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Biden Losing Grip on Border

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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April 21, 2022 1:15 pm

Biden Losing Grip on Border

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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April 21, 2022 1:15 pm

Title 42, a COVID-19-related immigration policy that has helped keep the crisis at the Southern border in check, expires on May 23rd. President Biden recently stated, "there has been no decision on extending Title 42." Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team discuss the ins-and-outs of this important decision and the real-world ramifications if Biden chooses to extend Title 42 or to let it expire. All this and more today on Sekulow.

What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

Now you will as a matter of principle we want to be able to read a position where if in fact it is strongly scientist that we need time for you to share a poster, call one 842 now your home present, but I think he is losing the grip on this issue with his own party, not just Republicans who are united in the effort to save you the keep title 42, or you have it that the next plan in place. If you have this drop Democrats echoing the same message and that was new Democrats were not your senior from Cinema and Kelly at Arizona and Joe mansion Sen. Gary peters, a Democrat from Michigan. He chairs the Senate Homeland security and Government affairs committee at any says unless we have a well thought out plan.

I think it's up that should be revisited and perhaps delayed 42 I'm going to defer judgment that I give the administration opportunity to articulate what the plan is what you just heard from Pres. Biden is they don't have a plan yet they are still debating you know unfortunately instead of just moving forward because we know they don't have a backup title 42, yet we don't.

We know the next.

It policy in place that would again give the border patrol and ice agents. The power they need because of the surging numbers at the border. Yeah so here's what's interesting Sen. Mark Kelly, Democrat of Arizona says right now. This administration does not have a plan. As you said in its and to be honest, it's going to be a crisis on top of crisis Democrat Tim Ryan said the administration's decision to rollback title 42 is wrong and reckless. These are Democrats.

Reporting here Susie leave Democratic congressman from the bottom until the administration can demonstrate that there is a plan in place to handle surgeon migration at the border in a humane, safe and orderly way I can support the decision to end title 42 shot Charisse David, I'm concerned that the administration is moving too quickly on this.

These are all Democrats. The administration currently this is from Elaine Luria, Democrat from Virginia. The ministration currently does not have a plan you want to hear the administration does not have a plan before you realize the ministration doesn't have a plan and that the problem here is going to be you make humanity crisis at the border that is going to be unprecedented. What were going to say to be a disaster yellow we've Artie seen the March numbers.

The highest numbers the entire by the ministration of 221,000 encounters. We take you back to March 2020 trumpet ministration 37,000 encounters still a lot, but nothing like 220,000.

We talked about the invasion of Russia of Ukraine that uses numbers there are not that many Russian troops in Ukraine. There are so more people per month coming in to our United to the United States of America so it puts a huge burden on our legal system on cities and towns on law enforcement and states are fed up now or surrogacy Democrats as well.

They do not trust the Job. I just got a handle on this week doesn't and that this administration can figure out it is not now it just a Republican talking point there is agreement which is a big deal in Washington DC agreement in Washington DC.

This administration these to let it continue, but title 42 continue and explain to doctors, Republicans and Democrats and Americans what they're going to do if they ultimately do resent title 42, because they believe the pandemic is over, but they don't really believe the pandemic is over cousin. Surprise, surprise. Two days later, they're gonna try to force her back in the mask on airplanes so that any error in letting this.

He says not an effort even Georgia Democrat Sen. Ralph worn on you. I mean, you talk about liberal says he believes in protecting the humanity of members of the board, but before this policy is rescinded, the use of the ministration should present a plan for how we will ensure border security. So now all of a sudden every Democrat, including the most liberal Democrats are talking about what security at the border just what we had that under the previous administration, but they are so set on doing everything that the previous administration did even when it works, that that's what they do. By the way, coming up next CNN plus bye-bye I need to say my friend Sean Hannity longest talkshow on cable news and history. Today is his anniversary date of 25, the American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom.

Protecting those for their faith and covering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy to support for that. We are grateful is an opportunity for you to help in the way income is 100 constitutional and only one.

A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We've created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission life will show you how you are personally sealed. Jesus/secular to hear from poster 100 684 31 to the 2006 843-1101.

Play the sound free citizens this morning, Pres. Biden used announcing a new aid package to Ukraine Ricketts come similar to the previous package about 800 million additional arms.

We can get that later at Rick Grenell and Mike Pompeo.

Jordan is the second half of the broadcasts will get a lot since more, those issues we also saw by the way I want to make it clear to everybody right now that the Biden administration has filed notice of appeal in the mass mandate case for the for travel.

So they are not giving up on that.

The CDC power to require travelers inside airports, trains to get some water, some travel. It's on water as well that the federal government oversees so they're not giving up on that. Not that was set to expire May 3, but they want the power to continue to reimpose it.

So while people toss their massive thought this battle was over, it is not yet over.

