow as we we do that often we let a people are destitute, so we would just send until without charge, but we can only afford to do that so many Brazil buddy out there that can afford to help.

Send out a special donation to help pickup of the DVDs that propel things like that to the destitute people well other could be people to love their like like us below that the really donated because we know was going on and, or, not only in that it would be the wheat. We know was happening out there already. Some of them already seen it but they want to want to help us get the word out to others, but I'm talking about are some I might just blessed with a special donation to buy more of those, 2000 real DVDs so we can send them to a lot of the retired people that are on Social Security low income and they want the truth and made the truth, but may not have $60. We get a lot of small donations Felicia New York pledges 100.

Thank you for the bus we gotta have those photos I got to keep reading. The really gotta keep doing so. Something that folks here entrusting the media. The twitter has been caught. Project Veritas project truth caught a senior engineer for Twitter caught them on video confessing that the company's employees are super left left left left left their more socialist and that went on during this thing the senior engineer Subaru were gone. The current grabbed his name and that they're talking about on this video. Twitter does not believe in free speech and they hate must because he believes in free speech and his colleagues he said in a muscular capitalist but were not operating like capitalist or socialist descent look at.

I basically went to work like four hours a week.

Last quarter. That's just how it works in our company hears this high-ranking senior engineer admitting that he works four hours a week during the whole first quarter of this year and he said now the below.

These Twitter employees are stress eating, worried about their jobs, they might have to work for change. They said the socialists are very very worried because were all like Commies blind and I can use the other words that he said hey Joe what's happened is this they they have promoted the company for a bore above the what it is and and here it's not and is not nearly worth and must you know he didn't get to become the world's richest man by being statement right so now he knows now he's got them so was happy in a similar top CEOs are jumping ship to get Mount right now and and must haze around he'll be able to pick that they offer nothing but a solid dance file and then you pick it up for what it's really worth it in might be able to turn it into a real now business real capitalist venture that actually serves people tell the truth will not be a change from New Jersey pledges 500 that you get one off of the so many of you out there.

The Lord has been last year with practically no professional practices or businesses are good, well-paying career and usually one of the most successful people are spending long hours working I don't go through a 40 hour workday, 50, 70 hour weeks and this is one way that you can use that ability to make money by donation. You could be laying off crowns and treasures in heaven. God says when you support administrators doing his work and we have Kingsport school of the Bible, we have a right to life, ministry of prison ministry. A trucking ministry. Several of us are in a been in hospice for teaching anything that blesses the Lord you get to share those blessings you have God's word on it. He cannot lie, and I just remind you, so that, that's one place where didn't do do more than get a tax break for donation. You can get crowns and treasures in heaven. I think that's a pretty good deal that your pastor yeah I do kids New Jersey pledges 500, think again with in.

Let me see, we see here Kevin from Chardon pledges an extra $60 to cover anyone who might be short for having the DVD all right thank you Kevin.

Kevin that's what I was hoping you would thank you yet you and I both for more years and I want to remember account to warn the people about the public. For system their children. The story Philadelphia school district promoted teachers conference that focused on kink and BDSM, bondage, and that a masochism and they will recommend us to learn more about the issues facing the trans community. The came out of the city Journal, investigative reporter Christopher Rufo. The school district. Their office not get to school. As an office of diversity, equity and inclusion.

In other words, a paid bureaucrat. This has nothing to do with education right diversity, equity inclusion is not about reading, writing, math, science now.

Anyway, they're invited all their teachers and staff to the Philadelphia trans conference and in this conference was all kinds of out stuff I don't even want to do on the radio was all very much sexual transgender gender affirming, but they were talking about all kinds of fetishes spanking sexual practices on and on and on of the daily mail even caught word of it.

The London daily Mail extreme explicit content promoted in the name of breaking down barriers know that was breaking down barriers wasn't just about the transitioning nano sex change.

