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The Endgame: The Mountains of Israel

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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March 11, 2022 7:00 am

The Endgame: The Mountains of Israel

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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March 11, 2022 7:00 am

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There is a new Russian czar, and he may be an apocalyptic player this in Bible prophecy is winding down to one geographic area of the world comprised of 70,000 mi.˛, and that this nation of Israel. This is really what is driving the force and when you find that someone is motivated by evil. You can be sure that Satan is behind it without question. Israel is the end target of all of these things are going on look into understanding the times radio with Jim Markel radio for the remnant brought to you by hollow tree ministries. They Jan has two special guests Michelle Bachmann and Pastor Barry Stagner current events that applied to the Bible are happening at a staggering pace in the three discuss those events this hour. Here is today's program now you got a leader could prudent be this dog mischievous ruler of Magog's principal grocery will. It's certainly possible, depending on when all these other prophecies will be fulfilled possibly give me that is honestly the local buggies. The bully on the block, but is also very calculated and intentional was really asking Billy to look at the situation here. No, Hitler did some similar things right. Prior to world war two when he annexed Austria and they begin invading Poland's really been the same thing 2004.

He annexed Crimea without hardly a shot fired and now is moving in like Hitler did with: with more military force, it's almost like he's Hitler 2.0. He's coming in there and modeling himself after this the world take out or suspend many many decades since that happened some times people have a short memory but whether he is the Gog of Ezekiel 38 as Mark Hitchcock says he's more, God asking, I could be just someone who setting up Russia to position them to be able to make that invasion at a future date and another ruler in Russia comes and we don't really know.

Thank you Jeff Kinley for that introductory clip. The Bible calls the last days perilous and watching scenes out of Ukraine. The last 2 to 3 weeks and we are seeing those perilous times escalate. Evil is escalating watching heart wrenching scenes. Just a thought or two before I bring on my guest because the Russian bear has always been wicked but now it's sort of is if Mr. Putin is almost possessed is showing aggression not seen in decades and observers say he has somehow transformed recently into ultimate evil with the images playing out in front of us.

I think that is fairly obvious. The conflict in Ukraine. I believe it's an end time turning point. It's much more than just wars and rumors of wars predicted in the Bible for the end of days, and it obviously further destabilizing the world, a world that is already groaning fearful and weary. Sometimes I wonder is it 1942 again or are we really in 2022, than watching refugees on the run, having left everything behind. You know the strong, and particularly bullies always want to destroy the week.

Well the globalist cabal must keep stirring things up with pandemics with wars with economic peril with uncertainty and more and to reset their new world order plan, the world must be riddled with confusion and with chaos. So where is it going things are changing quickly. I say this and then I'm going to bring on my guest here, but I wanted to make this statement when tyrant say they're going to act. Please believe them when Russia says it will strike. We need to believe them. When China says it will go after Taiwan leave them when Iran says it will get nukes and eventually try to go after Israel believed them, and when the world lacks a leader in America is weak in the White House. This is all accelerated.

So I consider this I want to consider the political, biblical and prophetic issue of the Middle East and what's happening with Russia and more. I have two guests for the hour. Michelle Bachmann will join with part one of my programming. She is Dean of the Robertson school of Government, Regent University part two of my programming will be Pastor Barry Stagner, but Michelle, welcome to the program. Thank you so much Jan for Yeah Vladimir Putin he's really not globalist.

He's really a nationalist and yet some say the globalists are behind this incursion into Ukraine. As a matter fact a Ukrainian member of Parliament says quote we are not only fighting for Ukraine. We are fighting for the New World order. Give me your perspective. I think we also need to recognize that Vladimir Putin was also one of the alumni of the global young leaders. They came to the world economic forum. It's interesting, I urge your listeners to go to the global young leader portion of the world economic forum website.

There's over 1400 alumni in people who are at the top positions in finance and media Inc. government practically every area that are gatekeepers in our life, including cultural and entertainment. It's interesting to see some of these characters are, we see that with Putin that he is one of them. But there's also for instant a journalist in Ukraine who also was one of these young global leaders and she's been actively calling for the United States and the European Union to get engaged in establishing a no-fly zone over Ukraine. We thought just recently in Canada with Prime Minister Trudell and that Deputy Prime Minister Christina Freeland and half of the cabinet of Canada, all of whom are graduates of the world economic forum young Glover leader program. It's almost as though a gold button is pushed because the main event that is happening in the world today is the destruction of Western democracies in the world. It is the rise of global authoritarianism, and it is the stripping away of civil liberties of the citizenry. That's a mouthful, but that's exactly what's happening. We already have nations that are authoritarian China, Russia, the 57 Muslim nations, all of the other dictatorships there already authoritarian. What isn't authoritarian for the Western democracies. Now what we're seeing is happening at exactly the same time, some through the pretense of coalbed.