They will be in the 11th circuit Court of Appeals, and they are not signaling that they would fight this all the way to the US Supreme Court because they believe the CDC does have the power to issue these mandates even though that the judge here with us came first before a judge for the first year of this. This was done by companies. There was no federal mass mandate companies decided to do it. TSA decided to do for their employees. Airports decided to do it on their own as an independent entity in the federal government came in a year ago, exuberant of mandated when the airlines thought it was time to start lifting it start listing up because of the filtration system they have the list goes on.

The CDC is really more like a surface clearance like touch that the stew in the studio here. It's about taking care of buildings and making sure the right ventilation cleaning system. The list goes on and it's not supposed to. That is your sit you like in the mask doesn't clean so and that's with the judge's reasoning was solidified back to signal the CDC, they want the power yet know the latest in that we don't know yet is a great small expires into his back to the border suggestion. We've all these Democrats coming out and saying it, which I understand. Title 42 should not be resent. Because no plan in place of our Col. West Smith is as written article about this and what you talk about the moral issues surrounding the border situation as well as national security and there are a lot of things going on the border and a lot of things that should concern us.

But the fact that the Biden administration refuses to take this seriously and they're not taking it seriously and refuses to take action just on those two issues alone should raise alarm bells national security and the moral human to humanitarian issue with sex trafficking. In particular, last month over 200,000 people rep apprehended at the border to million last year. They project another 2 million for this calendar year. But think about this. J the border patrol agents say that if title 42 goes away. They will be facing 18 to 20,000 immigrants a day crossing illegally. That translates to over 500,000 a month and multiple millions anywhere I wanted the American people understand what were talking about here and I got a lot of compassion on immigration issue and I'm the grandson of immigrants so you know I like to the fix the immigration system is totally broken out shipping back in 30 million people that are now here they came in. Maybe not legally but better here, but we this is creating a humanitarian crisis at the border. This is where you end up with real real human tragedy. This is where the largest number of the human sex trafficking comes from.

We know it's usually women under 18 and effects is weak set of this program so many times, every single community in the United States. Just not the border states. So when you got all of the Republican saying this is should not be lifted now leading Democrats coming out very strongly.

Not just the ones that are like Cinema or Joe mentioned that you normally you know that are more moderate in tone, but some of the most liberal. I mean Sen. Warnock from Georgia is a very liberal Democrat. Any saying we can have a humanitarian crisis at the border. Jordan yet acted to see that from him.

This is again you're not just seeing the cinemas. The Kelly's. He is up again for for election, but so there might be some politics at play there. Of course this is a very liberal US Sen. Rafael Warnock very liberal, and the fact that he is even willing to put that statement out if it's because of politics allowed, even. But it so it gives where he usually would be politically that the issue I think they they realize big picture.

You can have 221,000 people being counted by the government that the judicial the judicial system of cannot handle that. The detainment system does not silliness. Let people back out and get your talk about increase in our population of of over million people. I want to ask Wes you people who are here illegally not paying taxes and not in the system and often times are here because of criminal enterprises related even try to communicate devices yes is as I can work, but let's let someone talk, but you said humanitarian crisis on this comparison are also pastor and this is going to create a huge humanitarian crisis for a lot of people a lot of young people. A lot of women and kids. Yes, the distant research. Just this week about human trafficking and sex trafficking particular 99% of those who are victims of sex traffickers are women and young girls, but the average age. By the way, 20 to 30,000 young people a year are introduced into the sex trade in the United States alone, 20 to 30,000 young people a year remote event yes but the average age is 15.

Some are younger, but the average age is 15.

That alone should should you know should make the buy demonstration take this seriously because inadvertently I don't think they they think about this, but inadvertently they are facilitating sex trafficking. You know, we we did a comprehensive legal analysis, a multiyear project that the ACLJ engaging with the group culture which set model legislation for all 50 states amend the states adopted the legislation by the way, but that did putting all the immigration issues aside the drug influence the drugs coming over and the sex trafficking frankly should be enough to say stop 42 in place and we figure this mess out my meticulous is that VP border patrol union hears and fosters talk about these very issues that this is not about the economic issues and and and people always need to open our borders is people have bad economic interest ointment that the crime in the human toll this takes on these migrants who are sold a bill of goods and are being abused by these traffickers and coyotes by Fort think three-year-old little girl was completely abandoned by smugglers. This was a sign that the race in New Mexico that little girl had no parents, no guardians with her and thankfully those agents were there to save her and keep her safe, and the VP of the board of prounion assessment at issue are those of an inch. Those of any cancer is becoming a major, major problem, take a listen.

It's continuing to happen because again there is no consequences for individuals coming across our borders in America where you can't even leave a dog inside a car with the windows rolled up. Yet individuals are allowed to turn over their children to drug smugglers human smugglers sex traffickers and at the end are facing zero consequences for this is this is a tragedy against humanity and against young women and of course the drug impact of this is been felt by every family and was when I look at the situation and try to get you know kind about a sense of where the proportionality of this describing in the numbers of people were talking about coming in each day according to the border patrol if 42 is lifted there there thinking 18 to 20,000 a day. Right now we are between eight and 10,000.

