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The Love of God

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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March 30, 2022 8:00 am

The Love of God

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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March 30, 2022 8:00 am

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Keys to spiritual into your spiritual plan out the next generation to stand on biblical truth to use its new black give off full switch with encouragement found in second Timothy will help you in June flourish and thrive in the midst of doubts danger and encouraging the unveiled unique what it means to never give up biblical truth.

Christians around the world face mounting pressure to compromise that faith that biblical values of any amount from leading the way of Christ for the next generation.

Order your copy of never give up. LTW.Ford you can also call us at 866-626-4356 866-626-4356 welcome to leading the way with pastor and author Dr. Michael used to today a powerful look at the love of God you can learn. You can't increase it today. I think you'll come to understand and appreciate it.

In a deeper more meaningful way. So join me in listening to Dr. Michael you Seth, mostly for what God is just how do when you feel like going down on your move on with your life, to feel like it to go back the in government of the hog and like to move on and so forth. Other any believer in Jesus Christ would have to fall the following.

But God does not make us jump through hoops in order to receive his love does not make us learn as well. He loves us wherever we get our act together. This is all true but the love of God is far, far, far, far more than all over but now I know some of you soon, what in the world is Michael doing with this. What is he saying here. First let me tell you what is absolutely true is absolutely true.

Is this what God's love does not depend on what we do that much is God's love is not conditional on our doing anything but God's love is conditional.

Nonetheless, this I conditional on what conditional on what Christ did on the cross is conditional on the priceless sacrifice of his son the Lord Jesus Christ is conditional on the comprehensible cost to God the father when he gave his only son we need to say God's love is conditional conditional on the sacrifice of his son conditional on our acceptance of the sacrifice of his son conditional on our big cognizance Leon Rice that was paid on the cross for you and for me. Listen. Salvation might be free but it was not cheap and thus a difference. That's a difference. I wanted to turn with me to the prayer of Paul in Ephesians chapter 3, beginning at verse 18, Ephesians 318 to 19 is a prayer the prayer that you might have power or supernatural power, not power that comes from trying hard that you will have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how all in high D is the love of Christ and to know this love that surpasses knowledge, that you might be filled to the merger of all fullness of God. In many ways Paul's prayer in Ephesians 319 is a prayer the day and I was would come to know the unknowable, that we would get to the bottom of the bottomless that we would plumb the depths of the unfathomable and you say what is this doubletalk, how can he pray for them to have the supernatural power to be able to comprehend what is incomprehensible.

What does Paul pray is what is playing. Listen carefully just praying that you and I might enter into the knowledge of God's love that we day by day deeply enter into some of the comprehension of how incredible this love is to say how can we comprehend the insanity of the love of God, the truth is, we can fully. In fact we going to be spending eternity spending on spending forever in heaven just comprehending what it means for the son of God be separated from the father and hang on the cross so that we can be set free is just trying to comprehend the God of very God hanging on a cross like a criminal is so beyond our ability my ability to put it in a message today, but nonetheless because of the limitation of time. I wanted to focus with me on three things I wanted to focus on the immensity of the cost of God's love. Second, I want to focus with me on the impediment of the recipient of God's love and thirdly I wanted to focus on the measurability of the blessing of God's love their enormity of the cost. I told you, salvation is free, but it wasn't cheap.

It cost God everything Acosta son cost him everything and I began my statement with that, Sean over to shock you in order to get you to focus in order to get you to think with me about the cost of the love of God.

Sure, it is unconditional draws close conditional to God's got up by the price God did not give us something for nothing to give us something that cost him everything I wanted to hear me right for somebody to take a punch in the face you is very different from somebody who would take a bullet in the heart for you. For someone to sacrifice an hour to a day or two for you is different from somebody would sacrifice his future for you and so human being like God is very difficult was nearly impossible. But even if it happens, as will see later, Paul tells us, but don't forget that this is a perfect righteous God, sinless life is of infinite value not only got up on the cross and died for you, for your sins and mine for you for the God who is the maker of the universe.

