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What Can the Righteous Do?

A Call to the Nation / Carter Conlon
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April 17, 2022 1:00 am

What Can the Righteous Do?

A Call to the Nation / Carter Conlon

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April 17, 2022 1:00 am

it's time to pray

What Can the Righteous Do?

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Carter, from the historic Times Square Church in New York City in the family suddenly is one against another were so glad you've chosen to join us for this week's edition of a call to the nation with Carter, the question Carter asks us to consider is whether or not we're witnessing the collapse of a nation's message is titled what can the righteous do Carter's prayer is that we will be prepared to stand as light dark place. Here is Carter, the message is simply called what can the righteous do what can the righteous do when were living in the generation or difficulty seems to be abounding on all sides and for those that have the eyes to see it reappear to be witnessing the collapse of a nation appear to be living at a time when just as Jesus foretold one culture is rising against culture, confusion, starting to rebound wickedness is on the increase love of many us on cold wars and rumors of wars seem to be on the news constantly acts of violence are becoming commonplace. What can we do not not going to start their benefit is there in this message today and were due to go to Jeremiah chapter 13.

Please if you can. Jeremiah chapter 13 then I'm gonna pray as you just looking for that chapter of father I pray God with all my heart, Lord, prepare us now prepare us as your people for this hour, in which we are now living. It's not an hour that's coming. It's here. Prepare us now prepare us to be able to make a difference in this generation. Give us everything we need Lord to stand as lights in a darkened place signpost to the confused world as doorways of hope when hopelessness is abounding in so many people's lives. God help us. God help me, Jesus, I ask you father that you would bless your church and even if I don't touch on any of these areas. I ask you to strengthen marriages as I speak that are in trouble because Lord you can go way beyond the words that you given me to speak deliver the oppressed God Almighty heal the wounded.

Give side Lord to those who don't see a way out of the circumstance comfort those that are weary and feeble. Encourage Lord God, those that struggle to even get here and to bring the children here encourage them go God let the courage never be taken from the hearts of those who call this the church home. Give me words Lord Buddha and deeper than anything I've prepared. Lord I ask you to take this and multiplied a thousand ways and speak to us, Lord, we are your people and you tell us that were not children of darkness that this day on which were living should overtake us as a thief.

You told us we have oil in our lamps, no matter how difficult the days, we could say, behold, the bridegroom come out to meet him. So let that be our testimony now. Let that be a strength of the DR song of hope in our guide for the days in which we live and we thank you for in Jesus name Jeremiah chapter 13 beginning in verse 11 for as the sash clings to the waist of a man so I've caused the whole house of Israel and the whole house of Judah to cling to me, says the Lord, that they may become my people for a noun for praise and for glory, but they would not hear. Therefore you shall speak to them. This word thus says the Lord God of Israel. Every bottle shall be filled with wine and they will save you. Do we not certainly know that every bottle will be filled with wine, then you shall say to them, thus saith the Lord. Behold, I will fill all the inhabitants of this land. Even the kings who sit on David's throne, the priest, the prophets, and all the inhabitants of Jerusalem with drunkenness.

I will – the one against another, even the fathers and the sons together, says the Lord. I will not pity nor spare, nor have mercy will destroy them here and give ear.

Do not be proud for the Lord has spoken. Give glory to the Lord your God before he causes darkness, and before your feet stumble on the dark mountains and while you're looking for light, he turns it into the shadow of death and makes it dense darkness, but if you will not hear my soul will weep in secret for your pride. My eyes will weep bitterly and run down with tears, because the Lord's flock has been taken captive say to the king into the Queen Mother. Humble yourselves sit down for your rule shall collapse the crown of your glory, the cities of the South shall be shut up and no one shall open them. Judah shall be carried away captive all of it, it shall be holy, carried away captive lift up your eyes and see those who come from the north. Where's the flock that was given you your beautiful sleep. What would you say when he punishes you for you've taught them to be chieftains to be head over you will not paying sees you like a woman in labor and if you say in your hardwire of these things come upon me for the greatness of your iniquity or skirts have been uncovered. Your heels may bear can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard spots then may you also do good or are constant to do evil.

