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Those Who Tremble at His Word, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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March 18, 2022 8:00 am

Those Who Tremble at His Word, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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March 18, 2022 8:00 am

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This took place while the children of Israel were in captivity in the land of Babylon. The kings had come Nebuchadnezzar and then after that we had the Assyrian kings we had the Persian kings in the kings of the Persians and the Meads remember that God had prophesied through Jeremiah and said Judah your time is up. Now consider this Israel, the 10 northern Thai tribes already going into captivity, 150 years before, but Judah of the two tribes.

The southern tribes of Judah and Benjamin had not because they did have some very good kings such as Hezekiah, whereas the northern kingdom had no good kings. They had some of the worst one you ever heard of like Jezebel and Ahab and so now even though they had gotten by down here in the southern two tribes they've gotten by 450 years, but they also now have fall into the same sins as their sister in the north end time is up.

And God prophesied through Jeremiah you're going into captivity. You are going to Babylon you're going to captivity and you're going to be in captivity for 70 years, God was very specific. Amen. When you're a real prophet of God are not afraid to tell the specific amen.

Sometimes doesn't give specific city just gives generalizations, but sometimes is very specific. Amen.

And time will tell whether or not it was God, or whether it was the prophet.

Amen. And so he had prophesied you're going into captivity for 70 years and now the 70 years were up, and now God used a pagan king, King Cyrus.

He used him and God putting on this man's heart. Now this man was an idolater, he did not serve Jehovah, but he was king at this time and God put it on his heart to allow a group of the Israelites to return back to Israel to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple of God that had been destroyed by his predecessor, the goodness or you know what maybe we just need to read that hold your place in chapter 9 good chapter 1 chapter 1 Ezra chapter 1 verse one now in the first year of Cyrus king of Persia, that the word of the Lord by the mouth of Jeremiah might be fulfilled.

The 70 years are up, the Lord stirred up the spirit of Cyrus king of Persia, that he made a proclamation throughout all his kingdom and he also put it in writing, saying, thus says Cyrus king of Persia, the Lord God of heaven has given me all the kingdoms of the earth and he has charged me to build him a house at Jerusalem which is in Judah.

Who is there among you of all his people. Well, his God be with him and let him go up to Jerusalem which is in Judah and build the house of the Lord God of Israel.

He is the God which is in Jerusalem.

Now think about this.

This is a pagan king but God can start the hearts of pagan rollers God can start the hearts of pagan leaders to do what he wants to the hearts of kings and Italians many times that many times the rivers of water, however he chooses to do it. I get up and go on their own permission to do that 19 write a proclamation and say it start with specific direction. Go back and build the house of God, the God of heaven.


And so now this is taking place and Ezra was one that led a group back not Ezra the Levite he was a priest and he was also a scribe, which meant he knew the word of God inside and out, because he was a copyist. Amen.

And so he led a group of people that were dedicated and zealous to get back there and rebuild the house of God, and it was a four month journey they had to travel to get there and when they got there, they begin to build the house of God. But the problem was that during their assimilation. Those 70 years captivity there in Babylon, they had become a single with the pagan people we read all those nights they had mingled. That's what the word assimilate means they had mingled with them and they had adopted a lot of their pagan way marrying their women and giving their daughters to marry their sons and their sons to marry their daughters and vice versa. Amen. This was strictly forbidden by God from the very get-go. God forbade them to marry pagan people because why we read it. He wanted a holy seed.

They wanted a holy seed. People think when they married sinners that want to convert that you don't get them converted before you married him. What makes you think you're going to do it afterwards. They amen that's why Paul wrote in verse 26 chapter be not on equally output nonbelievers is forbidden. This is not a racial thing people this has nothing to do with race doesn't matter because I don't know what color they were the Amorites and the Hittites know that it doesn't matter.

It wasn't a racial thing. It was a spiritual thing spiritual thing.

That's why it was forbidden, not because the Jewish people were superior race but because God had chosen Abraham and his seed from amongst all the people of the world. He actually called that is firstfruits.

They were like the tides of all the people of the world and he was going to work through.

Then to bring light and truth to the Gentile nations.

Amen. And so it was forbidden. And here's the thing. It was a lot different in this captivity.

Then the 400 year captivity they had been in each think about. They were only here 70 years and they had intermingled with the people in married and now they had become totally contaminated.

But when they were in Egypt for 400 years that didn't happen. Why not because they were greatly oppressed.

They were slaves.

