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8 Reasons Some Are Not Saved, Part 3

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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March 29, 2022 8:00 am

8 Reasons Some Are Not Saved, Part 3

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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March 29, 2022 8:00 am

In this ground-breaking message, discover 8 strategies that he uses to keep people from getting saved and the specific tools you can use to counteract his lies.

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Greetings friends and new listeners. Thank you for to the Archie Hardy ministries program because we know that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Sharon not and am excited to tell you that today's message is exactly the tools you need to be an effectual witness of the gospel to unbelievers, sinners, and backsliders. The Holy Spirit downloaded this message into my spirit fast and furiously over to day. And I believe it holds great truths to how we can reach the unsaved. Even the most skeptical. It's entitled eight reasons.

Some are not saved. The Bible also said the revelations 1212 the devil knows his time is the wiser that a lot of center have a short time. The Bible will come down in great because he knows his time is short. Amen.

But you see, that brings us to #. There are a lot of sinners that are blinded by the fact that they believe you know they do believe in Jesus Christ.

They do believe that he is the Savior. They do believe that they have to come through him in the blood of his cross to get into heaven they do believe that hell is real and that they do not know Jesus Christ that's where they're going to go and I have now they're getting right with God. I believe I guarantee that you will be here tomorrow people think I'm going to get saved to, but right now I'm not willing to give up boyfriend and girlfriend. I want to go to the club. I like to dance like a good time.

I like how I feel when I drink. I like how I feel when I take strong will and give it up right now but I wouldn't come back. Backsliders young people that were raised in church right in the house of God, and they're going to get back I pray to God with all my heart, soul and spirit. I pray to God you do, I pray to God you don't want out of time. I love reading now like the devil like a sinner with alcohol, frequent nicotine, not by disease need not been treated for abortion before it's too late. But one thing blinds the mind time with God.

Some of them say all I been racing towards my whole life and all her Jesus is coming and I used to be so afraid I'm going to bed every night. Oh Jesus, forgive you message.

If you come before Jesus, but he never came all these years now and never come yet to scare you put your parents tell you creatures tell you time scare you Jesus coming to Jesus will come for another 10 years or 20 years, but maybe you'll go. Maybe your time to go will be in a car act and not mine. Maybe you notice, and I can't bring you back.

Maybe you shop while you're out there and ask all the days when people have argument. Somebody got master plan is master plan. There is no hell. Amen. The other ones.

Those who believe in hell that some fear God will then you got plenty of time. Amen.

Eat and drink and be merry and have a party. Let me tell you something the party can shut down.

The Bible says there's pleasure of or season.

The Bible doesn't deny the fact that some people find pleasure out of the world denying the fact that people have fun out of the world, but the Bible says it's only four season all the Bible is your thing about you pleasure now is a curse to you. Now you can because you got emphysema in your words are going to get lung cancer.

Now you can have you done this yourself up with so many sexual diseases that now you're infertile now, you might want to strike like a family, but you can get pregnant, and now your body is all right and I know a lot of you, the devil tells you all kinds of things not let the Holy Ghost let us live you don't mind. Rule number five we got free to go, but will park your little bit. Amen.

The devil always paints a beautiful picture, but he never let you see what's behind you know what you need to do. You need to go one day around 12 o'clock in the noontime to those bars and disposing clubs you like to go to.

You need to go in there during the daytime when they turn all the lights on today can clean up the stop and you will be horrified at how what filthy place. Most of them are at night.

They got all plain black with all those pretty lights and things the devil paints a beautiful picture.

Amen. And everybody always think that's what happened to someone else and not them or their only going to go so far never put on the brakes.

I'll not go that far. But you don't have a choice what you yield to Satan, he becomes your master and you his slave. Jesus said your mother, your father the devil and his lust.

You will do. Amen. And he said I've come to Satan's come to steal to kill and destroy your life. But I've come that you might have life more abundantly. God want you to be blessed want you to be sitting here in church godly families or something like this generation to see this generation. Jesus doesn't come based on right generation like it's a shame you messed around in the devil he will do his number one you you cannot play with sin and did not cost you something, it pays to serve the devil.

Amen. Amen. It ended in there something sick God will forgive you don't. Don't misunderstand me, he'll forgive you for what is what work you and cleanse you in and he'll throw in the sea of forgetfulness, but something you cannot do some choices you cannot do that, you can unscrambling some young people. I think I'm willing to go so far in the devil was his mother's more STDs in the last in the last 25 years they have discovered where they used to be like a couple few and you know maybe 10 or 15 now the different kind of disease. Amen. And some people think, well, you know, I'll avoid it.