Therefore, I will scatter them like stubble that passes away by the wind of the wilderness. This is your lot.

The portion of your measures.

For me, says the Lord, because you forgotten me in trust and falsehood.

Therefore, I will uncover your skirts over your face that you say may appear. I have seen your adulteries and your lustful names. The lewdness of your harlotry, your abominations on the hills and in the fields one to you all Jerusalem, will you still not be made clean, and I don't suppose that there's a lonelier calling than the calling given to those who are God appointed to see the final moments of peoples and nations who were once given divine favor, yet they chose darkness over light and death over life and Jeremiah was this kind of a person think he could see what was coming. He knew how God had in the past and continues to dwell with people's were set apart for divine purpose. Israel had been set apart in that moment of history for divine purposes and I caused you to cling to me but they're clinging to God was perfect. Obviously, every nation has its flaws and its faults just like this one is had throughout its history, but he said I did it so that you might become my people for renown for for praise for glory. In other words, there was there was a reputation of God that would be known through the earth because of you, there would be praise given to God because of perhaps the emissaries as you would send in the message that you would bring to people who sit in darkness would be something of divine glory because your testimony would be only God could have done this. Only God could have brought this people from all these places together and brought us into a place of his promise and put his spirit upon us and made us much more than we could ever hope to be in our own strength and by our own power in Israel. At one point in their history have become the envy of the nations of the world at that time. Even the Queen of Sheba traveled with an entourage all away from a foreign place because she heard the reputation of God's presence and when she came into Solomon's Temple.

She said I'd heard it, but not the house but was told me of what I've seen for some divine order.

She saw God blessing. She saw God giving strength in directions she literally just saw the hand of God on the people enabling them to do what cannot be done in any amount of human wisdom or human natural strength in first season Israel knew just as America once new.

This touch of God. Now we didn't know the touch of God in the measured corset, Israel did what every nation that God has touched is always been touch for a specific reason and a purpose and it stays the same to bring glory to his name.

The people he could bless, multiply, and strengthen to give abilities that other nations have not known that his name might be lifted up women at songs in this country. America America God shed his grace on the Jeremiah was called into a sacred place. Verse 17 says if you will not hear my soul will weep in secret that's God speaking now through him for your pride. My eyes will weep bitterly and run down with tears, because the Lord's flock has been taken captive.

It was called into a place where he felt the heartbreak of God because the lender God should have been glorified had been taken captive and if you feel weeping in your soul for the season which were living.

It doesn't mean your abnormal. Some people can handle it.

Some people ignore but others are called into that place that place.

We are keenly aware of the moment in history in which we are living though everyone and Jeremiah as they tried to push it away. They tried to get him to keep quiet that they would turn to a myriad of hundreds of other voices to set his voice away, but in reality he was the only one who really cared about the future of the nation. Others were prophesying for their own gain.

The solidify their own positions to dictate their favor among the people was only Jeremiah but saw something coming and he was drawn into the secret place of weeping.

The people didn't know that their indulgence with their former blessings have blinded them to their intended purpose on the earth. Verse 12 he says he will speak to them, thus saith the Lord God of Israel every bottle will be filled with windup that that was a verse that they understood to mean that God will bless us God will fill us with the fruit of the vine God will give us joy in our life and our existence.

But he said to Jeremiah this said, you did not do you not know we we know that every bottle will be filled with wine but then you shall say to them, thus saith the Lord of fill all the inhabitants of this land.

Even the kings who sit on David's throne, the priest, the prophets, the inhabitants of Jerusalem with drunkenness and other was the intoxication of this world would turn the people's hearts, and he says in verse 14 – the one against another, the fathers and the sons together, says the Lord, and I will not pity or spare, have mercy. Their sons will turn against their forefathers. The family will collapse social order will break down the unit that makes it nice and strong will be destroyed. The family will be destroyed.