The Egyptians looked down on them. The Egyptians didn't want to mingle with that they stuck them out there in Goshen. They put them in their own area where they were isolated and where they were only amongst their own people and I'm sure it wasn't a nice place. I'm sure it wasn't like being at the Hilton Hotel. I'm sure that it was a ghetto where things were hard and rough and tough. They worked hard all day in the sun, making bricks and then when they went home they didn't have any nice place to lay down and rest and be refreshed. It was a harsh life but kept them separate.

It kept them isolated. It kept them from being contaminated. It kept a holy seed, my God, so that's why God said don't marry amongst them, and instead, they not only did it, but the chief princes that would have been the people in the line of Judah, the tribe of Judah, and we all know that Messiah was to what come out of the tribe of Judah, Shiloh Messiah would come from the tribe of Judah, but the leaders had even done that and so as raw gathered a group of people together and here is what it says he gathered a group together everyone that Trimble at the words of the God of Israel.

Everyone that trembled at the words of the God of Israel, I would not that Christians would still try. Amen we stand against adultery. We stand against ungodly divorces that are rampant in the church and even in the ministry. Amen we need the word of God that stands against homosexuals in the church on the platform. In the book higher in the worship team on the tremendous weight all waiting abortion we waited start posting. I believe abortion is God's work and I supported the way we see greatness with Saul when we see this we should tremble when we see ministers performing same-sex marriages in the church we these are not the commandments of men. These are not the name and some some prophet or prophetess were some lonely preacher like me. These are the commandments of the hot change people together. Don't wait for the church at large waiting people that still tremble at the word of God. These are the ones that Ezra brought together and spoke to when I was preparing this message. I stumbled on a verse that I know I had to read it before you have read the Bible many times but it jumped out to meet Ezekiel 2339 says I'll read it to you for when they had slain their children to the goals that came the same day into my sanctuary to profane it, and low, thus they have done in the midst of my house. My God, that ought to put up tremble in somebody's spirit.

What did God say Christians that support abortion to protect it to finance it does so, what Christian taxpayers coming to church on Sunday morning and lift their hands to worship God, and God said that to me is profanity. Yeah I know it's heavy.

I felt that yesterday when I wrote those words down. It's heavy, but somebody sitting here today is going to tremble at the word of God. Some of you watching us.

Oh my God I just got a shiver up my back some of you watching us to go to tremble at the word of God because you know it's truth, I'm just the messenger folks on only the messenger I'm giving you straight out of the word of God. If you don't like it.

Need to talk to God. Don't be fussing at me. Don't granite me, don't call me names to get up with God is his commandment, it's his word. Amen. Somebody ought to tremble.

They can come cavalierly into God's house and think it's okay. It's okay to support the abortion of babies. It's okay to look the other way when leaders are saying it's all right to abort them up to the moment of birth. Have you ever been there when the baby was born. Maybe you were there for your daughter or somebody close to you and you you actually were there in the birth room when that baby comes out. This is nothing to describe it. Amen. There's nothing like it. You know when Sarah gave birth to her son Braden. That was the first time I was ever in a birth room while she had to have a C-section so first unit they took him and they do whatever they had to do to Minong and then when they came into the the recovery room. They marched right over and handed them to me. I wasn't expecting that. You know, but I guess I that time there was a and I looked down at that little face in the sink that he could have been aborted a couple minutes earlier over the smell. The smell of a new baby and nothing smells like that get down in their little neck you nuzzle their little neck all that beautiful smell of a brand-new baby to think that just a few minutes earlier he could've been aborted somebody audit tremble somebody audit. Tremble to think that church people would support such a thing. I think my Lord is a good way to put it my God, yeah Ezra had to call those who still trembled at the word of God, and I wondered today.

Can we call people together who still tremble at the word of God were back in chapter 9.

Let's look at verse five and at the evening sacrifice. I rose up from my heaviness network heaviness their means.

I rose up from my fasting.

I rose up from my fasting and having rent to my Garmin and my mantle. I fell upon my knees and write out my hands into the Lord my God, and said oh my God I am ashamed and blush to lift up my face to you my God for our iniquities are increased over our head and our trespasses, grown up unto the heavens, says he took off his garment, his mantle that referred to the priestly robes that he wore because he was a Levite decent.I'm ashamed that I blush. I am blushing I can do you pray like this item blushing when I consider the iniquities, the transgressions, the trespasses of my people. They are so greatly increased.

They grow up into the heavens. Reminds me when God said to Abraham, I had to come down and check it out because the cry of the wicked came right up into my face.


