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THU HR2 031022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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March 10, 2022 11:59 pm

THU HR2 031022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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March 10, 2022 11:59 pm

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Donate and listen to the podcast that you are already, we are back in the villas little Lucila Nuno. She she's done total her friends and family know that she can read so go ahead and show rates go on call okay all, he's a uniter, Joe Biden went to Wisconsin the day after former Supreme Court Justice Michael Gable and called for state officials to decertify the 2020 election during his remarks. The serial liars suggested the trump supporters killed five cops on January 6, 2021 Joe Biden says, how would you feel if you saw a crowd storm and break down the doors of the British Parliament killed five cops injure hundred and 45 the German Bundestag or the Italian Parliament. I think you'd wonder. Well that's what the rest of the world saw.

He said for trump supporters were killed on January 6 two female trump supporters were killed by cops. One was shot dead in cold blood and one police officer later died the next day from a stroke and a disgusting lie. Of course the fake news media said nothing about this whopper. We so we saw dirty cops that I mean really dirty cop yes kill innocent patriots of their end and they did it under orders known here as we woo what we were talking about returning here, the US interfere with Ukraine's democracy here. This is an article by Ben Swan and that he goes on to say Swanson Ukraine is is not a bastion of freedom and democracy, contrary to how it is shown in the media. There's a lot going on there and does not represent democracy, opposition leaders have been arrested, and three different opposition TV stations have been shipped up. You sure that SunAmerica and pointed out that the US got involved after the Democratic election of former Ukrainian Pres. Victor Yankelovich which led to the overthrow as that sounds just like America does and what is that sound like AmeriGas. The US help for medical or revolutionary order to overthrow the dramatic, democratically elected leader of Ukraine and installed a puppet leader who would represent the West to explain what you won't be here and then an NBC, ABC, CBS, William know you to John's gotta say something out there that's why you're here. Walter (D: yeah, well… You guys are supposed to jump in here you go, I'll do see disposal when I do the think jump in a comment now ready New York Times reporter white boy this guy is a real a real winner. I can't even read his article because he uses so much foul language, but here the New York Times reporter who reveals on hidden camera. His belief that the media is falsely portraying the capital right also discloses that this is the inside stuff. Stuff that that you you're not supposed to know that there is in it international. There is an internal ideology war ideological war at the paper with a far far left but an influential minority and acknowledge that the P tape and the infamous anti-trump stilled Don fair doesn't exist stays involved of the CIA and national security agency sources so another words he saying that they made that whole thing was made up by the CIA.

Which we believe you know what, that's that they're talking about when he turned learning about one have to be honest and say no okay the sky homeland genome: equipment gallantly called the bar that is called the P tape that was in there. Yeah that might need to know, yeah, go ahead put the one you're talking about.

Yeah, wanted bill repaid for yeah yeah of course everybody knows it and it's proven and that's been investigated and drawn report which I haven't been able to find you don't to be able to read and obviously proves that that's what happened and I heard something an inkling from somewhere that bar was part of that now. Don't know if you have any more information.

I just got that today believe the bar knew exactly what was going on. Okay so here and he acknowledges that the P tape in the infamous anti-drum still does doesn't exist and involve the CIA in the national security sources that leather was there was something about they accuse trump of being in bed with some prostitutes and they were doing Democratic Party things okay. Things did the death of parents would do that. Matthew Rosenberg is a part of part two of the project.

Veritas series on the times the national security correspondent also said he believes the paper may lose the defamation lawsuit that project Veritas and founder James O'Keefe filed against the paper okay with interviewed later by O'Keefe, Rosenberg said he absolutely stands by the comments made in the undercover footage so there you go. He caught a not here again in part two was where he speaks about his covenantal sources, including those the source of ridiculous P tape the reference to the stilled osseous claim that the tape existed trump engaging in lewd acts in the Moscow Moscow hotel room the tape. He said it doesn't exist and never did exist, it was simply made up this is that by the CIA in the FBI. He says Rosenberg says that the New York Times news newsroom.

There is a real internal tug-of-war between like the reasonable people and some of the crazier leftists that worked his way in their they're not the majority but they are very loud and vocal minority is selected, the squat is like the squad in the Congress. Okay. And so he says that the they dominate social media and therefore has just how hugely outsized influence.

