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The Greatest of These is Love (Part 1 of 2)

Focus on the Family / Jim Daly
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January 27, 2022 5:00 am

The Greatest of These is Love (Part 1 of 2)

Focus on the Family / Jim Daly

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January 27, 2022 5:00 am

Dutch watchmaker Corrie ten Boom explains how she got involved in hiding Jews from the Nazis, how she survived years in a concentration camp, and how the Lord helped her forgive her captors. (Part 1 of 2)

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Find out he had 10 men dying in the handcuffs of hate didn't break the chains of bitterness – selfishness. I wonder if you've ever refused to forgive someone, maybe the people he wanted you felt to forgive them would be excusing their behavior will today on Focus on the Family you'll hear the story of a Dutch woman who is empowered by God to give mercy even in the face of unimaginable evil. Your hostess focus president Dr. Jim Daly and I'm John Fuller well or just a Corrie 10 boom was born in 1892 to working-class parents in the Netherlands in the early 1940s, coriander, family risk their lives to help.

800 Jewish people escape the Nazis. Then Cory is the lone survivor of her family's incarceration and Hitler's concentration camps providentially a clerical error led to Corey's release from the camp just one week before all of the women in her age group were killed after her release. Cory began sharing her story of forgiveness, redemption, and God's willingness to heal even the most painful ones. In fact, this story was shared with the world in a book called the hiding place, named after small closet where Corey was able to hide six people at a time in her home. That's right. And the book became a major feature film. I remember seeing that back when it came out, and a highly acclaimed Focus on the Family radio theater production as well and what you're about to hear is a message that Corrie 10 boom gave when she was 80 years old. In this she is remarkably vibrant. I know you can be captivated by her words.

So please take advantage of this opportunity, sit back, relax and enjoy this special presentation from Corrie 10 boom on today's episode of Focus on the Family. I make make my bed and shower gold watches when you came to me.

I could tell you what you show good, even if it makes you come back and change it, but I thought I hope I have not too much about my watch and make five minutes in the week. I don't sound righteous anymore, but I sound the gospel and I am so glad to tell much about my not too much I can tell you, and you can tell me and I hope that when becoming back at this time being ashamed that he have so this is just in Holland.

When John came and need less all the Jewish people to save as many as we planted some time. I people advice when teenage girls, men and women are from each Amsterdam Jewish babies and them and they went from each and based on babies. I'll tell you she could sometimes came to us Germans and soldiers with an army and they said we'd like to work for the Jewish people. This all they said sure you'll just come in and we gave them civil and human farmers to understand how my body's evening I read the most important work that she's just like this from the moment of the evening. I don't want to go back to college life. I am so happy when I think of the baby. You have saved and blocked and even then see life and save souls and all the people about the Lord Jesus Christ and then Pete smiled broadly. I go to catch my Bible and I pretty talented people in the gospel, telling them about Jesus that is a good basis for my pasta I set Pete and his call to me that in light of the world and must be some patient to anyone who needs it and in your life that you will see it. Important work for you. So for Jesus Christ and to show that salvation in Jesus and invite him into your heart, you need peek into producing the cell and shot that the old man in the bodies in the cell sentenced to death of them Jesus as their Savior, but called and killed that they go to the house of the five dimensions with a mention of belief in him and be told, I see now that the most important work for Ace source for eternity. Young people, I have a message for you from everlasting life like he has done but is usually my life and let me see that he made you as the light of the I can tell you he values you and your use of this once beautiful city safe all around to it. You and I then you will know that you have not believed in vain. Once it came a man to me and said you save my my life that Jewish people and know she is in the race to set 600 BC $200 and I all my friends get it seemed when that man came back.

I gave him six Gail this man rush recently to the all in place of the enemy had said Jewish people when they thought I can do it and make some money and make some money. He went home with 600 that five minutes later the desktop will surround the Tahoe family were all listed link that when I rush in the concentration camp for my column. I had no and then she told men and came hate, but I know from the Bible that he did it in God's eyes also moved from the Bible when we confess our sins, and then ask forgiveness and thinks his sin and the constant of the seafront given up about them.

That's what the Bible says the Bible doesn't say, but I decided I should let out a little when I ended up that send their loved ones with it and cleansed by the blood of Jesus. He feels that it is even for enemies and he said that I man I loved him and that men were sentenced to death because she had crossed the death of many Dutch people that I wrote him because he has men of might find that was 80 years old when they brought them into place in 10 days.

He died, my sister who died 10 months animal suffering.

My brother came out to live a sick man and die sickness and T7 never came back. I myself have suffered since. But I have for you, and I think because Keith is in my heart and mind.

Jesus love your enemies shoulder love that he demands from you and I send men and Testament and that lying to bring salvation and that we can quote from me is such that I've said Jesus. When you get sick of your followers. There's hope for me and I have had in the Bible that you send to me. Jesus had died at the cross for the sins of the world and I have brought to my sins to Jesus.

And I know that a given your forgiveness.