He said I'm ashamed. Oh my God, that some in the church would be ashamed. Oh my God, the church people would be ashamed of the things in the trespasses. The iniquities Somebody needs to blush because of the sexual sins that are rampant in America you know before they went into captivity. As I said Jeremiah was the prophet to tell him what was coming and when Jeremiah warned then and told them what was coming and why was coming because of their sins, he said in Jeremiah 1615 and a 12 were they ashamed when they committed abomination. He answered his own question day they were not at all ashamed and neither could they blush. There was a time that if someone said something sexually explicit, especially if it was especially explicit, and it was Lou an unsavory people would blush say that.

Don't talk like that, why can't watch that they would blush but not anymore. Not anymore. No one blushes at the filth, the filth, the images they watch on TV enough filth, ethnography, a lot of are watching behind closed doors on their computers. Peter said in second Peter 214. They have eyes full of adultery that cannot cease from sin there watching all this pornography and you know it's increasing with Kovic 19 because people are home and they're on their computers more at home.


You know, if you are married and you're watching pornography your committing adultery. Peter said they got eyes full of adultery and Jesus said if you look on allotment to desire her sexually in your heart you committed adultery. That's Matthew the fifth chapter, so all you people that think a lot not acting it out. I'm not going and you know hooking up if you're watching it. Your committing adultery if you're married and if you're watching it and you're not married you're still committing sin. Sin, amen. Let's look at verse seven. Since the days of our fathers, have we been great trespass on that this day and for our iniquities have we and our kings and our priests been delivered into the hand of the kings of the lands we been delivered to the sword meeting war to captivity and to a spoil and confusion of faith as it is this. That's why were in place. We are right now, first aid and now for a little space. Grace has been shown from the Lord our God to leave us a remnant to escape and to give us a nail in his holy place that our God may like their eyes and give us a little reviving in our bondage, for we are body men. Yet God has not forsaken us in our bondage but has extended mercy unto us in the side of the kings of Persia to give a summer lightning to set up the house of our God and to repair the desolation.

Is there nothing to give us the wall in Judah and Jerusalem so Ezra's pray anything in God. I know that since the days of our fathers, we have continually one after another going to captivity. All these hundreds of years and centuries. Over and over again you've allowed us to go into captivity because of our great tribe against us because even arcane pre-Jean Street have committed these trespasses. That's why we been allowed to be delivered again and again the captivity why we bid in the 70 year stretch now for a little space you have shown us grace and allowed just a remnant to escape out of this captivity and bondage that we can go back to Jerusalem and rebuild your house a little space of grace, holding God will give America a little space of grace. I believe that after 9/11, God gave this nation has space for a lot of people were God minded like they hadn't been in a long time, and for the first time in years. Churches were filled on Sunday mornings and people were God conscious and people were trying to get close to God and return to the old landmarks. Amen that they had removed and like I preach last week. Get rid of the double standard. Amen in the bag and the weights that were deceptive.

But you know what it's almost 20 years later, and America's more we get than she's ever been a net people forgotten all about 9/11. Do you know that sometimes one social media 9/11 anniversary when they post pictures of the two towers with the fire and the smoke that some social media cover-up states to violent should be shown how deceived, can you be, we need to see it. We need to remember. Amen.

Lord, that you would give us a little space of grace and what he say that you would give us all reviving not to bring what you've given us a space of grace, that we could have a nail in your holy place. When does that mean a nail in his holy place is a figure of speech. That means that we could go back and build the house of God. You've given us a space of grace and you've allowed a remnant to escape because King Cyrus did not dismiss every last Israelite only to group and really people don't realize, I think it was like 500 years before they all went back over us. Of time Ezra led some and then 13 years later Maia led some amen but he was saying you've given us a space of grace and you've allowed a remnant to escape this bondage that we could go back and build the house of God and what he say he said you had enlightened our eyes. Oh my God, that the church would have a revival that God would enlighten our eyes open our eyes to fit the size of our spiritual understanding would be enlightened that we would see as God sees see all seen himself. Don't care what the politician says, what does God say about America. I don't care what this one says and that was what say about the condition of the church that we see in the store with me.

Start with me, Lord, open my eyes. Let me see my own condition know my own heart. You shine the light of conviction into it every corner and every cranny. Amen.

God would call the people to tremble at his word. I people that would be ashamed of the sins of America/at their sins and the people that would say Lord give us a space of grace revive us and open our eyes

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