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Get Your Cry On

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 5, 2022 2:04 pm

Get Your Cry On

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 5, 2022 2:04 pm

Robby is back for today's episode of Christian Car Guy. H e wants you to cry, "not physically but to think about the last time you had a true cry." Sadness is a reality that we as human should accept because we aren't perfect. There will always be pain and suffering until the day we return to Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven. Enjoy this episode and never fear to let your tears fall.

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This is Chris Hughes with the Christian Perspective Podcast with Chris Hughes, where we encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds, so enjoy it, share it. But most of all, thank you for listening to the Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show. I say this calls for action, and now. A cry on today.

Not a crayon. We're getting our cry on today on the Christian Car Guys show with my good friend, Bob. Good morning, Robbie. It's very good to have you here. You came in there at the end.

There we go. So yes, the show is Get Your Cry On. When was the last time...

It's a little hard, but it's good. When was the last time you had a really good cry? I mean, with all your heart, that kind of cry. So you heard 96 Tears from the Mysterians. Do you remember that song, Bob? Oh, absolutely. Mark and the Mysterians, isn't it?

It might have been. And what was cool about that song for me is it was the only song I knew how to play on the organ. My sister played the organ, and she taught me how to play it. And so I can still play it to this day.

Everyone's will all play it. Very good. But anyway, and then we heard Faith Hill with her cry.

So we don't want you to cry. In the last segment of Christian Car Guy today, we have the Plimos Progress finally returns, because we've had struggles, Bob. We had snow that didn't allow us to come in and do our show two weeks ago, maybe it was three weeks ago. I forget how it's all coming together. Then I got COVID, and so thank goodness Bill came in and filled in for me last week.

And so I've been anxious to get this episode out, but I haven't been able to due to the fact that we had other plans. And then if you happen to be familiar with Winston-Salem, North Carolina, maybe you heard we had a fire, right? And you're familiar with fire, right, Bob? Oh, absolutely.

More familiar with it than I wished I was. Yes. So Weaver Fertilizer just happens to be probably less than 1,000 yards from us. And so we were evacuated. Monday night, they evacuated the area. Even the fire people had to leave, because we had 600 tons of ammonia nitrate, whatever. Ammonia nitrate, yes, sir. And from what I understand, I mean, it could have been unbelievable.

So if you looked at the pictures of what happened in Texas with 250 tons of ammonia nitrate, and if you looked across the railroad tracks from that for lots of play, it was kind of weird looking, because it just leveled everything that was in the distance that we are from them. So Weaver thinking, man, not only we're glad that nobody is in the area, but we thought there was a possibility we could lose the headquarters for Truth Broadcasting this week. But nonetheless, in spite of all that, we're here with you, and we're getting our cry on, Bob.

Amen. So you may wonder, Robbie, what the heck? Well, if you go to, you may note that I have a picture of a little child that is just absolutely, you saw the picture, right, Bob? It's a good one of a little child crying. I hadn't seen that picture yet this morning.

Okay, I'm going to show it to you at the break. So anyway, if you look at that picture,, and you see this child, they look like they're maybe about one. And as I was staring at that picture, I wondered if I've lost that ability, right? Because think about when you were a little kid, man, you could really cry. And sometimes I could cry without tears, and mama knew the difference. And when I was getting disciplined, you know, if you didn't cry, you kept getting disciplined.

Right. Sometimes I made the mistake of crying during her backswing one time, and she's like, you got it a little worse when you did that. So yeah, and this whole idea of crying. So I think King David gives us a standard to which, you know, we're trying to stand up to. And when you look in the cough section, the Hebrew letter kuff, I guess would be the way you pronounce that. When you look at the kuff section, the very first verse, he says, I cried with my whole heart.

Hear me, Lord, so I will keep thy statutes. So as you might guess that today's Christian Car Guy show is brought to you by the Hebrew letter kuff, as it has that idea of crying in it. And so it's very interesting to me that the Holy Spirit seems to be working on me with this idea of crying this week, okay, because we went to Birmingham, Alabama last weekend to see my daughter and went to Redeemer Community Church there.