I'll do this I'll do that in there and people doing all kinds of crazy things and I heard the other day and I don't want to get too blunt here, but there young people that they want to avoid getting pregnant and they want to avoid getting an STD. So they either go to oral or annual, and they don't realize you can still get STDs or only you can still get annually. In fact, you can get weaker quicker because the tissue is thinner and allows viruses to penetrate. Amen. You can still get these things and can ruin and resurrect your life. Amen. You better realize you don't have all the time that you think you have Jesus today if you hear the Holy Ghost. He said Jesus and I stand at the door and I'm not. If you hear my voice. I don't you've already heard said open and I will come in amen. So some people think they got all the time of the world we want to number six.

We talk about. They don't have the fear of God or they don't have the fear of hell, but they have now all flip over the other side. Some people are blinded because they have come under the fear of man they are bound by a man fearing spirit.

Let me explain by state and go to church. I don't go to the clubs anymore and I don't do this, what will my family think of me what my friends say about me while you're not going to like what they're going to say that if your families not saying you're not what they're going to say about what about me on the job and so they're afraid what what if I do get saved and go to church and that what's going what are they going to think and pray that they're going to lose their maybe even their job, their position, their popularity, their friends or family. The Bible does say all they that live godly in Christ Jesus shall be persecuted. Amen Peter explained it this way he said it first Peter four for they will think it's strange that you don't run with them to the same excess of rightists living think it's strange. What is wrong. You lost your mind.

I do some religious what is wrong with you you you got him around all these are not, and some people are just shade the restraint and they know they think that they couldn't handle the sense of shame that they would feel to keep in mind there feeling this thinking this while there still blinded by the devil say they don't understand they don't got so much joy that when they persecute you, you have to rejoice with exceeding great soy God for the stuff we have easy for us to preach the Christians, but you're talking to people that are blind. Amen.

And you see I feel at that I believe is what happened upon is Pilate, the Roman governor, the condemned Jesus to be crucified, condemned to death. I really don't believe that deep down he wanted to do it.

I don't believe he did not not going to read it all, because in order to get the whole story you must read all four Gospels is marked because you some. John didn't tell you in and he tell you some Luke and Matthew you have read all four of them, put them all together you get the whole picture and we would be here quite a while so I'm just basically paraphrase for you if you don't mind. So when they brought Jesus before Pontius Pilate. Remember it was the Passover, which is the biggest feast and of the spring time. It was the time when they offered the lambs for their sacrifice to be sacrificed to be covered for their sins. Now remember, the Jews were slaves to the Romans Roman Concord such huge parts of the known world. And then they sent their Roman officials in Toronto to be the governors and mayors and all the Jewish people were under that the Jews pay taxes to the Romans. Okay, so now they had developed this sort of because it was a holiday, no holidays, people get charitable people get around Christmas time and it was like that at Passover, they had developed a custom where that Pontius Pilate would allow one Jewish prisoner to be set free offers to show them where it was a holiday were going to celebrate and work to let somebody go… Now come on now, if you're in a law-abiding thing you want to keep a law-abiding, you're going to let die go who stole a loaf of bread because he had no food to eat like I go who just killed three people and raped two more.

Amen. So he this was the custom now. First of all, they brought Jesus before him, and he was trying to get an answer out of Jesus. As you know, they're bringing you here and they want to condemn you because you see the Jews that already condemned Jesus into their opinion but they didn't have authority to put people to death only Romans did not force them to bring Jesus before pot is Pilate as saying this man is worthy of death you can't tell of we need you to kill this man gone so wrong. Well, they said he's the king and you know and so he says are you okay you look at things that don't look like a king to me.

Are you at first providing answers out of Jesus, but only Jesus said, well, my kingdom is not of this world. King then Jesus about liking was of this world just call all of my people to comment take you all down. Keep your job, my kingdom is not on this world. Amen.

And so he began to develop an end this conversation back and forth upon his palm is trying very desperately to find a reason. What is wrong with this now. To top it off his wife the night before and had a very powerful dramatic during the character. She said it cost me most.