Here are authoritarian measures that were taken but now through war being pushed forward in the Russian Ukrainian region. This is a very different time.

I agree with you that time clock has leapt forward in advancing the movement because it's go time. I'm going back in time just a few months and you and I ministered together at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California in September and he spoke that day and you talked about Pax Americana is over and the turning point clearly was Afghanistan and I just want to revisit that for a moment because Afghanistan seemed to change the dynamic. Now, having said that Mr. Putin may have had this in mind a year ago 10 years ago but then the opportunity clearly arose post-Afghanistan with a very weak man in the White House wanted to go back to that time because it seemed that we've got an American now that look. Our generals are more concerned as you and I have talked with transgender is him then they are on protecting our nation.

Clearly, the world's leaders are seeing that and they're saying that America is not going to intervene and we really aren't. I'll say more about that later, but Afghanistan seemed to be a major turning point. It is a major turning point that you have to go back prior to that, to the election of 2020 was absolutely imperative to those who believe in a global governance system which the world economic forum has made their top agenda.

It was imperative that Donald Trump not have a second term in office. They American voters had to be denied their choice because they needed a week America as we all know goal number three of the world economic forum is that the United States of America is no longer a superpower with Joe Biden.

What we have seen is two things that have happened simultaneously number one. America has lost its status as the economic superpower of the earth. Our economy has been hollowed out and devastated by the Biden agenda number two in August.

We saw the destruction of America as a military superpower that would superpower status is. You can't have military superpower status without economic superpower status. We lost our economic superpower status first to China and second in August we had the worst military defeat after the conclusion of our longest war, which is 20 years in Afghanistan 84 billion in the finest weapons of the world. They left on the ground but also we spent $2 trillion between a rock and Afghanistan. Those resources that we built up that is now in China's purview and also in the purview of other bad actors in that region. When we had this terrible defeat in August with anyone fired, was there any reform of our military.

Was there any review, there is absolutely nothing. It was celebrated. It was a victory. It was a victory from Joe Biden's.

The part of the delusion and it's like there is an iron curtain that had descended willfully from our mainstream media that tech media so people in the United States and across the world are unable to get the truth any more about what's happening in our world, but the fact is 2021 with an extremely terrible year for America because we lost our superpower status and because we were superpower, we enforce globally what is known as Pax Americana. We kept the peace globally because America is a force for good in the world when we removed America as the economic and military political superpower house in the world that did not go unnoticed by Vladimir Putin chairman G and China and all the other bad actors of the world. They took their opportunity and that's what were seeing happen in this invasion in Ukraine.

The globalists want a war. They love it. The destabilization of the war and we don't know where this is going play little clip there of author Jeff Kinley who speaks extensively as is Mark Hitchcock doctorate Heinsohn and others on the coming Gog Magog conflict where the power to the uttermost north of Israel is going to come down but we believe that's to be Russia going to come down and sees the wealth of Israel were going to talk about that in part two of my programming folks with pastor Barry Stagner but going back to my comment.

Michelle the globalists they love the instability of award stirs everything up makes everything uncertain if stirs everything up and people need to realize with wars number one there extremely expensive. Our treasury was bankrupted to the Iraq and Afghanistan war $2 trillion, and that the entire American budget for a year here that we just went over that there is been no recouping no trying to repair or military or get us back into position. It was complete and utter failure by our intelligence community. When you have a war you don't just decide one afternoon all I guess were going to go to work. It takes months and months of planning time and I could go for three minutes. He is giving what you need to do to be prepared for war. The United States is not prepared to engage in war. But Russia was because they had time sufficient to make their decisions. So what was the purpose of trying to bring the EU and to this effort because Russian new that the EU couldn't stand by soda China.

They wanted to take weekend Western democracies weakened by the coalbed authoritarianism that these nations have gone through our economies were wiped out small businesses that collapsed a weakened Europe and a weakened United States are being invited to come in and be Ukraine's defenders visit to China's advantage of this is to Putin's advantage to take weekend Western democracies bankrupt us in war, but also exhaust us in war and if the United States get involved.

It's two against one because it Putin and China China. The silent partner here their crowning in the corner but they know that we are the number one enemy of China.

We, the United States have a number one enemy of Putin and Russia. So if they can beat us to come into this effort and it's sickening to see how people have been sucked into this to think that we should run back in and we should be equipping and training and having no fly zone. This is the economic forum George Soros. Many of the people who were these groomed young global leaders all think, oh yes United States oh yes weekend European Western democracies. You need to get involved in this and so again you step back and say what's going on here who would benefit why are they having us be involved.