And the wonderful, wonderful pastor there, Joel Brooks, did a sermon on Romans chapter 8, which came in very handy for me, but interesting. He was talking about, you know, in Romans, you might remember, before you get to all things work together for good, that's 828, right? 826, he talks about the groaning of the Holy Spirit. And it says exactly, likewise, the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities, for we know what to pray for, we ought, but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings, which cannot be uttered. Well, that word groaning and the word cry that King David used in the 119 Psalm that I just quoted, they both have a letter in common when you look at it, and that letter is the letter kuff. And it really is also like the root word, letter, and word, of, I lost my headphones, there you go, it's the root letter of the word holy.

Did you know that? And so this idea of this holy cry, I mean, something that's way down deep in there, and it's really cool that that cry has a really particular purpose, if you keep reading in Romans, as the pastor pointed out, there are five golden verbs in that passage, and so if you go through those, you go, right, that these groanings lead to all things work together for good, but for those he foreknew, he also predestined to be conformed into the image of his son. So you got the, he knew you before, Bob, and then, I don't want to argue over predestination, but we can see that what Paul is saying is we know the destination that was done ahead of time wasn't going to be made into the likeness of his son, and so when you think about what you cry about, we're crying because we don't measure up so many times, right? If you think about some of the biggest cries you've ever had in your life, I remember when I was a kid, I would cry about my teeth, if you've seen my teeth, you can see why I cried about my teeth, or I cried about my hair, because it was curly and I wanted straight hair, in other words, there are all these things that I didn't measure up, but when you think about where King David really, really, really cried is where he didn't measure up from a standpoint of sin, because when you look at the last verse, it's a little bit in the, it's actually verse 136, he says, rivers of water run down my eyes because they keep not thy law, so the question is, and we would love for you to call in and share with us, when was the last time you had one of those cries, where literally rivers of water ran down your eyes, and what was that about, and what did that feel like?

Eight, six, six, three, four, eight, seven, eight, eight, four, eight, six, six, three, four, truth, yes, Bob. My most recent cry, and it wasn't one of the just completely super sobbing, snot-slinging, you know, sometimes I feel like I cry out my nose when I really get wound up, but it was January the 9th this year, and I had, that's the day my son passed in 2014, and we lost our headphones again, and well there we go, 2014 he died, and on the the 9th of January, I went, you know, I went to the cemetery that day, and I was already a little down because it was the, it was the day I'd lost my son, and I got a phone call that morning, and I looked at my phone to see who was calling, and I'm like, wow that's pretty nice, a friend of mine's calling to, you know, be a part of my day, and to remember Rob, and he shared with me that he had lost his son that very same day, you know, just that morning he had found out that his son had passed, and that was just really, really, really strange, and, you know, more gut-wrenching, and then an hour later, we found out my wife's aunt had passed, and I'll finish this story when we get back from the break. Right, so in the meantime, we would love to hear from you, we've already got one caller, we're gonna get, need to get more, 866-348-7884, 866-34-TRUTH, so much more, Christian Car Guy show coming up, stay tuned. We're getting our cry on today in the Christian Car Guy show, and we're wondering about yours, when was the last time you had a really good cry, and what are some of the benefits of that? What do you think is going on inside, well, your crying with the Holy Spirit and those kind of things, so we left our hero Bob, unfortunately, I mean, wow, you may know Bob lost his son on the 9th of January, which obviously, 2014, yes, well the 9th of January was very recently, as we haven't even got to the 9th of February yet, and then on the 9th of January of this year, while he thought he had this friend who was calling him to console him over the loss of his son a few years ago, instead he shares that his son had gone to be the Lord with the Lord on the same day. Yeah, that morning it had happened, and he called me, and I just, you know, I feel like I'm supposed to be the one that has guidance and everything, but I didn't know what to say to him that morning, I was just at a loss for words, and I felt so goofy about that, I had to call him later and, you know, gather myself a little bit, because it just took my breath, I just couldn't believe it had happened, and it was just really, really, really a tough situation, and when I think back, I went to the cemetery after that, and while I was at the cemetery, I had a profound cry, and you know, just really, really, really emotional about that, and it was just so many things piling up in one day, and you just, you want to say the right thing, but I'm not sure there is a right thing to say, and I know there's a lot of wrong things to say, I mean, so many people, they're trying to say something encouraging, and they say something that hits you wrong, and you know, they're not trying to hurt your feelings, or you know, people wanted to ask me, my son had, you know, passed from an overdose, and so many people wanted to know about it, and wanted information, and I'm feeling like, just love me, you know, just love me, don't try to investigate right now, you know, there's plenty of time for that down the road, so you know, it was just really, really, really a tough thing to deal with. Absolutely, and it was the same thing that caused Jesus to cry, right? When, you know, he cried over Lazarus, his loss, and you know, with being there with the sisters who were experiencing that loss, we got Ann, speaking of a sister, we got Ann Alt, who is in Charlotte this morning, good morning Ann!