He says the ideological slanted to the reporter discloses alienating the paper subscribers who easy he describes as prosperous. Rosenberg describes the colleagues at the times as bullies and not the clearest thinkers. Some of them and so are very neurotic people he talks about times reporter Adam Goldman describing him as a terrible terrible writer is just not good at Conceptualizing things is not good with words.

It's it's a skill it's hard when Rosenberg added that editors do all this weight writing for him. Rosenberg also comment on the project variances defamation suit against the times James O'Keefe that was. I can use the word delete bleep. We may Will quote we may well lose this one sit Rosenberg. In other words he said O'Keefe is going to win… In this case against the New York Times. I hope you wince huge. I hope he really went cute. I doubt it.

Learning I mean Sarah Palin just had a case there New York Times and then yet George killed it, but you get those liberal judges that are in New York City.

New York Times.

Everything is corrupt or vivid edema hiding the corruption so he killed her case.

While it was going to the jury. The judge said the legal charges and be dropped elite.

We are at and at times with the Bible calls a time of sorrows where there is nothing legitimate out there where the only thing left is legitimately were the only one. Since, yeah, there's not really any sources of truth left out there is or very even when I noticed the Democrats tell the truth to do something they could tell the truth thought they still twisted. It's amazing Dadeville embellish the little tell a lie on top of the true amazing when you listen to them not tell the truth will Matthew this them. If a Democrat told the truth when they cease to be Democrat, but the damage is already done. Yeah, the damages done because all you have to do is state the lie and then a certain amount of people going to run with it. Believe and they know that and and and so it doesn't matter that it goes any further doesn't matter the person is absolved from, having been a victim of the life they told the lie and they poison the well for certain amount of people and that's what they continually do you actually write because there are people out there that still believe in collusion with trump absolutely and now they want to do is ask you tell a lie and it doesn't matter that you retracted after that because you said you know you sold the seed of doubt or whatever you want to call it mess with a do let me ask you this return in whole and because you guys are pretty smart fellows. The federal chief Powell says it's possible to have more than one reserve currency in the world. Now that's diminishing the US dominance in the world. In other words, we can we have to diminish the US and then we can have more than one currency at executive house that could work coming because everything is gonna be measured against right now everything is measured against the dollar. How how would that work well for earlybird digital question: digital money and nine you did something most peculiar way past the hat wasn't on the Treasury Department to look at on digital money to see if if it was legitimate or something like I read the article the other day and it seemed to be working towards his advantage to converting us over to digital money, yes… There is all coming to a head now this crisis is very that's coming. This is a manufactured economic crisis that moved their they're putting their building blocks to pulldown leg of the economy when it collapses. One of the they can enter introduce the digital like currency will be any paper anymore will be digital to alike alleviated the going to say that this is a way now we can control we can control inflation and all with this new currency which then they will use the completely control it you can buy it so one of the things visited doing now is that the abiding in the Brighton and Hove Biden are killing the petrodollar and US economy by even aligning themselves with the wood with the with the Iranian people when the idea and act Iranian people and the idea behind it is this is it. When Kissinger and Nixon came up with the use of the petrodollar and every situation. It benefited us. Of course, what happened is, is that the the Saudis and the Iranian people have at that had a falling out and so long story short with the Iranians have done now that they've aligned themselves with the Russians and they even have like a sort of a pack if you will. The idea behind it. Obviously, being that no longer will they use the dollar for for their petrol, petrol exchanges, they gonna they want to use their own and what that will in essence do is eliminate the use of the dollar for the poor petroleum petrol. Exchange if you will that people use now and so will will lose that because right now all the dollars all the petrol style transactions if you will not have the start of words. Here they are raw. They use a dollar. They won't anymore now because they don't trust the US anymore so the Russians and the Saudis are now going to move together and and set up their own sort of exchange sort of ruins the whole thing behind us and the money we used to get for every stock transaction. It was done in American America in dollars. All right, here you go fellas Iranians Elon musk and yellow. Elon musk is blanketing the earth with satellites to provide everybody quote Internet but the main reason behind that and he knows this is to radically alter how financial transactions are done because once he has almost satellites out that transatlantic cable for conducting financial transactions will be obsolete because the satellite system is going to be much faster than that cable so that's gonna also implement this worldwide monetary system which appears now it's just on the verge of going into the digital realm, John. They just want almost satellites.