It is all about collapsing the wealthy influence of the United States of America to ensure that we are no longer in the superpower status. I submit that we are no longer a superpower. I say that with great sorrow because we were the global strong horse that had to happen for the enzyme eschatological roadmap that the Bible lays out you can have a superpower when you really need a global power in the global government is coming if you join me late you're listening to understand the times radio and Jan Markel.

I have on the line from Regent University. Michelle Bachmann, she's Dean of the Robertson school of Government at Regent University you here on this program on my can is one of my most frequent radio guests and I would have to say one of the audiences most savor its radio guest Michelle. We've watched Russia by innocent people with cluster bombs and other weaponry. That's actually been banned and they make these weapons because America buys their oil until Tuesday of this past week. Again we were buying Russian oil and financing the Putin regime and financing the bombing of these innocent civilians in a horror scene played out, day and night on our media, and very often in real time. Finally, Mr. Biden pulled the plug on this after pressure from all sides. On the right and the left. Yes, we finance China's military. We built them up in our building up Russia's military because of energy dependence. Send in China's case, because of economic dependence upon manufacturing, all designed to weaken the United States of America.

The truth is the United States of America is the leading energy reserve in the entire world.

There is no other country that has more energy resources from every different capacity than the United States of America, Donald Trump as president made the United States completely energy independent. Remember we were paying two dollars a gallon for gasoline. Joe Biden came in and he made energy production in America illegal and he tapped it off and he stopped projects need stopping these leases on energy field. So what is a Don he's bagged the OPEC countries, the Muslim countries and also Russia to allow us to be dependent upon them.

He has stripped out the wealth that was created from energy production in America but he's also put us into dependency. No sane president would do with the Biden administration did.

They've embraced a culture of economic yes and they've embraced a culture of military ruin and destruction and we are here looking at the tattered remains of the Piedmont fire administration. I've heard you say was another interview you said people who are calling the shots for the Biden administration has to be terribly evil people because everything there doing results in destruction one intelligent lapse after another and it's stunning when you look from the borders to healthcare to you name it. Things are being systematically destroyed on a daily basis is just stunning. It is a culture of wickedness and a culture of death. It is pure evil, what is coming out of the Biden administration. I don't say that in a partisan sense. Of course I know I don't anyone listening to this conversation to point to even one policy that has built up America or benefited the American people.

We were literally having our greatest days under Donald Trump. We were breaking stock market records every day.

African-Americans have the best life they'd ever had. Economically the same with Hispanics under Donald Trump now under Joe Biden. We are looking at two years of lockdown, two years of breaking the backs of small business which is 85% of the American economy we are broken in ways that could take decades to build back but if you look at what the Biden administration's goal that they can care less that people are broken sick can't get what they need. Instead what they're doing is continuing to run as fast as they can through the tape to destroy the United States of America before the midterm because they know they have full power now through November so they're putting every wicked policy in place that they can't dictate us down and to put us into a place of enslavement.

That's where we are today. We are enslaved to energy. Countries that have evil designs against the United States Senate, wasn't that way under Donald Trump. This was a politically willful decision by the Biden administration to destroy America but also to harm the American people in our way of life so read three short paragraphs here. It's an item written by Hal Lindsay Howell course wrote the infamous book late great planet Earth which so influenced me as a young person in the title of his article again just couple paragraphs here folks is Putin saying because that's the question a lot of people asking what has gotten into Vladimir Putin. Chris is a communist folks and communism is of extremely destructive satanic system and Hal writes this a few days ago New York magazine ran a headline that asked publicly what people have been asking privately for months is Vladimir Putin saying the New York Times recently noted that Putin has fundamentally changed amid the pandemic. They say the shift seems to have quote left him more paranoid, more aggrieved and more reckless." People who speak with him regularly, including the president of Finland sees not the same person and how those on what happened. Romans one happen. Putin suppressed the truth in unrighteousness.

He exchanged the truth of God for a lie. He did not see fit to acknowledge God. Therefore God gave them over to a depraved mind, a depraved mind, or as the King James version says a reprobate mind means, in part, a mind that can no longer think in its own best interest. To conclude, here the Romans. One effect is not confined to potent the things that brought on his change are widespread among most of the world's leaders and not just political leaders but also leaders and entertainment, education, religion, and business how does a nation survive in such a world through virtue and strength.

Proverbs 14, remembering that corruption begets weakness and weakness invites corruption. How do individuals survive in such a world, by turning to God the father through Jesus Christ we don't have to be alone. We can walk hand in hand with the gun who brought the universe into existence with the power of his word.

Remember the wisdom of first Peter 57 casting all your care upon him. He cares for you. I think Michelle the point is that Hal is written here this Romans.

One mentality yes Vladimir Putin is consumed with it.