It will double the amount which means instead of 200,000 people a month which were averaging now will be closer to 1/2 million people, 500,000 people a month which goes from 2 million a year to multiple millions every every year and you're not there not be able to reprocess Jordan. We know that from past experience, it just doesn't happen. Immigration court J has a 1.5 million KCI catalog we do a college that it was Shared in Kansas on 92 hey Cheryl, secularly on their thinking what you are you court ruled on the remaining policy that was supposed to be for and why why everything being done about that. What I mean, there's the ministration asked whether it's constitutional or not is one thing whether the ministration decides they want to enforce that policy is something else right now.

The determination is not whether it's constitutional or not. It's whether the what policy the administration wants to have and when you go through the list of senators and congressmen that are Democrats.

This is it. It's a consistent theme. Sen. peters, unless we have a well thought out plan Mark Kelly right now. The administration does not have a plan to Brian. These are all Democrats. The administration's decision, rollback, title 42 is wrong and reckless Susie Lee from this is the Democrat from Nevada until the ministration can demonstrate that there is a plan in place to handle the search. I'm concerned the ministration is moving too quickly and doesn't have a plan to restatement this is the problem.

This is the problem when there's a case set up to it's it's it's at the Supreme Court that it's about whether or not they did they remove it the Right Way, Texas filed a lawsuit saving kitchens rescind these policies is a procedure you have to go through the same thing happening with title 42, that was it allowed. This is all remain in Mexico as well so that is an oral argument set judges for next week sick so I will watch that closely timeout will bring up the tour.

The Ninth Circuit repeals today out in California case on pro-life activism and were have Ed White join us for an update there. It shows the dedication we have protected, not just the life of the unborn, but to those who fight and those who are part of the active escrow because that's that's part of the pro-abortion group is to shut them down. Only when a society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice as is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed. Jesus/the American Center for Law and Justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those who are persecuted for their faith covering correction in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ for that is an opportunity for you to help in any way. $20, $50 gift becomes 100 constitutional and back to secularly important to point out to when we talk about our work, the purchaser for Law and Justice on life, especially because people focus on the cases. The case is about the case at Mississippi that the doctors Supreme Court case we do have South Dakota on informed consent more about you actually protecting the life of the unborn, protecting the women who are thinking about these decisions as well that a South Dakota that informed suitcase. We were there we represent Gov. gnome and state there in that case, but we also do a lot of work to protect pro-life activists and pro-life speech. What we warning about is it in the blue states, especially if if the Dobbs case successful case and were able to go throughout pro-life state-supported similar laws.

A lot of states already doing the seminars at 15 weeks abortion bans after 15 weeks, but we know they didn't blue states even in cities, blue cities, there is this idea to go after the pro-life activist to put them basically into financial ruin, silence them, shut them up to put gag orders on them not allow them to to just have a the freedom of speech in our country out to talk and to expose what they believe and what we believe is the murder of innocent children were doing was cases right now what it's for and for a long time. This shows the dedication of our work year and we represent a client in this case and not a state, not at not a not a law but an individual in the Jordan said this is when shows it will just append life that we defend those at the penlight. The case is called Planned Parenthood Federation of America versus Troy Newman joining us on the phone, a senior attorney that is in charge of this case at White former assistant US attorney as well. In his previous career and let's talk about this case because it has been argued that today what's at stake what's at stake is future investigations by pro-life activists. Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry. So this is the case, it is been going on for at least seven years now this is the undercover investigation of Planned Parenthood abortion doctors.

Everyone is seen the videos where the woman was negotiating the sale of body parts, and said she wanted a Lamborghini out of the deal this is that case this cause a lot of change in the country. There were investigations in the funding of Planned Parenthood of Planned Parenthood did here soon in San Francisco was able to achieve the judgment against his pro-life advocates of multiple millions of dollars. Something like $16 million coming attorney's fees and a permanent injunction to stop them from doing what they were doing and that's what's at stake. It is silencing the pro-life movement and trying to prevent any other pro-lifer in the near future. From everything thinking about doing this because what was exposed. Planned Parenthood showed the horrific practices of Planned Parenthood in the abortion industry and a daily activity. Justice country actually made it one's appearance in this case in US District Court in San Francisco, one with this for starting we start on the free-speech implications this door.