No, no, I'm in Huntersville, I'm still in Huntersville, but I'll be quick with this, but what a sad testimony that he was just talking about, I totally understand it, and I was stunned when you were talking about this, because last night it was a culmination too for me, where it just hits you, doesn't it? You know, like you guys have been talking about, but my older brother, whom I talked to you about, Robbie, and I adore him, he's the best big brother that I've ever had in the world, you know, but last night when I was at church with my job, my younger brother called and he updated me, my older brother was, oh gosh, he was Marines in Saigon, where they had Agent Orange, he was one of the good guys in FBI, he just, even after he retired with a group of them, an academy group, they helped companies guard from terrorism, he was just such a giver, and great sense of humor and all that, and he got the Lewy body dementia disease, which is a horrible way to die, and he's been going through all that, then his wife, you know, it's been very hard on her, needless to say, and he just, you know, when I talk to him, he just hardly can string a few words together, so it's been a very emotional time that way, but last night at the church, you know, they both have COVID now, in addition to the Lewy body dementia disease, and then he's not making sense, he's talking about, well he hasn't, but it's like he's talking about Vietnam, he's going basically crazy, and on the way home last night, and to me, and to me, what you guys are sharing right now, just confirmed to me, wow, in such an amazing way, because I was even analyzing as I was screaming in the car on the way home, didn't even care, I mean the windows were up, and I'd always do it when I was, you know, traveling, and it was later, so there weren't that many people around on the freeway and everything, but I just literally was, I've never cried like that, where I was crying literally like a baby, and I even analyzed, I thought, I sound like a baby, you know, that kind of crying, and it's fresh of course, because it was just last night, but it's like, it's just, I was just, I was letting it all go, I just, just at the top of my lungs, and it, but it was such a great catharsis in a weird way, you know, and it was just, help me, holy papa, help me, holy papa, you know. Do you feel like your crying is healing?

I'm sorry, what was that? Do you feel like your crying is healing? Yes, yeah, in a weird kind of way, it was, it's like we get to purge our emotions, we've got too many emotions inside of us, and they're just weighing on us, and they're so heavy, and if we can just have that good, good, good cry, and just let them all out, it seems like the burden is lightened tremendously. And there's something holy about that. You see, you notice the common denominator in that is there's something that's actually been given to us in that, that we know works together for good, because this is what he was talking about in Romans 8.28, right? But in somehow or another, in spite of the fact that all this is not the way that it should be, but as a result of our deep, deep feeling, there's something holy there.

Well, it's just, it's just a healing for me, and it just, when I can't carry it all, it's time to get rid of some of it. Wow, well, we've got all sorts of folks lined up, and thank you so much, God bless, and we will continue to pray for your brothers and for you as you go through this. We have Angela and Nancy in another caller, so we've got all sorts of folks lined up.

Please stay tuned, and be sure to call us with yours, 866-348-7884. You're listening to the Truth Network and We're getting our cry on today, getting our cry on on the Christian Car Guys show, and we were talking about how it's almost something holy, that letter kuff.