The a couple days ago and long basement putting him up for quite a while. Yeah yeah this long whole bunch of the whole bunch. I'm I think it was the middle final amount where they're going to have like a grid over the alert since his goal is to blanket work with this grid to provide quote people with Internet service will he knows and I don't think many people in the public aware that once that is laid out. Goodbye transatlantic cable for conducting financial transactions because this thing is going to speeded up by what most people would think would be an infant dismally small amount of time, but in the financial round any saving of time to conduct a transaction is big, big bucks so that that's going to happen is going to make Boku box just off the banking industry for them to conduct their transactions across the satellite system so you wait and that's what's going to happen and then Biden and the Democrats are pushing for the digital money so will right on the cusp of having a cashless economy. Regular that's when my family had real quick. I wish that one trick they might have up your sleeve is still have some kind of adjournment virus or something that the gonna say is being spread by paper money being handed about this and I'm on top of that here you go people become the plague.

The tribe people become the plague Bill Gates is developing a needle is vaccine that spreads like a virus to the unvaccinated. That's right.

New research funded by the US National Institutes of Health and the Bill Gates foundation aim to develop a needle is a needle list vaccine that can spread like a virus rather than have to be injected leaving no way for anyone to remain unvaccinated. That's kind of what they're doing right now with the shedding of those that have been vaccinated with a poisonous quote there shedding right now and they're spreading that now the goal is to create a vaccine that people catch a without their consent, without the need for any injections. The vaccine would be passed from one person to the next like cold.

In other words a paper on the subject claims that the contagious vaccines will will be slightly less deadly than the traditional injections but not nonlethal, they still can kill some people will die who would otherwise have lived through the fewer people will die. Overall it's further explains the other issues.

There is no consent for vaccination. The majority of the people in Nina we see that the that I hear one by one. Joe Obama's fourth vaccines are being knocked down either by the people, or by the courts and Congress passed the you know where he wanted to pass that that all all medical workers. All doctors had to have the vaccinated they knocked that down Congress, but not that down so but the boy were in for some of you know, it's been a dark winter hasn't now okay sorry John McDermott I witness what could be their potential delivery system for this about John the seating with the all all you know that Ernie and that there hasn't been much attention about this about the. The atmosphere they've been spraying for years now they've been spraying some sort of aluminum type of chemical in the air and they were doing that heavy heavy old Pennsylvania and we actually watched it in in really detail where the claims were spraying in the in sequence and then they were created this big like kind of bright red cloud, and then out one plane I was driving and John was John was watching and I was watching the best I could and it was like something tropic suspended in the middle of this cloud that the best way to explain it. John it was we want. It was a high-altitude flying in a pattern that made up grid driving up the road, like I was always a little dubious about this chemtrail stuff… He was an unbeliever. Hopefully a little element I wait wait wait truth truth to come out.

I now know I don't know their right over your head toward driving up from Harrisburg right and now see these planes flying this grid. It was like a cross grid and that was high-altitude and the streams are coming out and was we watched it. John said were one of a set look will be another plane appear right appear to match the grid sure nothing's all this stuff comes out in NYC this morning. It dropped out of a plane that and then you hello clouds form with them what 15 minutes. John blanketed valley here right W.

Philadelphia went we followed it online and it went always been slow. With the whole a good section of the southeastern Pennsylvania was on this cloud-based spray bottle area and now listen to this dance. Ernie so we see we witness that we watched was right. Whatever it thing was born in whatever and not on Michael wall so we talked about it and I think a couple days later I was up at my mother's house and she you know I told her what we saw notice of the gods honest I ice I walked outside on the porch and I'm looking up at here.

And here's the same pattern going on so I called around my subconscious mom I said here's a list to that pattern in 15 to 20 minutes is going to be a low level cloud cover, that's going to cover this whole area. We stood out there and sure enough it happened that was listed there. You see, now you believe and now she saw and other people that were there so I after that even after John saw a believer I know with the dawn, and it was reported as John said. They sprayed a court or from Philadelphia through our area right John 20 of the late late late dated for more area and then it went to little okay I know one is a direction but not happened multiple times and after that right now. I haven't seen it for a while in our area but I have no let me take this some years ago I had a fellow from here in Ohio who only chemical company when the company chemicals he made was aluminum chloride chips or aluminum instantly goes and like him underarm deodorant cement and he was he was very concerned because he had made this for the military and they were they were splitting it again. You had to chemtrail's and he called me said this is that this can be dangerous because we really never done I will study and is about a potential that little chloride is settled. I have Andy I got a clip of an incredibly human plug-in. Okay and I went up like this in the and see if I can play here that this is from this Dr. let me know if I get to write one okay let me see light ways and it didn't matter that acting could be. Now I'm not here is the wrong wrong clip. I hit the button in this this Dr. went away in his woman came up.