There are serious, very serious free-speech implications here. I think the reason why the Dobbs case where it is right now while we saw the states willing to go and fight this battle out again is because the videos you no longer was it just saying that a given science, the, the technology that we have to see this life forming in the womb that this is the murder of an innocent child that we had that the digested nastiness of the abortionists and their industry and what it showed as their industry. Conferences all and that is a business and that that's what the exposure here was it your dealing with. It's like a big business and it's all about money and they are so callous to the human life that they would say even jokingly in our Lamborghini out of these aborted babies body parts correct this program but not really like it is a commodity. They are making money off of something I think they are beyond thinking that it's life to them. It's just an object and it it it is it is amazing to talk to these people and to see the callousness in their eyes is in their speech when all I'm thinking about as a father of five children. As you are ripping apart a child and innocent child and torturing this child and I do not have know how you can live with yourself and to them it's like a you know what, let's also it is hard for so many dollars.

Also you this'll say that the way in which they did.

The procedures in order to preserve the body parts and if you remember, I mean, since this is dilating law which is highly lovely here. Here's the danger of this case in his life so important. That's why we meet again. It's not just offending life at the ACLJ is defending those who defend life and by the way we been doing that for almost 40 years. But this case in particular has really serious implications because I think what Jordan said is absolutely correct.

The impetus for a lot of these actions on the state laws that we saw commonplace came in a post-videos from the center for medical progress and others in our client was one of the board members but they are trying to really hammer these individuals and silence them at once and for all. Exactly. Exactly about the achievement here. Yes, so they are trying to prevent. There are still videotapes that are under seal by the court therapist trying to prevent the videotapes and same light of day and also trying to destroy personally financially the pro-life advocates to do the work year and to send a message to anyone else. Don't even try doing this at the same time that even though they said that these videos were manipulated highly edited remember that that outline they were using at the trial. They admitted that the word spoken on the videotapes with the actual words spoken so they admitted that the sooner this is this is not an edited tape you what you were saying on the videotapes that are public that is what happened and I agree with both you that the shock and awe of these videotapes cause politicians to wake up the American citizens wake up to realize this is what goes on every day in this country. It is horrific it needs to stop. We need to shine a floodlight on this so people see what is going on and this has to end and I think that was a great thing from these from this investigation.

This is the cost of trial that the start the abortion industry was under a big spotlight. And yet it was not good for them and insert since then they've taken $1 billion of resources to try to shut everybody up and let me tell you it we were not Dobbs case.

Try to shut everybody up again all in a way you have cannot even imagine a lot of allies in places like San Francisco are recorded in the federal court in basically viewing the coast you look at the bluest blue the deeply blue states that you city councils they use County commission right to you state government. They don't just focus on the federal government so and we appreciate your comments on this. Let us know how the hearing goes, it's today correct this afternoon yet, but about a half-hour night. Let us know how it goes.

All of the follow-up on update on the broadcast tomorrow.

Let me say this, folks, this is seven years of litigation. Can you imagine the man-hours on this legal time putting this. I will tell you this. This is defending those who who speak up for life and we have been doing that since the 1980s, but this case is now at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which means the next stop on this case is the Supreme Court of the United States wearing a matching challenge at the ACLJ your drawers and tell you how to do this. Your support of the ACLJ right now is absolutely medical for most important things we do standing up for life and you can be part of our team, helping us to do just that.

If folks weave a matching challenge right now. If you're financially able to, and innocent people in a tough situation right now is the perfect economy.

But here if you're in a good situation is a great time to go to double the impact your donation. Your support for the ACLJ exit ACLJ.or department matching challenge double the impact your donation 25 validation $50 ACLJ it ACLJ.or Rick rebel and Mike Pompeo coming up next is a half-hour, the American Center for Law and justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate, it will be $10 gift becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms to you and your family.

You forgive today online keeping you informed and now is Jordan secular is what happens when you hire Chris Wallace network is that it three weeks saving plus is over there their highest*high-speed*was Chris Wallace who I left Fox News I and they were particularly upset about him leaving Fox News to see them plus to a streaming service on a network that was already not getting good ratings so having people really to subscribe well.

He was liked under 10,000 at some point I was including CNN staff getting freezing is originated. There may be 100,000.

What we know is there 100,000 because it shut down. They are in the process. Now guys were just time. I guess that we are traveling data that they are shutting the service deli new owners of CNN are winding that out discovery done it when others discover about us Wallace, there are freaking out. I think again who really wants to watch it you think about the market for people you can understand why there's an MSNBC market because they get out there and there actually tried to convince and support a liberal ideology. So if you're liberal you said I want to go to them because her helping me make my argument right go to Fox News you get a kit you get you get the news the day and then he goes to opinion broadcast where you get a conservative viewpoint so you can make your argument go to CNN and why it's very liberal but they dump on everybody there just snarky and nasty and Chris Wallace is. It was like the face of that of the one the worst offenders of that whole team up you probably never saw him on CNN because it never really got off the ground when he was done with this at Warner Bros. discovered decided to shut down CNN plus the distributor is that it intended to bring CNN into the digital future. Just week efforts splashy debut. It's interesting to me seem like you said and I been on all these networks. A life of the worth difficult is it when I see difficulties MAI I happen to like I'm buying I know is no longer on the network. I happen to get along fine on air with Chris Cuomo but I had in interchange with Don lemon that was ridiculous and insulting.