Yes, the current administration in Washington is consumed with it, but you know if you and I right now were to look at the capitals of the world, you name it, no matter what capital of the world. We were to pick we would see leaderless nests. We would see a political system in whatever country you want to pick number one it would lack proper leadership, it would be unstable and it would probably be contributing to the world's instability because we have no global leader. We have no stable Washington that tease up the nations of the earth looking for a man's right planets right so we are in the beginning stages of massive global instability. We don't know how long this will go on.

It could go fairly quickly or could take a little bit more time but we are in the period of time in history of massive global instability.

Remember again. Every day of our life when we woke up every listener on this show today you woke up knowing that the United States of America was the global superpower on earth and we held Pax Americana with that no longer being the case now you have leaders with reprobate mind all across the world who are grabbing whatever they can for themselves. Here's another interesting fact that we should keep in mind we are in the midst of a demographic death spiral. Russia is running out of Russians, the Russian people are not reproducing in Ukraine. One example, the population of Ukraine in 1990 with 51 1/2 million today their population is 40 million usually don't go backwards. You go forward.

Ukraine is lost 20% of its population, just since the fall of the Soviet Union. Why because people are not reproducing.

When you have uncertainty and chaos in your future. People don't invest in the future.

The best way to invest is to have children after all across Europe. Now it's happening in the United States of America needs children. He needs Russians. He's looking for these countries that have Russians make it gather together and bring into his nation.

The same is true for communist China with her disastrous one child policy.

They need people to so worsening a number of different factors, including a reprobate mind but all of these factors together resemble exactly what the Bible predicted for this time in history, and that's why it is the story of our day. The rise of authoritarianism and the massive stripping away and destruction of the rights of the citizenry including here in America through these authoritarian mean Joe Biden unbelievably just reinstituted in a letter on the White House website emergency powers. He put emergency powers back in. Remember when Justin Trudeau did that in Canada that gave him the power to freeze people's bank account Joe Biden just instituted these emergency powers. Everyone should call your congressman and your Sen. and demand that they insist that Joe Biden rescinded his emergency powers. What can he do with those emergency powers he could once again wave a magic wand and we could have stolen elections again this fall with his emergency powers, and all of the other authoritarian measures that they put into place to make our lives miserable and to make bankrupt in his last two years have to end Michelle you have assassinated event coming up. It's going to be Tuesday, March 29 from 12 to 5 PM Eastern standard Time, and this can be a Regent University, but anyone can watch at no give me a minute of a commercial I want people to write on the calendar.

Now remember.

Tell all your friend Tuesday afternoon 11:48 Eastern time. were doing a five hour deep dive on the exact topic that Jan and I are talking about right now is the rise of global authoritarianism and the stripping away of protected civil liberties were going to have a powerful explanation on the history of the rise of socialism will have Leo Holman and another doctor talk about world economic forum deep dive will go through an archive of the last two years of rising authoritarianism because this is the destruction of Western democracies and will wind up with a biblical perspective will lay the table for all of these geopolitical events that have happened, we will catalog them filled be fascinating speakers, and then will end up with the biblical perspective Marie explain all of this so we are getting this in 1/2 hour time. But what were going to do is expand it in an understandable, very informative format for five hours. It will also be website. People can see it later. It's free of charge. We invite everyone to participate.

It's going to be fabulous of the interactive with live students live speakers and then people can interact online as well, but it'll be available for anyone, so that you could then refer other people and you know what people want to know what's going on in the world they can take a look at this in a deep dive and no typically what is just about to happen around the corner. Will you having my good friend Dr. at Heinsohn's will staff leave he's closing the event off again. That's Tuesday, March 29 12 noon to 5 PM Eastern standard Time, you can live one more time. and if you can't catch it that day. Just look for the archived programming after Tuesday, March 29 Michelle we set this little interview up very quickly and that's because well I wanted your perspective. I've heard you and some other interviews and I felt you were really nailing some of the issues that are so relevant for right now as we speak. The war in Eastern Europe, etc. and you're going to be here for a whole hour during the month of April you will be here in studio with me, things will have further unfolded. At that time so we can dig a little more deeply into things, but I thank you for giving up time. I know you're right there at Regent University as we speak. Thank you and merit affect carnality payment when I come back. Pastor Barry Stagner joins me will look a little more carefully at the biblical angle and the prophetic angle of what is happening in Eastern Europe where is it going, what's the timeframe will examine that and a lot more in my part two programming results will stay in touch with us online through follow-through that's all old trees used for control of central time. 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 writers: follow-through ministries and John Markel, PO Box 1452 persona 55311 PO Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311.

This unstable ionic world groaning to be free from the curse of sin.