Most. Much suffering in this dream and I'm telling you do not have anything to do with the just man do not know is like, whatever you do not tell you when you get home. I suffered greatly because of it doing that on his mind. He looks at Jesus is soft-spoken, who is not speaking about anybody or anything. Jews I tell you what problem you're the one that find problem with any problem with them about if we let him be the prisoner we let go for passive about that is trying to reason a bargain with will let him go yes will say okay your condemned bubble turn right around letting go, no way that Barabbas Barabbas was a sedition and a murderer, if anybody was threatening Roman rule. It was trying to get the Jews up to mutiny against then and in so doing, people got let him go. How many see the picture so that he tried to appeal to their humanity. He took he sent Jesus to be beaten if you saw the passion of the Christ. You know what were talking about when they brought Jesus back. It would make most people to shutter to look at this beaten man who was now added blood from his face to his beard, all down his back legs open to you could look in and see muscle and bone this man that was beaten so badly he thought they'll take one look at him and think all my but he was mistaken. They did, they didn't faze them one bit. They said he crucified, he said, I don't see any reason.

What is it that for me to crucify him. He's not what he went and got water.

He washed his hands and everybody could see it. He says I wash my hands of this I wash my hands.

I am innocent of this just man's blood. So what happened what happened that made him turn around and not the Jews that you started saying what he said he was the king and he said he's the king, and that means he's an enemy of Caesar. And if you let him go.

You're no friend of Caesar, and all of a sudden Pilate imagined it getting back I let someone go there going a lot he knew wasn't true was alive and he knew that they would lie saying, oh, he let sedition go, who was challenging Caesar's rule and he thought I'll lose my job I'll lose my palace. I'll lose my money I'll lose my position I'll lose everything and when brought fear in his heart and on my and he brought Jesus out and he condemned him to die. Amen.

Because he had fear of man. He was afraid that he was going to lose his job and everything. Let me tell you what Jesus said in Mark 838.

Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation ashamed of Jesus in front of all the bills in the garbage that we live around the said I will be ashamed of you before my father in the holy angels when I comment to my glory.

A lot of people they don't want to get saved because there ashamed of what people say and think about Jesus never deceived anybody. He never made the way look easy so that later on you say you tricked me.

He said sit down and count the cost.

Are you really are you able to pay the price because you may have to leave mother and and houses and land and some of your enemies, the worst will be those of your very everybody love one another not want to clean the light see some people are straight. But what is it going to be like when you stand before the judgment seat of God before all world and the books are opened and they read every never done because the new member that you when you were 13. You remember that you did that was so remember some of those things you did it behind closed doors that you never want anyone never get out. Christ will not be anybody on what was about that incest station and all your building line generation and I'll be ashamed of you and I will think the plaque for me. You workers of iniquity.

Never knew you pulse that I'm not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ died on the foundation not believe that all right brings us to number seven a lot of people are blinded and said get saved and go to church because of not express ever heard that there are so many hypocrites in charge. They know them all your right absolutely right. There are hypocrites in church dinner. Some here today. I bet you there. Some here today. I can't go hypocrites they been turned off.

They been turned off by preachers that are going bad. All you here. Therefore, while a few months ago we were here every week a new one. They just like climbing a rock somewhere.

Amen this was full around this one's got a boyfriend. This one's got a guy friend and got a girlfriend. Yes there are hypocrites and there always will be never printed in Jesus day on a synagogue going to church and Peter did say in second Peter to do by reason of the wedding of truth shall be evil spoken out. They put a stumbling block in front of others, they don't. But when they stop others from going in. Jesus said you want to hear about hypocrites. I'll have time to. You can read it, you read Matthew 23 and your hair will stand up he ever said anything mean to a sinner but boy Rick when he was talking to the hypocrites he called and everything but nice people. Paul said there would be lost in sheep's clothing, church in the world you expect the devil to be in the world was in sheep's clothing will con get ready it will always be remembered that it's impossible, amen, amen.

Surely the Holy Spirit has birthed this word into our hearts so we can be able and effectual witnesses of the New Testament.

I believe you can discern the spirit of conviction that was upon the delivery. As these truths penetrated the hearts of the hearers shedding light in dark places and peeling away calluses of resistance to the truth.

It also serves to an like nonsense how to deal with hard cases when sharing the gospel. Paul said that Satan is the mind blinder and he uses these eight strategies to keep people from getting saved. I'm a good person number two not ready to give up their sins. Number three no fear of God number four no fear of hell. Number five, I've got plenty of time. Number six, the fear of man number seven there are too many hypocrites. Number eight.

I just can't live the Christian life. Each of these points is scripturally supported and there's enough ammunition in this teaching to prepare you to be a powerful so later so be sure to add this message to your spiritual library for love gift of $10 or more for the radio ministry request offer. SK 151 that's SK as a chair and not 151.

Our mailing address is RG Hardy ministries PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 or if you prefer order that's RG Hardy.RG again to receive eight recent some are not safe on CD offer SK 151 send your love gift of $10 or more to PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203. Until next time that

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