Actually that's I would say the sweat seated at talk to other people to do what you like. We do, and they would say this way, the interview would get like three questions fine like Ashley to protect the fourth question would be the personal attack. Yes, they would randomly personally attack you and you realize that the start that something they act like the news it sums some reporter that no one watching the country is better than the person they're asking the questions about who's the expert and in the always he was some sort and I think the American people start shutting off both sides. The dealer appeals to liberals or conservatives not only spike occasionally because of their international capabilities, which is a wetland war starts in Ukraine.

They obviously they they have a lot of their more reporters out the feel that anybody but that does not translate to long-term success in the cable news world if you turn it on in the night. Right now it's what you get random people. People you really seen before who are hosting prime time shows it's either very boring very snarky and I'll never forget when I was on with him and it wasn't it was and he was innocent compelling is that it started out fine and then they had. It was Philmont. If someone else comes is in it and they have him play the spoiler in a place that began and he asked me will talk about the mold investigation and whether the presence you get to give testimony or anybody skip testimony he made this film.

I made this, said you would bring your client to do this in front of these people may find that is not a lawyer. I mean it's United States. This was and then I'll never forget a handoff that Don lemon did to you from Chris, Don lemon were done lemon made some snarky comment about me and my really nasty after asked to be after their begging you a lot, beg you to be on their network.

Beg you to be on their network and then they would do that and then Chris Cuomo, to his credit, said I know Jay Sekulow is my lawyer today. They would beg you to come on the network and then they would do that yet was always that's their issue was just like a liberal conservative exchange on the issues the back-and-forth that one thing that me know. You can respect that inhabit the conversation. It was always a personal slide attack every time a bit on it all in a bit on for persecuted Christians force first four questions will be great for questions attack on the ACLJ, I mean it was like you why my here, I'm talking to nobody on the sprocket. Evidently Ed CNN plus you will be talking about because hopefully the labor I don't think million people watch our broadcaster listing right now I pay for that service so don't worry even if you did a should be charged next month. Yet the record of the American Center for Law and just as were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad defending religious freedom.

Protecting those who were that we are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help in the way comes 100 constitutional and only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life.

We created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed.

Jesus is the secular joint supervisor financial reform policy record out Rick Utah absorbed a hit today right off the bat, so we just got the news to unseat and plus folding. We were tight on her own experiences on CNN and this idea that you're the one thing on MSNBC. They should know what you're getting on Fox News. You know what you're getting and and enunciated what you're getting is mostly a lot of pretty boring and Lotta Snark, usually personal attacks was about issue so much. It wasn't like have a debate conservative liberal carbonic. Still, you know, people. Be polite even if it's a tough debate. It would always be like something that slipper that was per side and the reality of Chris Wallace to the steam like people are gonna pay extra for a guy that they do want to watch anymore on cable news and now we've gotten the breaking news alert that it's folded what the impact is for the media you know it's really remarkable and twitter and I retweeted it say it turns out that people don't want to pay for something that they don't want for free and CNN lasted up realized this upon time that their ratings are in the tank when you have the opportunity to why CNN's content for free. You're not doing it so why would they think that people want to pay for content that they're clearly avoiding when it's free so this is just as all being attacked Washington and New York accord our mentality that they they know what's best.

Remember that everybody and CNN and all of these mainstream cable and and network news organizations. They're all based in New York City. All the people are New York City times all of their workers, their senior vice Presidents they really miss the rest of America so much and that's why there's such a a Between the Media That Are Dominated in Washington DC and New York City and the Rest of America, but I Think the CNN Plus Thing Is Going to Be Very Big Wake-Up Call to Start Listening to Your Viewers and What Did They Want in Order to Move Forward and Explain What Will Work Thing on This Rig and That Is My View Is and Then Been Doing Media Long Time. I Know You Have To Is When Something Fails so Significantly like This.

Did Wear Out Of the Game Just Folds It. It Should Be Sending a Message like You Said to All the Media That People Are Consuming the Information Differently Where I Meeting about All the Platforms Were Broadcasting on Trust for Later Satellite Radio. All of the Different Media Platforms, Rumble to Facebook to YouTube to Others. Instagram You Look at All of That and You Say Okay the World Is Changing. The Problem Is, like You Said That Big, Big Tech Control Though Is Such a Big Deal Because We We Deal with the Battle Almost Every Week Now. Where Were Flat for Something Which Eventually Goes by the Way, in Our Favor Where They Say No, You Are Right and Some of It Was like We Were Giving Legal Analysis and Written Legal Document, but the Big Tech Control of This Is Acting As a Big Brother Sensor That's Part of the Problem Here the Dominant Thing That ACLJ Has the Best Lawyers and the Most Courageous Leaders Because We Do Get Attacked All the Time and We Know How to Fight Back and Sell If You're Listening to Last.