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Now let's wrap up today's conversation with Pastor Barry stood the focus may now be on Ukraine but as Amir said, and often says, and rightfully so. Listen Bible prophecy is winding down to one geographic area of the world, comprised of some 8000 mi.˛ and that is the mission of Israel. This is really what is driving the force and when you find that someone is motivated by evil. You can be sure that Satan is behind it without question. Israel is the end target of all of these things are going on, but no Mike, there's another element that I think to be interesting especially with the fact that you were Crane and Russia have long been considered the bread basket of Europe. There, a major supplier of food and if you look again at the rider on the black horse in Revelation chapter 6 there is an extensive global famine that takes place there and the BBC just ran an article yesterday about the impact economically that the Ukraine invasion will have on the world there is number one energy bills petroleum plane ticket prices will jump with Russia being the second biggest exporter of crude oil Brent crude is already jumped to over 100 bucks a Rosen futures 60% in one day, a 60% and oil futures rise in one day, says that food prices are going to be affected in the ripple effects of the Russian invasion will hit shopping baskets around the world. Russia and Ukraine export one fourth of the world's wheat products and half of the world sunflower based products including sunflower oil, investment markets are going to take a hit. The BBC article says it just goes on and on and on with the economic impact including cars being more expensive Russia being the world's largest suppliers of metals used in car manufacturing things such as nickel and other things that are used in the manufacture of cars. This is a big deal in the potentially prophetic implications that reach into the tribulation. And as I said this work on the job I think is very very possible that the hook is in the mouth of Gog and it's about to be set by the Lord because it's the Lord is going to draw them down from the north create this invention and I think that's bound to happen because Satan and the Lord are about to throw down in battle during the tribulation. And of course we know the Lord's gonna win.

I think the prophetic implications of this are you and we need to be looking up. Our redemption is not because the antichrist can rise the power until were in the father cells with welcome to part two of my programming and we numbering on my guest for this segment in just a moment I'm repeating something from a pastor in Levine in Ukraine asking and thanking us for prayer.

He says the rockets disappear in the air without reaching our homes and no one knows where did they go enemy tanks run out of fuel.

Russian troops get lost and ask our locals for food and for directions.

That is definitely God because we are dealing with the second strongest army in the world. Thank you for your prayers. Obviously there are miracles going on, but also enormous destruction, devastation, and people hurting.

Join me now is Pastor Barry Stagner you just heard a clip from him from an online presentation. He is senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Tustin, California, and I have ministered with him for several years, sharing conferences and speaking at his proximity conference.

He was to be in our understanding the times conference in 2020, which was canceled due to covert restrictions at that time, along with the mayor's are funny, pastor Stagner and I do some online live prophecy updates. I'm continuing the theme of trying to understand just where Russia is going now that it has become a vicious bear and not a hibernating bear are its sites. Ultimately, on the mountains of Israel. Ezekiel 38 eight I think so, who joins in on that and what is the timing of that war. Let me clarify again that the conflict in Ukraine is not Gog and Magog or the war of Ezekiel 38, 39, could be leading to that absolutely it could be were not saying it is but it could be leading to that pastor Barry Stagner. Welcome back to the program you so much channel was a privilege to be on with you just couple of things here lightly talk about the hook in the job. The hook that's going to bring down the enemies of Israel. In Ezekiel 38, 39 participants again. We know that to be Russia, Turkey, Iran, some North African nations what you think about the hook. I think the book has some economic associations with them because that is what the protesting nations. She did or going to inquire the invading forces about the motivation to come to take plunder duty really that's what were seeing the precursors to what was going to be fulfilled during the tribulation. Jim, I think one thing that we always have to recognize is that the church is going to see any portion of the tribulation, but the mentality of the moral attitude cannot develop during the tribulation, the tribulation, just as long of it has to be something that is brought into the tribulation. And therefore there are precursors to the events of will reach their ultimate fulfillment during the tribulation them because of the things were seeing no and the players that are involved in the military engagement that were now seeing it is very possible that we are on the cusp of the twinkling of an experience. Yes, the church will have the writer of the white horse in Revelation 61 coming out of the world seem covenant demand to some quick bullet points and again we are not suggesting that the conflict in Ukraine is Gog and Magog. It can't be, but certainly you would agree, could be a precursor could be a lead up to it, correct absolutely and Jim and I think that's important what you just said because were given the geographic area of the battle theater of the Ezekiel invasion and it's a hook in the jaw that draws them down from the north into the land of Israel scope of the battlefield was also defined for us things, some 1600 furlongs long, which would basically be the distance from Dan to Beersheba, which was the length of Israel and against this also distinguishes us well from the battle of Armageddon. Yes, the limited number of engagement nations and we have a very definitive outcome mystifying. There things associated with these nations where they come from what their associations are with one another and what the outcome of the battle is which is completely distinct from that of what we call the battle of Armageddon feel this is not Gog and Magog.