Let me see identified it again because he he's telling you this is very important when you had to see if I can find it again. Me see. Maybe this is a minute and think I cooked the meat. No that's not it. Oh well, I just had this clip and I was just completed this, you will be true that the pastor is finished. Okay I'm going to heaven. I got in here somewhere. I just had this and I hit him and what happened is I just got started in I just touched the phone and the Dr. Walesa woman popped up but I'm gonna find it here and he's talking about this a very very serious situation with the let me see. I think it okay here I would try to get ready now acting could be. Now I'm not clicking where Rob would not be the first time military chaplain look good initial safety actually made people worry free of the respiratory virus vaccine children actually made the children worse. One of the HIV years ago actually made into. Control is more likely to get infected. This would not be the first time it happened vaccine that looked good initial safety actually make people worse. That's, that's right, clip flow sites and somehow I lost a clip that I wanted to play for you because the is doctors in 80s real virologist he was little intensity was given a warning about that did the these vaccines have these aluminum chips in their and that there settling in the brain's of children that they settle in the brains of children and it causes wall term brain damage and now I can't if I find that clip out.

Glad to play, but it's the just stay away from the vaccines altogether as that's all I can tell you stay away from totally away from so all right here let me do this. When ready, you get some articles you want here and yet what I like to talk about. Next is the Department of Defense article that proves that the military is purging all the young vaccine seen surges from the yacht from the military service and put in the country at risk. Since I'm up to 25% of the of the soldiers in the military about all that's left of the soldiers that are not affected by the on the coronavirus and eight it says on page 6 of the document which it which addresses national security highlight so that the American military is being weakened by the removal of unvaccinated soldiers who refuse to modify their DNA and immune systems, and went with the a big harmful poison.

After reviewing some details of the gentleman by the name rent since that is if the bite in the rigid regimen is trying to purge 25 at the last 25 times and make major on the tip military soldier people. We have turned away. The injection and also plan to purge that the entire military. This is just a defensive medical thought, epidemiology, big database or DME for short shows that the pulmonary embolism's heart attack strokes and many others that all health conditions are skyrocketing among the mass of the injected of servicemen and it says that that's enough evidence to show that these jams are ineffective and unsafe. I'm calling for the American people to stand for our military heroes and push back against the tyrannical vaccine vaccine mandate and share this information with your congressman and it's vital to the security of our nation. They even talk about a gentleman that that they talk tell you about the talk I guess his name is Clouse Bob Schwab and the child is actually he's related to the Nazis and the it's his disguise actually he's calling for reset and for the. The emergence of the pandemic. In the end. He's also out like a for complete related to the Nazis. All this crap will continue until we actually bring criminal charges against the FDA, CDC, NIH, pharmaceutical industry, and fallacy along with the MSS for for pushing false information and that's the gist of the article that what they want to do is that they want to basically purge the military of people who are not, let me ask a question here would you say of for all you folks who would you say are the smartest soldiers in the military. Those that would receive the poisonous bulk of those that would rejected the people he rejected course right that absolutely didn't get there, refusing to be vaccinated, not when you have a military would you want the smartest one or the dumbest course you want the smartest people okay and there they're purposely trying to destroy her military their purpose again that's the point that were trying to get a guess we gotta get. We gotta get these people out of their case, Americans gotta rise up because our nation doesn't have much time was more time will you need to take it.

We need to at least attempt to talk to your congresspeople and the people who can do something about it instead of sitting silently and Jesse and oh my God, they're going to do this we have to do something happens, we have to do more than talk that's exactly now. Here let me give you some examples here, breaking the exclusive Hunter Biden firm the Hunter Biden from Rosemont Seneca invested in firm was tied to the Ukrainian bio labs. Guess where the funding came from Yep okay Hunter Biden firm will not Rosemont Seneca provided capital for the firm's behind the creation of all the bio labs in Ukraine.