It was about breaking down barriers of sexuality and it was all done at this the Sony Center that all has received about $5 billion in government contracts and runs, sexuality programs and schools throughout the Philadelphia area, so your tax money millions of it going to this Mazzoni center that runs all the sexual programs for teachers, a students at all by the way, all there was no age limit at the conference because according to the host one of the host, everybody should be able to access certain information.

Yes, all the young students can come and have access to all this crap, get your kids out of the Philadelphia school system would do it tomorrow Jill.

We were warning people about this I remember is really back when Clintons were in and they had the Clinton school.

Do you remember how he the Arkansas and this is what Hillary was promoting she would have young people could go there and they could in these these are the elite that would go to the Clinton school and they could do pot they could smoke marijuana they could do.

They can have sex, you know, whatever this this was. This is what they promoted, but all of the stuff known back then we told you was coming and disses it. It's all here now and for years and years we been warning people and by got muted by God's grace a few people out there understood a few of the politicians understood and they stood up by God's grace. No more more the parents in this country are finally realizing what with the NEA and so-called national education and withdrawal about the they are part of the government's collective and they are to destroy if you destroy a people's morals or values you destroy their families there easier to control.

Okay there a soulless kindness with their their job is to do is to completely destroy the morals and values. Our job is to bring God's Word the Bible, you know, as clearly as we can. And that's what we do here. I way back in the 1980s and telling people the humanist magazine back in January to January February issue, John Dempsey wrote the battle for mankind's future must be waged in one and the public. What classroom the classroom must and will become the arena of conflict between the old and the new. The rotting corpse of Christianity and the new faith of humanism. Okay here we go now Job. Instead, I will pledges 100 pastor how pledges 100 Dan from Indiana pledges 24 ways. Pledges 60 list is the lightning rounds there in Israel again. The new Israeli prime minister trying to do the very same thing for Israel. They want to surrender their sovereignty is likely doing here organization and the end of another words he sees betraying his people because they are going to turn on Israel on a huge, huge way.

Okay. Speaking of Israel.

You know the Joe Biden's got them got a solution for me see where was the article that we had and that you know which one I'm talking about her. I was looking for something. What Joey Biden's got a solution. He wants Israel to surrender the dome to the Muslims, have the Muslims run the iron dome of the defendant Israel.

Well that he wants to surrender the temple mount the Temple Mount for the front of the house criteria the Temple Mount to yet he wants to surrender the temple mount to the Muslims Got it just currently totally praise without warning yeah you want to hear something new Biden claims that antiphon isn't really real. That's right here back in November, 20, 21, the peaceful million Magda March of child support is Washington DC was viciously justly attacked by antiphon.

They delete Democrats by viciously attacked by Democrats or some call them at the fuzz come the human radical left garbage.

Joe Biden insisted that ultraviolet organization doesn't Amon exist. Joe Biden is a liar and there's not a bit.

It is not a word of truth in him another Teleprompter reader that the role and is sold or sold for money, prestige that he is one of lost lot at the fuzz idea, not an organization that's how it's at least Biden's is at the Brazilian idea. None organization. That's how during the first presidential debate. Biden described the long-established worldwide communist anarchy is organization that's been burning down US cities and assaulted Americans for months. Yes, Joe Biden, you're a liar and is not a word of truth in youth and support abortion live-action was out. I watched the video from the pro-life organization.

They were wrong at the bands off our bodies pro-abortion rally and they captured a young talk to different people and erect asking this lady. Do you believe in abortion after birth activist. I believe in whatever the woman wants to choose to do. That's her choice at any point in the child's life activist at any point in the ladies life that's her choice hurt her choice to kill another person's body. It's going to always be her choice yet. Well, you know, they believe that babies born it's always her choice that they don't believe that if a woman was to give birth to a child the race in the admonition of the Lord.

Well, they don't think that's they got the right to do that and by the way you had that one state legislator that than unclean hussy female that said girls talk about women. If you're pregnant kill it. Get a job that was really mean that that that shows you what the Democrats are really all about the last question can I tell my three-year-old that a woman's right to choose. Always a woman's right to truth right thugs to go the enemy profess how evil and wicked they are. But Donovan from Brunswick pledges 50 Carmen from Connecticut pledges 100 Vivian pledges New York pledges 60 thank you thank you thank you for law where he appreciated doctrine, God will bless you. We can thank you and appreciate it but it's basically God will do the blessing and were all here. Hopefully all in the same side.