I Think You Gotta Be Very Proud of the Fact That You Don't Have Lamps Here Were Not Back down from the Fight, but the Same People Who Looked at the CNN Class Launch in Radians and Said in a Recent Poll Applied Should Probably Look and Make the Same Decision at Many of the CNN Shows Because Let's Face It, the CNN Shows Have Tanked in Their Ratings There There at the Lowest Ever. Sometimes Are Coming in Fourth Place in Some of the Shows. It's Embarrassing, but They're Not Making the Same Decisions yet and I Think That It Is a Signal for the Rest of CNN That You Might Have New Leaders Who Want to Make Better Decisions about Supply and Demand Obsess to the One Is a Bit Obsessed with Is the Mask Things like That. The Kind of Virtue Signaling with through the Reporters to Their Cries, and Finally They Kinda Started Lifting That but I Want to Turn to This Rig, Which Is Were Seeing the Bind Administration Are They Now Decide after Two Days Know They Didn't Want They Don't Want to Give up the Power Just in Case They Ever Want to Again through the CDC, Which the Judge That You Use the Wrong Agency That You Do This, so Now We Seen an Appeal after America Celebrated Instead of Just Going along with That Celebration and Backing down Because It Was Going to Expire May 3.

Anyways Note There to Fight It out in Federal Court to Declare the Bind Administration and Democrats Are Really Moving to Have a Master Mandate Again and Any Democrat Who Is Not Speaking out against This Is Really a Part of the Master Mandate Team and so I'm Thinking of People like Mark Kelly in Arizona. I'm Thinking of Catherine Cortez Masco in Nevada. Their Silence on This Means That They Are Supportive of the Bind Administration Wanting Us to Mask Live in Nevada If You Live in Arizona and the Limits on the Swing States Where Are These Democrats. Why Are They Not Pushing Back It's Because They Want to Mandate Masks on Public Transportation. It's Outrageous Identify Last Night.

People Were Celebrating the Fact That That Were Not Asked You It's It's Interesting to Me the Low Politicization of This Whole Thing. I Mean yet Present, Bind, Say, Well, If You Want to Wear Mask Where Maximum Tax-Free Country MSI We We Don't Care.

But Then the Idea Here That the Airline Exists in a Look. You Know, We Really Don't Need You to Do That You Want to. It's Fine, but Will Need You to Do That Because We Spent You Know Who Knows How Much Money on Filtration Is like We Did Here You Would Call It First to Dear Rick, I Think You Were You Were Here Once We Had Talked about This Week Because Obviously Weren't Studio Spaces so It's Closed in Spaces We Put in Really. I Could Hear in the Background, Elaborate Filtering System to Protect Our Staff.

I Need the Government to Tell Me to Do This Night and Say and Logan Site a List of the Government Make Systems Okay. What Is the Best System We Can Put in Place to Protect Our Team.

That's What We Said. And That's What We Did You Think That This Again.

It Just Goes to the Airlines Did This on Their Own for the Entire Time until about a Year Ago When the Government Decide They Wanted to Step in and and Supported and We Thought You for Couple Days. Maybe Because the Old Midterm Elections Coming up in Issues like That.

Maybe They Let This One Goes like They Can't Let the Mask Mandates Go. It's like Rick, They Just Don't Want Just in New York Yesterday.

I Usually Start a Full Change. You See the There's No More Shall Your Papers Is the Peak That There's No More Mask Mandates. There Are Restaurants in and in in Business Is Less the Business Wants Decide to Do That and There's A Lot More People out Because of It. And That's Not That's It. That's Out Of Red City Is a Very Blue City and Still People They Felt like Okay These Restrictions Are off to Worchester Back but They Don't Get This Power up Now Is Remember That We Still Have All These Phony Plexiglas Systems Where We Are behind the Glass and How Many Times Are You behind One of These Things in the Person at the Cash Register Literally Leans around the We All Know the Plexiglas Is like a Phony Thing and so Everyone's Avoiding It Doesn't Work. Remember That the Airlines Were Never Shut down the Height of Coal That We Kept Going Because What We Said Is That the Best Filtration System. You're Totally Protected. So Just Goes Common Sense Way to Think If They Have the Best Filtration System and They Don't Check during College, They Should Be the First Ones to Lose the Mask so More Agent Switching Topics.

Here Is Going to Ukraine, $800 Million More More Munitions. What's Your Sense of Where We Are Right Now This Whole Situation. Rick but I Have To Be Blank Your Heart Breaks When You See This You Want Help. We Have This Organization Called the United Nations Where We Spent Billions of Dollars Where's the UN, the Organizations That Are Designed to Come Forward in Crises like Humanitarian Crises Are Not Stepping and so Americans Are Once Again Personally Writing Checks. I Do Think That the Lesson Here Is That We Have To Be Able to Sell Weaponry to Countries before We Have To Give It Away to Them When They Actually Needed in a Crisis Years Ago We Said in Selling to Ukraine Might Have Avoided War We Should Have Never Had a Emphasis on Helping the Germans Billed Were Nordson to Pipeline. We Sit at The Time Sanctions on the Russian Pipeline. Remember, the Democrats Dropped Those Sanctions and Quickly Created This Russian Offense.