But some of the participants are very differently adjacent to geographic regions and partner represented in what's happening in Ukraine right now. It is significant. Ukraine is the breadbasket of the world. It's called and if in fact it's going to be left in shambles and we don't know that it is the war is certainly weeks old, but it could end abruptly.

I don't think that's going to happen. As a matter fact, some are saying it could be a 10 year war will will see. But if Ukraine is the breadbasket of the world. If in fact book of Revelation.

We've got the four horsemen. One of them is talking about the famine during the tribulation, Ukraine and Russia export about 1/4 of the world's wheat products. It seems like were seeing the stage being sent here. We really are and you pair that up with the other elements. There's interesting things as we all know there's so much nonsense out there in the media so much conflicting information we been hearing about the fact that part of the motivation was to keep them from joining with the European union or NATO interesting to see what's happening there, especially with application to join the EU and just watching so many of these elements of will again have their ultimate fulfillment during the tribulation and the consequences of the ripple effect of this is without question going to be global and it is going to impact all of us, especially if the place looked is one of the most costly visits in day-to-day life right now most of adjusters so you look at rush is made to feed the monster so to speak, and it comes generally from the vast majority of the gross domestic product is related to energy plan another clip here happens to be Jeff Kinley and folks.

I opened the program with the clip of Jeff and he's being interviewed again take us a lot of people are saying now is what's happening in Eastern Europe at this point somehow leading up to the invasion that Russia and a bunch of allies again.

I will be perpetrating on the nation of Israel on the big questions is where do people find Russia in Scriptures. Let's start there is Russia in Scripture and then let's talk about Ezekiel is another three or to go from here. But take us through that.

Why Russia from a biblical perspective. Anytime you have directions given in the Bible. Always start with Israel being the center of the Naval if you will, the center of the compass and it speaks about these nations coming from the uttermost parts of the board. Of course if you just do a straight line north of his regular land in the middle.

Russia so that's one reason the other is because the word Roche is used in Ezekiel chapter 38 and different opinions as to what that means but the most plausible explanation is just simply refers to Russia because it's referring geographically to it in the name itself when you get down to Magog says will be this war of Gog and Magog. I noted Josephus, the Jewish historian identify that areas the area of Scythians where they lived, which is really modern day Russia really include Ukraine really got Roche is Russia and part of Russia being Magog and all that just really fit most scholars today. Billy are pretty united on the fact that Magog does include Russia and at least parts of the former Soviet and that portion of Ezekiel when you look at Ezekiel 38 and 39 this idea of God from Magog, God would then be a world leader.

Really, the leader of Russia. In this case essentially pending Russia is Magog. Is that correct run. The word dog simply means chief or ruler her head, the top dog of the organization of the will. So, yet he would be identified as the leader there sandwiches some bullet points here based on Ezekiel 30, 39, Israel number one is dwelling securely likely only under the Antichrist. The context is the last days. The invasion comes from the uttermost North. It's an overwhelming invasion, and no one helps some nations sit on the sidelines and scold, but they don't get involved. God gets involved and allows Israel to win your thoughts.

All this that I want to ask you when you think the timing is interesting.

I appreciate what Jeff and Billy were saying let me just a little curveball and when you draw a line directly from Jerusalem North on a flat map to go through Moscow. You go to the heart of Russia.

But if you were to take a piece of thread and put it on top of a globe and run from Jerusalem to the North Pole. That line would go right through Ankara, Turkey. Got these two major players, one being the former capital of the easterly of the Roman Empire. So no matter how you slice it tonight proceeded to mention the Ross issue, whether that's a proper name are known, but either way, you've got to countries no matter what you believe to be leading the charge and Rolando North Pole ghost writer Turkey. Their name to draw a line due north on a flat map and you're going to see Moscow but also to see these nations Russia with their economic motivations and wanting to control the flow of natural gas and petroleum products in Europe and Turkey recently making these overtures towards reestablishing Lisa conversational relationship with Israel behind the scenes. Both are motivated by one thing and that is European natural gas market. But yeah, I think the outcome of this war and possibly want to just underscore that possibly is that the Ezekiel war vision starts before the rapture the church rapture the church takes place during the invasion. And then the final element of it because of how the outcome of the wars dictated and determined by God himself for me that footsteps, of necessity inside the tribulation. Because were not living in a time of God responded with his direct route people melt today experience a consequential wrath of God, the universal law of sowing and reaping what the direct wrath of God in the form of catastrophic events is limited to the center of your tribulation. Possibly it begins before the rapture the rapture happens after it starts, but the endgame I believe would land somewhere inside the early portion of the tribulation.

Many believe that Damascus Syria will be obliterated first. That's based on Isaiah 17, one, some say, well that happened in history.

I do know that it was ever left uninhabitable in the history but there is coming a time when it will be left uninhabitable.