The owner of the universe to die in order to pay the wages of your sins and mine is of immense value to incomprehensible audit. Not so long ago about a couple who was sitting with a pastor who don't for counseling and and then the conversation heated up in the husband said to the wife he said, have I not given you a beautiful new home, not given you a beautiful new car have not given your beautiful new clothes, not given. You have given you, and then when you calm down. The wife said that much is true.

You have given me everything but yourself God in Jesus Christ gave himself up going to the apostle Paul in Galatians 220 would say the life which I now live in a flash I live by faith in the son of God love and gave himself up for me immensity of the cost of the love of God. Secondly, the impediment of the recipients of God's love to see most of us would be willing to sacrifice for our family members would be willing to sacrifice for friends I think would be a natural thing you see a friend in need are willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to help the friend most of us are more than willing to sacrifice in order to repay someone who's done us a great favor in the past, but I wonder how many of us would be willing to sacrifice for the sake of someone who killed arch off but is it when God showed his love for us. We were unlovable we were undeserving we were at enmity with God. We were different to God. We were ashamed of God and that is why the word of God said in Romans chapter 5 it says while we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly. Very rarely would anyone die for a righteous man for a good man someone might possibly dare to die. But God demonstrated his love toward us in this while we were sinners, Christ died for you see the depths of God's love can only become trusted to the impediment of the recipient of the gift of his love. I know human pride and arrogance to see something intrinsically good in us, made us one of the son of God to provide for house, but it is not so. It is not so you know why many Christians today are not humbling themselves before God in our so many Christians today are full of themselves. So many Christians today are full of their own accomplishments and our achievements who they are, where they live, what they do. The reason for that, my beloved friends is because they do not comprehend this in the light of love of God. The Scripture from cover to cover tells us that his love is based not on you being a nice guy or a sweet lady not only being a good boy or good girl no no no no no no you miss the point you miss the point altogether, but his love for us is based on our unworthiness. His love is based on his sovereign because he is God, and therefore is not the obligation to anyone is free to love whomever he wants to love and only when you truly begin to comprehend this to become overwhelmed with the love of God say overwhelmed with the generosity of the love of God. God shows love God chose to love you when the people of Israel become so full of themselves when they got into the wilderness and the sword. God provided for the supernatural or crossover to see provided manna from heaven gave them water out of the desert out of the rock that got to the point of thinking of themselves. We must be really superduper people. We must be really special. There is something intrinsically good in us to read about it and you'll see me.

That made God do this for us. Listen to what Moses said to them in Deuteronomy chapter 7 verse seven is see God doesn't bless us because of who we are to bless us, because who he is is what he said the Lord did not set his affection on you and shows you because you were more numerous and other people so you were the fewest of all people, better laws, because the Lord will do and I will explore your forefathers sovereign love of God that I don't deserve none of us deserve and if you ever think you deserve the love of God, you have never experienced salvation.

I pray to God you will do that today.

If you listen to somebody who tells you that you are worthy of the love of God. I can tell you right now that person is denying the very sovereignty of God, the very prerogative of God who God is literally something about a most importance. If you forgotten everything off told you I don't want you for the longer tell you the depths of your love for God is in proportion to the depth of your comprehension of his sovereign love for you. I will repeat it now. The depth of your love for God is in proportion to the depth of your comprehension of his love for you to see the immensity of the cost of the love of God, the impediment of the recipient of the love of God, but sadly the measurability of the blessing of the love of God in first John chapter 3 verse one says this is what the word of God said see how great the love the Father has bestowed upon us that we should be called children of God what is God saying here. Listen, you can spend the rest of your Christian life.