As you go into the kuff section of the 119th Psalm, you'll see that King David, he did a lot of that, and he did it throughout the Psalms, and it's amazing as we're experiencing it, like, how did we cry when we were a child, and can we get back to that? We have Angela, she's in North Carolina. Angela, you're on a Christian Car Guys show. Good morning. Good morning, Robbie. The first thing I want to say is I'm so thankful that you're able to be back on the air.

Me too. God is good, isn't He? Yes, He is. Well, I am getting feedback, Robbie. I'm hearing myself.

Have you got your radio on? Pardon? Okay, we got it. We got it.

Sometimes if we pot it down a little bit, we got you. Okay. Okay, that's good. My cry came in 2019. I've shared before that my mom passed away in December of 2018, and I've also shared that she and I didn't have the very best of relationships. I had, she was in a nursing care facility, and she didn't want to be there, and she let it be known to me mostly. And so, December 4th, I had visited with her. I had spent the day with her at about 3 o'clock. I told her I needed to leave. Well, my cousin came to pick me up, and she came in, and she said, Angela, I think we need to stay a little longer.

I don't know if she said something that I didn't or not, but I wound up staying two hours longer. And then my mom just was getting more and more upset, and I said, Judy, I have to leave, because I was learning how to just walk away when she was getting upset like that. And so, I told her, Mom, I love you, but I have to leave now, and I'll see you in the morning. And she got very angry, and the words she spoke to me really, really hurt, but I had to leave. I knew I had to. So, 730 that night, I got a call from the facility saying she had passed away, and that's when those words really hurt.

And I tried to deal with them, and the months went on. And in July of 2019, there was a local ministry group that sponsored free Christian movies at the local theater, and I was invited by some friends to go with them. And the movie was called The Grace Card. That is a fantastic movie on forgiveness.

And if I would recommend it, I think you could find it on YouTube if you haven't seen it, but it was a tremendous movie. And this ministry had people at the front after the movie that would pray with you if you wanted that would pray with you if you wanted them to. Well, I went down for prayer, and I said, I want to forgive my mom. And, oh, gosh, never underestimate the power of prayer, hugs, and tears.

You put the three of those things together. Oh, my goodness. Yes, yes, yes.

I hate to rush you, Angela, but I got two more that I got to get in in a short period of time. So thank you for that. I can tell that's a heartfelt cry right there. Oh, my goodness. And I'm so grateful. I just wanted to say real quick that I was able to forgive my mom, and I hope that somehow she knew and she was able to forgive me. So thanks a lot, Rodney. Oh, thank you. God bless you, Angela. Thanks for sharing. You too.

All right. We have an anonymous caller in North Carolina. So anonymous, you're on the air. Hi, good morning. Good morning. Thank you for calling. Yes, sir. I hope you're doing well. I enjoy your show.

I listen to it every Saturday. Oh, thank you. This has been almost five years ago.

I kind of hesitated, but it's still a little bit teary-eyed about it. My older brother, he was 10 years older than me, Steve. He had a Lewy body dementia as well.

Oh, no. I didn't know that. All I knew is that I saw him Christmas, and then several months later, he had checked out, so to speak, on his own. And he's no longer in pain. He was a Christian, definitely.

He was a pastor, wrote several books. But I'm thinking, regardless of what people say, I do believe that my brother is in heaven right now. Yeah. Can you take us back to those moments in deep tears, so to speak, where you were really feeling it from your heart? Did that feel a holy to you, some cleansing there? What did that feel like? At first, it knocked me literally to my knees.

I got a phone call. And not the best way to let somebody know, but I let that go. I tried to. Anyway, but it literally knocked me to my knees. I felt like I had lost everything at that point, which I hadn't, but I felt that way, because we were so close. Let me get my thoughts together.

Sorry. But in that respect, in a good way, like Romans 8 and 28, I crunk harder or closer to the Lord. And I didn't have any other option. And back then, I was a believer, but I wasn't as strong a believer as I am now.