Show me what it means that there is forgiveness through Jesus Christ and that man was brought to guess that same week, but he was reconciled with God and God had chosen me to bring him to a lot just off all in coding can 15. I believe that describes God's love that kind of love love and God's love for you, but God's love for you and I believe that he is the love of God. Five and when the insulation off… Then he says if I speak with the eloquence of men and of angels, but have no idea coming and Breanne's and collation symbol if I have the gift of the future and secrets of and if I also have some faith which love. I found not at all. If I dispose of all the died process with. Even if I give my love. I achieve precisely nothing of which I speak a sloped roof. Patients may become the wickedness of other people. With all men went to Springfield's tweets and tweets test anything that is in fact one that still stands else has followed, and in my life all Al's problem.

I still didn't call 97,000 women were killed or died. Also, my sister when I called one of the documents took time to cruelties. I could be bad to sealcoating that happened in front of me, send me a Skylark came to seeing the sky and all the prisoners looked up and when I looked up I looked at the sky and then I thought that something that then please listen anything. As it happened so far is God's love and mercy over all that he had hidden and so I saw it, love of God and create deeper than men's estate godsend at skyline weeks baby exactly drew time to turn away our eyes from the man of God's love how you and I understand God's love and across and across the light of my seems to me at my feet. I received my sight to Jesus. We understand when the course of love he has for them to meet.

I rush questioned by man in my life rush to judge time adventure today. I had to be shocked.

I should have been shocked me much about my bad time about what my certificates and I told him all, when you asked me about my misdeeds. I did not tell him all said I had to see and I hope that there were more than 800 my spare time I came about that I had to make my children and told men to try more valuable called normal person that an abnormal one and I said if you should know Jesus you should know that he has at love and concern for anyone in need special but poor feebleminded child. I send you and I together and he was angry and he called the policeman's head bring her back to rush out the next day I was again talk to him and then he said I could not sleep this night I always think about your true about Jesus. Time enough for the questioning if you must tell me what you know Jesus by trust accounts.

Jesus is our light come into his world that anyone would be seen him does not remain in darkness the darkness in your life that we intend darkness.

There is no light at all in my life and I brought him story of Jesus and his love to meet Betsy my sister rush questioned why, she testified to her feet and she told about Jesus and then she brought him to speak about Jesus important to speak to him.

Not only did I leave with you. He said yes and she pretty depression with the judge five times Betsy rush questioned five times she procedurally that men that he died in prison.

I met that judge and I he said to me I can never forget your sister splash and through my testimony that men became a friend instead of an enemies that had to do his job and should show 20 think this found my house and to my horror, I saw this is an particulars sentence and send you my friend, you will see how Russian smoke that contained his papers were found in your house, but I must tell you that my ages to this job but they were not already scanned for and sure it happened that the papers were found to my house and you explain these papers say that and I felt happy being just a way and should open the door of this and into the flames. All my how happy I believe that you, I should have me that I could be happy. But I was in the prison of an enemy when I saw different things. The righties think this because I think for the time I understood 20 was asleep and that Jesus has taken the right argument that was against this has taken them out of the way and at the scene for you will realize that no go Jesus Christ in this life and for our sins when we have found is that the one to see her halfway through a classic presentation from Corrie 10 boom and were going to hear the conclusion of her message. Jon, I can't imagine the pain Corrie suffered spending almost a year in a concentration camp and it's one thing to survive that kind of trauma with your faith intact, but it's quite another thing to be able to actually for give the man that caused the imprisonment of your family and to share the Lord with your Nazi captors. While I think that's the epitome of the term radical faith and we often say this John, but it's worth repeating.

Many people are trapped in the sin of unforgiveness. Yes, it is a sin.

The Bible repeatedly warns us that God requires us to offer forgiveness to others.

In fact, in the New Testament book of Mark verse 1125 Jesus said when you are praying first. Forgive anyone you are holding a grudge against so that your father in heaven will forgive your sins to. That's from the new living translation and that is perhaps one more difficult aspects of the Christian walk is Cory's testimony demonstrates is so true. And boy, if you're struggling with an issue of unforgiveness.

Please give us a call.

Our staff would count it a privilege to hear your story and pray with you and if needed, they can set up a free call back from one of our caring Christian counselors. It would be an honor for us to help you in that way. That's a big part of our ministry are Focus on the Family and let me remind you that we are a nonprofit organization and we rely on your contributions to help with the expenses, including our amazing staff and if you can make a donation of any amount today I'd like to send you a copy of the book by Corrie 10 boom called the hiding place. It has a lot of fascinating details that we don't have time to include on this broadcast. And if you're not a reader, I'd highly recommend that you visit our website to get the download of our radio theater production of Cory story.

It's an immersive experience that you won't forget.

So get in touch with us today our number is 880 family 800-232-6459 or donate online and request that book the hiding place the links are in the episode notes if you enjoyed today's program. Please plan to be with us next time and tell a friend to join you as well is Corrie 10 boom continues her remarkable story in the brush.

Very soon offered nice those lies have caused many sicknesses, but assume that we have helped us God's will never come into our progress. The Bible, but to my baby message 28 kills and lies.

Thanks for listening to this Focus on the Family punk take a moment if you would please leave a pocket that will help others discover John Fuller inviting you back next time is the presentation once more help you and your family thrive in Christ. I was convinced that nothing can change what was going on in our marriage and I want to try anymore but my commitment to God, help me try one more time.

We went to a hope restored marriage intensive and it was life-changing. The counselors created the safest environment we could imagine so that let us really talk much different course now I believe we received a miracle that week received your free consultation and hope

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