You Wonder Rick Is As These Things Unfolded since the Courses Are like Is That It's the Whole Thing Is Heartbreaking but I Want to Say This Is You Know Where to Matching Challenge Campaign Here at the ACLJ and We Were about 10% behind a Where Want to Close the Gap Actually Little Bit. We Will Be for the Bind but You Know from Your Experience in Government. Also That with the Work of the ACLJ on on the Global Scale. I Maybe Just Take a Moment and and Talk about That to Our Donors to Encourage Them and Those That Are Able. I Know People Are Struggling Right Now Is When I Can Focus on That. The People That Are Able to Support the Work of the ACLJ National Security Action and the Court Said All These Things That We Know Are Important Issues ACLJ at the Front. I Spent Eight Years at the UN in the You Know Not Many Organizations Will Do the Work to Get Credited Accredited UN in Order to Do the Fights and ACLJ Is There Takes a Long Time to Do These Detailed Issues. What I Love about ACLJ Will Try to Do Everything We Try to Do a Couple of Things Really Well and DD. Some of You Care about Lawsuits If You Care about Legal Challenges ACLJ Is Your Organization You Care about National Security and Global Issues and Doing the Fights That We Need to in Multilateral Organizations ACLJ Is Where You Need to Go so I Just Help People Recognize It If You Care about This Content. Given Some Dollars so We Appreciate That Netflix Rick Is Always Great Insight on Such a Variety of Issues.

Sacco's Supporters ACLJ PC That's Also That We Have Rick That Sets out Rick Is on My Companions Rejoined His Neck Segment Broadcasts out Grable to Save Join Our Team Guys in the Joint Because Your Support ACLJ.Only One. A Society Can Agree Most Vulnerable Invoice Is, Is There Any Hope for That Culture to Survive. And That's Exactly What You Are Saying When the American Center for Law and Justice, Defendant the Right to Free Powerful Publication Offering a Panoramic View of the ACLJ's Battle for the Unborn Is Called Mission Will Show You How You Are Personally Sealed. Powering the Right Question for You/the American Center for Law and Engaged in Critical Issues at Home and Abroad. Whether It's Defending Religious Freedom. Protecting Those Covering Corruption in Washington Fighting to Protect Life in the Courts and in Congress ACLJ for That. We Are Grateful.

Now There's an Opportunity for You to Help Me Way Becomes 100 Constitutional and Senior Counsel for Global Affairs. Former Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo and Secretary Puppy I Would Jump Right into Title 42, We Saw the Present. This Morning He Was Given Ukraine Able to Get Asked about Title 42, Which Asked Is Set to Expire May 23, and for the First Time since Really the White House Has Been Saying That They're Gonna Let This Basically Expire. He Took a Step Back and Said They Haven't Made a Decision on Title 42, yet Received a Growing List of Democrats and Put Your Yester up for Reelection Sector Pompeo but There Also. These Are Not All Moderates. These Are Not All like the Cinemas of the World See Rafael Warnock in Georgia Start Calling for Title 42 to Stay in Place until There Is Another Policy Ready. We Saw the Highest Numbers the Entire by the Administration 221,000 Encounters. Just Last Month. I Do Think It the Bite Administration Is Finally Figuring out They Can't Just Let This Policy Go from Everywhere. You Talked about Warnock Or about What They're Hearing It from Constituents All across the Country That This Look the Lifting of Title 42 with with No Other Plan but If You Want to Lift out 42 Turnup Attempt of a Planned Gift Ever Made in Mexico You Give the CPP the Resources to Buy, You Got at the Wall yet to Do the Things That Secure Our Southern Border and I Think They Can Say That This Will Be a Calamity and Will Be a Calamity for America Be Classic but Politically I Was in I Was in Pennsylvania and West Virginia Yesterday. I Can't Tell You How Many Families I Heard from That Have Been Impacted by This Family That Loved Ones That Have Encountered Folks Who Came across the Border Likely to Commit a Crime Family Dinner Now Been Truly Impacted by That Knowledge in Ways That We Could Happen with Matt. We Thing Happen with Opioid. This Is Serious Business and I Died. I Don't Know What to Make about Threatened by This Morning but They Cannot Lift Title 42 after the Plant Actually Secure the Border Protector Sovereignty like You Mentioned This in the Situation That's Affecting Every Family Almost Touching Every Family Are Directly or Indirectly America.

I Mean, It Is It Is Out Of Control.