But yeah. But He's given me some cheery moments, and there may be for a while. But the Lord has given me peace and joy. It's funny how you say that, because this week I was feeling like I wasn't close to the Lord. And I called a dear friend of mine that's sitting across from me, just to share, you know, because when I don't have tragedy going on, or when I don't have something really big in it, where where God's all I have, you know, sometimes we don't realize that God's all we need until God's all we got. And during my big tragedies, you know, I feel so close, but I was feeling kind of distant, because right at this moment, I didn't have a big tragedy or a big mountain to climb or something to conquer, where I knew I had to depend on Him. And it just, it's just amazing how how He can get us through the big stuff. But I do find myself when there's not tragedy or something like that big, I don't feel as close. And a dear friend of mine who's sitting right across from me helped me get through that this week.

A good point. Oh wow. I'm so grateful for your call.

I got so many others I want to try to get to if that's okay. But God bless you, and I'm so grateful for your sharing that. Thank you. Bye-bye. Thank you so much. God bless you. Bye-bye. So we got Nancy.

He's been holding on a long time. Nancy, we don't have a lot of time, but can you share for us? Yes I can, Robbie. We did pray for you when you had COVID. Oh thank you. And I'm glad you're feeling better. But I really, I, that verse about the Holy Spirit being in you and being able to pray for you when you don't have words is always high on my list of of what verses I go back to. And part of, you know, when I cry it's because I really have passion for my prayers.

And what's interesting is it's not always the request, you know. Sometimes I just cry to the Lord with joy. I know it may sound crazy, but, you know, a lot of people have different ways of praising the Lord. And when people say, you know, tears of joy, that's what I have for Him. When I go up to heaven, I'm going to be falling on my knees and just crying with thanks and praise. Oh wow. Thank you Nancy.

I hate we're going to this Christian Car Guy Theater episode. Bob was saying we needed four hands. I could use ten for all these wonderful callers.

Sarah's called in from Washington as did Nancy. I'm so sorry we didn't get to your calls, but we'll do more. We'll do it next week though. We'll do something. So stay tuned for Christian Car Guy Theater.

Thanks. You're listening to the Truth Network and And now time for Christian Car Guy Theater with today's episode of Plymouth's Progress Episode 24. Now Jimmy saw in his dream as they drove on. Faithful just happened to look on the side and saw a sedan whose name was torn out of talkative driving a short distance beside them.

For in this place, there was room enough for all of them to drive a four lane highway. Torn out of talkative was a long sedan and he looked better at a distance than he did up close. Faithful spoke to talkative. Friend, how are you? Are you going to the heavenly country? Well, that is exactly where I'm going. That is well. Then I hope we may have the pleasure of your company. I would be happy to be your companion on the journey. Come on then, let us go together and let us spend our time in conversation about things that are excellent.

Well, this is a breath of fresh air. I am glad to have met someone who realizes how profitable it is to talk about good things. To tell you the truth, there are very few of us who will spend their time during travel speaking about what is good. Most sedans will waste their time talking about things that are of no value, no consequence, a fact that troubles me deeply.

That waste of time is something to regret. Is there anything more worthy of the tongues and mouths of sedans than to speak of the things of God and heaven? Well, I must say I am enjoying our company already for your speech is full of conviction. And I will add to you that what you said that there is nothing more profitable or pleasant as talking about the things of God. For instance, if a sedan delights to talk of the history or the mystery of things, or if a sedan does not to talk of miracles, wonders or signs, where shall he find things recorded so delightful and so sweetly penned as in the holy scripture? That is true. But to be profited by such things in our talk, we should purposely talk about the things of God.

Well, that is exactly what I said. For to talk of such things is most profitable. For by doing so a sedan may get knowledge of many things.

For instance, the vanity of earthly things and the benefit of things above. To be more specific, by talking, a sedan may learn the necessity of new birth, the insufficiency of our works, the need for Christ's righteousness and so on. In addition to all of this, a sedan may learn by talking what it is to repent, to believe, to pray, to suffer and the like. And also a sedan may learn what are the great promises and consolations of the gospel and be comforted by those promises. Further by talking, a sedan may learn to refute false opinions and defend the truth and also to instruct the ignorant.