We heard Tuesday from the US State Department that their work. US bio labs in Ukraine with seeing that he's not telling.

He's not seen by a weapon. Labs are the greatest thing bio labs dinner Wednesday the Biden regime backtracked and insisted that we were know that there were no US funded by labs in the crank and silverware.

They had no there and that there did they change in daily wind why they shouldn't. Why the sudden confusing message for the Biden gang, especially when there's documents to prove the US was funding several of the bio labs they set up Ukraine to study potential dangerous pathogens. It may be because Hunter binds firm Rosemont Seneca was funding the firms involved in the billing of those labs in Ukraine and they felt this was not something they wanted the American people to know. That's why we're here to tell the American people would with the fake news media will not tell all right, Bernie be. The Russians are going to present the evidence they have. The UN general Security Council tomorrow at 10 AM, laying out decriminalized ON as they claim the criminal activity of the United States would bio weapons in those labs in the Ukraine. Now there did you hear those reports. The reports that the Russians were going to use nuclear weapons in the in the Ukraine Giannone employee. I've heard reports that another reason that they were sending that is, the observers were spotting always Russian soldiers and in the bio lab gear.

The protective gear and they thought that they were going to be releasing like regular activity or small nuclear weapons assaulted and it turns out that the use of the destruction there were soldiers or scientists they were going into those labs. They captured a couple labs and apparently they found a treasure trove of documents along with the bio weapons so that they were taken. The bio weapons out.

That's what it would dress that God settled and be presented at the UN tomorrow at 10 AM and I hope that's Bernie that if this is true that we will breaking international law.

American law they had to do this out of the United States that I don't care for the right of the Biden they have to be removed from office.

These are bona fide criminals wore their war criminals. The problem is we don't have the military right and we don't have a Justice Department I know I know best.

I know that's the problem. The problem, so are we going to go with this. This international because they violated the Nuremberg trials understand is 500 international lawyers looking the brain. The these people. The chemical, the pharmaceutical companies and somehow to a a world court what you think the formation of his current pastor ever. That has to be some nation without a lot of government they could boost, but it allegedly is happening in Canada right now that what they're saying uses that according to their own law according to the general, whatever their reaction is that they don't have the right to do what they're doing and that basically they don't have the authority to do it babe and they don't have the ownership of the people to do these things. So what allegedly is going to happen is that they want to be taken to court. Bedlam and basically be backed into a corner that have to admit that they really have no authority to do what they're doing and that's basically how I that's the gist of it in a nutshell, and that's what it one of the things that likely I guess. Well kinda looking forward to it sorta came out that this started and it seems like it's kind of disappeared in terms of saying where it's at right now, which doesn't surprise me either because they're certainly going to do everything they can to state keep this from happening because the people in their government at every level within become people were guilty of of of the Agassi call it treason. Almost with people that cannot hear that that they been conducted guilty of what they are causing people to take part in.

We only have one remedy, one roommate second Chronicles 714. That is only remedy right now, folks.

That's the reality. Because we're living in, but that remedy is what is enough. It's happened in the past. In that segment chronic the people have got to turn to the Lord and and pray and ask God because that he has no problem overthrowing tyrants does he that's exactly right.

If the rent were going to go ahead. This is we've had people in Holo this time take a few calls so we can open the phone lines at 888677 intake very quick calls because there's so many to list go to Kevin. Kevin you're in the air. I Kevin I have a deadline or an attorney that can be a probate case in County County. I like it. I would like an attorney are trying to help me and the procedural issues lifting probate court to vacate our event. Anyone left the lookout that looked about good go in. I take that back. G. D.

And Darrell Darrell Darrell 115397 okay give it one more time slowly and go in high attic. The fact she the man Darrell Darrell Darrell 1153970 in foods that that some attorney to get help to move this case, I don't know the situation is good the boards lived like in the move them but Thanksgiving was good.

AC, a senior and they are going you're in there going on here.

Okay, my last conversation with you on Tuesday were talking about Matthew 24 verse 37 to 38, 39, and you mentioned to me several AC are on to something okay and I'm on to something else from this from these verses in verse 37 you have afraid the last phrase in verse 37 which is social.

Also the coming of the Son of Man be. That phrase is exactly 11 word and word manner.