Unpack this verse the sentence you would like do justice to it. What is he saying is what he said is saying that his love for us went beyond rescuing us from sin and death. He is saying that his love for us went beyond sacrificing himself to bear our sin on the cross that his love for us went beyond forgiving of our sins that his love for us went beyond clemency of his former enemy is or how come because he could have sacrificed and he could have forgiven us. He could have rescued us if you have redeemed us and then stopped, and that would've been wonderful would've been marvelous and great but none on it and stop there. He went much, much, much further than all of this is love took us into the family and called us his children and I sat down this weekend as I try to do every week and this time I really was trying allow the love of God to just overwhelm me to film it overflowing in and I got overwhelmed and then I began to think of some human analogy that I can use so I can make this understandable that I can make it comprehensible to you and I really have worked very very hard and I try every time I try think of an analogy in illustration just to make the point home but you know what I came to the conclusion that I couldn't. I couldn't there is no human analogy that would illustrate the immeasurable blessing of the love of God damage of finding a helpless homeless child, and taking home does not begin to illustrate, it does not begin to explain it even adoption of a child and giving the child the rights and the privileges of the family does not begin to explain the love of God, you know why you know why because God does something that a human failure accomplish and that is to impart something of himself in you and me so that we can take on the family resemblance listen to first John 39 no one who is born of God practices sin little bit habitually practicing because it seemed abides in him and he cannot go on practicing sin, because he is born of God. By this we know the children of God, you're a child of God see somebody who hates sin, and as soon as he or she sins is over there at the father's throne asking for forgiveness. That's what this verse is saying because when you come to Jesus Christ. He doesn't only just forgive you. It doesn't only just redeem you. It doesn't only just assure you of heaven, but he adopts you, but he doesn't only adopt to the changes the nature he gives you his nature little girl sat across from her daddy wearing braces on her legs and tears streaming down her face. The physiotherapist had just finished working with her and the pain were just too much for her and saw through tears.

She says to her daddy that he went to love me just the way I am the father gets up on the ugly little girl and insidious honey I love you the way you are but I love you too much to make your stay that way. Beloved, I wanted to listen to me. We have so much cheap grace and cheap Christianity being preaching to churches today and there are many people in the church yesterday will find themselves in eternity without Christ because they've never been told the truth. God loves his children too much to just forgive is I let them go in their happy merry way. God loves us enough to impart his divine nature upon us so that we concern no soon regardless of the pain to the flesh, regardless of the pain to the old nature and regardless of the pain of isolation and rejection by the world he loves us too much to let us live for self loves us too much is the love of God unconditional to you. It is not the God question everything in the condition is that you come to him through his son can come to him based on your good works, how hard you try, because all of you good works.

One get you there all their philanthropy will not get you there. All of your efforts will get you there in the conditions he's asking you and he placed is that you come to him and receive the love of his son.

Conditional on Jesus's building all of the cost. Conditional on you accepting three although unworthy his free gift of grace. If you've never done that Bible set the days of their salvation. You can come and experience this overwhelming, incomprehensible love of God shall report that is not a moment.

Ever since that day in 1964 that I would not allow myself to be overwhelmed the fresh of the incredible love of God the costly love for him and my unworthiness without being overwhelmed and I will until I see him face-to-face. Nothing will change that, for there is nothing in me that would make me lovable, but he loves me.

Nonetheless, he loves you and it is out of love that he wants you to hear about his father's God, human pride, selfishness, arrogance always want to think something in us but Lord's grace.

Grace couldn't do even 1% new phenomenon, you had to do all the hundred percent and for that I think appraising I glorify you today.

In Jesus name, amen. Thank you for joining Dr. Michael you set leading the way. I and maybe Dr. cassettes words that challenged you to learn more about God to explore how to have a healthy relationship with God and our staff pastors with love to talk with you about that you can just visit to start that conversation again. and by the way, if you enjoyed listening to leading the way audio messages and you will really enjoy watching videos featuring Dr. UNICEF and his solid teaching that the first place to start is leading the race website that LTW.Ward.

Once you get there. Click on the link that says watch strength to near the top and when that page loads, you will see numerous videos from Dr. UNICEF and leading the race team.

You can watch Dr. cassettes a weekly television messages or powerful testimonies of lives changed by Jesus. We also feature special events, and other content from Dr. UNICEF through these challenging times. Also, remember you can always call a ministry representative about anything at number 866-626-4356 again at 866-626-4356 and we love getting your letters right to Dr. you sent leading the way, PO Box 20100, Atlanta, GA 30325. That's PO Box 20100, Atlanta, GA 3035 by Casper today. Thank you for being there that do make a point to join Dr. Michael you set next time right here for more leading this program is furnished by leading the way with Dr. Michael passionately proclaiming uncompromising truth around the world. Learn more.

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