Some feel that's going to be an event that will actually trigger Ezekiel 38, 39, what is your thought on that. I would agree with that. I think especially with the fact we see multiple players from the Ezekiel war scenario now inside of Syria.

Others, a Russian military presence there is a Turkish military presence there. There's Iranians are the Persians who are militarily present their Turkey has established relations with Libya and Sudan, who are the other two players in the five nation invasion and what's on the news all the time Damascus Israel strikes near Damascus, and I think it makes sense that the standalone prophecy which I would say was not in the seventh century BC, fulfilled by some operative than his invading forces simply because there's a Damascus today yes exactly ceasing for being a citizen right exactly the second will never be a city again. That hasn't happened even though there's been obviously talks look at Jerusalem and only time zip and invaded and overrun through the centuries.

I think the standalone prophecy in Isaiah 17, one is going to play a part of motivating factor in an invasion of Israel in Ezekiel 38, 39. If you just join me here listening to understanding the times radio and Jan Markel. I have on the line from Southern California Pastor Barry Stagner. You can learn much more at his website, he is pastor of Calvary Chapel Tustin California CC CC if you want to ask him some questions. He's speaking and hosting various prophecy conferences around the country. Frankly, around the world.

Just quickly I actually brought this out. You and I spoke together, and behold, he comes back in September, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California. I brought out the fact that obviously is not new news had just happened $85 billion in US military equipment left behind in Afghanistan which could in fact play military role in Gog and Magog. Could it not.

Oh absolutely someone who see portions of the patient's name there's including the stand status as a scroll down. That's right, the southern steppes of Russia that will include Afghanistan.

Interestingly, Jim. That potentially implies the horrific scenario that the United States is armed.

The nations that will invade Israel to the degree that was a catastrophic movement of sensitive made no sense whatsoever.

In one of the elements of why were saying what were saying in Ukraine right now is a weak leadership position in the United States and this diplomacy sanctioning and they have their purpose and role is no question about that.

Of course we should try and pursue a diplomatic solution to this, but there's a time as Solomon said there's a time for. There's a time to stand up and defend yourself and your allies we have now sadly an administration where those who do have the itchy trigger finger aren't intimidated by the people and places of power here in the US or to the grievant in Israel right now reading a couple lines here Joel Rosenberg writes in his online newspaper Christians don't stop praying for the full liberation of Ukraine and the reestablishment of peace and security in Europe don't stop praying for the Lord to restrain cotenants for his evil intentions.

The world hasn't been this close to nuclear war since the Cuban missile crisis. 60 years ago that is ominous thought there Stagner that in deed with pollutant and again we talked about at first half of my programming pollutants seems to be out of his mind somehow with anger. We don't know what yes he's brought us back to the brink of nuclear war. Did you ever think in 2022.

We knew would be a chaotic year but nuclear war really Jim thinking back on when we were all younger. We just have duck and cover drills in school and peer California readings last Friday of the month. He used to play air raid sirens scare the daylights out of you if you would forgot what day it was, but to be talking about these things again with them as a potential reality is frightening and considering the fact that I was reading an article and forgive me I can't think of the ladies name but she has worked under both Democratic and Republican administrations qualifications are. She is the world's foremost expert on Vladimir Putin and she was asked by the person during the interview if she thought he would use nuclear weapons. Her answer was without hesitation really and she made the point that the skies seems to have gone off the rails. Yes some reason she is never ever in all her years of study, Putin see him be emotionally driven and he seems running out of new, driven by emotion and anger and wrath. In all these things evil thoughts come into the mind. That's right. Satan is obviously behind them. It's an interesting time to be alive reading two short paragraphs from Ha'aretz.

It's an Israeli newspaper talking about the effect here on Israel, which really is going to have an effect on every listener. Ultimately, here, and the two paragraphs. If Russian military aggression forcibly kicks out Ukraine from the world food market or even just temporarily delay selling harvesting, processing and supply. It will create a tsunami effect on a global scale. This will hit not only Israel but the entire article states from North Africa to the Persian Gulf in South Asia. All consumers of Ukrainian exports, and then it concludes all this will lead to the fact that in the event of a major war against Ukraine. The increase in the cost of living. The reference here is to Israel will make our current complaints about rising prices look like child's play.

That can be applied to the whole world and then it concludes we are on the verge of the biblical seven years of hunger with the sharp rise in food prices again very Stagner apocalyptic language into paragraphs Ha'aretz newspaper, Israel still looking for their Messiah. Looking at language like this coming out of Israel and especially the mention of seven years of famine and things and maybe more traditional. The biblical but they know that there's a tough time coming, saying that we seem to be on the cusp of it discourteous to watch the tentacles on this thing spread out the potential for the global famine Ukraine as we talked about being the breadbasket Russia as well. All of the elements of just the basic foodstuffs that come from there.