You go to verse 39 you find the exact same 11 word freight. The whatever coming. Jesus is talking about in verse 37 must be the same coming that he's been talking about in verse 39 would you agree yeah but you know what I'm I don't have time here tonight for this. This is taking longer than we have time for the night to do. I can call back tomorrow night okay what you have would be better different type list go to his window boards that were added to and this could LOL you're in the air affect you. I did call before I say that I think what's happening in our advanced topics out the equipment now cover my life. I began the assassination 9/11 and I think 9/11 was that it makes my job. We can weaker diplomatic really do.

But now you see that you take 38 years now this 9/11 were 19 years now we I called them out. Later that the question thank you meeting up evildoers are speeding up the things where were not even to be able to get done one thing people make to make the other thing you don't think this Daniel chapter 12 verse four is that it's happening exactly like you said it would.

So yet we know that yeah like you know what what happened is now you got your mail when Avery came and I got say something.

There's a common pipe. You said something weeks ago about Israel and you said that the co-op they have mastered the box about gay parade.

They want went long in the first place. I guess what I was under Bush and Cheney went public about sexuality was expected really to start with. Okay.

And I'm sure you was that doctors met a really good man would agree with me went with this country except the number sexuality to start with.

Now, beyond marriage, I didn't and that we didn't a lot of us didn't, but the corrupt corrupt people in government did the ones that were and that we have in our government are corrupt, extremely corrupt courts, corrupt politicians, but but those courts that were bought and paid for yet.

I just really believe it now with that which going on the BioLab, and like new lander with roaming the moment and the other one. I agree tablename that made a blanket. What I meant to say was you budget Israel in August I visited to be anti-somatic. But there's a common thread here in the comet August stop is going on borders. Everything that you can't thought Israel orders are closed off to modulate the open year. We got guys like humor, Garland Garfinkel, you got all these people about letting everything happen here is a common thread with Israel beer okay and I think I think the controlling law that I have to say that even though I know that the properties as well in the long run I think you said to get begot by Dr. Walker begot by God. The common thread. I believe the problem and to be our number one what the ally in the world are outlined in the world get out so I'm to say that at the present that I called Zionism.

I'm sorry I caused you and I think that the major problem with is not allowed to go back all the way to the days of Abraham.

They've always been the stiffnecked people. This is why you know the owner entire Old Testament is from God, bringing his wrath down upon Israel and then in the making. A longer route 40 years out in the wilderness, because they been in stiffnecked people, but now there's a difference to what is what is a Jew with the Lord Jesus with the apostle Paul said that all of those that are that are the seed of Abraham are the children of Abraham and the Lord Jesus made it very clear that those that say they are Jews but are not but are the synagogue of Satan and in Jesus. Jesus made a very clear that they are not true Jews and boils down to return. You can comment on that but will we get over to Zechariah chapter Chapter 13 of the Lord makes it very clear what with going to happen is he's going to the two thirds of what is referred to as Israel is going to perish, and I believe the very same thing. The those that have a profession of faith is Christians that only maybe 1/3 of those are actually Christians were anything return while I coming to ask Ernie be only 1/3 of Israel will be there and they will turn to Christ, you call him in the Lord and and he'll call my children, but passionately I mean it's an unbelievable stretch to try and blame what's happening on sign. I mean how do white light considered okay guys, you can talk in the same time because we can understand it when it might decide that I want to I want to be responsible, capably let him respond.

Now, let's let John respond going it with gentle the Jews. The Jews control the world that would you say they control America banking system. Now I mean you probably didn't start right now if I this problem actually started back to look at it about go back through the Obama Obama the one that started this attempt started the whole thing over there. Obama sold Jews and have been all right so American thoughts to go bother you the most money of everybody.

You know what that company got got companies controlled by that and I vacate the Obama figured out that got both sides, receipt. I can't thought she was now okay go ahead John.

Yet Obama received will say I don't know what the amount is will Google $3 billion. The biggest contributing contributors to do so.

There pointed out that you supported. He pointed you out of these, the biggest donor when there were maybe on thousands of others that create huge amounts of money so he takes one donor out to see it. I get better… Not that you don't let me jump in here for a minute.

As you know there is no when you when you say who is a Jew. Nothing is like you say like you are saying when you have here Hillary Clinton for for example, in the people could talk about her last name Hillary run was and it was Rose, I came they changed John Kerry. His last name was not Kerry who knows what it was all absolutely chanted you there is a Jew.