Yet you cannot have a nation with a family is God ordained to be.

You cannot have a nation that continues when the family suddenly is being dashed one against another, God told Jeremiah on verse 18 is is tell the king and queen. Humble yourselves sit down for your rule will collapse the crown of her glory. In other words, the government is going to collapse your ability to navigate your way through these dark and sees is going to be gone. The cities of the South shall be shut up and no one shall open them and Judah shall be carried away captive the places of refuge is going to be no place of refuge in the nation.

That's what God told Jeremiah to tell the people because some people thought the because of the particular dwelling place, that there were going to be safe.

Jeremiah told the people there be no safety anywhere from what is coming. Verse 20 is is lift up your eyes and see those who come from the north and other was there was an invading army company towards God's people at that time from the north and yes of this question. This is where was the flock that was given to your beautiful shape where where the 53 million children that were given to this nation at one time they were entrusted to us. Those children who should be our defense.

They should know and they should be manifesting the power and the glory of God before our enemies. Where are they God's words.

Your beautiful flock that was given. I don't want anybody to be condemned present in abortion. Here is forgiveness in Christ. And so you could put away the voice of the condemnor.

If you've done this you come to Christ you've asked for forgiveness. There is forgiveness and what would God has cleansed you have no right nobody can call it unclean or common any longer for the Lord's is where those beautiful safety were given to you while those beautiful children that should be singing in your streets. This should be raised up to be adults. They should become your defense and your strength. Where's the flock that was given to you beautiful shape what would you say when he punishes you for you've taught them to be chieftains to be had over you. Those that have survived the terror of the womb, and generation. Yes, the question is, is, why are you terrified of their behavior, didn't you teach them to be what they become, then you tell them there is no God, then you mock and ridicule everything holy, didn't you drive the 10 Commandments out of your colleges and out of your schools. So are you terrified that they're behaving the way you taught them to behave is settling down in front of Weill music and set them in front of our videos and that maintain their babysitters told him there was no God. Another losing heart. Another losing hope to set them in front of violent video games with the spent all day killing people and killing various things and now you're perplexed because they're acting it out is so strange and out to everybody else all the questions except for the questions they should be asking what we tell our children to be what we taught them to do. We talked that there is no value to life. We taught them. The children are expendable in the will and even those that are born through botched abortions can be still killed, though they parts beaten though they cry, they can still be killed on the table of the bars we taught them is no value to life. So why are we suddenly perplexed when they're acting out what we taught them to be verse 22 aces you say in your heart why these things come upon me.

I hear in the news know what is happening in our nation.

Why are all these things coming upon us. Wires are subsided and everybody asked the question but nobody will ever go towards the answer because we have forsaken the living God. That's the reason you say in your heart why these things come upon for the greatness of your iniquity, your skirts have been uncovered in your heels may bear before God brings the final judgment on the nation. It will sell the base. He always has throughout history. Study yourself. Open your Bible study it, he will always show the nationwide even did it with his own people. He will pull away, it will expose the false rights is a single celled agreed says in verse 22 of expose you to yourself so that everyone can see what you become, and why. Your judgment draws near us only what you are also agreed to near society so you the morale of the us through the love of lawlessness. Assuming the broken found results so you also want to become. So that is very clear when your judgment comes. You'll know why it has come. What kind of amazing that we become when our focus is saving some partridge in the desert or some snow in the river, but we will sacrifice five children.

What kind of a nation are weak and famous people. It would become. As a society, it is particularly disturbing in the light of some of the abortion practices that have recently become known and been made public to see the Lord pulling back the veil is showing us what we are as a people that we are as a nation. There's no argument anymore. So the when our economy collapses, so that when our military is made weaker when we seem to have no clear direction. We know why it's all coming upon us and why it's happening. When violence touches our schools is streets where young people are roaming in gangs looking for a just society. And they don't even know what it is that no idea what that looks like it's just a word picture of the phrase they don't know what they're protesting about what they're looking for.