I Would Say We've All Experienced This and I Met, I Was Playing Golf with Some Friends of Mine in Florida Last Week and One of the Folks I Was Playing the Same Thing As a Child in the Fennel Thing Is Just a Disaster and It Just Come into That Border and We Know What I Want to Turn for a Moment.

If We Can to the Situational Persecution, Which Is Something ACLJ and RE European Center for Law and Justice, and Our Affiliates around the Globe Have Been Working on for a Long Time, Easter and Passover and Easter Is over Course Passover Ends on Saturday, My Family, We Celebrate Throat Both up for Apiece for Mining As We Celebrate. Remember Those around Who Don't Have the Freedom to Celebrate, Which Is Really the Story Also of Course Passover As You View It Now. I've Always Taken a Concern and You Said This Long Time and When He First Hymn Is Broadcasts the Countries That Are the Most Free Protect Religious Freedom.

Those That Do Not Are Less Free.

What Your Sense of Where We Are Globally Right Now I Regret to Say That This Administration Had Energy and on Allowing People Putting Pressure on Governments to Allow All of the People to Practice.

This Holy Season This past Weekend. Passover Continues Ramadan to for the Muslims Want People to Be Able to Practice Their Faith Everywhere, and the Top Administration We Worked Tirelessly Christians in Northern Iraq and Nigeria to Help Catholics Have More Religious Freedom in China All across the World Because We Know Matter to the Soul and to Human Dignity, but Importantly Affect Her Estate Made America More Secure to These Nations That Permitted Glitches for Religious Practice inside Their Own Country, or Less Likely to Present a Real Risk That America As Well Right Now Is Not a Focus on Russia, China, the Persecution There, and Russia's Kind of Interesting Space. I Would Say That It's a Totally Religious Leader Free Country under Potent Minutes. It Certainly See What They're Doing Ukraine and They Use Religion Is a Justification for Their War. There's Issues There, but China Is Committing Genocide against Muslims. And I Feel like the Only People Ever Talk about Our It's It's the Conservatives in Our Country and A Lot Of Corporate America Doesn't Want to Acknowledge It, but the Government Has Acknowledged It. Your State Department Knowledge and in the Current Administration Does Acknowledge but It Just Doesn't Get A Lot Of Talking and Here We Are Standing up for the for the Persecuted Muslims in China and Everyone Else Looks the Other Way You Remarkable Jordan to Watch the Work You All about A Few Okay Right That This Organization That I Am Proud to Be Part of. Now This Is Not about a Particular Site but about the Central Understanding of Humanity and Capacity to Practice What State It Is. It Is Heartbreaking to See Too Few Nations, but This Is a Party to Watch by the Ministration Not Listed Is Reported to Watch Our Biggest Companies in the World Attack America and Allowed the Kind of Religious Practices That Are Taking Pl. in China today.

The tearing down of house churches allowing the Catholic Affected only if those bishops could be selected by the Chinese, these are these are tyrannical authoritarian positions on religious freedom and it seems that American business wants to just turn the other way to get in the Middle East. One of the countries that gives the most breath for religious freedom and host three of the major religions of the world. Of course, is Israel. And because there's a Arab Muslim population isn't Christian population and course a Jewish population but yet were seeing an increased violence just in the last couple of really weeks from jihadists sums claiming the ISIS at Israel in Israel. What was your sincere and how you view the Army. I know you are very tirelessly on realignments in the Middle East and with Israel and Israel's government right now is the kind of barely hanging on before they map to go to the elections are new or new leadership. But what your sense of revenge.

Minutes now to be back by Mr. strength where you see things right now the government is better prepared. The thing that held the government together when it was formed originally with just her collective desire to make sure that Benjamin and yet I wasn't the prime minister's other what was architecture is a remarkable nation in the new you write your barracks in the government, you government people talk about it being an apartheid nation unoccupied initiated the bus religiously free nation, and that entire part of the world and I were deeply about what's taking place today.

These character acts out of the West Bank and out of Gaza for Israelis to do the right thing to defend their own people, but the risk of X.XX give me this escalating especially around the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the Temple Mount. These are things that the present real risk that only to the people that are living in Israel but the people of the entire reach week we built up Abraham course for reason I pray that those nations that took such bold steps will continue to expand their relationship with Israel and we will call back the lead story on the Jerusalem Post right now is Temple Mount tensions further embolden Hamas of this is that what's going on might be appreciated as always Mr. Sec. think three and part of the team. Thank you for your insight of folks I want to say this again. You know, we have an office also guess where Jerusalem that that's the reach of the ACLJ and affiliates around the world.

None of it happens is broadcast doesn't happen. The information that we give you doesn't happen the ability to have Mike Pompeo Rick Cornell as part of our team does not laws or other people that you see and don't see doesn't happen without your support to the ACLJ where in the last week here of a matching challenge campaign will encourage you to support our work.

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