All this is true and glad I am to hear these things from you. Alas, because there is so little talk of these things. There are so few who understand the need for faith and the necessity of a work of grace in their soul in order to have eternal life. But they ignorantly live by the works of the law by which a sedan can by no means obtain entrance into the kingdom of heaven. Yes, but the heavenly knowledge of these things is a gift of God. No sedan can attain them by human effort or only by merely talking about them. All this I know very well, for a sedan can receive nothing except to be given to him from heaven. All is of grace, not of works.

I could give you a hundred scriptures for the confirmation of this. Would you like to hear them all? Because I'm willing. Well then, what is the one thing that we should spend our time talking about?

Whatever you'd like. I will talk of things heavenly or things earthly, things moral, things evangelical, things sacred or things profaned, things past or things to come, things foreign or things at home, things more important or things inconsequential, so long as it's done for our benefit. Now Faithful began to marvel about talkative and driving up to Valiant, for Valiant had driven by himself as Faithful had talkative spoke. Faithful said to Valiant very quietly, What a brave companion we have found.

Surely this sedan will make a very excellent Plymouth pilgrim. At this, Valiant modestly smiled and said, This old bovial tornado with whom you are so impressed will beguile with that tongue of his many who do not know him. Do you know him then? Know him?

Yes, better than he knows himself. Pray, what is he? His name is tornado talkative. He garages in our town. I'm surprised that he is a stranger to you, but perhaps it is understandable since our town is so large. O son is he then, and where about does he garage? He is the son of Saywell Sunburn. He lives in Pratting Row, and he is known by all that are acquainted with him by the name of talkative in Pratting Row, and notwithstanding his fine tongue, he is but a miserable sedan. Well, he seems to be a very elegant sedan. Yes, to those who don't really know him.

He is best abroad, near home. He is unseemly. Your impression of him as a respectable sedan brings to my mind the work of a painter whose pictures show attractively at a distance, but unpleasantly up close. I noticed you smiled. Are you jesting with me?

Oh, God forbid that I should jest, although I did smile in this matter, or that I should accuse anyone falsely. I will give you further insight into who this sedan really is. This sedan is for any company and for any talk, as he talketh now with you. So will he talk when he is drinking at the pub, and the more he drinks, the more he talks. Religion hath no place in his heart, his home, or his conversation.

He is all talk, and his religion is to make noise with his mouth. Stay tuned for the next exciting adventure in the Plymouth's progress. Now, here's Danny Dipstick and Randy Radiator to review today's episode.

What's up, Randy? Did you know that shoemakers are very talkative? They love to converse.

Yes, I did. You know, I hear that a support group of overly talkative people is called an on-and-on, an on-and-on. It's like talkative anonymous.

Those meetings must be so long. Oh, boy. Seriously, Danny, this talkative is using his tongue to hide a brilliant disguise. But like most of us, with our personalities, we even fool ourselves. That's why Valiant said he knows talkative better than talkative knows himself. Oh, boy. It's a good thing that we have real friends in our lives that can spot our disguise or are posing for us. You know what?

Spouses are particularly good at sharing when we are putting on the act. Oh, boy. Well, Danny, that's about it.

Remember, whatever you do, always give 100% unless you're donating fun. Oh, boy, don't do that. Say goodbye, Danny. See you later, Radiator. How fun.

A Plymouth's Progress, obviously a ripoff from A Pilgrim's Progress, the genius of John Bunyan. I just want to give a shout out to my good friends who volunteer this acting. It's absolutely unbelievable what they would do with these professional actors. Jesse Cordy, who plays the part of Valiant, so amazing he really is, as well as Alan Johnson in this episode, plays faithfully, plays many other characters in it, but he just does an amazing job. And then Brian Havik in this episode is talkative. You might also recognize his voice a little bit, as he is the voice of Randy Radiator, plays the opposite of me as Danny Dipstick. And I never want to forget our coordinator, I guess would be a good word for it, Ann Ault, who puts all this stuff together for us. I love these guys. I love Christian Car Guy Theater. And I thank you so much for listening. And now as we close out the show, I was wondering if you might, just like me, think about how we could get our cry on and cry with our whole hearts that we could be made more like his son. This is the Truth Network.
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