We become a nation without a conscience Lords is therefore in verse 26 Ellen cover your skirts over your face that your same may bear no resentment of total exposure to the world is the number one exporter pornography is people lost their way.

People are powerless, the greed, all these things and come to the fore just in the last several years tells me that we are on the threshold of something that we had hoped would never come as a nation. It brings us to the question the David once asked and so malevolently rated to his is in the Lord.

I put my trust. How can you say to my soul flee as a bird to your mountain full of the wicked Bender ball. They make ready their arrow on the string, the damage suits secretly of the upright in heart. While the wicked are not shooting secretly anymore. The upright in heart. It's in the open. Then David asked the question of the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do what can I do what kind of difference can I make and that ought to be deprived of every heart doesn't matter how much influence and authority you have, or whether removers sacred. Whether you have a long history of successful spiritual walking with God. The question must be in your heart and mind. What can I do the Lord to misleadingly back again to accept the 27 or people on the ship just refused to hear the word of God. They work it would dance on their own destruction and charting their own course. Even though there was a man on board called Paul and he gave them the word, and said don't go this way. Don't do this thing you're bringing the justice of God upon your own head in this foolish course and suddenly they found themselves in the storm, unable to navigate a clear course they struck sale and committed themselves to the window that seems to be where we are as a nation. Today we just struck Salem were committing ourselves to the wind where we don't know where were going to be carried we don't know what will you do once we get there, they started throwing her tackling overboard the things that had proven themselves for hundreds of years to be necessary for a successful journey. They started throwing them overboard. We threw overboard.

The traditional concept of marriage we threw overboard, the value children with we've thrown so much overboard in this country.

This is absolutely amazing.

And when all hope was taken away. There was a man in the belly that ship who committed himself to pray. And that's where we start. We prayed out we pray. Prayer is not a program.

Prayer is just not an add-on to the charge. Prayer is not just an hour on Tuesday night, my brother, my sister on telling you from the bottom of my heart with her single mother bringing your kids here this Sunday your businessman your unemployed your marriage or sink doesn't matter. Every one of us have to pray, you must pray now you must go to the throne of God you pray in whatever way you know how those talk to God don't make it a formula just talk to God, just the way you do not to raise your voice. You don't have to Lord you don't have to speak biblical interest to just simply get into that because of the single and I'm scared. I don't know what tomorrow is bringing but I know you're calling me to make a difference for the purpose of your people and the earth is forward for praise and for glory. So God, the nation might be throwing overboard, but I'm not throwing you overboard, asking you to do for my life nasty little you can do the nation rejects you, God let me stand now as a light upon the hill.

Let me be that source of hope and a guide for those that are fearful in this RN will be more fearful in the days just ahead of us.

Give me a word from God. That's what Paul had when he prayed in the belly that ship.

The Lord suddenly open to him his future. It was not going to be an easy future for him he was going to have to stand before Caesar and absolute insane leader who thought he was God.

And Paul is going to be brought there and change but knowing the God and given them a word. And God gave them the people that were in the immediate vicinity was journey you want from God. Now we need to know where were going if confusion is in the society around us were not called to be confused. Don't enter direction from the nerves enter direction from God interaction and call the people to Christ in a clear and determined manner care and give ear verse 15 do not be proud for the Lord is spoken. Give glory to the Lord your God before he causes darkness, and before your feet stumble on the darkened mountains called them the Christ called and clearly called him solidly if the trumpet makes an uncertain sound. How do the people prepare themselves for the battle and call your neighbors call your friends call your family: clearly called him solidly and call Linda Bender needed God told him there is no other way to eternal life through Jesus Christ. I am the way the truth and the life. Jesus said, and no one comes to the father except through me. You been listening to Carter Conlin, pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. For more information and resources to help you in your walk with Christ. Log on to TSC events TSC Be sure to join us again next week for a call to the nation with Carter,

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