The Lord side fighting the antichrist system so we just think all of you that are partnering with us and helping spread the word Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, Florida asked Dr. Anthony without sheet that mad scientist at mad scientists hope you know what will be just the wake of the global be back into this with more and may I and Chris and Chris and already we are back so right now where we are and we would need $2400 word 2400 short 2400 short. We've got old boy really got 15 minutes, but what is is about where we were last week. Last night okey-doke about the same way. Okay were about 2400 short folks we need to hear from you tonight. We really do 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 088828111108882811110 general phone while I'm writing this article here. Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, Florida asked that that monster Anthony Fauci, director of the national Institute of allergy and infectious disease and to the to explain why Americans cannot return to the country of the test positive for cobra 19 but illegal aliens apprehended at the southern border can enter. I believe the United States is the only major Western country that now requires its citizens to test negative for colored before they can get on and on an airplane and reenter the country.

Rubio told Fauci during fudge's appearance at hearing of the subcommittee of the Senate Appropriations Committee. Rubio went on to note that this dichotomy is taking place. Even as the Biden regime looks to end the implementation of title 42 section of the public health law that facilitated quick deportations for those entering the country illegally who pose a danger of spreading the coronavirus.

We obviously know we have a problem on our southern border, where every day people are entering the country illegally and many are not even be intensive: if they are there being allowed to stay in the house of 60,000 a month ago, in a way that they can kind of fear getting through have no idea what other diseases, tuberculosis, and alert really knows what they're bringing with them. We have no idea because it not been checked for health.

Not only that the folks that the reality is here like intelligent you are being lied to and betrayed by all of the fake news media.

The Biden crime cartel they are aiding and abetting their working hand-in-hand with the drug cartels and the human's mother cartels drug cartels are making millions and millions of dollars a day. It's become one of the most profitable enterprises in the world smuggling people drug use and contraband across our border of the big huge evil wicked cartels are getting filthy filthy rich and their actually I saw some pictures of them that they took there at the border.

They were wearing brand-new uniforms and had almost been lasers in night vision goggles and out they were outfitted like one of our special operations forces the mass to this, when did the Biden crime cartel ever get involved with adventure without making a big profit. Look here. Here's an article over $160 billion hundred 60 billion 160 billion in coven unemployment benefits lost to fraud and if all that money.

Who do you think it's a piece of that action, the entire Democratic I'm his party got there, there, and this is this is what they do when this is what they're all about. It's about getting rich and finds out that a lot of that money back to you know what they did with the covert money what was trying to remember the covert money was trying to remember it was spent on all kinds of things other than covert and I wish I could remember where that article is they were using it for O EPA. The EPA was using coded 19 funds for grants promoting green infrastructure and environmental justice. One nonprofit received the cobra 19 grant to use storytelling tree walks to increase awareness of tree canopy cover again like you said, you know where the Biden where we had a crooked cop. I mean, just a dirty cop and Mary Garland Socha. We don't have it. We again I would just keep telling it. Be. We do not have an independent Department of Justice. They simply become a branch of the Democratic I'm his party. And here you know Maryland murder and these people in the thread in those third Supreme Court justices down there to go unpunished.

They know that the Berlin murder anthem for the because we do not have a legitimate Department of Justice but no pure evil Biden Department of Judas is threatening January 6 heroes January 6 patriots with life in prison after walking inside US capital and taking pictures. That's right, in January 6 20, 21, several minute members of the old keeper marched up the US Capitol steps still is saying the national animal anthem with thousands of patriots outside the building in there showing a group of these guys here is there.