I never knew that I know about that.

Know that Linda had a they had a very rainy and like Harry was pure French Jewish family with the French to what he doesn't, because everything I think he hates Israel his last name. I know his last name was: they changed the changes name from Cohen to Kerry, so his initials would be JFK okay. Remember you and will connected to technical that you know what AMH is an apostate little but everyone called her. Yeah, that's exactly what the Lord worship Satan is what Jesus said is what the Lord Jesus said those that say they are Jews but are not. They are of the synagogue of Satan is with the apostle Paul said okay so is exactly what he said their counterfeit. There's a counterfeit that but you don't remember Wesley Clark. Jim is his name is actually came and I remember one time when he was on C-SPAN and you know how efficacy spends over the people to stay.

They led to the film of for little while B was a standing talking the camera was live on him and there was these two Jewish women and when they come up to talk to them. He says you know he said I'm Jew he's a lab really last name is Kane is not Clark.

And so what about torturing. Let's get the know. It would be valuable to you.he still is correct. He's a devil okay okay I got you guys at the same time so it is here. We have settled this way. There are, Jesus said, there are true Jews.

And then there are those that are counterfeit and so sorrows is one of the counterfeit Hillary is one of the counterfeit goods is very obvious because the guys were the Bible gives you, tells you by the fruits that a burial know them.

I got them. Obama thinks the L already I want to begin a like marinated getting like dangerous what he's talking about.

I think we got two addresses I make every family like 1900 but when his name was changed from Cohen hundred and 20 longer a Jew is no longer hate mail. His mother and eight children and always helpful order, not the Nazi. If you were a Jew, going back to your great-grandparents but you had no connection worship is adjudicated during Q&A centric to the consecration. So, if people great-grandfather was a Jew, and they are not a Jew now in the Marion Gentile at their no longer Jews they're not Jews because they got it in the background.

I know that just it just bring you know Hitler's mother was was a Jew but but not only that you John. Remember the Rothschilds they funded the Rothschilds funded Hitler but were out of time now so make turning that your time is your turn to give the attorney it's always the same. One thing about the show that he is really good people can see evil and we clearly show the evil.

After we get the line between evil in this world and I show you that if there is evil with good that can go against that right after and command center absolutely so good comes from God and the Bible says that evil faintness complete but could kill, destroy, and feel the father applied all this stuff were seeing is because people are in league with God in spite of the earth completely weeping and rebellion. All of us, all mankind in rebellion against the sin. God loves us and sent Jesus Christ into the world as his only begotten son that you didn't want to give the decision guided and had been. He's known as the is known as the lion of the tribe of Judah in heaven that the lion of the tribe of Judah.

He died on the cross for us shed his blood that paid the penalty for our sin in the Bible that the wages of sin is that the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. So even though we might not be actively supporting the evil we see because of sin when connected. Pastor will connected in reflective rebellion against God and God wants us to repent come out of that system out of the kingdom of darkness into his kingdom.

The kingdom of light will even have insurance or the life we can call God are awful father weekend now have.

We can wait for the blessed hope Jesus Christ to come for us. We can at live by the cultists about the new Jerusalem will be our home. God wants us to take to get out of the kingdom of darkness into his kingdom. The only way through. It is repentance of sin, confessing Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. They died on the cross that he rose from the dead and following him.

That's the key. Following him and his word and we have assurance of eternal life that we get, which separated without permit evil we see in the world after entering the gospel. The matter what we can really see good and evil in this world right now manifesting microporous area will unite kid and we really see them. It is getting worse and worse things and are happening out there. The vulgarity in the language will wait when the calling good and evil and the Bible says those a call good evil we watch Bernie Lewton and murder berm building burn cities down and aunt of the burn cities down. We've watched the so-called prosecutors become prostitutes we've never seen such lying, ever, ever, as we do now, but even so. Yet I know "one thing that you do on this show that people think they feel even happening in John we are to wear out in time. No were completely out of time for tonight so we want to say good night and God bless. And remember, always, always, always listen to it can be fine saying that I thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resisting is right to my pastor, Ernie Sander to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWM please tune in next time. Missing what's right what's left preceding program is sponsored by what's right with left ministries and is responsible for its content

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