When you paralleled out with the wheat and barley of Revelation chapter 6. Those are two major products become better Ukraine by name, wheat and barley their wedding. The top five producers and exporters of both of those products and basically Revelation 6 as José's abuse care supply and extremely expensive, and Jim, one of the other things I think that so interesting about how all this is developing as we've seen, the dysfunctional family of the EU, and operating family unit. Because of this and all the things that bickered about and argued over, like having military arm that represents the whole of the EU is that of individual nations and they've got nations dedicating hundreds of millions of dollars to the military because of the European Community. This is a geographic region from which the crisis can arise less the revived Roman Empire. That's what I think is so fascinating and exciting about this is not just all this could be this or this could be that it's like every area related to last days Bible prophecies advancing right now we need to be looking up. Thank you. Even the concept of the New World order plays in here. I'm just playing a clip and happens to be a Ukrainian member of Parliament and she saying, look where fighting for the New World order for the rest of us that are Ukrainians. I think the world. Quite frankly, Karen is surprised by the will of Ukrainian people to stand up and fight are you well I'm not surprised we can invite Putin for the eight years and we had three the real Aleutians another country when we didn't agree with what was weighing one of his the direction of where we will be right now. It's a critical time because we know that we not only find Ukraine we find for this new world order for the countries we shield for the euro. When you are protecting Ukraine, protecting the all the other countries that would be next if he failed me yet again fail well again that's Ukrainian member of Parliament Karen routing.

She stated an interview with Fox News that she and her fellow Ukrainian citizens are not only fighting Russia to save their own country, but to save the New World order that includes all the other democratic countries. Your thoughts on that pastor Barry and then we want to hit your upcoming emphasis here on 316 B give me your thoughts on the globalism pusher. I think it's fascinating because really the portions of what she was saying is what is going to feed into the global worship of the Antichrist. People are tired of ideological driven wars people tired of religious base wars there tired of the nation rising against nation, tired of the ethnic tensions in front of all these things in the solution seems to be, let's just all have one global economy religious system and all the things that were soon pushed forward through the great reset another efforts to the world economic forum, but you and I think as we both though behind all this is the devil yes and the endgame is not the great reset or the world economic forum, the endgame is Antichrist that shines a mentality necessary for him to govern the whole of the world and to receive worship and worship meaning to prostrate and submit has to be developed and the developing before he ever comes to file right you have a campaign coming up and how appropriate, because were incoming to say Earth's final hours we don't know how long before the Lord's glorious return in my goodness, what really matters is whether spending eternity. Let's put it that way because eternity spent in the wrong places unthinkable eternity spent with the Lord Jesus Christ in heaven is why you and I do what we do but talk to us a little bit about your 316 mission. I'm down to couple minutes Jen. It's actually something that was birthed out of our high school ministry of the church and let me first say everything related to it has nothing to do with our church. It's all about Jesus and what we are doing is challenging Christians everywhere to take over social media and to post either the words of John 316, or to quote the words of John 316, or explain John 316, and basically take what has been used for so much against us and take it back and use it for God's glory and there is a website that you go to its 316. The numbers 316 and there's some downloadable graphics and things like that put one of our high school group started presenting this out to other churches. We just want to make sure that it is focused on Jesus and not on any church about promoting our church. There's nothing anywhere that has our churches name on it, or any other church for that matter, but it's exalting the name of Christ and my oh is that secular media reports that the church took over the Internet on 316 of 2022 and that's why were call me at 316 mission 316 tests the date of March 16, so March 16, 2022. Share John 316. In a time where the world is desperate for hope.

Oh my goodness.

Thank you very well said, just a quick heads up here. I'm going to look at some additional aspects of this war next week with pastor Billy Crone Vallarta Mayor Zelinski may not be the person you think he is he is a part of the globalist cabal and will look clearly at that next week and just exactly what does it mean you folks. We have talked like frankly but some discouraging things today and I am reminded that we need to be encouraging one another that is actually a biblical command found in Hebrews 10 were to encourage one another, all the more as we see the day drawing near and day of the Lord his return and that time the earth will be in turmoil.

And so we see that is come to pass. My goodness for the last many decades. Even a couple centuries but now it's accelerating so before the day is over. Would you encourage a weary soul today and there are so many worries, you will make their day. I promise you if you'll just give them an encouraging word I want to thank you for listening and were to talk to you again next week. Contact us through our website almost 3 that's followed call is central time. 76355 976-355-9444 dinner meal when he writes all three ministries of John Martel, Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311, Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 oh gifts are tax-deductible. God knew of today's events before the beginning of time. You knew you were going to play a primary role in these final days is orchestrating always see transpiring. Everything falls into place

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