There is singing the national anthem and an Biden sleazy Joe wants to give them life in prison. One walk through the door. Remember they were the ones that were invited Capitol police or whoever it look like them with income on and in the place were standing there, and interest out there will be peaceful and many of those at their threatening there. They want to plead guilty and therefore Santa didn't do anything. I was invited in. People said come on in and ran standing around didn't break anything didn't steal anything didn't threaten anybody didn't have a gun, was not trying to overthrow the government. The Constitution and they want them to plead guilty to sedition and the amount of overthrowing the trend overthrow the American government that that the January 6 can look a lot and some people broke some things to think yet with those people they were doing that will were the hundreds of dirty cops that they had those words. Our people are people don't do that, they were the they were the dirty cops that they would live that they put in there that nasty Pelosi Chucky Schumer put in there to do that. That was their job to cause this and he loves provocateurs remember that phrase you started way back in the 60s CIA agents provocateur and those are people who a person who commits are asked to entice another person to commit an illegal or rash act or falsely implicate them in particular part already. 888-281-1110 funds. We are running out of time right now we don't have much time left me about eight minutes left. We have the air from the 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 we are running seriously at a time. Now we deftly need to hear from you again.

That's 888-677-9673 don't let us come up short again like we did last night and were at right now we are about the same area. We were last night.

We can afford to do that.

Joe I we will not be on we will not be on all the stations we don't make this okay we want to say Marley budget 25. Thank you, Brandon and Julia O'Donoghue from Fort Worth pledge of 33. Thank you folks again were running out of time, and we knew we need all of you to help everybody contributes a little weak and achieve our goals and pay the bill so whether $10, $20 $100.

If enough of you contribute we can do it. I'm just looking at this that EPA thing I was talking about last year, the EPA gave 99 organizations received millions in grants and most of that money came from money that was supposed to go to your covert relief work and promoting his environmental small justice grants programs your tax money at work and very few people are talking about this how the government takes, promises, or doing something they take the money and they spend it for buying votes, promoting their cause, their narrative and the you get to pay the bill for the bill and hopefully you're going to get mad at this get angry and think like I do.

It's time to throw all these bums out.

All right Joe were about. We need about $1500 with 1500 shortly got eight minutes and so that's about did $200 minute we need to we need to raise or one person can races could the kid. This board is 1500. We just need one one-person time of dollar donation process over right, three, $500 donations could do it or just one 1500 or it would be nice to have a lot of $1500 donations. Bulimia thoughtlessly. We just got one, Garland, Texas just placed 100 so that needs 1400 Livermore okay photos we were using $400 donations and were there and we need to hear from you. We deftly need to hear from you. A pastor criticize Olivia goes belligerent transgressing clear promotion and church gets evicted from its property attends a church pastor criticize the local city promotion of the load goes belligerent transgressing where agenda has found out his congregation is being evicted from a building members have been running in a month-to-month lease for several years.

The report of the attack on the Christians. Apparently for the pastors expression of expressing of biblical views as documented in the Federalist report explained the promotion a Maryland drew the criticism of Pastor Bradley Helgeson of some of the other members of his church on the square. It was created through a program involving Georgetown Independent school District. The city Council and the city's arts and culture. The display that were listed in artist year ago. Under the program allows $500 for that. Well, that's about standards. I would I wouldn't I would say that that city's County school board Georgetown Independent school District that they've got no more low values, their values are in the sewer and I mean that's you know and that's just the reality of it.

I want to say next week I'll read the pastor's words. They are fabulous, but we don't have time tonight for next week.


Read but he wrote it was worth doing that we need more time right soccer star refuses to wear rainbow jersey and faces punishment. Paris St. Germain midfielder address that Gaia boiler because they got the name reportedly missed his size for the zero win against Montpelier on Saturday because he didn't want to play in a shirt that had it at his number and the rainbow colors right thing, raise a good Lord for this fellow who had who has no higher standards. He's got standards of players across France awarded the special shirts. Shame on them. They audit they are to be ashamed. Let me tell you guys paying attention to all of this and easy saying who's standing up. He stated Morals and values whose gut integrity and honesty and who you know five. The Bible says that a dog returns to his vomit in this outdoor mount Meyer and he sees his return to their vomit and return it to the mire and understanding with integrity hey man and man and stupidity. I've got one quick out the route we've all heard math is racist covert is races histories racist.

Now guess what marijuana is racist.

According to officials in the state of Washington have banned the use of that word in state law, claiming its historically racist. This according to CBS News and lawmakers have adopted a plan to change every revised code of Washington that contains marijuana to now indicate the word cannabis because marijuana is pejorative and racist. Well, stupid is as stupid does. We see stupid doing stupid on the rise.

Okay Please see you got a laugh.

Every nerve gone so far no Garland Texas pledges 100 loofah between pledges 200, from Dallas pledges 100. Thank you thank you thank you for getting their folks. Thank you all. Blusher and Willie got two minutes left. We need about it. We need to about 1200 more.

Here's some good news. The state of Missouri as got a new law now to protect doctors and pharmacists are prescribed by the lectern and hydroxychloroquine state board state licensing boards can no longer punish doctors for these treatments as long as the patient approved that has knowledge of it, and approves and the pharmacists cannot contact the doctor patient to dispute the efficacy of Iva McCarran tablets are high during Tiger crop Hydro hydroxychloroquine are climates that a medical for human use and this is all because of our state rep. But Sen. Rick Bratton and because they've been politicizing drugs doctors and governments got in between doctors and patients and in Missouri is no longer going to happen though Missouri is out there, one of the states it can be leading the nation in medical freedom looks absolutely bizarre. He's been doing a lot of good things lately how it got some really good people already good conservatives bless them all yeah yeah him praise the Lord. A lot of the a lot of people love the good people Christian people in the blue states of the move not moving towards Missouri and getting no new neighbors and everyone moved in anywhere near me has been a fundamental Christian FI God has been calling a bunch of them here.

I've got till we have approximately four minutes now. Left. You have four minutes to give an invitation. No post a full nights still be open while he's doing that we need to hear from you were still about a thousand short, we just get one when pledge with thousand one pledges with those we can make our goal and again remember folks when when I'm not.

I'm not kidding you. We came so very close going off some stations and is very good chance that you might be on one low stations out there that that we may have been awful. We need we deftly need to hear from you.

We deftly need to hear from you.

So those numbers are 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 so Joe, go ahead and give an invitation. I certainly will all Scripture tells us that therefore if any man be in Christ, and Christ is a new creature, old things are passed away. Behold all things are become new. That's from second Corinthians 517 and in Romans eight, nine and 10, but she are not in the flesh but in the spirit. So, if so be that the Spirit of God dwells in you know if any man have not the spirit of Christ is none of his. And if Christ be in you body is dead because of sin, but the Spirit is life because of righteousness. That is what we call being born again being born in the spirit and God makes it quite clear. If you do not have the indwelling of the Spirit of God, you are not a child of God you are none of his. He can have nothing to do with you, but if Christ is in you, you now have a become new.

New creature new creation, a child of the kingdom of Scripture tells us he set a new heart will I give you a new spirit will I put within you, and that's from Ezekiel to be born again you have to do a very simple thing you have to repent of the sins of the sins of put Jesus Christ on the cross to Calvary because he went and took your place. They took my place faster attorneys place he went and paid the price for me. The wages of sin is death, and when he died he took my sins and paid the price for me, but only if I accept his offer of mercy and grace only if I call upon the father and asked to be forgiven of those sins of put Jesus on the cross.

Give me. I want to become a child of the kingdom. I want to have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit within me.

I want to become what Jesus to be Lord of my life. All of my life and I want to give myself to him without any reservation whatsoever. I want to become this new man. This new creature and have my sins forgiven and my down payment on the eternal life, and I want to become something clean and wonderful because when you're born again you you you you feel so changed your your happy your piece you have a piece even when the world around you is going crazy because you know that you are now belong to him.

You he is in you and you are his, and you will never ever regret calling upon the father.

We are out of time until thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance is right. What's left is my Pastor Ernie saying there to learn more about our ministry.

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